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Wil je een videoclip bekijken en stoort het X-files-deuntje jou daarbij. Schakel het  deuntje gewoon uit door in deze kolon, helemaal beneden op de 2 witte balkjes in het blauwe cirkeltje te klikken, tot een pijltje verschijnt. Veel kijk- en luisterplezier en bedankt voor jouw bezoek.

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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandeliiks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.THE BLACK KNIGHT SATELLITE: REAL OR MYTH?


    The Black Knight is allegedly an extraterrestrial satellite that has traveled in a polar orbit around the Earth for an estimated 13,000 years.

    In 1899, Nikola Tesla is said to be one of the first to pick up the signal of the satellite during his radio experiments. However, some experts have suggested that Tesla actually received signals from pulsars (neutron stars) and misinterpreted his findings.

    Since then, there have been many stories attributed to the Black Knight but they seem to be a hodge-podge of singular instances and events that don’t correlate with one another. Even the name “black knight” has no traceable origin story.

    The picture above was taken by NASA in 1998 and is considered irrefutable evidence that the Black Knight satellite exists. Though, the official story from NASA reveals that the dark object is mere space debris.  It’s said to be a piece of a thermal blanket that escaped during an EVA mission.

    When I first heard of the Black Knight satellite I really wanted to believe that it existed. I’ve done a ton of research hoping that I would find some kind of evidence that the extraterrestrial satellite does, in fact, exist. To my disappointment, nothing really stood out for me. The stories and events around the satellite have no cohesive thread. (If you want to read a super comprehensive article about the history of the Black Knight and how it relates to other UFO sightings read this article: The Black Knight Sattelite: Sentinel from Space.)

    The instances described to be Black Knight related could be attributed to other anomalies or paranormal events. Much of the picture “evidence” looks obviously doctored. The picture below is supposed to be a screenshot from an alleged short video of the Columbia space shuttle in the same orbit as the Black Knight satellite. You can check out one of the incarnations of the video here.

    Unfortunately, the video and this picture look like a copy-and-paste job. The satellite does not move and it looks suspiciously like the object in the NASA picture turned slightly so that it’s at a different angle.

    Nowhere, in any of the video descriptions did I find any kind of source cited for where this video came from or if NASA had officially released it. That, in itself, is highly suspect. NASA has a history of releasing statements for any footage or pictures that even tiptoes into the fringe arena. They like to prove people wrong.

    If you want to know more about the NASA photo then check out the video below. There’s footage of the thermal blanket (that’s supposedly in the NASA picture above) escaping into space. So, you can make your own judgment about whether the NASA picture and the thermal blanket are the same thing.

    I’m always skeptical of NASA’s “explanations” so I’m not entirely sure if I believe that the 1998 photo is the thermal blanket they claim. However, in my mind, there definitely was a resemblance and I could see how that official story got attached to the picture.

    I can’t say for certain I believe in the Black Knight. I’m more inclined to think that it’s a cool mythology strung together through the retelling of random paranormal accounts and some really cool NASA pictures of space debris. Decide for yourself.

    {nvusalien­.com }

    18-08-2018 om 01:05 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:MYSTERIES , Complot Theories, ed ( EN, FR, NL )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.There's something you're not being told about Earth...

    There's something you're not being told about Earth...

    There's something you're not being told about Earth...

    Last night, whilst trawling through YouTube I came across an interesting 44m video that I think deserves a rational debate.

    Through the ages of modern civilisation, mankind has become divided on the subject of Planet Earth.

    • Flat
    • Hollow
    • Round
    • Holographic

    Most open-minded intelligent people know that there is something about Earth that we aren't being told. Due to this, there is a growing mistrust between Citizens, Governments and Corporations, which leave many to believe in alternative narratives.

    The Government's & Corporations will not admit, (or deny) with full transparency, or disclose anything but the 'official' narrative it developed itself - on a need to know basis, which amounts to confusion and conspiracies both from far-fetched to plausible.

    For arguments sake, I'm going to go ahead and say that the Earth isn't F... Shhh. Calm down already. OK fine. Let's pretend the Earth isn't flat because everything points to it being round. OK? Just watch the damn video.

    The video is about Antarctica, Agartha, and Admiral Bird.

    This may also explain:

    • Our missing history - where we came from
    • The home of the Cabal who rule us.
    • UFO's
    • Underground tunnels and bunker systems.
    • Hitlers research expedition teams.
    • Atlantis
    • Other lost tribes & civilisations
    • Earth's magnetization
    • Dare I say it without being heckled - Religion.

    What do you guys think? Hope you enjoyed! }

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    Categorie:MYSTERIES , Complot Theories, ed ( EN, FR, NL )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Strange Interdimensional Portals in the Sky

    Strange Interdimensional Portals in the Sky

    A common theme in science fiction is that of the portal through space, time, alternate dimensions, or all three. These strange doorways open up into realms unknown, providing a passage to the outer fringes of our reality and our understanding. Yet, by some accounts these openings through space and time are not merely the domain of science fiction, but actually do exist. One place where such outlandish portals seem to materialize quite often is up in the sky above our heads, and here in the heavens above we can find all manner of reports and even photographic evidence of what appears to be something straight out of a science fiction story.

    Among the types of portals said to have opened up in the sky are those that seem to be undeniably linked to the UFO phenomenon, with these mysterious craft apparently utilizing these doorways for their own inscrutable purposes. One very interesting report of what is claimed to some sort of alien portal in the sky occurred in May of 2015, when an amateur nature photographer snapped a pic of something very strange in the skies over the province of Groningen in the Netherlands during a storm. As he was taking pictures of the ominous dark clouds gathering above he claims that he saw a bright flash in the sky, which he managed to capture on film, yet when the photo was developed it was found to show what appeared to be some sort of doorway up in the sky emitting vapor or disgorging something else. Is this just a camera trick? What is it?

    An image of the strange portal

    The following year, on October 1, 2016, a very unusual aerial phenomenon was observed over Bridge City, Texas. According to UFO investigation investigators SecureTeam 10, on this evening at around 11PM a point of white light appeared in the sky, which then steadily formed a streak across the sky, growing larger and brighter, as well as taking on an orange hue. Witnesses reported that it eventually took the form of a bright orange slit in the sky, which seemed to pulse in cycles, and looked like “some sort of portal.” One witness was able to catch footage of the strange sight on a cell phone, which you can see here.

    The weird brightening and dimming portal reportedly stayed stationary for around 10 minutes before fading away to leave witnesses baffled. According to the reports, during this time numerous cars at nearby Port Arthur purportedly inexplicably died on the road, their engines stalling for no apparent reason, and SecureTeam 10’s Tyler Glockner claims that hundreds of motorists were effected by this anomaly, their cars stopping dead in their tracks while still in motion and in some cases causing them to careen right off the road. Many of the witnesses also reported hearing a high-pitched whine spew forth from their radios before the cars and all electrical equipment ceased to function, and it has been speculated this was all caused by some sort of electromagnetic pulse connected to the strange object in the sky. Glockner would say of the odd incident:

    Now that seems to me like an EMP (electromagnetic) wave, something like that. Something was knocking out power systems along this area very close to where the mysterious streak of light was sighted.

    Was this caused by a UFO utilizing some sort of ultra-dimensional portal or is there some rational explanation? Also in 2016 was a video that heavily made the rounds that was originally posted on You Tube by a user called “Myserio Canal.” In the footage can be seen some odd clouds that begin to swirl about to form some kind of vortex in the sky, and just when it seems things can’t get any odder a bright streak of light flies straight at the portal and enters it, much to the shock of those observing it. Shortly after this UFO speeds into this mass of rotating clouds the whole thing vanishes as if it was never there at all. The video, entitled Dimensional portal in the sky absorbs a UFO, was heavily viewed and discussed and debated. While there are those who truly embrace it as genuine, it has been widely denounced by many as a hoax, and it does not help that there is no time or location for the footage given. Alien portal or hot air? You can see it here and decide for yourself.

    Yet another YouTube video purportedly showing a UFO using a mysterious portal has proven to be just as controversial and was released in 2018 by channel “MRMB333.” The footage was apparently taken in the skies of Alabama during an eerie looking storm, by a witness known simply as “Nicholas.” The video shows what looks like some kind of anomalous glow flickering in the clouds as a UFO hovers nearby. The video quickly racked up over 100,000 views and stirred up plenty of debate as to what it could be, with many suggesting it was an inter-dimensional portal that may have even caused the storm, and with of course many also crying “Fake!” Real or not, it certainly is a spooky sight either way. You can see it here.

    A still from the Alabama portal footage

    In 2018 another video came forward, this time from the country of Scotland. In this case there can be seen a bright circular blue light hovering in the sky over Midlothian, located near Edinburgh, which looks very much like a portal of some type. An unidentified object can then be seen passing very close to this “portal” before it blinks out of existence. Again, this video became a viral sensation at the time, and has been speculated as being everything from an inter-dimensional portal, to just a spotlight or the moon behind the clouds. What do you think it is? There are countless other very similar videos out there, and it all makes one wonder just what is going on.

    Besides inter-dimensional portals apparently created by extraterrestrial intelligences, there are also plenty of reports of such doorways conjured up by secret government projects right here on Earth. By far the most notorious of these come from that wellspring of conspiracy theories, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), operated by The European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN. The largest and most powerful particle accelerator in the world, the LHC is located 300 feet underground directly below the the CERN Control Centre in Geneva, Switzerland, and is comprised of a vast loop stretching 27 kilometers (about 17 miles).

    This loop is more or less used to hurl subatomic particles at extreme speeds in order to smash them into each other to test what will happen for the purpose of unlocking some of the secrets of our universe, including recreating the conditions of the Big Bang, to find out how our universe was create, and find dark matter, among others. Perhaps one of the most famous discoveries linked to the various experiments at the LHC was the observation of Higgs Boson particles, which give matter mass and up until then had been purely theoretical. In addition to the official explanation of this facility, there are many, many conspiracy theories about what “really goes on down there.”

    The Large Hadron Collider

    Indeed, the very presence of such a large scientific facility located deep underground, its innately somewhat scary-sounding premise of smashing particles together at the speed of light, and its being manned by scientists working on strange experiments down in the subterranean darkness, have all perhaps not surprisingly at all given the location a somewhat ominous reputation, causing quite a bit of concern among the public and spawning all sorts of wild theories about what is really going on there. In additions to alarm and fears that the LHC will create miniature black holes or undo reality itself are various ideas and rumors that CERN is up to all kinds of top-secret experiments and no goodery down there in the bowels of the earth. One of the more popular conspiracy theories is that the facility is actively engaged in opening rifts between dimensions in order to enable teleportation, form doorways to alternate realities, and facilitate travel through time and space.

    Evidence for this sort of inter-dimensional activity is often offered in the form of the various strange things that have allegedly been photographed or filmed in the skies over CERN over the years, including UFOS, strange vortices, and other unexplained aerial phenomena. For instance, in December of 2015 footage was taken by some tourists of what seems to be an orb of some sort entering what appears to be some kind of portal or vortex, which vanishes as soon as the unidentified object enters it. Another similar video from May of 2016 supposedly shows some sort of portal in the clouds that appeared right after the power went out at CERN, an incident they claimed was caused by a weasel getting into some of the sensitive machinery.

    Strange vortex over CERN

    It is interesting to note that a lot of the anomalous events that have purportedly occurred at CERN seem to coincide with blackouts, such as an alleged ripple that was sent out from the facility in 2009 that purportedly disrupted the Earth’s magnetic field and distorted space and time, also right at the time of a blackout at the facility. A report from Russia claimed that this very same “time wave” had instantaneously teleported an Airbus on its way to Bolivia thousands of miles away to the Canary Islands, along with its 170 passengers. This time the blackout was blamed on a piece of bread that had fallen into the device after being dropped by a bird. One would hope that such an advanced scientific facility deep underground would be able to keep out all of the weasels, birds and bread that’ve seemingly been jamming their equipment.

    One of the more recent such series of photographic oddness came in the wake of another ambitious project undertaken in recent years by CERN, which itself has already drawn a fair amount of conspiracy theories. The project is what CERN calls the Advanced Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment, or AWAKE, which has the aim of accelerating super-charged particles by way of “plasma wakefields driven by a proton beam.” It is not necessary to really understand what all of that means, only that it sounds rather ominous, scary even, and this may be why it has been singled out as one of the experiments focused on opening portals between worlds.

    On June 24, 2016, photographs of alarming, portal-shaped cloud formations were taken in the skies above CERN not long after the AWAKE project was off the ground and on the same day that an experiment was scheduled. The story was big news at the time, and in a video on the phenomenon entitled What Portal did CERN open now?, the narrator says of the strange sight:

    This insane ball of energy was directly over the LHC. Some people reported seeing faces in it. It is amazing they keep messing with nature and denying it. What is in the cloud – some say it is lightning or a massive ball of energy. The amount of energy pulling from nature into the collider itself, you can actually see it. What portals are doors being opened in this cloud? Is it a coincidence they had just started the Awake experiment?

    Photograph from the June, 2016 event taken by witness Dean Gill

    While photographs and videos such as these could have a rational explanation in known phenomena or even be cleverly crafted CGI hoaxes, there are a fairly large number of people who insist that these are the result of CERN experiments pursuing the opening of inter-dimensional doorways. It is unclear whether the LHC is being used to open these portals, intentionally or otherwise, or not, but it does seem certain that conspiracy theories and fears will continue to swirl around it as long as it is in operation.

    Here we have looked at just a selection of weird portals that seem to have opened up in the heavens for reasons that remain unknown and perhaps always will be. Are these hoaxes, misidentifications, or little understood natural phenomena in action? Or could it be that rifts in space and time have actually been created. If so, then where they lead or what purpose they serve no one really knows, but whether real or not, accounts such as we will look at here truly stir up the imagination for some time to come. }

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    Categorie:MYSTERIES , Complot Theories, ed ( EN, FR, NL )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.AGARTHA, A SUBTERRANEAN WORLD INSIDE OUR PLANET, CONFIRMED BY TOP SECRET NAZI MAPS AND DOCUMENTS


    Us humans know a lot about the surface of the Earth. We've drilled oil rigs into it, mapped it, and studied it so many times that we can pretty much find out anything about the Earth from some database out there. However, we know very little about the inside of the Earth, a fact that the Nazis think that they have a lead into.  

    Map of Neuschwabenland

    Nazi maps were recently uncovered that brought up questions as to whether the Earth is partially hollow and inhabited by lifeforms that we might have never seen. There are even stories of these Nazis who explored the polar regions of the Earth and going so far as to create secret bases in Antarctica.



    Maps for the passage of the depths of the seas. Use only during manoeuvers! Instructions to pass spaces and corridors for the voyage to Agartha.


    Beyond the Nazis, many other researchers have discovered and published material regarding Operation Highjump and Admiral Byrd's journeys in which technologically-advanced airships and UFO were believed to be seen flying around, and even aggressively engaging with them. In addition, a top-secret map found in a U-Boat depicts many secret passages that were used by the U-boats to explore unknown and mysterious underground regions. All these maps indicated that the center of the Earth is hollow. But why have the Nazis kept this a secret for so long? Such a fact would be of great curiosity to man if it were found true.  

    This is a close up of the document showing us the NS Seal and advice on how to work with it.

    " Translation:

    After returning from the assigment hand in at the secret department! IN CASE OF DANGER DESTROY FIRST! Printed for the Military Navy in an edition of 1300 copies at the special laboratory of the KZ Dachau. January 1944.

    Perhaps all this was merely a propaganda scheme made for the war. After all, the Nazis wanted to establish themselves as a master race, and making it look like they had access to underground U-Boat tunnels and that they could communicate with supernatural things such as UFOs would make them look very dominant if that U-Boat were to be captured by the enemy.  

    This map shows us the main continent of this hemisphere named Liberia. The main ocean here again is also the Valkarian Ocean. On the lower part of the map the city of Shambala is depicted. The Tibetan Monks believe that the City of Shambala is not on our surface but on the inside of the Earth. This map of the Inner Earth shows us the actual position of Shambala confirming the actual existence of this mythical place.  

    Or maybe the Nazis wanted to keep this information secret to us in case they ever needed to use it for military needs in the future. Think about it: having access to secret underground tunnels could lead to more efficient and safe travel over enemy waters.  

    This is a letter from a German U Boat crewman of U-209. He says in the letter that U-209 commanded by Heinrich Brodda made it to the Inner Earth of Agharta and that they wouldn't be coming back.  


    Dear old comrade, This message will be a surprise to you. The U Boat 209 has made it, the Earth is HOLLOW! Dr. Haushofer and Hess were right. The whole crew is doing well, but they cannot come back. We are no prisoners. I am certain, that this message will reach you, it is the last contact with the U 209. We will meet again comrade. I am worried about the people that have to live on the surface, since the Fuehrer is gone.

    God bless our Germany always.

    With hearty greetings,

    Karl Unger

    Whether the Earth is hollow or not, the Nazis have left us quite a puzzle to deal with. Hopefully one day we will take a "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and find out!  



    More info and translations of all the text on the documents:


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    Over mijzelf
    Ik ben Pieter, en gebruik soms ook wel de schuilnaam Peter2011.
    Ik ben een man en woon in Linter (België) en mijn beroep is Ik ben op rust..
    Ik ben geboren op 18/10/1950 en ben nu dus 67 jaar jong.
    Mijn hobby's zijn: Ufologie en andere esoterische onderwerpen.
    Op deze blog vind je onder artikels, werk van mezelf. Mijn dank gaat ook naar André, Ingrid, Oliver, Paul, Vincent, Georges Filer en MUFON voor de bijdragen voor de verschillende categorieën... Veel leesplezier en geef je mening over deze blog.
    Zoeken in blog


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