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Wil je een videoclip bekijken en stoort het X-files-deuntje jou daarbij. Schakel het  deuntje gewoon uit door in deze kolon, helemaal beneden op de 2 witte balkjes in het blauwe cirkeltje te klikken, tot een pijltje verschijnt. Veel kijk- en luisterplezier en bedankt voor jouw bezoek.

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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandelijks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer's Files #35 2012 - Neil Armstrong dies at 82, Edgar Mitchell Interview, Electro-Optical Space Surveillance Online

    Filer's Files # 35 - 2012


    Disc photo in Department of Soriano, Uruguay on August 22, 2012. 2012

    George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director

    MUFON Eastern Region Director

    August 29, 2012

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    In special reports, this weeks files cover: Astronaut Armstrong Dies, Edgar Mitchell Interview, Mars Curiosity Lands near Tube, Eisenhower Likely Met with ET, President Eisenhower Doodled UFOs, US Power Grid Is Vulnerable, First Recorded UFO Sighting in US, and Hypersonic X-51A Wave Rider.

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

    Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Turkey, and England and Scotland in the United Kingdom, and Uruguay.


    The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.


    I'm writing a new "straight talk" blog about exopolitics, ET technology, contact and culture, and the choices we need to make to evolve (or not) past our current condition.

    Want to contribute?

    Submit your writing!

    Special Reports

    The First Man to Walk on the Moon Astronaut Armstrong Dies

    Only 12 humans have walked on the moon and Neil Armstrong was the first. Neil Armstrong was a soft-spoken engineer who became a global hero when as a steely-nerved pilot he made "one giant leap for mankind" with a small step onto the moon. The modest man who credited others for the feat, died Saturday, from complications resulting from a cardiovascular bypass operation. He was 82. Armstrong

    During the Apollo 11 moon landing, there was a two minute period of radio silence. Astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin saw something else watching them! According to Timothy Good, author of Above Top Secret.

    "HAM radio operators receiving the VHF signals transmitted from Apollo 11 to NASAs Houston headquarters, intercepted the following message which NASA screened from the public in the missing two minutes:

    Mission Control: Whats there ? Mission Control calling Apollo 11.Apollo 11:These babies are huge, sir enormous.Oh, God, you wouldnt believe it! Im telling you there are other space craft out there lined up on the far side of the crater edge theyre on the moon watching us. (Above Top Secret, p. 384.)

    Edgar Mitchell Interview

    Edgar Mitchell was the Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 14

    Edgar MitchellAliens have contacted humans several times but governments have hidden the truth for 60 years, the sixth man to walk on the moon has claimed.

    Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell said he was aware of many UFO visits to Earth during his career with NASA but each one was covered up.

    Dr Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview that sources at the space agency that had had contact with aliens described the beings as little people who look strange to us.

    He said supposedly real-life ETs were similar to the traditional image of a small frame, large eyes and head. Chillingly, he claimed our technology is not nearly as sophisticated as theirs and "had they been hostile", he warned we would be been gone by now.

    Dr Mitchell, along with Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard, holds the record for the longest ever moon walk, at nine hours and 17 minutes following their 1971 mission.

    I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real, Dr Mitchell said.

    It's been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly its leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it.

    I've been in military and intelligence circles, who know that beneath the surface of what has been public knowledge, yes we have been visited. Reading the papers recently, its been happening quite a bit.

    Dr Mitchell, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering and a Doctor of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics claimed Roswell was real and similar alien visits continue to be investigated.

    He told the astonished Kerrang radio host Nick Margerrison: "This is really starting to open up. I think were headed for real disclosure and some serious organizations are moving in that direction.

    Mars Curiosity Lands near Tube -

    Subject: Dr. Richard Buchli D.V.M. Ph.D. write, "An 150 foot wide tube -less than a mile from Curiosity Land Rover."

    The $2.5 billion robotic explorer, the centerpiece of the Mars Science Laboratory mission, landed on the Red Planet August 5, beginning a two-year trek around Mars' Gale Crater. Curiosity probably doesn't have smarts to find Mars signs of life. Curiosity could find organics, but a new set of instruments are likely needed to find 'biomarkers'. Fortunately macrobiotic life was found by both Viking Landers in 1976.

    Mars Life and Roads

    I found "Filer's Files #33" concerning Mars to be extremely interesting. However, not for any reason you might think. This deals with the photographs of those supposed Martian ROADS, BRIDGES , ETC. I seriously doubt that what we are seeing in those photographs are ROADS, BRIDGES,ETC.

      Don't get me wrong, I am now CERTAIN there IS or WAS LIFE ON MARS. I believe what we're seeing in that photograph is nothing less than a FUNGAL COLONY. As you know, fungal growth of the mycelium ( root like structures ) has no set pattern; the mycelium grow in ALL directions, even growing OVER and UNDER other MYCELIUM which IS what I believe you and I are seeing in these series of photographs.

      Now, in case you aren't aware of this, the largest living things on this planet of ours are two or three FUNGI that are the size of cities and in one instance, the size of a county !!

      OK, are you with me so far ?? Well, now just ask yourself how big the mycelium and the fungus could be if grown on a planet with Mars' gravity? IE: A reduction in gravity could mean an enlargement in size. An increase in gravity would probably mean a reduction in size for certain obvious reasons.

    Me personally, I would NOT remove my environment suit while on Mars! --- Thanks to J.T. Davenport ---

    Editors Note: The living body of the fungus is a mycelium made out of a web of tiny filaments called hyphae. The mycelium is usually hidden in the soil, in wood, or another food source. These white road like objects are about 150 feet wide and miles long. Its obvious something unusual is shown in the NASA/JPL photos

    I was viewing the landing panorama from the Curiosity Mars Rover at this location
    I observed rock formations out of curiosity and came across what looks like a human skull


    Thanks to MUFON CMS





    Dr. Steven Greer has teamed up with Emmy Award winning filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka to shoot a new film. Part of the film will be shot in Washington DC in September. This film will include witnesses to the UFO secrecy and explain the connection to Free Energy. (


    Eisenhower Likely Met with ET

    Hon. Henry W. McElroy, Jr. speech:

    Hello, Im speaking with you from Fort Monroe, Virginia.  Were also known as The Gateway to Freedom. We sit right next to a little town called Phoebus, Virginia.  Interestingly, they call themselves The Gateway to the New World. Phoebus sits inside of Hampton, Virginia whose motto is First from the Sea, First to the Stars.

    My name is Henry McElroy, Jr. a retiring, former State Representative from New Hampshire.  Thank you for your attention to this brief message concerning the worlds interaction with both earth-based, and off-world astronauts.

    The reason I am making this announcement is in the hopes of encouraging better perspective to all who explore the universe.  Therefore, as a result, making a more valuable contribution to humanity, for the benefit of all faiths, all races and all nations.

    Another reason I am here today is because I believe in the *foundational wisdom of our nation, which was laid down by our founding fathers and because we know that highly advanced knowledge and information can assist human beings in solving various problems both in current times, and in our future.

    TwoDiscs.jpgWhen I was in the New Hampshire State Legislature, I served on the State Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs committee.  It was, apparently, important that as a Representative of the Sovereign People who had elected me to this Honorable Office, that I be updated on a large number of topics related to the affairs of our People, and our Nation. As I understood it, some of those ongoing topics had been examined and categorized as Federal, State, Local development, and security matters.  These documents related to various topics some of which spanned decades of our nations history. One of those recurring topics is the reason I am addressing you this evening.

    I would like to submit to our nation my personal testimony of one document related to one of these ongoing topics which I saw while in office, serving on the State Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee.

    The document I saw was an official brief to President Eisenhower. To the best of my memory this brief was pervaded with a sense of hope, and it informed President Eisenhower of the continued presence of extraterrestrial beings here in the United States of America.

    The brief seemed to indicate that a meeting between the President and some of these visitors could be arranged as appropriate if desired.

    The tone of the brief indicated to me that there was no need for concern, since these visitors were in no way, causing any harm, or had any intentions, whatsoever, of causing any disruption then, or in the future.

    While I cant verify the times or places or that any meeting or meetings occurred directly between Eisenhower and these visitors - because of his optimism in his farewell address in 1961, I personally believe that Eisenhower did, indeed, meet with these extraterrestrial, off world astronauts.

    I hope my personal testimony will aid the nation in its quest for continued enlightenment. I am honored to follow in the footsteps of those who have come forward with their personal testimonies those who deserve the admiration of the American people for sharing their accounts publicly, in an effort to elevate our knowledge to a higher understanding of our existence. Thanks to Honorable Henry W. McElroy, Jr

    Editors Note: According to researcher Art Campbell, President Eisenhower met with alien visitors at Holloman Air Force Base, NM in February 1955.



    EisenhowerDoodles.jpgEisenhower Frequently Made Doodles of UFOs

    During Presidential meetings Eisenhower often sketched pictures of UFOs.

    I took this photo of his White House Agenda at the Presidential Eisenhower Library and Museum in Abilene, Kansas.

    According to Ted Loder an aid was charged with picking up and destroying the doodle evidence.

    This wrinkled Cabinet Agenda dated December 15, 1953, with Triangle shaped UFOs was put on display in the Eisenhower Museum and I was able to photograph it.






    First Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS) system site operational

    Peterson AFB, Colo. -- As Air Force Space Command approaches its 30th Anniversary on 1 September, an new Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance facility in Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory has gone operational. It is one of three operational sites worldwide. The facility tracks known man made deep space objects in orbit around Earth. (U.S. Air Force photo..

    On 30 July 1982, the first Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS) system site was operational in Socorro, N.M. The system was developed to detect, track, and identify all tasked space objects within its area of coverage. GEODSS performs its mission using a telescope, low-light-level television cameras, and computers. The telescopes are able to "see" objects 10,000 times dimmer than the human eye can detect. This sensitivity allows the system to only operate at night and provide data on deep space objects in orbit from 3,000 to 22,000 miles.

    GEODSS is a vital part of USSTRATCOM's Space Surveillance Network and the Air Force Space Surveillance System (AFSSS), also known as the "space fence". The Network is tasked to provide space object cataloging and identification, satellite attack warning, timely notification to U.S. forces of satellite fly-over, space treaty monitoring and scientific and technical intelligence gathering.

    Editors Note: This system is also capable of tracking UFOs which are known as uncorrelated targets or Fastwalkers. Meaning they are not objects correlated in the data base as known flying objects or debris. I have been told by Air Force personnel that several uncorrelated targets are tracked entering and leaving Earth each week.



    US Power Grid Is Vulnerable

    National security officials claim the U.S. power grid is vulnerable to disruption by electro-magnetic pulses (EMP) from the sun, hackers and computer viruses, digital espionage by China and other countries. Lawmakers have failed to reach consensus amid warnings by experts that the US power grid is vulnerable. The administration made a final push for the Senate legislation, which it says is necessary to protect the nation from a potentially catastrophic cyber attack.

    In August 2003, a series of UFO reports in Ohio were followed by a blackout that left 50 million people in the dark for as long as four days in Canada and the Northe ast US. The blackout provides a glimpse of the havoc a cyber attack could inflict on the nations power grid. The 2003 event was triggered when a power line allegedly touched tree branches in Ohio, and caused losses of $10 billion dollars. Interestingly UFO were photographed in the same area.


    SolarFlare.jpgInternet-based terrorists or electro-magnetic pulses could be capable of causing blackouts "from nine to 18 months" by disabling critical systems such as transformers, said Joe Weiss, managing director of Applied Control Solutions LLC, a Cupertino, California-based security consulting company.

    The sun is entering a cycle of increased sun flare activity and huge flares impacted Earth on March 8-10, and July 12, 2012. was considered one of the largest solar events in years even though its impact on the power grid and communications was minimal due to the angle it hit Earth.

    The upper atmosphere was measured by NASA's SABER (Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometry) instrument orbiting on a satellite. The upper atmosphere heated up, and huge spikes occurred in infrared emission from nitric oxide and carbon dioxide, said Marty Mlynczak, SABER's associate-principal investigator at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. These flares were considered some of the largest solar events in years even though its impact on the power grid and communications was minimal due to the angle it hit Earth.Through the rest of this year and next, the suns X-flares are expected to explode toward their maximum.

    The Sun could also send destructive electro-magnetic pulses (EMP) that could have devastating impact on the electrical grid and satellites. It is probably a good time to store up extra food and water just in case. The world is not ending but there might be some rough times ahead.
    The Suns increased activity not only affects the atmosphere, but will likely bring more wars and revolution. There appears to be correlation between solar activity and psychotic outbreaks of mass insanity on Earth.
    Utilities have become more exposed to hackers and cyber terrorists as they replace older equipment with digital devices and the electrical grid becomes more interconnected. Energy companies have to increase their investment in computer security more than seven-fold to reach an ideal level of protection. Thanks to NASA

    First Recorded UFO Sighting in U.S.

    In March 1639, America's first recorded UFO was sighted late one night over the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts. Lights sped back and forth across the Charles River from Back Bay Fens to Charlestown. Governor John Winthrop made an entry in his journal regarding this strange event. This account was later published in The Journal of John Winthrop, 1630-1649 (John Harvard Library) The witness and incident were described as follows:

    "One night in March of 1638 or 1639, James and two companions boarded a little boat and set out for a trip on the Muddy River in Boston. The three men were moving downstream for about a mile when a huge bright light hovering in the sky. The light "flamed up" as it hovered and appeared to be about "three yards square." As they watched, the light "contracted into the figure of a swine" and moved "swift as an arrow" in the direction of Charlton [Charlestown]. For two or three hours, the unidentified light moved back and forth in the sky between Everell's location and Charlton. When the light finally disappeared, the men noticed to their dismay that they had somehow been carried against the tide back to the place where they had started their trip! Governor Winthrop noted, "Divers and other credible persons saw the same light!"

    Governor Winthrop appears to have been puzzled by the occurrence, devoting no less than two separate notes about it in the index to his history. The first merely gives a lengthy rendering of the sobriety and piety of the primary witness James Everell ("a good man of reputation, activity and good estate") and another detailed note speculating whether the sighting was due to "demonic influences" or was ghost lights.

    The witness also claims that their small boat was pushed back against the tide about one mile that could be a "lost time" phenomena? NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

    Special thanks to Phantoms and

    The Hypersonic X-51A Waverider

    The hypersonic X-51A WaveRider belongs to the US military and uses a revolutionary scramjet engine to reach 4,500 mph within seconds.

    The X-51A Waverider is designed to ride on its own shockwave, accelerating to about Mach 6 . This Thunderbirds-style aircraft could be the future of long-haul flights.

    A trip across the Atlantic from London to New York would take the plane just one hour, travelling at five times the speed of sound. The craft is dropped from a B52 bomber over the Pacific Ocean in its latest test.

    It will be flown from Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert in California, attached to the bombers wing.


    Scramjets are 'air breathing' aircraft because rather than carrying both fuel and the oxygen needed to provide acceleration, they carry only hydrogen fuel and 'pull' the oxygen needed to burn it from the atmosphere.

    The flight of the waveriderAir is forced into the front of the engine and as hydrogen is injected into the airstream, the gases are compressed causing the temperature to rise and ignition to occur. This generates huge amounts of thrust and enables the jet to travel at speeds far in excess of the 1,350mph top speed of Concorde.

    The jet will then be dropped from almost 50,000 feet near the Point Mugu promontory. A rocket booster will ignite and speed it up to about Mach 4.5 and, if all goes well, the aircrafts engine will take over from there, pushing the speed to more than Mach 6 and lifting the craft to 70,000 feet.

    The mission will last 300 seconds the longest the craft has ever flown to date. After the historic test, the plane will crash into the sea, and there are no plans to recover it.

    Hypersonic flight which relates to speeds of more than five times the speed of sound is seen as the next step for aircraft. Attaining sustained hypersonic flight is like going from propeller-driven aircraft to jet aircraft, according to Robert Mercier, Air Force Research Laboratory. Hypersonic flight is a potential frontier for aeronautics. "

    The project is being funded by NASA and the Pentagon.

    Read more:

     UFO Sightings in the United States

    Arizona Pulsating Light

    Buckey I walked outside at 4:58 am on August 28, 2012, and looked to the SE and saw an object high in the sky. It was stationary and pulsating with the different colors. My wife and I observed the object until 5:07 am. For 45 minutes it could be observed by the naked eye, but as the sun rose the object maintained a pulsating action. I'm not sure if it was the brightness of the sun or it moved away, but couldn't find it after 5:07 am. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    California Lights


    Windsor On August 10, 2012, I saw lights colored red, blue and green. The

    motion of the lights was fast and they were going in a circle.

    Thanks to William Puckett, Director


    Vacaville -- I have been filming the last two weeks and this is just one of the many photos I have. This photo was on taken on the August 24, 2012, about 7 AM. I have four hours of video clips, taken with my phone cam from August 9th to date. I saw groups of four to ten at a time.

    Note: Little is known about the photos sent by the witness. Even the date of the sighting is not known for sure. Analysis indicates that the photos have been edited..

    Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Florida Disc

    Treasure Island -- We attend a drum circle most Sunday nights and my husband was "tagged" in some photos on Facebook. In two of the photos on August 19, 2012, you can clearly see what appears to be an object in the sky-maybe 300 feet? If you zoom in, it is amazingly clear. Thanks to MUFON CMS




    Illinois Lights

    HUDSON -- I was out photographing some strangely lit clouds to the west on August 15, 2012. I

    I took a couple of long exposure pictures of the new wind turbines with lights in the background. I'm scanning the eastern sky at just before 9:30 pm, and see a white solid light real close to the horizon.



    I see lights on approach to the local airfield six miles away that vanish lower into the corn field. Barely visible they began moving south again and slowly fade. It reappears higher in the sky, sits there, vanishes, reappears and maneuvers behind the corn stalks. Then it pops straight up, and sits there when I got this photo. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    FISHERS --At 6 am on August 25, 2012, I was star gazing, and saw southeast of us a star pulsating white, red and green lights. We had gotten up to let the dogs out. I grabbed my camera and could see the colors more vividly using it. I reviewed my pictures on my computer you can see the different colors. The object was finally lost to cloud cover. Thanks to MUFON CMS



    Kentucky Lights

    Totz -- Looking up on August 28, 2012, I saw a white, star-like object moving very quickly in the sky. It was a solid bright point of light while around it was four other slow-moving objects that had the red/green flasher of common aircraft.
    After the point of light disappeared the other four craft stayed in the area for ten minutes of slow maneuvering before flying off. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    New Jersey Sightings

    Brick -- On August 18, 20012, my daughter spotted an object in the sky about 7500 feet on a partly cloudy day floating from the Garden State Parkway around exit 91 towards Route 70, southeast to the ocean below Mantoloking beaches.

    It was odd shaped almost the size of two school buses side by side wide, definitely metallic with red and greenish orange coloring possibly from the sun. I started to take video of it but I was shaking and kept on losing sight of it. No wings were visible.

    It was not a normal aircraft. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Hamilton Square -- I was coming out of Charlie Browns Restaurant on August 24, 2012, with my girlfriend and spotted an object in the sky not leaving a jet trail followed by an object leaving a jet trail. The first object was moving faster than the following object. We live close to McGuire Air Force Base and there are jets in the sky all the time. I tried to take a video with my IPhone but I wasn't able to zoom in before the first object disappeared. Thanks, Scott C.

    atsion lake -- On August 16, 2012, my wife, daughter and granddaughter were driving north on Route 206 in Shamong Township at 8:40 pm. We approached Atsion Lake to see three bright lights in triangular form. It banked toward the highway then turned to avoid the road and continued toward us just off the highway at tree top height doing about 45 mph. The lights were so intense we were not to be able to see the objects real shape. That area is very dark with no lighting. The three lights were very bright and pointed down so I realized they were not landing lights. We saw a smaller red blinking light near the center. As it passed us over it was silent. I could not follow it because there are no roads through the forest.

    My wife and I over 50 years ago had a sighting in Delran, NJ of four red lights that maneuvered in the sky. Then shot out of sight. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Ohio Lights

    Brook Park On August 18, 2012, I was standing outside my apartment talking on the phone for about 30 minutes when this orb comes over my building. I was with my mother and we knew it was out of place as we live close to the airport.

    This was brighter, different color, much lower, much slower than it should be. I quickly ran inside and grabbed my iPad 3 to record a video. About 20 seconds had elapsed from when I first spotted it. The object was redish orange, that almost looked like it was on fire. I called for my girlfriend to come outside and see it as well, which she jokingly asked "is that a plane on fire?" The sighting lasted for about 2 minutes. Its flight path from my point of view was from South East to South / South West. I was able to get 1 video that lasted about 1 minute before I ran out of storage space. I quickly cleared up some more space and shot another 45 seconds or so. The second footage shows the object ascend greatly into the sky, rather quickly too. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Texas Lights

    Spring On August 10, 2012, I walked outside to close the garage door and looked up at 11 PM, at a large flashing-pulsating object in the southern sky. I observed planes moving through the sky near the object. The object stayed stationary and was close enough for me to see many brilliant lights flashing from the object. The object was as large as a large passenger plane flying near the object. I notified my neighbors who also saw the object. All of us agreed it was doubtful to be a drone or plane.

    The object moved very slowly and I notified the police and an officer came out and also observed the object. He shined his flashlight at the object as well but there was no response. I was able to take some video as the object did not leave the area for nearly two hours. When the object moved south it looked like a large pulsating orb. Thanks to MUFON CMS


    MILANO -- This morning at 05:20 AM, on July 14, 2012, I was riding in the front seat as a passenger coming back from a gig in Brazoria, Texas. We were traveling on State highway 36 going northwest just out of Milano. Steve, the driver, and I saw lights on a tower a mile away.


    As we got closer, the lights were suspended over the road on a pentagon shaped object with bright center light. The five other lights were located close to the end of each corner. All the lights were white and pulsated once a second. We could see that the dull black object 20-30 feet across with a surface with seams or vents. It hovered 30 feet over the road as we passed underneath. We saw it fade in the rear view mirror as we drove farther away. NOTE: The above image is a rendering by the witness.  Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

    Virginia Disc

    BRISTOL -- I was driving home on West State about 10:45 PM, on August 21, 2012, and saw a bright object in the sky. I live on the Virginia Tennessee state line but the object was on the Virginia side. As I drove further down the road, the light in the sky got brighter. As I got closer to the light, it seemed to change direction rather easily like a helicopter. I stopped at a traffic light and watched the red light descending, it stopped and just hovered there for a moment and changed direction, and then it stopped again and abruptly changed direction again. I drove rather slow down the road and was literally right underneath it with my head out the window.

    It was an oval/disk shaped object that was surrounded by lights flying low and silently. The lights surrounding the object were of a reddish/orange color and the underside was a slightly different color than the night sky.

    Traffic got behind me and I had to speed up, and it was quickly gone. NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

    On August 21, 2012, I was driving down the road and saw a large football field size cigar shaped object. It didnt make a sound. It was cigar shaped came down. I know it was the most life changing experience one could have. PS I got a GREAT PICTURE but big brother might not like me showing it. Thanks to MUFON CMS




    Washington Orange Lights Over Cruise Ship

    Puget Sound/Seattle It was the last night of our eight days Alaska cruise on August 9, 2012, aboard Royal Caribbeans Rhapsody of the Seas. We were sailing from Victoria, BC to Seattle at 11:30 PM. I was sitting with my wife and a friend chatting when all the teenagers jumped up from their seats and lined up the windows, looking out at a craft with bright orange lights hovering over the front of the ship. I ran quickly up to deck 10 and saw a craft with three bright orange lights forming a triangle. Inside the triangle are smaller circulating lights forming a circle. The craft was silent 3 to 6 miles from us, flying between 4,000 to 7,000 feet.

    It hovered for ten minutes and I was convinced it wasnt an aircraft. I called my friend in his stateroom and asked him to bring up his Nikon DX camera.

    The friend came up to deck 10 ten minutes later and took several photos with his S Nikon 55-200mm lens. Finally, around 1:30 AM the object moved inland after numerous people observed it. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Mcnary Dam and Hydroelectric Power PROJECT. I was outside of Plymouth, on a sandy beach on Washington side of the Columbia River lying on my back watching for shooting stars while my two friends were skinny dipping. I observed a bright light moving very fast coming from the south crossing over the Columbia River. It was faster than any aircraft flying directly over me, and flashed an amber color as I made out a faint triangular shape. The one light flashed to three lights then back to one bright white light. It hovered for ten seconds, then disappeared, and reappeared in a different part of the sky. It flew northwest for 30 seconds and disappeared completely. My podcast stopped playing and my phone was completely dead that I had just charged. 

    Editors Note: There are numerous reports of the craft drawing electrical energy from various batteries and power sources such as this hydroelectric dam.

    Worldwide Sightings

    Canada Lights

    Manning Park, B. C. -- I was camping alone, looking for gold, and settled down for the night just outside of a huge area of wilderness. Around 1 AM, I went walking near the Silkameen River where gold was found in the 1880's gold rush. The moon was full when I took pictures at the end of August, 2009. I went back to my campsite and soon went to bed and had strange dreams. Recently, I was looking through my old camping shots, and discovered this strange object hovering in a tree about 200 foot B.C. evergreen. About a dozen circles appeared. It's a clear shot of a stationary craft from another world..

    I think wonderful things are going to happen soon, and well know why aliens are so interested in our world. Thanks to Dana Fitzgerald.

    Israel Orange to off White Objects.

    Tel Mond
    -- There were between 13 to 16 craft moving around the sky to the south on August 18, 2012 at 11:55 PM. They moved to the east then back south again. We left after about an hour and an half. They still hadn't gone. There was no noise. It was most definitely not Israeli Fighter jets or helicopter's or civil aviation.

    Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    New Zealand Object

    WINTON, SOUTHLAND -- Went outside to take photo of stars and upon review of photo seen the strange object on August 1, 2012.

    I looked up and it was changing direction and going fast. Upon editing of images I made out proper outline and shape. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Turkey Red Objects

    Izmir -- The case was observed in city on August 22, 2012, around 9:00 PM, I was resting on my balcony while watching sea in front of me when I noticed a blinking red star-like object. I thought that it was a scout airplane, since we've got a military airfield nearby. Then I saw two more with less colorful red star-like objects around them almost 60 in number. They carelessly moved in a flock. They're like sheep herd strolling through the sky in large numbers which shocked me. They didn't disappear suddenly but I lost sight of them as they flew away on the horizon.

    I witnessed the same sort of the flock on August 17, 1999 in Izmit, Turkey on the night of the big earthquake when 150 thousand people lost their lives. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    UK/England Lights

    MANCHESTER On August 18, 2012, my girlfriend was at home looking out of her window when she saw three stationary blinking red lights. She phoned me tried to rationalize the sighting. There were no stars visible, so whatever she was seeing were not stars. 

    I raced 15 miles over to see the lights resembling sparkler fireworks under the objects. A third object came in from the west, and then just stopped in an instant and was stationery over the other two lights. They hovered there for 20 minutes and 'blinked out' in an instant a few moments before I arrived. 

    Later, I was driving home when a bright object appeared from the west travelling twice the speed of a jet and much brighter than any aircraft approaching Manchesters busy airport. The object had constant luminosity and was flying low. Half way across the sky we lost sight of it as it faded out. It was three times brighter than anything else in the sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    London -- There was one black/grey, curved-triangular shaped vehicle in the sky. It was going around 4 xs faster than your average airplane. It had two white lights either horizontally and two smaller ones in the middle, vertically. It's a very dark night (it was 2:09 am) and was neither 100% not a plane nor a star, I am 100% confident this was in fact a UFO sighting. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Scotland Red Lights

    I was at home alone, sitting in my room on the computer and saw two blinking red lights in the eastern sky. At first, I assumed they were coming from an aeroplane, but then the lights moved farther apart. I moved to the window to get a better look, and the lights were strips of red light. They were very agile; changing speeds, moving past each other then the light in front would stop and hover for a few moments until the other had reached it. They were changing elevation and direction quickly, and looked as if there were circling each other for a second. I lost sight of the objects as they moved to the northeast. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Uruguay Flying Object

    Department of Soriano -- I took a picture from the top of a water tank of an object moving southbound toward Oeste on August 22. 2012. The photo was taken at 6:24 PM, I did not see the object when taking the picture I saw nothing.


    Thanks to MUFON CMS



    UFO Conferences

    • The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce its 5th annual 2012 Fall UFO Conference to be held Friday night September 28 and all day Saturday and Sunday.

      The location will be the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel, 400 Oxford Valley Road, Langhorne, PA 19047 (215) 269-3417.

      Speakers are Stephan Bassett, Grant Cameron, Karyn Dolan, Richard Dolan, Frank Feschino, Stan Gordon, Mark Passio, Peter Robbins, Rob Swiatek, Sue Swiatek, John Ventre, and Travis Walton,

      Register Now! 724 836 1266

    Support Earth Changing Research

    I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I could get people interested in getting my work of the last thirteen years. I have put together a DVD of Filer's Files with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings.

    Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter's exciting abduction story by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell has also included much of his excellent dialog for a donation of only $50.

    We also include a year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

    Book Picture.jpg

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Moby Dick, It's Your Turn Now!

    The Real Roswell Debris

    We’ve always suggested that UFO researchers should be looking at The United States Navy, instead of the Air Force, as the source for useful UFO information.

    The Office of Naval Research, which began working with balloons for atmospheric flights in 1946, and created Project Helios which morphed into Skyhook, which produced the balloon sighting that killed Captain Thomas Mantell.

    Helios conducted various flights from around the country.

    The Air Force’s Project Moby Dick used much of the Navy’s groundbreaking Helios research to send aloft balloons of its own prototypical creation, most in and around Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico.

    The actual venue for the balloon research was The Balloon Test Squadron at the Holloman Air Development Center

    One of those large, polyethylene balloons came down in Roswell’s backyard in July 1947, providing debris from its gondola payload that Mac Brazel collected, in part, and stored in a shed on the farm where he worked.

    Here’s a photo of the gondola-type that Brazel gathered pieces from: 



    Concentration on the Mogul balloon project has diverted UFO researchers from the Moby Dick balloon crash and recovery.

    If researchers altered there obsession with Mogul and concentrated on the Moby Dick flights for the Roswell time-frame, they’d find enough evidence to suggest that the Roswell story is a confluence of balloon mishaps and egregious mythmaking by UFO researchers in 1978 onward.

    Project Moby Dick is the backdoor to the Roswell explanation. That it has been overlooked by UFO radicals is intellectually shameful.

    N.B. Material here culled from Colliers magazine [June 11th, 1954, Page 50 ff: A Report on Our ‘Flying Saucer’ Balloons by Charlotte Knight]


    28-08-2012 om 23:56 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Joe Public, Please Go Away! I Have A Drab Desk Job To Do!

    From the annals of Britain’s UFO Desk

    In May of 2006, at a little past 7 in the evening, an odd thing happened in the English seaside town of Hastings. As a government report put it shortly afterwards: “Two witnesses thought they saw an alien outside their kitchen window.” And that was that. No abductions. No probes. Just a fleetingly interrupted cup of tea.

    This Close Encounter of the Brief Kind is among the many UFO-related reports contained in 6,700 pages of documents recently declassified by Britain’s Ministry of Defence, or MoD, the latest batch of 50,000-plus pages that have been made public since 2008. The documents represent three decades of paperwork generated by a branch of the MoD known as DI55—or, informally, the UFO Desk—which was responsible for investigating the hundreds of sightings reported in Britain each year. Before it was disbanded for budget reasons in 2009, after 50 years in existence, the UFO Desk amassed one of the world’s most comprehensive public records of potential alien activity, making it a treasure trove for those who study and theorize about the topic.

    Or not.

    The United Kingdom’s National Archives, which published the reports on its website, has worked hard to play up the wow factor—publicity material includes mentions of “faceless humanoids,” “alien tourism,” and “Tony Blair.” But if you take the time to go through these papers, it gradually becomes clear that there is very little in the way of genuine intrigue here. The most compelling thing about the documents, in fact, is how profoundly, clerically drab they are—a monumental testament to the power of bureaucracy to suck the life out of the farthest reaches of the universe.

    “This was not ‘Men in Black’,” says Nick Pope, a journalist and author who worked the UFO Desk between 1991 and 1994. “We did not have gadgets that could wipe people’s memory after a UFO sighting. Neither was it ‘X-Files.’ There was no creeping around dark warehouses with torches and guns. It was a desk job.” When asked whether it was at least an interesting desk job, Pope laughs. “Erm, ooh,” he says. “Most of the time, no.”


    It seems astonishing that one of the most enduring mysteries of modern times should be reduced to a flurry of stolid paperwork, but the British do have a special talent for this sort of thing. And, to be fair, the vast majority of sightings were not exactly Spielbergian. A good many of them, in fact, were just daffy. “Having lived for over 60 years in this area, and have seen many things round and about,” goes a typical query, “I wonder if you can shed any light on the odd movements going on in the skies.”

    The UFO Desk had a standard form letter for odd movements in the skies, which explained, in the kind of fraughtly patient tones you might use with a persistent child, that the MoD was only interested in reports containing “evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom,” that not a single UFO report so far had revealed such evidence, that “rational explanations” could be found for the most mysterious sightings, and that the MoD did not have the time, the money, or the inclination to investigate this particular sighting any further. Or, in other words, “Go away.”

    Internal memos, meanwhile, tended to be finger-drumming, eye-rolling affairs. Upon hearing from a resident of Peckham, South London, who’d waited two-and-a-half decades to report a “strange event” (“a bright star like object almost directly overhead”) an investigator wrote to his colleagues: “I suspect that as it’s 25 years ago, getting hold of any records would be a trifle difficult.” The investigator eventually sent the man a letter saying: “This may take a little time.” (I could find no trace of further correspondence.)

    According to Pope, the real job of the UFO Desk was not to look for evidence of little green men, but to look for evidence of secret terrestrial weaponry. “I had a little joke,” he says. “I’d always say that we were more focused on Moscow than Mars.” Occasionally, the desk guys would get something that had promise, something from a “credible witness” (that is, someone in uniform), something that warranted a further look from the wonks and generals. They’d send it upstairs, then never hear about it again.

    If the MoD was interested in getting to the bottom of whether any of the UFOs represented real alien visitations, it didn’t show it. Certainly, the ministry did not heap resources upon the effort. When Pope worked there, the UFO Desk amounted to just that: a desk (“It was me and an admin assistant”). The pay grade for the job was D, just above the tea lady. And still the procurement people sent out ill-tempered memos about money and manpower, the wastefulness of addressing the concerns of a woman who’d seen “a flash from the corner of her eye.”

    To make things worse, very often the desk guys agreed. “About 99 percent of the time, what you had was someone reporting lights in the vicinity of an airport, which was clearly a waste of time and money,” Pope says. “There was some frustration, wanting to get Joe Public off your back so you could get down to the more interesting cases. If 99 percent was John Smith seeing aircraft lights and 1 percent was Flight Lieutenant Smith seeing something exotic from the cockpit of his fighter jet, obviously you were more interested in the flight lieutenant.”

    Britain, like America, has a small but vocal contingent of conspiracy theorists, those who feel that the government is committed to an elaborate, ongoing scheme to hide the truth about UFOs. These documents, however, do not portray the desk guys as imperious Keepers of the Information; they show men who are every bit as eager for a hit as the theorists are. Further, they often reveal a similar degree of frustration at the lack of progress. “If at any stage in the future [UFOs] are shown to exist, then there is the potential for severe embarrassment,” wrote one disgruntled civil servant. “We can justifiably be asked how we could receive so many reports and ignore them.”

    If the desk guys were guilty of anything, it was to succumb to the endless avalanche of frivolous or muddle-headed sightings, which bred a kind of bored detachment. Generally, the notations on the MoD’s standardized reports tend to be extremely terse. In one characteristic example, an object’s color is described as “quite yellow.” In another, it seems the investigator could barely bring himself to lift up his pen. Under the all-important category “Description,” he has written: “Just said UFO.”

    You can sympathize with these people. Here they were doing what was supposed to be an important job, and they spent the majority of it poring over phrases like “A space vehicle oval in shape,” “An object that was military shaped,” “A big flying object, looked like a glider,” “Two objects that looked like stars,” “A dot in the sky that did not look like an airplane,” and “I was on my way to the petrol station as I had run out of cigarettes when I noticed the Light in the sky. It started to move in the direction of Hull.”

    This final example points to a fundamental, possibly fatal problem for all UFO investigators. In a briefing written shortly before a 1979 House of Lords debate on the subject, an MoD staffer asked why alien life forms would even want to visit an “insignificant planet” circling an “uninteresting star.” This question becomes more pertinent still when alien life forms have journeyed across the void to lurk over the household of a Mrs. Woodward of Bexley Heath.

    The irony was not lost on the UFO Desk. “We’d have competitions to see who received the most bizarre and surreal letters,” says Pope. “We’d go to the archives trying to find good ones.” He adds, “People used to write funny comments in the margins, which is a real civil servant thing to do. I remember we had one guy saying he’d observed a UFO through his French windows and someone had written, ‘Snob.’”

    The default mood at the desk, however, was grumpy. In 1998, an officer filed a report about a man driving in a car who’d claimed to have seen an ovular object a quarter of a mile in length, with three green windows eight feet apart (think about that). “He’d been drinking but did not sound drunk,” the officer wrote. “He changed his story a couple of times and repeated himself several times.” In response, somebody had pencilled in the margin: “A ‘reliable’ witness? Who ‘filtered’ this?”

    The thing that really got the desk guys steaming were the believers, those who saw every bureaucratic shrug as a form of organized obfuscation. One of the more enduring controversies concerned alleged military activity around the site of some crop circles in southwest England, close to a place called Middle Wallop. The theorists had given the incident a name, “Operation Blackbird,” and over nearly two decades launched a barrage of queries and insinuations. In 2006, somebody sent the MoD what they said was video footage of the incident, and somebody on the desk snapped.

    “Since the video is allegedly taken in the Wiltshire area, which is home to various military bases, it is entirely possible that individuals did see soldiers skulking in bushes,” an internal memo stated. “The leap that was made to it being part of an operation to study crop circles is probably in line with the logic of UFO buffs who believe that everyone takes their hobby as seriously as they do.”


    Occasionally in these documents, you stumble across a moment where politics intrudes on the proceedings—and here the desk was forced to proceed with slightly more delicacy. When a member of Parliament named Bill Cash reported a sighting in 1988—complete with sketches of the “two perfect triangles” he’d seen zipping over his garden—an investigator responded politely that Cash had probably seen airplanes flying into Birmingham Airport, “which was exceptionally busy at the time.”

    And the desk kept an eye on what other branches of the military establishment were saying, too. The documents included copies of correspondence between a freelance writer and the editor of RAF News, the magazine for the Royal Air Force. Responding to a story pitch from the writer—a withering rebuttal of a UFO conspiracy theorist—the editor wrote: “This UFOlogist is of course the Earl of Clancart....I feel our political masters would think it improper if the RAF News should be too rude about him.” So, the editor suggested, how about “letting the idiocy of the Earl’s ideas speak for themselves.”

    It’s this sort of thing, most likely—the vast tracts of embarrassing detail—that kept the MoD from releasing these files until now. Which, for the UFOlogists, is the worst news of all. There are no secret sites contained in these documents, no brilliant subterfuge. As Pope points out, the diehards will say all the best stuff has been tucked away out of sight, but this particular theory doesn’t explain the stuff that is here. You cannot feign this sense of futility and frustration. Not over so many years.

    “Despite what the conspiracy theorists claim, there was no coverup, we never did have an alien spaceship hidden away in a hangar,” says Pope. “It would be more exciting if this was the case, but it isn’t.”

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Carl [Sagan], Put The Lid On It!
    Michio Kaku Alien Life Top Secret UFO Coast To Coa

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer's Files #34 2012 - US Space fleet "Solar Warden", Revelations of the Mayans- DEEL 1
    Filer's Files # 34 - 2012


     John Lenard Walson Astronomer photos of spacecraft 

    George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director
    MUFON Eastern Region Director

    August 22, 2012

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    In special reports, this weeks files cover: Sightings Increase, Maya Had Contact with Aliens, NASAs Kepler Mission Confirms Its First Planet in Habitable Zone, Stargate or Star Wars? Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS), Modern Ghost Rocket Search, Mississippi River Is Drying Up As Food Prices Continue To Surge, and Mars UFO

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas.

    Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Republic of the Congo, El Salvador, Jamaica, Russia, and England in the United Kingdom.


    The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.


    I'm writing a new "straight talk" blog about exopolitics, ET technology, contact and culture, and the choices we need to make to evolve (or not) past our current condition.

    Want to contribute? Submit your writing!


    The Extravagantly Perilous Art of Navigation for UFOs


    Special Reports

    Question Everything

    In July MUFON and the National UFO Reporting Center had over 2000 sighting reports.

    Maya Had Contact with Aliens

    MEXICO CITY A new documentary about Mayan civilization proves they made contact with extraterrestrials. "Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond," proves that Mayans had contact with extraterrestrials. Producer Raul Julia-Levy told WWN that the evidence is "overwhelming," and the Mexican government is backing him up.

    "Mexico will release codices, artifacts and significant documents with evidence of Mayan and extraterrestrial contact, and all of their information will be corroborated by archaeologists," said Julia-Levy, son of actor Raul Julia. Augusto Garcia Rosado, the minister of tourism for the Mexican state of Campeche, said new evidence has emerged "of contact between the Mayans and extraterrestrials, supported by translations of certain codices, which the government has kept secure in underground vaults for some time."

    He also referenced "landing pads in the jungle that are 3,000 years old."

    Raul-Julia claims there is proof that the Mayans intended to lead the planet for thousands of years, but were forced to escape after an invasion by "men of dark intentions," leaving behind evidence of an advanced race. "The Mexican government is not making this statement on their own — everything we say, were going to back up," he said.

    "The message of the film is crucial to human survival," Julia-Levy said.

    When Julia-Levy, producer Ed Elbert and co-producer Sheila McCarthy announced the Mexican cooperation with their documentary to they were circumspect about claims of alien contact, with Julia-Levy admitting hed been ordered not to say anything about it.

    The Guatemalan government was also skeptical but allowed filmmakers access to previously unexplored sections of a Mayan site at Calakmul. (Shown here)

    The Guatemalan government changed its tune, and joined the project, giving access to artifacts and newly discovered prophecies.  "We believe for certain that aliens worked with the Mayans," said Guatemalan arts minister, Jose Rosado.

    "Guatemala, like Mexico, home to the ancient yet advanced Mayan civilization has also kept certain provocative archeological discoveries classified, and now believes that it is time to bring forth this information in the new documentary," Guatemalas minister of tourism, Guillermo Novielli Quezada, said in a statement.

    He said the country was working with filmmakers "for the good of mankind."

    Raul-Julia claims that the order to cooperate came directly from the countrys president, Alvaro Colom Caballero.

    "Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond" is due for a theatrical release in late 2012, before the end of the Mayan calendar. While doomsday scenarios focus on the calendar ending on December 21, 2012, many scholars point out that it simply resets for another 5,126-year cycle on that date.

    NASAs Kepler Mission Confirms Its First Planet in Habitable Zone

    NASAs Kepler mission has confirmed its first planet in the "habitable zone," the region where liquid water could exist on a planets surface. Kepler also has discovered more than 1,000 new planet candidates, nearly doubling its previously known count. Ten of these candidates are near-Earth-size and orbit in the habitable zone of their host star. The newly confirmed planet, Kepler-22b, is the smallest yet found to orbit in the middle of the habitable zone of a star similar to our sun. The planet is about 2.4 times the radius of Earth. Scientists dont yet know if Kepler-22b has a predominantly rocky Earthlike.jpgcomposition like Earth but its discovery is a step closer to finding Earth-like planets.

    Two other small planets orbiting stars smaller and cooler than our sun recently were confirmed on the very edges of the habitable zone, with orbits closely resembling those of Venus and Mars. "This is a major milestone on the road to finding Earths twin," said Douglas Hudgins, Kepler program scientist at NASA Headquarters. "Keplers results continue to demonstrate the importance of NASAs science missions, which aim to answer some of the biggest questions about our place in the universe."

    Kepler requires at least three transits to verify a signal as a planet.

    "Fortune smiled upon us with the detection of this planet," said William Borucki, Kepler principal investigator at NASA Ames Research Center. Thanks to NASA Kepler 22b

    Titan Life

    NASA scientists discuss the possibility of life on Saturns largest moon, Titan. The Cassini spacecraft has been orbiting Saturn and capturing its moons since 2004. Titan was a major focus of the mission because it has a significant atmosphere and indications of water on its surface. That atmosphere is rich in organic compounds, including methane and other hydrocarbons, so while the moons frigid temperatures preclude any sort of life as we know it. It is thought to offer hints about what a planet might look like before biology takes hold. Investigators have considered an alternate form of life could exist with liquid methane taking the place of water in cells and other biological parts. Titan is just the sort of place its theoretically conceivable and life might thrive.

    NASA astrobiologist Chris McKay and others suggested that if such "methanogens" existed, their collective metabolism could lead to lower levels of ethane and acetylene in Titans atmosphere than youd normally expect, and a net migration of hydrogen down onto the surface, where the methanogens would theoretically be sucking it in as food. Its the same kind of clue that might pique the interest of aliens if they noticed the fluctuations of carbon dioxide in our own atmosphere as the changing seasons lead to more and less leaf coverage and greater or lesser CO2 uptake.

    The CassiniHuygens mission in 2004, discovered liquid hydrocarbon lakes in the satellite's Polar Regions. The surface is geologically young; although mountains and several possible croyovolcanoes have been discovered that may provide the heat for life. The atmosphere of Titan is largely composed of nitrogen, with methane and ethane clouds and nitrogen-rich organic smog. The climate—including wind and rain—creates surface features such as sand dunes, rivers, lakes and seas like Earth.

    Scientists already knew there wasnt as much ethane in Titans atmosphere as theyd expected. The spacecraft seems to have found that the other two conditions have been met as well. In the very hedged language of the scientist, it means that conditions have been found that are consistent with the presence of that life. As McKay says in an essay posted to the Cassini website: "This is still a long way from evidence of life."

    Some other process could be pulling (or pushing) hydrogen toward the surface. The good news for those who are looking for extraterrestrial life is that even though actual biological activity comes last on McKays list, it does remain an intriguing conjecture. .

    Thanks to Luka Stevanov

    Stargate or Star Wars?

    Darren Perks a British Ufologist writes, "Since approximately 1980, a secret space fleet code named 'Solar Warden' has been in operation unknown to the public...

    Is this nonsense, is it a conspiracy or is it simply so sensitive that it will cause uproar around the world?"

    These are my own words after conducting research into the secret program. Whilst conducting an FOI (freedom of information) request with the DoD (department of defense) in 2010, I had a very unexpected response by email from them which read:

    "About an hour ago I spoke to a NASA rep who confirmed this was their program and that it was terminated by the President. He also informed me that it was not a joint program with the DoD. The NASA rep informed me that you should be directed to the Johnson Space Center FOIA Manager."

    I have run your request through one of our space-related directorates and I'm waiting on one other division with the Command to respond back to me. I will contact you once I have a response from the other division. Did NASA refer you to us?"

    The program not only operates classified under the US Government, but also under the United Nations authority. So you might be wondering how do I know this information?

    Well there are a few people and many others that have tried hard to find out the truth, and have succeeded by leaked information or simply asking questions and have government departments slip up and give away information freely, just like what happened when Darren Perks asked the DoD. One notable contributor is  Gary Mckinnon.

    When Gary McKinnon hacked into U.S. Space Command computers several years ago and learned of the existence of "non-terrestrial officers" and "fleet-to-fleet transfers" and a secret program called "Solar Warden", he was charged by the Bush Justice Department with having committed "the biggest military computer hack of all time", and stood to face prison time of up to 70 years after extradition from UK.

    But trying McKinnon in open court would involve his testifying to the above classified facts, and his attorney would be able to subpoena government officers to testify under oath about the Navy's Space Fleet.

    SpaceFleet.gifTo date the extradition of McKinnon to the U.S. has gone nowhere.

    US Naval Network and Space Operations Command photo)

    Allegedly, McKinnon also found out about the ships or craft within Solar Warden. It is said that there are eight cigar-shaped Motherships (each longer than two football fields end-to-end) and 43 small "scout ships. The Solar Warden Space Fleet operates under the US Naval Network and Space Operations Command (NNSOC) [formerly Naval Space Command]. There are approximately 300 personnel involved at that facility, with the figure rising

    Solar Warden is said to be made up from U.S. aerospace Black Projects contractors, but with some contributions of parts and systems by Canada. United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Russia, and Australia. It is also said that the program is tested and operated from secret military bases such as Area 51 in Nevada, USA.

    So should we just write this off as utter nonsense? No we shouldn't and as time goes on the truth will slowly come out. Many people around the world are now witnessing craft moving around in the skies and sub space that completely defy gravity. Whether they are part of the Solar Warden secret program, military experimental aircraft or not, thousands of people know what they see.
    StarShip.jpgIn my view Solar Warden is very real and a very strong possibility. So no, I don't think we should rule it out as complete nonsense. Yes, it's a conspiracy because of all the hype and controversy surrounding the facts and information about the program. Lenard Walson Astronomer photos of spacecraft

    John Sensitive is an understatement. This program would change the world and our views on space exploration and travel, so no wonder that it would be kept a big 'secret'.

    We should all keep it in the back of our minds... for now at least! Thanks to Sheryl Dingman, Read about Darren Perks investigation work at:

    Editors Note: I have heard similar stories that appear to have some validity. Commander Graham Bethune who was the chief pilot for several Admirals told me similar information and that we have bases on the Moon and Mars. His story was similar to some of the Stargate SG-1 television series and its sequels. Several types of starships are introduced in the later seasons with world missions to other planets visited via the Stargate. The Stargate is an alien device discovered on Earth that allows near instantaneous travel to other planets via a controlled wormhole across a network of similar gates. Some of these alien races are hostile to Earth and bent on galaxy-wide domination, so Earth starships are built by the US military through billions of dollars in secret funding to respond to the threat.

    StargateBattleCruiserDaedalus orbiting Lantea.jpgEarth begins constructing its own space-capable fighters and larger, Mothership-style vessels based on alien technology. The plans for these vessels are shared with the Russians. The first successful ship fielded by Earth is the F-302, a small, two-man craft somewhat similar to a traditional human fighter aircraft. Later on, Earth begins creating interstellar battle cruisers, such as The Daedalus-class battle cruiser.



    PresideReaganIs it possible the series is based on insider information? There are sci-fi movies such as Hangar 18 and TV series that are allegedly financed by the government apparently to educate the public. The Lockheed Skunk works Director Ben Rich claims we have built craft that can take ET home. Of course the question is why spend billions for a task force in space?


    The Stargate series has similarities to the Star Wars system proposed by President Reagan. In Reagan's March 23, 1983, "Star Wars" speech, Reagan announced, "I call upon the scientific community who gave us nuclear weapons to turn their great talents to the cause of mankind and world peace: to give us the means of rendering these nuclear weapons impotent and obsolete." In a surprising statement, "He also offered to share the technology with the Soviets."

    The Star Wars program became the largest and most expensive weapons program in the US defense budget costing 8.5 Billion dollars per year. Although, were are told it is designed to destroy incoming nuclear missiles it may also be an effective weapons system to protect the United States against limited UFO threats as Reagan inferred on several occasions. In 1984, the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) was established to oversee the program, which was headed by Lt. General James Alan Abrahamson USAF, a past Director of the NASA Space Shuttle Program. Initially, the program focused on large scale systems designed to defeat a Soviet offensive strike. Is it possible that there is a secret war going as former enemies are now allies. Navy press release that says that Tenth Fleet is in charge of "space planning and operations" and "missions across the cyber, electromagnetic and space domains.

    "Is not an alien force already among us?

     President Reagan stated in remarks made to the 42nd General Assembly of the United Nations., Sept. 21, 1987, "In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us realize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, IS NOT AN ALIEN FORCE ALREADY AMONG US?"

    6ReaganGorbachov.jpgOnly a few people knew the answer was yes there is an alien force among us. Reagan received regular intelligence data on UFO activities including UFO landings.

    Gorbechev stated on Italian Radio Channel RAI TRE, show Che Tempo Che Fa, 10-29-2006,"

    Presidents Gorbachev and Reagan signing agreements.

    "And I remember during a walk by the villa garden where we met, President Reagan stopped and said, 'But, listen to me, President Gorbachev. If we were attacked from Space, would we come together? Would we unite?' - I answered him, 'I do not know what you think about it, but I propose to come together, that we join forces.' [] [applause from the audience]. Thanks to

    It appears both the US Air Force and Navy operate space systems.

    Meanwhile, the Air Force announced the X-37B sits on the Vandenberg Air Force Base runway during post-landing operations. It landed on June 15, 2012 after more than a year in space. The X-37Bs de-orbit and landing mark the transition from the on-orbit demonstration phase to a refurbishment phase for the program. (U.S. Air Force X-37B photo/ Michael Stonecypher)


    The mission of Tenth Fleet is to serve the Cyber Command and exercise operational control of assigned Naval forces; to coordinate with other naval, coalition and Joint Task Forces to execute the full spectrum of cyber, electronic warfare, information operations and signal intelligence capabilities and missions across the cyber, electromagnetic and space domains.

    Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS)

    Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Lockheed Martin has announced Space Based Infrared Systems GEO-1 Satellite marks the Dawn of a New Era in Persistent Overhead Surveillance, The spacecrafts highly sophisticated scanning and staring Sensors will deliver unprecedented global, persistent, infrared surveillance capabilities to the United States and its allies.

    BATTLE SPACE Awareness
    The SBIRS constellation will deliver comprehensive infrared data to Combatant Commanders, Joint Task Force Commanders and other users to help characterize battle space conditions supporting force protection, strike planning and other missions. The SBIRS team is led by the Infrared Space Systems Directorate at the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center. Lockheed Martin is the SBIRS prime contractor. Air Force Space Command operates the SBIRS system. The SBIRS architecture consists of hosted sensor payloads in Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO), dedicated Geosynchronous Earth Orbiting (GEO) satellites, to receive, process, and deliver the infrared information to key decision makers.

    Editors Note: High interest objects in space would be intercontinental ballistic missiles and alien UFOs. Note the discs in Lockheeds drawing. Remember the Stealth fighter was kept secret for over ten years. SBIRs will operate with a Highly Elliptical Orbit (egg shaped orbit going comparatively deep into space.) The various leaks are painting an interesting picture of advanced capabilities to protect Earth.

    Modern Ghost Rocket search

     Clas Svahn writes, "I thought you might be interested in knowing that UFO-Sweden is going to search for a modern Ghost Rocket in a lake in the north of Sweden later this month. The unidentified object landed and sunk on the lake in front of two reliable witnesses in broad daylight in the summer of 1980.

    The search will be conducted deep inside a national park with permission from the Swedish authorities. The 15 persons team will be hiking to the lake and a helicopter will airlift the equipment. The expedition is funded by donations."

    A press release about the search that will be covered by a documentary film team: and our Facebook account:


    This search may shed light on the ongoing observations of cigar shaped objects that have been crossing Swedish air space since 1946. The results will be presented at this years BUFORA conference on September 22nd in London, WC1X 9HX.,

    Thanks to Clas Svahn UFO-Sweden

    Mississippi River Is Drying Up As Food Prices Continue To Surge 

    The Coast Guard says the Mississippi River is closed to shipping again after a barge grounded near Greenville, Mississippi. An 11-mile stretch of the Mississippi south of Memphis, Tennessee, was reopened to limited vessel traffic late Tuesday after dredges were able to clear a channel. Petty Officer Ryan Tippets said crews were working Wednesday to refloat the vessel and allow limited barge traffic to resume..

    Michael Snyder: The worst drought in more than 50 years is having a devastating impact, as the Mississippi has become very thin and very narrow, and if it keeps on dropping there is a very real possibility that all river traffic could get shut down.  And considering the fact that 60 percent of our grain,  22 percent of our oil, and natural gas, and and  one-fifth of our coal travel down the Mississippi River, that would be absolutely crippling for our economy costing the U.S. economy 300 million dollars a day.

    In some areas the river is already 20 feet below normal and the water is expected to continue to drop. If commercial travel is no longer possible, it would be an absolutely devastating blow to the U.S. economy. Thanks to:


    Mars UFO

    This may be a weird one. It is something in the air on Mars. My picture is based on a screenshot from the high-definition image from the Mars Curiosity Rover. I havent seen anything online which states that anyone has seen this yet so I am posting it here for others to verify.

    Note: It is difficult to assign much significance to this photo. The "dot" could be something on the camera lens or some other anomaly? Thanks to William Puckett, Director


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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer's Files #34 2012 - US Space fleet

    Special Reports

    Arizona Silver White

    Phoenix/ChandleR -- If people would just pay attention to things around them, they may see that somethings definitely going on. I was driving on the 202 W about 1/2 mile away from where it splits off toward Tucson/Phx/Pecos Road. Im always watching the sky cause theres allot Ive seen this past month. Something small, silver/white caught my eye and I grabbed my cell phone and recorded it.

    I pointed it in the direction where I saw the object and started to record (and drive at the same time) I glanced into my phone camera and couldnt believe what I was seeing! A sort of big bluish green light was up there along with a white streak of a cloud that appeared at the same time not far from it. I do know that I could not see it with my naked eye! Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Lake Havasu City -- As I woke up at 3:30 am on

    August 2nd, 2012, I noticed my dog was staring out the window and growling. I stepped outside to see a very large UFO about the size of a city, it was gigantic. The saucer shaped object was chrome plated glistening in the moonlight.

    The object was hovering with seven or eight very bright flickering white lights in a circle around it. Each light appeared to be about the size of the moon. The UFO also had a plasma coating around it and was completely silent. This event lasted thirty seconds or so. The craft was so advanced in technology; it was like seeing something out of a sci-fi movie. I believe it is either from the future or a spaceship not from planet earth. I am afraid for my life. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    California Pulsating Objects

    Playa del Rey -- I saw this back in 2009! The same pulsating cloud was just outside over my house on July 28, 2012. I woke up to let my dogs out and saw one entire cloud pulsing nonstop. 

    I called CNN but they did not seem to care.
    The cloud pulsated continuously until day break. I filmed it like last time but its hard to see the pulsating on video. I zoomed in to see black spheres in the form of a triangle.
    Then they disintegrated. Thanks to MUFON CMS


    RICHMOND -- I was gardening when the city emergency siren sounded on August 6, 2012, so I took nine photos of a Chevron cloud and I did not see anything until downloaded.

    There didn't seem to be helicopters or birds near the toxic cloud. The flying object did not appear in all pictures. Thanks to MUFON CMS



    TXrioGrandeCityDec11.jpgColorado Lights

    Rio Grande City -- I was driving to work about 7:15 AM, on December 5, 2011, and saw a shiny SILVER disc hovering right above the Rio Grande River. I was about three miles from the disc and wanted to stop the traffic on Highway 83. After my tunnel vision cleared I saw a second hovering disc a mile behind the front disc. The discs were silver and about 25 yards in length and 10 feet in height. Both had a small dome. The objects slowly disappeared over Mexico. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Florida Triangle

    My father, brother, and I were having a good time telling stories on June 10, 2009, when all insect noise shut off. The street lights flashed then dimmed out. At that moment we looked up and could see an object in the sky the shape of a boat which was darker than the sky.

    The object moved southeast across the sky in a straight line followed a by a second object. Neither object had any kind of lights nor made any noise. They flew from horizon to horizon in 4 to 5 seconds. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Georgia Cigar

    Douglas -- I picked up a pair of field binoculars to look at some cloud formations on August 15, 2012, to observe a 747 but the more I looked it was not moving or if so it was very slowly. I could not believe what I was seeing, it was cigar shaped bright white with a dark center. With the binoculars it was much bigger than a commercial jet. It moved northeast then I lost sight of it in the clouds. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Illinois Cloaked Ship

    BELLEVILLE I was taking pictures of the full moon on July 28, 2012, and then the UFO lit up and flew off after my camera flashes went off.

    It was hovering between and inside two chemtrails in a cloaked mode but we could see it in the sky due to the reflection of the moon.

    My flash was going off when the ship lit up in bright light, and flew headed north. I was amazed that when I looked at my photos it actually showed up. It flew away after my camera flashed 4 times. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    CHICAGO On August 18, 2012, while watching the Chicago Air and Water show, the fighters in particular, I noticed a sliver cylindrical object hovering above Lake Michigan; a couple of miles out and high up. It hovered there during the Army skydivers and the Blue Angels performances. I would focus my high-powered binoculars on the same spot and would find it there repeatedly.

    The object was metallic, silver, and highly reflective and was slowly bobbing up and down I could tell as the sunlight moved vertically upon its surface, then a cloud obscured it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    NORTHLAKE -- My wife, Chrissy, and I were watching television on August 19, 2012. She got up and went to our sliding glass door to let one of dogs out and she began calling for me to come over by the door. When I got there we both observed three orange lights/objects in the southern sky.

    They appeared to move together and moved in towards the southwest until disappearing. The incident lasted three minutes and we each were able to take a picture. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Iowa Disk Shaped Object Seen
    Van Horne --
    I was taking my dog out for a walk with my friend on August 2, 2012, at 11:18 PM, when I noticed a disk shaped object about 50 yards in diameter and very thin. It was hovering above the tree line 175 yards away from our high school. It was spinning clockwise with green and bright white lights located on the very edge of it. My friend tried to take his iPhone out to capture a video image of the object, but he suddenly froze and the screen went blank.

    My dog started barking and ran home. The disk then lit up with a powerful bright light and disappeared in a flash. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Massachusetts Craft

    Marshfield I woke up to what appeared to be a tremor or earthquake at 2 AM because my room was aggressively shaking and vibrating on January 8, 2012. After a few minutes it stopped and I looked out my window to see a massive round craft slowly hovering above Ocean Street. This craft was twice as big as my house hovering about 35 to 40 feet above my house. The bottom of the craft had four blinking lights in a cross shape in the center. Two lights were blue and two were red. I was in shock and quickly ran into my basement and hid there the rest of the night. Thanks to William Puckett, Director


    Michigan Lights

    Utica -- I was outside about, 10:15 PM on July 27, 2012, and saw a red and orange light in the sky. I ran into the house and got my cell phone to take pictures.

    I had my wife come out and we saw the next nine fly by. They made no sound and followed the same flight path. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    New Jersey Lights

    Hunterdon On August 6, 2012, I was driving along a desolate and dark country road that has cornfields and farms on either side. I see to the left above a cornfield moving green, copper/red and white lights, forming a horizontal line. The object was moving about in a sinister fashion that resembled an insect. Its movements were so bizarre I stopped my car on the side of road to look closer. Then a second identical craft appeared.

    The night was pitch black and I could only see lights of the two objects that seemed to be communicating. I drove away with both objects were visible in my rear view mirror. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Ohio Red Light

    SOUTH POINT -- I was watching tv on August 10, 2912, and I couldnt sleep. I let my dogs outside and saw a hovering red light. I knew it was nothing man-made so I grabbed my camera phone and filmed. I knew it was UFO, and was elated because I have seen three others but never had the opportunity to film one. I have the video on YouTube on my channel. Thanks to MUFON CMS


    Rhode Island Disc

    On August 15, 2012, I was driving and took a picture of a cloud and after noticed an image on the far left.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS    

    Texas Mothership

    WOODLANDS -- On August 10, 2012, while closing the garage door I happened to look up and see a large pulsating object in the sky emitting many different colors. I believed it to be a large craft or pulsating orb. I took video and showed my neighbors. I notified the police and an officer arrived and observed the object as well. The officer flashed the object with light, but there was no response. It hovered for two hours before it moved out of site.

    Note: There were no bright planets visible in the sky at the time of the sighting. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Worldwide UFO Sightings

    Argentina Lights

    BUENOS AIRES A video was taken of maneuvering lights above the city on August 10, 2012. A young man took this footage of lights that seem to be making intelligent movements. If you observe carefully you will see that a tiny sphere accompanies the main object. Thanks to Italia-ufo Ufologia Parafisica []



    Australia Rocket

    Ballarat I was at a farm for a friends (Bucks) on August 10, 2012.

    I took a photo and saw a UFO in the picture.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Canada Unidentifiable flying craft in Newfoundland

    Norris Arm -- My girlfriend and her friend were walking through town at about 10:47 pm on July 23, 2012, when my girlfriend's friend pointed at a slow flying object toward the far shore. It appeared to be a square or rectangular shaped object with four static red lights, four flashing light blue or white lights and three extremely powerful headlights that shone ten times the length of the object. My phone died on 40%.
    We saw it flying for three minutes before it disappeared behind a hill. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Democratic Republic of the Congo Flying Saucer

    I was traveling in the jungle by car in the Congo alone when my radio which had ceased working, started emitting sounds on July 25, 2012, at 8:20 PM. I heard a loud hum and looked up to see a hovering round saucer. There was a strange purple haze around the UFO. I grabbed my phone and took video of it. Then, it disappeared with a flash. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    El Salvador Disc

    SAN SALVADOR -- Three friends and I went to my High School Graduation Dance in the capital city in Central America on November 7, 1976. We drove to Conchalio Beach about 11:45 PM; we were talking when a disk shaped object with a dome and lights all over came down and hovered for about 50 seconds. It was projecting a very intense light 400 feet away over the water. It started RussianNavyDarkUFO.jpgspinning with many colorful lights on it and the big light started a twist on the water. It suddenly disappeared into the ocean. We did not see any splash because the water was moving around like creating a tunnel or hole in the water.

    That morning I mentioned the UFO to hotel employees who told me that happens very often and no one makes a big deal of it. NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

    Jamaica Light

    Negril -- Thirty circular crimson lights were seen traveling northwest over the Atlantic Ocean on July 18, 2012. The lights appeared to be a circular shape and most appeared to an equal distance apart from each other. The observer is a retired Facilities Director and Teacher. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Russia Triangle Lights

    The lights were filmed in Russia on August 10, 2012.

    Italia-ufo Ufology Parafisica []

    UK/England Light

    Bishop Auckland -- I was driving home from work in Etherley, county Durham in northeast England on August 3, 2012, about 10:05 PM. I saw an unusual looking thing in the sky because it was quite beautiful. It looked like a large electric blue colored star, but it was too cloudy to see the stars.

    I was driving on a road that twists and turns, and the object appeared to be moving above the trees. I eventually pulled over by Witton Castle and got out of my car for about ten minutes. Just above a field was a blue-green object moving towards me. It seemed very close about the size of a basketball, it was spherical and all this blue -green color was very bright. It moved vertically straight up and changed to bright red, then it moved down and away from me and turned blue-green again. Then it moved towards me and went vertically up again and turned red every time it changed direction. It was totally bizarre.

    It was very close at times intensely bright then rushed away and shot up turned red and came back again. I got frightened and called my wife on my mobile phone and was describing what I was seeing and she said film it.

    My battery was flashing it needed charging and when I looked up again it had gone. When I finally decided to drive home, I felt so strange and didn't know what happened to me. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    LONDON -- There was one black/grey, curved-triangular shaped vehicle in the sky on August 19, 2012 at 2:09 AM. It was going four times faster than a jet with two white lights horizontally and two smaller ones in the middle, vertically.

    It's a very dark night and I am 100% confident this was in fact a UFO sighting. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take a photo, but this is exactly the same as what I saw:

    UFO Conferences

    • The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce its 5th annual 2012 Fall UFO Conference to be held Friday night September 28 and all day Saturday and Sunday September 29 and 30.

      The location will be the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel, 400 Oxford Valley Road, Langhorne, PA 19047 (215) 269-3417.

      Speakers are Stephan Bassett, Grant Cameron, Karyn Dolan, Richard Dolan, Frank Feschino, Stan Gordon, Mark Passio, Peter Robbins, Rob Swiatek, Sue Swiatek, John Ventre, Travis Walton,

      Register Now! 724 836 1266

    Support Earth Changing Research

    I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I could get people interested in getting my work of the last thirteen years. I have put together a DVD of Filer's Files with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings.

    Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter's exciting abduction story by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell has also included much of his excellent dialog for a donation of only $50.

    We also include a year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

    Book Picture.jpg

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.My latest article is up at The UFO Chronicles
    Well-known “skeptic” Robert Sheaffer’s performance in Secret History of UFOs, the National Geographic network’s latest debunking-disguised-as-documentary, begs the question: At what point does the systematic presentation of half-truths and outright falsehoods about the UFO phenomenon cross the line from incompetent scholarship to intentional disinformation?  
    As I noted in my last article, given the extremely biased and propagandistic treatment of the UFO subject one consistently finds on Nat Geo, it might reasonably argued that the network has been working behind the scenes with the CIA to debunk the phenomenon.
    This is not some paranoid fantasy. Indeed, the history of the agency’s covert efforts to spin or suppress UFO-related stories, utilizing its contacts in the news and entertainment media, is now well-documented. The policy resulted from the findings of the CIA’s 1953 Robertson Panel, which explicitly recommended using the mass media to debunk UFOs in the interest of national security. Journalist Terry Hansen’s excellent, scholarly book, The Missing Times: News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up, just republished as an e-book, details the agency’s decades-long use of the television networks, among other organizations, as tools to disinform the American people about the UFO reality.
    When I recently asked USAF Col. Charles Halt for his assessment of Secret History of UFOs, for which he was interviewed, he replied, “Yesterday I received my [courtesy DVD] copy of the National Geographic program and was shocked. The theme is entertain and discredit. I smell one of our [intelligence] agencies. I went back to them and told them I will never cooperate again!”
    Halt was involved in the now-famous Rendlesham Forest incidents of December 1980, when a UFO landed in the woods on the first night, and another UFO maneuvered near the RAF Bentwaters air base's nuclear Weapons Storage Area (WSA) two nights later, directing laser-like beams down into it.
    Halt elaborated by saying, “When I did the program for Nat Geo, they promised me it would be accurate and reflect what happened. I explained in detail why it couldn't have been the lighthouse and all about the Air Force Air Traffic Controllers at the Bentwaters tower seeing the object visually and on the scope. I gave them many more details to substantiate the [reality of a UFO] event. They ignored all of this and instead focused on several questionable skeptics.”

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Chase 1, 2, 3, 4, ...!

    It still doesn’t add up

    Nearly two months after announcing on “Coast To Coast AM” radio that he’d seen proof of the Roswell UFO crash/recovery languishing in the CIA’s historical archives, retired prominent agent Chase Brandon continues to promote the story. He was at it again early Monday morning (EDT) on Don Ecker’s “Dark Matters” podcast.

    Cynics have charged that Chase Brandon's Roswell revelations were timed to coincide with the release of the ex-CIA agent's sci-fi novel in June/CREDIT:

    In this latest update, we learn that Brandon has not been contacted or personally reprimanded by his former employer, despite the CIA having issued an official rebuke in July (“Our historians have found nothing in the Agency’s holdings to corroborate Mr. Brandon’s specific claims”). Brandon actually defended the Agency he so clearly loves by saying its position is entirely plausible. The last time he visited what had once been the CIA’s Historical Intelligence Collection, the facility had been completely overhauled since 1998-99, when he discovered the cardboard box marked “Roswell.” All those dusty antiquities and artifacts had been relocated to make room for 21st-century upgrades and digitization.

    “I have no idea where it went,” said Brandon, who added the entire inventory back then was declassified to anyone who worked for the Agency. “Unless somebody knew where it went, I don’t see how anybody could check what was in there.”

    Well yeah, no reasonable person should expect the CIA to know what it did with anything in its own archives. And the dolly-jockeys who physically relocated the material to wherever — they were probably minimum-wage Manpower winos for whom a box labeled “Roswell” would mean absolutely bupkis. They probably just tossed it out with the Coke bottles.

    Brandon said he didn’t share his news about The Discovery of A Lifetime with colleagues because “we operate on a need-to-know basis.” Ecker responded, “You just said it wasn’t classified.” Brandon said, well, it was actually more like personal self-policing, since professing an interest in UFOs would mean “you’re looney as a $3 bill.”

    On the other hand, Brandon said that since going public in June, he’s received emails from other CIA retirees who claimed to have seen the Roswell box as well. On the other hand (how many hands are we allowed?), Brandon maintains the Agency can’t be accused of covering up Roswell because Roswell occurred in July of ‘47 and the CIA wasn’t formed until September.

    De Void has sent queries to Bill Clinton and former administration deputies Webb Hubbell and John Podesta to see how they’d handle this revelation were they still calling the shots in the White House. The Clintons went looking for exactly what Brandon claims to have found and struck out. It’s difficult to believe they wouldn’t want an audience with the discoverer of the elusive holy grail.

    Btw, heads up — Ecker will make another pass at Brandon on tonight at “Dark Matters.”

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Nick, I Guess They "Like" It Here! And, BTW, It Is A "Long" Trip Back Home!


    Nick Pope, a former UFO investigator for the Ministry of Defence

    Nick Pope, a former UFO investigator for the Ministry of Defence

    Sunday August 19,2012

    By Marco Giannangeli

    A LEADING UFO expert yesterday admitted there may be as many as 12 genuine sightings every year in British skies.

    Nick Pope, a former UFO investigator for the Ministry of Defence, confirmed that some of the 200-300 sightings reported every year were a genuine mystery.

    It followed Richard Deakin, head of British Air Traffic Control, saying that on average one unexplained UFO is reported from control towers every month.

    Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today yesterday, Pope said: “Most of the reports turned out to be misidentification of aircraft lights, weather balloons, meteors and satellites.

    “It did leave us with one or two a month we found genuinely quite interesting.

    “Of course, our mindset is it’s probably more likely to be Russian than Martian.”

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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer's Files #33 2012 - Space Security & Dev Treaty, Current State of "Disclosure" in the US- deel 1

    Filer's Files # 33 - 2012


    Orbs photographed in Joshua Tree, California on August 6, 2012.

    George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director

    MUFON Eastern Region Director

    August 15, 2012

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    What to read past issues? View Filer's Files Archives

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    In special reports, this weeks files cover: Hellenkoetter Truth about UFOs. UFO crash investigator: Leonard Stringfield's research goes public, UFO Disclosure May Be Imminent, Mars, Obama says, Let me know if you see Martians," and Army Spy ship

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

    Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Australia, Italy, Macedonia, New Zealand, and England in the United Kingdom.

    The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.


    Contactees, investigators, x-military, earth bound ETs,
    ET ambassadors:

    Do YOU have something to say?
    Break the silence - free your mind.

    Submit your writing!

    Special Reports

    Hellenkoetter Truth about UFOs

    First CIA Director Rear Admiral Hillenkoetter, who was in on the entire study of Unidentified Flying Objects

    From the very beginning, stated in his opinion in 1960 that:

    "THE PUBLIC HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW. It is time for the truth to be brought out in open Congressional hearings... through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense."




    UFO crash investigator: Leonard Stringfield's research goes public

    MUFON Executive Director David MacDonald made a tremendously important announcement at MUFONs Annual Symposium. This is a "blockbuster announcement concerning UFO discoveries." Stringfield (1920-1994) was an American Ufologist who worked with government and private agencies to track UFO reports and had a special interest in reports of crashed objects. Stringfield was the most knowledgeable researcher I ever had the pleasure of meeting at his home. We talked on the phone frequently. Dave announced that sixty volumes of "meticulous  UFO research over 30 years" by the late Ufologist Leonard H. Stringfield were donated to the MUFON and will be available to researchers. Leonard had numerous contacts at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and other important facilities and obtained invaluable data not available to 99.999 per cent of the military or intelligence agencies.

    Stringfield.jpgPhoto of Leonard Stringfield (1920-1994) and your editor. He was an American Ufologist who took particular interest in crashed flying saucer stories. His contacts in the medical field gave him the first descriptions of the alien bodies allegedly recovered at Roswell or elsewhere. [1]

    Stringfield's interest in the subject began August 28, 1945, just three days before the end of the war, when he was an Army Air Force intelligence officer en route to Tokyo, Japan, along with twelve other specialists in the Fifth Air Force. As they approached Iwo Jima at about ten thousand feet in a sunlit sky, Stringfield related:

    "I was shocked to see three teardrop-shaped objects from my starboard-side window. They were brilliantly white, like burning magnesium, and closing in on a parallel course to our C-46. Suddenly our left engine feathered, and I was later to learn that the magnetic navigation-instrument needles went wild. As the C-46 lost altitude, with oil spurting from the troubled engine, the pilot sounded an alert; crew and passengers were told to prepare for a ditch! My last glimpse of the three bogies was above the transport flying in tight formation as they faded into a cloud bank. Instantly our craft's engine revved up, and we picked up altitude and flew a steady course to land safely at Iwo Jima."

    In 1950, two very sincere people related flying saucer sightings to him. Stringfield then wrote: "`

    Uneasy about the "rumored loss of Air Force interceptors chasing UFOs, the low-level green fireballs over Sweden and the Southwestern United States" and his own experience, Stringfield related he was concerned about the "intent" behind the probes.

    In March 1954, he created Civilian Research, Interplanetary Flying Objects (CRIFO), and published a monthly newsletter, ORBIT. Stringfield was a guest of radio newscaster Frank Edwards and was deluged with newspapers, and radio stations wanting saucer news. Stringfield soon had 2500 paid subscribers to ORBIT. During the mid-1950s, CRIFO became the world's largest civilian UFO research group.

    Then Stringfield wrote, "Also taking note of CRIFO was the Air Force."Stringfield said the Air Defense Command in Columbus, Ohio called him September 9, 1955, and wanted his cooperation in obtaining immediate sighting reports using his large network of sources. To his surprise, he was also informed that the Ground Observer Corps which was started to help report Soviet bombers and reconnaissance aircraft had been instructed to report UFO activity directly to him for screening. Stringfield who lived in Cincinnati, Ohio was essentially helping defend our country. He was then to call the ADC using a telephone code number ("Fox Trot Kilo 3-0 Blue") to report the better sightings. He was requested "not to ask any questions."

    Stringfield obtained data on many of the best sightings. To his surprise, the Air Force cleared his reporting many sightings. Despite the official public denial of his work for the ADC, Stringfield wrote he received a letter in 1956 thanking him for his assistance from no less than Major General John A. Samford, director of Air Force Intelligence shown here Ufologist. He also received a letter in 1955 from Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, shown standing, who was the director of the Air Force's public UFO investigation Project Blue Book from 1951-1953.

    Captain Ruppelt praised The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, and the report-collecting net Stringfield had established. Stringfield was provided significant UFO information by various officials who felt the public had a right to know.

    Stringfield's relationship with the ADC during this period is recounted in his 1957 book "Inside Saucer Post, 3-0 Blue" and in his 1977 book "Situation Red."The forward was written by Donald Keyhole.

    In 1957, Stringfield became public relations adviser for the newly formed civilian UFO group NICAP under the direction of Donald Keyhoe, a friend of his since 1953. He held the post until 1972, at which point he continued his private UFO research. was during the 1970s that Stringfield began collecting witness accounts of UFO crash recoveries, including alien bodies. Many of these stories centered on activities at nearby Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio.

    Stringfield first publicly reported his "crash/retrieval" findings at the 1978 MUFON Symposium. He said he received two death threats beforehand, but was never sure who was behind them or how serious they were. Thereafter, he self-published seven "Status Reports" on new crash-retrieval research until his death in 1994. From 1967-1969, Stringfield served as an "Early Warning Coordinator" for the so-called Condon Committee, the government sponsored scientific UFO investigation. His job, like his earlier one for the ADC, was to screen and report all UFO activity in southwestern Ohio. He told me he knew heads of state, and actor Jackie Gleason who was taken to Homestead Air Force Base by President Nixon to see aliens.


    FF51RoswellCrash.jpgAlso when Grenada Prime Minister Sir Eric Gairy proposed the establishment of a UFO research agency within the United Nations in 1978, during the 32nd General Assembly General Assembly of the UN, Stringfield served as his adviser. Sir Eric Gairy claimed a UFO had crashed on the Island of Grenada and he had observed the wreckage and a tall alien body. The United State s was the sole U.N. member nation, which unsuccessfully attempted to block that 1978 UN E.T. resolution. He was disposed by a Communist Government while testifying at the United Nations.

    In October of 1983, President Reagan ordered the invasion of Grenada to rescue 800 American students at the U.S.-run St. George's University School of Medicine. Allegedly, part of the reason to attack Grenada was to obtain the crashed UFO and alien bodies. The date of the invasion is now a national holiday in Grenada, cal led Thanksgiving Day, Privately, Stringfield worked as Director of Public Relations and Marketing Services for DuBois Chemicals, a division of Chemed Corporation, Cincinnati. He died December 18, 1994 after a long battle with lung cancer. I spoke to him hours before he died. Leonard was a wonderful man who knew the most about UFOs of any man I ever met.

    UFO Disclosure May Be Imminent.

    Navy Commander C.B. Scott Jones Ret. claims disclosure is Imminent in Bridges Magazine. A former Naval Intelligence Officer and Senior Staffer to U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell, he allegedly visited China and saw their captured alien craft. From the current issue of  ISSSEEM's Bridges Magazine 2012

    That Extra Terrestrial (ET) contact is real is a non-issue for more than half of the worlds nuclear-capable countries but only for a highly select group of people within those countries.

    France and the United Kingdom (members of the European Space agency), Russia, China, India, and the United States have placed photo and radar imaging satellites around the moon and have already seen ET bases on its avert side. In New Delhi, I had a very guarded conversation with a government space scientist. The walls of his office had a number of high resolution photographs from Indias lunar satellite, Chandrayaan-1 ("moon vehicle" in Sanskrit). These photographs were from the more than 70,000 three dimensional images taken by the Terrain Mapping Camera. He comfortably deflected my suggestions that India may have learned much more than they had shared with the public.

    We are on the brink of challenging the worlds consensus reality.

    C.B. Scott JonesI believe with high confidence that one specific seminal event will take place in 2012, although the date of this event is not currently known. This is because of the large number of variables associated with it, and the powerful energy focused upon it by groups with opposing desires and intentions. The emotional field that surrounds it is enormous as vested interests compete to achieve their goals. The event will be an unambiguous disclosure that from the most ancient times, and very specifically in the modern era, earth and extraterrestrial cultures have been in intimate contact.

    Disclosure will present the world with a great challenge because the opposing interests might take advantage of the cultural mindset that views ETs as a threat to us accompanied by invasion, war, and the end of our planet. Hollywood movies and science fiction books have long presented us with images of disaster in the wake of contact by other beings, images that fuel dangerous assumptions and might initiate harmful action. It has become part of the human predicament that we all too often view the "other," ANY other, as a hostile force that must be defeated.

    But the truth is that this contact holds great promise for all of us. Advanced technologies that might solve some of our problems could be supplied by far-advanced civilizations. For example, they might provide us with the means to produce sufficient, sustainable energy that would allow us to stop warring over our diminishing supplies and to give up our reliance on polluting methods for producing power.

    A close friend, John Petersen, with high credentials as a bold and rational futurist, (yes, that is an authorized combination) in a forward to the recently published book Infinite Energy Technologies, has written about the vital importance of access to energy: In physical terms, there is no more fundamental and basic influence on the way we live and behave than the availability and form of energy that we use. Every aspect of our lives, food, clothing, shelter and transportation . . . and therefore every derivative activity (work, government, recreation, etc.) changes when the affordable source of energy changes.

    The Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2012 

    Last year, Carol Rosin asked me to join her in creating a treaty designed to keep space free from nuclear weapons. It stated, in part:

    The Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2012 establishes a framework and procedures to assure that space will be a neutral realm from which all classes of weapons are banned and from which no hostile action shall be taken toward Earth or the surrounding Cosmos.
    This Treaty invites Nation States to become Signatories to this Treaty and invites all parties, including Nation States, Indigenous Nations and Cosmic Cultures, to commit to plan and assist in the orderly development and implementation of a framework and procedures that will assure and verify that space is and will remain a neutral realm from which all classes of space-based weapons are banned in perpetuity.

    This is followed by very specific reasons for Cosmic Cultures to be involved and the Treaty states that we:

    • Acknowledge that we are not alone in the universes, that there are Cosmic Cultures that will be important allies for our security and development, and that our national and  international policies must reflect this reality,
    • Acknowledge that from the beginning of nuclear weapons testing, extraterrestrial craft have demonstrated a capability to selectively shut down communications and/or the power of participating operational units, and have appeared over ICBM fields in several countries causing non-destructive failure of dozens of ICBMs taking them out of operational status for days,
    • Realize that the demonstrated capability of extraterrestrial cultures from the multiuniverse to neutralize any missile or nuclear capability is in itself not a threat message, but does serve notice of our limited understanding of physics and the clearly dangerous consequences of continuing to use destructive technologies,
    • Affirm that the possibility of reclaiming a peaceful future for humankind and a safe environment on Earth is intimately linked with curbing our violence toward each other and Earth, and with preparing to survive as Gaea heals herself, and that counsel and support from Cosmic Civilizations thousands of years our senior would be exceedingly helpful.

    This position already has support from a number of powerful nations, and it provided an opportunity to introduce an ET element in a positive way. The ETs have the technology to verify whether any satellite launched from Earth carries a weapon or is associated with targeting or launching a weapon from space. The idea to make Cosmic Cultures parties to the treaty was given as a gentle thought and I credit Monitor, who is channeled by Harvey Grady, for the idea.

    Monitor has identified himself as a Pleiadean, a member of an extraterrestrial group willing to communicate with Earth. I regard him as a highly sentient being with interest and concern about the future of planet Earth and all the life it supports. That is the basis of trust in our relationship. My broader ET experiences and relationships span my eighty-three-years and include important contacts with the so-called Grays, both the tall and short types.

    When I have presented the treaty to various countries for their consideration, several obvious issues arose. The first, almost predictably concerned evidence of the reality of ETs, and their contact with earth. Closely following that were concerns about trust and true intentions of cultures with such superior technologies.

    I consider the inclusion of Cosmic Cultures as parties to the Space Treaty to be an essential component to make the Treaty a viable and verifiable instrument. It also will be more than a small step towards disclosure when the first nation signs the Treaty, and there are other steps being proposed on this path.

    It is not reasonable to expect the U.S. to make a disclosure announcement unless forced by the ETs, or until the current policy of silence, denial and disinformation becomes dysfunctional and the U.S. is no longer garnering the profit and power that the current policy supports. Additionally, there is a considerable probability that if the U.S. does make a disclosure announcement, it will be with a threat spin attached. The earth deserves better than this, and I have a short list of countries that I think can do the job. The first two on the list are China and India.

    For more than twenty-years I have been in a dialogue with China, urging them to take a lead in disclosure. The last serious discussion I had with a member of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs ended with his comment, "When the United States makes the disclosure announcement, China will be a close second."

    Very recently I have passed to China an additional proposal, another gift from the ETs. If China or any other nuclear power is willing to eliminate all weapons of mass destruction in their military inventory, the ETs will provide that country with a nation-wide, non-polluting energy system and security from all threats of attacks by weapons of mass destruction. From a disclosure perspective this weapons for energy and security offer is much more powerful than the space treaty partnership with the ETs. For example, if Pakistan accepted that proposal it would neutralize any nuclear threat from India, and make India much more concerned about what that means vis-a-vis a nuclear deterrence with China. This raises the potential of a cascade of accepting the energy for weapons offer within a region of nuclear power nations.

    The ETs are certainly mindful of the multifaceted political, economic social, religious and other consequences of disclosure to Earth. However, it now appears that they are pushing the issue for reasons that are very clear to them, and less so for most humans. A reasonable explanation is that Earth is approaching a cycle of well-known geo-physical events involving massive earthquakes and volcanic activity, and the message is that you are going to need each other in cooperative ways to assure that the Earth experiment is not extinguished.

    What has become dangerously irrational and hazardous to our survival is denial of the existence of our extraterrestrial ancestors and their contact with us from the dawn of humanity on Earth. Click HERE to go to the ISSSEEM Bridges Magazine 2012


    Norman Bryden writes, "Will the Mars Curiosity Rover reveal conditions for life on Mars? That's the 2.5 billion-dollar question. Life is shown to have existed on Mars from the data collected by the Mars Global Surveyor. Extraordinary evidence of complex geometry is apparent in the images showing that Mars had been inhabited by intelligent life. The image below shows what appears to be a Martian travel system? The Surveyor photographed a grid pattern approximately 1. 5 km wide."

    Mars Global Surveyor Mars Orbiter Camera 


    Image width: 512 pixels

    Latitude of image center: 83.25S Longitude of image center: 260.03W


    Some of the travel system is divided into two lanes.

    Under close inspection roads, supports, pillars and bridges have been identified.

    Image ID (picno): S08-01747

    Image start time: 2005-07-16T13:56:03.57 SCET

    Image width: 672 pixels


    Latitude of image center: 73.63S

    Scaled pixel width: 4.42 meters

    Scaled image width: 2.99 km

    New Pyramid found on Mars.

    Considering the condition of some of the structures it's probable that Mars is still inhabited. Communities of buildings and cities are visible. Scientists could work together to inform the world of intelligent life in the universe based on the evidence. If they truly want to know about life in the universe they should acknowledge the cities discovered on Mars. Please consider the research and I wish the best for the current Mars mission. Thanks to Norman Bryden

    Obama tells Mars rover's team: Let me know if you see Martians

    President Obama has made curious remarks about Curiosity Rover landing on Mars.

    "If in fact you do make contact with Martians, please let me know right away," Obama said during the call, which was placed from Air Force One to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. "I've got a lot of things on my plate, but I expect that that will go to the top of the list. Even if they're just microbes, it will be pretty exciting."

    Obama praised the team for their "mind boggling" accomplishment, noting that landing the rover took "76 pyrotechnics going off in perfect succession and the 500,000 lines of code working exactly the way you guys had ordered them."

    He said Curiositys success will help lay the groundwork for a human mission to Mars in the future.

    Carolyn Kaster/AP

    A photographer captured a celestial effect as President Obama campaigned in Council Bluffs, Iowa.


    "Somebody asked me the other day whether you've already found Martians," Obama joked. "I told them we have to give you a little bit of time."

    Read more:

    Editors Note: Do not be surprised if the President announces microbial life on Mars.

    Army Spy ship

    Spy blimp made its maiden voyage over New Jersey Thursday.

    The $517 million hybrid aircraft passed its latest milestone over Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey where the German airship Hindenburg crashed in 1937. Designed by Northrop Grumman, the Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV demonstrated g successful takeoff and landing.

    As large as a football field, the blimp uses just ten percent of the fuel used by traditional aircraft and can at a time. The military plans on using the LEMV as a spy vehicle that carries a bevy of electronic surveillance equipment.

    It can carry seven tons of cargo. It travels at 30mph, and can travel up to 2,400 miles or hover for three weeks. If all goes smoothly, the blimp is set to enter live trials in Afghanistan in 2013.

    Read more:

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer's Files #33 2012 - Space Security & Dev Treaty, Current State of "Disclosure" in the US- deel 2

    Filer's Files # 33 - 2012

    deel 2

    Sightings in the United States

    Ca lifornia Disc

    ROSEVILLE -- On August 4th at approximately 5 pm. took a picture of the clouds and an impending thunderstorm. Reviewed the picture on my phone before downloading to FB and saw it had a UFO on it. I often see UFOs in this same area, surrounding the Roseville Ca. Rail Yard/Fairgrounds. Its bigger than the neighbors dish on their home, going very fast at an angle. You can see it has a green light in the middle and it is electrified with a currant of light around it. It is solid and not a bird or plane. I watch the skies every night and this is a very active area! Hardly a night goes by I dont see something, silent flares, bright light then fade, zigzags, and flashes. A couple days before this at dusk I saw a slow moving hovering craft with a huge slow flashing light on the top with many red and white strobe flashes. I called my son outside and he saw it clearly and said, "Yup its a UFO." He walked back in the house unaffected. It took 20 minutes to move across the sky it was so slows! I was so lucky to get this picture! Thanks to MUFON CMS


    Joshua Tree -- I live in Joshua Tree, California and on my way home I saw orange bright lights at 10:19 PM, on August 6, 2012. I thought it was the moon, but as I got closer they were individual lights and bright. I got a few pictures. Once I took the last picture the lights dimmed one by one. Thanks to William Puckett, Director


    Colorado Cylinder

    I took this photo on the July 5, 2012 at 10:36 pm facing east. What you are looking at is a waning moon rising through smoked filled clouds because of all the forest fires here in Colorado. I got more than just the Moon. My wife was with me. I use a tripod mounted camera and a timer delay. Neither of us saw anything when I took this photo. I used a long exposure around 1.5s, so that object had to hang there motionless for the full exposure. All the Best Robert

    Note: May be aircraft due to time delay photo.


    Florida Triangle

    St. Petersburg -- I want to first state that after about 1 minute after seeing the hovering UFO I was starting to doubt myself August 8, 2012, about 10:45 PM. It was almost a plane like object with three lights, but it was longer by a fair bit and way thinner. It then went forward then to the left and was gone shortly after.

    The wings were in proportion to the UFO but were far back. Thanks to William Puckett, Director


    Miami Beach -- I work at Mt. Sinai Hospital and sleep in my car in the employee parking lot, which overlooks the bay. I decided to throw rocks in the water and looked up to see three orbs in the sky forming a triangle. I got my camera, and snapped six pictures. Then my camera went dead. I had just recharged the battery and had only taken about 35 pictures total. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Indiana Orbs

    BLANFORD Richard Bondira has been photographing UFOs on clear nights since January 2012.

    He sent me dozens of photographs of UFO that he has filmed over the last six months. As many as ten or more UFOs can be seen on some nights. They mostly hover, or maneuver, spin around, or go straight up. They usually come from the southeast heading northwest. Thanks to Richard Bondira



    Kentucky Disc

    WEST POINT -- I viewed the object over my sky watch camera on August 10, 2012.

    It was bright and fast and changed directions fast.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS




    Missouri Many UFO Witnesses - Shoots Light Beam

    Jackson -- KFVS12 TV news August 12, 2012, reported a mass UFO sighting in Missouri by numerous witnesses.

    At first I thought it could be lanterns, but these lights were in a straight line as if attached to something.
    The object beamed down light at the witnesses, and Chinese lanterns dont do that.


    New Jersey Orange Spheres

    West Orange -- My son and I pulled into our driveway at 11:05 pm, on A ugust 4, 2012, and witnessed 10 - 12 orange glowing spheres passing between the townhomes to our right and our building (approximately 80 degrees of sightline)at a slow pace. They did not blink but did appear to pulsate slightly (perhaps due to atmosphere). I can not estimate how far away they were but were the size of a pencil eraser from our vantage point and silent. I was unable to get a photo of the objects. I witnessed two spheres continuing their eastward trek until I lost sight of them. Once we saw the whole "parade" I was thinking UFO as the objects flew out of sight.

    Atco -- I was driving my minivan with my boyfriend down this road in a wooded area and saw these bright lights in the sky coming from the same craft on May 17, 2003. We were both pretty scared as we headed toward the craft that was 70 feet off the ground. It had five lights in the front/center of the craft that were pointed straight ahead. It was flying slowly. The lights changed direction and pointed directly up into the sky as the craft followed suit and zoomed up. Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

    New York Orbs


    Caught flashing UFO before aerosol haze drift. Spray planes moved in on sighting location within minutes.


    UFO August 2012 NYC


    Oregon Photos


    Eugene -- I noticed while reviewing photos. Object top photo toward the right on May 15, 2012

    Thanks to MUFON CMS



    On August 8th, 2012, at 2:30 am while going to sleep my eyes caught notice of a bright twinkling light in the sky. It changed colors and brightness similar to a diamond shines when you rotate it under a light. Sometimes it seemed that the lights followed a line and other times the lights were more bundled together. Predominant colors were white and red/pink. There was no rhythm to the flashing. It was quite a distance away, but bigger than any star in the sky, but small enough that I could cover it with an aspirin.
    It just kind of bumbled around in an area I could cover with quarter. The movement was irregular and sometimes jarring. Thanks to MUFON CMS


    I noticed this object while coming home from work on August 8, 2012. It appeared to be a disco ball or Kaleidoscope of colors. No start or stop to the colors, just a more or less melting of rainbow colors. It was

    NE and didnt blink, but blur from color to color. It was very detailed using my weakest eye piece that is a tad more powerful than 10 x 50 binoculars. There is another one nightly that is NW same altitude and appearance. Thanks to MUFON CMS


    ERIE -- I went outside to watch the ISS go overhead and take some photographs. About 2 minutes before it showed up, I spotted the UFO. It was equilateral triangular shaped, with small white lights at each of the corners and a larger red light in the center. As it passed, I heard a jet engine noise from the craft. 

    I did not spot anything that made it look like a conventional craft. There were no navigation lights, no flashing strobe, and the one large red light seemed to be under the craft. I did not see any windows, expect maybe when I first spotted it, but as the craft went overhead, whatever the windows might have been disappeared from view. The craft was traveling at the same apparent speed as a high altitude passenger aircraft. As the ISS came into view, the UFO went behind some cumulus clouds and vanished from view.
    I tried to take a photograph of it, but it was too dark. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Texas Rectangle

    Cedar Park -- As usual I went outback around 8:00 PM, on August 8, 2012, and saw different shapes in the sky with bright red and glowing yellow light hovering above the trees next store. After watching for five minutes I tried taking unsuccessful photos but I do have a drawing.

    After ten minutes I heard some weird sound like a door opening in space. I looked at the object and it projected a white beam of light at the trees and all its lights turned off. After twenty minutes of hovering the red and yellow lights came back on and it took off into the sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Washington Orb

    Spokane I was driving home at 9:30 pm , on August 9, 2012, and saw a hovering bright orange light in the sky. I said, "What is that?" My mother who was driving couldnt see anything; a tree obstructed the view. Once we passed the tree the light was visible once again. It was a glowing ball of fire almost, appeared very round, but had a haze of transparent orange surrounding it. She stopped the car; as six more appeared bright, large, and identical. I grabbed my phone and snapped a shot that only picked up one of the seven lights as they flew off. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Wisconsin Lights

    Appleton -- I just happened to look up in the sky on August 8, 2012, last night (9ish) when I saw some blinking lights, strobbing in different colors. It rapidly changed its path from coming right towards me. My wife said, "Its just a guy trying to learn how to fly". I said. "No airplanes can zig and zag like that." She then said, "Go get the camera". It went right over our house at about 750 feet silently. The object just kept zigzagging until we couldnt see it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Worldwide UFO Sightings

    Australia Triangle

    Cleveland , Queensland -- I was out in the backyard tending to our dogs when I looked up and noticed one pink/orange light in the sky on July 29, 2012, at 6:40 PM. It was moving more slowly than the planes that I often see and was not blinking or flashing the way plane lights do. I watched it head southwest when two similar lights came into my field of view.

    The first light stopped to wait for the other two lights which slid into place forming the three points of a triangle all moving slowly and silently southwest. I called my mother out to watch them and she agreed how strange they were. She said it looked like the head lights of a very large but invisible plane. They may have been Chinese lanterns; however, there was absolutely no flickering or wavering of the lights of any kind. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Vancouver -- This object seemed to have two points of light or orbs stuck together with night vision on August 9, 2012, and would tumble back and forth. The object was high in the sky moving west slowly. I was wondering if it was in orbit. I spotted an object a few days ago about 1000 feet high and looked similar with a pulsating light bright enough to be picked up with night vision. It would have to be quite large as well to be this bright. It pulsates and gets brighter, two orbs or spheres makes me wonder what it could be. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Italy Discs


    30.07.2012 verso le ore 10 — with  Maurizio Sbroglia and  13 others at  Dragona.

    Milan -- Our friend Antonio has posted photographs of a UFO on his Facebook profile of August 8, 2012. The photographs depict an object which suddenly changes shape and direction of flight. Antonio video captures UFOs with his CANON camera of activity above his home.




    Macedonia Flying Saucer Right above Me!

    Bitola On July 14. 2012, I saw a disc for the third time in two months. The first time a friend saw a disc with some red and blue lights flashing below it. A couple days ago my girlfriend and I saw a very bright white light. We thought it was a radio transmitter tower on the hill, but after a couple minutes the light started to move and blink and disappeared.

    I got my binoculars and bought a telescope to keep in my car in case it came again. Ten days later the same light appeared again. So my girlfriend took the binoculars and I got the telescope to search the sky. I spotted a disc shaped UFO coming toward us at the height a chopper flies. My girlfriend spotted a disc with red, blue, and white lights with the binoculars. I saw a pyramid shaped craft with very bright white lights in 1995 when an earthquake hit our town. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    New Zealand UFOs

    R. L. Pinfold writes, "Hi again from New Zealand...These guys can turn up almost anywhere! This one literally across the road, just off our beach....proves that ANYONE can chance upon them. This one was caught maybe a year ago, on Google "Streatview. ''This one, is a researchers delight, as the camera-car`s distance travelled down our road (1.5miles), at 30 mph with literally thousands of high quality images of the"X37"-like object, seen leaving the sea surface two miles offshore. It is possible to capture it`s progress across the bay, to cross the beach and adjacent to our base."

    Anyone, can access the current form of "Steetview"...type in the address: 104 Marine Parade, Otaki Beach, New Zealand..S40.758,E175.100...then align the view seaward...locate the "Dot" above the horizon, then proceed north along to the end of the will need the zoom function...We`ve attached a frame captured half way along the road. Kindest regards, R.L.Pinfold, South Pacific Research (SPR),

    United Kingdom , Wales Sphere

    Barmouth -- Whilst on holiday I took photographs of the sky and later noticed a circular shaped sphere below the sun on July 28, 2012, at 7:37 AM, on my phone. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center


    UFO Conferences

    • The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce its 5th annual 2012 Fall UFO Conference to be held Friday night September 28 and all day Saturday and Sunday September 29 and 30.

      The location will be the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel, 400 Oxford Valley Road, Langhorne, PA 19047 (215) 269-3417.

      Speakers are Stephan Bassett, Grant Cameron, Karyn Dolan, Richard Dolan, Frank Feschino, Stan Gordon, Mark Passio, Peter Robbins, Rob Swiatek, Sue Swiatek, John Ventre, Travis Walton,

      Register Now! 724 836 1266

    Support Earth Changing Research

    I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I could get people interested in getting my work of the last thirteen years. I have put together a DVD of Filer's Files with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings.

    Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter's exciting abduction story by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell has also included much of his excellent dialog for a donation of only $50.

    We also include a year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

    Book Picture.jpg

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Surprise", "Surprise", Annie, They Love Your Work Of Sensationalized Fiction!

    Notorious ‘Area 51′ book being adapted for television

    | Jul 27, 2012
    AMC has ordered a pilot episode for a scripted dramatic television series about the secretive military installation in Nevada known as Area 51. And the basis for this show will be Annie Jacobsen’s book Area 51, an uncensored history of America’s TOP SECRET military base.

    Area 51 book cover. (Credit: Little, Brown and Company)
    Jacobsen reportedly interviewed more than nineteen men who worked at Area 51 for her book that “explores the myths about the area and those who believe that region is home to aliens, underground tunnel systems and nuclear facilities, according to the Hollywood Reporter. This book, published in May 2011, met with harsh criticism because of many questionable assertions made by Jacobsen. Most notably was the inclusion of an explanation for what crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. She claims an anonymous witness informed her that the craft recovered at Roswell was actually an advanced German aircraft, and that the bodies recovered from the crash were children that had been mutilated by infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. This craft was allegedly ordered over the U.S. by Joseph Stalin, hoping to trick Americans into thinking it was an extraterrestrial spacecraft, which would result in a mass panic similar to the one caused by the 1938 radio broadcast of H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds. Many doubt the veracity of this Roswell story, including ABC reporter Bill Weir. Weir also interviewed this anonymous witness, but says the witness asserts he did not make all of the claims laid out in the book. The former Area 51 employees interviewed by Jacobsen have also stated how they feel betrayed, and they feel that certain fictitious elements, including the Roswell story, were added to bolster book sales.
    The controversy surrounding Jacobsen and her book doesn’t seem to bother AMC, however, and the cable network has even tapped Jacobsen to serve as a co-producer of the show. Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd will reportedly executive produce, and Todd E. Kessler (The Good Wife) will create the script.
    The Hollywood Reporter describes that Area 51, the show, “will take place in the 1950s-1960s and will focus on those who work at the base and protect the country’s secrets — including the remains of the alleged alien crash at Roswell.”
    Although it has been less than a decade since the government acknowledged the existence of Area 51, there is already a wealth of information provided by former base workers about the base itself, and about formerly top-secret projects that took place there. Many former workers have shared their stories with the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. With this information, the museum opened an Area 51 exhibit this year titled Area 51: Myth or Reality? Perhaps a wiser decision for AMC would have been to work with the National Atomic Testing Museum, a Smithsonian-affiliated museum, rather than with the author of such a controversial book.
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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Robert, Let's Join In Holy Matrimony [This Time]!

    More Time Wasted with National Geographic's "Chasing UFOs"

    by Robert Sheaffer
    While at the two recent conferences in Reno and Las Vegas (see the previous Blog entry), I had occasion to explain to several people that the latest turd-TV offering from the National Geographic Channel, Chasing UFOs, had succeeded in doing something that never has been done before: UFO proponents and UFO skeptics all agree that the show is absurd, a travesty of "UFO investigation" that makes everyone look bad. Indeed, some UFO proponents think that because the show is so bad, it must be a government plot  to embarass UFO researchers!  Hard-core UFO proponent Robert Hastings quite appropriately says the show is "investigation as farce."  He says that its "entertainment-based formula may best be described as Blair Witch Project meets Inspector Clouseau. If the show’s producers are not secretly in cahoots with some intelligence agency to make legitimate UFO research look bad, by association, they have certainly achieved that outcome inadvertently."

    was the UFO a spider web reflection?
    Episode 3, "Alien Cowboys," is set in Colorado, where they begin by investigating the Tim Edwards UFO video of 1995.  The Chasers are suitably impressed by this video. So far as I know there has been no skeptical investigation of this video. Bruce Maccabee analyzed it, but came to no conclusions about what it is. "Abovetopsecret" user ALLisONE posted a photo comparing the "UFO" in Edwards' video to the sun's reflection on a spider-thread, and so far that's the best explanation I have seen. The changing shape and size of the object certainly suggests a reflection. The smaller white objects (baby UFOs?) are suggested by some to be insects, but to me they look like little dandelion "puffs", small seed packets being scattered in the wind.

    They meet with Chuck Zukowski, who investigates alleged "cattle mutilations." I heard Zukowski speak at the International UFO Congress in February, and posted the following in a Blog entry of February 22:
    The sessions began Wednesday morning with Chuck Zukowski talking about the joy of slicing up dead cattle that the aliens have already sliced and diced - that way, he can study their handiwork. He showed some gruesome photos, adding that he always brings his three kids when he investigates a mutilation, so that they can help out. He claims to sometimes detect substantial EMF fields emanating from mutilated cows, and speculates that it is a residual field from some alien device. I am wondering why the field does not dissipate away at the speed of light.

    Zukowski explained that his website is, because this is what people call him. He said that mutilations seem to follow the cattle of certain ranchers, even if the rancher moves. I would think that what follows a rancher is the propensity to attribute slightly unusual predation patterns to extraterrestrials. He has discovered that mutilations and paranormal events are most common at 37 degrees north latitude, creating a belt of weird stuff running clear across the country. In the Q&A session, the question came up as to whether the aliens might be abducting cattle to create a race of "hybrid fetuses." Chuck thought that might be true. Can this be the explanation for the aliens' bizarre obsession with the nether parts of cattle - the creation of an alien/cattle hybrid? Now that truly bends the mind!
    Somehow to me the image of Zukowski's three children romping about while he pores over a mutilated cow seemed delightfully surreal, but Chuck assures us in a comment below that his children are young adults, so their presence is surely more understandable. Soon it's time for the three Chasers, plus Zukowski, to put on the "prosthetic devices" and stumble around in the dark looking for mutilated cows, since it's obviously easier to find dead cows at night than when the sun is out. But just as they discover a herd of live cows from its infrared signature (guys, a dead cow won't radiate heat!), another near-encounter with a wild animal, this time a mountain lion, sends them scrambling back with no alien evidence.

    They next visit UFO raconteur Stan Romanek, one of the least-credible persons in all UFOlogy. At this year's International UFO Congress I heard Romank deliver one of the most ridiculous talks on UFOs I'd ever heard. I posted:
    Stan is the guy who became famous when he posted to YouTube a video of an alien peeping in his window. Soon others were posting alien Peeping Tom videos of their own, many of them better than Romanek's. He told about how he started to have sightings of UFOs a few years back, and soon they were following him around. Before long, big-headed aliens are playing peek-a-boo in the windows of his home. Then the ETs were replaced by as many as nine alien hybrid little girls, who intrude upon his telephone calls, and also play now-you-see-me-now-you-don't. One of them is Lisa's daughter from a previous UFO abduction. Stan gets a few not-quite-clear photos of strange-looking little girls, whose images probably have been Photoshopped to give them ET features.

    Stan injured himself falling off a ladder, and was going to get corrective surgery. However, before the operation he was abducted by ETs, and his injury was miraculously healed, to the astonishment of his doctor. Before finishing his talk, he mentioned in passing that someone had anonymously mailed him actual photos of the true Roswell crash debris, and he flashed them tantalizingly on the screen. Stan Romanek is a one-man paranormal factory, and I suspect these wild claims will just keep piling up for many years.

    Afterward while Romanek was at his table in the vendors' room (he and his wife now have three books of wild UFO claims), I introduced myself to him, and gave him my "Bad UFOs" card. I asked him why the aliens were following him around. We chatted very briefly when somebody (probably his wife) must have whispered, "don't talk to that guy." Suddenly it was, "I can't talk to you. You just bad-mouth people. Go away." I attempted to get a photo of him and his wife (others were doing so), but he turned his face away from me (how I regret not getting that image of Romanek avoiding the camera!). He said he'd have his lawyer sue me if I took a photo; I replied that was ridiculous, since he was a public figure in a public forum. So much for "UFO research!"
    You guessed it: Romanek joins the UFO Chasers in their special Dark-Exploration Suits, and they stumble around not some desolate place, but in the suburban neighborhood where Romanek lives, looking for Extraterrestrials. I'm surprised they didn't have an Encounter with an ice cream truck. They don't find any ETs, but Ben spooks James by replicating the "peeping Tom alien" video, lying on the ground and holding up an alien mask.

    The Roswell extraterrestrial tin can
    In Episode 4, "UFO Landing Zone?", the UFO Chasers jump into "a race to investigate these [crash] claims." Well, it's only been 65 years since whatever it was happened at Roswell, so you'd better jump in before the trail grows cold. They stumble around in the dark, as usual, and get all excited over finding a piece of scrap metal, which only at the end is revealed to be "tin." Saucer debris, or the remains of some ranch hand's long-ago lunch? They also breathlessly find a military button, later identified as belonging to the U.S. Air Force. Too bad that the Air Force did not exist as a service until Sept. 18, 1947, more than two months after Roswell, and thus the button could not possibly have anything to do with any operation carried out in July of 1947. Roswell proponent Kevin Randle adds this about the button:

    It seemed to be too good. The button I used for the photograph had not been buried, but only exposed to the open air for a couple of decades. It is tarnished to a bronze color. The button they found seemed to be nearly pristine. I would expect that if it had been buried for any length of time it would have degraded more than my button that had not.

    The nearly-pristine post-Roswell Air Force Button
    What this tells me is that the National Geographic has gone the same way as the Arts and Entertainment Channel, Bravo, History Channel and a couple of others....The point is that National Geographic is now more about ratings than research. It is about audience share and entertainment and not about finding the truth, whatever that truth might be. It is about superficial research that avoids asking the difficult questions or asking those who might actually have an answer.

     Exactly right. Randle also checked with the White Sands Missile Range about the supposed UFO crash video presented by Ted Loman that we see repeated over and over, research that The UFO Chasers could not bother to do. He was told that it was part of “an infrared shot of a Navy missile test." Case Closed, but by Randle, not by The UFO Chasers

    And yet at this very moment another TV production company is seeking to cast "a new docuseries following Alien and UFO Researchers and Investigators. The show would be similar in concept to Ghost Hunters -- except with UFO and Alien findings." They explain, "We are looking to follow an existing team of Investigators," not even realizing that there is no such thing. Are they doing this because they believe Chasing UFOs to be a great show, or will they do a decent job of investigating UFO claims? I'd like to be optimistic about the show, but as a realist I'd have to say that the odds are against it.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Green Is Back In Again!

    The Return of The Incredible Green Fireballs: New Films of a UFO Mystery

    Anomalous Green Fireball Filmed From Space

    By Anthony Bragalia
    The Bragalia Files
         Nature provides man with wondrous atmospheric displays from comets to the Northern Lights. As awe-inspiring and infrequent as these phenomena are, they all have prosaic origins as explained by science. Much less understood (and far more rare) are the enigmatic Green Fireballs. The Green Fireball is often associated with historical sightings that occurred in areas like the State of New Mexico and near our National Laboratories, such as Sandia and Los Alamos. These unusually-behaved luminous balls of ethereal green were very different from conventional meteors and were seen to perform extraordinary aerial feats during the late 1940s and early 1950s. Military and intelligence authorities at that time even had a top-secret project called “Twinkle” whose objective was to trace the mysterious green fireballs plaguing Southwest skies in particular. Then for some inexplicable reason, appearances of the green balls of fire tapered down and “winked out.”
    Or did they?
    – Revealed here are remarkable images (recently found buried within NASA space footage archives) of a Green Fireball that seems to “follow” our astronauts.

    – Striking and exceeding rare film has been located, also taken from space, where one can vividly see the strange Green Fireballs doing the impossible: exiting the earth’s atmosphere rather than entering it.

    – High definition, non-hoaxed film taken this past Spring (with link below) clearly depicts a slow, “watchful” Green Fireball passing above excited witnesses for several minutes- not seconds. The object is comprised of matter but displays a luminous halo of “energy” and seems to change shape into a “diamond.”

    – Documented recent reports referenced here that have been filed of Green Fireballs that wildly morph their appearance and “pace” their observers.
    The glowing green balls are now exhibiting behavior so distinctly unnatural and never-before-seen that the conclusion draws near: Some of this phenomenon is intelligent and it is evolving in its revealed capability. It is able to mimic nature while traversing at will above us with a purpose unknown.

    Green Fireballs: Natural and Artificial

    Of course astronomers recognize the term “Green Fireballs” in conventional terms as naturally-occurring atmospheric events. Infrequently, shooting meteors of sufficient mass and velocity can create a “shockwave” hot enough to produce a Green Fireball. It is a cosmic phenomena associated with the color green that is caused in part by ionized oxygen (and is similar in color to that of a green aurora.) Recent research at Queensland University points to a possible connection to “ball lightning” electrical phenomenon as well. Sightings of most all such Green Fireballs can be accounted for in these (largely) understood, prosaic ways.

    Only very occasionally ever filmed clearly, here we see a conventional “shooting” Green Fireball over Ocean Shores in 2008, towards the very end of this 44 second clip (incorrectly titled “UFO Green Fireball”- as it is indeed a green meteor):

    A “conventional” Green Fireball is very simply a mass of stony or metallic matter that has fallen to earth from outer space. As can be seen in the above clip, it appears as a transient, fiery streak, otherwise known as a “falling star.”

    But there are a core of sightings of Green Fireball-like phenomena that are distinctly different than conventional fireballs or green meteors - and that elude conventional explanation. It is this phenomenon that does not appear to find its origin with the realm of known atmospheric or celestial events. This unknown phenomenon was first noted officially and scientifically in 1948. Such illustrious scientists as astronomer Dr. Lincoln LaPaz (who was also involved in the Roswell crash investigation in 1947 according to multiple credible sources) initiated Green Fireball investigations utilizing expensive monitoring equipment (including an installation placed only 30 miles from the Roswell crash-involved Foster Ranch.) So concerned was the military that such sightings were occurring near rocketry and nuclear sites that a top secret conference was organized about the issue and attended by luminaries including Dr. Edward Teller. Opinions were divergent and studies, inconclusive.

    In 1965 LaPaz privately confided to the Air Force’s Dr. J. Allen Hynek of Project Blue Book his last known word on the flying green balls: LaPaz was sure that certain fireballs’ anomalous characteristics were never really understood by himself or by officials- and that they did not behave like normal meteorites- and were most probably “artificial” in their origin. Despite best efforts, a certain class of Green Fireballs resisted all attempts at sustained filming and at determining trajectory- or in ever recovering any expected celestial debris. We have learned that this class of “artificial” Green Fireball phenomenon displays essential differences from “conventional” green meteors:
    - They favor and cluster in specific geographic areas and sometimes near highly-sensitive locations.

    - They appear episodically and even seem to “leave” us all together, only to reveal themselves again years later.

    - They do not emit smoke trails (but sometimes have unusual ‘tails’).

    - They change direction and angle of travel (sometimes sharply and abruptly, unlike conventional “shooting” meteoric phenomena).

    - They have no impact sites and have never left any evidence of any type of their descent to earth.

    - They do not always “shoot” or dart quickly, as they can also change their speed- and can sometimes maneuver far more slowly than meteors and other entering cosmic debris.

    - They can possess “lime green” colorations that are not consistent with known celestial phenomena.

    These anomalous characteristics left LaPaz and others forever perplexed. One can only wonder what they might think of their even more incredible aerial behavior today, documented on film.

    - They travel impossibly upward and outward through our atmosphere and into space.

    - They follow and track our astronauts.

    - They can hover silently and with precision and even appear to even “watch” their observers.

    - They can morph their shape.
    The Green fireball That left The Earth To Follow The Astronauts - On Film

    Anomalous Green Fireball Filmed From Space (2)

    In scouring the deepest recesses of official NASA archived images online, located were photos and film of the Green Fireball taken from space that to my eyes are nothing short of astounding. And I was equally astounded that at least one other has also found the same thing.

    In May of this year researcher Wilbur Allen spoke at a small conference which featured a call-in from his friend, Moon-walker Dr. Edgar Mitchell. Mr. Allen (who has professional interest in photography and was once employed as a White House engineer) delivered a presentation that included a brief segment of film that somehow made its way passed NASA censors. The film, taken by Apollo 7 in 1968, has been discovered to include clear moving images of a Green Fire Ball that is exiting –not entering- the Earth’s atmosphere. Further, it careens into space and is photographed by the astronauts! Allen notes yet another astronaut-filmed image of a Green Fireball in space which has received very little notice involving Buzz Aldrin- a man whose comments on ET have been both full of hints and contradictions. Allen also provides a striking comparative analysis of green fireballs using a solarization imaging technique.

    You can see this very-little-viewed film here now, with the relevant portion beginning at about 1:58 of this 8 minute clip. It is best seen in a darkened room, full-screen at a minimally 480p quality resolution:

    Below is a clear, still image of the Green Ball. (Excuse the crude box used to highlight the object. The NASA original is a much larger image not suitable to show here due to space constraints):

    Anomalous Green Fireball Filmed From Space (3)

    Green Fireball That Hovers, Follows Observers, and was Filmed!

    Anomalous Green Fireball Over Chicago
    For several minutes on October 9th, 2011, an excited Chicagoan and friends filmed a Green Fireball (that also morphed into a diamond-shape.) Shot clearly in 300X zoom, the resulting footage shows in astounding detail a flying Green Ball which possesses some kind of defined structure and which appears comprised of matter as well as a sort of high-state “energy.” The luminous aerial wonder changes shape and appears in ethereal green colors, encircled by a halo which is the hue of an ‘electric violet.’ The flight pattern is intentional and slow enough to be filmed for minutes- not seconds. See it yourself here in a little-mentioned 8-minute film, best viewed full-screen at minimally 480p quality resolution. You may wish to turn down the accompanying distracting ambient music:

    The Green Balls of Fire Continue To Fly

    A review of Green Fireball UFOs reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) shows that sightings of such phenomenon are on the rise and that their performance capabilities are evolving. Two notable, documented examples:
    - In January of 2012 (MUFON Case # 34457) in New Mexico (a state long favored by the Green Fireballs) witnesses sighted one descending toward them. Then remarkably, its position suddenly changed to one of flying level. It then morphed its shape from a fireball into a slightly shiny V-shaped object and out of view! This is reminiscent of the filmed October 2011 episode above, where the “ball” becomes a “diamond” shape.

    - In March of 2010 (MUFON Case # 22579) we learn of a report filed by a married couple in Florida who are described as “astronomy fans” who have seen many meteors. This green one however, was markedly different. They were surprised at how utterly slow the object moved as it passed closely by them (at about the speed of a single engine prop airplane) and that its brightness never wavered.
    The Great Green Fireball is curious of us. Fleeting and ever furtive, it is secretive and evasive. It lets us glimpse it (and now even film it) but it never lets us “get it” to touch it. This is was Dr. LaPaz’ very lament. As he said, “it was not natural.” It acts with aptitude. It comprehends and it discerns. We can speculate that it is a sentient ball of light, a probe, a craft. But we cannot be sure. The only thing that is really certain is that the phenomena is real- and that its secrets will be revealed to us only if and when it ever wishes to do so.
    ~~BOOK SALE~~
    <a HREF=""> Widgets</A>

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What A Coincidence! That Will Be My Next Chapter In UFOs And Government!
    UFO Documentary - Ghost Rockets Teaser #1

    In 2012 UFO-Sweden will head out on an expedition to investigate a UFO-phenomena that has been seen throughout Sweden for decades. The Expedition is scheduled to take place this autumn in a lake deep in the forests of northern Sweden. Coming along on the trip will be a professional diving team, and over one ton of equipment including boats, cameras, a side scanning sonar and metal detectors. A documentary team will be following the investigation and are in the production of a film that will be released 2013.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.A Chinese Lantern, Stirling? ;))) Stanton Friedman Reply!

    The Bragalia Files

    Copyright 2012, InterAmerica, Inc.

    For over four and a half decades many around the world have wondered about the true nature of the sighting of a landed unidentified flying object that was reported on the ground and then taking off by Officer Lonnie Zamora in Socorro, NM in 1964. In the fall of 2009 this author’s investigation disclosed that the Officer had been victim to a hoax that was perpetrated by students at the New Mexico Institute of Technology.

    Now, three years later, a more complete account of the hoax has finally emerged including:

    -          The astonishing way the hoax was accomplished
    -          The number of people involved in the hoax
    -          Why they did not come forward
    -          Remarkable film that visually documents how the college students constructed and flew the craft, according to the college’s President
    -          The collective concern for Officer Zamora by the perpetrators and the college President in the wake of a youthful folly snowballed out of control



    The story of the Socorro UFO sighting by Zamora, the aftermath and the hoax solution to the sighting were reported by this author in a three-part series on the UFO Iconoclasts website:

    Socorro Hoax Exposed (Famous UFO Sighting Was a College Prank)

    Socorro UFO Hoax Part Two: Getting Closer to the Culprits

    Socorro UFO Hoax: Physical Evidence Points to a Prank

    Investigation and interviews had produced:

    1)      A confession after 45 years had passed by renowned Los Alamos physicist Dr. Stirling Colgate who was the former President of New Mexico Institute of Technology (NMIT) that the event was a hoax by students that he knew. He also confirmed that he had explained this all decades ago to his friend, secret UFO researcher Dr. Linus Pauling.

    2)      An acknowledgement by NMIT professor and philanthropist Dr. Frank Etscorn (who was the inventor of the nicotine patch) that it was a hoax

    3)      A confirmation from a leader of the school’s Energetics lab (who as a student there in the mid- 1960s) that it was a hoax.

    4)      Several former students and a school public information administrator offered astounding information on a long-standing tradition of technical pranks- and even a “society” devoted to the pursuit. (Of course one must ask why so many ranking NMIT administrators and illustrious men of science would implicate their own school after being approached if it were not so?)

    5)      Little-known official reports at the time were surfaced that showed the presence of charred cardboard, footprints and evidence of pyrotechnic ignition at the UFO site.


    Dr. Stirling Colgate is perhaps the greatest living physicist in the word. An associate of Edward Teller, at age 86 Colgate still reports daily to work helping to lead advanced physics for one of the most esteemed scientific institutions on the planet, Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    Colgate was the former President of NMIT and was known as very affable, likable administrator who was very close to his students. So much so that it is reported that he often shared drinks and gossip at Socorro’s Capitol Bar. It is in this air of academic conviviality that Colgate learned of his student’s involvement in the hoax on Zamora.

    When a document was discovered in the Pauling archives that Colgate wrote to his friend multiple Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Linus Pauling that the Zamora sighting was a hoax, this author then contacted Colgate. Colgate confirmed the contents of the letter to Pauling and that, among other things:

    1) He still knew the incident to have been be a hoax 2) He remains friends with one of the hoaxers 3) That person “does not want his cover blown” and that  3) accomplishing the hoax “was a no-brainer.”

    Now, very recently, Colgate has made things much clearer.

    In email replies received by this author from Dr. Colgate dated August 1, 2012 and on August 8, 2012 to further questions that I had of him much was learned about the “reasons and ways” of the hoax.

    Dr. Colgate has I believe, truthfully and on his legacy, now graciously imparted to me further insight on the hoax scenario. In his words:

    “It was a prank and I was very concerned for Officer Zamora.”

    “No one would come forward on this, they were all embarrassed.”

    “So many things were pressuring me and still are about this.”

    “I did not feel that I could add anything by pressuring the students, and recognized it as a prank.”

    “The students were embarrassed about the possible harm that could have come to Zamora (from the prank.)”

    “No additional communication with Pauling(on this)”

    “He too may have been embarrassed.”

    Colgate says more to me in another email, whose additional replies from him are given below. But we learn from the above cryptic comments that Colgate and cohorts acknowledge the obvious, for they too are human:

    They felt pressured about what to do, felt embarrassed of what they had done, and were sorry with concern for Lonnie.  Lonnie could have conceivably been fired from the police force, psychologically marred for life or other adverse things.

    The hoaxers must have been uncomfortably conscience-stricken about all of this. It was never thought that the story would get so big. They did not mean it to snowball like that.

    They were confused about what to do and were shamed life-long about what they had done. And really, who wishes to bring up to friends, family and work associates the youthful follies which we all wished had never happened? Should these perpetrators (who are now retired seniors) turn their world upside down and go public simply for our satisfaction?

    We also find out that Pauling too, lost interest and never brought up the Socorro subject with Colgate, because he too wished not to suffer any potential professional embarrassment in being in any way associated with Socorro. Confirming Colgate, further review of the Pauling archives shows that there was indeed ever any further interest in the subject by Pauling.


    Beauty is often found in simplicity. And so it is with Socorro. For all of the speculations about the hoax involving such things as tethers, remote control and flame throwers- it needn’t be and wasn’t.

    In the August 8th email from Stirling Colgate, he opened up even a bit further about how the students had hoaxed Lonnie. I had of course always wanted to know from him just exactly how the deed was done.  How did the students do it?

    I stated to Colgate that he must know how they did it- and directly asked of him:

     “How did they do it? What was the craft made of?”

    His short but telling reply:

    “A candle in a balloon. Not sophisticated.”

    I also asked of Stirling how many were “in on the hoax?” Again, a short reply received:

    “I’d say about 3-6”

    Those who still steadfastly adhere to explanations other than “hoax” to the Zamora sighting will no doubt dislike what was said by Stirling.

    But an amazing video by two college-age students from the UK (posted just months after my series on the Socorro hoax) may give us visual documentation of exactly what Dr. Colgate is referring to and how the hoax was performed.

    Skeptics of my work on this simply do not wish to accept the truth that Lonnie Zamora first radioed his police partner that the white object “looked like a balloon.”

    Here in the video below, two very clever British boys show us what Colgate means by how a simple “candle in a balloon” can also be an extraordinarily effective hoax and aerial effect (you can advance to 1:17 if you wish to go directly to the launch): 

    Now, not only does Colgate say it that was a “balloon candle” type affair, but he also says that there were a very small number of college students that were involved, perhaps three to six.

    And he is again right. There would have minimally been:


    Two short students in white coveralls (actually white lab suits) acted as “aliens” and had launched from the ground Lonnie’s landed “UFO.” Lonnie never claimed that he saw the short people get into the “vehicle.” By that time he was escaping or planning his escape to really note where they went.


    One additional student that was needed was a student speeder to lead Lonnie just out of town and near where the two “aliens” awaited Lonnie.  This should have been the most obvious clue of all to a hoax: Lonnie had to somehow be made to get to the hoax- and he was, by a freshman in the car like the above.


    Another student was used to create the explosion that had diverted Lonnie on a direct path to the “staging area.” This student may have also created the roaring and high pitched sounds that Lonnie reported emitting from the UFO. The sounds that Lonnie reported were actually resultant from “pyrotechnic whistles” according to the President of the world’s leading fireworks association (see prior articles.)  All of this material was available at the school’s Energetics Lab which sponsors the annual July 4th fireworks.

    So Colgate is correct that about at least 3-6 students were involved in executing the prank.

    A very large white candle balloon (with a red, draw symbol on its side) launched by lab-suited students are what Lonnie saw. The roars were provided by both the balloon-flame contraption and by pyrotechnic whistles. As shown in the UK video above, such devices, even when rather large, can travel very high and far- and quickly.


    Many still will insist that no one could be fooled by such a lit balloon contraption. But one must consider several things about the sole witness to the event:

    Lonnie was confused, stirred up and frightened:

    In small town Socorro, Officer Zamora was often tasked to “deal with” the students at the school. A student speeder trying to “show off” his hot vehicle whisks by Lonnie and Lonnie is in hot pursuit. This is surely not how Zamora wished to be spending a Spring evening awaiting the leave of the students from the school, being stirred up and having to chase some smart and smarmy kid-speeder. Lonnie then is startled to hear an explosion “like from a dynamite shack.” He was confused by the unfamiliar flying thing and frightened to crouch of the flame, roar and whistles.

    Lonnie had impaired vision and required corrective lenses, which he lost:

    We do not know if Lonnie wore single vision or bifocal lenses, but the images of him available to us show very thick lenses. Such lenses mean that the wearer’s vision is seriously compromised relative to the ability to correctly estimate distance.  And at a critical point of viewing the “UFO,” we know that startled Lonnie had jolted his glasses, dropped them to the ground, and stooped to locate them, found them, placed them back on his head and then re-adjusted his position to locate the UFO to see it again.

    Lonnie reported things as he saw them, did his utmost best to answer questions put forth of him and was a good person. But like all of us, he had his flaws…including the flaws with his powers of perception that dusky day. He was not “Saint Zamora of Socorro.” He was neither an educated man nor an articulate or especially intelligent man, as gracefully noted by the Air Force’s Dr. J. Allen Hynek in his interview report of Zamora.  Lonnie probably never had seen such an unusual thing and to his faulted perception that day, remained honestly and thoroughly confused. And remember also the context of the time, 1964, a time when satellites were like science fiction and man had barely even been in space, and not yet on the moon.

    Combining all of these things, it is easy to see how this sole witness out in the arroyo could imagine that he was seeing something truly remarkable. But it really was not all that at all.


    Continued appeals to truth and to history sometimes pay off. Such persistence in doggedly pursuing such old folks to find that truth for history sometimes gets me in trouble on such old cases. I am called overly aggressive and “leading” by some.  Say what they will, but it often yields answers and the solutions to mysteries. I approach and re-approach witnesses to Roswell and in all my UFO investigation. When TV’s “Columbo” Peter Falk solved crimes it was always at the very end, after taking some time, and always with a “re-approach’ of someone with whom he had already discussed the crime. Waiting a few years perhaps got Dr. Colgate to thinking it was about time to tell as much of the truth as he could.

    And so it is with Socorro. Time has finally told all.

    Op 11 Aug 2012, om 22:08 heeft STANTON FRIEDMAN het volgende geschreven:

    There was also the woman who approached me after a nuclear society meeting at which I spoke in Las Vegas. She had been asked as a grad student at NM Tech to secretly analyze some strange material from the Zamora site. I passed that lead on to Jim McDonald and he spoke with her.. can't imagine a hoax leading to that.
    Stan Friedman


    12-08-2012 om 22:17 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer's Files #32 2012 - Alien Log II, US Navy's "Blackstar" ETV, Florida's Atlantic Coast Pyramids

    Filer's Files # 32 - 2012


     Disc photo from Salt River Indian Reservation, Arizona on July 30, 2012

    George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director

    MUFON Eastern Region Director

    August 8, 2012

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    In special reports, this weeks files cover: Sightings Increase, Two Thousand UFO Sightings in July, MUFON Conference, Alien Log II, Mars Landing, Gary McKinnon, the English hackers Navy Spaceships, Sunken Pyramids off Florida's Atlantic Coast, Syria Fighting, Penetrator Bomb, and Gbekli Tepe Disc Shaped Temple.

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Arizona, California, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington. 

    Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, South Africa, and England in the United Kingdom.

    The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

    Dear Readers if you are sending emails to me I spent the day reading them and I have over 24,808 left to read in multiple languages. If I do not answer your query I apologize but I feel it is more important to write these files.  


    I'm writing a new "straight talk" blog about exopolitics, ET technology, contact and culture, and the choices we need to make to evolve (or not) past our current condition.

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    News Update:
    Father of "Sirius: The Next Step in Disclosure" co-creator taken-out by x-military psyops specialist.

    Special Reports

    Two Thousand UFO Sightings in July

    MUFON CMS continues to amass sighting reports from around the globe. In July 2012 there were 971 sightings reported to MUFON through CMS from the following countries; Peter Davenport reports 841 sighting reports. Peter Davenport, NUFORC Director, has made appearances on, in order to discuss the high volume of reports of "fireballs" that we have been receiving since June 2011.  Whereas a typical number of reports submitted per month to NUFORC over the last 17 years has been 250-350, during June we received 974, and we have received 1,052 during July.  The majority of the reports from the last two months appear to be about the "fireballs," which we have discussed frequently over the past year.  This type of sighting appears to have increased significantly, within the last month or two, and they now dominate the reports we are receiving.  We post below a few of the reports that we have received recently, which are exemplary of the many "fireball" reports:

    Great MUFON Conference

    International Director Dave McDonald and his staff did a great job planning and running the conference. I was privileged to speak at the Northern Kentucky Conference Center for the annual MUFON Conference. The MUFON people who attended the conference are wonderful and we had a great time. The food, hotel, speakers were all great. This special group of people are intelligent, forward thinkers and have knowledge no other group possesses, except for perhaps those in the very highest positions of government.

    They realize the world is being visited on a daily basis and that space aliens are attempting to improve the human race. We humans with our tribal wars and trillion dollars a year military budgets represent a threat to alien civilizations as well as to our own. Our disregard for the environment, conservation, and health of our planet is putting the future of the human race in great danger. We need to work to improve our disagreements and settle them by peaceful means. The speakers revealed there are more than thirty alien civilizations visiting Earth. At least one is a strong benevolent, most are neutral, and one or two are malevolent. Make plans to go to the MUFON Conference next year in Las Vegas.

    Alien Log II

    Dr. Farrell book is very entertaining brings to life the science behind alien encounters by providing realistic characters and dialog that brings the reader to an understanding of the relevant issues facing researchers in the field of Ufology. Dr. Farrell provides references by chapter in the back of the book. Alien Log II, the New World Order picks up where Alien Log left off. As the team, led by Colonel Pete Mitchell, heads back to base with the recovered alien artifact, Corey is abducted. The aliens can place a memory block on abductees before they are released. As a result Corey s alien captor, Quellin, freely answers any question Corey might have during a tour of the mother craft. Corey learns many things. For example, he learns the Big Bang Theory is wrong. He learns how the universe is constructed so remote viewing, telepathy, and past life s regressions are possible. Quellin explains how hybrids will be used to usher in the new world order and what that might look like.

    Eventually, Corey is released and is joined by his teammates, Wendy and Pete, as they continue the quest to unlock the secrets of the artifact. Wendy and Corey discover that the information she recovers is too dangerous to pass on to Pete who will then pass it on to the President. In the end, they solve the problem in a most unusual way. EXCERPT Page.66

    The alien is speaking to Corey, "Your civil and religious leaders have hidden and denied our existence for a long time. A sudden revelation would be too chaotic without first allowing humanity to question and study the evidence. The people must have time to question what they are being told by their leaders. We do not want disclosure to be disruptive. In order to avoid human panic, we feel it is better to transition you to a new understanding." The book has pearls of wisdom. Dr. Robert Farrell has taken facts from some of the best books in UFOlogy and entwined them into an entertaining story.

    Editors Note: The reader of these files is years ahead of the public in understanding the Earth is being visited by extraterrestrials. It now appears many are entering our society. The US, Britain, Australia and countries where there are illegal immigrants are ideal to hide visitors from other planets.

    Mars Landing

    Curiosity, NASA's rover successfully landed in Gale Crater on Mars early Monday, August 6, 2012, transmitting images back to Earth after traveling hundreds of millions of miles to explore the red planet. The disc shaped object brought the landing vehicle through Mars atmosphere. This Rover is looking for the building blocks of life, rather than actual life as Mars is the most likely place to find life. Actually the Viking missions in 1976, both found strong evidence of life but NASA has chosen to ignore its own findings. This is a stunning achievement and NASA may be ready to announce that they will find the building blockes for life. This way people will gradually accept life outside Earth.

    "This is a stunning achievement. The engineering went flawlessly," said Scott Hubbard, who was the first Mars program director at NASA headquarters and is now a consulting professor at Stanford University. The 10 science instruments aboard Curiosity are in "perfect health," and testing and calibration are under way, NASA said

    Some rover team specialists are analyzing the data from the landing, while others are preparing Curiosity for exploring, where it landed, NASA said. On its first full day on

    Sunken Pyramids off Florida's Atlantic Coast

    There are at least three ancient underwater pyramids off the Atlantic Coast of Florida which few people know exist. Multiple sources of information about the pyramids are available, but for simplicity most of the following information is from Bill Hansons book "The Atlantis Triangle."
    Hanson notes that the three pyramids are equally spaced about 35 miles apart on the west side of the Gulf Stream. To add to the mystery, three other underwater pyramids have been seen on the east side of the Gulf Stream. Those are 25 to 30 miles apart and located near Walkers Cay, Great Sale Cay and the Berry Islands of the Bahamas. Typically, the underwater pyramids have been seen after violent storms have temporarily swept away some of the sand covering the ancient structures.

    Gary McKinnon, the English Hacker

    Gary McKinnon, the English hacker facing 70 years in U.S. prison for searching Pentagon sites for UFO evidence, says the weirdest thing he found was a list of "Non-Terrestrial Officers" and fleet transfers between ships that don't exist in the U.S. Navy." -

    Gary McKinnon

    Computer hacker Gary McKinnon "has no choice" but to refuse a medical test to see if he is fit to be extradited to the US, his mother has said.

    Janis Sharp said it was "an impossibility" because the expert chosen by the Home Office had no experience with Asperger's syndrome.

    Mr. McKinnon, from north London, admits hacking US military computers but says he was looking for evidence of UFOs.

    The home secretary, Theresa May, has delayed until October any announcement on whether to extradite the computer hacker Gary McKinnon to the US.

    His family says the Home Office expert, Professor Thomas Fahy, has no experience in uncovering suicidal tendencies in Asperger's syndrome patients. Mr. McKinnon, 46, had three medical examinations in April by three leading experts in Aspergers and suicidal risk. They concluded Mr. McKinnon was at extreme risk of suicide if extradited and he was currently unfit for trial.

    Prime Minister David Cameron has stated, "I do recognize the seriousness of this case, and the Deputy Prime Minister and I actually raised it with President Obama when he visited. I think the point is that it is not so much about the alleged offence, which everyone knows is a very serious offence, and we can understand why the Americans feel so strongly about it.

    Note - If Mr. McKinnon's data is correct, it validates the assumption the US Navy may well be operating off-planet via back-engineered ET technology. His data indicates the Navy and probably the Air Force operate a fleet of space craft and officers to either man them or otherwise control them.  Gary McKinnon states, "I found a list of fleet-to-fleet transfers, and a list of ship names. I looked them up. They weren't U.S. Navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceship, off-planet" The US Navy Clementine mission project mapped the entire Moon.

    In his interview with the BBC, Gary claimed, "The Disclosure Project" had some very credible people all saying there is UFO technology, there's anti-gravity, there's free energy, and it's extraterrestrial in origin and they've captured spacecraft and reverse engineered it." He said, he investigated a NASA photographic expert's claim that at the Johnson Space Center's Building 8, images were regularly cleaned of evidence of UFO craft, and confirmed this, comparing the raw originals with the "processed" images.

    He claimed to have viewed a detailed image of "something not man-made and cigar shaped floating above the northern hemisphere. McKinnon stated the image was approximately 256 megabytes in size, yet that the craft's details were still distinct in 4-bit color and low resolution on his mere 56k modem connection,

    Syria conflict: Key Aleppo district sees fierce clashes

    The Aleppo suburb of Tal Rifaat came under bombardment today has fierce fighting between Syrian government troops and rebels took place in a strategic district of the biggest city, Aleppo. State media said government forces had taken control of Salah al-Din, but the Free Syrian Army later announced a successful counter-attack. Images that have emerged from the northern city show buildings reduced to rubble by heavy weapons. Observers say controlling Aleppo is a crucial goal for both sides.

    In another development, Jordanian officials confirmed that former Syrian Prime Minister Riad Hijab had crossed into Jordan on Wednesday - two days after his defection was announced.

    After several weeks of bombardment and skirmishing, it seems the real battle for Aleppo may now be under way. Syrian state television ran urgent news flashes saying government forces were "completely combing" the Salah al-Din quarter on the south-west side of the city.

    Local commanders of the rebel Free Syrian Army confirmed that a big attack was taking place but denied that the opposition forces had been completely dislodged.

    Salah al-Din has been one of the main battlegrounds in the struggle for Syria's biggest city, and much of the quarter has been very heavily damaged by bombardment.

    The BBC's Jim Muir in neighboring Lebanon says that Aleppo's Salah al-Din is a densely-packed area of narrow streets and has been one of the city's main battlefields.

    If this is indeed the start of the government's long-awaited offensive to clear rebels from the city, it is clearly going to take some time, he says. But a commander from the rebel Free Syrian Army later said it had launched a counter-attack following the arrival of some 700 reinforcements.

    "For an hour and a half the Free Syrian Army has staged a counter-attack and reclaimed three streets out of five seized by regime forces," Wassel Ayub told AFP news agency by phone.

    Photographs appear to show that Syrian rebels have for the first time obtained a heat-seeking, shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile launcher, the New York Times reports

    Penetrator Bomb

    Though it's still being tweaked and tested, the Air Force's Massive Ordnance Penetrator bomb is available for use if needed, said Air Force Secretary Michael Donley. "If it was needed to go today, we would be able to do that," he told a Capitol Hill audience on July 25 during a speech sponsored by Air Force Association, and Reserve Officers Association. "We could go with the existing configuration," he noted, but the Air Force will also continue to perform testing on the weapon to refine it.

    Air Force officials first announced last fall that MOP was ready for combat. Boeing builds the 30,000-pound-class bunker buster, which the B-2A stealth bomber carries. MOP is designed to give the United States the means to hold difficult-to-access targets at risk—such as the hardened and deeply buried nuclear development and test facilities reportedly in countries like Iran and North Korea—without having to employ nuclear weapons. Thanks to AFA and John A. Tirpak

    Gbekli Tepe Disc Shaped

    Six miles from Urfa, an ancient city in southeastern Turkey, Klaus Schmidt has made one of the most startling archaeological discoveries of our time: Massive carved stones about 11,000 years old, crafted and arranged by prehistoric people who had not yet developed metal tools or even pottery. The place is called Gobekli Tepe, and Schmidt, a German archaeologist who has been working here more than a decade, is convinced it's the site of the world's oldest temple.

    Workman work in rectangular pits shaded by a corrugated steel roof at the main excavation site. In the pits, standing stones, or pillars, are arranged in circles. Beyond, on the hillside, are four other rings of partially excavated pillars. Each ring has a roughly similar layout: in the center are two large stone T-shaped pillars encircled by slightly smaller stones facing inward. The tallest pillars tower 16 feet and weigh between seven and ten tons. There are elaborately carved: foxes, lions, scorpions and vultures abound, twisting and crawling on the pillars' broad sides.

    Schmidt points to the great stone rings, one of them 65 feet across. "This is the first human-built holy place," he says.

    . "This area was like a paradise," says Schmidt, a member of the German Archaeological Institute. Indeed, Gobekli Tepe sits at the northern edge of the Fertile Crescent. Schmidt has found no evidence that people permanently resided on the summit of Gobekli Tepe itself, he believes this was a place of worship on an unprecedented scale—humanity's first "cathedral on a hill."

    Schmidt in rapid-fire German explains that he has mapped the entire summit using ground-penetrating radar and geomagnetic surveys, charting where at least 16 other megalith rings remain buried across 22 acres. The one-acre excavation covers less than 5 percent of the site. He says archaeologists could dig here for another 50 years and barely scratch the surface.

    In 1994, Schmidt was working on his own survey of prehistoric sites in the region. After reading a brief mention of the stone-littered hilltop in the University of Chicago researchers' report, he decided to go there himself. From the moment he first saw it, he knew the place was extraordinary.

    Gobekli Tepe means "belly hill" in Turkish. It has a gently rounded top that rises 50 feet above the surrounding landscape.. "Only man could have created something like this." he says.

    Sightings in the United States

    Arizona Disc

    Salt River -- The witness and her husband were traveling west on Thomas Road e ast of Phoenix in the Salt River Indian Reservation on July 30, 2012. They saw an intense thunderstorm over the mountains to the Northwest and took a cell phone photo that later showed a strange disked shaped object near the thunderstorm. (The object is highlighted and enlarged in the above photo.)

    Note: Intense thunderstorms happen in the desert in July and early August due to a monsoon effect. Winds were quite gusty in the vicinity of these storms. The photo does show some apparent wind-blown debris. The disk shaped object could be some debris suspended in the air ahead of the thunderstorm." Then again it might be a genuine UFO? Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    California Light

    SAN DIEGO -- On the morning of August 7th, 2012 at 1:35 AM, I was conducting a security patrol of the roof at my assigned property. I noticed a very bright light to the east moving slowly northwest. The direction of flight crosses aircraft landing at the airport. I was able to record 10 seconds of video with my phone before the light abruptly vanished. Thanks to MUFON CMS




    Indiana Multiple Sightings

    INblanton12Disc.CylinderSheet.jpgBLANFORD Richard Bondira has been photographing UFOs on clear nights since January 2012.

    He sent me dozens of photographs of UFO that he has filmed over the last six months. As many as ten or more UFOs can be seen on some nights. They mostly hover but can be seen maneuvering, spin around, or go straight up. They usually come from the southeast heading northwest. Thanks to Richard Bondira

    INDIANAPOLIS -- Jeff Johnston reports, "I was coming home from work a little after 1 am Sunday morning from Greensburg's Honda plant on Highway 74 on June 1 and saw police blocking the road in the lane going south. The police were ahead of the semi transporting this UFO. There were police cars around this semi and directly behind it." Thanks to Jeff Johnston

    Massachusetts Lights

    Newburyport I was on a boat for a fireworks cruise in the Merrimack River near the Route 1 Bridge, on August 4, 2012. While looking east toward the Atlantic Ocean area, a single red light was observed. Several more lights appeared in a perfect circle around the center light. The center light then disappeared followed by the circle of lights one at a time. Lights like this were never observed in this area before as verified by the experienced captain of the boat. Fireworks were being set off in the opposite direction. The town below the lights is the waterfront section of downtown Newburyport. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Michigan Lights

      On August 6, 2012, was in my back yard taking long exposure pictures with my cameras. I took one shot and it had a ufo in it. I compared this picture to the picture I took 30 seconds ago and it wasnt there. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Editors Note: Sometimes long exposures will pick up an aircraft flying along blinking lights that appear as a cylinder.

    Missouri Pilots Spot Disc

    Kansas City -- I am the pilot of a regularly scheduled commercial aircraft flight from St. Louis to Kansas City and was on approach to KCI at 9 PM, on July 30, 2012, when my co-pilot said he saw an unidentified object to the right of the aircraft. It was following us, but not yet in my range of view. I radioed the tower and asked for radar confirmation but there was none.


    Then the object came into my view to the right front of the aircraft. At that point we were 35 minutes out from the airport. The object was a silver/gray color and had three blue/white lights on the bottom and one on the top. It was a disc-shaped craft with a low dome on top. It was about 300 feet from our aircraft and when it suddenly moved underneath us and to the left flying at our same rate of speed. We decided not to tell the tower what we saw because of what happens when reports like this are made. The tower then asked us to confirm an unidentified object and I said it was no longer in view.

    The object stayed with us for 22 minutes. When I decreased aircraft speed for approach, the object slowed as well, and then went directly south of our position at a very high rate of speed faster than any aircraft Ive ever seen. I was a military pilot for 14 years and know what type of aircraft we have. It was definitely NOT a man-made aircraft. Some pilots have lost their jobs when they report a UFO, and I would like to keep mine so am not providing my name or contact information. Some of the passengers and other crew members were discussing this as they left the plane. NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer and William Puckett, Director

    Independence -- Sometime in October of 2011 my wife and I were coming home at dusk when I looked up and saw a triangle arrowhead object that was very large and a gold color. There were no lights on it and it was not reflecting sunlight. The point of the triangle was facing down and it was just sitting there. A commercial airliner headed towards it, and was twice its size. I ran inside to get my camera, but when I got back out it was gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Montana Cylinder


    Wilsall -- On August 3, 2012, we were hiking in the NW Crazy Mountains just beneath Table Rock and I took a number of photos. This is a flight path for jets for Belgrade -- Yellowstone International Airport. All of the jets we saw on this trip had clearly visible jet streams. The UFO in the picture was a surprise and shows no jet stream from the UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS



    New Jersey Lights

    LINDENWOLD I was at home, looked out my window from my bed on July 28, 2012, and saw a moving light below the clouds. I kept watching and I saw another moving smoothly in a different direction. I focused on one and realized it seemed to have one big bright light in the center and many small lights circling that, like a flying saucer. I really didnt see a distinct shape, but I could assume they were somewhat disc shaped as they zoomed away. NOTE: The above image is a rendering. This case is under investigation by Ed Dobson. Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

    MARLTON -- Four lights the size of stars were swirling around each other in the direction of Philadelphia on July 28, 2012. There was heavy cloud cover as one light moved closer and further from the four lights that were very close to each other, almost forming one object. It moved from Philadelphia over my house in South Jersey, toward the ocean. The lights eventually stopped moving east of me, hovered for a long time, and then disappeared into the clouds. The individual light that was following the grouping eventually moved away until it disappeared. The lights weaved around each other. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    North Carolina Discs

    BELMONT -- I went on the MUFON-NC website Saturday afternoon June 9, 2012, and read about recent sightings in NC. Being familiar with Belmont, I was intrigued by a recent report. So, I invited a friend, Nancy Queen, to go to a boat docking area Saturday night and stake out the area. We arrived about 7:30 pm and took a few pictures. At dusk, I mounted my camera on a tripod, and caught sight of an orange flying object coming towards us at 9:25 pm.


    I called to Nancy as two more aircraft came over the treeline silently with orange lights aglow. I couldn't make out any features on the aircraft as the light was blinding. Nancy managed to get some pictures with her camera as well as me. Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

    Commodore Barry Bridge -- I was driving home from work from Pennsylvania to New Jersey using around 1 PM, on April 30, 2011. Once I got onto the bridge I noticed a round shaped object in the sky high near the clouds. It looked like a metallic upside down top hat that was floating fast in the sky along the bridge to Pennsylvania. I only saw the object briefly but I was able to pull out my cell phone and take a picture of it. The object floated fast high above the bridge it did not make any noise and it did not bounce around. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.  This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

    Ohio Light

    Newton Falls -- My girlfriend and I work midnights and had just got up to go to work on August 5, 2012, I walked outside to check the weather and saw a bright red light in the sky with an orange middle in it. I yelled for my girlfriend to come see, she came out and saw it as well. The object flew south silently right over our apartment into the clouds. I turned to see a second one coming in the same flight pattern with an airplane behind it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Oregon Lights

    BEND -- I was sitting at the computer and my dad called me outside to see a light on August 6, 2012. It looked like a star, moving in a straight path silently. I got excited at the fact that I get to witness such a thing, This was the first time we got it on tape. We couldnt make out any detail with the zoom on his phone. We just saw the vibrant and indescribable colors. I thought it was just amazing! We lost the sight when it just flew fast into the darkness of the sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Astoria -- On August 1, 2012, my boyfriend told me there was two strange extremely bright lights in the sky at 2:38 AM. I got up and looked and saw a very bright white that looked like a huge very bright spot light. It kept changing going dimmer and then bright again. Then my daughter and her friend came to look as it changed to a rainbow light and then back to the bright white light alternating between extremely bright to dim. Then we saw two lights one on top of the other maneuvering that just vanished. Thanks to William Puckett, Director


    Tennessee Battle

    ATHENS -- On July 18, 2012, my husband and I were sitting on the porch when I noticed a blue and red flashing light in the sky. We both lay on top of the car watching and soon some neighbors came to join. There were several hundred UFOs shooting at each other, we seen some UFO blow up and fall, but dont know where it landed. This continued for two hours. Later a huge bright white light like a ball of energy shot up from behind the apartments and disappeared rather quickly. We called 911 and officer came out and he told us unless it lands right here he cant help us.

    An hour later there were several hundred balloon like things with tentacles that would light up bluish and they seemed to be taking over the other UFOs. My husband called us to see an huge object that had black dots shoot out from it. We saw flying saucers less than 20 feet away. We girls took off running, my husband and his friend hid behind the dumpster as one flew right by them and the air rippled. We woke up everyone in the neighborhood to come out and see, and they all admit they were UFOs.

    The following night everyone in the neighborhood was out sitting watching, and these triangle shape things would drop out orbs of lights as they hovered and they flashed lights as if in communication with each other. They seemed spiderlike. My husband pointed a laser pen at a green one above our apartment and it flashed back numerous times. They descended lower and we got scared and went to bed. ever sense July 15th 2012 there have been these star like objects and bright lights My dog was freaked out and ran inside. n Athens Tennessee know what we saw. My husband has many more details this is very brief of what happened, we also heard over 15 other 911 phone calls over the scanner about aliens. Another weird thing the day this happened the clouds in the sky were perfect and resembled many things of face people animals it was very strange. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Sevierville -- We were boating on Douglas Lake on July 27, 2012,

    near the Douglas Dam and saw blue diamond shaped objects toward the sun. I took a few pictures but did not see the big diamond shape object because of the blinding sun, but I did see the bluish diamond shaped objects on the previous picture. I contrasted the picture to see if what I was looking at might be lighting/pixel artifact, but there seems to be a shadow and light bending around the object like any 3D object. Thank you.

    Note: The diamond shape could be due to the shape of the camera aperture. Photos taken into the Sun can produce a variety of anomalies. The witness says that he saw some blue diamond shaped objects. The object (or anomaly) in the photo is probably not one of these objects. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Washington Disc

    SEATTLE -- My boyfriend came in from outside and told me there was two strange extremely bright lights in the sky. I got up and looked and saw a very bright white spot light. It kept changing going dimmer and then bright again. My daughter and her friend came to look as it changed to a rainbow of light and then back to bright white. I was able to get a picture.



    Wilbur -- On July 24, 2012, mysterious crop circles appeared in an eastern Washington wheat field — not far from the nations largest hydropower producer. The farmers preparing for the summers harvest find the distraction more amusing than alarming. "You cant do anything other than laugh about it," said Cindy Geib, who owns the field along with her husband, Greg. "You just kind of roll with the theory its aliens and youre special because aliens chose your spot."

    Friends called the Geibs on July 24 when the pattern of flattened wheat was spotted off Highway 174, ten miles south of the Grand Coulee dam. The circles resemble a four-leaf clover and knocked down about an acre of their wheat. "Of course, we dont have alien insurance," she said.

    Similar circular patterns were left in crops in the Wilbur area in 2010 and in 2008 or 2009, Geib said.

    The latest crop circle was first reported Tuesday by Spokane station KHQ-TV ( There were no signs that anyone walked into the field.

    she said. Doug Esser of the Associated Press wrote this report. Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

    Worldwide UFO Sightings  

    Australia Triangle

    SYDNEY -- I had a truly mind blowing experience while on vacation in Sydney at 2230 hours on January 9, 2012. I arrived at Erskineville station and noticed a light flying in a formation at high speed from behind this tall building. It changing size and I was able to capture a slideshow of images. Object changed size from a relatively small triangle formation consisting of three lights to a much larger one while retaining the original triangle shape it started out as. I experienced confusion, shock, and fright!

    Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

    Brazil Cylinder

    Patrocnio A cigar shape UFO was seen on July 19, 2012 over Minas Gerais.

    More info




    Canada Reddish Orangey Light

    LONDON On August 4, 2012, we saw a bright reddish orange circular object that bounced around the sky like a ping pong ball. I know that it wasn't a helicopter...or a plane. It maneuvered fast and erratic.

    It bounced a few times up, down, and sideway and then vanished. It reminded me like a subtitle movie ball. It was near Saunders School on Viscount Road. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Germany Four Red Lights on Circular Object

    -- I was gazing to the east sky at dusk, about 10:45 PM, on July 28, 2012, when I noticed two bright red lights moving east. They were a hand-length apart, one in front of the other. The first light stopped mid-flight and the second continued to move and disappeared into the clouds. About 20 seconds later the other did the same, I suppose rising vertically.

    I continued viewing that portion of the sky and another two red lights appeared, one in front of the other, this time further apart. The red light went out on the first object revealing a circular disk. It was about the size of thumbtack held at arms length and grey in color. The latter red light continued to shine red and disappeared into the clouds. Then I watched the small circular disk until it was obscured by buildings.

    I teach design courses in college and live across from Boston's Logan International airport. This is my first visit to Berlin... Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Hungary Hundred Bright Spots Formation

    Budapest -- My girlfriend and I were on vacation on July 28, 2012, and went out on the balcony at 11:55 PM and spot what I first believe is a flock of birds. I keep looking at these strange birds and wonder how come they glow. The sky is pitch dark, so the only way for them to be seen is if something is shining on them from below. The flock slowly moves through the sky, and they keep the same glow all the time.

    I realized these are not birds; there are about a hundred spots in the sky, in a fixed, stretched formation. I kept looking at the formation for about five minutes, before they no longer were in my visible area.

    Two bright spots came a little later. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Portugal Photos

    Armaao De Pera On August 2, 2012, I took this photo, but I dont know what it is.

    This is a close up of the object

    Sorry about my inglis.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    South Africa Large Red Oval Object

    Riebeek Kasteel On August 4, 2012, at 8.30 PM I went outside for my evening stargazing and saw a large red oval object with at bottom yellow sparkling bright bigger than the stars flying at high speed through the sky. It came from the west flying at high speed and coming a little down, like their knowing what they were doing.
    Above the lights was an orange mist. The object flew with high speed and slowed down and turned around a little bit and it took a position watching me.

    I called my daughter to come outside and that moment the object was looking for a place to stop. It made a circle movement and stood still. My daughter (6) mentioned that we are all children of God.

    I started to get frightened and walked inside the house but I hesitated I went outside again and the object was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    UK/England Bubble/Egg Shaped Pod Seen

    Chingford, NE London
    -- As my wife and I were walking up our road we saw an egg shaped, pod-like, object appear over the rooftops flying north away from London over Pole Hill on July 31, 2012.

    It looked like a pod from the London Eye, and seemed a similar size. It a few hundred feet high with a clear canopy over a solid, dark-colored base. It didn't see a pilot. It was silent and travelling at a steady speed, as it disappeared into the distance through a gap in the houses. It followed a straight trajectory and maintained a constant speed. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    UFO Conferences

    • Pennsylvania MUFON Conference

      Hear the Latest News from Experts!
      5th Annual Fall Pa. UFO Conferences


      Sept 28-30 Fri-Sun.


      Oct 13-14 Sat-Sun.

      Register Now! 724 836 1266

    Support Earth Changing Research

    I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I could get people interested in getting my work of the last thirteen years. I have put together a DVD of Filer's Files with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings.

    Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter's exciting abduction story by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell has also included much of his excellent dialog for a donation of only $50.

    We also include a year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

    Book Picture.jpg

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Bill, Was It Really Your Fault For Messing With People's Heads? Should We Fire Or Promote You?

    The Surprising Origin of the Flying Saucer Myth

    On June 24, 1947, an amateur pilot named Kenneth Arnold was flying a small plane near Mount Rainier in Washington state when he saw something extraordinarily strange. Directly to his left, about 20 to 25 miles north of him and at the same altitude, a chain of nine objects shot across the sky, glinting in the sun as they traveled.

    By comparing their size to that of a distant airplane, Arnold gauged the objects to be about 45 to 50 feet wide. They flew between two mountains spaced 50 miles apart in just 1 minute, 42 seconds, he observed, implying an astonishing speed of 1,700 miles per hour, or three times faster than any manned aircraft of the era. However, as if controlled, the flying objects seemed to dip and swerve around obstacles in the terrain.

    When the objects faded into the distance, Arnold flew to Yakima, Wash., landed and immediately told the airport staff of the unidentified flying objects he had spotted. The next day, he was interviewed by reporters, and the story spread like wildfire across the nation.

    "At that time there was still some thought that Mars or perhaps Venus might have a habitable surface ," Robert Sheaffer, an author of UFO books (and a skeptic), told Life's Little Mysteries. "People thought these UFOs were Martians who had come to keep an eye on us now that we had nuclear weapons."

    As time would prove, this was but the first of many outlandish theories behind visits of an extraterrestrial nature. The era of UFO sightings had begun.

    Reporting error

    Arnold's sighting was "such a sensation that it made front page news across the nation," UFO-logist and author Martin Kottmeyer wrote in an article ("The Saucer Error," REALL News, 1993).

    "Soon everyone was looking for these new aircraft which according to the papers were saucer-like in shape," Kottmeyer continued. "Within weeks hundreds of reports of these flying saucers were made across the nation. While people presumably thought they were seeing the same things that Kenneth Arnold saw, there was a major irony that nobody at the time realized. Kenneth Arnold hadn't reported seeing flying saucers."

    In fact, Arnold had told the press that the objects had flown erratically, "like a saucer if you skip it across the water." They were thin and flat when viewed on edge, he said, but crescent-shaped when viewed from the top down as they turned. Nonetheless, a reporter named Bill Bequette of the United Press interpreted Arnold's statement to mean that the objects he saw were round discs. According to Benjamin Radford, UFO expert and deputy editor of the Skeptical Inquirer, "It was one of the most significant reporter misquotes in history."

    "The phrase 'flying saucers' provided the mold which shaped the UFO myth at its beginning," Kottmeyer wrote. UFOs took the form of flying saucers, he noted, in artist's renderings, hoax photos, sci-fi films, TV shows and even the vast majority of alien abduction and sighting reports for the rest of modern history, up until the present day.

    "Bequette's error may not prove to be the ultimate refutation of the extraterrestrial theory for everyone. But it does leave their advocates in one helluva paradox: Why would extraterrestrials redesign their craft to conform to Bequette's mistake?" Kottmeyer wrote. [Read: Could Extraterrestrials Really Invade Earth, and How? ]

    For the birds

    Though he didn't see flying saucers, most of Arnold's contemporaries believed that he really had seen something that day. The Army report on the sighting states: "[If] Mr. Arnold could write a report of such a character and did not see the objects he was in the wrong business and should be engaged in writing Buck Rogers fiction." His account was very convincing.

    So if he did see something, what was it exactly?

    One theory holds that it was a fireball — a meteor breaking up upon entry into the atmosphere. If a meteor hit the atmosphere at a shallow angle to the Earth, its pieces would approach the surface traveling almost horizontally. Furthermore, the pieces of meteor would travel in a chain like the one Arnold saw, would shine very brightly, and would travel at thousands of miles per hour.

    But most historians think the objects weren't from outer space at all: "It was probably pelicans flying in formation," Sheaffer said. "Probably Arnold misjudged the distance and thought they were huge objects at a great distance but they were actually much closer."

    After all, the boomerang shape that Arnold drew in a picture of the objects he had seen looks very much like a bird with its wings outstretched.

    A crescent-shaped UFO seen and later sketched by pilot Kenneth Arnold on June 24, 1947. Public domain image.

    Follow Natalie Wolchover on Twitter @nattyover. Follow Life's Little Mysteries on Twitter @llmysteries. We're also on Facebook & Google+.

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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Neil, All Creatures Are "Intelligent" In Their Own Way & Thus Worthy Of Study! We Do It All The Time!
    Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins discusses the nature of 'intelligent aliens' in an excerpt from "The Poetry of Science" lecture. Full lecture here:

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    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Socks, Stop Scratching At The Wall!
    UFO Abduction Dr David Jacobs - Coast to Coast AM
    (+/- 0:11:09 = dogs and cats)

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    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Steven, Please Show Us The Goods or Shut Up Forever!

    Sirius The Movie - Breaking News: Urgent

    There is a chance that we may be able to include in the film “Sirius” the scientific testing of a possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) that has been recovered and is deceased. This EBE is in the possession of a cooperative institute desiring further scientific evaluation of the possible ET. We cannot reveal at this time the location of this being or the name of the person or persons who possess it.

    Dr. Jan Bravo- who is a STAR Board member and a fellow Emergency Physician- and I have actually visited the group that possesses this EBE and have personally and professionally examined the being. It is indeed an actual deceased body, and most certainly is not plastic or man-made. It has a head, 2 arms and 2 legs and is humanoid . We have seen and examined X-Rays of the being. Its anatomy however is not homo sapien (modern human) or any known hominid (predecessors to humans).
    For more information click HERE

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    Categorie:Diversen (Eng, NL en Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Sorry, Melissa, It Was Never A UFO And Most Certainly Not A Flying Saucer In Its Truest Sense!
    A closer look at Maryland’s mysterious ‘Beltway UFO’
    WRC’s Melissa Mollet takes a look at the US Navy drone that prompted numerous Facebook posts and Tweets about a UFO on a Maryland highway.

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    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.When Harry Met Bill!


    More than six years of intensive research has uncovered two “pristine UFO crash sites” in Kingman, AZ, that occurred over a four-day period in May 1953, according to UFO researcher Harry Drew who made the announcement Sunday, August 5, 2012, at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) annual symposium in Cincinnati.

    This was the second anticipated "blockbuster UFO discovery" MUFON promised at its three-day conference. On Friday, August 3, Executive Director David MacDonald announced that 60 volumes of “meticulous UFO research over 30 years” by the late Ufologist Leonard H. Stringfield were donated to MUFON.

    According to Drew's web site, the researcher “uncovered evidence the Kingman UFO crash story was the blending of two separate UFO crashes that happened four days apart near Kingman, AZ, in May 1953.”

    A variety of research methods were employed.

    “The exploitation of facts from documents, reports, maps, early and contemporary interviews, plus grueling field trips across rocky buttes and barren deserts led to pristine UFO crash sites and the discovery of physical evidence left by the military.”

    Reached by telephone from the symposium Sunday night, MUFON Pennsylvania State Director John Ventre said Drew spoke for about two hours.

    "While the original research came from Arthur Stansel," Ventre said, "Drew was able to find that it was two crashes and not one.

    "The first one came down about 50 feet off of Route 129 – just west of Route 93. At that site Drew said he was digging around and he found radiation in the ground, about five times higher at that site. A little bit away – within walking distance – he found buried army relics like cans and plates and different things like that and he was able to trace one of the cans to that era with a lead seal on the can. It proves that the army had some sort of operation there because they buried their stuff there."

    The second craft site was described.

    "The second craft came down and crash landed at Red Lake," Ventre said. "He said you can see a scar mark on the mountain. It came in, hit the top of the mountain, bounced, and then hit the ground. There was an indentation on the ground where it came down."

    Ventre said there were descriptions of bodies.

    "Witnesses say there were four bodies, but they were human bodies – or human looking – they looked just like us. The damaged craft and two bodies, he said, were taken to Groom Lake and the other two bodies were taken to Nellis Air Force Base."

    He described the crafts themselves.

    "The craft was seamless, but had some kind of seam in the middle like a clam shell," Ventre said. "More evidence will be released. But he says there is evidence with the scar mark on top of the mountain, a depression in the ground, and then the cans and radiation in the ground. There is some witness testimony that includes an old rancher who saw it come down."

    Ventre summed up the findings.

    "Drew presented the evidence with no real firm proof," Ventre said. "But it wasn't a Geraldo Rivera moment either. Based on the older stories of the Kingman crash, he believes he found the actual site, but not a complete set of evidence to prove it. His evidence is interesting, but circumstantial."

    Kingman is a city in and the county seat of Mohave County, AZ, population 28,068.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.J-Rod "The Parrot" Sends His "Telepathic" Condolences, Bill!

    Captain Bill Uhouse

    This footage is taken from the over 35 hours of Disclosure Project historical witness testimony archives, gathered in 2000-2001.

    This excerpt is an interview with Cpt. Bill Uhouse.

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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.He Came In Peace … Perhaps "They" Too?
    Klik op de afbeelding om de link te volgen

    A lighthearted President Barack Obama on Wednesday joked that although he had landed in Roswell he could not disclose if extra-terrestrials had done the same in a flying saucer in 1947.

    "I announced to people when I landed that I come in peace," the US leader said, mocking an expression attributed to alien species in numerous works of fiction, including the animated blockbuster comedy "Toy Story."

    Roswell, a town of 50,000 inhabitants in the state of New Mexico, is known worldwide for being the place where a spacecraft and its alien occupants were allegedly recovered 65 years ago and then hidden by the US government.

    "Let me tell you, there are nine- and 10-year-old boys... when I meet them they ask me, have you been to Roswell, and is it true what they say?" Obama said.

    "And I tell them, If I told you I'd have to kill you. And you know, their eyes get all big," the president added in Maljamar, a town 80 kilometers (50 miles) away from Roswell, where he was trumpeting his energy policy.

    "We're gonna keep our secrets here!" he concluded.

    10-08-2012 om 22:18 geschreven door peter

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer's Files #31 2012 - 2012 MUFON Symposium, Area 51 Pyramid Generator, Fish & Bird Die-off -- deel 1

    Filer's Files #31 -2012- deel 1

     Salt Lake City, Utah Mothership videotaped over city on July 13, 2012

    George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director

    MUFON Eastern Region Director

    August 1, 2012

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    What to read past issues? View Filer's Files Archives

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    In special reports, this weeks files cover: Lt. Colonel Talks about Investigating and Debunking UFO Sightings, Chile: Retired General Declares "UFOs Exist", New Area 51 Pyramid, Two Million Dead fish and birds in July.

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington. 

    Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Australia Canada, China, New Zealand, Sweden and England in the United Kingdom.

    The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

    Dear Readers: if you are sending emails to me I spent the day reading them and I have over 24,808 left to read in multiple languages. If I do not answer your query I apologize but I feel it is more important to write these files.  


    There are basic truths about ETs and historic interactions between different ET races and humans which have been suppressed, especially by US govt agencies.
    If you have first hand experience and would like to share in a concise, no-nonsense way, your knowledge, please Submit your writing. (anonymous is OK)

    Alien Visitors – Friend, Foe or Just a Tourist?
    -authored by George Bishop

    Special Reports

    Lt. Colonel Talks about Investigating and Debunking UFO Sightings

    Recently at the International UFO Congress, an ex-fighter pilot approached Open Minds Antonio Huneeus and asked to share his story. Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Dick French's 27 years of military experience has taken him around the world. Hes flown fighter jets in Vietnam and Korea, operated in military intelligence, and been exposed to some of our nations biggest secrets. His career started in the AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations) where he would conduct stakeouts to remove personnel who were breaking the military's code of conduct.

    French then moved on to pilot training school and later was put in the 6004s Air Intelligence Security Squadron where it was his duty to investigate any reported UFO sighting. He would collect any photographic evidence, question witnesses on the size and shape of the object, its estimated capability, and any other occurrences that surround the sighting. In the end though, French claims that his superiors told him to debunk these sightings however he could. This position also allowed him to travel to many interesting UFO hot spots while meeting high-ranking officials; he even claims to have met Colonel Philip Corso.

    While were still investigating French's background, we do know that he was in the AFOSI, and part of his duties was to debunk UFO sightings and occurrences. Just how much of French's story can be confirmed is still being decided on, but Open Minds will continue to investigate. Thanks to Antonio Huneeus at Open Minds

    Chile: Retired General Declares "UFOs Exist"

    General Ricardo Bermudez (Ret.), Director of the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA, in Spanish) explained yesterday in statements made to Chiles Radio Cooperative that his team has indeed witnessed UFOs, that they exist and are being investigated in accordance with their mission, but that these objects do not necessarily include "little green extraterrestrials" inside them.

    "A specific case took place in Punta Arenas late last year, where the radar picked up an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) and the air traffic controller told the airplane that it had said UFO in front of him at a distance of four miles, which is equivalent to three steps away for a person on land, and the pilot indeed saw it," said Bermudez.

    On that occasion, explains the General, after being picked up on radar, the air traffic controller sent out a warning to the unknown aircraft, and the pilot also witnessed, along with ground personnel at Porvenir and another air traffic controller.

    "This is one of the most solid cases in our files, and its an objective one, because one can say that a pilot may be confused by clouds, or that people on the ground could hallucinate at any given moment, but here we have witnesses plus instrumentation," argues Bermudez.

    "The anomalous aerial phenomenon described as unidentified flying object exists, is present here and all over the world, but it must be understood within scientific etymology. The term unidentified flying object is employed and the immediate thought that comes to mind is "flying saucer with little green aliens", which is not at all correct."
    [Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO]

    New Area 51 Pyramid 



    The Air Force's infamous super secret base at Groom Lake, Nevada—also known as "Area 51" or "Dreamland"—has just finished constructing a massive desert pyramid. It could be a radar site but speculation suggests it may tie into the network of ancient pyramids worldwide and draw upon alien technology to absorb the rippling dimensional energies to power?

    Pyramids some are thought to be alien? Scientists in China and Russia think so. Now, it seems the hidden technology of those ancient structures is being activated as massive pyramids around the globe are shooting pulsing streams of raw energy deep into space. What is their purpose? Are they really conduits of cosmic energy as some have claimed? Were some pyramids actually designed by aliens that created a worldwide network of advanced city-states based on their super science? Who really knows? Well, maybe the United States Air Force knows. 

    Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosPyramid technology is ancient and global. Fantastic pyramids have been discovered beneath the twisted growth of South American jungles, the ocean's floors, on high plateaus and desolate deserts. Hundreds were built in Tibet and China allegedly by blue eyed, white skinned blonde aliens.

    Some who've researched these ancient silent stone sentinels are convinced that at least a few of the mighty structures are actually advanced machines—machines engineered to accomplish purposes so vast that the energies unleashed could dwarf today's most advanced technology.

    With the recent astonishing activity of Aztec and Mayan pyramids, and the giant pyramid in Bosnia, the hypothesis that some of the ancient structures are machines suddenly appears entirely credible.   World's Pyramids Beaming Energy to Mysterious Space Cloud

    Dr. Demetriev has revealed that both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes reported the entire solar system is at risk. Worse, Merav Opher, a NASA Heliophysics Guest Investigator from George Mason University claims this interstellar energy cloud is unstable and turbulent.

    The Russian scientist further asserts this photonic cloud of energy is exciting the atmospheres of the planets and especially our sun. As this interstellar energy cloud continues to excite and interact with the sun, it causes the sun to become more active, resulting in greater output and instability.

    This master engineer shows how the Great Pyramid possibly created a harmonic resonance with the Earth, allowing this crystal edifice to convert the Earth's vibrational energies into an unlimited supply of electricity.

    Explorer, researcher and author, Christopher Dunn wrote, "The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt." After that landmark article, Dunn went on to publish many articles expanding his theory and his breakthrough book. Dunns book caused instant controversy, although it intrigued many scientists. The Giza Power Plant. Video is available.
    While his perspective on ancient technology was dramatic, it was also testable.

    More than one researcher, including some electrical engineers, have made the case that some of the more ancient pyramids are actually gigantic machines that generate power. Some have even built models that prove their contention that pyramidal structures are natural reservoirs of energy and can act as huge capacitors and generators of electricity. 

    Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosAmong the first to propose the theory was  Christopher Dunn. He introduced the theory to the world with his article Advanced Machining in Ancient Egypt that revealed machining techniques far more sophisticated than most orthodox Egyptologists realized.

    One such model was built by an engineer from Austria named Trawger. When scaled up to sizes equaling large pyramids found around the world the power increases exponentially and could produce gig watts, or the equivalent of small nuclear reactors without the risks. Pyramids may be the ultimate "green energy" power source. Video demonstration of how pyramids generate electrical power: 


    (Pic of a pyramid power generator prototype)

    Evidence exists that some of the energy that accumulates within pyramids may be hyper dimensional in nature. Some researchers suspect that pyramid energy vortices are creating torsion fields and generating scalar waves. If so, directed HAARP scalar waves can intensify a pyramids power and vastly increase the release of torsion field energy. 

    Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosRecently, Chinese scientists have activated a special team that has been studying the great Xianyang pyramid that sits near Mount Baigong in the western province of Qinghai, China. They are now closely monitoring the pyramid for signs it might activate as others have. [See:  Alien Base Found At Chinese Pyramid
    Giant machines capable of generating incredible amounts of energyare they really possible? The evidence suggests (Mysterious Xianyang pyramid) that it is, and if so it raises the question: to what purpose will all that energy be put? The Chinese think their famous flat-topped pyramid was used many thousands of years ago as a landing airport.

    A generator that may be able to pump out mega joules of energy can be used for almost anything: opening doorways to other universes, climate manipulationeven as a planetary defense system against careening space rocks or incoming attacking alien armadas. If true—and there's strong circumstantial evidence that at least some of the allegations made  by Bob Lazar and others that the USAF top-secret test base is hip deep in ET artifacts and technology.

    Then some of that technology must require a charge-up to power the unearthly devices. 

    The Chinese scientists may be on to something. For if the pyramid in Qinghai truly was erected to power up extraterrestrial spacecraft, then the USAF may require something similar when their scientists and engineers reach the stage in the decades-long project to back-engineer unworldly technology that's allegedly stumped some of the world's best thinkers for more than two generations. 

    If the USAF reached the stage where they need a massive, alien-designed, power base they would more than likely build a pyramidal structure very much like the one in China. The USAF version also appears to have some upgrades compared to the ancient Chinese version. In particular a square receptacle that sits in the middle of the flattened top of the Area 51 pyramid. For more than 20 years UFO activity has been regularly spotted in and around Groom Lake. Strange craft have been seen hovering and maneuvering nearby. When the pyramid is fully powered up and activated, there might be many more strange craft skimming over the lonely Nevada desert than at any time in the past. Thanks to  beforeitsnews

    Two Million Dead fish and birds in July

    Dead fish and birds falling from the sky are being reported worldwide, suddenly. This is not a local affair, obviously. Dead birds have been reported in Sweden and N America, and dead fish in N America, Brazil, and New Zealand. Methane is known to cause bird dead, and as methane rises when released during Earth shifting, will float upward through the flocks of birds above. But can this be the cause of dead fish?

    If birds are more sensitive than humans to methane release, fish are likewise sensitive to changes in the water, as anyone with an aquarium will attest. Those schools of fish caught in rising methane bubbles during sifting of rock layers beneath them will inevitably be affected. Fish cannot, for instance, hold their breath until the emergency passes! Nor do birds have such a mechanism. Since 2010, beaches worldwide are littered with dead sea life. Birds and fish are dying in masses which were never recorded before. These events occur worldwide in ponds, rivers and oceans.

    Many of these events are still a mystery for scientists. And why would Sweden have clouds of methane being released when it is not even on a fault line? Nor is Brazil on a fault line, though New Zealand and the New Madrid region in Arkansas are. We have often stated that the plates have had the rock fingers preventing movement along their edges broken off, so they have become slippery. The stress is evident on all plates, which are shifting around, internally, under the strain. Thus methane, so poisonous to birds and fish, is being released. 

    Droughts had become more intractable and deluges positively frightening, temperature swings bringing snow in summer in the tropics and searing heat in Arctic regions, with the violence of storms increasing in number and ferocity. 
    Hurricane force winds will sweep the Earth and every region of the globe will emerge with warmer climate. Consumers can expect the worst US drought in 50 years to increase food prices. Expect milk, eggs, bread and chicken to rise in price due to the drought.

    India Blackout 600 Million People Affected

    NEW DELHI Indias electricity grids suffered another massive failure Tuesday, July 31, 2012, the second in two days, and frustrating commuters, stranding coal miners and leaving more than 600 million people without lights, rail service or air conditioning in 90-degree heat.

    R.K. Nayak, chairman of the Power Grid Corporation told reporters that the problem was difficult to pinpoint given the networks complexity. The massive outage -- billed as one of the worlds largest, affecting half of India's 1.2 billion people. Nearly twice as many people were affected by Tuesdays failure as were without power Monday. Some 350 trains were affected.

    By Mark Magnier

    Announcing the 2012 MUFON International Symposium


    George Filer, Stanton T. Friedman, John Greenewald, T L Keller, Kathleen Marden, Nick Pope, Thomas Reed, Geraldine Stith, Donald R Schmitt, Travis Walton. The Symposium is on August 3rd 4th and 5th 2012 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center just across the bridge from Cincinnati. Anticipate an optional tour of the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the Home of the Air Force Museum and alien craft. Come and say hello to me.


    03-08-2012 om 00:31 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.ler's Files #31 2012 - 2012 MUFON Symposium, Area 51 Pyramid Generator, Fish & Bird Die-off -- deel 1

    Filer's Files #31 -2012-- deel 2

    UFO Sightings in the United States

    Arizona Disc

    Carefree -- My UFO story was in 1967, and since then I dont think I ever have slept thru the night. Anyway I was down in the kitchen and for some reason looked out the back door window and there as clear as you could make it was a huge round disc hovering over the field behind the house -- about 1000 yards back. I really thought I was seeing things so the next morning early I decided that I would walk the dog over to where I saw this thing. I just meander over casually walking my Basset Hound to see if there was any evidence of a disc landing there? When I got there, there were about 8 other neighbors there. We all hemmed and stuttered around until we all admitted to each other why we were there -- every one of them had seen what I had seen. Some at seen the disc out their front windows, bedroom windows etc.  We all knew others would tell us we were crazy.

    Here in Carefree, the huge thing now known as the Phoenix lights went over. That was either a huge experimental aircraft that the government says we don't have or it was a UFO of some kind. It was huge and darkened the sky as it went slowly across the state from north to south.  You should read the book about it.

    I do enjoy Filer's Files.  My only take on the secrecy is that for years since 1980, governments worldwide have made the decision that the ordinary man in the street would panic. Sometimes I think that the broadcast by Orson Wells was some kind of a test to see what people would do. Thanks to Barbara


    California Miniature UFO

    MODESTO -- Over the past year and a half I have experienced various imagery in my bedroom in the early morning hours before sunrise. Until about a month ago, the images all looked like holograms. They were usually actively moving around but they didnt look solid. For the first year I didnt know if this was my imagination. However a few months ago in the middle of a two or three night episode I looked out the window and there


    were two triangle shaped craft hovering nearly directly above our apartment building. The same thing happened a week later. So, Im convinced that these two years of indoor image displays are being delivered by some sort of Alien intelligence.

    This report describes my second experience with something appearing near my bedroom ceiling that looked 100% solid and 3D. It was a triangle of rainbow light with swirling colors like the surface of a soap bubble. Next a little spaceship materialized from the triangle of light coming out of a headlight at the tip end of the spaceship. The object then turned toward me, slowly floating off the ceiling. I glanced away for a second and then back, it was gone. It was all white but had some other color around the edges of the fins. From head-on, the headlight was a very pretty light blue color like a glowing turquoise. The next morning, I made a detailed drawing of the ship which I have attached to this report. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Connecticut Light

    Monroe On July 29, 2012, I went outside to check on my pool filter and noticed a very bright orange light in the northwest sky. It made no sound and varied in brightness from very bright to very dim. It moved in an erratic circular motion then it seemed to fade away. I ran into the house get my wife and my camera but the light had disappeared/

    I walked up my street and the light reappeared and I took this picture with my old Olympus digital camera D-580. The object rose out of sight. Thanks to MUFON CMS


    Delaware Lights

    Bremen I saw an unusually bright orange to yellow light from wingtip to wingtip on July 27, 2012. At first, I thought it was a plane, and tried to take a photo at sunset, but it was too dark. It came closer and I ran for the 8 power magnifying hunting glass. Through the glasses, it had the size of a 2 EURO coin. To my big surprise there were no more lights - and no wings. It was a round dark gray flat disc. It definitely lost a lot of height between first spotting the bright light and the flyover. 

    I heard was some sort of humming like of a generator in the distance.
    I don't know any disc shaped planes and all planes still have visible lights when they fly over me. I checked flight radar and there was no matching aircraft registered for that time period and flight path (west to east). Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Illinois Rectangle

    Moline -- I saw two very bright lights about 3:30 AM in the east. I watched and they appeared to be moving. I am a commercial pilot and also an air traffic controller at (IL) airport and figured it to be the early morning flight from Peoria to Moline. But this was moving way too slowly for an aircraft and it was way too early for the 6 AM, flight. I watched as this object moved toward my location silently. It moved closer and appeared to be about 500 feet above ground level.

    It flew directly over the top of my truck and continued northwest very slowly. I was so awe struck; I just watched in amazement and never thought of getting a camera. I told the guys at the coffee shop and they laughed. I asked an early sales rep in the store if she had seen anything strange. She replied "You mean like LIGHTS, yes, I saw them?"This object appeared rectangular and 300 yards long. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Oneida On May 16, 2005, 3:30 AM, Joan comments, "My husband and I witnessed a rectangle of enormous size in 2009, sitting stationary on a ridge, in association with other UFO and Electromagnetic activity. It was revealed to us by a slight mist which emanated from an object slightly below it, which had displayed highly anomalous behavior. The mist started at the western edge of the object, and then moved horizontally to reveal its solid, gray structure.

    Once the object was revealed in the wake of the mist, we were afforded a long, detailed view of it. It sat horizontally on the ridge, and was divided by perpendicular lines revealing five sections. It was a gun-metal gray, with no lights. Then the mist appeared at the eastern edge and moved back west, the rectangle disappearing in its wake." Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Indiana Lights

    BLANFORD Richard Bondira has been photographing UFOs on clear nights since January 2012.


    He sent me dozens of photographs of UFO that he has filmed over the last six months. As many as ten or more UFOs can be seen on some nights. They mostly hover but can be seen maneuvering, spin around, or go straight up. They usually come from the southeast heading northwest. Thanks to Richard Bondira


    Kentucky Light

    LEXINGTON On July 21, 2012, at 4 AM, four people saw a stationary light that looked like Venus. It was hovering, then moved northwest, and disappeared in the night sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Missouri Sphere


    KANSAS CITY -- My partner and I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette before going to bed on July 8, 2012. I noticed the super brilliant Orange/Red spherical object just over the rooftop flying west. Orb/object was surrounded with a conical iridescence, possibly ionization from the atmosphere, which varied in shape aft of the object.

      Initially the object was the size of a "BB" held at arms length. Altitude was 30-40,000 feet and moved too slowly to be meteoric and too low to be a satellite. I have uploaded my Photo Shop rendering of the object.

     Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

    New Hampshire

    Meredith On July 17, 2012, severe storms moved through Belknap County and decided to chase them to take pictures and videos. At 7:15 pm I drove up Corliss Hill facing south and took video of the storm. Later when viewing the videos on July 21, frame-by-frame to capture lightning images something caught my eye on the video.

    It started on the left of the mid screen of the sky on the video; a dark grayish cylinder shape objects flying at an angle towards the top of the video. Four frames were caught. Frame by frame shows the cylinder object. The only explanation I have is that I caught a UFO on my camera. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    New Jersey Weird Scaring and Discs

    OCEAN COUNTY -- Weird things have been happening on the 15th of July 2012, when I woke up with a sore jaw. On July 16th I was going to take a shower and noticed a scar on the inside of my belly button. I remember waking up and being surprised I was sleeping in the car. I need someone to help me figure this out. The same thing happened to my mom, but she seen figures. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    NESCO -- Driving down a back road in the Pine Barrens, my girlfriend and I saw two glowing disc-shaped objects/lights about 7 to 10 inches in diameter. They came into view from far upper right and descended to four feet off the ground on July 16, 2012. During the descent, they closed from ten feet apart to headlight distance apart. They seemed to be spinning, moving rapidly toward the car at automobile speed. Then when I thought I was about to hit a ghost car head on and went for the brakes, these lights seemed to go through the car, leaving a physical and mental feeling that I really hit something (or more like it went through us). It felt like a wave went through our bodies and almost felt like we died for a second.

    Ive been trying to find any sort of logical explanation, but I have nothing. Thanks to MUFON CMS


    North Carolina Lights

    APEX -- My friends and I were setting off fireworks in a parking lot. One of my friends pointed to the sky and we all saw three lights in a perfect triangle formation. The triangle appeared to be rotating off-axis silently. The triangle stayed in the same spot for about five minutes and then started slowly moving. Each light slowly disappeared. The lights were orange, but changed to blue and red a couple times. Ten other people saw this and none of us could explain it. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Ohio Light

    COLUMBUS On July 28, 2012, first it was looking like a small star going in a straight line and suddenly started glowing orange and yellow. It had a strange glow that changed colors and then after a couple of minutes it just vanished. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Oregon Disc

    PORTLAND On Saturday evening, July 7, 2012, I was shooting some jet airliners, I caught something special.

    Three photos were shot within 23 seconds of each other. Just what graced my photo in # 3? I enhanced brightness with paint shop to bring out 'object. What do you think? Cosmic Connection []




     Pennsylvania Lights

    Gap -- Last night, July 29th, 2012. I was traveling eastbound on US Route 30. I was driving when I saw 6-7 large "fireballs" traveling towards me. I knew pretty quickly these were not airplanes, due to how they were grouped together and I have been in this area for 12 years and I am accustomed to the airplanes that travel in this area. They were a bright burning red color that was constant that did not dim or flash.


    I pulled over on the side of the road and began filming with my IPhone 4GS. The first four were traveling in two pairs and the others were traveling in singles behind. The objects started to align in a triangle, then a straight line before disappearing. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Texas Triangle

    Shamrock -- I put Travis County and Austin in the location fields of the form at the request of the field investigator (Robert Powell). A friend who attended college picked me up on November 20, 2000. It was at dusk near I-40 when I noticed the object moving northeast. As we got within two miles it was crossing the highway ahead of us, and we could tell that it was moving very slowly.


    We saw it was not a conventional aircraft, and had blue lights at each point of the triangle. The lights were steadily glowing as it flew by at 35 mph, at 1,000 feet in altitude. We had never seen anything like it before. It was probably 400 yards across at least. Other people in cars were standing outside watching. We eventually lost sight of it. I found this picture that is similar but the object we saw was much larger. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Utah Cylinder

    SALT LAKE CITY Mothership videotaped over city on July 13, 2012. A cylinder shaped object was seen over the city once again.

    Every few years one is observed.





    Virginia Flying Object

    Winchester -- I took this picture of some old cars on a new used car lot that has collectible cars on May 25, 2012. It was not until later that I noticed the object in the top of the photo. I was looking through my phone pictures after I had downloaded them to the computer. That is when I noticed it. I guess the smaller screen on the Droid phone did not show it as clear. It appears to be something since it has shadows. There is also a weird white area to the left that maybe a trail.


    Note: The object is likely an "out-of-focus" bird that is within the focal length of the camera. (Focus on camera was likely set to infinity.) Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Washington Flying Objects

    Lakewood I saw two flying objects with glowing orange-yellow center orbs surrounded by a bright red neon slow pulsating triangular shape on July 28, 2012, at 10:10 PM.

    The objects were identical and were traveling east towards Mt Rainier about 30 seconds apart. Both followed the same exact path at about 2,500 feet just below the cloud line. They flew up into broken clouds and disappeared into space. I have never seen anything of this magnitude.


    Note: A check of weather observations showed that skies were overcast with the cloud bases at 3,400 feet. Visibility was 10 miles. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Worldwide Sightings

    Australia Disc

    Sydney A video was taken of UFOs over the city.

    This massive sighting was captured on July 16, 2012, from 1 Pm to 2 Pm.

    Thanks to Migdalia Santiago... 





    Masive UFO invasion.Over all episode.

    UFO sightings in Australia are on the rise, and international studies indicate a growing number of 'closet believers' of extraterrestrial life, according to people who track such phenomena. But people who come forward to report sightings are still pilloried by much of society.

    The issue emerged again last week after a video of an alleged UFO sighting over the NSW south coast was posted on YouTube and raised a few skeptics eyebrows.

    It was no surprise to UFO investigator Doug Moffett, who has been delving into the authenticity of sightings across Australia for more than 20 years.

    "Thats the way it is usually treated in the media - like this fun topic to laugh at, rather than being treated as a scientific possibility," the Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying.

    Moffett, part of the UFO Research NSW group, pointed to the fact that there were an estimated 100 billion stars in our galaxy and planets that were billions of years older than ours as reason enough to validate the search for extraterrestrial life.

    "What Im trying to achieve is for people to not knee-jerk dismiss things," he said.

    Central Coast grandmother Jane Pooley hardly fits the stereotype of a UFO believer. But the 51-year-old says she saw one last week.

    She described watching a craft with rotating lights moving silently above Brisbane Water, near where she lives - an area recognized as one of Australias UFO hotspots.

    Canada Orbs

    TORONTO -- Attached is one of consecutive pictures I took from my IPhone on February 20 2012 at 4:09 PM. In the picture there is a light "figure." The figure is also in the first one. I hope you find them interesting.

    Note: The object is a bird. Readers may wonder why post IFO (Identified Flying Object) reports? The intent is to show the full spectrum of reports that we receive. Thanks to William Puckett, Director



    China Smoke

    Li Hue, a tourist, said she saw a luminous flying object hovering low in the sky at 3:42 pm on Sunday in July when a photographer was taking her picture at a viewing platform in the park. Li was quoted by Harbin Daily as saying she looked back after taking a picture and saw a floating, shiny object. But the flying object was taken in a picture by Wu Chunyan, who also saw the UFO. The photo clearly shows a luminous object. Workers Sun Yan and Li Hui also saw the UFO on Sunday. Sun Li, a forest worker witnessed a bright object with gaseous columns on both sides, at around 8 pm the same day.

    Skeptical of the reports is Zhu Jin, curator of Beijing Planetarium, who has been studying UFO reports for years. He said he believes that the flying object was a winged insect as he saw the wings. Harbin Daily reported that the photographer used "forced flash" when taking the picture, meaning the camera's flash was used despite strong lighting in the background.

    Last year, worker Meng saw a UFO land on the hillside. He said, "I was suddenly pushed back (when I got close to the object) just as if I was receiving an electric shock. Meng said, "I saw a being from outer space and as it got closer, my house became extraordinarily bright who looked just like us human beings". "It pushed me quickly and then ran out."Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ,

    Thanks to UFO and China Daily

    Italy Orb

    Maniago On July 26 2012, at 10 pm, I was sitting in the yard sky gazing when I saw a bright orange/red light which looked like a greeting card image of a star. I looked through 8x binoculars and instead of rays, it seemed to be surrounded by an orange haze. The haze seemed to be circular but off centered and appeared to slowly rotate. The object was slowly moving towards me. After another minute it slowly dimmed and went out. In the binoculars I could still see a faint orange haze for another 2 minutes but not visible to the naked eye. I took two videos of the sighting using a simple Cannon A1200 Power Shot digital camera.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    New Zealand Letter and Photo

    South Pacific -- Rick Pinfold writes, "Our research continues and our focus is now on, not the plethora of all manner of contact, be it visual, photographically obtained, and lets not forget neural access awareness...all manner of cognitive instances....but something that we are now becoming aware of...our own Bio abilities and limitations." We are currently engaged in the investigation, into a whole diverse departure, from the blinkered approach of HOW we are able to see and not see, sense and not sense the things and events that tend to leave the experiencers, "Like possums caught in a car`s headlights".

    Sure, youre not seeing things, but why do "They" look so different in optical behavior, i.e., sharpness, sometimes in"2D", or visible in only one frame of a fast video sequence?

    Our research reveals that it is not they that create these effects, but our own biological attributes, parameters and imitations. Don`t overlook our latent neural possibilities. We are onto that as well. Learn "About us" firstly, then we can devise, back-engineer the means, to "Take a proper look", at what we are all trying to know about. Best wishes to Major Filer and all who seek the knowledge.

    Thanks to Rick Pinfold...South Pacific Research, Otaki, Kapiti Coast, North Island, New Zealand.

    Wenton On August 1, 2012, I went outside to take photo of stars and upon review of my photo I saw the strange object. I looked up and it was changing direction and going fast. 

    Upon editing of images managed to make out proper outline and shape. I have the original NEF images of both pictures. Thanks to MUFON CMS


    Sweden Oval

    Lund -- I was in the military service at that time. It was in January or February of 1979 and we were as scouts on a night mission and were in the countryside (Revenge), east of the city of Lund. We were six members of the scout group. We saw a very big oval sized object, which contained of a lot of small pulsating lights. It moved soundlessly and slowly moved from the first to the second Hurst. It was in the sky but it is hard to estimate the height of the UFO.

    Some minutes after the UFO had disappeared, we saw a police car, in the middle of the night, in the countryside, drive by at high speed. Some days later I read in the Swedish newspaper that it probably was parts of a rocket - hmmm!!!!

    UK Olympics UFO


    July 27, 2012, during opening of the Olympics this disc was photographed. Two live video feeds from London at the fireworks display of the opening of the Summer Olympics captured a UFO drifting in from the left over the stadium. One is the UK Telegraph, and the other is the Sky News feed.

    The UFO appears to be a large disk, perhaps in the shape of a hat with an upraised brim, and also a thick pellet. It remains as a hat for the
    longest time, but also changes shading, as it is largely without color, although the fireworks in the foreground are in brilliant color. Then there
    is footage the next day which shows a helicopter approaching a thick oval craft from the left. As the copter approaches, the craft changes from
    light to dark to light to dark as if shimmering. It is much larger than the copter, apparently.

    Nick Pope, a 'UFO expert', formerly of the UK Department of Defense forecast correctly that a UFO or UFOs are likely to be seen
    over the summer Olympics
    Why let us know they are there if they do not intend to help us Thanks to Gordon James Gianninoto


    Become a MUFON member today! Benefits of membership include a subscription to the monthly UFO Journal that contains current investigations, sightings reports, articles by world-renowned researchers and more. To join now, click here

    Support Earth Changing Research

    I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I could get people interested in getting my work of the last thirteen years. I have put together a DVD of Filer's Files with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings.

    Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter's exciting abduction story by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell has also included much of his excellent dialog for a donation of only $50.

    We also include a year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

    Book Picture.jpg

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Monthly Statistical MUFON Report - for July 2012 - deel 1

    Monthly Statistical MUFON Report - for July 2012 - deel 1:

    CMS continues to amass sighting reports from around the globe. In July 2012 there were 971 sightings reported to MUFON through CMS from the following countries;

    Country Number of Reports
    CANADA 48
    BRAZIL 5
    MEXICO 5
    ITALY 3
    POLAND 2
    GUAM 2
    SPAIN 2
    CHILE 2
    MACAO 1
    LATVIA 1
    JAPAN 1
    SWEDEN 1
       TOTAL: 958

    Within the United States the distribution by State was as follows;

    State Number of Reports
    California 100
    Missouri 63
    Michigan 59
    Texas 47
    New York 44
    Illinois 43
    Pennsylvania 42
    Florida 35
    Washington 33
    Arizona 32
    Ohio 26
    North Carolina 21
    Indiana 21
    Oregon 20
    Oklahoma 18
    Kentucky 17
    Virginia 15
    New Jersey 14
    Georgia 13
    Colorado 13
    Alabama 12
    Connecticut 12
    Maine 11
    Minnesota 11
    South Carolina 11
    Nevada 10
    Rhode Island 10
    Idaho 9
    Utah 8
    New Hampshire 8
    Iowa 8
    Tennessee 8
    Maryland 7
    Wisconsin 7
    Massachusetts 6
    Kansas 5
    Mississippi 5
    Arkansas 4
    Delaware 4
    Wyoming 4
    Louisiana 3
    Montana 3
    New Mexico 3
    Alaska 2
    Vermont 2
    Hawaii 1
    Nebraska 1
    West Virginia 1

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    Categorie:ARTICLES of MUFON ( ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Monthly Statistical MUFON Report - for July 2012 -- deel 2
    Monthly Statistical MUFON Report - for July 2012 -- deel 2

    If you are getting more sighting reports than listed here, please be sure to enter them manually into CMS. To make this happen automatically, make sure your local MUFON Website is pointing to the CMS Reporting form on and direct all calls you get to the MUFON website so that witnesses can enter their own report directly into CMS.

    ALL sighting reports received by CMS are already filled in by the witness, saving you and your investigators time. Each report is automatically sent to YOU, the State Director and Assistant State Director, for you to assign someone to follow-up and complete the report.

    If a UFO sighting comes in over the phone, or by e-mail, and you want to enter it yourself, simply go to CMS at (once logged in) and click on "ADD CASE" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This gives you a blank sighting reporting form that you can fill out while the witness is on the phone. Once the report is filled out be sure to click "SAVE" and you will have easily added your NEW report to CMS.

    Other interesting data points in CMS during July 2012 are the shape of the UFOs reported which were as follows;

    Shape of Object Number of Reports
    Sphere 305
    Circle 189
    Star-like 155
    Fireball 143
    Triangle 106
    Disc 103
    Oval 96
    Other 83
    Unknown 60
    Flash 39
    Square/Rectagular 37
    Cigar 33
    Cylinder 31
    Teardrop 21
    Boomerang 19
    Diamond 17
    Egg 15
    Blimp 12
    Bullet/Missile 11
    Cone 7
    Saturn-like 7
    Cross 5
    Chevron 3

    as well as the distance from the observer;

    Distance from Witness Number of Reports
    < 100 ft 77
    101-500 ft 118
    501 ft - 1 Mile 220
    Over 1 Mile 256
    Unknown 295
    NO VALUE 11

    Most impressively there were 17 Landings, Hovering, or Takeoffs reported and 0 Entities observed.

    To review the CMS data yourself go to and click on "UFO Case Files" to 1.) Easily look at the Last 20 Sightings, or 2.) Do a customized search of the CMS database by date and/or location, or 3.) Logon to CMS for even more detailed UFO sighting information about your State and the World.

    I hope you are enjoying our new internet based Sighting and Reporting System. For questions regarding its use please refer to the User Guide available on your CMS main menu screen. Please send your questions and/or suggestions to Jan Harzan at

    Thank you!

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Billie & Jaimie, Where Are Ye? The Birds Need Feeding!

    The Aviary Saga Continues
                               from Anomalies Website

    In the April, 1991 issue of FATE magazine, there appeared the following article written by Ann Druffel, titled: 'UFOLOGY'S "MR. CONTROVERSY"?' Following are some excerpts from this lengthy article:

    "William L. Moore has admitted passing disinformation to ufologists. Here is the rest of the story along with some startling NEW information---Do you believe it...? "(William Moore) made the startling announcement at the 35th MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Annual Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada, that he and his associate, Jaime Shandera, had been part of a disinformation scheme launched by the government against Paul Bennewitz, a scientist who had set out to prove that there was ongoing UFO activity at a military base adjacent to Bennewitz' New Mexico home...

    "WHY HE COOPERATED - Moore asked the forum audience the question,

    'If an individual, flashing credentials of an agency of your government, invited you to cooperate with him in studying UFOs, what would you do?'

    He admitted that he jumped in, he felt he had to find out what there was to find out. He found himself in the midst of a widespread effort on the part of several government agencies to collect data, to send this data up to higher agencies, and to disseminate DISINFORMATION among the public.

    "Moore differentiated between 'disinformation' and 'misinformation.' Disinformation is a diversion away from the truth; it necessarily has some truth sprinkled in. Misinformation is lies, or phony information.


    "At this point, Moore made it plain that the disclosures he and Jaime Shandera planned to make at this forum were with the express permission of the government agents with whom they had been cooperating for several years. THE INFORMATION, HE WARNED, WOULD BE A MIXTURE OF TRUE INFORMATION AND DISINFORMATION, FOR THAT WAS THE WAY THE GOVERNMENT WORKED, EVEN IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM. He assured the audience he and Shandera had tried to sort out fact from fiction in order to share it with them...

    "According to Moore... the official government policy for the past 21 years--ever since the 'close' of Project Blue Book, which ostensibly disseminated public information about UFO sightings-- is that UFOs do not exist. Why is the government, through the '80s and up to present, still spreading falsified data?

    "Perhaps the most blatant example of this concerns the Roswell, New Mexico, crash of 1947. In that situation, Moore is sure that something did crash on an isolated ranch near Roswell and that the air force put out a bulletin that they had recovered a 'flying saucer.' However, the next day this was denied and a cover story about a 'balloon' was disseminated as a cover-up, a story the government has stuck by for over 40 years.

    "To date, after years of investigation by Moore, Stanton Friedman and others, 130 people have been contacted and interviewed in connection with the Roswell crash. More than 36 claim to have been first-hand witnesses to the situation, and some claim to have actually held the wreckage in their hands. "Some reported that dead alien bodies were recovered from parts of the wreckage which came down a few miles from the main object. These 130 source stories do not include numerous other statements made by persons whom the investigators judged to be less than honest and reliable.

    "Moore thinks that writing THE ROSWELL INCIDENT opened a can of worms. In September 1980, shortly after the book was published, a source to which he gave the pseudonym 'Falcon' contacted him with the offer to participate in government UFO studies. To this day, Moore is not sure what the government people's motives were or what they continue to be. Other government sources continued to contact him, and he and Shandera continued to give each source the name of a bird. In this way, the two could discuss the activities in which Moore was involved without having to worry about telephones being bugged or being overheard in public places.


    "Bill Moore stated with a grin, 'There are now 12 in the aviary,' [Not to be confused with MJ-12 or Majestic 12. It is merely a coincidence that the 'aviary' and the alleged Majestic 12 high-level government UFO study group each have 12 members.] (Note: Moore stated that some of his information may be misleading. For instance, other sources stated that 'MJ-12' has more than just 12 members - Branton) all credible people, well-placed as employees, scientific consultants, or intelligence agents.


    They hold a variety of 'need to know' security clearances, and seem to know each other. Falcon's identity still remains a mystery, but Bill describes him as very knowledgeable about UFOs. (There is an ongoing controversy in the UFO field about Falcon's true identity as demonstrated by recent letters to the editor of Fate by such UFO notables as Jerome Clark and Linda Moulton Howe.)


    "He went on to describe the main characteristic of each aviary member:

    'Hawk is a person well-connected in areas of study in ESP since the 1960s, with impressive credentials. Blue Jay is a person close to the President of the United States, capable of checking on information to determine its reliability. Partridge is a scientist privy to UFO information collected by the government. Chickadee is well-placed in the Pentagon and versed in scientific data. Heron is enigmatic and puzzling; he seems to 'speak in riddles.' Sparrow is the code name for Richard Doty, a former agent for the Air Force's Office of Scientific Information (AFOSI), and was the original go-between between Falcon and myself, and so on.'

    "Later, Moore stated that Doty was a small man in the operation. The process, in his opinion, started 'originally from the National Security Agency (NSA) and high levels of the AFOSI.


    "According to Moore's assessment, AFOSI holds prime responsibility for UFO data collection in the government. It is also responsible for planting information and disinformation on the subject. Why are they doing this if UFOs don't even exist? If it is a case of national security, why is this so? How could UFOs jeopardize the national security of the U.S.?

    "Of one thing Moore is sure. Government agents are faster at planting 'data' than civilians can check and verify it. Civilian UFO research finds itself in a pitiful state. Moore pinpointed the case of Paul Bennewitz as an example. The Department of Energy, the National Security Agency (NSA) and other government agencies were interested in Bennewitz' claim that he had intercepted low-frequency electromagnetic signals which he believed originated from UFOs.

    "Bennewitz was a reputable scientist; his only crime, according to Moore, was his claim that he was receiving signals from UFOs. To this date it is UNCLEAR whether or not the strange signals Bennewitz was picking up actually originated from secret government projects, and had no connection with UFOs...


    "According to Moore, he tried to diffuse all disinformation schemes containing references to,

    • underground alien bases

    • UFO involvement in cattle mutilations

    • genetic research by aliens and government

    • (so-called) 'hybrid' babies

    • rumors of 'aliens among us.

    He recognizes such incredible rumors--as the sort of thing that was fed to Paul Bennewitz and others. Disinformation, but even more so

    (Note: If such things as subterranean 'alien' activity, cattle mutilations, abductions, secret government-grey interaction, genetic experimentation, and alien infiltration do exist as many claim, and the reality of which Moore denies, could this attempt to label such ideas as 'government disinformation' be a form of disinformation tactic itself, explaining why the 'Aviary' and the NSA, etc., so readily allowed Moore to speak openly when this would not seem consistent with a group of intelligence agencies involved in DECADES-OLD coverups? Remember Moore's words to the effect that anything he might tell the public may be DISINFORMATION.

    Veteran aviator John Lear believes this to be the case, and suggests that such denials are part of a secret government-grey 'agreement' wherein the elite 'secret' government (not the U.S. Constitutional government) receives 'technology' in exchange for their promise to keep hidden from the public such activities as those listed above, including the malevolent nature of the 'greys' itself - Branton).

    "At the 1989 MUFON symposium in Las Vegas, Moore tried to defuse such stories, but they are still believed by some in the UFO community and by many members of the 'unsuspecting' public...


    "(Moore) has come to believe that ETs are more than one race. Whether they are extraterrestrial or intradimensional... they have some stake in our existence. Their agenda is their own, and to date not even the government has been advised of it. When Moore asks the aviary about this, he receives short and enigmatic answers. He has asked them about the question of UFO abductions, reports of which are flooding the UFO research field. The short answer by the aviary? 'Abductions are not happening...'

    (Note: According to 'abduction' expert Bud Hopkins, he was approached by the CIA and asked if he would be willing to work for them, and be their 'abduction' expert. Strange that the intelligence community would hire someone to work with abductees when 'abduction', according to them, do not exist - Branton).

    "...Whatever aliens are doing on Earth, they are actively manipulating us as a race. They are also manipulating our awareness of them, and this is responsible for the various groups of humans in the UFO research field who are manipulating each other! But evidently some conditioning process is at work...

    "(Moore) learned that government agents had tested 20 people, all civilian researchers, to see what they would do with limited information, and Moore and he were chosen as a result of their reaction to the test...

    "During the past decade, there have been four or five 'summit meetings' of the aviary with Shandera and Moore. Once the meetings began, information flowed quite freely. Specific questions had to be asked of the right person, and the questions had to be carefully phrased. Other contacts are with just one of the aviary.

    "...Although the U.S. Presidents from 1947 onward have been advised of MJ-12's existence, they DO NOT control its activities. It is an INDEPENDENT entity, responsible for policies regarding UFOs and alien contact..."

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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Sorry To Break The Bad News 2 U, David & Co., But We Did!

    Moon hoax fans are the ones who seem to be "hung up." They just can't cut themselves free of the ridiculous claim that the Apollo missions were filmed on earth and the astronauts are dangling from wires, manipulated by "puppeteers" above them. All of this because somebody saw a lens flare in two videos when the VHF antennas on the PLSS backs flashed very brightly in the sunlight.
    Maybe this video will help them to disentangle themselves from such a goofy idea before they hang themselves with it. (Moon Landing 1969 vs "Scientific" Evidence)

    03-08-2012 om 00:06 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Stupidissimo! You Earthly Cretin[s]! (Fawlty Towers - The Psychiatrist, Basil (to Manuel): Stupidissimo! You continental cretin! +/- 22:00)

    Michio Kaku - A Galactic Conversation?


    In May, 2009, I was in England filming four episodes of the television series Ghost Cases. After we were done, my co-host Holly Stevens and I stayed in Europe for three weeks on vacation (England, Scotland and the Czech Republic). While in London, I attended a lecture by Dr. Michio Kaku at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) on the 28th of May, and took the opportunity to ask him a question about his view that we might be in the midst of an intergalactic conversation, and not even know it. Here is that exchange.

    For the full lecture and Q & A, go to:

    Listen Now:

    icon for podbean  Standard Podcasts: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download | Embeddable Player | Hits (423)


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