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Wil je een videoclip bekijken en stoort het X-files-deuntje jou daarbij. Schakel het  deuntje gewoon uit door in deze kolon, helemaal beneden op de 2 witte balkjes in het blauwe cirkeltje te klikken, tot een pijltje verschijnt. Veel kijk- en luisterplezier en bedankt voor jouw bezoek.

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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandelijks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.5 Of The Most Believable Alien Encounters

    5 Of The Most Believable Alien Encounters

    Thousands of people claim to have had alien encounters. Some appear credible, while others… not so much. We found that the 5 stories in this video seemed to be among the most believable.

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    Categorie:News from the FRIENDS of facebook ( ENG )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.If Mars once had life, what happened to it?

    If Mars once had life, what happened to it?


    After studying the red planet for decades, scientists admit that there is a great possibility that an impact of a asteroid or comet altered the faith of the Red Planet, compared to Earth, Mars is full of impact craters but that isn't that strange since Mars has a very uncomfortable position in our solar System, right next to the Asteroid belt. due to this, Mars is constantly being bombarded by asteroids, unlike Earth Mars does not have a bigger moon to shield it against incoming asteroids.

    Looking back in history we know that the Earth has been impacted in the past by large space rock and some of those impacts have possibly changed the history of our planet. One of the best examples we know of, is the Chicxulub impact crater located in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico (see image above) which some scientists believe to have been the number one reason for the extinction of the Dinosaurs.

    So if this happened here on Earth, would something similar be possible on Mars? On the red planet we find a very interesting impact crater located in the Lyot region, and it is approx. 125 miles in diameter. The area of this impact crater tells us just how powerful the impact was and it could have been one of the main causes why Mars today is just a “desert”. This comet strike may have caused a profound disruption to Mars’ planetary system. It would have been an  absolutely devastating planet climate-changing event. So is it possible that long before losing its atmosphere, Mars sustained life? Even civilizations that once called the red planet “home”? If so, where did the Martian’s go? did they survive? Did they escape before these cataclysmic events? And is Mars connected in any way to Earth? These are just some of the questions that desperately want to be answered.

    On July 20, 1976 after a ten-month journey from Earth, Viking I reached its destination, the red planet. The images that Viking I sent back to Earth were amazing, and some of them showed that Mars was not that different from Earth. Some regions on Mars resemble places on Earth, like the Death Valley. Where the story about Viking I gets interesting is after it performed several tests in search for life on the red planet. Viking I returned controversial results.  Dr. Gil Levin designed one of the tests that the Viking probe performed, a relatively “simple” test. He explained that Microorganisms breathe just like you or I or anything else, and then they give off carbon dioxide. What NASA did is, they took a small sample of Martian soil, placed it inside a small container and this container was monitored for a week for signs of “bubbles” inside of the tube, and after seven days, the unexpected happened. The test for life on Mars was positive by criteria accepted by NASA as “bubbles” were registered inside the Viking I container. While this test returned positive for life, other tests with different criteria came up negative. NASA were very cautious in this matter and opted to say: “There is no proof of life on Mars“.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Mars vs mixed Earth and Fission Xenon (30/70)

    Some scientists suggest that Mars may have had an atmosphere similar to Earth’s atmosphere, and it got annihilated about 65 million years ago. Adding to this suggestion, ideas have formed in the past which tell the possibility that the civilization that once inhabited Mars, fled to Earth in search for refugee. So does this make us the “Martians” we have desperately tried to find?  Some scientists say they've found powerful evidence of lost civilizations on the red planet and in fact, they believe they may have discovered a nuclear signature in the Martian atmosphere that matches Earth’s after a nuclear test. According to scientists there are very large traces of Xenon-129 on Mars and the only process that we know that produces Xenon-129 is a nuclear explosion. Is this just another coincidence that shows how similar Mars is to Earth? Or does it provide evidence that Mars was very different in the past?

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Documented cases of Alien abductions PUBLISHED 23:02, 31 AUGUST 2015

    Documented cases of Alien abductions

    Alien implants and abductions have become very "popular" and emerged in the second half of the twentieth century, and since then have grown to become one of the most striking, mysterious and popular aspects of ufology. There are hundreds if not thousands of stories that speak of abductions and Alien contact in all corners of our planet, interestingly most of these "stories" have very similar details which make these tales of abductions even more mysterious. But are these abductions real? Or is it possible that they are made-up stories as many people suggest?
    Here we have some of the most famous stories of Alien abductions that have been registered.
    1961. Betty and Barney Hill (the Abduction): The couple was returning from their holiday driving down the road, at night, when they stopped to observe a strange star in the sky, as the "star" approached it turned out to be a spacecraft. Betty and Barney Hill reported that they could not remember at least two hours of that night; then, by practicing regressive hypnosis, they reconstructed the events and remembered their chilling contact with Alien beings.
    1967. Betty Andreasson: One of the strangest encounters and abductions took place in 1967 when a mother of 7 children was in the kitchen; her husband, her father and mother in the living room. Suddenly, a powerful red light came through the kitchen window, illuminating the entire house. Moments later, five alien creatures entered the house and had telepathic conversations with some of the family members. The Alien beings abducted Betty Andreasson for a couple of hours.
    1967. The Herbert Schirmer abduction. In 1967, officer Schirmer was in his patrol car near the intersection of two highways, when he saw a mysterious of huge truck that had stopped, and was lit with giant red lights. He approached the object and noticed that the lights were actually part of a metallic, oval-shaped structure which took of into the sky. When he checked what time it was so he could write the report, he noticed that he had been "gone" for three hours instead of only a few minutes that he remembered.
    1993. Kelly Cahill abduction. In August of 1993, Kelly Cahill, 27, her husband and three children came back home after a family excursion. All of a sudden, they are intercepted by strange beings devoid of color. (Greys?) She described the beings as being creatures with an absence of soul.

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    Categorie:News from the FRIENDS of facebook ( ENG )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.La cité engloutie du lac Fuxian au Yunnan - 2012 - MAJ 08-2015

    La cité engloutie du lac Fuxian au Yunnan - 2012 - MAJ 08-2015



    Il y a de cela quelques années (2006),  des fouilles archéologiques dans le lac Fuxian au Yunnan (Sud-Est de la Chine) ont découverts un certain nombres d’objets antiques, de la vaisselle (en photo) et des vestiges de bâtiments au fond du lac laisse a penser qu’une cité datant de l'époque des Han (206 av. J-C-220 ap JC)  y serait engloutie.

    On a notamment découvert un mur de pierre de 30 m de long, de 1,5 m de haut. Le mur avait été façonné à l'aide de pierres régulières; entre celles-ci les jointures étaient visibles. Le mur et les pierres détachées étaient également marqués d'empreintes artificielles. Pour les archéologues, il s'agit peut-être du tronçon de l'enceinte d'une cité ancienne. Ils ont trouvé là une grande dalle dont une face est recouverte de mousses tandis que l'autre est lisse. Les spécialistes estiment que la dalle pavait la place de la cité ancienne



    Les vestiges de la cité, s'étendent sur une longueur de 2 000 m du nord au sud et une largeur de 1 200 m d'est en ouest. Etant donné son envergure, la superficie occupée et son aspect majestueux, cette construction antique submergée est un cas rare en Chine comme dans le monde.

    Quel peuple vivait dans cette cité ? et comment s’est-elle retrouvée engloutie par les eaux ? En 2006, une nouvelle expédition à découvert les vestiges d’une pyramide semblable à celles des mayas.

    Geng Wei, chef du département de recherche sur les monuments sous-marins du lac Fuxian à Yuxi, a annoncé lors de la deuxième expédition scientifique, le 22 juin 2006 : « Cette pyramide est différente de celles qu'on trouve en Egypte dans la mesure où son sommet est plat. Ce genre de pyramide rappelle plutôt les édifices mayas, qui sont pourvus d'une plate-forme au lieu d'être en pointe. Apparemment le sommet de la pyramide servait à certaines activités. » Geng Wei a affirmé qu'il y a une trentaine d'édifices de ce type sous le lac Fuxian, dont neuf ont une taille comparable à la pyramide qui vient d'être découverte.



    Selon les analyses des images du sonar, plusieurs bâtiments et 2 édifices comparables aux pyramides mayas seraient ainsi enfouis sous l’eau ! Les chercheurs auraient également mis en évidence la présence d’une route reliant les 2 pyramides, qui mesureraient 60 mètres de large pour une hauteur de 21 mètres... Ces constructions sont peut-être l’oeuvre d’une civilisation antique datant d’au moins 2000 ans...

    Le 3 juin 2006, l'équipe d'archéologues a travaillé pendant trois heures au fond du lac Fuxian. Elle a découvert nombre d'objets antiques dont une pierre de 70 cm de long et de plus de 100 kg. L'observation faite sous l'eau par les membres de l'équipe confirme la présence de motifs gravés en creux. Après de longs efforts, ils ont fini par déplacer la pierre jusqu'à la rive. Il s'agissait d'une pierre de calcaire, érodée par l'eau. Les spécialistes estiment, au degré d'érosion, qu'elle avait plus de 1 000 ans.



    Une autre découverte est une marmite en terre cuite au fond plat, à la bordure et au fond bien usés.

    Selon les spécialistes, ce genre de marmite, datant de l'époque allant des Royaumes combattants (475-221 av. J.-C.) aux dynasties des Han et des Wei (220-265), avait été déterrée dans les environs des lacs Dianchi et Fuxian. Ils soutiennent que ce sont des ustensiles qui étaient destinés à cuire le riz. Cette découverte de grande importance révèle le secret des vestiges du fond du lac d'après eux.

    Les spécialistes ont daté, à l'aide de procédés radioactifs, la construction antique : elle a été engloutie il y a 1 750 ans environ. Les dates de sa fondation sont impossibles pour l'instant à déterminer.

    Deux hypothèses ont été avancées pour expliquer la submersion de la cité par l'eau : un tremblement de terre ou un affaissement de terrain. La cité n’a pas livrée tous ses mystères en raison de la difficulté des fouilles sous l’eau.


    Yunnan carte 300x240

    MAJ 31-08-2015 :  2008 :Certains experts estiment, au sujet de la structure de la construction engloutie, qu'elle est extrêmement similaire aux styles de construction de l'ancien Pays Dian, un pays avec un haut niveau de civilisation. Après -86 avant JC, il a mystérieusement disparu.

    Mais d'autres experts se méfient, en disant qu'il est trop tôt pour faire cette conclusion parce que l'archéologie est un processus long et complexe. Résoudre l'énigme de la vieille ville exige des fouilles archéologiques et des recherches minutieuses à long terme.


    Lacfuxian chine4

    Autres Énigmes dans le lac Fuxian

    Avec la découverte de la ville en contrebas, le lac Fuxian a pris des proportions mythiques, presque aussi insondables qu'une fable grecque. Seules quelques parties des secrets du site englouti se sont révélées. Des légendes ont prévalu pendant plus de 1000 ans.

    Pegasus dans Fuxian lac

    Le 24 Octobre 1991, un homme du nom de Zhang Yuxiang pêchait sur le lac tranquillement. Soudain, lui et d'autres prétendent qu'un disque brillant a jaillit du lac alors qu'un gros brouillard s'était formé. Le disque a disparu dans les airsLe bateau a été ballotté par des vagues soudaines. Ce phénomène étrange a choqué Zhang et d'autres personnes avec lui.

    En fait, d'autres légendes de ce genre se sont propagées pendant une longue période.

    Selon "Cheng Fu Zhi Jang", un livre de la région écrit par l'empereur Daoguangun animal ressemblant au cheval vivait dans le lac. Son corps était d'un blanc pur avec des taches rouges sur son dos. Parfois, il volait rapidement hors de l'eau. Les gens qui l'ont vu ont été chanceux. Le Pegasus (le cheval Pégase des légendes) existe vraiment dans Fuxian Lake ?

    Secrets de bronze cachés

    Sur une colline ordinaire, Li Kaà l'ouest du lac Fuxianl'armée fait des patrouilles jour et nuit. Que protègent-ils ? Il y a de nombreuses années, il y avait là un ancien champ de bataille. Cependant, comme des moulages en bronze massif ont été excavés, ce tumulus est devenue une colline au trésor mystique.

    Ces moulages nous sont parvenus de la dernière période des Royaumes Combattants, de la période initiale de la dynastie des Han de l'Est, et ont été considérés comme une découverte importante de la culture de l'ancien pays Dian. Plus de 5000 moulages en bronze ont été excavés.

    Il y avait un autre phénomène étrange qui a eu lieu dans le Li KaLa foudre a frappé de nombreuses foisSelon les experts, des quantités massives de métaux doivent être enterrées là, qui présentent une attraction pour les secousses électriques. Y a-t-il encore beaucoup de moulages en bronze au Li Ka ?

    Il y a beaucoup de légendes se rappellent les populations locales. Une fable avait une description de " personnes qui ont coulé avec la vieille ville et qui vivent maintenant sous l'eau ". Et certaines personnes ont dit autrefois, " lors d'une plongée, ils ont repéré des momies debout dans le lac ".

    Il se peut que personne ne connait vraiment les nombreux secrets et miracles derrière le beau paysage du lac Fuxian ? "


    Lacfuxian chine

    2014 : " Des découvertes préhistoriques au fond du lac Fuxian "


    Lacfuxian chine2

    Image: Sohu

    Selon l'Association d'étude culturelle chinoise du Yunnan, 42 artefacts artificiels culturels préhistoriques en pierre ont été trouvés dans le lac Fuxian, dans la province du Yunnan, après 20 jours d'enquête scientifique. La découverte prouve qu'il y avait un site préhistorique dans Fuxian Lake, rapporte

    L'exploration scientifique a commencé le 26 septembre et s'est terminée le 15 octobre 2014. " Le groupe d'enquête était composé de scientifiques professionnels spécialisés dans différentes disciplines. L'enquête et l'exploration sont basés sur la recherche formelle organisé par CCTV en 2001 et 2006 ", a déclaré Zhao Tingguang, directeur de l'Association d'étude culturelle chinoise du Yunnan.


    Lacul fuxian 2

    Au centre du lac d'eau douce très limpide par endroits se trouve une petite île sur laquelle se trouvent plusieurs petits anciens temples.

    Selon Huang Yilu, professeur invité par l'Association culturelle chinoise, la recherche scientifique a tiré cinq conclusionsTout d'abord, le site préhistorique est à 191 mètres de la côte Est du lac FuxianDeuxièmement, aucun rapport documenté identique au site préhistorique nouvellement découvert n'a été trouvé. Troisièmement, selon une hypothèse, la culture sociale à l'époque vénérait le soleil et la lune et avait des pensées primitives. Quatrièmementplus de preuves sur le Yi Ching (ou Yi Jing, Yi-King, prononcé en français i ting, qui est un manuel chinois dont le titre peut se traduire par « Classique des changements » ou « Traité canonique des mutations ». Il s'agit d'un système de signes binaires qui peut être utilisé pour faire des divinations. Le Yi Jing s'appelle aussi Zhou Yi (周易, pinyin : Zhōu Yì, Wade-Giles : Chou1 I4) c'est-à-dire « changements de Zhou » pour la raison que son élaboration date du premier millénaire avant l'ère chrétienne, époque des Zhou (-1027 à -256 avant JC). Il occupe une place fondamentale dans l'histoire de la pensée chinoise et peut être considéré comme un traité unique en son genre dont la finalité est de décrire les états du monde et leurs évolutions. Premier des cinq classiques il est donc considéré comme le plus ancien texte chinois.) et des images de trigrammes composés de chiffres et de graphiques ont été trouvésCinquièmement, les scientifiques ont classé et numéroté les artefacts de pierre. En outre, un système de GPS a été mis en place pour suivre les artefacts (car dispercés chez plusieurs scientifiques pour études).


    Lacfuxian chine3

    Image: Sohu

    Selon les scientifiques du groupe d'enquête, le site architectural dans le lac Fuxian mesure environ 2400 kilomètres carrés avec 30 architectures de pierre. Actuellement, les universitaires ont étudié deux batiments à cet endroit, en laissant 28 à étudier encore.


    Lacfuxian chine1

    Image: Sohu

    Le lac Fuxian mesure environ 200 kilomètres carrés et il est le lac d'eau douce le plus profond en Chine, avec une profondeur de plus de 150 mètres.

    Sources :




    Région de Yunnan : la culture du colza a envahi totalement les tumulus anciens non étudiés...

    Une vidéo d'une des expéditions dans laquelle on ne voit rien du tout à part les plongeurs et quelques paysages... les autorités chinoises ne veulent pas trop montrer les choses encore apparemment...

    De belles photos de l'endroit :

    Yves Herbo Traductions © S, F, H,  04-2012 MAJ 31-08-2015

    { }

    31-08-2015 om 22:29 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:références - MAGONIE (Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.New theory leads to 'radiationless revolution'

    New theory leads to 'radiationless revolution'

    Physicists have found a radical new way confine electromagnetic energy without it leaking away, akin to throwing a pebble into a pond with no splash

    August 27, 2015
    Australian National University
    Physicists have found a radical new way confine electromagnetic energy without it leaking away, akin to throwing a pebble into a pond with no splash.The theory could have broad ranging applications from explaining dark matter to combating energy losses in future technologies.
    Visualization of dark matter as energy confined within non-radiating anapoles.
    Credit: Andrey Miroshnichenko

    Physicists have found a radical new way confine electromagnetic energy without it leaking away, akin to throwing a pebble into a pond with no splash.

    The theory could have broad ranging applications from explaining dark matter to combating energy losses in future technologies.

    However, it appears to contradict a fundamental tenet of electrodynamics, that accelerated charges create electromagnetic radiation, said lead researcher Dr Andrey Miroshnichenko from The Australian National University (ANU).

    "This problem has puzzled many people. It took us a year to get this concept clear in our heads," said Dr Miroshnichenko, from the ANU Research School of Physics and Engineering.

    The fundamental new theory could be used in quantum computers, lead to new laser technology and may even hold the key to understanding how matter itself hangs together.

    "Ever since the beginning of quantum mechanics people have been looking for a configuration which could explain the stability of atoms and why orbiting electrons do not radiate," Dr Miroshnichenko said.

    The absence of radiation is the result of the current being divided between two different components, a conventional electric dipole and a toroidal dipole (associated with poloidal current configuration), which produce identical fields at a distance.

    If these two configurations are out of phase then the radiation will be cancelled out, even though the electromagnetic fields are non-zero in the area close to the currents.

    Dr Miroshnichenko, in collaboration with colleagues from Germany and Singapore, successfully tested his new theory with a single silicon nanodiscs between 160 and 310 nanometres in diameter and 50 nanometres high, which he was able to make effectively invisible by cancelling the disc's scattering of visible light.

    This type of excitation is known as an anapole (from the Greek, 'without poles').

    Dr Miroshnichenko's insight came while trying to reconcile differences between two different mathematical descriptions of radiation; one based on Cartesian multipoles and the other on vector spherical harmonics used in a Mie basis set.

    "The two gave different answers, and they shouldn't. Eventually we realised the Cartesian description was missing the toroidal components," Dr Miroshnichenko said.

    "We realised that these toroidal components were not just a correction, they could be a very significant factor."

    Dr Miroshnichenko said the confined energy of anapoles could be important in the development of tiny lasers on the surface of materials, called spasers, and also in the creation of efficient X-ray lasers by high-order harmonic generation.

    S:tory Source

    The above post is reprinted from materials provided by Australian National UniversityNote: Materials may be edited for content and length.

    Journal Reference:

    1. Andrey E. Miroshnichenko, Andrey B. Evlyukhin, Ye Feng Yu, Reuben M. Bakker, Arkadi Chipouline, Arseniy I. Kuznetsov, Boris Luk’yanchuk, Boris N. Chichkov, Yuri S. Kivshar. Nonradiating anapole modes in dielectric nanoparticlesNature Communications, 2015; 6: 8069 DOI:10.1038/ncomms9069

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Pope Francis Warns About The ‘Reptilian’ Devil

    Pope Francis Warns About The ‘Reptilian’ Devil

    Pope Francis regularly mentions the devil in public speeches and on Twitter, with regular references to; the devil, Satan, the Accuser, the Evil One, the Father of Lies, the Ancient Serpent, the Tempter, the Seducer, the Great Dragon, the Enemy, demon, and legion.
    Note the terminology “serpent” and “dragon” – names some believe allude to reptilians (or “anunnaki”) who are often associated with the underworld.
    For Francis, the devil is not a myth, but a real person. Many modern people may greet the Pope’s insistence on the devil with a dismissive, cultural affectation, indifference, or at the most indulgent curiosity.
    Yet Francis refers to the devil continually. He does not believe him to be a myth, but a real person, the most insidious enemy of the church. Several of my theologian colleagues have said that he has gone a bit overboard with the devil and hell! We may be tempted to ask, why in the devil is Pope Francis so involved with the prince of demons?
    This intelligent Jesuit Pope is diving into deep theological waters, places where very few modern Catholic clerics wish to tread.
    Francis’ seeming preoccupation with the devil is not a theological or eschatological question as much as a call to arms, an invitation to immediate action, offering very concrete steps to do combat with the devil and the reign of evil in the world today.
    In his homilies, Francis warns people strongly to avoid discouragement, to seize hope, to move on with courage and not to fall prey to negativity or cynicism.
    He is drawing on the fundamental insight of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, the Pope’s own religious family. With his continual references to the devil, Pope Francis parts ways with the current preaching in the church, which is far too silent about the devil and his insidious ways or reduces him to a mere metaphor.
    During the first months of Francis’ pontificate in 2013, the Evil One appeared frequently in his messages. In his first major address to the cardinals who elected him, the Argentine pontiff reminded them: “Let us never yield to pessimism, to that bitterness that the devil offers us every day.”
    In several daily homilies in the chapel of the Vatican guest house, the Pope shared devilish stories with the small congregations rapt in attention as he homilized on taboo topics.
    He has offered guidelines on how to rout the demon’s strategy: First, it is Jesus who battles the devil.
    The second is that “we cannot obtain the victory of Jesus over evil and the devil by halves,” for as Christ said in the Gospel of Matthew, “who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters.”
    The Pope has stressed that we must not be naive: “The demon is shrewd: he is never cast out forever, this will only happen on the last day.”
    Francis has also issued calls to arms in his homilies: “The devil also exists in the 21st century, and we need to learn from the Gospel how to battle against him,” the Pope warned, adding that Christians should not be “naive” about the evil one’s ways. The devil is anything but a relic of the past, the pontiff said.
    Acknowledging the devil’s shrewdness, Francis once preached: “The devil is intelligent, he knows more theology than all the theologians together.”
    Before a crowd of people on Palm Sunday in 2013, the newly elected Pope even dared to say that when Christians face trials, Jesus is near, but so is “the enemy — the devil,” who “comes, often disguised as an angel and slyly speaks his word to us.”
    Most recently, on July 12, in the prepared text he was to deliver (in typical fashion he instead gave a masterful, unscripted address to 600,000 young people at a rally in Paraguay), the Pope presented the job description of the devil:
    “Friends: the devil is a con artist. He makes promises after promise, but he never delivers. He’ll never really do anything he says. He doesn’t make good on his promises. He makes you want things which he can’t give, whether you get them or not. He makes you put your hopes in things which will never make you happy.
    “… He is a con artist because he tells us that we have to abandon our friends, and never to stand by anyone. Everything is based on appearances. He makes you think that your worth depends on how much you possess.”
    Since the beginning of his papacy, Francis has been warning that whoever wants to follow Jesus must be aware of the reality of the devil. The life of every Christian is a constant battle against evil, just as Jesus during his life had to struggle against the devil and his many temptations.
    For Francis, the spirit of evil ultimately does not want our holiness, he does not want our Christian witness, he does not want us to be disciples of Christ.
    In all of these references to the devil and his many disguises, Pope Francis wishes to call everyone back to reality. The devil is so frequently active in our lives and in the church, drawing us into negativity, cynicism, despair, meanness of spirit, sadness and nostalgia.
    We must react to the devil, Francis says, as did Jesus, who replied with the Word of God. With the prince of this world one cannot dialogue.
    Dialogue is necessary among us, it is necessary for peace, it is an attitude that we must have among ourselves in order to hear each other, to understand each other. Dialogue is born from charity, from love.
    But with the Dark Prince one cannot dialogue; one can only respond with the Word of God that defends us.
    The devil has made a comeback in this pontificate and is playing an important role in Francis’ ministry. Francis is dead serious about the devil! And he takes every opportunity he can to tell the devil to get the hell out of our lives and our world.
    It’s not that Francis has been focusing on the evil one’s power, nor has he been mesmerized by the Harry Potter movies or by a desire to do sequels to the “Exorcist” movie: This Pope doesn’t watch TV!
    All of the temptations Francis speaks about so often are the realistic flip side to the heart of the Argentine Jesuit Pope’s message about the world that is charged with the grandeur, mercy, presence and fidelity of God. Those powers are far greater than the devil’s antics.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Colorado: Strange object filmed with IR camera 30-Aug-2015

    Colorado: Strange object filmed with IR camera 30-Aug-2015


    I just received this report:

    Location: Vail, Colorado, United States
    Date: Sunday, 30th August 2015

    Witness report: I just captured a UFO with my infrared camcorder that was first spotted over Silverthorne, CO by a few locals then I captured it with my camera 30 miles away motionless above the Gore Range in Vail, CO.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mystery in Space? Astronaut sees something ” Almost Alien”

    Mystery in Space? Astronaut sees something ” Almost Alien”

    The Docking of The Soyuz TMA-15M (Outpost 42) November 24th 2014.
    What did Samantha Cristoforetti see during the docking maneuver at the ISS?
    In the video made by the ESA (European Space Agency) during docking there are a few spots to take a look at.
    1:20 minutes in the box in the top right there is a spherical object coming down.
    At minute 4:34, A scream of surprise and wonder by Samantha causes Russian commander Anton Shkaplerov to tell her “calm, calm, calm”.
    She may not have know after docking the open mic is still on and states it was “Almost Alien.”
    See the Video:
    I don’t know what the object was at 1:20 mark?’…but when ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti started her approach to the International Space Station for the first time, nothing could have prepared her for what she was about to see.
    As she peered out of the side window of the Soyuz spacecraft she witnessed something that only a few astronauts have ever glimpsed – the moment that the sun catches the solar panels on the ISS as night turns to day.
    The result is an encompassing red glow that — as you can see from this video — is so powerful it bathes the Soyuz in a deep blood orange color.
    It’s hard to imagine what that sight must have been like but in her first blog post, Cristoforetti does her best to put the moment into words saying:
    “The enormous solar panels were inundated with a blaze of orange light, vivid, warm, almost alien. I could not help but exclaim something out loud, you can probably hear in the recordings of our docking.”
    One phrase there is interesting: ‘Almost alien’.
    Cover Up? or just an Astronauts Excitement?
    Samantha Cristoforetti is a European Space Agency astronaut, Italian Air Force pilot and engineer. She is the first Italian woman in space.
    The Soyuz TMA-15M spacecraft approaches the International Space Station. The spacecraft lifted off at 20:59 GMT on 23 November (21:59 CET; 02:59 local time 24 November) and reached orbit nine minutes later.
    Their spacecraft docked as planned at 02:49 GMT (03:49 CET), and the hatch to their new home in space was opened at 05:00 GMT (06:00 CET).

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.This Is Why We Never Went Back To The Moon

    This Is Why We Never Went Back To The Moon

    I believe that this nation should commit itself, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth… no single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind or more important for the long range exploration of space.”
    With his speech on May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy established the conquest of the Moon as a national goal.
    The space program, through NASA, was to have far reaching effects, developing new technologies and forcing the nation’s schools to emphasize the teaching of science and mathematics. It was a dramatic cultural revolution that eventually brought us things like velcro, Star Trek and the internet.
    But even before it started, our exploration of the Moon was destined to be short-lived. Despite all the promises and science fiction movies, humans would not build bases on the Moon, mine for minerals or use it as a stepping stone to other planets. In fact, the Moon would soon be forgotten and ignored by space research – why?
    But even before it started, our exploration of the Moon was destined to be short-lived. Despite all the promises and science fiction movies, humans would not build bases on the Moon, mine for minerals or use it as a stepping stone to other planets. In fact, the Moon would soon be forgotten and ignored by space research – why?

    Carefully Scripted

    The first Moon landing by humans was in 1969 when Apollo 11 took the “giant step for mankind.”The American taxpayers, who spent billions of dollars on the space program, were treated to televised interviews with the astronauts as they sped towards their landing site. Televisions were set up in classrooms and the world watched as this great event happened live before our eyes.
    But years after the event, retired astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, revealed that everything we saw and heard was carefully scripted and rehearsed – with the astronauts even using cue cards to describe their impressions of the distant Earth and the surface of the Moon! Apparently NASA was frightened that something might accidentally be revealed to the millions of viewers.
    It’s pretty well known that giant stage sets were constructed to simulate the Moon’s surface and that models of the Lunar Module were filmed with actors wearing space suits. NASA denies that these simulations were ever substituted for the actual manned landing on the Moon. But the question persists – why were they made?
    But there was another tape that recorded the private conversations between the astronauts. Their observations were synchronized with a mission clock so that their exact position over the Moon could later be determined.

    Secret Tapes

    There were six manned landings on the Moon as part of the Apollo space program. Before they landed, astronauts orbited the Command Module and took photographs of various features. While the televised interviews were carefully scripted, so were the conversations between the astronauts and Mission Control in Houston which were recorded and broadcasted on both radio and television.
    But there was another tape that recorded the private conversations between the astronauts. Their observations were synchronized with a mission clock so that their exact position over the Moon could later be determined.
    These cockpit tapes were transcribed following the missions and were not released to the public for over twelve years. When they were finally exposed, they revealed many of the surprises that NASA did not want the public to know.
    LMP: That’s a spectacular crater.
    CDR: Did you shoot some pictures while you were over there?
    CMP: No. it’s just going by — we’d better get it later; there will be better times. If the damned antenna isn’t in the way –
    CMP: Boy, there must be nothing more desolate than to be inside some of these small craters, these conical ones.
    CDR: People that live in there probably never get out.
    CDR: Looking at the Moon hurts my head. I won’t look at it. There’s too much down there I don’t understand.
    CDR: Charlie, just keep … on the book.
    LMP: That’s why I’m purging the fuel cell.
    CDR: Oh.
    LMP: I tell you, when we get down to 8 miles,we’re gonna really look like we’re down among them.
    CDR: Sure are.
    [Apollo 14 day 4]
    CMP: Boy, I’m sure glad we cut out that TV show.
    LMP: Yes.
    CMP: It really worried me, when I saw where it was. Glad we got sort of a pseudoexcuse — to cut it out.
    LMP: Yes, there it is.
    CMP: This is really something. The most unreal looking real thing I’ve ever seen. If that makes any sense (laughter).
    LMP: Probably not.
    CDR: …Yes, it is … vegetation. Something as common reference, you know – familiar reference. So you don’t know how far above you are. So it makes it look like the scale is…
    CMP: There’s our Loveletts again. Little Lovelett. That’s oriented like that. Okay … That is Chaplygin …
    LMP: Which one’s Chaplygin?
    CMP: It’s off my side.
    LMP: Are we headed for Mendeleev?
    CMP: That should be over on your right.
    LMP: That’s what I thought. Yes. There it is. The tracks are across the middle of it.
    CMP: Are we supposed to be doing any photography at all this?
    LMP: I have got crater King out here, Stu, if you were looking for it.
    CMP: Yes, that’s one of our targets. That’s one of Farouk’s favorite craters.
    LMP: Pretty damn interesting one, too. Really an interesting one. Huh? That one… looks like… got a rugged one right out here — with the central peaks.
    CMP: Oh God, look at that Moltke; he’s my favorite… Look at that son of a bitch. You see all those roads – triangular roads leaing right past him?
    [tape 17-03417/page 2]
    …flowed into that little — domical structure before the domes were built, or else — all of that stuff that’s in the mare floor has flown out of that domical structure before the domes came in. In other words, the domical structures themselves are a different time relationship to the floor itself. They are younger than the floor itself.
    [I’m glad to find this photo, as this type of flying disc is seen in many space footage from NASA. A bright ring, with a dark dot in the middle makes it look like a doughnut. Another important feature for observation is a dark triangle on one side.
    Now please take a look at this footage from a NASA mission in 1996:

    NASA U.F.Os STS-75 – The Tether Incident

    On Sunday, February 25, 1996, the Space Shuttle Columbia deployed an experimental tether into orbit. The experiment was called the Tethered Satellite System (TSS- 1R) and it’s purpose of this was to attempt to generate electricity by utilizing Earth’s magnetic field.
    Unfortunately during this experiment they had a problem and the 12 mile long tether snapped due to the synthetic material accumulating a critical charge. The tether broke, so the experiment was not a success, although approximately five hours of data were recorded.
    What really made “The Tether Incident” famous was the appearance of many unidentified flying objects (UFOs) clearly visible in the NASA footage. NASA claims the objects in the footage are space debris and ice particles very close to the camera…BUT the tether was 80+ miles away from the shuttle when this footage is shot. The disc shaped objects sometimes pass behind the tether, which makes the objects over 80 miles away. Also, some of them are miles in diameter.
    The UFOs fly in all directions at the same time and some lit up from nowhere.
    One of the astronauts says that the “debris” are “flying with us”. Interesting thing to say about space debris. Also, they are not lit up by the Sun; NASA is using special UV filters which detect the UFOs. I’ve seen many videos from NASA and whenever they use these special UV filters, the UFOs are visible.
    Notice that the UFOs from this 1996 footage looks exactly as the one near Moltke crater from 1969.]
    LMP: Boy, you can see Highway 1 running right all the way — on the left — all the way up there already. Right beyond Moltke, to the left there.
    CMP: Yes.
    CDR: Just let’s see where U.S. 1 stops up here. Here’s the monocular if you want it.
    CDR: U.S. 1 just seems to kind of die out down there.
    CMP: Yes, they must have ran out of money before they finished building it.
    [Apollo 11]
    MISSION CONTROL: What’s there?…malfunction (garble)…Mission Control calling Apollo 11…
    APOLLO 11: These babies were huge, sir…enormous…Oh, God you wouldn’t believe it! I’m telling you there are other spacecraft out there…lined up on the far side of the crater edge…they’re on the Moon watching us… ”
    [Apollo 14, Day 4]
    CMP: High Sun. That’s one right down there; just shows how it dominates the whole phorograph. Just an extremely bright crater. Sun angle just isn’t high enough for you to see it here … Yes, they’re mining it, I think.
    Towers, some several miles high, and complex constructions [above] were photographed on the Moon and blurred before release to the public. (thanks to
    Towers, some several miles high, and complex constructions [above] were photographed on the Moon and blurred before release to the public. (thanks to

    Aliens Warn: Don’t Come Back!

    As reported on, a certain professor, who wished to remain anonymous, was engaged in a discussion with Neil Armstrong during a NASA symposium.
    As reported on, a certain professor, who wished to remain anonymous, was engaged in a discussion with Neil Armstrong during a NASA symposium.
    Professor: What REALLY happened out there with Apollo 11?
    Armstrong: It was incredible, of course we had always known there was a possibility, the fact is, we were warned off! (by the Aliens). There was never any question then of a space station or a moon city.
    Professor: How do you mean “warned off”?
    Armstrong: I can’t go into details, except to say that their ships were far superior to ours both in size and technology – Boy, were they big!… and menacing! No, there is no question of a space station.
    Professor: But NASA had other missions after Apollo 11?
    Armstrong: Naturally-NASA was committed at that time, and couldn’t risk panic on Earth. But it really was a quick scoop and back again.
    Apollo 14 astronaut Ed Mitchell disclosed recently that “we have been visited…” and that he knows aliens exist and look pretty much like the short, thin ones in the movies. When he was asked if these were the same beings encountered on the Moon, he declined to answer.
    McMoon Tapes: Lost
    NASA apparently became aware of alien visitors on the Moon shortly after taking up President Kennedy’s challenge. From 1966 through 1967 they sent five Lunar Obiter satellites to circle and photograph the linar surface and select potential landing sites for the manned landings. The orbiters were very sophisticated and contained highly classified cameras which could supposedly“photograph and read a gum wrapper on a street in NY City…”
    The satellites photographed the Moon, developed the film on board and then scanned the film with an analog process whose data was then transmitted by radio to Earth receivers and stored on 2-inch magnetic tape. Each hi-resolution image was 28 x 30 inches when completed.
    The first three orbiters photographed the visible side of the linear surface while the last two concentrated on the far side. The photographs were scrutinized at the same time NASA was already making final plans for the manned Apollo missions. Apparently, some of the things on these images were responsible for the secrecy and theatrics that have recently been revealed.
    After the final manned Moon landing on December 11th, 1972, NASA terminated the entire lunar expedition – this despite the fact that the next Saturn V rocket, lunar module and astronauts were already paid for and waiting to be deployed. It was apparent that something – or someone – had warned earthlings to stay away from the Moon.
    Like the final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Lunar Orbiter tapes were quickly lost and the evidence of lunar anomalies was hidden from the public. They apparently found their way to a large warehouse, deep inside a salt mine, where they were accidentally discovered in 1988.
    Not sure what they were, the tapes were examined by JPL and NASA and identified; but they could not be viewed because of the unique code which could only be read by an Ampex FR900 tape recorder (the first real video tape recorder) which was used to create the tapes.
    An Ampex FR900 was eventually rescued from storage in a chicken coop and with some tweeking it was determined that it could read the thousands of tapes, comprising 2000 lunar images and weighing 48,000 pounds. In 1992 NASA sought funds to decode the images for historical purposed but no funding was forthcoming (no surprise). Several years passed.
    A couple of years ago, a group of individuals decided to try and accomplish the decoding themselves. They apparently had enough skill to convince the JPL to release the tapes and Ampex FR900 units (they eventually found two) and all were moved to an abandoned McDonalds restaurant located on the Moffett Federal Airfield in Santa Clara County, California. Here the task of decoding the images has begun and we may soon see what forced the Moon expeditions to cease.
    Behind the counter of an abandoned McDonalds lie 48,000 lbs of 70 mm tapes – the only copy of extremely high-resolution images of the moon.
    Behind the counter of an abandoned McDonalds lie 48,000 lbs of 70 mm tapes – the only copy of extremely high-resolution images of the moon.
    The Ampex FR900 (restored) in operation. More information on this project can be found at
    The Ampex FR900 (restored) in operation. More information on this project can be found at

    Continue reading HERE

    Watch also:

    The Reason NASA Never Returned To The Moon (Full Documentary)

    The majestic natural satellite has been the source of curiosity of countless people. It brightens up our dark nights and provides a way to navigate for our ancestral fathers.

    But over the years, as our understanding of the space has increased, we found some astonishing information about the moon that led to more questions than answers.

    Is the moon actually Earth's natural satellite? 

    The new information has led to speculation that it might actually be an extraterrestrial technology transported here to survey mankind's progress and the impact we have on planet Earth, or maybe something entirely different.

    The reason why the moon was brought here remains to be a huge source of speculation, something we will hopefully find out in the near future, but for now we have the following information that dispels the previous notion that it is a natural planetary body:

    1. The Moon Predates the Earth

    It was initially believed that the moon was formed when an external body crash-landed on Earth. A part of the debris from the crash accumulated into what we now know as the moon.

    There is yet another theory stating that when Earth was formed, the remaining dust came together to form a heavenly body that revolves around the Earth.

    However, when surface materials from the moon were brought back to Earth by the astronomers, the results led to startling discoveries, as the moon rocks and dust predated our planet, which is around 4.53 billion years old.

    The material comprising the moon turned out to be around 5.3 billion years old and the dust even older, dating to about 6.3 billion years.

    Hence, the moon must have originated somewhere else.

    2. The Moon’s Density

    We know for a fact that the Earth’s density is 5.5 gm/cm3. Surprisingly, the moon’s density was found to be 3.34 gm/cm3, around 3.34 times the density of an equal volume of water.

    This was explained by the renowned NASA scientist, Dr. Gordon Macdonald in 1962. He stated that if our astronomical data is to be deduced, we come to the conclusion that the interior of the natural satellite is hollow.

    3. Moonquakes

    A few years after Dr. Gordon Macdonald’s theory came to be, in 1969, the team of Apollo 12 landed on the moon. During their decent, they landed in a rough manner onto the moon’s surface, around 40 miles from their intended destination.

    The crash resulted in an artificial moonquake, which had startling characteristics. Upon impact, the moon started to reverberate just like a bell would, which we all know is hollow.

    The reverberations lasted for more than an hour. The same phenomenon was again witnessed when Apollo 13 landed on the moon and its impact caused an even greater seismic activity, which lasted for more than three hours.

    This led to the conclusion that the moon is unnaturally light for its size and possibly doesn’t even have a core, which would otherwise significantly increase its weight.

    4. An Unnaturally Perfect Orbit

    We all know that the moon orbits around our planet in an almost perfect circular orbit, but still technically elliptical.

    This unnatural orbit couldn't have been captured by Earth’s gravitational force, as we can clearly see in the substantially elliptical orbits of the other satellites in our solar system.

    This further fuels the speculations that the moon was placed in its current position and orbit by an intelligent mind.

    5. A Stationary Orbit

    Another weird thing about our moon is that its orbit around the Earth is completely stationary. Meaning that it doesn’t spin on its own axis as all of the other moons in our solar system do.

    This is why every time we look up at the moon, we see the same side of it — the side that faces Earth.

    6. Unexplainable Center of Mass and Geometric Center

    Another thing about the moon we have been unable to scientifically understand is the discrepancy in its center of mass, which is around 6,000 feet closer to our planet than its geometric center.

    This discrepancy should, according to our understanding, cause the moon to constantly wobble — yet, it remains steady.


    Since we have discovered all of these discrepancies with the moon, we have been constantly trying to figure out how it maintains its uniquely circular orbit, without a spinning axis and without wobbling.

    However, despite all of our efforts to understand these anomalies, we have yet to come up with a conclusive answer.

    The hypothesis that highly advanced extraterrestrials have hollowed out the moon and placed it in an almost perfect orbit around our planet, gives birth to even more wild speculations.

    We know for a fact that the moon is primarily responsible for the tides, seasons and even some earthquakes. The moon is also known to influence our sleep and even our mood.

    So we can draw the conclusion that the aliens that brought it here knew exactly what they were doingand it was part of their agenda to influence life on Earth via the moon space station.

    It has also been speculated that Earth is now a prison planet and the moon a space station for alien guardians. Even more interestingly, author David Icke has speculated that the moon is an important part of the matrix deception that kept mankind enslaved for millenia.



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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen. The White Alien God of the Mesoamericans
    The White Alien God of the Mesoamericans

    How did the human species pass the test of time? Did we manage to walk this path of life without any help, or were we actually guided by some extraterrestrial beings willing to help us grow and prosper in their own image?

    According to numerous legends and beliefs, the “White Gods“ once came to Earth and helped humanity develop and prosper by offering knowledge in many ways.

    Quetzalcoatl is believed to be one of the first “white gods“ to visit our planet. He was one of the most important Gods from ancient Mesoamerica and was known as“Kukulkán” to the Mayans, “Gucumatz” to the Quichés of Guatemala, and “Ehecatl” to the Huastecs of the Gulf of Mexico.

    Based on Mesoamerican folklore, Quetzalcoatl is the one who created the world and all of mankind, and was regarded as the god of wind and rain. He is also known for structuring art and culture and was regarded as the organizer of society at that point in time.

    Since 1200 CE in Central Mexico, he was considered the god of learning, agriculture, science, and arts. He was also considered the patron god of merchants, as he managed to discover corn with the help of a giant red ant who led him to a mountain packed full of grain and seeds. 

    Legends named this entity, Quetzalcoatl, as the “God of Dawn.” This is one of the reasons why he is believed to be from a far away planet.

    Keep in mind that according to Mayan paintings and sculptures, many structures arose during this period that looked like spaceships from the 21st century. 

    Drawings and representations found in sculptures wore something related to spacesuits, and many images representing the gods showed similarities to what astronauts look like nowadays.

    It is believed that Quetzalcoatl burned himself and vanished into the skies towards the planet identified today as Venus. 

    Could this be interpreted as an extraterrestrial being that has fulfilled his mission on Earth and quickly disappeared through the skies to head to new planets in need of guidance?
    Quetzalcoatl is described as light skinned, bearded and tall, with a serpent head hiding his human appearance. The earliest surviving image of Quetzalcoatl comes from the Olmec civilization with a sculpture at La Venta, of a beaked snake with a feather crest surrounded by two quetzal birds. 

    The earliest representations found in Mexico, is at Teotihuacan where there are sculptures of feathered snakes dating from the 3rd century CE and that is also the place where a six – tiered pyramid was built in the honor of the Serpent God of knowledge. 

    The deity was often described in architectural and sculptural decorations, appearing at other sites such as Xochivalco but he was rarely represented with any human form before the Late Postclassical period.

    Since 1200 CE, Quetzalcoatl was usually represented in his human form and mostly wore shell jewelry and a tapered hat. Representations of the god often have “wind jewelry“ which is a cross section of a clam whorl worn as a pectoral, and often wear red masks like a goose’s beak bearing long canine teeth.

    The writer Robert Marx has written broadly about this concept of “white gods,“ as he came to the conclusion that they are depicted “in almost every indigenous culture in America.“

    After his journey in South America, the British writer Harold Wilkins also came to the conclusion that a vanished white race had occupied all of South America in ancient times, helping the indigenous people cultivate food, and build up pyramids along with other large structures that would otherwise of been impossible to construct considering the lack of knowledge and tools during that time.

    He also claimed that Quetzalcoatl was from Atlantis

    Sharing his beliefs, some ancient astronaut and UFO writers have suited that the“white gods“ were actually extraterrestrial beings. 

    Peter Kolosimo believed that the myths of Quetzalcoatl had support, in fact he stated that the legends actually described a full race of white men who were born in spaceships and migrated to Atlantis; after the city was destroyed by water, the remaining white men moved to the Americas where they were treated like “white gods“ by the “primitive earth – dwellers.“

    Another interesting theory is based on the writings of the Franciscan friar, Bernardino de Sahaguan, from the 16th century in which he describes the meeting between the Mexica emperor “Moctezuma the 2nd” and the Spanish captain“Hernan Cortes.” 

    At first sight of the white Spanish men, emperor Moctezuma thought that the“white gods“ have returned from the east, and captain Cortes was the god Quetzalcoatl. Because of his beliefs, the Emperor gifted him a mask representing the “Feathered Serpent.“

    The mask was carved from a single piece of cedar wood and covered with turquoise mosaic work. The teeth were made of white clam shell. The design consisted of two serpents green and blue, encircling the eyes and entangled over the nose and around the mouth. 

    According to Sahagun’s description, it was worn with a crown of dazzling long green – blue shimmering feathers, possibly those of the quetzal, a tropical rain forest bird with iridescent green – blue plumage.

    Much of the idea of captain Cortes being seen as a deity can be followed back to the Florentine Codex written down about 50 years after the conquest.

    In the codex’s tale of the first meeting between Moctezuma and Cortes, the ruler of the Aztec is illustrated as giving a prepared speech in classical oratorical Nahuatl, a dialect, which as reported verbatim in the codex written by Sahagun’s informants, added such prostrate announcement of divine, or near divine adoration.

    An imperfect intellectual understanding of high Nahuatl oratory style make the exact intent of these comments tricky to approve, but some argue that Moctezuma politely offering his throne to Cortes may well have been meant as the exact opposite of what it was taken to mean: kindness in Aztec culture was a way to affirm dominance and show superiority. 

    This speech, which has been extensively referred to, has been a factor in the widespread assumption that Moctezuma was addressing Cortes as the returning god Quetzalcoatl.

    As time passed by, we educated ourselves through history and managed to see a glimpse of what life used to be. At our current understanding level, we realize that some things from the past might have been impossible to accomplish without any external help. 

    The White Gods could have given us knowledge in which the Mesoamericans used to obtain power. But as the extraterrestrials left, the indigenous people couldn’t suffice in controlling that power, which was given too early without any warning of its side effects. 

    It ultimately led to self-destruction of the most knowledgeable and prosperous civilizations of our past because the guidance of aliens had vanished.

    Will they return as the prophecies foretell?

    by Locklip 
    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Les observations d’OVNI au Moyen Âge

    Les observations d’OVNI au Moyen Âge

    ovni Nürnberg vom 14. April 1561-histoireLe grand psychologue et psychiatre suisse Cari Gustav Jung, qui écrivait en 1958, fut le premier à faire remarquer que le phénomène des OVNI possède une histoire, et peut-être une préhistoire. Un grand nombre de personnes devait rapporter plus tard avoir vécu des enlèvements durant les années 1950 et même dans les années 1940, mais en 1958, on n’avait pas encore octroyé à ce sujet une quelconque publicité et Jung ne savait rien de tout cela.

    Son intérêt fut par conséquent limité exclusivement aux OVNI eux-mêmes qui, depuis la Seconde Guerre mondiale, avaient généré un nombre gigantesque de témoignages oculaires de « soucoupes volantes », ainsi qu’un intérêt et une inquiétude publiques ne cessant de s’accroître. Jung décrivit les observations comme une forme nouvelle de rumeur mondiale qui « diffère de la rumeur ordinaire dans le sens qu’elle s’exprime sous forme de visions ». Son inclination était de traiter les OVNI comme « un produit psychique à 99 % », et cependant il admettait qu’il était déconcerté par leur « nature physique apparente » qui, regrettait-il, créait « des énigmes insolubles même pour les meilleurs cerveaux » :

    •         « La seule chose que nous puissions dire avec un degré de certitude tolérable à propos des OVNI est qu’ils possèdent une surface qui peut être perçue par l’oeil et, au même moment,qu’ils renvoient un écho radar. »

    Une autre chose était tout aussi claire : les OVNI n’avaient rien de nouveau...

    •            « Bien que les OVNI aient été rendus public pour la première fois seulement à la fin de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, le phénomène lui-même était connu longtemps auparavant. Il fut observé dans la première moitié de ce siècle [le XXe siècle], et fut décrit dans les siècles précédents et peutêtre même durant l’Antiquité. »

    En août 1566, par exemple, « de nombreux globes noirs volumineux furent observés dans les airs » au-dessus de la ville de Bâle en Suisse, « se déplaçant devant le soleil à grande vitesse, et se tournant l’un vers l’autre comme s’ils se battaient. Certains d’entre eux devinrent rouges et s’enflammèrent avant de se dissiper et de partir. » Jung reproduisit une illustration de la scène d’après un placard de Bâle de 1566, remarquant que la « vitesse et le mouvement irrégulier » attribués par des témoins oculaires aux disques noirs « sont typiques des caractéristiques des OVNI ».


    En avril 1561, on observa un déploiement spectaculaire d’OVNI au-dessus de Nuremberg, en Allemagne. On repéra des assiettes et des globes en grand nombre tournoyant dans le ciel près du soleil, et également « de grands tubes dans lesquels on observa trois, quatre globes et plus ».

    Jung était perspicace, mais, comme il l’admettait lui-même, ses recherches – il n’eut jamais l’intention d’écrire plus qu’une courte monographie – étaient strictement limitées. Hormis le fait de reconnaître que des précédents historiques du phénomène des OVNI existaient bel et bien (et les exemples pouvaient être multipliés à travers le folklore et les mythologies du monde entier), il n’eut ni le temps ni l’inclination d’essayer d’en découvrir davantage avant sa mort en 1961.

    Quelques années plus tard, en 1969, le mystère des précédents historiques des observations d’OVNI du milieu du XXe siècle fut à nouveau exploré. Cette fois, c’était Jacques Vallée, mathématicien et consultant à la NASA, qui s’attelait avec une vigueur considérable à la tâche dans son Passeport pour Magonia, un livre culte d’avant-garde malheureusement épuisé aujourd’hui, et ce depuis longtemps.

    Les contributions de Vallée furent diverses et variées. Son inventaire d’observations d’OVNI, qui prenait pour sources des faits relativement récents, fut d’une valeur inestimable. L’inventaire, qui remonte à bien avant la première vague moderne de publicité pour le phénomène au sortir de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale, commence en 1868 lorsqu’une « construction aérienne » étrange avec des lumières et faisant des bruits de moteur vola à basse altitude au-dessus de la petite ville chilienne de Copiago.

    En janvier 1878, un fermier du Texas fut surpris par l’observation d’un objet volant sombre qu’il décrivit comme une « grosse soucoupe ». En 1880, un garçon de 14 ans vit une boule lumineuse descendre du ciel et planer à proximité de lui. Il rapporta se sentir attiré par celle-ci mais avoir surmonté sa peur et s’être échappé.

    Les exemples se poursuivent ; nul besoin de reproduire ici l’ensemble de l’inventaire de Vallée, l’essentiel est de savoir que bien des OVNI apparemment motorisés et pilotés, et même des « soucoupes volantes » identifiables, furent en fait observées aux quatre coins du monde durant la seconde moitié du xixe siècle. De plus, Vallée fut en mesure de faire remonter le phénomène beaucoup plus loin dans le passé que cela, et même beaucoup plus loin que Jung ne l’avait suivi.

    jacques vallee

    De fait, le titre de Vallée, Passeport pour Magonia, est tiré d’un récit d’Abogard, archevêque de la ville de Lyon, aux alentours de l’an 820. Tel un sceptique moderne au sujet des OVNI, le testament pour la postérité du bon archevêque fut une lamentation sur l’ignorance des masses qui croyaient en l’existence d’une certaine région, qu’ils appellent Magonia, où les navires voguent dans les nuages (…)

    •            « Parmi le grand nombre d’entre ceux dont la folie aveugle était assez profonde pour leur permettre de croire ces choses possibles, j’en vis plusieurs exhibant dans un certain lieu de rassemblement, quatre personnes enchaînées – trois hommes et une femme qui, dirent-ils, étaient tombés de ces mêmes navires ; après les avoir gardés pendant plusieurs jours en captivité, ils les avaient amenés au-devant de la multitude assemblée, comme nous l’avons dit, en notre présence afin d’être lapidés. Mais la vérité fut plus forte. »

    Ne semble-t-il pas probable que ces quatre infortunés, qu’Abogard sauva, se décriraient comme des victimes d’enlèvements dans les OVNI si leur aventure se produisait aujourd’hui ? Voici un fait qui pourrait s’avérer pertinent : un nombre restreint de victimes modernes a déclaré qu’il n’était pas ramené en flottant directement dans son foyer et danlit à la suite de l’expérience, ce qui aurait été pratique, mais relâché avec moins s son de douceur ailleurs – parfois à des kilomètres.

    Il n’est pas difficile d’imaginer comment un tel retour, observé ou simplement rapporté, pourrait avoir attiré l’attention d’une foule désireuse de les lyncher dans le climat superstitieux du IXe siècle.

    Un autre rapport d’OVNI très ancien que Vallée découvrit provient du Japon, où des transcriptions impériales nous informent du vol erratique dans la province de Kii, au-delà de la montagne de Fukuhara au nord-est, d’un objet inhabituel brillamment éclairé décrit comme un « récipient en terre cuite ». Très rapidement, « l’objet modifia sa trajectoire et on le perdit de vue à l’horizon sud, laissant derrière lui une traînée lumineuse ».

    De façon analogue, le 12 septembre 1271, on était sur le point de trancher la tête du célèbre prêtre Nichiren à Tatsunokuchi dans le Kamakura, lorsque apparut dans le ciel un objet telle la pleine lune, lumineux et brillant (…) » Les officiels paniquèrent et annulèrent l’exécution. Vallée cite également un certain nombre d’autres OVNI et de phénomènes ressemblant à des OVNI qui furent observés et documentés au Japon entre le Xe et le XVIIIe siècle. En août 989, par exemple, on observa trois objets ronds et exceptionnellement brillants qui plus tard se rejoignirent.

    312px-Ravana seizes the chariot Puspaka from Kuvera

    En septembre 1702, des fils ressemblant à du coton tombèrent des cieux, émanant en apparence du soleil lui-même, et en 1749, trois autres gros objets ronds, « comme la lune », furent observés en continu dans le ciel sur une période de quatre jours, déclenchant des émeutes.

    En plus de ces rapports d’OVNI négligés et oubliés issus de sources non religieuses, Vallée observe que « c’est dans les livres religieux qu’on rencontre le plus couramment des objets volants venant de contrées célestes (…) »

    Nous pouvons aisément comprendre où Vallée veut en venir lorsqu’il nous rappelle l’existence de disques ailés à Sumer et en Égypte ancienne, l’« engin volant » Vimana évoqué dans les textes hindous, les tapis volants d’Arabie, et les « radeaux du ciel » utilisés par les « esprits des étoiles » de la Chine ancienne.

    N’oublions pas non plus les spectacles d’OVNI bibliques telle que l’ascension d’Elie vers le Ciel dans un « tourbillon de vent » associé à un « chariot de feu », et la vision du prophète Ézéchiel, comprenant encore une fois un tourbillon de vent et du feu, et les mystérieuses créatures se trouvant à bord de grandes « roues » qui « les soulevèrent de terre ». Dans la même veine générale, nous lisons assez souvent des récits dans l’Ancien Testament de tels véhicules aériens comme « les Chariots de Dieu » et des descriptions de ce qui ressemble à une race supérieure d’êtres qui traitent avec les humains et « qui viennent d’une contrée éloignée, à l’autre bout du Ciel ».

    Extrait du livre « Surnaturel - Rencontres avec les premiers enseignants de l'humanité » de Graham-Hancock.

    Photos :

    • 1) Gravure sur bois de Hans Glaser relatant les étranges ballets aériens du 4 avril 1561 à Nuremberg.
    • 2) Parchemin de Bâle  en Suisse : Description d'un coucher et lever de soleil sur Bâle, avec présence de boules noires volantes observées; les 27-28 juillet et 7 Août 1566.
    • 3) Passport to Magonia From Folklore to Flying Saucers de Jacques Vallée (1er édition US)
    • 4) Ll’« engin volant » Vimana évoqué dans les textes hindous. 1597-1605 _ s

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mississippi Ufologist Videotapes Hovering Triangle UFO

    Mississippi Ufologist Videotapes Hovering Triangle UFO

    Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.37.47 PM

    A Mississippi witness at Lewisburg has reported watching and videotaping what appears to be a hovering, triangle-shaped UFO, according to testimony in Case 63598 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The reporting witness states that she is a 15-year ufologist in the Memphis metro area and she had been seeing bright lights in the same location for one week.

    The incident occurred on February 26, 2015.

    Mississippi UFO Sighting Map

    Lewisburg, MS, is about 30 miles southeast of Memphis, TN. (Credit: Google)

    • It snowed yesterday, so it made it easier to see last night, and the craft was much closer, much brighter, and very visible,” the witness stated.

    The witness ran outside at 12:46 a.m. and began videotaping the object (video seen below).

    Mississippi UFO Sighting Screenshot

    Cropped and enlarged image taken from the witness video of the object. (Credit: MUFON)

    • It was hovering very low over an area with corn fields. I observed it hovering for about 20 minutes, but it was too cold outside and I ran out straight from bed with no shoes on in the snow, therefore, I could only film for a short time.”

    After about 20 minutes, the object seemed to “just vanish” and no flight path was observed.

    Mississippi UFO Sighting Screenshot

    Cropped and enlarged image taken from the witness video of the object. (Credit: MUFON)

    • Just hovering and pulsating lights that appeared to have a red glow at times. It appeared to be one very large triangular aircraft, and it was hovering so low that it had a 3-D effect when viewing. There were times when it appeared to have ejected smaller orb lights, but that is unclear. It was difficult to tell from my vantage point whether it was part of the larger craft, or additional smaller craft.”

    The case was investigated by Mississippi Field Investigator Mark Bort and closed as an Unknown.

    • The witness stated that the object appeared to be approximately 400-500 yards away and just over the tree tops – approximately 80-100 feet off the ground,” Bort stated in his report.
    • The witness stated that she went outside in bare feet to record the object with a camcorder that she had close by.  She was only able to record the object for a short time, because there was snow on the ground and she was not dressed for the weather.  After shooting the video the witness returned to her house and was able to continue to observe the object.  The witness observed the object for approximately 20 minutes in total.”
    Mississippi UFO Sighting Screenshot

    Cropped and enlarged image taken from the witness video of the object. (Credit: MUFON)

    The witness first saw the object as a big white light, but when she stepped outside to film it, the large white light was gone.

    • She was able to see a large triangular object that she estimated to be approximately the size of a football field,” Bort stated.
    • The witness stated that the object appeared to be hovering over a corn field, and it made no sound, and left no traces behind. The witness stated that the object seemed to gain altitude and then faded from sight. The witness advised me that the object did not produce any strange long term or short term effects on her or any electronics in or around her home.”

    Source: OpenMinds.TV & MUFON

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.“Een asteroïde vernietigt tussen 21 en 28 september de aarde”

    "Een asteroïde vernietigt tussen 21 en 28 september de aarde"

    “Een asteroïde vernietigt tussen 21 en 28 september de aarde”

    Tussen 21 en 28 september slaat een asteroïde in op Puerto Rico waardoor de hele wereld wordt vernietigd. Dat zegt de zelfverklaarde profeet Efrain Rodriguez. Volgens de Amerikaanse ruimtevaartorganisatie NASA is het ‘bijna zeker’ dat we niets te vrezen hebben.

    Rodriguez plaatst vaker apocalyptische video’s op YouTube. Hij baseert zich dit keer op de voorspelling van de bloedmaan, die stelt dat de wereld bij vier opeenvolgende maansverduisteringen zal vergaan. De vierde valt op 28 september.

    Zeldzaam verschijnsel

    De maan kleurt dan een paar minuten lang rood doordat het hemellichaam achter de aarde langs draait en in de schaduw van onze planeet komt. Volgens NASA kwam het in de afgelopen 2000 jaar zelden voor dat het verschijnsel zich vier keer kort achter elkaar voordeed.

    De onheilsberichten zijn zo vaak gedeeld en herhaald dat NASA zich geroepen voelde om te reageren. De ruimtevaartorganisatie heeft met klem ontkend dat er iets op ons af komt in september.

    0,01 procent kans

    Op het internet circuleren inmiddels talrijke berichten over een inslag bij Puerto Rico die vernietigende gevolgen zou hebben. Volgens manager Paul Chodas van NASA is er geen enkele wetenschappelijke basis en geen enkele aanwijzing dat een asteroïde of ander kosmisch object op aarde zou inslaan in de genoemde periode en ook niet in de afzienbare toekomst.

    Er is zelfs minder dan 0,01 procent kans dat we in de komende 100 jaar door iets gevaarlijks worden geraakt, aldus NASA. Volgens Chodas zou een object dat de ‘voorspelde’ schade kan veroorzaken in september, al moeten zijn opgemerkt. Vond je dit interessant? Denk er dan aan het artikel te delen op Facebook.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Disk Near Space Station On Live HD Cam, Aug 31, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    UFO Disk Near Space Station On Live HD Cam, Aug 31, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of sighting: August 31, 2015
    Location of sighting: Earths orbit at space station.

    This UFO caught by Streetcap1 of Youtube has really great detail. The disk comes very close, about 75 meters away from the station. The disk itself is big. About 7-9 meters across. The light reflecting off of the UFO is also really brilliant. The UFO realizes its been noticed and it slowly moves backwards into the darkness. 
    Scott C. Waring
    Eyewitness states: 
    Light appears at ISS.

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Low Flying Triangular-Shaped Object Moves Over Austin

    Low Flying Triangular-Shaped Object Moves Over Austin

    triangle ufo

    Unidentified Flying Object seems like a rare thing, but you are wrong. Day by day, the sightings of these strange objects are slowly increasing. If you do not have any idea, it is not just an extraterrestrial spacecraft, but also strange objects and lights flying in the sky at abnormal speed. Recently, a Texas witness reported a triangular-shaped object silently hovering in the air. For accurate estimation, it flew less than 1,300 feet on August 19, 2015, about 6:44 in the morning. Due to the popularity, the case was finally filed with a case number of 69559 from the Mutual UFO Network witness reporting database.

    The footage was being recorded when the witness was sitting outside his apartment. The witness described the object as a blurred triangular shaped object with a medium brown pattern. It appeared to be an ideal triangular shape with a single point up. The body’s shade seemed transparent, as it changed its color to match the clouds and the sky.

    The Object’s Altitude: The witness determined the object’s height, which happens to be 1,200 to 1,300 feet. The object was hovering in the clouds. There were no emissions and no sound.

    The object was flying fast: The object’s speed startled the witness and caused him to catch and hold his breath. It flew faster than the typical man-made jets hovering over the University of Texas graduation ceremonies.

    The object was triangular-shaped: It also noticed that the object is an elongated triangular shaped with patterns. The sides of the triangle were thrice the length of the backside. The only best way to estimate the object’s size was to raise his arm and hold his forefinger and thumb apart at about the distance in the sky.

    As the capital of Texas, Austin has a population of 912,791. Please remember that most odd sightings are being explained as man-made or natural.

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Amazing video of UFOs over Las Vegas

    Amazing video of UFOs over Las Vegas


    Here’s one new footage of an unidentified flying objects flying across the sky above Las Vegas in Nevada. This was filmed on 16th July 2015.

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Snowden Documents Proving “US-Alien-Hitler” Link Stuns Russia.

    Snowden Documents Proving “US-Alien-Hitler” Link Stuns Russia.

    A stunning Federal Security Services (FSB) report on the nearly two million highly classified top-secret documents obtained from the United States Department of Defense (DOD) run National Security Agency-Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) by the American ex-patriot Edward Snowden states that this information is providing “incontrovertible proof” that an “alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda” is driving US domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945.
    Edward Snowden is a computer specialist, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee, and former NSA/CSS contractor who disclosed these classified documents to several media outlets in late 2012 and was granted temporary asylum in Russia in 2013 after his designation by the Obama regime as the “most wanted man on earth.”
    This FSB report further states that Snowden, in December, 2012, contacted the highly respected American columnist, blogger, and author Glenn Greenwald by an email headed with the subject line stating, “I and others have things you would be interested in.?.?.?.”
    In Snowden’s own words, this report continues, he outlined to Greenwald the reason for his highly secretive group obtaining and releasing these documents by warning that that there “were actually two governments in the US: the one that was elected, and the other, secret regime, governing in the dark.”
    As to who is running this “secret regime” Snowden and his cohorts were warning about, FSB experts in this report say, was confirmed this past weekend by former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer who was given access to all of Snowden’s documents by Russian intelligence services and stated they were, indeed, “accurate.”
    Even though Defense Minister Hellyer’s exact statements to the FSB in regards to Snowden’s documents remain classified, shortly after his “extensive electronic interview” by the FSB he was allowed to appear on Russia Today’s program SophieCo this past fortnight
    Where he shockingly admitted that aliens have “been visiting our planet for thousands of years” and described several types of these extraterrestrials, including “Tall Whites” who are working with the US Air Force in Nevada.
    Of the many explosive revelations in this FSB report, the one most concerning to Russian authorities are the Snowden’s documents “confirming” that the “Tall Whites” (further revealed by Defense Minister Hellyer as noted above) are the same extraterrestrial alien race behind the stunning rise of Nazi Germany during the 1930’s.
    In just one example of the many outlined in this FSB report, it shows that with this “alien assistance,” at the end of the 1930’s, when Nazi Germany possessed just 57 submarines, over the four years of World War II it built 1,163 modern technologically advanced submarines at its dockyards and even put them into operation.
    Snowden’s documents further confirm, this report says, the “Tall Whites” (Nordic) meetings in 1954 with US President Dwight D. Eisenhower where the “secret regime” currently ruling over America was established. 
    Most disturbingly, this FSB report warns, is that the “Tall White” agenda being implemented by the “secret regime” ruling the United States calls for the creation of a global electronic surveillance system meant to hide all true information about their presence here on earth as they enter into what one of Snowden’s documents calls the “final phase” of their end plan for total assimilation and world rule.
    Unbeknownst to the FSB, this report confirms, are those still in the US government backing Snowden, but whose presence Russian intelligence experts note is“unmistakable” and shows a cataclysmic power struggle is currently underway against this “secret regime” now headed by Obama by “forces unknown.”
    Most to be feared by Russian policy makers and authorities, this report concludes, is if those opposing the “Tall White” “secret regime” ruled over by Obama have themselves aligned with another alien-extraterrestrial power themselves.
    January 11, 2014 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.
    [Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”




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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Underwater UFOs Unidentified Submerged Objects [UFO Documentary]

    Underwater UFOs Unidentified Submerged Objects [UFO Documentary]

    Gepubliceerd op 5 sep. 2014

    This UFO Documentary looks at Underwater UFOs better known as Unidentified Submerged Objects abb USO. What’s the difference between an unidentified submerged object and an unidentified flying object? There are two answers. One: The difference between a USO and a UFO is obviously that one is documented as maneuvering through the air, and the other through the water.

    The second answer is: None. Most prominent UFO researchers believe the alien ships capable of flying around in our atmosphere, and even off into outer space, are the same ones that are reported underwater.

    This UFO documentary investigates claims that Unidentified Submerged Objects have been in our oceans for centuries.

    This Documentary goes in search of Underwater UFOs and Unidentified Submerged Objects, one of the few UFO documentaries ever based on Underwater Submerged Objects. Watch the full Extraterrestrial documentary here and if you like this show, please like and subscribe for more full UFO documentaries.

    SOURCE: Youtube

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Russian Navy UFO records say aliens love the ocean

    Russian Navy UFO records say aliens love the ocean


    The Russian navy has declassified its records of encounters with unidentified objects technologically surpassing anything humanity ever built, reports Svobodnaya Pressa news website.

    The records dating back to soviet times were compiled by a special navy group collecting reports of unexplained incidents delivered by submarines and military ships. The group was headed by deputy Navy commander Admiral Nikolay Smirnov, and the documents reveal numerous cases of possible UFO encounters, the website says. Vladimir Azhazha, former navy officer and a famous Russian UFO researcher, says the materials are of great value.

    • Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. Fifteen more – with lakes. So UFOs tend to stick to the water,” he said.

    On one occasion a nuclear submarine, which was on a combat mission in the Pacific Ocean, detected six unknownobjects. After the crew failed to leave behind their pursuers by maneuvering, the captain ordered to surface. Theobjects followed suit, took to the air, and flew away.

    Many mysterious events happened in the region of Bermuda Triangle, recalls retired submarine commanderRear Admiral Yury Beketov. Instruments malfunctioned with no apparent reason or detected strong interference. The former navy officer says this could be deliberate disruption by UFOs.

    Vladimir Kremlev to RT-

    • On several occasions the instruments gave reading of material objects moving at incredible speed.Calculations showed speeds of about 230 knots, of 400 kph. Speeding so fast is a challenge even on the surface. But water resistance is much higher. It was like the objects defied the laws of physics. There’s only one explanation: the creatures who built them far surpass us in development,” Beketov said.

    Navy intelligence veteran, Captain 1st rank Igor Barklay comments:

    • Ocean UFOs often show up wherever our or NATO’s fleets concentrate. Near Bahamas, Bermudas, Puerto Rico. They are most often seen in the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle, and also in the Caribbean Sea.

    Another place where people often report UFO encounters is Russia’s Lake Baikal, the deepest fresh water body in the world. Fishermen tell of powerful lights coming from the deep and objects flying up from the water.

    In one case in 1982 a group of military divers training at Baikal spotted a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery suits. The encounter happened at a depth of 50 meters, and the divers tried to catch the strangers. Three of the seven men died, while four others were severely injured.

    Are you on “Tsu” yet? Its a new social media platform that pays you for creating and sharing content! Thousands of people have already joined. Its just like Facebook, it takes seconds to join, and even easier to use! And best of all you can reach100% of your friends and audience, and NO Censorship. You can only join by Invite, and this is an invitation from us to youClick here to join! and be sure to Follow us to0.

    Source: RT

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Researchers discover the largest structure in the universe, and its HUGE!


    Researchers discover the largest structure in the universe, and its HUGE!

    Researchers discover the largest structure in the universe, and its HUGE!
    Scholars have discovered a giant empty space in the universe where there are 10 billion galaxies missing. This incredible discovery could provide the first evidence for the existence of exotic physics which are absolutely unknown to modern science. The expanse is being called the “supervoid” and measures a staggering 1.8 billion light years across!
    The discovery was made by a team of international astronomers who came across a super empty space of 1,800 million light years while studying a huge area of space, extremely cold and rarely empty. This region is located relatively close to our solar system, approximately 3,000 million light years away and  according to scientist István Szapudi, head of the team, "This is the largest single structure ever identified by humans". The cold spot was discovered in the super empty space about ten years ago when it stunned the scientific community, since the accepted Big Bang theory does not provide cold areas of similar dimensions. Now, this new study helps explain the 'cold spot' from the perspective of a giant hole in its center, which, in turn, drains the energy of the light passing through it. 
    “In combination of size and emptiness, our supervoid is still a very rare event. We can only expect a few supervoids this big in the observable universe.” Kovács said.
    It is not an empty space in the strict sense of the word, but it is a giant region, believed to be up to 20 percent more empty than other areas of the universe, where, according to the conclusions of astronomers there are around 10,000 galaxies missing. 
    “It just pushed the explanation one layer deeper,” said Dr Roberto Trotta, a cosmologist at Imperial College London to the guardian. “Now we have to figure out how does the void itself form. It’s still a rare event.”
    “The void itself I’m not so unhappy about. It’s like the Everest of voids – there has to be one that’s bigger than the rest,” he said. “But it doesn’t explain the whole Cold Spot, which we’re still in the dark about.”
    Mysteriously, beyond these scientific" explanations, it is still not possible to understand completely how this structure was formed, which has led to debates about the possibility of the exact of "exotic physics" which are unknown to modern-day science. 
    Another reason why structures like this exist could be due to the increasing expansion of the universe, where, photons while traveling across this space reduce their speed and consequently "go cold".
    Most importantly, structures like these could prove to be tangible evidence of the existence of dark energy. 
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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.THE DAY UFOS STOPPED PLAY


    It was 27 October 1954, a typically crisp autumn day in Tuscany. The mighty Fiorentina club was playing against its local rival Pistoiese.
    Ten-thousand fans were watching in the concrete bowl of the Stadio Artemi Franchi. But just after half-time the stadium fell eerily silent – then a roar went up from the crowd. The spectators were no longer watching the match, but were looking up at the sky, fingers pointing. The players stopped playing, the ball rolled to a stand-still.
    One of the footballers on the pitch was Ardico Magnini – he was something of a legend at the club and had played for Italy at the 1954 World Cup.
    “I remember everything from A to Z,” he says. “It was something that looked like an egg that was moving slowly, slowly, slowly. Everyone was looking up and also there was some glitter coming down from the sky, silver glitter.
    “We were astonished we had never seen anything like it before. We were absolutely shocked.”
    Play was suspended because spectators saw something in the sky, according to the referee’s match report.
    Among the crowd was Gigi Boni, a lifelong Fiorentina fan. “I remember clearly seeing this incredible sight,” he says. His description of multiple objects differs slightly from Magnini’s.
    “They were moving very fast and then they just stopped. It all lasted a couple of minutes. I would like to describe them as being like Cuban cigars. They just reminded me of Cuban cigars, in the way they looked.”
    Boni has spent many years reliving that day in his mind. “I think they were extra-terrestrial. That’s what I believe, and there’s no other explanation I can give myself.”
    Another of the players, Romolo Tuci, still sprightly in his 70s, agrees. “In those years everybody was talking about aliens, everybody was talking UFOs and we had the experience, we saw them, we saw them directly, for real.”
    The incident at the stadium cannot simply be interpreted as mass hysteria – there were numerous UFO sightings in many towns across Tuscany that day and over the days that followed. According to some eyewitness accounts a ray of white light was seen in the sky coming from Prato, north of Florence.
    Another man who relishes the chance to speak about that day is Roberto Pinotti, the president of Italy’s National UFO Centre. He has written many books about UFOs and his home in the centre of Florence is stuffed full of alien memorabilia, posters of old Italian B-movies, framed newspaper articles and black-and-white photographs of blurry flying saucers.
    “The players and the public were stunned seeing these objects above the stadium,” Pinotti says.
    “At the time the newspapers spoke of aliens from Mars. Of course now we know that is not so – but we may conclude that it was an intelligent phenomenon, a technological phenomenon and a phenomenon that cannot be linked with anything we know on Earth.”
    He’s also intrigued by the material that fell from the sky – what Magnini describes as silver glitter.
    “A wave of flying saucers over Italy,” reported the Domenica del Corriere three years later. With thanks to the Fondazione Corriere della Sera for the use of material from their historic archives.
    “A wave of flying saucers over Italy,” reported the Domenica del Corriere three years later. With thanks to the Fondazione Corriere della Sera for the use of material from their historic archives.
    “It is a fact that at the same time the UFOs were seen over Florence there was a strange, sticky substance falling from above. In English we call this ‘angel hair’,” says Pinotti.
    “The only problem is after a short period of time it disintegrates.” As a 10-year-old-boy he witnessed this phenomenon himself. “I remember, in broad daylight, seeing the roofs of the houses in Florence covered in this white substance for one hour and, like snow, it just evaporated.
    “No-one knows what this strange substance has to do with UFOs.”
    Variously described by witnesses as similar to cotton wool or cobwebs, the substance was hard to collect because it disintegrated on contact – but some people were determined to find out what it was.
    One of them was a journalist at the Florentine newspaper La Nazione, the late Giorgio Batini. In 2003 he told an Italian television programme, Voyager, how on that day he received hundreds of phone calls about the sightings. From the offices of La Nazione in the centre of town his own view of the sky was blocked by the Cathedral, so he went up to the top of the newspaper’s building to see what everyone was talking about. The 81-year-old recalled seeing “shiny balls” moving fast towards the dome of the Cathedral.
    Batini ventured out to investigate. He came across a wood outside the city that was covered in the white fluff. He gathered several samples by rolling them up on a matchstick, and took them to the Institute of Chemical Analysis at the University of Florence. When he got there he found that others had done the same.
    The lab, led by respected scientist Prof Giovanni Canneri, subjected the material to spectrographic analysis and concluded that it contained the elements boron, silicon, calcium and magnesium, and that it was not radioactive. Unfortunately this did not provide any conclusive answers – and the material was destroyed in the process.
    Could it have come from a UFO? “It’s an absolutely silly idea. Science totally rejects this idea,” says US Air Force pilot-turned-astronomer James McGaha. From the Grasslands Observatory in South Eastern Arizona he has spent more than 40,000 hours staring at the night sky. Not to mention the additional hours he’s spent in the cockpit of US fighter jets.
    “You know the whole UFO phenomenon is nothing but myth, magic and superstition, wrapped up in this idea that somehow aliens are coming here either to save us or destroy us,” he says.
    In McGaha’s view, the whole spectacle, “angel hair” and all, was nothing more than migrating spiders.
    “When I looked at this case originally I thought perhaps it was a fireball, a very bright meteor breaking up in the atmosphere. They can be cigar-shaped with pieces breaking off. But it became fairly apparent that this was actually caused by young spiders spinning webs, very, very thin webs.
    “The spiders use these webs as sails and they link together and you get a big glob of this stuff in the sky and the spiders ride on this to move between locations. They just fly on the wind and these things have been recorded at 14,000 feet above the ground. So, when the sunlight glistens off this, you get all kinds of visual effects.
    “As some of this stuff breaks off and falls to the ground, this all seems magical of course,” says McGaha. “But I’m fairly confident that’s what happened that day.”
    This theory is backed up by the fact that September and October are the months when spiders in the northern hemisphere migrate – and spectacular spider migrations still make headlines today. But it hasn’t convinced everyone.
    “Of course I know about the migrating spiders hypothesis – it’s pure nonsense. It’s an old story and also a stupid story,” says Pinotti.
    He disputes the spider theory because of the chemical analysis of the “angel hair” samples. Spider silk is a protein – an organic compound containing nitrogen, calcium, hydrogen and oxygen – not the elements reportedly found in the samples Batini and others brought to the university.
    Sixty years on, the chances of determining the cause of the incident are slim. “I wouldn’t trust any reports of an old and strange event like this unless I’d seen the data,” says science writer Philip Ball. He agrees that the elements said to have been observed in the “angel hair” don’t seem to tally with the spider theory.
    “Magnesium and calcium are fairly common elements in living bodies, boron and silicon much less so – but if these were the main elements that the white fluff contained, it doesn’t sound to me as though they’d come from spiders,” he says.
    So it all remains a mystery. No matter what the scientists say, those who were there are convinced that what they saw was unlike anything on earth.
    Romolo Tuci just feels lucky to have been there. His eyes dance excitedly as he remembers that curious day. “I was spell-bound and I was also so, so happy.”

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.ET Beings Plan To Remove All Governments And The Elite By 2029?

    ET Beings Plan To Remove All Governments And The Elite By 2029?

    The word on the street is that by 2029 the world could possibly be invaded by Extraterrestrial Beings and all Governments and the Elite are to be removed – something which has been confirmed by certain government ex-employees who worked in secret bases.
    This intriguing announcement has been confirmed by Phil Schneider, who claimed to be an ex-government structural engineer who was involved in building underground military bases around America, and to be one of only three people to survive the 1979 incident between the alien Grays and U.S. military forces at the Dulce underground base.
    Strangely Schneider was found dead in his apartment, apparently his death was caused by a stroke, but MANY have suggested that he was murdered – possibly by the US Government.
    Phil Schneider – A man in the know who paid the ULTIMATE price?
    Paul Schneider was very loud and clear about what he says that he learned about the extraterrestrials whilst working under a top-secret ‘high security’ clearance for the American Government.
    Paul was mocked heavily by the media when he came out with such controversial statement.  Although many people around the world, including Veterans Today senior editor Gordon Duff, had a lot of faith and belief in Schneider and even declared him in public as a “UFO whistleblower.”
    Please see below a video of Paul’s controversial statements caught on camera:
    When Paul was found dead in his apartment it was first indicated that he could have committed suicide, however many truth seekers around the world now believe that he was actually murdered, possibly for the things that he knew about.  Schneider was found dead in his apartment in 1996.
    Schneider strongly reinforced the case that back in 1954, then-President Dwight Eisenhower supposedly made a pact with three different species of aliens! This is something that Paul confirmed to a rather intrigued group of students at a lecture at the 1995 Preparedness Expo.
    Paul also confirmed at the lecture that the then President did this for an exchange for ‘alien technology’
    Was greed for Alien Technology, the downfall of the Human Race!?
    Paul Schneider and many other UFO researches strongly (and MANY still do) believed that President Dwight Eisenhower gave the ET’s his very own permission to abduct some cattle and a very limited number of human beings.
    Cattle were found in their tens of thousands across the US, inexplicably mutilated!  It has been recorded that many of these brutal killings of cattle had their organs had carefully been removed, as if done by some kind of surgeon.  Some said at the time that these cattle killings were done by predatory animals – but have any of you EVER seen a wolf etc with a surgeon’s knife chasing after cattle!??
    Did President Eisenhower have a dark secret pact with Alien Beings!?
    Paul Schneider then went on to state that the Human Abductees, which could have been in the “thousands” could very well of been ‘eaten’ by the Alien Beings – Paul confirmed that at least nine races of aliens see us human beings as merely as a “a bag of food” and nothing else! Would a President of allowed his people to end up like this? Did he have a choice, if he was that desperate to get hold of ‘their’ technology.
    “Humans are seen as a BAG OF FOOD to some Alien species” – Paul Schneider
    Later at the same event ( the lecture at the 1995 Preparedness Expo) Paul presented to the audience a very unusual piece of Metal.  He explained that this piece of metal was in fact part of the technology that the Alien Beings were offering to the human beings as an exchange…with the key benefit of being completely INDESTRUCTIBLE!
    Apparently this very special type of metal is made of niobium, an element we have on the periodic table, and marinate, which is in fact an alien element you won’t find mentioned ANYWHERE in Earth’s textbooks or science books!
    Another piece of Alien technology the Human race gained off certain Extraterrestrial Beings was a spy satellite that could spot a coin on your kitchen floor.  This technology apparently infrared technology and had a resolution factor of 99.99961.  Paul confirmed that it was only the military that had ideas for this level of technology and it is all something that is now put into use in todays modern military equipment.
    BUT according to Schneider the Aliens “violated the pact” and took more humans than what they should have done.  This is when an undercover war with the Aliens was declared.  Paul confirmed that the Aliens plan to rid the world of the worlds governments and the Elite, and that they plan to take over in 2029.
    Paul gave a stark warning before his death –  “We don’t have a whole heap of time left.” and urged the Governments to tell the people of this planet what they have done and what is coming in 2029!
    Sadly Paul Schneider died not long after making these brave statements to the world.  He never did quite fully explain whether it was just the world leaders that the Aliens want to rid this planet of in 2029, or was it the Human Race as a whole?!
    The Extra-terrestrials ‘removal of the Elite’ coming in 2029?
    As much as this story may appear a little ‘over the top’, it is important to remember that there are a lot of odd goings on around the world at the moment, that could be possibly deemed as a build up to ‘something’, but a war?? Could you actually declare war on a species that has the technology to travel between the stars!
    Dr. Ellen Stofan of NASA recently announced that NASA will discover ‘Alien civilizations’ by 2025.
    What with NASA confirming that they have discovered potential ‘habitable planets’ with similar living conditions to planet earth, Kepler 452b being one of their more recent finds, which is about 60% larger than planet earth and up to 1.5 Billion years older (just imagine the potential advancement of any beings on that planet!?).  We also have leading professors such as Stephen Hawking helping to fund Alien hunting projects, something he has usually dismissed as too dangerous!?
    And on top of all this ‘apparent’ influx of drip-feeding, we now even have the Catholic church ADMITTING to the world that Extra-terrestrials exist! Something which has caused a few raised eyebrows around the world – something that most religions has DISMISSED until recently.
    The Vatican’s acceptance of Alien Beings has raised quite a few eyebrows around the world.
    The Facts….
    We ARE being drip fed disclosure from every corner of the world, and on top of this UFO sightings have recently DOUBLED and more and more people are witnessing the Extra-terrestrials in their masses in the skies above us – even the International Space Station cannot look ANYWHERE with their HD cameras without capturing a UFO near them – Even TV shows and adverts are focusing in on ‘Aliens’ more and more nowadays….all designed to waken up the masses of this world!?
    This is NO coincidence as I’m sure the majority of you will all agree, BUT the question is, is this a build up to war being stirred by the world leaders and the Elite, against a potential ET race that has an ongoing dispute with specific governments around the world? It’s a good question and our personal thoughts on this is that IF we are heading towards an Alien conflict, then surely we could not compete against a far more technologically advanced race (or race’s) UNLESS as Paul Schneider has stated before, perhaps we are already using their own weapons against them!? (please see video below which opens up on this intriguing subject!).
    Who knows, perhaps there are ET Beings out there who have OUR ‘best interests at heart’ and are willing to defend us against TWO possible fronts – The ‘Disgruntled ET Beings AND our very own world leaders and the Elite on Planet earth’.
    Like many have stated before, there is good and bad in every walks of life and perhaps the GOOD out there is willing to fight for us against the ‘evil within’ and those that wish to remove us from the very planet that we call home.  Don’t forget there have been reports of Alien Wars in the sky before (please click HERE)….perhaps leaders of the past (and present) have meddled into something which needs ‘outside support’
    Nobody knows the TRUTH apart from those that are ‘lying to us all’ but TWO things are very much for sure, we are NOT alone, and they are VERY MUCH HERE!
    ‘Battle’ Over Nuremberg, Germany. ‘The Great 1561 UFO Battle In The Sky 

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.RUINS OF ANCIENT CITY DISCOVERED IN AUSTRALIAN DESERT


    Ruins of Ancient City Discovered in Australian Desert

    Alice Springs| A team of archaeologists working for the Australian National University, who were proceeding to an excavation near the sandstone rock formation of Uluru, has unearthed the ruins of a large precolonial city dating back to more than 1500 years ago. The important number of tombs and artefacts already discovered on the site suggests that it could have been the capital of an ancient empire, completely unknown to historians until now.

    The site which was first noticed on satellite pictures taken in October 2013, using a newly developed ground-penetrating radar. The images revealed many 90° angles and various common geographic figures over a 16 kmarea, leading the team of scientists to direct some archaeological excavations on the spot, starting in May 2014. Over the last few months, many structures have been unearthed including what looks like a royal palace, a few temples, large rainwater reservoirs, workshops and dozens of houses.

    287 individual tombs have already been discovered, but the archaeologist have not yet found the tomb of any royal figure.

    287 individual tombs have already been discovered in a small necropolis located just outside the ancient city. The bodies are mostly of proto-aboriginal origins, but also surprisingly include a few Polynesian and Asian individuals.

    Professor Walter Reese, in charge of the site, claims that the extent of the site and the superposition of various layers of constructions, suggests that it was occupied for 400 to 500 years, from approximately 470-80 AD, up until the 9th Century. He believes that the city could have held between 20000 and 30000 inhabitants, making it the most important center of civilization in the Southern Pacific at the time.

    • This was certainly the capital of a vast empire, that practised some sort of international trade” says Mr Reese. “The fact that we have discovered some bodies of various origins suggests that this state could have been a very influential throughout the Pacific islands and Southeast Asia. We have found many objects on the site that were obviously imported from other regions, like rice, flax or lacquer.

    The various artefacts gathered from the site suggest that the city flourished thanks to some form of control over various gold mining operations in Southern Australia. The precious metal was purified and transformed by the hundreds of goldsmiths of the city before being traded for various other goods through  an extensive network reaching as far as New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and even China and India.

    Thousands of artefacts have been recovered, including some 756 items made of gold. This bowl weighting 2.8 kilograms was found inside one of the temples.

    Thousands of artefacts have been recovered, including some 756 items made of gold. This bowl weighting 2.8 kilograms was found inside one of the temples.

    Professor Reese believes that the city could have been abandoned after some climatic changes in the 9th Century brought a dramatic decrease in the level of rainfall, making the city unsustainable.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Amazing Ruins of a Long Lost City Discovered in Honduras

    Amazing Ruins of a Long Lost City Discovered in Honduras

    A scientific expedition into the depths of the Honduran rain forest discovered a lost city


    A view of the dense Honduran rain forest. (Ralph Lauer/ZUMA Press/Corbis) 

    t's long past the time where western adventurers would set off into the wilderness and regularly encounter long-abandoned cities. But in Central America, a new archeological exploration has yielded an incredible finding—a city that's been empty for hundreds of years and so isolated that it's never been formally studied.

    A scientific expedition into the depths of the Honduran rain forest returned last week with news of the scientific discovery of a never-before explored city. Archeologists believe it dates to between 1,000 and 1,400 A.D., National Geographic reports. Why it was abandoned still unknown.

    The team documented "extensive plazas, earthworks, mounds, and an earthen pyramid," as well as parts of 52 stone artifacts partially submerged in the ground, many of which are intricately decorated with carvings of animals. Found at the base of the pyramid, archeologists speculate that the sculptures were an offering untouched since the abandonment of the settlement.

    The lost city—so recently discovered that it doesn’t yet have a name—is so remote from modern human settlement that its animals appeared to never have encountered people before. But explorers and scientists have had their eye on the region for some time. Rumors have long persisted of a fabled White City, or Ciudad Blanca—“a mystical, Eden-like paradise from which no one ever returned,” writes National Geographic. And while this mythology often exoticized the real history of the region, it also spurred on over a century of scientific exploration in the 1930s, 50s, 70s, and 90s.  These expeditions identified a number of prehistoric sites in La Mosquitiamany of which were known previously to indigenous peoples in the area.*

    In 2012, documentarians searching for the truth behind the lore had a specific site in the La Mosquitia valley surveyed for signs of a large settlement. With the help of the Center for Airborne Laser Mapping they used LiDAR to map ground features through the dense foliage. The scan revealed signs of earthworks, mounds, and canals—evidence of pre-Columbian human civilization stretching across about a mile of the valley. That’s the location where the recent expedition aimed its exploration. As National Geographic reports:

    • The expedition confirmed on the ground all the features seen in the lidar images, along with much more. It was indeed an ancient city. Archaeologists, however, no longer believe in the existence of a single “lost city,” or Ciudad Blanca, as described in the legends. They believe Mosquitia harbors many such “lost cities,” which taken together represent something far more important—a lost civilization.

    The team documented their findings but has not yet excavated the site. They hope to return soon to do so and to study the area further.

    The exact location of the settlement isn’t being revealed in an attempt to prevent looting. But the site faces other threats. Within a dozen miles of the lost city, ranching enterprises reportedly supplying meat to the U.S. are illegally clear-cutting huge swaths of rain forest for cattle. Making the call for international support, one official told National Geographic that the whole valley could be gone in about eight years if action isn’t taken soon.

    *This paragraph was updated to better reflect the history of research in the region.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFOs May Be Mining Volcanoes For Liquid Gold


    UFOs May Be Mining Volcanoes For Liquid Gold

    Why are so many UFO sightings above or around active and inactive volcanoes? Theories abound. Are volcanoes portals to an underground alien world? Do UFOs refuel using geothermal power? Are aliens protecting humans from volcanic harm? A new discovery in New Zealand has spawned a new theory – UFOs may be mining volcanoes for liquid gold and other precious metals.

    A UFO over Popocatépetl Volcano in Mexico

    Is this UFO over Popocatépetl Volcano in Mexico mining for liquid gold?

    According to a recent report in the journal Geothermics, geologists digging in the Taupo Volcanic Zone in New Zealand have discovered at least 18 huge underground reservoirs of what may amount to millions of dollars of molten gold, silver and other precious metals. Stuart Simmons, a geologist at the University of Utah, gave this estimate:

    • The total amounts of aqueous gold and silver in reservoirs could be on the order of tens of thousands of ounces of gold and hundreds of thousands of ounces of silver, or more.

    The Taupo Volcanic Zone is a highly-active V-shaped chain of volcanoes, volcanic vents and geothermal fields. That activity creates intense heat and boiling acidic water which eat away at the surrounding rocks, releasing their gold and other metals into reservoirs of water. In some places, like the Champagne Pool near Lake Taupo, the deposits accumulate around the edges of the pools.

    Gold accumulation around the edge of Champagne Pool

    Gold accumulation around the edge of Champagne Pool

    These reservoirs filled with gold are beneath Rotokawa, Molkai and other geothermal power stations, which are designed to tap geothermal energy, not liquid gold and silver. To remove these metals, new technologies must be developed to bring them out without disturbing the magma and boiling reservoirs. Why? Think fracking with earthquakes AND volcanoes.

    All that's missing from this explanation is the UFO

    All that’s missing from this explanation is the UFO

    Who might have this technology already? Aliens!

    It’s long been theorized that aliens used ancient Earth civilizations to mine for gold. Perhaps they’ve automated the process. Why use humans and run the risk that they keep the gold for themselves when you could just suck liquid gold and silver right out of volcanoes? The metals could then be used for parts, alien jewelry or some other unknown reasons. Those UFOs seen around active volcanoes may be scouting for hot metals or possible even mining them via teleportation.

    What do you think? Are UFOs removing liquid gold, silver and other precious metals from our volcanoes? If they are, what should we do about it?



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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Magnificent Photo Of An Alien Craft By Nasa

    Magnificent Photo Of An Alien Craft By Nasa

    (Before It's News)



    UFO Sightings Daily reported an apparent UFO that flew close to the Gemini 5 mission apparently seen over NASA archives. The website is own by Scott C. Waring, a businessman in Taiwan and a man formerly affiliated with the U.S. Air Force at SAC base. 

    In this particular report, Waring included the original image of the alleged alien UFO together with a video from YouTube. The website claims that the image was taken from the official NASA archives. 

    The report mentions the shape of the UFO and talks about how it flew close to the Gemini module. According to Waring, the ring UFO appears to be very near to the Gemini, which is located in Earth’s orbit. 

    Waring says that it’s clear enough to determine that the mysterious UFO was flying close to the Gemini Mission because of the detailed image. However, it’s a challenge to determine the edges of the object because the UFO appeared to be surrounded by an aura.  Scott Waring believes that the unusual object is made of white ceramic, which is one of three things consistent with alien structures.  






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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Amazing Alien Ufo Disc Spotted In The Wilderness Of Canada

    Amazing Alien Ufo Disc Spotted In The Wilderness Of Canada

    (Before It's News)




    On the sunny July morning in 1965 that John Hembling, geologist and exploration manager for a mining company, and a companion geologist stepped from a helicopter atop a mountain ridge in north-central British Columbia they expected it would be another routine day of reconnaissance and survey. 
    For several weeks they had been studying this mineral-rich terrain about 70 miles north of-Hazelton. Working above the timberline they had a sweeping view of the country’s rocky peaks, some of which already bore the mark of mining development. Soon they would submit their report on the feasibility of further development. 
    But on this particular day they were to have the unexpected opportunity of making a study of a much different sort. “It was about 10 o’clock and we had just set up our equipment after the helicopter left,” Hembllng told us, “when we saw a silvery object, shining in the sun, appear over a small ridge below us. It had a flattened-out look and our first reaction was that it was some kind of delta-wing aircraft. We soon realized it was not.” 
    Facing west away from the sun, with the object below them about half a mile away, they had a clear view of what was happening. “The object was about 50 ft. in diameter,” he said. “On top of its dome there was a little knob, and around the base of the dome there were circular markings. They might have been some kind of riveting, or even windows.
    They were a bit too small to tell.  “Below these, on the face of the disc itself, there were larger rectangular markings which could have been glass or metallic. Our impression was that they were windows. As far as we could see, there were three of them.” As the two men watched in astonishment, the object moved slowly across the ridge until it was above a small glacial lake, barely more than a pond. Hovering there an instant, it then descended to less than 50ft. above the water. Again it hovered and, to the men’s further amazement, lowered a pipe-like instrument from its underside into the water.
    “At first we thought it was something like a rope-ladder,” Hembling said, “but it didn’t just drop down. It came out smoothly and steadily as if under mechanical control.”  During this procedure the observers were conscious of a humming sound from the object “like a quiet electric motor.” With its appendage in the lake, the disc then rotated slowly like a water-borne top until its “windows” faced the two men. “We had a distinct feeling It knew we were there,” Hembling said.  After remaining in that position for about eight minutes—as the men judged it–the object withdrew its “pipe” as carefully as it had lowered it. 
    “It climbed slowly, then all of a sudden it was off,” Hembling said. “It shot over the ridge, made a sharp turn without skidding and was out of sight in about 20 seconds. We figured it had gone 20 or 25 miles by the time it disappeared.” That would give it a speed of at least 3,600 m.p.h. 
    NOTE: The above image is a rendering. 

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Sanskrit Writings Reveal UFOs Visited India More than 6000 Years Ago

    Sanskrit Writings Reveal UFOs Visited India More than 6000 Years Ago


    Did you know that NASA recently brought together scientists, philosophers and theologians from all over the planet to prepare the world for extraterrestrial contact?? You can read more about that here.

    India’s greatest writings, the Vedas, talk about ‘flying ships’ or UFOs that visited the continent likely more than 6000 years ago.

    NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan recently said:

    • I think we’re going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade . . .I think we’re going to have definitive evidence within 20-30 years.

    It isn’t going to take that long. UFOs have already been visiting us for centuries.

    Stofan goes on to say:

    • We’re on the verge of things that people have wondered about for millennia. Within all of our lifetimes we’re going to understand that there is life on other bodies in the solar system. We’re going to understand the implications of that for life here on Earth.

    The truth is – people haven’t just wondered. They’ve known. Visitations by other-worldly beings have been happening through many cultures around the world, possibly for eons, and this is ‘disclosed’ in numerous ancient documents.

    When the military industrial complex, or, NASA, as a small part of the cabal strong arm ‘discloses’ that ‘we’re going to have definitive evidence within decades’ it’s a ruse. Even JFK’s murder, and the silencing of thousands of whistleblowers is less astounding when you consider how long many human beings have been aware of the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings. While the efforts to hide this fact from modern humanity have been circumspect in the least, this news has very much been out in the open for those willing to look.

    Only in very recent times have human beings questioned whether or not we were joined by other life forms in this universe. There is good reason for this.

    The Vedas illustrated two main categories for UFOs. They are described in Sanskrit, using terms that are normally reserved to describe architecture, automata, military siege engines, and other mechanical contrivances, or in more recent works, such as the Mahabharata, the Puranas, and the Ramayana, there are more descriptions. One book called the Vaimanika Shastra (The Science of Aeronautics) is said to have been downloaded while a yogic sage was deep in trance, and it supposedly contains much knowledge from the Akashic records. Some of these texts infer that these crafts were controlled with our minds – essentially utilizing advanced technology which has been withheld from the masses in modern times.

    Levitation and anti-gravity could have been utilized for centuries. Boeing, the world’s largest aircraft carrier manufacturer, recently declared that they were ‘working on’ anti-gravity and that it would ‘alter the entire aerospace industry,’ but they aren’t working on anything new.

    Many believe that the Vedas speak of not only off-planet “flying ships” but also human-created craft.

    Dr. V. Raghavan, a respected Sanskrit scholar of the University of Madras points to the ancient documents of India to prove that off-planet humans, and aliens alike visited the earth.

    Raghavan says:

    • Fifty years of researching this ancient work convinces me that there are living being s on other planets, and that they were visiting the earth as far back as 4000 B.C..

    He goes on to explain:

    • There is a just a mass of fascinating information about flying machines, even fantastic science fiction weapons, that can be found in translations of the Vedas (scriptures), Indian epics, and other ancient Sanskrit text”.

    The scholar explains different types of technologies that appear in the Mahabrahata, and the Ramayanas. Everything from ‘divine light’ to ray weapons, and even some kind of ‘hypnotic weapon’ is described.

    When Boeing admits that they are working on anti-gravitation propulsion, “that will change the future of aerospace aviation as we know it,” and Eugene Podkletnov’s gravity beam is said to be able to “punch through brick and warp metal like a sledgehammer,” it becomes clear that some very powerful technologies have been suppressed.

    Likely, beings that visited our planet over millennia shared at least some of their advanced technologies with humans.

    Though some of these technologies can be used to wage war, some can be used to support life, and in our case, clean up a distressed planet. As Collective Evolution previously reported, multiple scientists have already confirmed that free energy exists.

    As the Orion Project explains, “the U.S. Patent Office has a nine-member committee that screens patents in order to protect “national security.” This means that possibly tens of thousands of advanced devices and technologies exist right now.

    When disclosure occurs – again – we will learn of technologies hidden in over 4000 ‘unnumbered’ patentsthat the US government keeps hidden, and likely even more than this.

    For thousands of years, we’ve been kept in the dark, but this is all about to change – possibly as soon as September.

    Related CE Articles:

    Ancient Imagination Or Ancient Fact? Pre-Historic Flying Machines

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Vedische geschriften onthullen dat India meer dan 6000 jaar geleden werd bezocht door ‘vliegende schepen’

    Vedische geschriften onthullen dat India meer dan 6000 jaar geleden werd bezocht door 'vliegende schepen'

    Vedische geschriften onthullen dat India meer dan 6000 jaar geleden werd bezocht door ‘vliegende schepen’

    Wist je dat NASA onlangs wetenschappers, filosofen en theologen van over de hele wereld bijeen heeft gebracht om de wereld voor te bereiden op buitenaards contact?

    De Veda’s, de oudste en heiligste geschriften van het hindoeïsme, spreken van ‘vliegende schepen’ of UFO’s die India meer dan 6000 geleden bezochten.

    Hoofdwetenschapper Ellen Stofan van de NASA zei pas geleden: “Ik denk dat we binnen nu en 10 jaar sterke aanwijzingen vinden voor het bestaan van leven buiten de aarde. Ik denk dat we tussen 20 en 30 jaar definitief bewijs zullen hebben.”


    Of worden we misschien al decennialang door UFO’s bezocht, zoals blijkt uit de Vedische geschriften? Vele oude documenten bevatten verhalen over buitenaards bezoek. NASA is onderdeel van de Amerikaanse federale overheid, maar vormt wel een onafhankelijk agentschap. Kunnen we er van op aan dat NASA-wetenschappers de waarheid spreken?

    In de Veda’s worden twee soorten UFO’s besproken. Ze worden beschreven in het Sanskriet en staan vooral in de meer recente werken zoals de Mahabharata, de Purana’s en de Ramayana. Eén van de stukken, de Vaimanika Shastra (de wetenschap van de luchtvaart) zou zijn geschreven door een wijsgeer die op dat moment in trance was. Er zou ook veel informatie in staan over de Akashakroniek, een allesdoordringend medium dat ook wel ether wordt genoemd.

    In sommige geschriften valt te lezen dat deze vaartuigen met behulp van gedachten werden bestuurd. Wat als er al honderden jaren gebruik wordt gemaakt van technologieën die gebaseerd zijn op levitatie en antizwaartekracht? Boeing maakte onlangs bekend dat ze ‘werken’ aan antizwaartekracht, een technologie die de ‘hele luchtvaartindustrie zou kunnen veranderen’.

    Velen geloven dat in de Veda’s wordt gesproken van luchtschepen die door mensen zijn gemaakt. Dr. V. Raghavan (1908-1979), een gerespecteerde wetenschapper van de Universiteit van Madras, wees op oude Indiase documenten die volgens hem bewijzen dat zowel mensen van buiten de aarde als aliens de aarde hebben bezocht.

    “Na 50 jaar onderzoek naar deze oude werken ben ik ervan overtuigd dat er levende wezens op andere planeten zijn en dat ze al in 4000 voor Christus de aarde bezochten,” zei hij. “Je komt in de vertalingen van de Veda’s en andere teksten die in het Sanskriet zijn geschreven een grote hoeveelheid fascinerende informatie tegen over vliegende machines.”

    De onderzoeker legde uit dat in de Mahabharata en Ramayana verschillende technologieën aan bod komen, van ‘goddelijk licht’ tot straalwapens en ‘hypnotische wapens’. Deelden wezens die onze planeet duizenden jaren geleden bezochten hun geavanceerde technologieën met de mensen die toen leefden? Vond je dit interessant? Denk er dan aan dit artikel te delen op Facebook.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.“Sensationele resultaten”: Dit oudste houten standbeeld ter wereld verandert onze kijk op oude beschavingen

    "Sensationele resultaten": Dit oudste houten standbeeld ter wereld verandert onze kijk op oude beschavingen

    “Sensationele resultaten”: Dit oudste houten standbeeld ter wereld verandert onze kijk op oude beschavingen

    Uit een ‘sensationele’ nieuwe analyse is gebleken dat het Russische houten standbeeld Shigir Idol 11.000 jaar oud is. Het standbeeld, dat bedekt is met cryptische boodschappen, is daarmee veruit het oudste houten beeld ter wereld.

    Eerder was het beeld gedateerd op 9500 jaar oud. Duitse wetenschappers hebben echter bepaald dat Shigir Idol nog eens 1500 jaar ouder is. Het Russische standbeeld zou twee keer zo oud zijn als de Egyptische piramides.

    “We mogen wel zeggen dat de resultaten sensationeel zijn,” vertelde een medewerker van het museum waar het beeld wordt bewaard. Shigir Idol is in 1890 gevonden in het Oeralgebergte.

    Om twijfels over de ouderdom van het standbeeld weg te nemen, werd in het Duitse Mannheim een analyse uitgevoerd in één van de meest geavanceerde laboratoria ter wereld. “De resultaten zijn verbluffend, aangezien de monsters dateren uit het begin van het holoceen,” aldus de medewerker. “We zijn ook te weten gekomen dat het beeld is gemaakt van een lariksboom die tenminste 157 jaar oud was.”

    Het monument is 2,8 meter hoog, hoewel het oorspronkelijk liefst 5,3 meter hoog was. Een deel van het artefact ging in het Sovjettijdperk verloren, maar er zijn gedetailleerde tekeningen van gemaakt door archeoloog Vladimir Tolmachev.

    Professor Mikhail Zhilin zei over het standbeeld: “Dit is een meesterwerk, dat een gigantische emotionele waarde heeft. Het is een uniek beeld. Nergens ter wereld is er ooit iets gevonden wat erop lijkt. Het ornament bevat gecodeerde informatie. Mensen gaven met behulp van Shigir Idol kennis door.”

    De makers van het standbeeld, die in harmonie met de wereld leefden, gaven het zeven gezichten, waarvan slechts één driedimensionaal is. Vind je dit een interessante ontdekking? Denk er dan aan dit artikel te delen op Facebook.

    [Siberian Times]

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Over Yellowstone Park Caught In Photo, June 22, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

    UFO Over Yellowstone Park Caught In Photo, June 22, 2015, UFO Sighting News

    Date of sighting: June 22, 2015
    Location of sighting: Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, USA
    Source: MUFON

    This UFO was reported to MUFON on Aug 18, 2015, but took place back in June. The UFO has a disk shape and is wider in the front. UFOs often are caught when people take a photo of a scene and the UFO happened to be traveling through it at high speed. Usually the speed is to fast for the human eye to notice, but the digital eye cannot be fooled.

    Scott C. Waring

    Eyewitness states:

    My friends (husband & wife) were on vacation, driving their car near Yellowstone Nat'l Park WY June 22, 2015 about mid-day. He was the passenger and was taking digital photographs of the Grand Teton mountains as they approached them. When they got back home about 6/30/15, he down-loaded photos and reviewed them. A saucer-like object, except with some strange appendage at the "left end," is clearly visible in the blue sky in one of the photos, but not in the one a minute before or in the one a minute after. Just one lucky photo. Neither person actually saw anything visually that day; "it" just was seen upon reviewing his pictures. My friend was able to zoom-in on the object with his computer software at his house, and I was surprised by the amount of detail that he and I were able to see in or of this object. 

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO – Not Strangers of South Dakota

    UFO – Not Strangers of South Dakota


    For many years, Unidentified Flying Objects have been reported across the world, especially in the United States. The sighting was being reported not only by pilots or researchers but also to typical people or residents. If you are a serious about extraterrestrials, then Roswell is probably something you have well and truly researched. In fact, it is one of the most prominent sightings in New Mexico. It occurred in 1947 when the witnesses reported seeing. In fact, it was being covered up by the alien crash site. The military investigators also claimed that such site is just a simple weather balloon.

    When it comes to strange sightings, South Dakota is not immune because there are already numerous sightings being reported this year. While some describe the objects as a cylinder shaped, or disk-shaped, some others witnessed the flashing lights in a diamond formation. On the other hand, residents of the city described a pulsing noise. While some other lasted for seconds, there are those that lasted in minutes. It is noteworthy to remember the happenings in Egan, which the witnesses claimed seeing a bright light with a diamond in shape on February 27, 2015.

    With all these sightings, are these the indications that aliens exist? During the Roswell incident in 1947, there are strange accounts that could be left unexplainable. Afterward, the sighting in both Lake County, and Moody County had begun to explain these unbelievable and bizarre reports brought by residents. Whether aliens or not actually exists or not, it must be noted that they are the most favorite subject of the people. When one person claimed to see a strange object flying, such sighting will receive different criticisms. Speculations concerning aliens from the outer space are rampant. Again, with all these sightings, it makes sense that extraterrestrial creatures and extraterrestrial creatures are not stranger of South Dakota. In fact, they have already become increasingly popular.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Whatever happened to the Marshall County cop who hit a UFO?

    Whatever happened to the Marshall County cop who hit a UFO?

    On Sept. 11, 1979, Val Johnson stood where he says he had been engulfed by a flash of light two weeks earlier, indicated how big the beam was as it approached. 

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Science Now Says We Have Extraterrestrial DNA

    Science Now Says We Have Extraterrestrial  DNA


    Don’t be alarmed, but you have alien DNA in your genetic code. Science says so.

    Scientists from Kazakhstan believe that human DNA was encoded with an extraterrestrial signal by an ancient alien civilization, reports.

    They call it “biological SETI” and the researchers claim that the mathematical code in human DNA cannot be explained by evolution.

    In a nutshell, we’re living, breathing vessels for some kind of alien message which is more easily used to detect extra terrestrial life than via radio transmission.

    “Once fixed, the code might stay unchanged over cosmological timescales; in fact, it is the most durable construct known,” the researchers wrote in scientific journal, Icarus. “Therefore it represents an exceptionally reliable storage for an intelligent signature.

    “Once the genome is appropriately rewritten the new code with a signature will stay frozen in the cell and its progeny, which might then be delivered throughspace and time.”

    The scientists also claim that human DNA is ordered so precisely that it reveals an “ensemble of arithmetical and ideographical patterns of symbolic language”.

    Their research has led the scientists to conclude that we were invented “outside the solar system, already several billion years ago”.

    The thesis supports the hypothesis that Earth is the result of interstellar life forms distributed by meteors and comets.

    So if we are just vessels for alien communication, exactly what kind of secret message are we carrying in our DNA?

    Related:  Your entire reality is an elaborate manipulation

    And if we were the creation of aliens, who created them?

    source =

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Rosicrucians’ Secret Knowledge Of Extraterrestrial Visitations

    Rosicrucians’ Secret Knowledge Of Extraterrestrial Visitations



    by Ellen Lloyd, MessageToEagle

    Secret documents hidden in the library of the Rosicrucians reveal humans’ mysterious past and the inevitable future of the human race.

    What was the function of the pyramidsHow and why was Atlantis destroyed? Who are the guardians of the secretwisdom?

    Were did our creators come from?

    Let us open these ancient gates and look into the past and future…

    As our readers already know from our previous articles, after the destruction of Atlantis the Shining Ones a group of highly advanced extraterrestrial beings who were our creators and later became worshiped as gods, were scattered over all continents.

    The Shining Ones continued their mission and assisted and guided humans in their development. They shared theirknowledge and taught man agriculture, medicine, astronomy, mathematics and everything that was needed for our survival as a species.

    The Shining Ones were a superior race and much of what they could accomplish seemed like “magic” to our ancestors. However, these alien beings were no magicians. On the contrary, many of them were skilled scientific technicians. The scientific and technological knowledge of the Shining Ones was and still is beyond our comprehension.

    This remarkable alien civilization was fully aware of the danger of revealing all of its knowledge to the humans who were considered a less developed species.

    Therefore, the Shining Ones’ secret knowledge was passed on but only to a group of carefully chosen individuals, like pagan priests and initiates of the secret wisdom.

    It was their duty to guard and preserve the wisdom of the Shining Ones and so they did…

    The secret knowledge of the Shining Ones survived until today, but the teachings of the gods are not easily accessible to any ordinary person. This extraordinary and extremely valuable knowledge has been written down and is locked behind closed doors that are very difficult to open.

    The Vatican library is not the only place that is full of secrets. There are also some secret societies that possess uniqueknowledge of our planet’s history.

    Today, I would like to write a little about the secret knowledge of the Rosicrucians, a society of mystics, formed in late mediaeval Germany.

    According to secret documents in the library of the Rosicrucians, the Greek philosopher Plato (427 or 428 – 347 B.C) was a depositary of the Atlantean tradition and his account is genuine.

    Part of the teachings of the Rosicrucians have been revealed to the order’s members by the French Grand Master Raymond Bernard (1923-2006).

    According to Raymond Bernard “Atlantis was a highly civilized continent with means of transmission and transportation compared with which ours are nothing. In its time, it was the heart of the world.”

    “Colonized” people received knowledge in keeping with their capacities.

    In particularly “open” countries, a direct relationship was established by the College of Sages, that is, the highest initiates of the time, guardians of the secret wisdom, and this relationship was marked by a pyramidal temple in the image of the supreme pyramid where the College had its seat in Atlantis, and where its knowledge was preserved.

    Only one pyramid, however, has reproduced the supreme pyramid , and even then in a different “measure”; what is known as the Pyramid of Cheops. It perpetuates in the face of the world the totality of Atlantean wisdom, whereas others reveal only part of it.

    In the rather near future, “discoveries” beneficial to mankind will put an end to many arguments.

    The Atlanteans knew the nature and power of certain cosmic forces, particularly telluric currents, and carefully applied them to agriculture and the harmonious maintenance of the overall balance of these currents, to avoid all geological catastrophes that it was within man’s power to avert.

    The pyramids also fulfilled this function because of the duly studied locations in which they were built. Elsewhere, points of protection were sufficient. This was the case, for example, with dolmens and menhirs. They precisely marked places of conjoined forces and focalized universal energy, where efficacious ceremonies could be held.

    It was the same with megaliths, many of which can still be seen all over the world in estates, fields, and even cities; but their sole function was to amplify cosmic energy and improve harvests.

    It can be considered, moreover, that all these secondary elements were attached, from the standpoint of energy, to the supreme pyramid. The entire earth thus constituted a kind of efficient receptacle for the whole of cosmic forces

    When the supreme pyramid had been unfavorably altered as the result of ignorant and ambitious intrigues, the planetary catastrophe that engulfed Atlantis transformed the surface of the earth and became engraved in the folk imagination under the inaccurate name of the Deluge.

    In the basis of the teachings of authentic African secret societies, a particle of the Atlantean wisdom has been preserved.

    At the time of the catastrophe, the supreme sages took refuge in Egypt. They had safeguarded the scientific and technical knowledge that made Atlantis a continent whose civilization has never been equaled, not even in our time…

    The sages did not reconstitute the Empire, because of what happened and because this in accordance with the universal plan.
    It is the whole world that is called upon to become the New Atlantis… The human will is always free. Once again, and for the last time, mankind will face an ultimate choice from which will result either an era of extraordinary civilization or the end, not of a continent this time, but of the world.

    This time of choice is approaching. It will be marked b the reappearance of Atlantis, the resurgence of the vanished continent before the astonished human race.

    The Sages have guided our development. The have given men the discoveries that were suggested to him, as soon as he was able to understand, receive, and use each of them without danger; they have delivered, in the strictest sense of the word, the scientific and technical knowledge acquired by the Atlanteans and preserved by them and their successors…

    • The knowledge of the Atlanteans came from another galaxy and was brought by those who became the first rulers of Atlantis. Some of these extraterrestrials returned to their home, others remained on earth to carry out a mission, all of the world’s civilizations come from this second group.
      Bernard Raymond – L’empire Invisible

    In other words, the creators of humanity were extraterrestrials and can we all consider ourselves children of the stars…

    by Ellen Lloyd, Author of “Voices from Legendary Times: We are a bridge between past and future

    About the author:
    Ellen Lloyd is an author who has spent more than 20 years researching ancient mysteries, sacred texts, and the UFO phenomenon. She the author of Voices From Legendary Times in which she demonstrates that races of men have inhabited Earth for millions of years, but not all of them were human. In addition, Ellen has written several hundreds of fascinatingarticles about prehistoric alien visitations, ancient mysteries and alternative history.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.OVNI : Un ancien pilote militaire révèle sa rencontre

    OVNI : Un ancien pilote militaire révèle sa rencontre



    Photo de l'avion T-39D Sabreliner , similaire au jet piloté par Capt. Larry Jividen la nuit de cette rencontre avec un ovni en 1975.

    Source :  via

    Traduction area51blog


    ns la nuit du 6 février 1975, le capitaine d’escadron de marine de réserve  Larry Jividen pilotait un Sabreliner T-39D (voir image ci-dessus) avion d’entrainement au  combat et de service avec cinq pilotes officiers de marine à bord pour un vol d’entraînement spécial. Il ne savait pas que la soirée se transformerait  en un jeu du «chat et de la souris» avec un objet volant non identifié.

    Jividen n’a jamais parlé de son expérience depuis presque 40 ans — jusqu’à maintenant.

    L’officier du Corps des Marines depuis 9 ans - et plus tard pilote de ligne commerciale - avait décollé au crépuscule pour un aller-retour de deux heures qui a commencé et s’est terminé  à la Station Aéronavale de Pensacola, en Floride.



    “Aux environs de 9 heures, nous descendions d’une haute altitude — environ 33,000 pieds – et j’ai regardé sur le côté droit de l’avion où j’ai vu une lumière rouge fixe à notre position et altitude de 01:00 heure ”, a dit Jividen au Huffington Post.

    “Il ne clignotait pas comme les feux anti-collision  normaux des avions. J’ai pensé que ça pouvait être quelque autre traffic, mais je n’étais pas sûr alors j’ai appelé la tour de contrôle et dit, « Comprenez que nous avons l’autorisation d’approche, mais nous avons un trafic sur notre droite, qui passe en premier pour l’approche ?”

    Le trafic que Jividen et les cinq autres membres de l’équipage ont vu a été mutuellement décrit comme «un objet solide circulaire ayant la taille relative d’une bille de gamin tenue à bout de bras», s’est rappelé Jividen.

     Lorsqu’ils furent informés que la tour de contrôle au sol n’avait pas d’autre trafic dans leur proximité, Jividen commença à s’inquiéter que le mystérieux objet ne soit pas apparu sur le radar. Il demanda donc  l’autorisation de dévier de leur approche et de se tourner directement vers l’ovni lumineux rouge “juste pour voir ce qu’il allait faire”.

    Comme il se tourna vers l’objet, Jividen dit qu’il se tourna vers son avion. “Il a soudainement volé de droite à gauche, sur le nez [de notre avion], et s’est juste arrêté à notre position de  11  heures. À ce moment-là, j’ai commencé à accélérer pour voir si je pouvais me rapprocher de l’objet, et comme je [l'ai fait], il m’a dépassé. en d’autres termes, quand j’accélérais, il  accélérait . “Alors, j’ai décidé de descendre pour placer l’objet contre un champ d’étoiles afin de m’assurer qu’il était réellement solide, et puis je suis monté pour que je puisse voir  silhouette de l’objet contre le Golfe du Mexique.” Jividen dit la que la  rencontre de cinq minutes a pris fin lorsque l’ovni rouge s’est envolé à une vitesse très élevé et a disparu à l’horizon en direction de la Nouvelle-Orléans. Lorsque l’équipage retourna à Pensacola, Jividen remplit un dossier d’incident et ce fut la dernière fois qu’il entendit parler de cet épisode Et personne d’autre n’en entendit parler pendant plus de 3 décennies. L’histoire de Jividen est maintenant racontée dans la nouvelle édition de “”UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities,” écrit par le  Col. John Alexander.



    “J’ai fait quelques vérifications sur les antécédents de Jividen et une des premières choses qui revenaient était sa  croix de vol de distinction pour avoir fait  des choses vraiment héroïques. Il est bien celui qu’il dit être et il est très simple», dit Alexander au  HuffPost. “Je ne pense pas qu’il y ait le moindre doute que c’était quelque chose. Je le prends comme un témoin très crédible, bien plus que beaucoup d’autres.”

    L’autorisation top-secret d’Alexander qui lui a été accordée par le Gouvernement américain lui a donné accès dans les années 80 à une variété de documents officiels et aux premiers récits personnels d’ovnis. Il a aussi créé un groupe spécial de fonctionnaires et de scientifiques de haut niveau qui ont étudié le phénomène ovni. En fin de compte, Alexander a déterminé que les États-Unis, en effet, avaient des preuves montrant la réalité OVNI, mais il n’a pu trouver aucun signe que le gouvernement a délibérément gardé ces informations du public, ou que le contact avait été pris avec une vie extraterrestre. “Une des choses que nous observons sont des caractéristiques physiques que nous ne comprenons pas, des capacités qui sont au-delà de nos options technologiques en ce moment, une accélération extrêmement rapide et des tours de haute gravité auxquels des  organismes vivants, comme nous le savons, ne survivraient pas , “a t-il expliqué.

    Regardez ces rencontres rapprochées étonnantes des pilotes avec des ovnis :

    Une question plus large subsiste  en ce qui concerne les ovnis vus par des militaires, des pilotes professionnels et privés qui  peuvent se révéler des dangers potentiels pour la sécurité, dit au moins un scientifique respecté. “ Mes amis qui sont des scientifiques disent, « Eh bien, il n’y a rien concernant les ovnis. Si il y avait quelque chose, nous aurions des données et nous aimerions les compulser. “ C’est en partie une déclaration valable, et ce sont  les pilotes qui  sans le savoir, nous empêchent d’obtenir les données pour analyser scientifiquement, “ a déclaré Richard Haines, ancien chercheur scientifique  du Centre de recherche Ames de la NASA.

    Haines – qui préfère utiliser le terme phénomènes aériens non identifiés, ou PAN plutôt que OVNI – est un ancien sceptique  qui dirige actuellement le Centre national d’information de l’aviation sur les phénomènes anormaux,(National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena), ou NARCAP. “Nos objectifs sont de rendre les vols plus sûrs pour le  public qui voyage, en particulier en ce qui concerne les PANs, et nous sommes convaincus qu’il y a une menace potentielle posée par proximité des PANs et des avions commerciaux et privés», dit Haines au HuffPost.  Travaillant avec un effectif de près de 40 personnes, y compris les filiales internationales, Haines est scientifique en chef du NARCAP. Il aborde la question des pilotes qui ont craignent de signaler un OVNI ou un PAN alors qu’ils sont encore actifs.

    “ Pour moi, c’est un grave facteur inhibant pour que les scientifiques comme moi collectent les données.” Haines suggère que le facteur peur qui entoure les pilotes n’est pas tant le fait d’avoir peur des objets auxquels ils sont confrontés que la crainte de perdre leur emploi s’ils parlent à ce sujet. “Exactement. Je ne pense pas que ce soit  une peur physique. Le NARCAP vient avec l’objectif d’essayer de rendre les vols plus sûrs pour le public, et les compagnies aériennes ne veulent pas entendre cela, car cela implique qu’ils ne sont pas sûrs ! Pour des raisons évidentes, de nombreux rapports que j’ai  sont ceux des pilotes à la retraite. “Comme celui de Jividen, qui a déposé un rapport l’an dernier avec Haines — près de 40 ans après les faits, mais c’était toujours impressionnant. “ En premier lieu, il y a plusieurs témoins” déclare Haines. “Il y avait six hommes à bord et ils n’ont pas tous confondu avec une illusion collective. “ Après plusieurs minutes l’objet n’a pas changé de forme ou d’intensité , ce qui signifie qu’il n’a pas seulement accéléré devant lui et arrêté à sa position de 11 heures, mais il a ensuite maintenu sa vitesse en avançant. Nous devons nous demander quel phénomène naturel est capable de faire ça ? ! "

    L’ancien scientifique de la NASA Richard Haines décrit une rencontre poignante d'un pilote avec un OVNI :

    Dr. Haines has been a NASA research scientist since the mid 1960's. He has worked on the Gemini, Apollo and Skylab programs as well as several others. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Haines has compiled over 3,000 cases of unusual visual and radar sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena -- known as the AIRCAT files.

    Dr. Richard F. Haines, NARCAP Science Chief presents at the CAIPAN 2014 Workshop, hosted by CNES-GEIPAN - PARIS 2014 (vous avez des sous-titres en vo traduits par Google en français dans le menu que vous pouvez choisir)

    Haines n’est pas encore sûr de ce que sont ces objets insolites dont  tant de pilotes au fil des décennies ont fait état. « Honnêtement, je ne sais pas, et en tant que scientifique, je veux garder toutes les portes ouvertes jusqu’à ce que j’aie  une preuve suffisante, mais jusqu’à ce moment-là, je ne vais pas spéculer. ”

    Les recherches d’ Alexander le conduisent à au moins une  conclusion importante à propos des cas réellement inexpliqués d’OVNIs ou de PANs.      ” Si vous arrivez à la question fondamentale – si il y a une intelligence derrière tout cela, et cela semble bien  être vrai - des choses comme l’énergie doivent être la clé. Certainement,  comprendre une forme différente d’énergie serait incroyablement utile.” Quel  qu’ait été l’objet circulaire rouge   que Jividen et son équipage ont  rencontré cette nuit-là en 1975, deux choses ont fait une impression durable sur lui. « Tout d’abord, il n’y avait pas de contact radar avec lui. Il est clair, par la silhouette et les mouvements de mon appareil, que c’était un objet solide, qui se propulsait lui-même. ” Je ne pense pas que notre science physique soit assez avancée pour évaluer ce que sont  ces choses. Il y a certains phénomènes physiques en cours que nous ne pouvons pas clairement interpréter ou évaluer – c’est de toute évidence contrôlé par une intelligence, mais il se peut qu’elle ne soit pas extraterrestre ”.

    MAJ 2015 - Video Geipan 2014

    Yves Herbo Relai, S, F, H, 04-2012 - UP 08-2015

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Can humankind find alien intelligent life?
    Can humankind find alien intelligent life?

    Can humankind find alien intelligent life?

    Humankind’s Space Age undoubtedly began in the 60’s. And 1961 can be seen as one of the most interesting years. First of all, Yuri Gagarin from the USSR made the first steps of mankind in cosmos and in the USA, astronomer Frank Drake formulated the famous equation that bears his name.

    What is with this equation? Well, for those who have not yet heard of the famous Drake Equation, it tries to estimate the number of intelligent civilizations that could exist in the Milky Way and that could be contacted by us through our current electromagnetic methods.

    Here’s how the equation looks like: N = Ns x fp x ne x fl x fi x fc x L

    It doesn’t look that simple, so we’ll explain briefly what each value of the equation stands for and what is its meaning.

    • N = the number of civilizations in our galaxy with whom communication may be possible;
    • N= the average annual rate of star formation in our galaxy. Estimate is between 10 and 1;
    • f= the number of stars that have planetary systems similar to our Solar System. Estimate is between 1 (each star has a planetary system) and 0.1 (one in ten stars has a system);
    • n= the average number of planets that can support the emergence and the existence of life. Estimate is between 5 and 1.
    • f= the number of planets on which life could occur at one moment in time. Estimate is 1.
    • f= the number of planets on which intelligent life (civilizations) evolved. Estimate is 1.
    • f= the number of civilizations that developed a technology which can be detected by other civilizations like our own. Estimate is 0.1 to 0.2.
    • L = the time in which a civilization reaches the capacity of communication with other stellar civilizations. Estimate is between 1000 and 100 million years.

    If we carefully review each value of the equation, it is clear that none could be determined accurately by modern science. Furthermore as we move from left to right into the equation, estimating each factor’s value becomes controversial, so the latter elements are rather speculative and the values that a person would assign them might say more about that person’s beliefs than scientific facts.

    There are dozens of scientific papers that deal with this equation and juggle with its parameters. One such paper stands out as it adds the well-established principles of statistical probability to the equation. In 2010, the Italian astronomer Claudio Macconepublished in the Acta Astronautica journal his own version of the equation named the Statistical Drake Equation (SDE). Mathematically it is more complex and more robust that the Classic Drake Equation (CDE).

    SDE is based on the Central Limit Theorem which states that having a sufficient number of random independent variables with finite mean value and dispersion, these variables will be distributed in an environment according to the Gaussian bell. So, all the seven parameters of the equation become independent positive variables.In his paper, Maccone tested his SDE using the parameters normally accepted by the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) community, and the results could mean good news for the E.T. hunters.

    Although the numerical results were not the primary objective of the astronomer, Maccone estimated that our galaxy could host 4,590 extraterrestrial civilizations. If we assign the same values to the Classical Drake Equation we get only 3,500. So, the SDE adds over 1,000 possible civilizations to the initial estimate. Also, SDE has an advantage over CDE, because it incorporates the concept of standard variation (or margin), a kind of margin of error for the mean values. In this case the standard variation is quite high – 11,195. In other words, the SDE states that in our Milky way galaxy could be between 0 and 15,785 extraterrestrial civilizations.

    If these E.T. civilizations are at equal distances from each other, they could be separated, on average by 28,845 light-years.This value is much too high for us to communicate with aliens, even though the electromagnetic radiation travels at the speed of light (299,792.4 km/s). So, even with so many potential advanced civilizations, interstellar communication would still be a major technological challenge for us. However, according to SDE the average distance that we should expect to find intelligent life might be 2,670 light-years from Earth.

    So there would be some slim chances that we can contact an alien civilization. At only 500 light-years the chances of detecting a signal from E.T. are almost 0. This isxactly the radius within which our current technology allows us to search for intelligent life radio signals.  So the “Great Silence” that radio telescopes detected so far is not daunting. Our signals must reach a little farther – over at least 900 light years – before they have a real chance to intersect with an advanced alien civilization.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Early morning fireball attracts attention

    Early morning fireball attracts attention

    Reports came in to the Utah Highway Patrol Cedar City Dispatch Center Friday describing a fireball streaking across the sky south of SunRiver St. George just before 7:30 a.m.
    A fireball occurs when a meteor enters Earth’s atmosphere and burns brightly before being consumed by the fire, and is defined by the American Meteor Society as an object that is brighter than the planet Venus.
    It likely burned up in the atmosphere before hitting the ground
    The American Meteor Society received reports from three observers in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Flagstaff, Arizona, and Pahrump, Nevada, of a fireball about the same time as the Southern Utah sighting. San Diego-based Robert Lunsford, the report coordinator for the AMS, said it was probably the same object, but it likely burned up in the atmosphere before hitting the ground.
    “Normally, something that would actually make it to the ground would be awfully bright and last a long time,” Lunsford said. “We would probably have a lot more reports if it actually made it to the ground.”
    The Lake Havasu City observer’s report said the fireball lasted about 2 seconds, Lunsford said. His report read, in part, “Not sure if it was a ‘fireball.’ Basically it looked like a very thick and very bright shooting star during daylight hours, brighter than Venus and brighter than a full moon.”
    Never seen anything like it my whole life
    The report went on to say, “Never seen anything like it my whole life. The trail and length of visibility could have been longer but I didn’t see it until it came into view of my windshield. ”
    The Pahrump observer wrote, “I was driving east, the sun was just about to crest over Mt. Charleston, when the meteor appeared at the top of the windshield. At first I thought it was a plane that was flaring in the morning light, but as it streaked lower and fizzled, I knew I had just seen something pretty cool!”

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.DO COMET FRACTURES DRIVE SURFACE EVOLUTION?


    Extreme thermal stresses experienced by a comet as it orbits around the Sun could explain the extensive fracturing thought to drive its long-term surface erosion, say Rosetta scientists analysing high-resolution images of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko’s surface.

    The study, which is published online in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, is based on images taken between 6 August 2014 – when Rosetta first arrived at the comet – and 1 March 2015, and includes detailed images acquired from between just 8 and 18 km from the comet’s surface.

    Ramy’s team identified three distinct settings in which the fractures occur: networks of long narrow fractures, fractures on cliffs and fractured boulders. In addition, several unique features were identified: the parallel fractures running across Hathor’s 900 m-high cliffs, an isolated 500 metre-long crevice in the Anuket region of the comet’s neck, and a 200 m-long complex crack system in Aker on the large lobe.

    “The fractures show a variety of morphologies and occur all over the surface and at all scales: they are found in the towering 900 m-high cliffs of Hathor right down to the surfaces of boulders a few metres across,” describes lead author M. Ramy El-Maarry from the University of Bern.

    The most prevalent setting appears to be networks of narrow fractures that extend for a few metres to 250 m in length, typically on relatively flat surfaces. Interestingly, in some locations, the fractures appear to cross cut each other in polygonal patterns at angles of 90º – on Earth and Mars this is often an indicator of ice that has contracted below the surface.


    The variety of fracture networks found on Comet 67P/C-G, with an indication of physical scales. The top left image shows polygonal fractures on the edge of the Apis region, on the comet large lobe. The zoomed-in insert shows that the patterns are composed of irregular 2–5 meters-wide polygons. The top right image shows a pervasively fractured region at the edge of the Atum region, close to the comet's neck. Fractures vary greatly in length, with the longest visible one measuring about 250 m. Within this irregular pattern, a more regular pattern of 2–6 m-wide polygons is also visible, as shown in the insert. The bottom left image shows a regular patterns of fractures at the edge of the Nut region, a narrow, elongated depression on the small comet lobe. Patterns of 15 m-wide polygons with orthogonal fracture intersections are also visible. The bottom right image shows polygonal patterns on the edge the ridge separating the Anubis/Atum regions from Ash and Seth, on the large comet lobe The image has been overexposed to highlight the shadowed features, and smaller polygons with sizes of 2–5 m are also visible. A non-annotated version of the image is provided below.


    Another family of cross-cutting fractures is observed on cliff faces, such as in the Seth region on the comet’s large lobe, with debris deposits littering their bases. Fractured cliff faces were also observed at Abydos, the final landing site of Philae on the small lobe, as recorded in images from the lander. The fact that the fractures cut across each other in different directions suggests that the stress direction changes over time.


    Fractures found on cliffs on Comet 67P/C-G. The large image on the left shows the Ash region (located on the large comet lobe) in the foreground and the regions of Hathor and Anuket (both on the comet's neck), in the background. The two boxes highlight two small portions of the comet surface, which are shown in greater detail in the two close-ups, with an indication of the physical scale. The top close-up shows a fractured scarp and what appears to be a new fracture (indicated with a yellow arrow) cross-cutting two older fractures (orange arrows). The new fracture is 100–125 cm-wide and is expected to lead to 'mass-wasting' of the fractured scarp. The bottom close-up shows another small fracture (indicated with a yellow arrow) that appears to cut though the scarp edge and the smooth coating on the top, which is a morphologic characteristic of the Ash region. The image on the right shows a portion of the Seth region exhibiting a similarly fractured scarp (indicated with a white arrow) and a debris field in at the foot of the cliff suggesting a progressive process of 'mass-wasting'. Non annotated versions of the individual images are provided below. Credits: ESA/Rosetta/MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS/UPD/LAM/IAA/SSO/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA

    At the smallest scale, fractures are observed on boulders (in this study, boulders 20-60 m wide were analysed). In some cases it is clear that the fractures run through the boulders, pervasively fracturing them, while other fractures appear confined to the boulder’s surfaces. Taken together, the fracturing points to an erosional sequence leading to the boulders’ eventual fragmentation.


    These two images show two fractured boulders found in the Imhotep (left) and Atum (right) regions, respectively. Fracturing in the Imhotep boulder is so pervasive it has led to fragmentation of the 60 m-wide boulder. An indication of the physical scale is provided; a non-annotated version of the image is available below.


    Scientists think that the majority of these fracture patterns are most likely linked to the thermal history of the comet and result from stresses that stretch the comet’s surface apart. On Earth and Mars at least, these ‘tensile’ fractures can develop through several common processes: loss of volatile materials, thermal contraction or contraction and expansion cycles, and tectonic processes.

    In addition to throwing off volatile materials as they near the Sun, comets are known to undergo high fluctuations in surface and subsurface temperature on daily and seasonal timeframes. This continuous thermal ‘shock’ leads to weakening or “fatigue” of the surface both on the short term due to daily heating cycles, and on the long term as the seasons change along the comet’s 6.5 year orbit around the Sun.


    A 200-m complex fracture system in the Aker region, on the comet large lobe. This is an isolated feature in the context of the surrounding morphology. An indication of the physical scale is provided; a non-annotated version of the image is available below.


    “But the presence of fractures in different settings, in addition to the isolated fractures in Anuket and Aker, suggests that other mechanisms may also be at work,” comments Ramy. “For example, perhaps mechanical forces related to the comet’s rotation or orbit around the Sun are responsible for the crack in Anuket, while the fractured cliffs of Hathor could have resulted from the comet’s formation, perhaps when two smaller cometisimals collided.”

    Regardless of the origin of individual fracture systems, it is clear that fracturing plays an important role in the evolution of the comet’s surface.

    Fractures observed in cliffs, with debris observed at their bases, imply that this phenomenon represents the first stage in the overall ‘mass-wasting’ of the comet: the cliff top is weakened and a landslide-type event ensues.

    But, over long periods this process would act to erode the surface and flatten the landscape. The fact that there are many rough terrains on the comet suggests that it has either not gone through very many erosional cycles or other processes are acting against this to roughen the surface, such as explosive jet activity.

    “Monitoring for changes in these fracture systems after the current perihelion phase, and running models to simulate the evolution of the comet over time, will enable us to test our various hypotheses for fracture formation,” adds Ramy.


    Non-annotated versions of the images are provided below:




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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.WHAT MADE THE COMET SING?



    Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on 31 January 2015, at the time when it was still singing.

    Credit: ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0

    Late last year the Rosetta Plasma Consortium (RPC) announced that Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, which ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft has been studying in detail since August 2014, was singing in space. Now, in apaper published in the European Geosciences Union’s open access journal Annales Geophysicae, the RPC team reveals more details about 67P/C-G’s song, including why the comet was singing.

    The sounds ‘emitted’ by 67P/C-G are oscillations in the magnetic field around the comet. Its space environment is permeated by the solar wind – a continuous stream of electrically charged gas (called plasma) and magnetic field lines strung along from the Sun – which interacts with the comet’s gas-dust atmosphere. A consequence of this interaction is an induced cometary magnetosphere. In other words, even though the nucleus of 67P/C-G has no magnetic field of its own (as announced at this year’s EGU General Assembly), the comet’s atmosphere or coma is magnetised.

    As reported in Annales Geophysicae, the RPC magnetometer on Rosetta started to detect large-amplitude fluctuations in this magnetic field upon arrival of the spacecraft at the comet on 6 August 2014. For four months, until November 2014, the RPC team detected about 3000 cases of wave activity with frequencies of about 40 millihertz.


    Artist's impression of the 'singing comet' 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Click on the image to listen to the audio track on Soundcloud.

    Credit: ESA/Rosetta/NavCam

    “This is exciting because it is completely new to us. We did not expect this and we are still working to understand the physics of what is happening,” said RPC principal investigator Karl-Heinz Glassmeier at the time ESA reported the discovery of the ‘singing comet’ waves on the Rosetta blog. Glassmeier is Head of Space Physics and Space Sensorics at the Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany, and the senior author of the Annales Geophysicae paper.

    This observation took the team somewhat by surprise because it is the first detection of waves of this nature at a comet. In previous cometary encounters, such as the International Cometary Explorer and Sakigake spacecraft flybys of comets Giacobini-Zinner and Halley, researchers measured wave activity with frequencies some 10 times lower.

    The difference in the 67P/C-G case is that, as Rosetta travelled alongside the comet, the instruments could measure the magnetic field for a long time, and while the comet was still relatively far away from the Sun. The RPC instruments collected the data reported in the new study while the comet was between 400 to 540 million kilometres from the Sun. At this point, the comet’s activity was low: it was not expelling a lot of gas and dust into space, and the induced magnetosphere was just beginning to form.

    Since the song 67P/C-G sings at this early stage is very different from the ‘classical sounds’ detected at comets closer to the Sun, the team concluded a new mechanism must generate the 40 millihertz waves. (If you are interested in finding out more about the difference between the two types of cometary sounds, and the processes that generate them, read the more detailed explanation provided by K.-H. Glassmeier below.)

    When RPC scientists first uncovered 67P/C-G’s mysterious song, they suspected it had something to do with the comet’s activity – even if low – and the neutral particles it releases into space. Ultraviolet radiation from the Sun causes ionisation of these atoms and molecules, including water molecules. In the plasma environment around the comet’s nucleus, the newborn ions move perpendicularly to the magnetic field, forming what is called a cross-field electric current. It turns out that this current is unstable, and ultimately, it is what makes the comet sing.

    “The physical process is somewhat difficult to understand without a deeper understanding of plasma physics, but we can use a simple analogy to have a better idea of what’s going on,” says Glassmeier. “Consider your garden hose. If you start the water flow, there is a chance that the hose starts to oscillate, generating waves. This is about what happens in the plasma. Of course, the flow we have in the cometary situation is not like water, but is a flow of charged particles. But somehow the analogy is suitable.”

    The questions left to answer are whether 67P/C-G continues to sing the same song as it gets closer to the Sun, and whether it starts emitting more classical cometary sounds.

    Glassmeier says RPC instruments detected the 40 millihertz waves at least until February this year, when Rosetta was about 350 million kilometres away from the Sun. “Around this time, the activity is changing, other features show up, the plasma interaction region becomes much more violent. Singing comet waves are still present, but buried under a variety of other features we are currently trying to understand.”

    “Whether we also observe the classical type of cometary waves, like those observed at Halley, is very difficult to judge. We are heavily working on further analysing the dynamics of this region to find out more.”

    Based on the paper by: Richter, I., Koenders, C., Auster, H.-U., Frühauff, D., Götz, C., Heinisch, P., Perschke, C., Motschmann, U., Stoll, B., Altwegg, K., Burch, J., Carr, C., Cupido, E., Eriksson, A., Henri, P., Goldstein, R., Lebreton, J.-P., Mokashi, P., Nemeth, Z., Nilsson, H., Rubin, M., Szegö, K., Tsurutani, B. T., Vallat, C., Volwerk, M., and Glassmeier, K.-H.: Observation of a new type of low-frequency waves at comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, Ann. Geophys., 33, 1031-1036, doi:10.5194/angeo-33-1031-2015, 2015.


    A more detailed explanation of the difference between classical cometary waves and the ‘singing comet’ waves, by Karl-Heinz Glassmeier:

    Plasma waves play a most important role in coupling newborn ions of cometary origin with the solar wind plasma. As the particle density of the solar wind is rather small, the interplanetary space is almost a vacuum. There are no collisions between solar wind particles and the cometary ions causing the required coupling. Without such a coupling, the cometary ions would move relative to and undisturbed by the solar wind.

    However, if the comet-solar wind interaction region is much larger than a typical gyro-radius of a cometary ion, as in the case of Comet Halley, cometary ions constitute so-called ring-beam distributions in the phase space of the solar wind plasma.

    Such distributions are heavily unstable and produce the classical cometary waves as observed at Halley and Giacobini-Zinner. These waves, on the other hand, are able to scatter cometary ions as the electric field fluctuations of the waves impact the ion motion.

    In this way, the plasma waves couple the solar wind particles and the cometary ions. The waves act as a kind of mediator between solar wind and cometary ions. A more detailed treatment shows that the frequency of the waves as observed in the spacecraft frame of reference is very close to the local gyrofrequency of the cometary ions. [Editor’s note: Recall that, in the presence of a uniform magnetic field, an electrically charged particle moves in a circular motion; the radius of this circle is the gyro or Larmor radius, and the angular frequency is called gyrofrequency.]

    The situation we observed at 67P/C-G in the first months after the arrival at the comet is rather different. The interaction region is rather small because of the weak activity of the nucleus. Actually, the size of the interaction region is much less than the gyro-radius of a cometary ion.

    I like to call this region the Larmor sphere of the comet. Within the Larmor sphere the newborn ions have not yet been able to perform a complete gyro motion around the solar wind magnetic field. The newborn ions just constitute an electric current perpendicular to both the solar wind flow and magnetic field. This cross-field current is much different from any ring-beam phase space situation observed in case of the large interaction region of Halley or Giacobini-Zinner. In our model, the cross-field current constitutes the very first effect the newborn ions impose onto the ambient plasma. Only later, the newborn ions develop into ring-beam type particle distributions. But in these later stages the plasma volume with the newborn ions have already passed the nucleus, moving downstream.

    This is a fundamental difference between the fully developed ring-beam situation at strongly outgassing comets and the cross-field current situation at weakly active comets. In the former case the unstable phase space distribution is moving with the solar wind plasma, while in the latter case the cross-field current is almost fixed with respect to the nucleus.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Discover the “X-Factor” of NASA’s Webb Telescope in “Behind the Webb” Video

    Discover the “X-Factor” of NASA’s Webb Telescope in “Behind the Webb” Video


    NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray observatory have something in common: a huge test chamber used to simulate the hazards of space and the distant glow of starlight. Viewers can learn about this mysterious chamber and its history in “X-Factor,” a new video in the “Behind the Webb” series. The video takes viewers behind the scenes to understand more about the Webb telescope and how it compares with other NASA observatories.

    The “X-Factor” episode is timed to coincide with the Chandra 15 year anniversary, as the satellite was launched on July 23, 1999.  Mary Estacion of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore, Md. hosts the series.

    Estacion interviewed Dr. Martin C. Weisskopf, project scientist for NASA’s Chandra X-ray observatory and Chief Scientist for X-ray Astronomy in the Space Sciences Department at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

    Dr. Weisskopf explains how the Webb, Hubble and Chandra observatories look at different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum (light at various different energies). The Chandra observatory collects x-rays, very energetic particles of light. The Hubble Space Telescope operates in a different part of the spectrum looking at visible light and the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope will operate in near and mid-infrared light.  

    The flight mirrors for the James Webb Space Telescope undergo cryogenic testing at NASA Marshall.
    Image Credit: Ball Aerospace

    The vacuum chamber, located at the X-ray and Cryogenic Test Facility or XRCF at NASA Marshall is the “X-factor” that ties the Webb telescope and Chandra together. The Chandra X-Ray Observatory was tested there in the 1990s and the chamber was used to test the Webb telescope’s mirrors from 2008 to 2011.

    “Methods of testing Chandra and Webb telescope mirrors are actually quite different, but each has significant technical challenges – and that’s what makes working at XRCF interesting,” said Jeff Kegley, the NASA Marshall test facility’s manager. “We are really proud to have been able to contribute to these two amazing observatories.”

    One of the mysteries of the testing chamber is a long tube that is connected to the building that houses it. The tube spans the length of almost six football fields. Weisskopf explained the long tube was used to separate the X-ray source from the Chandra telescope by a long distance, simulating distant sources like stars. Testing the Webb telescope demands a similar beam of light, but uses a more compact optical design to simulate a distant star.
    The mirrors undergo cryo testing at NASA Marshall. Image Credit: Ball Aerospace
    The mirrors undergo cryo testing at NASA Marshall.
    Image Credit: Ball Aerospace

    The tube remains connected for any future mission that may look at the X-ray emission from astronomical objects.

    Webb is an international project led by NASA with its partners the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency.    

    The 3 minute and 7 second video was produced at STScI. The “Behind the Webb” video series is available in HQ, large and small Quicktime formats, HD, Large and Small WMV formats, and HD, Large and Small Xvid formats. 


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Bloedmaan en supermaan op 28 september, onheilsprofeten vrezen apocalyps

    Bloedmaan en supermaan op 28 september, onheilsprofeten vrezen apocalyps -

    Bron: The Independent

    De bloedmaan van 15 april 2014, gezien vanuit Miami. © getty.

    WETENSCHAP De volle maan in september wordt tegelijk de lichtste en de donkerste van het jaar. Op 28 september is er immers niet alleen een zogenoemde supermaan te zien, maar ook een totale eclips, gevolgd door een bloedmaan. Het is al de vierde keer dat zoiets gebeurt sinds april vorig jaar, wat volgens sommigen een teken is van de naderende apocalyps.

    Op 28 september staat de maan extra dicht bij de aarde, wat leidt tot een zogenoemde supermaan. Omdat ze zo dichtbij is, zal de maan extra fel oplichten. Kort daarna begint ze echter te verdwijnen om uiteindelijk volledig verduisterd te worden door de aarde, die tussen de zon en de maan komt te staan.

    Tijdens de eclips zal de maan stilaan een rode kleur krijgen, een gevolg van de kromming van de zonnestralen rond de aarde. Zo'n rode maan wordt ook wel een bloedmaan genoemd. 

    Het wordt al de vierde bloedmaan sinds april 2014, volgens aanhangers van de zogenoemde 'Bloedmaanprofetie' een voorteken van het einde der tijden. Sommigen zijn er ook van overtuigd dat de bijzondere 'superbloedmaan' zal leiden tot springtij en overstromingen. Ze beweren ook dat de afwijkende getijden voor aardbevingen en vulkaanuitbarstingen zullen zorgen.

    Volgens het Britse agentschap voor getijden en zeeniveau zal de vloed misschien iets hoger zijn dan normaal, maar zeker niet een paar centimeter hoger dan de hoogste getijden van de voorbije twintig jaar.

    Een rode maan boven Toronto op 8 oktober 2014. © reuters.
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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NASA ontkent met klem nakende inslag van asteroïde -

    NASA ontkent met klem nakende inslag van asteroïde -

    Bron: Belga

    Illustratiebeeld. © thinkstock.

    Het Amerikaanse ruimtevaartbureau NASA heeft met klem ontkend dat er tussen 15 en 28 september een asteroïde zou inslaan op onze planeet.

    Op het internet circuleren er talrijke berichten over een inslag nabij Puerto Rico die vernietigende gevolgen kan hebben.

    Maar volgens manager Paul Chodas van de bevoegde dienst bij de NASA is er geen enkele wetenschappelijke basis en geen enkele aanwijzing dat een asteroïde of een ander kosmisch object op Aarde zou inslaan in de geciteerde periode en ook niet in de afzienbare toekomst. Bij alle bekende potentieel gevaarlijke asteroïden is er minder dan 0,01 procent kans op een impact in de komende tien jaar.

    Nog volgens Chodas zou een object, dat de helft van de "voorspelde" schade kan veroorzaken in september, al moeten zijn opgemerkt.

    Lees ook

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Woman Catches UFO Formation Over Corn Field In Memphis, Mississippi, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    Woman Catches UFO Formation Over Corn Field In Memphis, Mississippi, Video, UFO Sighting News

    Date of sighting: Feb 26, 2015 but reported in Aug.
    Location of sighting:  Lewisburg, Mississippi, USA
    Source: MUFON

    The one thing in this video that is proof that this is 100% real, is a fact that has been verified in hundreds of past UFO sightings. Its the tiny drone orbs that orbit the UFOs. These are guidance and defense orbs. They protect the main ship and act like nerve endings in a finger, as an early warning system. I added light and circled the orbs in the screenshot from the video. Take a screenshot anywhere and add light to it to view these tiny guidance orbs. 
    Scott C. Waring

    Below screenshot has not been altered. 

    Eyewitness states:
    I am a 15+ year ufologist in the Memphis Metro area, & although I have seen things I can't explain, this is the first one worthy of reporting. For this particular incident, I've been seeing bright lights in that same location for several nights in the last week, but it was after I went to bed and not compelling enough to warrant running outside. It snowed yesterday, so it made it easier to see last night, and the craft was much closer, much brighter, and very visible. I ran outside at 12:46AM CST and began filming. It was hovering very low over an area with corn fields. I observed it hovering for about 20 minutes, but it was too cold outside and I ran out straight from bed with no shoes on in the snow, therefore, I could only film for a short time. After about 20 minutes it seemed to just flight path was observed...just hovering and pulsating lights that appeared to have a red glow at times. It appeared to be one very large triangular aircraft, and it was hovering so low that it had a 3-D effect when viewing. There were times when it appeared to have ejected smaller orb lights, but that is unclear. It was difficult to tell from my vantage point whether it was part of the larger craft, or additional smaller craft.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFOs Near Earths Sun On Aug 28, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

    UFOs Near Earths Sun On Aug 28, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of sighting: August 28, 2015
    Location of sighting: Earths Sun

    This UFO in the second screenshot is at 34 sec into the video and was seen by Myunhauzen74 of Youtube. His specialty is to find UFO near the sun in various SOHO and NASA cameras. He's done this for many years, so hats off to him and his expertise. 

    Scott C. Waring

    Eyewitness states:

    UFO on the way comets! UFO shoots comet and the sun saves. For more information, please visit Look for updates on this channel. Thank you for watching. People should know the truth that NASA hides.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Fleet Caught On Night Vision In Las Vegas, Nevada On July 16, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

    UFO Fleet Caught On Night Vision In Las Vegas, Nevada On July 16, 2015, UFO Sighting News

    Date of sighting: July 16, 2015
    Location of sighting: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    This UFO was caught on night vision and speed up to 580% speed. The UFO fleet stays near one another and keep formation. Then they follow a lead UFO out of the area. Really a spectacular catch. 

    Scott C. Waring

    Eyewitness states:

    Here's a video from July 16, 2015, I shot using a night-vision camera. This is just one of numerous videos I have captured here in Las Vegas during the past 16 months.

    I thought I would speed this up to watch the graceful movement of these UFOs. It is definitely pretty cool to watch. UFOs In The USA

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.British Think Tank Talks About Overthrowing a Martian Government

    British Think Tank Talks About Overthrowing a Martian Government

    Martian Colony

    Martian Colony by British Interplanetary Society

    The British Interplanetary Society (BIS) was being founded in Liverpool by Philip E. Cleator in 1933. It is known as the oldest space advocacy organization in the world. Its aim is to promote and support space exploration and Astronautics exclusively.  Last month, the British Interplanetary Society met last month to thrash out how an individual overthrows a Martian government. The members also tackle about other relevant matters. From the statements of the BBC, there are two short blocks from the Britain’s security service in London headquarters, MI6. The headquarter is a group of thirty men and women plotting to conquer the government.

    Even though they make it comprehensible, the British government is not they are looking to overthrow, they stressed out that it will be a tyrannical alien administration in the future. Speaking about the task at hand, the BIS is far-reaching about it. In fact, the meeting was the 3rd annual Symposium on Extraterrestrial Liberty. It started in 2013, and it is a group of conferences to explore the ideas of governance and freedom for human space settlements in the future. “What is Freedom Beyond the Earth?” is the first conference. It is about the idea of freedom in space. The second event called “Human Governance beyond the Earth,” is about extraterrestrial governance, freedom of press and speech in the extraterrestrial environment, economic and political systems to extend liberty into the space, constitutions, policing and legal systems in space.

    The third is the “Dissent, Revolution and Liberty in Space,” which addresses the inquiries of the ways to prevent the severe extraterrestrial environment promoting the coming out of a coercive security apparatus. Charles Cockell is a professor of Astrobiology told the BBC that they will be discussing the consequences if what happens if a person did not appreciate the government.
    The group of thinkers collaborated to ponder these inquiries includes engineers, scientists, philosophers, writers and social scientists.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer’s Files #35 – 2015 Orange Orbs and Triangles - PART I
    Boomerang photo captured over Cass County, Indiana on August 6, 2015
    Boomerang photo captured over Cass County, Indiana on August 6, 2015

    Filer’s Files #35 – 2015 Orange Orbs and Triangles - PART I


    In special reports, this week’s files cover: MUFON’S Project Orange, Astronomers Admit to Triangles Traversing the Moon, Neptune like Planets May Have Life, Actor Lee Marvin Wondering Star, The Black Knight Satellite, and Magicians of the Gods

    Air Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, and Washington..

    Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Australia, Canada, Columbia, Portugal, Romania, Russia, England and Scotland in the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

    The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The weekly intelligence report provides you with information on the latest sightings and UFO news that you need to understand the world situation. The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force and Prince Phillip told me of his personal interest in UFOs. The US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.


                 George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director

    MUFON Eastern Region Director Now receiving 3 million hits a month

    Special Reports


    Erica LukesUtahStateDir

    The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has undertaken a two-year study of the Orange Orb phenomenon called Project Orange. Under the direction of MUFON Utah State Director Erica Lukes, the endeavor seeks to pull the veil of mystery from the nocturnal lights by applying MUFON’S “Scientific Method” of analysis to the subject….Joining Erica are two MUFON Field Investigators and orb experts – Terry Ray of Pennsylvania and Bob Spearing of New Jersey. Terry is best known for his 2014 book on the subject entitled “The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Orange Orbs.” Among Terry’s findings are possible underwater bases for these objects off our Atlantic Coast and in the depths of the Great Lakes.


    The first part of the study will cover a one week period of July 4th sightings from 2009 to 2015. July 4th is the heaviest sighting day for Orange Orbs. Many parameters will be analyzed including wind direction vs. orb direction (Chinese lanterns are often mistaken for orbs but lanterns cannot fly into the wind.) Clusters of sightings in certain years and in specific geographic regions will be analyzed in a statistical survey.   For example, orbs avoid Washington D.C. airspace but massive clusters of orbs are frequently sighted off the south shore of Long Island, NY.


    The study will also investigate blue daytime orbs. These orbs have been photographed en masse this year. The photos clearly show semi-transparent blue orbs with several smaller white orbs attached either to the mother orb or in close orbit around the larger orb.

    The Great Lakes region will be analyzed in depth to see if there are underwater bases there especially under Lake Erie.

    Finally, a comprehensive photographic and video analysis of the best orb photos and videos from the MUFON Archives will be undertaken.

    Join Bob Spearing and Terry Ray talking about the orb phenomenon this Friday night at 8:00 PM, Eastern Time with internet radio host and project manager Erica Lukes on WKGRA on Erica’s program UFO Audit.

    Astronomers Admit to Triangles Traversing the Moon


    When it comes to The Great Taboo, everyone has an angle. Few are as unique as David Marler’s specialization bonanza — “Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation” — which came out in 2013. Initially intrigued by the 1989-91 Belgian UFO wave, Mailer plunged headlong into the controversy following the Southern Illinois sightings of January 5, 2000, which became famous for among other things, igniting radio chatter among multiple police departments? His family also has a riveting personal back-story that no doubt greased the skids for his curiosity. Anyhow, recently at a Florida MUFON meeting in Valrico, Marler made his pitch for a centralized and accessible digital database. As he informed those, who suspect classified military technology is the culprit may be in for an ice bath.

    Marler states the first documented discussion of observable triangles appears in an 1882 edition of Scientific American.  More than a century ago, astronomers claimed to have detected “triangular luminous appearances” traversing the glow of the moon. Marler fleshes out additional 19th century references, as well as 20th-century triangle encounters observed generations before stealth designs were factored into the U.S. arsenal. Almost as amazing as the voluminous compendium of incidents is the mind’s-eye image of Marler’ sifting through reams of ancient newspaper, magazine, and journal articles to stitch these narrative threads together.

    Triangle Space

    Some interesting reports follow:

    An International News Service piece about 300 West Berliners reporting triangles above the divided city in 1953; Texas sheriff’s deputies reconstructing a highway game of cat-and-mouse for the Houston Chronicle in 1965; Early 1973, multiple sightings occurred around Piedmont, Missouri where my boss Bob Woods from Scott Air Force Base Military Airlift Command Intelligence would go to investigate, law enforcement agents relating tales of a “pyramidal UFO” to the Memphis Press-Scimitar in 1977; multiple witnesses, including a named FAA air traffic controller, detailing for California’s Auburn Journal how a delta-shaped object followed a major freeway in 1978; “hundreds of residents” from Kansas to Missouri witnessing a triangle event in 1980 and chronicled in Missouri’s Express and News daily; Fort Worth’s, Texas Cross Country News recording how “hundreds of sightings” of triangle- shaped objects erupted across Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Michigan during two days in 1975 — this stuff goes on and on and on. In short, said Marler, “We don’t see an evolution in the technology of triangular UFOs . . . We’re dealing with a tangible phenomenon that’s been around for a long time.” The licensed hypnotherapist offered some broad characteristics about triangle-class UFOs: The overwhelming majority are nocturnal and silent. Landing cases are virtually non-existent. More often than not, they’re seen cruising speeds at below-radar altitudes, but they can rapidly accelerate. They are large, averaging 200-300 feet in length. They can hover and make sideways right-angle turns without banking. They can move in non-aerodynamic fashion, broad edges forward, tapered edges aft.


    Superstructures are sometimes observed, as well as shape-shifting properties. In fact, according to unfiltered National UFO Reporting Center surveys, categorically speaking, triangles trail only “lights” in eyewitness volume. In a 2012 listing of configurations, in fact, flying-saucer discs don’t even rate a bronze. “What we need,” Marler said in an appeal for more volunteer investigators, “are more bodies in the field” to gather data. After all, say MUFON officials, a revolution in optical technology with the potential to generate mountains of evidence is right around the corner. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ world UFO photos

    Neptune like Planets May Have Life

    Researchers with the NASA Astrobiology Institute’s Virtual Planetary Laboratory Lead Team at the University of Washington have described how mini-Neptune planets could become viable for life around M-Dwarf stars. These Planets orbiting close to low-mass stars — easily the most common stars in the universe — are prime targets in the search for extraterrestrial life.


    M-dwarfs are cooler than the Sun, meaning any habitable planets around them would have to be much closer to their host star. However, planets in such systems face many hazardous conditions, particularly in the early stages of formation that could make it difficult for life to take hold.

    The study, published in the journal Astrobiology, indicates that mini-Neptune’s could potentially migrate into the habitable zones of M-Dwarf stars and become habitable for life, as we know it. Source: []Credit: NASA

    Actor Lee Marvin saw a Wondering Star

    Academy Award Winner Best Actor Lee Marvin claims he was born under a wondering star and sings the song in “Paint Your Wagon” that stared Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood and Jean Seberg. He was a dedicated angler who apparently saw a UFO while fishing off the coast of Mexico.


    My wife knew him and he asked her to go to Spain with him. Fortunately, for me she declined. We always liked him and his song that was a best seller and on the top of the charts in UK and Ireland. He now can be heard on the Amazon ad frequently shown on TV. Stars do not wander but UFOs do.

    I was born under a wandering star
    I was born under a wandering star

    Wheels are made for rolling, mules are made to pack
    I’ve never seen a sight that didn’t look better looking back

    I was born under a wandering star

    Mud can make you prisoner, and the plains can bake you dry
    Snow can burn your eyes, but only people make you cry
    Home is made for coming from, for dreams of going to
    Which with any luck will never come true

    I was born under a wandering star
    I was born under a wandering star

    Do I know where hell is? Hell is in “hello”
    Heaven is goodbye forever, it’s time for me to go
    I was born under a wandering star
    A wandering, wandering star

    When I get to heaven tie me to a tree
    Or I’ll begin to roam, and soon you’ll know where I will be

    I was born under a wandering star
    A wandering, wandering star

    The Black Knight Satellite

    20 Facts about the Black Knight Satellite

    This “Artificial Satellite” has caused mayor media interest since the late 1950′s, and it has become one of the most talked about objects in space. First thought to be an Russian spy satellite, the Black Knight satellite has gripped the interest of millions worldwide. Here are some interesting facts about this mysterious object:


    According to monitoring agencies around the world, The Black Knight Satellite has been transmitting radio signals for over 50 years now

    The USA and Soviet Union have shown particular interest in this “unidentified space object”

    Rumors are that it was Nikola Tesla the first man to “intercept” a signal from the Black Knight Satellite in 1899 after building a high-voltage radio device in Colorado Springs.

    Since the 1930′s Astronomers worldwide have been reporting strange radio signals which allegedly come from the “Black Knight”.

    In 1957, Dr. Luis Corralos of the Communications Ministry in Venezuela photographed it while taking pictures of Sputnik II as it passed over Caracas. The story of the Black Knight made its media debut in the 1940′s when the St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner wrote about the “Satellite” on May 14th 1954. The Time Magazine wrote about the Black Knight Satellite on the seventh of March, 1960.

    In 1957, an unknown “object” was seen “shadowing” the Sputnik 1 Spacecraft. According to reports, the “unidentified object” was in Polar orbit in 1957. The United Stated nor the Russians possessed the technology to maintain a spacecraft in Polar Orbit.

    The first Polar orbiting satellite was launched in 1960. It is likely the Black Knight is in the category of a observational Satellite from another planet. In the 1960′s the Black Knight satellite was located once again in Polar Orbit. Astronomers and Scientists calculated the objects weight to be over 10 tons which would be at that time the heaviest artificial satellite to orbit our Planet.

    The Black Knight’s orbit was unlike any other object orbiting Earth. The Grumman Aircraft Corporation gave much importance to this mysterious “Satellite”, on September 3, 1960, seven months after the satellite was first detected by radar, a tracking camera at Grumman Aircraft Corporation’s Long Island factory took a photograph of the Black Knight satellite . Grumman formed a committee to study the data received from the observations made but nothing was made public.

    In 1963, Gordon Cooper was launched into space. On his final orbit, he reported seeing a glowing green object in front of his capsule in the distance


    moving towards his Spacecraft. The Muchea tracking station, in Australia, which Cooper reported the object to, picked up this Unidentified object on Radar travelling East to West.

    It was the Ham Radio operator who apparently  decoded a series of signals received from the Black Knight UFO Satellite and interpreted it as a star-chart centered on the Epsilon Bootes Star System. According to the decoded message, the Black Knight satellite originated from the Epsilon Bootes Star System 13.000 years ago.

    On August 23, 1954 the technology magazine Aviation Week and Space Technology released a story about the Black Knight Satellite that angered the Pentagon who were trying to keep the information secret. NASA has released official images which apparently show the Black Knight Satellite. Thanks to

    Magicians of the Gods


    There is new high-level scientific support for a comet impact 12, 800 calibrated years before the present” that changed the world.

    A gigantic cosmic impact occurred, when large fragments of a disintegrating comet hit the North American ice cap about 12,800 years ago, is identified in a forthcoming book “Magicians of the Gods” as the smoking gun that sparked off a global cataclysm of floods and fire in which an advanced civilization of the last Ice Age, hitherto only remembered in ‘myths’, was wiped out.

    “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” (PNAS) the official journal of the United States National Academy of Sciences reports a cosmic impact event at ∼12,800 Cal B.P. formed the Younger Dryas boundary (YDB) layer, containing peak abundances in multiple, high-temperature, impact-related proxies, including spherules, melt glass, and nanodiamonds. A large asteroid may have hit Earth causing worldwide destruction. Bayesian statistical analyses of 354 dates from 23 sedimentary sequences over four continents established a modeled YDB age range of 12,835 Cal B.P. to 12,735 Cal B.P., supporting synchronicity of the YDB layer at high probability of 95%. This range overlaps that of a platinum peak recorded in the Greenland Ice Sheet and of the onset of the Younger Dryas climate episode in six key records, suggesting a causal connection between the impact event and the Younger Dryas. Details are in:

    An 18-member international team of researchers that includes James Kennett, professor of earth science at University of California Santa Barbara, has discovered melt-glass material in a thin layer of sedimentary rock in


    Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Syria. According to the researchers, the material –– which dates back nearly 13,000 years –– was formed at temperatures of 1,700 to 2,200 degrees Celsius (3,100 to 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit), and is the result of a cosmic body impacting Earth, supporting the theory of an Credit:YDB Research Group extraterrestrial impact.   Younger Dryas Boundary (YDB) hypothesis. This episode occurred at or close to the time of major extinction of the North American megafauna, including mammoths and giant ground sloths; early humans, and the disappearance of the prehistoric and widely distributed Clovis culture. The researchers’ findings appear in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    “These scientists have identified three contemporaneous levels more than 12,000 years ago, on two continents yielding siliceous scoria-like objects (SLO’s),” said H. Richard Lane, program director of National Science Foundation’s Division of Earth Sciences, which funded the research. “SLO’s are indicative of high-energy cosmic airbursts/impacts, bolstering the contention that these events induced the beginning of the Younger Dryas. That time was a major departure in biotic, human and climate history.”

    Morphological and geochemical evidence of the melt-glass confirms that the material is not cosmic, volcanic, or of human-made origin. “The very high temperature melt-glass appears identical to that produced in known cosmic


    impact events such as Meteor Crater in Arizona, (shown) and the Australasian tektite field,” said Kennett.

    “The melt material also matches melt-glass produced by the Trinity nuclear airburst of 1945 in Socorro, New Mexico,” he continued. “The extreme temperatures required are equal to those of an atomic bomb blast, high enough to make sand melt and boil.” The material evidence supporting the YDB cosmic impact hypothesis spans three continents, and covers nearly one-third of the planet, from California to Western Europe, and into the Middle East. The discovery extends the range of evidence into Germany and Syria, the easternmost site yet identified in the northern hemisphere. The researchers have yet to identify a limit to the debris field of the impact.

    Because these three sites in North America and the Middle East are separated by 1,000 to 10,000 kilometers, there were most likely three or more major impact/airburst epicenters for the YDB impact event, likely caused by a swarm of cosmic objects that were fragments of either a meteorite or comet,” said Kennett.

    The PNAS paper also presents examples of recent independent research that supports the YDB cosmic impact hypothesis, and supports two independent groups that found melt-glass in the YDB layers in Arizona and Venezuela. “The results strongly refute the assertion of some critics that ‘no one can replicate’ the YDB evidence, or that the materials simply fell from space non-catastrophically,” Kennett noted.


    ..Microscopic images of grains of melted quartz from YDB cosmic impact layer in SyriaWebsite

    He added that the archaeological site in Syria where the melt-glass material was found –– Abu Hureyra, in the Euphrates Valley –– is one of the few sites of its kind that record the transition from nomadic hunter-gatherers to farmer-hunters who live in permanent villages. “Archeologists and anthropologists consider this area the ‘birthplace of agriculture,’ which occurred close to 12,900 years ago,” Kennett said.

    The presence of a thick charcoal layer in the ancient village in Syria indicates a major fire associated with the melt-glass and impact spherules 12,900 years ago,” he continued. “Evidence suggests that the effects on that settlement and its inhabitants would have been severe.”Caves and islands are full of animal and human remains indicating large destructive and flooding events.

    The researchers have yet to identify a limit to the debris field of the impact.

    Two independent groups that found melt-glass in the YDB layers in Arizona and Venezuela. He added that the archaeological site in Syria where the melt-glass material was found –– Abu Hureyra, in the Euphrates Valley –– is one of the few sites of its kind that record the transition from nomadic hunter-gatherers to farmer-hunters who live in permanent villages. “Archeologists and anthropologists consider this area the ‘birthplace of agriculture,’ which occurred close to 12,900 years ago,” Kennett said.

    The presence of a thick charcoal layer in the ancient village in Syria indicates a major fire associated with the melt-glass and impact spherules 12,900 years ago,” he continued. “Evidence suggests that the effects on that settlement and its inhabitants would have been severe.”

    Read more at:


    Most likely a meteor hit the Earth causing massive floods and severely cold temperatures for an Ice Age that caused much of the Northern Hemisphere to be covered by ice. Europeans may have moved from Europe to North America on an Ice Bridge. and an abstract here:  We are poised on the edge of a major paradigm shift in our understanding of our own past. Now that we know that an extinction level event occurred in our historical backyard — just 12,800 years ago – an gigantic cosmic impact, when large fragments of a disintegrating comet hit the North American ice cap. History is never going to look quite the same again. It may take some time until the implications of the new scientific findings have been fully taken on board by archaeologists and historians who will, no doubt, continue meanwhile to make the absurd and arrogant claim that a lost civilization ‘just isn’t possible’. “Magicians of the Gods” refute such claims with overwhelming new evidence.

    “Magicians of the Gods” is in the final run-up to publication on 10 September in the UK and 10 November in the US and is available for pre-order from all parts of the world through the various links set out on this page:

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer’s Files #35 – 2015 Orange Orbs and Triangles- PART II

    Filer’s Files #35 – 2015 Orange Orbs and Triangles- PART II 


    Sightings of UFOs in the United States

    California Strange


    Long Beach — I witnessed a strange light emanating from the moon on August 24,2015, I grabbed my camera and took photos of the moon which captured the light and then I noticed two orbs which appeared behind the moon that moved very quickly in all directions. I figured since the activity was over the ocean, I directed my camera towards Los Angeles and I captured the collection of orange lights over the city. This happened all within an hour. The photos I took were taken seconds apart and capture the orbs motion. Thanks to MUFON CMS

     CAtoney CreekHamilton20Aug15

    North Hollywood — On or around September 13, 2013, at about 2:30 Pm, I went out on my porch to smoke a cigarette and heard the engine of a small plane passing overhead and looked up to see a giant black triangle flying east. The object was flying over five houses from the corner silently. It was no more than eight stories of the ground flying 20 miles per hour. It was rounded at the edges with a bee hive pattern. It wobbled slightly left and right the whole time I saw it. It had no visible windows or openings. I called for my girlfriend to come and see it but she didn’t have her glasses to see it. A small plane that originally made me notice the object followed the object. at about 5 to 10 yards. Then it moved to the side of it, then a little above and to the left of it.

    I could see take pilot good enough to see his head movements but not his features. The objects did not land at the nearby Burbank Airport. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Florida Six Saucers


    Spring Hill — I was in my backyard, taking random pictures of the night sky on May 10, 2015, with my Canon Power Shot SX50. I shot 12 images per second rapid fire in a very dark sky. I did not see anything but when I viewed the pictures on the PC the images showed six lights stacked on top of each other. One picture of six Sauces stacked on top of each other showed one flying off. WOW. Thanks to Lorry Stargaazer

    Georgia Craft


    On the morning of July 11, 2015, my wife had mentioned that she had an awful nightmare; she felt that someone was in the bedroom with her and our grandson but she could not get away. She was screaming and struggling but to no avail. My grandson said that he heard her, woke up, and touched her. She became quite frightened. The next day checked my game camera on the back deck that took a 10 second video every 10 minutes. The videotape showed some clips that seem to be connected to the nightmare. The clips on the 11th show a beam of pulsating light coming from the sky entering into their bedroom and a strange winged object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Illinois Lights


    Edinburgh – This is a picture of UFO taken on July 23, 2015, at 8:57 pm.

    Pamela writes, I grew up in Springfield Illinois. My dad always told me about when us kids were little about all the things him and the neighbors would see in the sky. When I was 17, I was looking out my bedroom window I saw a huge round object with different colored lights hovering above Sears, I watched it until it disappeared. Thanks to. Pamela Stark


    Aurora — My 10 year old and I were driving in town on August 22, 2015, when she said, “Look Look! I looked up and a bright glowing light was moving northwest past us and up. I pulled the car over. She said,“Look”! Again and I saw a second glowing light rising and moving NW above the buildings. I videoed it as it quickly moved past us, over downtown Aurora, heading north. It was not an aircraft, and it was too close, we saw only light, no outlines of an object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Indiana Boomerang


    Cass County — I was walking out the house on August 6, 2015, and I look up and see a bright light shaped like a triangle hovering maybe no more than 1000 feet off the ground. I didn’t really have to think much about what it was cause there was nothing else in the sky. I stopped for a couple minutes and just watched it hovering and slowly moving away. I quickly took out my phone and took some pictures of it. I went in my friend’s house and when we came out to look it was gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Mississippi Orb


    Biloxi — While I was on break at work on August 20, 2015, I was texting a friend and told him I was watching a dolphin in the Gulf of Mexico.

    I snapped this photo scrolled up to the clouds and zoomed in and found something unusual. Coming out of the center cloud is a strange object. I did not see these objects until after the picture was taken, Thanks to MUFON CMS

    New York Lights

    New York City – Alex called to report she was walking south on Wall Street and viewed a large gray triangle moving to her right/south on August 14, 2015 at 7:30 PM. It was bigger than any aircraft and flying at a high altitude. Thanks to Alex F.


    New York I looked out the window to check if it was raining on August 22, 2015, and was surprised to see lights hovering above nearby buildings as shown. Object made no noise at all. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Ohio Lights


    Athens — While taking a lunch break in my parked car on August 25, 2015, and took several shots of the puffy clouds through the sunroof. It was not until I returned to my office 30 minutes later, that I noticed a green reflection on one of the photos.

    I am not sure what this is, but it is certainly interesting when I zoomed in around 12:25 PM. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Oregon Disk


    Corvallis – On August 16, 2015, I found an unknown object in a photo I took at Chip Ross Park. I never saw it with my own eyes. I noticed it while going through some photos I took over the weekend and thought it was strange.

    Note: The object is in focus. I don’t think that the object is a bird or insect. Thanks to William Puckett, Director UFOsnw


    Lebanon –. My husband and I were out for a run on August 19, 2015, as the sun was going down and there was a little light left at 8:45 pm. I saw a bright light in the sky moving fast and thought it was odd, since it was so bright and there were no other stars. I noticed it was moving fast, changed directions multiple times, hovered then flashed white to red 3x and once flashed bluish-green before turning to red completely. Then the light descended quickly behind a tree. A second light was spotted maneuvering, but was lost behind the tree line. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Pennsylvania Object


    Bristol — I was driving on Route 13 heading south to Burlington Bristol Bridge on July 7, 2015 at 8:02 PM. I observed a cool looking sunset with strange looking clouds that caught my eye. I snapped three pictures and proceeded on my journey to New Jersey. Later, I looked at my images and could see a dark formation move to the right part of sky, and then in picture three it completely disappears. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    South Dakota Domes


    Buffalo Chip — I was heading to Sturgis and saw what I thought were big dome style green houses on August 14, 2015. I was probably four miles away when I saw them move. I turned around and took pictures, but they did not look the same as they did with just my eyes. Clarity was not as good. I was using an iPhone 5c and my pictures always look great, but these just were not working that well. When I returned about a half hour later, it was gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Texas Triangle of Lights


    Oilton — I was working in the oilfield on the graveyard shift and saw this big single light coming towards me. I only had my I Pad; and by the time, I went to retrieve it there were two lights and then three.

    It started to circle the gas well and hovered for a short while. Then all of a sudden between the front and the middle of this object, it started shooting this brown stuff. I don’t know what it was. Then it disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Washington UFO


    Cougar — We were having a beer near Pine Creek campground by Yacolt when we saw a Ufo emitting light. It flew close to us just across the river on March 31, 2015. It then ascended away quickly. The last picture submitted is the first, with the light. The picture order is the UFO ascending away from us. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Wyoming Cylinder


    Jackson — Terri reports three of us women were riding in the Jedidiah Wilderness, going to Granite Lake on August 5, 2015. I took images about 12:30 PM and when I viewed the SD card, I was surprised to see this cylinder because we never saw it or heard any planes. The area we were riding in is west of the Grand Teton.

    We are very surprised about this and looking for an explanation. I have sent four photos, two leading up to the gorgeous mountain we were approaching, and two with the illuminated object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Worldwide UFO Reports

    Australia Disc


    Brisbane – I looked out the window and saw what looked like an aircraft on August 21, 2015. I’ve seen UFO’s in this direction before so I watched closely. The object was a flat disc with multicolored lights flashing around it. I heard a deep rumble and kept watching, the UFO started moving backwards, stopped, started moving up, and I lost sight of it in a few seconds.

    I feel someone is watching me as I write this 10 minutes after the event. Another time a yellow disc hovered over my house for 20 minutes. I called the local Air Force base and they said a blip was showing on the radar and then disappeared less than 60 seconds into the call. Sorry if the drawing is unclear, I just had to do a quick sketch and I am no artist.

    Canada 30 Orbs

    CAtoney CreekHamilton20Aug15

    Stoney Creek/Hamilton Ontario — I have witnessed strange lights happening throughout the month of August 2015. In particular, on the night of August 22, 2015 around 8 pm, I was walking the dog when I noticed two strange lights glowing in the sky coming towards me. As I stopped walking to observe the lights, coincidentally the lights stopped moving as well. Once I begin walking towards the lights, they started to move away in the opposite direction from me. I continued my walk and minutes later, both lights reappeared. When I reached the school park, I approached a group of teenagers and brought their attention to the 20 or 30 orbs at my eye level over Stoney Creek.

    The lights were in a cluster hovering until they flew around making patterns in the sky. At one point, only three lights were visible forming a triangle. The lights would then all reappear in a DNA like structure. The orbs were trying to communicate by patterns and shapes. The lights disappeared and reappeared reforming shapes. Three additional orbs rose as I tried phoning but the connection was bad or out. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Columbia Disc


    Medellín — I like to look at the sky because I have been having Ufo sightings for about ten years, so I watch the sky continuously. I did not know about MUFON so this is a report is from September 16, 2012. I have wanted to report several sightings that I have had. It happened at 9 PM, in the south part of the city. I observed a shining disc shaped spaceship with a dome with four lights. I called to my sister who confirmed my sighting. A red star moved slowly towards the first object and the disc seemed to absorb it. An hour later, it vanished slowly.  Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Portugal Cylinder

    PTFunchal - Ilha Madeira31Jan15


    Funchal-Ilha Madeira — As I watched the sunset, I took photos on January 31, 2015. I ended up taking a photo of an unidentified flying cylinder shaped object.
    The event took place on Madeira Island, in an area without air traffic. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Romania Light


    Bucharest — I was in my room on August 18, 1986, working on my computer when I detected an out of place light out the window. It was rather bright or close or both, but I did not think to start recording immediately. It was an out of place noticeable light of a peculiar color that was travelling slowly. Then it accelerated on a gently curved flight path at a constant altitude. I was puzzled and excited as it disappeared behind the trees. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Russia Disc


    My mother was on a river cruise vacation in Russia taking pics that she sent for free internationally on August 5, 2015. I received a text with a picture that was taken on her balcony, outside of her cabin, without any window or glass in front of her. I immediately noticed the silver/metallic disk that looks like a classic silver/spinning disk. The next day she sent a blurry picture of a purple circle surrounded by several metallic/light reflecting objects. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    UK/England Lights


    Coventry — I went for a short walk around 8:15 pm behind Heronbank at the University of Warwick on August 21, 2015. I happened to look up at this glowing (because of the flame) cylindrical type object in the sky, steering upwards in a somewhat fast motion. I was able to take a picture of it.
    But, when I started taking a video, my phones ‘and battery died.
    It was not a shooting star. It could be a rocket launch though. Thanks to MUFON CMS


    Stowmarket – I was making coffee close to 10 pm on July 22, 2015, and looked out the kitchen window and saw a light in front on me. It was glowing orange/yellow and so I rushed to get my camera and took two pictures. The light changed from a long shape then bended and glowing. I pop outside to see a glowing shape then it goes dark. So I go back in and 30 minutes later I hear a helicopter fly over at 10:20 pm from RAF bases in the area, but not this late. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    UK/Scotland Lights


    Dornoch — My wife and I were holidaying at “Grannies Heilan Hame” at Embo on May 31, 2015, when we noticed a light travel east across the sky. I was trying to get a clear picture of the moon, swept across, and took a picture of the moving “star.” Back in our caravan, I downloaded the picture and on zooming in, I saw numerous colored worm-like objects. It certainly was not a refraction of light from the moon or morphing the pictures. Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://

    Support Earth Changing Research

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.PHYSICISTS DISCOVER ‘CLEAREST EVIDENCE YET’ THAT THE UNIVERSE IS A HOLOGRAM


    Physicists discover ‘clearest evidence yet’ that the Universe is a hologram

    A team of physicists have provided what has been described by the journal Nature as the “clearest evidence yet” that our universe is a hologram.

    The new research could help reconcile one of modern physics’ most enduring problems : the apparent inconsistencies between the different models of the universe as explained by quantum physics and Einstein’s theory of gravity.

    The two new scientific papers are the culmination of years’ work led by Yoshifumi Hyakutake of Ibaraki University in Japan, and deal with hypothetical calculations of the energies of black holes in different universes.

    The idea of the universe existing as a ‘hologram’ doesn’t refer to a Matrix-like illusion, but the theory that the three dimensions we perceive are actually just“painted” onto the cosmological horizon – the boundary of the known universe.

    If this sounds paradoxical, try to imagine a holographic picture that changes as you move it. Although the picture is two dimensional, observing it from different locations creates the illusion that it is 3D.

    This model of the universe helps explain some inconsistencies between general relativity (Einstein’s theory) and quantum physics. Although Einstein’s work underpins much of modern physics, at certain extremes (such as in the middle of a black hole) the principles he outlined break down and the laws of quantum physics take over.

    The traditional method of reconciling these two models has come from the 1997 work of theoretical physicist Juan Maldacena, whose ideas built upon string theory.

    This is one of the most well respected ‘theories of everything’ (Stephen Hawking is a fan) and it posits that one-dimensional vibrating objects known as ‘strings’ are the elementary particles of the universe.

    Maldacena has welcomed the new research by Hyakutake and his team, telling the journal Nature that the findings are “an interesting way to test many ideas in quantum gravity and string theory.”

    Leonard Susskind, a theoretical physicist regarded as one of the fathers of string theory, added that the work by the Japanese team  “numerically confirmed, perhaps for the first time, something we were fairly sure had to be true, but was still a conjecture.”

    ( via )

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NASA Brings Scientists & Theologians Together To Prepare World For Extraterrestrial Contact

    NASA Brings Scientists & Theologians Together To Prepare World For Extraterrestrial Contact 

    A couple of months ago top US astronomers gathered in front of congress to let them know that extraterrestrial life exists without question. Their main argument was the size of the universe, emphasizing that there are trillions of stars out there, with one in every five most likely harboring an Earth-like planet. It’s also important to keep in mind that planets do not have to be “Earth-like” in order to harbor life. You can read more about that story here.
    The number of habitable worlds in our galaxy is certainly in the tens of billions, minimum, and we haven’t even talked about the moons. And the number of galaxies we can see, other than our own, is about 100 billion.” – Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at California’s SETI Institute 
    This time, NASA and the Library of Congress have teamed up bringing together scientists, theologians, philosophers and historians from around the globe for a two day symposium in order to discuss how to prepare the world for extraterrestrial contact, whether it be microbial organisms or intelligent beings.
    We’re looking at all scenarios about finding life. If you find microbes, that’s one thing. If you find intelligence, it’s another. And if they communicate, it’s something else, and depending on what they say, it’s something else! The idea is not to wait until we make a discovery, but to try and prepare the public for what the implications might be when such a discovery is made. I think the reason that NASA is backing this is because of all the recent activity in the discovery of exoplanets and the advances in astrobiology in general. People just consider it much more likely now that we’re going to find something — probably microbes first and maybe intelligence later. The driving force behind this is from a scientific point of view that it seems much more likely now that we are going to find life at some point in the future.” – Astronomer, symposium organizer and former chief NASA historian, Steven J. Dick.
    One of the theologians present was Brother Guy Consolmagno, who is the new president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation. This is what he had to say:
    I Believe [alien life exists], but I have no evidence. I would be really excited and it would make my understanding of my religion deeper and richer in ways that I can’t even predict yet, which is why it would be so exciting.”
    He is urging the public not to be so surprised when extraterrestrial life is discovered, because it will be discovered. He even said that he would be happy to baptize them, if it’s intelligent extraterrestrial life that’s discovered. The Vatican has been very open to the idea of intelligent extraterrestrial life, and they’ve expressed these views for a very long time.
    Earth is not the center of the universe, it’s not flat, and it’s looking very likely that the next major paradigm shifting revelation will be the fact that we are not alone in the universe.
    It’s great to see the mainstream world gather, discuss and prepare for this possibility and ultimate reality, and it’s a great seg-way to create more awareness about the world of secrecy, the world’s within our world that deal with projects the human race knows nothing about.

    The Other Probability – Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life Is Already Here

    All of the information I’ve provided below is probably old information for CE fans that regularly visit our site. This information is from a previous article I wrote earlier in the year, I thought it would be fitting to cut and paste it here for our new readers. You can find more CE articles on the UFO/Extraterrestrial topic by visiting our exopolitics section HERE.
    In the United States alone, at least half of all Americans say that we’re not alone in the universe. Fifty percent of Americans already believe that there is some form of life on other planets, while only seventeen percent think that there isn’t. A quarter of Americans believe that intelligent extraterrestrial visitors have already come to Earth and have been doing so for a long time. 
    Here’s one of them:
    • Yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. We are not alone in the universe, they have been coming here for a long time.”  – Apollo 14 Astronaut, Air Force Captain and Founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dr. Edgar Mitchell
    There are multiple reasons why the extraterrestrial question continues to gain popularity. People are starting to ask questions about the world around them, utilizing critical thinking and investigation. After thoroughly investigating this topic your conclusions will be similar to the conclusions of the majority, we are not alone, and we are being visited.

    1. The Size of the Universe

    How often do you look up into the night sky and wonder just how many stars, planets, galaxies and more are out there? Space has been a high area of interest that has always fascinated scientists, philosophers, musicians and pretty much just about everyone. What is it about deep space that grabs our attention so much? To think about just how big the universe is can really put things into perspective.
    Counting the stars in the universe  is like trying to count the number of sand grains on a beach , not possible. Although estimates vary among different experts, the general consensus is that there are at least between 100 billion and 200 billion galaxies in our universe. Think about that for a moment, and now throw in billions of stars in each galaxy! This number could very easily be in the trillions for all we know.
    Take the Milky Way Galaxy for example, which measures to about 120,000 light years across (it would take light that many years to travel across the galaxy), and contains up to 400 billion stars. Again, that’s billions of galaxies that contain billions of stars.
    Scientists estimate that at least 10 billion habitable Earth-sized planets exist in the milky way alone ( one galaxy out of billions), but it’s important to keep an open mind as to what type of conditions and environments some unknown extraterrestrial like forms could thrive in. They all don’t necessarily have to be Earth-like.
    Given our estimation of the size of the universe, or multiverse (whatever you want to call it), odds are we are not alone.

    2. Whistle Blowers
    The past few years have seen a surge of whistle-blowers that’ve come out and said some remarkable things. Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange have received the most attention, but the reality is that there are hundreds of whistle blowers who have come forward with verified credentials and backgrounds. Mass survelience and the security state is not the only thing shocking people around the world, it’s the fact that many of these whistle blowers claim that we are not alone in the universe. It wouldn’t be so hard to ignore if it wasn’t for the backgrounds these people have in their respected fields

    The first one that comes to mind is Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Defence Minister, the man responsible for unifying the Canadian Air Force, Army and the Navy into one united force now known as the Canadian Forces. For someone with such a background to come out and make these extraordinary claims definitely grabbed the attention of many people.
    Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about the direction we were heading and offered to help. Instead, some of us interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after. Trillions of dollars have been spent on black projects which both congress and the commander in chief have deliberately been kept in the dark.” 
    ”In one of the cases during the cold war, 1961, there were about 50 UFOs in formation flying South from Russia across Europe. The supreme allied commander was very concerned and was about ready to press the panic button when they turned around and went back over the North Pole. They decided to do an investigation and they investigated for three years and they decided that with absolute certainty that four different species, at least, have been visiting this planet for thousands of years. There’s been a lot more activity in the past two decades, especially since we invented the atomic bomb.” 
    Paul Hellyer isn’t the only one making extraordinary statements, at least a dozen NASA astronauts have done the same. Just like Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s quote, other astronauts have said some remarkable things. Let’s take a look at a few (out of many) examples.
    There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been monitoring us for a very long time. That their appearance is bizarre from any type of traditional materialistic western point of view. That these visitors use the technologies of consciousness, they use toroids, they use co-rotating magnetic disks for their propulsion systems, that seems to be a common denominator of the UFO phenomenon”  – Dr. Brian O’leary, Former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor
    In my opinion I think they were worried that it would panic the public so they started telling lies about it. And then I think they had to tell another lie to cover their first lie, now they don’t know how to get out of it. Now it’s going to be so embarrassing to admit that all these administrations have told so many untruths, it would be embarrassing getting out of it. There are a number of extraterrestrial vehicles out there cruising around.”  – Gordon Cooper, Former NASA Astronaut, Aeronautical Engineer and test pilot. One of the seven original Astronauts in Project Mercury, the first manned space program of the United States
    The list goes on and on, the latest in NASA Astronaut statements about UFOs came from the 2005 International Space Station (ISS) Commander, Leroy Chiao. 
    Here is a video of John Podesta who was recently appointed as councillor to Barack Obama supporting UFO disclosure.
    Some of the most extraordinary statements about UFOs and extraterrestrials come from persons who have held some of the highest positions known. Those who would be in a position to ‘know’ about possible extraterrestrial encounters.
    Behind the scenes, high ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense” Former head of CIA, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, 1960 
    There is a serious possibility that we are being visited and have been visited for many years by people from outer space, by other civilizations. Who they are, where they are from, and what they want should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation and not be the subject of ‘rubishing’ by tabloid newspapers.” – Lord Admiral Hill-Norton, Former Chief of Defence Staff, 5 Star Admiral of the Royal Navy, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee
    ” Everything is in a process of investigation both in the United States and in Spain, as well as the rest of the world. The nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon. There is an international exchange of data.” – General Carlos Castro Cavero (1979). From “UFOs and the National Security State, Volume 2″, Written by Richard Dolan
    The list of military whistle blowers is huge, there are hundreds of them and hundreds of quotes to choose from. To view military whistleblowers (with verified backgrounds) give a press conference at The National Press Club about UFOs deactivating nuclear weapons, click HERE. You can also look up Dr. Steven Greer and the disclosure project.
    The list of quotes from all fields, from many people is outstanding. I could literally fill pages upon pages so I’ll stop here, I think you get the picture. These quotes by whistleblowers and people with prestigious backgrounds leads perfectly into the next point as to why almost everybody knows that we are not alone in the universe.
    There is another way whether it’s wormholes or warping space, there’s got to be a way to generate energy so that you can pull it out of the vacuum, and the fact that they’re here shows us that they found a way.”  – Jack Kasher, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Nebraska.
    “This thing has gotten so highly-classified…it is just impossible to get anything on it. I have no idea who controls the flow of need-to-know because, frankly, I was told in such an emphatic way that it was none of my business that I’ve never tried to make it to be my business since. I have been interested in this subject for a long time and I do know that whatever the Air Force has on the subject is going to remain highly classified” – Senator Barry Goldwater , Chairman of the Senate intelligence committee 

    3. The Evidence of UFOs

    Within the past few years, dozens of governments admitted to allocating resources and having programs to study the UFO phenomenon. For instance, in Canada the RCMP, Transport Canada, and the Department of National Defence recently admitted to tracking UFOs and investigating them.  They’ve been doing it for years, accumulating thousands upon thousands of UFO related documents. Many of these documents have since been officially released.
    Documents released by the National Security Agency (NSA) reveal what is recorded when a UFO is being tracked on radar. HERE is ten incredible cases. HERE is a four page U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency and NSA report describing a particular encounter in great detail.
    As the F-4 approached a range of 25 nautical miles it lost all instrumentation and communications. When the F-4 turned away from the object and apparently was no longer a threat to it, the aircraft regained all instrumentation and communications. Another brightly lighted object came out of the original object. The second object headed straight toward the F4. ”
    There is a Wikileak cable that describes how some politicians already know we are not alone in the universe. You can read more about that HERE.
    Again the list goes on and on and thousands upon thousands of UFO related documents are now available in the public domain. For a summary of more documents that have been declassified and made available, a video done by UFO Richard Dolan does a great one in 10 minutes. To watch it click HERE.  and see what type of information is out there.

    4. Mass Mainstream Media Attention

    Media outlets of all kind are covering the topic, almost every movie that comes out these days has something to do with space or some kind of extraterrestrial intelligence. We’ve been bombarded with the topic for a while now so it’s not hard to see how it’s on the minds of many.
    The most recent case of mainstream extraterrestrial ‘noise’ was made when scientists recently spoke to the house Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Dan Werthimer of the SETI Research Centre at the University of California, Berkeley, recently called for more funding to be allocated to the search for extraterrestrial life since he is “close to 100 percent” certain that we are not alone.
    In mid 2013, the same committee held a hearing about exoplanet discoveries, but perhaps one of the largest UFO/extraterrestrial hearings came at the National Press Club, which also took place in Mid-2013.  At this event, hundreds of researchers, activists and military/agency/political witnesses representing ten countries gave UFO/extraterrestrial testimony to six former members of the United States Congress about events and evidence indicating an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.
    Former Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska), and 2008 presidential candidate said that there is “an extraterrestrial influence that is investigating our planet. Something is monitoring the planet and they are monitoring it very cautiously.” You can learn more about the citizens hearing here.
    Apart from these events, UFOs are constantly a topic of interest in today’s mainstream news. Unfortunately, most mainstream media outlets that cover the topic seek out to ridicule it rather than investigating it properly.
     To view military whistleblowers (with verified backgrounds) give a press conference at The National Press Club about UFOs deactivating nuclear weapons, click HERE.
    HERE is a clip on the same topic on CBC news.

    5. Personal Experience & Video Footage

    There are millions of people out there claiming to have contact with extraterrestrial beings. This has played a large role in spreading the influence of extraterrestrial interest across the world. All of us seem to be naturally fascinated with the unknown, especially when it comes to space. It seems  like human nature.
    Neuroscience can now explain what happens to our body when we meditate, but it’s something we all knew to be beneficial before the science. Is extraterrestrial life similar? Is it something we all feel deep down inside, something we don’t need proof for? (Even though the proof is there).
    Besides the thousands of videos available on YouTube, there is some very fascinating officially documented UFO footage available for us to see. Click HERE to see raw footage of a UFO showing up in Norway for scientists at their observatory.
    Click HERE to see film from the 1991 NASA STS-48 Discovery Space Shuttle mission. It’s some of the best, officially documented UFO footage that’s out there today.
    HERE  is a video that made headlines once released. It came from straight front the Mexican Air Force. Do a quick UFO search on youtube and you’ll see many fakes, but many real videos of unknown aerial objects.

    Final Thoughts

    A few years ago the question was “Do UFOs exist?” Today that question has been answered, and the presence of UFOs performing maneuvers that defy our laws of physics has been well documented. The question has more so shifted to, “Is that an extraterrestrial space craft?”
    It’s nothing to fear, in my opinion they’ve been around forever. They have been aware of us long before we have been aware of them. As speculated with our ancient civilizations in Earth’s brief past, perhaps they will one day interact with humanity again. I guess we will see.
    Perhaps some groups are concerned about our planet, and come here further pushing the idea that we need to start changing the way we are doing things here. Perhaps one day soon we will find out.
    I definitely believe that a good chunk of these UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin. I also believe that many of these crafts are “ours.”

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Chilling UFO video filmed: Experts say its real

    Chilling UFO video filmed: Experts say its real

    Parents worried after child "stalked by UFO for two weeks" showed them footage of the UFO
    After seeing the "unquestionable" evidence of the UFO footage their son managed to record, the concerned parents sent the material for verification.
    The incredible video was recorded by a nine-year old child who claimed for weeks that he was being stocked by some sort of mysterious craft. The little boy went to his parents to tell them about his terrifying experience but the child's mother and father did not believe him. The boy's parents changed their opinion after the little fella managed to record on video the object that had been stalking him for over two weeks. The mysterious unidentified flying object changes direction, speed and eventually vanishes into space.
    After seeing the video their little boy recorded, the parents quickly sent the footage to experts for verification.
    Many Ufologists believe that this is just one of the hundreds of cases around the world, where mysterious flying objects follow people around and eventually "abduct" them.
    Even though we do not know "who" the experts are that verified the footage, we believe that this certainly is a very interesting UFO video that will cause a lot of debate among skeptics and ufologists.
    Here is the video footage:
    After the video was uploaded to YouTube, there have been dozens of comments about the strange UFO encounters. One of the "experts" commented: "It was almost as if this craft made itself invisible to the parents and only visible to the child, who was needless to say very frightened by this thing.
    "This further corroborates other stories where these UFOs follow children, presumably to abduct them.
    "This craft was luckily caught on video by the child who had run in to get the parents phone, ran back out, started recording the craft in mid-flight.
    "You can see the craft shape shifts, it changes direction it stops before finally dematerializing."
    but there are mixed feelings about the video. Others believe that these claims are just as absurd as the video itself.
    One of the commentators wrote:
    Where is your evidence of intent?
    "This video title accusation, is more a reflection on the mentality of the uploader, than proof of anything nefarious on behalf of the craft pilot.
    " Are we going to extend our (apparently) inherent racism to every being we encounter?"

    { } 

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ecosse : un système élaboré de calendrier vieux de 10 000 ans découvert

    Ecosse : un système élaboré de calendrier vieux de 10 000 ans découvert



    Selon une nouvelle étude, les humains ont inventé un système sophistiqué calendaire des milliers d'années plus tôt qu'on ne le pensait précédemment.

    La découverte est basée sur une analyse détaillée des données d'un site archéologique dans le nord de l'Ecosse - une rangée de fosses anciennes que les archéologues croient être le plus ancien calendrier mondialIl a près de cinq mille années de plus que son plus proche rival - un ancien calendrier créé à partir de l'âge du bronze en Mésopotamie.

    Créé par les Britanniques de l'âge de la Pierre, il y a quelques 10.000 années, des archéologues croient que le complexe de puits a été conçu pour représenter les mois de l'année et les phases lunaires du mois. Ils croient qu'il a également permis l'observation du lever du soleil en plein hiver - en effet, la naissance de la nouvelle année - alors que le calendrier lunaire pourrait être re-calibré annuellement pour le ramener en ligne avec l'année solaire.



    Représentation artistique d'un artiste de Warren Champ y a environ 10.000 ans, montrant un matériau qui brûle dans une des fosses du calendrier

    Remarquablement le monument était en usage pendant quelque 4000 ans - à partir de 8000 avant JC (période au début du mésolithique) à environ 4000 avant JC (début du néolithique).

    Les fosses ont été périodiquement retaillées - probablement des dizaines de fois, voire des centaines de fois - par rapport à celles de quatre millénaires. Il est donc impossible de savoir si oui ou non elles contenaient originellement des poteaux en bois ou des pierres dressées après qu'elles aient été creusées il y a 10.000 ans. Cependant les variations dans les profondeurs des fosses suggérent que l'arc avait une conception complexe - avec chaque mois lunaire potentiellement divisé en trois «semaines» d'environ dix jours  - ce qui représente la lune croissante, la lune gibbeuse / pleine et la lune décroissante.

    Les 50 mètres de longueur de la rangée de 12 fosses principales ont été organisés comme un arc vers un plongeon en forme de V à l'horizon sur lequel le soleil se levait le jour de la mi-hiver. Il y a 12,37 cycles lunaires (mois lunaire) dans une année solaire - et les archéologues croient que chaque fosse représentait un mois en particulier, avec l'ensemble de l'arc représentant une année.

    Les 12 puits ont peut-être joué un autre rôle en représentant le mois lunaire. Reflétant les phases de la lune, le noir et l'affaiblissement de ce qui prend 29 jours et demi, la succession de creux, disposés en arc peu profond (peut-être symbolisant le mouvement de la lune dans le ciel), commence petit et peu profond à une extrémité , croît en diamètre et en profondeur vers le centre de l'arc, puis décroît dans sa taille, à l'autre extrémité.



    Une illustration sur la façon dont les fosses auraient fonctionné. Les universités de St Andrews, Leicester et Bradford ont également participé.

    Dans son rôle d'un calendrier annuel (couvrant 12 mois - une pour chaque fosse), un système d'alternance des profondeurs de la fosse suggère que les mois voisins peuvent être jumelés en quelque sorte, ce qui pourrait refléter une sorte de système de croyance cosmologique dualiste - connu dans les documents ethnographiques et historiques dans de nombreuses parties du monde, mais pas encore détecté archéologiquement à l'âge de pierre.

    Garder la trace du temps aurait été d'une immense utilité économique et spirituelle aux communautés de chasseurs-cueilleurs du mésolithique. Leur calendrier aurait aidés à déterminer le moment précis où les troupeaux d'animaux pouvaient s'attendre à migrer ou à la fois plus susceptibles où les saumons pourraient commencer leur voyage.

    Mais les leaders des communautés de l'Age de Pierre - y compris potentiellement des Shamans - peuvent aussi avoir utilisé le calendrier pour se donner l'apparence d'être en mesure de prédire ou de contrôler les saisons ou le comportement de la lune et du soleil...

    Le site - à Warren Field, Crathes, Aberdeenshire - a été fouillé en 2004 par le National Trust for Scotland, mais les données ne furent analysées en détail qu'au cours des six derniers mois en utilisant le logiciel spécialement écrit, ce qui a permis une exploration interactive de la relation entre le 12 puits, la topographie locale et les mouvements de la lune et du soleil.

    L'analyse a été réalisée par une équipe de spécialistes dirigée par le professeur Vincent Gaffney, de l'Université de Birmingham.



    « La recherche démontre que la société de l'âge de pierre il y a 10.000 ans était beaucoup plus sophistiquée que ce que nous avions déjà soupçonné. Le site a des implications sur la façon dont nous comprenons comment la société du Mésolithique s'est développée sur le plan économique, social et cosmologique ", a déclaré le professeur Gaffney.

    « Les preuves suggèrent que les sociétés des chasseurs-cueilleurs en Ecosse avaient à la fois la nécessité et la technicité de suivre le temps à travers les années, à corriger la dérive des saisons de l'année lunaire et que cela s'est produit près de 5000 ans avant les premiers calendriers officiels connus dans le Proche-Orient . Ce faisant, cela illustre une étape importante vers la construction formelle du temps et donc de l'histoire elle-même ", a-t-il dit.

    Source :

    Dr Richard Bates, de l'Université de St Andrews, a déclaré la découverte fournie " de nouvelles preuves passionnantes " du début du Mésolithique en Ecosse.

    Il a ajouté: " C'est le premier exemple d'une telle structure et il n'y a pas de site comparable connu en Grande-Bretagne ou en Europe pendant plusieurs milliers d'années après que le monument à Warren Camp ait été construit. "

    Le site de Champ Warren a été découvert parce que des hirondelles inhabituelles avaient été repérées dans l'air par la Commission royale sur les monuments anciens et historiques de l'Ecosse (RCAHMS).

    Dave Cowley, enquêteur chargé de projets à RCAHMS, a déclaré: " Nous avons pris des photos du paysage écossais depuis près de 40 ans, en enregistrant des milliers de sites archéologiques qui n'auraient jamais été détectés depuis le sol.

    " Le Champ Warren apparaît comme quelque chose de spécial, cependant. Il est remarquable de penser que notre étude aérienne a peut-être aidé à trouver l'endroit où le temps lui-même a été inventé ".

    Source :

    Le site avait déjà révélé de nombreuses traces préhistoriques, dont les restes d'une grande habitation datée d'environ 5800 ans avant maintenant :







    Traductions Yves Herbo-S,F,H, 07-2013 -

    Les excavations sur les iles Orkney révèlent un temple de 5000 ans


    Ecosse ileorkney

    les îles Orcades en Ecosse

    Les excavations sur les iles Orkney révèlent un temple incroyable sophistiqué âgé de 5000 ans minimum. L'excavation révolutionnaire d'un Temple préhistorique complexe sur l'île écossaise d'Orkney a révélé que les habitants du néolithique de l'île étaient beaucoup plus avancés qu'on ne l'avait d'abord réalisé, selon un communiqué dans The Scotsman. Alors qu'une vaste collection d'objets anciens reflètent une société complexe et culturellement riche, les archéologues ont également découvert que les trois grandes structures monumentales de l'île - l'Anneau de Brodgar, les Pierres de Stennes, et le tombeau de Maes Howe - étaient " inextricablement liés à un unique grand thème ".


    Stone age temple site found united kingdom 47813 990x742Photograph courtesy Hugo Whymark, ORCA

    Le site archéologique, connu sous le nom Ness de Brodgar, couvre une superficie de plus de 6 hectares et comprend des restes de logements, des restes de toits d'ardoise, des allées pavées, des façades colorées, des dalles de pierre décorées, un mur en pierres massives avec des fondations, et un grand bâtiment décrit comme un «cathedra» néolithique ou «palais», habité depuis au moins 3.500 avant JC jusqu'à la fin de la période néolithique plus d'un millénaire et demi plus tard.


    Ness of brodgar archaeological siteCredit: Hugo Anderson-Whymark

    « Leur fabrication était impeccable. Les murs imposants qu'ils ont construits auraient fait honneur aux centurions romains qui, quelques 30 siècles plus tard, ont érigé le mur d'Hadrien dans une autre partie de la Grande-Bretagne. Cloîtrés dans ces murs il y avait des dizaines de bâtiments, dont une des plus grandes structures couvertes construites dans la préhistoire au nord de l'Europe. " Elle avait plus de 80 pieds (25 m) de long et 60 pieds (18 m) de large, avec des murs épais 13 pieds (4 m) ", a déclaré Roff Smith, auteur d'un article sur le Ness de Brogar qui va être publié dans l'édition de Août de National Geographic.


    Reconstruction site orkney

    La fouille archéologique, qui a jusquà présent découvert seulement environ 10 pour cent du site original, a déjà donné des milliers d'artefacts incroyables y compris des têtes de massues de cérémonie, des haches en pierre polie, des couteaux de silex, une figurine humaine, des pots miniatures faits au pouce, des spatules en pierre magnifiquement ciselées, de très raffinées poteries colorées, et plus de 650 pièces d'art du néolithique, de loin la plus grande collection jamais trouvée en Grande-Bretagne.


    Engraved stone from the ness of brodgar

    Roche gravée dans l'Anneau de Brodgar

    Dirigez-vous assez loin vers le nord en partant de Derbyshire, et vous arrivez à la frontière avec l'Ecosse. Continuez et vous finirez par arriver dans les îles Orcades, une série de 70 îles et îlots situés à 6.2 miles (10 km) de la pointe nord de l'Ecosse. Vous pourriez penser que cela aurait été abandonné tout de suite après le Néolithique, mais il y a des preuves pour suggérer une civilisation florissante ici. Le cercle de l'Anneau de Brodgar en pierre massive en est seulement une partie de la dépouille de cette culture, qui comprennent le site bien conservé de Skara Brae, le site de Barnhouse, la belle tombe en encorbellement de Maes Howe et le Tombeau des Aigles.


    Ecosse orkneyislands

    En fait, les îles sont jonchées de restes de structures, des bâtiments et des murs, des pierres debout et des établissements, ce qui rend le patrimoine préhistorique vibrant, vivant et dans un état de conservation impressionnant. Les îles Orcades, si vous avez déjà eu la chance de les visiter, sont une série de falaises, de baies peu profondes et des routes sinueuses (où se trouvent tout ce qui existe actuellement), ce qui signifie que le niveau de développement moderne est faible, et n'a pas vraiment un impact sur le paysage autant qu'on pourrait le dire, comme le centre d'une ville moderne. L'endroit de la capitale est à Kirkwall, pas plus de 8500 habitants, et à l'ouest de la capitale, entre les pierres massives de Stenness et le puissant Anneau de Brodgar, il y a une petite bande de terre, qui semble assez modeste sur un carte moderne. Vous pourriez donc réaliser maintenant que quelque chose de tout à fait modeste pour la recherche est peu susceptible d'attirer les archéologues, et il n'y a donc actuellement qu'une excavation en cours sur le site :


    Orkney map

    Retour au Néolithique, cependant, et que le peu de bande de terre était le centre et le site de certaines activités culturelles et comportementales intenses. Les Pierres de Stenness, dans le bas de l'image ci-dessus, a un foyer central, et est entouré par des preuves de festins et d'une activité de colonisation (notamment au site Barnhouse). L'Anneau de Brodgar, en haut de l'image, est entouré par des tumulus et des cimetières et a un manque d'activités domestiques. Alors que se trouve-t-il sur la bande entre le lieu de la vie et le lieu de la mort ? La première chose qu'il s'est passée en 2002, a été que les archéologues sur le Loch de Stenness, sous le commandement du directeur du site et chef du projet Orkney Archaeological Trust, Nick Cave, a entrepris un relevé géophysique massif du site, qui s'est terminé avec des résultats qui ressemblaient à ceci (cliquez pour agrandir image) :


    Survey results

    Il y a certaines choses à remarquer ici :

    1) Les marques blanches sont où le levé géophysique a révélé une différence dans les dépôts enterrés. Malheureusement, il ne vous dira pas précisément ce que ces dépôts sont, ni où se trouvent le les plus intéressants sont à creuser.
    2) Il y a une zone de forme sombre près du centre des résultats, c'est la taille de la zone d'excavation en cours par rapport à la taille de l'ensemble du site. Les fouilles couvrent environ 10% de l'ensemble de la région à ce jour.
    3) Le tout semble être entouré par un mur rectangulaire, qui a une sorte d'entrée courbée vers l'intérieur dans le milieu du bord de la partie droite, et une autre entrée de l'autre côté, qui se recroqueville à nouveau vers l'intérieur vers le haut du bord gauche. Donc tout ce que nous voyons sont des bâtiments, vous pouvez essayer de deviner qu'ils sont bien murés.

    Toutes les choses dans le centre sont à peu près un fouillis de restants de lignes et de murs, aussi en 2008, les archéologues ont pu faire ce qu'ils font le mieux et creuser un beau trou ordonné pour voir ce qui ce trouve plus bas.

    Pour la partie nord-est de la zone fouillée, vous obtenez quelque chose qui ressemble à ceci :


    Orkney 4

    Vous pourriez commencer à voir les lignes d'un imposant bâtiment rectangulaire étrange avec des alcôves autour des parois intérieures. Ce n'est pas le seul bâtiment qui a été découvert, car, à l'intérieur cette grande enceinte fortifiée du Ness, tout en est couvert, avec plus de 100 en cours d'identification dans les résultats de l'enquête et des fouilles :


    Orkney structuresCelui que nous avons dégagé en premier était la structure 8 sur la carte ci-dessus, et la recherche à partir du bord du plan ci-dessus vers le milieu.

    La théorie la plus courante (maintenant), est que l'ensemble du site est un lieu liminal de transition (un Seuil) entre les mondes des vivants et le monde des morts. C'est une théorie parallèle à l'hypothèse pour les sites à Durrington Walls et de Stonehenge, reliés par l'avenue, d'abord proposée par Mike Parker Pearson lors de la Conférence sur le néolithique à Kirkwall en 1998. Voilà que le Loch Ness est un chemin conducteur entre les pierres du site de Steness / Barnhouse et l'Anneau de Brodgar. Il existe dans l'endroit un liminal (seuil) parfait, la géographie du site permet de créer une étroite bande de terre entre le sel et les lacs d'eau douce, en alignement avec deux énormes monuments de pierre représentant où la population vivait et le foyer spirituel des ancêtres et dominant le paysage. Les bâtiments de forme étranges sur le plan ci-dessus sont tous uniques, et n'existaient pas tous sur le site au même moment. Certains d'entre eux ont des foyers d'incendie dans les portes, et certains ont des fentes étroites dans les murs, peut-être pour des entrées / sorties. Les grands murs qui entourent le site peuvent avoir été faits pour séparer physiquement l'espace, pour la création d'une zone de transition dans laquelle les nouveaux morts partaient à travers la terre des ancêtres de l'autre côté. D'autres, comme la structure 10, qui est celui avec les murs très épais au fond du plan ci-dessus, ont les restes d'environ 600 bovins, tous presque exclusivement des os, datant de 2.300 avant JC. Il y a même des preuves de peintures sur les murs, et une multitude de poteries brisées et de têtes de hache de pierre / masses. Et parmi toute cette multitude céramique il y a ce petit bonhomme, nommé le Brogar Boy :


    Brodgar boy

    Vous pourriez être très familier avec les figurines de Vénus, mais celle-ci a été provisoirement décrite comme une représentation rare d'un homme, voici son visage en gros plan :


    Brodgar boy 2

    Les sites monumentaux de l'Anneau de Brodgarles pierres dressées de Stenness, et la tombe de Maes Howe, tous situés à quelques miles de la Ness, étaient considérés comme étant utilisés comme des monuments isolés, avec des histoires distinctes, jusqu'à présent. Mais depuis que les fouilles sur le Ness se soient étendues et aient progréssé, les archéologues en sont venus à croire que les sites mégalithiques de la région environnante ont tous été reliés en quelque sorte avec le Ness de Brodgar, bien que son objectif reste inconnu.


    Ring brodgar

    Ring Brodgar

    " Ce que le Ness nous dit, c'est que c'était un paysage beaucoup plus intégré que quiconque ne l'avait jamais soupçonné ", a déclaré l'archéologue Nick Card, directeur des fouilles de l'Institut d'archéologie de l'Université des Highlands et des îles. " Tous ces monuments sont inextricablement liés à un quelconque grand thème que nous ne pouvons que deviner. Les gens qui ont construit tout cela faisaient partie d'une société beaucoup plus complexe et capable que cela n'a été dépeint dans l'Histoire".



    " Allez au Ness aujourd'hui et plusieurs structures emblématiques de l'Age de la Pierre sont à portées de vue facilement, formant le noyau d'un site du patrimoine mondial appelé le Coeur néolithique des Orcades," a déclaré Smith. " Le Ness de Brogar semble être la pièce d'ancrage - la pièce maîtresse, si vous voulez - qui relie ces autres grands monuments dans un grand paysage monumental  dont une personne d'élite avait rêvé l'existance. Et de l'avoir eu gisant sous nos pieds, insoupçonné, depuis tant de siècles ne fait qu'ajouter à l'émerveillement entourant cette découverte.


    Orkneys 428x269 to 468x312

    Les fouilles sur le site sont toujours en cours, mais vous pouvez en savoir plus en consultant le site en ligne ICI
    Dans le programme de télévision récente sur le site, William MacNeil était responsable d'impressionnantes reconstructions des images du site. Vous pouvez également en savoir plus sur les événements récents au National Geographic

    Photographs courtesy Hugo Whymark, ORCA, Hugo Anderson

    Credit: Hugo Anderson-Whymark


    Orkney islands

    - Voyez plus à:!br5lD8


    Lima Ed making the best use of the Caledonian Sleeper for a too short autumn visit to Orkney. Taking in John O'Groats, Scapa Flow, the Old Man of Hoy, and Skara Brae. Part of the Orkney series, October 2009.

    A Video Tour of the Orkney Islands - Scotland

    Video of one of Scotland's most rural and mystical places. The Orkney Islands in the far north. This footage was taken during a hostel/backpacking tour through the Orkney's in July of 2009 by Alex Berger of VirtualWayfarer.


    OrkneyL'une des falaises abîmées des îles Orkney, image tirée d'une vidéo ci-dessus (vous pouvez l'agrandir)


    Orkney2Une étrange vision d'une réalité possible de falaises gravées artificiellement et abîmées, fissurées par le temps et les éléments... (YH)

    Yves Herbo, Sciences, F, Histoires, 31-07-2014 -

    Autres liens connexes :

    Yves Herbo, Sciences, F, Histoires, 04-2012, MAJ 08-2015

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.THE WINGS OF THE BUTTERFLY - NEW HUBBLE IMAGE OF THE TWIN JET NEBULA [HEIC1518]


    The shimmering colours visible in this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image show off the remarkable complexity of the Twin Jet Nebula. The new image highlights the nebula's shells and its knots of expanding gas in striking detail. Two iridescent lobes of material stretch outwards from a central star system. Within these lobes two huge jets of gas are streaming from the star system at speeds in excess of one million kilometres per hour.

    The Twin Jet Nebula. Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA. Acknowledgement: Judy Schmidt

    The cosmic butterfly pictured in this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image goes by many names. It is called the Twin Jet Nebula as well as answering to the slightly less poetic name of PN M2-9.

    The M in this name refers to Rudolph Minkowski, a German-American astronomer who discovered the nebula in 1947. The PN, meanwhile, refers to the fact that M2-9 is a planetary nebula. The glowing and expanding shells of gas clearly visible in this image represent the final stages of life for an old star of low to intermediate mass. The star has not only ejected its outer layers, but the exposed remnant core is now illuminating these layers – resulting in a spectacular light show like the one seen here. However, the Twin Jet Nebula is not just any planetary nebula, it is a bipolar nebula.

    Ordinary planetary nebulae have one star at their centre, bipolar nebulae have two, in a binary star system. Astronomers have found that the two stars in this pair each have around the same mass as the Sun, ranging from 0.6 to 1.0 solar masses for the smaller star, and from 1.0 to 1.4 solar masses for its larger companion. The larger star is approaching the end of its days and has already ejected its outer layers of gas into space, whereas its partner is further evolved, and is a small white dwarf.

    The characteristic shape of the wings of the Twin Jet Nebula is most likely caused by the motion of the two central stars around each other. It is believed that a white dwarf orbits its partner star and thus the ejected gas from the dying star is pulled into two lobes rather than expanding as a uniform sphere. However, astronomers are still debating whether all bipolar nebulae are created by binary stars. Meanwhile the nebula's wings are still growing and, by measuring their expansion, astronomers have calculated that the nebula was created only 1200 years ago.

    Within the wings, starting from the star system and extending horizontally outwards like veins are two faint blue patches. Although these may seem subtle in comparison to the nebula's rainbow colours, these are actually violent twin jets streaming out into space, at speeds in excess of one million kilometres per hour. This is a phenomenon that is another consequence of the binary system at the heart of the nebula. These jets slowly change their orientation, precessing across the lobes as they are pulled by the wayward gravity of the binary system.

    The two stars at the heart of the nebula circle one another roughly every 100 years. This rotation not only creates the wings of the butterfly and the two jets, it also allows the white dwarf to strip gas from its larger companion, which then forms a large disc of material around the stars, extending out as far as 15 times the orbit of Pluto! Even though this disc is of incredible size, it is much too small to be seen on the image taken by Hubble.

    An earlier image of the Twin Jet Nebula using data gathered by Hubble's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2was released in 1997. This newer version incorporates more recent observations from the telescope'sSpace Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS).

    A version of this image was entered into the Hubble's Hidden Treasures image processing competition, submitted by contestant Judy Schmidt.


    The Hubble Space Telescope is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Giant plumes of methane on Mars may be the belches of buried microbes

    Giant plumes of methane on Mars may be the belches of buried microbes


    Above photo: Nili Fossae, one of the regions on Mars emitting methane. The area was already a proposed landing site for the Mars Science Laboratory because of the presence of mineral-rich clays (red).

    Photograph: AP/Nasa

    Nasa is keeping an open mind, but says there is an urgent need to analyse the methane clouds for other chemicals that would either confirm or rule out life as the cause.

    The search for extraterrestrial life has received a tantalising boost with the announcement that Nasa scientists have detected wafts of methane on Mars that could be the emissions of microbes living deep beneath the surface.

    A seven-year survey of the red planet using three powerful ground-based telescopes in Hawaii, Arizona and Chile spotted giant plumes of the noxious gas being released from the ground in the northern hemisphere during the Martian summer.

    Over three months in 2003 around 19,000 tonnes of methane belched into the atmosphere from two valleys and a volcano, each about 620 miles apart, Nasa scientists report in the US journal Science.

    On Earth more than 90% of methane in the atmosphere is produced by living things as a byproduct of food digestion. But the gas can also be emitted by common geological processes in volcanoes and from fissures in ocean floors.

    Nasa scientists calculate that a colony of Martian microbes covering 2,316 sq miles of the planet’s permafrost could account for the volumes of methane detected. Alternatively, the gas could be released by a community of ancient bugs living in aquifers nearly five miles beneath the surface, under the permafrost.

    Michael Mumma, director of Nasa’s Goddard Centre for Astrobiology in Maryland, US, said the agency was keeping an open mind about the origins of the plumes but added that there was now an urgent need to analyse the methane clouds for other chemicals that would either confirm or rule out life as the cause.

    “We do not claim to have identified life, nor do we think it is possible to draw that conclusion solely on the basis of methane detection,” he said. “But we now know where, and maybe when, to go and look for other chemical signatures that will distinguish whether this is biology or other processes at work. To me it is compelling and imperative that we now map the entire planet repeatedly over two Mars years to identify all of the active regions of methane release and to establish their ­seasonal variability.” If it can predict when the plumes will appear, he said, Nasa could send probes to fly through them and investigate them further.”

    Scientists previously sniffed a haze of methane around Mars in 2004. The European Space Agency’s Mars Express orbiter recorded levels of methane in the atmosphere at around 10 parts in a billion, suggesting that any releases from the planet were tiny.

    The latest study provides evidence that substantial amounts of methane could be released on a seasonal basis, but is quickly broken down in the atmosphere.

    The Nasa team used infrared detectors on the telescopes to confirm the presence of methane at three locations on Mars. One region, a valley known as Nili Fossae, is rich in clay minerals and was once covered in standing water. The two other sites are known as Syrtis Major, an enormous volcano nearly 500 miles wide, and the region of Terra Sabae.

    On Earth there are two geological processes that produce methane. One, called serpentinisation, requires heat, water and carbon dioxide. “It could be responsible, but if it’s ongoing it means there is hot rock below the surface, so Mars must still be active,” said Mumma.

    Methane is also produced in magma underneath volcanoes, but there is no evidence of active volcanoes on Mars.

    If the methane is the belchings of Martian microbes, these are either living about three metres below the surface, or deep beneath the permafrost, said Mumma. The gas is thought to build up during the winter and is then released in the summer as the warmth of the sun opens up fissures in the ground.

    John Parnell, an expert in astrobiology and professor of geology at Aberdeen University, said: “One of the key things about methane is it degrades in the atmosphere, so if it’s there, something is replenishing it. If it’s not life then something else is active on Mars. Even if it’s not being produced by living organisms the methane could be used as a fuel by other microbes. On Earth some of the most primitive organisms, which are billions of years old, use methane as a fuel.”

    Nasa’s next opportunity to analyse samples on the red planet will be provided by theMars Science Laboratory, due for launch in 2011, which will carry more advanced sensors than any other probe to have set down on the planet.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Could Alien Life Spread 'Like a Virus' to the Stars?

    Could Alien Life Spread 'Like a Virus' to the Stars?

    As astronomical techniques become more advanced, a team of astrophysicists think they will be able to not only detect the signatures of alien life in exoplanetary atmospheres, but also track its relentless spread throughout the galaxy.

    The research, headed by Henry Lin of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), assumes that this feat may be possible in a generation or so and that the hypothesis of panspermia may act as the delivery system for alien biology to hop from one star system to another.

    ANALYSIS: Has Earth Splattered Life All Over the Solar System?

    Panspermia is a process where life is somehow transplanted from planet to planet. This may happen should a planet, rich with life, be hit by a massive asteroid impact; pieces of that planet’s crust will be propelled into space and any life contained within those samples may be transplanted to another world. If these hardy lifeforms make the trip, then perhaps they can gain a foothold and seed life in this new environment.

    There are other hypothetical mechanisms by which life could “hop” from one planet to the next — including the fascinating possibility of “directed panspermia” where an intelligent civilization may deliberately seed other star systems with capsules containing its biological image. Other ideas remove the need for this life to survive the trip, allowing the freeze-dried dead biology attached to space rocks to act as a template for life on a newly seeded world, a process called “necropanspermia.”

    These processes are pure hypotheses right now, and this new research does not specify how life may spread, but we do know that chunks of planetary bodies can travel from planet to planet. For example, a type of meteorite found on Earth is known to originate from Mars — its isotopic signature is identical to measurements made by the armada of robots currently orbiting and roving on the Red Planet. These meteorites were bits of Mars crust blasted into space by ancient impacts.

    ANALYSIS: Has Earth Brand(TM) Life Seeded the Galaxy?

    It’s not such a stretch to think that chunks of Earth have also been blasted into space and computer simulations suggest that there’s a statistical chance that Earth rocks have drifted to the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn, potentially impacting some of the gas giants’ moons. Whether or not Earth’s abundant life was contained within these rocks is not known and it’s quite a stretch to think that a secondary genesis of life may have been spawned.

    But say if life can hitch a ride on space rocks and this life can seed new biospheres on other worlds… how would astrobiologists recognize that life is being spread from one star system to the next? Well, like a common cold, the spread would appear viral.

    “Life could spread from host star to host star in a pattern similar to the outbreak of an epidemic. In a sense, the Milky Way galaxy would become infected with pockets of life,” said co-author Avi Loeb, also of the CfA, in a press release.

    Using a computer model, Lin and Loeb assumed that the “seeds” from one planet’s biosphere spreads in all directions over time. Should one of those seeds reach a habitable planet, there’s a chance it may take root. This creates several life-giving oases that could be detected by future space telescopes peering into these exoplanetary atmospheres. And should several of these life-endowed worlds be found, a pattern may emerge.

    “In our theory clusters of life form, grow, and overlap like bubbles in a pot of boiling water,” said Lin.

    OPINION: Directed Panspermia: Moral Obligation or Bio-Pollution?

    According to the authors, whose paper has been accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal Letters (and can be viewed on the arXiv preprint service), to see any kind of “viral” pattern, life would need to spread comparatively quickly, otherwise the motion of the stars around the galaxy will blur out the pattern. If a panspermia-like spread of life is occurring in the Milky Way, it would be ideal if Earth is located on the edge of a viral “bubble”; a situation whereby all the inhabited worlds are only found in one half of the sky, whereas the other half is devoid of life despite the presence of habitable exoplanets.

    The fact that we may be able to decipher the biosignatures of life in the atmospheres of distant worlds is profound enough, but should we discover clusters of inhabited worlds, it begs the question: is panspermia a viable life-spreading mechanism? But even more than that, it questions the origin of life on Earth — did life originate here? Has it spread throughout the solar system or even to other stars?

    Or was Earth just in the right place at the right time to catch the virus of life?

    Source: CfA press release

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen. PHOTO OF THE DAY: Heflin UFO case revisited

    Heflin UFO case revisited

    August 28, 2015

    Heflin UFO photos. CLICK TO ENLARGE

    We ran this back in 2012 or 2013. People came out of the woodwork to read this thing. Overloaded the systems. Blew up one of our servers. Smoke was coming off circuit breakers that were snapping. People were screaming "Incoming!".

    It was awful. But then...danger is our business. So here goes again. (We've since beefed everything up.)

    The Set up: Aug. 3, 1965. Rex Heflin, at that time an Orange County highway inspector was at work one day in his county rig when at 12:37 p.m. he says he spotted a kind of “hat shaped” thing flying in the air in Santa Anna, California. 

    He said the object was hovering right above the road right in front of him. He grabbed his Polaroid camera (a Model 101 Polaroid camera) that he used during his normal work day to take photos of highway obstructions etc. and got off three photographs of what was (he says) a “metallic-appearing object” and a fourth photo of a black "smoke ring" he says was left behind by the UFO after it sped away at high speed.

    Heflin estimated the size of the UFO at around 20 feet wide and saId that as it flew across the road it seemed to hover a bit. He photographed it through his car's windshield as it crossed his line of vision (he got a second photo through his passenger window) and he said that as the object moved toward the east, it tipped a bit and he could see a dark (darker?) underside. 

    At that point he says he saw a type of "rotating beam of light" coming from the center of the bottom of the object. He said the beam was colored a greenish-white and it rotated (slowly) clockwise from the center of the object out to the rim of the thing.

    Heflin also said the craft appeared to "wobble" a bit, kind of like when you see a kid's gyroscope on a table top begin to wobble as it runs out steam. Then he got off a third shot and by then, he says, the object had turned and continued moving east and slowly gaining altitude, then increased it's speed and altitude and as it kept moving it left a smoke like vapor in its wake.

    One of the snapshots was published by the Santa Ana Register newspaper on September 20th of that year and the story got much bigger when the newswire services picked it up and fed it national.


    The photos at above right are the ones he took. The second shot down on the page is enlarged quite a bit to get a better idea of what he saw.

    There are several interesting aspects to this story.

    1. The U.S. Air Force (which investigated the case via operation Blue Book) issued a statement saying the photos are a hoax. 

    2. A UFO investigating group called NICAP investigated the case (both Heflin and the newspaper cooperated in the investigation) which included, among other things, a detailed background check on Heflin (presumably to insure he had not spent any time in a "rest home") and a computer photo analysis study done by Robert Nathan at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who worked with both first-generation prints and copy negatives made by the newspaper.

    The Nathan analysis of the photo prints and negs (reportedly) showed there was some kind of light beam emanating from the underside of the object. The analysis also ruled out that the object was something that was dangling in the air from a string or wire. 

    Years later some people claimed to have a found a "string like object" in the photos but in 1993 a MUFON photo analyst re-examined all the data and the photos from their initial investigation and rejected the string theory (they said it was an “artifact” generated by the photos being copied and recopied so many times). 


    According to NICAP, persons unknown attempted to tamper with evidence and “manipulate information.” So the story goes, the copy negatives of Heflin's famous photos were at some point obtained from Heflin “under false pretenses” by some men claiming to be from the North American Air Defense Command. 

    The Air Force said if there ever were such people claiming to be from NORAD who came to get the photos, they were most certainly not from the Air Force or NORAD. Implication being: they were imposters, if they ever existed.

    In the end the conclusion of UFO investigators was and is the case is a credible, thoroughly investigated sighting and meets all the criteria for evidence of a legit UFO -- which means it is simply a "legitimate" Unidentified Flying Object which brings us right back to that very day in 1965 when Heflin took the photos. 

    No more, no less. 

    Now, there is a fellow (named Marvin) who has done his own rather interesting analysis of the photos and he claims, "The odds are not in favor of a large free flying object remaining the same distance (to the camera) and altitude in both Photo #2 and Photo #3. The evidence supports a small object suspended from the truck near the mirror."

    He notes that Heflin never filed any UFO report and we know from other sources that Heflin never sought any publicity (how the photos became public was actually by accident, more or less) so Marvin asks: "Was the whole affair just a practical joke that grew out of control?"

    A very good question.

    He's put his analysis, with the photos, online. You'll find it here .

    P.S. If you ever take a photo of a UFO, send it to us. The merciless, take-no-prisoners, mostly sober (most of the time) crack Investigative Team here at the Chronicle will investigate that bad boy like nobody's business. Make NICAP look they have training wheels on their feet. 

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Daily UFO Headlines 8/28/2015

    Daily UFO Headlines 8/28/2015

    (Before It's News)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Documentary 2015 HD - New UFO Sightings Soviet Alien Secrets Revealed (BBC Documentary)

    UFO Documentary 2015 HD - New UFO Sightings Soviet Alien Secrets Revealed (BBC Documentary

    UFO DOCUMENTARY 2015 - UFO Sightings The presence of aliens on Earth 2015

    UFO Sightings 2015 - UFO DOCUMENTARY Inside Secret Government Warehouse Shocking Revelations Full

    SOURCE : Youtube

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.WATCH: famous Black Knight UFO myth 'solved' by YouTube novice in just 11 minutes

    WATCH: famous Black Knight UFO myth 'solved' by YouTube novice in just 11 minutes

    From the nervous, shaky start, you can tell it's his first ever YouTube video.

    The legendary


    The legendary "Black Knight satellite" appears to have been proved as Nasa thermal blanket

    The narrator even apologised for his amateur presenting style and asked viewers to bear with him.

    But after an 11-minute DIY filming attempt, YouTube user NUA appears to have successfully debunked 1998 photographs of the so-called 'Black Knight satellite'. 

    Over the past 24 hours has revealed new video and photographic footage from UFO conspiracists who claimed they had further proof of the mysterious alien satellite.

    Alien researchers have been calling the myth "one of the most convincing pieces of evidence for the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life" for the past 17 years, while some claim it has orbited Earth for at least 13,000 years.

    Nasa footage of Endeavour astronauts working with thermal blanket (ringed) on International Space Station


    Nasa footage of Endeavour astronauts working with thermal blanket (ringed) on ISS


    "There she goes" - dropped thermal blanket floats from ISS

    But NUA's video - titled "Black Knight Satellite UFO Documentary - Truth Exposed 2015 - (Debunked)" - claims to conclusively prove the 'Black Knight', as photographed in 1998 NASA images, was nothing more than a satellite thermal blanket lost by the crew of the Endeavor space shuttle as they worked on the developing the International Space Station (ISS).

    In his video, NUA compared NASA video of the Endeavor mission which shows a thermal blanket on the ISS.

    The same blanket is then seen being dropped by the crew as it tubules away into space.

    He highlights the blanket as being exactly the same shape as the 'Black Knight' in the 1998 pictures seized on by conspiracists and explains that the object only appeared to change shape because it was turning as it fell away.

    After releasing the pictures in 1998, NASA said it was a thermal blanket, but it did not stop a wave of conspiracists branding it a huge cover up.

    The legend of the alien satellite seems to have then been retrospectively dated back to 1899 when Nicola Tesla announced he was picking up radio waves coming from space, prompting people to suggest something alien was out there.

    ...and gets further and further away


    ...and gets further and further away

    NUA has forensically compared the shape of Nasa's blanket to the Black Knight and concluded they are the same


    NUA has forensically compared shape of blanket to Black Knight and concluded they are the same
    • It is not a UFO. It is identified. It is a thermal blanket. It is just an unfortunate case of misidentification.

    YouTube UFO researcher NUA

    Experiments in 1928 in Oslo, Norway, picked up the same signals.

    In 1954, US state newspapers carried quotes from Donald Keyhoe, a retired naval aviation major and UFO researcher, claiming the US Air Force had detected two satellites orbiting Earth, despite none yet being launched from our planet.

    Time then ran a 1960 piece, following the launch of satellites from Earth, stating that the US Navy detected a dark object, possibly a Soviet spy satellite, with a highly irregular orbit.

    The myth developed in 1963 when NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper was reported as saying he had seen the 'Black Knight Satellite' while in space, but there was a media blackout upon his return and the US space agency allegedly put it down to cosmic hallucinations.

    It has been reported that a decade later in 1973, a researcher from Scotland, Duncan Lunan, looked back at the Norwegian scientists' data from 1928, before claiming the "messages" suggested the 'Black Knight' was sent by aliens from Epsilon Boötis, as a welcome message to Earth 12,600 years ago.

    Many sceptics claim the legend was retrospectively created after the 1998 pictures emerged, with the preceding odd events weaved into the story to make it more convincing.

    He has look at it from all angles to spot identical features


    He has looked at it from all angles to spot identical features

    Do you agree NUA has solved the Black Knight mystery?NASA•NUA•YouTube

    Do you agree NUA has solved the Black Knight mystery?

    The noises from 1899 and 1928 remain a mystery, but the possible causes do not so far include an alien satellite, according to scientists. 

    They insist research shows that in 1954 Mr Keyhoe had been promoting a UFO book and the articles had been written in a tongue-in-cheek fashion by the papers.

    A follow-up, but less widely read, article in Time also confirmed that the strange satellite had in fact been the remains of an Air Force Discoverer satellite that had gone astray, they found.

    There are reports that Mr Cooper, although maintaining he saw a number of UFOs in space, never claimed to have seen the 'Black Knight satellite' on that mission or at all.

    Mr Lunan is also later reported to have denied suggesting any alien satellite had its origins 12,600 years ago and that his conclusion that the noises were a star map were from unscientific methods.

    Despite NUA's video, many UFO researchers refuse to believe the fabled 'Black Knight satellite' could be just a thermal blanket, insisting, it is a craft of solid construction.

    One 'Black Knight' believer posted online about the thermal blanket explanation: "Classic debunking (rubbish). The things these nutters will come up with just so someone will listen to them." 

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Daily UFO Headlines 8/27/2015

    Daily UFO Headlines 8/27/2015

    (Before It's News)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Groot ruimteschip verlicht ruimtestation ISS ( Video )

    Groot ruimteschip verlicht ruimtestation ISS ( Video )

    Voor iemand die de gebeurtenissen rondom het ISS ruimtestation op regelmatige basis volgt, is het onvoorstelbaar dat hiervan zo goed als niets terug te vinden is in het mainstream nieuws. 

    Zelfs een enorm ruimteschip dat ’s nachts het ISS ruimtestation verlicht, haalt de “normale pers” niet eens. 

    Het lijkt wel alsof mensen volkomen blind zijn voor wat er zich boven hun hoofden afspeelt of misschien is het simpelweg de angst voor het onbekende. 

    “Als we net doen alsof we het niet zien, dan bestaat het ook niet”. 

    Mensen zoals ufoloog Scott Waring die zich iedere minuut van hun vrije tijd bezighouden met onbekende objecten in de lucht zien vaak bijzondere dingen. 

    Zo ontdekte hij via de camerabeelden van NASA een UFO die op gelijke hoogte met het ruimtestation bleef meevliegen, af en toe vertraagde en versnelde om dan vervolgens weer voorbij te komen.


    Naast deze UFO ontdekte hij nog een enorm ruimteschip, pal boven het ISS. Op de volgende afbeelding zie je de UFO en helemaal bovenin een deel van het ruimteschip.


    Dan, op een zeker moment begint het ruimtestation in de nacht op te lichten door het grote ruimteschip. Een soort gloeiend blauwachtig/paars licht schijnt van bovenaf richting ruimtestation.


    Het was volgens Scott ook niet bepaald een klein ruimteschip wat het ruimtestation verlichtte. Al het bovenstaande is vastgelegd op de video hieronder met commentaar van Scott Waring. 



    Ufo Sigthings Daily

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Child Confession: Stalked By UFO for Two Weeks

    Child Confession: Stalked By UFO for Two Weeks


    One of the credible witnesses in this world full of cruel people is the kids. Though, this is not an absolute principle; their stories are worth hearing. Unidentified Flying Objects are those objects flying in the sky, cannot be identified. It does not necessarily link to aliens, but most people relate it to them because aliens and extraterrestrial beings somehow exist in our stories. Who would make it, if it is not a man-made phenomenon?

    Recently, there is a clip about the boy being captured on the mobile phone owned by the parents. Since the parents are concerned, they decide to send it to the “experts” for confirmation and verification. This strange footage was being recorded by a nine-year-old boy admitting that an alien had been following him every single day for two weeks. At first, his parents did not believe. However, the young boy was able to film the object, they considered the explanations. The object is flying around while changing its direction. Afterward, it vanishes in the midair.

    According to the experts, the footage is a proof of alien craft following children. In fact, they camouflage themselves from parents to abduct the child. One YouTube comment said that the aircraft is almost invisible to the parents but visible to the child. Because of this, the object is frightening. The report is in connection with those recently claimed that there are strange objects following children, tantamount to a presumption to abduct them. While the story is unbelievable, the fact that the child was able to record the footage, it is a substantial proof that the incident is not fiction or a product of excessive imagination.

    When you look closer, you’ll see the shifts of craft shape that changes its direction before dematerialising. It is normal for the viewers to share their opinions online. One audience even believed that the video is of title accusation, is more a reflection of the mindset of the uploader, than proof of anything nefarious on behalf of the craft pilot.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Extraordinary Sighting in Australia’s UFO Hotspot

    Extraordinary Sighting in Australia’s UFO Hotspot

    (Before It's News)

     Australia’s Northern Territory is known as the UFO capital of Australia.  The Northern Territory records more UFO sightings than any other area of Australia and is known as an hotspot for UFO sightings.  Sightings are reported year round from the Top End in Darwin all the way to Alice Springs in the Victoria River Region.  
    Jason Hampton who lives in Australia’s Top End. The Top End of Australia’s Northern Territory is a geographical region encompassing the northernmost section of the Northern Territory, which is the second northernmost part of the Australian continent.  The photos were made in Bynoe Harbour  near the Crab Claw Island Resort on May 22nd 2015 at about 11:30 a.m.  The photos were taken with a Canon 5D Mark III camera.  

    One photograph is the original and the other is made using a filter.  Hampton took 6 pictures within a minute of some guys coming in from a fishing trip and saw nothing in the sky.  Two weeks later when checking the photographs he noticed an object just to the right of the boat that he can’t explain!

    “It has a flat area at the front that tapers down as well as a shiny area on the left so its not a bird,” according to the editor of 

    Zoom in little bit – normal

    Zoom in little bit – reduce brightness 120% contrast 20%

    Zoom in little bit – Find glowing edges – photoshop effect

    Zoom in little bit – solarize/ brightness 150% – contrast 30%

    Close up – normal

    Close up – reduce brightness 100% & contrast 10%

    Close up – Find glowing edges – photoshop effect


    Close up – Solarize – photoshop effect

    These are the other photos taken by Jason Hampton on the day of the sighting. 





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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut, Speaks Out on Roswell & the Existence of Aliens

    Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut, Speaks Out on Roswell & the Existence of Aliens 

    Astronaut Edgar Mitchell walks on the moon during the Apollo 14 mission. (NASA)

    Astronaut Edgar Mitchell walks on the moon during the Apollo 14 mission. (NASA)

    Recently, U.K. tabloid The Mirror, published a story quoting Apollo 14 Astronaut and sixth man to walk on the Moon, Edgar Mitchell, as saying that “Peace-loving aliens tried to save America from nuclear war.” To follow up on this claim and prior statements made to the Observer, we called Edgar Mitchell for a short follow up interview. 

    While the existence of extraterrestrials has always been a fascination driven by science fiction and supposed UFO sightings, this is not a claim you regularly hear from people who have actually been to space. Most recently, with the discovery of the potentially life-harboring planet Kepler 452b and NASA’s new mission to look for water and life on Jupiter’s moon Europa, the topic is once again in the mainstream and up for fierce debate. 

    I’d like to follow up on some of your previous comments regarding extraterrestrial life. Going back to the Roswell incident, many believe the crashing of an alien craft was covered up by the government—which supports your claim made in our previous interview. Is there anything that you know that differs from what the public is aware of? 

    Well I think it’s out there in the public. Circumstances were of course, that the Roswell incident was a post World War II event. We were doing nuclear testing over in the White Sands proving ground which was right across the mountain from Roswell and the Roswell Air Field was a military base supporting that. So it seems that most likely what the aliens were interested in was the fact we had a weapons testing facility at the White Sands Proving Ground and were also interested in what we were doing or what the U.S. military was doing. 

    What exactly were these crashed aliens doing there?

    They were observing our activities at the White Sands proving ground and were monitoring our development. 

    A story went viral two weeks ago citing you as saying, “My own experience talking to people has made it clear the ETs had been attempting to keep us from going to war and help create peace on Earth.” Can you elaborate?

    I don’t remember speaking to them personally. I don’t know where they got that information. I didn’t make those statements. Somebody has added to my words. Those weren’t my exact words but I don’t necessarily disagree with those statements.

    But have you been told by individuals who worked at the White Sands nuclear testing facility that there was UFO activity?

    Yes I have. 

    The Roswell Daily Record from July 8th 1947 sparked years of conspiracy theories of government coverup. (Wikimedia)

    The Roswell Daily Record from July 8, 1947 sparked years of conspiracy theories of government coverup. (Wikimedia) 

    You grew up near the site of the Roswell incident. Did you ever see any UFOs?

    No, I have not personally, but I’ve spoken to individuals who were in the military and worked at the base at the time. You mentioned in a previous interview that the existence of extraterrestrials was being kept from the public because of the technology they can offer and that may affect the ‘moneyed’ interest.

    Who are these people that keep the information secret?

    Whoever sets the stage for military or government activity. We’ll probably never know the exact reason for why they do what they do but those are the interpretations that seem common. Switching gears now, I recently interviewed a startup that you sit on the advisory board of, SpaceVR.

    Do you think their technology will assist consumers in experiencing a similar effect you had during Apollo 14?

    They could react to it that way. There’s a long history in human civilization where people have these powerful effects and responses to different perspectives. My experience in space is what people call a samadhi experience. I think that back in time people were having these kinds of experiences and being overwhelmed by them. Seeing the big picture. That seems to go back in history. You’ll find that those kinds of experiences have been around a long time. 

    Samadhi—is that a term from Hinduism?

    I think that came out of the hindu tradition, yes. In the greek tradition it was metanoia—change of mind, change of heart. I believe in the Buddhist tradition Satori was enlightenment. In other words, these various traditions of the past have added the sub verbiage to these types of expressions of people’s reactions to a new experience of some sort. A powerful experience that caused a change of thinking.

    Do you subscribe to any one religion?

    Let’s put it this way, I think most of our religions are early attempts at cosmology. In other words, explaining ourselves. How did we get here? Where are we going? Where did all this come from? How did it happen? People from all times have asked these sorts of questions and they came up with their own answers throughout history. Thats perfectly natural. All of our religious experiences are the same thing. Attempts to answer these ancient cosmological questions.

    You have been cited many times when discussing the future of quantum physics as a science that could link spirituality and consciousness to everyday science. Can you explain this?

    Well let’s put it in context. Quantum physics didn’t exist until the 20th century. It was the result of the work of Max Planck, Albert Einstein and the greats at the end of the 19th and into the 20th century. When quantum physics was formalized, we recognized the interactions between particles and that’s when we started to explain it. The awareness of particles and their interactions down at that level of nature have not been studied or understood before. That’s the quantum world as we understand it. We now know that particles interact. That they are aware of each other. We use that term that they are “aware” because they interact to each other. That was only quantified in the early 20th century. In the 1920s, quantum mechanics had a fairly good scientific organization and it’s taken us all the 20th century to be able to explain that these particles can show consciousness and awareness. 

    I think we can have a science for it.

    Click here to read our early, more in-depth interview with Edgar Mitchell Robin

    Seemangal focuses on NASA and advocacy for space exploration. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, where he currently resides. Find him on Instagram for more space-related content: @not_gatsby 

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Astronaut: "Er waren UFO's bij Roswell, maar dat is stilgehouden vanwege de technologie die ze gebruiken" Astronaut: “Er waren UFO’s bij Roswell, maar dat is stilgehouden vanwege de technologie die ze gebruiken”

    Astronaut: "Er waren UFO's bij Roswell, maar dat is stilgehouden vanwege de technologie die ze gebruiken"

    Astronaut: “Er waren UFO’s bij Roswell, maar dat is stilgehouden vanwege de technologie die ze gebruiken

    Apollo 14-astronaut Edgar Mitchell sprak onlangs in een interview met over UFO’s en het beroemde Roswellincident. Volgens velen is er in de jaren veertig een UFO gecrasht bij het Amerikaanse plaatsje.

    Mitchell, die in het gebied opgroeide, zei dat hij zelf nog nooit een UFO heeft gezien. Hij zei wel te hebben gesproken met mensen die op de nucleaire basis White Sands hadden gewerkt. Die bevestigden tegenover hem dat er UFO-activiteit was geweest.

    Hij zei ook dat het incident geheim is gehouden vanwege de technologie die uit de UFO’s kon worden gehaald door ‘vermogende partijen’. Hij doelde hiermee op de mensen die achter de schermen het overheidsbeleid uitstippelen en het leger aansturen.

    De 84-jarige Mitchell maakte deel uit van de Apollo 14-missie in 1971 en was de zesde maanwandelaar ooit. Hij is dus niet zomaar iemand. Volgens Mitchell vlogen aliens met hun UFO’s boven Amerikaanse raketbases en boven White Sands, waar in 1945 de atoombom Trinity werd gedropt, om zich te informeren over de militaire kracht van de Amerikanen.

    Uit gesprekken met mensen bleek duidelijk dat de buitenaardse wezens wilden voorkomen dat Amerika oorlog zou voeren, zei hij. Luchtmachtofficieren die de raketbases in de Koude Oorlog bemanden zeiden tegen hem dat er toen geregeld UFO’s werden gespot. Die zouden raketten vaak onklaar hebben gemaakt, met name aan de Pacifische kust. “In die dagen was er hevige activiteit,” zei Mitchell. Vond je dit interessant? Denk er dan aan het artikel te delen op Facebook.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Flitsende UFO-formatie niet opgemerkt door publiek ( Video )

    Flitsende UFO-formatie niet opgemerkt door publiek ( Video )

    Een man is met zijn gezin aan het wandelen in Chicago wanneer hij plotseling iets in de lucht ziet. 

    Hij maakt er een prachtige opname van, maar verbaast zich erover dat de rest van de bevolking dit simpelweg niet lijkt te zien. 

    Vorige week schreven wij een artikel over dat een formatie van drie UFO’s relatief vaak voor komt. 

    Wij ontvingen enkele interessante foto’s van een lezer die genomen zijn in de buurt van Steenbergen (Noord-Brabant) en die niet alleen enkele bijzondere wolken tonen, maar ook een driehoekige UFO-formatie. 

    Ik zie geen link waar ik m'n zojuist gemaakte foto kan doorsturen van wolken die redelijk in de buurt komen van wat onlangs passeerde op deze site. Het grappige is (toeval of niet) dat er 2 formaties van 3 witte bollen te zien zijn in driehoeksvorm in de wolk. Ik heb meerdere foto's gemaakt ter hoogte van Steenbergen.



    Voor wie beschikt over goede ogen; in de laatste foto zijn er zelfs 3 formaties te zien.


    Voor wie ze niet heeft kunnen ontdekken, volgt hier een kort filmpje waarbij de lezer aanwijst waar de UFO-formaties zich bevinden: 


    Naast de driehoeksformatie of drie UFO’s is er nog een verschijningsvorm van deze objecten die de laatste tijd veelvuldig voorkomt. 

    Dat is de flitsende UFO die vaak wordt gezien als een soort ronde cirkel. Wat we bedoelen is duidelijk te zien op de volgende foto die is genomen door een vrouw in het plaatsje Bismarck in de Amerikaanse staat North Dakota. 

    De vrouw heeft geen flauw benul wat voor object het is.



    In dezelfde staat, maar in een plaats iets meer dan honderd kilometer verderop, werd in Dickinson ook een dergelijke UFO gezien. Beide waarnemingen vonden niet op dezelfde dag plaats voor zover wij kunnen beoordelen. 

    Ook bij de waarneming in Dickinson waren er een aantal UFO’s zichtbaar in een soort cirkelformatie, waarbij die in het centrum van de cirkel groter was dan de omringende. 

    De getuige heeft helaas geen foto kunnen maken, maar wel de volgende tekening:


    Op een gegeven moment bewogen al de kleinere UFO’s zich weg van de grote in het midden, maar bleven wel exact in dezelfde formatie. Drie tot vijf seconden later kwamen ze allemaal weer netjes terug in hun oorspronkelijke positie. 

    De gehele voorstelling nam ongeveer een halve minuut in beslag. 

    Iets vergelijkbaars gebeurde er ook in Chicago op 12 augustus 2015. Een man is samen met zijn gezin aan het wandelen bij de aldaar bekende Buckingham fontein, wanneer hij een aantal vreemde lichten opmerkt in de lucht.


    Ook deze UFO’s schijnen zich in eerste instantie in een cirkel te bewegen, maar dan verandert het geheel naar de volgende formatie:


    De getuige zegt dat hij zijn leven lang in Chicago heeft gewoond en nog nooit iets dergelijks heeft gezien. Wat hem misschien nog wel het meest verbaasde was dat bijna niemand op de grond dit soort dingen opmerkte. 

    Iedereen ging gewoon door met wat ze aan het doen waren en ze zagen het niet of ze deden alsof ze het niet zagen


    Ook boven een Turkse stad werd enkele dagen geleden op 24 augustus iets dergelijks gefilmd. Van deze waarneming zijn geen verdere gegevens bekend, maar ook hier een soort cirkelformatie van UFO’s met daar omheen een flitsend licht.


    Kortom, we zijn eigenlijk nog geen stap dichterbij een verklaring voor al die onbekende objecten die in ons luchtruim vertoeven. Dat ze er inderdaad zijn, is een discussie die gepasseerd is.


    Ufo Blogger

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Extraordinary UFO sightings from the US Air Force's Project Blue Book

    Extraordinary UFO sightings from the US Air Force's Project Blue Book

    Four remarkable stories from the new online database of 130,000 pages of UFO sightings

    A photographic negative allegedly showing a fleet of unidentified craft in the skies above Lubbock, Texas
    A photographic negative allegedly showing a fleet of unidentified craft in the skies above Lubbock, Texas 

    Between 1947 and 1969, the US Air Force meticulously recorded over 10,000 incidents involving Unidentified Flying Objects. Inside the Project Blue Book archive, which has recently been put online, witnesses described objects as "concave as a soup bowl", "onion-shaped" and resembling "a frosty silvery football" shooting across the sky.

    Here are four of the most extraordinary accounts:

    A seed salesman was driving when he saw a flash of light. When he moved closer to the light, his car stopped working.

    The light came from a nearby riverbed where he saw an object, resembling a balloon. When he approached the space ship, another flash of light paralysed him.

    He was unable to move as two men appeared and began to search him – they asked if he was armed.

    After the search, he was able to move again. He asked the men if he could take a closer look at the UFO. They agreed. Inside, he met four men and two women..

    They all spoke in German accents and seemed to move around on magnetic fields. The sides, bottom and floor of the ship were perfectly transparent.

    After around thirty minutes, they said goodbye. After leaving the UFO, it rose 150ft into the air and disappeared.

    At the same time as the sighting, a farmer’s truck broke down two miles away. During the investigation, a blue stain was found on trees near to the scene and green oil was found covering dry leaves.

    However the man was assessed by psychiatrists who said his “mental condition” would enjoy publicity. He was later committed to the state mental hospital in Hastings, Nebraska

    Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe Province, Argentina, 1963

    An Argentinian truck driver was looking for a hotel to spend the night when he saw small red lights, four miles from Isla Verde.

    When he got closer to the lights, his engine cut out. Hoping he might find somewhere to stay, he left the car taking with him a blanket and a gun.

    He thought he saw the lights of a vehicle. However these lights disappeared and in their place he saw powerful rays of red light coming towards him.

    There was a smell of gas that made his eyes and face sting. Frightened, his knees gave way and he shot at the light with his revolver.

    In response “the light gave out a sound, like the rapid braking of a car and went backward a few meters”.

    He fled into a field looking for a shelter however from a hill two red lights appeared which “reflected” his steps.

    The red light continued to follow him as he walked around, confused. Then a blue lit “vineyard shaped vehicle” appeared.

    He said it had two small windows and inside he could see someone “but I didn’t see legs or faces, just a body type form”.

    Six hundred feet from the object he saw four human beings “or whatever they were”. He asked them questions but nobody replied.

    They just walked beside him. They were 6'5" tall with a sparkling uniform.

    One of them came very close with a triangular object in his hand. The truck driver was again afraid and so fired another shot and it was “as if a shadow had fallen backwards”.

    They returned to the vehicle and the large object passed him overhead. A blue light however did not leave the man until he reached the city.

    The investigation confirmed that the truck was at the place the man had said it was and his footprints were also found.

    However the US Air Force received only second hand evidence from the Argentinians and decided it was too expensive and too much time had passed to continue the investigation.

    Harrisonburg, Virginia

    Horace Burns was driving his station wagon when he saw a huge metallic object flying in the sky.

    It was crossing the highway about 200ft ahead of him when his engine cut dead.

    For approximately 90 seconds, the UFO landed lightly, “like a bubble”, in a small field. Burns said it resembled an “upside down toy top” and was about 90ft high.

    There was a blue glow around the base of the machine.

    The sighting was investigated by a professor at a college in Virginia who passed on his research to the US Air Force.

    He said he picked up “tremendously high reading of radiation” at the scene and a 14 year old boy said he had also seen a large UFO travelling in the same direction. The boy’s parents corroborated his story.

    The Project Blue Book report reads that there was a lack of evidence and placed the sighting in the psychological category.

    Vins-sur-Caramy, France

    A man was riding his bike on the highway when he saw what looked like a “very powerful flare” and four silhouettes that resembled human beings.

    Afraid of an ambush, he ran away and stumbled on a nearby house, where he met a couple and told them what he had seen.

    Together, the three watched the light as if blinked from white to dull red. Near to the light they saw three men, about 4'9" tall.

    They were immobile, dressed in greyish, beige outfits. The light faded and flew away. When they returned to the scene, with the police, they found the highway had been marked with forms, “black as the casting of costly tar”.

    The substance was soft and slightly stuck to the ground.

    Although the witnesses were described as “very trustworthy people” in the investigation, the report was classed as “unreliable”.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Britain's Roswell: the truth behind the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident

    Britain's Roswell: the truth behind the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident

    Did an extra-terrestrial craft land in a Suffolk forest during the winter of 1980? The maker of a new film, The Rendlesham UFO Incident, believes so

    Rendlesham UFO incident
    The truth is out there? The Rendlesham UFO incident is the subject of a new film Photo: Eyevine

    Dubbed “Britain’s Roswell”, the Rendlesham Forest incident, which took place over a series of nights in December 1980, continues to fascinate UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists. It is easy to understand why. Consider the following three statements, for example:

    1) “This was not some vague ‘lights in the sky’ sighting – the UFO actually landed.” – Nick Pope, a Ministry of Defence employee from 1985 to 2006.

    2) “When I arrived [at the scene], it was going in and out through the trees and at one stage it was hovering.” – Sgt. Adrian Bustinza, a security police commander who investigated the incident at the time.

    3) “Okay, we’re looking at the thing; we’re probably about two to three hundred yards away. It looks like an eye winking at you... And the flash is so bright to the starscope that it almost burns your eye.” – Taken from the Halt tape, recorded on December 27 1980 by United States Air Force lieutenant colonel Charles Halt.

    Only last month, a dog walker uploaded fresh footage of unidentified lights in the sky above Rendlesham Forest, while a new film on the subject, produced by long-time Suffolk resident and Rendlesham Forest incident expert Daniel Simpson, has recently been released. There is even an official UFO trail for walkers to follow through Rendlesham Forest. But what actually happened? And, 35 years after the event, are we any closer to unravelling the mystery?

    The start of the Rendlesham Forest UFO trail

    As the years have passed, the facts have become increasingly hazy, as statements change and new witnesses come forward. But what we do know for sure is that, in the early hours of December 26 1980, US military personnel (sections of the US Air Force were temporarily stationed at RAF bases in Woodbridge and Bentwaters) spotted strange lights above Rendlesham Forest.

    One of these men, John Burroughs, accompanied by his supervisor and one other individual, went to investigate the blue, red, orange and white lights. In his subsequent witness statement, published in 1981, Burroughs explains: “As we went down the east-gate road and the road that leads into the forest, the lights were moving back and they appeared to stop in a bunch of trees... Also, the woods lit up and you could hear the farm animals making a lot of noises, and there was a lot of movement in the woods. All three of us hit the ground and whatever it was started moving back towards the open field… We got up to a fence that separated the trees from the open field. You could see the lights down by a farmer’s house. We climbed over the fence and started walking toward the red and blue lights and they just disappeared.”

    Jim Penniston, who accompanied Burroughs into Rendlesham Forest on December 26, claims to have encountered a craft, covered in hieroglyphic-like characters. “I estimated it to be about three metres tall and about three metres wide at the base,” Penniston later explained. “No landing gear was apparent, but it seemed like she was on fixed legs. I moved a little closer. I had already taken all 36 pictures on my roll of film. I walked around the craft, and finally, I walked right up to the craft. I noticed the fabric of the shell was more like a smooth, opaque, black glass.”

    Burroughs does not recall this. Indentations on the forest floor, as well as damage to the trees in the area where the lights had been spotted, were found the following morning, however. Radiation levels recorded at the site of the indentations were also unusually high.

    In the book Encounter in Rendlesham Forest, which was published last year, Penniston writes: “I left the forest a different man… I was in awe of the technology and yes, a knowing that it was not an aircraft which could have been manufactured in 1980 or even now.” Both Penniston and Burroughs have since suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    Two nights later, a different set of military personnel experienced a similar series of events. On this occasion, when the lights were spotted, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt was prepared. A pragmatic character, Halt intended to disprove the wild rumours swirling around RAF bases Woodbridge and Bentwaters. Arming himself with a recording device, he set out to investigate. The subsequent audio tape is now considered one of the most valuable pieces of evidence in the Rendlesham Forest incident.

    The transcript of the tape runs to some 18 minutes but includes statements from Halt such as: “I see it too... it’s back again... it’s coming this way... there’s no doubt about it... this is weird... it looks like an eye winking at you... it almost burns your eyes... he’s coming toward us now... now we’re observing what appears to be a beam coming down to the ground... one object still hovering over Woodbridge base... beaming down”. Halt has since given interviews in which he claims that these occurrences were picked up by British radar. “I didn’t know this until recently,” he told AOL News. “Because people have come forward after they’ve retired. There were two radar confirmations.”

    The following night, December 28, one final group of men claim to have encountered something out of the ordinary in Rendlesham Forest. Larry Warren, an 18-year-old soldier who was not even at either RAF base on the night of the first incident, was sent out on patrol with Sgt Adrian Bustinza and a number of other military personnel. Sometime after 11pm, the men departed their trucks and headed towards the field where lights had been seen on the previous two nights.

    There, Warren claims to have seen “disaster preparedness officers out here with geiger counters, going in an almost half-clockwise motion around this thing on the ground.” A small red light was then seen approaching from the direction of the coast. “It moved in a downward arc, so fast. [It] stopped and hovered about 20 feet off the ground,” said Warren. “It was the size of a basketball, [an] American basketball. [It was] self-illuminated, not quite red, yet that’s the closest I can describe it.”

    Things were about to get even stranger, though. This red light suddenly exploded and a craft appeared on the forest floor. According to Warren, it had “no windows, no markings, no flag or country of origin. Nothing. You could hardly look at it head on, and if you looked at it through the side of your peripheral vision you’d get a shape of it… and there it was, clear as a bell.”

    A 1983 News of the World headline about Rendlesham sightings (Ian Ridpath/NoW)

    At this stage, Warren and Bustinza were asked to retreat by a senior man. From a distance, they then claim to have witnessed Wing Commander Gordon Williams approach the craft and encounter some alien being with “what looked like eyes, facial features, bright clothing and some other device.” Warren is clear that a “silent stand-off”, rather than any communication, took place.

    At around 4.30am, Warren returned to his base but Bustinza claims to have seen the craft depart. “When it took off, it was, like, hovering. It went up and, like, took off at about a forty-five-degree angle, and if you would have blinked, you would have missed it… And we got a cold draft of air that lasted about a good ten seconds. You know, like when you get a good blow of dust or wind. No noise though; I do remember that.”

    It is understood that almost half of all UFO correspondence directed at the Ministry of Defence relates to the Rendlesham Forest incident. Despite claims of a cover-up, the MoD’s stance has never wavered. It states: “No evidence was found of any threat to the defence of the United Kingdom, and no further investigations were carried out. No further information has come to light which alters our view that the sightings of these lights was of no defence significance.”

    Daniel Simpson takes a different view, however. The director of The Rendlesham UFO Incident, a fictionalised account of the story set in the modern day and filmed on location in Rendlesham Forest, is convinced that either there has been a military cover-up or that something extra-terrestrial occurred in December 1980. And moreover, he believes he has uncovered further evidence to prove it. While filming in Rendlesham Forest – “It does have a very strong atmosphere of something strange” – he asked the Forestry Commission to investigate a series of hatches, which Simpson describes as “mysterious”.

    “I got the Forestry Commission to tow one of those hatches off with a four wheel drive and there’s a ladder going down,” he explains, as we discuss his film. “Now, they will tell you that those are drainage systems for the airfield but it’s a very elaborate drainage system.”

    A drawing from Jim Penniston's original witness statement

    Simpson believes that “the twin bases [RAF Woodbridge and Bentwaters] are connected by tunnels underneath, which isn’t that far out a thing to suggest, because a lot of these bases do have an underground facility, especially as it’s a nuclear facility. You don’t keep nuclear weapons on ground level, they have to drop down.”

    He continues: “I recently heard a very interesting story of a guy that went up to the Bentwaters air base and, because it’s privately owned, some of those buildings are rented out to people. A company up there wanted to have their internet sorted out and this guy dug down and – he was a telecom guy – he came back and he was sheet white. He couldn’t believe it. He said he’d just come across these cables, two foot down, and they were cables delivering such a powerful internet connection – but they were cables from 1980. I haven’t ever told anyone that story. They [the cables] were from 1980 and yet they were so in advance of what we’ve even got now. I’m told that all the time what we get [technologically] is much behind what they [the military] actually know.”

    So what, I wonder, is the truth? Simpson appears conflicted about whether this is a military cover-up at a nuclear facility or something even more alarming. “I honestly believe something very strange went on there and I believe that somewhere is the evidence to prove it but that’s hidden away. I think it’s an extra-terrestrial encounter. I do.”

    I put a series of theories to Simpson, which I hope might explain away the idea that extra-terrestrial life landed in a forest in Suffolk 35 years ago. But he bats them all away. Could the lights have come from nearby Orford Ness lighthouse, for example? “The lighthouse theory is rubbish,” he scoffs. “Lighthouses don’t fly down into forests, split up into five different lights and zap off into space at Mach-3. They don’t move through the trees and get mistaken by up to 20 witnesses from the United States Air Force.”

    Daniel Simpson's film, The Rendlesham UFO Incident, was shot on location in Rendlesham Forest

    The Rendlesham UFO Incident is out now on DVD

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.City On Mars Inside Alien Skull Found In India Mars Photo, Aug 27, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

    City On Mars Inside Alien Skull Found In India Mars Photo, Aug 27, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of discovery: August 27, 2015
    Location of discovery: Ophir Chasma, Mars
    Source photo

    Was reading in the news that India Mars orbiter had taken some fantastic photos and they were sharing some with the news. I had to dive in head first on this one. I was looking for structures and faces, but what I found was a combination of both. This structure is actually in the shape of an alien shoulders, neck, cranium and face, but the eerie part is that the head is split wide open, and there are structures inside this head. There is also another face inside the head, but it was to dark with the shadows to bother trying to point it out. I added yellow to outline the outer body, pink being the inside of the skull. A city inside a head shaped structure. This is proof that sometimes aliens can be artistic, bizarre, and eerie. 

    Scott C. Waring

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Cloacked UFO during a storm over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Cloacked UFO during a storm over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    flying saucer

    Here’s one interesting footage of a UFO during a lightning storm. This video was taken on Rio de Janeiro back in February 2015.

    What do you think about this sighting? Please leave your comment below!

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Conspiracy Theorists 'Holy Grail' UFO Has Returned After A Mysterious Absence

    The Conspiracy Theorists 'Holy Grail' UFO Has Returned After A Mysterious Absence

    © YouTube/secureteam10Conspiracy theories are a natural by-product of space exploration, surfacing to provide an answer when neither our eyes or governments are able to provide one.

    One of the oldest theories around has to be the 'Black Knight' satellite, a mysterious black object which has been repeatedly referred to in reference to sightings all over the world and indeed even outside of this world.

    After a period of absence from the limelight it appears as though the 'Black Knight' is back again, appearing in the sky above Jacksonville, Florida.

    Believed to be a '13,000 year-old alien satellite' (no, really), the 'Black Knight' story originates as far back as 1954, however theorists use a series of images taken in 1998 by the Space Shuttle Endeavour which showed a mysterious black object apparently in orbit around the Earth.

    black knight satellite

    © Provided by Huffington Post black knight satellite

    NASA quickly dealt with the 'rumour' calling it nothing more than a thermal heat plate that had fallen off the shuttle.

    Of course once a theorist gets hold of a good set of images you're unlikely to keep them quiet and the idea has persisted ever since.

    YouTube user "secureteam10" who posted the video has a history of posting UFO videos that could be considered 'dubious' by even the most believing of theorists.

    That hasn't stopped the video from getting over 133,000 views though, cementing the one singular truth that comes out of every 'UFO discovery'. Whether you believe them or not, people don't want us to be alone in the universe, and in some ways, that's pretty reassuring. 

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Does Ice on Mars mean Life will be Found?
    Does Ice on Mars mean Life will be Found?

    Does Ice on Mars mean Life will be Found?

    Scientists have found vast oceans of ice lying just below the surface of Mars in a major boost to the search for alien life on the Red Planet.

    • This discovery will provide the momentum, we are going to put a man on Mars,’ said Nasa’s Dr Jim Garvin.

    How much Ice is there? If it was to melt, it would cover the entire planet in an ocean at least 1,640ft deep.

    The news greatly increases the chances that there was once at least microscopic life on Mars and that some of it may still survive-Having water just below the surface also means that human colonies could survive and even thrive on the planet and indicates that fuel for manned spaceflight could be manufactured there.

    Just beneath the planet’s dirt surface, UA researchers found an enormous slab of water ice, measuring 130 feet thick and covering an area equivalent to that of California and Texas combined.

    It was a “crazy-looking crater” on the face of Mars that caught Ali Bramson’s eye. But it was a simple calculation that explained the crater’s strange shape.

    Combining data gleaned from two powerful instruments aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, or MRO, Bramson and her colleagues determined why the crater is terraced — not bowl shaped, like most craters of this size.

    “Craters should be bowl shaped, but this one had terraces in the wall,” says Bramson, a graduate student in the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, or LPL.

    Terraces can form when there are layers of different materials in the planet’s subsurface, such as dirt, ice or rock.

    “It’s worth mentioning that terraced craters of this size are quite rare,” says Shane Byrne, associate professor in LPL. “But in this area of Mars (Arcadia Planitia), there are a lot of terraced craters. The craters may have formed at different times, but they all have terraces, which indicates something weird is going on in the subsurface.”

    Terraced Crater in Arcadia Planitia NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

    Terraced Crater in Arcadia Planitia NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

    Thanks to Mars’ unstable obliquity — the degree the planet tilts on its axis — its climate changes often. Unlike Earth, Mars doesn’t have a large moon to keep it stable. Instead, it wobbles on its axis, and that wobbling leads to dramatic climatic shifts. Those shifts, in turn, have led to intermittent ice ages.

    Using MRO’s High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, or HiRISE, camera, which is operated out of LPL, the researchers created three-dimensional models of the area’s craters, which allowed them to measure the depth of their terraces. The researchers then used MRO’s Shallow Radar, or SHARAD, instrument to beam radar pulses to Mars, allowing them to measure the time it took for the radar signals to penetrate the surface’s buried layers and bounce back.

    Bramson combined the two data sets to measure the radar waves’ speed, a pivotal clue to the layers’ composition.

    In this crater’s case, the layers turned out to be ice, and lots of it. Just beneath Mars’ dirt surface, or regolith, the researchers found an enormous slab of water ice, measuring 130 feet thick and covering an area equivalent to that of California and Texas combined.

    The researchers’ results were published online in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union.

    While the presence of ice came as little surprise to Bramson and Byrne, its age, amount and location did. Although scientists have known for some time about Mars’ icy deposits at its poles and have used them to look at its climatic history, knowledge of icy layers at the planet’s midlatitudes, analogous to earthly latitudes falling between the Canadian-U.S. border and Kansas, is something new.

    “Knowing where the ice is and how thick it is can tell you about Mars’ past climates,” Byrne says. “The fact that the ice is so thick and widespread leads us to think it came into place during one of Mars’ past climates when it snowed a bunch, ice accumulated, was buried, and then preserved.

    “There have been a lot of climate changes between now and the tens of millions of years ago when we suspect the ice was put there. But it shouldn’t be stable today, and other past climates of ice instability in this region mean the ice should’ve sublimated away into the dry Martian atmosphere by now. So, that’s what we need to investigate.

    What kept the ice around all this time? There’s no climate model that we have now that explains this.

    Also Curiosity confirms Water!

    UNEXPECTEDLY high levels of liquid water have been found just a metre under the surface of Mars, boosting the chances of the Red Planet once housing life.

    The historic discovery was made by Nasa’a Curiosity Rover – a robotic four-wheel drive space probe which is exploring in detail the surface of Mars – during its latest mission to forensically analyse the Martian floor.

    The rover will now turn its attention to looking for evidence of “ancient habitable environments” by examining layers of the lower Mount Sharp region of Mars, and hopefully evidence about how early Mars environments evolved from wetter to drier conditions.


    Until this year it was believed Mars was too cold to hold any liquid water, but it emerged in April the Rover found Martian soil is damp with liquid brine, due to the presence of a salt that significantly lowers the freezing point of water.

    But now this month the rover had found rocks just a meter below the surface with up to four times as much water content as previously found.

    Previous observations by the probe’s stereo camera showed areas characteristic of old riverbed, with rounded pebbles indicating there were once flowing rivers up to one meter deep.

    In April close-up images showed slanting expanses of sedimentary deposits, lying one above the other – the kind of deposits formed when large amounts of water flow down the slopes of a crater and meet stagnant water in the form of a lake.

     Curiosity rover MAHLI camera wheel images from SOL 529. You can clearly see soil sticking to the rover wheels as if moist:

    Curiosity rover MAHLI camera wheel images from SOL 529. You can clearly see soil sticking to the rover wheels as if moist:

    Silica, monitored with Curiosity’s laser-firing Chemistry and Camera (ChemCam) instrument, is a rock-forming chemical containing silicon and oxygen, commonly found on Earth as quartz.

    Hydrogen in the ground beneath the rover is monitored by the rover’s Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons (DAN) instrument. It has been detected at low levels everywhere Curiosity has driven and is interpreted as the hydrogen in water molecules or hydroxyl ions bound within or absorbed onto minerals in the rocks and soil.

    Igor Mitrofanov, DAN Principal Investigator of Space Research Institute, Moscow, said: “The ground about one metre beneath the rover in this area holds three or four times as much water as the ground anywhere else Curiosity has driven during its three years on Mars.”

    The rover has spent several weeks in the Marias Pass region investigating a “geological contact zone” and rocks “unexpectedly high in silica and hydrogen content” indicating water bound to minerals in the ground.

    Also Mars Glaciers Confirmed!

    Several satellites orbit Mars and on satellite images, researchers have been able to observe the shape of glaciers just below the surface. For a long time scientists did not know if the ice was made of frozen water (H2O) or of carbon dioxide (CO2) or whether it was mud.

    Using radar measurements from the NASA satellite, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, researchers have been able to determine that is water ice.

    The image from the High Resolution Stereo Camera shows that a thick layer of dust covers the glaciers, so they appear as the surface of the ground, but radar measurements show that there are glaciers composed of frozen water underneath the dust. Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin

    The image from the High Resolution Stereo Camera shows that a thick layer of dust covers the glaciers, so they appear as the surface of the ground, but radar measurements show that there are glaciers composed of frozen water underneath the dust.

    Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin

    Mars has thousands of glaciers buried beneath its dusty surface, enough frozen water to blanket the planet with a 3.6-foot(1.1- meter) thick layer of ice, scientists said In August 2015.

    The glaciers are found in two bands in the mid-southern and mid-northern latitudes. Radar data, collected by Mars-orbiting satellites, combined with computer models of ice flows show the planet has about 5.3 trillion cubic feet (150 billion cubic meters) of water locked in the ice, according to a study published in the issue of the journal Geophysical Research Letter.

    Mars distinct polar ice caps, but Mars also has belts of glaciers at its central latitudes -- between the blue lines, in both the southern and northern hemispheres. A thick layer of dust covers the glaciers, so they appear as the surface of the ground, but radar measurements show that there are glaciers composed of frozen water underneath the dust. Credit: Mars Digital Image Model, NASA/Nanna Karlsso

    Mars distinct polar ice caps, but Mars also has belts of glaciers at its central latitudes — between the blue lines, in both the southern and northern hemispheres. A thick layer of dust covers the glaciers.

    Credit: Mars Digital Image Model, NASA/Nanna Karlsso

    We have known about Ice Deposits for some time, the HRSC on ESA’s Mars Express obtained this perspective view on 2 February 2005 during orbit 1343 with a ground resolution of approximately 15 meters per pixel.

    It shows an unnamed impact crater located on Vastitas Borealis, a broad plain that covers much of Mars’s far northern latitudes, at approximately 70.5° North and 103° East.

    The crater is 35 kilometers wide and has a maximum depth of approximately 2 kilometers beneath the crater rim. The circular patch of bright material located at the center of the crater is residual water ice.

    The colors are very close to natural, but the vertical relief is exaggerated three times. The view is looking east.

    A frozen lake of water-ice on the floor of a 35 km wide impact crater on Mars. Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin/G. Neukum Read more at:

    A frozen lake of water-ice on the floor of a 35 km wide impact crater on Mars.

    Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin/G. Neukum

    We Live in Exciting Times in Space and Planet exploration and with plans of human settlements on Mars these discoveries confirm that settlements will have access to water. And with water a large list of possibilities come into play, like Terraforming!

    What would the Red Planet look like?

    See a fantasy animation below is a project with the ambition to visualize a 23rd century terraformed Mars and to explore its touristic potential.

    It is hard to believe that just a few centuries ago Mars was a lifeless place. Around the turn of the millennium, a time when space programs were stagnating due to a lack of vision by those in power, no human had even set foot on the then Red Planet. Dust storms were torturing the arid landscape, it’s stark beauty unseen by human eyes.

    Only a few people were aware of the immense promise of terraforming Mars. With environmental problems on the home world running out of control, even the thought of modifying another planet was like blasphemy to many other earthlings’ ears. Still, it happened.

    Just over two hundred years later, rivers are running once more through ancient valleys, ocean waters are washing a long and capricious shoreline, forests are working their way up on magnificent slopes.This Modified Mars is a home to millions of people and the Solar System’s favorite tourist destination.

    Ok,… so the the last Video is more of promising fantasy visualization.

    What does Science Say?

    What do you Say?

    Thanks for Reading! Please comment and Share!

    Brent Peterson @UAATN



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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Astronauts Photograph 35 Mile High 'Sky Jellyfish' That Live Above the Clouds

    Astronauts Photograph 35 Mile High 'Sky Jellyfish' That Live Above the Clouds

    Sprites look like sky jellyfish

    Over the past century a number of writers on Fortean topics have speculated that there are strange, unknown beings that live above us in the sky - atmospheric beasts that range from dragons to massive 'sky jellyfish'. Could it be possible that some sightings - in particular of the latter type of 'beast' - are caused by atmospheric phenomena that are only just now beginning to be understood?

    A case in point would be so-called 'sprites' - "large-scale electrical discharges that occur high above thunderstorm clouds, or cumulonimbus, giving rise to a quite varied range of visual shapes flickering in the night sky." The first report of a sprite sighting was in the late 19th century, but they weren't photographed until a century later.

    Now, sprites are captured in photographs and on video quite often - and recently, some were even seen from above, by astronauts on the International Space Station (see image at the top of this post). On August 10th, the astronauts spotted red sprites above a cluster of storms over Mexico and El Salvador, and managed to snap some wonderful images.

    Click through the link below for more imagery and information.

    Link: Red Sprites Above the U.S. and Central America

    Red Sprites Above the U.S. and Central America
    acquired August 10, 2015download large image (6 MB, JPEG, 4928x3280)
    Red Sprites Above the U.S. and Central America
    acquired August 10, 2015download large image (6 MB, JPEG, 4928x3280)

    Viewing from a point over northwest Mexico, astronauts aboard the International Space Station looked northeast and shot this unusual photograph of a red sprite above the white light of an active thunderstorm. In the top image, the sprite was 2,200 kilometers (1,400 miles) away, high over Missouri or Illinois; the lights of Dallas, Texas appear in the foreground. The sprite shoots up to the greenish airglow layer, near a rising moon.

    Two minutes and 58 seconds later, as the ISS was over the coastal Mexican resort of Acapulco, the crew documented another red sprite (lower image) over a brilliant white thundercloud and lightning discharge near the coast of El Salvador. The shorter distance to the storm—about 1,150 km (710 miles)—makes it somewhat easier to see details of the sprite. City lights are a diffuse yellow because they are shining through clouds.

    These photos show the sprite’s tendrils reaching as much as 100 kilometers above Earth’s surface. Sprites are major electrical discharges, but they are not lightning in the usual sense. Instead, they are a cold plasma phenomenon without the extremely hot temperatures of lightning that we see underneath thunderstorms. Red sprites are more like the discharge of a fluorescent tube. Bursts of sprite energy are thought to occur during most large thunderstorm events. They were first photographed in 1989.

    Astronaut photographs ISS044-E-45553 and ISS044-E-45576 were acquired on August 10, 2015, with a Nikon D4 digital camera using a 28 millimeter lens, and are provided by the ISS Crew Earth Observations Facility and the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, Johnson Space Center. The images were taken by a member of theExpedition 44 crew. The images have been cropped and enhanced to improve contrast, and lens artifacts have been removed. The International Space Station Program supports the laboratory as part of the ISS National Lab to help astronauts take pictures of Earth that will be of the greatest value to scientists and the public, and to make those images freely available on the Internet. Additional images taken by astronauts and cosmonauts can be viewed at the NASA/JSC Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. Caption by M. Justin Wilkinson, Texas State University, Jacobs Contract at NASA-JSC.

    ISS - Digital Camera
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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Huge Beam of Light appears above Earth captured during ISS Live Stream

    Huge Beam of Light appears above Earth captured during ISS Live Stream

    Witness: I was on the NASA ISS live feed, about 5 minutes after watching a sort of portal, wormhole or beam of light like object appeared above the earth and in seconds yet from one side of the earth to the other.
    I managed to capture one screenshot before NASA cut the live feed. I continued to wait for the feed to come back hoping for another chance to see the object, but it was gone when the feed came back up.
    However, about 10 minutes after the feed was up again, another swirling object appeared but then the feed changed again.
    Portal, Beam of Light, Cloaked UFO??

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Whatever happened to the Marshall County cop who hit a UFO?

    Whatever happened to the Marshall County cop who hit a UFO?

    On Sept. 11, 1979, Val Johnson stood where he says he had been engulfed by a flash of light two weeks earlier, indicated how big the beam was as it approached. Stormi Greener | Star Tribune 1979

    At 1:40 a.m. 36 years ago, Marshall County Sheriff's Deputy Val Johnson was on night patrol along a rural section of State Highway 220 near Warren, Minn., when he drove into a ball of white light.
    "I noticed a very bright, brilliant light, 8 to 12 inches in diameter, 3 to 4 feet off the ground," Johnson said in a taped police interview. "The edges were very defined."
    Johnson drove toward the light, and woke up in the ditch a half-hour later with burns around his eyes. The windshield and one headlight of his 1977 Ford LTD were smashed. Both radio antenna were bent sharply back. The watch on his wrist and the clock on the dash both ticked 14 minutes slow.
    The incident turned Johnson into a local legend and national media sensation. And years later, people are still talking about it.
    Johnson's squad car is preserved in the Marshall County Museum with a plaque that says: "U.F.O. Car." People still come from miles around to see it. It's an annual display at the Marshall County Fair.
    Sometimes former Marshall County Sheriff Dennis Brekke gives talks at the museum about the car and the night his deputy drove it into a ball of light. Police investigated and never drew any conclusions.
    The shattered windshield of Val Johnson's squad car that he was driving night of incident, Aug. 26, 1979. Photographed on Nov. 6, 1979Regene Radniecki | Star Tribune 1979

    But the incident's enduring fame has lingered far beyond Marshall County.
    What's known as the "Val Johnson Incident" remains one of the top 10 most influential UFO encounters in history, according Jerome Clark, who wrote about it in his 1998 book, "The UFO Encyclopedia."
    Paranormal TV shows like "UFO Files" and "Mysteries at the Museum" filmed reenactments. Even now, people debate the legitimacy of the encounter on online forums.
    "It was an extraordinarily important case," Clark said.
    Plenty of people have strange experiences on back roads late at night, Clark explained, but very few of them yield any tangible evidence. Fewer still are ever investigated.
    But one thing is strikingly absent from the small town museum, the TV shows and online discussions: Val Johnson. When you try to track down Val Johnson, people tend to say he's hard to find, that he's still haunted by what happened to him 36 years ago. A 2013 Pioneer Press article said Johnson "quickly grew tired of interviews" after the incident and is "believed to now live somewhere in Wisconsin."
    Sheriff Brekke's wife Louise said Johnson hasn't kept in touch with his old colleagues in Marshall County for three decades, aside from a letter he sent a few years back with no return address.
    As it turns out, Johnson isn't that hard to find. He lives in Eau Claire, Wis., and he answers his phone.
    At the first mention of UFOs, he laughed aloud.
    “It's unexplainable, and will remain so. I'm happy with my mental stability,” said Johnson.
    "People don't call about that anymore," he said.
    It becomes readily apparent that the details of the Val Johnson incident still enthralling UFO enthusiasts, just don't fascinate Johnson.
    "I looked up at the sky and said, 'Well shucks, what happened?'" Johnson recalled. "And then I shuffled on with my life."
    He had small kids to raise back then. Hitting a ball of light and ending up in a ditch wasn't close to the most important thing going on in his life.
    For almost a year after the incident his phone hardly stopped ringing. He's quoted at the time by Associated Press writer Barbara Dewey saying his wife was "run ragged" by the constant calls. He appeared on Good Morning America, and in dozens of newspapers across the country. For a while, he was a very big deal.
    Val Johnson sat inside a Marshall County squad car on Nov. 6, 1979. Regene Radniecki | Star Tribune 1979

    "And then other stories came along and pushed me off the front page," he said. "Thank goodness."
    Johnson stayed on as deputy for a while after the incident. Then he took a job as chief of police in the nearby town of Oslo, Minn. Locals, he said, never questioned his ability to enforce the law.
    In 1982 he was hired to set up the Roseau, Minn., Police Department, but lost the job less than a year later over a funding dispute.
    "Once you're a chief of police, and then you get fired," he said, "you're un-hireable."
    He was working as a security guard in a Twin Cities mall when a friend got him a job answering the customer service line at 3M.
    "He asked me how I'd like to take 60 angry phone calls a day," he recalled, "I said, 'Dang, I can do that.'"
    A few years later he retired to 20 acres in Wisconsin. Even then, he said, people sometimes showed up on his front porch with theories about his experience in Marshall County.
    "We'd sit in the back yard with lemonade and talk," he said. "They'd tell me what they thought happened to me and I'd nod at the appropriate times. Eventually they'd go away."
    Val Johnson's squad car, a 1977 Ford LTD known locally as the "U.F.O Car," is preserved in the Marshall County Museum. People still come to see it. Courtesy of the Marshall County Museum

    Johnson is 71 now. He has a short white beard and thinning white hair. He's retired, living in Eau Claire with his wife, Rosanne. No one has stopped by in years. No one calls about UFOs even when his name airs on television.
    He has great-grandchildren.
    To this day Johnson won't speculate on what happened to him in 1979. He doesn't think the light he saw was an extraterrestrial — but also won't rule out the possibility. For years, he said, it just hasn't crossed his mind.
    "I saw a ball of light," he said. "I drove toward it, and suddenly it was in the car with me. It's unexplainable, and will remain so. I'm happy with my mental stability."
    If it seems Johnson's ambivalence could cast some doubt on the famous incident, those passionate about UFOs are unfazed. Clark said it's a textbook UFO encounter coping mechanism.
    Clark talked to scores of people involved in UFO encounters for his books. Some became obsessed with what happened to them. Some plunged into denial. Others he said, found peace, refusing to allow an encounter to change their lives.
    "If anything," Clark said, "It's a story to tell at the bar, and that's it."

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Moonwalker Edgar Mitchell Speaks: UFO Cover-Ups Must End

    Moonwalker Edgar Mitchell Speaks: UFO Cover-Ups Must End

    If you are familiar with NASA astronauts, you have probably heard of Edgar Dean Mitchell Sc.D., the retired Captain and American pilot in the United States Navy at the same time. As a Lunar pilot of Apollo 14, Mr. Mitchell spent 9 hours working on the lunar, becoming as the sixth person to walk on the Moon. With regards to the controversial belief in UFOs as well as a possible government cover-up, Mitchell shared his experience and opinion. While on the active job as a test pilot, he finished and completed an aeronautical engineering at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. He also completed a doctorate in aeronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During the Korean War as a fighter pilot, he served combat in 1970 and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
    After retiring in 1972, he later wrote, “The Way of the Explorer,” documenting his experiences in space and mysticism. From the documentary film entitled “The Phoenix Lights, We Are Not Alone,” roughly five minutes, Mitchell explicates some alien cover-ups that have allegedly been going on for decades. In an interview, he was asked whether he became emotional as he stepped on the moon or if he considered it as a part of the long list. He admitted that his moon experience is a part of his long list of the journey. Furthermore, he claimed that they planned the whole thing, and they even wanted to rewrite it and modify some stuff.
    Since UFO sighting are being reported by many people in different countries, he believed that most of them were credible. On the next question, he was asked as to why the cases were covered up. He pointed out the justification by leadership officials who think that people were not ready to handle the reality. His answer was his opinion; therefore, no harm is done.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Black Knight UFO Satellite Debunked

    Black Knight UFO Satellite Debunked

    A new video and photographic images has arisen from UFOlogists who claimed they had further proof of the mysterious ‘Black Knight’ satellite. Alien researchers have been calling the ‘Black Knight’ “one of the most convincing pieces of evidence for the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life” for the past 17 years, while some claimit has orbited Earth for at least 13,000 years.


    Nasa footage of Endeavour astronauts working with thermal blanket (ringed) on ISS

    There she goes" - dropped thermal blanket floats from ISS

    There she goes” – dropped thermal blanket floats from ISS

    Watch the proof on ParaNormicsTV (video below)


    The above video claims to conclusively prove the ‘Black Knight’, as photographed in 1998 NASA images, was nothing more than a satellite thermal blanket lost by the crew of the Endeavor space shuttle as they worked on the developing the International Space Station (ISS).

    In the above video from NASA of the Endeavor mission which shows a thermal blanket on the ISS. The same blanket is then seen being dropped by the crew as it tumbles away into space. It is easy to identify that the blanket as being exactly the same shape as the ‘Black Knight’ in the 1998 pictures seized on by tin-foilists and explains that the object only appeared to change shape because it was turning as it fell away.


    After releasing the pictures in 1998, NASA said it was a thermal blanket, but it did not stop a wave of branding it a huge cover up.

    The legend of the alien satellite seems to have then been retrospectively dated back to 1899 when Nicola Tesla announced he was picking up radio waves coming from space, prompting people to suggest something alien was out there. He was one of the first people to hear the rhythmic beating of a pulsar.

    This is what it looked like farther away.

    This is what it looked like farther away.

    In 1954, US state newspapers carried quotes from Donald Keyhoe, a retired naval aviation major and UFO researcher, claiming the US Air Force had detected two satellites orbiting Earth, despite none yet being launched from our planet. Time then ran a 1960 piece, following the launch of satellites from Earth, stating that the US Navy detected a dark object, possibly a Soviet spy satellite, with a highly irregular orbit.

    The myth developed in 1963 when NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper was reported as saying he had seen the ‘Black Knight Satellite’ while in space, but there was a media blackout upon his return and the US space agency allegedly put it down to cosmic hallucinations.

    It has been reported that a decade later in 1973, a researcher from Scotland, Duncan Lunan, looked back at the Norwegian scientists’ data from 1928, before claiming the “messages” suggested the ‘Black Knight’ was sent by aliens from Epsilon Boötis, as a welcome message to Earth 12,600 years ago.

    Many skeptics claim the legend was retrospectively created after the 1998 pictures emerged, with the preceding odd events weaved into the story to make it more convincing.

    They insist research shows that in 1954 Mr Keyhoe had been promoting a UFO book and the articles had been written in a tongue-in-cheek fashion by the papers.

    A follow-up, but less widely read, article in Time also confirmed that the strange satellite had in fact been the remains of an Air Force Discoverer satellite that had gone astray, they found. There are reports that Mr Cooper, although maintaining he saw a number of UFOs in space, never claimed to have seen the ‘Black Knight satellite’ on that mission or at all.

    Mr Lunan is also later reported to have denied suggesting any alien satellite had its origins 12,600 years ago and that his conclusion that the noises were a star map were from unscientific methods. Despite this video, many UFO researchers refuse to believe the fabled ‘Black Knight satellite’ could be just a thermal blanket, insisting, it is a craft of solid construction. Not sure how the true believers would know that since the shape and dimensions of an ISS thermal blanket is unknown to them. They just know. These thermal blankets are custom formed to fit over the heavily utilized and odd shaped ISS components for a custom fit.

    So a thermal blanket (which can be up to 10 cm’s thick) that is the exact shape and size is discarded or lost on the ISS. ISS cameras catch it slowly meandering away…but no it’s a 13,000 year old alien probe obviously…


    For some reason which I can not fathom many, many people purposely and intentionally want and can believe anything. Facts do not sway them and anything that substantially threatens their topsy-turvey worldview is instantly labelled a conspiracy. It is the height of intellectual laziness. This whole ‘Black Knight’ subject was explained to 100% satisfaction to the people that really know…NASA themselves. But to some people UFOlogy has become a religion. None of those pesky facts for them…belief is all they need even if it provably wrong.

    UFOlogy MUST sway and discourage this religiosity of the UFO subject. It helps no one, confuses most and irritates people that KNOW better. Faith in anything is a bad thing. It robs a person of the burden of thinking too much and festers lies and deceit.

    UFOlogy and UFO’s are REAL…no faith required. The scientific facts all point to a Universe teaming with life. Science is our only hope to validate and legitimize the study of such a paradigm shaking subject.  People have to learn to critically think about what they believe. In the end what you believe does not matter, it is what you know that counts.



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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Astronaut André Kuipers: “Buitenaards leven bestaat”

    Astronaut André Kuipers: "Buitenaards leven bestaat"

    Astronaut André Kuipers: “Buitenaards leven bestaat”

    Ruimtevaarder en wetenschapper André Kuipers gaf woensdagmiddag een lezing op het Lauwers College in Buitenpost. Honderden leerlingen hingen ruim anderhalf uur aan zijn lippen. Na afloop mochten er prangende vragen worden gesteld. Rector Gerard Janze was erg tevreden. “Deze investering betaalt zich wel terug,” zei hij.

    Is er buitenaards leven? Wie vraagt zich dit nu niet af. Een leerlinge legde deze vraag woensdag voor aan dr. Kuipers, de enige Nederlander met twee ruimtemissies achter zijn naam en daarmee een autoriteit op dit gebied.

    In december 2002 werd Kuipers geselecteerd als boordwerktuigkundige voor de Sojoez TMA-4 naar het internationaal ruimtestation ISS. Hij verbleef ruim een week aan boord van het ruimtestation en voerde wetenschappelijke experimenten uit. Op 21 december 2011 vertrok Kuipers voor vijf maanden naar het ISS om deel te nemen aan een tweetal expedities.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NSW Skywatcher Confession: Quizzed by Men in Black Incident

    NSW Skywatcher Confession: Quizzed by Men in Black Incident

    Unidentified Flying Objects are always an exciting challenge not only to both science and scientists, but also those for the masses. A person who admits seeing strange objects in the sky were often subject to ridicule. However, it is important to note that each sighting has its elements and occurrences that must be taken into consideration before judging the same. Recently, there has been a documentary film showing the discovery of unidentified flying objects by the witnesses residing in Australia. Next week in Sydney, there’s a movie being screened that is sure to polarize its audience. The film is called Australien Skies.


    So, what does the film say? It is a documentary of the unexplained stuff that were seen by the people. These people were called skywatchers, and guess what the timing is incredibly good. Earlier this month, Yuri Milner, the prominent Russian billionaire, announced to spend $US 100 million just to see if there’s anything “out there”. Meanwhile, Australia committed to contributing the CSIRO’s Parkes radio telescope.

    When speaking about the documentary, Kiama knows how intriguing it is. No doubt, he is a builder, at the same time a married person with two kids. He is a simple guy who had no particular interest in strange objects, or at least has a thing to stare up at the heavens. It started in March 2013 when he and his workmate saw the daylight. Afterwards, the bright stars were seen gathering around a ball of white light that reappeared and disappeared before approached by an F18 Super Hornet. Once done, the whole thing vanished.

    What is unique about the incident is the fact that he begins to see strange objects regularly, at least twenty to thirty times. He got in touch with Mariana Flynn, the president of UFO Research NSW and Damien Nott. In fact, she testified that they had seen reports of black helicopters hovering over numerous homes.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Watch – Three UFOs Flying Over the Moon

    Watch – Three UFOs Flying Over the Moon


    Several UFOs captured on high definition digital camera passing the lunar surface, cameraman claims. In a series of videos posted on YouTube, black objects are apparently moving near the Moon, including one object that looks to be powered by the rocket jets.

    The cameraman named Crow777 claims he never post any hoax video and says he only manipulates colour, contrast, and zoom to point further the anomalies he caught on camera rather than misleads the viewers.

    He states in the video description that he’s not saying he captured an alien, but a ship that’s controlled intelligently.

    The cameraman rules out objects being satellites orbiting Earth in these three clips because of the length of time he took the video while they were passing the lunar surface – lasted for up to a minute in one case.

    He concludes that they are very close to the Moon for them to be satellites orbiting Earth, which would only need two to three seconds to pass the Moon because of their distance from it.
    On his channel, the cameraman said that everything in the video is in high definition, and some are captured using an eight-inch telescope. He claimed to have shot UFOs, lunar UFOs, the Moon, and space anomalies.

    He makes a pledge to his channel’s subscribers never to edit the clips to make them deceptive. He says that what viewers see is what he observes through his camera and telescope.