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Wil je een videoclip bekijken en stoort het X-files-deuntje jou daarbij. Schakel het  deuntje gewoon uit door in deze kolon, helemaal beneden op de 2 witte balkjes in het blauwe cirkeltje te klikken, tot een pijltje verschijnt. Veel kijk- en luisterplezier en bedankt voor jouw bezoek.

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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandelijks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
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    Hi all:

    Please your informed opinion(s) re former MUFON International Director James Carrion's changed viewpoints re UFO's, most notably re the 1947 flying saucer sightings which he is claiming were intentionally fabricated stories by the US government to convince the Russians that they had in their possession a new amazing secret weapon which would keep them at bay in case of a conflict. He is claiming Kenneth Arnold's sighting, the Maury Island case, the Roswell and Aztec Incident were such fabricated UFO events. Does he have a winning case? Would the Russians really have been that foolish to accept such a "make-believe reality"? 
    If the famous flying saucer events from the late 1940s and early 1950s were just Cold War disinformation tactics to fool (the American population) and scare the Russians, why hasn't this information been disclosed by the US government considering the fact that we are dealing with events which happened (more than) 60 years ago and the Cold War ended some time ago. Why would the US government keep their own created "old" UFO "myths" alive today? Why did they then issue ridiculous (earthly) explanations re Roswell in the 1990s when they could simply have issued James Carrion's Cold War explanation with relevant factual documentation? So, why perpetuate their outer-space myth still today? Wouldn't the Cold War explanation have been the logical easy way out for them? Why complicate matters? Just present the conclusive evidence for these supposedly deliberate pranks and we can go on with our present lives. 
    However, mundane explanations had already been given for the cases he has referred to: Kenneth Arnold saw a fiery meteor ball, the Roswell debris was just a weather balloon, the Aztec affair was a clear hoax (although Scott Ramsey's recent book tells a totally different story) as was the Maury Island case! Why didn't the US Government endorse the ET explanation for these cases if it was part of their grand Russian deception plan? Instead, they publicly dismissed these cases immediately as misinterpretations or hoaxes. 
    And what does James mean by a new  secret super weapon? An incredible weapon which they wanted the Russians to believe was based on captured "alien" hardware? Or were the deliberately fabricated ET stories only for American consumption? I believe James has added more confusion to the UFO mystery. I must honestly admit that James Carrion's latest assertions haven't made things easier. I don't know what to think anymore, it seems it's getting more complex by the minute. All relevant facts considered, which are the most likely and most rational explanations for the cases mentioned? 

    Below you will find Gene Steinberg's take on this issue, which can be found in his latest newsletter which I received last week.

    These are my personal analytical observations re this complex issue. As always, I can be totally wrong in my personal analyses!

    Kind regards.

    André Skondras

    Taking Disinformation to the Extreme
    By Gene Steinberg

    On our February 10, 2010 episode, we featured James Carrion, a former International Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). As you heard on the show, Carrion’s tenure as head of the long-time UFO group was cut short in a dispute over his performance and his handling of MUFON’s finances. In passing, I should mention that MUFON has had two more leaders since then, and I hope the musical chairs situation doesn’t end up as bad as that of HP, the venerable technology company where CEOs have come and gone in recent years.

    Now one thing sure about Carrion, and that is his UFO views have tended more towards the skeptical side of the ledger. But he shouldn’t be dismissed outright, even if you believe in the reality of those strange disks in the skies. It’s never a bad idea to look at all sides of the question, and it’s fair to say the skeptics do make good points from time to time.

    Take a recent blog from Carrion, available at I urge all of you to read this article with an open mind. He is making some very important points, particularly with regard to Kenneth Arnold and his involvement in the controversial Maury Island UFO affair that, along with Arnold’s own famous sighting, occurred in 1947.

    Now I’m going to use Carrion’s piece strictly as a starting point, and most of the ideas presented here are my own. He may even disagree with me, although I expect he’ll be in sympathy with a fair amount of what I’m about to say.

    One thing that is certain about Maury Island, and that is the very obvious involvement of the government in key aspects of the case. The case is spelled out in clear detail in Arnold’s portion of the book he wrote with Ray Palmer, “The Coming of the Saucers.” We’ve featured several discussions about Maury Island on The Paracast over the years, most recently when Curt Sutherly appeared on our March 18, 2012 episode.

    Curt hit all the high spots during the interview, and you have to wonder why it appeared that Arnold was being watched so closely. When he arrived in Tacoma to investigate the Maury Island case, all hotels in the city were booked, except for one room that had been reserved in his name. It also appeared that his hotel room was already prepared before his arrival, with eavesdropping gear already installed. That explains why members of the media actually heard about what was going on.

    You can imagine the James Bond movie, where 007 sneaks into a hotel room and installs some listening gear into a lamp, or an air conditioner vent. You get the picture.

    But why would the government care one whit about some guy who said he saw a flying saucer, and traveled to investigate another case of that sort? Based on Carrion’s summary of some curious stories published in those days about new aircraft capable of amazing speeds, the argument is that the government may have leaked such stories with the press in order to spook the Russians. It was the early days of the Cold War, and Russian spies, and paranoia about the Russians, was rampant in American society.

    In the 1950s, Jim Moseley, who at the time published Saucer News as a regular quarterly magazine, adopted what he called the “Earth theory,” in which he posited that all or most UFOs were really secret aircraft. He later abandoned that theory in favor of what he calls a “3½D” solution, where UFOs might have some sort of paranormal connection and originate in another reality.

    In any case, it wouldn’t take great leaps of logic to suggest that at least some UFO sightings were deliberately fabricated to draw attention away from what was really going on, and that was the testing of secret aircraft. That may even explain what actually happened at Roswell, though I’ll avoid discussions about the evidence that supposedly indicates a different solution, possibly the crash of a real craft from outer space. Certainly the 1948 Aztec case may be all about the crash landing of a secret aircraft, though the reports of the burnt bodies of the tiny occupants of the craft seem to point in another direction.

    That is, unless you accept the possibility that some of the witnesses were being mislead, and maybe burnt dummies were put there to convey the impression that ET had visited us and failed to survive the trip. The “real” pilots were hidden elsewhere on that aircraft.

    If any of this is true, it wouldn’t take a great leap of faith to consider the possibility that many of the so-called “Men In Black” cases were simply government operatives who were during their duty for God and country when they told UFO witnesses to be quiet about their sightings. Sure, maybe some went off the reservation and engaged in rogue activities. But government disinformation can surely serve a variety of purposes, and hiding the truth, whatever it might be, about UFOs, is but one possible motive. Fooling a potential enemy also rates high on the list.

    Now even if the government was pulling pranks in those days in the guise of legitimate intelligence activities, that doesn’t mean there aren’t real UFOs. There have been sightings around the world that do not present evidence of any sort of government involvement. That forms the core of the UFO mystery, as far as I’m concerned. But if a case has a more mundane explanation, so be it.

    The Paracast Copyright 1999-2012 Making The Impossible, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    Privacy Policy: Your personal information is safe with us. We will positively never give out your name and/or e-mail address to anybody else, and that's a promise!

    28-05-2012 om 23:10 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
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    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer's Files #21 2012 - Solar Cycle 24, Britain's Roswell "Left at East Gate"

    Filer's Files # 21 - 2012

    UFO sighting over Whitby, Ontario Canada on Friday, May 11th, 2012,

    Thanks to UFOs Northwest

    George A. Filer III.

    New Jersey State Director

    MUFON Eastern Region Director

    May 23, 2012

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    What to read past issues? View Filer's Files Archives

    Want to contribute? Join MUFON. Become a MUFON member 

    In special reports, this week’s files cover: Solar Cycle 24 has Begun, The book “Left at East Gate,” Christopher Columbus Saw a UFO.

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

    Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Australia, Canada, China, Finland, India, Turkey, Ukraine, and England in the United Kingdom.

    The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.


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    Special Reports

    Solar Cycle 24 has Begun

    It has been predicted by NASA, NOAA and ESA to be up to 50% stronger than its 'record breaking' predecessor Cycle 23 which produced the largest solar flare ever recorded. The Sun will reach its 'apex' (maximum) in late 2011 into 2012.

    "I believe it will be the magnetic influence produced by the Sun which will usher in what is described by our ancient ancestors as "the transition" bringing us to a new state-of-being". (Mitch Battros)

    The book "Left at East Gate"

    Britain's Roswell was written about by UFO researcher, author, and lecturer Peter Robbins and US Airman Larry Warren. UFO sightings and landings occurred on three nights in December 1980 the Royal Air Force Bentwaters Base and Rendlesham Forest. It is considered the most significant UFO incident in Great Britain. A new version of the book "Left at East Gate" is the personal account of Larry Warren, an honorably discharged military eyewitness, and the first to go public about the Bentwaters UFO conspiracy and his experience in Rendlesham Forest. Peter Robbins is the coauthor, investigator, writer and excellent speaker. Firsthand accounts from military witnesses are rare and this book is a gem. Larry Warren and Peter Robbins stayed at my home several days during a private UFO get together of top investigators before the book was published. Our group encouraged these brave men to reveal the story of Larry Warren's experiences at R.A.F. Bentwaters Base. This case is of extreme importance that Larry and Peter are responsible for releasing it to the world. At least twenty military policemen at the base and local witnesses from outside the base over the course of three nights saw an alien UFO. The governments flew in special equipment and personnel and attempted to keep the sightings classified. Larry Warren was subjected to ridicule, psychological stress, and threats from the military and government personnel, but chose to reveal the incident.

    As a Military Air Policeman Larry Warren was doing his duty attempting to guard the base with its nuclear weapons when extraterrestrials visited the base. A few days after seeing the unexplained flying objects Larry was warned and transferred to Germany. Later after leaving the Air Force, Bud Hopkins hypnotized Larry concerning his abduction to an underground base and alien warnings. Unfortunately, Bud Hopkins brings Larry back from the regression before much data is discovered.

    We can speculate the visits by extraterrestrials are warning us about the destruction that nuclear weapons provide and that they are a terrible threat to all life on Earth. The fact extraterrestrials were visiting the largest nuclear weapons base in the UK is immensely significant. Similar warnings where nuclear weapons are stored were given at McGuire, F. E. Warren, and Maelstrom Air Force Bases. Every effort was made to keep the ET’s message quiet, however, Larry and Peter worked tirelessly to produce their excellent book and reveal the secrets of Bentwaters. The book leaves you feeling that something of extreme importance happened on three nights in 1980 to twenty military policeman that may be significant in the history of the world. Since the publication of the book there has been a gradual reduction of nuclear weapons worldwide. Even now the next major threat is strong opposition Iranian nuclear weapons plans.

    Coauthor Peter Robbins sums it up nicely in the last three sentences of the book. "This story is far from over. In fact, it's just beginning to get interesting. Larry Warren on left, Peter Robbins at right

    Rendlesham Conference on June 17, 2012 -with Powerful line up. Timothy Good, Alan Godfrey, Robert Salas and more... £20 A Ticket.   for information.

    Christopher Columbus Saw a UFO.

    Carl Feindt’s website states, “Even Christopher Columbus, it appears, saw a UFO. While patrolling the deck of the Santa Maria at about 10 PM on October 11, 1492, Columbus thought he saw "a light glimmering at a great distance." He hurriedly summoned Pedro Gutierrez, "a gentleman of the king's bedchamber," who also saw the light. After a short time it vanished, only to reappear several times during the night, each time dancing up and down "in sudden and passing gleams." The crew was near exhaustion and ready to mutiny. The light, first seen only four hours before land was sighted, was never explained, but may have saved the craft from turning back and the discovery of America."

    From “Beyond Earth: Man's Contact with UFOs”, by Ralph Blum and Judy Blum, which is referring to 'The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus' (1850).)

    Carl Feindt states, “My interest in water-related UFOs was preceded by my fascination with aircraft. As a boy, I carved balsa replicas of flying machines and in my teens flew model aircraft. I followed my passion and became a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol. After graduating from high school, I went on to study aircraft engineering at the Academy of Aeronautics in New York City (off La Guardia Airport's runway). Following two years of service in the Air Force, I was forced to return to civilian life due to a family hardship. I joined a major airline where I worked in customer service for over three decades. Upon retirement I was interested in becoming active in ufology. Over the course of eight years, I studied microfilm rolls at the University of Delaware, exhaustively covering the years between 1923 and 1967. To my amazement, I found 750 UFO-related articles in Delaware, the second-smallest state in the United States.” Intrigued by the fact that aircraft, as we know them, cannot emerge from water or submerge into water, I started assembling water-related UFO cases. My research endeavor into this aspect of the UFO mystery has grown into an increasingly large data base and website.”

    The map is courtesy of Larry Hatch, UFO researcher of UFODatabase. In densely populated areas, sightings shown by white dots are so common that coastlines mapped in yellow are blocked out.

    Heavy sightings are shown in the US, UK, France, and Italy.

    The *U* "rotation" feature (not shown here) adds and remove sightings sequentially that shift back and forth between the new world and the old. Thanks to the

    Sightings in the United States

    Alabama UFO

    HUNTSVILLE – On May 19, 2012, I looked carefully at the sky and saw two star like objects that started moving slowly and were suddenly gone. Later, many lights that look like spheres were flying around that are super fast, while some are slow. It’s crazy these are not planes as I was looking carefully with my binoculars. Those things can appear anywhere in the sky and appear as a light and then fly very fast. Thanks to Carol and Leo LaPlante

    California Orb

    FRESNO -- I was on my way home on May 11, 2012, and I looked up and saw this bright object. At first I thought it was a very bright star, it hovered for three hours and then moved east. I felt like I was seeing something from another world and became very excited and confused. The object moved slow and was seen all over Fresno by multiple witnesses. I filmed it for an hour and made the news in Fresno. The video shows various shapes like plasma. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Venice – On May 15, 2012, at 9 PM, we saw six red/orange lights that were viewed in two triangle formations over the sea from Abbot Kinney and Venice Blvd less than a mile inland. When the lights were first noticed my five friends and I felt that the streetlights seemed to glow a little brighter. I called my friend and he viewed four lights with houses obscuring the others but three of the red/orange lights he viewed were in a triangular formation. From both locations the lights were viewed for a few minutes until they slowly disappeared one by one. From the first location which was closer to the occurrence the streetlights flickered out as the last one disappeared. Both parties were free of mind altering substances. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Colorado Near-Miss


    DENVER -- A UFO, which did not show up on radar, nearly caused a mid-air collision over the skies of Denver with a corporate jet on Monday evening, May 16, 2012, at 11:50 AM EDT, and officials have no idea what it was. Because the private pilot was the only witness, and due to the lack of any radar signature, the incident falls into the category of an encounter with an unidentified flying object. But, listening to the frightened pilot’s radio transmission at the time of the event, which is included in the video news report below, makes it clear that something was in the air which should not have been there.

    FAA officials, of course, are falling short of the UFO classification, instead speculating that the object was a surveillance drone, a remote-controlled aircraft or a very large bird. Pointing out that the pilot saw the object for only a moment, which was enough to cause alarm, and citing the lack of any radar information, the incident is being investigated further.

    Recently, debate has begun as to whether or not the same kind of drones which are being used for surveillance and air attacks in war zones should be employed over the American homeland has many people worried. But if those drones do not show up on radar, the controversy enters an entirely different phase, pinning air safety as a major concern. View Video at: Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Connecticut Orbs

    GROTON -- I’m a scientist, and a graduate nurse, and therefore trained to observe and report on my May 11, 2011. Every morning and some afternoons I take my 18 month old son for a walk around Ring Drive. My son has a thing for air-planes and loves to sky-watch, so, I often spend time looking up into the sky with him during our walks. This time, my son pointed at a plane and then I saw an object dangerously close to the plane, it seemed like the plane didn’t see the object, as it didn’t alter course or anything; I believe the object may have been on the periphery or in back of the plane, hence no change in course. I whipped out my video camera like "Billy the Kid" and started to video the craft, I didn’t get much taping done and the object was gone, at that point I closed the video camera and sighed with disgust because I could not get a better video.

    Then unexpected another craft comes closer from another direction although it may be the same craft just closer. I was able to make out more details of a circular/spherical object flying around in an unnatural way that flew out of view.

    It should be noted that this is my second MUFON report. But, these to craft don’t resemble the last two in the very least. Groton CT. is a hot spot because of the Sub base, General Dynamics (Electric Boat), and the Air National Guard. It is of my opinion that these UFOs and such are extraterrestrial in nature and have been occurring for quite some time now. These craft seem interested in nuclear technology, and our developing tech (General Dynamics). Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Georgia Cylinder and Object

    Atlanta – I was driving I-85 south by 14th Street and looking west and saw a single splotch of isolated chemi-trail that looked like a conventional NASA space shuttle craft traveling upwards for five minutes. I think there were four boosters. I took a crappy picture of it. It appeared to just sit still in the sky. There was a darker solid looking orange ring around the circumference of it with no tail. There was definitely some sort of rotation going on. Once on the other side of the highway they went back to a staggered two column of three side by side formations. They made maneuvers one way or another in altitude or in making a turn on a dime one behind the other. They were moving like a roller coaster one behind the other. They picked up speed in a split second free fall, and then whipping into a sudden sharp embanked turn one direction or another like a roller coaster ride. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Lincolnton – It was May 20, 2012, around 1:28 PM, and my stepson and I were outside taking pictures and I just happen to look upward with the camera and saw this object near the sun. I thought it maybe the moon but the moon is not that color. I looked and see the same object on the other side of the sun. "Very strange" I said. I have an iPhone 3gs and look up in the same place and see two objects, side by side. “Wow!" it was amazing. I looked up, they were gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    FLOWERY BRANCH -- I had driven up from Emory University and there was a news story of a vapor trail left by a NASA rocket launch from Cape Canaveral in 1974. The vapor trail was plainly visible, when something else came into view, very low. It stopped right over the finger of Lake Lanier 350 yards away. It was saucer shaped and the size of a large passenger jet. The middle had a row of windows that went around it with a small panel between each one. They "flashed" like a lighthouse's light sweeping around in a circle illuminating each in turn.

    Our dogs had been completely quiet but, suddenly started barking like crazy, going wild, then acted terrified trying to climb their fence to get away from the UFO. It was starting to move slowly to my left, and made no sound as it glided off.

    My cousin Robin called me five minutes later to tell me, “There's a UFO over Uncle Wesley's chicken barns, I was thinking of getting the .22 and shooting at it." I told him, "Robin, that’s a UFO. If they have the technology to come as far as they have, they might zap to leave them alone..." Thanks to KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS.ORG

    Illinois Jellyfish

    Chicago -- Multiple sightings of a ghostly-looking UFO, bearing a striking resemblance to a cuttlefish or squid (some say a jellyfish) was caught by at least one resident of Chicago and posted to YouTube on May 11, 2012. What is it? The object was witnessed by several others.

    LEBANON – I was sitting outside my car on May 20, 2012, when I saw a flying triangle with lights and shot a laser at a cylinder shaped object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Maine Intense Light

    CUTLER -- My two friends and I were camping in the middle of the woods of on a massive cliff edge on the coast with nothing around us but ocean and woods on March 19, 2012. At around 7 pm we saw was seemed to be a large sphere of intense light about four miles out in the ocean. I myself passed it off as a boat at the time and in15 minutes the light disappeared. At 11 PM, we were sitting around our came fire when one my friends pointed out a light in the distance again, but this time it came close and lit up our camp site, It went from dark to completely illuminated and hovered at the cliff edge about 25 feet away from us. It was a sphere shaped object emitting a strong white light with red and green lights around its edges. It was completely silent.

    We ran all the way to our car five miles away from camp through dark woods. As soon as we left we were followed for three miles by a strange black car that was tailgating us. I’m not sure if this links to the strange lights as we have camped here before and have never seen anyone. I have never been a ufo believer until now. I’m just freaked out. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Massachusetts Fire-Like Travelling Fast

    Raynham -- As I headed eastward on 495, about 9:44 pm, to Exit 8 (?) on May 12, 2012, I saw a glowing orange-yellow sphere travelling north across the highway at 1500-4000’ in the air, flying at the speed of a jet aircraft. It changed course and increased its speed, and started heading west, alongside the highway.

    This object was definitely not an airplane or helicopter of any sort (I fly in small planes frequently), and appeared to be glowing orange-yellow; my initial description to my friend on the phone was “fireball and quote; “As it flew over, I was directly under it, and it didn't appear to be on fire so much as glowing.” It also maintained altitude for the 1 minute or so that I saw it. There were many other cars on the highway at this point, so I suspect other people should have seen this too.

    I saw a meteor fall in the area; just before and after I saw the object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Michigan Orange Circular Light

    Lansing -- My husband and I were out on our deck around 11:30 PM, on May 19, 2012, when I noticed a very bright orange circular light appear over the trees on the other street. I noticed right away that this light was moving kind of quick for a plane or helicopter and did not appear to have any flashing lights like on the wings of a plane. Both my husband and I got up and went into the yard to get a better view. As the light got closer over head we noticed it wasn't making a sound. The object was moving north at a good pace at the height that a police chopper would fly. We only managed to capture eight seconds of darkness. The object was over our pine tree within a minute or so, and my husband and I scrambled to the deck to see it come over the other side. There was nothing there though. We lost it over the tree but we should have been able to see it but no dice. We have never seen anything like it before. We are both skeptics, but now we're both more open to the idea of UFO's. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    New Jersey Aspirin

    Aberdeen/Matawa -- I was in my back yard taking my Great Dane (Shiloh) out to do her nightly business at 9:03 pm, on May 11, 2012. I noticed a very bright light in the sky too large and too bright to be a star! I called my wife (a middle school science teacher) to take a look and she confirmed it was not the North Star. A very bright white light the size of an aspirin was hovering in one spot and next to it were red and green blinking lights in a triangular pattern. Five minutes later another object that looked like a extremely fast helicopter with flashing red lights; what I think may have been an Air force helicopter flew right directly at the bright light,....then past it....then it the vanished out of sight giving me an unsettling feeling as if something was very wrong.

    At 9:36 pm, both the aspirin and red and green triangular blinking light just "poof" disappeared. I know what I saw and I need to go lay down for I am feeling very ill-at-ease. Thanks to Craig Lospaluto

    Clifton -- On May 21, 2012, while driving I was distracted by an image on an oil truck driving ahead of me. I was able to get a quick picture of it and later in the day I noticed something in the top corner of the shot. It looked like an oval shape that didn’t seem to be any type of familiar object. After zooming in to get a better look, I realized the object looked similar to a UFO. I believe I captured the image of a UFO passing over Route 3 in Clifton. I returned to the site several hours later to see if the object was still there but it was gone.

    Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ and


    Oregon Triangle Comes Out of Ocean

    Cannon Beach -- My cousin and I were fishing off the coast about 12 miles out on April 10, 2012, about 5 PM. I heard a faint high pitched hum like a tuning fork. My cousin said, “Do you hear that?” It was weird and the volume reduced down to a low hum in 30 second intervals. It cycled like this for about six minutes when it stopped and then I started getting uneasy. A bunch of sea birds started flying around the area like they couldn’t make up their minds and they were screeching loudly. Then they headed inland. I said, “that’s an omen! Let’s get back in please.” So we started to reel in the line when six big waves bobbed us up and down. I had enough so I cut the lines we headed back in as this shook me, and chilled me to the bones. Our compass was spinning like a top. I thought that I was going to have a heart attack.

    Then the high pitches returned. It did not cycle low, but more or so like interruptions then off then on. Toward the starboard the water raised up not like a bubbling, but a flowing and we saw bluish lights under the water. They were moving toward the water in a T pattern horizontal to vertical. Then a craft surfaced. Then the humming began to get higher until we couldn’t hear it. Both of us began to get violently ill. It rose to about 30 feet above the water. It must have been about the size of an average base ball diamond and shaped like a “V.” Within a few seconds it flew off, popped like a flashbulb and was gone. The air smelled like a salty arc welding odor. We just got the hell out of there. My hair is falling out, my cousin’s gums are bleeding and he is losing his teeth and hair.

    Note: This is a very intriguing case and of the few “USO” (Underwater Submerged Objects) reports that we have received. Plus the case has signs of “radiation exposure” and electromagnetic interference. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Rhode Island Orange Object

    Jamestown – I was in the bathroom, which was unlit, and saw a slow moving bright orange object to the north on May 9, 2012! So I quickly ran to my 2nd floor deck to find five or six more coming up through the tree line from the east. Thought I was seeing a plane at first, but light was different than any plane I’ve ever seen, I live near two airports and know my planes. I thought right away a UFO. I've lived here for 44 years and never seen anything like it! At first I was a little scared, but became worried when I had seen how many there were! I saw the objects for about ten minutes! Then they flew out of sight. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Texas Police Sighting

    SANTA FE -- On Friday May 4, 2012, I was on my way to work from my home in Santa Fe, to Galveston at 10:25 PM, where I’ve worked as a veteran police officer of 32 years currently assigned to the night watch. It is a 23 mile trip east on FM Road 1764, a four lane highway of which I have been driving for twenty years. I was driving when something in the distant sky got my attention. For a few split seconds I saw the typical small red marker light of an air plane, but in seconds this light was getting much bigger because of its speed.

    It was headed west and then hooked a sharp 90 degree turn to the north in my direction. I was seeing a whole string of these things, as many as 40 plus objects. They began to fly in different formations, three abreast, side by side in two column’s with one column slightly ahead of the other in multiple pairs of a distinct total of six. I even saw them shift from this to the typical triangle image.

    Then back to a single perfectly aligned long row just one after another headed back to the west. I had slowed down to 30 mph glancing back from my rear view mirrors as I didn't want to get hit from the rear while desperately trying to watch this parade of lights across the sky. I noticed no one was passing me and I assume they were watching in awe of these lights. Then again, they cut to the north switching to various different formations, back to the west and north again just in time to parade across Highway 1764 a short distance ahead of me. I counted seven lights one right after another in single file. I watched these hazy orange lights disappear into the northern sky as I tried to find my camera. I am 57 years old and have 38 years as a police officer so nothing surprises me anymore. Snip. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Utah Orbs

    Ogden -- Two of the four witnesses called and reported the sighting two weeks after it occurred. Two were riding bikes from a fishing trip on the Ogden River and noticed two very bright shape changing orange and yellow orbs of light. The shapes would periodically change between diamond and circular shape. Two orbs were first seen to the east and flew north of their position and hovered. The orbs appeared to be spinning. Then one shot straight up and the other streaked off to the east. A local resident in the neighborhood and another cyclist also saw the orbs.

    Then two more similar orbs flew over Great Salt Lake. Then one of these orbs streaked to away to the north and south. The photo was taken with a Sanyo Cell Phone. The orbs were about 1/8 the size of the full moon. The witnesses attempted to report the sighting to a local news media but their calls were not returned. The police told them report on the Internet.

    Note: Could these orbs be from nearby Hill Air Force Base or the “other Area 51 at Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah? Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Virginia Triangle

    I was in my back yard filming the moon, getting ready for the largest moon of the year, which was still a few days away. It was May 1, 2012 and I first just noticed a flicker near the moon that only lasted a moment. I was sure they were out and my thoughts beckoned them a little closer. I got two separate videos as I could hear it coming far away sounding like a high flying jet. The sound seemed strange as it flew steadily over the treetops and stopped for a moment over a large tree behind my house. It was the very spot I had envisioned the triangle craft would show itself to me.

    I had an encounter a few years ago a hundred miles away, with a huge triangle craft but this was smaller, but was very fast and sped away. It had multiple sets of lights, each in triangle formations. It sped off, over the treetops in the same direction and seemed to glow like fire. While filming, I noticed blinking lights, in a triangle formation. My Dog was acting very jumpy at first and then very calm and docile. My heart was racing and I was afraid. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Worldwide UFO Sightings

    Australia Disc and Lights

    East Bentleigh -- I saw a small round bright light fall on May 13, 2012, while outside having a cigarrette. The duration was two seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    BRISBANE -- There was eight of us sitting on our balcony on May 11, 2012, when all of a sudden a flying object appeared, which seemed to be flying at approximately 200-300 feet. We saw two lights on the craft, one at each visible end. The fuselage was a dark color and looked very narrow but in a disk shape. The craft was descending over Chermside, QLD and it appeared to be almost rocking from side to side like an aeroplane about to stall. It disappeared behind trees and the neighbor’s house but once we rushed to the front balcony to view, the craft had disappeared. There was absolutely no engine noise whatsoever, no clouds in sky. The night was clear and crisp. Shortly afterwards we spotted a small jet that flew a similar route. I work in aviation and the craft we saw looked larger than the wingspan of a 747 and was flying too low. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Canada Disc

    Whitby, Ontario -- I thought to report an interesting UFO sighting on Friday, May 11th, 2012 while at home in western Oshawa. I was in the kitchen and looked out the patio door facing west. Astonished I noticed directly west in the clear sky over the city a white roundish object making loop to loops in a given area. Instantly I grabbed my camera from the kitchen table and went outside. I was watching it move in tight circles at about 10,000 feet less than a mile away. It faded on and off going translucent before disappearing.

    I took five pictures at 11:16 AM, and after the last picture I noticed it was gone. The sighting lasted about 40 seconds in total and the unknown object appears to be a disk. Note: It is quite unusual for witnesses to see an unusual object in the daytime and especially unusual that they get a good photo of it. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    TORONTO --On May 22, 2012 around 8:35 pm five of us walked out of my house in Stouffville, Ontario, just NE of Toronto. It was around sunset, 20 degrees Celsius and no wind. Five of us witnessed a UFO sighting. Two brilliant red round objects emerged from the north, flew towards us in unison, and then changed direction to the west. We did not see an airplane shape nor hear any airplane sounds. I felt strongly it was not an airplane, a helicopter, a comet, or a balloon.

    My wife wanted her glasses so I ran inside, couldn't find her glasses and came out with my digital camera and started filming at 8:36 pm, a small penny sized white circle getting fainter. Two minutes later the two bright red lights appeared again and appeared to be circling in an elliptical track - from the north, to south, to west, and then circled around to its original position. This second set may be a completely new set of lights and I started filming it at 8:38 pm, of fast moving color changing objects in formation. In total, six adults and an 11 year old witnessed this event. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    China - Pilot Sees Light

    Shanghai --While walking to dinner on May20, 2012, I noticed a light that at first glance seemed like a star until I detected moment relative to the tall buildings in the area. The object hovered moving erratically but not a great distance. The longer I observed the object the more movement I detected. I stopped walking and observed the object for about 10 to 15 min capturing some cell phone pictures and a video. As I focused on the object it seemed to try to evade my observation dipping below the buildings then appearing as if peaking out at me from between the buildings in the distant foreground then coming back into full view when I captured the video until it moved off to the east behind some buildings. It was a bit windy and a high overcast with temperature about 60 degrees F.

    The object moved very erratically vertically up and down and horizontally left to right. It did not appear to advance or retreat to or from my position. The moment was not indicative of an aircraft, helicopter or balloon and the movement was often quick over short distance in ways not within the capability of aircraft performance. I am familiar with aircraft capabilities since I am a 747 Captain and this object performed in ways that are simply impossible. The object moved both with and into the wind and did not drift with the wind.

    I did have a sense that it was aware of my observation and once I started taking pictures it seemed to attempt to evade my observation and its movement became greatly increased in magnitude, acceleration and speed. I stopped a by-passer to observe the object with me but we had a bit of a language problem since I don't know Chinese. She did see the object and appeared astonished by it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Finland Lights

     HELSINKI -- On April 29, 2012, @ 21:20 HRS 8 yellow lights moving in formation south of Helsinki over the sea from east to west witnessed eight flying lights - constant yellow light on - in direction from east to west south of Helsinki (Capital of Finland), over the sea. Steady flying pace/floating pace and sticking in formation of 5 in the front formation shaped x-like and 3 in the rear formation migratory bird-like spear formation. Some distance between formations. It disappeared from view when the rooftops blocked them out of sight. I managed to get still pictures of both in same picture as well as separately. The sky is fairly clear; stars can be seen, light pollution of the city. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    India Triangle

    New Delhi -- I was talking on the phone on May 21, 2012, and I was Just looking at the sky and I saw a triangle Shaped like Object Hovering in the sky emitting red light So I just Became a little Curious to know What’s That Then I just called my younger brother and he also noticed the same thing The object was moving back forth and spinning in the sky and I also called my sister and my friends over my house to see it. We all were just wondering if it’s something else or a UFO and Then I also called my parents we all saw the Weird action of that star like thing moving in a weird manner. I also tried to call someone from the news channel but we just wanted to confirm first

    Turkey Dual Sighting

    ISTANBUL -- I was in my room in top floor of my house that is on a hill and looked out my window and noticed it at the moment. As soon as I saw it, I called my roommate to check it out, he came and we watched it for several minutes. It was standing still in the air, and then started moving south-southeast direction very slowly, in a straight line, and then I lost it when it went behind the skyscraper (that is only a half a mile away from me.)

    Immediately I wrote it down on Sirius UFO page in Facebook and got response from another guy that saw it from Bayramoglu/Darica area (that is 25 miles away in south-southeast direction from where I stand) he told me that it was just like how I described. Then I opened Google Map, and put a pin point to where my home was, then aimed to the skyscraper, and draw an approximate directional map on Google Maps, tried to find out where it can be according to my view angle. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Ukraine Black Triangles

    Khust -- I just saw ~42 black triangle rotating objects, and 2 white, 1 blue,1 green lights on May 21, 2012. There were red glowing fireballs, they ejected some red light streams into the clouds and then black triangle objects changed their form and transform into some boomerang shaped objects with lights. One of black objects was above me (~100 meters), he floating very slowly, rotating and blinking, he didn't make any sounds. Then I saw rest of objects. I observed this event about 2-3 hours and they seemed they were like living creatures not just machines (but this is just mine opinion) I was in my yard when this happened.

    I just looked up and saw some red fireball and then this fireball started to move, after that I saw some black triangles, they moving slowly. One green fireball appear and gone in a few seconds later, same happened with blue fireball, and there were some white lights they just blinking and moving around black objects but not very long time. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    UK England Disc

    Wapping, London -- I was walking by the river Thames on May 11, 2012, where I saw this object strangely blinking in the sky. I pulled my camera out and start filming. I also saw one lady enjoying nice river view, and when I stopped filming she was not there anymore. Before I start filming this object was around 500 meters from me, and there were birds flying nearby as well. I thought this object was around 1-2 meters in diameter. You can view my video at [YouTube Channel name redacted/cms/tg] youtube channel. Thanks to Arvy and MUFON CMS

    LOCH NESS – I was on a trip around the UK, and after being at Loch Ness I stopped to dinner at Fort William. Before taking this photo there had been a road accident 15 miles north of town. We noticed this object that does not seem like a helicopter or bird. At that hour there are lots of mosquitoes, but the object seemed too far away to be an insect. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Support Earth Changing Research

    I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I could get people interested in getting my work of the last thirteen years. I have put together a DVD of Filer's Files with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings.

    Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter's exciting abduction story by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell has also included much of his excellent dialog for a donation of only $50.

    We also include a year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

    Book Picture.jpg

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Christopher [Columbus], I Saw The Sun Set 3 Times In Less Than 300 Minutes! Fifty years ago, on February 20th, 1962 John Glenn became the first American astronaut to orbit the earth. This is a 1962 Universal Newsreel about his historic flight.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.He Stood In The Moon's "UMBRA"!

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.WOW! Did "U" Really [Manage To] Get Here?
    Black holes, parallel universes, space-time corridors, intergalactic motorways, teleportation... UFO's Under Investigation sets off on an amazing journey looking for the origins of our hypothetical visitors.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Hip, Hip, Hooray!

    UFOs: MJ12 Reaches 25!

    Well, I was kind of expecting to see a bit of a fanfare this month about the infamous MJ12 documents. Why? Simple: this month marks exactly twenty-five years since they surfaced into the public domain in the pages of Tim Good’s acclaimed book of May 1987: Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Cover-Up. That there hasn’t seemingly been much in the way of commentary on the 25th anniversary of what are, without doubt, one of the most controversial “things” ever to have surfaced within the ufological arena, suggests a few possibilities…

    First, maybe whole swathes of Ufology have simply forgotten about MJ12. Second, perhaps the fact that – for many in Ufology – the documents continue to frustratingly languish in that murky stalemate-driven realm of “genuine, disinformation, or hoax?” has led the research community to focus its attentions on what it sees as far more profitable and likely ways to secure the truth behind the UFO phenomenon. And, third,  maybe people just don’t care anymore about the debate surrounding the papers, their content, the way they surfaced, and the attendant analysis of their content.

    Whatever the answer(s), the papers did – and, for some, still do – play a significant role in Ufology for many a year. I still very well remember how, when Tim Good’s book surfaced in the U.K. in May 1987, they provoked widespread debate, excitement, fury and skepticism in the British UFO arena of the day. And, hot on the heels of Good’s book was the release – in the United States - of the same documents team from the team of Bill Moore, Stanton Friedman and Jaime Shandera. And, in no time at all, the world of Ufology was faced with its biggest piece of news in a long, long time.

    For those not fully conversant with the papers in question, they actually appeared under mysterious circumstances in the mailbox of the aforementioned Shandera back in December 1984, and were carefully and quietly studied for years – not surprising, given that they appeared to be official, highly-classified documents concerning the establishment, in 1947, by President Harry Truman, of a highly classified group of people in government, the military, the intelligence world, and the scientific community, who, collectively, became known as MJ12 or Majestic 12.

    And, so the papers made it clear, the group was sitting on just about the biggest secret of all: the recovery of a crashed UFO and dead alien bodies from the New Mexico desert in the summer of 1947. That’s right: Roswell. But, that quiet study came to an end when Above Top Secret was published. The cosmic cat was now out of the bag and everyone knew the story and was on the trail.

    For those people reading this who weren’t on the ufological scene back in 1987 – or, maybe, weren’t even born – it’s probably hard to understand the near-hysteria and huge excitement that accompanied the MJ12 papers when they first hit the headlines. There really was a deep sense of “This is it!” And a feeling that “the truth is coming.”

    Of course, and as is always the case in Ufology, it wasn’t quite that simple. While some in Ufology championed the documents – and their content – as being utterly genuine, others soon cried “Hoax!” And some claimed this was all a case of government-created disinformation to further cloud the already murky waters of stories relative to Roswell, dead aliens and crashed UFOs. There was forensic analysis of the typeface in the documents, Truman’s signature on the papers became a hugely controversial matter, and extensive research was undertaken into the names, lives and activities of the alleged MJ12 members. In some cases, this all went on for years. And such was the controversy, even the FBI got involved in the MJ12 affair at one point.

    But, for all the studies, papers, books, lectures, analyses and more, the MJ12 papers did not resolve Roswell. Nor did they open the floodgates to a revelation that, yes, UFOs are real and the government has secretly had proof ever since aliens had the misfortune to crash in the wilds of Lincoln County, New Mexico in the summer of 1947. What the documents did do, however, was to keep many significant figures in the UFO research community busy – and arguing – for years. And the outcome was pretty much as I expected it to be.

    If there is one thing that can be said about the ufological research arena (and this also goes for Cryptozoology, ghost-hunting, and every other aspect of Fortean-based studies, too), it’s that everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a favorite case. And there’s never-ending debate on what’s genuine and what isn’t.

    Whether it’s George Adamski’s 60-something-year-old photos, the Gulf Breeze affair, the Bob Lazar-Area 51 controversy, or the truth behind the Men in Black puzzle, the reality is that such issues – and countless more – polarize people into different camps. Some believe, some disbelieve, others doubt, far more than a few don’t know what to think, and many end up exasperated, exhausted and frustrated by their quest for the truth – which always remains a tantalizing step or several ahead of them. And the very same thing can be said about the MJ12 documents.

    So, twenty-five years later, where are we at with those pesky papers? If you’re a believer, you’ll say the truth is in, even if we can’t fully prove it. The skeptic would say it’s all a big fuss about nothing, a hoax, a joke, a distraction. Many – certainly me – might say that, as interesting and as exciting as that period was in the summer of 1987, neither the documents nor the era have changed anything at all. But, isn’t that what Ufology is all about: new controversy layered upon new controversy, but never a straight answer that we can nail to the ground and finally say “Gotcha!”?

    Of course that’s what Ufology is all about!

    So, as much as I find the whole MJ12 controversy as frustrating as it is sometimes intriguing, today I raise a glass of something chilled and potent to those papers of the purloined, leaked, faked or whatever else nature might spring to mind. And, I have no doubt that in another 25 years people will still be asking questions about MJ12, about the Truman signature, about whether or not the brand of typewriter used to prepare the documents was actually in use in 1947, and about…well, the list will go on and on, as will the definitively unanswered questions.

    A 50th anniversary for MJ12? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Kids, Put Your Wildest & Healthiest [UFO Science] Imaginations To Practical Use! Remember We Are Some Few 100000 Years Ahead!
    Hi all:

    The (UFO) science discussed by the scientists in this "documentary" is of course completely right, is it? ;))) And notice the absence of researchers seriously involved in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon! There is one astronomer, William R. Alschuler, who has written the book "The Science of UFOs". These scientists remind me of the late Carl Sagan with whom the late J. Allen Hynek had lunch one day! ;)

    Kind regards.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Let's See: It Was An Object, It Was Flying & The Pilot Wasn't Exactly Sure What It Was! So, The Umbrella Label UFO Is Appropriate!
    Hi all:

    What if the pilot had yelled "UFO"? The anti-UFO movement would very probably have hastily claimed that the pilot mistook an ordinary aircraft or bird for an alien spacecraft even though the pilot just said "UFO", a generic term which includes many different things! I have noticed that the anti-UFO movement has a tendency to quickly jump to the assumption that people are immediately convinced that they saw an actual alien spacecraft when witnessing and reporting a UFO. What would be the point for these people to report their UFO sighting if they already know from the start that it could only have been an alien spacecraft they saw? I assume they report it because they want to know from the field investigators which interpretation fits best their observation! I believe that they very much want their UFO identified ... in an honest way that is! ;)

    This is my personal analytical observation re this issue. 

    Kind regards.


    UFO/Drone; Mysterious Flying Object nearly causes mid-air collision over Denver 5/15/2012 - YouTube

    DENVER - The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a mystery in the sky. A mysterious object flying over Denver nearly caused a mid-air collision Monday evening, 9Wants to Know has learned. As far as investigators know, the mystery object did not show up on radar Monday.

    Investigators believe this object, whatever it is, could pose a serious safety hazard to planes. Radio transmissions from confirm a nervous-sounding pilot reported a strange object at 5:17 p.m. Monday. The pilot is heard telling air traffic control: "A remote controlled aircraft, or what? Something just went by the other way ... About 20 to 30 seconds ago. It was like a large remote-controlled aircraft.

    The corporate jet, a Cessna Citation 525 CJ1, was flying at 8,000 feet above sea level over Cherry Creek when the mystery object came close enough to make any pilot nervous. "That's an issue because now we have something in controlled airspace that poses a danger," Former NTSB Investigator and 9NEWS Aviation Analyst Greg Feith said.

    Feith listened to the air traffic recordings and believes the object could be one of three things:

    - A military or law enforcement drone.
    - A remote controlled aircraft.
    - A large bird.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.God", Where Are U On My Compass?
    The German-born physicist Albert Einstein developed the first of his groundbreaking theories while working as a clerk in the Swiss patent office in Bern. After making his name with four scientific articles published in 1905, he went on to win worldwide fame for his general theory of relativity and a Nobel Prize in 1921 for his explanation of the phenomenon known as the photoelectric effect. An outspoken pacifist who was publicly identified with the Zionist movement, Einstein emigrated from Germany to the United States when the Nazis took power before World War II. He lived and worked in Princeton, New Jersey, for the remainder of his life.

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    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Sprites? No, Something Else ... Beyond The Compass Of My Present Intellect!
    Pilot UFO Sightings recordings 2/4: Captain Neil Daniels, commercial airline pilot (ret.)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Carl, Donald Recommended U [For [T]His Position]! BTW, Dress In Black 4 The Interview!
    Dr. J. Allen Hynek:

    "I knew Carl Sagan. We had lunch one day and he said that UFOs were bunk. I asked him his thoughts on a multitude of cases and he said, 'don't know anything about it". Then I said, 'Carl, you
    know we scientists are not suppose to comment on anything we haven't sufficiently studied and he said, 'yes, I know, but I don't have the time'.

    Carl Sagan: They’re Everywhere But Here


    Like a lot of ufologists, I have a problem with S.E.T.I., or the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. It's always seemed to me that if UFOs are real, then you don't need to listen for alien signals from space, you should start looking here on Earth. So the news that the Allen Telescope Array near Mount Shasta is being shut down over the budget crisis leaves me with mixed feelings. I'm in favor of science, but I'm not in favor of sham.

    But it has me thinking about one of America's earliest and strongest advocates of S.E.T.I., Carl Sagan.

    Sagan took America by storm during the 1970s and 1980s and became, practically speaking, America’s public Scientist-in-Chief. He first entered millions of living rooms as the affable scientist who appeared regularly on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The Cornell University professor had a passion for astronomy and a gift of making complex ideas easy to understand.

    Sagan’s celebrity increased with the release of the PBS Cosmos series in 1980, when he became famous for his phrase “billions and billions” (which he denied ever saying exactlly in those words) to describe galaxies, stars, and planets. He pioneered the science of exobiology and promoted SETI through the use of radio telescopes to listen for signals from space.

    As an investigative reporter for PBS, specializing in space science, I met Carl Sagan several times in 1981. Cosmos was still airing on the network, and the unmanned Voyager spacecraft was approaching the planet Saturn.


    Sagan gave a live, on-air interview as the pictures came in and were assembled by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. He was effusive about what a great moment it was for humanity. He talked passionately about how this first step beyond Earth would someday lead to manned adventures further and further into space. He was positive that the universe, because of the sheer numbers of habitable planets and what he saw as the “bias” toward life, would be teeming with intelligent beings.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Gentlemen, Pardon Me!

    UFO Amnesty: Ex-Army Colonel John Alexander Seeks Amnesty For Military Who Witness UFOs [EXCLUSIVE]

    If you're in the military and have ever seen what you believe to be a UFO, but were reluctant to mention it for fear of ridicule or, worse, repercussions that might end your career, take heart. Things may change.

    A former military insider with top secret clearance who created Advanced Theoretical Physics -- a group of top-level government officials and scientists brought together to study UFO reports -- has just called on three of the highest-ranking military and intelligence officials in the Obama administration.

    Retired Army Col. John Alexander has one goal: to ask Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus and National Intelligence Director Gen. James Clapper to offer amnesty to anyone in the military who has been previously sworn to secrecy about UFOs.

    "The issue has to do with this [notion of] disclosure," said Alexander. "The assumption in the UFO community -- and, frankly, the general population -- is that UFOs are secret and all the information is automatically classified. My position is that is not true."

    Revealed exclusively to The Huffington Post, Alexander has sent letters to Panetta, Petraeus and Clapper, in which he proposes a no-cost, win-win solution for enhancing the U.S. government's trust and confidence with the American public. He's specifically referring to Unidentified Flying Objects.

    A leading advocate for the development of non-lethal weapons, Alexander commanded Special Forces "A" Teams in Vietnam and Thailand in the 1960s. As a program manager for Los Alamos National Laboratory, he conducted non-lethal warfare briefings for the White House staff, National Security Council, members of Congress and senior defense officials.

    "My supposition is that A) there's no policy of [UFO] secrecy; and B) there are agents out there who think they're supposed to keep it a secret, so they're basically winging it. In other words, it's easier to tell you to sit down and shut up then it is to figure things out," Alexander, author of "UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities," told HuffPost.

    Alexander spent a quarter of a century maneuvering through top levels of the U.S. government and military, searching for the supposed decades-long UFO cover-up.

    Not only could he not find a cover-up, Alexander came away from his investigation convinced UFO disclosure has already occurred on many levels.

    The conclusions that his study group came up with in the 1980s included:

    • Some UFOs are real and of unknown origin.
    • About 5 percent of all sightings remain unexplained.
    • Many sensor systems do have anomalous recordings.
    • There are numerous UFO sightings reported by highly credible observers.
    • There have been incidents involving interactions between UFOs and military systems.
    • There have been interactions between UFOs and airplanes that raise safety issues.
    • Over 70 percent of American adults believe the U.S. government is covering up information on the topic.
    • Polls indicate that 20 percent of the global population believes aliens are here on Earth and living among us.

    Alexander will publicly announce his amnesty request to the government this Thursday, when he appears at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nev.

    The museum is the 37th and newest national museum of the United States. It tells the story -- in an in-depth walking tour -- of nuclear testing for America's atomic energy program, which began in the Nevada desert in 1951.

    Interestingly, this is a Smithsonian-affiliated museum that includes a recently unveiled exhibit about Area 51 -- considered the most top secret military testing facility in the country -- and contains UFO-related displays, including one entitled "Authentic Alien Artifact."

    Museum CEO and executive director Allan Palmer says it's important to have Alexander speak about the need to get the word out to military personnel who would like to talk about UFOs but have been reticent for many years.

    "I have known people who've seen things they couldn't explain and were very reluctant to talk to anybody about it," Palmer, a highly decorated former Air Force and Navy combat jet fighter, told The Huffington Post.

    "The reason is because we all had very high-level security clearances," he said. "Just the mention of seeing something that you didn't know or you thought might be a UFO would be enough for a visit with the flight surgeon, if not the psychiatric staff at the base hospital.

    "And that would be reason to pull your security clearance, at least temporarily, which means that you wouldn't be flying and that would be a black mark on an aviator's record. Seeing a UFO show up on your base could be perceived as [your] being unstable. At least as far as retribution or career penalties, if things could be lifted or suspended, that would probably help the process."

    In the letters sent to Panetta, Petraeus and Clapper, Alexander states that former military personnel "claim that they are bound by security oaths to never reveal the information or have been overtly threatened by government officials. Even death threats for divulging UFO information are reported."

    Alexander points out to the three government officials that occasionally "some level of secrecy has been invoked on U.S. military personnel." He cites the case of Air Force pilot Milton Torres who was ordered to fire missiles at a gigantic UFO that appeared over Great Britain on Sept. 20, 1957.

    Watch this video of Air Force pilot Milton Torres describing his harrowing UFO encounter:


    "He was ordered to remain silent," Alexander reminded the officials. "Threatened with losing his wings by an unknown official, Torres complied until the U.K. Ministry of Defense released the files in 2008. No U.S. report on the incident has ever been found. From many other instances, it appears that security personnel periodically have warned/threatened both military and civilian people about reporting UFO information."

    Alexander isn't looking to get the government to reveal that some UFOs may be extraterrestrial craft. He only wants to promote an environment in which members of the military feel comfortable talking about their experiences.

    If an official letter of amnesty were to come from Alexander's efforts, he suggests the results could go in a couple of directions.

    "I would think there'd be some who have information and believe they shouldn't talk about it who would then feel free to do so," he explained. "Conversely, I think there are some others who've been frankly making up stories and saying they have been threatened that will then either have to come forward and explain it or, more likely, will evaporate and run for cover."

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer's Files #20 2012 - Ancient Acropolis of Baalbek, Lebanon

    Filer's Files # 20 - 2012

    Photo of UFO over Blue Springs, Missouri on May 12, 2012

    George A. Filer III.

    New Jersey State Director

    MUFON Eastern Region Director

    May 16, 2012

    Filer’s Files are now being emailed to 10,800 addresses each week plus 700 copies are forwarded to more thousands. Consider forwarding them to your friends and neighbors.

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    In special reports, this week’s files cover: "Lightning to Provide Clues to Solar System Origins," NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and Astrophysical Journal, Acropolis of Baalbek, Lebanon, and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Alabama, California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas and Washington.

    Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Australia, Canada, China, Czech, Eire, and England in the United Kingdom.


    The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.


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    Try FBSweeper

    The only service that automatically
    clears chat & message history!

    Special Reports

    "Lightning to Provide Clues to Solar System Origins"

    NASA researchers have found a new technique --the electromagnetic signature, known as Schumann Resonance that can be detected using NASA's Vector Electric Field Instrument (VEFI) aboard the U.S. Air Force's satellite designated Communications/ Navigation Outage Forecast System (C/NOFS). Every second, lightning flashes some 50 times on Earth. Together these discharges coalesce and get stronger, creating electromagnetic waves circling around Earth, to create a beating pulse between the ground and the lower ionosphere, about 60 miles up in the atmosphere. The discovery could be used to study other planets in the solar system as well and even shed light on how the solar system formed.

    More recently, discrete Schumann resonance excitations have been linked to transient luminous events – sprites, elves, jets, and various types of upper atmosphere lightning. Also a new field of interest is using Schumann resonances related to short-term earthquake prediction.

    "The frequency of Schumann Resonance depends not only on the size of the planet but on what kinds of atoms and molecules exist in the atmosphere because they change the electrical conductivity," says Fernando Simoes, the first author on this paper and a space scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. "So we could use this technique remotely, say from about 600 miles above a planet's surface, to look at how much water, methane and ammonia is there."

    Water, methane and ammonia are collectively referred to as "volatiles" and the fact that there are different amounts on different planets is a tantalizing clue to the way the planets formed. By looking at the Schumann Resonance, we can get information about the global density of water around the entire planet. Simoes and his colleagues believe that combining this technique with other instruments on a spacecraft's visit to a planet could provide a more accurate inventory of the planet's atmosphere.

    "And if we can get a better sense of the abundance of these kinds of atoms in the outer planets," says Simoes, "We would know more about the abundance in the original nebula from which the solar system evolved."

    Note: Hundreds of planets are being found outside our solar system making other civilizations a likely reality. Their spaceships are visiting Earth and evidence suggests they may use these electromagnetic waves of energy to help power their craft. They are often seen hovering above power lines and electrical storms.

    NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and Astrophysical Journal,

    A sonic boom heard in California last week had an out-of-this world origin as ”a large meteoric event” according to NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office. Scientists now estimate the blast measured in near 5 kilotons or roughly 1/3 the power of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan during World War II. Bill Cooke of the Meteoroid Environment Office at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, estimates the object was about the size of a minivan, and weighed in at around 154,300 pounds.

    "Most meteors you see in the night’s sky are the size of tiny stones or even grains of sand and their trail lasts all of a second or two," said Don Yeomans of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. “Large meteors can be seen in the daytime and are many times that size – anywhere from a baseball-sized object to something as big as a minivan.”

    The meteor appears to be much more valuable than scientists first thought. Meteorite hunters found fragments of the rock, identified by the "fusion crust" that forms when it burns in the atmosphere. NASA and the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, also mobilized a search team of about 30 scientists to search for the small black rocks.

    The meteorite turned out to be a very rare type of rock called CM chondrite, which makes up less than 1 per cent of the meteorites that fall to Earth. According to Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, it is not clear whether it is rare because it easily burns up in the atmosphere or there are just fewer of these rocks in space.

    The Murchison meteorite, a large CM chondrite--one of the oldest types of rock in the universe-- that made landfall in Australia in 1969, is now one of the most studied rocks in the world. CM chondrites contain carbon and organic materials such as amino acids. Some believe this type of meteorite may have brought the first building blocks of life to Earth.

    T he Helmholtz German Research Center for Environmental Health in Munich used high-resolution mass spectrometry to look at the organic content of three Murchison samples. The group found more than 14,000 unique molecular compositions, or collections of atoms, and predicts there may be millions of distinct organic compounds in the meteorite. Collaboration between various US and European institutes has proven the presence of vital nucleobases in the Murchison meteorite. Nucleobases are the very binary bits of DNA, the base pairs that make up the vital genetic information. Uracil and Xanthine were the two of the most exciting components detected. Uracil is Thymines stand-in when RNA is created, and Xanthene is a mutated form of Guanine.

    These bases are unquestionably alien - for one, the rock-chemicals are equally left and right "handed" (a property of the physical structure of the chemicals), while the Earth-borne biological equivalents are either one or the other (sugars are right-handed, amino acids are left-handed). Even more fundamentally, the carbon atoms that make these chemicals organic at all are a space born isotope, the not-so-unlucky Carbon-13, while life on Earth is based on Carbon-12. Strikes of such substances may have played a vital role in the development of Earth biology - and with these precious particles literally falling out of the sky, the odds of life off-planet seem better than ever.

    Scientists have known for four decades that a supernova probably occurred approximately 4.5 billion years ago, possibly triggering the birth of the sun. The findings suggest that a supernova sprayed a mass of finely grained particles into the cloud of gas and dust that gave birth to the solar system 4.5 billion years ago. Dynamical processes in the early solar system then sorted these grains by size. These size-sorting processes led the grains to become disproportionally incorporated into the meteorites and planets newly forming around the sun.

    It’s remarkable that you can look at an isotope like chromium 54 and potentially find out a whole lot about what happened in the very first period of the solar system’s formation,” Meyer said. Thanks to

    Ancient Acropolis of Baalbek, Lebanon, Lebanon is one of the great mysteries of history and provides evidence of a past super civilization or, at least, a technically advanced civilization of “prehistory.” The stone blocks of the platform are the world’s biggest building blocks. The platform and big courtyard are retained by three walls containing twenty-seven limestone blocks, unequaled in size anywhere in the world, as they all weigh in excess of 300 metric tons. Three of the blocks, however, weigh more than 800 tons each. This block trio is world-renowned as the "Trilithon".

    This photo taken in 1870s shows the tremendous size of the blocks with a man standing near the bottom left on the hill to compare the size of the stones. The smaller upper stones of Roman date are haphazardly placed on top to form a medieval fortress.

    Scholar Zecharia Sitchen claims early Sumerian writings depict the vast platform at Baalbek was a marvel of technology and was built as landing place of the shuttlecraft of the ancient astronauts or Anunnaki. It had been built before the flood in pre-Duluvian times. The Anunnaki (those who from heaven came) came in groups of fifty with the mission to obtain gold apparently to save their planet.

    Our own science and engineering today cannot explain them; let alone what their function was. It would seem some unknown culture could move these great stones, place them on top of others, in perfect fit and alignment, before the dawn of our most ancient cultures.

    Their style is identical to the earliest cultures of monumental stone we know of like the Egyptian Giza Pyramid, Malta, and the Pre-Incan Peru cultures. Perfectly cut, though smaller, stones were found. The megaliths were not designed as the foundation of the original building, but were meant to be the top. Why? What for? The much later stones of the Roman temple can be seen built behind and on top of them.

    This evolution in stonework is remarkable. From the small Roman and Turkish blocks, we go further down to monumental blocks identical with our earliest cultures. Yet lower than this, we come not to primitive mud bricks or shanty-hut foundations, but to the greatest stones ever worked by man.

    At the southern entrance of town is a quarry where the stones used in the temples were cut. 

    BaalbekHuge100TonStone.jpgA huge block with 28 people shown is considered the largest hewn stone in the world, still sits where it was cut thousands of years ago. Called the "Stone of the Pregnant Woman", it is 21.5m x 4.8m x 4.2 meters in size and weighs an estimated 1,000 tons.

    Greek historians wrote about Baalbek as early as 336 B.C. describing that Alexander the Great had moved his Army past Baalbek after defeating the Babylonians on his way to conquer Egypt. Interestingly UFOs were also reported in the sky with red lights in the shape of baskets moving extremely fast. They noted ruins dedicated to the Phoenician sun god Baal were found... The significance of Baalbek is its huge raised platform comprised of stone blocks of enormous weight and size. Historians were told at the time that the stone platform was the oldest on Earth. It’s thought to have survived the great flood some 13,000 years ago. The original ruins may have been built by Akkadians some of the first civilizations on Earth.

    The Akkadian Empire reached its peak during this time and King Naram-Suen (2291-2255 BC) aggrandized his kingly titles accordingly, calling himself King of the Universe. His name, both contemporary and subsequent to his reign, was prefixed with a star, denoting that he was a god. The Akkadian Empire stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to Iran

    The Akkadian Empire fell around 2200 BC, the same time as the decline of the Old Kingdom of Egypt, the Indus Valley in Pakistan, and the Early Bronze civilizations of Palestine, Greece and Crete. It is estimated that a severe drought had been responsible for the decline of these civilizations, and new evidence from the Gulf of Oman has surfaced that it had the worst dry spell in 10,000 years and that it lasted for 300 years. Although there is still no proof that it was the direct cause of the empire's fall, there's a good chance it was a litigating factor.

    King Naram-Suen's Victory over the Lullubi

    The Egyptians are known to have conquered the Beka Valley city and fortress in the 9th Century B.C. in an area known as Heliopolis. The Egyptians built temples to their sun god Ra on the ancient platform. They are not clumsy artifacts, crude and compromised cuts like Stonehenge. They are perfectly fitted 1,000 ton stones forming a foundation not even a huge Roman temple could encompass.

    Baalbek’s location is in Lebanese mountains, about sixty kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea coast at 34º latitude and 36º longitude. It was the center burial region in the midst of thousands of rock cut tombs.

    When Augustus, emperor of Rome had conquered the region in 27 BC, he ordered that the massive obelisk towering above others at the Karnak temple in Egypt be brought to Rome, but the effort was aborted, when the trophy proved too heavy. Sources give varying estimates of its weight, from 323 tons to 455 tons. Lavishing great architecture on Baalbek then seems totally out of character for the undeniably selfish Rome, which had at the very same time been stealing historic treasures from other countries, such as the obelisks from Egypt.

    It makes more sense that Baalbek had something no other place could offer, not even the city of Rome, the heart of the empire. This something may also be the reason why so many people wished to be buried there. Rumors claimed this was where the Gods came to Earth.

    It is apparent the huge stones in the retaining wall (platform of the Baalbek temple site clearly look a lot more eroded than the bona fide Roman ruins of the Temple of Jupiter, as well as those of the other two Roman temples also on the site. Therefore, the heavily eroded blocks should be much older.
    This fact naturally gives rise to a different scenari At Baalbek Rome had found a fabulous readymade foundation, a mighty platform to add a suitably majestic structure to, stamping the Roman eagle upon the whole for the perception of future generations. The acropolis of Baalbek comprises several temples built by Roman engineers at time of Christ over 2000 years ago.

    One of the Trilithon foundation stones can be seen in bottom of this view of Jupiter’s Temple.

    The construction was built on top of earlier ruins which were formed into a raised plaza, formed of twenty-four monoliths, the largest weighing a 1000 tons. The Romans destroyed the previous structures using some of the stones to build their own temples to worship Jupiter. These are thought to be some of finest structures ever built in the Middle East.

    BaalbekAerielView.jpgThe Temple of Jupiter, the principal temple of the Baalbek triad, was remarkable for its 20 meter high columns that surrounded the cella, and the gigantic stones of its terrace. The adjacent temple dedicated to Bacchus is exceptional; it is richly and abundantly decorated and of impressive dimensions with its monumental gate sculpted with Bacchic figures. The Round Temple or Temple of Venus differs in its originality of layout as well as its refinement and harmonious forms, in a city where other sanctuaries are marked by monumental structures.

    Acropolis of Baalbek, Lebanon with its colossal structures is a unique artistic creation and an eminent example of a sanctuary of the imperial Roman period. It is located on two historic trade routes, between the Mediterranean coast and the Syrian interior and between northern Syria and northern Palestine. Today the city, 85 km from Beirut, is an important administrative and economic centre in the northern Beqaa valley.

    The origin of the name Baalbek is not precisely known. The Phoenician term Baal means 'lord' or 'god' and was the title given to the fortress. The word Baalbek may therefore mean 'God of the Beqaa Valley'.

    Historians attribute to Augustus the design of the imperial sanctuary where a significant religious transfer came about to the benefit of Rome. Whatever the case, the Romanized triad of Heliopolis (Jupiter, Venus and Mercury) came to replace the Phoenician triad. It is interesting to note the Roman Gods were names of Planets. The first building work, that of the Temple of Jupiter, began during the reign of Emperor Augustus in the late 1st century BC and completed soon after AD 60 under Nero. The immense sanctuary of Jupiter Heliopolitanus was lined by 104 massive granite columns imported from Aswan and held a temple surrounded by 50 additional columns.

    The stone blocks of the Baalbek platform are the world’s biggest building blocks and provide evidence we were visited by ancient astronauts. Thanks to

    Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)

    Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons - and high yield explosives can pose deadly and destructive threats to the U.S. and its allies. The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) works to stop the spread, counter the effects, and prepare for the use of weapons of mass destruction. By making WMD less effective or completely ineffective, we limit their appeal to our adversaries and their potential use as tools of war, provide U.S. forces freedom of action, and protect the homeland.

    The Agency engages in the full range of nonproliferation, counterproliferation and consequence management activities identified as essential to combating WMD threats. As both a defense agency and a combat support agency, DTRA creates solutions and delivers the products, training and services to defeat WMD where they are needed – in the hands of the war fighter.

    DTRA’s works together with other federal agencies, the combatant commands, and international organizations, our allies and countries around the world to stop terrorist use of nuclear weapons. The Agency works with these partners towards the one goal we all share in attempting to make the World Safer. Rumors indicate the organization has been successful in stopping the detonation of weapons of mass destruction in many of the world’s major cities.

    DTRA is an agile, efficient and integrated organization composed of multitalented, innovative, diverse and principled people. DTRA is headquartered in the Defense Threat Reduction Center at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. From there, DTRA directs the activities of its 1,900 civilian and military employees, many of whom are stationed at locations throughout the world.

    U.S. Strategic Command Center for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction

    WMD in the hands of hostile states and terrorists as one of the greatest security challenges facing the United States.

    Ukrainian workers use U.S. provided equipment to eliminate a portion of a SS-24 nuclear missile silo at w:Pervomaisk, Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine. The Cooperative Threat Reduction program is providing equipment and services to dismantle 46 such silos in Ukraine."

    The Chain of Command for operational purposes (as per the Goldwater–Nichols Act) goes from the President through the Secretary of Defense to the Combatant Commanders who are four star generals or admirals. These are the only men who have knowledge of UFOs and appoint a few designated people with a need to know clearances. The Combat Support program provides the Combatant Commanders with Technical Support Groups (TSGs) who can rapidly and globally deploy to provide the capability to counter the WMD threats.

    The commander of United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) is the lead combatant commander for integrating and synchronizing global WMD efforts. USSTRATCOM is one of 10 unified commands under the Department of Defense. Its mission is to deter attacks on U.S. vital interests and to ensure U.S. freedom of action in space and cyberspace through a global integrated missile defense operations network. USSTRATCOM controls the US nuclear arsenal and is charged with the missions of space operations, integrated missile defense, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, global strike, and strategic deterrence. The USSTRATCOM Center for combating weapons of mass destruction is co-located with DTRA at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Thanks to

    Sightings in the United States

    Alabama Three Large Cylinder UFO's Fly Over

    Centre -- At about 3 pm on May 4, 2012, I was sitting outside at an RV park enjoying the eastern view at Weiss Lake I noticed a white object high above the lake. For a brief second I thought it was an airplane. When I realized that it could be a UFO, I walked out on the deck to get a better look at it. The object was quite high up in the sky, yet it appeared to be very long. It occurred to me at that time that it was very large. It had columns or windows from one end to the other. There was no sound as it moved in a seemingly straight line. I stood there watching it for about three minutes. I know that UFO's are known to travel in groups, so I looked all around the object to see if there were any others. That was when I noticed another one about a half mile in front of the first one. It looked exactly like the first one. I then focused on the first one again because it was the closest one to me. All of a sudden it seemed to disappear right before my eyes. The sky at that location was clear and blue with no clouds nearby. I then looked quickly toward the other one just as it disappeared behind a small cloud. I waited a few minutes to see if it would reappear on the other side of the cloud, but it never did. A few minutes later my neighbor pulled up and I proceeded to tell him what I had seen. All of a sudden I saw another one. My neighbor also saw it from a distance and dismissed it as a probable airplane. I borrowed his binoculars and headed back over to the dock. As I was trying to focus in on the object, all of a sudden all I could see through the binoculars was a white haze, so I put them down and looked up again. This one had disappeared just as the other two had. It was in about the same location as the first one, so again, there were no clouds nearby. I am certain that the three objects were not airplanes, but UFO's.

    California Aerial Object

    Azusa -- Man discovers an unknown aerial object in a photo taken of his car on April 28, 2012. This is a lot more believable than some others. It would have been hard to hoax.

    Keep your eyes to the skies! Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Florida Huge Triangle

    Margate – On May 8, 2012, last night around 11 PM, my husband and I saw a huge triangle shaped craft. It made no sound and it also had five lights that were steady. I was on the phone with my Mom at the time when I first made eye contact. I screamed for my husband to come and see and I snapped three pictures. I called the non-emergency line and the local news. They said they had no other reports. Note: In an interview the witness said that the object was only visible for about 30 seconds and it was flying out towards the Atlantic Ocean. The photos were taken with an inexpensive cell phone camera of low resolution. The above photo has been enhanced by increasing brightness and adjusting the contrast. Photos of these “slow flying triangles” are a rarity. Readers should note that the above photo confirms the witness sighting. The witness sent two photos. One of the photos (see above) clearly showed the light formation (after the photo was brightened) the other photo (not shown) only showed one of the lights. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    NORTH MIAMI BEACH -- A couple were looking out to the northeast over the Atlantic Ocean from their beachfront balcony on May 12, 2012. They saw two large bright lights hovering over the ocean. One of the lights vanished and then suddenly reappeared and moved towards them. The light moved overhead towards the west. The light took on a triangular object appearance as it moved overhead. One of the witnesses took a video with her IPhone. The video “vaguely” shows a triangular pattern of lights, but it is difficult to see. A photo of one of the hovering lights was also taken with the IPhone. A few minutes later another similar object moved overhead from the south. No sound was heard. One of the witnesses called 911 and reported the strange lights. Later the witnesses sighted the objects again.

    Note: The witnesses were both interviewed and seem to be quite credible. They were baffled by what they saw. The male witness said that the objects were about 5 times larger than the largest aircraft. The weather was mostly clear. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Indiana Orb

    GREENWOOD -- On the night of May 5, 2012, between 10 pm and 10:30 pm, I was looking southwest and saw a strange light again but I had my camcorder on me. I was watching when two bright reddish orange lights about treetop level started disappearing and reappearing.

    I started recording the objects as they hovered and descended very slowly and disappeared. Then another appeared and I turned my camera back on and the object moved west and vanished. I saw similar objects on June 20, 2011 and June 16, 2008. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Kentucky Spinning Dome

    Essie -- On January 27, 2011, at 4 AM, I saw a light that might be an airplane. I went to my living room window but couldn’t see it anywhere. I decided to go outside to film it as it flew straight up over my head at about 1,500 feet altitude. I could tell that the top of it was spinning around and the bottom was too. The top dome was spinning to the right and the bottom dome was spinning to the left. The entire craft was glowing except for the inner part, which was dark. You could see little lights rotating around from the middle of the craft. There were also lights flickering from the bottom of the craft that was 75 to 100 feet in length and about 40 feet in width. It was a huge wobbling craft. It took off in a split second and disappeared and shut off all the house lights for a second and turned off my camera. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Massachusetts Photo

    Stockbridge --The photographer mailed the photos taken on May 5, 2012, at 5:47 PM. The photo and enlargement were scanned by me and are posted above.

    The witness is a professional photographer. He did not see the object and only noticed it when later viewing his photos. He said that he heard no sound when taking the photo.

    This entry was posted in 2012, Discovered anomaly in photo, Massachusetts, oval-shaped, pictures, silent. Bookmark the permalink. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Missouri Flying Object


    Blue Springs -- We were driving on Highway 70/Highway 40 at 1:30 AM, on May 12, 2012. My friend took this picture with her cell phone. It was just hovering there. I have never experienced anything like this before. I don’t know how else to explain it except for as a UFO.

    Note: The photo looks somewhat compelling. The shape shown in the photo may be due to camera movement and/or movement of the vehicle from which the photo was taken.

    New Jersey Light


    Paterson -- On May 10, 2012, I took a video of UFO and will purchase a tripod, and get ready for more. On May 13th, I went out about 7:30 PM, when I spotted a craft. This craft was flying almost like it was flying sideways in a straight line. It was a few miles from Newark Liberty airport and it was not headed that way. I grabbed my iPhone and recorded from my sunroof. I have added screen grabs of the video as well to show you key spots so you know where to look following its path. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    New Mexico Object

    Taos -- During a community occupy event in the Three Peaks area I was filming randomly on May 5, 2012. A couple days later, while editing the video and after taking several stills from the video I noticed the object. I reviewed the video and saw that the object was only present in 2 or 3 frames. I used Photoshop to blow up and sharpen the image and found an odd pixilation around the object, and also a different shape suggesting a flash or trail in another version of the image. I made a short loop of the objects motion view on YouTube. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Ohio Object

    CINCINNATI -- I was outside on a break from work on May 6, 2012 and I was looking up to see an object unlike a bird which rides a wave of air, this thing was not wavering. I would notice a reflection about every 3 to 5 seconds coming from the side of it that faced the sun. I did not panic, as I have seen this before. No one was on the street. I looked up again and it was gone. I drove six miles west after work and saw it again at 3:30 PM. I used my binoculars and it was a flat object rotating end over end with small points and hovering under a cloud. It lasted 20 minutes and disappeared. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Pennsylvania Light

    PHILADELPHIA -- I was walking my dog on Sunday, May 13th, 2012, at 9:35 pm, and I noticed something strange in the sky. The object was about 75-100 feet away and flying slightly above a house. This circular object was as wide as a normal row home, hovering around 10-15 feet above the rooftops. It had a green glow around it, with blinking red and blue lights around it. I was able to snap one picture, though it was poor quality, before the object disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Texas Dual Triangle Craft Spotted

    Brownfield – On May 2, 2012, while flying south toward Seminole, Texas in a helicopter under night vision goggles, myself and another crewmember observed a small triangular shaped craft in front of another larger triangle. There were many lights observed on the bottom of the craft as it flew fairly fast north at around 20,000 feet msl or so. There was nothing particularly unusual about the flight characteristics however its odd shape caught our attention. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center


    SEATTLE -- I was on my nightly walk on May 15, 2012, as I was headed south towards downtown and saw 20 to 25 orbs of lights in a line stretching from the north to south in groups of threes. As each group of UFOs flew over the city the lights would dim and you could see the circular form of the objects. There was a single object that was at the end of the fleet and it turned and went northwest as the rest continued south. Seeing a fleet of 20 to 25 UFO’s is unreal. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Worldwide Sightings of UFOs

    Australia Light and Disc

    Townsville, Queensland -- At 6:15 pm, on May 4, 2012, a red colored body was seen moving from NW to SE high in the sky. The object was so high that there was no sound; however, the object remained in view for about 10 minutes once noticed. It was traveling past the moon when we first noticed it. It did not have an exhaust trail and it appeared to be oblong with red and gold coloring. We checked to make sure the sun, which was behind us and setting, wasn’t the cause of the coloring, but it was not high enough to be noticeable. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Canada Light

    Steinbach, MB -- Driving home from my daughter’s house I saw something very strange flying very fast in the distance in front of me on May 8, 2012. It was a cloudless sky just outside of New Bothwell, Manitoba about 2100 hours. In the distance I saw a pulsating bright white light, flying fast and as high as a small aircraft would be. I saw no shape to this lighted object. It was blinking; it blinked three times very quickly then moved forward. It was not flying in a straight line, nor was its speed consistent. After its three pulsating blinks, it looked as if it took a new position, then three blinks before. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    China Craft Seen Emitting Various Light Patterns

    Tianjin -- On May 2nd, 2012, at about 10 pm, Beijing time, my youngest son came out of his bedroom and asked about a "weird light in the sky that was changing colors". Without getting up, I dismissed him back to bed by telling him it was likely a planet. I wish I had listened to him sooner. A few minutes later I retrieved a pair of binoculars, then my 40x Sony Handy cam camcorder. As you can see from my YouTube posts, the lights go through a long pattern of transition rotating through about seven different lighting sequences. The object moved very slowly to the northwest, toward Beijing. Our home is about 100 kilometers from Beijing. I have no idea what this flying object was. Two airliners flew over but this object had no sound and no silhouette. With the naked eye, the bottom light looked like it was quickly changing colors from red, to green to blue, back to red, but the video doesn’t really pick up on this. I am guessing it was 3,000-5,000 feet up in the air. Both my sons, ages 12 and 18, along with my wife observed this craft. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Czech Republic Two Orange Balls

    Prague -- Two aircraft flying in trail about four kilometers separation were observed on May 1, 2012. There was a light emitting from them unlike lights on regular aircraft. They were orange balls which shined in different hues, but it was strange and unlike anything I’ve seen. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Erie Disc

    Dublin -- I stopped near the Liffey River noticed what I thought it was a Sea Flare Rocket fired from the sea. In a few seconds the bright light expanded, and was heading to my location. I grab my telephone and was seeing a Disc UFO with the orange light at one edge and a fuzzy base like fog rotating in brown color on August 15, 2010. This was a really physical disc, except the base was like a moving cloud. It flew slowly above my head silently and I took this photo, but the cell phone only shows a bright light. It changed direction and crossed the river and stopped no more than 10 meters away from me. I spotted a blue beam on the main monument in the center of Dublin.

    Then beam rotated to the opposite side of the river above the buildings and started moving again like slow motion. Then it ascended out of sight to the west. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    United Kingdom Lights


    Spennymoor CO, Durham -- The witness has not volunteered any information regarding this photo. Only the date, April 2, 2011 and location were provided and this was only after this information was requested. We don’t know what the witness saw, if the photo was edited or enhanced and what type of camera was used. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    LIVERPOOL -- My partner and I went outside after seeing a very bright object in the sky. We have seen this same object on three other occasions. We took photos on May 11, 2012 , at approx 10.00 pm. It appears in the camera shot but not visible to the naked eye. The objects seem to be moving all over the place; the camera was on 2048 by 1536 resolution. An internet search shows others have seen objects in the Liverpool skies. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Zimbabwe Circular Object Changed to Elongated Shape

    Harare -- On May 2, 2012, I saw a UFO at 2:29 pm, I was looking at an Ethiopian Airlines plane that had just turned after taking off and I saw an object behind it! It was really high in the sky and changed shape a few times from being circular to being elongated, when it was circular it was white, pretty easy to see, when it was elongated it was a grayish color. It was about the size of a star as it stayed as a circular shape for about five minutes. It seemed to move but it was so high that I couldn't see if it was moving, then it came a bit lower and grew in size and just zoomed off so fast and disappeared! My coordinates for where I live are Latitude = -17.8265, Longitude = 31.0632 I do not have pictures or video as it was too high, conditions were clear blue skies.

    UFO Conferences

    • Connecticut MUFON UFO Conference

      I will be speaking on Saturday May 19, 2012, at 11 am at the West Hartford Methodist Church Fellowship Hall (Berkshire Road and New Britain Avenue West Hartford). The talk will be about my experiences in the Air Force chasing UFOs and the consequences of alien visitation.

    Support Earth Changing Research

    I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I could get people interested in getting my work of the last thirteen years. I have put together a DVD of Filer's Files with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings.

    Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter's exciting abduction story by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell has also included much of his excellent dialog for a donation of only $50.

    We also include a year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

    Book Picture.jpg

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NARCAP To The Rescue?

    "The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a mystery in the sky. A mysterious object flying over Denver nearly caused a mid-air collision Monday evening. As far as investigators know, the mystery object did not show up on radar Monday. Investigators believe this object, whatever it is, could pose a serious safety hazard to planes. Radio transmissions from confirm a nervous-sounding pilot reported a strange object at 5:17 p.m. Monday. The pilot is heard telling air traffic control: "A remote controlled aircraft, or what? Something just went by the other way ... About 20 to 30 seconds ago. It was like a large remote-controlled aircraft. The corporate jet, a Cessna Citation 525 CJ1, was flying at 8,000 feet above sea level over Cherry Creek when the mystery object came close enough to make any pilot nervous. "That's an issue because now we have something in controlled airspace that poses a danger," Former NTSB Investigator and 9NEWS Aviation Analyst Greg Feith said. "Was this an unmanned vehicle that was part of some sort of law enforcement operation? Was this somebody that had flown a large model aircraft inadvertently into the airspace? Or was it just [a bird that] caught the pilot's eye so he believed it was an aircraft but could have been a very large wing span bird," Feith said. Any one of those things can be catastrophic if it collides with an airplane. Three years ago, a bird strike took down a commercial airliner that managed to land safely in the Hudson River. All the passengers survived. FAA spokesman Mike Fergus says investigators will talk to the pilot and look at other clues. "The threat is there from a collision standpoint. We'll do as much as we can here to try to track back what time it was. Probably talk with some remote-control clubs, that type of thing," Fergus said. The mission of investigators now is to identify that mystery object before another close call, or worse. So far, nobody has been able to tell us if a drone was flying over Denver. We also called local airports and model aircraft clubs. John Dickens, president of the Denver RC Eagles, says members are not permitted to fly more than 400 feet above ground level or about 5,700 feet above sea level, due to possible air traffic interference with Centennial Airport. Dickens said he would look into the incident."

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.He Flew Out … & Has Never Come Back!

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.6 Months Turned Into 25 Years!
    Hi all:

    Today I received a free autographed copy from Scott and Suzanne Ramsey. Below you can read my personal observations and praise which I wrote in September 2011 after which Scott sent me some chapters of his manuscript.

    Kind regards.

    André Skondras

    "I first learned about the 1948 Aztec case in the mid-1990s when I read William S. Steinman's voluminous 1986 "UFO Crash at Aztec, A Well Kept Secret". My interest was initially peaked to say the least but through my contacts over the years with serious-minded UFO researchers I came to believe that the entire incident was merely based on a hoax, so I left it at that until mid-2000. Through Paul Kimball's documentaries "Do You Believe In Majic" (2004) and "Aztec 1948 UFO Crash" (2005) this case crossed my path again and I got to know Scott Ramsey for the first time; in the summer of 2008, shortly after I had been sent a rebuttal article re Aztec, entitled "Folklore 101 vs. UFO Science Fiction, written by Matt Graeber dismissing it as a non-UFO-event, I got a fix on Scott Ramsey's email address thanks to Stanton Friedman and I began exchanging emails with him. It's these personal contacts which made me realize that Scott is a fine, very dedicated and sincere researcher who isn't prone to proclamations or embellishment of facts but tells it like it is. Despite the fact that most serious researchers consider the Aztec case a done deal and wouldn't most likely touch it with a ten-foot pole, Scott Ramsey's new book "The Aztec Incident, Recovery at Hart Canyon" is a definite must-read for every diligent student of historical UFOlogy! There is no doubt in my mind that this is a praiseworthy, thought-provoking, all inspiring and riveting piece of well-investigative work by a fine researcher whose two decades-long enduring laborious search for the truth behind the 63 year old Aztec mystery, about which had already been extensively written by Frank Scully and William Steinman, has firmly convinced him that the Aztec incident really did happen. His startling findings will probably make even the staunchest skeptics to rethink the whole case. Scott Ramsey deserves our utmost respect for his two-decades of hard work searching in every nook and cranny of one of the most controversial UFO crash incidents in ufology. A book which belongs on everyone's bookshelf. It will be on mine! He is the Stanton Friedman of the Aztec Story! No matter what your thoughts are re Aztec, no matter how often it has been dismissed as a hoax, his fine research deserves to be looked at. Don't miss out on this authoritative research book!"
    André Skondras, a close non-committal (neutral, independent) observer.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Poor Paul, U Were Framed For UR "Exotic" Frames!

    New Book Reveals Two Films Substantiating An Advanced Technology Behind The UFO Phenomenon

    Two startling films and the facts behind them reveal the existence of an incredible technology behind the UFO phenomenon, and expose how science—and the military—attempted to suppress the evidence.


    Online PR News – 25-April-2012 –AUSTIN, TEXAS, April 22, 2012—In X Descending, Christian Lambright documents how private study of an unpublished daylight, multi-witness UFO movie, filmed by veteran UFO researcher Ray Stanford, resulted in a major aerospace propulsion breakthrough. Until now, no book could show that aerospace propulsion science has directly benefited from studying a UFO film. Here is the evidence, with an in-depth documentation of how it has occurred.

    X Descending also opens up the mysterious Paul Bennewitz case with startlingly detailed, hitherto unpublished color film-frame images clearly revealing that, whatever objects Bennewitz saw and filmed within the Manzano Weapon Storage Area at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., they are exotic, technological, and nothing with which, even today, we are familiar. Included is discussion of Bennewitz’s early experiences, and a serious examination of the counterintelligence effort to suppress the evidence of what he had seen and filmed. This book names names.

    X Descending is currently available as a digital book (ePub, PDF, and Kindle format, $9.99) from Amazon,, and coming soon to the Apple iBookstore.

    About the author:
    Christian Lambright is a former investigator for the Center for UFO Studies and a contributor to the Computer UFO Network. He holds a degree in Psychology from Baylor University, has worked extensively in Computer Technology and Internet services, and has a background in graphic arts and illustration. He currently lives in central Texas.

    About X Desk Publishing:
    X Desk Publishing is a new publishing group focusing on content exploring the mysteries of reality and human potential. Along with quality non-fiction books, articles, and multimedia presentations that intrigue and educate, X Desk Publishing looks for fiction works that are entertaining and lead us to examine the depths of the human experience. You can visit X Desk Publishing on the Internet at

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Photos of UFOs hovering over the Manzano Weapons Storage Area
    My latest article is up at TUFOC, complete with photos of UFOs hovering over the Manzano [Nuclear] Weapons Storage Area:

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Damn, He Has Cristal-clear Data! Let's Blacken Him!

    This is a review of Ray Stanford's book, Socorro Saucer, the Closest Encounter of Them All. In this book, I slam Mr. Stanford for his besmirching the reputations of some of the pillars of Socorro, NM society to prove his point. I am not a believer in Flying Saucers.

    I am particularly upset by the manner in which Mr. Stanford seeks to explain the lack of physical evidence, some of which he admits stealing from the site of the alleged UFO landing, on others. Mr. Stanford also uses the time tried method of blaming institutions, rather than individuals who can be interviewed, for wrongful conduct. In short this is a work of pure fiction based on an incident that is not well documented.

    Francis J. O'Reilly

    Ray Stanford Uncensored

    Ray Stanford is a researcher of things psychic and UFO. He has been in and out of these fields over many decades. In the past several weeks, Stanford has re-emerged from obscurity to counter recent evidence that the Socorro UFO sighting by Lonnie Zamora in 1964 was a hoax. Stanford was a Socorro "star," promoting the famous sighting for years. He authored a strangely-titled book on the event entitled "Socorro Saucer in a Pentagon Pantry."

    Now might be the time to carefully examine Mr. Stanford's credibility and background. Stanford claims to have had a special relationship with policeman Lonnie Zamora. In a recent article refuting the Socorro hoax charges, Stanford made the stunning announcement that he has held a decades-long secret. The "insignia" found on the side of the UFO that Lonnie sighted was not the one that Lonnie reported. Lonnie supposedly entrusted Ray, and Ray alone, with the design of the "real" insignia. Now that Lonnie has passed, Stanford says that he can now reveal the "genuine" insignia to the world.

    Original symbol:

    Stanford's "secret" symbol:

    But who is Ray Stanford?

    In 1954, Stanford began to receive "telepathic messages from Space People" he stated. At the time, he was associated with George Hunt Williamson, an alleged fraud and "contactee." Williamson was closely allied with "contactee" George Adamski. (Williamson was the one who took the "plaster casts" of the Venusian footprints that Adamski said he found in the desert.)

    Stanford was also close with John McCoy, who at the time operated the "Essene Press." Stanford was living in the same town as Williamson and McCoy (Corpus Christi, Texas.) Williamson and McCoy helped shape young Stanford’s early views on UFOs and his "standards" of UFO research. The so-called "research" included falling into trances to contact extraterrestrials.

    Stanford later had a falling-out with Williamson and McCoy because of a revenue dispute. Stanford said they had ripped off his channeled messages and published them in a volume under the name "Brother Philip."

    Stanford was introduced to the UFO field by shysters, hawking bogus stories to an uninformed public. When Stanford learned that the fraud had turned on him, denying him money for his "work" by these contactee pretenders, he disavowed Williamson and McCoy and started his own UFO contactee business.

    Later, Stanford got deeply entangled with a 1950s cult called "Soulcraft." Soulcraft was an occult group with a dark side. It was established by William Pelley, the leader of an American Fascist organization called the "Silver Shirts."

    Stanford stated that in the autumn of 1973 his car was, not once, but twice, teleported large distances while driving to the airport to pick up Uri Geller. Stanford stated that he (along with the car!) was transported some 30 miles in the blink of an eye. Stanford said that an entity that he had conjured called "Spectra" assisted in moving him and his vehicle instantaneously down a highway.

    In the 1970s, Stanford was in full swing. He began to author a series of books with titles like "The Spirit Unto the Churches: An Understanding of Man's Existence in the Body Through Knowledge of the Seven Glandular Centers From the Psychic Readings of Ray Stanford." Stanford also authored such "classic" tomes as "What Your Aura Tells Me."

    Stanford fancies himself a UFO scientist. He started up yet another group (the time called Project Starlight International, or PSI) with the aim to attract and detect UFOs.

    Stanford's UFOdetector had an "attractor" feature that include a circle of lights that was supposed to gain the attention of flying saucer aliens! Simple and child-like in design, Stanford's circle of spinning lights, which displayed on and off at different intervals, is reminiscent of Steven Greer's ridiculous attempts at attracting UFOs by shining flashlights up into the sky. Stanford also had a "Precision Monitoring UFO Magnetometer" for use in the home:

    His detector has been marketed on eBay:

    He was also operating a "non-profit" Association for the Understanding of Man (AUM) in Austin, Texas. The central focus of Stanford's AUM was his "psychic readings." After inducing trances, he would give long taped discussions. He would speak in various accents and inflections. Stanford made unusual sounds and varies the tenor of his voice but maintained that these were the actual voices of the entities. He contacted such ethereal organizations as the "Great White Brotherhood" and "The Watchers."

    In one tape, Jesus Christ, Himself, speaks through Stanford's borrowed vocal chords.

    In 1995 NewHeaven/New Earth a spiritually-oriented organization publicly condemned Stanford's work. Formerly very supportive of Stanford's psychic abilities, the organization apparently had learned of some disturbing things about Stanford. David Sunfellow of NHNE wrote, "Since this report was first published we have become aware of serious issues casting doubt on the trustworthiness of Ray Stanford's psychic readings. We question the credibility of all of Stanford's journals, newsletters and other publications."

    AUM finally fizzled, but not before securing many dues-paying members and selling thousands of transcripts and tapes.

    At one time, Stanford promoted the construction of a machine that he called "the Hilarion Accelerator." This device, he claimed, would transport a living human being back in time. He told his followers that the device would physically teleport people to the distant past. The machine was described as a metallic egg-shaped chamber (echoes of the Socorro UFO) that housed a human subject. Stanford said that when the device was charged to "around three million volts electrostatic charge" it would enhance the subject's paranormal powers. He eventually abandoned the machine. apparently concerned that it would send people to ancient times and that they would die there because he might not be able to get them back.

    In 1990, Stanford (sometimes called "the Christian Psychic") published a book called "Fatima Prophecy." In it, he revealed the third secret of the supposed Fatima Prophecy. When the secret was finally revealed by the Catholic Church, it bore no resemblance, none whatever, to what he had written in his “”Fatima Prophecy.”

    Stanford often acts like a non-Christian. Flying off the handle and cantankerous, in his advancing years, he has become foul and threatening in his comments about those with whom he disagrees.

    During the current Socorro dust-up about hoaxers having caused the Zamora/Socorro UFO landing on April 24th, 1964 (re-asserted by UFO researcher Anthony Bragalia), Stanford, and his devotees, rose up en masse to condemn the idea that Lonnie Zamora and various government agencies were fooled by some college kids, pranking a UFO episode.

    Stanford challenged Bragalia to a debate on the matter, but Bragalia wouldn’t indulge Stanford, knowing, as many do, that Stanford has a shaky background, and is considered, by persons who know better, that propping up Stanford is a nail in the coffin of truth.

    While the Socorro matter is open to discussion, engaging in a debate about it with Stanford the Psychic, Stanford the Time Traveler, Stanford the Contactee makes no sense, whatsoever.

    Here are two video clips about Ray Stanford that you might find interesting:

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Okay, Gotcha! Gone In 660 seconds!
    Stanton T. Friedman, Nuclear Physicist, UFOologist, original civilian investigator of the UFO Roswell Incident, speaks about the energy of the stars at the 11 Minutes/11 Muscles event held on April 1, 2011, at the Fredericton Convention Centre, New Brunswick Canada. 11 Minutes/11 Muscles was an event conceived and organized by students in the MBA Professional Development program at the University of New Brunswick to create awareness of and support for Muscular Dystrophy Canada. It takes 11 muscles to talk; students challenged extraordinary people to say something inspiring in 11 minutes. Stanton was one of five people to take up the challenge.

    14-05-2012 om 21:15 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer's Files #19 2012 - Special Presidential Briefing and "disclosure", more NDEs

    Filer's Files # 19 - 2012

    CAquailValley3 May12.jpg

    Quail Valley, California photo On May 3, 2012

    George A. Filer III.

    New Jersey State Director

    MUFON Eastern Region Director

    May 9, 2012

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    In special reports, this week’s files cover: NASA Astronaut Charles J. Camada PhD Says We Were Not Alone, Kennedy and Moral Courage, Near Death Experiences, Disclosure Letter to President Obama, Black Sea Military Buildup, Fukushima Nuclear Plant Danger, Did UFO land on Cannock Chase, England, and Scan the Sky for UFOs

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.

    Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, U.A.E. and England and Scotland in the United Kingdom.

    The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.


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    Special Reports

    Astronaut Camada Says We Were Not Alone

    “In my official status I cannot comment on ET contact, however, I can personally assure you we are not alone.” Charles J. Camada PhD NASA Astronaut

    More astronauts are revealing the truth about alien visitation.

    Kennedy and Moral Courage

    "Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues,
    and the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a
    world which yields most painfully to change
    Senator Robert F. Kennedy and
    US Attorney General 1966 Speech.

    Near Death Experiences

    Mark McCandlish writes “Condolences, I was very sorry to learn of your brother's passing, George. As it happens, I recently read, "Heaven Is For Real" myself that is a wonderful little book. A good friend of mine, Stan Engels-- sat down for lunch with me a number of years ago, (right after my father had passed away.) My father and I had had a number of long-time unresolved issues. I flew back east to see him when word came that he was fading, but he passed about an hour and a half before I landed. Stan was wonderful at consoling me, because, you see, he had died himself- not once, but twice!

    He described the same sort of experience that your brother had been through, but with a kind of funny twist. He felt himself floating up through the roof of the speeding ambulance as it traveled to the hospital, having expired en-route. He suddenly found himself speeding through what seemed like a tunnel of shadows, with a light in the distance growing brighter and closer by the second. Then, just as suddenly, he found himself in a brightly illuminated place, being greeted by his two favorite Aunts, both of whom appeared to be in their early thirties and full of life. Even though they appeared much younger than when he had last seen them, they were clearly recognizable.

    He said that he had never experienced a more loving and nurturing sensation than when he arrived in that place. HOWEVER-- his Aunts both told him that his "work back on Earth was not finished and [he] needed to go back." He scoffed at the idea, as he enjoyed the wondrous sensation of being on the other side of the veil.

    But the next thing you know, he was back on Earth in his body, and looked up just as the

    paramedic was lifting the defibrillator paddles away from his chest. A year or so later, Stan tells me-- that he died again... And the entire sequence of events repeated itself, right up to and including the meet-up with his two favorite Aunts. But this time, he was really excited, because he was sure that he was there in heaven to STAY. Then his Aunts both laughed and told him, "No, Stan, your work still isn't finished, and you have to go back again!" They were laughing as they said it.

    Stan reported that he protested vehemently, saying that he had no desire whatsoever to "Go back" and that he wanted only to stay there, in heaven with his Aunts. They were all laughing about it! And he began to argue with them, and then as he could feel himself starting to slip back across the veil, he began yelling, "Noooooo! Noooooo!

    And when he was revived on the gurney in the ambulance, he woke up laughing and saying those very words. The paramedics didn't know what to make of it. Stan and I chuckled as he shared the story with me. After we finished lunch, we parted company, and I never saw Stan Engels again. Mark died right after we had lunch together...)

    And so I had the feeling, that Stan's work was finally "done", and that it included sharing his near-death experience with me. I made a personal commitment to share it with as many people as I can. And now I have shared it with you, George. Pass it on!

    God Bless. Thanks to Mark McCandlish.

    For more stories about near death from famous people like Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Peter Sellers, and William Petersen, the star of the TV show CSI:

    The Near Death Experience (NDE) that my brother experienced is a powerful argument for the existence of afterlife and a planet called Heaven where many report going. As medical resuscitation techniques improve more people including stars are being brought back from death. Many report visiting loved ones, angels, white light an intense profoundly meaningful experience in which they are alive and living outside their body. These experiences may have relation to the abduction experience. The evidence for the NDE is irresistible, enlightening, and consistent with promises made in the Bible, an experience of God's unconditional love is the aspect most felt by experiencers. Love is also one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit; and God is love felt by many during near death. 

    Disclosure Project Letter to President Obama

    Dr. Steven Greer sent this letter to Obama three years ago. After the inauguration of a new and potentially transformative American President, we await significant progress on official Disclosure on the UFO/ET subject. While the UK, France, Denmark, Brazil and other countries around the world have increasingly opened their official government files, the US is found lagging behind her sister nations.

    This is, in large part, because - up until now - the President has been denied access to such files. The so-called Majestic group illegally compartmentalized their secret operations away from Presidential and Congressional oversight. This secret, satellite government, which is transnational and answers only to itself, must now answer to the people and to this President.

    As you can see from the attached summary of the Special Presidential Briefing (SPB) that we have provided to the President and to his senior military and intelligence team, the full Briefing contains detailed information on the projects, project code numbers, names, corporations, locations etc., associated with the UFO/ET subject. (The full briefing is too lengthy to release at this time.) In short, the President now has the key information that he needs to act. The President must now engage in executive action to oversee, control, and direct these operations for the benefit of the American people and the world.

    This SPB has also been provided to the head of state of at least one G7 country, senior members of Congress, and other key government officials via known and reliable points of contact (POCs) directly to these leaders.

    Now it is time for we, the people, to be heard! Please write to these leaders and ask that they act NOW, as they are sworn to do, on our behalf. Please write to the President, to your two US Senators, and to your member of Congress and ask:

    • That President Obama investigate the matter, gain proper control over these operations, end for once and forever the secrecy surrounding the UFO subject, and work with other nations to quickly coordinate an official Disclosure;
    • That President Obama stand-down any covert offensive targeting of ET spacecraft;
    • That President Obama, working with other leaders around the world, initiate open, peaceful Contact with these Extraterrestrial Civilizations;
    • That President Obama move swiftly to release the Earth-saving new energy technologies contained within these illegal covert Majestic programs so that we may be freed from the death grip that oil, gas, coal, and nuclear energy have on the planet;
    • That the Congress hold open, secrecy-free hearings on these matters immediately.

    If you are or know of a reliable, bona fide POC to a member of Congress, or other senior government official in the US or other country, who would like the full Briefing, please let us know.

    The President was elected with the vision of transformative change. Nothing would so transform the world as the ending of this secrecy, peaceful open contact with the Extraterrestrial Civilizations visiting Earth and the release of these wondrous new energy technologies for peaceful energy generation. In just a few years, the world will be made anew.

    Thank you for acting NOW to ensure the good future that most assuredly awaits humanity.

    Steven M. Greer, MD
    CSETI and The Disclosure Project

    White House phone number: 202-456-1111
    White House fax number: 202-456-2461
    Email: or

    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    U.S. Senators Web Link, U.S. Congress Web Link

    Note: Everyone on Earth knows we cannot continue to exist with seven billion people burning gas, oil and coal. We need an alternate energy system.

    Steven Greer Presents 'Sirius' the Documentary YouTube

    Dr. Steven Greer
    Get the technology out to the public and will protect the environment,

    Black Sea Military Buildup

    bLACKSEA.jpgThe United States has acquired the use of seven military bases on the western shore of the Black Sea in Bulgaria and Romania, now that both countries were formally inducted into NATO. Washington has also transformed Georgia on the eastern shore of the Black Sea into a military outpost on Russia’s southern border. The Pentagon has just completed the latest of four radar installations on Georgia’s Black Sea coast and has similar designs on Ukraine. These nations prefer the U.S. has an ally rather than Russia. Turkey has provided bases, radar and listening posts for decades and has agreed to have an interceptor missiles radar site.

    The Black Sea Military Buildup includes Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) ships on patrol designed to detect and track ballistic missiles of all ranges – including Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and report track data to the missile defense system. This capability shares tracking data to cue other missile defense sensors and provides fire control data to Ground-based Midcourse Defense interceptors located at Fort Greely, Alaska and Vandenberg Air Force Base, California and other elements of the BMDS including land-based firing units and other Navy BMD ships.

    image007.jpg@01CCDE0FThere are 24 Aegis BMD combatants (5 cruisers [CGs] and 19 destroyers [DDGs]) in the U.S. Navy. Of the 24 ships, 16 are assigned to the Pacific Fleet and 8 to the Atlantic Fleet. The MDA and the Navy, working together, will increase the number of BMD capable ships to 32 by end of 2013.

    News reports confirm that the United States is to station interceptor missiles in Bulgaria and Romania as an extension of the Pentagon’s European (and international) missile shield project. Details are still forthcoming, but some missiles are to be land-based versions of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System with Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) medium-range anti-ballistic missiles, though there is already speculation that even more advanced deployments are planned.

    In the words of a Moldovan political analyst, “The United States is turning the Black Sea into an American lake.”

    Vladimir Putin was re-elected again as Russian Prime Minister for the third time, and he's had a few lavish inauguration ceremonies already. Putin ran as a nationalist, bitterly critical of the United States, but appealing to the working class when he knows that those who benefited the most from growth in Russia appear to be those who oppose him the most. Demonstrations continue against Putin’s election. Putin during his campaign was accusing Secretary Clinton of fermenting the demonstrations against him. He rode anti-American rhetoric to draw out nationalist support and win the election. We can expect Russia to protest against the US's European and international missile shield.

    Fukushima Plant Danger

    Japan's former ambassador to Switzerland, Mitsuhei Murata, warned that if the building housing reactor four at the plant were to collapse - as many officials fear might happen - then it would lead to a global catastrophe like the world has never seen before.

    As Reader Supported News reports - a former official with the U.S. Department of Energy commented on the consequences of a building collapse around reactor four saying, "If an earthquake or other event were to cause this pool to drain this could result in a catastrophic radiological fire involving nearly 10 times the amount of Cs-137 released by the Chernobyl accident." And if that fire were to consume the thousands of other radioactive spent fuel rods at the Fukushima plant - then the radiological event could be 85-times greater than the Chernobyl disaster.

    So just how dangerous is the situation still at the Fukushima plant - and what are the consequences for the United States? Kevin Kamps if back - he is the Nuclear Waste Watchdog at Beyond Nuclear.

    To my knowledge, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon D is the only U.S. Senator who has actually visited the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility. He warns the U.S. public that he saw a wrecked, half-collapsed building site littered with massive collections of nuclear fuel rods that now threaten the entire Northern hemisphere with a radiation apocalypse. The Southeast reports higher radiation during the last few weeks.

    Did UFO land on Cannock Chase, England

    Mike Lockley reports in the Sunday Mercury on May 6 2012 a UFO story is being dubbed the Midland’s own Roswell. The controversial American flying saucer reports were brought to public attention thanks to a whistleblower in the intelligence arm of the US Air Force.

    And it was US Navy third class petty officer S M Brannigan who raised alarm bells about a mysterious crash in Penkridge, a town on the edge of the River Penk, near Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, between February and March, 1964. Click here to find out more!

    He said three bodies were recovered from the operation to deal with the incident at Cocksparrow Lane which involved Air Force Intelligence and NATO. Brannigan was stationed in the Caribbean at the time and told of his discovery after he intercepted a Soviet transmission. He said the Soviet message referred to a UFO malfunctioning and falling to Earth in two parts – the larger section near Penkridge, the other splintering over West Germany.

    Mystery further surrounded the incident when an eyewitness came forward to say he took photos of a “delta shaped object” he spotted in a field near Penkridge at the time. Harold South, of Bloxwich, claims the curious item was partially covered by a tarpaulin and placed on an aircraft transporter. He came across it when he was stopped from driving his van by a roadblock manned by army, RAF and police personnel. South said the officers confiscated his camera after he took pictures of the scene. When it was returned to him the film had been taken out.

    Paranormal websites report the wrecked craft was taken to Porton Down Scientific Research Centre. Now Peter McCue, former clinical psychologist turned author, has turned the spotlight on the unexplained crash in his new book “Zones of Strangeness: An Examination of the Paranormal and UFO Hotspots.”

    To help him report on unusual phenomena he worked with paranormal investigator Nick Redfern.

    Scan the Sky for UFOs

    Examine your photos, there may be a UFO lurking in the background.

    Charles Charlie Teague shared Charles Charlie Teague's photo.

    Thanks to Jim Murphy

    Sightings in the United States

    Alaska UFOs Dropping Pods

    PALMER -- I have received a report from a man who saw ufos dropping in what he describes as pods from the craft to the ground in the area of Hatcher Pass, Alaska. Now I have also received reports of ufo sightings out of the Hatcher Pass area, from different sources, so I tend to believe, that Mr. Nathan Jensen, and others are seeing ufos up there. I’ll be going to Anchorage Monday, and I’ll try to drive out to Palmer and talk with Nathan Jensen in person. Thanks to Robert H Mackey in Seward, Alaska

    Arizona Orbs and Cylinders

    Casa Grande
    -- Flying westbound at 3000 feet south of Phoenix, I took pictures out of the cockpit, 45 degrees up and noticed three objects north bound at 10:03 am, on May 5, 2012. I took another picture out the copilot side windshield and zooming could see 5-6 objects considerable higher headed toward Phoenix in different formation than earlier picture. On closer examination noticed the objects were brilliant silver metallic looking reflecting sunlight in the second picture zoomed they were just bright white no reflection as they gained altitude and changed formation. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Chandler -- I wanted to share this with you. I was looking at photos tonight of my bachelorette party from July 3, 2011. We were at a fairly new hotel and I am the one sitting in the chair. My Mom brought in an Elvis impersonator and we took photos that contained an “orb”. The orbs were not in the same position as this one.

    Note: Sometimes camera flash can illuminate dust particles and produce “orb-like” apparitions in photos. Also lens flare effects can produce similar anomalies. The photos contained no “meta information” so the camera settings could not be determined. The orbs were only noticed several months later. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    willow beach -- My friend Manule and his two sons, 11 and 9 years and I took a fishing trip when we saw this cigar silvery shaped object. Manule said that it was a military plane and I said, “Oh yeah!” Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Arkansas Flying Beehive

    GRAVEL RIDGE -- Strangely, all the photos and videos I see which are similar to my experience all happened somewhere in the world on July 4th, 2009. These are not fireworks. It is weird that the orange craft seem to be always on July 4th or the day after. The object I saw was very similar to this, except that there was no flattening at the top and no point at the bottom. It was round, with rounded ‘ridges’ that sloped and bulged out.

    Note: The witness is referring to a video taken in Muncie, Indiana on July 4, 2011. Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://*

    Eudora – I began taking pictures of the moon and spotted a single bright star and zoomed in but I could not bring it into focus on May 2, 2012, from 10:45 PM to 11:58. I decided to put it on video and it showed up as a circle that slowly moved around on my screen. The color shifting spherical object began to maneuver sporadically. It was a spherical speckled shifting light of mainly green with orange. It then transitioned to mainly blue and then red. It remained large in size throughout transition for 30 minutes of filming. Then it turned blue. After about ten minutes I returned to see a more reddish sphere that suddenly disappeared. Thanks to William Puckett, Director


    California Rectangle and Object

    Quail Valley – On May 3, 2012, I was taking photos of a burnt down house up on a hill when a helicopter flew over so I took this picture. It was too bright to see the object, but when I went home and reviewed the pictures I noticed the UFO in this helicopter photo. I have more pictures but none with the UFO. 

    Note: I have requested the additional photos and details. The fact that the object only appeared in one photo means that it was moving faster than the chopper. The object does not appear to be a bird or insect. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Los Banos -- My husband and I were traveling westbound on Highway 152 over Pacheco Pass at 8 am, on April 16, 2012. We saw several vehicles stop and drivers getting out and staring up into the sky. So we stopped and asked, “What are you looking at?” He pointed up to a dark speck hovering in the same spot. I pulled out my camera which has a 30 X zoom and snapped several pictures of it, which I have emailed in already. We watched for ten minutes and then drove on. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Connecticut Trooper Reports Glowing Whale-Sized Object

    Bantam -- reports on April 12, 2012, “A state trooper and a motorist reported a large object falling out of the sky in Litchfield, Conn. -- a green, glowing, whale-sized object that plunged into Litchfield Lake”. State authorities said no go; they failed to locate anything mysterious. The Republican-American of Waterbury reports that a person driving in Litchfield at about 2 AM, Tuesday reported that an object the size of a whale fell from the sky and crashed into Bantam Lake. Officials say that at about the same time, a state trooper 10 miles away in Warren called dispatchers to report that something fell out of the sky and landed near Bantam or Morris. Morris firefighters made several passes up and down the lake in a boat looking for a possible plane crash, but didn't find any debris.

    Florida Orb

    -- My Daughter took two of these pictures from the ocean beach and the other she found on Facebook which was posted the same day on April 17, 2012. 

    She stated this object circled the sun clockwise in less than five minutes. 

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Siesta Key -- While visiting in the area near Sarasota on May 3, 2012; 10:40 PM until 11 PM we saw what resembled a cell tower of lights, but five moved up one at a time. During one viewing, the middle three moved to make a “t” or “cross” icon. The Sheriff was called they said, “We were looking at airplanes”… we replied, “NOT, even though we are close to an airport”. The Sheriff Department sent over a car and a Fire Truck [the lights were gone when they arrived]. I took a few photos Only 1 set of lights appeared after each “click.” I emailed the Coast Guard [no reply, yet]. I checked internet news and found nothing. One picture [enlarged] looks like a green cookie with a Hershey kiss on top. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Illinois Burning Red Ball

    CHICAGO -- I was at a bar getting a drink and at about 9 pm, on May 5, 2012, i walked outside with my girlfriend to have a cigarette and I noticed it right away. I pointed to the sky for her to look at it and it was distinct right away. It was flying at incredibly high speed burning red ball looking object. As it was flying our way at about a helicopter height more people joined us to observe it. As it was flying over us it just disappeared in the thin air and we all freaked out. After that the incident just felt so surreal. I was trying to think back of the object but i felt like it was in my dream. And no i wasn’t drunk :)) Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

    -- I was taking pictures of the John Hancock Building and accidentally caught an unknown object in the shot on June 14, 2006. I did not realize it was there until I downloaded the pictures to my computer and took a closer look at the cloud like trail. It is flying at a high speed. I do not think it is a meteor but not sure. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Indiana Flying Objects

    -- Richard Bondira writes, “I'm sending you five e-mails, each has two photos taken on April 13, 2012. The sun had gone down but there's still some red from the sun in the lower part of the horizon. The tree is in my yard and I took the photos with it so you could get some idea of scale and track the different flying objects as they cross the night sky. It's a typical night in Blanford since it all began January 6th; I see things like this on every clear night.

    Just so you know, these photos are exactly as they were when I had them developed at the local CVS. Nothing has been deleted. Nothing has been added. There has been NO enhancement AT ALL! I am sending them to you intact and unenhanced so that you can see exactly what it looks like at night. This is a UFO hunter's paradise. As I took these photos the local people in the area were going about totally unaware of what was right over their heads. These people never look up around here. Thanks to Richard Bondira.

    North Dakota Triangular Craft

    Casselton -- On April 11, 2012; on 9:48 PM, my 9 year-old daughter and I were sitting at a campfire in our backyard and saw a jet aircraft moving eastbound. Suddenly I observed coming from east to west a blur of lights. For a brief instant I thought a group of meteors were striking the atmosphere simultaneously. When my eyes focused I saw an equilateral triangle directly over me moving rapidly westerly. The triangle had three dimly-lit lights near the points of the triangle. My daughter thought it was black and the points on the triangle were rounded. It took less than five seconds before the craft was out of sight.

    The craft was silent. If it was the length of a mid-sized commercial jet liner, then I would estimate that this craft was about 1000 feet above us and moving at 150-200 mph. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Ohio Disk White Circles

    Norwalk -- It was just sitting over a house with yellow red blue green flashing lights all going different speeds on April 4, 2012. We stopped and watched for about 15 seconds then it slowly started to move away, stopped again, but when we turned around to see if it was still there and it had gone. We drove around town and found nothing. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center 

    -- On May 1, 2012, I took a picture of a house for sale, later when reviewing I noticed two white circles a dozen feet in diameter. They were hundreds of feet high and beyond the house. The Sun was to my left and above when photo was taken. The circle on the left of the picture seems to be stationary and the right circle is slightly blurred appearing to show motion. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Oklahoma Light

    ALLEN –I noticed lights outside my living room window and went to get my phone to take a picture. I watched for a minute then returned to my home. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Oregon Forest Service UFOs

    Jim Doerter writes, “I’m a former Forest Service Lookout who with my wife had two dramatic sightings in 1959” We saw a dramatic 250-300 foot red and white lighted object cruise by our Lookout Tower and changed our life view. Lookouts have a unique opportunity to examine the skies and get paid for it. I made a study of UFOs sightings that Lookouts have seen and sent it to the US Forest Service, but I never received a reply. Later I spent forty years as a college professor and had a good chance to see what experts do not know. There are many of us who appreciate your reports that are an excellent signal to the greater community to wake up and consider. Thanks to Jim Doerter.

    Pennsylvania Bright Green Object

    North Huntingdon
    -- I was taking a picture of the super moon on May 6, 2012 and this bright green object was flying around above the trees, hovered then took off. It changed colors from green to yellow. It moved very quickly. It was very odd and I have the photo of it by the super moon. If you brighten the picture you can see my tree line on the back hill.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Texas Black Boomerang

    RED OAK -- I was in my back yard viewing the night sky from my patio on March 21, 2012, for 30 minutes when a strange dark object passed in front of the stars in the southern sky.
    Most of the objects structure was visible as a black boomerang shape, with about 4-5 light blue-white lights along the bottom side of the wings.

    There was a strange mist around it as it flew north across the night sky. I grabbed my binoculars and yelled at my wife to come outside quickly as I ran out the front door. I could not find the object again though. Thanks to MUFON CMS'


    Worldwide UFO Sightings

    Australia Orange Ball of Light

    south Australia -- I saw an orange ball of light at around 9 PM, on April 27, 2012, that I thought it was an aircraft on fire. It made no noise and was travelling at slow speed towards the west and then turned right and faded out. It didn’t seem to be high in the sky. Has anyone else in reported this? Contact Brian Vike at: with the details of your sighting. The Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

    Canadian Orb

    Cambridge – My husband called me outside to look at the pending storm clouds coming in on May 3, 2012, at 8 pm. I’m a weather enthusiast, and love storms so I decided to shoot some pictures with an Olympus C-60. We didn't see or hear anything strange until I uploaded the photos to my pc. . One image had the above capture. I inverted the photos in Photoshop cs5 and enlarged the area in question.

    I have probably taken 5-10,000 photos with this camera and have never seen anything like this. I can identify camera malfunctions that would cause anomalies. The trail behind the object would indicate that there was motion and I believe the object may have been flying too fast to see with the naked eye. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Jamaica Resort UFOs

    OCHOS RIOS -- We returned from dinner at 10.30 pm on April 22, 2012 at the Jamaica Inn. My partner who is a retired travel agent called me to the second floor porch saying, "Look!" I saw a formation of 24-30 UFOs flying in pairs moving along two parallel paths in the clear sky. It was impossible to guess size, speed or altitude. This initial formation was followed by one pair of delta-shaped UFOs, in effect, like a rear guard position that flew in the opposite direction of an imagined arrowhead.

    We were so surprised, in awe as the UFOs disappeared from our view. My academic training is physics/mathematics, management (MBA) and psychology (Ph.D.) My feeling was of immediate belief in what my senses were showing me, although had there not been a witness standing next to me. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Lithuania Orbs

    -- The UFO, filmed on Tuesday May 1, 2012, in, Lithuania, hovers above the cameraman for several minutes and flashes multicolored lights.....

    UFO flashes multi-colored lights above skies of Lithuania

    Portugal Star

    Assafora – On April 7, 2011, I was watching and admiring the moon located above the horizon line and the night sky, the weather was clear. One "star" called my attention due to its brightness (located maybe 30º above the moon), I tried to focus on it when suddenly it became much more brighter and brighter (maybe 1 or 2 second event) and it started moving with an incredible speed, losing its brightness into space I suppose, till I lost sight of it. (10 - 15 sec event). Coordinates of observation point N39º W9.4ª time of event: about 21h50 GMT event duration less than 1 minute. Been trying to rationalize and only explanation I can find it had to be a UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Russia Lights

    MOSCOW -- UFO in Moscow on May 02 2012 - 02 2012

    South Africa Four Bright Orange Lights

    Johannesburg --This is a photo from my Blackberry on April 23, 2012, at 7:20 PM, that does not capture star light. There were four lights that appear one after the other vanishes. I see a bright orange light and it increases in size, as though approaching closer, then moves away becoming smaller. After a minute, it is rising into the night sky until it disappears. Then the next one appears where the previous one first appeared and follows the same trajectory.

    They appeared in the Dainfern Fourways area and flew southwest over Broadacres rising and moving away at a steady pace. Thanks to the Vike Factor (Brian Vike)

    Spain Orb

    This orange glowing ball of light was filmed on May 1, 2012, using a Sony Cyber Shot H70 digital camera and enhanced to full HD 1080p. The object appears to be orange and was completely silent. The orb’s brightness kept changing from bright to dim magically disappearing as if the object just zoomed away! I was able to zoom in on the object by 10X optical and using the Optical Steady Shot technology that my camera features and know it is real. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    U. A. E. Fireball

    Abu Dhabi -- At night my wife call me from terrace and showed orange red fireball in the sky on April 9, 2012, it was still and within one minute it moves back and slowly disappear. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    UK/England Triangle

    London -- UFO Spotted Over Spooky Sky (Video) on May 03, 2012, at 10:55 AM. EDT

    A triangular, shifting UFO was caught on tape on a cloudy, moonlit night over London looking like something straight out of a horror movie. The video, posted to YouTube, is shot straight up, adding to the mysterious effect of a full moon peeking out through brightly lit clouds as the unidentified flying object silently hovers overhead.

    The objects caught on video have steady, unblinking lights which start out as a classic tri-corner pattern until they begin to shift in relation to each other. As the scene unfolds, the illuminated orbs move in and out of cloud cover until just one is left visible. At the end of the clip that single light suddenly shoots out of view.

    The objects don't look like planes, jets or helicopters, but seem to be piloted by an intelligent will. It's definitely not a bird or anything normally expected to be flying in the night sky. Thanks to


    Midlothian – A metallic sphere was seen releasing UFOs was filmed on April 11, 2012. I will show you some stills, slow motions and enlarged parts of it! The metallic sphere is strange enough but I wonder what these fast objects were! Watch it full screen! author: Reen1411 * SkywatcherScotland UFO thetruthbehindthescenes

    UFO Conferences

    • Connecticut MUFON UFO Conference

      I will be speaking on Saturday May 19, 2012, at 11 am at the West Hartford Methodist Church Fellowship Hall (Berkshire Road and New Britain Avenue West Hartford). The talk will be about my experiences in the Air Force chasing UFOs and the consequences of alien visitation.

    I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I could get people interested in getting my work of the last thirteen years. I have put together a DVD of Filer's Files with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings.

    Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter's exciting abduction story by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell has also included much of his excellent dialog for a donation of only $50.

    We also include a year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

    Book Picture.jpg

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Don't Worry, Reinhard! UR Safe With Us! We Are Very Wealthy U Know!
    Hi all:

    In this documentary about the secrets of the CIA (see link below) there is a segment dealing with UFO's ("James and the giant UFO" starting at +/- 20:30) in which it is again claimed that the CIA invented by mistake the "UFO" [little green men] by inventing the spy plane in the 1950s and used [imaginary] UFO's as a convenient excuse to keep these craft and associated operations top secret and hence successful, viz. they encouraged Americans to believe that they had actually seen a UFO from some other planet when they spotted these spy planes flying over their houses. 

    I guess it is fair to consider the possibility that some sightings may in fact have been deliberately labeled as UFO's as a cover for protecting new strange-looking experimental aircraft, though I suspect that such aircraft would be tested in secure areas. However, how likely is this UFO cover explanation with regard to such spy planes as the U2 and the SR 71 Blackbirds which had been specifically designed to fly very high so that they would go undetected by the human eye on the ground (except of course for commercial airline pilots who would be more likely candidates to spot them) and radar? If I am not mistaken, the cover story for the U2 was that it was engaged in high-altitude weather research for Nasa, fictitious Nasa markings were attached to the plane's surface skin to that effect ( Is this CIA statement consistent with the relevant UFO facts of the time? Did the appearances and performances of these top secret spy planes match the descriptions of real Unknowns? And what about Skunk Works founder Kelly Johnson's 1953 Santa Barbara sighting? Did the CIA also encourage him to believe that he had seen a UFO? In short, did these spy planes really scare Americans to such an extent that they reported them as alien spaceships?  

    One should always remain very cautious about believing everything at face value what government agencies tell us. Take e.g. the Bush administration who had declared that Iraq had WMD which as everyone knows by now was an intentional false statement to encourage the world to believe that a war in Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein from power was justifiable! I have always found it strange that whenever government agencies are making public statements about UFO's dismissing them and the associated data cover up as nonsense, there seems to be a total lack of criticism on the part of the mainstream media and the debunkers as to the government's sincerity in this matter and those people who disagree are usually considered loony UFO buffs and conspiracy theorists by the media and the debunkers. Past events have shown us that CIA has lied many times! I guess it's part of their daily business in order to meet their objectives and protect their interests. Lying and misleading is pretty much woven into their DNA! 

    Finally, I believe that fake UFO (crash) stories might have been created to muddy the waters or to discredit perhaps real UFO events. As the US Air Force was in charge of the official UFO investigations in the 50s and 60s and wanted to get out of the UFO business, I assume they were the real architects of ridicule campaigns so that [the flood of lousy, contaminated] UFO reports from the public would diminish and eventually cease. Why waste their time on investigating such reports when they most likely had excellent anomalous reports from their own backyard registered e.g. by their own sensory instruments?

    These are my personal analytical remarks re this issue. As always, I can be wrong in my analytical reflections.

    Kind regards.


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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen."God": "Rest Peacefully, Albert, My Great [Wise] Relative!"

    11-05-2012 om 20:09 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Kelly, Some Damn Fast Cloud It Was!
    The Santa Barbara Channel case, aka the Kelly Johnson case, from 1953 - it came in at #5 in the documentary Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings.

    11-05-2012 om 20:08 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.John, Who's Got "The Goods"? … Do U Want Me [To Get] Shot?

    11-05-2012 om 20:06 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen. "Leader": "Hello Earthlings, Take Me To UR Leader!"

    Stanton Friedman: Earthling Orientation 1

    The father of modern ufology, Stanton Friedman, discusses some common sense ideas about technology and aliens. He is interviewed by the 6-time Georgia State Champion and Chess Life Master David Vest. Stanton Friedman goes beyond Roswell and talks about new technologies including graphene. and he discusses historical cases that shed light on how we should approach our future technological and psychological development as a species.

    09-05-2012 om 20:16 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NSA erkent buitenaards contact in document
    NSA erkent buitenaards contact in document
    Breng ook een bezoek aan www.Niburi.NL
    woensdag, 09 mei 2012 13:37

    Op 1 oktober 2004 verleende de NSA (National Security Agency) goedkeuring om een aantal interne documenten vrij te geven voor het publiek.

    Het ging onder meer om een presentatie door Dr. Howard Campaigne over het ontcijferen van buitenaardse boodschappen die uit de ruimte waren ontvangen.

    Deze boodschappen zijn naar verluidt opgevangen tijdens het Spoetnik-programma, maar niemand had op dat moment enig idee hoe ze konden worden vertaald.


    In totaal beschikte de NSA over 29 buitenaardse boodschappen. Dr. Howard Campaigne en enkele andere wiskundigen van de NSA werden belast met de ontcijfering van de berichten.

    In oktober 2004 mochten de documenten worden vrijgegeven, maar het duurde maar liefst tot 21 april 2011 voordat ze daadwerkelijk in het publieke domein beschikbaar kwamen. De NSA heeft al die jaren geprobeerd te voorkomen dat de geopenbaarde documenten, waarvan enige honderden over het contact met UFO’s en buitenaardsen, het publiek zouden bereiken. Pas na een rechtszaak die was aangespannen door advocaat Peter Gersten uit Arizona moest de NSA de rechter wel gehoorzamen.

    Periodiek systeem

    Om verwarring te zaaien beweerde de NSA geen informatie te hebben over buitenaardse boodschappen.

    Dr. Campaigne is één van de meest vooraanstaande cryptologen op aarde en heeft vele jaren ervaring. Hij ontdekte dat één van de boodschappen bestond uit wiskundige vergelijkingen. Een andere bevatte het periodiek systeem der elementen. Tijdens zijn presentatie merkte Dr. Campaigne op dat hij en zijn team sommige woorden hadden vertaald, maar dat ze andere in het geheel niet begrepen.


    Uit het document blijkt dat de NSA boodschappen uit de ruimte heeft ontvangen: disclosure. Het enige wat de debunkers zeggen is dat de informatie al jaren beschikbaar is. Het document is echter pas sinds 21 april vorig jaar op internet te lezen. De NSA onthult openlijk dat er contact is geweest met intelligente buitenaardsen.

    Lees hier (pdf) het gehele document op de website van de NSA.


    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Anderson Cooper - "I've Been Abducted by Aliens" - April 24, 2012 - Full video segment on UFOs
    I had been searching for this episode for a few days now as official Anderson Cooper site only had few clips from it:XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />
    Here is also Billy's article about that episode:
    Finally, thanks to Ryan Wa's lead from Leslie Kean's Facebook page, I found video of full segment on UFOs here:
    (Video is embedded on that link)
    The quality is not so good, but at least we can now see the whole segment.
    I am working to get a higher-quality copy.
    Here is also another Cooper segment on UFOs so you can compare it with the latest one. This, older one, was broadcast in November 2007 after the National Press Club conference, organized by James Fox and Leslie Kean. There also James Fox debates James McGaha – here is the video:
    Best Wishes

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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.It Looked Like A Balloon [The Pilot Said], So It Was A Balloon! Case Closed! But Wait A Minute! The Details [Seem To] Show Otherwise!

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Response to Shostak
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen
    Feel free to distribute this. Stan


    Dr. Seth Shostak, SETI Institute

    Reference “The UFO Bestiary” 4/27.2012


    Dear Seth:

     I read your article with interest. I will give you credit for consistency. When you attended my  “Flying Saucers ARE Real” lecture on the Queen Elizabeth 2 in 2003, you didn’t raise your hand as having read any of the 5 large scale scientific UFO volumes that I spoke of. In 2004 when we debated on Coast to Coast Radio, it was quite clear that you still hadn’t read any. That may be one of several reasons you lost the debate to me by 57% to 33% for you and 10% undecided .When some time later we were both on Larry King, it was still clear that you hadn’t done your homework about the UFO evidence or the easily demonstrated government cover-up. You pointed to the government’s mishandling of the FEMA/Katrina event and their mismanagement of the post office as proving they couldn’t cover up anything. I will admit that wasn’t as silly as the claim made by your colleague Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson that the proof of no cover-up was how much the public has learned about President Clinton’s genitalia. I gather neither of you knows anything about how security works.  No mention of the NRO, NSA, CIA,DIA, OSI, ONI? They are some of the agencies which keep secrets. Their cumulative annual budget has been estimated at well over$30, billion. Perhaps you can tell me what is under the whiteout used by the NSA on better than 95% of the material on 156 pages of old TOP SECRET UMBRA NSA UFO documents? All one can read is about one sentence per page. How about the many pages of TOP SECRET UMBRA CIA UFO documents, almost all of which are blacked out? No Cover-up?

    I was glad to see you mention the Betty and Barney Hill case. Too bad you didn’t mention the 2007 book “Captured: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience” by myself and Kathleen Marden, Betty’s niece. It  has an entire chapter on the star map work relating to Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli. Your readers would have learned that they are the closest to each other pair of sun like stars in our local neighborhood being 30 times closer to each other than the sun is to its nearest neighbor. By the way, they are also a cool billion years older than the sun. Reticulans would have had a much greater incentive for developing interstellar travel than do we(with such close neighbors) and also considerable more time. Of course one must ask the SETI community why ETI’s would send messages to earth in the first place and why they would use a primitive technology such as we Earthlings are limited to. After all, Marconi’s first long distance signals were sent only 111 years ago. Do you really believe any advanced civilization, maybe only 1000 or a million years older than ours , would still be using such primitive tools? Are you still using a slide rule? Using your strange reasoning, I presume the fact that SETI has picked up no signals from any target means there is nobody out there. Right?

    It sounds likely from your article that you think the only sources of UFO information are the emails sent to  you. I have a list of 10 old PhD theses about UFOs in my “TOP Secret/MAJIC”.MUFON has had over 40 annual Symposia with Proceedings published every year. Most of the papers are prepared by engineers and scientists who, unlike you, have studied the relevant evidence.

    As you will recall, I, with your permission ,sent you my 2008 book  “Flying Saucers and Science”. I know you received it because on a later Coast to Coast program you claimed it was on your night stand. Too bad you still haven’t read it. You are, of course, mentioned in it in the chapter on The Cult of SETI. The studies are discussed in detail as is the cover-up, star travel, motivations for visiting Earth, etc


    I agree with you that it is hard to believe that governments are the only ones able to obtain evidence.. witness the Hill case. I don’t think that is true. However, you must admit that governments are the ones in charge of large radar networks, spy satellites, sophisticated signal receiving equipment and the right to grab and keep wreckage such as that from Roswell and Aztec  They also have strong powers of witness intimidation. I suspect the ridicule offered by the SETI community has helped intimidate people. 90% of the people in my audiences who claim to have seen a flying saucer have not reported what they has seen..They have expressed fear of ridicule from “Experts“  such as you and Dr. Tyson. I don’t agree with the notions of your email critics that the only reason that few scientists give much credence to the visitation idea are that 1. The government is keeping all the good evidence under wraps and scientists are knee jerk debunker, unwilling to take any of this stuff seriously. I have had only 11 hecklers in over 700 lectures and, as you know, I come on very strongly. I think the primary reason is a combination of ego and ignorance. Look at you. You haven’t paid any attention to five large scale scientific studies that you have been told about by a scientist who has now been studying the subject for 54 years and who has worked under security, and on systems for deep space travel, and been to 20 archives,. It is obvious that if significant data were released proving alien visitations, that nobody would need to waste money listening for hypothetical  SETI signals. Better to learn sign language.  It is also obvious that you and Dr. Tyson and others in the astronomical community abide by 3 major rules: A. Don’t bother me with the facts, my mind is made up. B What the public, and my colleagues, don’t know, I won’t tell them. C. I will do my  research by proclamation, investigation is too much trouble. These are hardly the way of science. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is no excuse for ignoring the relevant data when there is so much of it.

    Very sadly,

    Stanton T. Friedman

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Please Take Off UR Lab Coats & Take A stroll! It Will Do U Good! And U Might Learn Something Along The Way!
    UFOs Under Investigation - The Science Of The Unexplained

    Scientists explain the science of the unexplained - and what
    it has to do with UFOs.

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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer's Files #18 2012 - Graham Hancock's High Strangeness, Mars Monolith Boulder

    Filer's Files # 18 - 2012


    Photo was taken near Heathrow Airport London, England on July 14, 2011

    George A. Filer III.

    New Jersey State Director

    MUFON Eastern Region Director

    May 2, 2012

    Get your own weekly updates! Subscribe to Filer's Files here 

    If you wish to no longer receive emails from us please visit your profile

    What to read past issues? View Filer's Files Archives

    Want to contribute? Join MUFON. Become a MUFON member 

    In special reports, this week’s files cover: Letter from Lloyd Pye about Near Deaths,

    Elves, Aliens, Angels and Ayahuasca,” by Graham Hancock, Mars Rectangular Monolith Boulder and SEFE Alternative Electrical Energy.

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.

    Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Argentina, Canada, Czech Republic Germany, India, Russia, and England in the United Kingdom.

    The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.


    Need to mass delete messages on Facebook?

    Try FBSweeper

    The only service that automatically
    clears chat & message history!

    Special Reports

    Letter from Lloyd Pye about Near Deaths

    Lloyd Pye is a researcher and author known for his work with the Starchild Skull that is likely a 100% alien.He writes, Thought you might like to see this in regard to the recent passing of your brother, for which you have my sincere sympathy.

    I was born in Houma, Louisiana, on September 7, 1946, on the leading edge of the famous “Baby Boom,” among the first crop of offspring born to the young men and women who as children endured the Great Depression and as young adults survived World War II.

    My mother endured 50 hours of labor in a small clinic before she died. As soon as she died, I was cut out of her in the hope my life could be saved. It was, but my head was so misshapen from the long labor that the doctor felt I was hopelessly brain damaged. He told my father that his wife was dead and I would be a “vegetable.” As was acceptable at that time, Dad was asked for permission to let me "expire" along with Mom so he could start over fresh from this terrible turn of events.

    Dad was wrestling with that awful decision when Mom suddenly came back to life! She had become one of those rare individuals who have gone deep into the brilliant white tunnel of death, seen and spoken to her own deceased father on "the other side," and returned by her own choice to live on. Miraculously, in a time before ultrasounds when she had no way to know the gender of her unborn child, she told the apparition of her father that she could not stay, she had a son that she needed to return to and look after. She has since survived five other near-deaths, none quite as dramatic as that first one at 19, and she is still alive in her early 80s. From my "Bio" page on

    "Elves, Aliens, Angels and Ayahuasca,” by Graham Hancock

    Parallel Realms and the Mysteries of the Vine of the Dead."

    Judging from the abundant evidence of ancient cave art from all parts of the world, encounters with aliens and UFO's are nothing new. Humanity has been visited, taught and nurtured by non-terrestrial beings for at least 35,000 years, construing them according to different cultural frameworks as "spirits", "elves" or "fairies", "angels" or even "demons", and most recently as "aliens". The same beings and vehicles depicted in the cave art also occur in the much more recent art of surviving shamanistic peoples still living today in remote regions such as the Kalahari and the Amazon jungle.

    GrahamHancock.jpg“Voyage into the Supernatural”, the rest of the book moves away from cave art into a completely different frame of investigation, one which is best compared to the ground-breaking books of Jacques Vallée during the 1960s and 70s. While the first part of Supernatural investigates a minor paradigm change, these chapters aim to reassess our entire vision of reality. Hancock prefaces this change of tack with this: Because I had been shaken to the core by my experiences with ayahuasca and ibogaine, I decided to take my investigation further and to explore the extraordinary possibility . . . that the spirit world and its inhabitants are real, that super natural powers and non-physical beings do exist. In this chapter Hancock provides a marvelous illustration of the correspondences between shamanic experiences and the ‘alien abduction’ phenomenon (surrounded by quotes because Hancock is certainly not arguing for ‘nuts and bolts’ UFOs and aliens). It’s a good, solid introduction to what is a quite bizarre topic, and hopefully it provides enough evidence to draw the more ‘straight-thinking’ readers into the following chapters. It also shows (sadly) how little we really understand about ‘alien abductions’, while at the same time presenting ways forward for research, with the many parallels to Psychic experiences.

    TakenFlyingPerson.jpgSubsequent chapters add in Vallée’s link between Fairy folklore and UFO experiences. In fact, Supernatural becomes virtually a comparative mythology investigation, with shamanic voyages, fairy folklore, and alien abduction reports. Time after time, Hancock presents stunning evidence to show that these are all part of a single phenomenon.

    The Amazonian visionary brew Ayahuasaca (where the active ingredient is DMT) has opened up the experiences of parallel realms and their inhabitants. Furthermore, in part four of the book he ties in DMT, the DNA element of shamanic visions (as explored by Narby, Harner and others), and the idea that information encoded within our ‘Junk DNA’ may be facilitating our education, by either advanced alien civilizations or entities from parallel/spiritual dimensions. Lastly, like a prodigal son returning to his roots, he discusses how this may relate to art and religion in ancient civilizations, specifically the Egyptians and Mayans.

    It may be high strangeness, but it is also terrific reading. ”Aliens: Why They Are Here, Hancock avoids being overly-holistic and attempts to lay out the individual parts of his hypothesis backed by appropriate evidence. Supernatural could well be a breakthrough book on a number of subjects. Hancock has stepped forward with his high-profile and admitted to taking illicit substances, issuing a challenge regarding the human right to explore our own consciousness. He will also be bringing the strange ‘third realm’ out of the shadows, so to speak, and presenting it to a wide range of newsreaders. There’s something for everyone interested in the ‘alternative’ genres – archaeology and anthropology, religion and mythology, shamanism and altered states, ufology and alien abduction. 

    Hancock immerses himself in his books, traveling the globe and attempting to ‘walk in the same shoes’ as necessary. This method of narrating his investigation works simply because he is a great writer: he takes the reader with him by employing florid descriptions which somehow never seem to push into excessiveness and hyperbole. Once again Hancock focuses on the work of a number of cutting edge researchers with ‘new Paradigm’ ideas – in Fingerprints of the Gods it Hapgood, while here it is Lewis-Williams, Vallée, John Mack and Benny Shanon – and links the disparate topics together to provide an over-arching theme to the book. In the case of Supernatural, that theme is altered states of consciousness, and whether humanity has grown (perhaps even been ‘taught’) through our capacity to enter into them via hallucinogens and other shamanic techniques.

    Graham Hancock is to be commended for picking up the torch which Jacques Vallée and John Keel originally lit, and taking it even further in Supernatural, in order to illuminate the margins of reality. Hancock has admitted to taking illicit substances, issuing a challenge regarding; the human right to explore our own consciousness.

    Where do these "others" come from? Parallel universes will be, I believe the overriding theory of the twenty-first century, and it's certainly easy to see, as many have postulated, the often inexplicable aliens emanating from other vibrations rather than other planets, but Hancock introduces an even more audacious theory. Like a lot of archaic/psychedelic thought it originated with the late, great Terence McKenna who, confronted with the prevalence of helix imagery during his trips, postulated that his drug of choice, DMT (an ingredient in many shamanistic substances), makes "information stored in the neural-genetic material available to consciousness." In other words all that "junk" information contained in DNA, which resembles a language and has inexplicably been preserved for millennia, is in fact a message that the superior beings who created it imbedded in advance of the time we would be able to understand it (kind of like the monoliths in 2001). Francis Crick, one of the discoverers of DNA (who was, by the way, under the influence of LSD when he first visualized the double helix shape of DNA - something they sure didn't tell us in high school when we reverently studied The Double Helix) even came to believe that DNA itself was the result of an alien seeding project.

    Hancock presents these ideas as more speculative than the rest of the book, as indeed they are, and in his final chapter gives a quick overview of the shamanic origin of all religions and the essentially psychedelic nature of shamanism, tracing the use of hallucinogens in such landmarks of ancient spirituality as the mysteries of Eleuis and the Soma of the Vedas.

    All in all, it's an important book which examines the spirit world and UFOs, firmly grounded in scholarship, yet able to utilize the fruits of personal experience and experimentation. Hancock presents a unified theory for almost every encounter between humans and supernatural beings (although, in the "spirit" of the season I must say that, despite the fact that departed ancestors play a role, Hancock does not grapple with the localized phenomena of ghosts. Hancock’s books have sold more than five million copies, have been translated into 27 languages, and include five No. 1 bestsellers. Thanks to

    Mars Rectangular Monolith Boulder

    Amateur stargazers have discovered an intriguing object jutting out from the surface of Mars. The seemingly perfectly rectangular, upright structure, found in NASA images of the Red Planet, bears a striking resemblance to the monoliths planted on Earth and the moon by aliens in the classic sci-fi film "2001: A Space Odyssey."

    The object in question was first spotted several years ago after being photographed by the HiRISE camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, a NASA space probe; every so often, it garners renewed interest on the Internet. But is it unnatural — a beacon erected by aliens for mysterious reasons, and even more mysteriously paralleled in the imaginations of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke, creators of "2001"? Or is this rock the work of nature?

    According to Jonathon Hill, a research technician and mission planner at the Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University, who processes many of the images taken during NASA's Mars missions, the object in question is no more than a roughly rectangular boulder.

    The HiRISE camera that photographed it has a resolution of approximately 1 foot (30 centimeters) per pixel — impressive considering the 180-mile (300-kilometer) altitude from which it photographs the Martian surface, but not quite sharp enough to capture the cragginess of a mid-size boulder. "When your resolution is too low to fully resolve an object, it tends to look rectangular because the pixels in the image are squares. Any curve will look like a series of straight lines if you reduce your resolution enough," Hill told Life's Little Mysteries.

    A monolith placed on Earth by aliens in "2001: A Space Odyssey."A monolith placed on Earth by aliens in "2001: A Space Odyssey."
    CREDIT: Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer (MGM) via YouTube coldshouldermulder

    The location of the boulder at the bottom of a cliff near many other boulders suggests it broke off the cliff and tumbled to its current spot sometime in the distant past, Hill said. Such a perilous location is itself an argument against deliberate placement by aliens: "If I was going to build a monolith somewhere, that's the last place, I would put it!" he said. "The debris falling from the cliff would cover it up pretty quickly, on geologic timescales." Hill added that, the height of the boulder is being exaggerated in the photo by a low sun angle. The ufologists aren't necessarily wrong in calling it a monolith — the word simply translates from Latin as "one stone." But this monolith isn't the masonry of Martians. Thanks to John Schuessler

    Note: Even after a million years or so there is little of no other debris at this location on Mars.

    Ken Larson writes,

    Sorry to hear your brother passed away and enjoyed reading your interesting comments about heaven in Filer’s Files #16. To Mormons like Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, we are spirits in heaven who come to Earth to get physical bodies, and then we return to heaven again after we pass away. Mormon Joseph Smith said God has a superior and glorified physical body as does Christ and glory of God is intelligence, Earth obeys laws of a celestial kingdom. Like others, I puzzle over Armageddon statements and that God will visit Earth with Christ in His promised second coming with angels to Earth--as if this took place after Armageddon and Megiddo battles 50 miles north of Jerusalem where God would pour down fire and brimstone to stop battles and establish peace, takes seven years to clean up battle scenes (due to nuclear wars between battling Earth-armies?) or nuclear war wastes, etc. Mormons write that they will return from Salt Lake City and other areas with others during drastic times to Missouri to build up city of Zion or New Jerusalem in Jackson County, Missouri.

    Joseph Smith dedicated Zion site at Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, on August 3, 1831. Oddly, Smith was also a legal American presidential candidate in 1844--but he and his brother Hyrum were shot dead by an armed mob at Carthage, Illinois, on June 27, 1844. Thanks to Ken Larson

    SEFE: An Alternative Electrical Energy Supplier?

    SEFE is a wholly unique way to power the world that may be used by UFOs. The entire world, regardless of geography, politics or infrastructure could use this form of energy. It isn’t alternative energy, because alternative energy—like wind farms, solar arrays and the like—actually need to create electricity from some other means. Instead, SEFE taps the source, capturing and converting naturally occurring static electricity in the atmosphere into a constant, abundant and decidedly green source of renewable energy.

    We call it True Energy. Because it’s not an alternative to anything, it’s the source—unadulterated, carbon-free, and always-on and without all the inherent issues—and often dangers—of nuclear, coal-fired, hydro-electric or other types of power. SEFE, Inc., an energy company, engages in developing, producing, and selling atmospheric energy technology. The company is developing its flagship product, Harmony, an aerostatic collector to harness atmospheric electricity and convert atmospheric electricity into usable power. The system could reconvert the alternating current back into direct current form for longer-term storage in banks of batteries. It captures static electricity from the atmosphere and makes it usable for mining, manufacturing, and construction companies; utility companies; and mining relief organizations. The company was formerly known as Midnight Candle Company and changed its name to SEFE, Inc. in July 2010. SEFE, Inc. was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. True Energy is pure. It’s everywhere, and it’s the future of power.

    UFO Sightings in the United States

    Arkansas Red Orb

    Ketchikan -- I got out of my car at 10 PM on April 28, 2012, and heard a flight of Canadian geese flying north. When I looked up, I saw three bright lights about 1000 feet above Tongass Narrows. There was a white light on top, a white light below, and a red light in the center. The lights were slowly flying along with the flock of geese which was out of the ordinary since small planes do not fly in our area after dark.

    I posted my sighting on my Facebook page as did several Facebook users. I lost sight of the object when it and the geese passed in back of a hill. The FB photo shows white geese flying in formation and the bright lights of the UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    California Cylinder

    AUBURN – On April 22, 2011, I have a game cam that I put out at night to see the local wildlife. My game camera picks up heat and is set to record for 15 seconds over a golf course. After many tapings, I have not ever seen anything like this. The game cam was looking over houses in the back ground that are about 200 yards away. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Connecticut Disk

    Griswold – On April 8, 2012, I was driving to pick up my friend from his girl’s house and we were driving down a hill and there was a saucer that appeared to be five feet from a distance with three huge lights. It was rotating and /hovering through the sky about 75 feet from the top of the trees. When my friend entered the car from a few houses up he immediately said, “I saw the saucer from my porch.” I was on Janice Lane, unfortunately I have no pictures or footage if it. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Florida Orb

    Valrico -- I saw numerous amber colored lights moving across the sky on April 13, 2912. The lights were constant, not blinking in a triangular formation. There were three lights in a semi-circle moving in different directions above and around the single light. The lights were moving at a constant pace coming from behind a large tree and disappeared. Then the lights came in groups of two or three moving in the same direction and speed for the next five minutes. I saw this sighting with my wife, her sister and her sister’s roommate.

    I recorded a video with my IPhone and you can hear the reactions of the people viewing the three or four blinking lights. The lights were constant and an amber color, not blinking. In the same area of the frame you can see a couple more lights come in and out before the video ends.

    Note: As stated by the witness the orbs do not show up very well in the video. A still image was extracted from the video to show one of orbs. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Georgia Round Disc

    CUMMINS -- I was driving south on Ronald Reagan Boulevard passing the rock quarry when I glanced up and saw an extremely bright hovering white light looked like headlights. Then I went to grab my phone and dropped it, and when I looked back up all the lights were off. I drove trying to get closer, and then I noticed two other cars pulled over so I pulled over behind them. I looked up and saw the white lights and a very bright red flashing light and blue-green flashing lights. Within seconds the object shot north and was gone.

    I felt scared and wanted to cry and knew this is not a normal aircraft. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Illinois Lights

    MATTESON -- I was on my way home from having dinner when I noticed that four bright lights suddenly appeared in the eastern sky on April 27, 2012. I was just making a left hand turn off of Harlem heading east on U.S Route 30. I was just looking around the sky while driving when I noticed these bright lights appearing. These objects first appeared in a straight line going from east to west and stayed for 15 minutes. They moved to form a triangular formation and I was very shocked. Then the flying objects suddenly just disappeared in the night sky.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Kentucky Long and Shiny Cylinder

    OWENSBORO – I saw a very bright and shiny long cylinder shape moving fairly fast southeast across the sky on April 12, 2012. It was possible that sun reflection on object made it look shiny. This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this, especially with no sound. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Maryland Orbs

    CRISSFIELD -- Beginning November 2011, I built a radio from a quartz crystal and my high frequency ship’s radio on my sailboat...and through focusing my frequency I asked UFOs, inter-dimensional beings, ETs and beings that are here to help the planet come join me on my sailboat to help me heal the world. "I just believed they were there" and "thanked them for their time and for coming."

    After about two months of calling them through my radio and then "holding a healing service for the world," I was directed to begin photographing the inside of the boat...and to my surprise, there were many beings, orbs, "things that I cannot explain" and phenomenon of all kinds showing up in the photos. After a while, some of these things began to be visible to my naked eye.

    Soon "I was told" that the inside of the boat had become too crowded" and that "they" had moved outside. In short, I believe that I opened up to another dimensions. I knew what I was doing and I knew what I expected to happen and it did. I asked beings and UFOs and entities from many dimensions to come and help me pray for the world. "We held a service for one hour every single day for five months...and every single day many unusual beings and UFOs and entities came and either I assisted them or they assisted me.” Soon, "they" allowed me to take their pictures. And within three months...thousands of beings and "universes" of all kinds began showing up on, around the boat.

    It will be difficult for me to describe each photo in this forum. I will include a few photos...but here is the point: "They came to my boat because I asked them to...and they kept coming back because I thanked them for helping us here on earth. We are not alone. We have a lot of help...if we ask and if we are appreciative. Further, these beings are very real as you can clearly see by the shadows they cast. But more interesting is the fact that our physical reality is a tiny pin prick of the incredible reality that exists in other dimensions...and I have been allowed to peer into those realities. I guess they showed themselves to me so I can share with the world that "they are here."

    “I will be happy to share my extensive collection of photos with anyone who requests.
    In the photo of me on top of the sailboat mast look for the black object just below me in the clouds. These UFOs are either drones or a living entity very different than the organic life form we are used to seeing on earth. As for the black grayish being that is in the photos he is very real as noted by the shadows cast on the floor and walls.”

    As for the rest of the tiny universes and energy beings and light orbs and UFOs -that will take a lot of explaining...some of the phenomenon I could clearly see and some was/is still around me.

    Note: the first photo of the orb inside my boat was the beginning. If you load this photo and look around, you can find over 25 light entities. Subsequent photos have hundreds. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Missouri Triangle

    INDEPENDENCEThe witness reports, “I was getting into my car after work at 9:10 pm on Saturday night April 28, 2012, when I noticed something blinking in the sky. It was very odd - a triangular shaped flying object that had two blinking lights in the rear only. These very bright white lights were circular and blinked on and off every two seconds. There were no other lights on the craft like you would see on a plane. I called my co-worker outside to look at this and we watched it together - the total time I watched it was five minutes and he saw it for about half that time. We were both perplexed because it was moving so very slowly and we decided that it could not have been a conventional aircraft.

    It did not look like a helicopter, either. It was triangular with the front being longer than the other two sides and the edges were quite thick. The object was moving southwest direction in a straight line and did not waver from its path. It did not change altitude, either. I estimate that it was 500 - 1,000 feet from the ground since we could see it fairly well. We could not see the top very well but it appeared to be flat on all sides. We did not see the front of it. I called to see if anyone else saw this because it is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. We were amazed at how this big solid object was even airborne and how it was moving so slowly!” Thanks to MUFON CMS

    New Hampshire Multiple Events

    PITTSFIELD -- These events usually occur between the hours of 12 AM, 1 AM, 2 AM and 3 AM in the morning, but my wife and I have seen these objects during the day too. I’m disabled and have difficulty sleeping because of pain so; I go out on our balcony to smoke. My wife and I have been living at our current residence for six years and my first sighting occurred during the summer of 2010 at around 12 am. From our second story balcony we saw three bright orb-like objects that flew silently, and slowly, above the treeline. I realized that they didn’t emit any noise and two of the three objects instantly changed direction and flew in the opposite direction. This struck me funny because no plane could change its course so quickly.

    The objects disappeared into the horizon in different directions for three minutes and then returned back in formation. For the past two years, I have seen these objects dip behind tree lines until a plane passes and then return to their original position in the sky.

    During June of 2011, my wife and I witnessed a large cylinder quietly flying below the clouds. During late July, a large triangle-like object flew low over our building silently with a light on each corner and a large circular red light in its center. I was startled to see a 7-8 foot slender grey figure vanish or duck behind a car. I am afraid of the night now. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Rochester -- I was sitting outside with ten friend s huddled around a bonfire at 10:15 PM, on Sunday April 28th, 2012. We happened to be looking up at the sky already because someone made a comment about how there were searchlights coming from downtown being cast into the sky. Then suddenly out of the north, a strange shape appeared and flew directly above us slower than any airplane. It was a triangular-shaped dark mass, with three large pink/orange spheres of constant glowing light. The object was translucent and I could see the light of the moon through it. It traveled south and disappeared over the roofs around us. We were all freaked out and everyone started talking about what we never seen before. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    North Carolina Lights

    Charlotte -- After a 9-10 year old football game at East Mecklenburg High School on April 28, 2012, three red lights were spotted by my wife and I as well as a couple behind us and a few people leaving the game. The lights were in a straight line. The right light went out first then the left light followed by the middle. They all stayed stationary and there was no noise detected. There was nothing dripping from them and they never changed color. It was a cloudy night so they were lower than the cloud cover but I can’t be sure of how far off the ground they were and I could not make out a single form or multiple forms. I was a little excited while filming then relaxed after the lights went out. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Texas Lights

    MISSION -- On March 24, 2012, I noticed a light to the east about three miles away 30 degrees above the horizon flying south. I got my Sony camcorder and began recording at 9:29 PM, for five minutes. At first there were four lights with one of them blinking and soon there were six lights, two of which were blinking, blue, white, and green. Soon I saw eight lights with two of them blinking. At 9:32 PM, a red blinking light appeared as the most forward light and a third blinking blue light appeared behind it. Now there were four blinking lights with the rear lights blinking at a different interval than the red and blue lights at the front of the object. The craft continued south and I lost sight of it behind trees. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    GULF COAST -- I didn’t see the object until I got back to Michigan and saw something in the air. Is it a new plane or what? It’s hard to say. I didn’t remember any sound like an ordinary plane passing by would make. I was really surprised to see it in the photo. I found a second similar picture taken at 5:44 PM. I was wondering if a bird could look that metallic looking. I also just noticed a shadow on the ground of a seagull.

    Note: Analysis indicates that the photo was not “tampered with” and is likely the original photo as output from the camera. The sighting was reported nearly five months after the fact. What is the object? It could be a bird, but the white on top could be a reflection of the sun which suggests that may be metallic? The sun was at the photographer’s back. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Worldwide UFO Sightings

    Argentina: Mysterious Circles

    LAS PERDICES -- The discovery of a circle with a 25 meter diameter in a field located in this rural area became the mandatory subject of conversation among residents of this quiet and lovely locality in the Tercero Arriba department on April 26, 2012. While many locals claim that the surface impression is due to a landing by an unidentified flying object, others seek a more down-to-earth and human explanation. Thanks to Inexplicata and Scott Corrales

    Canada Lights

    NOVA SCOTIA -- My friend and I were driving around near the Eastern Passage on April 30, 2012, and noticed two lights in the sky that were not there before. We pulled the car over to watch them, as we took out our camera one of them disappeared.The other one stayed as we took pictures, after a few minutes the one that had disappeared had come back..We watched them hover and move around as we were taking pictures another one came into view. We watched them for around 15 minutes before they left. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Czech Republic Orbs

    T EBÍ -- I was just taking some long exposure photos of the night sky from my room on April 18, 2009, when I saw 13 strange lights looking somewhat like orbs. They were aligned in a strange pattern and appeared on one of my photos just over the forest. I did not see them and they appeared in only one of the several photos. The exposure time was set at 30 seconds. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Germany Disk

    Berlin -- I saw a disk at night that made no sound and the bottom was like it was mottled or burned with irregular marks. I know it sounds funny but it looked like the bottom of a wok. It had no lights and made no sound. My father was a pilot and I know airplanes. I grew up around them. I have never seen anything like this. I have also never really believed in ufos. This was either a secret military craft or from somewhere else. It took me about two weeks to get over seeing it because it really rattled me.

    A week after my sighting, I heard that people had seen orange orbs in Berlin the week before I saw this. This disk flew from horizon to horizon from a small moving dot like a satellite to a disk larger then a CD over my head at about 85 degrees and flew northeast. I was on a rooftop alone and above the city lights. I would estimate it was about 30 meters wide. I found no reports about it anywhere. The next night a friend and I with a video camera looked for it, but nothing.

    It was not reflective and was more matt like. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    India Stadium Size UFO

    Hyderabad, Madhya Pradesh -In latest UFO news from India, on the morning of April 11, 2012 many people witnessed a UFO for couple of hours near Air base in Hyderabad. The Madhya Pradesh State Agriculture Minister photographed a UFO and five separate airlines pilots confirm UFO sighting on January 26, 2011. The stadium size unidentified flying object (UFO) flew over the northeastern sky.

    Russia Flash

    KHABAROVSK -- About 4:00 AM, on April 5, 2012, I was reading books with my son suddenly a very strong gust of wind happened. We approached to the windows. Wind had increased greatly and suddenly huge dark flash swept low over our yard for no more than two seconds. Tree branches were broken off and numerous emergency vehicles responded. Khabarovsk is located in the Russian Far East. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    UK/England Sphere

    PORTSMOUTH -- I was smoking on my balcony facing south when I noticed a bright orange light in the distance on September 19, 2011. As I turned to go back inside the light caught the light seemed to be rising very slowly. There was a growing strange mist or fog forming underneath the light, which was a swirling twisting vortex. Then the fog engulfed the light completely blocking the orange light out, as the funnel of fog continue to rise up and swirl against the starry night sky.

    Around 300 feet I could see the orange light rising up inside the column and light escaping from the top of it with one large orange light and two smaller lights on either side of it. The fog column almost disappeared and the objects looked like cold steam coming downwards, like taking something cold from a freezer.
    I made a mad dash inside to grab my phone from the coffee table and quickly managed to film the object, which to my amazement was heading straight towards me. It flew right over me, no more than about 100 feet off the ground! It was changing shape, with a rectangular orange box hanging underneath, like you see under a zeppelin- with observation windows all around it emitting a dull orange light. The front of the craft had three lights looking like a rolled up tube, almost like a giant ‘n’ shape, but there was definitely more to the craft than just lights.
    It made a hissy dull muffled jet engine sound, but very quiet, it also gave off some sort of steam as it flew over and I could feel some warm on my face and a faint warm/mechanical/engine/machine type smell- but no fumes at all.
    I would like to point out that I do not drink alcohol or take drugs!!
    When I was 14 years old, three school mates and I saw five huge silver spheres high in the sky that would flash, disappear an re-appear miles away for ten minutes. I am 30 years old BTW. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    LONDON -- I was nearing the end of a flight from Calgary, Canada, to London Gatwick Airport on April 22, 2012, and had just turned from flying east along the southern coast to heading north towards the airport. We were around 500 feet+ above the ground when a metallic sphere caught my eye directly below us. It is possible that the object was disc shaped but I was observing it directly from above making it appear spherical and traveling at great speed. It did not have any visible form of propulsion and I observed it for about six seconds. I can guarantee 100% that I was not mistaken for any kind of helicopter or aircraft. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    LONDON – My daughter and I were outside in our garden, and I was playing with my new mobile phone and my daughter pointed at something in the sky. It looked like a disc shaped UFO so I shot this picture without zoom in. This is 100% authentic, footage but ends suddenly as the battery died.
    LONDON -- My son took this photo on his iPhone when flying out of Heathrow Airport on July 14, 2011, on way to Atlanta, USA. He didn't actually notice the craft at the time as he was just taking a snap out of the window shortly after takeoff. The craft must have been seen by crew or passengers. I can supply more details if you are interested. Thanks, Keith and Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Support Earth Changing Research

    I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I could get people interested in getting my work of the last thirteen years. I have put together a DVD of Filer's Files with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings.

    Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter's exciting abduction story by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell has also included much of his excellent dialog for a donation of only $50.

    We also include a year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

    Book Picture.jpg

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    Are Alien Android Servants Watching Us?

    Sumerians and Nibiru

    We have heard descriptions of so called aliens or we have probably seen artists’ impressions. The most common of these is called the “grey alien”.

    Probably the most detailed records of an alien visit, is that of the ancient Sumerians. According to the translations of these writings the aliens came from a planet named Nibiru (also referred to as planet X), and they called themselves the Anunnaki.

    According to these translations by Zecharia Sitchin and Lloyd Pye, the Annunaki told the Sumerians that they had mixed their genes with that of primitive humans which created the modern man. (The Bible says – The Gods made man in their own image and in their likeness).

    Nibiru is said to be a planet in our solar system that orbits the Sun in the opposite direction from other planets and has an elliptical orbit that takes it, at its furthest point, 30,000,000,000 miles away from us.

    What does this have to do with robots?

    The Sumerians had figurines that looked similar to the “grey alien”. However these were not likenesses of the Anunnaki, rather they were the likeness of what the Anunnaki called their “Android Beings”.

    The Anunnaki told the Sumerians that these were their helpers who assisting them in driving and other matters and that they were not “alive”.

    Is it possible that we are a biological experiment of the Anunnaki? If so, then they would want to keep track of our progress. This would be difficult as their planet slipped away into the far reaches of its orbit. Unless of course, they had androids that they could leave behind, close to Earth, to keep a watch on us.

    If this were the case, have the many so called sightings of aliens really been sightings of these robots?

    We know that NASA has looked for signs of life on the Moon and Mars but have they looked for signs of android bases?

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Seth & Co., We Are [Frequently] Out Exploring The Hood! Please Leave A[n Intelligible] Message After The Beep!

    The UFO Bestiary

    You may not see massive UFO exhibits at your local science museum, but there's no dearth of saucer stories infesting my email. Every day I receive several reports of alien sightings, extraterrestrial plans for Earth, and agitated screeds about the reluctance of scientists to take the whole subject seriously. Plenty of people think they have convincing evidence for other-worldly visitors, and they want me to know.

    Allow me to first note that this is a phenomenon worthy of attention. If aliens are really hanging out in our 'hood, it's hard to imagine any other fact more worthy of study. If not, then why does such a large fraction of the populace insist on believing they're here?

    Note that few, if any, of these emails are penned by hoaxers. The correspondents are sincere, and many simply wish to help us in our search for evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Others are ticked off, usually at me.

    It's a fire hose of correspondence, but stepping back a bit from the massive electronic corpus, it strikes me that virtually all of it falls into one of four categories. For the curious and interested, I list these subject areas below, together with a modestly elaborated description of each.

    Sightings. The majority of my UFO diet consists of reports describing suspected encounters. This is not surprising, as there are thousands of sightings annually. The emailer has seen something unusual in the sky that he interprets as probable evidence of alien presence. Unfortunately, it's hard to say much about these stories. After all, I wasn't there.

    I much prefer the photos and videos that are sometimes offered. The UFOs generally appear small, but contrary to frequent assumption, this doesn't prove that they're at high altitude moving at high speed (consider bugs and birds).

    Many of the images are artifacts of photography. One gentleman sent me dozens of nighttime photos of city streets, featuring big, blobby and bright UFOs. But these luminous aliens only showed themselves when there was a street lamp in the shot. I suggested that they were internal reflections in the camera lens, and not alien ships behaving like moths. He disagreed...

    Suggestions. Some people just want to feed the suggestion box. They've got information on how we can do our job better, such as telling us to swing our antennas in the direction of a particular star system where they're sure aliens are awaiting discovery. A favorite suggested target is the star system Zeta Reticuli, a locale made popular by the famous UFO case of Betty and Barney Hill. As it happens, we have examined Zeta Reticuli with our antennas -- not because of Betty and Barney, but because it's close (39 light-years). We didn't hear any Reticulans.

    Other mails ask why we still look for radio signals when advanced aliens would surely communicate via hyperdimensional physics. Whatever that is. Others urge us to tune our receivers to the "frequency of DNA." Whatever that is.

    Strange stuff. Why are we wasting time hunting for signals, say some correspondents, when extraterrestrials have left calling cards all over the planet? Virtually any pointed edifice is considered a candidate for alien engineering. After all, how could the Egyptians or Mayans have possibly stacked up stone blocks into pyramids? The Washington Monument -- also pointy -- is not considered an alien artifact as it was built by Americans who, of course, can manage this sort of project without extraterrestrial contractors.

    Another story I get several times a month is that Homo sapiens is a deliberate creation of other-worldly beings. We're E.T.'s science fair project. The fact that our DNA is 98 percent the same as that of chimps implies that either the aliens must have also created our simian pals, or they were content to make us only very slightly better than what Nature had already served up.

    A final category of strange stuff includes the correspondents who repeatedly claim that they are aliens. I wonder if they enjoy equal protection under the law.

    Slams. While the above correspondence is interesting, it's not particularly unnerving. That cannot be said for those folks who like to excoriate me for being skeptical about alien visitation. They generally argue that the only reasons that few scientists give much credence to the visitation idea are these: (1) The government is keeping all the good evidence under wraps, and (2) Scientists are knee-jerk debunkers, unwilling to take any of this stuff seriously.

    It's hard to believe that the aliens have cleverly arranged things so that only governments can find convincing evidence of their presence. And, of course, if you accept that premise, it follows that all the UFO reports by ordinary citizens are inadequate to establish the truth of aliens-on-Earth (a bummer of a message for organizations like MUFON).

    As for the idea that scientists are either dumb or deliberately mum -- well hey, that's a slur both silly and personally wounding.

    Imagine if Bigfoot enthusiasts blamed their failure to convince zoologists of the existence of these elusive beasts on (1) the state of Washington, which was deliberately covering up the really good evidence, and (2) forest rangers, who were derelict in their duty because they don't relentlessly investigate these hirsute hominids. Would such arguments convince you that Bigfoot was afoot?

    The fact is, if you're certain that our planet is hosting alien visitors, the way to gain acceptance for your point of view is to prove it, not insist that the problem lies with third parties. The blame game is a cop-out.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Monthly Statistical MUFON Report - for April 2012 - deel 1

    Monthly Statistical MUFON Report - for April 2012: deel 1

    CMS continues to amass sighting reports from around the globe. In April 2012 there were 630 sightings reported to MUFON through CMS from the following countries;

    Country Number of Reports
    CANADA 35
    BRAZIL 4
    INDIA 3
    MEXICO 3
    CYPRUS 1
    TUVALU 1
    GREECE 1
       TOTAL: 630

    Within the United States the distribution by State was as follows;

    State Number of Reports
    California 77
    Texas 44
    Pennsylvania 40
    Florida 36
    Michigan 21
    Ohio 19
    Arizona 18
    New York 18
    Tennessee 17
    New Jersey 15
    Colorado 15
    North Carolina 15
    Georgia 14
    Missouri 13
    Oklahoma 12
    Maryland 11
    Indiana 11
    Illinois 10
    Louisiana 8
    Washington 8
    Kentucky 7
    Nevada 7
    Virginia 7
    Massachusetts 7
    West Virginia 7
    South Carolina 7
    Minnesota 7
    Mississippi 7
    Alabama 6
    Oregon 6
    Connecticut 6
    Iowa 5
    New Hampshire 4
    Wisconsin 4
    Wyoming 4
    Alaska 3
    Montana 3
    Utah 3
    Hawaii 3
    Idaho 3
    New Mexico 3
    Maine 2
    Arkansas 2
    South Dakota 2
    Kansas 2
    North Dakota 1
    Delaware 1
    District of Columbia 1

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Monthly Statistical MUFON Report - for April 2012 - deel 2

    Monthly Statistical MUFON Report - for April 2012: deel 2

    If you are getting more sighting reports than listed here, please be sure to enter them manually into CMS. To make this happen automatically, make sure your local MUFON Website is pointing to the CMS Reporting form on and direct all calls you get to the MUFON website so that witnesses can enter their own report directly into CMS.

    ALL sighting reports received by CMS are already filled in by the witness, saving you and your investigators time. Each report is automatically sent to YOU, the State Director and Assistant State Director, for you to assign someone to follow-up and complete the report.

    If a UFO sighting comes in over the phone, or by e-mail, and you want to enter it yourself, simply go to CMS at (once logged in) and click on "ADD CASE" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This gives you a blank sighting reporting form that you can fill out while the witness is on the phone. Once the report is filled out be sure to click "SAVE" and you will have easily added your NEW report to CMS.

    Other interesting data points in CMS during April 2012 are the shape of the UFOs reported which were as follows;

    Shape of Object Number of Reports
    Sphere 164
    Star-like 121
    Circle 104
    Disc 81
    Other 65
    Unknown 61
    Oval 59
    Triangle 55
    Fireball 50
    Square/Rectagular 33
    Flash 28
    Cylinder 24
    Cigar 19
    Boomerang 17
    Bullet/Missile 15
    Diamond 13
    Blimp 10
    Cone 7
    Egg 7
    Saturn-like 6
    Chevron 5
    Teardrop 4
    Cross 1

    as well as the distance from the observer;

    Distance from Witness Number of Reports
    < 100 ft 53
    101-500 ft 69
    501 ft - 1 Mile 160
    Over 1 Mile 147
    Unknown 205
    NO VALUE 12

    Most impressively there were 14 Landings, Hovering, or Takeoffs reported and 0 Entities observed.

    To review the CMS data yourself go to and click on "UFO Case Files" to 1.) Easily look at the Last 20 Sightings, or 2.) Do a customized search of the CMS database by date and/or location, or 3.) Logon to CMS for even more detailed UFO sighting information about your State and the World.

    I hope you are enjoying our new internet based Sighting and Reporting System. For questions regarding its use please refer to the User Guide available on your CMS main menu screen. Please send your questions and/or suggestions to Jan Harzan at

    Thank you!

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mr. & Ms. Right, Pleased 2 Meet U

    Odds of Finding Alien Life Boosted by Billions of Habitable Worlds

    A new estimate of the number of habitable planets orbiting the most common type of stars in our galaxy could have huge consequences for the search for life.

    According to a recent study, tens of billions of planets around red dwarfs are likely capable of containing liquid water, dramatically increasing the potential to find signs of life somewhere other than Earth.

    Red dwarfs are stars that are fainter, cooler and less massive than the sun. These stars, which typically also live longer than Class G stars like the sun, are thought to make up about 80 percent of the stars in the Milky Way, astronomers have said.

    A second look

    Red dwarfs generally have not been considered viable candidates for hosting habitable planets. Since red dwarfs are small and dim, the habitable zone surrounding them — the region where an orbiting planet's surface water can remain liquid — is relatively close to them.

    "The habitable zone would be very, very small. Consequently, the chances that you would actually find any planet at the right distance from the sun to be attractive to life was likely to be small, too," said Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute in Mountain View, Calif. [The Strangest Alien Planets]

    But the study, based on data from the European Space Agency's HARPS spectrograph in Chile, used a sample of 102 red dwarfs to estimate that 41 percent of the dim stars might be hiding planets in their habitable zone.

    "The number of habitats might increase by a factor of 8 or 10," Shostak told

    Difficult environments

    One of the largest concerns about planets circling red dwarfs is radiation. A red dwarf's habitable zone is generally closer to it than Mercury is to our sun, so a planet there would receive a strong shock of particles when storms erupted on the red dwarf.

    "They could essentially give everything on the surface that's exposed to the sky ... a heavy dose of radiation," Shostak said. "It could be fatal."

    However, if the alien planet had a magnetic field, this could provide some protection. So, too, could an ocean of water. Life that evolved beneath an ocean might be shielded from the brunt of the radiation.

    (That's not necessarily good news for SETI, which searches for signals from extraterrestrial life. "We're not sure intelligent life, if under water, will be building radio transmitters and we're going to hear from them," Shostak said. "But it's possible.")

    Another problem with planets tightly bound to their host star is a phenomenon known as tidal locking, in which one side of the world is perpetually turned toward the sun and receiving almost all of the heat.

    But this isn't considered as big of a problem now as it had been.

    For one thing, research over the past few years has indicated that the presence of other planets can ease the grip of the parent star, keeping a planet from being perfectly stagnant.

    Furthermore, if the planet has an atmosphere, it might also boast wind, which could move the hot atmosphere to the dark side and the cool atmosphere to the sunlit side.

    "Clearly, if it's too cold on one side and too hot on the other, somewhere in the middle there's that lovely Goldilocks zone where everybody wants to build their condos," Shostak said.

    Even with these challenges, the sheer influx of tens of billions of potentially habitable planets improves the chances of finding alien life.

    "SETI is looking for Mr. Right or maybe Ms. Right, depending on your point of view," Shostak said. "It helps to find out that there's 10 times as many candidates as there were before."

    Follow for the latest in space science and exploration news on Twitter @Spacedotcom and on Facebook.

    Copyright 2012, a TechMediaNetwork company. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Majestic 12 KDR
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    Majestic 12, Again

    I am sick and tired of having to defend my research on the Majestic 12 documents against false charges . I have had a strong interest since first hearing about 2 of the 3 (of more than 100 that have been trotted out )that I consider genuine way back at the end of 1984. The two were the Eisenhower Briefing Document of November 18, 1952, and page 8 of that document “The Truman Forrestal Memo” of Sept. 24,1947. The third genuine one is the Cutler- Twining memo of June 14, 1954,which wasn’t discovered until July 1985 at the National Archives. I believe after considerable effort that all the other so called MJ-12 documents are phony.  We must distinguish between research by investigation and research by proclamation the standard technique used by MJ-12 debunkers.

    I am particularly concerned by the comments over the years by Dr. Kevin D. Randle. Dr. Randle is a very prolific author, having published at least 100 books (mostly fiction)and many articles .  He has said a lot about Roswell and is convinced  a flying saucer crashed in the New Mexico desert in July 1947.  Much of his writing about MJ-12  relies more heavily on the tools of fiction. Theoretical scenarios  are required to advance the action . Questions of facts and data and evidence don’t come into play.

    I am especially peeved that in his book “Case MJ-12”, Dr. Randle misrepresents my findings and views about Dr. Donald Menzel’s appropriateness for a place on MJ-12 . When people have asked what surprised me the most in my MJ-12 research, I note I was truly shocked that UFO debunker Menzel (a few books and many articles) actually was well qualified. Here is what KDR says in his book “Case MJ-12 ”Friedman writes of Menzel’s”double Life”, that Menzel spoke Japanese for example, was a Navy cryptologist during the second world war, knew John F. Kennedy well enough to call him by his first name was a consultant to the NSA,and that he was nearly chased from government work during a McCarthy challenge to his loyalty”..This is a grossly misleading picture of what I have written. Dr. Randle refers to my ”Final Report on Operation Majestic 12” and my article “The Secret Life of Donald H. Menzel”. In neither nor in my TOP SECRET/MAJIC do I say anything about Menzel speaking Japanese or about knowing Kennedy well enough to call him Jack. I do quote from 1960 letters to Kennedy addressing him as Jack but providing statements to the effect that when they are properly cleared to each other he can tell him more. I  Especially focused on his post world war 2 highly classified work that isn’t even mentioned in two special issues of Sky and Telescope honoring Menzel .. after he died ( and on the 100th anniversary of his birth).

    About Japanese (6th paragraph of 9  denoting why I thought he belonged on MJ-12 “Menzel had learned Japanese during his work on cryptography. He had even taught cryptography before the war and continued as head of Communications Unit No. 1 of the US Naval Reserve in Cambridge after being mustered out.He would have been an ideal person to show the symbols found at Roswell, since he already had the high level security clearance to go with his cryptographic skills and an understanding of an entirely different  symbolic language”.In short the notion that I mentioned his calling Kennedy by his first name and Menzel speaking Japanese is  entirely fictional. Not noted by Dr. Randle was my emphasis on all the statements made by people like Dr. Bush about Menzel being entirely discreet and trustworthy with regard to classified information. Bush was known as the father of compartmentalization   and was well aware of Menzel’s wartime and post war classified activities.

    More misrepresentation  from Dr. Randle includes this statement “..nowhere did he (Friedman)find any mention of MJ-12. There are no marginal notes ,no oblique references, no highly placed correspondence that suggests, mention, identifies or confirms the existence of MJ-12, or Menzel’s connection to it”. This is frankly absurd. There was all kinds of testimony from people as highly placed as Dr. Vannevar Bush that Menzel was extremely discreet about classified matters, and Dr. Randle thinks he would have left classified information lying around? I talked to his secretary and some colleagues.There were no classified items left  in his files at Harvard . . Absence of evidence is not evidence for absence. Of course a number of other  MJ-12 debunkers have tried the same ploy. Karl Pflock, for example, says he couldn’t find any mention of MJ-12 in other documents. If it was as classified as claimed to be, it would have been amazing if there had been.

    I wrote two final reports for a project I did for Aerojet General  Nucleonics under contract to the  USAF. One was unclassified. The other was highly classified.. It is not mentioned in the unclassified report.

    Dr. Randle also makes another fictional  claim “For me, however the “smoking gun” that proved the Eisenhower briefing is a hoax was Roscoe Hillenkoetter’s rank.” After all he was only a rear admiral and would not have called himself Admiral”. Kevin even once asked me to show him some other document on which he signed himself as admiral. There is of course no signature on the EBD! Several military officers including General Exxon)told me they had no trouble with the use of generic ranks (for all the military guys not just Hillenkoetter). Brian Parks a Californian provided me with an example. so my next trip to the Eisenhower Library (The critics seem generally to avoid going to Archives so they can do their research by proclamation rather than investigation)  I found a bunch of mem coms (memorandum of Conversation) written by Ike’s Staff secretary Brigadier General Andrew Goodpaster. He always used generic ranks to list the meeting attendees, including himself as General Andrew Goodpaster. But he signed them Brigadier General. Two different archivists said that was standard practice. .

    Dr. Randle is particularly deceptive when he talks about Questioned Document Examiner Peter Tytell’s findings about the EBD. I had located Tytell years earlier and sent him a copy.Randle say PT said ”And it was just perfect because the whole thing of the 12 pages or however many pages it was. Most of the pages were just blank pages with just five words on them like Top Secret Memo or Appendix A or something like that. ”. Randle unfortunately some how leaves out pages 6 and 7 of the 8 page(not 12) memo. (Only 7 has just  a few words) . Tytel casually noted he thought the typewriter on the TF memo was much later than 1947. Dr. Robert Wood hired Dr. Black a Questioned document examiner who stated the typewriter was a 1940 Underwood. He agreed that the signature had been lifted. I had early on in a trip to the National Archives found a letter from Truman to Bush dated October 1947 which had a very similar signature (I don’t get credit for finding it. Phil Klass is given credit.) The real question that nobody wants to answer is where would a signed copy of the memo have been? Forrestal would have received one, but he died in 1949. Bush and Director of CIA are both mentioned. Probably would have had copies..unsigned. Ike was being briefed on High security matters by the then CIA director Walter Bedell Smith who was now on MJ-12 and probably would have had the briefing typed at CIA. I asked former CIA agent Karl Pflock if the CIA would not have lifted the signature to put it on the TF memo.. Of course.

    I had asked the Truman library if anybody from the  Truman White House was still around. They noted George Elsey who was there all during Truman’s term. I called him and sent him a copy of the documents and called back to ask questions purposely avoiding asking any questions he couldn’t have answered if he had known about MJ-12. He was very helpful. He saw no reason to say the documents were fraudulent, that any of the members would not have been picked by Truman, He said  most things signed by a president are prepared elsewhere, that HST trusted Forrestal and Bush, that the slanted portion of the 24 September date probably meant being in a typewriter twice so that the final date would be appropriate. No quarrel with my notion that because of the period at the end of the date line, that it could have been Bush’s office. It always ended  dates with a period. He told me that James Lay the NSC Exec Sec. worked very closely with Robert Cutler. They sat next to each other at meetings and got copies of all the paperwork from the other. I suggested that Lay wrote the CT memo because he had met with Ike earlier that day at 2:30 and had a phone conversation at 4:30. I had a copy of instructions to Lay from Cutler to keep things moving out of his inbox while Cutler  was in Europe. It took me 2 years to get a copy of a formerly classified note from Lay to Cutler while Cutler was gone indicating he was keeping things moving. Elsey said of course Lay would have prepared a simple memo to Twining. It isn’t signed and there is no /s/ indicating original signed by. This is one of many items I have noted to which the debunkers have not responded. How did a hoaxer know when we didn’t find this out, until years later.. Randle spends little time on the CT memo saying the TOP SECRET Restricted notation on it had to be a fraud because the Ike Library and the Nat. Archives said it wasn’t in use at the time. The GAO in its 400+ page report noted that they had found a number of instances of it in use despite being told that it had not been. They had also been mistaken about the use of Dictation onionskin.I have listed many items which nobody knew.


    Randle even claimed psychically that Ike wouldn’t have needed a briefing  because as Army chief of Staff in 1947 he would have known about Roswell. True ,but he was out of the loop thereafter as President of Columbia University and then in Europe as head of Allied forces trying to work with former enemy Germany to provide a bulwark against the Russians. He had his hands full with matters of great importance. Of course Randle says nothing about Phil Klass paying me 1000$ for providing 10 documents with the same pica type as used on the CT memo Klass had insisted they should have been in elite type.. A copy of his check is of course in my Final Report on Operation Majestic 12 and TOP SECRET/MAJIC which KDR had and references .I would be happy to take on any MJ-12 debunker who has done his homework and some real research instead of proclamations.

    Stanton Friedman


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