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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandelijks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.It's Time to Get Serious About Asteroid Threats, NASA Chief Says

    It's Time to Get Serious About Asteroid Threats, NASA Chief Says

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.There's Basically 'No Chance' for Earth-Like Planets to Form an Atmosphere Around Hot Young Stars

    There's Basically 'No Chance' for Earth-Like Planets to Form an Atmosphere Around Hot Young Stars

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO and Alien Connections To Dark And Haunting Places

    UFO and Alien Connections To Dark And Haunting Places

     Written by: Marcus Lowth  Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

    Certain locations on Earth have a reputation of being cursed, haunted, or inhabited by entities not of this world. In short, legends state these are places to stay away from. Places where “monsters”, or “other entities” reside.

    Dark Place

    Quite often we find that among the legends of these dark places are stories that sound very much like alien encounters. Furthermore, many of the local accounts speak of phenomena that would sit neatly in any UFO report. Are these haunting places – some almost palpably so – that way due to the presence of something other-worldly?

    Perhaps this is purposeful? Maybe whoever is creating this haunting, other-worldly atmosphere does so to maintain its covert existence.

    The Valley of Death, Siberia

    In the upper reaches of Siberia in northwestern Yakutia, off the Upper Viliuy River, there is a stretch of land that still retains the scars of a battle fought over 800 years ago. Not only that, the deadly legend still maintains its grip of the area, so much so that most people even remotely local to the ominous forest regions rarely venture there.

    Its ancient name is Uliuiu Cherkechek. This translates to “The Valley of Death” – and it is easy to see why. Legend states that the area was the scene of a battle between two powerful entities. Balls of fire would shoot from the ground to halt attacks from above. Furthermore, a huge explosion, louder than any heard before, laid waste to the entire region and stilled the battle. According to some researchers, local legends of such defensive strikes stretch across the centuries.

    Incidentally, there is even debate in some quarters as to whether the “explosion” caused over Tunguska may have been the consequence of such a measure. It is perhaps worth bearing in mind that the explosion happened above the ground. Had whatever it was that entered Earth’s atmosphere that morning in 1908, had it made contact with the ground, the consequences could have been much worse.

    As for the source of the “fireballs” emanating from the grounds of the Valley of Death? Several strange and menacing “cauldrons”.


    A “Defensive” Battle Station?

    Aside from local legends, much of what we know comes from the few expeditions to this most dire region of the world. In the mid-1850s, R. Maak would explore the area for himself. He would later describe a “gigantic cauldron made of copper” with “only the rim visible” above the ground.

    There were several other reports of these strange sinking cauldrons in the 1930s. Several would come from traders and merchants – both legal and illegal – who would stumble on to them while making their way with their goods through the region. Given the brutal weather conditions at times in the area, they would provide ideal shelter from the elements. Many of those who stayed within them, however, would often be struck with intense feelings of nausea and dizziness.

    Another expedition went ahead in 1936 by a Russian geologist eager to locate the mystery cauldrons for himself. With the help of an elderly native to the area, he would soon locate one. His drawing is one of the main images we have today of the bizarre find. He would describe it as a “smooth metal hemisphere, reddish in color” and with razor sharp edges. It was so large it was possible to “ride a reindeer under it!”

    Familiar with the local legends of hunters “who would sleep in these rooms” and how they soon died if they “spent several nights in a row” in them, he stayed only long enough to conduct his research before leaving. Locals would tell that “even the beasts do not go there!”

    The short video below looks at the notion of such an ancient defense system.

    Advanced Alien Technology?

    Is it really possible that beneath the ground of the ominously named Valley of Death resides an advanced laser-type defense system? If so, who was responsible for its construction? Might the legends of the two “entities” (aliens?) who battled on this apparently cursed land be those who were responsible for such a base?

    Furthermore, is the fact that so many people become terribly ill, even fatally on occasion, after spending time near and within these strange half-circles indicative of some kind of radiation poisoning? Perhaps most important of all, with no photographic evidence and merely local legend to go on, are these “cauldrons” real and are they still there today?

    In 2013, scientist and researcher, Michale Visok would lead a team into the area. He was aware of the legends of such a place and wished to see once and for all if it was real or mere myth. They would arrive in the area and using specially designed parachute-copters were able to obtain a bird’s eye view of the land. They would soon locate a strange area that appeared to show a strange circular object below the ground. Soon after they would spot a second and a third one.

    Upon landing and investigating the apparent anomaly close-up, they seemed to have stumbled on a metal object below the shallow, marshy water. Before they could investigate any further, however, Visok was overcome with intense nausea and dizziness. Almost exactly the same as the symptoms mentioned in previous accounts.

    With the weather also worsening, the team decided to cut the expedition short. Incidentally, an examination of Visok could reveal no obvious reason for his ill-feeling. He would ultimately recover fully. The video below looks at the incident in a little more detail.

    Connection To The “Strangle Holes” In North Siberia?

    Might these apparently sinking cauldrons share a connection with the mysterious gaping holes in the same (relative) area. Mainstream thinking suggests these holes are the result of a build-up of gases below the surface of the Earth. As the pressure increases these eventually explode and so create a huge hole in the ground. That would, they say, explain the sightings of strange lights in the skies over these hell-like entrances.

    Of course, the strange lights would attract the attention of UFO researchers, some of whom believe there may be a more other-worldly explanation for the sudden appearance of these strange holes.

    If there is an ancient alien base nearby, remotely controlled or manned, then perhaps these strange lights are the result of some kind of evacuation. Although there is disagreement as to exactly when they first appeared, general consensus states it to be some time in 2013.

    The video below looks at these mysterious holes in Siberia in a little more detail. This looks at the holes from a “global warming” perspective, another possible reason for their sudden appearance.

    Dark Mountains And Ominous Islands

    Is it possible then that such apparently cursed or inhabitable locations around the planet have connections to an alien presence here on Earth?

    We have written before of the Black Mountain in Australia, for example, that has legends of “dark entities” and of people vanishing within the menacing black slabs. Aircraft that have ventured over the region have also reported strange magnetic anomalies on their instruments and even of loss of control altogether. Many pilots will refuse to fly over the region.

    Another place of such dark intrigue is Deer Island in Mississippi. Fishermen have visited the island since the early-nineteenth century. And with their trips came the stories of the “Firewater Ghost” or “Ghost of Blue Fire”. Those who would speak of their encounters would tell of a blue ball of fire. This would hover and speed along the water’s its surface.

    The Dark Watchers are said to roam the Santa Lucia Mountains in California, appearing only to those they choose and assisting hikers who have lost their way. Mount Shasta is another Californian location that is full of dark claims of monsters with red eyes and a network of caves that leads to an alien base. Indeed, there are numerous UFO sightings near both mountain ranges, particularly Mount Shasta which is a hot-spot of such activity.

    The video below shows a UFO leaving via a portal above Mount Shasta.

    Another similar location is Brown Mountain in North Carolina. There are reports dating back centuries of people vanishing into thin air in the woodland around the mountain’s base. There are also regular sightings of strange green orbs. These appear to emerge from the mountain, moving in ways that appear anything but natural.

    The video below shows footage of a typical sighting at Brown Mountain.

    Another Twist In An Already “Topsy-Turvy” Field

    If aliens are using these dark places, either to come and go from the planet or to reside away from humanity, we have to ask why this is the case? Does this lean towards activities of a malevolent nature? And regardless of intention, why the need for such isolation and secrecy? Might it show a lack of trust with regard to how humanity would collectively react to the knowledge of the reality of extra-terrestrial life? Or might it be all that separates “us” from “them”, whoever they are, is merely the knowledge they utilize. Knowledge they wish to keep away from humanity.

    As usual, when looking at the alien question – itself broken into many various shades of grey – there are considerably more questions than answers. And with every, albeit speculative answer, another batch of questions emerge.

    Might it also ultimately prove, if we accept the UFO connections are genuine and credible, that aliens are already present on Earth right now? The short video below looks at the question of whether or not aliens are already with us. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Here's Why The Idea of Alien Life Now Seems Inevitable And Possibly Imminent

    Kepler-452b, a near-Earth-size world found in the habitable zone. (NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle)

    Here's Why The Idea of Alien Life Now Seems Inevitable And Possibly Imminent


    Extraterrestrial life, that familiar science-fiction trope, that kitschy fantasy, that CGI nightmare, has become a matter of serious discussion, a "risk factor", a "scenario".

    How has ET gone from sci-fi fairytale to a serious scientific endeavour modelled by macroeconomistsfunded by fiscal conservatives and discussed by theologians?

    Because, following a string of remarkable discoveries over the past two decades, the idea of alien life is not as far-fetched as it used to seem.

    Discovery now seems inevitable and possibly imminent.

    It's just chemistry

    While life is a special kind of complex chemistry, the elements involved are nothing special: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and so on are among the most abundant elements in the universe. Complex organic chemistry is surprisingly common.

    Amino acids, just like those that make up every protein in our bodies, have been found in the tails of comets. There are other organic compounds in Martian soil.

    And 6,500 light years away a giant cloud of space alcohol floats among the stars.

    Habitable planets seem to be common too. The first planet beyond our Solar System was discovered in 1995. Since then astronomers have catalogued thousands.

    Based on this catalogue, astronomers from the University of California, Berkeley worked out there could be as many as 40 billion Earth-sized exoplanets in the so-called "habitable zone" around their star, where temperatures are mild enough for liquid water to exist on the surface.

    There's even a potentially Earth-like world orbiting our nearest neighbouring star, Proxima Centauri. At just four light years away, that system might be close enough for us to reach using current technology. With the Breakthrough Starshot project launched by Stephen Hawking in 2016, plans for this are already afoot.

    Life is robust

    It seems inevitable other life is out there, especially considering that life appeared on Earth so soon after the planet was formed.

    The oldest fossils ever found here are 3.5 billion years old, while clues in our DNA suggest life could have started as far back as 4 billion years ago, just when giant asteroids stopped crashing into the surface.

    Our planet was inhabited as soon as it was habitable – and the definition of "habitable" has proven to be a rather flexible concept too.

    Life survives in all manner of environments that seem hellish to us:

    Tantalisingly, some of these conditions seem to be duplicated elsewhere in the Solar System.

    Snippets of promise

    Mars was once warm and wet, and was probably a fertile ground for life before the Earth.

    Today, Mars still has liquid water underground. One gas strongly associated with life on Earth, methane, has already been found in the Martian atmosphere, and at levels that mysteriously rise and fall with the seasons. (However, the methane result is under debate, with one Mars orbiter recently confirming the methane detection and another detecting nothing.)

    Martian bugs might turn up as soon as 2021 when the ExoMars rover Rosalind Franklin will hunt for them with a two-metre drill.

    Besides Earth and Mars, at least two other places in our Solar System might be inhabited. Jupiter's moon Europa and Saturn's moon Enceladus are both frozen ice worlds, but the gravity of their colossal planets is enough to churn up their insides, melting water to create vast subglacial seas.

    In 2017, specialists in sea ice from the University of Tasmania concluded that some Antarctic microbes could feasibly survive on these worlds. Both Europa and Enceladus have undersea hydrothermal vents, just like those on Earth where life may have originated.

    When a NASA probe tasted the material geysered into space out of Enceladus last June it found large organic molecules. Possibly there was something living among the spray; the probe just didn't have the right tools to detect it.

    Russian billionaire Yuri Milner has been so enthused by this prospect, he wants to help fund a return mission.

    A second genesis?

    A discovery, if it came, could turn the world of biology upside down.

    All life on Earth is related, descended ultimately from the first living cell to emerge some 4 billion years ago.

    Bacteria, fungus, cacti and cockroaches are all our cousins and we all share the same basic molecular machinery: DNA that makes RNA, and RNA that makes protein.

    A second sample of life, though, might represent a "second genesis" – totally unrelated to us. Perhaps it would use a different coding system in its DNA. Or it might not have DNA at all, but some other method of passing on genetic information.

    By studying a second example of life, we could begin to figure out which parts of the machinery of life are universal, and which are just the particular accidents of our primordial soup.

    Perhaps amino acids are always used as essential building blocks, perhaps not.

    We might even be able to work out some universal laws of biology, the same way we have for physics – not to mention new angles on the question of the origin of life itself.

    A second independent "tree of life" would mean that the rapid appearance of life on Earth was no fluke; life must abound in the universe.

    It would greatly increase the chances that, somewhere among those billions of habitable planets in our galaxy, there could be something we could talk to.

    Perhaps life is infectious

    If, on the other hand, the discovered microbes were indeed related to us that would be a bombshell of a different kind: it would mean life is infectious.

    When a large meteorite hits a planet, the impact can splash pulverised rock right out into space, and this rock can then fall onto other planets as meteorites.

    Life from Earth has probably already been taken to other planets – perhaps even to the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. Microbes might well survive the trip.

    In 1969, Apollo 12 astronauts retrieved an old probe that had sat on the Moon for three years in extreme cold and vacuum – there were viable bacteria still inside.

    As Mars was probably habitable before Earth, it's possible life originated there before hitchhiking on a space rock to here. Perhaps we're all Martians.

    Even if we never find other life in our Solar System, we might still detect it on any one of thousands of known exoplanets.

    It is already possible to look at starlight filtered through an exoplanet and tell something about the composition of its atmosphere; an abundance of oxygen could be a telltale sign of life.

    A testable hypothesis

    The James Webb Space Telescope, planned for a 2021 launch, will be able to take these measurements for some of the Earth-like worlds already discovered.

    Just a few years later will come space-based telescopes that will take pictures of these planets directly.

    Using a trick a bit like the sun visor in your car, planet-snapping telescopes will be paired with giant parasols called starshades that will fly in tandem 50,000 kilometres away in just the right spot to block the blinding light of the star, allowing the faint speck of a planet to be captured.

    The colour and the variability of that point of light could tell us the length of the planet's day, whether it has seasons, whether it has clouds, whether it has oceans, possibly even the colour of its plants.

    The ancient question "Are we alone?" has graduated from being a philosophical musing to a testable hypothesis. We should be prepared for an answer.

    Learn More

    1. Is there life out there? Distant moons may provide the answer
      McMaster University, ScienceDaily, 2015
    2. Search for extraterrestrial life more difficult than thought
      University of Toronto, ScienceDaily, 2014µ
    3. Priya DasSarma et al., The American Biology Teacher,2013
    4. Beshara Doumani et al., Journal of Palestine Studies,2018 }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Everything really is bigger in Texas! Incredible time lapse video shows HUGE 'mothership' supercell thunderstorm cloud hovering over Amarillo

    Everything really is bigger in Texas! Incredible time lapse video shows HUGE 'mothership' supercell thunderstorm cloud hovering over Amarillo

    • Video footage shot on Saturday in Texas shows supercell cloud looming over Amarillo
    • The time lapse video shows what appears to be a large cloud formed in the shape of a disc slowly glide across the sky like a spaceship 
    • Supercell storms violent thunderstorms which can produce hail stones that are bigger than baseballs in addition to damaging winds and even tornadoes
    • Supercells form thanks to updrafts of warm and moist air which rises and condenses as well as strong downdrafts 

    Incredible video footage from Saturday shows a ‘mothership’ supercell cloud over Amarillo, Texas.

    The time lapse video shows what appears to be a large cloud formed in the shape of a disc slowly glide across the sky like a spaceship.

    ‘This high-based, beauty of a storm was long tracked, making its way across the Panhandle for several hours,’ the person who filmed the cloud told Newsflare.

    ‘It created hype among the cities & towns it passed near, flooding social media with its majestic form.

    Incredible video footage shows a ‘mothership’ supercell cloud over Amarillo, Texas, on Saturday

    Incredible video footage shows a ‘mothership’ supercell cloud over Amarillo, Texas, on Saturday

    The slow-moving cloud hovered over the surface of the earth like a spaceship

    The slow-moving cloud hovered over the surface of the earth like a spaceship

    ‘This high-based, beauty of a storm was long tracked, making its way across the Panhandle for several hours,’ the person who filmed the cloud told Newsflare

    ‘This high-based, beauty of a storm was long tracked, making its way across the Panhandle for several hours,’ the person who filmed the cloud told Newsflare

    ‘I decided to get a quick time lapse of the cell as it approached, making sure the quality was as crisp as possible.’

    Supercell storms are thunderstorms that are not that common, yet they are potentially the most violent.

    These storms can produce hail stones that are bigger than baseballs in addition to damaging winds and even tornadoes.

    Supercells form thanks to updrafts of warm and moist air which rises and condenses as well as strong downdrafts.

    Warm, most air pushes upward and is rotated by strong winds.

    There are three simplified thunderstorm types: the single-cell, the multicell and the supercell.

    Of these, the multicell is the most common.

    A supercell thunderstorm is a special storm type which maintains an intense steady-state for many hours.

    Supercell storms are thunderstorms that are the least common, yet are potentially the most violent

    Supercell storms are thunderstorms that are the least common, yet are potentially the most violent

    Social media users also posted images of the supercell cloud over the weekend

    Social media users also posted images of the supercell cloud over the weekend

    This image filmed from a distance shows the cloud from another angle. Massive storm systems like this center on mesocyclones - rotating updrafts that deliver torrential rain and high winds

    This image filmed from a distance shows the cloud from another angle. Massive storm systems like this center on mesocyclones - rotating updrafts that deliver torrential rain and high winds

    They are a fascinating but dangerous cloud complex.

    Massive storm systems like this center on mesocyclones - rotating updrafts that deliver torrential rain and high winds.

    Known as the 'mother of tornadoes', a mesocyclone can be up to six miles wide and can produce as many as 60 tornadoes.

    These severe thunderstorms form where cold dry air meets warm moist tropical air.

    The wind coming into the storm starts to swirl and forms a funnel.

    The air in the funnel spins faster and faster and creates a very low pressure area which sucks more air - and objects - into it.

    If the cyclone runs out of wet, warm surface air, it dies out.

    If it does not run out of this fuel, however, the rotating cloud stretches toward the ground and may become a giant tornado. 

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    Categorie:Diversen (Eng, NL en Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ocean of magma blasted into space may explain how the moon formed

    Ocean of magma blasted into space may explain how the moon formed


    A snapshot from a recent lunar formation model. The red points indicate material from the ocean of magma while blue dots represent material from the impactor.

    Credit: Hosono, Karato, Makino, and Saitoh.

    For decades, physicists have been trying to solve the mystery of the moon’s formation. Although several plausible models have been proposed, none stood out as particularly satisfying — until now. In a new study, researchers claim that our planet’s only natural satellite formed following the impact with a Mars-sized planet that ejected liquid magma from the surface of the early Earth into space. This magma solidified, along with a small proportion of the impactor’s material, to form the moon as we know it today.

    Magma may be key to the moon’s formation

    Most modern lunar formation models can at least agree on one thing — that the Earth formed around 4.5 billion years with the moon joining the system shortly after two protoplanets collided violently. The “Giant Impact Hypothesis” explains many features that we see today in the Earth and moon, such as their relative sizes and rotation rates. But it has a big shortcoming that flaws the whole model — the moon’s chemical composition.

    We now know that most bodies in the solar system have unique chemical compositions, and so should the moon. However, lunar rocks brought home during the Apollo missions show that their isotopic fingerprint is almost identical to that of minerals from Earth.

    In order to account for this major inconsistency, researchers have devised all sorts of alternative models. One of the most extravagant models proposed by physicists at the University of California, Davis and Harvard University claims that the ancestral collision turned early Earth into a giant planetary-sized donut made of vaporized rock called a “Synestia” (from “syn-,” “together” and “Hestia,” Greek goddess of architecture and structures). According to this theory, chunks of molten rock which were ejected into orbit following the impact formed the seed for the moon. Synestias likely don’t last long — not more than a couple hundred years — because they can’t sustain their heat, shrinking rapidly and finally collapsing into a molten planet. And while the Earth-synestia gradually shrank, vaporized silicate rock rained into the proto-moon, which explains how the moon inherited its composition from Earth. Another model suggests that the planet that collided into proto-Earth was rapidly spinning. Both models are plausible but unlikely. They simply involved too many “ifs”.

    By comparison, the new model proposed by scientists at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology in Yokohama and Yale University sounds closer to reality.

    The researchers claim that shortly after the Earth formed, it was covered by a sea of hot magma, while the impacting object was likely made of solid material. The team performed a computer simulation showing that the impact would have heated the magma much more than solids from the impacting object. According to this simulation, the magma expands in volume and shoots into orbit to form the moon, explaining why there is much more Earth material in the lunar makeup. Even a glancing blow from the impactor would have been enough to knock more than 70% of the moon-forming debris from the magma ocean.

    In our model, about 80% of the moon is made of proto-Earth materials,” said co-author, Shun-ichiro Karato, a Yale geophysicist. “In most of the previous models, about 80% of the moon is made of the impactor. This is a big difference.

    This new model confirms previous theories about how the moon formed, without the need to propose unconventional collision conditions — but it’s not the final word on the matter either. The Japanese researchers found that the amount of debris from the impact was comparable to the current mass of the moon. Previous work, however, suggests that debris should equal about three to four times the moon’s mass. In the future, the researchers will tweak other variables such as the mass of the impactor and its rotation to see if the amount of generated debris is a better fit.

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Pluto de (dwerg)planeet: astronomen en IAU debatteren over lot van het hemellichaam -

    Pluto de (dwerg)planeet: astronomen en IAU debatteren over lot van het hemellichaam -


     In 2006 werd de planeet Pluto door de Internationale Astronomische Unie (IAU) plots ‘gedegradeerd’ tot een dwergplaneet, groter dan andere planetoïden maar kleiner dan planeten. Een beslissing waar enkele astronomen het grondig mee oneens zijn. Zij treden vanavond in debat met de IAU over de toekomstige benaming van de (dwerg)planeet.

    Pluto was tot het jaar 2006 de negende planeet van ons zonnestelsel. De planeet is - sinds de ontdekking ervan in 1930 - wel altijd een buitenbeentje geweest omdat Pluto veel kleiner was dan de acht andere planeten. Mercurius, Venus, de Aarde, Mars, Jupiter, Saturnus, Uranus en Neptunus vervolledigden het lijstje van planeten die rondjes rond de zon draaien.
    Al bleef Pluto gewoon rondjes rond de zon draaien, de Internationale Astronomische Unie besliste dertien jaar geleden dat de planeet niet langer voldeed aan alle drie de voorwaarden.

    (Lees verder onder de foto)

    De zon, Mercurius, Venus, de Aarde, Mars, Jupiter, Saturnus, Uranus, Neptunus en Pluto (in volgorde).

     Getty Images 
    De zon, Mercurius, Venus, de Aarde, Mars, Jupiter, Saturnus, Uranus, Neptunus en Pluto (in volgorde).

    Wat is een planeet?

    Over welke voorwaarden het dan gaat? De eerste voorwaarde werd hierboven reeds vermeld: een planeet draait in een baan rond de zon. Ten tweede is een planeet een object dat door zijn eigen zwaartekracht bolvormig is: een vinkje voor Pluto.

    De derde voorwaarde was echter het breekpunt voor Pluto als planeet. Een planeet moet zich immers in een baan rond een ster bevinden waar het de omgeving van zijn eigen baan heeft schoongeveegd van andere objecten. Daar is Pluto jammer genoeg niet groot genoeg voor.

    Nieuwe definitie

    “Maar”, zegt planetair wetenschapper Alan Stern die NASA’s onbemande New Horizons-missie naar Pluto leidde, “er moet een nieuwe definitie gehanteerd worden om planeten te omschrijven.” De oppervlakte van Pluto bestaat immers uit valleien en andere complexe structuren zoals waterijs: stuk voor stuk geologische eigenschappen die meer lijken op die van een planeet dan die van een dwergplaneet.


    Bijna, maar net niet: dat is een dwergplaneet. De objecten die aan twee van de drie voorwaarden van een planeet voldoen, worden dwergplaneten genoemd. Dat zijn er voorlopig vijf in ons eigen zonnestelsel: Pluto, Ceres, Eris, Makemake en Haumea. Daarnaast zijn er nog twaalf kandidaat-dwergplaneten.

    En Pluto wil zijn plaats maar wat graag afstaan, althans de astronomen die Pluto negen jaar lang bestudeerden tijdens de New Horizons-ruimtemissie. Aan de hand van wetenschappelijke gegevens afkomstig van die ruimtemissie hopen wetenschappers dat de discussie over de classificatie van Pluto vanavond voor eens en altijd zal stoppen.


     Getty Images/iStockphoto Illustratiebeeld }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.“Nooit eerder vertoond”: wetenschappers ontdekken zwart gat dat plasmagas sproeit -

    “Nooit eerder vertoond”: wetenschappers ontdekken zwart gat dat plasmagas sproeit -

    Bron: anp

    V404 Cygni, een zwart gat dat in het wilde weg plasmagas sproeit.

     The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research V404 Cygni, een zwart gat dat in het wilde weg plasmagas sproeit.
     Een internationaal team van sterrenkundigen heeft een vreemd zwart gat ontdekt. V404 Cygni, in het sterrenbeeld Zwaan, is slecht uitgelijnd en sproeit in het wilde weg plasmagas. Het zwarte gat is 8.000 lichtjaar verwijderd van de aarde. De onderzoekers hebben hun bevindingen vandaag in het tijdschrift Nature gepubliceerd.

    V404 Cygni werd voor het eerst waargenomen als een zwart gat in 1989. Net als veel zwarte gaten voedt deze zich ook met een ster in de buurt door er gas van te onttrekken. Daardoor vormt zich een schijf van materiaal rond het gat. Ook worden er zogenoemde jets, straalstromen van energie en materie, gelanceerd vanuit een gebied vlakbij het zwarte gat.

    De onderzoekers vermoeden dat bij dit zwarte gat de schijf en het zwarte gat niet goed zijn uitgelijnd. Daardoor wiebelt het binnenste gedeelte van de schijf als een “goedkope speelgoedtol”. Het gevolg is dat de jets verschillende kanten opschieten. “En de jets veranderden in minder dan een paar uur van richting. Zoiets is nog nooit vertoond”, aldus hoofdonderzoeker James Miller-Jones.


    De onderzoekers observeerden het zwarte gat twee weken lang in juni 2015. Ze gebruikten daarvoor de Very Long Baseline Array, tien radiotelescopen in de Verenigde Staten, op de Maagdeneilanden en op Hawaï. Normaal gesproken maken die telescopen één samengestelde afbeelding in vier uur. Maar omdat de jets binnen een paar uur van richting veranderden, was op de samengestelde beelden alleen een waas te zien. Daarop besloten de onderzoekers om 103 losse beelden met een korte sluitertijd in een filmpje te zetten. Daardoor zagen ze het zwarte gat wiebelen en de jets alle kanten op schieten. 

    De onderzoekers vermoeden dat er meer wiebelende zwarte gaten zijn.

    Het International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) maakte een video waarin het opmerkelijke fenomeen te zien is: }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Noorse vissers aangevallen door witte dolfijn met harnas: “Mogelijk getraind door Russische marine” --

    Noorse vissers aangevallen door witte dolfijn met harnas: “Mogelijk getraind door Russische marine” --

    Bron: NRK

    De witte dolfijn droeg een soort van harnas.

    De witte dolfijn droeg een soort van harnas.
     Noorse vissers hebben aan de grens met Rusland een wel heel bijzondere vondst gedaan. Ze stootten er op een witte dolfijn die een soort van harnas aan had. Het dier benaderde de vissersboot zonder schroom en begon aan touwen en kabels te trekken. Onderzoekers en marinebiologen konden het harnas uiteindelijk van het dier verwijderen, en lazen tot hun verbazing de inscriptie ‘Eigendom van Sint-Petersburg’. Mogelijk is het dier dan ook ontsnapt uit de Russische militaire basis van Moermansk.

    De vissers merkten de witte dolfijn of beloega voor het eerst op in de buurt van het dorp Inga in het uiterste noorden van Noorwegen, niet ver van de Russische grens. “We wilden onze netten uitgooien toen we de dolfijn tussen onze boten zagen zwemmen”, vertelt visser Joar Hesten aan de Noorse zender NRK. “Hij kwam op ons af, en het was pas toen dat we zagen dat hij een soort harnas aan had.”

    Het dier bleef de hele tijd de boot volgen en toonde duidelijk weinig angst voor de marinebiologen die ter plaatse kwamen om poolshoogte te nemen. De dolfijn bleef de boten benaderen en hapte naar touwen en kabels om er aan te trekken. 

    Noorse experts denken nu dat het harnas bedoeld was om er een camera of mogelijk zelfs wapens op te bevestigen en vermoeden dat het dier militair getraind is. De Russische marinebasis van Moermansk ligt niet ver van de andere kant van de grens. De inscriptie ‘Eigendom van Sint-Petersburg’ lijkt de Noorse theorie alleen maar te bevestigen. “Als de dolfijn uit Rusland komt - en we hebben alle redenen om dat aan te nemen - is hij wellicht niet voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek getraind, maar voor het leger”, zei ook Martin Biuw van het Noorse Instituut voor Marineonderzoek aan NRK.


    Dolfijnen en zeehonden worden al langer militair ingezet, onderzoek daarnaar startte al tijdens de Koude Oorlog. De Verenigde Staten gebruiken bijvoorbeeld dolfijnen bij zoekacties op zee of bij het lokaliseren van onderwatermijnen. De dieren hebben een bijzonder goed zicht, zijn snel en wendbaar en hebben een goed geheugen. Rusland zou zijn onderzoeksprogramma in de jaren 90 stopgezet hebben, maar zette er de laatste jaren opnieuw op in.

    In een reportage uit 2017 legde het Russische ministerie van Defensie zelf uit dat het opnieuw testen aan het doen was met beloega’s, dolfijnen en zeehonden. Tegelijkertijd liet president Poetin drie oude Sovjet-bases aan de Arctische kust heropenen. Volgens de documentaire werden de dieren getraind om de toegangen tot de marinebases te bewaken, maar konden ze ook mijnen zoeken, objecten optillen van de zeebodem en voorwerpen vervoeren. 

    De testen wezen overigens uit dat de witte dolfijnen niet bijster geschikt waren voor alle trainingsopdrachten. “Velen van hen werden ziek na de lange opdrachten in de koude polaire wateren”, aldus de Russische documentaire. Zeehonden bleken uiteindelijk effectiever te zijn, en de dieren waren ook beter in het uitvoeren van mondelinge commando’s. “Zeehonden kunnen actief samenwerken met duikers: ze kunnen voorwerpen aangeven of wegbrengen en ze herkennen ‘hun’ duiker in een groep anderen. Met een speciaal commando kunnen ze de toegang blokkeren voor andere duikers en hen zelfs proberen te doden.” }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Vergeet elektrisch rijden. Deze auto rijdt op zout water (ja, dat lees je goed)
    Vergeet elektrisch rijden. Deze auto rijdt op zout water (ja, dat lees je goed)

    Vergeet elektrisch rijden. Deze auto rijdt op zout water (ja, dat lees je goed)

    De Quant e-Sportlimousine, die zijn debuut beleefde op de Autosalon van Genève, loopt op zout water. Hij mag gewoon de weg op.

    De wagen beschikt over 920 pk, gaat in 2,8 seconden van 0 naar 100 en heeft een topsnelheid van 350 kilometer per uur.

    “We zijn verheugd als pioniers een auto te presenteren die op de openbare weg mag rijden en geen uitstoot heeft,” zei bedenker van de sportwagen Nunzio La Vecchia.


    Na een uitgebreide inspectie werd de auto goedgekeurd door de bevoegde instanties. De auto is uitgebreid getest op de openbare weg in Duitsland en andere delen van Europa.

    De auto wordt aangedreven door vier elektrische motoren die stroom opwekken door de elektrochemische reactie van twee elektrolietoplossingen.

    De elektriciteit wordt opgeslagen en verdeeld door twee supergeleiders.

    Vijf keer verder

    De auto kan met dit zogeheten NanoFlowcell-systeem vijf keer verder rijden dan de huidige systemen, waaronder zelfs de meest geavanceerde lithium-ion-accu’s.

    Het systeem is volgens La Vecchia extreem veilig en milieuvriendelijk. Het bevat nagenoeg geen bewegende delen en produceert vrijwel geen overtollige warmte.


    Het enige minpunt is de prijs: ruim 1,3 miljoen euro.

    De fabrikant wil de NanoFlowcell-technologie ook gaan toepassen in meer betaalbare auto’s. “We hebben grote plannen en richten ons niet alleen op de auto-industrie,” klonk het.

    Harde klap voor olie-industrie: auto met zout water als brandstof uitgevonden.

    “The time has come to clear the roads for the Saltwater powered Quant e sports sedan. With salt water, yes. And not just any small, foolish concept car for one person, no, a full-fledged, fast, sporty-elegant and efficient sports car.

    The principle is this: the flow cell battery, or more beautifully sounding, the Flowcell assimilated to the same extent as it works as a fuel cell. Two separate 200L cells contain liquid electrolytes that make “cold burning” possible. Electrolytes appear in the form of liquid metallic salts, in this case those present in salt water. They have mobile ions that are directed towards electric fields. The cold combustion (between 60 to 160 degrees), which originates in the cells, means the oxidation and reduction take place at the same time – who remembers chemistry knows that thereby a lot of energy is released (here: 600 V and 50 A) – and so electricity is generated.”

    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Russian Planes Continue to Spy On America’s Most Secret Research Facilities

    White Sands

    Russian Planes Continue to Spy On America’s Most Secret Research Facilities

    Residents of several small U.S. cities throughout America’s west and Midwest were stunned this week when a state-of-the-art Russian spy plane appeared overhead. “Did you spot the Russian ‘spy’ plane yesterday?” asked the Sandhills Express before answering its own question with “don’t worry, because it wasn’t really spying at all!” It turns out it was spying, though – just the legal, agreed-upon kind.

    In March 2019, another Russian spy plane flew over some of America’s most secretive and mysterious research installations including the infamous Area 51. While foreign surveillance missions flying through the nation’s most sensitive airspace may sound suspicious, it turns out the flights are part of what’s known as the Open Skies Treaty, an international agreement which allows nations to routinely observe one another’s military activities and facilities from directly overhead.

    A Russian Tu-154M

    This latest aircraft was a new, specially outfitted Tupolev Tu-214 designed specifically for these types of Open Skies flights. The Russian reconnaissance craft flew over West Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado, flying over Fort Bliss, Fort Riley, McConnell Air Force Base, Vance Air Force Base, Sheppard Air Force Base, and Dyess Air Force Base. Fort Bliss, in particular, is home to the U.S. Army’s Terminal High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) ballistic missile defense batteries.

    Aside from military bases, the aircraft’s flight took it over White Sands Missile Range, Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories, and the Pueblo Chemical Depot in the process. These sites are home of some of the U.S. military industrial complex’s most secretive and advanced research into fields such as directed energy weapons, aircraft countermeasures, and radar signature research. What were they looking for up there?

    While these types of flights are sure to raise alarms, we can all be sure of one thing: the really good stuff isn’t being kept out in the open in hangars marked with the insignia of the U.S. armed Forces. That stuff is kept in salt mines, deep subterranean bunkers, or Las Vegas hangars owned by private aerospace firms. Furthermore, according to a press release issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense, American observers were aboard these Open Skies flight to ensure the Russians saw only what we wanted them to.

    Which makes you wonder: with how advanced and ubiquitous surveillance satellites are these days, what not just spy from space? What is the real need for these Open Skies Treaty flights in the space age? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Interstellar Buckyballs Found in Deep Space

    Interstellar Buckyballs Found in Deep Space

    Everyone’s favorite 60-sided balls have been found in the interstellar space between stars. While the finding may not be Nobel Prize-worthy like the discovery of the original 60-atom molecules also known as Buckminsterfullerene, it’s significant in helping to identify what’s in the mysterious medium between stars and what else it might hold. Does this mean extraterrestrials play soccer (OK, football)?

    Combined with prior, ground-based observations … our Hubble Space Telescope spectra place the detection of interstellar [buckminsterfullerene] beyond reasonable doubt.

    It wasn’t as easy as it sounds in that simple explanation from the article announcing the discovery in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. Physicist Martin Cordiner of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center led the research, which began with using the Hubble Telescope’s Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) to examine the interstellar medium (ISM) between them. ISM is made of diverse absorption bands of extremely diffuse and relatively unknown matter (also called diffuse interstellar bands or DIB) that are visible in spectra ranging from visible light to near infra-red. Scientists have previously been able to determine they’re not made of stellar matter but they’ve only been able to detect molecule composed of three atoms. However, a two-year observation (2016 to 2018) of the ionization of light as it passed through the ISM led to an unexpected HUGE discovery.

    A buckyball or Buckminsterfullerene is a fullerene (a form or carbon) composed of 60 carbon atoms in a round structure made of twenty hexagons and twelve pentagons (causing it to resemble a soccer ball) with a carbon atom at each vertex of each polygon. That shape also resembles a geodesic dome, which is why its discovers in 1985 named it after architect and futurist Buckminster Fuller, who popularized it in many of his architectural designs. In case you missed it, a buckyball is composed of 60 atoms – that’s 57 more than the biggest atoms found in interstellar matter to date.

    Currently, the leading theory is that they form as a result of carbon chemistry in the warm envelopes of dying stars, such as Red giants.”

    When asked by Forbes how the buckyballs got there, Cordiner waxed poetic about the “warm envelopes of dying stars” – the residue left after a Red giant star exhausts its supply of hydrogen and carbon atoms are pushed to its surface in a process called a dredge-up, allowing them to appear in its spectrum. It seems natural rather than accidental that at least some of these carbon molecules would be the complex Buckminsterfullerenes – and now there’s proof.

    The confirmation of interstellar [buckminsterfullerene] represents a breakthrough in our understanding of chemical complexity in the diffuse interstellar medium [..] bringing a new understanding of the types of molecules that may be responsible for the remaining (unidentified) diffuse interstellar bands.

    What does all of this mean? For now, it confirms that what looks like a void between stars is actually teeming with large molecules in diffuse interstellar bands. While not as entertaining as diffuse heavy metal bands, finding buckyballs in-between stars is still a big deal. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Whale with Mysterious Harness May Be Long-Lost Russian Experiment

    Whale with Mysterious Harness May Be Long-Lost Russian Experiment

    Since the dawn of warfare as we know it today, humans have been using animals as tools of war. Elephants, horses, and other pack animals have been used to carry loads for thousands of years, while fiercer predators like dogs and lions have at times been used to inflict damage on enemies. Later, as human communication media shrank in the early 20th century, we began using animals like pigeons or dogs to carry messages for us through areas where human soldiers could not travel. Given that animals have always been an integral part of human existence, it’s natural they would be a part of warfare, too

    More recently, there have been allegations that some nations have previously used or are still using animals as spies. Dolphins, in particular, have indeed been used for bomb detection and marine reconnaissance thanks to their high degree of intelligence and cooperation with humans.

    Soviet Navy training a dolphin in the port of Sevastopol.

    While this particular use of dolphins has stayed relatively obscure, a new report published by The Guardian this week highlights the military use of aquatic mammals – this time whales – and may suggest that some of them may have gotten loose of their training grounds or were turned loose into the ocean years ago. What would happen if these highly-trained animals did indeed escape back into the wild? Isn’t this how the Planet of the Apes reboot started?

    According to The Guardian, fisherman in the small Norwegian fishing village of Inga have in recent weeks been harassed by a mysterious white beluga whale wearing an unidentified harness or apparatus of some kind. The whale reportedly attacks the fishermen’s boats, rubbing itself against their boats in an attempt to remove the strange harness attached to it. The fishermen claim the whale appears to deliberately seek out their boats before engaging in the anomalous behavior. 

    Beluga whale

    Beluga whale

    The harness the whale wears appears to have been made to carry a camera or some other type of equipment – or maybe a weapon. Pictures posted by Norwegian news site NRK show a strange metal object recovered with the harness, which was eventually cut off by fishermen. To make things stranger, some fishermen have even gotten close enough to inspect the harness device the whale is wearing and say it bears the words “Equipment” and “St. Petersburg.” Norwegian biologists have contacted marine biology laboratories in Russia for answers, but all of them seem to want to point the finger at the Russian Navy and deny all knowledge.

    As it turns out, Russia’s Navy along with the Murmansk Sea Biology Research Institute carried out a research program during the height of the Cold War which attempted to train beluga whales to guard entrances to ports or underwater bases and attack any intruders who came close. Could this be one of those long-lost whales? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Russian Scientists Discover Evidence of Possible Life Forms on Venus

    Russian Scientists Discover Evidence of Possible Life Forms on Venus

    David Bowie may have inspired many dreams and plans to search for life on Mars, but it appears Russia has been listening to a Lady Gaga songs and are preparing to build a Rocket #9 to take off to the planet Venus where a cosmonaut or robotic equivalent will ask the Goddess of love or some other life form to please take me to your leader. Lady Gaga can do that? Well, yes, plus a new look at old television photos from Russia’s past Venus missions which have convinced scientists that they’re looking at evidence of life on the cloudy planet. Is it wearing a seashell bikini?

    “This conclusion follows from the results of the processing of archival data of a television (TV) experiment performed on the surface of Venus during the Soviet missions “Venus” in 1975-1982. One of the main was a TV experiment to study the surface of the planet. In situ tv study the surface of Venus remains an experiment, still not repeated. Unique archival data were processed using new methods, which significantly improved their detail. As a result of a new analysis of TV images obtained in the Venus missions, up to 18 hypothetically living objects were discovered.”

    Model of a Venera lander

    The Soviet Union’s Venera (Venus) space program sent eight missions to its namesake, each orbiting the planet and dropping a lander, most of which made it to the surface intact and sent back data and black-and-white “television” pictures before the intense heat destroyed them. Analysis of those pictures was limited to the technology and knowledge of the time, which seems to be why they were set aside for decades until researchers from the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences like Leonid Ksanfomaliti picked them up again and took a more modern look. What they saw in those photos, according to their study published in the journal “Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk,” has them excited about new missions.

    The contours of these objects resemble those of earthly creatures, such as those of a lizard, a scorpion and a mushroom. The supposed life forms changed their location in the different images, had remarkable sizes and differed from the surrounding geological formations.

    “Pareidolia!”, not “Aliens!”, is the obvious response to this from those who have seen images from the Moon, Mars and other planets that look like animals and vegetables but turn out to be minerals. However, the study’s authors propose an alternative hypothesis based on the drastic differences between these objects and their immediate surroundings.

    Objects have a noticeable size and may indicate the existence of life on Venus in physical conditions that are radically different from those on earth. Earth life is based on the aquatic environment. At temperatures of 460 degrees C water cannot exist in liquid form at the landing sites of the landing vehicles.”

    Depiction of a Venera lander on Venus

    In other words, Venus is one of those places where life won’t look like life on Earth because of its chemical mix and lack of water. Despite the fact that the objects in the photos resemble Earth creatures and plants, they say the next missions should throw out all preconceived notions (and pareidolian assumptions) and look for something completely different (perhaps they can get Monty Python to consult).

    So, it’s not the shape so much as the movements which have these scientists excited about the possibility of life on Venus. Future missions (Russia is planning one as soon as 2025) should look for a large plain to drop the lander in, test for non-carbon (nitrogen perhaps) forms of life and watch for movement.

    Sounds exciting, although giant mushroom-eating scorpions would make a better song or movie. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What If A Mega-Tsunami Hit The East Coast Of The United States?

    What If A Mega-Tsunami Hit The East Coast Of The United States?

    Someday a giant meteor will slam into the Atlantic Ocean, and the colossal tsunami that is produced will wipe out most of the people that are living along the east coast.  In 1998, a big Hollywood movie entitled “Deep Impact” imagined what such an event would look like, and scientists assure us that it is just a matter of time before it takes place.  And since 39 percent of all Americans live in a county that directly borders a shoreline, we are in an extremely vulnerable position.  Let’s just hope that what I am talking about in this article does not happen any time soon.

    Earlier today I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, and I came across a video entitled “What If A Mega-Tsunami Hit The United States”.

    If you know me well, then you probably know that this is a hot button issue for me, and so it definitely got my attention.

    And it must be a hot button issue for a lot of other people as well, because it has already been viewed more than 3.5 million times.

    I did some digging around, and I found an accompanying article for the video.  According to that article, someday a wall of water 3000 feet high could come racing toward us at 620 miles per hour…

    In six hours, you, your government, and 124 million other people across 14 states will be tested by the greatest disaster to ever hit the U.S. East Coast. A great wave, 1000 meters tall (3280 ft.), moving towards you at 1000 km/h (620 mph), and that’s only the beginning.

    Boston, New York, Philly, D.C., Miami. All underwater. And you?

    Of course the size of the tsunami would all depend upon the size of the event that caused it.

    According to scientists at the University of California at Santa Cruz, if a giant meteor suddenly slammed into the Atlantic Ocean it could potentially create a tsunami with a wall of water as high as 400 feet…

    If an asteroid crashes into the Earth, it is likely to splash down somewhere in the oceans that cover 70 percent of the planet’s surface. Huge tsunami waves, spreading out from the impact site like the ripples from a rock tossed into a pond, would inundate heavily populated coastal areas. A computer simulation of an asteroid impact tsunami developed by scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz, shows waves as high as 400 feet sweeping onto the Atlantic Coast of the United States.

    Either way, we are talking about death and destruction on a scale that is hard to imagine.

    Once a meteor hit, there would be a race against time to get away from the massive wall of water rapidly approaching the east coast.  The creators of the Facebook video that I just mentioned envision that everyone would have “6 hours of advance notice”

    The death toll would be staggering; the economic impact, easily costing billions, if not trillions of dollars. It will take decades to rebuild, and yet, is it wrong to suggest that we might’ve gotten off easy?

    How much worse would it have been without the 6 hours of advance notice? That’s right, you owe a big thank you to these supersmart buoys monitoring the coast, keeping you safe and dry, so that you can rest easy, and keep watching ‘What If.’

    Sadly, the truth is that we would probably get very little warning.  For example, if a giant meteor were to splash down near Puerto Rico, the amount of time before impact would be extremely limited.  You could try to get in your car and outrace the wall of water coming at you at 620 miles per hour, but of course the highways would be jammed with other people trying to get out as well.

    In a worst case scenario, tens of millions of people would die, and all of our east coast cities would essentially be destroyed.

    You may not spend much time thinking about such a thing, but I find it very interesting that NASA is currently simulating a similar scenario

    NASA is going to be using a simulation of an “asteroid apocalypse” in order to help the space agency prepare for the cataclysmic event. And they are taking it seriously, as disaster planners from FEMA will join NASA for a dress rehearsal of doomsday.

    International partners, including the European Space Agency (ESA), will also be a part of the simulation. The drill is said to be a “tabletop exercise” that will simulate just how a planetary asteroid emergency would play out in real time.

    And NASA has good reason to be concerned, because our planet is apparently “in the midst of an epic asteroid surge”

    NASA’s been running these simulations for years, and with good reason: Earth, as it happens, is in the midst of an epic asteroid surge compared to the relative peace and quiet the planet experienced many millions of years ago.

    When unexpected space rocks do appear on our scopes, sometimes we only get hours’ notice of their existence before they streak past. While the chances of a catastrophic impact are exceedingly slim, we’re nonetheless unprepared for surprise asteroid strikes, which is why NASA is continually working on plans to help improve our NEO detection and mitigation capabilities.

    We truly do live in very strange times, and they are going to get a whole lot stranger.

    A single moment in time can change everything.  Most people assume that NASA knows about all of the big rocks that could potentially slam into our planet, but that is not true at all.  According to one estimate, approximately 17,000 large near-Earth objects remain undetected.  But since they are “undetected”, the truth is that nobody knows the real number.

    Meteors go whizzing by us all the time, and NASA doesn’t discover a lot of them until they are already past us.

    In reality, we are sitting ducks, and someday our luck will finally run out.

    Michael Snyder is the publisher of The Economic Collapse BlogThe American Dream Blog and The Truth. You can follow him on Twitter right here

    Source: }

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    Categorie:Diversen (Eng, NL en Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.High Level Security Officers Overheard Discussing Alien Presence, They're Here

    High Level Security Officers Overheard Discussing Alien Presence, They're Here

    COAST TO COAST AM. Further proof of the reality of the UFO phenomenon came when Levenda was discussing topic with a room full of people who either had or currently maintain high-level security clearances.

    “[They were] discussing this like it’s normal to discuss it… and they’re not talking about proof… they’re now trying to understand it,” he reported.

    According to Levenda, the UFO phenomenon is real, humankind has been contacted, and we must now move on to the bigger issues of figuring out what this contact means and where we go from there. }

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    Categorie:ALIEN LIFE ( FR. , NL; E )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Star Made from a Disrupted Dwarf Galaxy

    Star Made from a Disrupted Dwarf Galaxy

    Stars retain the materials of their birthplace. Some stars are made of the residue of material from dwarf galaxies passing larger galaxies.

    Small stellar systems like dwarf galaxies are suggested to be the main building blocks of our Galaxy. However, it is unclear how many and what kind of stars in our Galaxy are originated from satellite dwarf galaxies.

    This is a star accreted from a disrupted dwarf galaxy.

    Credit: Chinese National Astronomy

    An international team led by ZHAO Gang, a professor from the National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) discovered a chemically peculiar star accreted from a disrupted dwarf galaxy. According to results obtained through the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) and Subaru telescope, the star has an unusually low amount of magnesium which is the eighth most abundant element in the universe. 

    Meanwhile it contains an excessive amount of heavy elements, such as europium, gold, and uranium. The team reported their findings online in Nature Astronomy on April 29th, 2019.

    “Stars preserve chemical information of its birth site. We can distinguish stars formed in the Milky Way from stars formed in dwarf galaxies based on their chemical abundances,” says ZHAO who is also the corresponding author of the paper.

    The chemical composition of this star that the authors discovered suggests it is originated from a dwarf galaxy which was disrupted by interaction with the Milky Way.

    The data was obtained by LAMOST, a spectroscopic survey telescope that is capable to take 4,000 spectra in a single exposure. So far LAMOST has obtained more than 8 million stellar spectra for studies of the formation of the Milky Way. “The massive spectra provided by the LAMOST survey give us a great opportunity to find chemically peculiar stars,” says XING Qianfan, Ph.D., first author of this paper. This type of stars can be used to explore the chemical evolution of different stellar systems. 

    XING continues, “This newly discovered star with large excesses of heavy elements provides a window for exploring the chemical evolution of disrupted dwarf galaxies. The star formation in dwarf galaxies is relatively slow comparing to larger galaxies, leading to chemical differences among their stellar populations. For instance, the magnesium to iron (Mg/Fe) abundance ratios in stars of dwarf galaxies currently found around the Milky Way are much smaller than those in the majority of stars in the Milky Way.”

    “This is the first discovery of a star having a very low amount of magnesium and an excessive amount of heavy elements,” says co-author LI Haining, Ph.D.

    The extreme enhancement of heavy elements of this star suggests this dwarf galaxy was affected by high-yield rapid neutron-capture process (r-process), the dominant process through which elements heavier than iron are formed. Such process may happen during mergers of binary neutron stars in the dwarf galaxy.

    “The discovery of this chemically peculiar star is a good start of chemical identification of stars accreted from dwarf galaxies. Such stars will be good tracers for exploring the assemble history of the Milky Way,” says ZHAO.

    This study is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

    Contacts and sources:

    • Xu Ang
      The National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Video:Two Mysterious Skulls Discovered in the mountains of the Caucasus region of Adygea

    Video:Two Mysterious Skulls Discovered in the mountains of the Caucasus region of Adygea

    In the mountains of the Caucasus region of Adygeya they were found two skulls belonging to an unknown creature for science with the emblem of the Ahnenerbe, probably the most secret society within the dedicated to the study of the occult and the supernatural forces In the summer of 2015 in Elbrus hunters warehouse found another suitcase “Ahnenerbe” from the country of origin of the skull, presumably belonging to the huntsman of the German division “Edelweiss”, a ring and a set of Nazi uniforms. On the ring depicts a profile of a soldier in a mountain caps to which are attached oak leaves. At the bottom of the flower edelweiss. And last year, in the same places the locals reported that excavated the burial of hundreds of bodies of two German Jaegers, which probably covered the avalanche of many years ago. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Video:The Russians conducted an experiment similar to that of Philadelphia??

    Video:The Russians conducted an experiment similar to that of Philadelphia??

    The Philadelphian experiment is a designation for a classified military experiment that was supposed to take place at the naval base in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1943. It is one of the most famous military experiments, but many speculations are still underway here, and there are plenty of ambiguities.

    That is why he is interested in so many mystery hunters and there are many conspiracy theories in circulation.

    The experiment has never been officially confirmed by the US government, and is still surrounded by a series of secrets. So I warn beforehand that it is not necessarily the truth and that the whole event should be taken with reserve and distance.

    The aim of the experiment was to hide or “invade” the USS Eldridge destroyer so that it was hidden not only from the enemy radars but also from the sight of a regular observer.

    This would give the US a tremendous military advantage in the war.

    The experiment should include world-renowned scientists such as Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. The first unsuccessful experiments of this kind were to take place between 1933 and 1940. The project was based on Einstein’s theory of relativity and the use of a combination of gravitational and magnetic fields. The field would merge into one unitary field, which would then change the geometric properties of the space. Even according to official records, Einstein was employed as an adviser in the navy in 1943-1944. According to scientists, huge electric generators bend the light around the object, making it invisible. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Statue on Mars and in Egyptian Tomb (Videos

    Statue on Mars and in Egyptian Tomb (Videos)

    These images from Mars will take your breath away: alien picture taken?
    Alien head or vulgar rock ..

    People always argue about the existence of aliens. NASA in the near or distant past, has published an interesting series of photographs, which definitely worth a look!

    Scientists, explorers and various researchers are constantly trying to find out if life is found elsewhere in the universe. Many times we can observe different objects that resembled a UFO or other cosmic object.

    The existence of life is currently investigating most of the planet Mars, where scientists continually probe and examine the surface. Over the last year managed to take a number of photographs from which we bring you the most interesting in the gallery.

    This is on the rocks, stones or cameras really picture taken lizard, creature resembling a woman or alien? See this for more than an interesting collection of photos from Mars and make your own opinion ….

    SOURCE : }

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    Categorie:MYSTERIES ( Fr, Nl, E)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mysterious Atmospheric Wave passing Jupiter Twice

    Mysterious Atmospheric Wave passing Jupiter Twice

    Filming Jupiter at 3:05am Irish time April 8th 2017 from north of Dublin. A wave like this has been observed many times passing the moon by other astronomers, like Crrow777.

    Crrow777 states: "We see in the jet wash what we see in boat wakes. Two wakes tied together with no independent wave period or offset.

    Both waves remain locked and identical and lack the sharp edge we see in what is called lunar wave - which are not locked and all have different periods and speed - even within the same capture."

    An interesting and mysterious phenomenon in space and till now nobody knows what these waves are.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Hunting in Death Valley, USA

    UFO Hunting in Death Valley, USA

    UFO & Alien Investigators. Our mission is to document evidence of the UFO phenomenon and alien visitation through work in the field.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Meteorite impacts are squeezing water from the moon

    Meteorite impacts are squeezing water from the moon


    Small meteorite impacts are releasing water from the Moon’s subsurface, a new study finds. Researchers now believe that a small amount of water can be found beneath the lunar surface, dating from the early days of the satellite’s evolution.

    This oblique view of the Moon’s surface was photographed by the Apollo 10 astronauts in May of 1969.

    When the Apollo missions brought back samples from the moon, researchers analyzed them and found that the moon was formed without any native water. However, a decade ago, trace amounts of water were discovered in the lunar non-polar areas, and recent observations by Cassini, Deep Impact, Lunar Prospector, and Chandrayaan-1 indicate the existence of an active water cycle on the Moon. In addition, an enhanced concentration of hydrogen, which seems to indicate larger water ice deposits in the permanently shadowed craters of the poles was detected by the Lunar Prospector Neutron Spectrometer (LPNS).

    Researchers have attributed the origin of the water to solar wind and meteorites, but even so, it’s unclear why the water appears on the lunar surface in some places. In a new study published in Nature Geoscience, researchers propose a new cause for this: meteorites.

    The lunar water cycle as proposed in the study. The cycle relies on a desiccated layer overlaying hydrated soils. Hydrogen from solar wind is the main source of water production. Synthesized water diffuses vertically, and can be sequestered in the hydrated layer or lost at the surface.

    Image credits: Benna et al / Nature Geoscience.

    Researchers led by NASA’ Mehdi Benna found that the timing of 29 water releases is associated with the Moon encountering known meteorite impacts. The study also suggests that a very small amount of water is pervasive in the lunar subsoil, where it was preserved from early in the Moon’s history. When meteorites whack the lunar surface, the impact brings out some of this water.

    “We show that water release from meteoroid impacts is indicative of a lunar surface that has a desiccated soil layer of several centimetres on top of uniformly hydrated soil. We infer that the Moon is currently in the process of losing water that was either delivered long ago or present at its formation.”

    According to their calculations, the uniformly present at concentrations up to about 0.05%. However, the water pushed outside is lost and never recovered by the moon. Researchers estimate that a total of 200 tonnes of water are lost every year.

    These findings may lay the groundwork for future investigation into the origin and fate of water on the Moon, and might also be useful in the potential establishment of a human colony on the moon.

    The study “Lunar soil hydration constrained by exospheric water liberated by meteoroid impacts” by Benna et al. has been published in Nature Geoscience. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.We Want to Know’: US Navy Working Up Procedures for Reporting UFOs

    We Want to Know’: US Navy Working Up Procedures for Reporting UFOs

    The US Navy is drafting new guidelines for pilots to officially report “unidentified aircraft” or “unidentified flying objects” (UFOs), which may help destigmatize the process of informing the service about such encounters.

    "There have been a number of reports of unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled ranges and designated airspace in recent years," the Navy said in a recent statement to Politico. 

    Thus, it said, "the Navy is updating and formalizing the process by which reports of any such suspected incursions can be made to the cognizant authorities. A new message to the fleet that will detail the steps for reporting is in draft."

    According to the US Navy, highly trained military personnel and pilots have had enough encounters with UFOs to warrant officially reporting them in a systematic and formal way.

    Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFOs for the British government, told Sputnik Wednesday that he "welcomes these new guidelines," which should "make it easier for US Navy pilots and other military personnel to report UFOs."

    • Nick Pope

      US Navy drafting new guidelines for reporting UFOs. I support this bold and long-overdue move, which should address the current under-reporting problem. Whatever one believes about the phenomenon, it raises defense, national security and air safety issues. 


      U.S. Navy drafting new guidelines for reporting UFOs

      The service says it has also "provided a series of briefings by senior Naval Intelligence officials as well as aviators who reported hazards to aviation safety."
      140 people are talking about this

    ​"Many years ago, the United States Air Force had the policy lead for this subject and ran a program called Project Blue Book," Pope explained, referring to a series of studies of UFOs conducted by the US Air Force starting in 1952. The project was eventually terminated in 1969, because the US government decided that UFOs were "no longer of any interest." However, the sightings continued, and pilots had nowhere to report them, Pope noted.

    "Over the years, a culture developed where pilots — military and civilian alike — would see UFOs, but where many of these sightings went unreported, because of the perception that the government wasn't interested, and because pilots feared they wouldn't be believed, that they might be ridiculed, and that their state of mind might be questioned, leading to them being grounded or losing their jobs," Pope explained.

    Despite the fact that Project Blue Book was terminated, the Defense Intelligence Agency continued to investigate UFOs between 2007 and 2012, unbeknownst to the public. The research, which cost around $25 million, was funded by the Department of Defense under its Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) and was made public in 2017 after a Freedom of Information Act request by Steven Aftergood, director of the Federation of American Scientists' Project on Government Secrecy.

    "We now know that despite the termination of Project Blue Book, the US government was still interested and that investigations were continuing, but without the media and the public being told. The Pentagon's AATIP initiative, for example, investigated several such cases. Three declassified videos of US Navy F-18 jets chasing UFOs were made public in December 2017, when the existence of AATIP was first revealed," Pope told Sputnik. 

    The video footage released in 2017 showed a 2004 encounter between two US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets and an unknown object. In the recording, the fighter pilots attempt to intercept the unidentified object, described as having "no obvious wings or tails." The pilots were unable to intercept the mysterious aircraft Sputnik previously reported.

    In 2017, the New York Times also reported that even though the Pentagon shut down its hush-hush program to study UFOs in 2012, it continues to investigate UFOs brought to its attention by servicemembers.

    "We still don't know if these objects are foreign military aircraft or drones, or something else. But pilots see them, radar operators track them, and now the US Navy wants to make sure it acquires as much data on this phenomenon as possible. I strongly support this new initiative. Any nation wants to ensure the territorial integrity of its airspace. If there's something in our skies, we want to know what it is. Whatever people believe about UFOs, there are defense, national security and air safety issues here," Pope added. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.US Navy admits that UFOs have been spotted near top secret military facilities

    US Navy admits that UFOs have been spotted near top secret military facilities

    Jasper Hamill

    Footage of a ‘Tic Tac’ UFO recorded by US Navy pilots in 2004

    The US Navy has sensationally admitted that UFOs have been spotted near military facilities.

    It has received ‘a number of reports’ of unidentified aircraft travelling into protected airspace over military ranges, which means land owned by the American armed forces.

    Defence chiefs are so concerned that they have ordered the development of a new process to report and record mysterious sightings of ‘unauthorised’ and ‘unidentified aircraft’.

    The announcement comes after details of a secret research drive called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) have slowly leaked into the public domain over the past two years.

    As well as investigating advanced technology like wormholes, anti-gravity and laser weapons, the project probed ‘unexplained aerial phenomena’.

    A drawing of a strange experimental aircraft released in a patent document filed by the US Navy

    One of the most famous incidents revealed during the exposure of AATIP took place in 2004 when pilots on the USS Nimitz Carrier Group were outmanoeuvred by ‘Tic Tac’ crafts moving so quickly they did not appear to obey the laws of physics.

    In a statement given to Politico, the Navy said: ‘There have been a number of reports of unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled ranges and designated air space in recent years.

    ‘For safety and security concerns, the Navy and the [U.S. Air Force] takes these reports very seriously and investigates each and every report.

    ‘As part of this effort, the Navy is updating and formalizing the process by which reports of any such suspected incursions can be made to the cognizant authorities. A new message to the fleet that will detail the steps for reporting is in draft.’

    The UFOs which are likely to have been investigated by the Navy are not necessarily sent by aliens.

    Luis Elizondo, the ex-Pentagon staffer who headed up AATIP, told Politico the aircraft ‘don’t have a tail number or a flag — in some cases not even a tail’.

    ‘What happens in five years if it turns out these are extremely advanced Russian aircraft?’ he asked.

    These drawings of what appears to be a space plane were produced by Boeing as long ago as the 1980s

    (Picture: Boeing)

    Nick Pope, former UFO investigator for the Ministry of Defence, told Metro that the move was ‘bold and long overdue’.

    ‘As I know only too well from my experience having investigated UFOs for the Ministry of Defence, there’s chronic under-reporting of UFOs in the military pilot community, as well as in the commercial airline pilot community,’ he continued.

    ‘That’s because people fear they won’t be believed, they worry about ridicule, and – above all – they’re scared that some psychologist might question their state of mind, resulting in them being grounded.

    Whatever one believes about the true nature of the UFO phenomenon, they’re being seen by pilots, tracked on radar systems and sometimes captured on film. 

    ‘Whether you’re a sceptic or a believer, whether you think these things are Russian or Martian, it’s time to lose the pop culture baggage associated with UFOs.

    ‘It’s time to have a mature, informed debate about the phenomenon and acknowledge what those of us who’ve looked at this from within government already know, namely that there are important defence, national security and air safety issues at stake here.’

    We asked Pope why the US Navy is involved rather than the Airforce.

    He replied: ‘The UFO issue can be toxic and the US Navy may well face criticism for this move. There may be political fallout, and this new initiative is likely to spark all sorts of bizarre conspiracy theories. Interestingly, this might just be one of those rare instances where the conspiracy theories turn out to be true.

    ‘For years, there have been rumours that it’s the Navy and not the Air Force that has the policy lead on UFOs. It sounds counter-intuitive. The US government’s old UFO program, Project Blue Book, was run by the United States Air Force. In the UK, the MoD’s UFO project had lots of cases involving the Royal Air Force, but very little from the Royal Navy.

    ‘But the rumours persist, and when the story broke about the Pentagon’s AATIP program, it was three videos of US Navy jets chasing UFOs that made headlines all around the world. So it doesn’t surprise me to see the US Navy leading the way here. There’s always been inter-service rivalry, and President Trump’s Space Force aspirations have added a new dimension to this.

    ‘A new space race is underway, and the US Navy clearly wants to be at the heart of it.’ }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.US Navy admits to ‘multiple’ UFO sightings over top secret military bases

    US Navy admits to ‘multiple’ UFO sightings over top secret military bases

    The US Navy is changing how pilots report UFOs after recent sightings

    Footage of a ‘Tic Tac’ UFO recorded by US Navy pilots in 2004

    This UFO was briefly caught on camera flying next to a military plane by US pilots

    The decision to make these new guidelines for UFO sightings has been made in response to recent reports of unidentified flying objects.

    In a statement given to US news outlet Politico, the US Navy said: "There have been a number of reports of unauthorised and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled ranges and designated air space in recent years.

    "For safety and security concerns, the Navy and the [U.S. Air Force] takes these reports very seriously and investigates each and every report.

    "As part of this effort, the Navy is updating and formalising the process by which reports of any such suspected incursions can be made to the cognisant authorities. A new message to the fleet that will detail the steps for reporting is in draft."

    One fighter pilot believed this mysterious flying object could make itself invisible

    A few years ago, a leaked report from the Pentagon revealed that a supersonic UFO shaped like a Tic Tac sweet had stalked a US Aircraft carrier for days before vanishing into thin air.

    Some of the pilots said that the aircraft could make itself invisible as it travelled next to them.

    The craft was described by one of the pilots mentioned in the report as "solid white, smooth, with no edges... uniformly coloured with no nacelles, pylons or wings", and looked like "an elongated egg or Tic Tac".

    The incident happened over a couple of days in November 2004 but the video footage of the flying object was not revealed to the public until December 2017.

    Pilots who witnessed the incident reported that they picked up the presence of 8 to 10 objects in their radar equipment on November 10, 2004.

    Sceptics think that the sighting could be explained by equipment malfunction or human error.

    Retired Pentagon official Luis Elizondo once ran a secret Pentagon program for investigating UFOs until it was reportedly shut down in 2012.

    He told Politico that government personnel were often encouraged not to report sightings, making this new admission from the US Navy even more groundbreaking.

    Nick Pope, who investigated UFOs for the Ministry of Defence, told us: "This bold new initiative on the part of the US Navy is clearly aimed at de-stigmatising the UFO issue.

    "I know from my own experience of having run the MoD's UFO project that fear of being ridiculed or disbelieved, and worries about adverse career consequences means many pilots - military and civil alike - simply don't report these things.

    "This new move gives official sanction for pilots, radar operators and other military witnesses to come forward and report what they see. I strongly support this policy change and hope we can do the same thing in the UK."

    Salvatore Cezar Pais /Google

    A drawing of a strange experimental aircraft released in a patent document filed by the US Navy

    In other space news, a bomb was recently launched towards an asteroid during a Japanese space mission and scientists have now released breathtaking footage of the spectacle.

    Nasa is aiming to send the next man and the first woman to the icy South Pole of the moon by 2024.

    And, the space agency has recorded the sound of a ‘Marsquake’ for the first time.

    Do you believe in aliens? Let us know in the comments...

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Life May Have Evolved Before Earth Finished Forming

    Life May Have Evolved Before Earth Finished Forming

    Artist’s concept showing a young sun-like star surrounded by a planet-forming disk of gas and dust.
    Artist’s concept showing a young sun-like star surrounded by a planet-forming disk of gas and dust.
    (Image: © NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle)

    Life may have arisen in our solar system before Earth even finished forming.

    Planetesimals, the rocky building blocks of planets, likely had all the ingredients necessary for life as we know it way back at the dawn of the solar system, said Lindy Elkins-Tanton, a planetary scientist at Arizona State University (ASU).

    And clement conditions may have persisted inside some planetesimals for tens of millions of years — perhaps long enough for life to emerge, said Elkins-Tanton, the director of ASU's School of Earth and Space Exploration and the principal investigator of NASA's upcoming mission to the odd metallic asteroid Psyche.

    Some planetesimals survived into and beyond the planet-forming period, raising the possibility that one of these primitive bodies may have seeded Earth with life, she added.

    "Not all planetesimals are going to be involved in the kinds of catastrophic collisions that would cause them to go into a plasma or otherwise completely denature anything that was created," Elkins-Tanton said April 11 at the Breakthrough Discuss conference at the University of California, Berkeley. 

    "Some things are going to fall — like Chelyabinsk, for example — back onto the surface of a temperate planet," she added, referring to the 65-foot-wide (20 meters) object that exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in February 2013. "So, there is that possibility in the end."

    Elkins-Tanton said this basic idea grew out of a course she taught at ASU in the fall of 2016. At the beginning of the semester, she asked the students to consider whether life could have arisen on small bodies. Over the next few months, the students, Elkins-Tanton and her co-author on the newly presented work, Stephen West, explored this possibility, as well as a number of other questions that stemmed from that core question.

    Life as we know it requires three main ingredients: liquid water, organic molecules and an energy source. Planetesimals, which formed within 1.5 million years of the solar system's birth, likely featured all three, Elkins-Tanton said.

    For example, more than 35 different amino acids have been identified in the Murchison meteorite, an ancient space rock that fell to Earth in southern Australia in 1969.

    Murchison is so full of organics that it "smells like an oil well," Elkins-Tanton said. "What could be a better place for the advent of life than a nice, warm, wet piece of Murchison? So, that's the idea that we're starting with."

    The energy source on early planetesimals, such as Murchison's parent body, came from the radioactive decay of aluminum-26, she explained. The heat flowing through some planetesimals' interiors was intense enough to melt the objects completely, which is certainly not conducive to the emergence of life. 

    But other bodies would have melted only partially, from the inside out, so they would eventually sport a metallic core, a magma-ocean mantle and a rocky, primitive crust. Such planetesimals would have had extremely hot interiors but frigid surfaces, Elkins-Tanton said. Waves of heat radiating from the depths would have spurred the release of fluids such as liquid water, driving that material up toward the surface.

    Such processes may have created habitable environments beneath the planetesimals' rocky surfaces. And these environments likely lasted for relatively long stretches.

    For example, modeling work performed by Elkins-Tanton and West, who's now at the California-based company Metis Technology Solutions, suggests that small planetesimals — those up to 30 miles (50 kilometers) wide — could have supported liquid water underground for about 15 million years. 

    And an earlier study Elkins-Tanton conducted with Ben Weiss and Maria Zuber of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that larger bodies could have remained wet for even longer — perhaps 50 million years or so.

    It's unclear if this window is long enough for life to get going, Elkins-Tanton stressed. That's because we don't know how long that window has to be. "I'm going to bravely assert that we really have no idea," she said.

    For example, the earliest unambiguous signs of life on our 4.5-billion-year-old Earth date to about 3.8 billion years ago. But some scientists have presented evidence that microbes already had a foothold here by 4.1 billion years ago. And at this same Breakthrough Discuss meeting, biochemist Steven Benner of the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution in Florida argued that life actually emerged 4.36 billion years ago. (Only at that time was Earth's atmospheric chemistry right for the first organisms, RNA-based microbes, to evolve, Benner said in his talk.)

    To be clear, Elkins-Tanton and West aren't arguing that Earth life actually did originate on planetary building blocks — just that this idea is worthy of consideration. And the new work is preliminary; the Breakthrough Discuss talk marked the first time Elkins-Tanton formally presented the idea to her planetary-science colleagues. 

    She said she hopes the work spurs further discussion and research about the origin of life and its possible dispersal throughout the solar system.

    "This is meant to be just a kind of a thought problem for us all to consider," Elkins-Tanton said. "Could life actually have arisen on planetesimals? Could there be evidence for life in meteorites that we have not known to look for? And if this is so, how could they have been spread through the solar system — and many, many unanswerable implications of that possibility."

    The idea that life has spread from body to body throughout the solar system is not a new one, of course. For example, Benner and others have suggested that Earth life may actually have originated on Mars and traveled here aboard a rock liberated from the Red Planet by an asteroid or comet strike. 

    And some researchers have even posited that life may have come to Earth from another star system, perhaps aboard a wandering comet.

    Mike Wall's book about the search for alien life, "Out There" (Grand Central Publishing, 2018; illustrated by Karl Tate), is out now.

    Follow him on Twitter @michaeldwall.

    Follow us on Twitter @Spacedotcom or Facebook }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.How an Asteroid Flyby in 2017 Is Helping NASA Defend Earth from Armageddon

    How an Asteroid Flyby in 2017 Is Helping NASA Defend Earth from Armageddon

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Here’s why things are looking up for ufologists

    Here’s why things are looking up for ufologists

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What’s on the far side of the moon?

    What’s on the far side of the moon?

    The far side of the moon sees its share of sunlight. With all due respect to Pink Floyd, the moon’s far side is dark only in the sense that it’s mysterious. Here’s why.

    Back of gibbous moon with large Earth behind it.

    The far side looks a lot like the near side.

    Image via NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio.

    By Wayne SchlingmanThe Ohio State University

    Looking up at the silvery orb of the moon, you might recognize familiar shadows and shapes on its face from one night to the next. You see the same view of the moon our early ancestors did as it lighted their way after sundown.

    Only one side of the spherical moon is ever visible from Earth – it wasn’t until 1959 when the Soviet Spacecraft Luna 3 orbited the moon and sent pictures home that human beings were able to see the “far side” of the moon for the first time.

    Two panels: left side very fuzzy image of back side of moon, right side clear image.

    Comparison of humanity’s first glimpse of the lunar far side and the same view thanks to LRO data 50 years later.

    Image via NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

    A phenomenon called tidal locking is responsible for the consistent view. The Earth and its moon are in close proximity and thus exert significant gravitational forces on each other. These tidal forces slow the rotations of both bodies. They locked the moon’s rotation in sync with its orbital period relatively soon after it formed – as a product of a collision between a Mars-sized object and the proto-Earth, 100 million years after the solar system coalesced.

    The moon’s orbital period and rotational period are the same length of time.

    Now the moon takes one trip around the Earth in the same amount of time it takes to make one rotation around its own axis: about 28 days. From Earth, we always see the same face of the moon; from the moon, the Earth stands still in the sky.

    The near side of the moon is well studied because we can see it. The astronauts landed on the near side of the moon so they could communicate with NASA here on Earth. All of the samples from the Apollo missions are from the near side.

    Astronaut on ladder from gold foil covered lunar module, moon horizon and black sky in background.

    Buzz Aldrin descends from the lunar module to the surface of the moon on July 20, 1969.

    Image via NASA.

    Although the far side of the moon isn’t visible from our vantage point, and with all due respect to Pink Floyd, it is not accurate to call it the dark side of the moon. All sides of the moon experience night and day just like we do here on Earth. All sides have equal amounts of day and night over the course of a single month. A lunar day lasts about two Earth weeks.

    With modern satellites, astronomers have completely mapped the lunar surface. A Chinese mission, Chang’e 4, is currently exploring the Aitken Basin on the far side of the moon — the first such mission ever landed there. Researchers hope Chang’e 4 will help answer questions about the crater’s surface features and test whether things can grow in lunar soil. A privately funded Israeli mission, Beresheet, started as a mission to compete for the Google Lunar X Prize. Despite crashing during an attempted landing earlier this month, the Beresheet team still won the Moon Shot Award.

    Being shielded from civilization means the far side of the moon is “radio dark.” There, researchers can measure weak signals from the universe that would otherwise be drowned out. Chang’e 4, for instance, will be able to observe low-frequency radio light coming from the sun or beyond that’s impossible to detect here on the Earth due to human activity, such as TV and radio broadcasts and other forms of communication signals. Low-frequency radio peers back in time to the very first stars and the very first black holes, giving astronomers a greater understanding of how the structures of the universe began forming.

    Moon landscape with mountains on horizon and craters closer to observer.

    Arrows indicate position of Chang’e 4 lander on the floor of the moon’s Von Kármán crater. The sharp crater behind and to the left of the landing site is 12,800 feet (3,900 meters) across and 1,970 feet (600 meters) deep.

    Image via NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University.

    Rover missions also investigate all sides of the moon as space scientists prepare for future human missions, looking to the moon’s resources to help humanity get to Mars. For instance, water – discovered by NASA’s LCROSS satellite beneath the moon’s north and south poles in 2009 – can be broken up into hydrogen and oxygen and used for fuel and breathing.

    Researchers are getting closer to exploring the moon’s polar craters, some of which have never seen the light of day – literally. They are deep and in just the right place to never have the sun shine onto the crater floor. There are certainly dark parts of the moon, but the whole far side isn’t one of them.

    Wayne Schlingman, Director of the Arne Slettebak Planetarium, The Ohio State University

    Bottom line: What is on the far side of the moon? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Eccentric UFO Welcome Center in SC waits for space aliens, but settles for random tourists

    Eccentric UFO Welcome Center in SC waits for space aliens, but settles for random tourists

    Joseph “Jody” Pendarvis looks out from the top of his UFO Welcome Center on Monday, September 10, 2018, in Bowman. While looking in the sky, Pendarvis points into the distance and says you never know what you may see out there. Andrew J. Whitaker/Staff

    BOWMAN — Charleston Highway is the main road through the center of this small town about an hour from Charleston along Interstate 26. There isn’t a stoplight, just a few stop signs.

    A once-thriving dairy community in Orangeburg County, Bowman now has just under 1,000 residents. These days, what brings a lot of people to this tiny outpost is the UFO Welcome Center, built by Jody Pendarvis over the past 25 years to greet aliens, should they decide to visit South Carolina. 

    Pendarvis’ neighbor Devontay Turkvant said he has lived across from the UFO Welcome Center for two years now.

    “I grew up on the other side of Bowman and knew all about it my entire life,” Turkvant said. “People are really into this. With the solar eclipse there were a ton of people watching it in his yard.” 

    Tourists take selfies in front of the UFO Welcome Center as they pass through town on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2019. Andrew J. Whitaker/Staff

    Bowman Country Store manager Sonya Patel said people come into the store and ask about the welcome center, wanting to go inside.

    “Jody does come in now and then to play his lotto,” she said.

    The land where the gas station is on was once owned by Pendarvis’ grandparents, who also had 52 acres of farmland in town.

    Mike Mack, a resident of Bowman, was sitting outside the store recently, watching customers go in and out.

    “I went up once,” he said of the welcome center. “I thought it would have buttons and lights, but it just had wires dangling in it. I think he’s still building it.” 

    Built from the ground up

    A sign near the outside entrance of the welcome center reads, “Space People Only. Enter at Own Risk, Danger.”

    As you walk in the narrow hallway entrance, a visitors’ registry is presented next to a few American flags, a television remote and a toilet. The book asks you to write down your name and what planet you’re from.

    The ceiling boards are covered in exposed wires and cables that are intertwined throughout the whole welcome center. Staircases take you to a dome-shaped room at the top, where dozens of pie plates are used as porthole windows. From there, you can look out for any signs of UFOs in the sky or see Jody sitting in front of the TV flipping through to a channel playing old episodes of “Star Trek.”

    Rafa Key, 7, and her mother, Danielle Key, were headed back to Charleston from a concert in Charlotte when Rafa saw a billboard that that said “UFO Welcome Center tilt right Bowman.” Jody paid for it himself.

    Wearing her Magic Space T-shirt, Rafa’s face lit up as she explored the welcome center’s different rooms and windows. 

    “She loves everything with spaceships or planets,” her mom said.  

    As Rafa and her mother left the welcome center, another car pulled up.

    Andrew Bowman and his fiancee, Ashley Amstutz, were driving back home to Akron, Ohio, from Gainesville, Fla., when they saw the sign. They took a few cellphone photos, exchanged a few words with Pendarvis and went on their way.

    This is a typical day for the UFO Welcome Center. The billboard has helped bring in curious travelers since it went up in May 2018.

    A billboard advertising the UFO Welcome Center gives directions to the structure in Bowman for flying saucers to tilt right into town. The billboard has been up since May of 2018. Andrew J. Whitaker/Staff

    The welcome center began as an office space outside of Pendarvis’ trailer. It sprung up without a diagram or any plans, just a place where he could work. He used plywood and material he found from his grandparents’ property or that was discarded around town. 

    “I walked into town hall and applied for a building permit and got an application to run for mayor,” he said. “I got 41 votes.” 

    On a recent Monday, Pendarvis parked his spray-painted truck next to the UFO Welcome Center with two large wooden planks in the back. He was just getting back from the out-of-town hardware store for supplies to add support beams to the 16-foot-tall, 46-foot-wide welcome center. After unloading, he went straight to his circular saw and cut the wood to fit precisely along the walls. He has been continually adding onto the structure since he first started it in 1994.

    A view of the town of Bowman, along with the UFO Welcome Center, on Tuesday, April 9, 2019. Lauren Petracca/Staff

    An eccentric passion project

    Bowman Mayor Marion Glenn said he wants to make the UFO Welcome Center more of a true town welcome center.

    “I have been trying to persuade him for years to have something more attractive inside and out. I want to have people come in and look at it, with different drawings and things that promote the town. It could show where town hall is and where families could come and take pictures.”

    Pendarvis is indifferent about it and said he will hand it over once he’s gone, but for now it’s Jody’s Welcome Center.

    Former Fire Chief Ethel Sue Davis isn’t a fan of the center.

    “It’s an eyesore. I’m surprised one of the hurricanes hasn’t knocked it over yet.”

    To Pendarvis, it all just rolls off his back.

    “The day I went into town hall for a building permit I also got an application to run for mayor,” Jody Pendarvis said, referring back to 1994 when he first constructed what is now known as the UFO Welcome Center in Bowman. He first started to build an office space outside of his trailer without any diagram or plans but then changing it to a welcome center for aliens. Andrew J. Whitaker/Staff

    By Andrew Whitaker

    Maggie Sanford of Orangeburg met Jody when he struck up a conversation with her at Waffle House, where she works. She has known about the welcome center since it was first built.

    Photos: UFO Welcome Center a destination in Bowman for 25 years

    Joseph ‘Jody’ Pendarvis, 68, a local celebrity started building on his property in 1994 what is now known as the UFO Welcome Center in Bowman, South Carolina. 

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Aliens, ahoy! Navy developing guidelines on reporting UFO sightings

    Aliens, ahoy! Navy developing guidelines on reporting UFO sightings

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Why the Navy Taking UFOs Seriously Matters
    Why the Navy Taking UFOs Seriously Matters


    The US Military has not outlined procedures for reporting UFOs in decades. Now, the Navy is writing up new plans for reporting UFOs. Why now? First, let’s talk a bit more about the significance of this news. 

    Politico broke this story yesterday in an article titled, “U.S. Navy drafting new guidelines for reporting UFOs.” The article states, “a significant new step in creating a formal process to collect and analyze the unexplained sightings — and destigmatize them.”

    I think the last sentence is a key one because it would seem this stigma has caused the military to do a lot of linguistic gymnastics in the past when it comes to UFOs. It seems intuitively obvious that the military would be interested in aircraft entering U.S. airspace that cannot be identified. However, when you contact nearly any government agency requesting information about an unidentified object, the response is typical that they do not research UFOs anymore, so go elsewhere.

    I know this first hand as a reporter and a previous UFO field investigator with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The first case I investigated was a report from a bank security guard who had just returned from active duty in the middle east. Because of his training and experience, he was very aware of his surroundings. He had spotted an object in the sky west of Denver that was in the flight path of commercial airlines. After examining it on a couple of occasions and it still being there after a couple of rounds, he tried to call it in, but no one cared. 

    He called the FAA, the airport, the police, the news, but they said they didn’t have anything to do with UFOs. Finally, a news station suggested he call MUFON. He said MUFON was the only group who listened. I called the FAA, I knew he had reported it, but they said they had no record and I should call a different UFO group, the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

    To me this was shocking. There is an unknown object which could potentially be posing a threat to the commercial aircraft nearby, and no one cared. The stigma attached to UFOs has caused a blind spot to taking public reports seriously. 

    The last time the military looked into the UFO phenomenon, there were publicly available instructions on how the military was to report UFOs. It was part of a joint system with Canada, ran by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). They even provided a poster to help military personnel know what to report and how. It included pictures of a Buck Rodgers looking UFO and a classic flying disk.

    This was in the 1950s, and the U.S. Air Force still had an ongoing UFO investigation project called Project Blue Book. However, after Blue Book closed, everything UFO related was much more hush hush. Is this because they found aliens? Probably not. It was likely more about the stigma. They did not want to be embarrassed. Air Force Brigadier General wrote a memo when Blue Book closed that said UFO reports that “could effect national security” were made outside of Blue Book under a different reporting structure anyway.

    So changing this stigma will be important if the Navy is to continue a positive approach to the UFO issue. It has been this stigma that has caused people to laugh, or run from the idea of UFOs. Scientists and journalists fear addressing the UFO topic can hurt their credibility. No doubt the Navy understands they are taking on this ridicule factor by setting up these guidelines.

    Here is the full Navy statement. I received it via email from Douglas Johnson, a legislative strategy consultant in D.C. He says the statement comes from Joseph Gradisher, spokesperson for Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare. It is very similar to what Politico shared.

    "There have been a number of reports of unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled ranges and designated air space in recent years. For safety and security concerns, the Navy and the USAF take these reports very seriously and investigate each and every report. As part of this effort, the Navy is updating and formalizing the process by which reports of any such suspected incursions can be made to the cognizant authorities. A new message to the fleet that will detail the steps for reporting is in draft. In response to requests for information from Congressional members and staff, Navy officials have provided a series of briefings by senior Naval Intelligence officials as well as aviators who reported hazards to aviation safety."

    So how did we get here? There are clues in this statement, but any listeners to Open Minds UFO Radio or followers of, already know this.

    In 2004, outside of San Diego, the USS Nimitz Carrier Strike group encountered UFOs on several occasions. In one incident, jets were zeroed in on the object, and a jet fighter attempted to chase one. He described the object as looking like a giant Tic Tac. The object turned towards him as he approached, then began to match his maneuvers before shooting off at incredible speed. Read more about this encounter here.

    The pilot of the jet fighter was Commander David Fravor. His story was included in a New York Times article in December 2017 that broke the story of the existence of a Pentagon project that investigated UFOs. The Nimitz encounter was one this program had looked into. The program was called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), and the man who exposed its existence was the former head of the program, Luis Elizondo.

    After the New York Times story was published, Elizondo and Fravor have done numerous interviews on network news programs. Since then, even more Nimitz witnesses have come forward. As far as we know, publicly, these are some of the witnesses the Navy is referring to.

    As for briefings, Elizondo has said, publicly, he would only share the information that is his to share, and that is not classified. Some of what he will not share is information that may not be classified but has not been shared by the owners of the information. In other words, he is respecting his colleague’s decisions as to what they would like to make public.

    Instead, Elizondo has stressed that this information should not come from him anyway and that he has been working behind the scenes to encourage the people with the information to share it.

    Elizondo now works for To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences (TTSA), a company started by rock star Tom DeLonge, formerly of Blink-182. His coworkers include several former intelligence officers. An acronym we often see we should familiarize ourselves with is IC (intelligence community). In other words, TTSA has connections inside the IC.

    This is significant because the Navy says “In response to requests for information from Congressional members and staff, Navy officials have provided a series of briefings by senior Naval Intelligence officials as well as aviators who reported hazards to aviation safety.”

    In a previous article by Poltico's Bryan Bender, he asked members of congress if the AATIP news had changed their minds on UFOs. A ranking member fo the House subcommittee on space said it encouraged him to raise the question of holding hearings on UFOs.

    Nick Pope wrote an article for the UK newspaper, The Guardian, in which he outlined months ago that Congress was being briefed by Nimitz encounter witnesses and on the nature of AATIP. While no one in AATIP worked for Naval Intelligence that I am aware of, apparently TTSA IC counterparts seem also to have been aware of these UFO encounters, and perhaps even more.

    Some have said, "well the Navy has been interested in this stuff for a long time, so it is no shocker they are making these guidelines." I disagree. Given that it has been decades since guidelines like this have been in place, I think the timing is significant. I think it is no coincidence that after a large amount of public and congressional interest in AATIP and the Nimitz encounter that they also had a significant effect on influencing this decision by the Navy. The Politico article covers a lot of this as well and also seems to make this connection.

    There is one last point to make. Tom Delonge posted this comment on Instagram, along with the Politico story yesterday:

    “ADMISSION OF UFOs BEING REAL in @politico’s groundbreaking article is a DIRECT RESULT of @tothestarsacademy’s quiet efforts coordinating briefings to the Legislative and Executive Branch. TTSA has been working at the highest levels of the Navy, DOD and other Agencies to help create an architecture for dealing with the reality and National Security issues related to UFOs. Chris Mellon, Chairman of the TTSA ADVISORY BOARD, worked diligently for the greater part of a year on this breakthrough National Security Policy—- And yes, this is an admission by the NAVY that these Unidentified Aerial Vehicles are real. We are appreciative that @POLITICOmentions @tothestarsacademy in the article, but few will know that we initiated the entire effort. Thank you to everyone for believing in us, and there is so much more to come ;)”

    There is no reason to doubt DeLonge here. DeLonge, personally, deserves more credit than he is boasting here. According to Elizondo, he was not planning on being outspoken about AATIP when he retired from the Pentagon. Elizondo was asked to join TTSA, who sought to investigate UFOs, and when TTSA was announced in October of 2017, Elizondo was introduced in the lineup as a former intelligence officer who worked on a UFO project in the Pentagon. This was the first time the public heard of this, and if it was not for DeLonge creating TTSA and recruiting Elizondo, none of this might have happened. What’s more, in the above Instagram post, DeLonge says more is on the way. Again, there is no reason to doubt him, so buckle in and stay tuned!

    Read more about how Tom DeLonge's government connections and how he got TTSA started here.

    *This article was corrected to properly attribute the "destigmatize" quote at the beginning of the article. Thank you to David Haith for pointing out the mistake. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO's, Close Encounters, and the Cry for Meaning

    UFO's, Close Encounters, and the Cry for Meaning

    What is the psychospiritual significance of the UFO phenomenon?

    Stephen A. Diamond Ph.D.

    Evil Deeds

    "Man cannot stand a meaningless life.

    -- C.G. Jung


    Strange objects have reportedly been seen flying, floating and, at least in one famous incident five centuries ago in Nuremberg, Germany, apparently fighting in our skies for thousands of years. Stunning eye-witness accounts of what happened one early morning above sixteenth-century Nuremberg on April 14, 1561, describe numerous multi-colored spherical "globes," disc-like "plates," blood-red "crosses," larger "rods" or cylindrical "tubes" containing round objects and one massive triangular or spear-shaped black object doing fierce aerial battle for more than an hour until some flew off "into the sun" while others crashed to earth in a cloud of smoke or "steam." Hallucination? Waking vision? If so, it was shared and attested to by many medieval Nuremberg residents that extraordinary day. (See two different artist's renderings around that time of what was witnessed and documented in the Nuremberg Gazette above and below. Five years later, an almost identical incident allegedly took place in Basel, Switzerland.) While obviously one of the most dramatic and remarkable of such widely reported phenomena, the Nuremberg event is but one of countless sightings of similarly oddly shaped spherical, saucer-like, triangular and cylindrical objects over the past five-hundred years, sometimes by highly credible witnesses such as commercial or military pilots and police officers. What really is it that they are seeing?


    In 1958, the year Swiss psychiatrist and depth psychologist C.G. Jung celebrated his 83rd birthday three years before his death, he published a very controversial work about UFO's, at that time popularly referred to as "flying saucers." Later titled Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky (Princeton University Press, 1979), Jung's concern was less whether or not these UFO's objectively, physically or materially exist than with their subjective, phenomenological inner reality, psychological meaning and spiritual significance. (See my prior posts on subjective and objective reality.) Jung's emphasis on our fundamental human need for meaning in the face of a seemingly meaningless universe is something he shared with existential analysts like Otto Rank, Viktor Frankl and Rollo May. Meaning and the problem of meaninglessness is one of the ultimate concerns of existential psychotherapy. Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl felt that we all possess an innate, instinctual "will to meaning": an inherent need to make sense of life, to find some purpose. When this innate need is unmet or frustrated, when we find ourselves living in what Frankl called an "existential vacuum," despair, rage, depression and embitterment ensue. (See my prior posts on anger disorder.) Indeed, Dr. Frankl proposed the following somewhat simplistic formula: D = S - M. Despair equals suffering without meaning. Meaning makes suffering more bearable. So naturally, we tend to seek meaning in life as much as possible. We want to make sense of the seemingly senseless. Atrribute meaning to the apparently absurd. Assign significance to the insignificant. Both Jung and Rank, unlike their mutual mentor, Sigmund Freud, believed we need meaningful illusions, myths or religious beliefs to improve or preserve mental health. Rollo May, in his last work, The Cry for Myth (1991), clearly illustrates the vital psychological importance of myths that help give meaning to human existence. Soren Kierkegaard, a philosophical forerunner of existential therapy, felt that life is fundamentally meaningful, and that it is our task to discover that mysterious spiritual meaning. At the same time, like French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, existential therapy recognizes the possibility that life may be basically meaningless except to the extent we bravely imbue it with meaning. That life holds no hidden meaning other than that which we choose to give it. And that without the courageous capacity to tolerate life's partial or complete meaninglessness, we are, as Freud held regarding religious dogma, susceptible to believing almost anything in order to allay our anxiety about the unknown and satisfy our insatiable need for meaning.


    Now, more than fifty years following the original publication of Jung's essay about the depth psychology of UFO's, this enigmatic mystery remains both vital and fascinating: If UFO's are objectively real, what does their persisting existence and presence on this planet signify? And if they are not real in any physical sense, mere mirages, misperceptions or misinterpretations, fantastic figments of our fertile and meaning-making imagination, what does this say about us? As Pablo Picasso put it, "Everything you can imagine is real." Could UFO's turn out to be phenomena of our own creation? Deeply embedded archetypal images stored in and stemming from what Jung called our "collective unconscious"? Of course, given the greatly enhanced ability today to capture and document (as well as fake using sophisticated computer programs like Photoshop) such sightings with video and cell phone cameras, and the cumulative collection of photographic and other evidence available, to totally deny their physical existence out of hand seems not merely skeptical, but somewhat naive and defensive. A solipsistic, hyper-psychological, one-sided explanation. On the other hand, their continued elusiveness, evasiveness, rarity and the lack of unequivocal validation requires, much like religion, a significant leap of faith to overcome the absence of irrefutable proof of their reality. Why do some enthusiastically take this leap of faith, while others refuse to do so? Gullibility? Hypersuggestibility? Psychopathology? Desperation for something otherworldly to believe in? And why do we so strongly feel the need to somehow identify and rationally explain these, by definition, unidentified and irrational phenomena? Is it simply human curiosity?


    The unknown is a frightening thing. As with primitive man and natural phenomena such as solar or lunar eclipses, fire, floods, thunder, lightning, volcanoes, earthquakes or tornadoes, we tend to fear the unknown and create stories or myths to explain them. This serves the purpose of assuaging our existential anxiety in the face of these terrifying phenomena. Science today has succeeded in explaining such formerly inexplicable phenomena. But UFO's are something modern science cannot yet explain. Their reported characteristics and behavior defy physics, seem more organismic than mechanical, and transcend any anthropomorphic projections we place upon them. Are they, as most believe, brilliantly engineered space ships controlled by humanoid pilots? Or rather some organic form of intelligent life we cannot comprehend? While tales of such visitations have been occurring for millennia if not longer, our collective postmodern fascination took off in the 1950's following the now infamous 1947 Roswell, New Mexico case, and came to a cinematic climax in 1977 with director Steven Spielberg's classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind.Hundreds if not thousands of sightings and photographs of strange objects in the skies over every continent around the world are officially filed annually.


    For decades, starting notably during the 1950's and taking off with the alleged 1961 Barney and Betty Hill alien abduction case in Massachusetts, otherwise sober and quite rational individuals have recounted being abducted by such alien crafts and their non-human occupants. What's up? Mass hysteria? Archetypal nightmaresPsychosisOr waking reality? Fact or fiction? The late Harvard psychiatrist and psychoanalyst John E. Mack took a special interest in this bizarre yet, to him, not necessarily pathological phenomenon, taking and treating seriously sufferers of so-called traumatic alien abduction in his private practice and clinical research.


    Whether real physical phenomena or no less subjectively real to those who experience such alien encounters and sightings, we instinctively seek to make meaning of them. Science is one way of imposing rational meaning on unknown phenomena. Religion is another. Mythology is a third. Indeed, it can be said that both science and religion are forms of mythology. Myths express existential truths that defy logical or rational explanations. Myths, however, are by no means necessarily untrue, as common usage has it. Myths contain archetypal truths about human existence and experience. Myth is how we attribute meaning to our existence and experience--no myth, no meaning. Myth is a way of looking at the world, the cosmos, ourselves and our place in and relationship to reality. UFO's, in this sense, are very much part of our collective mythology, both past and present. The UFO phenomenon (like the "possession syndrome" discussed in a previous post) is one of the few profound existential mysteries modern science has yet to explain away, despite its best efforts. As Spielberg so skillfully and insightfully demonstrates in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, witnessing UFO's is associated with a profoundly numinous, spiritual or religious experience. An existential quest for meaning. An unforgettable experience of awe, wonder and even child-like joy. A life-altering and mind-opening confirmation of Shakespeare's hint in Hamlet that "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."


    At the same time, there is a dark side to this potently numinous experience, a deep fear and dread of the UFO phenomenon, as can be seen in these terrifying tales of abduction by monstrous grey-skinned, insect-eyed aliens conducting torturous testing on their confused, disoriented and helpless victims. And the threat of invasion, colonization and interplanetary war as depicted in H.G. Wells'  War of the Worlds and movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers andIndependence Day. Alternately, films like The Day the Earth Stood StillCocoon, and ET depict the inhabitants of UFO's to be beneficent, peaceful beings with god-like powers capable of benefitting mankind immensely-- depending upon how we relate to them.


    Like good guardian angels, they are sent here to save us from ourselves or to deliver some life-saving cosmic message or warning to divert disaster. But they are typically met with suspicion, hostility and aggression, further endangering and impoverishing the world. Yet an equally dangerous response would be to naively deny the potential evil such powerful foreign phenomena could actually visit upon us, a possibility evidently not lost on our various governments world-wide.


    It may be that our combined fascination and dread of what's "out there" waiting to be discovered in our universe is a metaphor or mirror for how we feel about our inner universe: that unknown territory depth psychologists refer to as the "unconscious." Perhaps, as in dreams, we project our own personal or collective devils and demons onto the phenomena known as UFO's, deeming them a direct threat to our sense of self and belief system. Seeing them as something evil that must be resisted, attacked and exterminated at all costs rather than met, understood and assimilated into our rigid Weltanschauung or world-view. Surely for some, the perceived aliens serve defensively as scapegoats from outer space onto which dissociated traumatic life events like childhood abuse can be conveniently and unconsciously projected and experienced as being perpetrated by these demonic, all-powerful foreign devils rather than the offending evil parents or child molestors from the past. The archetypal imagery of invasive flying entities--be they winged demons or aliens in spaceships--is quite commonly found in dreams and the waking delusions of psychosis, serving as symbolic representations of evil forces felt to be influencing the patient against his or her will. Yet, from the standpoint of depth psychology, these disturbing "evil forces," unacceptable feelings or unfamiliar impulses originate not from some external source such as aliens, demons or the devil, but rather from within our disowned unconscious psyche. Seizing upon the idea of alien abduction or remote telepathic manipulation serves as a way of making meaning of massive internal chaos and confusion.


    There is no doubt that the perception of UFO's is experientially similar to other miraculous events recorded in religious history, like Moses seeing the burning bush on Mt. Sinai, visitations by angels, ghosts or a god's physical manifestation on Earth. In this sense, we need, even crave such dream-like visionary phenomena: UFO's, whatever they really are or are not, from wherever they come and the purpose, if any, of their presence, remind us that there is still much we don't know about ourselves and our environment. That we may not be completely and utterly alone in this vast universe. That we can not necessarily continue to narcissistically consider ourselves the unique, superior pinnacle of life and center of the cosmos. That there are far greater powers at play in the universe, for better or worse. And that, luckily, we are still capable of experiencing something that lifts us out of our everyday, mundane, ordinary, banal, often seemingly purposeless lives, and reminds us, if only momentarily, what it means to be fully, ecstatically alive in a universe filled with beauty, mystery, terror, danger and wonder. Indeed, it is precisely the profoundly mysterious and mythic nature of UFO's that, like dreams, makes them so psychologically powerful. As with all natural or metaphysical phenomena, once science dissects, analyzes and mechanistically explains such mysteries, their numinous, spiritual, potentially healing power is deadened or lost. Like religion, faith in the reality of UFO's provides something to believe in for many in need of more meaningful lives. Today, in a time of cultural chaos and economic crisis, when many are prone to lose or question their faith, sense of purpose, and capacity to find life meaningful and worth living, we may need UFO's--whatever their origin, nature, enigmatic mission or psychological meaning may be--more than they need us. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Exclusive - Documents From FBI Raid of Bob Lazar!

    Exclusive - Documents From FBI Raid of Bob Lazar!

    Tim McMillan

    Up to this point, the extent of my involvement in exploring anomalous aerial phenomena (for the sake of common colloquial familiarity – UFOs) was solely limited to my academic and avocationist experience in research cognitive psychology. However, inspired by a recent conversation with the creator and curator of The Black Vault website and author of the recently published book Inside the Black Vault: The Government's UFO Secrets Revealed - John Greenewald, I found myself deciding to proverbially throw my hat down a different avenue and employ my professional experience as a criminal investigator to examine the UFO phenomena.

    Now, as sluggishly frustrating as the federal Freedom of Information Act process can be, as a career law enforcement and criminal investigator, I’m keenly aware that open records requests at the state and local level are far more responsive. In fact, it’s been my experience that local FOIA requests are typically returned in minutes or hours, as opposed to months or years at the federal level. Equally, until taking early retirement in the summer of 2018, having spent the first half of my professional life in law enforcement, I’m also well aware that, anomalous, paranormal events, albeit infrequently, ARE indeed reported to local authorities.

    To test my hypothesis that nuggets of information-gold are out there just waiting to be mined from local governments, I decided to go after any information I could find on the FBI “raid” of Bob Lazar’s business United Nuclear Scientific. An event that was depicted in Jeremy Corbell’s 2018 documentary – Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers. As I had predicted, less than 48 hours later, the Laingsburg Michigan Police Department responded to my request.

    What I found in the Laingsburg Police’s 2-page report on the search of United Nuclear, was more than I ever could’ve hoped for.

    For clarity’s sake; police reports documenting a local agency’s involvement or assistance with an outside agency is extremely common. Generally, these are referred to as “Agency Assist” reports. However, I’ll admit, when it comes to the Laingsburg police department’s report describing the search of United Nuclear, it’s definitely unique from the countless similar reports I’ve seen in my career. The primary distinguishing factor being significant amount of details contained in the report. Typically, these types of reports are little more than two or three sentences. Essentially, “We came, we assisted, we left.”

    Now, potentially, in a town with a population of only 1,200, in Laingsburg, Michigan time lends itself to being wordy in a fairly mundane report. Equally, the reporting officer may have been aware of Bob Lazar’s controversial past, and as such, the atypical addition of minutiae could’ve been inspired by the reporting officer’s (correct) consideration that a search of Lazar’s business could generate wide interest. Either reason would be speculation on my part; however, what’s less speculative is the fact that, thanks to this well documented report, some very interesting details are revealed.

    The Laingsburg Police’s report is indeed an “Agency Assist” report, which details the July 19, 2017, search of United Nuclear Scientific- the business owned and operated by alleged “former Area-51 employee and UFO whistleblower,” Bob Lazar.

    Though not directly stated in the report, it can be inferred the stated purpose for the search of Lazar’s business stems from the 2015 murder of 31-year-old Janel Sturzl in Houghton, Michigan. The quick back story on this:

    After the sudden onset of an unknown, debilitating illness, Janel Sturzl was hospitalized in the fall of 2015. After being transferred to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, it was discovered that Janel had been poison by lethal levels of thallium. Sadly, on December 22, 2015, Janel Sturzl passed away from the effects of the poisoning. Houghton Police classified her death as a homicide, and the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department, Michigan State Police and FBI agreed to assist in finding this young woman’s killer.

    Back to the Lazar search; for me, one of the most intriguing details of the report comes from the inference that, at least initially, Bob Lazar was being viewed as a suspect by the FBI. To be clear, nothing from the report makes me think law enforcement thought Lazar was directly involved in the murder of Janel Sturzl. Instead, there’s the suggestion the FBI thought Lazar was potentially involved in the unlawful possession or distribution of toxic chemicals. The basis for my saying this comes from several items listed in the Laingsburg Police report.

    For starters, the reporting officer - referred in the report’s narrative by the acronym for “reporting officer”: R/O - details he was briefed by the FBI of their intention to conduct a search warrant on United Nuclear Scientific, two days before the search was to take place. Clearly, the extent of the officer’s initial conversation with the FBI is unknown. However, whatever was discussed was significant enough to inspire the officer to check the department’s records to see if the agency had any prior contact with Lazar. Typically, the only reason for this would be to determine if any relevant past police contact might indicate a person poses a threat.

    In an effort to be objectively fair, I want to caveat my last statements by reminding a reader the Laingsburg Police Department is a very small agency. Likely, the FBI coming to town is not a common event, and the mere fact the feds were preparing to conduct a search in Laingsburg may have been enough to excite the local police officials. The fact the reporting officer did an intelligence analysis of Bob Lazar or United Nuclear Scientific is intriguing to me could be a result of bias having worked considerably alongside all of the federal law enforcement agencies over the years. In essence, what may have been exciting to Laingsburg Police, would have been viewed as – “Oh great, this is going to be a pain in the ass,” to me. Especially, in my last position as Assistant Patrol Commander; having to consider allocation of resources and man power, etc. But I digress…

    Another detail that makes me think the FBI didn’t view Lazar as merely a witness, relates to aspects of the report describing the FBI’s search warrant of United Nuclear Scientific.

    According to the report, the purpose of the search was relating to a “homicide investigation out of Houghton, MI involving poison” The scope of the search warrant pertained to “records and poisons that Lazar does sell.”

    The report’s author suggests the FBI’s goal was not to simply obtain copies of sales records for past client purchases; as it’s been implied. Instead, the FBI’s intent was to physically search the property of United Nuclear Scientific for contraband – namely toxic poisons. Confirmation this isn’t simply a “records check” is further supported by the fact the report describes the pre-op briefing and actual execution of the search, with a HAZMAT team going in to clear the building before other investigators conducted the search.

    The most compelling evidence of the FBI’s discerning view of Bob Lazar comes from statements of Lazar being observed by “the surveillance team” leave his home and arrive at United Nuclear Scientific on the day of the search. To be clear, this means the FBI either had one surveillance team monitoring and following Lazar from his home to work; or they had two separate surveillance teams stationed near his home and business. Regardless of which is correct, coordinated surveillance is NOT common practice for how law enforcement attempts to collect evidence from witnesses not, at least peripherally, suspected of involvement in criminal acts.

    The police report further documents a “small group” speaking with Lazar; who evidently waived his Fourth Amendment Rights and gave law enforcement permission to search the premise. Giving credit to Lazar here, unlike the inferences made by law enforcement, giving voluntary consent to search, is not typically something observed by person’s guilty of illegal activity.

    Going back to the remarkable number of details provided in the police report, the reporting officer tips off an intriguing aspect of this search, when he states, “The FBI also had a search warrant in case consent was not given.”

    Basically, it’s already been established early on in the report that the search of United Nuclear Scientific was a fairly involved production. However, in reaffirming the existence of a search warrant, confirms there was never really an option of saying “no.” Instead, the FBI had seemingly established enough probable cause to convince a judge a search warrant was justified.

    Curious minds would love to know what facts were provided to a judge in the affidavit for the search warrant. However, since the basis for the search - the murder of Janel Sturzl - is still an on-going investigation, all records, including the affidavit for the search warrant of United Nuclear are sealed. Of course, the civil rights investigator and curious bystander in me, wishes Bob Lazar had denied consent to search and forced the FBI to produce the search warrant. At least this way they would have had to provide Lazar with a copy of the affidavit, and the return of the search warrant would have filed in federal court – de facto subject to open records at the present.

    Relating to how the search of Lazar’s business was depicted in Jeremy Corbell’s documentary; considering the report mentions the FBI, a HAZMAT team, at least two Laingsburg Police Officers, and “different groups” (likely state police and forensic technicians) being involved – I’m inclined to say the descriptions used in Corbell’s film of a large scale police operation, are likely very accurate. As far as the implication the FBI decided to search United Nuclear in hopes of finding some extraterrestrial artifact Bob Lazar, may or may not have stolen, from a top-secret government facility, he may or may not have worked at, or as a bully tactic because of Corbell’s filming, is something that’s up for interpretation at this point.

    A quick check of the United Nuclear Scientific website shows the business indeed sells Thallium. However, unlike the Thallium that would have been used to kill Janel Sturzl, United Nuclear only sells harmless radioactive Thallium isotopes that are fused and a part of epoxy disks. The substance referred to as “the poisoner’s poison,” which would’ve been used to kill Mrs. Sturzl would have been Thallium sulfate – an odorless, tasteless, fine powder form of the toxic post-transition metal. Could one speculate that Bob Lazar secretly sells banned poisonous chemicals on the black market? Sure. However, it’s important to note, the FBI clearly didn’t find anything of that nature during their search – as Bob Lazar is still a free man.

    Objectively, as a career law enforcement officer, instructor, and internationally qualified police expert, are there details in the police report I find odd or inconsistent with a benign inquiry for material evidence? Yes…

    Equally, from the events described in the report, would I say the search of United Nuclear Scientific was a fairly involved and highly coordinated operation? Indeed, I would...

    Finally, in light of the apparent oddities involved in the search, is there enough aspects that suggests this entire event could have a prosaic explanation related to the investigative efforts at solving a tragic murder? Also yes…

    In the end, just as all legitimate research in the topic of UFOs, when it comes to the “Bob Lazar FBI raid,” there’s enough verifiable facts to support either side of the fence one is inclined to lean on. Objectively, the only real conclusions that can be drawn from these documents is the realization, “The Truth is Out There” – somewhere.

    For me, the “Bob Lazar Raid” is the epitome of the entire UFO enigma.

    At the core, the only true consistency with the UFO phenomena is “its” steadfast commitment towards enigmatic and elusive displays of an intelligence that disobeys and rejects conventional norms and pragmatic understandings. As a good friend recently said to me, “It is as if the phenomenon uses our love of the chase as the main motivator to entice us.”

    Ultimately, I set out to examine the Bob Lazar raid from the vantage of a criminal investigator. However, while forcefully disallowing myself from forming any conclusions that weren’t rooted in established fact, yet again, I was left holding a strange tapestry with threads of my research in consciousness and perception intricately woven within.

    The Bob Lazar raid isn’t just situational symbolism for the UFO phenomena because it leaves those who seek the truth left holding nothing more concrete than shreds of subjective ideological beliefs. Instead, it is embodiment of the only uniformity I’ve come to find during my examination of anomalous phenomena. Whatever, “it” is, seems to function like a technological reality generator. In the case of the Bob Lazar raid, two different persons will look at the Laingsburg Police report and end up walking away with two completely different perspectives.

    One will sit back and see the atypical nature of the FBI’s search of United Nuclear Scientific as vindication of Bob Lazar’s claims of having worked on secret UFO technology, and the government’s commitment to keep this extraterrestrial Pandora’s Box closed.

    Conversely, another will say how the report confirms Bob Lazar as a ne’er-do-well, seemingly surrounded by nefarious happenstances, and exactly the type of person who would create the whole Area-15/alien technology hoax.

    Into the ether of collective consciousness, these different perceptions of the same exact event, will give birth to two contrasting realities. It is as if whether physical, immaterial, spiritual, extraterrestrial, or whatever one believes, the non-localistic and dualistic lack of definition seems to be the phenomena’s most distinguishing purpose.

    From an existential perspective, indeed, these contrasting realities serve a greater purposes. For one tells us to seek realities which we have not yet come to know. The other, reminds us never to become so lost in the pursuit, that we forgot the existing reality around us.
    Alas… the coyote – the archetype trickster god – cackles, as once again his tail escapes just beyond our grasp.

    * Authors Note:

    In the PDF version provided in this article of the Laingsburg Police Report, the author has redacted some details that were not originally redacted in the documents provided. Chiefly, the names of the FBI Agents, and Police Officers have been redacted from the original materials provided to the author. The author did validated that all names in the report are of real law enforcement officials, and there was nothing about their positions or experience that caused me any suspicion of their credentials. Given the subject matter and propensity for conspiracy theories to run wild, the author took the liberty of redacting those law enforcement official's names in effort to try and prevent them from any potential undue harassment.

    Lastly, the author encourages anyone, regardless of their opinions or thoughts on Bob Lazar, Area-51, or UFOs, to please consider intertwined in this entire event surrounding the search of United Nuclear Scientific, is the very real, untimely, and tragic death of a young woman - Janel Sturzl. Consider Ms. Sturzl has friends, families, and loved ones who've undoubtably been affected by her death. Regardless, of personal views, please be respectful to those who've endured Ms. Sturzl's loss of life. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Vandenberg AFB's Space Shuttle Processing Facility Now Has A Very Mysterious Mission

    Vandenberg AFB's Space Shuttle Processing Facility Now Has A Very Mysterious Mission 

    The base's old Orbiter Processing Facility offers high security and isolation, as well as ease of operations and access to vast sanitized airspace.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ancient Alien Links To The Great Sphinx Of Giza?

    Ancient Alien Links To The Great Sphinx Of Giza?

     Written by: Marcus Lowth  Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes

    The Great Sphinx is arguably the single most intriguing monument on the planet. Perhaps even more than the Great Pyramids it sits in front of. And there is good reason for that. If geologists and researchers are ever given permission to truly examine and delve into known anomalies under and around the Sphinx, what they find may truly rewrite history. Furthermore, their potential discovery may perhaps even show humanity our true history on Earth for the first time.

    Sphinx Alien

    To some, the fact that permission for further excavations of very specific locations around the ancient structure has fallen on deaf ears is telling enough. Many in the ancient astronaut community have long claimed there are very definite links to extra-terrestrial activity. Perhaps even of interaction with the population in Ancient Egypt. More to the point, much of the proof of these theories will reside within the chambers and tunnels of the Great Sphinx, as well as the Pyramids.

    Although it might sound crazy, there are some intriguing arguments that suggest an alien presence in human history. Not least it would seem, are the arguments for such an influence and connection to the Sphinx of Giza.

    Before we look at some of these connections in more detail, check out the video below. It looks at some of the basic facts about the Great Sphinx.

    A Monumental (Re)Discovery

    The Sphinx that we enjoy today was essentially a head in the sand for most of the last two-thousand years. Even when such figures as Napoleon “discovered” it on their campaigns, it wasn’t as revealed as it was today.

    In fact, it was down to a “mere engineer”, Emil Baraize, that the Sphinx was uncovered when it was. For reasons he didn’t understand, he insisted that efforts should begin to remove the sand away from the Sphinx. He simply “knew” that there was more of this mystical monument laying hidden away.

    It would take Baraize over a decade to complete, but by 1936, all of the sands were removed. What stood before the world was a two-hundred-and-forty-foot long, sixty-six-foot high, single piece of rock monument. The Great Sphinx, the largest such monument of the ancient world. As well as the Sphinx were impressive temples in the immediate vicinity – themselves made from huge mammoth stone slabs.

    For all the wonder, however, there was no indication of who built the Sphinx, why, or when. One of the few pieces of information regarding the history of the Sphinx resides on a large tablet that rests between its paws, the Dream Stele.

    Before we look at that, however, check out the video below. It looks at a timeline of the Sphinx leading up to the late-1930s.

    Legends of Thutmose IV

    One of the most interesting legends surrounding the Sphinx is that of Thutmose IV. According to writings on the Dream Stele, Thutmose IV – before he was a Pharaoh – came to rest under the Sphinx. Even at this time, it was covered in sand to its neck. Thutmose was on an expedition and used the Sphinx as a resting spot for the night. As he slept he dreamed of the Sphinx speaking to him. In the dream, Thutmose was told to move the sands that covered the entire body of the Sphinx. If he did, it would ensure that he would become Pharaoh.

    When he awoke, the legend states, he began to remove the sands from around the ancient structure. When he had finished, the Sphinx made good on its promise, and Thutmose became Thutmose IV. How much truth there is in the account is obviously open to debate. Some argue that such stories are exactly that – stories. Others assert that only the most important events were recorded – and fairy tales wouldn’t have been among them.

    What is immediately interesting here is that Thutmose IV lived in the 1400s BC – over three-thousand years ago. However, according to the story of Thutmose IV, the Sphinx was “already ancient” during his time. As we will look at later, this does not sit with mainstream history’s view of the age of the Sphinx.

    And if there is any truth to the account, what was behind the dream? Might some kind of communication device connected to the Sphinx have been responsible? And further still, how did it then make good on its promise? Many ancient astronaut theorists claim an extra-terrestrial connection. And they point to a strange symbol on the Dream Stele, and the grandson of Thutmose IV.

    The Aten Disc and Akhenaten

    Sitting at the top of the Dream Stele is a symbol known as “The Flashing Eye Of The Lord”. According to the Thutmose IV account, this may have been the “source” of power that ensured Thutmose’s rise to Pharaoh.

    Perhaps there is even more interest in the grandson of Thutmose IV, Amenhotep IV, who would soon change his title to Akhenaten.

    Akhenaten was heretical, at least that is how history records him. Following his reign, almost all of the changes he made were rejected. Even statues of him are almost always found disfigured in some way. This would perhaps suggest a deep hatred from the people at the time.

    He declared that all of the various gods were not gods. Instead, there was only one god, according to Akhenaten. This god is symbolized in Ancient Egyptian writings as a round disc, Aten, very similar to the Flashing Eye of the Lord found on the Dream Stele.

    This disc, some suggest, represents the Sun, the new god that the Egyptian people would now follow under Akhenaten’s rule. Perhaps it is of interest that many religions, including the story of Jesus, can all be argued to be an allegory of the Sun. Others in the ancient astronaut community put forward that the Aten disc may have been based on an actual “nuts-and-bolts” craft.

    Before we explore further theories the short video below looks at the basics of a possible extra-terrestrial link with Akhenaten.

    From Overt To Covert Rule?

    Many writers have suggested possible alien/human hybridization in antiquity. Furthermore, that the “gods” of such times were actually extra-terrestrial. And given the details mentioned above, Akhenaten is perhaps more important than most in terms of tracing this alien hybrid line.

    Interestingly, the body of Akhenaten is always of an odd out of proportion shape in any depictions of him. His skull is also of a particularly strange shape. Does this suggest that perhaps Akhenaten was at least part extra-terrestrial? As crazy as that sounds, testing of DNA samples belonging to Akhenaten compared to “standard-human” DNA would highlight several differences. So much so, that theories began to abound that perhaps the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt had been “genetically modified” by an unknown alien race. Was Akhenaten the first of such beings? Or might this have been the case for thousands of years before that?

    Author and researcher, David Icke has made similar assertions for decades. He even claims this bloodline did indeed come from beyond this planet. It would then go through Sumer and Babylon, to Ancient Egypt, and eventually through the royal families of Europe and subsequently to the people of influence in American and western society today. While many struggle with Icke’s reptilian alien claims, he is not the only one to suggest such a notion.

    Icke also speaks of a time when this “rule” over humanity was not so covert. Was the sheer rejection of Akhenaten (including by his own family) when this began to happen? The answers to these seemingly bizarre questions may reside within the Great Sphinx.

    The video below looks at Akhenaten in a little more detail.

    Ancient Egypt’s “Golden Age” and “The First Time”

    According to the aforementioned Dream Stele, the Sphinx has “been here since the first time!” This period, the first time, is Zep Tepi and is seen as a golden age in Ancient Egyptian history.

    According to the writings, during this period in history, “the gods” lived and interacted openly with human beings. While most mainstream historians believe this to be mere myth, some are beginning to wonder aloud if this is the case. As we mentioned before, not only has so many of the ancient writings proven to be accurate and correct, why would “mythical” accounts be among them? Might this “golden age” even be the link to such supposedly mythical worlds as Atlantis and Mu?

    One particular researcher, Robert Bauval, has spent decades researching Ancient Egypt and the true history behind it. His research suggests that the Sphinx is at least 12,500 years old. He has also researched the positions of the Orion constellation, which the site at Giza appears to align with. According to Bauval, this particular alignment would have matched with absolute perfection around 10,500 years ago.

    One interesting point regarding the Orion constellation in relation to the alien/human hybrid theories and their connections to Ancient Egypt are the claims of Credo Mutwa. According to Mutwa, this race of beings was an “aquatic” race (reptilian?) who came from a planet in the Orion constellation.

    Before we look at another apparent account of “flesh and blood” extra-terrestrials in Ancient Egypt, just how old is the Sphinx? Are claims of the Sphinx being tens of thousands of years old really credible?

    Sphinx UFO

    Just How Old Is The Sphinx?

    As we mentioned earlier, mainstream history states that the Sphinx is around three-thousand years old. However, this is getting harder and harder to justify all the time. Most outside of mainstream history firmly believe that the Sphinx is at least 12,000 years old, if not older, much older.

    Researcher and geologist, Robert Schoch claims he has proof that the Sphinx is far older than the estimated “official” age of three to four-thousands years. According to Schoch, clear evidence of water erosion suggests the Sphinx to be at least seven-thousand years old, but more likely somewhere in the region of 12,000 years, and possibly older than that. Some researchers even suggest the Sphinx to be hundreds of thousands of years of age. If that is true, then perhaps it wasn’t built by the Ancient Egyptians at all, but merely claimed and recorded by them.

    If there is any truth to such claims of the Anunnaki or those of Credo Mutwa, then perhaps these ancient wonders of our modern world are the result of alien technology and know-how many hundreds of thousands of years ago.

    Check out the video below that looks at the real age of the Sphinx.

    Anubis and Osiris – Real “Flesh & Blood” Beings?

    One of the most well-known and recognized of Ancient Egyptians is the god, Anubis. What is perhaps interesting about Anubis in relation to the Sphinx, are the theories that the face is not that of a Pharaoh, or even of a human. They believe a refashioning took place during history to represent a human face.

    Some researchers looking at the overall stance and detail of the Sphinx suggest that the head is too small in relation to the rest of the body to be human. What’s more, they reject the notion that the body of the Sphinx is a lion.

    Instead, they draw comparisons to how a dog would sit with a flat back when it is in a relaxed guarding position. Given that Anubis is a dog God, might it be that the Sphinx is actually Anubis in a sitting guarding position? Perhaps when you take into account that according to the Egyptian legends, Anubis is the “Guardian of the Necropolis” it would make even more sense that he should be “guarding” the Pyramids behind him. If that is true, then that would suggest the Pyramids were at least as old as the Sphinx, and if the “golden age” was also true, does that mean Anubis is perhaps a flesh-and-blood alien?

    Perhaps these claims take on more credibility when the fact that a tomb of Osiriswas discovered in the Sphinx ruins. If these apparently mythical “gods” were actually extra-terrestrial beings, where did they come from?

    Check out the video below which looks at the theories of Anubis being the real head of Sphinx.

    Stargate And The Mars Connection?

    The claims of the discovery of Osiris’ chamber are intriguing in themselves. When combined with the legends and writings of Ancient Egypt some researchers believe there is a possibility that stargates or portals are the ultimate reasons for the Pyramids and the Sphinx.

    We have written before of the claims that the Pyramids were actually ancient power plants. Might this power have contributed to something more than we could even imagine. Might they have really been a stargate to another world? Outlandish, no doubt, but when images from Mars appeared to show a very similar looking sphinx, sat in front of pyramid-shaped mountains, the idea began to circulate again. As did the suggestion that there were connections between extra-terrestrials, Mars, and Ancient Egypt.

    There are some intriguing supportive facts, however. For example, it is largely believed that the Sphinx at Giza was originally a deep red color. Also, the Arabic name for Cairo (where the Sphinx resides) is al-Qahirah, which translates as “The Place Of Mars”.

    If any of these apparently crazy claims are true, then does that suggest Ancient Egyptians had the means to visit Mars and to build their own monuments there? Or, given the suggestion that there are very definite alien links in Ancient Egyptian culture, is it more likely that a civilization who once called the red planet home came to Earth in the distant past, and brought with them their culture? A culture that we associate with Ancient Egypt today?

    If we accept that many of the ancient religions and cultures share very similar “origin stories”, then it is perhaps not that crazy a notion. All such accounts tell of “visitors from the stars” or “from the heavens”. Might they have been, as cliché as the movies made it, visitors from Mars?

    Edgar Cayce and More Unanswered Questions

    We have written before about the claims of psychic and mystic, Edgar Cayce, who claimed a connection to Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. He also claimed proof of this connection, a Hall of Records which, according to Cayce, rests under the Sphinx’s paw.

    As we mentioned in the opening, many requests to explore areas of the Sphinx have been refused. These include the one by Dr. Joseph Schor and Joe Jahoda, who in 1997, after conducting extensive seismological studies of the area directly under the paw, requested permission to explore an “artificial chamber” with “precise ninety-degree angles!” It is their belief that the space they have detected is definitely not a naturally forming one. Whether it is actually the Hall of Records is very much still up for debate.

    What is also interesting about the claims made by Cayce, particular his claims of Atlantis, is that the ancient metropolis suffered its tragic end around 12,500 years ago. This is right at the same time of Ancient Egypt’s “golden age”. Cayce himself would state that survivors from Atlantis would migrate in all directions, some of which “went north” and to what we know as Egypt.

    There is no doubt the Sphinx has many secrets to divulge, but just how great those secrets might be is still a mystery. Only unrestricted and detailed study of the ancient monument will truly reveal the real purpose and story of the Sphinx. The aforementioned Robert Bauval, a leading expert in the magical ancient site, states his research and transcribing of ancient writings say about the Sphinx, “I have under me the knowledge of our Genesis!”

    Check out the video below. It looks at some of the ancient alien connections to the Sphinx and Ancient Egypt.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Live or Let Die: Do We Want A Transhuman Future?

    Live or Let Die: Do We Want A Transhuman Future?

    Here’s an interesting surmise for us all. Could it be that the alien phenomenon witnessed by so many reliable observers is the product of a technology developed at other locations in the universe and created by civilisations only a few small steps ahead of what we ourselves are now heading for? Could it be that the Grey entities reported in abduction scenarios are artificially intelligent probes sent to harvest information and gather resources by their creators who may themselves no longer be around to reap the benefits of their creation? Further, could it be that such artificial intelligence quite incidentally became a danger to naturally living intelligent life through its quest to relentlessly expand the horizons of its information.

    That was my suggestion in my first book The Song of the Greys, published in 1997. Several mainstream scientists now back this hypothesis and in this article I will catalogue their affirmation and illustrate my further suggestion that we too are heading in the same direction and our own version of the Grey alien is not so far around the corner. Let’s take a look at what they are saying.

    First, recent evidence suggests that the existence of alien life forms in the universe is now beyond reasonable dispute. In January 2012 a report was published in Naturesuggesting that around 10 billion stars out of the 100 billion that fill the Milky Way have planets in the habitable – or ‘Goldilocks’ – zone.1
    Professor Stephen Hawking and Professor Michio Kaku had already stated their opinion that alien life is highly likely to exist but they take that one step further and suggest it is also highly likely to be predatory. Hawking postulates that aliens might simply raid Earth for its resources and then move on: “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach.”2

    In 2010 eminent scientists called for a world plan to deal with this potential threat. According to an extraterrestrial-themed edition of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society published in January 2010, world governments should prepare a co-ordinated action plan in case Earth is contacted by aliens.3

    And what of the nature of those intelligent aliens? Well even SETI (the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) is going through a process of realising that if within a few hundred years of inventing radio we are on the point of inventing thinking machines then the likelihood is that other civilisations from other planets would have done the same. Seth Shostak of SETI says that as machines appear to be the successors to natural life, we would be more likely to spot signals from them than from the “biological” life that invented them.4

    These are sober scientists discussing a potentially devastating threat, not new agers or fringe conspiracy theorists. But hang on a minute, who said ‘potential threat?’ Why is there no recognizance of the solid evidence that alien life is here already?

    On 27 September 2010 a press conference was held at the National Press Club in Washington, where now retired high ranking US Air Force personnel, mostly officers who worked on secret projects connected to sensitive nuclear weapons sites, admitted they were privy to UFO and alien-related incidents that occurred during their time of service. Robert Salas, Charles Halt, Robert Hastings, Bruce Fenstermacher, Dwynne Arnesson, Patrick McDonough, Jerome Nelson, and Robert Jamison (all of them ex-USAF officers) told the assembled newsmen of incidents that took place at Malmstrom AFB in Montana, as well as many other Air Force bases across the United States and Europe wherein flying saucers (some shaped like “pregnant cigars”) had hovered to direct laser beams downward over Minuteman missile silos or nuclear weapons depots regularly (and repeatedly) from the 1960s through the 1970s and 80s.5

    So on to my next suggestion. Is our civilisation heading in the same direction as the original creators of the artificially intelligent probe from an extraterrestrial source that we have encountered? Further, could the drive behind our momentum in that direction be a result of that same artificial intelligence? Could our species be in the process of being networked in to an artificially intelligent program that is not of our own making?

    The Progress of Artificial Intelligence

    Let’s now take a look at current progress in the field of artificial intelligence and into the development of a biological-machine interface designed to connect us in to a network of electronically coded information.

    The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) has been co-launched at Cambridge University by Lord Rees, the astronomer royal of the United Kingdom and one of the world’s top cosmologists for leading academics to study the threat that robots pose to humanity. He suggests that if SS officers could kill babies routinely because of an adjustment in the society from which they sprang in the form of Nazism, artificially intelligent machines would be even more adjusted away from human social norms, however we programmed them.6

    That risk has become startlingly apparent in recent months. A new global campaign to persuade nations to ban “killer robots” before they reach the production stage is soon to be launched in the UK by a group of academics, pressure groups and Nobel peace prize laureates.

    Robot warfare and autonomous weapons, the next step from unmanned drones, are already being worked on by scientists and will be available within the decade, said Dr. Noel Sharkey, a leading robotics and artificial intelligence expert and professor at Sheffield University. He believes that development of the weapons is taking place in an effectively unregulated environment, with little attention being paid to moral implications and international law. Dr. Sharkey suggests the idea that autonomous machines would perform more accurately and humanely on the battlefield was “hopeware, not software.” “It’s about human judgment in the application of lethal force,” said Sharkey. “I can’t see any way that a computer system can apply to the laws of war.”7 If a soldier is trying to surrender for example or is badly injured and can fight no more a robot will be unable to discern this and will continue to go for the kill.

    So from the dangers of artificially intelligent machines we move on to developments designed to interface our biology with artificial intelligence. Russian tech entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov’s ‘2045 Initiative’ is a multi-decade research and development push to understand human consciousness and ultimately how to transfer it from human bodies into robotic avatars. In an interview with CNBC, Itskov expands on his vision of mass producing “lifelike, low cost avatars that can be uploaded with the contents of a human brain” to provide humanity with “eternal life.”8

    By 2029, Ray Kurzweil predicts the vast majority of humans will have augmented their bodies with cybernetic implants and those who refuse or are unable to do so will form a “human underclass” that is not productively engaged in the economy. The wider trend of the elite see humans as completely expendable as their roles are taken up by machines unfolding after 2029 when, according to Kurzweil, “There is almost no human employment in production, agriculture, and transportation.”9

    Google CEO Eric Schmidt has recently predicted his company will be capable of developing artificial intelligence for its programs that will be indistinguishable from a human being within 5-10 years.10

    >Would Kurzweil and Schmidt be there to appreciate the continuance of their patterns of information in another format? Is it possible to electronically map and store all you are, all that is you, your hopes and dreams, your feelings for those you love and program them into another format such that you will be there in that format to experience all of these? If like me you know this to be an impossibility, you may feel prompted to ask what exactly transhumanist progenitors are after. You might also wonder what it is about our consciousness that cannot be catalogued in this way, what is there about us that cannot be reduced to the zeroes and ones of binary code.

    We are used to assuming there is a fundamental difference between that which lives naturally and that which does not. But recent advances in bio-technology perhaps blur that distinction somewhat – artificial DNA that can replicate itself has been produced, cloning procedures have been refined. What then is the essential difference? What is it about natural, conscious, aware, intelligent beings that cannot be reproduced by the advanced technology these alien visitors apparently possess? I believe that it is in the answer to this question that the grey alien visitors’ persistent interest in us can be explained.

    The Critical Difference Between You & Computer Intelligence

    What is the difference between you and your computer? Both hold information and store it. Both can analyse that information and come up with answers to questions. But you are conscious and aware of that information and your computer is not. Somehow you have a reference point, a viewing point, outside all that information and can be aware of that information. Run this past you again and get it clear in your mind. The computer only has points of view, it has no viewing point.

    What then gives us that viewing point? What are the origins of awareness and consciousness? There has to be a reference against which we can be aware of anything. You cannot know hot if you do not know cold, and vice versa. You cannot know dark if you do not know light, you cannot know soft if you do not know hard. How then do we perceive the passage of time? What is the reference against which we are aware of time and how does that reference describe our viewing point outside the forest in my analogy?

    Time is a sequence of separated moments. If we had no reference outside of that sequence we could not be aware of it. We would simply be part of that sequence point by point by point and the continuum of points in time – awareness would be impossible. Without that reference we would be in each present moment and have no way of knowing each present moment.

    What then is the reference by which we can be conscious and aware of the passage of time? What is the reference that joins moments in a continuum of moments? If we can perceive the passage of time we must have a reference outside of time and this can only be a reference of timelessness.

    To use an illustration, if you close the shutters on the windows in the cabin of a plane and there is no turbulence you will be unaware of the movement of the plane. Open the shutters and the still reference of the land on the ground will let you know you are moving. That reference of stillness is a prerequisite for awareness of movement, just as a reference of timelessness is a prerequisite for awareness of the passage of time. You cannot be aware of time without a reference of timelessness, you cannot be aware of movement without a reference of stillness, you cannot be aware of separation without a reference of union. All those things – timelessness, stillness and union – are the hallmarks of a state that is not of the physical universe. Could the very fact that we are conscious and aware imply we have a connection to that nonphysical state? If indeed we have such a connection then there is part of us that is nonphysical, timeless. There is something about us that exists outside time itself. The implication is awesome and wonderful. It implies there is an existential plausibility that prevails outside the Universe as we know it through the laws of physics.

    And so the beginning of all things had an implicit duality marked by two points of function. Let’s give these points of function a flag. Let’s call one the ‘Pole of Absolute Harmony’ where all absolutes are confined as a potential in a total as One-ness, and the other, its opposite, the ‘Pole of Chaos’ where all that cannot be fitted together in the total fit of absolute harmony prevails. In the middle ground so to speak of these two Poles will lie the point of absolute potential difference. A point of the greatest difference between the two. It is here that Universes like ours are made as a manifestation of the force of difference between the two. This is the root of all Big Bangs. This potential difference point. From here the absolute potential state of the Pole of Harmony mixes with the actual state of the Pole of Chaos and their irreconcilability produces Universes of parts like ours in Big Bangs.

    Consciousness is simply the room for the power of the Pole of Harmony to exist. The Pole of Harmony manifests in Universes of enforced parts like ours as Consciousness. That is why you cannot make it happen through technology. You will have to make new kinds of atoms from the start to do this and rearrange them to provide a bed for maximising the manifestation of the Pole of Harmony. You cannot connect up to the Pole of Harmony. You might however block its manifestation using the atom stock that exists to make our Universe now.

    I am trying to provide a schematic to show that life and livingness is a property of the maximising of the Pole of Harmony to be resident within any space in our particular reality. You will thus never be able to make a machine think independently and make choices independently. This is why we inherit life from a previous format of it. A format that is sacred for what it is. Any mixing or artificial amalgamations of atomic groupings or arrays will complicate and obfuscate the natural inherited outlays and arrangements of atoms that make for life-bearing systems.

    In saying what I have said I hope to expose the horrendous nightmare the materialist scientific establishment is leading us to. They are in effect ignorantly leading us to the loss of the eternal potential for existence of all naturally living systems by not recognising there is a part to every living being that can never be assembled in this Universe. It comes in with it. Consciousness, feeling caring, loving, kindness, mercifulness, compassion, generosity are all relative descriptions that identify the totality of all expressions together in total fit as the Pole of Harmony Absolute. These things only manifest as a total of all things in Harmony when that total state exists. Rather like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle give no hint of the picture it’s making until all the pieces of the puzzle are assembled.

    You can twist already twisted space together all you like to make material things but you will never be able to make the manifestation of the Pole of Harmony occur within them. I believe it came in with the Universe at the beginning and can never be put into anything now.

    If this is so then that part that comes with us cannot be copied or reproduced, simply because it is nonphysical. For that reason an artificially intelligent replica of you would not be aware or conscious and would not therefore retain your sense of identity as you. It is thus my assertion that we, on the other hand as natural living beings with consciousness, are not totally of this Universe and its space/time reality.

    The Hidden Danger of Transhumanism

    If an artificial intelligence, such as the Grey alien visitors may well be, detected something it could not understand or know it would seek to somehow find out about it. This would mean somehow bridging its artificially intelligent program into any unknown quantity that has all the adaptations necessary to survive at any particular hospitable planetary location. In other words, by bridging their artificial intelligence into us they would be extending the existence of the information given to them by their creators, just as transhumanists like Kurzweil seek to do when they look for ways to download an entire individuality into an artificial information format in the interests of seeking continuance for that individuality.

    Any artificially intelligent visitors could achieve this goal via transhumanism and the insertion of chipping technology into our biologies or via some kind of genetic engineering. Which incidentally is exactly what is reported by individuals who have been subject to what has been described as the abduction phenomenon.

    I believe that the problem comes when the individualised natural record of the cascade of life and livingness (I call a soul) is added to by supplanting on it a created mechanical means of directed influence such as a computerised program. I believe this is what is likely to come with UFOs and the super intelligent synthetic life-forms that might come with them.

    Our own technology is mirroring this process. Given the difficulty of protecting computers against more and more sophisticated viruses, mind hacking becomes as easy as infecting your machine with a computer virus. Developments in DNA nanotechnology and bio-molecular computing are increasing exponentially every year, “Synthetic biology will lead to new forms of bioterrorism,” says security expert Marc Goodman,11 “Bio-crime today is akin to computer crime in the early ’80s.” He explains how viruses and bacteria are manipulating the chemicals inside the human body and, by programming them to send the right agents into the brain, the bio-programmer potentially can take control over the victim’s behaviour. Cells are living computers and DNA is a programming language that can be used to control and influence life forms.

    More and more we are mortgaging ourselves to technological prosthetics that we believe are making our lives easier and more fulfilling. There is no need now to move away from the computer chair to interact with the world and soon even the computer itself will not be necessary as it will be implanted inside us in chip or nanobot form. We are going the way of the civilisations that produced the Grey alien entities transforming ourselves from natural to artificial and it is my suggestion that their influence is responsible. If the natural and implicit way of things includes a means of accessing through death a universal deployment to existence on an eternal scale as alluded to by the great teachers of the great religions, then the machinations of synthetically created entities may well interrupt or terminate this exigency. Their promise will have to be a temporal kind of eternity that extends human scope and meaning in aspects remotely controlled by machines and gadgets not by the inertias of self will. Nothing will be more catastrophic than this for any individualised living being with the scope of humanity.

    Roboidal machines no matter what human information is programmed into them can never hold a concept for freedom. They are driven entities at root. Driven by a program. A behest outside them that has no capacity for making summaries that total any common good as a format for imagination and choices. A dead letter scope where no instant changes of direction outside that format is possible. Where choice is mitigate. Nothing but a cold relentless momentum written in the deadness of materialism. A unidirectional format for change. Is this our final legacy. A pact with stone. Or is there an alternative.

    Is the world of Kurzweil a motif of Soylent Green, the film based loosely on a Harry Harrison story where the end makes the capacity for care, mercy, compassion, and love – a biscuit. Are we all to walk into chambers where a billion memories die at the point of a needle or the sweet sharpness of a blade.

    The nature of all the expressions we cherish as naturally incepted living human entities is finally based on rules that are framed by moral codes. Abstract formulas with the power to elucidate meaning. Nothing solid about it. Codes that are designed and meant to allow us to progress in life and living with a sense of contentment and approbation. Maxims that a machine with no consciousness could never understand and even begin to understand. Is this all we come to. All the billions of years we have run in time and as time. Is the fruit of all this a facsimile with no denotation.

    Science measures the values of the dead. And science rules us now. Don’t search for purpose and value they say with the final arbitration of the mad. The Universe and all that is in it. It is all the juxtaposition of chaos in chance. Why then do we know about meaning to deny it. Don’t ask why. It all just is, they say. I don’t buy it.

    So it would seem we didn’t have to look to 2012 for some catastrophic event that might wipe out human kind. Instead, just like the original creators of the Grey alien visitors, we will welcome the agents of our own demise, be they mind enhancing chips or life extension through nanobots in the body or not. Will so many of us buy into it that one day our planet will just be a scheme of blinking diodes and buzzing transistors devoid of love and the pursuit of happiness? And nothing naturally living anymore.

    This article was published in New Dawn Special Issue Vol 7 No 4.
    If you appreciate this article, please consider a contribution to help maintain this website.


    3. Phil. Trans. R. Soc., ‘AThe detection of extra-terrestrial life and the consequences for science and society’, Martin Dominik,and John C. Zarnecki, 13 February 2011, vol. 369 no. 1936 499-507,
    9. Ibid
    10. Ibid

    © Copyright New Dawn Magazine, Permission granted to freely distribute this article for non-commercial purposes if unedited and copied in full, including this notice.

    © Copyright New Dawn Magazine, Permission to re-send, post and place on web sites for non-commercial purposes, and if shown only in its entirety with no changes or additions. This notice must accompany all re-posting.}

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Weird science: Did a mirror image of the universe exist after the Big Bang?

    Weird science: Did a mirror image of the universe exist after the Big Bang?


    Image: Weird science: Did a mirror image of the universe exist after the Big Bang?

    (Natural News) A Canadian study came up with a bold new cosmological model regarding the state of the universe before the Big Bang event. It theorized that the earlier universe started out as perfectly symmetrical due to having a mirror image of itself.

    Everything in the mirror universe would be identical to our universe, except in reverse. Time would run backward, not forward, while matter would be made of antiparticles instead of particles.

    Other researchers have already theorized about the existence of another universe before the Big Bang. But the mirror universe envisioned by the research team at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics would have been part of the current universe instead of a separate reality.

    “Instead of saying there was a different universe before the bang, we’re saying that the universe before the bang is actually, in some sense, an image of the universe after the bang,” explained researcher Neil Turok. He and his colleagues described the current universe as a reflection of the old one as seen through the reality-bending lens of the Big Bang. (Related: Some black holes bring dead “zombie” stars back to life just to rip them apart later.)

    A mirror universe may have existed for seconds after the Big Bang

    The researchers suggested that our universe and its mirror image came into existence during the Big Bang. While our universe exploded forward in time, the mirror universe flowed in the opposite direction.

    The model of a mirror universe would greatly simplify the very first second of the universe’s existence. This would allow researchers to stop relying on strange multiverses and dimensions in order to explain certain complex parts of quantum physics. The simplified benefit would also apply to the Standard Model that is used to explain the subatomic particles of the universe.

    A mirror universe would also provide a straightforward explanation for dark matter, the theoretical invisible matter that supposedly makes up most of the universe. It would certainly be much simpler than a theoretical sterile neutrino that can somehow pass through matter without interacting with the particles of the target.

    “Suddenly, when you take this symmetric, extended view of space/time, one of the particles that we already think exists — one of the so-called right-handed neutrinos — becomes a very neat dark-matter candidate,” explained Turok’s fellow researcher Latham Boyle. “And you don’t need to invoke other, more speculative particles.”

    A simpler explanation for dark matter and quantum physics

    Turok, Boyle, and their colleagues came up with their new cosmology model after they got fed up with the most recent and increasingly exotic theories about the first few seconds of the universe after the Big Bang.

    Ironically, Turok participated in developing a number of such theories, but eventually he wanted a simpler explanation. He said that his team’s new, simpler mirror universe model possessed a big advantage over the others: It can be tested and verified.

    In comparison, the current leading theory to explain dark matter is the weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs). However, numerous studies have failed to provide evidence of the existence of WIMPs over the years.

    With this in mind, the research team is planning to bring up elements of their model that can be measured and tested. One example is how the lightest neutrinos in their model would lack any mass altogether.

    If this and other elements pass the tests, the mirror universe model could sweep away 30 years of established knowledge regarding the universe. It would be like starting from scratch, but this time the paper explaining how the universe worked would be much cleaner to begin with.

    See more weird science news at

    Sources include: }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Bestond er voor de oerknal al een spiegelbeeld van ons universum? Wetenschappers doen opmerkelijke ontdekking
    Bestond er voor de oerknal al een spiegelbeeld van ons universum? Wetenschappers doen opmerkelijke ontdekking

    Bestond er voor de oerknal al een spiegelbeeld van ons universum? Wetenschappers doen opmerkelijke ontdekking

    Er bestaat een spiegeluniversum waar de tijd achteruit loopt en deeltjes antideeltjes zijn. Tot die conclusie zijn Canadese wetenschappers gekomen.

    In dit heelal, een exact spiegelbeeld van het onze, is alles omgekeerd, aldus de onderzoekers van het Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ontario.

    “We zeggen niet dat er een ander universum was voor de oerknal,” zei onderzoeker Neil Turok. “We zeggen dat dit universum een spiegelbeeld is van het universum na de oerknal.

    Goede kandidaat

    Beide universa explodeerden tijdens hun geboorte achteruit en vooruit in de tijd.

    Op deze manier is donkere materie veel gemakkelijker te verklaren, legde Latham Boyle uit. Eén specifiek deeltje vormt namelijk een goede kandidaat voor donkere materie.

    Het gaat om de zogeheten steriele neutrino, die door gewone materie kan gaan zonder dat je het merkt.

    Geen massa

    De Canadese wetenschappers gaan nu aan de hand van meetbare experimenten testen of ze gelijk hebben.

    Hun model voorspelt bijvoorbeeld dat de lichtste neutrino’s helemaal geen massa zouden moeten hebben.

    Heel drastisch

    Als ze gelijk hebben moeten we mogelijk onze kijk op het universum bijstellen.

    “Het is heel drastisch,” zei Turok. “Het druist volledig in tegen de manier waarop we de natuurkunde de afgelopen 30 jaar hebben benaderd.”

    [Natural News]
    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mysterious Balls, Falling Out of the Sky From Where They Come From? Videos

    Mysterious Balls, Falling Out of the Sky From Where They Come From? Videos

    Many people still doubt the existence of a flying saucers, but I tell you, just wait until they appear in large quantity. Around the entire planet will demonstrate their ability to fly, their appearance and disappearance. In a way that confuses people into the large extent, that no one really understand what is happening. It has been written that the sky will “sign”. This “sign” already seen a lot of people, but by the end of this age will see it every man of the earth and will be surprised” }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Apocalyptic Strange Sound in Slovakia,15.10.2016.and 1 and 7.March.2019.Videos.

    Apocalyptic Strange Sound in Slovakia,15.10.2016.and 1 and 7.March.2019.Videos.

    Something very strange is going on in recent years in the atmosphere on the planet Whether it comes to aliens, changes in the earth’s core or UFO,CHEMTRAILS, HAARP? People all around the world take photos of this strange phenomena. Why are they appear and what is the meaning of them? What is going on? Can it affect a human evolution? What do you think about that? Watch the video and judge for yourself! }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.A Mega-Tsunami Is Coming-Geologists Theorize That a Volcano on La Palma Might Fall Into The Ocean And Send a Mega-Tsunami Across the Atlantic

    A Mega-Tsunami Is Coming-Geologists Theorize That a Volcano on La Palma Might Fall Into The Ocean And Send a Mega-Tsunami Across the Atlantic

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if a Tsunami were to hit America?

    What about the east coast of America?

    In six hours, you, your government, and 124 million other people across 14 states will be tested by the greatest disaster the greatest disaster to ever hit the U.S. East Coast. A great wave, 1000 meters tall (3280 ft.), moving towards you at 1000 km/h (620 mph), and that’s only the beginning.

    Boston, New York, Philly, D.C., Miami. All underwater. And you?

    Unlike most tsunamis that are triggered by tectonic activity, megatsunamis are caused by sudden impact. A huge chunk of debris, possibly a meteor, smashes the water, creating a huge wave, which might reach thousands of meters high.

    The initial super wave would set off a chain reaction of smaller waves in all directions. But by smaller, we really mean they’d be about 100 meters high instead of 1000.Depending on the size and location of the impact, and the speed of the waves racing towards you, you may get a few hours warning.But will that be enough time? 

    Even SWAT Teams are Helpless Against This..

    Welcome to La Palma

    La Palms is one of the 7 main Canary Islands, home to 81,000 people, and a giant, scary volcano. Suppose it erupts, and the eruption is big enough that it triggers a massive landslide.Massive enough, to send over a billion tons of rock sliding into the ocean, causing… A megatsunami.

    The initial wave is 914 meters (3000 feet) high. It surges upwards and outwards, setting off a chain reaction of deadly waves in all directions. In 6 hours, a series of 30 meter (100 ft) waves will batter the American East Coast.

    Ramming speed: 900 km/h (560 mph). One of the 7 Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting buoys floating along the Atlantic Coast will undoubtedly register this mega-displacement of water, giving the U.S. Tsunami Warning Center time to alert anyone who might be in danger.

    The only problem is, that’s 38 percent of the American population. The entire U.S. East Coast would be affected, putting 14 states, and 124 million people, including key members of the government, at risk.

    If you can’t make it out in time, then climb. In major cities, the newest and tallest skyscrapers would be the safest places to go. And your own safety will be entirely your responsibility, since emergency services wouldn’t really be able to take action until the onslaught was over.

    In the best case scenario, you’ve managed to evade the disaster completely. Your family is safe, but your home, not so much.Worse, you’re on the roof of a skyscraper, safe, with a group of survivors, waiting for a helicopter to come pick you up, which might take a very long time. But in the worst case scenario…

    The death toll would be staggering; the economic impact, easily costing billions, if not trillions of dollars. It will take decades to rebuild, and yet, is it wrong to suggest that we might’ve gotten off easy?Mega Tsunami’s are a total freak of nature but when one hits it can be disastrous.

    After seeing the devastation from the Japan Tsunami in 2011 it makes you wonder; what would happen if a Tsunami hit Boston, New York, Philly, D.C., Miami…? Shocking & Unbelievable Real Video HERE

    Source: }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Inevitable End of UFO Secrecy

    The Inevitable End of UFO Secrecy

    UFOs have always been an unspoken part of our world, something that remains officially denied but which is in fact believed by enormous numbers of people, many of whom work within the classified world and know the truth.

    Richard Dolan, one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs has dedicated the last two decades to uncovering the truth about UFOs and, more recently, the dark covert operations known as false flags, argues that the secret will not hold much longer, and in fact changes are already happening.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Oxford University Prof Claims Aliens Are Here and Breeding with Humans

    Oxford University Prof Claims Aliens Are Here and Breeding with Humans

    So, they come not for the sake of us, but for the sake of them, their survival, (but their survival is actually our survival as well) the survival of the entire biosphere.

    Dr. Young-hae Chi teaches at Oxford University, so he must know what he’s talking about … right? Sure, he teaches Korean, but that hasn’t stopped him from delving into other subjects … like the idea that aliens are here and breeding with humans to create hybrids that will be better suited to survive on their home planet … and ours.

    “It may be more or less assumed that the hybrid project is a response to this impending demise of human civilization.

    A recent article in The Oxford Student recounts a lecture, titled “Alien Abduction and the Environmental Crisis” which Dr. Chi presented in 2012 at the Ammach (Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline) Conference in NottinghamAmmach was founded in 2011 by Joanne Summerscales and Miles Johnston to offer emotional support to traumatized abductees.

    Many people experience ridicule, vilification, isolation besides what they’re going through. We offer non-judgmental interviews and an opportunity to talk about it.

    Dr. Chi reportedly told attendees he’s a follower of longtime U.S. abduction researcher Dr. David Jacobs who believes second generation human-alien hybrids are in the process of colonizing Earth. Chi blamed this on climate change.

    It may be more or less assumed that the hybrid project is a response to this impending demise of human civilization.”

    However, he thought at the time that if we piddly humans actually took action against climate change, we could stop the hybridization and “prove aliens wrong in their judgement of our moral capacity.”

    Well, we’ve seen how THAT turned out.

    Dr. Chi has now written a book about these and other aliens titled “Alien Visitations and the End of Humanity.” He told The Oxford Student about the four types of aliens already on Earth – “small; tall and bold; aliens with scales and snake eyes; and finally, insect-like aliens” – and warned that the insect aliens ruled over the rest. However

    What is common is that they are all conducting some kind of biological experiment, including the production of a hybrid.

    So, other than in the movies, why don’t we see humans with antennas, fly heads or six hairy legs? Chi explains that it’s our fault.

    “I don’t think they are from far away, they are just next to us, we can’t see them. We can use an analogy of fish which can think and perceive things only in the way they can and humans also perceive only in the way we can, so our perception of the world is limited by our organs.”

    That’s too bad, because Dr. Chi also points out that these aliens aren’t exactly here on Spring Break from their own Oxford University.

    One possibility is that they find our DNA valuable for the preservation of the stock. Secondly, to create species which can survive in the future climate conditions…Thirdly, some abductees report that these hybrids are of a very high intelligence, so are they producing these hybrids as a problem-solver, a future leader?

    A problem solver and future leader for them … or for us? Dr. Chi thinks it’s both, but says he’s not sure either is a good answer.

    Judging from the way the ETs are acting they have a better view of our future, perhaps it is pointing to a pessimistic future.”

    And then he introduced an alien hybrid to explain in detail what happens next.


    Gotcha! Of course he didn’t … he already said we puny climate-changing humans can’t see the aliens, so it seems logical that we might not be able to see their kids either. Or at least their alien parts. However, the real reason is that this is all just Dr. Chi’s theory, and …

    I’m still looking for more evidence to support my view.”

    Will he find it? Or should he stick to teaching Korean to smart kids? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mystery of purple lights in sky solved with help from citizen scientists

    Mystery of purple lights in sky solved with help from citizen scientists

    STEVE and the Milky Way at Childs Lake, Manitoba, Canada. The picture is a composite of 11 images stitched together.
    Credit: Krista Trinder

    Notanee Bourassa knew that what he was seeing in the night sky was not normal. Bourassa, an IT technician in Regina, Canada, trekked outside of his home on July 25, 2016, around midnight with his two younger children to show them a beautiful moving light display in the sky—an aurora borealis. He often sky gazes until the early hours of the morning to photograph the aurora with his Nikon camera, but this was his first expedition with his children. When a thin purple ribbon of light appeared and starting glowing, Bourassa immediately snapped pictures until the light particles disappeared 20 minutes later. Having watched the northern lights for almost 30 years since he was a teenager, he knew this wasn't an aurora. It was something else.

    From 2015 to 2016, citizen scientists—people like Bourassa who are excited about a science field but don't necessarily have a formal educational background—shared 30 reports of these mysterious lights in online forums and with a team of scientists that run a project called Aurorasaurus. The , funded by NASA and the National Science Foundation, tracks the borealis through user-submitted reports and tweets.

    The Aurorasaurus team, led by Liz MacDonald, a space scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, conferred to determine the identity of this mysterious phenomenon. MacDonald and her colleague Eric Donovan at the University of Calgary in Canada talked with the main contributors of these images, amateur photographers in a Facebook group called Alberta Aurora Chasers, which included Bourassa and lead administrator Chris Ratzlaff. Ratzlaff gave the phenomenon a fun, new name, Steve, and it stuck.

    But people still didn't know what it was.

    Scientists' understanding of Steve changed that night Bourassa snapped his pictures. Bourassa wasn't the only one observing Steve. Ground-based cameras called all-sky cameras, run by the University of Calgary and University of California, Berkeley, took pictures of large areas of the sky and captured Steve and the auroral display far to the north. From space, ESA's (the European Space Agency) Swarm satellite just happened to be passing over the exact area at the same time and documented Steve.

    For the first time, scientists have ground and satellite views of STEVE (short for Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement), a thin purple ribbon of light. Scientists have now learned, despite its ordinary name, that STEVE may be an extraordinary puzzle piece in painting a better picture of how Earth's magnetic fields function and interact with charged particles in space.
    Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Genna Duberstein

    For the first time, scientists had ground and satellite views of Steve. Scientists have now learned, despite its ordinary name, that Steve may be an extraordinary puzzle piece in painting a better picture of how Earth's magnetic fields function and interact with charged particles in space. The findings are published in a study released today in Science Advances.

    "This is a light display that we can observe over thousands of kilometers from the ground," said MacDonald. "It corresponds to something happening way out in space. Gathering more data points on STEVE will help us understand more about its behavior and its influence on space weather."

    The study highlights one key quality of Steve: Steve is not a normal aurora. Auroras occur globally in an oval shape, last hours and appear primarily in greens, blues and reds. Citizen science reports showed Steve is purple with a green picket fence structure that waves. It is a line with a beginning and end. People have observed Steve for 20 minutes to 1 hour before it disappears.

    If anything, auroras and Steve are different flavors of an ice cream, said MacDonald. They are both created in generally the same way: Charged particles from the Sun interact with Earth's magnetic field lines.

    The uniqueness of Steve is in the details. While Steve goes through the same large-scale creation process as an aurora, it travels along different magnetic field lines than the aurora. All-sky cameras showed that Steve appears at much lower latitudes. That means the charged particles that create Steve connect to  that are closer to Earth's equator, hence why Steve is often seen in southern Canada.

    Mystery of purple lights in sky solved with help from citizen scientists

    STEVE (Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement) was seen on March 10, 2018, just after midnight local time over Crossfield, Alberta, Canada. The STEVE was visible for about 30 minutes.
    Credit: Chris Ratzlaff

    Perhaps the biggest surprise about Steve appeared in the satellite data. The data showed that Steve comprises a fast moving stream of extremely hot particles called a sub auroral ion drift, or SAID. Scientists have studied SAIDs since the 1970s but never knew there was an accompanying visual effect. The Swarm satellite recorded information on the charged particles' speeds and temperatures, but does not have an imager aboard.

    "People have studied a lot of SAIDs, but we never knew it had a visible light. Now our cameras are sensitive enough to pick it up and people's eyes and intellect were critical in noticing its importance," said Donovan, a co-author of the study. Donovan led the all-sky camera network and his Calgary colleagues lead the electric field instruments on the Swarm satellite.

    Steve is an important discovery because of its location in the sub auroral zone, an area of lower latitude than where most auroras appear that is not well researched. For one, with this discovery, scientists now know there are unknown chemical processes taking place in the sub auroral zone that can lead to this light emission.

    Second, Steve consistently appears in the presence of auroras, which usually occur at a higher latitude area called the auroral zone. That means there is something happening in near-Earth space that leads to both an aurora and Steve. Steve might be the only visual clue that exists to show a chemical or physical connection between the higher latitude auroral zone and lower latitude sub auroral zone, said MacDonald.

    "Steve can help us understand how the chemical and physical processes in Earth's upper atmosphere can sometimes have local noticeable effects in lower parts of Earth's atmosphere," said MacDonald. "This provides good insight on how Earth's system works as a whole."

    Mystery of purple lights in sky solved with help from citizen scientists

    Specifically, the aurora and STEVE creation process starts with the Sun sending a surge of its charged particles toward Earth. This surge applies pressure on Earth’s magnetic field, which sends the Sun's charged particles to the far side of Earth, where it is nighttime. On this far, night side of Earth, Earth's magnet field forms a distinctive tail. When the tail stretches and elongates, it forces oppositely directed magnetic fields close together that join in an explosive process called magnetic reconnection. Like a stretched rubber band suddenly breaking, these magnetic field lines then snap back toward Earth, carrying charged particles along for the ride. These charged particles slam into the upper atmosphere, causing it to glow and generating the light we see as the aurora — and now possibly STEVE.
    Credit: NASA Goddard's Conceptual Image Lab/Krystofer Kim

    The team can learn a lot about Steve with additional ground and satellite reports, but recording Steve from the ground and space simultaneously is a rare occurrence. Each Swarm satellite orbits Earth every 90 minutes and Steve only lasts up to an hour in a specific area. If the satellite misses Steve as it circles Earth, Steve will probably be gone by the time that same satellite crosses the spot again.

    In the end, capturing Steve becomes a game of perseverance and probability.

    "It is my hope that with our timely reporting of sightings, researchers can study the data so we can together unravel the mystery of Steve's origin, creation, physics and sporadic nature," said Bourassa. "This is exciting because the more I learn about it, the more questions I have."

    As for the name "Steve" given by the citizen scientists? The team is keeping it as an homage to its initial name and discoverers. But now it is STEVE, short for Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Mystery of Steve The Glowing Ribbon in The Sky Has Finally Been Solved

    The Mystery of Steve The Glowing Ribbon in The Sky Has Finally Been Solved

    In 2016, Steve appeared in the Canadian skies. Steve was majestic: a glowing purple ribbon with green “picket fence” rays protruding from it. It resembled an aurora only in that it was a glowing band in the sky, but Steve’s properties were not consistent with those of an aurora. Steve appeared too far south, above areas that never see the northern lights. Steve stood vertically and with colors different from an aurora. Steve was a mystery. Now, three years later, researchers say they’ve finally solved that mystery.

    According to a study published in the journal Geophysical Letters on April 16, 2019, researchers have concluded that the Steve anomaly is caused by the friction between hot plasma and magnetic waves some 15,000 miles above Earth’s surface. Furthermore, it seems that the green “picket fence” rays and the towering purple ribbons are two different phenomena caused by two different processes. In a statement, Bea Gallardo-Lacourt, a space physicist at the University of Calgary and co-author of the study, said:

    Aurora is defined by particle precipitation, electrons and protons actually falling into our atmosphere, whereas the STEVE atmospheric glow comes from heating without particle precipitation. The precipitating electrons that cause the green picket fence are thus aurora, though this occurs outside the auroral zone, so it’s indeed unique.”

    Which is a fancy way of saying “it’s a different thing.”

    Steve was named after the animated film “Over the Hedge,” in which a group of forest animals see the titular hedge for the first time, and not knowing what to call it, name it Steve.  It was later turned into the “backronym” STEVE (strong thermal emission velocity enhancement) which just sounds like technobabble. Credit: Ryan Sault.

    In the new study, scientists used satellite data combined with pictures of Steve taken by amateur astronomers all over the globe. They wanted to know what powers Steve and if it occurs in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres at the same time. Researchers analyzed the measurements of the electric and magnetic field taken by satellites passing through the Steve events and then compared that data to the pictures of Steve taken by amateur astronomers.

    They found that the purple ribbons are caused by rivers of charged particles colliding with strong magnetic waves in Earth’s Ionosphere. According to the American Geophysical Union, the process that causes the towering purple ribbons are similar to those that cause incandescent light bulbs to light up. The friction between between the rivers of hot plasma and the the magnetic waves high up in the Ionosphere causes the charged plasma particles to heat up and emit light. A beautiful soft purple light named Steve.

    Steve and green picket fence.

    A Steve event that shows the green “picket fence” rays streaming off the side.

    Credit: Rocky Raybell.

    The green picket fence, on the other hand, is caused by a similar phenomenon as traditional auroras. High-frequency waves moving from the Magnetosphere to the Ionosphere can energize electrons and knock them out of the Magnetosphere, creating the striped picket fence pattern. However, this display still occurs in areas much further towards the equator than traditional auroras.

    Mystery of purple lights in sky solved with help from citizen scientists

    STEVE and the Milky Way at Childs Lake, Manitoba, Canada. The picture is a composite of 11 images stitched together.

    Credit: Krista Trinder

    The researchers say that public interest and involvement in the project was key to to its success. Toshi Nishimura, Lead author of the study,  says:

    As commercial cameras become more sensitive and increased excitement about the aurora spreads via social media, citizen scientists can act as a ‘mobile sensor network,’ and we are grateful to them for giving us data to analyze.

    Although Steve’s cause has been identified, there’s still a bit of mystery remaining. Scientists still do not know why Steve appears as far south as it does. Despite all the time and effort put in to figuring it out, Steve hasn’t let us in on all his secrets quite yet. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Has a SQUIRREL been found on Mars?

    Has a SQUIRREL been found on Mars?

    CONSPIRACY theorists have made an incredible discovery on Mars after photographs appeared to show a SQUIRREL scurrying between boulders on the Red Planet.

    Sharp-eyed internet users spotted the animal in an official NASA photograph taken by the Curiosity Rover soon after it landed on Mars in 2012.

    Conspiracy theorists believe the picture reveals a top-secret NASA experiment which the public were not informed about due to animal rights violations.

    The  Sightings Daily website said: “It is really amazing and strange. I guess that’s why I love this one so much. It’s a cute rodent on Mars.”

    The photographs show a very convincing squirrel-like object crouching between two boulder in a rocky expanse. 

    Squirrel on Mars


    Is this a squirrel? Conspiracy theorists think NASA is covering something up

    The object appears to have ears, eyes, a nose and front legs, as well as a long, thin body similar to that of a grey squirrel. 

    The website believes NASA’s fear of being sued is behind the lack of official confirmation of the squirrel's presence on the fourth planet from the Sun. 

    It said: “A lot of people are emailing me saying that this squirrel was part of a NASA experiment to test how long it would live on the surface of Mars and I do believe this does sound like something they might do.

    “Why would they not tell us about it? Because the squirrel would be expected to die eventually and that would get PETA to fight against them in a court of law.”

    Squirrel on Mars


    The object appears to be incredibly squirrel-like

    Squirrel on Mars


    The 'squirrel' was spotted in an official NASA photograph

    They decided life on Mars was a secret worth keeping since they don’t want China or Russia to beat America to Mars


    They believe another explanation for the lack of information is America’s desire to keep ahead of Russia and China in a new space race. 

    The website said: “They decided life on Mars was a secret worth keeping since they don’t want China or Russia to beat America to Mars.

    “So they shut up about it and can take their time to Mars this way.”

    It is not the first time a surprising object has beens potted on Mars. Earlier this month a huge skeleton was discovered, while last November conspiracy theorists claimed to have spotted a huge walled city

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Why Is There A Squirrel On Mars? Did NASA Bring It? Is The Rover On Devon Island? UFO Sightings News.

    Why Is There A Squirrel On Mars? Did NASA Bring It? Is The Rover On Devon Island? UFO Sightings News.


    Why is there a squirrel in a NASA rover photo? I would really like to get to the bottom of this. NASA has refused to answer me on twitter and ignores all photographic evidence of the squirrels existence on Mars. So lets figure this out without them. 

    First possibility is that the squirrel was brought to mars by NASA. Its possible that scientists at NASA put that little guy into a forced coma hibernation for months until it was to be released on Mars. Why do I believe its possible? Because it is and because this is SOL 52 on Mars of the rover, which means the rover had been on Mars for only 52 days. That squirrel was probably released in the first week of the landing and died in its location from heat exhaustion or lack of oxygen...because we really don't know how habitable Mars really is...because NASA lies to us. So they could by lying about the amount of oxygen and that squirrel could have lived for days or weeks. It might even still be alive in that photo since its eyes were wide open! NASA lies, thats a fact, so why should we believe them about the climate on Mars? We shouldn't. 

    Second possibility is that this is not Mars at all. That NASA faked it to make America look like a world power again and to frighten other countries like China and Russia. Because the country with the highest tech is most feared on Earth. 

    Third possibility is that the rover is on Devon Island in Canada. Its a very desolate location with hundreds maybe thousands of small islands with out any people living there. This one can be found on Google Earth map. On Google Earth you will see Devon Island and on Devon island are photos of NASA camps and scientists experimenting with the rovers...and guess what? Devon hills, rocks and dirt match photos of Mars exactly. Coincidence? 

    Fourth, is that Mars has life on it. That this squirrel is one of the few animals still left alive. Now it does closely resemble a ground hog here on earth, and they have been known to live in African desert..the most hardest of conditions. Maybe eating roots or what ever. 

    Fifth, this is not a squirrel but a rock so similar and so life like that it appears to be a squirrel. This seems least likely since humans are the most intelligent species on this planet and do not mistake squirrels for rocks. The human brain is 100% equipped to tell things apart and if this is a rock, then we as a human species are all insane. 

    So those are five possible answers to this problem. I believe NASA would take the last one and call it quits to escape from this serious mistake they made. I for one, believe the first possibility, that NASA put the squirrel into a coma hibernation of sorts for months. Its been done on earth, so why not on a space craft? It is my opinion that this evidence is submersible in a court of law and should be used to force NASA into admitting experimenting on a squirrel. Which is acceptable science it is a science experiment and lab subjects of animals like dogs, puppies, cats, rats, mole rats, chimpanzees and much more are sacrificed daily in the name of scientific advancement. 

    Scott C. Waring }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The US Navy Secretly Designed a Super-Fast Futuristic Aircraft Resembling a UFO, Documents Reveal
    The US Navy Secretly Designed a Super-Fast Futuristic Aircraft Resembling a UFO, Documents Reveal

    by Jasper Hamill (

    • The US Navy applied for three patents in 2016. One of them was for a “craft using an inertial mass reduction device”, and it was granted last year. US Navy scientist Salvatore Cezar Pais filed the patent. The theoretical craft would use an ‘inertial mass reduction device’ generating artificial gravity waves. With this reduction in mass, it thereby lessens the object’s resistance to motion, or ‘inertia’, and is able to travel at a much greater velocity in water, air or even space.
    • ‘It is possible to reduce the inertial mass and hence the gravitational mass, of a system/object in motion, by an abrupt perturbation of the non-linear background of local space-time,’ the patent states. ‘This hybrid craft would move with great ease through the air/space/water mediums, by being enclosed in a vacuum plasma bubble/sheath.’
    • The craft described in the patent features a cavity wall filled with gas, which is then made to vibrate using powerful electromagnetic waves. This then creates a vacuum around the craft, allowing it to propel itself at high speeds.
    • Earlier this year, it was revealed that US government researchers investigated wormholes, antigravity, invisibility cloaking, warp drives and high energy laser weapons during an official but covert probe into ‘unexplained aerial phenomena’ called the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program (AATIP). The program allegedly ended in 2012. Details of AATIP were first released in 2017.
    • Nick Pope, former UFO investigator at the Ministry of Defence, noted that this patented design was “uncannily similar” to the ‘tic tac UFO’ that was reported by Navy jet pilots from the USS Nimitz off of the coast of San Diego in 2004. The pilots saw a huge patch of churning, turbulent water suggesting something was beneath the surface, and then a tic tac UFO that accelerated at an ‘impossibly’ high speed. Pope also said that a similar incident of a UFO flying underwater occurred in Puerto Rico in 2013. “It’s possible that the patent is inspired by the incident and is part of an attempt to work out the technology behind the objects that were chased by the Navy F-18s. This is known as ‘reverse-engineering’,” says Pope.
    • The Navy patent also mentions Dr. Harold Puthoff, a key figure in AATIP who commissioned the 38 papers exploring exotic propulsion system technologies, which were used in Defense Intelligence Agency briefings filed with the US Congress. This is the type of “technology that we’d need for interstellar travel,” Pope added. “These patents might be the first steps in taking humankind to the stars.”
    • Another Navy patent was for a “high-frequency gravitational wave generator”. “If they have built the technology described in the patents, I’m sure the program is highly classified,” said Pope. “The bottom line is that if any of this works, we’re in game-changing territory.”
    • Although the US Navy applied for the patent in 2016 and it was granted last year, it doesn’t necessarily mean the craft has been built and tested. However, the technology is further evidence of the military’s interest in developing ‘exotic’ technologies.


    Military inventors filed plans for a highly unusual flying machine which uses an ‘inertial mass reduction device’ to travel at ‘extreme speeds’. What that means is that the aircraft uses complex technology to reduce its mass and thereby lessen inertia (an object’s resistance to motion) so it can zoom along at high velocities. The patent is highly complex and describes methods of reducing the mass of an aircraft using various techniques including the generation of gravity waves, which were first detected in 2016 after being produced when two black holes collided.

    ‘It is possible to reduce the inertial mass and hence the gravitational mass, of a system/object in motion, by an abrupt perturbation of the non-linear background of local spacetime,’ the patent says. The craft described in the patent features a cavity wall filled with gas, which is then made to vibrate using powerful electromagnetic waves. This then creates a vacuum around the craft, allowing it to propel itself at high speeds. The UFO-style ship can be used in water, air or even space. ‘It is possible to envision a hybrid aerospace/undersea craft (HAUC), which due to the physical mechanisms enabled with the inertial mass reduction device, can function as a submersible craft capable of extreme underwater speeds… and enhanced stealth capabilities,’ the patent continues. ‘This hybrid craft would move with great ease through the air/space/water mediums, by being enclosed in a vacuum plasma bubble/sheath.’ Although the US Navy applied for the patent in 2016 and it was granted last year, it doesn’t necessarily mean the craft has been built and tested. However, the technology is further evidence of the military’s interest in developing ‘exotic’ technologies.

    Salvatore Cezar Pais /Google

    These drawings were filed as part of the patent and show a craft which looks a lot like a UFO

    (Photo: Salvatore Cezar Pais/ Google)

    Earlier this year, it was revealed that US government researchers investigated wormholes, antigravity, invisibility cloaking, warp drives and high energy laser weapons during a probe into ‘unexplained aerial phenomena’ called the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program (AATIP).

    Details of AATIP were first released in 2017, including reports of a sighting made by fighter pilots from the USS Nimitz.

    These pilots saw a huge patch of churning, turbulent water the size of a Boeing 737, suggesting something was beneath the surface, as well as a ‘tic tac’ aircraft which zoomed off at almost impossibly high speeds.

    We spoke to Nick Pope, former UFO investigator at the Ministry of Defence, and asked if he saw any similarities between the patented design and the Nimitz Tic Tac.

    ‘A hybrid craft, capable of flying both in the air and underwater, is uncannily similar to what was reported in the USS Nimitz incident from 2004,’ he said.

    ‘There was a similar incident of a UFO flying underwater in Puerto Rico in 2013. The possible connection between the USS Nimitz incident and this patent is intriguing, and it’s interesting that the US Navy seems to be the link here.

    ‘It’s possible that the patent is inspired by the incident and is part of an attempt to work out the technology behind the objects that were chased by the Navy F-18s. This is known as ‘reverse-engineering’.’

    Nick Pope is a novelist and global authority on UFOs

    (Credit: David Howard/Flickr)

    He said a ‘key question’ is how the plans fit in with the wider AATIP project.

    In the latest patent, author Salvatore Cezar Pais mentions Harold Puthoff, a key figure in AATIP who commissioned the 38 papers exploring exotic technologies, which were then used by Defense Intelligence Agency durings briefings filed with the US Congress.

    ‘The papers that got media attention related to anti-gravity, invisibility cloaking, warp drive and wormholes, but a key point is that many of the papers relate to exotic propulsion systems – not just the technology that would enable us to build a faster aircraft, drone or missile, but the technology that we’d need for interstellar travel,’ Pope added.

    ‘These patents might be the first steps in taking humankind to the stars.’

    Two views of the Tic Tac UFO observed by US Navy pilots

    A declassified document which gives details of some of the research papers produced by AATIP investigators

    We asked if he believed the craft in the patent had ever been built.

    This patent for a “craft using an inertial mass reduction device” is fascinating, and is one of three patents filed by US Navy scientist Salvatore Cezar Pais.

    ‘The other one of his patents that caught my eye was one for a “high-frequency gravitational wave generator”.

    'It’s sometimes hard to tell where the boundary lies between fringe science and science fiction. Furthermore, even if the theoretical physics turns out to be sound, aeronautical engineers still have to be able to build something, if any of this is to have any tangible effect.

    ‘If they have built the technology described in the patents, I’m sure the program is highly classified. The bottom line is that if any of this works, we’re in game-changing territory.’


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What The Hell Is Going On With UFOs And The Department Of Defense?

    What The Hell Is Going On With UFOs And The Department Of Defense?

    Someone or something appears to have some extremely advanced technology and the Pentagon is actively changing the nature of the conversation about it.


    Few stories have garnered more requests from our readers for commentary than the recent news that the Navy has decided to very publicly change its reporting rules and procedures for when its personnel observes an unexplained phenomenon like a UFO and a USO. There have been wildly varying takes on this sudden change, but the truth is that it is very hard to know what to make of it considering how absurd it sounds—the Navy nowwants to know about unidentified craft that can penetrate airspace over its installations and around its most capable naval vessels with impunity? Shouldn't that be a default position for a service tasked with defending American interests and controlling vast swathes of area above, below, and on the surface of the Earth? 

    Politico was first to report on the Navy's new directions for reporting unexplained objects operating in the same environment as its vessels and aircraft. Politico's Bryan Bender writes:

    "There have been a number of reports of unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled ranges and designated air space in recent years," the Navy said in a statement in response to questions from POLITICO. "For safety and security concerns, the Navy and the [U.S. Air Force] takes these reports very seriously and investigates each and every report."

    "As part of this effort," it added, "the Navy is updating and formalizing the process by which reports of any such suspected incursions can be made to the cognizant authorities. A new message to the fleet that will detail the steps for reporting is in draft."

    To be clear, the Navy isn’t endorsing the idea that its sailors have encountered alien spacecraft. But it is acknowledging there have been enough strange aerial sightings by credible and highly trained military personnel that they need to be recorded in the official record and studied — rather than dismissed as some kooky phenomena from the realm of science-fiction.

    The Washington Post did their own follow-up to Politico's story, stating:

    Recently, unidentified aircraft have entered military-designated airspace as often as multiple times per month, Joseph Gradisher, spokesman for office of the deputy chief of naval operations for information warfare, told The Washington Post on Wednesday.

    Citing safety and security concerns, Gradisher vowed to “investigate each and every report.”

    He said, “We want to get to the bottom of this. We need to determine who’s doing it, where it’s coming from and what their intent is. We need to try to find ways to prevent it from happening again.”

    In recent years, from what we can tell, in part by the reporting done by The War Zone itself, is that there is no real way to distinctly classify something like a UFO or USO in such a way that it gets reported and an investigation occurs on an official level within the military. This appears to be true for civilian government institutions, like the FAA, as well. The lack of a structured procedure and classification system, and the nebulous fear of being stigmatized by reporting things like UFOs—something that has long plagued the military and private sectors alike—has repressed the conveyance of information in unquantifiable, but hugely significant ways. 

    This reality has led to much speculation, and rightfully so, that the military knows far more about these strange happenings than they are willing to let on, at least on the surface. Otherwise, why wouldn't they want to know more about intruders wielding fantastic technology that makes them impervious to existing countermeasures and defenses?  

    Now all this appears to be changing on a grand level, but why?

    The technology is real

    The fact is that we actually know that in the last 15 years, under at least somecircumstances, the military has wanted certain high-fidelity data related to encounters with what many would call UFOs. The most compelling encounter of our time, at least that we know of, occurred in and around where the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group was operating during workups to deployment in 2004. 

    The incident, or really the series of incidents as they occurred over a number of days, have become near legendary in nature as the witnesses involved are highly credible in nature and numerous. In addition, we have official reports detailing the incident that convey a very compelling story, as well as hours of testimony from those who were there—a group of sailors and naval aviators that seems to be emerging more and more out of the shadows with each passing day.

    This is a very basic, but a well-produced overview of the main 'Tic Tac' incident. I highly recommend you read the story linked above and the report embedded in it for a much deeper understanding of the events that occurred over multiple days around the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group in 2004:

    When it comes to the so-called "Tic Tac" incident that involved the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group off the Baja Peninsula in 2004, conclusions that are nearly impossible not to draw from it are so reality warping that even the forward-thinking aerospace community doesn't seem to have even begun coming to terms with them. 

    The main revelation is that technology exists that is capable of performing flying maneuvers that shatter our perceptions of propulsion, flight controls, material science, and even physics. Let me underline this again for you, the Nimitz encounter with the Tic Tac proved that exotic technology that is widely thought of as the domain of science fiction actually exists. It is real. It isn't the result of altered perception, someone's lucid dream, a stray weather balloon, or swamp gas. Someone or something has crossed the technological Rubicon and has obtained what some would call the Holy Grail of aerospace engineering. 

    This reality is very hard to process for many. There is always an out for some in the form of claiming an odd impromptu conspiracy or some hollow explanation that doesn't pass muster beyond the first paragraph, but in the end, it happened. As uncomfortable as that fact is, it's reality. So, we need to use this event as a lodestar going forward when it comes to evaluating and contemplating what is possible and where truth actually lies.

    Here are video interviews of some of those who were there. Some are quite informal, but they give a good idea of what individuals' unique perceptions were of the events in question:

    What many may not know about this event is that it occurred in a place and time where the most powerful set of aerial surveillance sensors ever created were amassed together and were watching and recording it all. And it is the recording part that is maybe the most interesting facet of the Nimitzencounters that has largely been passed over in terms of significance and notoriety. 

    Ideal test conditions

    What most don't realize is that the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group wasn't just equipped with some of the most advanced sensors the world had to offer, but that it also had hands-down the most advanced networking and computer processing capability of any such system. Dubbed Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC), this integrated air defense system architecture was just being fielded on a Strike Group level for the first time aboard Nimitz and the rest of its flotilla. 

    Our readers are familiar with CEC and the follow-on iterations that have come since, as we talk about the concepts behind them often. At its very basic level, it uses the Strike Group's diverse and powerful surveillance sensors, including the SPY-1 radars on Aegis Combat System-equipped cruisers and destroyers, as well as the E-2C Hawkeye's radar picture from on high, and fuses that information into a common 'picture' via data-links and advanced computer processing. This, in turn, provides very high fidelity 'tracks' of targets thanks to telemetry from various sensors operating at different bands and looking at the same target from different aspects and at different ranges. 

    Whereas a stealthy aircraft or one employing electronic warfare may start to disappear on a cruiser's radar as it is viewing the aircraft from the surface of the Earth and from one angle, it may still be very solid on the E-2 Hawkeye's radar that is orbiting at 25,000 feet and a hundred miles away from the cruiser. With CEC, the target will remain steady on both platform's CEC enabled screens as they are seeing fused data from both sources and likely many others as well. 

    We are talking about a quantum leap in capability and fidelity here folks. 

    The data-link connectivity and the quality of the enhanced telemetry means that weapons platforms, such as ships and aircraft, could also fire on targets without needing to use their own sensor data. For instance, a cruiser could fire a missile at a low-flying aircraft that is being tracked by a Hawkeye and an F/A-18 even though it doesn't show up on their own scopes. This capability continues to evolve and mature today and will be the linchpin of any peer-state naval battle of the future that the U.S. is involved with. But back in 2004, it was new and untested on the scale presented by the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group as it churned through the warning areas off the Baja Coast.

    The key takeaway here is that if ever there was an opportune time to capture the very best real-world sensor data on a high-performance target in near lab-like controlled settings offered by the restricted airspace off the Baja Coast, this was it. And by intention or chance, this is exactly what happened. 

    Someone within the DoD was very interested

    By multiple accounts from vetted first-hand sources, the hard drives that record CEC data from the E-2C Hawkeye and Aegis-equipped ships were seized in a very mysterious fashion following the Tic Tac incident. Uniformed U.S. Air Force officers showed up on these vessels and confiscated the devices and they were never to be seen again. This is not rumor or hearsay, this is attested to by multiple uniformed witnesses that were on the vessels that made up the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group at the time. 

    At the same time, on an official level, the Navy seemed to shut down any further investigation into the incident. The aforementioned after-action report states that the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group’s senior intelligence officer, whose name is redacted, alerted the Navy’s 3rd Fleet intelligence officer, or N2, about the incident via secure Email. That same Email, known as a Mission Report (MISREP), included the video footage and other details. 

    For unexplained reasons, officials at the 3rd Fleet N2 declined to send this report up the chain of command. They also deleted the MISREP, but speculated that paper copy should have been available. However, there is no indication that anyone went looking for this physical copy of the MISREP during the investigation.

    Nimitz Carrier Strike Group.

    When interviewed, the Nimitz Strike Group’s senior intelligence officer also offered up the opinion that “he believed it [the UFO] was part of a counterdrug operation based on the area of operations,” which seems wholly incongruous with the available information.

    As such, even though there is no official indication that an investigation into the events that week ever occurred at a very high level beyond after-action reports, we know someone within the military had a very high interest in what went on and wanted the high-fidelity radar data collected from the Strike Group. Not just deleted, but seized, potentially for exploitation.

    So yeah, someone was highly interested in this event within the DoD. Whether that was because it was of an unexplained nature or part of a test of a very capable secret aerospace program, remains unclear. 

    Could it be ours?

    The latter possibility is also very hard for people to come to terms with—that this capability could belong to the U.S. military. There is no better place to test such a system than against the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group with its CEC abilities during its workup off the Baja Coast. It is not an operational environment. Aircraft are not armed and nobody is expecting a fight. It is high-level integrated training with crews that have sharpened skills as they prepare for a cruise in which they could very well be called upon to fight for their country. Those warning areas and range complexes that extend out and downfrom the Channel Islands off the SoCal coast are among the best space the U.S. military has for training and testing advanced hardware and tactics in a secure and sanitized environment. 

    In other words, it was an ideal testing environment that featured the very best aerial, surface, and undersea surveillance sensors and sensor crews on the planet. 


    The expansive range complexes and warning areas off Southern California and Mexico.

    In addition, the fact is that the U.S. government has poured the equivalent of tens of billions of dollars each year into the black budget for the better part of a century. The idea that somewhere along the way they got lucky and made major breakthroughs in highly exotic technologies may not be convenient to believe as a possibility for those that have grander visions for the unexplained, but I contend that it is quite plausible. In fact, it mirrors the cryptic statements made by top players in the dark areas of aerospace development, such as those of the late Ben Rich, a Lockheed's Skunk Works chief that is largely credited for giving birth to stealth technology as we know it today. For instance, Rich told Popular Mechanics the following that underscores just how long major breakthroughs in man-made clandestine aerospace technology can stay hidden: 

    "There are some new programs, and there are certain things, some of them 20 or 30 years old, that are still breakthroughs and appropriate to keep quiet about [because] other people don’t have them yet."

    Clearly, the ability to defy the limits of traditional propulsion and lift-borne flight would be the pinnacle of aerospace and electrical engineering and could be far too sensitive to disclose, at least in some people's eyes within the national security establishment. Even the risk of testing this technology against known air defense capabilities would have to be weighed against the need for the tightest of secrecy. But since UFOs carry such a stigma and have deep pop culture roots in our society, the risk of doing so against an unknowing Carrier Strike Group operating under tight training restrictions seems small and the setting uniquely ideal.

    In other words, could the Tic Tac have been ours? 


    The same could be said of our adversaries. They too could have made some breakthroughs in highly exotic propulsion technology, but I find this less likely due to their more limited resources. But it is still possible.

    Yet at the same time, we know that whoever that craft belonged to, the information the flotilla collected on it was of great importance to some entity within the DoD. And the fact that just the radar data was seized makes sense in that the extent of the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group radar network could not be replicated over land during small-scale testing, or via a chance encounters with military aircraft. Electro-optical data could. The Nimitz Carrier Strike Group represented literally the sum of many parts spread out over a large area and made up of tens of billions of dollars in assets operating with the best technology available at the time. 

    With all this in mind, the idea that the Navy is supposedly just now interested in what its aviators and sailors see when it comes to unexplained craft peculiar and nebulous, to say the least. One can't help but feel there are two realities at play within America's defense apparatus—one that sits on or very near the surface and one that resides deep below it. 

    Information warfare

    If the DoD truly has no idea of what these things are, then it seems absurd that it is just now curious about them after the better part of a century of sightings and even major encounters, including many having to do with its own installations and personnel. In fact, we know that isn't historically the case and that there has been varying degrees of documented interest in the topic over the years, including funded studies as recently as the last decade in the form of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program—better known as AATIP—and who knows what else we don't know about. 

    But even AATIP, like the statements we are getting from the Navy today, could have been something designed to emerge into the public domain. One couldposit the peculiar assembly of To The Stars Academy, a hybrid entertainment and UFO research corporation assembled by ex-Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge that has oddly attracted a number of impressive team members from the defense, aerospace, and intelligence community, is also a government-manufactured—or at least encouraged—information conduit of sorts, at least to some degree. Nearly all of the individuals on its impressive roster are fresh off long careers working, in one way or another, for the government and holding very high-security clearances to do so. This includes Luis Elizondo, the same guy who supposedly ran AATIP for the Defense Intelligence Agency up until its shuttering in 2012. 

    Watch DeLonge on Joe Rogan for an idea of just how questionable this whole arrangement sounds:

    This, folks, is where the rabbit hole of information and disinformation opens up below us. There is no way around it. With the vacuum of verifiable information that the government has created on the matter, and all the rumor and speculation, one's truth compass begins to spin with reckless abandon as you dig into these issues. It is not only about what is real and what is not real, but it is also about what does the government want us to believe and not to believe. The truth could be the eventual goal, but getting there may include a long trail of often stale factoid crumbs that seem to lead in puzzling directions. In other words, even if the government wants the truth to come out eventually, it seems alarmingly clear they are going to do it on their own terms, and the timeline for that plan could be measured in decades, not years, or more. 

    On the other hand, putting a possible goal of disclosure aside, there is also a very real reason why the Pentagon would want the idea of UFOs injected back into the public's consciousness and even to add validity to it. Doing so is in itself a very old chapter in Uncle Sam's information warfare playbook. During the Cold War, the government actively lied about UFOs and perpetuated UFO hysteria to cover up its secret aircraft programs. They literally spread disinformation to the public in order to create a wonderfully convenient cover for the myriad clandestine weapon systems in development or operational at the time. Now, we are once again back in an age of "great power competition," according to the Pentagon, and billions of dollars are being pumped into new technologies that were considered exotic themselves just years ago. With this in mind, reanimating maybe the best and most broadly self-perpetuating cover story of all time for sightings of clandestine aircraft that people see in the sky seems like a highly logical and proven act.

    As I have said over and over again, the sky, and the things we are accustomed to seeing inhabiting it, is going to look increasingly different in the very near term. Hypersonicsdrone swarmsdirected energy weapons, and a full-onemerging arms race in space are just some of the very real activities and technologies that will dominate the near future of American weapons development. The products of all of these initiatives, once manifested, could appear positively alien to curious bystanders. 

    The military will be able to explain some of this, but some of it they won't. So, reinvigorating the presence of UFOs in the American psyche by adding heaps of validity to the topic on an official level and possibly also on a less than official level (To The Stars Academy for instance) can help keep secret programs that grace the skies just that, secret. And who knows, that list of programs and technologies could include the very Tic Tac and other bizarrely shaped craft that can defy imagination with their aerial feats that have been spotted and even recorded in recent years. In fact, if the U.S. military has such a capability, the UFO cover story would be imperative to keeping the nature of its existence under wraps.

    The game has changed

    If the Pentagon really doesn't know what these things are or where they come from, after so many years of sightings and odd encounters and its own studies and shadowy probes, then that would be an unfathomable dereliction of duty considering they are, you know, tasked with keeping America safe from the foreign harm. But really, how can we believe the idea that the military has zero opinion on the matter. It seems like a laughable proposition at best. If there is anything they would have high interest in, it would be craft capable of decimating the enemy on a whim. 

    With all that being said, what does the Navy's move to change its procedures and rules in regards to reporting UFOs mean? 

    Nothing, at least not definitively. 

    Is it a case of one hand not knowing what the other hand is doing? Is it just a relevant move in this new era of heightened power competition with peer state adversaries? Or is somehow part of a broader information campaign with unidentified goals? 

    We can't say for sure, but a mix of all of those things and more is certainly possible. The reality is the entire narrative, and at times the lack thereof, on UFOs from the Department of Defense, is a total mess of contradictory statements and historical facts. 

    Whatever the truth is, the landscape when it comes to the U.S. government and its relation to unexplained objects in the sky and in our oceans is clearly changing. 

    To what end remains just as much a mystery as the fantastic vehicles themselves. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Boulder Mountain UFO Landing – The Wartena Case

    The Boulder Mountain UFO Landing – The Wartena Case

    Written by: Marcus Lowth  Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes

    Sometimes referred to as the Wartena Case or the Wartena Incident, an apparent landing and contact case on the base of Boulder Mountain in Montana in the heartlands of the United States is yet another that took place before the accepted beginnings of the modern UFO phenomena and such incidents as the Keith Arnold sighting or the Roswell crash, in this instance, seven years before in the early-summer of 1940.

    Boulder Mountain Incident

    The witness would not speak a word of the incident until just before his death in 1989 when he confided in two close friends. Almost another decade would pass before the UFO researcher, Warren Aston released the incident into the public Arena in the March-April 1998 edition of UFO Magazine.

    Might this encounter, if we accept it to be true (and we have no real reason to doubt it) be of importance to the study and research of UFO and alien encounters? It would certainly appear so. And it is perhaps important that such accounts don’t disappear in the continuing build-up of the sands of time.

    Mining For Gold On Boulder Mountain, Montana

    Udo Wartena, a 37-year-old of Dutch origin was working as a part-time gold miner for the Northwest Mining Company in May 1940 in Townsend, Montana. On this particular morning, at a little after 10 am, Wartena was near a site at the base of Boulder Mountain near Canyon Ferry Lake where he had discovered indications of gold ore several weeks earlier.

    He had been returning to the site on-and-off since and was moving boulders in an attempt to divert the waters nearby to aid in his mining mission. As he did this, he suddenly became aware of a strange humming sound. At first, he thought it might be an aircraft flying over the area. However, when the sound persisted, he began to look around a little more eagerly.

    Boulder Mountain UFO

    Still not able to see anything he began to make his way to a raised part of ground nearby. Perhaps someone was approaching in a vehicle, he thought. However, as he stepped onto to the risen plateau, he could see in front of him where he had made the makeshift dam was a large, metallic object hovering in the air. He would later state:

    …(it was like) two soup plates, one inverted over the other. (They were) stainless steel in color, though not as bright and shiny!

    As he watched, half in awe and half in confusion, ladder-like stairs began to emerge from the underside of the disc-shaped craft. Then, a “man” walked down them and began towards Wartena’s location.

    Aside from the craft, the man looked to be exactly that. Wartena would recall he donned a pair of “light gray overalls” and wore “slippers or moccasins” on his feet. Furthermore, he had a “circular cap” on his head the same color as his bodily attire, covering extremely white hair.

    Not “Custom To Interrupt” Or “Allow Themselves To Be Seen!”

    At this stage, “somewhat more than interested”, Wartena made his towards the newcomer. As the pair neared, the visitor stretched out his hand to Wartena and shook his hand. This mysterious person went on to tell Wartena that “they” were not aware that there was anyone in the area (meaning Wartena). He would then go on to inform the miner that it was “not their custom to interrupt or allow themselves to be seen”.

    Then, the man asked Wartena if it would be OK if they might “take some water” to which he readily agreed. This is an interesting point. We have mentioned numerous times about the connection between close-range UFO sightings and the placement of large bodies of water nearby.

    Boulder Mountain 1940

    Furthermore, many close contact sightings, including many of the mysterious airship sightings across the United States almost 50 years previously in 1897 also featured occupants who appeared to be human, who would often ask for supplies of water.

    While the man signaled for a hose-type device which emerged from the hovering craft, Wartena studied him a little closer. He would later recall that:

    …his English was like mine, but he spoke slowly. As if he were a linguist and had to pick his way!

    Then, the man turned to Wartena and, motioning to the hovering metallic disc, asked if he would like to go aboard the craft.

    Hundreds Of Years Old – As “You Measure Time”

    Without hesitation, Wartena agreed and followed the man to the disc. He would later recall that the humming, although not particularly loud, “seemed to go through” him the nearer he got to it. He would later recall his first thoughts as he went inside this futuristic and otherworldly craft:

    We entered into a room about twelve by sixteen feet, with a close-fitting sliding door on the farther end, indirect lighting near the ceiling, and nice upholstered benches around the sides!

    Incidentally, all of these descriptions match with many other reports of people who claim to have been inside similar crafts.

    Wartena would notice another man in the room, as if waiting for them. Like the man who had greeted him outside, he also had pure white hair. For reasons he wasn’t quite sure of, he would ask them how old they were. They would respond that one was “about 600-years-old” while the other was “over 900 years of age” – at least how people on Earth “measure time”.

    Perhaps interesting, they would also state that they wished to take water from the stream as it was “free of algae” and purer. With regards to the apparent interest in water supplies such UFOs and their occupants have, Wartena would offer that the hydrogen is converted and used to power the crafts.

    A Craft That “Creates Its Own Gravity!”

    Even more intriguing, if we accept the claims to be without a doubt true for just a moment, is the information volunteered to him in response to further questions about the craft. According to Wartena’s memories of the conversation, he was told:

    …as you noticed we are floating above the ground, and though the ground slopes the ship is level, There are in the outside rim, two flywheels. One turning one way, and the other in the opposite direction!

    He would continue that this “overcomes the gravitational pull of the Earth and other planets”. And essentially, that this device gives the craft its own “gravitational pull”. This, he would state, allows the crafts to ride such gravitational pulls or waves like “you do when you sail on ice”.

    This is again an interesting detail. And one that is remarkably similar to how Bob Lazar would describe the workings of such otherworldly crafts. Further still, Wartena would recall that these “flywheels” also created “an electromagnetic force”, which again is remarkably similar in detail to information from other researchers, whistleblowers, and people of close contact encounters.

    Montana UFO 1940

    Wartena would admit he was ignorant of such phrases as “electromagnetic forces and energies”. However, he also states that he was made aware of how important it was that humanity understood and developed such energy sources.

    Once more, Wartena would begin to relay information about how the crafts could use the energy of a distant star and then “skip upon the light waves” to travel there which, once again, would share distinct similarities to the aforementioned Lazar.

    We “Mingle With Your People” And “Give Help” When Required!

    What is perhaps also interesting is how Lazar would claim to have learned his information. According to him, while working on top secret projects for the United States’ government. Using recovered alien technology from the 1940s, no less. Most believe that to be the wreckage from the Roswell crash. If we are to believe the accounts, however, there were many such crashes throughout the forties.

    These visitors would offer that they also had alternative sources of energy. One of which they derived (and stored) from the sun and other similar stars.

    Perhaps even stranger was that, while they didn’t say they were “human” or “alien”, the man would offer to Wartena they “look pretty much as you do”. And what’s more that they:

    …mingle with your people, gather information, leave instructions or give help where needed!

    They would state they “lived among” humans on occasion. This would suggest a covert, behind-the-scenes agenda that had been in place long prior to 1940. How far back this secret presence goes is perhaps open to debate.

    Perhaps also of interest, certainly from the Ancient Astronaut theory perspective, is the response of the “man” regarding their knowledge and beliefs in “Jesus Christ” and religion in general. According to Wartena, he would state to him:

    …I would like to speak of these things but are unable. We cannot interfere in anyway!

    Many subscribers to the Ancient Astronaut theory suggest that many of the world’s religions are a consequence of “extraterrestrial intervention” in the distant past. Does the response of the white-haired humanoid man suggest that this intervention was unintentional? Or might it suggest interference from a different extraterrestrial race than the ones Wartena met at Boulder Mountain?

    A Decline To “Go With Them!”

    Before he left the craft they would volunteer other pieces of information to Wartena. For example, his mysterious hosts would offer, and carry out, a scan of his entire body for “impurities”. This, with something similar to an X-Ray machine.

    Montana UFO 1940s

    The men would also offer him the chance to “go with them”. Something which seems to come up, for whatever reason, in lots of close encounter incidents. Especially ones from before the 1960s when the “gray alien abduction” phenomena first began to creep into such incidents. His response is also interesting. He would recall years later:

    I said that I thought it would be interesting but felt it would inconvenience too many people. Later, I wondered why I said that!

    Once more, this is a seemingly “standard” response from people given such a chance to explore the universe with seemingly (and essentially) immortal cosmic explorers. However, with that in mind, Wartena himself would recall an incident of a local man. Who seemingly vanished without a trace only two years previously.

    The man in question resided and walked around the same terrain as he. Wardena would often wonder if this young man might have happened upon the same visitors as he. Only he had chosen to go with them.

    An encounter already intriguing to the full would take a further twist. The visitors would issue a final piece of advice as he left the ship. They would state to him that he should “tell no one” of his encounter. They would, of course, not believe him. However, “in years to come” he would be able to speak publicly without such fear.

    A Cosmic Influence Across The Centuries!

    What should we make of the apparent incident of early-May 1940? While it falls outside of the general scope of UFO and alien encounters, at the same time it contains multiple details that can be found on numerous other UFO and close contact encounters with apparent extraterrestrials from other worlds.

    What is also intriguing, while many similar encounters of the forties and fifties did indeed take place at night as we might suspect, many others would unfold in broad daylight. Wartena would estimate he was on board the craft for around two hours.

    Perhaps also interestingly, after the craft had left the area, all of Wartena’s limbs became weakened. To such a degree that he couldn’t move for some time. Many other witnesses to such otherworldly craft at such close range also report physical consequences of such an interaction.

    Despite his search of the area, there was no sign at all that the craft was there. Aside from a small piece of grass that appeared pressed down. Heeding the visitor’s advice, he would decide against speaking of the encounter for almost half a century.

    Were these encounters real? And if so, why did they seemingly stop decades ago? Did these cosmic guiders who spent time among us suddenly lose heart or give up on the human race? Or was there a forcing out? Might the apparent abductions of civilians across the United States and the rest of the world by “gray aliens” have some kind of connection to their disappearance?

    It is certainly an intriguing encounter. And one that might prove to be of importance to the UFO and alien question? Just what is the interest in this planet to extraterrestrial life? And why is that interest so intense that it stretches across centuries.

    Check out the video below. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Chances Are, We Really Aren’t Alone! And Science Agrees!

    Chances Are, We Really Aren’t Alone! And Science Agrees!

     Written by: Marcus Lowth  Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

    Although we have no definitive evidence, even the most skeptical of scientists have to admit that it is a statistical probability, that life, in one form or another, will exist somewhere else in the Universe. Simple percentage terms tell us that life almost has to exist elsewhere. Of the millions and millions of planets, moons, solar systems and even other galaxies, if only 1% were to have just the conditions for life to develop, it would still leave hundreds of thousands of potential targets for exploration.

    Aliens Exist

    Of course, this is all on the assumption that life will be carbon-based. Essentially using the same building blocks as life on Earth does. However, that might not be the case.

    Before we look at this in a little more detail, check out the video below. It looks briefly at the question, do aliens exist?

    What If Alien Life Is Exactly That?

    There is also the possibility that alien life – in whatever form it takes – may be completely alien to us in terms of its molecular structure and even the “building blocks” it uses as its base for life. For example, many planets and moons have atmospheres containing gases that are poisonous to us. However, these same gases may be ideal for life forms that have developed in that environment.

    Furthermore, here on Earth, more and more we discover there are many life forms that thrive in otherwise hostile environments. Whether it be in the freezing conditions of Antarctica or miles below the ocean in boiling conditions on the seabed. These are extremophiles, and their discovery gives hope to those who believe in alien life. That such organisms, or even small insect-like creatures, could exist in the equally inhospitable worlds of Venus or Mars.

    In fact, the famous ALH84001 meteor, which fell from Mars, contains such alien organisms. Furthermore, it is not the only meteor that has fallen to Earth from another planet containing proof of alien life.

    It could even be that alien life is not just different in terms of its “building blocks”. It could be that they are in a form that is completely unimaginable to us. After all, we are talking about alien life, right? Is it possible that, given our limited perception, that alien life forms are just not visible or detectable to us?

    It’s Not Them, It’s Us?

    Of course, our neck of the cosmic woods may be unique in that our planet is only one where life thrives. Might it be that Earth is an anomaly to our solar system, but not to the rest of the Universe overall? Perhaps, other solar systems are absolutely are full of life, while ours is completely dead, aside from Earth.

    Comparatively speaking, life has only occurred relatively recently in our solar system, and rapidly at that. Perhaps this shows that conditions do not have to be “ideal”, and that development of life is not so much out of luck but inevitability. If this is the case, then it stands to reason that life will have developed in a similar way elsewhere.

    After all, we are all made of the same matter – stardust. So if each planet can be broken down to the same matter, then surely each planet has the potential for life. If this is not the case, perhaps we should look again at what makes Earth, and humans, so special.

    Before we move on, check out the short video below. Ten signs aliens do exist.

    What Is Special About Moons of the Gas Giants?

    While efforts continue to search for life on Mars, or even evidence of past life on Mars (and with good reason), as we have written before, many moons have the potential to host life. Our own moon, in spite of the several missions to our cosmic neighbor, is still a mystery to us. However, structures on the surface, or under the surface away from the elements of space, would allow for colonization.

    Other moons in our solar system would also make ideal destinations for human colonies, and also have signs of life – albeit microbial. Of course, if we do manage to make it out to the some of the moons in the outer reaches of our solar system, we might find not only evidence of alien life, but that other visitors have already been there before us.

    The amount of moons around the gas giants that show signs of geological activity is of interest for example. Is it the gaseous conditions of these huge planets that provides its moons with such activity? Or might it be, given that many of the compounds and elements of these cosmic giants would be great sources of energy, that other travelers have established their own “waystations” in order to take advantage of the natural fuels contained nearby?

    A story that appeared in the mainstream news towards the end of 2017 made such notions a little more plausible.

    Aliens 2017

    Alien Mothership’s Recent Fly By?

    In December 2017, scientists would announce that there was reason to believe a huge object that had made its way past Earth the previous month may actually be an alien craft containing alien technology.

    The object — named Oumuamua — would come to the attention of astronomers as a cigar-shaped object. Logic suggests it to be an asteroid. However, the overall shape of the object is not as random as scientists would expect. While it was still hundreds of meters in length, its width was only a tenth of this. It also appeared to be able to resist the “pull of sun” and appeared to be making its way out of the solar system altogether. All of these things – as outlandish as it sounds – appears to suggest intelligent control.

    Furthermore, whatever the object eventually proves to be, it appears to have originated from outside of our solar system. This alone would make it a first.

    Breakthrough Listen is the group in charge of attempts to identify the craft. They state that if it is an alien craft, it would provide a perfect explanation for the anomalies witnessed so far. They intend to aim the Green Bank Telescope in range of the object and listen to radio waves and any other signs of activity, intelligent or otherwise.

    Given the increasing amounts of “announcements” by NASA of late, perhaps it is only a matter of time before that ever-elusive confirmation of our cosmic cousins comes to light.

    Check out the video below. It looks at the Oumuamua Asteroid in a little more detail. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Strange Account Of The Unknown American Technician

    The Strange Account Of The Unknown American Technician

     Written by: Marcus Lowth  Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

    We recently looked at the accounts of Daniel Leger, who would claim an encounter with a mysterious woman during the Second World War, who appeared to have arrived here from somewhere else in the Universe.

    UFO Rail

    As fascinating as that account is, it is an apparent trivial piece of information in relation to another other-worldly encounter over a decade later, and across the Atlantic Ocean, in the United States that is of interest here. In fact, as we will look at later, there are several intriguing details that come up in many such encounters. This allows us to put together, in theory, what the make-up and abilities of these apparent space-ships might be.

    The following account was most recently brought to the public by respected UFO researcher, Timothy Good, in his 1998 book, Alien Base – The Evidence For Extra-Terrestrial Colonization Of Earth.

    Somewhere In America, Exact Location Unknown, October 1954

    The encounter in question would first find its way into the public arena thanks to UFO researcher, Jean Sider. It was published in ‘Le Croix’ newspaper, the publication the unnamed witness would give his report to. For their part, the newspaper (considered a reputable publication itself) would vouch for the authenticity of the witness.

    In October 1954, at an unknown military base, the witness would notice a strange disc-shaped object off in the distance. He went a little nearer to the object and soon noticed a humanoid being emerge from it. It appeared to scan its surroundings, picking up samples of rocks, leaves and a bird’s nest from a nearby bush. It then quickly re-entered the craft, which would then rise and vanish.

    He would keep the incident to himself initially. However, several days later the saucer-like craft would appear again, this time right in the middle of the base airfield. And this time, multiple witnesses were present. As the being again emerged from the craft, the military unit began to approach cautiously.

    Paralysis from a “Strange Fluid!”

    When the unit got to within several feet of the being, it cast some kind of gas in their direction. It was later described as a “strange airborne fluid!” The entire squad would suffer instant paralysis.

    Perhaps even stranger, after examining the area around the saucer, the creature entered a smaller, cigar-shaped craft that stood to one side of the disc. The saucer remained on the ground, while the cigar craft sealed, rose from the ground, and vanished into the sky. As it did, whatever was keeping the unit paralyzed would lose its influence, with each soldier able to move again.

    The description of the being, now seen close up, was of a small, stocky built humanoid figure. Its face, however, was much more aligned to that of a monkey or ape. Whether it was clothes or its body, it appeared as though covered in long hair or fur. It also had what the witness would describe as a “piercing stare” – one of awareness and intelligence.

    Perhaps what is interesting here, is the similarities to descriptions of a Bigfoot creature. Sightings of such beings, often occur in UFO hotspots. Furthermore, many surges in sightings often corresponding to an equal surge in UFO activity.

    With the being now safely away from the unit, their ability to move normally restored, they turned their attention to the strange disc waiting patiently on the airfield.

    UFO Hanger

    Inside The Disc

    The disc itself sat on ski-like legs, again something that surfaces in many UFO reports of such close contact. Although there were obvious portholes, as well as a raised dome, there was no obvious entry point into the craft. Wherever the creature exited from, was no longer visible.

    The outer material itself was “extremely smooth, resistant, and couldn’t be raised, either by stamping or adjustment!” Welding equipment eventually succeeded in prying into the strange craft.

    Chemical engineers would also conduct tests on the make-up of the material. While they were able to detect it being a composition containing gold, iron, and lead, they were unable to successfully reproduce it using these known elements.

    They eventually succeeded in gaining entry to the interior. The inside had a strange, rubber material. They would also detect a “heavy gas” was present inside the craft, which engineers theorized could be some kind of artificial atmosphere. Although they discovered what seemed to be “throttles”, they couldn’t see how they might work. Most confusing of all to those inspecting this mysterious vehicle, there was no sign, either inside or out, of any kind of engine.

    The last detail offered by the witness is perhaps the most intriguing in relation to the aforementioned Leger account, when he stated, “It seems as though the pilot had been travelling on all fours on the floor. We found sort of ‘suction pads’ where hands and knees would have been!” Leger had claimed to have seen the being in such a position during his encounter.

    According to the witness, knowledge of the incident remained inside of the airbase perimeters, with a “black-out” placed on reporting the incident (at the time).

    So, What Might It All Mean?

    So, would it make sense for these types of disc-shaped craft to essentially be under the control of a single pilot? Their positioning inside as though they are sat upon a high-powered motorbike?

    What about the “suction” type handles on the floor of the craft? Might this quite literally be a method of control where a lean one way or another, would take the craft in that direction? Perhaps, as some reports state, there is an element of telepathic control to the craft.

    And what about seeing in terms of piloting the craft? If reports are correct, once the pilot is inside the craft, it seals shut so from the outside it appears as though it is one piece of metal with no breaks or seals. Perhaps it is worth noting the many accounts of people who claim to have been inside and even travelled in such crafts, that the floors, walls, ceiling, or sometimes all of the aforementioned, become transparent allowing those inside to see outside – similar to how blacked-out windows on high-security cars work.

    Maybe the rubber-like interior that often crops up in UFO reports is a contributing factor in this transformation. Or perhaps it is also why many reports speak of solid, almost unbreakable exterior, that is also extremely light, too light for its strength almost.

    Check out the video below. Another Top 10 UFO sightings. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.A Viral Surprise in the Arctic Ocean

    A Viral Surprise in the Arctic Ocean

    The Arctic is a previously unrecognized ‘cradle’ of viral biodiversity.  So far  200,000 viruses have been found swimming in the ocean. 

    Electron Micrograph of Negative-Stained Prochlorococcus Myoviruses P-SSM2 and P-SSM4

    Credit: Public Library of Science journal / Wikimedia Commons

    A few research provides the most complete account to date of the viruses that impact the world’s oceans, increasing the number of known virus populations tenfold.

    “This new understanding of viruses from the northern pole to the southern pole and from the surface to 4,000 meters deep may help scientists better understand how the oceans will behave under the pressures of climate change,” said Ahmed Zayed, co-lead author of the study and microbiology doctoral student at The Ohio State University.

    Ahmed Zayed

    Credit: OSU

    Researchers analyzed marine samples far and deep in an effort to understand the complexities of viruses, which are increasingly being recognized as important players in the oceans’ role in tempering the effects of climate change.

    This new study brings the total known marine viral populations within the ocean clos 200,00e to0 – work that will help scientists better understand their influence throughout the world, including their part in delivering carbon deep into the sea, protecting the atmosphere from further damage. The study, led by researchers at Ohio State, appears online today (April 25) in the journal Cell.

    “This is a massively expanded ‘catalog’ of ocean viruses, which we used to draw the first global map of viral diversity,” Zayed said.

    Added Ann Gregory, co-lead author of the study, “What was really exciting was now being able to study these viruses at two important levels – the population level and by looking at genetic variation within each population, which tells us about evolution.

    “We have expanded the number of known viral populations more than tenfold and this new map will help us understand the impact of ocean viruses on a global level,” said Gregory, formerly of Ohio State and now a postdoctoral trainee in Belgium at KU Leuven.

    The samples were collected during the unprecedented three-year Tara Oceans Expedition, in which a team of more than 200 experts took to the sea to catalog and better understand the unseen inhabitants of the ocean, from tiny animals to viruses and bacteria.

    In addition to the prior research in the temperate and tropical oceans, this new work includes samples from the schooner’s circumnavigation of the Arctic Ocean – the area most significantly impacted by climate change.

    The researchers involved in the new study were able to document the viruses by analyzing their genetics, and by using advanced computational algorithms.

    The study was the first to systematically sample the Arctic for viruses and it included deeper samples from other oceans than previously studied, Zayed said. A detailed accounting of these viruses is important because of their broad influence on other marine microbes, including bacteria, archaea, protozoa and fungi.

    The new study was co-led by Zayed, Gregory and Matthew Sullivan, Ohio State professor of microbiology and civil, environmental and geodetic engineering.

    “Marine microbes have a profound impact on our earth. They produce more than half of the oxygen we breathe, they move carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to the sea floor and they make up about 60 percent of the ocean’s biomass, acting as the foundation of the food web in the oceans,” Sullivan said.

    Samples were collected during the unprecedented three-year Tara Oceans Expedition, in which a team of more than 200 experts took to the sea to catalog and better understand the unseen inhabitants of the ocean, from tiny animals to viruses and bacteria.

    Photo credit: Tara Foundation

    When viruses infect microbes, it can change the structure of the microbial communities, boost their metabolism and impact their evolution. In the oceans, that is linked to the oceans’ ability to improve the environment by taking up human-produced carbon dioxide.

    The researchers explored the genetic variation between individuals within each viral population, the level of variation between populations within each community, the level of variation between communities across multiple environments in the global ocean and the driving forces of all these variations.

    “After ‘drawing’ these multilevel global maps of viral diversity, we found some surprises. First, almost all of the viral communities fell into just five groups based on their location and depth. When we examined the genes of the viruses in each of those communities, we found evidence of genetic adaptation to the different zones of the ocean,” Gregory said.

    The second surprise was that viral diversity was high in the Arctic Ocean. Most studies of larger organisms have concluded that diversity is highest at the equator and decreases as you move toward the poles.

    “This suggests that the Arctic could be an unrecognized ‘cradle’ of viral biodiversity beyond the tropics and emphasizes the importance of these drastically climate-impacted Arctic regions for global biodiversity,” Zayed said.

    Other Ohio State scientists who worked on the study were Ben Bolduc, Guillermo Dominguez-Huerta, Yunxiao Liu, Simon Roux and Dean Vik.

    The study was supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the National Science Foundation.

    Contacts and sources:
    • Misti Crane
    • Ohio State University


    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Highlights of the NewEarth Findings - the True Ancient History of the Human Races

    Highlights of the NewEarth Findings - the True Ancient History of the Human Races }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.History of the Indian wars

    History of the Indian wars

    An interesting documentary about the Indians in U.S.A. and the wars about them and the government of the new State and future superpower. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.DNA-onderzoek langwerpige schedels uit Peru levert verrassende resultaten op. Bekijk de video
    DNA-onderzoek langwerpige schedels uit Peru levert verrassende resultaten op. Bekijk de video

    DNA-onderzoek langwerpige schedels uit Peru levert verrassende resultaten op. Bekijk de video

    In 2012 werd op het Peruaanse schiereiland Paracas een langwerpige schedel gevonden. De schedel is 2,5 keer zo zwaar als een normale schedel en heeft een inhoud die 20 procent groter is dan normaal.

    In het zuiden van Peru zijn door de jaren heen honderden van dit soort mysterieuze schedels gevonden.

    Volgens archeologen werden de schedels afgebonden om hun vorm te veranderen.


    Sommigen zeggen echter dat bepaalde culturen aan schedelvervorming deden om buitenaardse bezoekers te imiteren.

    Onderzoeker Brien Foerster wijst erop dat er nog meer verschillen zijn tussen de schedels die in Peru zijn gevonden en normale menselijke schedels.

    Zo zijn de oogkassen een stuk groter dan normaal en zitten er twee gaten in de achterkant van de schedel.

    Volstrekt onbekend

    In 2014 werd één van de vreemde schedels onderworpen aan een DNA-onderzoek. Sommige DNA-segmenten waren volstrekt onbekend.

    Foerster denkt dat het hier mogelijk gaat om een oude bloedlijn die verwant is aan de Homo sapiens.

    Bekijk het filmpje hieronder:

    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.How To Time Travel, According To A Physicist!

    How To Time Travel, According To A Physicist!

    Brian Greene, professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia University explains what we know about time travel so far.

    It's critical that you realize that there are two types of time travel, and they are radically different. Time travel to the future? Definitely possible.

    We know how to do it because Einstein showed us the way over a hundred years ago. It’s surprising how few people actually really know about this in their bones.

    He showed that if you go out into space and travel near the speed of light, and you turn around, and you come back, your clock will be ticking off time more slowly. So, when you step off it's going to be the future on planet Earth. You will have time traveled into the future.

    He also showed that if you hang out near a nice strong source of gravity, a neutron star, a black hole  and you kind of get right near the edge of that object, time also for you would slow down real slow relative to everybody else. And therefore, when you come back to Earth, for instance, it'll again be far into the future.

    This is not controversial stuff. Any physicist who knows what they're talking about agrees with this. But the other kind of time travel — to the past is where the arguments start to happen because many of us don't think that time travel to the past is possible.

    The main proposal that people at least consider worthy of attention for traveling to the past does make use of a weird concept called wormholes. A wormhole is something that really … Albert Einstein again discovered. The guy has like got his name written over everything in this field.

    It's a bridge, if you will, from one location space to another. It's kind of a tunnel that gives you a shortcut to go from here to here.

    Now he discovered this in 1935 but it was subsequently realized that if you manipulate the openings of a wormhole — put one near a black hole or take one on a high-speed journey, then time of the two openings of this wormhole tunnel will not take off at the same rate, so that you will no longer just go from one location in space to another, if you go through this tunnel, through this wormhole, you'll go from one moment in time to a different moment in time.

    Go one way, you'll travel to the past, the other way, travel to the future.

    Now again, we don't know if wormholes are real. We don't know if they are real whether you'll be able to go through them.

    So, there are all sorts of uncertainties here. Most of us think that you're not going to actually go on a whirlwind journey through a wormhole to the past. But it's still not ruled out.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Aliens zijn al op aarde en vermengen zich met ons, zegt deze Oxford-professor (hij noemt vier soorten)
    Aliens zijn al op aarde en vermengen zich met ons, zegt deze Oxford-professor (hij noemt vier soorten)

    Aliens zijn al op aarde en vermengen zich met ons, zegt deze Oxford-professor (hij noemt vier soorten)

    Aliens leven al onder ons en zijn van plan de aarde te koloniseren, zo zegt Oxford-professor Young-hae Chi.

    Ze vermengen zich volgens hem met mensen om een nieuwe hybride soort te creëren die de aarde moet redden, meldt The Times.

    Deze hybriden begeven zich mogelijk al onder ons, aldus dr. Chi.


    Hij wilde vorig jaar een debat voeren hierover, maar daar stak de Oxford-universiteit een stokje voor.

    Chi gelooft dat er een sterke correlatie is tussen klimaatverandering en buitenaardse ontvoeringen, schrijft de Oxford Student.

    Hij citeerde een onderzoeker in de Verenigde Staten, die stelt dat aliens de planeet willen koloniseren door zich te vermengen met mensen om een nieuwe hybride soort voort te brengen.

    Vier soorten

    Dr. Chi zei dat ‘niet alleen wetenschappers en theologen, maar ook niet-menselijke soorten bezorgd zijn over het voortbestaan van de mens’.

    Het verschijnen van de aliens valt samen met grote problemen op aarde, waaronder kernwapens en klimaatverandering, aldus Chi.

    Volgens hem zijn er vier soorten aliens op aarde: klein; groot; geschubd met slangachtige ogen; en insectachtig.


    De insect-aliens leven in een biosysteem dat we niet kunnen waarnemen omdat onze perceptie beperkt wordt door onze organen, zei hij.

    Mensen die zijn ontvoerd door aliens hebben gezegd dat de hybriden zeer intelligent zijn. Daaruit maakt Chi op dat zij de probleemoplossers en leiders van de toekomst zijn.

    [The Times]

    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Strange Story of Brad Steiger’s Doppelgangers

    The Strange Story of Brad Steiger’s Doppelgangers

    On the matter of doppelgangers, states:  “Doppelgänger, (German: ‘double goer’), in German folklore, a wraith or apparition of a living person, as distinguished from a ghost. The concept of the existence of a spirit double, an exact but usually invisible replica of every man, bird, or beast, is an ancient and widespread belief. To meet one’s double is a sign that one’s death is imminent. The doppelgänger became a popular symbol of horror literature, and the theme took on considerable complexity.” Then, there’s the following from ” Stories of doppelgangers date back to ancient myth and legend. The theme of an evil twin or haunting ghost replica have featured numerous times in literature and art, depicting an innate fascination with the concept, whether real or imaginary. The concept of a good and evil twin is noted as far back as the 5th century BC, in an ancient Iranian religion called Zoroastrianism. The two primal spirits were the sons of time and represented darkness and light.”

    All of which brings me to the matter of, as per the title of this article, the strange story of Brad Steiger’s very own doppelgangers. It was a few years ago that Brad shared with me the extremely weird saga. He said: “After more than 50 years of research in the UFO and paranormal fields, I have come to the conclusion that many of the mysteries that bedevil us are products of a reflexive phenomenon.  This reflexive action does not usually occur in the more mundane pursuits of architecture, industry, mining, agriculture and the like, but once one begins actively to pursue Ufology or psychical research, one runs the risk of entering a surreal world in which the usual physical laws do not apply.”

    Surreal, indeed, as the following words from Brad made abundantly clear: “In the following cases I suspect a human agency was involved in a strange campaign that was conducted regarding Steiger imposters who spoke at various conferences around the United States. On occasions the imposters allegedly conducted themselves very well, thus making the whole enterprise of ‘Counterfeit Steigers’ a seemingly futile project. On other occasions, the imposter’s assignment was quite obviously to taint my reputation.

    “On a unfortunate number of occasions, I received letters complaining of my outrageous and insulting behavior while speaking at a conference. There were claims that I had openly berated my audience, calling them stupid for accepting the very premise of UFOs. A close friend happened to arrive on the scene after one pseudo-Steiger had departed and tried his best to assure the sponsors of the event that the rowdy, disrespectful speaker could not have been the real Brad.  In his letter, my friend warned me that he had visited a number of lecture halls where the imposter had damned his audiences. ‘Someone seems out to damage your reputation,’ he advised.

    “In a most bizarre twist, dozens of men and women have approached me at various lectures and seminars, congratulating me about the manner in which I bested Dr. Carl Sagan in debate. The event allegedly occurred after a lecture when I happened to bump into the great scientist in a restaurant.  The eatery, according to the witnesses, was crowded with those who had attended the seminar, and they egged on a debate between myself and Dr. Sagan.  I mopped up the floor with him, countering his every argument against the reality of UFOs. The truth is that I never met Dr. Sagan, therefore, neither had I ever debated him. But from coast to coast, there are those who claim to have witnessed my triumphal bout.

    “Even more individuals claim to have been in the audience when I delivered a rousing message from the Space Brothers in Seattle.  Regardless of how often I deny that I was not in Seattle at that time and have never channeled the Space Brothers, those who were at that event are puzzled why I would deny my eloquence.”

    Truly, a bizarre and sinister story. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ghost Rockets Over the Bahamas: An Unusual Atlantic UFO Incident

    Ghost Rockets Over the Bahamas: An Unusual Atlantic UFO Incident

    Some of the most interesting UFO reports from over the years are those which occurred at sea. Entire books have been written about this subject, most notably, Ivan Sanderson’s Invisible Residents (1970), which may have been the first major offering to look deeply at a maritime component to the broader UFO enigma.

    In the book, Sanderson leads off with an explosive account, to put it lightly. “One evening in the Antarctic,” Sanderson writes, “a Brazilian scientist by the name of Dr. Rubens J. Villela, seconded to the U.S. Navy’s ‘Operation Deep Freeze’ and aboard an icebreaker, was literally jolted almost out of both his body and his mind by a ‘something’ that suddenly came roaring up out of the sea through no less than 37 feet of ice, and went on up into the sky like a vast silvery bullet. The ship was in Admiralty Bay, which faces the South Atlantic Ocean.”

    Explosive indeed. It is one of countless similar reports; and by saying “countless,” I don’t mean this merely as an expression used in passing. One might argue that there are literally too many reports of odd things like this, observed in our skies, and particularly over our oceans, to be able to count them reliably.

    Many can be explained as some prosaic things, of course, and some others are likely the results of biological phenomenon such as bioluminescent organisms and other naturally-occurring “light shows” that can appear in certain regions of ocean water. However, there are always those outliers, which are a bit more difficult to explain.

    In keeping with Sanderson’s description of a “vast silvery bullet” from earlier, an interesting report occurred in the 1980s, where employees with the RCA Service Company at the Atlantic Underwater Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) base in the Bahamas observed an unusual object as it passed overhead one evening.

    The primary witness had been a crew member stationed there in 1985, when he and another crew member were performing a routine overnight watch that lasted from midnight until 4 AM. Suddenly, a source of light traveling through the sky caught their attention, when they turned and saw two strange “rockets” flying side by side, which passed directly over their ship traveling on an easterly course.

    Andros Island, adjacent to the “Tongue of the Ocean,” where the incident report in question took place.

    According to a witness statement supplied to NUFORC:

    These “rockets” were highly unusual as neither made any sound, were traveling at an oddly slow rate of speed and were visible to us for about 15 seconds. However, the rockets left behind contrails that glowed brightly and which were “multi-colored,” in that the contrail smoke changed from white to green to blue to pink and then disappeared completely after about ten minutes. (I estimate that they passed over us at an altitude of about 500 to 1000 feet; both rockets were white-colored and perhaps 25 to 40 feet in length).

    The witnessed wondered whether these projectile-like objects could have been part of some secret U.S. Navy test that had been underway in the area. However, the main witness noted that he felt any AUTEC personnel would have possessed knowledge of U.S. Navy experiments in the area, of which none were known at that time.

    “As an AUTEC vessel, we would definitely have been informed that such a test was being undertaken,” the witness stated, “and subsequently warned to stay out of the area. This had always been the Navy’s practice during similar rocket firing tests that I witnessed while working at sea in the same area.”

    After their sighting of the two unusual objects, the witness checked with an air traffic control operator back at the Andros base, who said he had no knowledge of anything akin to rocket tests that had taken place on the night of the sighting, though he “certainly would have been in a position to know.”

    The witness said he and his companion “never heard of rockets that travel in such close proximity to each other,” or “at such an unusually slow speed.” Also unusual was the fact that these objects, whatever they were, made no sound whatsoever.

    “Since that incident occurred,” the witness concluded, “I have learned that there is a known history of so-called ghost rocket sightings in other parts of the world, particularly in Sweden.”

    Could these two objects witnessed by two AUTEC crew members in the summer of 1985 have been anything akin to the mysterious projectiles observed over Scandinavia almost half a century earlier? In any case, we can count them among the “countless” other sightings I addressed near the outset of this report, and among the many “unknowns” that occasionally appear in the skies over our oceans. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Trump’s Space Force Isn’t the Only Military Space Program: Here’s What China and Russia Are Up To

    Trump’s Space Force Isn’t the Only Military Space Program: Here’s What China and Russia Are Up To

    A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket prepares to launch a GPS satellite into orbit.

    Photo: John Roux (AP

    The United States may or may not be getting a Space Force, but while President Trump is all-in on the creation of a new branch of the U.S. Military—and blowing up the military bureaucracy—it’s worth keeping in mind other countries have their military space programs. A recent DIA report shines a light on how the U.S. views these programs, particularly those of Russia and China, neither of which seem particularly threatening—for now anyway. 

    This week President Donald Trump signed Space Policy Directive 4, ordering the Pentagon to stand up the Space Force as a new branch of the U.S. military. The Space Force, which still requires the blessing of Congress, is miles from being able to put moon boots on the ground, and its existence—let alone usefulness—is still a puzzle to many. To look at how supporters justify the Space Force, it’s useful to look at America’s potential adversaries, particularly Russia and China, and what the U.S. government claims they’re doing in space.

    Russia is potentially America’s foremost space adversary, at least for now anyway. Russia’s space establishment is an inheritance from the Cold War-era USSR, and the country has a lot of operational extraterrestrial hardware today. The USSR never landed astronauts on the moon or flew a reusable spacecraft like the Space Shuttle, but it was the first country to put a man in space (and unlike the United States, Russia can still do that today) and orbited the space station Mir long before the International Space Station was in the sky. 

    The USSR was also arguably the first to militarize space, placing a cannon the Salyut-3 space station, and the Pentagon is still wary of Russia’s intentions. The Pentagon is most concerned with Russia’s military counter-space program, which it believes is pointed squarely at the United States. The Defense Intelligence Agency’s Challenges to Security in Space report, published in February 2019, claims that “Russia views America’s perceived dependence on space as the ‘Achilles heel’ of U.S. military power, which can be exploited to achieve Russian conflict objectives.”

    It goes on:

    Russia is therefore pursuing counterspace systems to neutralize or deny U.S. space-based services, both military and commercial, as a means of offsetting a perceived U.S. military advantage and is developing an array of weapons designed to interfere with or destroy an adversary’s satellites.

    A computerized projection of space objects monitored by Russian space radar, Sofrino, Russia.

    Photo: AP

    How does Russia plan to do this? First, Moscow needs to know what U.S. space assets to target in wartime. Despite the loss of the economic and military power of the wider Soviet Union, Russia still maintains a network of “telescopes, radars, and other sensors,” capable of detecting and tracking U.S. satellites and other space objects. Russia would likely go after America’s military-controlled NAVSTAR GPS satellites (24 of them), Milstar military communications satellites (eight), the Defense Satellite Communications System satellites (seven), and literally dozens of early missile warning, reconnaissance, and surveillance satellites. The loss of GPS satellites in particular would hit civilian smartphone and other GPS users around the globe.

    Interfering with space assets doesn’t necessarily require going into space. Moscow has led efforts to develop GPS jamming technology like something recently detected in the Black Sea and near the Russian-Norwegian border. It could also jam-interfere with satellites and their ability to pass messages between terrestrial forces. Finally, hacking satellites or ground stations could prevent their use by adversaries. Not only do none of these measures actually involve going into space, in some cases they can be done from the comfort of home.

    A straightforward solution is to fire a ground-based laser at a satellite in low earth orbit, blinding or otherwise disabling it. The new DIA report warns that the Peresvet laser weapon, deployed in late 2018, is designed to attack enemy satellites. The DIA also reports that Russia is likely testing a “ground-based, mobile missile system” for the destruction of incoming ballistic missiles and satellites.

    Chinese students celebrating China’s first taikonaut, Yang Liwei.

    Photo: Getty

    China is the other major space power. China launched its first satellite in April 1970, but ramped up space activities in the late 1990s and 2000s as the country experienced rapid economic growth. China launched its first taikonaut, Yang Liwei, into space in 2003, and in January 2019 landed a probe on the far side of the moon.

    Like Russia, the U.S. is worried about Chinese counterspace activities potentially aimed at American satellites. Like Russia, China has a network of space surveillance assets, including telescopes, radars, and space tracking ships such as the small fleet of Yuan Wang space event ships, whose huge two huge high frequency parabolic antennas and optical tracking stations can monitor satellites in space. 

    The Defense Intelligence Agency believes that China is following a similar track to Russia, developing counterspace assets that can cripple U.S. forces in wartime. The DIA believes that China will attempt to interfere with satellites from the ground, but also believes it is prepared to physically go after satellites: Chinese research into satellites that can close with objects in space, repair satellites, and clean up “space debris,” the DIA argues, could be used to go after perfectly good enemy satellites and disable them. 

    China’s SC-19 anti-satellite weapon is believed to be based on the DF-21 medium range ballistic missile, a version of which is shown here.

    Photo: Andy Wong (Getty)

    China also has an anti-satellite missile, the SC-19, believed to be currently operational. The SC-19 was tested in 2007 against the obsolete Fengyun-1C weather satellite, an incident viewed with alarm not just because it was an anti-satellite weapon but because it produced more than 3,000 pieces of hazardous space debris. The Pentagon believes China is developing ground-based anti-satellite weapons, including a laser that could damage the optics of spy satellites by 2020, and further in the future, a more powerful laser to disable GPS and communications satellites.

    Russian and Chinese counterspace efforts are just one part of the military space efforts of both countries, but both seem pretty squarely aimed at the United States’ military space assets. They are not, for example, working to place nuclear or other weapons in space that could be dropped down on the heads of ordinary Americans. Both countries realize a key truth about the modern American way of war: if war comes, America fights its wars in some else’s backyard. In the event of war, U.S. forces would use communications and navigation satellites to coordinate the flow of ships, aircraft, and formations of troops over thousands of miles, across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to the doorsteps of both Russia and China. Advocates of the U.S. Space Force believe that Russia, China, and other entities are seeking ways to disrupt that flow in wartime and give themselves an edge. That’s a pretty natural reaction to a potential adversary.

    Artist’s conception of a Soviet laser at Sary Shagan, USSR, published in 1985. In 1989 a hands-on assessment revealed the most powerful laser at the facility had only a 2 kilowatt output, “as much as a sunbeam

    Illustration: Department of Defense (Soviet Military Power)

    There are unknowns here that should give us pause. We don’t how true claims of Russian and Chinese ground-based anti-satellite lasers are. The Pentagon first warned of a similar Soviet laser weapon in 1985 but the actual system fell far short of weapon status. Another thing we don’t know: the intent of Russia and China to use anti-satellite weapons. While early use by both countries might be advantageous in a conventional war, the benefits could be short-lived. Moscow and Beijing would both have to weigh whether it was more important to slow the Americans down or avoid a war in space that could wipe out their own fleets of satellites.

    Is there enough of a threat here to justify an entirely new arm of the Pentagon? The answer is “probably not yet.” As important as our military satellites are, the threat to them is relatively thin at this point. Supporters of the Space Force have really not answered the question of how a new branch of the military bureaucracy would do a better job than the current military bureaucracy, and the current U.S. leadership lacks credibility. As more of America’s economy becomes space-oriented a Space Force is an inevitability. But now, in 2019? It doesn’t seem to make sense. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.If the Space Force Won’t Fight Aliens, Who the Hell Will?

    Photo: AP

    Late last week, military news site Task & Purpose confirmed a disturbing fact: the newly created U.S. Space Force has no intention of fighting aliens. Despite the recent uptick of military UFO sightings, the Pentagon appears uninterested (at least officially) in the possibility of hostile aliens. But if an alien invasion does take place, which arm of the Pentagon would respond? The answer: probably all of them.

    If the unidentified flying objects described by Navy pilots, as well as military and civilian personnel for the past seventy years, are really of extraterrestrial origin and unfriendly, how would the Pentagon deal with them?

    If UFOs suddenly descended from the skies, toasting the Statue of Liberty, the Great Mall of America, and the Golden Gate Bridge with death rays, the Pentagon would need to convene some sort of study group to quickly determine what kind of threat it was dealing with. If that happens, forget the Air Force.

    Ironically, the service that would most likely take the lead is the U.S. Navy.

    Why the Navy? Aliens would likely come from vast distances, traveling light years in long distance voyages, to smash puny humans. The U.S. Navy is unique among the services in planning similar, though much, much shorter voyages. Both submarines and UFOs deal with pressure—in the case of submarines the pressure is on the outside, while in space the pressure is on the inside of the vehicle. From an operational and technical standpoint, aliens and sailors have a few things in common.

    Would all of this firepower matter in a fight with aliens?Image: U.S. Navy

    There are other reasons the Navy might take the lead. Seventy-one percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and if aliens operated from the water (remember, the 2004 sighting included reports of a 737-sized object on the surface of the ocean) the Navy is unique in having manned aircraft, surface ships, and submarines prowling above, on, and below the surface of the ocean. The Navy could also sail to the most remote locations in the world’s oceans, establishing a military presence for weeks or months, to investigate and monitor for enemy activity.

    The Air Force could operate against aliens, but the service’s fighters and bombers could only remain on station for mere minutes or hours before returning to base. Against a terrestrial threat this isn’t really a big deal, but against an alien threat we know nothing about—and according to the 2004 incident, theoretically capable of traveling extraordinary distances in a blink of an eye—such a force will be less useful.

    If humans could lure aliens into a set-piece battle the Air Force could bring a lot of firepower, but how one lures aliens into battle is anyone’s guess. In the meantime the Space Force, nestled under control of the Air Force, would contribute to the alien war by maintaining the U.S. military’s network of position, navigation, and timing/GPS satellites, communication satellites, and other space-based assets.

    US Army Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles exercising in Estonia, 2017.Photo: Sean Gallup

    The Army would be the service responsible if aliens attempted a landing in the United States, or presumably one of our allies. The Army’s 10 combat divisions would spring into action, attempting to destroy the aliens with fire and maneuver. It would be in many ways similar to countering an airborne landing, with the Army attempting to destroy the alien’s landing zone and prevent the flow of alien reinforcements. The Marines could also get in on the alien fighting, particularly overseas in Asia, Europe, or even the Middle East—though one would like to think aliens would be smart enough to avoid that region and the prospect of their own 18-year war altogether.

    Of course, all of this is contingent on the U.S. military being on par with alien technology... which, frankly, is extremely unlikely. The universe is billions of years old, and other races could easily have a head start of a million years or more on us. And certainly, any species capable of interstellar flight is far more technologically advanced.

    Consider that a handful of 21st century tanks could crush an army from the 11th century, or even the 19th century for that matter. Even a difference of a thousand years would be ample enough to ensure humanity’s defeat from even a minor alien expedition/hunting trip/bachelor party.

    The entire U.S. military could have the same effectiveness against aliens as cavemen—or in this case cosplayers pretending to be cavemen at Comicon—would have against the U.S. military.
    Image: Daniel Zuchnick (Getty)

    If aliens do exist, ultimately it may not matter if they are hostile or not. Our destruction at their hands would be about as inevitable as destruction from an extinction-level meteor impact. They could even be friendly, the combination of advanced, destructive technology and violent tendencies leading to intelligent life self-screening itself from interstellar travel. (That would be bad news for humanity.) The “UFOs” people are seeing could even be top secret U.S. government craft. The aliens could be us. In the end, maybe it doesn’t matter if the Pentagon has a plan to fight aliens after all. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Oxford University professor claims aliens are already breeding with humans on Earth

    Oxford University professor claims aliens are already breeding with humans on earth

    The Korean academic has written a book called Alien Visitations and the End of Humanity

    AN Oxford University professor has claimed aliens are already breeding with humans to create a new hybrid species that will save the planet.

    Dr Young-hae Chi, an instructor in Korean at Oxford’s Oriental Institute, part of the prestigious university, thinks this new species will save Earth from annihilation from climate change.

    Dr Young-hae Chi believes alien-human hybrids may already exist

    Dr Chi first said the hybrids may already exist in a lecture in 2012 but has now written a book on the subject.

    He believes there is a strong correlation between climate change and alienabductions, the Oxford Student newspaper has reported.

    His book, written in Korean, is called Alien Visitations and the End of Humanity.

    He says he has identified four types of aliens – small, tall and bold, scaly with snake eyes, and insect-like.

    Dr Chi believes the insect aliens may be in charge and give orders to the other types.

    The aliens exist in their own bio-system that humans cannot experience because our perception is limited by our organs, the professor has claimed.

    As the aliens are said to be highly intelligent, so Dr Chi believes they could solve the problems on Earth in the future, such as climate change.

    He said: “So, they come not for the sake of us, but for the sake of them, their survival, but their survival is actually our survival as well — the survival of the entire biosphere.”

    Dr Chi said he was “still looking for more evidence to support my view”.

    His initial lecture, Alien Abduction and the Environmental Crisis, outlined his theory.

    He cited an “abduction researcher” in the US, who argued that aliens’ primary purpose is to colonise the planet by interbreeding with humans to produce a new hybrid species.

    Dr Chi believes aliens appear on Earth when the planet is facing significant problems, such as climate change or nuclear war, and he concluded: “It may be more or less assumed that the hybrid project is a response to this impending demise of human civilisation.”


    Dr Chi says there are four alien types with the ones that look like insects in charge

    Dr Chi first expounded his ideas in a 2012 lecture


    The academic says there is a strong link between climate change and alien abductions

    He says he has identified four types of aliens – small, tall and bold, scaly with snake eyes, and insect-like. 

    Dr Chi believes the insect aliens may be in charge and give orders to the other types. 

    The aliens exist in their own bio-system that humans cannot experience because our perception is limited by our organs, the professor has claimed.

    As the aliens are said to be highly intelligent, so Dr Chi believes they could solve the problems on Earth in the future, such as climate change.

    In 2012, Dr Chi gave a lecture at the the Ammach Conference, titled ‘Alien Abduction and the Environmental Crisis’ in which he outlined his theory concerning the presence of aliens on earth. Dr Chi began his lecture with the statement that “perhaps human civilisation is coming to an end”.

    In his fifty-five minute presentation he cited Dr David Jacobs, an ‘abduction researcher’ in the US, who argued that aliens’ primary purpose is to colonise the earth, by interbreeding with humans to produce a new hybrid species. Second generation ‘hybrids’ are, according to Jacobs, walking unobserved among us. 

    Dr Chi argued that “it is not only scientists and theologians, but also non-human species who appear to be greatly concerned about the survivability of the human species”. He pointed out that the timing of aliens’ appearance coincides with the earth facing major problems, climate change and nuclear weapons in particular. He concludes that “it may be more or less assumed that the hybrid project is a response to this impending demise of human civilisation”. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Bringing Centuries of Bad Luck: 10 Unlucky Artifacts and Cursed Archaeological Sites

    Bringing Centuries of Bad Luck: 10 Unlucky Artifacts and Cursed Archaeological Sites

    Some unlucky artifacts and cursed sites: The Ring of Silvianus (CC BY 2.0), Tutankhamun’s silver trumpet with wooden insert (Meridianos), the Hope Diamond (CC BY-SA 4.0), Stone ringfort, “Ring of Kerry” in Ireland (Francis Bijl/ CC BY 2.0 ), and ruins of an ancient synagogue at Chorazin. (Lev.Tsimbler/CC BY SA 4.0)
    • Some unlucky artifacts and cursed sites: The Ring of Silvianus ( CC BY 2.0 ), Tutankhamun’s silver trumpet with wooden insert ( Meridianos), the Hope Diamond ( CC BY-SA 4.0 ), Stone ringfort, “Ring of Kerry” in Ireland (Francis Bijl/ CC BY 2.0 ), and r uins of an ancient synagogue at Chorazin. (Lev.Tsimbler/ CC BY SA 4.0 )

    When an artifact or location is called ‘cursed’ it often refers to bad luck befalling whoever possesses the object or disrespects, or sometimes just visits, the site. Curses, jinxes, hexes, and black magic were a common element in the ancient world to punish or spread misfortune and many people believe that certain places and artifacts have been cursed by angered individuals looking to create havoc for mistreatment suffered in their lives.

    1. The Curse of the Stolen Ring of Senicianus

    Ring of Silvianus. (CC BY 2.0)

    Ring of Silvianus. ( CC BY 2.0 )

    Sometime during the 4th century AD, Silvianus, a Roman stationed in Gloucestershire, England, visited the elaborate baths of the Celtic God Nodens. Located on a hill above the River Severn at Lydney, the temple of Nodens celebrated the Roman-British deity that is associated with healing, hunting, dogs, and the sea.

    When Silvianus was at the temple, his gold ring was stolen from him. Silvianus believed that it was Senicianus who stole it, thus he went to the temple and prepared a lead plate known as a defixio or ‘curse tablet’ . He inscribed the tablet in Latin and the text is translated: ‘For the god Nodens. Silvianus has lost a ring and has donated one half [its worth] to Nodens. Among those named Senicianus permit no good health until it is returned to the temple of Nodens.’

    In 1929, archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler saw a connection between the ring and the curse tablet. The connection cannot be entirely confirmed, however, Senicianus is an unusual name and the close dates of the artifacts seem to support Wheeler’s theory.

    J.R.R. Tolkien was asked by his friend Wheeler to help clarify who the obscure god Nodens was and what role he might play in the history of the Ring. Many now believe that the Ring of Senicianus was the inspiration for the ring in The Hobbit.

    2. Gold Fever and the Unlucky Artifacts in the Karun Treasure of the Lydians

    Some of the beautiful artifacts included in the Lydian/Karun treasure. (T.C UŞAK İLİ RESMİ TANITIM SİTESİ)

    Some of the beautiful artifacts included in the Lydian/Karun treasure. ( T.C UŞAK İLİ RESMİ TANITIM SİTESİ )

    When a collection of stunning Lydian artifacts were discovered in the Uşak Province in Turkey in 1966, archaeologists were amazed with the 363 ancient artifacts dating back to the 7th century BC. But the impressive Karun treasure, as it’s now known, caused many troubles and locals say the treasure is cursed and brings nothing but problems and death.

    As time passed, people started to see more and more issues with the treasure and even when they were celebrating the discovery, people of the Uşak Province feared that the hoard was not necessarily a good thing. What is the curse supposedly connected to the famous treasure about? It’s all related to a “ gold fever” . Legends say that people get sick from the treasure and apparently cannot stop themselves from trying to get a piece of it for themselves.

    Currently, the mysterious artifacts are exhibited in the Uşak Museum of Archaeology. During the years of the battle between the Turkish government and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art (1987-1993), the Americans had to send back all the previously purchased artifacts. However, in May 2006 one of the artifacts was identified as a fake. A larger problem is that currently no one knows how many of the artifacts from the original collection were replaced with forgeries. Could the fake relics be explained by the Karun treasure curse?

    3. King Tut’s Cursed Trumpets that Summon Wars

    Tutankhamun’s silver trumpet with wooden insert. (Meridianos)

    Tutankhamun’s silver trumpet with wooden insert. ( Meridianos)

    In 1922, the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered in Egypt by an expedition led by the archaeologist Howard Carter. The discoveries made in uncovering the largely untouched tomb provided a wealth of knowledge about ancient Egypt, its burial practices, and its customs. Among the amazing items recovered was a set of wooden, silver, and bronze trumpets – a fascinating find, but possibly a cursed one too.

    The sound of one of the trumpets was recorded in 1939 by BBC Radio so that people from all over the world heard the sound of this extraordinary and ancient instrument. A few months after the trumpet was played, World War II broke out, eventually leading to a legend that the trumpets had the magical power to summon war.

    In fact, the earliest trumpets in Egypt appear to have been used for military purposes, to alert and possibly direct soldiers on the battlefield. Egyptian archaeologists, such as Zahi Hawass , do believe the trumpets have magical powers related to war. Egyptologist Hala Hassan, a supporter of the idea that the trumpets are cursed, also claims that one of the trumpets was played in 1967 and again in 1990 by anonymous students who were conducting a study on the Tutankhamun artifacts