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    Over mijzelf
    Ik ben mathias
    Ik ben een man en woon in west-vlaanderen (België) en mijn beroep is student.
    Ik ben geboren op 01/01/0805 en ben nu dus 1213 jaar jong.
    Mijn hobby's zijn: goochelen, computer,......
    "the blog"

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    Level 6: The GardensXML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />


    Castle Area

    [6.1] Harry is standing outside the entrance to the Diffindo Challenge. If you ever like to enter again for improving your score, cast... Diffindo on the vine that blocks the door and enter.

    Further on your left there’s a staircase going up and opposite to the entrance there is an “S” sign of a lightning on the wall. Cast Alohomora on that sign.

    Next, cast Diffindo on the branches and enter a room with four Beans and a chest on the floor, all guarded by a Gargoyle. Take the Beans and cast Alohomora on the chest. It will give you the bronze Wizard Card #77: Norvel Twonk. 1888-1957. Died saving a non-magical child from a runaway Manticore. Posthumously awarded the Order of Merling, First Class.

    The Diffindo Challenge area

    Inside a loaded Secret Room


    Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and outside the room run up the stairs. Harry will meet Ron: Harry! Hermione told me that you can find the shredded Boomslang Skin out in the greenhouse.

    Follow Ron but don’t turn right in the direction of the Dragon statue. Instead go straight to the next bordering wall where a trading girl is tossing a Bean and another girl is playing between two trees.

    Light the wall between the trees: part of it will be charmed by the Lumos Spell – if Harry’s wand is still lit, that is.

    Follow to where Ron is pointing at

    The wall is charmed by Lumos


    Go up the stairs to the second floor and collect all Beans. Cast Alohomora on the chest and earn your silver Wizard Card #27: Mirabella Plunkett. 1839-unknown. Famous for falling in love with a merman in Loch Lomond while on holiday. When her parents forbade her to marry him, she transfigured herself into a haddock and was never seen again.

    On the other side of the staircase you’ll notice a large gray tile on the floor. Jump on it and it will lower, thus opening a secret alcove high up in the castle wall. You will see a silver Wizard Card in there. Remember that Card for later on.

    The gray tile and the alcove in the wall



    Go down and turn left.  Go all the way to the opposite wall where a girl would like to trade your Beans for Wiggentree Bark. We certainly don’t need that. Cast Alohomora on the bright sign on the wall. Enter the garden and cast Diffindo on the vine to the left of the tree.

    Enter a second garden, pick up all the BB Beans on the grass and cast Alohomora on the chest for an extra load of such Beans. Leave these two gardens for once and for all and follow Ron to the Dragon statue. Left of the statue you’ll see two guys who want to trade; approach them.

    They each sell valuable items for the Quidditch tournament. The left one has a Nimbus 2001 Broom for trade at 700 BB Beans: the best model available to the general public.

    The other one has Quidditch Armor at 500 BB Beans: just like the Chudley Cannons wear. You own enough Beans for the Broom, so you may consider a trade.

    Trading for Quidditch items


    Notice two brightly colored Banners featuring a letter “H” on each tower of the Quidditch entrance. Go to the entrance and cast Alohomora on each Banner.

    Alohomora on each Banner


    That will reveal a Secret Room on your left side between two trees.

    A secret door swings open


    The room contains 5 BB Beans and a chest. Cast Alohomora on the chest and capture the silver Wizard Card #36: Joscelind Wadcock. 1911-present. Chaser for Puddlemer United Quidditch Team. Record of highest number of goals during British season this century (against Ballycastle Bats, 1931). You may try out your brand new Broom or Armor on the spot. Why not go inside for a game of Quidditch?

    After this, follow Ron, and when you arrive at the first small garden with the birch tree turn around and look up above the entrance door. Cast Flipendo on a tile high above the door. A door next to the trader guy will now open giving access to a Secret Area.

    Cast Flipendo on this sign...


    ... and a Secret Area opens


    Go inside and grab all Beans on the grass. Cast Diffindo on the vines that block a Gnome hole and release the Gnome. He will take care of the Horklumps Mushrooms.

    The Gnome and the Horklumps


    When all Mushrooms are dealt with, stun the gnome with a Flipendo Spell, pick him up and throw him back into his hole. Collect all the Beans. Now cast Alohomora on the chest and you’ll obtain the silver Wizard Card #43: Cyprian Youdle. 1312-1357. Only Quidditch referee ever to die during a match. The originator of the curse was never caught but believed to have been a member of the crowd.

    Go out and follow Ron to Herbology class. Go all around the greenhouse classroom and pick up the Beans. Enter, go to the smoky cauldron and brew some Wiggenweld Potions. Go out to the backyard and release a Gnome by casting Diffindo on the vine that blocks his hole.

    He’ll eat the Horklumps Mushrooms in front of the hole. Cast Flipendo on him, pick him up and carry him to the next row of Mushrooms to your right. When he’s finished with the Horklumps, stun him with Flipendo and throw him in front of the hole. Cast Flipendo and he’ll tumble in, leaving some extra Beans behind. Harvest all Beans.

    While Ron is waiting by an entrance overgrown with plants, go to the other side of the backyard and cast Alohomora on a chest, next to a second entrance overgrown with plants. You’ll obtain more Colored Beans.

    Cast Diffindo on the vine and enter a Secret Room with 4 Beans and a Chest. Charm the chest with Alohomora: it will open and offer Harry the bronze Wizard Card #33: Beaumont Marjoribanks. 1742-1845. Pioneer of Herbology and collector of many rare and magical flowers.

    Now go and meet Ron: The greenhouse is right inside that door, Harry. I’ll watch out for Professor Sprout, good luck. Cast Diffindo on the vine and pass through the door to a dark corridor.


    A Revolving Bridge

    [6.2] Cast Diffindo on the branches and enter a new garden with a walking Tentacula.

    Watch out for these guys. They’ll keep chasing Harry. Sever both arms of the Tentacula. That’s the only way to prevent them from moving any further. Go further and stun the standing Tentacula. Another walking one arrives. Get rid of its arms too.

    There is an overgrown Gnome hole in the corner and a number of Horklumps are distributed around the corner. Open the hole with a Diffendo Spell and let the Gnome take care of the Mushrooms. Do not throw the Gnome in here but stun him with Flipendo and capture all the Beans.

    Don’t throw the gnome into this hole


    Sever the arms of the next Tentacula. Cast Diffindo on three SpiPri Plants in the elevated lawn in the other corner, then go stun and pick up the Gnome. Carry him to this lawn, jump-and-throw him into the Horklump Mushrooms and let him deal with them.

    After all Horklumps are turned in to BB Beans, stun and throw the Gnome in the open hole, seize the Beans and eat the Chocolate Frog. Look under the bridge from here. There is another entrance blocked by plant growth and there are two more SpiPri plants. Cast Diffindo on each of them. Now cast Diffindo on the plants and enter.

    Cast Flipendo on the flower-pot in the corner for some Beans. Turn around the corner and quickly cast Rictusempra on a Fire Crab in ambush and ready to fire from the top of the stairs.

    Go up the stairs and turn left. Cast Rictusempra on the second Crab on top of the next stairs and ascend. Harry will enter the wooden bridge now. Observe the garden from here. There are 4 entrances and two of them are connected by the isosceles L-shaped bridge. In the opposite doorway a Save Book is visible…

    The L-shaped bridge


    Turn left and jump to a lawn in the corner. Collect the Beans. Climb up again and follow the bridge inside. Cast Diffindo on each of the ropes that block a mechanism and the L-shaped bridge will rotate through an angle of 90°.

    Second position of the bridge


    Jump out, down in the garden and follow the stairs up again. Watch the fire Crabs. This time the bridge is connecting two doors of another quadrant. Go in. There is second mechanism blocked by two ropes. Cast Diffindo on each rope and the bridge will rotate once again.

    Third position of the bridge


    Before leaving here cast Flipendo on a tile in the floor. A secret room is then unveiled on your right. Take the four Beans from the floor and cast Lumos on the Gargoyle inside.

    Cast Diffindo on each rope

    Cast Lumos on this Gargoyle...

    ...and run to this charmed wall


    Run outside, follow the new position of the bridge, past the Save Book and see the charmed wall on your right. Go in and cast Alohomora on the chest. Seize the silver Wizard Card #90: Sacharissa Tugwood. 1874-1966. Pioneer of Beautifying Potions. Discovered the pimple-curing properties of Bubotuberpus.

    Save your game.


    The Greenhouse

    [6.3] Cast Diffindo on the vines that block the entrance to the greenhouse garden.

    Promptly cast Diffindo on two SpiPri Plants. There is a Chocolate Frog should Harry need one.

    Cast Flipendo twice on a watering-can by the greenhouse corner for a load of Beans. You’ll hear the nasty sound of Bowtruckles coming from the Wiggentree above. Turn around the corner and sever both arms of a walking Tentacula. Cast Diffindo on 4 Horklumps Mushroom and sever arms of the walking Tentacula behind them.

    Turn around the next corner and cast Flipendo on each of two flower-pots on the ground for gathering some Beans. Cast Diffindo on two SpiPri Plants next to an overgrown entrance. Clear the entrance with Diffindo and go inside.

    Get rid of a spider web with Diffindo and a giant spider will stand in front of Harry. This is a particularly nasty variety of spider. Their bites are extremely poisonous, so stay away and cast Rictusempra to stun them.

    Go up the stairs and destroy a second web. Quickly stun the spider around the corner with Rictusempra. Follow the next stairs with a web and a spider. Harry arrives at the ledge with the Wiggentree and some Bowtruckles.

    On the ledge


    Make the tree Spirits disappear with Diffindo and grab the Wiggentree Bark they left behind. There is a Choc Frog in the corner. Go further left and notice a Switch on the floor. Take a Bean and proceed to the next Wiggentree in the corner with two Bowtruckles. Make them vanish with your Diffindo Charm.

    Take two more pieces of Bark and proceed till the end of the ledge. Grab 4 Beans and cast Flipendo on the flower-pot in the corner. Cast Alohomora on the special tile on the wall. That will open a Secret Room containing a chest. Go inside and cast Alohomora on the chest for an extra load of Colored Beans.

    Return to the Switch and step on it. A ledge is sliding out building a passage into the greenhouse from a hole in the roof.

    A ledge to the greenhouse

    Jump into the greenhouse


    The Boomslang Skin

    There is a flower-pot on the long table hiding tasty Beans.

    The corner on your right has got a bottle with Flobberworm Mucous and two watering-cans. Cast Flipendo on the bottle for the Muke and twice on each of the cans for Beans.

    On the left side is a pot on the floor containing Beans. Cast Alohomora on the chest in the corner and obtain the bronze Wizard Card #28: Tilly Toke. 1903-1991. Gained Order of Merling, First Class for saving non-magical lives during the Ilfracombe Incident of 1932, when a dragon swooped down on a beach full of sunbathers. Finally walk up to the central stand and take the Boomslang Skin.

    Harry finds the Boomslang Skin


    The Weekly House Point Ceremony

    [6.4] Harry meets Hermione by the Entrance door to Hogwarts: Hey Hermione! I found a bunch of shredded Boomslang Skin for the Polyjuice Potion.

    That’s great, Harry. I’ll go add it to the potion right now.


    Hermione takes off and a guy comes in: The weekly House Point Ceremony is starting soon. You remember where that is, don’t you? So let’s follow him up the Monumental Staircase and left to the entrance of the weekly House Point Ceremony.

    Before entering though, turn left in the antechamber and cast Alohomora on the sign on the wall. Inside cast Skurge on the floor blob and Diffindo on the spider web.

    Jump in the opening and in the room downstairs cast Alohomora on the chest. It contains a number of Beans and the silver Wizard Card #73: Mopsus. Ancient Greek. Soothsayer who vanquished the Seer Calchas in a content of their powers.

    This room is on a lower floor and the exit has opened. Exit in the passage to the Dungeons. Now that Harry is standing here, let’s go find out what that rope was all about that we had found in the Dungeons.

    Turn left and follow the main corridor of the Dungeons. Enter the first passage on your right. Cast Skurge on the Ectoplasm blocking a sliding door to a Gargoyle alcove and cast Lumos on the Gargoyle.

    Turn around and go to the opposite corner where the Lumos Charm reveals a rope inside a beam (remember that?). Cast Diffindo on the rope and a floor section lowers down in the corner, unveiling a secret Chamber with a chest and Beans inside.

    The Secret Chamber


    Grab the Beans and cast Alohomora on the chest. Harry will earn the silver Wizard Card #20: Wendelin the Weird. Medieval, dates unknown. Alleged to have enjoyed being burnt at the stake so much that she allowed herself to be captured fourteen times in various disguises. Climb out of the depression and leave the Dungeons. Climb up the Monumental Staircase and turn left again. Now it’s about time for the weekly House Point Ceremony.

    Meet Albus Dumbledore for the third time in here. It appears that Gryffindor is in the lead again, so off you go! After you’ve collected as many Beans as possible, a cut scene comes in.


    To the Hall of floating Ledges

    In the second week of December Professor McGonagall collected the names of those who would be staying at school over Christmas. Harry, Ron and Hermione signed up. They heard that Malfoy was staying, which struck them as very suspicious.

    The Christmas holiday would be the perfect time to use the Polyjuice Potion and try to worm a confession out of Draco.

    [6.5] Harry ought to head to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom and see how the Polyjuice Potion is coming along. Let’s hope Hermione doesn’t need any more ingredients. Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom is on the second floor of the Hall of Floating Stairs.

    Go up the Monumental Staircase and turn right. On the left wall is a window with a spider web. Cast Diffindo on the web. Enter the Secret Room.

    Grab two Beans from the floor and go inside where there are four more Beans and a chest. Charm the chest with Alohomora and it will offer you the silver Wizard Card #35: Bowman Wright. 1492-1560. Famous for developing the Golden Snitch.

    Leave this room and on your left proceed to the spiral Staircase up to the Gryffindor Common Room. Pass the Pink Lady and climb up the stairs at the other side of the room. While standing on the balcony look up at the ceiling. Isn't that a strange tile?

    Looks a little odd...


    Cast Alohomora on the tile. It only moves a little... Isn't there nothing else to happen? Well... yes! Turn around and see that one of the pillars has opened! It seems to contain a rope!

    The rope in the pillar


    We know what to do with ropes by now. So... Diffindo. It seemes that somewhere a secret passage is opened. Climb down the stairs. Right at the bottom of the stairs look to your left to see the secret passage!

    The secret passage


    Enter the secret passage and cast Alohomora on the chest to get the silver Wizard Card #39: Gwenog Jones. 1968-present. Captain and Beater of only all-female national Quidditch Team, the Holyhead Harpies. Exit this secret passage and go to the fireplace in the other room.

    Save your Game by the Save book and let's head for...

    Level 7

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    Level 5: Diffindo


    The Duel Club

    [5.1] Harry has to go see what this dueling is all about.

    Go up and leave the Hall of Floating Stairs. Go to the Entrance Hall, and down the stairs turn left where Ron is still waiting for Harry.

    In the Great Hall all students are gathered with Gilderoy Lockhart, who is providing Dueling instructions, and Prof.Snipe, who will be monitoring the Duels. As always, Gilderoy is full of charm:

    I started Dueling Club to defend yourselves. Dueling Club meets every day in the antechamber just outside the Great Hall.

    In Wizard Dueling the object of the exercise is to incapacitate your opponent. There are three spells you may use in dueling:

    -         Rictusempra, which knocks your opponent and reduces stamina

    -         Mimblewimble, which prevents your opponent from accurately casting their next spell

    -         Expelliarmus, which reflects spells back onto your opponent

    To select a spell, scroll through them by using the space bar or the right mouse button.

    To cast a selected spell on your opponent, press the left mouse button (or: ALT). You may build up the strength of Rictusempra and Mimblewimble by holding the button down.

    Gilderoy ends: Note that Potion drinking and jumping during duels are prohibited.

    A pledge of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans is required to duel. The victor wins the opponent’s Beans!

    To challenge a student to a Duel, simply walk up to them. If you have enough Beans you will be invited to duel.

    Harry wants to duel with Ron, but Snipe thinks it’s time to split up the dream team and orders Malfoy of Slytherin to duel with Harry.

    Thrashing will be your treat, Potter


    After the Duel Malfoy casts an exotic Snake Spell on Harry: Serpensrtia!. Everyone is in shock. But Harry commands the snake: Leave me alone!.


    Leave me alone!


    And Draco Malfoy says: It couldn’t be! Not him!  

    [5.2] Ron, Hermione and Harry run out of the Great Hall.

    Ron:You’re a Parselmouth, Harry. You can talk to snakes!

    Hermione: It matters, Harry, because being able to talk to snakes was what Salazar Slytherin was famous for.

    And now they’re afraid the whole school is going to think Harry’s his great-great-great-grandson or something... Harry lay awake for hours that night, wondering...

    ...could he be the descendent of Salazar Slytherin?


    Herbology Class

    Next morning, Harry meets Ron and Hermione downstairs. Hermione won’t be seeing Harry in Herbology class. I’ll be in Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom working on the Polyjuice Potion!  Ron can’t believe Hermione is skipping class. Well, we better get outside to Herbology, Harry. Come on!

    Harry needs to get to his Herbology class outside in the greenhouse. Follow Ron outside along the alley to the right of the Dragon Statue. There’s a guy trading Flobbermuke. Watch your amount of BB. Beans. You don’t really need it for now.

    Harry enters a small courtyard with a birch tree and a chest in the corner. Cast Alohomora on it and get some Flavored Beans. The fellow on your left doesn’t trade.

    Follow Ron in front of the Greenhouse. Before entering turn left and open a chest in the corner of the garden. This contains bronze Wizard Card #5: Gulliver Pokeby. 1750-1839. Expert on magical Birds. First to identify meaning of Augurey song.

    First open a chest for a bronze Wizard Card!

    Now enter the  Greenhouse. Welcome to second year Herbology, everyone! Prof. Sprout is digging right in.

    I’ll teach you Diffindo, the severing Charm.


    By now you already know how this exercise goes. You may earn up to 15 points for Gryffindor.

    You have learnt Diffindo, Harry!


    Now let’s move on to the Diffindo Challenge!


    The Diffindo Challenge

    [5.3] Welcome, Harry, to my Diffindo Challenge! 

    You know the kind of Challenge Harry’s up to. Harry is starting in a courtyard and the Completion Star can be found in a hallway just above him.

    The Completion Star


    Some vines and plant growth can cover doorways and openings. You can use Diffindo to cut through them and clear Harry’s path. You’ll start off with 1,500 seconds and there are 14 Challenge Stars to be captured! It seems to get harder with every Challenge.



    Cast your first Diffindo on the vine blocking the entrance to a chamber. You may as well jump through one of the side windows. In this room you’ll find a chest to your right. Alohomora! Add some Beans to your purse.

    Follow the corridor inside a room and cast Flipendo on the big flower-pot in the middle of a table right in front you. This pot contains some Beans.

    Turn around and cast Alohomora on a chest and Flipendo on a cauldron standing a bit farther in the room. They both contain more Beans.

    Cast Alohomora on the door with a Rose pattern left of the cauldron, and find a chest inside a secret chamber. Cast Alohomora and get some extra Beans.

    Turn around and look at a door opposite to the chamber. It gives access to a courtyard with three Giant Orange Snails that may attack a lot faster than the ones you’ve met before!

    The first Snail is “patrolling” under an arcade in front of the door. Wait until it passes by the door (preferably from the right side) and stun it with Rictusempra.

    Run inside and immediately turn left in the arcade and notice the vine in the corner. Cast Diffindo on the plants and a Snail plate is unveiled.

    Pick up the Beans around the plate and go stand with your back to the wall. Wait until the Snail approaches and when it notices Harry it will attack and stumble on the plate.

    Stun the Snail when it passes

    Unveil a Snail plate in the corner



    That will unlock a first barrier of the exit door in the other arcade. Let the Snail come out away from Harry. Turn left and follow the wall to the corner of the courtyard where you will see two cactuses and a bench.

    Harry is safe in this corner. Turn around and observe the scene from this position.

    The Courtyard with three Snails


    See that flower-pot and watering-can left in front of Harry? Cast Flipendo on the pot and twice on the can for some Beans. A second Snail patrols along a path around the tree. This one is very aggressive. Where the path meets each arcade two signs on the wall attract attention.

    Wait until the garden Snail slides away from the corner of the path and approach the corner. If it turns around, it will attack. So quickly cast Rictusempra on its back and stun it – for a while.

    Stun the garden Snail and notice two signs on each arcade


    Come closer to the wall, cast Flipendo on each of these signs and keep an eye on that Snail. You must watch it after each Flipendo. If it wakes up, cast Rictusempra to stun it again.

    When all four signs are shot, a door to a secret chamber will open. The chest inside contains your silver Wizard Card #70: Leopoldina Smethwyck. 1829-1910. First British witch to referee a Quidditch match.

    A secret door opens

    The chest in the chamber carries a silver one


    Wait coming out of this room until the garden Snail has turned its back on Harry or stun it when it hasn’t. Come out, turn left and run into the second arcade. Cast Rictusempra on the patrolling Snail of this arcade if it is shuffling toward the corner with the vines. Otherwise leave it.

    Cast Diffindo twice on these vines and take the beans. Once again, stand with your back to the wall and wait on the Snail to attack. When it hits the plate, the exit door will fully unlock.

    The second Snail plate


    Clean work! Let the Snail come out and stun it with Rictusempra. Take the exit on your left and listen to Prof. Sprout:

    Diffindo can also cut ropes that will release objects


    The camera view heads toward a sparkling rope behind a Save Book. Acquire your first Challenge Star and chase the Choc Frog. Go up and pass the Save Book.



    [5.4] Cast Diffindo on the rope. A draw-bridge gives access to a small garden with gaps on the sides, a sort of an island.

    Proceed and turn right, and listen to Prof. Sprout: Horklump Mushrooms can give off a cloud of poisonous gas, Harry. Avoid them, or use Diffindo to cut their stems.

    So let’s do it by the book of Mrs. Sprout first. Cast Diffindo each of the 7 Horklumps that block the entrance to the island, and walk up to them. Harry picks up a Mushroom head: Once you have separated a Horklump from its stem, you can pick it up and throw it.

    Throw the head to the two Horklumps further on your right. In a similar way decapitate the three Mushroom on your left.

    Throw a third Mushroom to the Gnome behind the leaves. He’ll fall into the hole leaving 3 Beans behind. Cast Diffindo on the vines and grab the Beans.

    Jump down to the corner ledge of the front gap and take the Beans. Down there you’ll notice a room with a chest. Do not open! Peeves is hiding in there! Ascend from the other side and collect the Beans.

    Now there’s another way to deal with these Mushrooms here that Mrs. Sprout forgot to tell you all about. Of course, why would she? After all she’s got a fine job and a steady income at Hogwarts, now hasn’t she? But Harry can always use some extra Beans, he’ll need them badly later on!

    So start allover from last Save game and let’s do it now in a more profitable way:

    [5.4] (bis) Harry is standing on the bridge. Rather than casting Diffindo on the Horklumps turn left (or right) and jump to the corner of the gap.

    You’ll end up on a high ledge. Collect all Beans while going down. Enter the hidden room but leave the chest alone. Why? It contains Peeves! Ascend from the other side grabbing all Beans on the way up.

    Now Harry is standing on the island. Cast Diffindo on the vines in front of the Gnome hole and release the Gnome. He will start eating all the Mushrooms turning them into Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans!

    When he’s finished stun him with Flipendo and throw him where he further belongs: in his hole. Now all the extra Beans are yours!

    To the opposite side there is a bottomless void. Through the grilled window in the draw-bridge you’ll see a Challenge Star. That bridge has got to lower!

    On each side of the bridge there is a tall alcove with a sparkling rope. Each rope allows one of the lowered blocks on the island to elevate. Cast Diffindo on each rope and lift a lower and a taller block.

    (Tip: If you want to save on time go stand on the left platform and cast Diffindo on the left rope from here. You’ll be going up with the block and you won’t need the smaller block to jump from).

    Blocks and draw-bridges


    Jump from block to block to the opposite ledge with the BB. Beans.

    Collect all the Beans on the narrow ledges and enter the dark room.

    Cast Diffindo on the rope that lowers the second draw-bridge.

    Grab two Beans in there and jump down.

    Cross the bridge and earn your second Challenge Star.



    Go inside the Chapel and immediately stun a Corrush Pixie. To your left cast Alohomora on the chest for your bronze Wizard Card #12: Merwyn the Malicious. Medieval, dates unknown. Credited with the invention of many unpleasant jinxes and hexes.

    Stand in front of the stairs and Stun a second Pixie and the Giant Orange Snail, both with Rictusempra. Walk up the four stairs.

    The first Chapel


    Turn right and cast Alohomora thrice on a small chest on the table. Enjoy some Beans.

    On the opposite side is a bottle with Flobberworm Mucous. Cast Flipendo and grab the Muke.

    Go up the second staircase and cast Diffindo on two ropes that are attached to a moveable square block with a Flipendo sign on it.

    Cast Flipendo thrice on the block and a door to a Star slides open behind Harry’s back. Take the Star and follow the corridor.



    On your right you’ll see a table with a watering-can and two flower-pots. Cast Flipendo on the larger pot for a couple of Sweeties. Next to that is an alcove with a tin soldier. Cast Flipendo twice on him for more Beans.

    Enter the opposite room. Prof. Sprout says: Spiky Prickly Plants shoot their spikes when you get too close. Avoid them or use Diffindo to cut their stems.

    Cast Diffindo on each of the three SpiPri Plants. Look up and you’ll notice a concrete cross above Harry.

    The octagonal Tower


    In fact this room is a low octagonal open tower. There are two windows in the walls. Cast Flipendo twice on the tall block with the sign on it, and it will move in the direction of a wall with one of the windows. Climb the block and pull up to the window with the green Bean. Cast Diffindo on the rope.

    A sort of service elevator platform is then activated. Jump on it when it passes. Ride up and jump off upstairs, and cast Diffindo on the vines. Walk over the cross and cast Diffindo on the rope crossing the entire width of the tower.

    The rope above the cross


    That will open the way out of the Tower. Proceed along the cross to the next vine and cast Diffindo to clear the entrance to a room with a square hole.

    Take four Beans and jump in. Restore your stamina with a Chocolate Frog. You’re standing in the second window now. Jump down and take the exit to your 4th Challenge Star.

    Cast Flipendo on the tin man and twice on the water-can, all for more Beans. Walk up to the Save Book and listen to Sprout:

    Diffindo can be used to cut other things too, Harry. Try it on that Spider Web.



    [5.5] Flip the cauldron for some Beans.

    Cast Diffindo on the spider web and run to the suspended wooden bridge. Turn right and cast Diffindo on the rope that locks the swinging bridge.

    When the giant swing floats forward cast Diffindo on the opposite spider web and jump to that side. Crush the spiders on the floor and acquire your 5th Challenge Star. Notice a hole in the floor next to a wall fresco with a rose pattern; keep that in mind.

    Go left and cast Lumos on the Gargoyle. This Lumos Spell charms two different walls. Turn right and follow the stairs up to a wooden bridge suspended from one rope, and grab 4 Beans on the way up. Follow the bridge till the end where you’ll see a first wall charmed by Lumos. Go inside the room and grab the 6th Challenge Star.

    The transparent wall


    Return to the bridge, cast Diffindo on the rope and the bridge (with Harry) will drop one floor down. Turn away from the Gargoyle and meet your 7th Star.

    Turn right past a red and a green Bean and step through a second wall charmed by Lumos where you’ll see a chest. Cast Alohomora and acquire bronze Wizard Card #18: Uric the Oddball. Medieval, dates unknown. Highly eccentric wizard who is famed, among other things, for wearing a jellyfish for a hat.

    Go left up the stairs and grab 4 Beans. Turn right and watch a block with a Flipendo sign in a hole similar to the one you saw below. Cast Flipendo on the sign and push the block down.

    Return downstairs past the transparent wall and cross the bridge on your left.. Turn left of the Gargoyle and watch the block lying in the hole next to the patterned wall. Cast Flipendo on the block and it will trigger a switch that opens the wall.

    Inside is a chest with a silver Wizard Card; cast Alohomora on it. Get your silver Card #8: Derwent Shimpling. 1912-present. Ate an entire Venomous Tentacula for a bet and survived, though is still purple.

    The patterned wall slides open


    Cross the bridge again and turn left. Cast Flipendo on the cauldron in the corner and get some Beans. Watch the Snail, stun it if necessary. See these three pots on a shelf? Cast Flipendo on the middle one and get a couple of Beans.

    Stun the Fire Crab behind the corner and notice a crack in the floor inside a shaft. You can almost see through. Perhaps Alohomora? No, that doesn’t help...

    Skurge the Ectoplasms – the one on the wall and the one obstructing the cube with Flipendo signs on its faces. There’s a Choc Frog behind the block if you need one. Cast Flipendo on the Block and it will move towards the wall. Climb it and jump from the block to the ledge.

    Grab the blue Bean and immediately stun a Cornush Pixie with Rictusempra. Go up four stairs and Skurge the floor blob.

    Jump over the gap, grab a colored Bean and turn right. In the shaft you’ll notice a block suspended from a rope. Stand on the block and cast Diffindo on the rope.

    The block will drop on the cracked floor, tremble for a while, and break through ...with Harry on it! Turn around and behold your 8th Challenge Star.

    A bumpy elevator!


    Turn left and cast Rictusempra on two Cornush Pixies in a row. Run and jump over the three ledges. When you land on the first ledge they all start slowly sliding in and out the walls. On the opposite side, flip the cauldron for a blue Bean and save by the Book.




    [5.6] Look inside past a row of Horklump Mushrooms by the entrance to a garden. See the vines obstructing Gnome holes in the side walls?

    Don’t waste Diffindo on any of the good Mushrooms, they’re Colored Beans in another shape, remember?

    Run and jump over the barrier of Horklumps, a little damage won’t hurt. There’s a Choc Frog inside the garden anyway.

    Cast Diffindo on all three of the vines in front of the Gnome holes and let the Gnomes take care of the Mushrooms while you’re nicely watching. Meantime crush these nasty spiders that keep climbing Harry’s back all the time. Each Gnome can only eat a limited amount of Mushrooms.

    Sometimes you may push a bit though. Stun one of the Gnomes and throw him to the row of Mushrooms you want him to devour.

    Watch the Gnomes doing a fine job


    When all Mushroom are gone, cast Flipendo on each Gnome and throw them into their holes. Now you’ve got plenty of Beans to harvest and no scratch at all! Jump on the ledge and go down to the garden of Tentaculas.



    That is a Venemous Tentacula. Don’t let them get near you, their bite is very nasty! Diffindo can be used to both stun the creature and sever its arms.

    Stun the First Tentacula with Diffindo and quickly pass it. Sever the arms of the next two permanently. Aim carefully at the arms and cast Rictusempra.

    There’s another Choc Frog near the birch on your right should Harry need one. Go left to the corner and open a chest with Alohomora for more Beans.

    You’ll hear some strange grunting coming from upstairs, while branches are being thrown at Harry. Ignore all that for now, it’ll soon be explained of what to do.

    Sever an arm of the Tentacula guarding the staircase, go up and take your 9th Challenge Star.

    Turn right, run and jump to the opposite ledge. Bowtruckles are tree Spirits that guard Wiggentrees. Cast Diffindo on them to make them disappear, says Prof. Sprout. Each Spirit will leave a Wiggentree Bark behind. Always look for it. Get rid of two Bowtruckles with Diffindo.

    Watch out for these Spirits. When Harry is aiming Diffindo and a projectile hits him before the Spell has affected, he will loose the Charm and get hurt.

    Search the Wiggentree area for Bark left behind by each of the Bowtruckles and look up to a bright sign on the wall. Cast Alohomora on the sign and the panel swings open.

    A secret entrance


    But how to get all that high? Look at the suspended plank on your right. Cast Diffindo on the first rope (on your right) and turn the plank into a footbridge: a ramp leading upwards to the narrow ledge on the wall.

    Cast Diffindo on one rope

    A ramp leading upward


    Run and jump again to the overgrown catwalk…oops, that won’t work in the opposite direction. Follow the stairs again, run up on the footbridge and climb the narrow edge on the wall.

    Grab a Bean and run inside the opening you’ve just created in the wall. The first thing you’ll see is a shelf with two pots and a watering-can.

    Cast Flipendo on the middle pot for Beans. Proceed left and take a blue Bean from the floor. Cast Flipendo on the larger pot on the shelf for more Beans.

    Turn around, grab the yellow Bean an cast Flipendo on the bottle with Flobberworm Mucous. Grab the Muke, turn around and follow the track with Beans to your next Star.

    The secret Star and a chest


    Take your 10th Challenge Star and cast Alohomora on the chest behind it. Acquire your silver Wizard Card #85: Blenheim Stalk. 1920-present. Non-magical expert and author of many books including 'Non-magical Who Notice' a study of non-magical awareness of magic.

    You are in a Hallway looking down on the previous garden. Take some time for that. Return to the ledge and turn right, grab a purple Bean and jump down.

    You’ll end in a corner with a flower-pot and a watering-can. Cast Flipendo on the pot and twice on the can for more Beans.

    Cast Diffindo on each of the ropes from which the next footbridge is suspended and it will drop down and connect the ledge and the next overgrown catwalk.

    At the end of the catwalk turn right and climb the ledge. Ignore the watering- can in the corner for now and climb the higher section with the two Bowtruckles and the Wiggentree.

    Cast Diffindo on each of the Spirits and grab their Bark. Look down from the corner into a third garden with Giant Orange Snails and SpiPri Plants. Go down to the corner and cast Flipendo twice on the watering-can for extra Beans.

    Should Harry have lost some of his stamina and you haven’t eaten all two Chocolate Frogs below, you may prefer to go down again and eat them before saving by the book.



    [5.7] From up the stairs look down at some plant growth on a Snail plate and cast Diffindo on it.

    Stand left of the plate and wait on the attack of the Snail. It will push itself on the plate and you’ll see a first barrier of the Chapel door unlock. Cast Rictusempra on the Snail, that’ll keep it dizzy for a while and proceed to the next corner.

    Stun the second Snail somewhere along this lane and stay close to the wall in order to avoid some prickling spikes that the SpiPri plants would launch. If the third Snail is far enough from the next corner cast Flipendo on the bottle on the floor and get some Flobberworm Mucous out of it.

    Then run to the Snail and stun it with Rictusempra. Promptly proceed past the second overgrown Snail plate and jump to the dividing wall for a change. You’ll get some nice view.

    Should the Snail be near the corner cast Rictusempra on it and then get the Muke out of the bottle. Proceed and jump to the wall behind the second Snail plate.

    From your position on the wall cast Diffindo on the plants above the plate. Let the third Snail approach.

    The Snail attacks!


    As soon as the Snail notices Harry it will try to attack and step on the plate of its own, just like always. The door to the Garden House is now entirely open. Let the Snail slide away and jump down. Watch the Garden Snail.

    Turn around the corner and cast Diffindo on the SpiPri Plant and run inside to your right. The door seals off behind Harry.



    Immediately look up at the ceiling and cast Alomohora on a bright sign. That opens the ceiling and unveils a suspended platform with a Challenge Star.

    Cast Diffindo on the rope that holds the platform and it will drop to the block below, together with the Star. Jump on the block and seize your 11th Challenge Star.

    A well hidden Star


    Jump down and descend on the left side of the stairs. Grab a Bean and cast Skurge on the Ectoplasm. Cast Diffindo on the branches and enter. A Bowtruckle is locked up between three doors of branches.

    Cast Diffindo on a second set of branches and wait until you see the Bowtruckle and cast Diffindo on him. Take his Wiggentree Bark and turn right where you’ll be blocked by another door of branches. Cast Diffindo and proceed.

    Cast Diffindo on the spider web and crush the spiders. Turn left and cast Diffindo on a second web to clear the staircase going up. Take a purple and a red Bean and cast Diffindo on a third web.

    Take a Yellow Bean, crush the spiders and turn right where you’ll see an open door to a Challenge Star. Go inside and take the 12th Star. Cast Flipendo on the cauldron for more Sweets and return all the way down to the chapel.

    On the other side of the stairs go down to a Gargoyle and grab the Bean in front of him. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and quickly run all the way up.

    See anything? Me neither, so apparently that Gargoyle merely brightens Harry’s path. Upstairs turn left and cast Diffindo on each rope that blocks a mechanism. Now two ledges will combine to a bridge above the pit.

    Continue till the rose pattern. Cast Alohomora and a chamber is unveiled. Cast Skurge on two blobs on the floor. Jump all the way down and open the chest with Alohomora. Collect your bronze Wizard Card #49: Elladora Ketteridge. 1656-1729. Witch who discovered the use of Gillyweed when she nearly suffocated after eating it and recovered only when she stuck her head into a bucket of water.

    Turn around and cast Skurge on a last Ectoplasm. Climb up and turn left. You’ll be entering a small garden with 3 Tentaculas. Sever all their arms with Diffendo and grab the Beans. Go out and find C

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    Level 4: The DungeonsXML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />


    The four Corridors

    [4.1] Return to the Dungeon Entrance: that is, descend the Monumental staircase and enter on your right.

    You’re standing in the main Dungeon corridor, and you recall that four areas are accessible in here.

    Map of the main dungeon Corridor

    H. Harry
    S. Iron Soldiers
    1. to Potions classroom
    2. to room with Gargoyle
    3. to door blocked with Ecoplasm
    4. to sealed door


    Harry needs to go through the Dungeon corridor #3 blocked with Ectoplasm to find some powdered Bicorn Horn. You have time for some extra exploration of the corridors, so let’s do that first.

    Go inside corridor #1 and to your left in the antechamber a boy (Flobberworm Mucous) and a girl (Wiggentree Bark) would like to trade with Harry. Accept or recall. However we’ll stumble upon sufficient of that stuff further in this level. 

    Next you’ll be entering the Potions classroom with Prof. Snape walking around in there. Cast Alohomora the “S” sign on the wall left of the entrance. Skurge the Ectoplasm and grab the Beans. Step on a Switch that was trapped by the blob and watch 3 blocks lifting up nearby.

    The hidden room

    Three blocks raise to a window


    Climb the blocks like a giant staircase, starting to your right from the lowest block and jump inside through the opened window. Take the Beans and open the chest for your 10th silver Wizard Card # 60: Laverne de Montmorency. 1823-1893. Inventor of many love potions.

    Ten silver Cards!


    Go down and explore the classroom a little further. Go see the chest in the corner that you were not allowed to approach last visit. Cast Alohomora for the bronze Wizard Card # 9: Gunhilda of Gorsernoor. 1556-1639. One-eyed, hump-backed witch famous for developing a cure for Dragon Pox.

    There is a door in the other corner that is sealed. Would this be the room where Snipe keeps the Bicorn Horn?

    In the dungeons again? I wouldn’t be surprised if you became hopelessly lost, says Snipe.

    Notice the bottles on the table and leave here.

    Enter corridor #2.

    Cast Skurge on the Ectoplasm and Lumos on the entrapped Gargoyle. That will unveil a rope in a corner cabinet. Hmmm…it seems like Harry will need a future Spell for cutting the rope. Remember that rope in this room.

    Explore corridor #4. The door upstairs is sealed. Now enter the 3th corridor, and upstairs cast Skurge on the Ectoplasm blocking the entrance door.


    Trapped inside

    [4.2] Enter a dark room with a locked door and behind your back the entrance door seals off. Harry is trapped inside the Dungeons and is going to spend quite some time in here.

    Take the Beans on both sides of the door. Cast Alohomora and enter the corridor with cell windows. Watch the spiders, you can step on them and squeeze them. If not, they might climb your back.

    Approach and look in the high octagonal room. There's a tall beam in the middle above a pool of greenish substance. Notice two Flipendo spirals on the wall?

    Cast a Spell on each of them and the beam will be twisting up and down. Jump on the platform on top of the beam and ride up to the Ectoplasm above you. Cast Skurge on the blob and jump into the hole that is rendered accessible.

    Skurge the Ecto and quickly jump inside.


    The two chests in the corners each contain a Chocolate Frog. Ride the beam downward and jump to the middle window. Inside is a cauldron to flip aside for BB Beans. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and watch a cut scene on the gaps between the stairs in the lower passage.

    Lumos on this fellow will unveil some dangerous gaps in the lower stairway


    Ride the beam one floor lower and jump to the stairway. Immediately stun the Cornish Pixie with Rictusempra.

    Easy on those gaps in between. Cast Skurge on each of the four blobs, and carefully jump from spot to spot.

    Get rid of these blobs and clear the way down


    Enter an antechamber and grab some Beans.

    Giant Snails and Fire Crabs

    You’ll arrive at the next octagonal room. Skurge the Ectoplasm higher up that is sealing off a Gargoyle face and fill up the pool below Harry.

    You may now proceed on the catwalk that has just raised


    Follow left and don’t miss the chest in a dark niche. It contains the bronze Wizard card # 6: Glanmore Peakes. 1677-1761. Famous slayer of the Sea Serpent of Cromer. Turn around and cast Alohomora on the wall sign. That will open a small reddish room with a chest.

    This chest contains the silver Wizard card # 42: Crispin Cronk. 1795-1872. Sent to Azkaban for continuing to keep sphinxes in his back garden despite repeated warnings. Proceed following left and arrive at a large room with two Giant Orange Snails.

    The room with two Snails


    They each must be thrown on the front plate. That will allow two Fire Crabs appearing on the second plate that comes up.

    Each of these Crabs must be pushed inside one of two smaller rooms with a Crab sign. Explore each room first.

    You’ll find Beans and a bottle with Wiggentree Bark. Cast Flipendo on the bottle and catch the Bark.

    Now stun each Crab with Rictusempra and push it with Flipendo into one of the rooms. Once the Crab is thrown inside a grilled door will close, thus trapping the Crab. When both Crabs are locked up the exit out of this area is assured.

    Flip the cauldron in the corner and go to the next area where you'll stun two Pixies first. To your right Skurge a first blubber that blocks the ledge. Walk down the stairway. Skurge the second Ectoblob next to the purple Bean.

    The Ectoplasms all are blocking stairs and ledges


    Follow the ledge that is released. The third Ecto is by the green Bean under a cauldron on a higher ledge. Return to the previous room and cast Lumos on the Gargoyle. Come back and turn left, and jump to the charmed ledge.

    Jump to the ledge and further to the cauldron

    Follow all the way around and enter another room with two Giant Oranges ones. Just like in a previous area there are two smaller rooms: with Snail signs inside. First go in there for Beans and a Chocolate Frog. Flip each Snail inside a room. Once both Snails are jailed the exit door will open. Cast Alohomora on a chest for the bronze Wizard card # 2: Cornelius Agrippa. 1486-1535. Celebrated wizard imprisoned by non-magical folks for his writings, then enter the next area.

    Promptly cast Flipendo on the Gnome and throw him in the hole next to the chest. Cast Alohomora on it for more Beans. Turn around and notice the hard to see sign on the wall. Alohomora. Go inside and cast Alohomora on the chest to reveal the silver Wizard card # 55: Honoria Nutcombe. 1665-1743. Founded the Society for the Reformation of Hags. Exit the cave. Now you can finally save…

    The Hole, the Chest and the Save Book


    The Labyrinth of Colored Doors

    [4.3] You then arrive at your third octagonal room, this time in blue. Skurge the blob that releases a staircase going down.

    Turn right, take some Beans and enter a balcony room with a Giant Snail. Stun it and throw it into the deep down below.

    First pick up some Beans in the corners of the balcony and don’t open the chest ‘cause Peeves is in there! Notice 4 Flipendo spirals on differently colored beams up in front of you. From left till right: green, purple, blue and red.

    Look down from the balcony and you’ll see a kind of labyrinth of colored doors matching with the colors on the Flipendo signs.

    A strange room!

    Initial position of the Labyrinth


    Notice a stunning red tile in the left corner’s niche down at the end. Above the niche is a sign on the wall, looking like a Roman number III. Two more of these signs are visible, apparently indicating two more such niches.

    The red carpet leads to the exit out of the labyrinth to your right. We’ll have to clear the carpet by switching a number of doors. Casting Flipendo on one of the colored signs will shift the matching doors below. First shift the red doors with a spell of Flipendo on the red sign.

    There are two elevators. One is going up, the other down. Go down and quickly stun and throw the Gnome in the hole. Run and jump over the void to entrance #3 (the only one that is accessible for now). Turn behind the corner past a blue door and you’ll spot the niche with a green tile. Cast Alohomora on the tile and open a small green room with a chest inside.

    The entrance to the green room


    The chest contains some BB Beans and a bottle with Flobberworm Mucous. Cast Flipendo on the bottle to break it and grab the Mucous.

    Proceed to the other wall and find the room with a blue tile. The chest in the blue room contains Beans and two pots: more Flobber Muke and some Wiggentree Bark. Break the bottles and get out the stuff. Return, cross the gap and take the elevator riding up to the balcony.

    From here you can see how the third niche in the corner with the red tile is blocked by a green and a purple door. Now cast Flipendo on the green sign. You can now see from above of how to reach the red room.

    Go down and cross over to entrance #1, and head for the red room. The chest contains a pot of Wiggentree Bark and more Beans. Now all we have to do is find the way to the exit.

    Return upstairs and hit the red and the purple signs with Flipendo, that will clear the path along the carpet. Jump to entrance #1, run along the red carpet and leave this room. You will then arrive at a room with bottles and chests.

    Turn left past the stairs going down and jump on the chest. From there you can catch the Beans on the shelves next to a pot of Wiggentree Bark. You can’t open the chest, at least not this kind of chest. In the alcove next to the ladder find the bronze Wizard Card # 46: Miranda Goshhawk. 1921-present. Famous spellbook writer in a chest that does open up with Alohomora Spell.

    Cast Flipendo on a small wall sign to free the way out of here. Jump on a small table and catch a couple of BB. Beans. Push the block toward the wall cabinet, jump on it, take 4 Beans and the bottle with Flobber Muke.

    Things to collect here


    Leave the Room and flip a cauldron to your right and get the Beans. Now you’ll be entering an orange octagonal room. Quickly take care of a sneaky Fire Crab in ambush. Cast Rictusempra on the bugger and then throw it down in the goo. Follow the stairs to a Bean and a Save Book.

    Saved by the Book


    Octagonal Rooms and Ectoplasms

    [4.4] Skurge the Ectoplasm, enter and cast Rictusempra on the Pixie.

    This is the red octagonal room. Skurge the Blob and a sort of cog mill will start turning. Jump on the revolving platform on the beam in the middle and exit to the blue octagonal room. Pick up an orange Bean. Jump on a similar beam platform and Skurge the two blobs. Take a green Bean and jump to a green octagonal room.

    Jump on this kind of platforms in each room


    Jump on the platform and on to the red room. Grab the blue Bean. Skurge two blobs and jump out. Flip the cauldron and now go save again.

    Next save book


    [4.5] There is another door with a lock and you can hear a Gnome grunting from behind.

    The Gnome is sitting by a chest to your right. Stun him and carry him to the next room. There is a hole in the left wall (watch out for a Fire Crab on the ledge). Quickly throw the Gnome in the hole and turn around. Cast Rictusempra on the Crab and jump to the ledge. Flip it into the hole under the Ectoplasm.

    Go down, return to the chest where you stunned the Gnome and open it. Get your 20th  bronze Wizard Card # 4: Grogan Stump. 1770-1884. Popular Minister for Magic, appointed 1811 and earn a third Health arrow.

    Three Health meters for Harry! Hurray!


    Proceed to the room with the Gnome hole and flip the cauldron for some Beans. Climb the ledge again and Skurge the blob above the Crab hole so you may jump on the ledge. Climb a second ledge and turn around.

    Follow the path like is suggested by the Beans.


    Skurge two blobs up there and climb to the top ledge with the Gnome and the hole. You know what to do. Before Skurgeing the blob look at the other side to a second top ledge. You’ll be going there soon. Now Skurge the blob and blow 4 Pixies out of the air in the opened cave. This is a cave with floating ledges. Skurge the blob to your left and return to the second top ledge in the previous room. Eat the Chocolate Frog and cast Flipendo on the big block. The block will move aside and open a room. Meet a Gargoyle in there and cast Lumos on him. 

    Watch how a secret room in the cave is then unveiled. Return to the cave and enter this room from your left (the Ectoplasm was blocking your way).

    Open the chest in the room for some Beans. Skurge the second blob and walk towards the locked door. Thus you have avoided some tricky jumping to floating ledges. Cast Alohomora and enter another room with pots and pills.

    Be prepared for a nasty trap in there!


    The Bicorn Horn

    Take all the Beans from the shelves to your left and open a bottle containing Flobberworm Mucous. Grab more Beans on the next shelves and turn around the corner. You’ll suddenly drop down through a trap-door and end up in a cave with two fire Crabs sitting on blocks above some acid looking green substance.

    This is where you’ll drop


    Cast Rictusempra on the Crabs and then Flipendo to get them into the goo. Skurge all 4 Ectoplasms and jump from block to block to the opposite side. Climb all the way out into a second storage room. First go left and take 4 Beans. Take the Bicorn Horn from the shelve in the cabinet.

    Harry finds the Bicorn Horn


    In a fast cinematic Harry returns to the Potions classroom. 

    [4.6] Go to the large table with all the bottles and if you didn’t take them last time, cast Flipendo on the bottles with Flobberworm Muke and Wiggentree Bark.

    More ingredients for Wiggenweld Potion


    Don’t pay any attention to Prof. Snipe, he’ll keep saying nasty things to Harry. You’ve got one Wiggenweld Potion and six Mukes and Barks for making six more Potions. It’s time for practicing Snipe’s lesson! Turn towards the smoking cauldron and your 6 new potions will be automatically concocted.

    Harry has 7 healing Potions now in case of Health emergencies!


    Leave the classroom for the main corridor and Harry runs into Hermione.

    Hi, I found some Bicorn Horn to add to the potion!

    Now Harry means for the Polyjuice Potion, remember?

    Hermione: Great, I’m still trying to find the location of the next ingredient, but I should have it tracked down soon. She runs off and goes adding this to the Potion.

    Then Ron arrives: They’re starting a Dueling Club and the first meeting is today!

    Come to the Great Hall if you want to learn how to duel.

    Follow Ron to Hogwarts’ majestic entrance Hall but don’t enter the Great Hall yet. Let him wait on you for a while and go up the Grand stairs.

    Take the way to the Room of Floating Ledges and go left past the door. Ride the first of Floating ledges to the room where Nick explained about the Four Locks. Since you’ve got over 10 silver Wizard Cards, approach the door and watch a first Lock sliding open.

    Three more locks to go…


    Then, go all the way down. You can save your game here by the familiar Save Book under the stairs. Now you’re all set for that duel in…

    Level 5

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    Level 3: Skurge

    [3.1] Leave this area and turn right to the entrance of the Quidditch Arena.XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />


    Your Quidditch entrance


    Follow Oliver to the Quidditch Pitch. We’re going go make sure we win the Quidditch cup this year and the way we’re going to do that is practice, practice, practice… First, a quick recap of what we learned last year.

    The red ball is called the Quaffle, and it’s the job of the three Chasers to get it past the enemy Keeper into one of the Goal Posts. But you don’t need to concern yourself with that.

    There are also two Bludgers flying around, which you don’t want to get hit by. But don’t worry, each team has two Beaters who try to keep them away from you.

    The Goal Posts and the Bludgers


    Last and most importantly, it’s your job as Gryffindor’s Seeker to catch the Golden Snitch before the enemy Seeker does.

    Since Harry’s been off all summer, let’s start out easy. Oliver is going to throw up just a Snitch for you: try and catch it.

    When you are nearing the Snitch press jump to catch it!

    Well done! You’ve caught the Snitch!


    The rest of the Gryffindor team arrives so let’s play a mock game of Quidditch. Oliver is going to have a Gryffindor stand in as an enemy Seeker. You’ll need to make sure she’s out of the way before you can catch the Snitch. Press jump to push her away.

    Both Seekers have their own Health meters


    After the practice the Slytherin team comes joining our friends. Hey, they’ve got new brooms… and it looks like… yes they are! They’re Nimbus Two Thousand and Ones!

    Apparently Lucius Malfoy made a very generous donation. Remember that jealous guy we’ve met in the bookstore? What are you doing here, Malfoy?

    I’m the Slytherin Seeker now! Perhaps someday Gryffindor will be able to afford new brooms!


    Mudblood… the nasty name some Wizards use for other Wizards who were born to non-magical parents. And speaking of mud, October arrived damply at Hogwarts, spreading a soggy chill over the grounds and into the castle. A different kind of chill would soon set in as well…

    The Wiggenweld Potion 

    [3.2] Harry meets Hermione: It’s time for Potions class with Professor Snape! We don’t want to be late…you know what he’s like.

    Before following Hermione to the Dungeons turn back and go up the stairs to the Gryffindor Dormitory. Enter the Common Room and turn left. Cast Alohomora on a chest.

    You will obtain the bronze Wizard Card #26: Almeric Sawbridge. The river troll in question was believed to be one of the largest ever to exist in Britain, having a weight of a ton. There is a Save Book by the fireplace. Remember that Book should you want to save later on.

    Go down and follow Hermione to the Dungeon in the Entrance Hall. Down the stairs turn left and cast Alohomora on the wall, where there is an “I” sign.

    There is this funny sign on the floor. Look up and you’ll see more Beans hovering above. Would that sign mean some future magic Spell for jumping higher? It sure looks like a spring to me!

    You’ll be entering a dark corridor and Hermione enters the first opening to your left. Better go check the whole new area first. The opening to your right leads to a room with some green jelly. Not much to see in there – for the time being. But remember that place.

    Walk in the corridor and cast Flipendos on the iron soldiers. (right: 3 x / left: 2 x). Boy, that will give you some Beans. Get more Beans out of the chest. Ignore both entrances past the chest and follow Hermione.

    Enter the classroom. Today you will attempt to learn the art of mixing one of the most useful potions ever concocted…the Wiggenweld potion. It seems like Harry has just volunteered to show the rest of the class how this is done.

    A Wiggenweld potion will restore some of your lost stamina. Even a single bottle is capable of healing the most grievous wounds. Walk up to the chest and take out the two ingredients: Flobberworm Mucous and Wiggentree bark. Then walk up to the cauldron near to the chest. Don’t go to the other chest since Prof. Snape will call you back: where are you going boy? Get back over here and complete your lesson!

    Observe Harry adding the ingredients from the chest to the cauldron and mixing them


    You now have a Wiggenweld potion. To drink the potion, press space bar. From now on you may purchase the ingredients and brew the elixir for yourself!

    Therefore, there are cauldrons like this one throughout Hogwarts:

    These are the only cauldrons in which Wiggenweld potions can be made


    So now you know what these smoking cauldrons were all about.

    Harry, Ron and Hermione return to the corridor and discuss the brewing of the concoction. Suddenly the scene turns purple once again and the evil voice says: Come… come to me… let me rip you.

    Our friends flee to the common room and witness the murder on Mrs. Norris (the cat of Filch). In her blood is written on the wall:

    The game is turning somewhat weird now


    Then this nasty Malfoy and his gang arrive: Enemies of the Heir, beware! You’ll be next, Mudbloods!

    But then Aldus Dumblemore appears. She’s been petrified, but how? I cannot say…

    Please, return to your dormitories!


    Everyone at Hogwarts was disturbed by the attack on Mrs. Norris and the mysterious words scrawled on the wall. Rumors and speculation spread…

    Hermione, in particular, was especially affected. Ron and Harry became sure that she was up to something… but, whatever it was, she remained tight-lipped.


    The Skurge Spell Lesson

    [3.3] Harry meets Hermione again outside the spiral staircase. We have to get to Charms Class, Harry. And I have an idea.

    We should ask Professor Flitwick about the Chamber of Secrets. He’s bound to know something. Let’s go!  Follow Hermione to the Hall of Floating Stairs. Welcome to Charms class. Today we shall be learning the Skurge charm.

    Hermione and Harry ask questions about the Chamber of Secrets. Prof. Flitwick tells about Hogwart’s history. There were four founders of Hogwarts:

    Godric Gryffindor

    Salazar Slytherin

    Helga Huttlepuff

    Rowena Ravenclaw

    Prof. Flitwick


    Slytherin wanted to admit only the Wizard-born students at Hogwarts. The other founders refused and as a result, Slytherin left the school.

    He built a secret chamber in the castle, of which the other founders knew nothing… with a great monster to guard the chamber from within.

    The legend states that one day, Slytherin’s true Heir will return to open the chamber and control the horror within. And then, all who are not Wizard-born will be purged from Hogwarts.

    Now, back to magic reality. Try not to focus on all this Chamber of Secrets balderdash… concentrate on the symbol in front of you.

    Hit the corresponding arrow key


    When you’ve successfully learned Skurge in three rounds, it’s time for you to test your newly learned knowledge in the Skurge Spell Challenge!


    The Skurge Challenge

    [3.4] You’ll start with 2,000 seconds and you know what to do to reach the completion Star!

    This is the Completion Star of the Skurge Challenge


    Cast 2 (right) and 4 (left) Flipendos on the iron guys in the antechamber. That will give you a few Beans and take away a lot of seconds. Now you know how that green substance is called: Ectoplasm!

    Skurge the first Ectoplasm and enter the next room.  Turn right and then left, down the ramp.

    Turn left by the 2nd Ectoplasm and hit the cauldron with Flipendo. Now Skurge the Ecto and unveil a hidden Flipendo sign in there.

    Cross the wooden beam and Skurge two Ectos on the floor to clear the way (you can cast Skurge to free items that have been trapped by Ectoplasm).

    Clearing the way to push the beam


    Now cast a number of Flipendos on the beam. The beam may then serve as a launch pad for your next jump.

    Before doing that, jump down and cast Alohomora on the “S” sign in the right corner. Inside, open the chest for the bronze Wizard Card # 32: Bridget Wenlock. 1202-1285. Famous Arithmancer. First to establish the magical properties of the number seven.

    Climb up to the beam and jump to your 1st Challenge Star. Go down the stairs, see a Choc Frog and flip the cauldron for a Bean. Save by the Book.

    Save here!!!


    [3.5] In the next room there are many Ectoplasm blobs.

    Cast some Skurges on them to clear the passage and open the Chest. Do a Alohomora on the red bottle. Stun the fire Crab with Rictusempra and cast Flipendo on the green bottle for more Beans.

    Eat the Cocoa Frog and proceed into the passage with 3 more Crabs. Get them on their back with Rictusempra and flip the cauldron for Beans. Catch your 2nd Star and run down the stairs.

    Harry’s 2nd Star

 …it’s Peeves!  Skurge him 4 or 5 times and he’ll run off.

    Well, if it isn’t spotty grotty snotty Potty-wotter! 


    The door to the next room has also opened. Look through one of the three windows in Peeves’ room and notice 3 green Ectoplasms on the opposite wall.

    We’ll have to get to that room as well


    Pass the door to the Dragon statue and Cast Alohomora. A cut scene shows how a panel in Peeves’ room slides down and how another panel above a ledge slides up in the other room. Go in there and cast Skurge on each of the green blubbers so you may proceed along the narrow ledge. Capture the Beans and… Star #3.

    Walking up the stairs to the Star


    When you take that Star a door to your left slides open.

    You’re back in the passage with a Crab. Quickly turn left and run down the stairs to Peeves’ room. Outside there is A Save Book near the Dragon Statue.

    [3.6] Leave this section for a next room.

    Cast Flipendo on a beam. It will rotate through 180° and barricade the access to a Challenge Star. Casting Flipendo won’t help…

    Cast Flipendo twice on the Wizard Statue and get more Beans. Then, cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and a secret entrance will light up.

    Descend the stairs, grab a couple of Beans and cast Flipendo on the bottle on the floor. You’ll get a Wiggentree Bark in return.

    Cast a spell on the Flipendo sign and the beam will turn to its original position.

    You’ll be entering a low room with a Choc Frog and some Beans. Cast Skurge on the Ectoplasm and unveil an exit. Proceed till the chest, cast Alohomora and take the bronze Wizard Card # 53: Greta Catchlove. 1960-present. Author of 'Charm Your Own Cheese'.

    Run up the stairs, grab a purple Bean and turn left. Take the orange Bean, turn left and stun the Crab. A door opens: watch the Crab in there.

    Look left and you're back in the room full of Ectoplasms. The door to the room with the Gargoyle and the Wizard statue has now opened.

    Run straightforward into this room and you'll see Harry's 4th Challenge Star spinning around in the exit gate, opposite on your left side.

    Don't grab the Star yet but instead, turn around and cast Lumos on the Gargoyle once again.

    Quickly run out, catch your 4th Challenge Star and turn left in a room where you'll see a chest.

    Leave the chest for now and proceed to the left wall while your wand is still lit. There is a Secret Room with a second chest in there.

    Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle...

    ...leave the room, catch Star #4...

    ...and charm the left wall in the room on your left


    Charm the wall and cast Alohomora on the chest to obtain some BB Beans. Now turn around and go smash the other chest with Alohomora for the bronze Wizard Card # 66: Flavius Belby. 1715-1792. Only wizard ever to survive a Lethifold attack. Leave this room and go down the stairs to your next Save Book.

    A Save Book and a Frog

    [3.7] Eat the Frog if you’re hungry.

    You’ll hear some funny voices now.  Skurge the Ectoplasm to your left to unveil a Snail plate. Stun the Giant Snail with Rictusempra and shuffle it onto the plate with lots of Flipendo. That will open a secret door in the passage. Cast Alohomora on the chest inside and earn the silver Wizard Card # 14: Fulbert the Fearful. 1014-1097. Famous for being so cowardly he never ventured out of his house. Died when a Defensive Charm backfired and the roof fell in.

    Flip that cauldron. Turn toward the room on your left and notice two Ectoplasms on the floor, a Snail and a sealed exit door in front of a Challenge Star.

    Cast Skurge on both Ectoplasms and look up to the ceiling. Cast Alohomora on the trap-door. A Snail drops onto the platform that will lower by its weight and partly open the exit door. With some luck the other Snail will drop in as well.

    Look through the windows in the other room and shoot a Flobberworm Mucous out of the bottle on the ledge. Return and jump on the other platform. You will ride down and now the door to your 5th Star is completely opened – at least for a while. Run out of the pit to the other room, grab some Beans and the Flobber Muke and head for your 5th Star. Open the chest for a couple of Beans.

    Your 5th Star and a chest on the side


    Go down the stairs and flip the cauldron. Ignore the Gargoyle for now. In the blue Hall you’ll make acquaintance with a Cornish Pixie. Troublesome and annoying creatures, they are. If they touch you, they will bite, so try avoid them. Rictusempra will stun them.

    Now be careful here, because this is where you may easily miss the 6th Star. DO NOT follow Nick and certainly don’t shoot the Ectoplasm down there. If you do, the ledge will lower down with Harry and you can’t go up again.

    Cast Alohomora on the wall fresco but don’t enter the new room yet. Return to the Gargoyle but first cast Alohomora thrice on the small chest on the table and earn some tasty Beans. Now cast Lumos on the Gargoyle. That will temporarily light up a hole in the floor of the room you’ve just opened in the blue Hall. Go inside, take all the Beans and jump down to Star # 6 and some more Beans.

    A trap-door is sliding open after you’ve jumped in here


    Jump below and stun 2 Crabs. Quickly cast Alohomora twice on a small chest on the floor.

    Catch the brown Frog. Cast Skurge on the Ectoplasm above the grilled door, remember? That’s the one I warned you about when you just stood upstairs. The door will open, get inside and seize Star #7.

    Your 7th Goldstar


    Run and jump to the ledge with the Ecto and Skurge it. The two ledges will start moving now. Make a tricky well-timed jump to the other ledge and cast Flipendo on the opposite sign. When you do this, you'll see a secret passage being opened BEHIND YOU!!! So, turn around and jump from the moving ledges. Turn to the right and enter the room to find the silver Wizard card # 59: Gregory the Smarmy. Medieval, dates inknown. Famous originator of Gregry's Unctuous Unction -potion to persuade the drinker that the giver is their very best friend. Alleged to have wormed his way into King Richard's confidence and thus made his fortune.

    Jump back to the silver Card

    If you miss the jump you’ll have to start all over at [3.7]. Jump to the ledge with the cauldron and cast a flipping Spell on it.

    Walk up to your right and open a chest. Stun the Pixie that flies in. Enter a strange looking room with a Star on top of a ledge and a sort of balance in the center. Flip the cauldron. Look up to the ceiling and cast Skurge on a Green slime.

    Go in the other room and flip the cauldron. Proceed upward, pick up some beans and flip the cauldron before entering the top room.

    The top Room with Challenge Star #8. Notice the Gnome


    Take the Star, and throw 2 Gnomes in the hole in the small room with a chest that you should break. It contains the bronze Wizard Card # 84: Roland Kegg. 1903-present. President of the English Gobstoner Team.

    Cast Flipendo 3 x on the block with the sign on it and it will fall through the hole onto one half of the balance.

    The block will keep the balance in position


    First flip 2 cauldrons in the top room, cast Alohomora thrice on a small chest and Flipendo on a red bottle. Gather some Beans.

    Jump into the hole after the block, ascend the balance and catch the 9th Star. Take the beans and also those in the chest. Watch out for the Snail.

    Now cast Lumos on the Gargoyle. Run down the ramp and jump on the lit ledge. Look up and cast Alohomora on a spot near the ceiling. A secret door will open to a ledge with Star #10.

    Alohomora! Your final Challenge Star!


    Jump, take your Star and turn left where a door just slid open. Turn left and jump down. You may wish to open the chest: it will let Peeves escape. So… you better don’t.

    Hit the Completion Star to finish Skurge Challenge with your personal high score.

    The Completion Star! End of the Challenge!


    You may always return here and improve your score. It’s the door next to the statue. Your next objective: follow some chap to the House Point Ceremony.

    The Second House Point Ceremony

    [3.8] Now before following this chap to the House Point Ceremony room turn left of the Statue, go up the stairs and follow the corridor till the next stairs that are going down.

    Look at the wall on your left side and notice a discolored part in the wall. Cast Alohomora on that part and a Secret Room will open.

    A Secret Room in the corridor


    Cast Skurge on the two Ectoplasms that are blocking your way up, and climb the ledges. Pick up some Beans. Inside cast Alohomora on the chest and Harry will retrieve his silver Wizard Card #99: Daisy Dodderidge. 1467-1555. First landlady of the Leaky Cauldron.

    Go out of this room, turn left three times and this chap will meet Harry again. Follow him to the House Point Ceremony Room.

    Before entering turn left in the antechamber and open that secret entrance once again. Skurge the Ectoplasm this time. Pooh…there’s a spider’s net underneath. I think we’ll have to wait for some later Spell… Take the Beans anyway.

    Now go and grab as many Beans as you can in the second House Point Ceremony. This time you may also open some Ectoplasm doors and find more Beans…

    New doors for more Beans…

    Harry, Ron and Hermione are making Secret Plans

    After that our friends will meet again in the Hall of Floating Stairs.

    Hermione: Harry! I want to investigate the scene of the crime. Filch usually guards the hallway where his cat was petrified. But he’s away… so now is our chance!

    They all proceed to the second floor: Do you really think there’s a Chamber of Secrets?

    Nobody could protect Mrs. Norris. Whatever attacked her might not be… human.


    Harry: Remember all the water that was on the floor? Where had it come from? From in there, says Hermione. Let’s have a look.

    Ron: I can’t go in there. That’s a girls’ bathroom!

    It is actually Moaning Myrtle’s Place. She haunts one of the bathrooms. It’s been out-of-order all year because she keeps having tantrums and flooding the place.

    I wish people would stop talking behind my back


    Who can the Heir of Slytherin be though? Who’d want to frighten all the non-magical folk out of Hogwarts?

    Ron: Draco Malfoy! You heard him call Hermione a Mudblood. But how do we prove it’s him?

    Hermione: We’d need to sneak inside the Slytherin Common and ask Malfoy a few questions without him realizing it’s us.

    All they would need is some Polyjuice Potion. It transforms one into somebody else.

    Hermione: We could change Harry into a Slytherin. No one would realize it was really Harry!

    Two of the potion ingredients are a bit tricky, though: powdered Bicorn Horn and shredded Boomslang Skin. And where to find those?

    YES! There is some Bicorn Horn in the Snape’s storage room!

    Hermione is not sure about the shredded Boomslang Skin. Perhaps checking at the Library?

    Lovely! Molting Boomslangs and corridors full of goo. This should be enjoyable

    But first go save somewhere. Go out of this Dungeon entrance and up to the Monumental staircase. Go all the way right to the Gryffindor Dormitory. Pass the portrait of the Pink Lady and go in. Open the chest and grab a Bean. Then, save by the Book at the fireplace.

    Well then, let's go to...

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    Level 2: RictusempraXML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />


    The Hall of the Moving Stairs

    [2.1] You are down in the huge Hall of moving stairs and paintings on the walls. Go up the stairs and exit by the doors you came in.

    Go to the central Hall of Hogworts and down the stairs. Enter to your left and cast Alohomora on the mirror on the wall. There are ledges with Beans and a chest containing more Beans. Proceed to the Great Hall and open the two chests.

    The Great Hall


    Go back to the grand staircase in the central Hall. At this point you may also go outside for an optional side trip and grab whatever you can. You can grab once more all the beans you collected before. When you do this, you'll end up with about 185 Beans! So go for it... After that, return to the Hall with all the paintings and the living stairs.

    The first stairs will take Harry up to a ledge where he will meet Nick (voice of John Cleese). Nick tells Harry that after all these years he still finds new secrets in Hogwarts. Here’s a special area that you can unlock only if you collect all 40 silver Wizard Cards.

    For every 10 silver Wizard Cards you collect, you’ll get a Key that will allow you to open one of the four locks on the door


    Cast Flipendo on the two cauldrons and collect their Beans... Before going outside turn right and enter a passage.

    Enter this passage


    You'll notice some Beans hanging in the air. Remember this place. Cast Alohomora on the chest.

    Take the 2nd staircase and ride up to the 2nd ledge. Enter here.

    Cast Alohomore on two small chests to your left and right: left 3x and right 2x to take out the precious Beans. Cast Alohomora on a sign on the wall to make it turn through 90°. Go inside and open the chest for a nice set of Beans.

    This wall rotates


    Walk till the end of the gothic corridor and turn right to cast Flipendo on the cauldron.

    Return to the stairs and ride to the 3rd ledge. Enter. You’ll watch a cut scene where two guys break a vase and wisely decide to flee. Better get out of here… Filch might be lurking nearby. And yeah, there he is, that creep with his wicked cat, Mrs. Norris.

    Well, well. I heard a crash and what do I find? Mr. Harry Potter and a broken, irreplaceable antique vase!


    Argus Filch, the caretaker, was loathed by every student at Hogwarts. Some thought his cat even spied on students! Suddenly the place turns purple and an evil voice speaks to Harry:

    Come… come to me… let me rip you!


    Hearing voices won’t get you off, says Filch. I’ll mark this down against you. Now move along while I clean this up.

    Ron is waiting there. Well, better let him wait for now. Turn around and cast Flipendo on the cauldron next to Mrs. Morris...

    Return to the stairs. Ride to the 4th ledge. Cast Alohomora on a wall sign and open another room with green slime. Nothing else in there!

    The room with green substance


    Inside the passage cast Alohomora on the painting of some turbaned Indian guy on the left wall. Take all the Beans from the floor and open the chest. Follow the passage till the statue and cast Flipendo thrice.

    Go inside the Infirmary. There’s one Bean at the far end. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle, turn around and enter. Hop on the ledge and cast Alohomora on the chest. Find the bronze Wizard Card # 58: Glover Hepworth. 1742-1805. Inventor of the Pepperup Potion, curse for the common cold.

    Get this bronze Card…


    Jump down and enter the large room. Cast Flipendo on both cauldrons. Go down left or right.

    Cast Alomohora on the chest and earn the bronze Wizard Card # 75: Mungo Bonham. 1560-1659. Famous wizard healer. Founded Saint Mungo's Hospital for Magical Ailments and Injuries.

    …and this one too


    Return to the Infirmary and cast Flipendo on each of the 4 paintings. A central staircase is then unveiled, going down to a secret room that is hiding a chest. Alohomora! There is the silver Wizard Card # 71: Queen Maeve. Legendary witch who trains young sorcerers in Ireland prior to the establishment of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardryfor Harry!

    The secret staircase

    A silver Wizard Card


    Return all the way to the 3rd ledge where Filch is cleaning up the pieces of the broken vase.

    Before following Ron, cast Alohomora twice on a sign on the wall to your left.

    Cast Alohomora on this sign


    Go down the ledges. There is a Gnome inside. Cast Flipendo on the Gnome and he’ll be stunned. Then pick him up and flip him into the hole. Cast Alohomora on the chest and capture its Beans.

    Follow Ron to the right and before finally entering the lesson room cast a spell on the “S” sign on the wall. Open the chest and take the Beans.

    The “S” sign on the wall


    A Lesson in Magic spells: Rictusempra


    Welcome to Defense against the dark Arts, says self-esteemed Prof. Dr. Lockhart. My fame makes an introduction unnecessary, but I’ll delight you with one anyway. I am Gilderoy Lockhart, Order of Merlin, Honorary Member of the Dark Force Defense League, and five-time winner of Witch Weekly’s Most.

    Prof. Gasbag and a modest Harry


    Today we shall be learning the Rictusempra dueling Spell.

    Rictusempra is very useful when stunning certain pesky creatures, such as Corrush pixies. See the wand? It’s going to move around the symbol.

    At the exact point when the wand passes over the arrows, hit the corresponding arrow key


    The exercise has three parts. You must hit all of the arrows correctly in order to progress to the next round. If you do well, you may earn up to 15 house points for Gryffindor!

    Now how about a turn in the Spell practice arena?


    The Rictusempra Challenge

    [2.2] Welcome, Harry Potter, to my famous Rictusempra Challenge. That’s Gilderoy giving instructions to you.

    To complete the Challenge, you must hit the Completion Star, which will be found a the top of this tower.


    Try to get to there as quickly as you can. If the Challenge Timer reaches zero before you have the Completion Star, you’ll loose the Challenge!

    Along the way you will find Challenge Stars. Collecting them will boost your timer and score. Try to find all 10 of the Stars with as many seconds remaining as possible. The higher your score is when you complete the Challenge, the more house points you will be awarded!

    You’ll meet some weird creatures here. Like Fire Crabs, nasty little pets that shoot flame out of their …well, at you! You can stun them by casting Rictusempra on them. Then you can use Flipendo to push them around.

    This indicates that a Fire Crab on or nearby the symbol will cause something to happen. Use Flipendo to push the Fire Crab onto this plate


    Ready to begin? Good luck! 3, 2, 1… GO!!!

    First room: there is one fire Crab. Stun and push the Crab onto the plate and the door to the next room will open up. Take your first Star and blow the new Crab on the plate.

    Make sure you are standing on the footsteps on the ledge when it goes up. Cast Alohomora on the chest in the corner. You’ll be rewarded with the bronze Wizard Card # 63: Herman Wintringham. 1974-present Plays lute with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters.

    Jump on the ledge and ride up

    Find a bronze Wizard Card in there


    If you missed the ride on the ledge, go up the slope. Grab a blue Bean and follow to your right. Stun the second Fire Crab but don’t push it down. Take the green Bean.

    Follow the slope and eat the Chocolate Frog if you need some health. Jump on the ledge that just went up and open the chest.

    Enter the large room from up the balcony. There are two suspended ledges each carrying a Challenge Star. On the floor you’ll notice two Giant Orange Snails which species you may remember from The Philosopher’s Stone. Avoid touching them or their slime trails – the acid that they secret will burn you. Cast Rictusempra and Flipendo just like on the Fire Crabs.

    Giant Orange Snails


    Push the Snails onto the plates and the two ledges will lower down. Also the door to the next room opens up

    There are 4 caged Fire Crabs. One shot of Rictusempra followed by Flipendo will lock up a Crab inside behind a sliding wall.

    If all 4 Crabs are locked up, a secret ledge carrying a chest will come down from the ceiling. Jump on this ledge and Cast Alohomora on the chest: the silver Wizard Card # 23: Glenda Chitttock. 1964-present. Popular presenter of the W.W.N. (Wizarding Wireless Network) programme 'Witching Hour' is yours!

    The secret chest contains a silver Wizard Card


    Cast Flipendo on a sliding block, jump from the block to the ledge and catch a Star. On the other side push two blocks and jump to the ledge from the taller block. You should have gathered 3 Challenge Stars by now.

    The two Snails in the next room will each leave 2 Beans behind if you get them in their corresponding holes. You may as well ignore them and save on precious seconds.

    Follow left in the passage, where a door will slide open. Gnomes are a greedy lot. You’ve already met one on the 3rd  floor. They will try to steal your Bertie Bott’s Beans. Flipendo will push them onto their backs and cause them to drop anything they might have stolen. You can also pick up Gnomes and throw them around. Throw them into a Gnome hole to permanently get rid of them.

    That is a Gnome hole. This is where Gnomes come from and where they go to deposit stolen goods (you cannot climb into these)


    Walk up the stairs and you’ll see the Gnome next to a Savebook. Stun the Gnome and throw him into the hole down the stairs. Then, save your game.

    [2.3] Cast Alohomora on the portrait of Gilderoy and the wall will turn around.

    Inside open a chest for some Beans and a chocolate Frog. Run up the opposite stairs. Open the chest in the niche to your right. It contains a few Beans and the bronze Wizard Card # 76: Myron Wagtail. 1970-present. Lead singer of popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters. The opposite niche contains a Chocolate Frog. Enter the passage with 2 purple Beans on the floor.

    The panels in the wall open up revealing a Fire Crab inside, and a trap-door drops in the floor. Stun the Crabs and push them into their holes. That will close the trap-door and block your way out behind you. Proceed and grab Challenge Star #4.

    In the next Room 2 Orange Snails fall from the ceiling. Either stun and push them into the holes for a couple of Beans, or ignore them and run past them.

    Stun and push two Fire Crabs in the next room into the holes and some wall panels on each side will slide down.

    Push these stunned Crabs in each hole


    Climb the wall to your left, grab 2 Beans and turn left. Stun the fire Crab and flip the cauldron with Flipendo for some extra Beans.

    Cast Alohomora on the portrait of Gilderoy and cast Lumos on the Gargoyle inside. That will reveal the entrance to a secret room to your left with Challenge Star #5 inside.

    Your 5th Star


    Jump down and climb the other wall. Grab 2 Beans and follow left. Acquire the 6th Challenge Star floating between the two ledges. On that spot turn right and cast Flipendo on the sign.



    That will guarantee your exit out of here. But first eat the Frog if you like and cast Flipendo on a small sign near the ceiling. That will open a secret room. Cast Alohomora on the chest inside and earn the Silver Wizard Card # 56: Gideon Crumb. 1975-present. Plays bagpipes with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters. Now take the exit you’ve just opened.

    Open the chest in the niche on your right and take the bronze Wizard Card # 93: Heathcote Barbary. 1974-present. Plays rhythm guitar with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters. Go down the spiral stairs and watch out for the Snail and its slimes when snatching some Beans on the floor.

    Enter the room with 3 Flipendo signs. Each sign controls a belt with portraits of… who? Yes, of Gilderoy for a change.

    There are three doors featuring a different portrait. Cast Flipendo on the signs and get 3 matching portraits above a door.

    The room with the portraits


    To open the door to your right, cast a number of Flipendos on the corresponding signs:

    Lower belt: 2 x

    Middle belt: 4 x

    Upper belt: 1 x

    Enter and step on the plate decorated with feet. A ledge carrying a Challenge Star is partly lowered. Cast Alohomora on the chest for some Beans.

    Opening the door to your left:

    Middle belt: 3 x

    Step on the sign with feet and the ledge will completely drop. Open the chest for more Beans and go collect your 7th Star.

    Harry’s 7th Star


    Opening the front door:

    Middle belt: 2 x

    Upper belt: 2 x

    Enter and flip the cauldron to your left.

    Step on the plate with feet and ride up to a Savebook.


    [2.4] First turn left and open a chest for a bunch of Beans.

    Proceed past the Gargoyle in the niche of the left wall and stun the 2 Snails in the next room. Open the holes by casting Alohomora on Gilderoy’s portraits. Push the Snails in the holes and earn a few Beans. Or just ignore the bastards. Return to the Gargoyle and cast Lumos.

    That will open a secret room past the Snails to your right. The chest contains more Beans. Proceed left and notice another portrait of Gilderoy by the wall.

    Cast Alohomora, run up the stairs and open the chest for a few Beans. Go down and a cut scene will show you how the next room looks like.

    It’s time for some ledge climbing here


    Turn left and jump down to the ledge with a green Bean. Turn around and pass a blue Bean. Jump down to the ledge with a red Bean and turn around. Jump down to the ledge with a blue Bean and turn right.

    Now cross the gap to the ledge with a purple Bean. Run and jump to two more ledges. Pull up to a ledge with a purple Bean. Turn around and run and jump to 3 more ledges. Turn right and pull up to the opposite balcony. Immediately stun the Fire Crab and push it in the hole. Watch a staircase come down.

    Also an exit door has opened. Go inside and flip the cauldron. Run past the two Snails and find the staircase to your 8th Star!

    A staircase to the Stars!


    Turn right and eat a Chocolate Frog if you like. Flip another cauldron for one more Cacao Frog and proceed right. Cast Alohomora on a chest and earn the bronze Wizard Card # 94: Merton Graves. 1978-present. Plays cello with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters.

    As soon as you enter the next room featuring Star #9 two Fire Crabs drop down and a trap door jails the Star. Push those crabs in their holes and the trap door will raise again: catch you 9th Star!

    Turn right and open the chest for the bronze Wizard Card # 78: Orsino Thruston. 1976-present. Plays drums with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters. Turn around and walk to the Savebook. But first flip that cauldron.

    A cauldron and a Savebook


    [2.5] Look up to the right wall: there is a small Flipendo sign near the ceiling.

    Cast your spell and take the silver Wizard Card # 68: Kirley Duke. 1971-present. Plays leadguitar with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters out of the hidden chest in there. Prepare for the final tower now! A cut scene shows where to throw all those Crabs you’re gonna meet on the spiral walkway to your Completion Star. Each time you throw in a Crab, the pedestal with the giant Star lowers a bit more.

    You’ll glimpse a view of your final Star behind bars. When all Crabs are thrown in the pit, join them. Cast Alohomora on the narrow wooden door with Gilderoy’s portrait on it.

    A secret entrance


    Go in and run upstairs. Grab a green Bean. Cast Alohomora on another door with Gilderoy’s handsome face on it,

    Go inside and step on both floor Switches. Stun the Gnome and flip him into the hole next to the Chest that has now become accessible. Cast Alohomora on the chest and catch a few Beans and the silver Wizard Card # 34: Donghan Tremlett. 1972-present. Bass player with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters.

    Go outside, run up the stairs and seize your 10th Star. The door will slide in the floor and you may exit again by the spiral walkway. Run upstairs but avoid the moving beams. Jump over the gaps when they retreat. The higher you come the faster the beams will get.

    Well done, Mr. Potter, you have completed my Rictusempra Challenge! The remaining time now becomes your personal high score


    You may always return here and if you can manage to beat your high score, Gilderoy will award you more house points.


    The Weekly House Point Ceremony

    [2.6] Go out and turn right. Hermoine will join Harry. Follow Hermione and meet Albus Dumblemore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, who welcomes you to the very first weekly House Point Ceremony of the school year.

    The weekly House Point Ceremony is about to start


    The house with the most points wins a visit to the Bean bonus room. The length of the visit depends of how many more points they have over the second placed house. It appears that Gryffindor is in the lead. It looks like Harry gets to visit the bonus Bean room.

    You have only a limited time to collect Beans. Grab as many as you can!


    When you’re all done, meet Oliver Wood outside. Time to go to the Quidditch Pitch.


    Rubeus Hagrid's Hut

    Harry didn’t have lunch yet but he may have collected some 500 Bettie Bott’s Beans by now. How about those for lunch? Of course, you may always trade the Beans for other goodies, such as... we’ll have to see about those. So, let’s find a Save Book first.

    Turn right and cast Alohomora on a chest for a bunch of Beans. Remember that sign on the wall? Open that entrance again and pick up all the Beans in the garden and in the chest. Down the stairs re-open the chest. Look at the “S” sign on the wall and cast Alohomora. You can’t enter for now.

    Just like last time in the dark, turn left of the Entrance door and go open a chest. That’ll help increasing your collection of Beans. Now run to Oliver who is waiting for Harry under the Dragon statue. Cast Flipendo twice on the Statue’s face and turn left to open the chest. Two guys are willing to trade here, but you haven’t got 700 Beans for a Nimbus 2001. But it will soon become clear what that is all about.

    On your right you’ll see the entrance to another section wich you may like to explore. It will lead you to good old Rubeus Hagrid’s Hut.

    Rubeus Hagrid’s Hut

    Take all the Beans and the bronze Wizard Card. This is Harry’s 10th bronze Wizard Card: #61: Havelock Sweeting. 1634-1710. Unicorn Expert. Helped setup unicorn reservations throughout Britain. Now Harry has earned two life meters.

    A milestone Wizard Card

    Go around the hut and pick up a red and black colored Bean. Open a chest with Alohomora for more Beans. There is a door you can’t enter yet, but remember that door for later on. Save by the Book...

     ... and go to the next level

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    Level 1: Back to SchoolXML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />


    Harry has to rescue Ron

    [1.1] The boys are thrown out of the car. Harry wakes up and hears Ron crying for help. He is squeezed tight by a branch of the giant tree.

    Over here Harry, the Whomping Willow’s got me!

    Don’t worry, Ron – I’ll come and get you! Just hold on!


    Turn around and walk towards the green grown wall. Turn to the right and you'll see some huge willow branches on the ground. Walk that way.

    Run under the “angry” willow branch and turn left in the opening. You are instructed of how to cast Alomohora on the chest. Many of these chests contain “Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans” and sometimes also a Wizard Card.

    Aim on the chest until you see some kind of key hole. Walk to the beans to get them into your inventory.

    Harry’s first chest

    Turn to the right and climb up the stairs. Walk towards the statue in the niche in the wall.

    I can use this Gargoyle as a target to activate the Lumos Spell, says Harry. Aim on the statue until you see a half moon.

    The Lumos spell opens an entrance to your right. Go passed the entrance. There you’ll see a Save Book. Walk into the Book to save the current state of your game.

    Harry’s first Save Book


    When Harry faints (Harry is an immortal Wizard and doesn’t die in this game: he just faints) your game will automatically revert to the point where and when you last touched a Save Book. Also when you exit your game and start up again, your game will we loaded from this point.

    [1.2] This number between brackets [ ] indicates a new save game: level 1, save game #2 (the game may be automatically saved).

    Cast Flipendo on the big statue in the fountain and grab some Beans. Walk through the corridor next to the fountain. You’ll end up between the willow’s branches from another side. Cast Flipendo on the block and it will move to the wall. Jump and go to the next section where another “angry” branch is going up and down. Sneak under it. Cast Alohomora on a chest against the wall to extract a Frog. Chocolate Frogs replenish some of Harry’s stamina. They also taste delicious!  So be sure to get it. Next to the chest there's a colored section in the wall. Alohomora can open up magically locked objects such as chests and secret doors.

    A secret door with a chest


    Enter the cave and cast Alohomora on the Chest. You’ll get more colored Beans. One more “angry” root to pass. Good job, Harry! Now, see if you can cast Flipendo on this branch to get it off Ron! That will free him.



    But the Anglia takes off! Ron’s father won’t like that! Enter the new opening in the wall and follow Ron. Inside cast Lumos on the new Gargoyle. That will reveal a hidden ledge to jump on. Proceed to the SB.


    Finding the way to the Castle

    [1.3] Harry enters a polygonal room where he must collect all the Beans by jumping the ledges. Of course snatch the chocolate frog! 

    I should collect as many as I can, they’ll come in handy later.


    Jump down and cast Flipendo on the central block and it will move against the ledge where Ron is standing. Hop over and follow Ron. Turn left and cast Lumos on a Gargoyle. That will open an entrance where you’ll notice a Flipendo Sign. Cast a Spell and a staircase will rise. To your right of the grilled door is a niche. Cast Alohomora and release a chest.

    A secret chest


    Cast Alohomora on the chest to find more Beans. Find your first bronze Wizard Card # 7: Hesper Starkey 1881-1973. Witch who studied the use of phases of the moon in potion-making. There are 50 of these scattered throughout Hogwarts. Each time you collect 10 new bronze cards, you are given a permanent stamina increase!

    Harry finds his first bronze Wizard card!


    Check the menu for Folio Magi and look at the Wizard Cards you’ve collected thus far. Cast Flipendo twice on each of the two iron soldiers for more Beans. Follow Ron to the Castle.

    Jump down here


    First go right of the Dragon Statue and open a chest. Further on two doors are locked. Left of the Statue another door is locked.

    Follow Ron and turn around. Cast Flipendo twice on the Dragon's face and get more Beans. Don't enter the castle for now, but turn left and go down the stairs.

    Follow Ron but don’t enter the door yet. Turn left and go down the stairs. Open the chest and return, turn left. You’ll notice a Wizard Card which is not available yet. Turn left and cast Alohomora on a wall plate. Enter and grab all Beans. Open a chest for more Beans. Return and proceed to the other side of the Castle’s entrance and open another chest. Go to the entrance where Ron is waiting and enter the Castle.


    Inside Hogwarts

    The Gryffindor dormitory is just over here to the right, Remember? Says Ron.

    The central Hall and the grand staircase.


    Go left of the staircase and open a chest casting Alohomora. Walk up the stairs. You can’t reach the ledge between the two harnesses for now. There is a sign on the floor: a future Spell. Climb up the stairs. Cast Flipendo twice on each of the Harnesses and get all the Beans you can. Go and explore all the passages.

    Examine the map!


    There are entrances on both sides of the catwalk on the second floor. The entrance to the left (facing the harnesses) has a spot on the wall. Cast Alohomora and enter a secret room with a green acid on the floor. Avoid the acid an grab the Beans. If you touch the green acid, it will cost you some of your health! Proceed to the left passage and look for a mirror on the wall. Alomohora!

    A secret room behind the mirror


    Inside, turn right, find Beans and open a chest. Go out, turn right past the staircase and cast Flipendo thrice on a Statue for more Beans (it will start laughing!). Turn right, follow the stairs, and turn left. Cast flipendo on the other Statue and it will retreat. Step on the stone in front of it and a door will slide open.

    A secret Room behind the statue


    Enter a room with a chest and a pot which you can’t use for now. Open the chest and find the silver Wizard card # 13: Andros the Invincible. Ancient Greek. Alleged to have been the only known wizard to produce a Patronus the size of a giant. Go straight past the statue, turn left and follow Ron to the spiral staircase.

    Finally there’s the Portrait of the Pink Lady. Give her the password and let’s go to bed, says Harry. Hermione arrives: I heard the most incredible story about you two getting expelled over a flying car... the password is WATTLEBIRD. That will open the door!!

    The Lady portrait is actually a secret door to the Common Room


    Two fellows arrive and tell our friends they should hear about the bean trading system they’ve set up. It’s based on Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. If you have enough Beans you may occasionally trade them for a rare item!

    Once inside the Common Room, Harry is greeted by the cheers of his fellows Gryffindors. Harry and Ron became Gryffindor heroes due to their little accident with the Whomping Willow. Harry slept well that night and looked forward to his first day at Hogwarts.


    Next morning

    [1.4] Meet Hermione.

    It’s time for our Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson with Professor Lockhart


    Don’t follow Hermione yet all the way to the 3rd floor where the lesson will be given. In stead of that climb up the stairs in front of you. In the next passage you'll see a little fellow climbing up the stairs to the right. Standing in front of a closed door he is waving at you. Follow this little fellow through the opening door. You arrive in the hall with the many portraits.

    Walk to the stairs leading down at the right. Your class mates are calling you to come up. Don.t pay attention to that yet. Walk down the stairs. Downstairs some of the kids are offering you to trade BB Beans. Don't trade them yet because Harry doesn't have enough of them yet to trade.

    Walk towards the chest in the right corner of the room. Cast the Alomohora spell on the chest to get the bronze Wizard Card #51:Ethelred the Ever-Ready. Medieval, dates unknown. Famous for taking offense at nothing and cursing innocent bystanders. Died in gaol. Then walk to the left corner and use the Savebook... 

    Go to the Save Book

    So... let's

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.foto wedstrijd
    hallo, stuur eens een paar foto's door naar ik, wie weet word je wel de winnaar en dan komt je foto op de blog en op een paar andere sites, maar deze houd ik liever nog geheim

    veel succes

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.
    Hallo, de komende weken zal hier informatie komen over goochelen, en nog veel meer

    hier is er alvas eentje:

    Wacht hé, dus... de munt eerst over die vinger, ja, en dan naar den dienen, en naar de volgende... Lap maat, het wereldrecord “coinroll’s” breken ga ik nu niet direct doen denk ik, maar... een schonen nieuwe EscaDigital, dat kan ik wel maken!!! Allé, wijle weg...

    Zeker niet te vergeten, de plaatsen raken stilaan volzet!:

    ZATERDAG 5 NOVEMBER 2005 om 16.00u.
    Lezing van:

    COIN MAGIC op zijn best!

    Michael Rubinstein wordt erkend als één van de allerbeste goochelaars met munten van het moment. Een expert dus, die je in een twee uur durende lezing laat meegenieten van zijn kunnen. Wie zijn video reeks 'Encyclopedia of Coin Sleights' heeft gezien, weet dat dit een ontmoeting wordt om je duimen bij af te likken.

    Wie Rubinstein nog niet aan het werk zag, mag deze unieke kans niet laten liggen.
    Zijn magie is heel visueel en zijn lezing biedt materiaal voor zowel de debutant
    als de meer gevorderde muntgoochelaar. Hij koppelt het goochelen met munten aan
    het goochelen met tal van andere voorwerpen en verbaast je keer op keer
    met uitzonderlijke technieken.

    Wees er tijdig bij en reserveer vandaag nog je zitje!
    Toegangsprijs: 15 euro. Gelieve vooraf in te schrijven.
    We verzamelen in onze studio, waar enkele demonstrators je laten kennismaken
    met de laatste nieuwtjes uit onze info. De lezing zelf heeft plaats op wandelafstand
    van onze winkel.

    Zeker ook de moeite waard om even te bekijken is de nieuwe webstek van ons aller gekende Tom Bibo (De Magische 4). Trouwens, wat ik ook niet mag vergeten melden is dat we Tom vanaf nu elke zondag kunnen bekijken in een nieuw programma op VTM. Het programma heet “BOOH”.

    Ook daarvan kan je nu al de héél mooie website gaan bekijken! Nu zondag, kunnen we trouwens nog een andere goochelaar in het programma zien, namelijk Mario Fernández.

    Vorige keer kon u lezen dat Gili één van die gasten is die niet kunnen stilzitten en dat er binnenkort zijn premiere aankomt van zijn nieuwe show. Ik geef nog even de speeldata tot hiertoe:
    9 december (première), 16, 17, 21 en 22 december 2005 In De Rode Zaal v/h Fakkeltheater in Antwerpen. (tickets op 03/2321469)
    25 februari 2006 in "De Zwerver" te Leffinge
    21 april 2006 in “De Vieze Gasten" te Gent

    Maar... ik was eigenlijk nog iets vergeten toevoegen en dat wil ik bij deze even rechtzetten, de prijs voor een ticket is €15.

    MAAR... (jawel met hoofdletters...) wie naar “De Fakkel” belt om een kaart te reserveren en het toverwoord “ESCAMOTEUR” opgeeft, krijgt maar liefst € 2 korting op zijn kaart!!!

    Gili, thx voor deze blijk van collegialiteit!!! Mij mag je zeker verwachten!!! Trouwens, Gili, ook nog het beste gewenst met je plaats in de HUMO’S COMEDY CUP FINALE!!!

    Allé, ‘t was eerder een korte dan een lange deze keer. Halloween is nog maar net voorbij en we kunnen ons weeral klaar maken voor De Sint en De Kerstman. Hopelijk gaan ze dit jaar niet met elkaar op de vuist. Nog even en we halen er de paashaas ook weer bij ;-)

    Magische groeten,

    Mister MoLoToV

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