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Report abuse

SeniorenNet is a fully Dutch website.  All our information is therefore in Dutch.  Because it is possible that one of our millions of users does something that is unlawful against someone that doesn’t speak Dutch, we give some information to report abuse in English.

SeniorenNet takes it very serious when a user does something against the Register Terms and Conditions or something unlawful.

SeniorenNet is a provider.  We only deliver free services to visitors.  We are only a middleman.  SeniorenNet places only the information that users submits to their blogs.  SeniorenNet doesn’t places any information on a blog, the user (blogger) does this.  SeniorenNet only gives the technical facilities for publication of information of other users.

We realize that sometimes it can be frustrating and unpleasant if a visitor does something wrong.  SeniorenNet beliefs extremely strong in free opinion and free speech; even if these are unpopular minds. SeniorenNet can’t come into a conflict between you and a visitor/blogger.  We are only a provider, not a judge.  We recommend you to contact the visitor.  You can contact the blogger always by way of the e-mail form on every blog.  Experience tells us that in most cases problems can be solved without the need of SeniorenNet.

If you have read the above text and thinks a user does something against our conditions or against a low, especially a copyright violation, you can click here.

Important, this English version is only translated partially and is only for information. We are not responsible for misinterpretation because of partially information or bad translation.