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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandeliiks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What is behind the decline in UFO sightings?

    What is behind the decline in UFO sightings?

    In an age of wild claims churned out by politicians, media and advertisers, perhaps people don’t care as much any more.

    This month, the two major online sites for reporting UFOs – the National UFO Reporting Center and the Mutual UFO Network – both documented steep drops in worldwide sightings. The declines started around 2014, when reports were at a peak. They have since reduced drastically to 55% of that year’s combined total, many UFO interest groups have folded, and numerous previously classified government documents have been disclosed.

    Do these declines reveal that UFO interest is becoming a blip on the human cultural radar? Perhaps UFO and alien lore is seeming more like a reflection of human culture, tied to the space age, motivated by conquering new existential frontiers.

    It might not be a coincidence that the term UFO (unidentified flying object) and some of the phenomena that surrounds it – abductions and impossible technologies – are relatively recent. Before the 1940s, reports of sightings of objects in the sky were extremely rare. Centuries of recorded history give no clear indication of any such activity. Then, at the predawn of the space-age, around the time of the Roswell conspiracy, UFO culture was born, giving rise to everything from Space Invaders to The X-Files.

    Possible answers as to why sightings are decreasing are varied. A key factor, however, may be that more people simply don’t care any more. As we are accustomed to being inundated with wild claims churned out by politicians, media and advertisers, the next report of a UFO is no more believed than the long-range weather forecast.

    Before home video, photographs were the staple of UFO evidence. Video evidence, during the height of the 1990s UFO mania, was regarded by many as even more substantial. Amateur footage of glowing objects in the sky, as mysterious as they seemed real, made the cut for appearing on television – they were meant to be taken seriously and they fed an audience hungry for amazement, helped by a healthy dose of conspiracy theorising.
    According to the cultural historian Stuart Walton, “Belief in UFOs is definitely in a state of decline, along with much else that could be classed as paranormal. Part of the reason is that the technology for providing documentary evidence of such matters is now widely available to everybody with a smartphone, and such purported evidence as there is on YouTube looks extremely threadbare.”

    He adds: “It isn’t so much that belief can exist without proof; it’s that it must emphatically avoid proof to remain belief. We are in the process, paradoxically, of proving a negative hypothesis with UFOs: there never was any such thing.”
    Indeed, indisputable evidence of intelligent life coming to Earth could be the greatest news of all time. Yet, after thousands of anecdotal, photo, and video reports have accrued over decades, what are we to conclude? With the greatest balance of scepticism and “wanting to believe”, all that can confidently be asserted is that some objects, appearing in the sky on film or video, seem unidentifiable.

    Furthermore, government disclosure of its own video footage isn’t helping to maintain belief. Joseph Baker, sociology professor at Tennessee State University, says: “It’s actually better for UFOs when ufologists can claim that ‘the powers that be know everything and are hiding it from us’ rather than seeing that the government appears to have basically the same info about UFOs as the public: namely grainy, inconclusive visual evidence.”
    Perhaps though, the declines in reported sightings may signify only an end to current trends in ufology. After all, from the 1940s aliens were originally characterised as saviours who could help humans transcend the cold-war paranoia of nuclear annihilation; especially marked at the time, after two world wars. But after events like Watergate and the Vietnam war fuelled distrust in government, UFOs came to be viewed more as a possible threat, and some came to believe their existence was verified in secret military documents.

    Sharon Hill, a researcher on the paranormal and pseudoscience, says: “The ideas about UFOs and aliens continue to evolve as we project our social and cultural ideas on them. Since we have no single easy explanation for all these claims regarding the decline in sightings, the future vision of ufology seems rather open-ended. I don’t think it’s dead, just changing.”
    Sharon Hill, a researcher on the paranormal and pseudoscience, says: “The ideas about UFOs and aliens continue to evolve as we project our social and cultural ideas on them. Since we have no single easy explanation for all these claims regarding the decline in sightings, the future vision of ufology seems rather open-ended. I don’t think it’s dead, just changing.”

    Attribution:The Guardian

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Lake Movil UFO Incident

    The Lake Movil UFO Incident

     Written by Marcus Lowth  Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes

    An incident at a secluded cabin near the waters of Lake Movil, Minnesota in the summer of 1962 would prove to be only one of several similar sightings in and around the North Star State in the early-to-mid-1960s. And what’s more, many of them would have multiple witnesses, with one even managing to secure a photograph, of which, incidentally, there is no evidence of tampering or manipulation.

    Lake Movil UFO

    Indeed, as we have touched on before, perhaps the many lakes and rivers of the region, including such ancient and mysterious bodies of water as Lake Superior and the Mississippi River, is what attracts these apparently cosmic visitors. As we will look at shortly, at least one of the sightings we will examine appears to show evidence of some kind of “water retrieval” mission. Much like the case of Charles Brew in Australia which, incidentally or not, also occurred within the same time frame as the cases we are about to look at.

    A Glowing Red Object Over The Boat Dock

    Marilyn Chenarides and Mildred Anderson were enjoying a family vacation at a secluded cabin on Lake Movil in Minnesota from their native state of North Dakota during August 1962. It was a vacation, however, that would be like no other.

    On this particular evening, with several members of the family having left the cabin for a night out, the two women, along with Mildred’s two young children, Marilyn and Roger, were the only ones there. Roger, the younger of the two, was asleep in bed, while Marilyn sat in front of her mother as she brushed her hair. It was as she was doing so, that Mildred suddenly noticed a red glowing object outside of the property.

    Placing the brush down, Mildred and the adult Marilyn walked over to the window to see what the strange light was. In front of the cabin, around fifty feet away at the end of the boat dock was a saucer-shaped craft. It had a raised dome on the top and was glowing red, calmly hovering at the water’s edge. Its red glow made the water appear a “greenish-black” while the green dock morphed to a strange brown color under the otherworldly light. They would estimate the object to be around 35-feet wide and around ten-feet at its highest point.

    As the two women stared in mild disbelief they could make out three yellow glows on the side of the object. They quickly realized that these were windows. And what’s more, behind two of them, were the silhouettes of three humanoid figures.

    Humanoid Figures “Watching Them!

    Both women remained at the window staring at the three figures. They would each state later that they felt strongly that the figures were “watching them”. After several minutes, Mildred would switch off all the lights in the cabin. Perhaps in response, the lights of the objects also went out.

    It was then that Mildred, without warning, opened the door and ran in the direction of the dock and the hovering object. Her daughter, immediately hysterical, screamed at her mother to come back. Mildred continued towards the now dark, black object, still hovering over the edge of the lake. However, as she got to within a few feet of it, the craft began to rise into the air before disappearing into the night sky. Given that the object remained hovering for several minutes with its lights extinguished, the two women would later speculate how long it might have actually been there before they first noticed it.

    Perhaps as an extra twist to the incident, Marilyn Chenarides, would go on to declare an equally strange event. One that had occurred only three weeks prior to the incident over Lake Movil as they made their way to begin their vacation. They were traveling in their car with her parents, her brothers, and the family dog, Zipper. Suddenly, the dog began to growl anxiously. As the passengers wondered what he might be responding to, Marilyn’s father, Kenneth Anderson, noticed a “large, green luminous object” in the sky, seemingly heading in their direction.

    As the object passed, all could see the “yellowish-green” oval-shaped craft, which appeared to have a “haze or fog” around it. All in the car saw it, although all would simply put the encounter out of their minds. Both incidents remain unexplained.

    Minnesota Boat Dock UFO

    Two Sightings Of An “Oval-Like” Craft, October 1961

    Much like the other forty-nine states of America, Minnesota has its own abundance of strange incidents and UFO reports. On 14thOctober 1961, for example, at Lake Superior at Two Harbors, Erwin Riley would report that a strange object suddenly appeared from overhead before “skidding on the water” and “bobbing around on the surface”. She would quickly alert her neighbor, Jack Ray, who along with his binoculars, came to Riley’s location. Although he could see the strange object, he couldn’t identify it.

    By the time the Lake County sheriff arrived darkness was beginning to take over, and like Ray, he couldn’t make out just what it was on the water’s surface. He would notify the Air Force and Coast Guard, suspecting the mysterious object to be the result of a training exorcize that had been dropped by a participating aircraft. However, according to Riley, when both the sheriff and her neighbor had left, the strange object rose from the water and moved off in a southeasterly direction.

    Incidentally, less than twenty-four hours later, in the state of Wisconsin, Mrs. Vanicky, while driving with her sister at around 5:30 pm on the 15th October, would spot an “oval-shaped object” flying above them. They at first thought it was a jet but soon realized not only didn’t it have any wings, but it was moving much too slowly. No lights were visible, and the object was a “sort of brownish color”. Furthermore, at the end of the aerial craft was a stream of flames. This would result in a remaining white streak across the sky. The pair would watch the object for around twenty minutes. Then, it finally disappeared into the increasing darkness of the early evening sky.

    The Barnesville Crater Landing Incident

    At a little after 8 am on 5th May 1964, farmer, Alfred Ernst was driving his truck towards the grain drill on his farmland in Barnesville, Minnesota. He would begin to load it with the drill in anticipation of the wheat-seeding he had ahead of him that morning. As he was doing so, however, he suddenly noticed a strange, glowing oval object on the ground around 1,500 feet ahead of him.

    In his report to UFO investigators, he would estimate the object to be around four feet in height and length. He would describe it as “like the tub of a washing machine (only) round-bottomed”. He would also state how it had an extremely bright glow to it that was “hard to look at”. As he stood watching the bizarre sight, the craft suddenly moved into action. It would rise high above him and disappear into the clouds overhead. Ernst would state, from the UFO resting on the ground to it vanishing took no more than five seconds. For reasons he couldn’t explain, he had a “rather uncomfortable” feeling upon the object vanishing from his sight.

    Perhaps because of this uncomfortable feeling, Ernst would drive to his brother, Leo’s farm. He would ask him to return with him to the site of the apparent landing. He did, and the two men arrived back shortly after. Each was amazed upon walking to the location of the strange craft to see a “crater-like-depression”, approximately three feet across. Furthermore, in the middle of the depression was a hole, around four inches in length. Around this middle hole, four smaller holes formed a square. Each man noticed that the ground here was “unusually dry”. As we have examined before, perhaps the landing was a “water retrieval” mission.

    Minnesota Crater UFO

    Ball Lightning Is An “Unreasonable” Explanation!

    When a strange white substance on the soil was later examined, it was discovered it contained substantial amounts of alkaline. Obviously, being aware of the chemical make-up of his land, Ernst knew that this should not have been the case. The soil had never previously contained alkaline. It would appear that whatever the purpose was for this strange incident, it had resulted in a drastic change to the composition of his land.

    An out of state television state, WDAY-TV from Fargo in North Dakota would send their own investigator to examine and photograph the scene. The conclusions would be, according to the WDAY-TV, that the incident was nothing more than ball lightning. This explanation was rejected by Ernst, as well as by UFO investigator, Dr. James MacDonald, who would call the response “unreasonable”. He would point to the fact of no known recorded incidents in the area going back over a century. Furthermore, the weather conditions simply didn’t fit with such an explanation.

    There was also no sound whatsoever. Had ball lightning have been responsible, an “explosion” sound would have been more than audible. And it would have left more of a destructive crater. Certainly not one with precise measures and a square surrounding formation. Furthermore, and perhaps most glaringly, ball lightning does not at all explain for the appearance of, and the “ascent of the luminous mass” – the UFO itself.

    The 1965 Sibley UFO Photograph

    On the evening of 21st October 1965, at a little after 6 pm, Sibley County Deputy Sheriff Arthur Strauch was driving home from a hunting trip. Four other passengers also shared the car. Strauch’s wife, Katherine, his 16-year-old son, Martin, as well his friend, Donald Grew and his wife, Retha.

    As they drove near to St. George, a strange, orange-glowing saucer-shaped craft appeared in the darkened skies above them. All of the passengers, as well as Strauch witnessed the object, now seemingly hovering in front. They continued to watch it for around ten minutes before finally bringing the vehicle to a stop. Reaching for his camera, Strauch exited the car and quickly snapped a picture of the strange craft. As he did so, it began to move before stopping once again for several seconds. You can view that picture below.

    As it hovered, the glow would change back-and-forth several times from an orange glow to a bright white light. Following this, it moved once again, this time with a quickening pace. So fast, in fact, that it vanished within seconds. As it did so, however, a “high-pitched whine” was distinctly audible for several seconds.

    Strauch would later state, “I have no idea what it was. All I can report is that it was different from anything I have ever seen in the sky”. He would elaborate of his certainty the object “was a machine driven by some inner power”. And furthermore, when he viewed the object through his binoculars, as his photograph would prove, the outline was “that of a flying saucer”.

    Minnesota UFO Schraud

    “It Just Disappeared Into Space

    Strauch would demonstrate his point further of how advanced and otherworldly the craft was. He would describe that when the object vanished, he didn’t believe the light “went out”. Rather “it had such tremendous speed that it just disappeared into space”.

    Strauch would describe the object as having a “metallic silver-gray” dome on the top part. This “reflected the rays of the setting sun”. Because of this, at least in part, the object had the appearance at times of a “large orange ball”. He also viewed four portholes around the upper dome. In each, a “bright yellow light” shined. He further noticed a blue glow below the portholes that he believed was a “reflection of some inner light”. The outer surface of the craft was rotating counterclockwise “causing it to throw off an aurora or halo of light”. This rotation, Strauch believed, is what caused the light to change from orange to yellow as it hovered.

    All of the witnesses appear credible and reliable, with no suspicion of elaboration or of outright manufacturing the incident. Nor is there any evidence to suggest any kind of trickery with the photograph Strauch managed to take.

    The short video below makes for interesting and nostalgic listening. A UFO report from Minnesota radio in 1965. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.LES PRÉSENTATEURS SONT ABASOURDIS DE VOIR UN OVNI À GRANDE VITESSE LORS D'UN PROGRAMME D'INFORMATIONS ARGENTIN.


    L'une des questions les plus débattues dans notre société est de savoir s'il y a de la vie sur d'autres planètes. Et est-ce une série d'observations inexpliquées d'OVNIS qui ont conduit beaucoup à croire que des extraterrestres ont toujours existé parmi nous. Cependant, les sceptiques tentent continuellement d'expliquer ces phénomènes, tandis que les témoins ne peuvent être plus certains de ce qu'ils ont vu.

    La vérité est que, lorsque les observations ne sont observées que par une seule personne, elles sont généralement discréditées. Quand il y a plusieurs témoins, alors les choses changent. Et lorsque des milliers, voire des millions de personnes sont témoins de l'impossible et que l'on voit également à la télévision en direct, la controverse commence. L'une de ces observations controversées a eu lieu le 20 janvier 2013, lorsque la chaîne de télévision américaine Fox News lors de la retransmission en direct du Washington Monument, est sortie de nulle part d'un objet mystère illuminé. Il y a ceux qui ont dit qu'il s'agissait d'un hélicoptère, car il s'est déroulé la nuit précédant la deuxième investiture du président Obama. Cependant, il n'avait pas la forme d'un hélicoptère, donc pour certains, c'était la preuve qu'un OVNI apparaissait à travers un portail dimensionnel sur la capitale américaine.

    Et encore une fois, un objet mystérieux est apparu lors de la diffusion en direct du journal. Cette fois en Argentine.

    OVNI à Buenos Aires.

    Ils viennent de publier une curieuse vidéo montrant un objet volant non identifier (OVNI) apparaissant au cours d'un programme d'informations argentin. Dans la vidéo, vous pouvez voir les présentateurs de la chaîne d'information 5 News parler du smog qu'il y a à propos de Buenos Aires. Mais à un moment donné, la présentatrice de l'époque, Mariela Fernández, signale la présence d'un étrange objet métallique dans les cieux.

    "Un OVNI, un objet volant non identifier ", s'exclame Mariela. "Qu'est-ce que c'est, qu'est-ce que c'est ? Parce que ce n'est pas un avion… et que ça va très vite. "

    À partir de ce moment, le présentateur Diego Angeli essaie de trouver une explication logique et rationnelle à l'observation, expliquant même qu'un OVNI n'est pas synonyme d'un engin extraterrestre. Mais après quelques secondes, Angeli a complètement changé son discours et a reconnu que pour lui, sans aucun doute, il s'agissait d'un vaisseau extraterrestre.

    En outre, il offre une explication détaillée de la raison pour laquelle il s'agissait d'un objet provenant d'autres mondes, comme s'il s'agissait d'un expert du domaine. Le présentateur argentin a expliqué que la propriété de l'embarcation extraterrestre est l'accélération, le fait de ne pas avoir de force peut accélérer à grande vitesse sans changement d'inertie, en plus de pouvoir se téléporter entre différentes dimensions.

    "Pour moi, c'était un vaisseau spatial extraterrestre", dit Angeli. "Evidemment, oui."

    La vidéo de l'OVNI au cours du programme informatif est rapidement devenue un phénomène viral et pour beaucoup de gens, il était clair que la vie extraterrestre était une réalité. Certains théoriciens du complot ont même prétendu que les gouvernements du monde entier et des agences spatiales telles que la NASA cachaient des secrets liés à la vie extraterrestre, afin que la population ne provoque pas le chaos parmi la population. Bien que le câble aussi la possibilité que c'est un avion secret.

    Il y avait aussi ceux qui ont comparé cette observation à celle qui s'est produite lors de la retransmission en direct des informations de la chaîne de télévision américaine KOIN cette année, lorsque deux mystérieuses boules de lumière sont apparues dans le ciel derrière les présentateurs de nouvelles, pour disparaître ensuite dans une Direction différente à travers le ciel nocturne. Mais pour les sceptiques, l'OVNI de l'actualité argentine est simplement une sorte de ballon qui, en raison de la force du vent, se déplace à grande vitesse.

    Selon vous, quel est l'objet mystérieux de Buenos Aires ?

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The mystery of Changing UFOs: The prize is hiding in the details

    The mystery of Changing UFOs: The prize is hiding in the details

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.According To Steven Greer, Trump’s Administration Has Been Briefed About UFOs

    According To Steven Greer, Trump’s Administration Has Been Briefed About UFOs

    What do presidents know about UFOs? Well, if you’re an avid researcher of the topic, you’ve probably realized by now that presidents don’t really have a “need to know” about these things. 

    by Arjun Walia

    The “military-industrial complex” that Eisenhower spoke of, which has become as uncontrollably powerful as he feared, has completely taken over operations that not even the president knows about. Many from within political realms who’ve held esteemed positions have spoken out about this fact.

    Take Paul Hellyer for example, a former Canadian Defense Minister, who gave a lecture at the University of Toronto in 2008 where he said it is “ironic that the U.S. would begin a devastating war, allegedly in search of weapons of mass destruction when the most worrisome developments in this field are occurring in your own backyard.”

    He was referring to black budget special access programs, which receive no oversight from Congress. This means that not even the government knows about the developments happening in this area, all for “national security” purposes.

    “It is ironic that the U.S. should be fighting monstrously expensive wars allegedly to bring democracy to those countries, when it itself can no longer claim to be called a democracy when trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on projects which both congress and the commander in chief know nothing about.”

    To The Stars Academy

    It’s almost 2019, and the topic of UFOs has exploded into the mainstream, especially with former rock superstar Tom Delonge gathering defense intelligence officials, world-renowned scientists and more to relay this information to the public via the ‘To The Stars Academy.’ They’ve already released multiple videos of UFOs, and have publicly stated that there are programs within the government that study this phenomenon.

    They have Luis Elizondo, a former director of a government ‘aerospace threat identification’ program. This was all disclosed via establishment mouthpieces like the New York Times and the Washington Post. 

    They’ve also admitted to recovering materials from these ‘unidentified’ objects. You can read the latest updates about what’s going on with that and mainstream UFO disclosure, in general, below.

    Black Budget Projects

    The black budget is something we easily get information about, and for those who try to bring out information it is difficult to investigate. One example is the efforts of journalists Dana Priest and William Arkin of the Washington Post in 2010. 

    Their investigation lasted approximately two years and concluded that America’s classified world has “become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, and how many programs exist within it or exactly how many agencies do the same work.” You can read more about that HERE.

    Here is one of many statements from people who have been “in the know” so to speak. There are thousands of verified quotes on this subject, and we now have the electro-optical data and evidence to back up all of this witness testimony.

    “We have, indeed, been contacted – perhaps even visited – by extraterrestrial beings, and the US government, in collusion with the other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public.” (Second Look, Volume 1, No 7, Washington, DC, May, 1979)

    What are the intentions of the cabal when it comes to UFO disclosure? We’ve been lied to about so many things by them, that it’s become hard to believe anything we hear from mainstream mouthpieces. 

    Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama, who I believe are establishment puppets, have brought up the subject, acknowledged it, but have refused to share any information on it. They did so in cryptic, often comedic ways on popular television, on the Jimmy Kimmel show. It’s hard to know what to make of their comments, or even their overall knowledge about this.

    Former Russian President & Current PM: Aliens Are Real and Vising Earth

    So What About Trump?

    Has Donald Trump been briefed? Yes he has, according to Dr. Steven Greer.

    Greer is the founder of The Disclosure Project, an initiative that has brought forth hundreds of military/ defense/ political personnel from all over the world, with verified credentials, to publicly share their testimony about their experiences with UFOs and extraterrestrials. He also released a film last year, called “Unacknowledged.” 

    It was one of the most popular, if not the most popular film on Itunes & Netflix in 2017. It’s highly recommended if you are new to this subject and don’t already know much about it.

    Greer has amassed great credibility for his claims. For example, many years ago he claimed to have had meetings at the Pentagon with some very high-ranking people. 

    After this, Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell admitted that he also attended these meetings with Greer. What came out of these meetings is that not many people knew the details of this topic, nor wanted to discuss it. 

    Wikileaks documents have also been released which saw astronaut Edgar Mitchell communicate with US politician John Podesta.

    He’s been able to develop relationships with individuals he has interviewed from various branches and ranks of the military as well as within the intelligence and defence communities.

    In my opinion, Podesta, Clinton, Obama and Bush are all cabal puppets. Therefore, anything they say about terrorism, national security, or UFOs, is probably lathered up with some ‘disinformation’ soap. 

    Without this point, if we completely disregard it, there is still more than enough evidence to show that they are simply following the will of their masters. But that’s a topic for another article, back to UFOs!

    Greer says he has briefed people close to Trump about the UFO / extraterrestrial issue in this interview. He has also claimed to have briefed past presidents, like Obama and Clinton, and provides those documents on his website, Sirius Disclosure. It seems credible, especially when his claim to have had high-level meetings within the Pentagon was verified by Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

    White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has so far not answered any questions that have been asked about UFOs.

    Official Transcript: This is How the CIA Informed President Reagan About UFO’s

    Will There Ever Be A Full Mainstream UFO Disclosure?

    Given the fact that this topic seems to be controlled by a small group of very powerful people who gets to decide what humanity can and can’t know, I’d say that as long as this group maintains power, the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings will be hidden from humanity in official channels. A censorship plan has also been spoken about for years by those within. 

    Roscoe Hiellenkoetter, the first director of the CIA, for example, pointed out decades ago in the New York Times that, “through an official campaign of secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.” He went on to state that they are operating under intelligent control.

    That being said, there is a serious effort by multiple nations, and perhaps those within this power structure as well, to reveal these truths to humanity. This is evident by all of the whistle-blowers with verified credentials who have shared their experiences, as well as the release of evidence in the form of radar trackings and electro-optical data

    There is a serious push for mainstream disclosure, this can’t be denied and is quite evident by the article linked earlier. Establishment mouthpieces are slowly disclosing this reality.

    In 1979 Spanish General Carlos Cavero told the world the following:

    “Everything in a process of investigation both in the United States and in Spain, as well as the rest of the world. The nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon an international exchange of data.” (via Richard Dolan, “UFOs & The National Security State”)

    Why Any Disclosure At All?

    Why would the New York Times, CNN and the rest of them share any of this truth? Can we believe what they say?

    Perhaps not everything they say is false, but for years we’ve seen major geopolitical issues completely twisted by the mainstream media, and evidence of ‘perception manipulation’ that is fostered by their close relationship with US intelligence agencies

    There is also the testimony of multiple award-winning mainstream media journalists who emphasize how mainstream media outlets are paid by governments, corporations and intelligence agencies to present a specific narrative.

    Is the establishment trying to lay the foundation for a ‘war against aliens’ like they made a ‘war against drugs’ and a ‘war terror?’ Or are we seeing the white hats within these groups push for the disclosure of information? 

    All this remains to be seen, but we must understand why this topic would be extremely difficult to disclose and to be honest, it’s probably a mix of both.

    For one, you have the energy question. These crafts are clearly not using petroleum. Have we harvested technology from these crafts? If released, what would that mean for the oil industry and our economy? Who would benefit, who would lose? 

    What about the historical questions, the scientific questions? What about our laws of science and what we understand about ourselves and perhaps human origin? What about the idea that there are intelligent extraterrestrials surveying, visiting, and interacting with people here on Earth!

    Tremendous Implications

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the disclosure of this information leaves no area of humanity untouched. 

    As you can imagine, it has tremendous implications and it’s something that would change the world forever. I am sure the existence of extraterrestrials and the fact that we’ve been visited and are being visited, is not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discovery.

    Most important will be the impact on consciousness, the deeper investigation into metaphysical realities, and the validation of non-material science. One can expect that disclosure will impact our understanding of who we are and why we are here, and perhaps there is some sort of spiritual lesson to be reaped from the realization that we are not the only ones. 

    Whether We Can Handle the Truth or Not, Humanity NEEDS Full Disclosure

    The Takeaway

    Humanity is just now waking up, and ready to take the steps necessary to move out of infancy. Understand “them” will help us to understand ourselves. We are all connected in some strange form, and the future is exciting. 

    It’s a topic that, most importantly, we DON’T have to be afraid of or react to with fear, despite the fact that that this type of reaction seems to have been programmed into us. We need to deprogram ourselvesfrom what Hollywood has presented us with, and start to examine the actual evidence and what’s really going on here.

    I don’t believe you have to be afraid to discuss or talk about this topic with your peers and your family anymore. It’s no longer taboo, and the more we speak up, speak out, and generate discussion, the closer we get to finding out what’s really going on. It’s definitely an exciting time to be alive. 

    Thanks to: }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Fleet Of UFOs Filmed Accompanying Larger Craft Above Southern Holland

    Fleet Of UFOs Filmed Accompanying Larger Craft Above Southern Holland

    This is one of those video where you just wished there was more but this what we have. In this video we can see multiple dark objects seemingly escorting one larger craft leaving the witness stunned..... }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFOs and Mysterious Beach Findings Being Blamed on SpaceX

    UFOs and Mysterious Beach Findings Being Blamed on SpaceX

    If there’s something strange in (or over) your neighborhood … who ya gonna call? If it looks like a UFO or a part from one, don’t call 9-1-1 or MUFON – call SpaceX. Numerous recent reports of mysterious lights in the sky and weird objects washing up on beaches are being positively identified as either SpaceX launches or SpaceX pieces. Hello, Elon? Yes, I’ll hold.

    They‘re happening so often that the mystery should have worn off, but it seems people, especially Californians, are still being fooled by bright lights with colorful and ever-expanding trails. Two such “UFO” sightings that received a lot of attention occurred in October and December of 2017 in the sky over Los Angeles and southern California. Both were quickly identified as SpaceX launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base north of LA. For non-believers (and there seemed to be plenty of them), experts were accessed by SpaceX and the media to explain rocket contrails and the “twilight phenomena.”

    The trailing plumes (a great name for a band) or condensation trails are caused by exhaust made up of water vapor, smoke and miscellaneous particles of burnt rocket fuel. The water vapor freezes at the tropopause boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere and the ice crystals and minute particles give the contrail its visibility. The bright colors come courtesy of the setting sun (in California) or the rising sun on Florida launches. Because of the altitude of the rocket, the sun can be below the horizon and still illuminate the trail.

    What about the bright lights that make it look like a UFO mothership sending off landing parties? That’s SpaceX successfully landing the first stage of the rockets. Here’s the real question – is SpaceX launching at twilight just to mess with us? Hello, Elon? Yes, I’ll hold.

    Some of those first stages are landing but others are not, which means they’re ending up, along with the second stages and miscellaneous other parts, in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. With Falcon 9 rockets being launched 63 times over the past 8 years, that’s a lot of space litter. Which brings us to North Carolina and other east coastal states where people are mistaking giant pieces of unidentifiable metal found on beaches for parts of alien spaceships. The latest was discovered this past Tuesday along the Outer Banks in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The object measured 10 feet by 6 feet and was heavy enough to require a front-end loader to remove it. SpaceX quickly claimed it as its own and probably took it to where it put another rocket piece from the nosecone found in October. What about that giant foam object that washed up on a South Carolina beach in October? SpaceX was mum on that one and its source appears to still be a mystery.

    As movies like First Man remind us, rocket launches were once big events announced loudly by NASA and covered extensively by the media. While a non-military government agency may have an obligation to notify the public of launches certainly has an obligation to clean up its mess, does a private launch company? The answer should be “yes,” especially if the owners want us to buy their electric cars or order stuff from their online store. (Hello, Jeff? Yes, I’ll hold.)

    So, it’s fun but unfair to  just blame SpaceX. With these launches being mistaken for UFOs and even causing small “panics”; with space junk washing up on beaches and causing similar concerns; and the recent abort of a manned launch, perhaps it’s time to go back to treating these launches as a big deal and alerting the public beforehand.

    Hello, somebody? Yes, I’ll hold. Could you play another song by The Trailing Plumes? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFOs: Why You Don’t Need to “Believe”

    UFOs: Why You Don’t Need to “Believe”

    Flying saucers have been part of our cultural landscape for over 70 years. For most of this time, they have teetered precariously on the fringes of acceptable debate, widely considered to be the stuff of fantasy and paranoia.

    But it may be that attitudes are gradually beginning to shift. In December 2017, the US government broke its decades of silence on the UFO issue through its proxy acknowledgement of a Pentagon UFO project called the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP). The conclusions of the project, which ran from 2008 to 2012 at a cost of $22 million (and which continues quietly to this day), were that “aircraft” of apparently unearthly origin are routinely penetrating America’s airspace.

    These aircraft, according the former head of the Pentagon project, Louis Elizondo, exhibit flight characteristics that defy the laws of our known physics. They do not belong to the United States of America, nor, apparently, to any other nation on Earth. Moreover, it also emerged that the Pentagon has recovered metal alloys from UFOs which are currently being stored and studied under lock and key by billionaire defense contractor Robert Bigelow.

    Since then, a number of videos have surfaced of UFOs being tracked and pursued by military aircraft in cases investigated by the Pentagon’s AATIP program. The military officers involved in these cases were later interviewed on primetime news shows and treated by their hosts on Fox, CNN and others with the utmost respect. Could it be that the corporate media are fast recognising as legitimate a subject that for so long has served as little more than tabloid fodder? If so, we must ask ourselves a question: is it still considered kooky to believe in UFOs?

    As someone who has carved himself a semi-career in the weird world of “UFOlogy,” I would of course argue that it has neverreally been kooky to believe in UFOs. Indeed, I would argue that “belief” in UFOs has never really been required. Unidentified Flying Objects, whatever they truly represent, exist. This much is clear. They are real, and governments around the world have known this for many decades.

    UFOs and national security around the world

    The US government’s interest in UFOs dates back to the summer of 1947 when America’s national security apparatus was besieged by hundreds of reports from concerned citizens and military personnel of what appeared to be metallic disc-shaped objects traversing the nation’s skies, sometimes in formation and often at impossible speeds. On 24 June 1947, a private aviator and businessman, Kenneth Arnold, reported seeing a chain of nine unusual objects over the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. He described the objects’ movement as being “like a saucer if you skip it across the water,” inspiring the press to dub the mystery objects “flying saucers.” Many hundreds of saucer sightings were reported worldwide in the months to follow.

    In 1948 the US Air Force produced its top secret and highly controversial “Estimate of the Situation,” an official report concluding flying saucers to be “interplanetary” in origin. Other factions within the Air Force, however, favoured the more palatable idea that the saucers were the product of technological innovations in the Soviet Union. Either way, secrecy regarding the issue was of paramount importance as the question of whether the objects were physically real had already been affirmatively answered in the minds of America’s military leaders. In a once secret letter to Air Force Headquarters dated 23 September 1947, General Nathan Twining, head of Air Materiel Command (AMC), stated that flying saucers were “real and not visionary or fictitious,” that they had “metallic or light reflecting surface[s],” were “circular or elliptical in shape, flat on bottom and domed on top,” and were sometimes sighted in “well-kept formation flights varying from three to nine objects.” In a previously top secret Canadian government document dating from 1950, Wilbert Smith, head of the Canadian government’s UFO research project, noted of UFOs that “The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States government, rating higher even than the H-bomb.”

    Today, numerous governments worldwide maintain dedicated and costly UFO study projects, collating and often investigating what collectively amount to thousands of UFO sighting reports made annually to authorities. In South America alone, the governments of Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, and Brazil, either operate UFO investigations units or actively collect UFO sighting reports through their militaries. Other governments, including those of France, New ZealandDenmarkCanada, and Russia, have, in recent years, released to the public thousands of pages of previously classified UFO files.

    The UK government has engaged with its citizenry through a process which has seen the release of thousands of previously classified UFO files through the National Archives. According to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), UFOs (or UAPs—Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) “certainly exist,” but are “still barely understood.” In a formerly secret 400-page assessment of the UFO phenomenon released in 2006 under the Freedom of Information Act, the UK Defence Intelligence Staff acknowledged that:

    “The phenomena occur on a daily, world-wide basis. That UAP exist is indisputable. Credited with the ability to hover, land, take-off, accelerate to exceptional velocities, and vanish, they can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamic characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile—either manned or unmanned.”

    The report also notes that “attempts by other nations to intercept the unexplained objects, which can clearly change position faster than an aircraft, have reportedly already caused fatalities,” and warns that, with the increasing density of UAP reports in the UK air defence region, “a small possibility may exist… of a head-on encounter with a UAP.”

    There appears, then, to be a broad consensus among the governments cited above: UFOs are objectively real, albeit currently not fully understood by science. They are worthy, at best, of focused study, and, at the very least, of sustained monitoring in the interests of aviation safety and national security.

    It seems that UFOs, regardless of their precise nature and origin, are objectively real. Moreover, it would seem that at least some UFOs are the product of non-terrestrial intelligences and that various governments, or military and intelligence groups within them, are well aware of this fact. Let us address this preceding sentence in two parts. First, why should we indulge the notion that some UFOs may be otherworldly in nature?

    We are not alone

    In 2015, NASA Chief Scientist, Ellen Stofan, announced her conviction that signs of primitive alien life will be discovered within just ten years from now. “We know where to look. We know how to look,” she said while speaking at a panel discussion broadcast on Nasa TV. “In most cases we have the technology and we’re on a path to implementing it. And so I think we’re definitely on the road.”

    Stofan was discussing the discovery of rudimentary alien lifeforms. However, renowned theoretical physicist Professor Mickio Kaku has gone considerably further with his suggestion that alien life may already be visiting us and that some UFOs could indeed be extraterrestrial spacecraft. According to Kaku, considering the age of the universe (13.82 billion years), many, if not most extraterrestrial civilizations will be technologically thousands or even millions of years more advanced than our own (ours is so young it barely registers on the cosmic timeline). If such civilizations exist, certain physicists, including Kaku, consider it likely that they will have developed hyperspatial technologies that enable their spacecraft to circumvent the light speed barrier, thereby opening the gates for interstellar travel.

    The popular assumption in the UFO community is that true UFOs are extraterrestrial vehicles—an assumption undoubtedly reinforced by Hollywood, which prefers a simplistic approach. However, while the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) is appealing on many levels, some have argued that it fails to account for all aspects of UFO phenomena as reported by witnesses. Certainly, it has been my own experience that the closer one looks at UFOs, the harder it becomes to reconcile the phenomenon solely with visits from outer space. Indeed, in a puzzling amount of cases, the phenomenon seems to tailor its manifestations to the expectations of the individual perceiver based on spiritual or ideological values. Extraterrestrial intelligences may play some role in all of this, but it would be a mistake to consider ETs as a definitive solution to the UFO riddle.

    Still, the ETH has considerable merit on the face of it. Extraterrestrial life in primitive forms almost certainly exists. If it exists, then the laws of evolution dictate that extraterrestrial intelligences far in advance of our own probably exist. As has been stated very recently by military personnel linked to the Pentagon’s UFO study program, structured craft exhibiting performance characteristics well beyond Earth’s most advanced technologies definitely exist, and have been quietly studied for years. It therefore seems not unreasonable to suggest that at least some UFOs may be of non-human origin, despite historical assertions to the contrary.

    As for my suggestion that various governments—or military and intelligence groups within them—are quietly aware of the possible non-human nature of UFOs, this is a logic based not on Hollywood movies or TV shows such as Men In Black or The X-Files, but on tens-of-thousands of pages of declassified government documentation which, collectively, paints a surprisingly clear (though certainly not explicit) picture of a decidedly unearthly phenomenon that for over six decades has held, vice-like, the attention of the powers that be, not only in the United States, but around the world.

    The real X-Files: UFOs and officialdom

    On 31 January 1949, the FBI issued a memo on UFOs entitled “Protection of Vital Installations.” The classified document was sent to the Army’s G-2, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, the Office of Naval Intelligence, and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. The memo reveals that a meeting between these authorities had recently taken place concerning UFOs, and states that “the matter of ‘Unidentified Aircraft’ or ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,’ otherwise known as ‘Flying Discs,’ ‘Flying Saucers,’ and ‘Balls of Fire,’ is considered top secret by intelligence officers of both the Army and the Air Forces.” The FBI document catalogues a list of incursions by unknown objects into restricted airspace surrounding the Atomic Energy Commission’s highly sensitive research installation at Los Alamos, New Mexico, throughout December 1948 and into early 1949.

    The memo goes on to explain that “the unidentified phenomena travel at the rate of speed estimated at a minimum of three miles per second and a maximum of twelve miles per second, or a mean calculated speed of seven and one-half miles per second, or 27,000 miles per hour.” Needless to say, such speeds are well beyond the capacity of any terrestrial aircraft of the 21st Century, never mind the 20th. Even more eye-popping are the memo’s statements that “on two separate occasions a definite vertical change in path was indicated,” and that the appearance of the object was “round in a point of light with a definite area to the light’s source.” Some of the lights were “a diamond shape,” while others were “elongated.”

    It should be noted that this memo came at a time when the US government was insisting to the public that flying saucers were of no defence significance and that all UFOs could be explained away either as conventional aircraft, hallucinations, misidentifications of natural phenomena, or outright hoaxes. And yet, as the document makes clear, behind the scenes, the phenomenon was deemed to be of extreme defence significance and considered “top secret.”

    Almost four years later, on 2 December 1952, another jaw-dropping UFO-related document was produced, not by the FBI, but the by CIA. In a secret memo to CIA Director, General Walter Bedell Smith, the Agency’s Director of Scientific Intelligence, H. Marshall Chadwell, wrote of UFOs:

    “At this time, the reports of incidents convince us that there is something going on that must have immediate attention…. Sightings of unexplained objects at great altitudes and travelling at high speeds in the vicinity of major U.S. defense installations are of such nature that they are not attributable to natural phenomena or known types of aerial vehicles.”

    In other words, in the absence of other satisfactory explanations, these objects were, in all likelihood, intelligently controlled craft not belonging to the United States government, nor presumably, to any other terrestrial power. Reading between the lines, it seems that Chadwell was seriously considering the possibility that these objects were of non-terrestrial origin, but he knew better than to state so explicitly in official documentation. Such discussions are better held in a quiet office, face-to-face.

    To this day, despite the Pentagon’s proxy acknowledgement of its shadowy UFO study program (AATIP), the United States government remains reluctant to officially acknowledge the underlying exotic nature of UFOs (official acknowledgement opens an enormous can of worms). Other governments, however, have been relatively vocal about the phenomenon and are becoming more so with each passing year.

    South American officials in particular have been especially forthright regarding military encounters with UFOs. Speaking on the direct authority of the President of Equador, Rafael Correa, Colonel Wilson Salgado of the Ecuadorian Air Force stated in an interview for the 2010 documentary UFOs in South America: Disclosure Has Begun:

    The information we have available—not just our information, but also that coming from abroad, in particular the United States—makes me confident that we are dealing with… Unidentified Flying Objects. In real terms, these are extraterrestrial objects, and I’m sure of it. We share the universe with other beings.

    In February 2012, Colonel Ariel Sanchez, head of the Uruguayan Air Force’s Commission for the Reception and Investigation of UFO Reports (known as “Cridovni”), told American journalist Billy Cox of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, “I believe that Uruguay, as well as Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and of course, Brazil, all have declassified only the smallest part of their files.” Sanchez said that the UFO information thus far released by these governments is but “the tip of a huge iceberg.”

    Some of the most remarkable statements from military officers on UFOs have come from France, a country in which these phenomena been actively investigated at an official level since 1977. In 1999, the Institute of Higher Studies for National Defence—a military think tank—prepared a ninety-page report detailing the results of an independent study on UFOs. The white paper, now commonly referred to as The COMETA Report,was compiled by a group of thirteen retired top-tier generals, admirals, and government scientists (including the former head of the French Tactical Air Force, General Bernard Norlain, and the former head of CNES [the French equivalent of NASA]), Andre Lebeau. The report documented the existence of unidentified flying objects and their implications for national security. Copies were received by President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Lionel Jospin. The report concluded that, for a small percentage of UFO sightings, the extraterrestrial hypothesis was valid. It stated that some UFOs represent “completely unknown flying machines with exceptional performances that are guided by natural or artificial intelligence” and noted that, although the extraterrestrial hypothesis “has not been categorically proven… strong presumptions exist in its favour.” The report then goes on to consider in detail the likely consequences of open extraterrestrial contact for politics, science, and religion.

    Concerning the US government’s historical UFO research, the COMETA report states:

    “It is clear that the Pentagon has had, and probably still has, the greatest interest in concealing, as best it can, all of this research, which may, over time, cause the United States to hold a position of great supremacy over terrestrial adversaries, while giving it a considerable response capacity against a possible threat coming from space. Within this context, it is impossible for them to divulge the sources of this research and the goals pursued, because that could immediately point any possible rivals down the most beneficial avenues. Cover-ups and disinformation (both active as well as passive) still remain, under this hypothesis, an absolute necessity. Thus it would appear natural in the minds of U.S. military leaders, secrecy must be maintained as long as possible.”

    In addition to the reams of official documents and scholarly white papers hinting at a non-terrestrial origin for UFOs, there are also many retired, and in some cases serving, government, military, and intelligence officials who have testified publicly to their own knowledge of UFOs and/or the intelligences behind them, and to the extreme secrecy surrounding these issues. Notable among these individuals are former CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter; former Special Assistant to Deputy CIA Director Richard Helms, Victor Marchetti; Senator Barry Goldwater; Gemini astronaut Col. Gordon Cooper; former UK Chief of Defence Staff and Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral of the Fleet The Lord Hill Norton; billionaire financier Lawrence Rockefeller; Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell; former Governor of Arizona Fife Symington; and Japanese Defense Minister Shigiru Ishiba.

    And all of this is to say nothing of the literally millions of individuals from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe who, over the past seven decades, have reported seeing not only structured craft unlike anything known to have been built by man, but also—and crucially—non-human entities in the vicinity of, and inside said craft.

    So, what are we to make of all this? It may very well be that our reality is drastically stranger than we have been led to believe, and that certain organisations—or certain individuals within them—are only too aware of this. The UFO phenomenon—whatever it is—shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. In fact, mainstream media platforms are now more willing than ever to cover the UFO subject without the once-obligatory references to The X-Files and throwaway jibes about little green men and anal probes. If UFOs ever do shape up to be an ongoing hard news story, a topic of legitimate debate, will this change the social status of the UFO believer? Or, indeed, will “belief” finally be removed from the UFO question altogether? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Group Of UFOs

    Group Of UFOs

    Group Of UFOs "TAKE OUT" Satellite In Space?

    I have been following Secureteam for a while now and they have this new video on a group of UFOs taking down a satellite, have a look and let me know what you think? Thanks }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Five UFO Movies Based On Real Events

    Five UFO Movies Based On Real Events

    Hollywood’s alien movies have been drawing inspiration from UFO stories since the dawn of the modern UFO era over seventy years ago, but only a handful have been based directly on real-life UFO incidents. Here are 5 of the best…

    Left: the real Betty and Barney Hill. Right: the Hills as portrayed onscreen by Estelle Parsons and James Earl Jones.

    1. The UFO Incident (1975)

    One of the first cases of alien abduction on record — and arguably the most famous — is that of Betty and Barney Hill, a middle-aged couple who encountered a UFO on the night of 19 September 1961 while driving late at night in New Hampshire. The couple claimed to have witnessed a disc-shaped craft low above the road directly ahead of them. Barney even described seeing a number of humanoid figures staring back at him through its windows. Little else was recalled consciously. The rest of their account would surface later through dramatic hypnosis sessions with respected Boston psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Simon, who published a popular book about the incident in 1966.

    In 1975, the Hill abduction story became even more famous when it was adapted for television as a feature-length movie starring Estelle Parsons and James Earl Jones as Betty and Barney. With a teleplay based directly on Dr. Simon’s taped hypnosis sessions with the couple, The UFO Incident was remarkably faithful to the Hill’s actual account of capture by grey-skinned saucer occupants in September of 1961.

    Another film, the little-known Italian production Eyes Behind the Stars, had touched on the theme of abduction three years prior in 1972, but The UFO Incident was the first direct treatment of a real-life case and the first to bring together many of the now-common themes and motifs of abduction experiences, including medical examination, missing time, and hypnosis. The movie’s aliens, although smallish with large eyes and bald heads, are of normal proportions, and are quite different to Greys as they would later be realized onscreen in Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind as decidedly smaller, more spindly beings with significantly larger heads and larger, blacker eyes.

    The UFO Incident remains one of Hollywood’s best treatments of a true life abduction experience. It works first and foremost as a powerful human drama, propelled by the obvious commitment of Parsons and Jones in excellent central performances as the Hills. Despite its fantastical subject matter, the film remains sober throughout.

    2. Communion (1989)

    Whitley Strieber’s 1987 book about his claimed encounters with non-human entities was an instant bestseller, and, to date, has sold more than two million copies worldwide. The 1989 movie adaptation starred Christopher Walken in a compellingly manic performance as Strieber, and Lindsay Crouse as his late wife, Anne.

    Both book and movie are primarily focused on an experience which occurred 26 December 1985, when Strieber believes he was abducted from his cabin in upstate New York while on a short break with his family and some close friends. Strieber had almost no conscious recollection of what had happened to him, but in the months that followed he began to suffer an untraceable emotional and psychological toll.

    In the movie, we follow Strieber as he reluctantly agrees to be hypnotically regressed by psychiatrist Janet Duffey (played by Frances Sternhagen). It is through these sessions that the bizarre events of that night come back to confront him – events involving small, spindly, beings with oversized oval heads and large hypnotic black eyes.

    Communion was the first Hollywood entertainment product to engage thoughtfully with the more surreal aspects of the abduction phenomenon. With a screenplay penned by Strieber himself, the movie captures the tonal essence of his book, if not its deeply layered psychological and metaphysical complexity. It’s a flawed film, but it dares to show abduction for the baffling, hallucinatory, deeply troubling, intellectually challenging, and spiritually transformative phenomenon it is reported to be. This is a film, which, for the most part, is rooted firmly in our own mundane world. The thought of non-human intelligences breaking through into this reality from a strange realm is psychologically jarring, both for Strieber and for the viewer.

    Despite its flaws, Communion remains a deeply creepy movie. It’s an important one too, not only for its ambition, but for further popularizing the image of the now iconic Grey alien—an image which first came to prominence on the cover of Strieber’s own bestselling book and would later feature on the movie’s VHS cover, staring hypnotically into the eyes of millions of freaked-out customers in video rental stores worldwide.

    3. Intruders (1992)

    1987 saw the publication of Budd Hopkins’ Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods. The book investigated the claims of a number of alleged alien abductees, but was more specifically concerned with the case of Debbie Jordan-Kauble (known in the book as “Kathie Davis”). Jordan-Kauble described having been abducted from her parents’ home in June of 1983 and being taken aboard an egg-shaped craft which had landed outside. She claimed to have been impregnated by her alien captors, who later removed the fetus and eventually introduced her to her human-alien hybrid child.

    Hopkins’ Intruders book would later be very loosely adapted for television by screenwriter Tracy Tormé—son of legendary jazz singer and musician Mel Tormé. The 1992 mini-series (later broadcast back-to-back as a movie) was concerned less with the Jordan-Kauble story and more with the broader abduction phenomenon as it was then understood by the leading researchers in the field, namely Hopkins and Harvard psychiatrist John Mack, both of whom served as consultants on the production.

    Intruders was broadcast by CBS through 17–19 May 1992 and was generally well received by critics. It remains significant for its thoughtful and sympathetic treatment of the abduction phenomenon, and for grounding itself convincingly in a normal world occasionally intruded upon by a profound and sometimes terrifying non-human intelligence. It explored many themes and motifs common to abduction accounts, including intrusive examinations, alien impregnation, hybrid children, screen memories, and hypnotic regression. Tormé is convinced that his show had considerable cultural impact, bringing a previously obscure UFOlogical facet to the masses. He told me of Intruders: “I really believe this project was part of the process of people becoming aware of how these things [abductions] allegedly work.”

    4. Fire in the Sky (1993)

    In 1975, Travis Walton, a logger from Snowflake, Arizona, famously claimed to have been taken aboard a flying saucer and to have interacted with two different species of aliens. What distinguishes Walton’s story from innumerable other accounts of cosmic kidnapping is that his apparent abduction was witnessed, in part, by the six other men on his logging crew. They sped back into town that night to inform bemused authorities of how a UFO had zapped Travis in front of their very eyes. Assuming he was dead, the terrified loggers had left their colleague where he lay, the saucer looming above his lifeless body.

    A swirling storm of confusion, anger, and allegations was soon to descend on the sleepy town of Snowflake. The loggers, having reported to police that their friend had been taken by a UFO, immediately were considered suspects in Walton’s disappearance and possible murder. After no less than five days, Walton returned. He was found in a telephone box some three miles outside of Snowflake, huddled and shivering. As he was taken back into town he began babbling about strange creatures with large eyes. He assumed he’d been gone just a couple of hours and was stunned into prolonged silence when he was told almost a week had passed.

    Featuring solid performances from D.B. Sweeney as Travis, and Robert Patrick as logging-crew-leader Mike Rogers, the Fire in the Sky movie was a reasonably faithful accounting of the Walton experience—that is until its final act, which notoriously pummeled the meat of Walton’s encounter out of all recognition. The human-looking beings described by Travis and their walkabout with him in a spaceport were nowhere to be seen in the movie. Walton’s skittish Grays were replaced with frightful goblin-like beings who literally drag the logger like a sack of spuds through their pestilent, rotting spaceship—all dank tunnels and dripping embryonic sacks—before gluing him to a table with a suffocating membrane and subjecting him to graphic torture with a thick needle to the eyeball.

    The movie divided opinion upon its release. It made back its budget, but little more. The legendary Roger Ebert praised the film’s final sequence for its believably, writing: “The scenes inside the craft are really very good. They convincingly depict a reality I haven’t seen in the movies before, and for once I did believe that I was seeing something truly alien, and not just a set decorator’s daydreams.” However, Ebert was left deflated as the credits rolled, adding: “The movie ends on an inconclusive and frustrating note.”

    5. Roswell (1994)

    This 1994 TV movie was the first in-depth Hollywood treatment of the infamous Roswell Incident of July 1947, in which an alien spacecraft and bodies are alleged to have crashed in the New Mexico desert and been recovered by the US military. For writer/producer Paul Davids, the purpose of his movie was not just to entertain, but to educate—to bring what many regard as the ultimate UFO cover-up to wider public attention as a powerful and comprehensible narrative.

    Roswell was also one of the first movies to feature a direct reference to Area 51. The secret base shows up fleetingly in a sequence in which a mysterious government insider (played by Martin Sheen) describes to Roswell whistle-blower Jesse Marcel (Kyle MacLachlan) the events that unfolded in the months and years following the saucer crash.

    In a 2014 interview, I asked Davids if the word “Roswell” would be so culturally resonant today had he not so memorably contextualized it in his 1994 movie. “Not as much,” he replied, although he acknowledged that The X-Files, which premiered a year before his movie, also played a major role. “But The X-Files wasn’t just about Roswell,” he stressed, “it was all over the place dealing with a lot of different things. Roswell was just a little part of it.”

    Today, Davids considers the Roswell Incident to be a “national institution… massively ingrained into the public consciousness, as much as any other story from the history of our country.” It is hard to argue with that statement, and it is harder still to underestimate the seminal role Davids’ movie played in that ingraining process. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.It’s Official – We Now Know That “UFOs” or “UAP” Are Real – So Are They Extraterrestrial or Not?

    It’s Official – We Now Know That “UFOs” or “UAP” Are Real – So Are They Extraterrestrial or Not?

    It’s almost 2018, and the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) or Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon (UAP, a term that seems to be the new “official wording” from government personnel) is now a verified fact within the mainstream. Just as certain as we are of  several different concepts that come from repeatable hard science, or information about other phenomena in other subject areas dealing with observation, we (humanity) are just as certain about UFOs.

    When Ex Canadian Defence minister Paul Hellyer said that “UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead,” he wasn’t joking. Documents, along with live testimony from dozens, if not hundreds of people from within “high level” government and intelligence groups have also been speaking about the topic quite publicly.

    There are literally too many examples to name, from four star generals, to directors of military contractors like Lockheed Martin, directors of intelligence agencies, heads of major military committee’s, like NATO, and much more.

    The latest examples would be Steve Justice, a recently retired 30 year director of Lockheed Skunkworks (aerospace), and now on as a director at To The Stars, who recently stated:

    “This is a concept for an international point-to-point transportation craft that will erase the current travel limits of distance and time.  It mimics the capabilities observed in unidentified aerial phenomenon by employing a drive system that alters space-time metric.  We have glimpses of how the physics of this works, but we need to harvest technologies from the Science Division to “realize” the capability.” 

    – Steve Justice, Aerospace Division Director

    By making this statement, he is relaying that there are unidentified craft that are using these capabilities to travel what we would consider to be vast distances.

    Related CE Article : 

    One of his predecessors, Ben Rich (2nd director of Lockheed Shunkworks) also made some very interesting comments. You can read more about that,  and access those comments here.

    Robert Bigelow, the Founder of Bigelow aerospace recently went public stating that he knows for a fact that “ET” is here. You can see that interview and read more about it here.

    Sure, witness testimony is not enough to draw a conclusion, but given their positions and long records of “credibility,” it’s almost ridiculous to ignore. If it were one or two people there would be reasons to doubt, but when there are multiple hundreds, we know something is up, especially when their encounters with “UFOs” has already been verified by their employer, the government, and by official previously classified documents.

    Since many do not consider witness testimony credible, no matter who it comes from, it’s always important to mention the documents, the evidence of radar trackings and more.

    Obviously, this is a topic that still challenges many people, rubs them the wrong way and conflicts with long held belief systems. This has been a pattern with many subjects and new discoveries throughout human history, things change slowly over time, but with our rapid technological development,  which is still increasing at an exponential rate (don’t forget the black budget world), we don’t seem to be that far off. In fact, we already seem to be there.

    “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do it.” 

    – Ben Rich (source)

    Remember, UFO doesn’t exactly 100 percent equate to extraterrestrial, however, it’s one of many possibilities and probabilities that has its own evidence to make that assertion.

    The documents that have been released by several governments, intelligence agencies and cases via The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) indicate objects and encounters (mostly military encounters) with objects travelling at unattainable speeds, and performing maneuvers that no known aircraft of ours can, in some cases defying our own understanding of physics.

    As the F-4 approached a range of 25 nautical miles it lost all instrumentation and communications. When the F-4 turned away from the object and apparently was no longer a threat to it, the aircraft regained all instrumentation and communications. Another brightly lighted object came out of the original object. The second object headed straight toward the F4. ”  (source)

    We even have publications in peer-reviewed journals being put out about extraterrestrial hypothesis exists. Here is one example, here is another.  Here’sanother interesting one from 1994 talking about physical evidence related to the phenomenon, which we now have more of today.

    Below is a great little talk from Jacques Vallee talking about how can start learning from all of these encounters. He’s a computer scientist and astronomer who has done work for NASA, and more. He’s most table for co-developing the first computerized mapping of Mars and for his work at SRI International on the network information centre for ARPANET.

    Government Deception

    This would be an appropriate time to state that, obviously, our governments have deceived us on so many levels, it’s more than likely that as more information continues to make its way into the public domain, there will be good reasons to have a heightened sense scepticism when they speak about UFOs and/or extraterrestrials, as with anything else.

    The mainstream world is full of twisted agendas and attempts to alter our perception for truth and profit, or other agenda’s that are not really in the people’s best interest, but rather the ‘1 percent’s’ best interest. The global war against drugs, or terrorism are perfect examples. Especially with the fact that ‘false flag’ terrorism has become more transparent.

    To get a clear picture of this topic, which is almost impossible to do the deeper you get into it, one must do independent research rather than rely on the same media which has tight ties to corporate and government interests, under the guise of “national security.”

    This is not to say that there are not good people, with pure intentions, just doing their job within these arenas. It’s a complicated topic, but when discussing it one must always keep the Deep State in the back of their mind, as it controls the entire geo-political perceptive, in most cases.

    There are efforts being made to alert the public, Tom Delonge’s To The Stars effort is one of them, but this is a very compartmentalized topic. He is getting information from those from within the intelligence world, but who are they getting their information from and is it correct? Is it truthful? Or is there some sort of spin on it, for whatever reason? And do those who are relaying this information even realize that there could be as spin?

    Who knows what’s really going on.

    Related CE Article:

    Are there really legitimate reasons for the cover-up after so many years? Was it justified? I believe humanity is meant to live in transparency, and we and can handle this type of information, and we were meant to receive it. Acknowledging certain truths about the nature of reality is an important step in our human evolution, as it provides opportunities for us to move beyond paradigms of the past, and move forward to where we are supposed to go, and perhaps that is to the stars.

    The corporate and financial take-over of our democratic system has contributed to the secrecy, no doubt. This topic has huge technological and intellectual implications that could completely transform our planet and help create new ways of doing things here. And, as with everything else, those who are making billions and trillions off of the old way of doing things might also have a say.

    What type of propulsion systems are these craft using?

    Sure, we know UFOs are real, but mainstream media (as well as government) have a long history of taking real events and using them for their advantage, and usually do so by twisting our perception what’s really going on.

    With this topic, as with every other, we simply can’t rely on government and official intelligence people all the time, with complete credibility. It’s important to remember that there is a lot of disinformation that has infiltrated this field, and one must always use their discernment.

    Are They Extraterrestrial? 

    The existence of UFOs is verified, in several different ways, but extraterrestrial intelligence is still a different story. There are multiple factors that lead to the extraterrestrial hypothesis. As mentioned above, before UFOs were officially “verified,” there was good reason to believe in their existence, and now it’s official. In the same way, there is now evidence to believe that some of these sophisticated craft are in fact extraterrestrial.

    There is a serious possibility that we are being visited and have been visited for many years by people from outer space, by other civilizations. Who they are, where they are from, and what they want should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation and not be the subject of ‘rubishing’ by tabloid newspapers.” (source)

    – Lord Admiral Hill-Norton, Former Chief of Defence Staff, 5 Star Admiral of the Royal Navy, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

    Many people, like Lord Admiral Hill-Norton, have come forth expressing the same thing, and have flat out said that they have knowledge of extraterrestrial intelligence as it related to the UFO phenomenon.

    Here’s an FBI document  discussing extraterrestrial bodies and craft (page 21 & 22) ,here’s an article with an interesting CIA document linked in it referring to extraterrestrial bodies and a military encounter.  There are several examples one can locate within the literature, which are  both benevolent and malevolent in nature.

    Below is an interesting discussion featuring Richard Dolan, one of the worlds foremost authorities on the topic. He goes in a little deeper about the extraterrestrial hypothesis. If you want to learn more about the topic, he’s a great place to start.

    “It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system. I think that they possibly are manned by intelligent observers who are members of a race that may have been investigating our Earth for centuries.

    – Herman Oberth, founding father of modern rocketry (source) }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Chilean Air Force Receives A Radar Return of A UFO Equal To The Size of Ten or More Aircraft Carriers

    Chilean Air Force Receives A Radar Return of A UFO Equal To The Size of Ten or More Aircraft Carriers

    UFOs are perhaps the most searched subject on internet search engines at the moment and if they’re not, they’re close to the top. Interest in the subject matter continues to grow, and the Deep State community has certainly recognized it. Years and years of petitioning from the citizenry and UFO disclosure advocacy groups, on top of other international governments acknowledging the phenomenon, not to mention  hundreds of high-ranking people from numerous ranks within military agencies, academia and intelligence agencies have all come forth sharing their knowledge and experiences.

    Recently, it seems to have reached a critical boiling point, where a majority of the populace is aware of the fact that something strange seems to be happening in the inside, and outside of our atmosphere and has been for a long time. Perhaps this is why the US government recently decided to end what seems to be, as the first CIA Director Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter alluded to, and official campaign of secrecy?

    Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.”  (source)

    Because the idea has been ridiculed by the global elite, through movies and mainstream news, it brainwashes mass amounts of people to do the same. This is done with several different topics, and it creates a culture where anyone who raises their voice, is instantaneously vilified by whomever they tell. But things are changing.

    The Pentagon recently disclosed this info as well, by approving the release of video footage shot by US military pilots of three different UFOs. All three objects, one the size of two air-craft carries, defied our current known laws of physics and aerodynamics. The videos came from a Pentagon program which located, and video taped unidentified aerial objects to determine if there is a ‘threat’ associated with them.

    The head of that Program, who recently retired from the Pentagon, Louis Elizondo, shared the fact that this is actual data, electro-optical data and radar returns. He also emphasized how this type of thing is quite common, and how he believes there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that “we may not be alone, whatever that means.”  He did so on national mainstream television.

    UFO encounters with the military is nothing new, there are millions of pages of declassified documents from various governments and agencies showing so.

    People like Louis, and others at the To The Stars initiative of which he is apart of, don’t really speak out until they are given the green light. One thing is for certain, the US government has now disclosed the existence of UFOs, and many researchers within the field, including myself, are very cautious of the direction the government wants to take this information.

    You can read more about that, and check out some of the footage in the articles linked below:

    I only say that because we’ve been lied to and manipulated so much so that it’s almost hard to believe anything that comes from a government agency, unfortunately.

    I elaborate on the idea of a ‘false flag’ alien invasion in the article linked below, if you’re interested in that discussion and where it’s coming from:

    As far as the question of whether or not these UFOs are extraterrestrial or not, I elaborate on that idea in this article I previously published:

    This topic is so big and vast that it truly leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. There are facts about this subject that would still blow your mind and we’ve covered many of them. If you want to go through our articles we’ve published on the UFO/Extraterrestrial topic for the past 9 years, you can visit the Exopolitics section of our website, HERE.

    Whether it be a former Chairman of the Royal Navy telling us that there is a serious possibility that we are being visited, and have been visited by people from outer space,” a former Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Barry Goldwater telling us that “I do know that whatever the Air Force has on the subject is going to remain highly classified,” or an Apollo 14 astronaut saying that “there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered,” we have no shortage of high-ranking insiders attesting to the reality of this phenomenon.

    General Carlos Cavero told the world in 1979, everything” has been “in a process of investigation both in the United States and in Spain, as well as the rest of the world.” On a global scale, “the nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon” and there is “an international exchange of data.” (source)

    So, what type of data have they been analyzing? Here’s a quote from December 16th 1978, issued by the Chilean Air Force with regards to a UFO encounter, similar to what the Pentagon released. Again, keep in mind, this is something that’s happened thousands of times over the past few decades, and perhaps thousands of times every single year?

    Two pilots on a training mission, each flying a F5 fighter aircraft, tracked the object on their airborne radar. It gave a return equal to ten or more aircraft carriers-except this object was in the air, not floating on the water. Each pilot assumed his radar equipment was faulty, until he learned that the other pilot was also getting the same return. Not only this, but ground radar from a nearby airport also picked up the object and confirmed its huge size. The pilots also saw the object with their own eyes. One pilot later said that at a distance of twenty miles, it looked “like a plantain banana swathed in smoke.” The pilots were frightened, having no missiles or weapons. As they approached the massive object, which had been motionless all this while, it took off at an unimaginable speed. All at once, it vanished from the three radar screens.” (1)(2)

    The very next morning the Chilean Air Force scrambled some F5 fighter jets to intercept another very large UFO. The pilots described this one as very bright, and very large. The Chilean Air Force has officially acknowledged these events, but could not explain what had occurred.

    To see some more examples of UFO/military encounters, you can refer to this article:

    Since we’re talking about Chile, here’s a CIA document from decades ago that also cites another incident.

    It states as follows:

    ANTARCTIC FLYING SAUCERS” – A group of red, green, and yellow flying saucers has been seen flying over Deception Island for two hours by Argentine, Chilean and British bases (military) in Antarctica. The flying saucers were also seen flying in formation over the South Orkney islands in quick circles.

    The Implications?

    As mentioned earlier, this topic really leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. Within the lore, if you take some of these objects to indeed be extraterrestrial, there is a consistency among many in the field that many of these beings are here to help humanity to make a transition, and help us.

    For example, Colonel Ross Dedrickson, a high-ranking officer in the Air Force who held special positions at various points in his career dealing with nuclear weapons, the atomic energy commission, and nuclear weapons storage facilities provided video testimony prior to his passing, revealing that extraterrestrials have been around for a long time, and that they do not approve of our nuclear activities. He also revealed that extraterrestrials have shut down nuclear weapons in flight as well as our attempts to detonate and experiment with them, and he’s not the only one to do so. You can watch that interview here.

    For example, Colonel Ross Dedrickson, another high-ranking officer in the Air Force who held special positions at various points in his career dealing with nuclear weapons, the atomic energy commission, and nuclear weapons storage facilities provided video testimony prior to his passing, revealing that extraterrestrials have been around for a long time and that they do not approve of our nuclear activities. He also revealed that extraterrestrials have shut down nuclear weapons in flight as well as our attempts to detonate and experiment with them and he’s not the only one to do so. You can watch that interview here.

    Spiritual implications are also referred to quite often, I could go on and on, but I won’t, I’ll let you listen to a recent podcast I did with CE founder, Joe Martino, and Richard Lawrence. He is the Executive Secretary of  The Aetherius Society for Europe and a Bishop in The Aetherius Churches. He has devoted his life to the work of his late master and personal friend, Dr George King (1919-1997), who founded the Society, as mentioned above.

    There is also the other side, a malevolent side to this whole phenomena which is important to explore as well. But when it comes to an “alien invasion,” the evidence suggests that extraterrestrials have been around for a long time, if that were the case, it probably would have happened. But that’s just my opinion.

    Related CE Article:

    Sources used:

    (1) Huneeus, J, Antonio, “A Chilean Overview,” MUFON UFO Journal, 6/86; Huneeus, J. Antonio, “A Historical Survey of UFO Cases in Chilie,” MUFON 1987 International Symposium Proceedings (MUFON, 1987.)

    (2) Department of Defense JCS Message Center, Subject: B6/BAF Has a Close Encounter of the First Kind. Date: 20 May 86. Subject: Numerous Unidentified Objects Were Cited in the Skies over Brazil. But BAF Fighters Were Unable to Intercept Them. Berliner, Don, The UFO Briefing Document, p. 121-127. Huneeus, J. Antonio, “UFO Alert in Brazil,” MUFON UFO Journal, 11/86. Andrus, Walt, “UFOs Over Brazil,” MUFON UFO Journal, 9/86. Smith, Dr Willy, “The Brazillian Incident,” International UFO Reporter, 7-8/86. Smith, Dr. Willy, “More on Brazilian OVNIs,” MUFON UFO Journal, 9/86. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Trail Created to Commemorate Famous Scottish Encounter

    UFO Trail Created to Commemorate Famous Scottish Encounter

    How do you know when your close encounter of the third, fourth or fifth kind is good enough to be a close encounter of the famous kind? How about when the city where it happened sets up a UFO trail so others can walk the path where you were dragged by your feet into a spaceship and later unceremoniously dumped, scratched and bruised, back on the ground where you had to crawl back to your truck, which would no longer start, forcing you to stumble back to your house? Sure, a movie about your experience with Sean Connery playing you would have been nicer, as would the trail being dedicated while you were still alive, but the wheels of UFO and ET encounter acceptance move slowly. The good news is, Scotland now has its first UFO trail and it honors Bob Taylor and his Dechmont Woods Encounter.

    “The Dechmont Woods encounter is Scotland’s most famous alleged UFO incident, and has featured in a number of books and TV programmes. The information board will help visitors to Dechmont Law find the exact location of the encounter, as well as give details of Mr. Taylor’s report of the incident.”

    For those who can’t wait to read the board themselves, The Scotsman interviewed Tom Conn, executive councillor for the environment, about the new trail and retold the story. On November 9, 1979, forestry worker Bob Taylor claimed to have parked his truck near Dechmont Law (Decky Hill) in West Lothian and was walking his dog in the woods when he saw a flying dome about 6.4 meters (21 feet) in diameter with small propellers hovering over a clearing. Smaller domes about the size of “sea mines” allegedly grabbed him and dragged him to the dome, where he smelled something like burning brakes before passing out. The ships were gone when he came to 20 minutes later and had to walk back to his house. His wife later confirmed he was muddy and his clothes were ripped, while a doctor she called confirmed the scratches and bruises. The local police took his story and examined the site of the alleged encounter, finding “ladder-shaped marks” and small circular holes in the ground, but decided this was a simple case of assault.

    Propellers on a UFO? Was it a drone from the future?

    Of course, you don’t get your own UFO trail for a human assault. While other investigators found evidence that the holes could have been made by the local water company, and psychologists attributed his scratches and torn clothing to an epileptic fit, Taylor, a respected member of the town, stuck to his story until he died in 2007 and convinced many people over the years that he had been abducted by aliens.

    “The Dechmont Woods UFO site is the only site in Scotland that officially recognises an event of this nature and whatever UFOs may be, there is no denying that this case stands head and shoulders above anything that has been seen in Scotland.”

    One of those people is Malcolm Robinson, the author of numerous books about UFO sightings in the UK, who just so happens to be writing a book on the event.

    “I was 22 years of age and I stood at the site two days later and saw all the ground traces myself. I’ll never forget it.”

    You’re right … the trail and explanatory board will probably help his book sales, not to mention souvenirs. Tom Conn agrees.

    “Dechmont Law is already very popular with local residents, especially runners and walkers, and we hope this board will help more people discover and enjoy the picturesque area.”

    Do I hear a Dechmont Woods UFO Trail 5K in the works? }

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    Navy Air Controller Says UFO Incident Gave Him Psychic Powers and Visions

    The biggest UFO story of the last year has been without a doubt the disclosure of the Pentagon’s now-defunct Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program and several pieces of allegedly declassified footage which appear to show U.S. military craft being stalked by unidentified and advanced aircraft. Among that footage was a video depicting an unbelievably fast and agile “Tic Tac” shaped UFO playing a two-week game of cat and mouse with the U.S.S. Nimitz supercarrier off the coast of California in 2004. The unidentified objects were able to easily outmaneuver the Navy’s F-18s and displayed flight and cloaking capabilities far beyond anything the U.S. armed forces possess.

    Might U.S. air superiority be challenged by technology operated by unknown non-state actors?

    The true nature of that object has not yet been determined – at least publicly. Was it an extraterrestrial observer? An incredibly advanced drone flown by a rival superpower? Or perhaps some sort of natural phenomenon which played tricks with the Navy’s instruments and cameras?

    Who knows. A heavily redacted report of that incident was made public by that pop punk rocker guy’s weird UFO research thing and can be read here. To add to the mystery surrounding that incident, the air intercept controller serving aboard the USS Princeton during the Tic-Tac UFO encounter recently made comments in an interview which seem to suggest that the sighting had strange effects on his psyche similar to other documented UFO sightings, giving him psychic abilities and apocalyptic visions.

    A still from the incident.

    In an interview with Mike Damante, former air intercept controller Kevin Day recounts that the high strangeness he experienced during those encounters left him “struggling to make sense of what had happened.” For years after the incident, Day has experienced apocalyptic dreams of the world ending, dreams so vivid that they have given him anxiety attacks:

    The dreams I began to have in 2008 can be loosely described as eschatological; world-wide disasters, comets causing tsunamis, epic floods, earthquakes, plane crashes, (and) end of the world scenarios. I remembered the ‘nightmares’ the next day and those dream-memories would trigger acute anxiety, which I experience daily even now many years later.

    Day adds that since he left the Navy, he believes he has been stalked by unknown individuals or groups:

    I do know that somebody has been watching me for years now… like the spooks told me  ‘Kevin, the government spent millions training you and now they are spending millions watching you’ … they want to know what I’m going to do.

    The interview takes a strange turn from there, with Day adding that he believes that high-frequency radiation from the Tic Tac sighting gave him a “strange psychic ability” which gives him the ability to control reality with his thoughts:

    As it also turns out, the spooks already knew everything about me and what I had been going through before they met me. They even acknowledged the strange physic ability that I seem to have – which is, I seem to be able to manifest things and situations, hence their stated fears. What I think about has a weird way of becoming reality. It has happened now too many times to be just coincidence. In fact, I now manifest things on purpose. I also seem to have been advantaged with what I now know is called ‘downloaded information’.

    Similar reported cases of post-effects following UFO sightings and close encounters are fairly common, and some contactees claim they were intentionally given special abilities or knowledge by visitors from other dimensions, galaxies, or what have you.  

    Let’s not even get into the probes.

    While I tend to remain skeptical about claims made without concrete proof, one thing is clear: encountering such an unexplained and otherworldly phenomenon like the Tic-Tac would have a profound impact on anyone. Could there be something to Day’s claims? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO news: Did NASA just film an ‘Earth-sized ALIEN CUBE’ entering the Sun?

    UFO news: Did NASA just film an ‘Earth-sized ALIEN CUBE’ entering the Sun?

    NASA has accidentally filmed a planet-sized alien spacecraft enter and exit the burning corona of the Sun, according to bizarre claims online.

    Popular  expert Scott Waring first encountered the “alien cube” on October 2, when he saw a bright spot of light escape the Sun.

    He discovered the object in a photo of the Sun, snapped by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).

    Mr Waring interpreted this “mystery” object as an example of advanced alien technology, roughly the same size of the Earth.

    The pixelated object pulled from NASA’s photos appears to be square in shape, with a long wispy trail of smoke or gas behind it and a white-to-yellow glow around it.

    Mr Waring said: “The UFO is huge since the Sun is 109 times the diameter of the Earth.

    “This UFO is an exact match in size and yet it shot away so fast that it was not captured on any other photos.”

    The UFO hunter now believes he has caught the  cube on its return trip to the Sun, documenting it on Tuesday, October 16.

    Mr Waring said: “This is magnificent. This thing this cube – look at the shape of it, look at it – it is perfect.”

    UFO news: Alien spaceship in NASA picture claim

    UFO hunter Scott Waring thinks this NASA photo is evidence of alien spacecraft 

    ’s SOHO Science Archive, where Mr Waring found the alien cube, is a downloadable program which lets anyone trawl through NASA’s archive of Sun photos.

    The archives contain a mix of real-time data and solar telemetry with images and movies of the Sun.

    Mr Waring said of his latest finding: “Do you see that? It left the Sun before, carrying fragments with it.

    “It’s carrying fragments back. It’s carrying parts of the Sun back – look at it.”

    The NASA photograph has since sparked interest online with people commenting on its authenticity.

    The UFO is huge since the Sun is 109 times the diameter of the Earth

    Scott Waring, UFO hunter

    Thomas Mundt, who saw the supposed alien spacecraft on Mr Waring’s YouTube channel, praised the UFO hunter for his discovery.

    He wrote: “Excellent find again Scott. It's when you provide proof like this Scott, then this is why they closed down the observatories.

    “There are many many more UFOs out there. Thanks for sharing.”

    UFO news: Alleged alien spaceship in NASA photo

    The alleged UFO is roughly the same size as the planer Earth 

    Another person, Cassie Henderson, simply said: “That is nuts.”

    But what are the odds of a spacecraft being able to withstand the immense heat radiating from the burning heart of our solar system?

    According to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the surface temperature of the Sun burns at a scorching 5,600 Celsius (10,000 Fahrenheit).

    Deeper towards the Sun’s core and the temperatures spike up to 15 million Celsius (27 million Fahrenheit).

    UFO news: Alleged photo of the alien cube ship

    Mr Waring thinks the UFO is a giant cube dipping in and out of the Sun

    It is hard to imagine any sort of spacecraft could survive near these conditions, let alone dive into the Sun.

    The closest a human spacecraft will ever get to the Sun is the NASA Parker Solar Probe, which will approach as close as 9.86 solar radii from the centre of the star.

    At its closest, the NASA probe will fly about 3.8 million miles from the Sun and will have to withstand heats of around 1,377 Celsius (2,500 Fahrenheit).

    In order to survive these incredibly deadly conditions, the probe is armed with a 4.5-inch-thick carbon-composite heat shield.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.This Is How The Pentagon Tried To Close The Roswell UFO Investigation... And Failed

    This Is How The Pentagon Tried To Close The Roswell UFO Investigation... And Failed

    This is the official Pentagon Roswell UFO crash press conference from 1997. With this event, the Pentagon tried to end all remaining speculations around the Roswell UFO crash. Stupidly, they showed only recordings of experiments that were done years or decades after the UFO crash.

    If these government and scientific experiments happened during the Roswell incident time period (around 1947) I would definitely consider it but there are literally years between them. Jim Marrs does an excellent debunk right after the press conference live on national television. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Area 51 EXPOSED: 'Base insider' breaks silence on 'biggest UFO story of all time'

    Area 51 EXPOSED: 'Base insider' breaks silence on 'biggest UFO story of all time'

    A MAN who claims to have worked on reverse engineering alien spacecraft at Area 51 has broken his silence after more than 30 years. 

    By Callum Hoare 

    Bob Lazar sparked an alien life frenzy in 1989, when, with the help of journalist George Knapp, he released his story to the world.

    The scientific equipment supplier is responsible for bringing the secret test site Area 51 to the attention of the world. 

    Bob explained how he worked at a site known as S-4 – which, he claims, is an  auxiliary facility at the secretive site.

    But following his bombshell story, Bob went silent – until now.

    “This is the biggest UFO story of all time”

    Bob Lazar

    For the past few years, he has let investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell into his home and life, to tell the full story in a documentary.

    And Jeremy, who runs the website Extraordinary Beliefs, told Daily Star Online exclusively: "This is the biggest UFO story of all time.

    "This will be the first time he has given his full story. 

    "He blew the whistle, shocked the world, then went relatively silent, until now

    "Over the years,  George Knapp would get him to talk for a couple of minutes to remind people of his story. But that’s hard to do. Bob has never liked to be in the public eye.

    "In this film Bob has fully opened his life. He’s talking candidly. He has never done anything like this before."

    Bob Lazar


    EXPOSED: Bob Lazar gave his story

    And The 41-year-old filmmaker admitted the documentary could rustle some feathers in the US government.

    He added: "If Bob Lazar is telling the truth, the implications are huge. 

    "He is telling us that he studied an alien propulsion system for the US military - extraterrestrial spacecrafts. And that the government has been keeping that secret from us."

    Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers comes out on December 3 on iTunes and Vimeo. 

    And Jeremy revealed he is excited to see how people react.

    Bob Lazar


    BOB LAZAR: The man claims to have worked at Area 51

    Bob Lazar


    RESEARCH: Bob Lazar claims to have worked on alien propulsion for the US Military

    He detailed: "30 years has passed since Bob Lazar came forward to the world. 

    “It’s amazing what can be learned through the lens of time.

    "You will have more footage of Bob Lazar and his testimony overnight than from the last three decades combined. 

    "Bob Lazar is the Elvis of ufology – people go crazy for him. Yet - he is a reluctant UFO messiah. He doesn’t like the attention.

    "Ultimately it's up to individuals if they believe him but the movie will give you so much information to make that choice."

    Area 51


    AREA 51: The military base is top secret

    Area 51


    BANNED: The public are not allowed inside Area 51

    Bob has previously received criticism over his case, after holes appeared in his story. 

    He claims to hold degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the California Institute of Technology.

    But investigations into his background could not find any records of him ever having attended either institution.

    But Jeremy refuses to rule out the possibility of his story being the truth. 

    Bob Lazar poster


    FILM: Bob Lazar will be released on December 3

    He explained: "My film will give you an understanding of the real Bob Lazar, which will make it harder to throw away his claims.

    "And not everything makes the movie, some witnesses are not willing to go on camera.

    “The more you get to know Bob Lazar, the more you have to face the uncomfortable possibility that he's telling you the truth. 

    You look at the evidence, you watch my film and you decide for yourself." }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Activity Over The American Midwest

    UFO Activity Over The American Midwest

     Written by Marcus Lowth  Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes

    The American Midwest, or “Middle America”, is perhaps not the first place we would think of when thinking of UFO sightings and strange aerial activity. There is an abundance of sightings in sunny California, for example, and just as many in and around the famous states of New York and Florida. However, UFO sightings in such states as Nebraska, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Kansas, and Missouri are just as high, if not more so. And what’s more, in some cases, these sightings date back to before the start of the twentieth century. They don’t, however, always get the widespread attention they deserve.

    Midwest UFO

    We have, for example, previously examined another of those midwestern states, Illinois, and the plethora of sightings and activity that has and still does occur there each year. While such locations as Chicago often receive top-billing when such sightings take place, this aerial activity is replicated across all the midwestern states of America.

    We will start, though, with an incident perhaps on par with the alleged Roswell crash. Except this occurred in 1884, near the little-known town of Max just outside of Dundy County, Nebraska.

    The 1884 Nebraska Crash

    On the 6th June 1884, John W. Ellis, along with several hired hands (cowboys) were rounding up cattle on the open plains near Dundy County, Nebraska. It was coming to the end of the day, with the last of the light about to be swallowed by the oncoming night. Suddenly, an object, glowing brightly, flashed across the skies above them. With it came a “terrific whirring” sound. Each of the men stopped what they were doing and followed the object, watching it crash to the ground somewhere in the distance.

    According to a subsequent report in ‘The Daily Nebraskan’, the men would approach this crippled craft. This would result in one of them, Alf Williamson, suffering severe burns for which he was taken to Ellis’ house to receive medical attention.

    ‘The Nebraska State Journal’ would also report on the incident three years later in 1887. They would state that when the men did manage to examine the object more closely, it very much had the appearance of some kind of “nuts-and-bolts” craft. It would report the presence of what “looked like the blade of a propeller screw” made from “metal of an appearance like brass”. The report would also tell how the piece of recovered craft weighed “no more than five pounds but appeared as strong and compact as any known metal”. Another recovered section of the object had the same “remarkable lightness”.

    Despite the newspaper recordings of the account, some skeptics, including many Nebraskans insist the incident was “a hoax” of some sort. According to further records, on 10th June, following a huge and unusual rainstorm, the remains of the craft simply “melted”. Some UFO researchers have suggested that this “unusual storm” was perhaps a cover of sorts to retrieve their crippled vehicle.

    Midwest Flying Saucer

    Landing On The River Bank, Iowa, 1920

    Although we will come back to Nebraska and some of its more contemporary sightings shortly, another pre-Roswell sighting took place in nearby Iowa, on the morning of 3rd June 1920. It was a little after 10 am when Clark Linch was at his father’s farm, around six miles out of Mount Pleasant.

    According to Linch, he was fishing at the time when a strange egg-shaped object appeared out of nowhere from above and silently landed on the river bank. The object was around fifteen-feet away from him and simply remained motionless.

    Linch would recall it was around fifteen minutes later when he began to think about walking over to the craft. Just as he did so, however, it burst into life. Although still completely silent, it quickly rose into the air, eventually disappearing out of sight. When Linch did walk over to the spot where the strange, oval object had landed, there was a clear impression left on the grass. There were, however, no burn or scorch marks.

    Although Linch wouldn’t speak of the encounter for another three-and-a-half decades, when he did the details were intriguing. He would claim that the object had a “blue and translucent” color to it. So much so that it “would have been camouflaged in the sky”. This is an interesting observation and certainly makes one wonder at how often such objects might be moving around the skies above us today. He would also estimate that although it moved with precision, its speed was only around five miles per hour. Ultimately, he would conclude “that it wasn’t anything from Earth”.

    The Diamond Island Sighting, Illinois, 1888

    Over thirty years previously, in September 1888 in the Illinois River at a destination with much mystery to its name, Diamond Island, another apparently cosmic encounter unfolded. Rumors had swirled for years of an apparently ghostly presence on the island. This particular evening a group of local residents, intrigued and intent and getting to the bottom of this mysterious apparition, sailed towards the island in their small rowing boat. The most persistent rumors were of a strange “ball of fire” that would appear at the foot of the island. Usually late at night, around midnight.

    They brought their small vessel to a stop on the island shortly after setting off. After securing it at the coast, they set foot on Diamond Island and began to position themselves in various discreet locations on the shore. Then, they waited. Their wait, though, would not be a long one.

    All of a sudden, a bright red object cast its considerable light over the entire island from above. It had risen out of the previously quiet waters and then hovered at a height of around forty yards. All of the men were in awe as they then watched the red object fade and disappear. They headed to their boat looking to board and set off for home. However, it was no longer there. It was, in fact, drifting out on the water at a considerable distance. It appeared the red object was inside the boat. Then, the men witnessed the red object “take the form of a man”. They could even see the movement of the figure rowing. Then, the figure turned once again to a red orb, before rising upwards and eventually disappearing.

    A woken fisherman would rescue the small group. Sightings of the mysterious red “spook” continue today.

    Red Orb River

    More Occupant Sightings!

    Over half a century later Illinois was host to another bizarre UFO encounter. This time in Prospect Heights in May 1952 at just before 11 pm, Ann Sohn just happened to look out of her window. In front of her was a “luminous disc-shaped object”. It simply hovered over a vacant patch of land. Ann could see there was a “row of square windows” while on the objects upper half was a “transparent dome”. The main exterior of the craft was of a “white luminous” material. Emerging from the underside was a mist of “green glowing vapor”.

    As she moved her focus back to the windows she noticed all of them were black. Except, that is, for three consecutive ones. To her amazement, in each of these illuminated windows was “a man”. Two of them were facing towards Ann, while the other was sideways on. They appeared to don “parka-like coveralls” and some type of headpiece. The two sides watched each other for about five minutes. Then Ann saw the occupants manipulate what looked to be levers. In response, the craft suddenly took on a deep red glow. Then, it vanished at a breakneck speed.

    Several months later in the early hours of 25th August 1952 in Pittsburg, Kansas, came a similar encounter. KOAM Radio staff member, William Squyres witnessed a low-hovering object near a wooded area of Kansas, at around 5:30 am while driving from his home to work. The more he looked at this hovering disc-like object, he could make out “windows” along the edge of it. They had a blue glow to them. However, they appeared somewhat shaded. Squyres could see “figures behind it”.  After several moments, a “throbbing” sound was physically palpable in the air. Then, the strange craft rose quickly and vanished.

    Circles Of “Solid Light

    Another strange incident occurred sometime in 1954 in Osceola, Iowa, a young boy, Michael Kelly, would tell of a strange memory of waking up in a field surrounded by “boy scouts”. He couldn’t recall why he was there, or how he had arrived there. He recognized the area, however, and realized he was near home. Michael noticed that the scouts had some kind of uniform on, although none wore their trademark hats. When he asked out loud where their hats were, one of them replied simply that “they didn’t wear hats”.

    Suddenly, he found himself in a “circle of beaming light” that had a “solid” feel to it. This is a particularly interesting description which often comes up in other accounts. When he turned his attention upwards he could see a large round object above them with multiple lights of differing colors around its edge. Once again, he asked out loud, what the object was. The reply was that it was a “helicopter”. Michael would respond that he didn’t believe them. That it didn’t look like a helicopter. Then his mind went blank. He has no other memory of the incident, nor exactly when it took place.

    Another encounter involving an apparent beaming of light took place in Merom, Indiana on the evening of 6th November 1957. That evening, Rene Gilham would notice a strange light in the sky from his farm-home. When he went outside to investigate he could see the light was a “brightly luminous object”, approximately forty feet across and at a distance of around 1,000 feet from the ground. As he watched this strange and mysterious glowing object, he noticed something “beam out” from underneath that “bathed his farm with an eerie, penetrating light”.

    UFO Beam Of Light

    What Happened To Rene Gilham?

    Gilham remained motionless watching the object for ten minutes. At one point, a smaller craft appeared and hovered alongside the much larger object. Then, the larger object suddenly “went straight up and headed west”. At the same time, the light increased in intensity. And a “whirring noise like a high-speed electric motor gaining revolutions” was audible. The sighting was also witnessed, in part, by Gilham’s wife, children, and his father-in-law.

    The following day, however, the farm owner began to experience intense itching of his face. It also became increasingly red, as if he was severely sunburnt. The pain would eventually become so intense that he would seek medical attention. Investigation would suggest that the rash was not a response to something such as poison ivy or an allergic reaction. According to Dr. Joseph Drake, the reddening was “similar to burns that are inflicted on the face and eyes when working near an arc welder without a face mask”.

    The condition would continue to worsen, and he was eventually admitted to Mary Sherman Hospital. By this time, rumors were circulating with alacrity. And reporters would loiter at the reception of the hospital, eager to speak with staff or family members about Gilham’s condition.

    Perhaps strangely, the case would suddenly disappear from public view. As would Gilham himself. Nothing much is on record following the declaration on the 11th November that his condition had improved. And that he was to be released from hospital the following day. Where he went, or if he even left the facility, is strangely still open to debate.

    Sightings Remain Consistent

    Heading back to Nebraska, and in more contemporary times, UFO activity has always remained consistent. For example, on the evening that (then) Governor of California, Ronald Reagan was giving his acceptance speech as the nominee for the Republican party for the 1980 US election, 17th July 1980 in North Platte, two unnamed witnesses saw “several rock-shaped objects” flying purposely across the sky. The two witnesses were at an ice-rink party when they happened to look upwards a little after 10 pm. After ten seconds or so they “vanished into a puffy white cloud”. Interestingly, the following year on 19th October 1981, in the same location, three objects were tracked by radar moving across the sky. Multi-colored discs were also reported by five separate witnesses.

    In Sutherland on 15th November 1983, while approaching a group of youths who were obviously trying to stash away the beer they were drinking, a police officer, and the group themselves, witnessed a “dark metallic craft” moving across the sky at an altitude of around 2,000 feet. The witnesses would report that the strange craft had what appeared to be rows of windows along the middle of it. As the group watched events unfold in awe, three circles suddenly “flashed a bright white light” and the mysterious object sped away into the night sky.

    Even more recently on 22nd July 2000 in Ogallala, three friends witnessed a huge craft with equally large panels making up its exterior. These panels flashed both colors and shapes “unlike anything they had ever see”. On 29th June 2007, an anonymous truck driver would report three bright lights, in a triangular formation. They moved across the sky as he walked to his truck shortly before midnight. After several minutes it vanished vertically in a flash.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Why Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Are A National Security Risk And Also An Opportunity For Progress

    Why Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Are A National Security Risk And Also An Opportunity For Progress

    A career’s worth of intelligence work for the U.S. Government has taught me one key lesson: national security is a lot like playing a game of chess. You have to anticipate your opponent’s every move in order to remain one step ahead.

    Disclosing your strategy will be used against you. But if you recognize certain opportunities, you can win the match.

    When I headed the government’s highly sensitive Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), I worked with a team to assess whether a particular chess piece — in this case in the form of an unfamiliar aerial technology — was a threat to our side of the chess board.

    If it was, we had to know how to counter it.

    Since the Government views Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) as a potential national security issue, they’re secretive by necessity. They don’t want to reveal any information to a potential enemy.

    But there are risks to keeping that information classified.

    Say the person who first learned how to harness fire never shared it with the next generation, or the person who invented the telescope threw it away when he was done using it. What if the creator of the wheel decided it was too labor intensive for others to build and decided, “Forget it”?

    As a species, we’re meant to evolve. And we needed those advancements to get to where we are today. Reports of strange crafts with seemingly inexplicable properties have been circulating within the U.S. Government for at least 70 years, which suggests it isn’t going away. There is “something out there.”

    Declassifying certain information about UAP and sharing it with the public could lead to new technological discoveries, new forms of medical research, and a broader view of how humanity understands reality.

    Here’s why:

    A government must assume anything is a threat until it has been proven otherwise.

    When determining whether an unknown entity is friend or foe, the U.S. Government looks at factors including capabilities, intentions, vulnerabilities, and exploitability. A close look at these factors reveals just how little UAPs are understood.

    Advancements in our understanding of physics at the quantum level have helped shed faint light on the potential science behind UAPs. But these advancements have also shown us that UAPs have superior technical knowledge as well. If these capabilities fell into the hands of a foreign adversary, it would be a decisive game-changer.

    Likewise, the intentions of UAPs haven’t been made clear to us at this point. There could be a number of reasons for their presence, ranging from peaceful curiosity to a probe for battlespace preparation. The possibilities are numerous.

    UAP vulnerabilities, however, remain a complete mystery. Some have hypothesized that there’s a correlation between UAPs and our nuclear capabilities, while others have suggested that nuclear-generated electromagnetic pulses are a potential weakness.

    Regardless, we still don’t really know what vulnerabilities UAPs might have short of speculation. Right now, it’s anyone’s guess.

    From a national security perspective, exploitation is the holy grail of endeavors. It’s critical to determine whether UAP technology could be reverse-engineered and used to our benefit, but we can’t exploit such technology unless we first understand it.

    When it comes to UAPs, the U.S. knows less than it should, and perhaps much less than our adversaries.

    The potential rewards outweigh the risks.

    There is always a risk involved when it comes to communicating national security issues to the public. But it’s subjective. The significance of that risk depends on who you ask.

    If you ask a military leader, for example, they would say government secrecy about advanced aerospace phenomena is crucial because you want to avoid broadcasting your capabilities and intentions to your potential enemy.

    A politician would view UAPs completely differently. They may ask, “Is this something potential voters need to know, or will concealing it cause my constituents to lose faith in me? How does this discussion affect the voters and my ability to represent them?”

    A religious figure, on the other hand, would likely be more concerned with the religious and philosophical implications UAPs might have on his or her faith.

    There are countless examples throughout history of individuals challenging the prevailing systems of power with radical scientific ideas.

    When Galileo told the church hundreds of years ago that Earth was not the center of the solar system, for example, they nearly killed him for it.

    As someone without a political or religious agenda, I’m free to say the rewards outweigh the risks in this situation. For example, in December 2017 our team at To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science helped release U.S. military footage of UAPs. No government imploded, no religion dissolved.

    Like Galileo, our mission is simple. Collect and disseminate the truth about the unknown. As long as the risks don’t compromise national security, the rewards can benefit all.

    Scientific truths help push society forward.

    At this point, there’s no question about whether UAPs are out there — they are. People can choose to either continue to live with their heads buried in the sand, or they can take a proactive approach to the phenomenon.

    Centuries ago, when mankind first stood on the shores of a beach and contemplated sailing across the horizon, the chorus shouted, “You’re crazy! You’re going to fall off the Earth! There are sea monsters!”

    But now, in the 21st century, people travel across oceans every day. What our ancestors thought were sea monsters are great white sharks, blue whales, and giant squid. It turns out that they’re just another part of our natural environment.

    Once people committed to discovering the truth for themselves, it was no longer mystical, it was just nature.

    But because government processes demand secrecy when it comes to classified information, false knowledge about UAPs spreads rapidly. Secrecy empowers people selling their snake oil and YouTubers profit from peddling their ill-informed narratives about UFOs. Soon people start believing Elvis lives on the mothership — just as they once believed you could fall off the edge of the Earth.

    The more knowledge people have, the better they will be able to master their own destinies, and not be held hostage to the monsters of their imaginations.

    Attribution: Luis Elizondo - Medium: Director of Special Programs at To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, FMR AATIP Director for USG Department of Defense.

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    Witness filmed UFOs being shot by Helicopters

    UFOs attacked by Helicopters (Raw Footage), Witness filmed UFOs being shot by Helicopters
    Date: 2018-10-12 
    Location: Albuquerque, NM, US
    Source: MUFON }

    14-10-2018 om 18:30 geschreven door peter

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