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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandeliiks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Chilean Air Force Receives A Radar Return of A UFO Equal To The Size of Ten or More Aircraft Carriers

    Chilean Air Force Receives A Radar Return of A UFO Equal To The Size of Ten or More Aircraft Carriers

    UFOs are perhaps the most searched subject on internet search engines at the moment and if they’re not, they’re close to the top. Interest in the subject matter continues to grow, and the Deep State community has certainly recognized it. Years and years of petitioning from the citizenry and UFO disclosure advocacy groups, on top of other international governments acknowledging the phenomenon, not to mention  hundreds of high-ranking people from numerous ranks within military agencies, academia and intelligence agencies have all come forth sharing their knowledge and experiences.

    Recently, it seems to have reached a critical boiling point, where a majority of the populace is aware of the fact that something strange seems to be happening in the inside, and outside of our atmosphere and has been for a long time. Perhaps this is why the US government recently decided to end what seems to be, as the first CIA Director Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter alluded to, and official campaign of secrecy?

    Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.”  (source)

    Because the idea has been ridiculed by the global elite, through movies and mainstream news, it brainwashes mass amounts of people to do the same. This is done with several different topics, and it creates a culture where anyone who raises their voice, is instantaneously vilified by whomever they tell. But things are changing.

    The Pentagon recently disclosed this info as well, by approving the release of video footage shot by US military pilots of three different UFOs. All three objects, one the size of two air-craft carries, defied our current known laws of physics and aerodynamics. The videos came from a Pentagon program which located, and video taped unidentified aerial objects to determine if there is a ‘threat’ associated with them.

    The head of that Program, who recently retired from the Pentagon, Louis Elizondo, shared the fact that this is actual data, electro-optical data and radar returns. He also emphasized how this type of thing is quite common, and how he believes there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that “we may not be alone, whatever that means.”  He did so on national mainstream television.

    UFO encounters with the military is nothing new, there are millions of pages of declassified documents from various governments and agencies showing so.

    People like Louis, and others at the To The Stars initiative of which he is apart of, don’t really speak out until they are given the green light. One thing is for certain, the US government has now disclosed the existence of UFOs, and many researchers within the field, including myself, are very cautious of the direction the government wants to take this information.

    You can read more about that, and check out some of the footage in the articles linked below:

    I only say that because we’ve been lied to and manipulated so much so that it’s almost hard to believe anything that comes from a government agency, unfortunately.

    I elaborate on the idea of a ‘false flag’ alien invasion in the article linked below, if you’re interested in that discussion and where it’s coming from:

    As far as the question of whether or not these UFOs are extraterrestrial or not, I elaborate on that idea in this article I previously published:

    This topic is so big and vast that it truly leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. There are facts about this subject that would still blow your mind and we’ve covered many of them. If you want to go through our articles we’ve published on the UFO/Extraterrestrial topic for the past 9 years, you can visit the Exopolitics section of our website, HERE.

    Whether it be a former Chairman of the Royal Navy telling us that there is a serious possibility that we are being visited, and have been visited by people from outer space,” a former Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Barry Goldwater telling us that “I do know that whatever the Air Force has on the subject is going to remain highly classified,” or an Apollo 14 astronaut saying that “there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered,” we have no shortage of high-ranking insiders attesting to the reality of this phenomenon.

    General Carlos Cavero told the world in 1979, everything” has been “in a process of investigation both in the United States and in Spain, as well as the rest of the world.” On a global scale, “the nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon” and there is “an international exchange of data.” (source)

    So, what type of data have they been analyzing? Here’s a quote from December 16th 1978, issued by the Chilean Air Force with regards to a UFO encounter, similar to what the Pentagon released. Again, keep in mind, this is something that’s happened thousands of times over the past few decades, and perhaps thousands of times every single year?

    Two pilots on a training mission, each flying a F5 fighter aircraft, tracked the object on their airborne radar. It gave a return equal to ten or more aircraft carriers-except this object was in the air, not floating on the water. Each pilot assumed his radar equipment was faulty, until he learned that the other pilot was also getting the same return. Not only this, but ground radar from a nearby airport also picked up the object and confirmed its huge size. The pilots also saw the object with their own eyes. One pilot later said that at a distance of twenty miles, it looked “like a plantain banana swathed in smoke.” The pilots were frightened, having no missiles or weapons. As they approached the massive object, which had been motionless all this while, it took off at an unimaginable speed. All at once, it vanished from the three radar screens.” (1)(2)

    The very next morning the Chilean Air Force scrambled some F5 fighter jets to intercept another very large UFO. The pilots described this one as very bright, and very large. The Chilean Air Force has officially acknowledged these events, but could not explain what had occurred.

    To see some more examples of UFO/military encounters, you can refer to this article:

    Since we’re talking about Chile, here’s a CIA document from decades ago that also cites another incident.

    It states as follows:

    ANTARCTIC FLYING SAUCERS” – A group of red, green, and yellow flying saucers has been seen flying over Deception Island for two hours by Argentine, Chilean and British bases (military) in Antarctica. The flying saucers were also seen flying in formation over the South Orkney islands in quick circles.

    The Implications?

    As mentioned earlier, this topic really leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. Within the lore, if you take some of these objects to indeed be extraterrestrial, there is a consistency among many in the field that many of these beings are here to help humanity to make a transition, and help us.

    For example, Colonel Ross Dedrickson, a high-ranking officer in the Air Force who held special positions at various points in his career dealing with nuclear weapons, the atomic energy commission, and nuclear weapons storage facilities provided video testimony prior to his passing, revealing that extraterrestrials have been around for a long time, and that they do not approve of our nuclear activities. He also revealed that extraterrestrials have shut down nuclear weapons in flight as well as our attempts to detonate and experiment with them, and he’s not the only one to do so. You can watch that interview here.

    For example, Colonel Ross Dedrickson, another high-ranking officer in the Air Force who held special positions at various points in his career dealing with nuclear weapons, the atomic energy commission, and nuclear weapons storage facilities provided video testimony prior to his passing, revealing that extraterrestrials have been around for a long time and that they do not approve of our nuclear activities. He also revealed that extraterrestrials have shut down nuclear weapons in flight as well as our attempts to detonate and experiment with them and he’s not the only one to do so. You can watch that interview here.

    Spiritual implications are also referred to quite often, I could go on and on, but I won’t, I’ll let you listen to a recent podcast I did with CE founder, Joe Martino, and Richard Lawrence. He is the Executive Secretary of  The Aetherius Society for Europe and a Bishop in The Aetherius Churches. He has devoted his life to the work of his late master and personal friend, Dr George King (1919-1997), who founded the Society, as mentioned above.

    There is also the other side, a malevolent side to this whole phenomena which is important to explore as well. But when it comes to an “alien invasion,” the evidence suggests that extraterrestrials have been around for a long time, if that were the case, it probably would have happened. But that’s just my opinion.

    Related CE Article:

    Sources used:

    (1) Huneeus, J, Antonio, “A Chilean Overview,” MUFON UFO Journal, 6/86; Huneeus, J. Antonio, “A Historical Survey of UFO Cases in Chilie,” MUFON 1987 International Symposium Proceedings (MUFON, 1987.)

    (2) Department of Defense JCS Message Center, Subject: B6/BAF Has a Close Encounter of the First Kind. Date: 20 May 86. Subject: Numerous Unidentified Objects Were Cited in the Skies over Brazil. But BAF Fighters Were Unable to Intercept Them. Berliner, Don, The UFO Briefing Document, p. 121-127. Huneeus, J. Antonio, “UFO Alert in Brazil,” MUFON UFO Journal, 11/86. Andrus, Walt, “UFOs Over Brazil,” MUFON UFO Journal, 9/86. Smith, Dr Willy, “The Brazillian Incident,” International UFO Reporter, 7-8/86. Smith, Dr. Willy, “More on Brazilian OVNIs,” MUFON UFO Journal, 9/86. }

    17-10-2018 om 23:57 geschreven door peter

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Aerospace Insider on Aliens: ‘We Don’t Have To Go Anywhere To Find Them, They’re Already Here’

    Aerospace Insider on Aliens: ‘We Don’t Have To Go Anywhere To Find Them, They’re Already Here’


    • The Facts:

      Robert Bigelow, founder of the Bigelow Aerospace Corporation lets the world know that he has knowledge that we are not alone, and that we are currently being visited by intelligent extraterrestrials.

    • Reflect On:

      Bigelow is just one person, but he is joined by hundreds of others with impressive credentials. These people have been telling the world that we are not alone for years, in a very serious manner. Why do you think this is considered a 'conspiracy?'

    We have, indeed, been contacted – perhaps even visited – by extraterrestrial beings, and the US government, in collusion with the other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public.

    – Victor Marchetti, former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (Second Look, Volume 1, No 7, Washington, DC, May 1979)

    If you’re paying attention to what’s happening in the world, it’s OK if you feel like Alice in Wonderland. For years humanity has become comfortable with their enslavement, prior to today, a large portion of the population was content with the human experience, simply entering into the system, trying to put food on the table and chase higher ‘material’ status, among other things, without ever questioning what is really happening. All of us have been engulfed in our own lives when the world is calling for us to be concerned about others.

    Today, it’s a different story. There’s a massive shift in consciousness that’s occurring, and part of that shift is questioning the human experience and the systems we’ve chosen to surround ourselves with. Revelations are now coming forth in all areas that surround every aspect of human life; health and finance, to education, politics, entertainment etc… It’s quite clear that our world is not what we’ve all been presented with, and that there are aspects of reality that we should really start paying attention to if we want to grow, move forward, and break out of the cycle we currently find ourselves in. We can’t change our world if we continue to do the same things over and over again without questioning what’s happening, and why it’s happening. There are people in all fields coming forth to ‘blow the whistle,’ and witness testimony is backed up by credible evidence, which gives these whistle-blowers confidence to come forward and say what they say. Edward Snowden is one of many great examples, prior to him, mass surveillance was considered another ‘conspiracy theory.’

    One big revelation hitting the mainstream right now is the fact that we are not alone, and that intelligent extraterrestrial life-forms have been visiting our planet for a long time, and still do. As unbelievable as this may sound, it comes from the highest ranking military personnel, academicians, intelligence agents, politicians, and private contractors from within the military industrial complex. There are hundreds of these people who keep telling the world that we are being visited and that governments around the world have had evidence that some of these ‘UFOs’ are indeed extraterrestrial.

    Yes, it’s both. It’s both literally, physically happening to a degree; and it’s also some kind of psychological, spiritual experience occurring and originating perhaps in another dimension. And so the phenomenon stretches us, or it asks us to stretch to open to realities that are not simply the literal physical world, but to extend to the possibility that there are other unseen realities from which our consciousness, our, if you will, learning processes over the past several hundred years have closed us off.
    – Dr. John E. Mack, a Harvard University psychologist and Pulitzer prize winner (source)

    The Credibility of These Sources

    The sources are the most credible in the world, the only issue is, the topic. No matter how much evidence for a given phenomenon, and no matter how obvious its reality, if it goes against the human mind and what we are willing to accept, it is usually ignored or greeted with ridicule. We see the same thing with science, which has largely become dogma, the downright denial of parapsychology (telepathy, healing at a distance, etc) when it has more statistically significant results than the science used to approve most of our drugs (source). It’s called cognitive dissonance… We believe what we choose to believe, and humanity is currently in the process of shedding some belief systems in order to accept new realities that once did not fit the frame, and thus were ignored and ridiculed.

    One of the latest ‘whistle-blowers’ to speak openly about their knowledge about extraterrestrial visitation is Robert Bigelow, founder of the Bigelow Aerospace Corporation. Bigelow has done work for multiple international space agencies and is currently in agreements with multiple nations to build space habitats and space stations.

    Before we get to his comments, it’s important to let the reader know what type of circles Bigelow is currently ‘in’ with regards to space and the extraterrestrial/UFO question in general. Bigelow’s comments were made approximately a year ago now, but not a lot of information was given as to the type of connections this person has, if it isn’t already obvious as being one of the leading aerospace contractors in the world…

    Towards the end of last year, an article titled “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O Program” put to rest the question of whether or not UFOs are real. CEO Tom Delonge, along with several other people, including a recently retired director of Lockheed Aerospace, Steve Justice, a Department of Defense Scientist, Hal Puthoff, a senior intelligence officer from the CIA, Jim Semivan, a Director of National Intelligence, Louis Elizondo, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Clinton and Bush Administrations, Christopher Mellon, and many more are all releasing official video footage and electro-optical data (radar trackings, returns) and letting the world know that these things (UFOs) are real.

    I go into more detail regarding the latest updates in an article I published previously:

    Multiple people from within this new initiative have expressed that they believe there is an extraterrestrial intelligence behind the operation of some of this craft.

    This movement brought to light the Pentagon’s UFO program (AATIP) for aerial threats, one program out of what could be many, according to Hal Puthoff. You can view the entire team and their credentials here.

    The main hub for all of this recent and future ‘official mainstream’ UFO disclosure is the To The Stars Academy, it’s the organization that’s releasing all of this information.

    Where does Bigelow come in? Well, as the New York Times article points out:

    The shadowy program – parts of it remain classified – began in 2007, and initially it was largely funded at the request of Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who was the Senate majority leader at the time and who has long had an interest in space phenomena. Most of the money went to an aerospace research company run by a billionaire entrepreneur and longtime friend of Mr. Reid’s, Robert Bigelow, who is currently working with NASA to produce expandable craft for humans to use in space.

    Bigelow is part of the team at To The Stars Academy, and here’s what he had to say about extraterrestrials,

    “I am absolutely convinced, that’s all there is to it. There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence.”

    He also stated that we “don’t have to go anywhere” to find extraterrestrial life, that we can find it here on Earth, implying that they’re already here, walking among us, and based on my research, are already working with multiple governments.

    How many races are we talking about? Perhaps hundreds, maybe even thousands of races have been catalogued by our governments worldwide.

    For decades, as General Carlos Cavero told the world in 1979, “everything has been in a process of investigation both in the United States and in Spain, as well as the rest of the world.” On a global scale, “the nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon” and there is “an international exchange of data.” (Via Richard Donal’s UFOs for the 21st Century Mind)

    A couple of years ago, longtime Bigelow Aerospace executive Mike Gold, who’s now director of Washington operations for Space Systems Loral, was asked about how Bigelow Aerospace’s’ involvement with UFOs.

    He gave an intriguing answer, with some interesting expressions on his face. He mentions how he finds the subjects matter “very interesting,” and also mentions a congressional hearing where scientists emphasized that the universe is teeming with life. He goes on to state that he “cannot comment” on what Bigelow Aerospace does with UFO reports, but glad that somebody is taking the reports because these are important issues that deserves serious attention.”  (source)

    Clearly, we now know that this is the case!

    “An extraterrestrial influence is investigating our planet. Something is monitoring the planet and they are monitoring it very cautiously.”

    —  2008 Presidential Candidate, Mike Gravel (source)(source) }

    17-10-2018 om 23:26 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:ALIEN LIFE ( FR. , NL; E )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The US Government Just Admitted To Recovering Materials From UFOs – Here Are The Latest Updates

    The US Government Just Admitted To Recovering Materials From UFOs – Here Are The Latest Updates

    “Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help. But instead, we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after.”

    The quote above comes from Paul Hellyer, former Canadian defence minister. (source)

    First off, the fact that the official disclosure of Unidentified Flying Objects has happened is huge, and those who are avid researchers of the phenomenon saw this one coming. For years, we’ve experienced, as I’ve said many times before, an “official campaign of ridicule and secrecy” (Ex-CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter) of the phenomenon. The establishment, in many ways, was responsible for the foolish articles that would constantly appear in mainstream media publications, absolutely ridiculing a topic that was and is actually quite real.

    Today, we’ve seen a complete 180 degree switch. UFOs are no longer ridiculed by the mainstream, which should raise a serious eyebrows because very seldom does mainstream media share any sort of truth, especially when we’re talking about projects that rank among the most secretive in the world.

    You can read more about Black Budget programs, here.

    Unfortunately, most of our media is controlled by a very small group of people, and declassified documents alongside whistle-blower testimony has made this very clear. Intelligence agencies have close relationships with “every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation, this has helped us turn some ‘intelligence failure’ stories into ‘intelligence success’ stories.’ and has contributed to the accuracy of countless others.” This comes straight from a CIA document.  Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, Sharyl Attkisson, Amber Lyon and many others have also provided many examples of what it’s like to work inside a media organization that’s dominated by government/corporate/deep state interests. You can read more about them and what they had to say, here.

    This is exactly why mainstream UFO disclosure is questionable, and there appears to be multiple things happening here. One is the fact that the phenomenon was so obvious for anybody who looked into it, from a research perspective. There was and has been more than ample evidence to show that the UFOs were and are real, that there are “objects in our atmosphere which are technically miles in advance of anything we can deploy.” (Lord Admiral Hill Norton, Former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee)

    The statement below fromVictor Marchetti, former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, doesn’t seem to hold so true anymore, at least the last part.

    We have, indeed, been contacted — perhaps even visited — by extraterrestrial beings, and the US government, in collusion with the other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public.
    (Second Look, Volume 1, No 7, Washington, DC, May, 1979)

    If you want to get into the extraterrestrial hypothesis, you can read the article linked below:

    One of the biggest mouthpieces for “the establishment,”  The New York Times, admitted something that the establishment, or facets of it, have been concealing for years; UFOs are real.

    The Times broke the story about a secret Pentagon program, but any UFO researcher knows these programs are more in-depth, expensive, and expansive than anything that’s described here.

    According to the Times,

    “In the $600 billion annual Defense Department budgets, the $22 million spent on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was almost impossible to find.

    Which was how the Pentagon wanted it.

    For years, the program investigated reports of unidentified flying objects, according to Defense Department officials, interviews with program participants and records obtained by The New York Times. It was run by a military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo, on the fifth floor of the Pentagon’s C Ring, deep within the building’s maze.

    The Defense Department has never before acknowledged the existence of the program, which it says it shut down in 2012. But its backers say that, while the Pentagon ended funding for the effort at that time, the program remains in existence. For the past five years, they say, officials with the program have continued to investigate episodes brought to them by service members, while also carrying out their other Defense Department duties.” (source)


    Related CE Article:

    What’s Missing From Mainstream UFO Disclosure

    One interesting thing to note here, is the sharing of information and truth in order to lie. For example, the MK Ultra program, a CIA based mind-control program is a great example. This is because the evidence became so obvious that the U.S. government had no choice but to disclose the reality of it. Although they clearly did not share all, the public thought they did. The program had been declassified and thus, all of the questions and inquiries into the program stopped because apparently, the government released everything there is to know.

    This is what we could be seeing with the UFO program. Prior to this disclosure, dozens of other governments had already done so themselves, and the field is loaded with a ton of credible witness testimony as well as various documents released via The Freedom of Information Act.

    Now that the Pentagon has admitted to this program, does that mean the existence of UFOs has been disclosed, and that’s all there is to it?  Are we seeing a clever way of releasing information, in order to conceal more important information, or is this really a slow disclosure initiative by the U.S. government? And if it is, why are they doing it?

    Related CE Article:

    Why is the mainstream covering this story the way they are? I have been saying for years that the mainstream media, the establishment media, will never cover the UFO subject in a serious way, that is, until they would be absolutely pushed to the wall and then do something…So the question is, what is going on here?…If they’re the voice of the establishment (mainstream media), then why have the establishment elected to put this story out?

    The quote above comes from historian Richard Dolan, he’s one of the most prominent thinkers of our time. He’s also one of the world’s leading researchers on the topic of UFO’s.

    Richard goes on to explain, in the lecture linked below, that this is simply a tidbit of truth that’s been made to look like the complete truth. It brings up a number of key things that have been ignored by mainstream media regarding the recent UFO disclosure, which is being addressed through the To The Stars Academy.

    The best way to keep a secret is you pretend to share it, you give some information out, some genuine information, which they did, there were some significant revelations here, significant admissions, and much that was not followed up…

    – Dolan

    He then outlines what’s missing here.

    This is such an important point, that there has been no follow up regarding the alleged possession of the materials that have been recovered from this object.

    Yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. . . . We are not alone in the universe, they have been coming here for a long time. I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real.

    – Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell (sourcesourcesource)

    The head of this program was Luis Elizondo, a career intelligence officer, his experience includes working in the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, and the National Counterintelligence Executive, he also spent time as the Director of National Intelligence. Furthermore, he’s also managed the security for several sensitive projects for the U.S. government as the Director for the National Programs Special Management Staff.

    For the last 10 years of his career, Elizondo “ran a sensitive aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies.” Where he learned that the the phenomenon is indeed real.

    He is big on the fact that there is enough evidence to suggest that “we’re not alone,” and he’s also mentioned that materials from these objects have indeed been collected and studied. This is huge.

    This was mentioned in the New York Times article above, that materials have indeed been recovered from the craft, but Elizondo gave an exclusive interview to the organizers of the UFO Congress, the world’s biggest UFO conference, and took place in Phoenix, Arizona, which painted a different story….

    Alejandro Rojas, host of the UFO Congress said Mr. Elizondo had told him more about the metal during the exclusive interviews that were screened at the event. Mr Rojas said: “I can tell you it is not an alloy like the New York Times claims.”

    As Scientific American points out:

    One of the authors of the Times report, Ralph Blumenthal, had this to say on MSNBC about the alloys: “They have, as we reported in the paper, some material from these objects that is being studied so that scientists can find what accounts for their amazing properties, this technology of these objects, whatever they are.” When asked what the materials were, Blumenthal responded,They don’t know. They’re studying it, but it’s some kind of compound that they don’t recognize.””

    According to Rojas: I shared at our conference that Elizondo has told me it is a ‘meta-material’ with strange isotopic values indicating it is not from Earth.” 

    This is quite significant, we’ve been given the narrative that it’s not really known where these objects are, and figures like Neil deGrasse Tyson went on national television trying to ridicule the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

    I’m not aware of any effort within the established media to follow up on this (pieces of the UFOs) and to find out…where this comes from…I mean nothing…So, it’s five months later, and we’re clearly not dealing with a serious effort by the mainstream media, for that reason alone…I have had information now, from a very good source, that, what they’ve recovered aren’t metal alloys, that they’re being described as meta-materials…a very different thing….The individual that I spoke with, about where did that phrase metal alloy come, did it come Luis Elizondo I was told no it did not come from him.””
    – Richard Dolan

    The New York times article also mentions that these materials were shipped off to Bigelow aerospace for examination, which is interesting because in a recent interview with 60 minutes, Robert Bigelow, founder of the Bigelow Aerospace corporation, stated that he is aware of an intelligent extraterrestrial presence visiting the planet.

    You can watch that interview here.

    This means that it came from one of the authors of the New York Times Article, an editor, or an intelligence agency.

    Dolan refers to this aspect of the article as, “intentionally deceptive.”

    Another interesting thing is that Elizondo has mentioned multiple times that these encounters have occurred hundreds of times and there have been extremely phenomenal encounters that never really seemed to grab the attention of his higher ups, which is also odd. A lot of these encounters have been documented, well before this disclosure.

    There is a lot to discuss about this topic, and what’s going on here. The talk below is interesting to say the least and if you’ve made it this far, I recommend you give the whole thing a listen.

    This topic is very significant, especially from a consciousness perspective. It leaves no aspect of humanity untouched, and we just completed a very interesting podcast with Richard Lawrence, Secretary of The Aetherius Society in Europe, discussing these implications. You can listen to that HERE. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Declassified CIA Documents Show Agency’s Control Over Mainstream Media & Academia

    Declassified CIA Documents Show Agency’s Control Over Mainstream Media & Academia

    A declassified document from the CIA archives in the form of a letter from a CIA task force addressed to the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency details the close relationship that exists between the CIA and mainstream media and academia.

    The document states that the CIA task force “now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation,” and that “this has helped us turn some ‘intelligence failure’ stories into ‘intelligence success” stories,’ and has contributed to the accuracy of countless others.” Furthermore, it explains how the agency has “persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold, or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected national security interests or jeopardized sources and methods.”

    Although it is a document outlining their desire to become more open and transparent, the deception outlined by various whistleblowers (example) requires us to read between the lines and recognize that the relationships shared between intelligence agencies and our sources of information are not always warranted and pose inherent conflicts of interest.

    Herein lies the problem: What is “national security,” and who determines that definition? JFK bravely told the world that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweigh[] the dangers which are cited to justify it.” He also said that there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.” 

    “National security” is now an umbrella term used to justify concealing information, but who makes these decisions? You can read more about our world of secrecy and the Black Budget here.

    Not only are countless documents classified every single year in North America, but false information and “fake news” are routinely dispersed, mainly by mainstream media outlets — a reality that is clearly conveyed in this document and has been expressed by multiple mainstream media journalists themselves. And as with the NSA surveillance program that was exposed by Edward Snowden, it’s a global problem.

    Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, a prominent German journalist and editor for more than two decades, is one example. He blew the whistle on public television, stating that he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agencies under his own name and that noncompliance with these orders would result in him losing his job. (source)

    Sharyl Attkisson and Amber Lyon, both well-known mainstream media reporters and journalists, have also exposed funded movements by political, corporate, and other special interests, and have revealed that they are routinely paid by the U.S. government as well as foreign governments to selectively report and distort information on certain events. (source)(source)

    Let’s not forget about Operation Mockingbird, a CIA-based initiative to control mainstream media.

    The document not only outlines the CIA’s role in media, but also the entire entertainment industry in general, lending further weight to revelations offered by celebrities like Jim Carrey. He appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, saying that, “For years now, talk show hosts, people on television, people in sitcoms have been, hired by the government to throw you off the tracks, to distract you, to make you laugh and stuff like that, make you happy and docile so you don’t know what’s really going on.”

    While some question whether he was merely joking, the facts still remain. Another celebrity, who was clearly serious, is Roseanne Barr, who referenced the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control program — a previously classified research program through the CIA’s scientific intelligence division that tested behavioural modification and perception manipulation on human beings.

    What we seem to have here is an attempt to manipulate public perception of global events through mainstream media and news publications. But what’s perhaps most interesting is the fact that a lot of people are now waking up and seeing through many of these lies and manipulation tactics. Instead of just blindly believing what we hear on television, more people are starting to think critically, do independent research, and examine a wide array of sources and information.

    So many opportunities have emerged within the past few years allowing others to see this more clearly. One was the recent “fake news” epidemic, where evidence surfaced exposing information that threatened the global elite. Wikileaks is perhaps one of the greatest examples. For mainstream media to basically label everything else as “fake news” was quite ironic, given that it seems the majority of people consider mainstream media themselves to be the real  “fake news,” and this is now even more evident given the information presented above in this article.

    The documents also touch upon the fact that they are constantly in touch with the entertainment industry, giving advice on scenes and direction, as well as how things happened in certain situations. Personally, I feel the industry is largely used to push propaganda, like patriotism. Patriotism is pumped into the population to support a large military in the name of “national security.” We are being fooled, wars are not waged for defence, but for offence and to push forth political agendas.

    So you see, there are multiple reasons for these CIA connections to various industries.


    From a young age we’re taught that getting an education is the key to living a good life. Getting a decent job, making good money, even finding the right partner — all depend on following a certain path. Yet many concepts and topics are, as previously illustrated, kept from public viewing, and this includes plenty of important science.

    The U.S. intelligence community investigated parapsychology (ESP, remote viewing, telepathy, etc.) for more than two decades, for instance. Russell Targ, a physicist who has spent several decades working in a U.S. government program exploring these concepts, recently shared his experience doing so in a TED talk that is now approaching 1 million views.

    Another great example of Black Budget science comes from Ben Rich, the second director of Lockheed Skunkworks, who worked there from 1975-1991. He’s been called the Father of Stealth, having overseen the development of the first stealth fighter, the F-117 NighthawkBefore his death, Rich made several shocking open statements about the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials.

    “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do it.” 

    “We now have technology to take ET home. No it won’t take someone’s lifetime to do it. There is an error in the equations. We know what it is. We now have the capability to travel to the stars.” 

    “There are two types of UFOs — the ones we build and the ones ‘they’ build.” 

    To read more about those comments and examine the sources, you can refer to thisarticle that goes into more detail about it.

    Information like this, including testimony from hundreds of others, suggests that the “classified world” is much more advanced than our mainstream one.

    This particular document states that the agency exposes administrators of academic institutions to the agency on a regular basis.

    Obviously, as with any other job, the CIA would be looking for what they consider to be qualified individuals. But the document does outline its close relationship with academia in general.

    This is because certain developments and information that stem from academia could threaten national security and therefore must be kept out of the curriculum, and the public domain.

    Take, for example, documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that reveal how the U.S. government has been using a secret system to withhold the approval of some applications.

    This 50-page document was obtained by Kilpatrick Towsend & Stockton, LLP, who commonly represent major tech companies that include Apple, Google, and Twitter (to name a few). You can view that entire document here. (source)

    The program delaying patent applications is called the Sensitive Application Warning System (SWAS). Usually when an application is submitted for a patent approval, it requires a couple of examiners who work with the Patent Office to go through their process of approval. This process usually takes one to two years, but  applications that are filed in SAWS must be approved from several people, and can be delayed for a number of years.

    One great example (out of many) of delayed patent applications comes from Dr. Gerald F. Ross, who filed a patent application for a new invention he had devised to defeat the jamming of electromagnetic transmissions at specified frequencies. It was not until June 17, 2014 (almost 37 years later) that this patent was granted. (source)

    It’s important to note (as reported by the Federation of American Scientists — see annotated bibliography) that there were over 5,000 inventions that were under secrecy orders at the end of fiscal year 2014, which marked the highest number of secrecy orders in effect since 1994. (source)

    Steven Aftergood from the Federation of American Scientists reports:

    The 1971 list indicates that patents for solar photovoltaic generators were subject to review and possible restriction if the photovoltaics were more than 20% efficient.  Energy conversion systems were likewise subject to review and possible restriction if they offered conversion efficiencies “in excess of 70-80%.” (source)

    This is all thanks to an act many people are unaware of. It’s called the “Invention Secrecy Act,” and it was written in 1951. Under this act, patent applications on new inventions can be subject to secrecy orders, which can restrict their publication if government agencies believe that their disclosure would be harmful to national security. (source)(source)

    Final Thoughts

    So, as you see, science and academia in the mainstream world can only go so far. We continue to rely on government institutions to define truth and reality for us, to outline the limits of what is possible. In many instances, these places to which we go to “learn” are actually diminishing, not supporting, our creativity and critical thinking skills. That’s not to say that there aren’t good aspects of the experience, but overall, we are not accessing our full potential.

    When information is hidden from us as well as manipulated at the same time, it’s only going to spark more curiosity among the people. And that’s one aspect of the current shift in consciousness that’s happening on our planet. We’re beginning to see the human experience in a different light, and starting to recognize that the time for change is really here. What are we going to do about it?

    Related CE Article: The CIA & The Media: 50 Facts The World Should Know }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.“Het oog in de hemel”: ken jij dit bijzondere verschijnsel al? -

    Het oog in de hemel”: ken jij dit bijzondere verschijnsel al? -

    Bron: Eigen berichtgeving

     Fraaie foto op de Instagrampagina van Marnix Peeters: het oog in de hemel, luidt de omschrijving van de Vlaamse schrijver. Maar eigenlijk is het een iriserende wolk, of in de volksmond ‘regenboogwolk’ genoemd. Deze ochtend was het natuurfenomeen te zien in grote delen van Oost-Vlaanderen en Vlaams-Brabant.

    Het spektakel wordt veroorzaakt door zonlicht dat door het ijsgedeelte van de wolk schijnt, verklaart meteoroloog Michiel Severin. “Een wolk bestaat voor het merendeel uit water en de bovenkant uit ijskristallen. Als het licht daarop schijnt, wordt het gebroken. In België zien we bijvoorbeeld een regenboog als de zon de regendruppels raakt. De ijskristallen zorgen in dit geval voor een extreem effect. Om zo’n foto te maken, moet je het geluk hebben op de juiste plaats te staan. Het is soms in onze contreien te zien, maar dan stelt het weinig voor.”

    Drie jaar geleden deed een veel extremere variant zich voor in Costa Rica. Nietsvermoedende inwoners stonden toen verbouwereerd aan de grond genageld. Er heerste grote verbazing en hier en daar zelfs lichte paniek.

    Het kleurenspektakel deed zich immers voor op 15 september, net de dag waarop de Costa Ricanen hun onafhankelijkheid vieren. Herinnert u zich nog ‘Independence Day’ met Will Smith? Een mens zou voor minder denken dat het einde der tijden aangebroken is...

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Wetenschappers ontdekken reusachtig cluster van melkwegstelsels -

    Wetenschappers ontdekken reusachtig cluster van melkwegstelsels -

    Bron: Reuters

    Het protosupercluster Hyperion.

    Het protosupercluster Hyperion.
     Astronomen hebben de grootste, meest uitgebreide verzameling van melkwegstelsels ooit waargenomen. Het “protosupercluster” kreeg de naam Hyperion, naar een titaan uit de Griekse mythologie.

    De massa van Hyperion is een miljoen miljard keer groter dan de zon en is zo veel lichtjaren van ons verwijderd dat we het cluster vanaf de aarde zien zoals het er miljarden jaren geleden uitzag.

    “Hyperion is zoals 5.000 keer de Melkweg”, zegt astronoom Steffen Miefke, operationeel bestuurder van de Europese Zuidelijke Sterrenwacht (ESO). De ESO beheert de Very Large Telescope (VLT): een erg geavanceerd astronomisch observatorium in de Atacamawoestijn in Chili. Het is de VLT die Hyperion ontdekte dankzij het gebruik van de VIMOS (Visible Multi Object Spectrograph): die doet dienst als een “tijdmachine” die toont hoe het universum eruit zag toen het amper een derde van de huidige leeftijd had.”

    Adolescent cluster

    In astronomische termen is Hyperion een adolescent: aangezien het cluster zo ver van de aarde is verwijderd, zien wetenschappers het stelsel zoals het twee miljard jaar na de Big Bang werd gecreëerd. Die oerknal vormde 13,8 miljard jaar geleden de aanleiding voor het ontstaan van het universum.

    “Dit zijn sterrenstelsels die zich heel ver weg bevinden, bijna aan het begin van het universum, en ons de kans bieden om beter te begrijpen hoe het universum zich ontwikkelde van de Big Bang tot op heden”, aldus Miefke. “Hyperion is een zesde van de leeftijd van het universum. Het is alsof we naar de adolescentie van een 80-jarige mens kunnen kijken”.

    De Melkweg, waartoe ook ons zonnestelsel behoort, is ongeveer 13,6 miljard jaar oud.


    Brian Lemaux, een astronoom van de universiteit van Californië die betrokken was bij de studie, wijst erop dat sterrenstelsels met de tijd een steeds hogere dichtheid krijgen, aangezien de zwaartekracht miljarden jaren lang op hen inwerkt. “Superclusters dicht bij de aarde lijken een veel meer geconcentreerde verdeling van de massa te hebben met duidelijke structurele kenmerken”, aldus Lemaux. “Maar in Hyperion is de massa veel uniformer verdeeld in een reeks van verbonden vlekken die gevormd worden door de losse verbinding van sterrenstelsels.”

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.‘Plasticvanger’ klaar om aan het echte werk te beginnen: weg met gigantische vuilnisbelt tussen Californië en Hawaï -

    ‘Plasticvanger’ klaar om aan het echte werk te beginnen: weg met gigantische vuilnisbelt tussen Californië en Hawaï -

    Bron: ANP, Belga

    De plasticvanger werd vandaag getrakteerd op een magische regenboog.

    De plasticvanger werd vandaag getrakteerd op een magische regenboog.
     De plasticvanger Ocean Cleanup is aangekomen op zijn werkplek en klaar om aan het werk te gaan. De veegarm moet midden op de Grote Oceaan plastic opvangen dat aan het oppervlak dobbert. 

    Het 60 meter lange gevaarte is ontwikkeld door de nu 24-jarige Nederlander Boyan Slat. Hij bedacht het systeem zes jaar geleden op zijn middelbare school in Delft. Het idee: een honderden meters lange ‘arm’ drijft over de zeespiegel, voortgeduwd door de golven, de stroming en de wind. Een scherm reikt een paar meter onder water. Als een C-vormige bezem neemt hij het afval mee.

    Vuilnisbelt drie keer zo groot als Frankrijk

    De ‘zeebezem’ vertrok een maand geleden uit San Francisco. Na meerdere tests op open zee besloot The Ocean Cleanup dat hij klaar was voor het echte werk, zo’n 2.000 kilometer van het Amerikaanse vasteland.

    De Great Pacific Garbage Patch, de nieuwe werkplek van de vanger, is een drijvende vuilnisbelt tussen Californië en Hawaï, die drie keer zo groot is als Frankrijk. Er dobberen naar schatting 1.800 miljard stukken afval, die bij elkaar zo’n 80 miljoen kilo wegen. Er zijn nog vier grote afvalhopen op de oceanen. Die bestaan bij elkaar uit nog eens 80 miljoen kilo puin en plastic.

    De drijvende afvalverzamelaar is vandaag met succes geïnstalleerd en begonnen aan de grootschalige opruimactie.

    Bekijk ook:

    De Ocean Cleanup voerde de afgelopen weken tests uit voor de kust van Californië.
    De Ocean Cleanup voerde de afgelopen weken tests uit voor de kust van Californië.
    Zo werkt het systeem.
    Infografieken Nederland Zo werkt het systeem. 

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Stephen Hawking, God, and the Oncoming Genetic ‘Superhumans’

    Stephen Hawking, God, and the Oncoming Genetic ‘Superhumans’

    Stephen Hawking will no doubt be remembered alongside Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and other great minds who changed the course of modern science forever. Aside from his indelible contributions to astrophysics and cosmology, Hawking was also a believer in the “many worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics which posits that there are infinite realities and universes and that every possibility which did not come to be in our own universe has happened in at least one other universe.

    To warn us of potential disastrous possibilities in whatever hellish reality or universe we’ve found ourselves in, Hawking left a few prescient warnings in his posthumous last book being published this week, Brief Answers to the Big Questions. The book contains a collection of answers to some of humanity’s most burning questions as me move forward into an uncertain but certainly weird future.

    Among the many warnings Hawking leaves in the book is one against the creation of genetically modified superhumans. Hawking writes than in the very near future, techniques like CRISPR/Cas9 will enable us to “discover how to modify both intelligence and instincts such as aggression.” While Hawking notes that laws will initially be passed to ban such genetic tampering, it’s only a matter of time before a new race of Homo superior appears and all hell breaks loose for us normies:

    Once such superhumans appear, there are going to be significant political problems with the unimproved humans, who won’t be able to compete Presumably, they will die out, or become unimportant. Instead, there will be a race of self-designing beings who are improving themselves at an ever-increasing rate.

    Hawking says we’re entering a new phase of human history which he dubs “self-designed evolution,” one in which we’re able to change the course of our own genetic future. Of course, we have no idea what the outcome will be, but who cares? Let’s start cutting and pasting a few genes and see what happens, am I right?

    The off switch could prevent unwanted genetic alterations.

    You gotta break a few DNA eggs to make a superhuman omelette.

    Aside from cautioning us against superhumans, Hawking also lays out a comprehensive warning about the oncoming rise of artificial intelligence and states simply that while “we are each free to believe what we want, and it’s my view that the simplest explanation is that there is no God.”

    Hawking’s warnings aren’t exactly groundbreaking; these same fears have been mulled over for decades, after all. Given that he was one of the world’s brightest minds, though, should give us pause to consider if this truly is the direction in humanity should travel. Is a future filled with genetic superhumans and all-powerful AI inevitable? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Trail Created to Commemorate Famous Scottish Encounter

    UFO Trail Created to Commemorate Famous Scottish Encounter

    How do you know when your close encounter of the third, fourth or fifth kind is good enough to be a close encounter of the famous kind? How about when the city where it happened sets up a UFO trail so others can walk the path where you were dragged by your feet into a spaceship and later unceremoniously dumped, scratched and bruised, back on the ground where you had to crawl back to your truck, which would no longer start, forcing you to stumble back to your house? Sure, a movie about your experience with Sean Connery playing you would have been nicer, as would the trail being dedicated while you were still alive, but the wheels of UFO and ET encounter acceptance move slowly. The good news is, Scotland now has its first UFO trail and it honors Bob Taylor and his Dechmont Woods Encounter.

    “The Dechmont Woods encounter is Scotland’s most famous alleged UFO incident, and has featured in a number of books and TV programmes. The information board will help visitors to Dechmont Law find the exact location of the encounter, as well as give details of Mr. Taylor’s report of the incident.”

    For those who can’t wait to read the board themselves, The Scotsman interviewed Tom Conn, executive councillor for the environment, about the new trail and retold the story. On November 9, 1979, forestry worker Bob Taylor claimed to have parked his truck near Dechmont Law (Decky Hill) in West Lothian and was walking his dog in the woods when he saw a flying dome about 6.4 meters (21 feet) in diameter with small propellers hovering over a clearing. Smaller domes about the size of “sea mines” allegedly grabbed him and dragged him to the dome, where he smelled something like burning brakes before passing out. The ships were gone when he came to 20 minutes later and had to walk back to his house. His wife later confirmed he was muddy and his clothes were ripped, while a doctor she called confirmed the scratches and bruises. The local police took his story and examined the site of the alleged encounter, finding “ladder-shaped marks” and small circular holes in the ground, but decided this was a simple case of assault.

    Propellers on a UFO? Was it a drone from the future?

    Of course, you don’t get your own UFO trail for a human assault. While other investigators found evidence that the holes could have been made by the local water company, and psychologists attributed his scratches and torn clothing to an epileptic fit, Taylor, a respected member of the town, stuck to his story until he died in 2007 and convinced many people over the years that he had been abducted by aliens.

    “The Dechmont Woods UFO site is the only site in Scotland that officially recognises an event of this nature and whatever UFOs may be, there is no denying that this case stands head and shoulders above anything that has been seen in Scotland.”

    One of those people is Malcolm Robinson, the author of numerous books about UFO sightings in the UK, who just so happens to be writing a book on the event.

    “I was 22 years of age and I stood at the site two days later and saw all the ground traces myself. I’ll never forget it.”

    You’re right … the trail and explanatory board will probably help his book sales, not to mention souvenirs. Tom Conn agrees.

    “Dechmont Law is already very popular with local residents, especially runners and walkers, and we hope this board will help more people discover and enjoy the picturesque area.”

    Do I hear a Dechmont Woods UFO Trail 5K in the works? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Navy Air Controller Says UFO Incident Gave Him Psychic Powers and Visions

    Navy Air Controller Says UFO Incident Gave Him Psychic Powers and Visions

    The biggest UFO story of the last year has been without a doubt the disclosure of the Pentagon’s now-defunct Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program and several pieces of allegedly declassified footage which appear to show U.S. military craft being stalked by unidentified and advanced aircraft. Among that footage was a video depicting an unbelievably fast and agile “Tic Tac” shaped UFO playing a two-week game of cat and mouse with the U.S.S. Nimitz supercarrier off the coast of California in 2004. The unidentified objects were able to easily outmaneuver the Navy’s F-18s and displayed flight and cloaking capabilities far beyond anything the U.S. armed forces possess.

    Might U.S. air superiority be challenged by technology operated by unknown non-state actors?

    The true nature of that object has not yet been determined – at least publicly. Was it an extraterrestrial observer? An incredibly advanced drone flown by a rival superpower? Or perhaps some sort of natural phenomenon which played tricks with the Navy’s instruments and cameras?

    Who knows. A heavily redacted report of that incident was made public by that pop punk rocker guy’s weird UFO research thing and can be read here. To add to the mystery surrounding that incident, the air intercept controller serving aboard the USS Princeton during the Tic-Tac UFO encounter recently made comments in an interview which seem to suggest that the sighting had strange effects on his psyche similar to other documented UFO sightings, giving him psychic abilities and apocalyptic visions.

    A still from the incident.

    In an interview with Mike Damante, former air intercept controller Kevin Day recounts that the high strangeness he experienced during those encounters left him “struggling to make sense of what had happened.” For years after the incident, Day has experienced apocalyptic dreams of the world ending, dreams so vivid that they have given him anxiety attacks:

    The dreams I began to have in 2008 can be loosely described as eschatological; world-wide disasters, comets causing tsunamis, epic floods, earthquakes, plane crashes, (and) end of the world scenarios. I remembered the ‘nightmares’ the next day and those dream-memories would trigger acute anxiety, which I experience daily even now many years later.

    Day adds that since he left the Navy, he believes he has been stalked by unknown individuals or groups:

    I do know that somebody has been watching me for years now… like the spooks told me  ‘Kevin, the government spent millions training you and now they are spending millions watching you’ … they want to know what I’m going to do.

    The interview takes a strange turn from there, with Day adding that he believes that high-frequency radiation from the Tic Tac sighting gave him a “strange psychic ability” which gives him the ability to control reality with his thoughts:

    As it also turns out, the spooks already knew everything about me and what I had been going through before they met me. They even acknowledged the strange physic ability that I seem to have – which is, I seem to be able to manifest things and situations, hence their stated fears. What I think about has a weird way of becoming reality. It has happened now too many times to be just coincidence. In fact, I now manifest things on purpose. I also seem to have been advantaged with what I now know is called ‘downloaded information’.

    Similar reported cases of post-effects following UFO sightings and close encounters are fairly common, and some contactees claim they were intentionally given special abilities or knowledge by visitors from other dimensions, galaxies, or what have you.  

    Let’s not even get into the probes.

    While I tend to remain skeptical about claims made without concrete proof, one thing is clear: encountering such an unexplained and otherworldly phenomenon like the Tic-Tac would have a profound impact on anyone. Could there be something to Day’s claims? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Something is kept hidden in the Nevada Desert

    Something is kept hidden in the Nevada Desert

    A person from Battle Mountain, Nevada was scanning earth for artifacts after reading about an old crash story when he saw an unnatural looking triangle in the Nevada desert.

    Below his statement which he has submitted to Mufon case 95617.

    I believed it to be cattle ranch but on further looks believed it may be tourist fake.

    After realizing after a month of research it can’t be, I became scared.

    The only American I reached was Kristen Desilva ( He probably refers to Desilva who works as a content producer at Fox5-Vegas). She then suggested George Knapp. He never responded and next day Desilva had blocked me.

    The object shows water drainage proving it is proud of the landscape. Water drains around it and across it. Soil looks to have come from lakebed. Explaining lack of vegetation due to salt content.

    Three phase power line to site is way too much power for a mini ranch not to mention expensive to install.

    Object is visible in the very first Google map from us geological survey sight proving it existed pre satellite maps.

    What appear to be two large HVAC units sit on a building. Far too much air handling for a small building. There is even a perfect circular puddle visible on top. A perfect circular depression should not be there.

    Everything points to being the crash site of the ELY sighting.

    I think my communications are being blocked.

    My belief is Area 51 is far away as a slight of hand to prevent expanded searching.

    The lack of security here is to serve as to not draw attention, or maybe this is just a weird large equilateral triangle in sand, but it has no fence around it and who builds a triangular 1069 meter triangle, before it could be seen from above!

    All attempts to pass this on have failed.

    Coordinates Triangle: 40°20'41"N 117°20'48"W

    The ELY sighting:

    He says that everything points to being the crash site of the ELY sighting.

    Nearly six decades ago, it is claimed a UFO crashed near ELY. That's nearly the whole story. You'll find a date: August 14, 1952 and 16 bodies recovered.

    The microfilm on the Ely Times from August of 1952 in three different libraries with the same result but the issue from August 15th, when any such event would have been reported, is missing.

    The distance between ELY and the supposed crash site is just 250 km.

    Looking at the huge triangle it looks like an old footprint left behind from the actual crashed UFO.

    The fact that he got no answer from George Knap as well as Kristen Desilva blocked his account is very suspicious like they not want to be involved in a cover-up case.

    Could it be that the man has found the original crash site? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.V-shaped UFO caught on camera over Key Largo, Florida 11-Oct-2018

    V-shaped UFO caught on camera over Key Largo, Florida 11-Oct-2018

    Check out this amazing photo of a huge V-shaped object that was flying over Key Largo, Florida. Witness said “that moved very slowly until overhead but amazingly it was not on the radar”.

    You Might Also Like

    Check out this amazing photo of a huge V-shaped object that was flying over Key Largo, Florida. Witness said that moved very slowly until overhead but amazingly it was not on the radar.

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Fast UFOs flying over Maywood, Illinois 14-Oct-2018

    Fast UFOs flying over Maywood, Illinois 14-Oct-2018

    Fast bright lights were caught on tape over Maywood, Illinois on 14th October 2018.

    Witness report: 

    The light was above the clouds. It was not a nearby business light. It was not an airplane. 

    I was walking home and noticed a light in the sky making a circular movement. I crossed the street to see if it was a light coming from a nearby business, but it was not. It was just one light above the clouds/mist so I could not get a clear view of the object. The object was going in a circular motion over and over while slowly moving north. It seemed to be making a circular motion over a (not sure how to describe) worm hole? If you watch the video on the dark you can possibly see what I mean. The object was not the same as a regular airplane. It was just one light the same as an orb going in the same circular motion. Please see videos.

    Author (source: MUFON)

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Daytime UFO filmed over Surrey, Canada

    Daytime UFO filmed over Surrey, Canada

    This bright unidentified flying object was seen and recorded over Canadian city of Surrey back in 2016, but the footage was just released recently.

    Witness report: 

    Watched object travelling opposite way of wind direction,quite windy also noticed 2 other objects traveling at high speed

    I was watching my daughters soccer game and at half time I was watching a airplane go over head when I noticed the object so I pointed it out to my girlfriend and asked her what she thought it was,she had no idea so I started recording it on my phone , the wind was blowing quite fast and I knew it was not a balloon because it was traveling into the wind didn’t think much of it till a few days ago when I was showing the video to another person when he noticed another object traveling very fast through the field lights and when I showed that to my girlfriend she noticed another one going extremely fast at the top of the screen near the beginning of the video have no idea what these are but everyone was quite interested eventually I lost the object in the distance

    Author (source: MUFON)

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO filmed over Mansfield, UK 13-Oct-2018

    UFO filmed over Mansfield, UK 13-Oct-2018

    This UFO video was just submitted to me through Facebook messages on our page. It was recorded over Mansfield, UK on 13th October 2018.

    What do you think of it? Please leave your comment below!


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Baffles Onlookers Across China

    UFO Baffles Onlookers Across China

    Stunned onlookers across China captured a mysterious UFO on film. Residents of Beijing, Shanxi province and Inner Mongolia went to Chinese social media to share their sightings on October 11.

    Photos and videos of the interesting spiral effect have been shared across Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform.

    Many speculated that ETs had phoned home. Some said that aliens were testing the ability of people to know their activity. Others were convinced that the UFO was sent to closely monitor the Soyuz mission carrying Roscosmos and NASA astronauts to the ISS.

    Several people commented online that the sighting was absolute proof aliens were active in China. In recent times, the country has become a hotspot for UFO sightings.

    However, Chinese media were quick to dismiss the captivating images as nothing more than trails of high-altitude aircraft.

    Contrails, chemtrails or secret spacecraft testing, no one can confirm for sure, but the visuals of this UFO sighting are one of the nicest.

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO news: Did NASA just film an ‘Earth-sized ALIEN CUBE’ entering the Sun?

    UFO news: Did NASA just film an ‘Earth-sized ALIEN CUBE’ entering the Sun?

    NASA has accidentally filmed a planet-sized alien spacecraft enter and exit the burning corona of the Sun, according to bizarre claims online.

    Popular  expert Scott Waring first encountered the “alien cube” on October 2, when he saw a bright spot of light escape the Sun.

    He discovered the object in a photo of the Sun, snapped by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).

    Mr Waring interpreted this “mystery” object as an example of advanced alien technology, roughly the same size of the Earth.

    The pixelated object pulled from NASA’s photos appears to be square in shape, with a long wispy trail of smoke or gas behind it and a white-to-yellow glow around it.

    Mr Waring said: “The UFO is huge since the Sun is 109 times the diameter of the Earth.

    “This UFO is an exact match in size and yet it shot away so fast that it was not captured on any other photos.”

    The UFO hunter now believes he has caught the  cube on its return trip to the Sun, documenting it on Tuesday, October 16.

    Mr Waring said: “This is magnificent. This thing this cube – look at the shape of it, look at it – it is perfect.”

    UFO news: Alien spaceship in NASA picture claim

    UFO hunter Scott Waring thinks this NASA photo is evidence of alien spacecraft 

    ’s SOHO Science Archive, where Mr Waring found the alien cube, is a downloadable program which lets anyone trawl through NASA’s archive of Sun photos.

    The archives contain a mix of real-time data and solar telemetry with images and movies of the Sun.

    Mr Waring said of his latest finding: “Do you see that? It left the Sun before, carrying fragments with it.

    “It’s carrying fragments back. It’s carrying parts of the Sun back – look at it.”

    The NASA photograph has since sparked interest online with people commenting on its authenticity.

    The UFO is huge since the Sun is 109 times the diameter of the Earth

    Scott Waring, UFO hunter

    Thomas Mundt, who saw the supposed alien spacecraft on Mr Waring’s YouTube channel, praised the UFO hunter for his discovery.

    He wrote: “Excellent find again Scott. It's when you provide proof like this Scott, then this is why they closed down the observatories.

    “There are many many more UFOs out there. Thanks for sharing.”

    UFO news: Alleged alien spaceship in NASA photo

    The alleged UFO is roughly the same size as the planer Earth 

    Another person, Cassie Henderson, simply said: “That is nuts.”

    But what are the odds of a spacecraft being able to withstand the immense heat radiating from the burning heart of our solar system?

    According to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the surface temperature of the Sun burns at a scorching 5,600 Celsius (10,000 Fahrenheit).

    Deeper towards the Sun’s core and the temperatures spike up to 15 million Celsius (27 million Fahrenheit).

    UFO news: Alleged photo of the alien cube ship

    Mr Waring thinks the UFO is a giant cube dipping in and out of the Sun

    It is hard to imagine any sort of spacecraft could survive near these conditions, let alone dive into the Sun.

    The closest a human spacecraft will ever get to the Sun is the NASA Parker Solar Probe, which will approach as close as 9.86 solar radii from the centre of the star.

    At its closest, the NASA probe will fly about 3.8 million miles from the Sun and will have to withstand heats of around 1,377 Celsius (2,500 Fahrenheit).

    In order to survive these incredibly deadly conditions, the probe is armed with a 4.5-inch-thick carbon-composite heat shield.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Enormous V-shaped UFO hovers overhead Key Largo, Florida

    Enormous V-shaped UFO hovers overhead Key Largo, Florida

    The photographer, who works at a sailing resort and take care of the property from 2 a.m. until 7 a.m. monitors, by using the app. Plane finder, to watch what flies overhead.

    On October 11, 2018 at a certain moment the photographer noticed an enormous V-shaped craft that moved very slowly until overhead but amazingly it was not on the radar.

    The photographer took a photo of the craft which did not make any sound at all and each wing was the length of a football field.

    Then it accelerated at an amazing speed to the North West and disappeared, Mufon case 95585. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer’s Files #41 – 2018 Aliens have Base on Moon - PART I
    Golden, Colorado Rod on September 29, 2018.

    Filer’s Files #41 – 2018 Aliens have Base on Moon - PART I

    In special reports, this week’s files cover: Former Defense Minister of Canada Claims Extraterrestrials are on Earth, Astronaut Neil Armstrong Says Aliens Have Base on Moon and Warned Us Off, Fairchild Disc-type Aircraft, Project Silver Bug W as a Plan for the US to Build UFOs, Underground Earth Bases, UFO Sightings in Ancient Contacts in the Americas, and India Found Ancient Drawings with Aliens.

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, +Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas.

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over, Belize, Canada Space, Croatia. Denmark, Finland, Iraq, Italy, and Montenegro England in the United Kingdom.

    The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

    George A. Filer III

    New Jersey State Director

    MUFON Eastern Region Director Now receiving 3 million hits a month

    Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.

    Special Projects

    Former Defense Minister of Canada Claims Extraterrestrials are on Earth

    Paul Hellyer was Canadian minister of Defense in 1960s, ruling over the country’s armed forces during the time of the Cold War – and when he retired he publicly stated that we are not alone in the universe, and some guests from outer space actually live here, on planet Earth. Follow@SophieCo_RT338’Sophie Shevardnadze: Our guest today is the Honorable Paul Hellyer, former minister of Defense of Canada, and he believes that life forms from space are present on Earth. It’s great to have you on our show. Why do you say that UFOs are as real as airplanes flying over our heads?

    Paul Hellyer states: “Because I know that they are here. As a matter of fact, they’ve been visiting our planet for thousands of years and one of the cases that would interest you most if you give me two or three minutes to answer is that during the Cold War, 1961, there were about 50 UFOs in formation flying southwest from Russia across Europe, and Supreme Allied Command was very concerned and about ready to press the “Panic” button when they turned around and went back over the North Pole.

    They decided to do an investigation and they investigated for 3 years and they decided that, with absolute certainty, four species – at least – had been visiting this planet for thousands of years. We have a long history of UFOs and of course there has been a lot more activity in the last few decades, since we invented the atomic bomb and they are very concerned about that and the fact that we might use it again, and because the Cosmos is a unity and it affects not just us but other people in the Cosmos, they are very much afraid that we might be stupid enough to start using atomic weapons again, and this would be very bad for us and for them as well.

         Astronaut Neil Armstrong Says Aliens Have Base on Moon and Warned Us Off

     Neil Armstrong

    According to the NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong, the Aliens have a base on the Moon and told us in no uncertain terms to get off and stay off the Moon. According to un-confirmed reports, both Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin saw UFOs shortly after that historic landing on the Moon in Apollo 11 on 21 July 1969. I remember hearing one of the astronauts refer to a “light” in or on a crater during the television transmission, followed by a request from mission control for further information. Nothing more was heard. According to a former NASA employee Otto Binder, unnamed radio hams with their own VHF receiving facilities that bypassed NASA’s broadcasting outlets picked up the following exchange:

     Apollo11: These “Babies” are huge, Sir! Enormous!
    OH MY GOD! You wouldn’t believe it!
    I’m telling you there are other spacecraft out there,
    Lined up on the far side of the crater edge!
    They’re on the Moon watching us!

     Buzz Edwin Aldrin l

    Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin claims he saw UFOs and structures on the Moon in Apollo 11 on 21 July 1969.

    According to a Dr. Vladimir Azhazha: “Neil Armstrong relayed the message to Mission Control that two large, mysterious objects were watching them after having landed near the moon module. But this message was never heard by the public – because NASA censored it.”

    According to a Dr. Aleksandr Kasantsev, Buzz Aldrin took color movie film of the UFOs from inside the module, and continued filming them after he and Armstrong went outside. Armstrong confirmed that the story was true but refused to go into further detail, beyond admitting that the CIA was behind the cover-up.

     Edwin Aldrin

    Fairchild Disc-type Aircraft

    The case for U.S. built flying wing disc aircraft (aka flying saucers) begins with an unprecedented true account by Mr. Jack D. Pickett (retired WWII combat veteran and publisher). During the 1960’s, and on into 1976, Jack Pickett and his business associate Harold Baker published for the Air Force certain club-calendar-events for NCO and Officer’s Club facilities for several military bases in Florida. It was 1967 when the Adjutant General’s Office at MacDill AFB (Tampa Florida) proposed a front cover, and two-and-a-half page article within. The subject was Vintage, Historical or Experimental aircraft.

    Just prior to publication the article was pulled by the Air Force. Jack explained his story on my Atlantic City TV show and developed his story with Michael H. Schratt who made this Illustration.

    Another researcher reports I have been approached by an anonymous source who is attempting to sell me a poster-size picture of a Fairchild disc-type aircraft. Asking price: $300.00. He has said, “I got the picture from my grandfather who is a former employee of Fairchild Industries out of Hagerstown, Maryland”. He was in charge of all dealings with the military/government and had access to a lot of top secret stuff. The STRATOS being one particular aircraft he oversaw. He did a lot of traveling for the company. He will not speak much on the picture accept for the fact it is authentic and a craft that was built by Fairchild. He also said the picture is of a model of the aircraft before production that is “20×16” that is from the 1960’s. An aircraft that was called the STRATOS was built by Fairchild Industries. The picture is black and white with a crease right down the center of it, it is posterboard material. The craft is a disc with a small bubble type thing on the middle of it. There is one fin sticking up on what I presume is on the back, this is like nothing I have ever seen before accept in movies. This is proof that someone in 1960’s had this craft likely built by Fairchild Industries. Jack Pickett described a similar aircraft as shown above.

            Project Silver Bug Was a Plan for the US to Build UFOs

    Jack Picket the editor of military news magazines helped me obtain a 30 page FOIA release on Project Silver Bug that showed the Air Force was developing a disc shaped aircraft in 1955. He had personally seen four of the craft at Mac Dill Air Force Base in the disposal area in 1966, and was asked to release a story concerning these classified aircraft. Later, just prior to publication the article was cut, because a disc was seen flying low over Miami. Jack had personally seen four of the disc shaped aircraft in the disposal area that ranged in size from 25 feet to 125 feet in diameter. The four aircraft were saucers shaped with vertical stabilizers (tails) with AF Experimental written on the craft. He was told there were numerous similar craft flying, but they were unstable and frequently crashed.

    This “saucer” designed aircraft was believed to use two to four J58 engines that were also the propulsion system for the SR-71. The SR-71 could fly faster than Mach 3 and was designed in secrecy by a team headed by Clarence L. “Kelly” Johnson, director of Lockheed’s Advanced Development Projects office better known as the ‘Skunk Works’. The existence of the aircraft was not officially revealed until February 29, 1964. Skunk Work’s engineer Ben Rich is quoted as saying, “Some UFOs are ours and some are theirs.”

    Project Silver Bug was the research and development project to field jet propelled flying saucers beginning in 1955, that would be dispersed to underground bases to avoid Soviet attack. The disks were capable of vertical takeoffs and landings, and would be capable of Mach 3.48 — faster than the SR-71 Blackbird. In the Project Silver Bug Report, dated Feb. 15, 1955, and declassified on March 29, 1995, he claimed the disk interceptor aircraft would be capable of vertical takeoff and landing; a maximum level speed of 2,300 mph with afterburners; a ceiling of 80,600 feet; and a climb rate of 1.76 minutes to 36,090 feet. The Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Division of United Aircraft Corporation developed the J58 engines that in July 1976, powered an SR-71 to a world altitude record of 85,069 ft. and another to a world speed record of 2,193 mph.

    The Report on Project Silver Bug was issued by the Air Technical  Intelligence Center along with the Wright Air Development Center at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. The Silver Bug report noted that a pair of ongoing U.S. projects  involving the building of flying saucers had already occurred. The book “The Super Spies”, by Andrew Tully, 1969, claimed these discs were being used as “Saucers with Ears,” that is, for communications intercept missions.

    The Silver Bug disc would be capable of vertical takeoff and landing; and performance greater than the SR-71. This performance was far in advance of any aircraft then and is roughly equivalent to the current F- 15 fighter.

    The 1955 issue of Look Magazine state that, ”New air defense problems were setting up requirements for aircraft performance which would apparently be best met by a saucer aircraft. Runways would not be needed and bases could go underground with tunnels and takeoff shafts set in the ground, complete with maintenance bays, fuel, and crew quarters. Those underground bases, the article said, would be bombproof shelters for a saucer squadron. The shafts would be sealed after takeoff for camouflage and protection.” It is rather obvious that our technology has greatly improved since the late 1950s, and that faster and higher flying aircraft are available to the Air Force. Modern aircraft should exceed 5000 mph and 100,000 feet altitudes. Thanks to FOIA.


    Erich A. Aggen, Jr., in his article ‘TOP SECRET: (SEARCH Magazine, Summer 1991 issue), presented the following revelations concerning the UFO-Subterranean connection:

    “…A great deal of UFO research has also led to the conclusion that various…species of aliens have set up secret underground bases in the United States and other countries. It is logical to assume that such bases have also been established elsewhere in the solar system. If such bases exist, where would we find them? Existing information allows us to make a few educated guesses.

    Underground Earth Bases

    The dark, cavernous world beneath our feet is the source of many baffling mysteries. Clandestine UFO bases may be hidden deep within the earth in natural and/or artificial caverns. As a former member of the National Speleological Society (NSS), I am well aware of the vast extent of cave systems within the United States. In my own native state of Missouri, for example, there are over 2,500 known caves and dozens of new ones being discovered every year. Many of these caves are intricately linked together by numerous passageways and interconnecting chambers.

    “One particular species of blind white (albino) cave fish, the TYPHLICHTHYS, has been found in many widely separated cave systems over several states. It has been found in caves that make a great arc through Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and UNDER the Mississippi River extending into Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma! a vast section of the Central and Southern United States must lie above one immense cavern system!

    “Many caves possess rooms hundreds of feet in length, width, and height. In most cases, these huge natural caverns can only be reached and explored with the utmost skill and perseverance. There are only a few thousand NSS members in the United States and only a few hundred of this number are active spelunkers. With so few spelunkers spread over such a large area, only a very small fraction of the tens of thousands of known caves in this country have been carefully mapped and explored. Thousands of other caves remain undiscovered and unexplored.

    “Extensive evidence indicates that caves in the United States may be connected with caves in other parts of the world. In Mexico, the cave known as ‘Sotano de las Golondrinas’, (or) basement of the swallows, in the Municipio de Aquismo, S.L.P., reaches a depth of 1100 feet (334 meters). The cave is actually a giant ‘sinkhole’ or ‘hole’ in the ground with a nearly circular opening at the top, hundreds of feet in diameter. It is impossible to climb down the sides of Golondrinas because the walls of the opening are too smooth and “belled-out”. To reach the bottom of the cave, a special rope over 1100 feet long must be secured at the top of the opening and dropped into the sinkhole. Explorers must then descend into the yawning hole one at a time using special cave repelling gear and climbing techniques. At the bottom of Sotano de las Golondrinas are numerous ‘leads’ or openings to a multiplicity of different crevices, passages, crawlways, and rooms which have never been mapped or investigated.

    “The entrance to Golondrinas is located in one of the most primitive and uncivilized areas of Mexico and local inhabitants are afraid to approach the cave because they believe it is full of ‘evil spirits’ which lure people to their deaths. They tell stories of people mysteriously disappearing never to be heard from again while passing near the cave entrance. These stories may be based more on fact than fiction: they are similar in some respects to UFO abduction reports. Because of its huge size, remote location, and unique geological structure, Golondrinas would be an ideal UFO base. Naturally camouflaged caves in other parts of the world may serve as excellent natural bases, way stations, and ‘depots’ for UFOs.

    “An underground nuclear test called the ‘Schooner Experiment’ conducted in December, 1968, substantiates the theory that caves in North and South America are intimately linked. In this test, a 35- kiloton nuclear bomb was exploded under the desert of Nevada. Five days after the test, the radiation level rose from 10 to 20 times in Canada, 1000 miles away from the Nevada test site! The only way the radioactive dust could have traveled that far is through an interconnected system of caves extending all the way from Nevada to Canada!”

    UFO Sightings in Ancient Contacts in the Americas


    The Maya had memories of several white gods, or culture heroes. The first being Itzamna who came across the ocean from the east. He was a teacher. Later twenty men arrived, the chief of whom was called Colcolcan. They all wore flowing robes and sandal shoes. Each had a long beard and their heads were bare. Kulkulcan, as he was also known, instructed the people in the arts.

    A tribe immediately to the west of the Maya were visited by another white man, called Votan and he taught the people how to cultivate maize and cotton and invented hieroglyphic signs. It is likely that the great white culture-hero of the Mexicans, Quetzalcoatl — the feathered serpent — could have been Greek or Sumerian or even from the stars.

    Mexican Teotihuacan  Pyramids

    Stone and rock carvings plus examples of pottery all point to the inescapable fact that the ancient inhabitants of the Americas were acquainted with almost every race in the world prior to 300 BC.  Evidence from North, Central and South America of Old World inscriptions, common words and customs, architectural styles and artifacts link the two. A hoard of Roman coins has been discovered in Venezuela, and a Roman pottery head was found in Mexico, and dated for stylistic reasons to the second century A.D. In Maine a Roman coin has recently surfaced, while a botanist claims to have identified two of the plants depicted on a Roman fresco in Pompeii as an American fruit, the pineapple, and an American vegetable, a species of squash.

    From the depths of the Well of Sacrifice at Chichen Itza, scuba divers have recovered a wood and wax doll, bearing the Roman script. Elsewhere a stone sarcophagus was unearthed at Palenque by excavators who liken it in the style of the Phoenicians.

    In 1966, a certain Manfred Metcalf claims to have picked up an inscribed stone in Georgia, now known as the Metcalf Stone. It bears text very similar in nature to Cretan Linear A and B writing and is regarded by Cyrus Gordon in Manuscripts, 1969, Vol. XXI, No. 3, as probably an inventory.

    A coin found in 1957 by a small boy in a field near Phenix City, Alabama, was identified later as coming from Syracuse, on the island of Sicily, and dating from 490 B.C. In 1976 an ancient coin was found in the town of Heavener, Oklahoma. It was identified later as being a bronze Tetradrachm, originally with a silver wash, now missing. It was struck in Antioch, Syria, 63 A.D., and according to Dr. Barry Fell, “The profile is of Nero, with the Greek inscription on the obverse saying ‘Nero Caesar Augustus’.”

    In 1936, Dr Charles Elvers excavated a stone pendant or amulet in Gallo Canyon, New Mexico. It was pear-shaped, about three inches long with a hole at the top. On one side is the crowned figure of a man holding a crooked or serpent-like staff in his right hand, and seemingly climbing a slope while looking over his right shoulder. On the other side of the pendant is an inscription composed of an elephant head, a triangle, cross and circle, plus two six-pointed stars. These symbols or glyphs were commonly used in the archaic Sumerian linear scripts.

    As if to confirm its authenticity, there is a stela preserved in the Louvre, Paris, commemorating a conquest of the near-east ruler Naram-Sin. The stone carving depicts him standing on a mountain slope, holding a staff in his right hand while wearing a headdress and looking to his right.

    Early this century, a Brazilian rubber-tapper called Bernardo da Silva Ramos was working in the Amazon jungle when he noted that on many of the rocks there could be found ancient scripts carved deep into the stone. Intrigued, he spent the later part of his life copying and recording these inscriptions. He found that the greater part of them resembled, often in detail, the ancient writings of the Old World and compiled a catalog of nearly 2000 such scripts.

    Other jungle graffiti has indeed been linked to that already recorded as belonging to the Semitic, Indus, Phoenician, Punic, Brahmi and other peoples. The Parahyba inscription, also discovered in Brazil, was later translated from the Phoenician over 25 years ago and here is what this remarkable record has to say:

    The famous Gate of the Sun leading into the city of Titicaca has an ancient god from space carved on it.  Further evidence in South America suggests strongly that a Sumerian colony established itself around Titicaca, in what is now known as Bolivia, perhaps as long ago as 4000 years. According to legend the first Inca, Manko-Kapak, appeared in Lake Titicaca and tradition held that the Incas were red or brown-haired. A characteristic alien to American Indians but many mummies discovered there confirm this fact.

    Huge blocks of stone found at Tiahuanaco were once held together by copper and even gold rivets. This was a method of building-construction almost identical to that used in Assyria and Eritrea thousands of years ago. The colony even used solid stone wheels, just like the ones in use by the Sumerians themselves, and were thought to have transported the huge stone blocks in this manner.

    The tribe living around Lake Titicaca are called the Uru and elders retain memories of people of their tribe being scarified under the foundations when Tiahuanaco was built. The name immediately suggests Ut, which again is linked to the Sumerian civilization.

    The Incas carried out mummification and, like the Sumerians, placed a metal disc in the mouth of a corpse. The disc was an indication the aliens arrived in discs and would carry the souls of the dead to paradise. They also built pyramids and obelisks, while using cups, plates, spoons and goblets much like those in the Old World. Likewise, both the Sumerians and the Incas held the rainbow as sacred and each carried their notables around in litters. While at a temple in Chavin, Peru, an ingenious system of air conduits still carries fresh air to every room in the building and a remarkably similar system has been discovered in the Cretan palace at Knosses.

    Ancient Phoenician ship using both oars and sail

    Professor Marcel F Homet, an archaeologist and scholar from Algeria, once visited the Amazon region to view its antiquities and made many amazing discoveries. From inscriptions found on the painted rock, the Pedra Pintada, professor Homet recorded symbols well-known in the Old World, such as the swastika, the double axe, the spiral and also the sun symbol. He also indicates that Cretan ceramics were discovered on the Marajo island, at the mouth of the Amazon and further reported he found an Indian tribe called Syriana, which in Semitic simply means ‘Our Syrians’.

    Many archaeologists continue to dispute the authenticity of such evidence gathered from North and South America. Thousands of artifacts have been recovered over centuries from hundreds of locations, and from many countries of the New World. The real and exciting history of the Americas must be told and this undoubtedly means rewriting the history books.

    India Found Ancient Drawings With Aliens

    Many Indian Temples have what look like UFOs on the top

    In India ancient pictures with a detailed images of the cosmos, the aliens and their technology have been found in ancient Indian temples.

    Across the Earth, archaeologists and historians find thousands of testimonies about a possible contact from extraterrestrial civilizations with the ancient people. This and the legend of the demigods from the sky, and the various rock paintings of the unusual people, pictures of alien ships, strange statues, as well as the unexplored parts from large machines. According to alternative scientific theories, 10 000 year old paintings and archaeological artifacts can prove that the ancient ancestors of mankind actively communicated with aliens.

    For example, one of the most ancient and advanced civilizations is India. In the temples in Chrome were found drawings that resemble more a fantastic film and literally show the horrific details about the cosmos and life in it. Local Indian authorities after the discovery of petroglyphs with aliens immediately turned to the Us Space Agency NASA for help. Local archaeologist George Bhagat said that the nature of the petroglyphs is not known to him. Found in India artifacts show that ancient people could visit an alien civilization. In addition, the drawings were done in natural colors.

    It is interesting that the author portrayed not just aliens, but also space. It turns out that NASA is not just studying the drawings of the aliens, but also confirm the existence of the Anunnaki with Nibiru, in the case of the authenticity found in India images.

    The fact that there is a theory that aliens from the mysterious planet actively lived, ruled and developed people. According to Sumerian mythology, the aliens were demigods, Anunnaki from Nibiru. They were able to build the ancient Egyptian pyramids, the English Stonehenge, to teach the Australian aborigines “fabulous art”, the ancient Greeks, the Sumerians wisdom and so on.

    However, the opponents of this theory argue that the ancient people drew and believed in dragons and trolls, but that doesn’t mean that they once existed.

    Thanks to Paradox }

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer’s Files #41 – 2018 Aliens have Base on Moon - PART II

    Filer’s Files #41 – 2018 Aliens have Base on Moon - PART II

    UFO Sightings in the United States

    Alaska Object

     Sutton — I was picking berries with my mom on September 13, 2018, on a beautiful day that I decided to take some landscape photos. I did not notice the object until a friend pointed it out weeks later. This town of Sutton is on the edge of the Alaskan wilderness. The object was beyond the Matanuska River.

    Because I took 2 pictures of a very large frame within a minute of each other there was no way for a plane to come into the middle of my fame.
    My parents who live in Sutton have been noticing a “woo woo” sound over the town as of the last couple of weeks. I took a video but when I listened to the video I could not hear the sound. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Arizona Light

    Surprise – Originally it looked like a bright star among other stars, planes, and helicopters on Octoberr7, 2018. . However, it stayed brighter than the stars after the helicopters and planes left. We looked at it through binoculars because we were curious and found that it was a cluster of bright lights. It moved up and down, back and forth, wiggled, split into two orb shapes then back to one. It moved slightly higher and westward over the course of an hour and disappeared after an hour. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    California Object

    Mill Valley — I was out on my deck and looked toward the horizon and was taking pictures of Oakland in the distance because it was such a clear night on Octoberr7, 2018. I thought it was a UFO.
    Bright ball of light, hovering with a beam shooting out, then slowly, then quickly moved south and disappeared.  I thought it was pretty cool.
    It was a little after 8 pm Pacific  Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Baldwin Park — I was a non believer / questionable now I have no idea after seeing the sky light on Octoberr7, 2018.

    Belflower — I was outside waiting for taxi on Octoberr7, 2018.  Suddenly I heard a subtle thud and looked over my shoulder and saw two objects: One was triangle with four lights under it. It was being attacked by a large dull silver metallic object that was firing a white colored laser at the ship. Then two little orbs that were hidden in the middle of the colorful mist were facing the injured ship. A larger orb went a bit higher and further away but visible on camera. The ship that was injured stayed in our view with the two little orbs hovering with the ship finally after a 30 minute standoff between the UFOs. The large black injured ship kept its light on orbs and slowly hovered away South into distance cut its lights off or disappeared into distance. This film October 7 2018 showed two types of triangles lights around the sides like head lights.

    I was terrified I thought they were going to crash until the cameras flashings from witnesses cameras started flashing that got the orbs attention so it stop attacking the other. I could only feel a vibration of sort. It was absolutely amazing, and scary. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Colorado Rods

    Golden — Was on date and took photos of the view and out of 5 photos taken one photo had an object in it.
    The photos were taken on September 29, 2018. Note: Rods are thought to be some type of flying animal. .

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Florida Lights

     Pensacola — I saw the UFO and took the attached photo. Later six Navy planes flew in the general direction of the sighting and stayed in the area for nearly 15 minutes The object was hovering over water on September 23, 2018. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Maryland Disc

     Salsbury — While I was fishing on the Nanticoke River in Vienna Maryland on July 13, 2018,

    I took this picture to show my friends where I was fishing at. I never hear or saw anything until I looked at the picture that I sent.

    The object is over my head behind me. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Minnesota Lights

     Alborn — Three adjacent lights seen in nighttime photograph

    Is this just an aircraft? No Sound.  I did not notice it until I saw the photo.
    Photo analysis please. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Nevada Rocket

     Reno — A strange spotlight appeared in the sky suddenly. It was surrounded by a large half moon of multicolored gases on October 7, 2018
    at7:25 PM PDT. The object hovered for 40 seconds before it began to ascend. The light shining down morphed into 6 symmetrical lights shining all around it’s epicenter. Then it began to descend quickly and it’s 6 lights changed into 3 lights on the top only. It suddenly turned black and disappeared.

    Note: The witness saw the flight of a Falcon 9 rocket launched by SpaceX. News release of the launch follows: A SpaceX reusable Falcon 9 rocket was successfully relanded yesterday evening, after illuminating the skies above California. The rocket took off from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, northwest of Los Angeles, at 7:21 PM local time (3:21 AM UK time), Bloomberg reports. The main booster stage then returned and touch back down at the launch site eight minutes later. Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://

    New York Probe

     Utica — We didn’t see the green rod fly past the camera until we watched the video. It was witnessed by two on October 6, 2018.

    Three UFOs and Green Rod at 00:27 were unnoticed and recorded from inside their car near Proctor Park, in Utica! Thanks to MUFON CMS

     Carmel — I am a paranormal investigator. This was this was the second event reported by the homeowner.

    In this instance the homeowner was out to dinner when alerted by a surveillance camera of activity at the front door. The house and property was vacant at the time. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Ohio Light

     Chardon — My daughter and I were driving to the store and noticed a descending light in the sky ahead of us. I said, “Is that a plane crashing? “We couldn’t figure out what the orange like light was. I pulled over and we saw a black piece come off. I thought maybe an explosion was next and we stopped the car to look. Then the light moved and a trail seemed to follow. But then it hovered and began to move again, stop, and then a trail. We were bewildered. We lost it in the trees. We were both very confused for quite a while we kept looking for another half an hour. The black piece that came off was also very confusing. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Oklahoma Object

     Hitchcock — I was at my Moms taking a photo of my Moms flooded pasture on October 10, 2018. I did not see the object when I took the photo and noticed it afterwards and was quite shocked. My husband also was shocked at the object appearing in the photo, and thought it may possibly be a U F O. I was a bit excited and scared at the same time. Seems silly, because I’ve never been much of a believer and said I would have to see it for myself to believe it. This may be the proof I need! Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Oregon Object

    I was taking a picture of the volcanic mountains of Oregon on October 11, 2018, When I was checking out my photos I noticed this odd object in the photo. I never noticed it with my naked eye.

    Note: This object appears to have been physically placed in the photo. Notice brighter area around object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Texas Rectangle

     Mesquite — At about 4pm, on October 7, 2018 my wife and I were traveling south on I75. I looked southeast and observed a large rectangle in the sky below the clouds. The object was larger than a piper cub airplane. It had a dark spot near the leading edge and stayed at the same height and orientation. It traveled at a fast airplane speed in a north east direction. I took pictures of the object as we traveled. The sighting lasted for ten minutes. I am a 31 year Army veteran and security officer. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Worldwide UFO Sightings

    Belize Disc

    Tourists describe an encounter on April 1, 2018 of a UFO spotted near a cave in Belize;

    An unidentified flying object (UFO) was spotted g at the Actun Loch Tunich (“Mother of All Caves”), that is located inside the Cave Branch property.

    A group of travelers who were at the scene described the UFO about “40 feet long, with no wings, and with a dome on top.”

    “ I have never seen anything like this in my life. We were approaching the cave and saw this mysterious object just hanging close to the sink hole and then it moved rapidly unlike any other thing I have ever seen in the air,” Steven Williams of Colorado, USA said.

    The Black Hole Drop is a unique climbing adventure where participants get lowered down through the floor of a cave that sits high above the nearby jungle canopy. One of the tourist who was with the group was able to record about thirty seconds of video footage of the object that seemed to look a lot like Hollywood’s version of a spacecraft from another world. The man posted the video clip on his Facebook account and it has since garnered over 1 million views. There have been many claims by scholars that the ancient Maya were contacted by extraterrestrials thousands of years ago and numerous speculations abound that the Maya people didn’t have the knowledge or tools to create the massive cities and temples that are found in Belize.  Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge belize-adventure-travel-blog/ufo-spotted-near-a-cave-in-belize-tourists-descri

    Canada Space Object

    Ufo close to International Space Station (iss) on October 12, 2018.

    A cylinder shape unidentified object is photographed near the ISS.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Croatia Objects

     Zadar — That evening they lay down on the beach at 22:30 and saw an unknown object. Our 4 children saw an unknown object at the distance of 5 miles and it was hovering over a treetop for 3 minutes. Object had an intensive fluorescent green pulse light on top of the object. It fluttered in the night sky at the speed of the meteor. After that my daughter came home earlier than normal with fear and very upset. She could not explain what she saw. I talked with all four children with each child alone. They all explained what they saw and drew very similar sketches of a cone shaped object. The dimensions of the object are 40-50cm in width and 60-80 cm in height. The object is dark with part fluorescent green near the top. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Denmark Object

    On the flight from Denmark to Greece I saw a fast moving spot in the clear sky. I took a picture of the object. It moved so fast and then disappeared after a few seconds. The photo was taken on September 9, 2018. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Finland Lights

     Turku — I was shooting long exposure shots of the city on October 5, 2015. I was just walking back home when my attention was caught by a bright white yellowish light. I first thought it was an airplane as it moved smoothly through the sky. It did not blink or have any sound, yet it was moving so fast that it had to be quite low.
    I started to follow it and watched straight up and saw at least 6 similar lights. About 4 of them were brighter and seemed moving faster and lower with slightly curving flight paths, two others were dimmer and moved through the sky from north to south totally in unison with parallel flight paths and in a straight line. They appeared to be much further away than the other brighter lights.

    I have never seen UFOs before and this was a totally new experience for me. I started to shake from excitement and quickly set up my tripod and Sony a7. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Iraq Triangle

    1.Iraq mid northern area. Sunset.
    2. It stood out due to movement
    3.Why is that cloud moving against the wind.
    4. Moved in straight line. Looked like a cloud unless viewed through NVGs. Inside looked like triangle projecting a beam cloud.
    5. Shocked dozens and was unexplainable.
    6. Passed over hills on July 1, 2007. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Italy Object

     Bergeggi — I was on the beach of the Straights of the Sea Tower in Bergeggi and I was sunbathing when I noticed to the west, on the sea a small light that sped passing from west to east on the horizon, and flying just above the sea. The trajectory was straight, very precise and parallel to the sea on September 15, 2018. It flew too fast for a plane but it was very small. There were other people on the beach by the sea, but everyone seemed distracted. The event lasted around 20 seconds. It appeared from the promontory Capo Noli and darted towards Genoa. I spoke to a friend who told me about her and her husband and their two sightings of UFOs! Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Montenegro Lights

    Podgorica — As astronomer amateur, I was filming sky in Montenegro, Europe, on 27th April 2018. During filming of sunset with time laps over mobile phone camera and stationary kit for filming, I directly saw two objects SW of my filming spot. I saw on the screen two objects hovering on the phone.. I also saw these objects on the mobile phone. I saw through telescope (Sky watcher 90/900) in that but couldn’t spot them. These objects were not on the Stellarium either. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

    UK/England Object

    Strabane — If you zoom in on the object in sky you will see that it almost looks like an orb. At first I thought it was a helicopter.

    I did not see or hear anything at the time photo was taken , but what do you think?

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.George Knapp Hunt for the Skinwalker Interview Transcript

    George Knapp Hunt for the Skinwalker Interview Transcript

    Award-winning investigative journalist George Knapp was a recent guest on Open Minds UFO Radio. His interview was so full of important unreleased information that we are providing a transcript of the interview here. Visit this page to listen to the interview.

    Alejandro Rojas: I am here with George Knapp. Thank you so much for joining us.

    George Knapp: Always good to talk to you, Alejandro Rojas and it was great to see you in our little secret soiree in Las Vegas last weekend; you’re a traveling guy.

    Rojas: I am. I am all over the place, but when Jeremy let me know that you all were going to be screening the film, there was no way I was going to miss that, and especially to see you all who were there which was a lot of fun.

    Knapp: Well, it was an interesting crowd. You’ll have to admit there was some interesting faces in the mix.

    Rojas: Yeah, definitely. Some of the names we can’t share, but that makes it even more fun and intriguing for the audience, I think.

    Knapp: That’s okay, you can say it. Oh, there is one you can’t say, but we’ll get at that, we’ll get at that.

    Rojas: Yeah, yeah, we’ll talk about that. I guess to begin with is the fact that really this documentary was the format you wanted to share information about the ranch with in the first place.

    Knapp: That’s true. I mean, I started shooting video at the ranch late ’90’s, of course, I’de learned about the ranch around the time the rest of the world did in 1996. There were a couple of newspaper articles that came out about the weird happenings of the property; mostly focused on UFO activity and of course the Uintah Basin already had a reputation well-earned of, has been a UFO hotspot for as long as people have lived there. So, when Bob Bigelow and his team went to the ranch, bought the place, set up shop, installed detection equipment and cameras and the team of scientists this on the property, I got to learn little bits and pieces about what was going on under the condition that I not talk about it until they gave the okay to go forward. In 1999, I finally got my first visit to the property, and then, started going back periodically with photographers. Matt Adams has been my most frequent collaborator on the property, and we were shooting video for what I hope would one day be a documentary project, maybe more than one. After a couple of years of making this business though, Bob Bigelow was concerned, he sort of changed his mind about the direction I was taking. He was concerned that if we came out with the film, the place might be overrun by UFO enthusiasts and other kinds of paranormal researchers. And in fact, it turned out he was right.

    So, I put the documentary on hold, at least plans of any kind of distribution, but I continued to visit the property over the years, a couple of times a year, at least once a year, and would always bring a photographer and record what I could. And when we couldn’t go on the ranch itself which in particular during the vast of period which we’ll talk about, I would interview other people in the basin, talk to the witnesses, I got to know some of the Utes and some of the long-time residents, and continued to collect information. And I didn’t know if it would ever come out. I really didn’t if it would ever bear fruit because once Bob Bigelow gave me the okay, Colm and I to come up with a book, there was no turning back. I mean, we did our best, we used different names for the rancher family because NIDS had made that promise to him. We didn’t identify the location, we didn’t use any photos, but of course, people figured it out and started blocking to the property anyway; and it caused a lot of problems.

    I think, Mr. Bigelow regretted ever allowing the book to go forward. In fact, I know he did. And again, I still made the promise to him that I wouldn’t go forward with the footage, and so, I didn’t. There were tiny, little bits of it that I used in public presentations a couple of times, but that was it; little tiny slivers. And then, when the property was sold in 2016, it occurred to me, maybe I don’t want to cause problems for the owner, but maybe there’s a chance that I could go forward with this and the new owner said yes, and Jeremy Corbell had been bugging me about it, I see you Skinwalker stuff. And so, that’s how it came together.

    Rojas: When it came to the book, the book was a pretty big hit. I mean, it sold well, it got the word about Skinwalker out there. Were you all, including Bigelow, maybe not expecting the book to be as popular as it was?

    Knapp: No. I thought it would be pretty popular because it carved a new niche in the field. There was no place quite like it and certainly has never been a study quite like that. I mean, it is the most intensively studied paranormal hotspot ever. You never had seen a scientist on the ground, boots on the ground doing that kind of research. Now, I know there are a lot of criticisms of the study and justifiably so, but there is no template for it; there is no sort of a guide book to follow for something like this because there just aren’t any places like it. Hessdalen is a long-standing study, but it’s mostly looking at lights in the sky, not the kinds of things that the NIDS team had to deal with.

    So, I think that Mr. Bigelow probably regrets ever allowing it to go forward, but I knew it would be a hit. And a hit is a relative term because that book, although it’s sold well compared to other paranormal books, it never really pierced the veil into the larger public. And that’s we’re hoping to do with the film, is to attract a larger audience beyond the UFO paranormal field to even if it seems sort of rudimentary to bring people along step by step on how the story unfolded. We want to try to appeal to a much broader audience.

    Rojas: I wonder, it sounds like you really sympathize with Bob Bigelow’s concerns with people coming to their ranch. However, you’re a journalist and I’m sure that you’re also, you have this compulsion to share information. So, how did you feel about it? You probably understood his concern that between the time of course you wanted to share information.

    Knapp: Well, first and foremost, I made a promise to him. I know there are other journalists who operate differently, but look, this was a long-term study; there was no hurry, there was no reason to sprint. Of course, I wanted to tell the story and I would bug him and bug Colm about it periodically since I started learning what was going on there, and saying, “Look, we need to tell the world about this.” Eventually, Bob came to the conclusion himself and I think at the urging of Colm that after a period where this activity went underground, the Skinwalker, whatever you want to call it, this intelligence that’s there, it didn’t want to be hunted, and it made its intentions very clear in very dramatic ways. And it took his ball and wanted to go home, and when that happened, my arguments that maybe the world should know about it became more persuasive.

    And Bob Bigelow figured, “Look, if I let you tell some of the story, maybe people will come forward with other hotspots that we could go study.” So, I wrote a series of newspaper articles in 2003 which means I kept my word for those seven years, didn’t say anything to anyone about Skinwalker. And I did a couple of newspaper articles and bam! they went all over the world. And after that, it became a little easier the cat was out of the bag. It became easier to convince Bob to let us do the book; again, without any photos and specific information about the location and without really identifying the Ranch family either.

    And so, the book came out. And of course, he was right. I mean, as soon as the book came out, the place was overrun. I mean, not just the locals who would go out there in Friday night and take their girlfriend and have a little scare fest, or the UFO hunters who would really get obnoxious and go up to the property in the middle of the night, flash bulbs into the windows of the house, or the vandals who would rip off the fence post and steal things, or others who would go out there and have beer parties or whatever really caused some problems.

    I remember being with Bob and having a conversation about that and I said, “Look, I’ll volunteer. I’ll go there, I’ll camp out, I’ll chase people away, I’ll be a security.” And he said, “No. We’ll do something else.” So, we flew on his jet, we took his chief of security and went out there on a particular weekend. And he had a bunch of equipment on me and I was in this camo gear and had like a million candle-powered spotlight and I was stationed at the front gate, and his security guy was positioned at the back gate, and we were chasing people off. And I wasn’t there 10 minutes at the front gate when the first truck full of people came up, and I thought they saw me sitting in the bushes in this lawn chair, but they have noticed me, so I jumped up and they were coasting down the road, they turned off their lights, and turned off the engine, just coasted right up to the gate. I jumped out with this million candle-powered spotlight and turned it on and man you could hear them shriek, they fire up this truck and peel it backwards down the road. And I figured by the time that story gets told online, it will be a nine foot tall bigfoot with a laser beam attacking me off the back.

    Rojas: Right. It will be Gort, like the big alien.

    Knapp: Yeah.

    Rojas: That’s really funny.

    Knapp: But after that, Bob could see he had a problem, so that was when he started to have round-the-clock security and he had teams from Bigelow Aerospace who would rotate in and out for 10-day shifts. And a lot of those guys, if not most of those guys had their own dramatic experiences, and some of them, as tough as they are, ex-cops, ex-commando, ex-military police, those kind of people, they wouldn’t go back.

    Rojas: And one of the reason I’m curious about this is because I kind of put myself into his shoes. If I was in that situation, would I feel guilty. I wonder if you did at all? Now, personally, I feel like getting the information out is so important that it would justify it in my mind. Did you have a tinge of guilt?

    Knapp: A little bit, but I’ll have to admit that something even worse is that I got a little quite curious thrill out of being able to know stuff that nobody else knew.

    Rojas: Oh, yeah.

    Knapp: And of course, you’ve had, I’m sure you’ve had this mental conversation with yourself Alejandro, what if somebody came to you and said, “We’ll let you in, but you can’t tell anybody.” That’s a tough decision to make. Now, I didn’t have that kind of agreement. My agreement was I couldn’t tell anybody until they gave the green light. These were people that I have known for a long time that I trusted and I wanted them to trust me, and I wanted to get around with other people who can trust people. I’m in an information business. I want people in that particular field and others who work on those topics and in sensitive positions to feel they can trust me; and it’s worked out pretty well. I mean, it worked out pretty well.

    Rojas: Yeah. I mean, I am the same, and I think that is why I get in a lot of things, because I’m, of course, very careful about sharing information when they ask me not to, but I think you’ll find this interesting, is that the only time I’ve been in this situation was with MUFON with the Bigelow Project because they asked us to sign non-disclosures and at that time I was representing MUFON on PR, so I said no, I said it’s better, I feel for myself, if I don’t know because then if you don’t tell me what I’m not supposed to share, I won’t accidentally share it, if somebody’s asking questions, and little did I know, this was during the time that Bigelow was working with the government doing investigations.

    Knapp: Yeah. I know how you feel. I mean, as journalists, we have to sort of figure out whether we’re crossing a line. I never felt I crossed the line because the promise I had made, I kept and I never revealed information. I knew someday I’d be able to record it and I wasn’t in a hurry because this was a long-term study, a long term project. And because they didn’t have any conclusions, there was no impending timeline, a critical point at which we needed to go forward with something. And Bigelow kept his word. When he finally gave me the green light, I was allowed to report it all. There was no restriction that I couldn’t report anything about NIDS. Now, there were–it becomes more complicated a little bit later, but I’m sure we’re going to get into that.

    Rojas: Yes, we will. Before we get into that though, another fun story that you told us the other day was how you were used as bait; that you didn’t have your own experiences, but you were in the situation where you possibly could have, so I was wondering if you could share that story.

    Knapp: That would have been 1991, I think. So, it was the first time I went to the ranch with a photographer to start shooting on the documentary. And so, I’ve been hearing about the property for over six years at that point, about the kinds of experiences that it happened both to the rancher family and to the NIDS personnel who’ve been on the ranch for a long time by that point, and there were some spooky stuff. The UFOs, wow, I’de love to see a UFO, orbs that they were talking  about, yup, would love to see those, I’m not really crazy about seeing a cattle mutilated in front of me. There was a story about a giant cloud, a dark cloud that sort of step over the mind of businesses, but we can get into that a little bit later; that was kind of spooky. The 8-ft tall, 9-ft tall creature that crawls out of the worm-hole looking tunnel; that was kind of spooky. And then, in the middle homestead, which is where most of the really weirdest and most disturbing stuff happen, there had been a visitors to the property when the rancher family, the Gormans I’ll call them, had still been there before NIDS was there.

    And he was, said he was drawn to the property, big Grizzly Adams type dude, drawn to the property, didn’t know what it was, he wanted to meditate and the rancher let him out into the pasture. He and his son said, “Alright, fine. You can spend a couple of minutes, we’ll take out in the middle homestead.” And they went off to the side and kind of kept an eye on the guy chuckling to themselves. And he was there in the field for a couple of minutes, his head to the sky, his eyes closed, his arms lifted up, and his palms on the skies as well. And they hear that cowbell off in the distance and the rancher realizes, “Hey, you know what, I don’t have any cowbells on my cows.”

    And then, they see this thing moving through the trees, it’s like a predator, like in the movie Predator; a camouflage opaque sort of a critter, large, moving through the trees, it comes out of the trees, it goes right at this Grizzly Adams dude, the rancher was just about to warn him that something was happening and this creature gets right up to the guy and roars, and it’s a roar like a lion roar, you can hear it a mile away. This guy just about crapped his pants, he jumps backwards, falls on the ground, this thing, whatever it was in camo mode goes back into the trees and disappears. And the rancher comes rushing over and the guy was petrified, the rancher had to pry himself off this guy. They let him off at the front gate and he left screaming, yelling, “This is Satan, it’s the devil, it’s evil.” And they kind of laughed about it because they didn’t know what that creature was. Well, that is the spot where they stopped me to be used as bait.

    So, we’re out there the first night that I spent on the property and we tried to do all the things that had historically attracted the attention of whatever it is. The arrival of strangers would be one thing that would do it. We made ourselves, our presence known in multiple ways. We built a fire out in the middle homestead, and did interviews, and made a bunch of noise, made our presence obvious. And then, we dug in the ground. We got an earthmover and dug in the ground just to move things around because that had been the most effective way to get the attention of whatever is there, at least, during the time that NIDS was there.

    So, we did all that stuff, and then, Colm says, “I got an idea. Let’s put you on a chair in the middle homestead and we’ll leave you there and see what happens.” So, they hooked up like a couple of microphone, and a Geiger counter, and a couple of other things, put me on this little white plastic chair in the middle homestead where the predator thing had come out where the black cloud had come out, and they left me there and went a couple of 100 yards away with the cameras and the telephoto lenses to watch to see if something came to get me. And I told that story in the film. I was trying to be brave and everything, but I couldn’t quite get it out of my head. There were some bad stuff that had happened out there and I don’t mind seeing UFOs and couple of other things, but I really didn’t want to run into predator and have it roar like that. But nothing came to get me other than mosquitoes.

    A lot of people haven’t been so lucky, I think it is an interactive quality, we can get into this later if you want, but whatever it is that’s there, it kind of sizes you up. The people who’ve had the worst experiences are those who’ve had a cavalier attitude or defiant attitude or confrontational. The people who bring guns, for example, and are going to take this on, I’m not afraid of anything, like commando, a gung-ho kind of attitude; those are the ones who’ve had really, really had some bad experiences that extend beyond the ranch. So, yeah, I was bait, I didn’t like it, and I don’t really want to do it again.

    Rojas: That’s interesting what you said just there, about how the attitude has–it may have an effect. What was your attitude, I guess, what was your mindset as you went through this? Do you think you’ve, maybe, had more of a respect for what happens at this place?

    Knapp: Absolutely. I mean, Colm had prepared me. He had told me that he always makes mental preparations when he’s going to the ranch. He would always do it even though when he was going there all the time, is that he sort of girds his loins in a mental sense, but it is a respectful attitude; we’re hear to learn kind of a thing, you show us what you’ve got if you want to show it to us, but I’m not going to push the idea. Now, the result for me has been I’ve never seen anything. I mean, I never see anything dramatic anyway. I’ve seen some lights on one of the trips that Jeremy and Matt Adams, and I made in the middle homestead that we couldn’t really explain. They weren’t natural source that we know of and not electronic in any way, it’s not gear that was there. And there’s some other tiny, little things that have happened during my business, but nothing anywhere close to the kinds of things that we described in the book.

    So, I don’t know why that is. It frustrated me greatly because I don’t know of anyone else, who’s gone as many times as I have who has not seen something for, who has not have experience, but I hope that I have conveyed to whatever it is that I am respectful and maybe it’ll show me, at some point, when I’m worthy. but I’m kind of glad that some of the things that have happened to other people have not happened to me. And yeah, the people who have gone in with a bad attitude are the ones who’ve had the worst experiences.

    Rojas: Yeah. I do want to get into it, because like you said, we’re all interested in this field, and want to experience something or see that what we’re looking into is a real phenomena. So, like you said, some of this is kind of scary and I was wondering if you could share the story of the black cloud that affected the researcher.

    Knapp: I don’t have the exact dates in front of me, I think it was ’97 when Colm Kelleher and another of the NIDS staffers, a PhD guy, a brilliant guy are walking, again the middle homestead. They had two dogs with them; they would use dogs as sort of biosensors. The dogs would often give them advance warning when something weird was going on, that they either smelled, or sensed, or can see in the dark. And they’re walking in the middle homestead and suddenly both of the dogs go behind the legs of the two researchers who are walking through the field. And they’re huddling, they were kind of shaking, they’re scared of something. And these two scientists look up in the trees and one of them notices what looks like a black cloud moving; at the tree’s not level. And it starts getting bigger and bigger, and it gets into the middle of the trees right in front of them. And suddenly, the one scientist, the second scientist is frozen. And out of him, comes a voice and it’s not his voice, and it’s speaking–I’m trying to remember the exact words because there were a couple of experiences similar to this that happened to other people, but it’s something to the effect of “We are watching you.”

    Rojas: Wow.

    Knapp: “We’re watching you and you’re not really welcome here.” And this guy is speaking this stuff, and within a couple of minutes, he sort of bounces out of it; he was in the trance. It had taken over his brain, and he bounces out of it, he was disoriented for a while. When they went back to the trailer to spend the night, he had terrible nightmares and dreams, and it stuck with him, I guess for a couple of days. But that really happened and if you can make guesses about who it happened to, I’m not going to say it either way, but I mean, that’s a guy who’s worked for major think tanks, and labs, and the U.S. Military, and he’s a brilliant guy and he didn’t make it up. That was one disturbing experience, but some of the other ones that happened later were worse. I mentioned about these commando types; it happened during the BAASS period. I don’t know if it is too soon to get into that or you want to wait?

    Rojas: Yeah, we’ve got a couple of minutes before the break, so I think we have time to introduce that in that there were several stages of the investigation. So, if I’m wrong and you can correct me, but it began with Bigelow and his National Institute of Discovery Sciences, correct?

    Knapp: Yes. Bob Bigelow funded that study, created NIDS, he paid for the scientists, he hired them, he hired vets and trackers, and physicist, and biologist, and a lot of other folks. And then, he had people like Dr. John Alexander who were part of the team, visited the property, and then, a science advisory board as well. They would fly up, they’d stay for days other times, fly back, and they had hired local people as well, former cops, they had connections with the Ute tribe; that was all funded by Bob Bigelow and that continued through about 2003 when I was allowed to write the first article. So, the activity had gone underground, there wasn’t enough for the team to do, there weren’t enough paranormal incidents, so basically, they gave up. I mean, the phenomena had made it clear that it was not going to cooperate; it destroyed some cameras, it was just not playing ball.

    So, that’s when they stopped, basically, with the study. And then, after that, after the book came out in ’05, then, they had personnel on the property, security personal, but not scientists anymore. There just wasn’t enough to do and NIDS went away. So for a couple of years, it was basically fallow. And then, in 2007, a guy from the DIA reached out to Bob Bigelow and said, “I just read this book about The Skinwalker Ranch, I’m really interested in it, can I go?” And Bob Bigelow said, “Yeah. Fly to Las Vegas, I’ll take you out there.” They did. The guy sort of got the idea that what is associated with UFOs might actually be a much broader perspective of paranormal phenomena, that UFOs are not an end to themselves, that it represents the tip of the iceberg, and he wanted to take a look. And he wasn’t there for five minutes, then he had an experience.

    Rojas: Wow.

    Knapp: And it was meant to be tailored just for him. It was in an angle inside a building, inside the home there that this thing appeared to him. And he was trying to play it cool and not let everybody else know it was there–

    Rojas: Well, let’s hold this for a second. We’ve got to go to break, so we’ll be right back. For those of you listening on KGRA with your commercial break, for the rest of you we’ll share a short musical interlude, and then, we’ll be right back into this incredible story from George Knapp.

    Rojas: Welcome back. You’re listening to Open Minds UFO Radio, I’m your host Alejandro Rojas and we are here with George Knapp. And I mean, what you shared just now I was not aware of and this is really fascinating, is that this guys from the DIA in 2007 came to visit the ranch, and you were explaining he had his own kind of customized paranormal experience.

    Knapp: Yeah. This guy had–he’s a very serious, rock solid, brilliant guy who had read the book and thought that there might be something there of interest to the DIA, and The Pentagon and national security, so he arranged, he called up Bigelow, said, “Can we go?” Bigelow had him fly up to Las Vegas, they flew to the ranch, and this guy had his experience within 5 minutes of getting on the property, in the main ranch house hearing some stories from the caretakers who live there. And this thing appeared inside the house, in broad daylight, and I’m not going to get into details about what it was, but it was pretty distinct and remarkable and it made a very big impression on this guy.

    So, he leaves, he tells Bigelow about it later, and he goes back to Washington, and he looks up Harry Reid, who at the time was the senate majority leader. They had some interactions on national security issues already, told him about that experience, and said, “We need to study this. That place is unique.” And Reid went to some of his colleagues, the story that I’ve told on air a couple of times, some of his colleagues in the senate. He made the argument that UFOs deserve to be studied and there could be direct national security implications, that by ignoring them it didn’t go make them go away, it just made them more enigmatic and they agreed.

    So, they set up a program that, initially, was AWSAP. It was separate from AATIP, the program that Lue Elizondo was involved with. He wasn’t involved with actually for another year, but AATIP was the study, the occasional encounters that military personnel had with UFOs; that was an informal organization that existed within The Pentagon, different departments and different divisions of the military. And they would exchange information, videos would come in, they do analysis, and create files, and try to figure the stuff out. AWSAP was created to be something else entirely. It was to look at a broader range of paranormal activity. The DIA guy, and Bob Bigelow, and Colm Kelleher, and everyone associated with NIDS knew that UFOs do in fact occur in connection with other strange stuff; that as much as ufologists don’t like to admit it, there is a Bigfoot connection, and there is a crop circle connection, and there is a connection to animal mutilations. It’s not clear what the connections were other than proximity in the same time in place of all those different phenomena. And here, you had a ranch where all of this stuff was going on, and in that ranch, whatever is there, had in essence, given that guy from the DIA an engraved invitation to come back and he did.

    And so, the study was launched. Harry Reid secured the funding. They put out bids on the military websites where other contractors to submit bids. I only know of one other entity that tried to compete for the contract. Bigelow created BAASS, that’s Bigelow Advanced Aerospace Systems; and that was a separate organization within Bigelow Aerospace that got the contract and launched the study, and it’s an amazing study. A big part of the focus was the ranch; that’s not the only part of the focus, I mean, they cast a very wide net and teams collecting information from all over the world; from foreign government. They had teams that were zipping around, as you mentioned earlier in the program, they arranged to have an arrangement with MUFON, and I’m sure they’ve had arrangements with other UFO organizations and researchers as well.

    Bob Bigelow, a week after he signed the contract for BAASS to deal with AWSAP, he came on coast to coast with me. And he drop some really big hands to anyone who was paying attention. He basically said it, he drew great, big, glowing breadcrumbs about what he was up to, he said, “I launched this new organization, it’s going to cast a very wide net, study UFOs and related phenomena, and I have an unnamed partner, I have a partner in this. I can’t tell you who it is, but they’re providing financial support” and everybody just kind of ignored that, but there it was.

    Rojas: That’s really funny. And that’s what’s really weird about this is reflecting upon that time and you’ve had me on coast when we talked about this before, but now that you mentioned it, I remember that interview and I knew, because I didn’t sign the NDA, but I knew there was some sort of partnership that I was not going to be able to disclose, and that’s why I didn’t want to know. But I was like “I don’t want to know,” so that was my attitude at the time, but you’re right. Nobody caught on–and that’s an interesting thing about all this is that all of us are looking for the government program that’s looking into UFOs out there, and none of us knew. I mean, at least in the UFO community, even some of the people who work with Bigelow, nobody knew about this relationship.

    Knapp: Well, I did. And again, it’s the same thing, the same deal, is that I’m allowed to know about it, I just can’t talk about it. And I supposed if AWSAP still existed, if somebody hadn’t sabotaged it and taken the money away, it would still be ongoing, I wish it were because they did some amazing things. And the world isn’t going to know about it for a while and I don’t know when or if that information will come out, but it did some really amazing things and it was definitely making progress. And it’s a terrible shame that it went away, but if they were continuing to do the work that they were doing during that time period, I wouldn’t be here talking about it, I would still be keeping my word. And I kept my word for almost 10 years until the story came out. And as I have mentioned before, when the New York Times, when I’m told late last year. the New York Times is on this, if they’re going to break the story, I will sort of miffed about it, so why don’t I get the break of the story? I’m the guy who’s kept this secret for nine or 10 years. I’m not a paid employee of Bigelow, I have no financial relationship with Bigelow, I know people snipe at that all the time, but that is not the case. I didn’t work for him and I didn’t sign an NDA. But my word was my bond, and so, I kept it and I wanted to do the story, I don’t want The New York Times to break it, I want to break it. And they had this sort of, kind of gently let me know in a non-offensive way that I am not The New York Times, well, of course I know that. I knew that The New York Times was a much better idea. There was some risk, they had told people, if anybody else leaks the story, it breaks somewhere else. We’re not going to go with it, we’ll bury it; and that would have been a bad thing because The New York Times covering it, the front page story changes the whole media environment. It meant that the Washington Post then covered it and Fox News has been doing ongoing coverage and many other news outlets who, otherwise, wouldn’t come near it. Suddenly, took it seriously and suddenly it’s not as crazy to be considering that UFOs deserve to be studied.

    And so, I’m glad I made the decision, that I figured well, New York Times will have some of it, but they’re not going to have all of it because I’m not saying I know more about UFOs than any journalist, and I certainly do not believe that, but I knew more than any journalist about this particular program, and I knew that I’d be able to have plenty of stories that I break on my own, and I did.

    Rojas: Right. You have been and I’m sure you will continue to. One of the stories that you broke was along the lines of what you had just explained, but I just wanted to kind of get back to for a second is you broke the story that Harry Reid had heard from this third party about all of these things and that what inspired him to fund and champion this AWSAP program. But there’s been a lot of assumption that Reid and Bigelow were friends and that Bigelow had relayed what he was up to. Did Bigelow tell him as far as you know anything about the ranch before Reid heard from this other person in the DIA?

    Knapp: Yes. Yes, but it wasn’t lobbying. Bigelow was not lobbying Harry Reid for a program. And Harry Reid actually represented Robert Bigelow when they were both young men in a legal matter involving the death of Bob’s grandparents. But they lost contact, they didn’t stay in contact until NIDS was created. And I had remained in contact with Harry Reid, I always had a good relationship with him even though I did stories that whacked him around now and then because I’m a journalist and he was Nevada’s senior senator. So, I knew he had an interest in UFOs because in 1989, after I first met with Bob Lazar and starting digging into Area 51, Harry Reid was the first person I went to tell about it outside of our newsroom.

    Rojas: Wow.

    Knapp: I thought somebody’s got to know about this, I want to see if he’s aware of this because he had been a supporter of Nellis Air Force Base, I knew we had an interest in Area 51, not UFOs so much, but national security programs out there. And I told him about it, we were in a limo on the way to the airport as he was flying back to Washington. He says, “That’s really interesting.” He didn’t kick me out of the car, so after that, we maintained a dialogue, a sort of secret back channel dialogue about UFOs. I would send him things from time to time that I thought would interest him and he would send me stuff. The Congressional Research Service had prepared a report for Members of Congress on the UFO issue, I’d never seen it and it never been made public, it has since been made public, but he shared that with me. And then, I would fly back to Washington or he would come out to Las Vegas, and whenever I would see him, whatever the topic was, the official topic and the reason for it, we would go off to the side and have a separate conversation about UFO matters, and it drove his staff crazy because he wouldn’t tell them what we’re talking about and it alarmed them, and I wouldn’t tell them what we’re talking about, and they used to ask too. And then, in ’95, after Bigelow had set up NIDS, I told Harry Reid about it. I said, “This Science Advisory Board is pretty amazing. I had been allowed to sit in on a couple of meetings, I interacted with the staff, I even made a presentation to them one time about the Russian UFO files that I brought back. It’s an amazing group of people; PhDs all around, brilliant people, many of which whom did not want their names used. There were two astronauts, I mean, you can guess who one of them was, Edgar Mitchell, Hal Putthoff, and Kit Green, and John Alexander, the people like that who were willing to put their reputations and their careers on the line to investigate this stuff.

    So, I told Reid about it. He said, “You think I could get in to sit in on some of those?” I said, “Sure, you could.” So, he did. I don’t know how many of those meetings he sat in on, but there were a couple. And then, it sort of went away. I mean, NIDS went on its way, Harry Reid’s back to Washington, and there was no real ongoing contact between them. Occasionally, Bob Bigelow would donate to Harry Reid’s reelection campaigns which now, people looking to nit pick and to somehow destroy the credibility of the story, I can tell you they’re full of baloney.

    Bob Bigelow was a businessman operating in Las Vegas. Harry Reid was the senior senator and the most powerful Nevadan ever elected and sent to Washington. Yes, Bob Bigelow did donate money to Harry Reid’s campaigns; small, tiny amounts compared to the size of the modern election campaigns, but still is enough that somebody that wants to denigrate the whole relationship, they can point to it and say aha, it’s a quid pro quo. Well that’s baloney, it wasn’t. That was in 2007. So, there had been period of contacts and Bigelow and Reid both respected each other and both understood their mutual interest, but Reid had read the Skinwalker book, he was intrigued by it, I think he had some conversations with Bob about it. So, he was aware of the ranch, but until that DIA guy came to him, there had been no proposal from anyone for any kind of federally-funded, Pentagon-funded research program involving Bigelow Aerospace.

    Rojas: Now, when it comes to AWSAP another thing that you’ve broke, a story you’ve broke, and I always tell people, “You know if you want the latest breaking breaking on all of this, you got to go KLAS and the I-Team.” But how and why it ended because I think that’s a really interesting story as well.

    Knapp: Well, it is. And the full thing has not been told, and I’m not sure–I can tell part of it because I already have shared with you some of the details, but it’s a multilevel bit of intrigue, and how the Pentagon works and how contracts work. In essence though, opposition grew to the AWSAP program. It was interacting with Elizondo and AATIP, there was exchange of information back and forth, and those two programs were separate for awhile, but they were cooperative. And it alarmed some people in the Pentagon who, in particular, there’s a cabal in there.

    Nick Redfern had written about them, I figured out what his name for him was, I don’t think that’s the real name, but they’re basically high-level people in different intelligence agencies who are fundamentalist Christians; who think that anything involving UFOs and the paranormal is satanic, that by studying it we invite Satan into this world, and they wanted it killed for those reasons. I know how that sounds, I’m not belittling anybody’s religious beliefs, but man, that kind of a decision-making, deciding to kill a program that’s doing good work because Satan might be involved, I don’t feel better about the Pentagon when I hear that, but it’s true. Now, there were other factors involved, there was political intrigue there at the Pentagon, somebody sees a pile of money that they consider vulnerable, they will go after it just for other reasons. And so, the money was pulled out from under it. I’ll say this, Bob Bigelow continued to fund it for a year on his own, out of his own pocket. He had, I think it was 50, it might have been as many as 90 employees at one time, but at least 50 of these were curious staff member, investigator types who were boots on the ground collecting files, investigating reports, really doing solid research. In addition to that, you had Hal Putthoff sort of overseeing the creation writing of scientific papers, and several of those have now gone public, I made the list public early this year at the full list and their authors, and it was some solid work; it was well-received in aerospace circles, in industry circles, and at the Pentagon. People with all those papers thought wow this is great it’s looking down the road 50 years to what science and engineering and aerospace could be, and space travel. Exciting stuff, but it got yanked. Bigelow continued to fund it for a year, fought his damndest to keep it alive, but in the end it got sunk, and it’s a shame, it’s a shame. And then, whatever was left of AWSAP, sort of merged back into AATIP.

    So, when The New York Times breaks the story in December, they are true. There was a program called AATIP. It did study UFOs, but the $22 million didn’t go to AATIP, it went to AWSAP, it went to Bigelow Aerospace.

    Rojas: And some other intrigue which I think I find interesting, there’s so much–because it is complicated about this story that people don’t seem to get, but I have confirmed this with Lrslie Kean and she did, I mean, it was okay to say, but The New York Times had other sources than Elizondo, or To The Stars, or some of the other BAASS people. And I don’t think people–I think everybody assumes that it was Bigelow and his group that gave her that information for the New York Times story, but there’s more political intrigue in that there’s other sources we’re not aware of.

    Knapp: That’s true. I mean, the primary instigator of that whole thing, the New York Times story is Tom DeLonge. I know that drives some people crazy, but the fact is he deserves credit for what he did. He put together this group of people and they developed the plan and he sold it, and one way to get it off the ground–I mean, by creating the organization To The Stars, he gave Lue Elizondo a place to go. If Lue Elizondo didn’t have a place to go, he might have stayed in the Pentagon and wallow there, we would never have seen this stuff. Now, Lue did start the process forward on a number of videos being released and he went by the book. There’s a paper trail and I’ve seen it, at least, for the first three.

    I remember the first time I met Luis, two days after he stepped on stage with Tom in Seattle, and then, after that, he came to Las Vegas. And I had dinner with him and Tom and Mr. B and he had those videos.

    Are there more? Oh, yeah, there’s more; it’s in the process. So, I think after he left, whoever was left over, it was ticked off and he had made this stuff public, and he had a lot of people who were really mad at him, who were surprised when he made that announcement, I think they may have turned off the spigot. So, I don’t know if we’ll ever see more videos, but he, at least, started the process. But the fact is TTSA, DeLonge and his crew are the ones who got the attention, then New York Times showed them enough information to verify what they had heard from other sources. And I think they probably would have shared those videos except the New York Times got them on their own, they got them from somewhere else.

    Rojas: Right.

    Knapp: And that is why to the consternation, I think, of Tom and his crew, New York Times breaks the story and they don’t even give Tom DeLonge or TTSA a mention, they don’t give them any credit at all. But at the time they were launching their organization, they wanted to raise money, they wanted a higher profile and they kind of got burned by it. I think it created some bad feelings. Leslie Kean did amazing work. I mean, she was the rock on that story in shepherding it because she’s not a staff member at New York Times, but she knew more about UFOs than anyone who was there. And I think if she had had her way, they would have written more stories, but after they made the big splash, they didn’t, they stopped.

    Rojas: Yeah, yeah. And I still agree with Tom DeLonge getting, needing to be recognized and I have certainly spun that angle with everything that I’ve done, including my talk out here. But we’re running of time, so I guess I have to pull back and to get intrigue into this documentary which is–I mean, I feel that this documentary is very important and I’m sure you do too because finally the information is getting out in a format which you had hoped it would out at the beginning, and it seems to be doing well.

    Knapp: Yeah, it was doing really well. I didn’t check today, but I know when the first day that it went public, it was, for a time, the number one documentary on iTunes, number one in the world. And I think the last word I heard Jeremy Corbell, the director, it was on iTunes number 18, not the documentaries, all films on iTunes.

    Rojas: Wow.

    Knapp: The top 200 films in the world, it was number 18 which is a pretty amazing thing, and it’s just getting started, it’s only been out for two days. So, it’s a bigger audience than the UFO people and the paranormal people who have been waiting to see it for a long time, so they are the ones who jumped on it, but there’s a whole big audience out there that is wondering what the heck is this Skinwalker thing that’s popped up on this list. And I think there’s a chance we could finally reach the broader audience that needs to be aware of this.

    It may be too rudimentary and too basic for some UFO poobahs, but the fact is, this is not meant for them, it’s meant for a much bigger audience that wanted to engage and to realize these issues involve all of us. I’m not talking about some alien invasion or something, but the nature of reality and understanding our place in the universe and our spot in the food chain, we need to think about this stuff. And I think we made a breakthrough.

    I am frustrated because after 18 years or so of trips out there, there’s a lot of stuff to report, and we had to leave so much out. The original material as well as new things that we’ve shot that Jeremy and Matt and I have collected and witnesses we’ve interviewed fairly recent phenomena including the new owner and his team; there’s a lot to tell. So, I’m hoping that it is successful enough that we can tell it more and I’d like to include the stories of some of the individual researchers who have been drawn to that place on their own and have had their own adventures. And I know we’re taking a lot of shots from ufologists who, for one reason or another, are ticked off to be on the outside looking in, but too bad that’s the way it goes.

    Rojas: Right. I feel that way too. You can be excited about information coming out, or you can be upset because you’re not involved, which, I don’t know. It is frustrating to hear these people have these issues. My last question will be, to that larger population that seems to be out there – larger than I think many of us suspect. What I mean is the religious faction, the people who have concerns that we’re dealing with demons, what would you say to people who say “Maybe they should have shut that down. I kind of agree with those people.” How would you argue your point with them?

    Knapp: Here are the facts. People can dispute lights in the sky or mistaken identification of different phenomena. We know that 95% of UFO cases, for example, are probably explainable. But the fact is our government has now confirmed there is no question about it. These are real. They are for somewhere else. They are not ours. And if we don’t figure it out, somebody else can figure it out. So even if you are not interested in the cosmic questions of who are they and how do they relate to us, what’s their interest, why are they here, how do we fit into this. Even if you don’t relate to that, and I can’t imagine any human being who would not, there is national security issues to consider. There is sometimes direct personal safety issues to consider. These things are physical. They have demonstrated a physical reality. They take different forms, different shapes at different times,  It is real and we need to figure it out. If the Russians or the Chinese figure it out, they will exploit it. And I think that maybe they have made progress. Harry Reid thinks they’ve made progress, and Lue Elizondo believes that there are programs. I believe and have been told that during the BAASS study there were foreign governments in the Uintah Basin that were sniffing around and wanted to know what was going on out there. Now that’s seriously. When somebody uses mumbo jumbo and spooky stories and religious beliefs to put the kibosh on a scientific study or a legitimate inquiry, that is troublesome. You know what, maybe it is Satan. Maybe it’s demons. I don’t know what it is. Inter-dimensional travel, dimensional people, time travelers, all of the above, or crypto-terrestrials, or ultra-terrestrials, I don’t know. But we need to figure it out. If not for national security or personal safety, just for the sheer joy of discovery. It is very bad national security policy to say we don’t want to know about something. That makes no sense at all. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Right Stuff for Life Found on Small Saturn Moon

    Are asteroids hiding among the Taurids?

    And, more to the point, are any asteroids that might be hidden in the Taurid meteor stream potentially hazardous to Earth?

    A Taurid fireball – or exceptionally bright meteor – caught during the unusually strong 2015 shower by Bill Allen.

    It’s the time of year for the long-lasting Taurid meteor shower. If you glimpse any, think about this. Last year, a team of researchers from the Czech Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic found evidence to suggest Earth is at greater risk than we thought of being hit by an asteroid associated with these meteors. They identified a new swarm of meteoroids – icy debris in space, left behind by a comet – related to the Taurid meteor stream. More importantly, they said, this new meteoroid stream might also contain still-undiscovered asteroids, some good-sized, say, a few tens of meters (yards) or even larger.

    Their study was published in 2017 in the peer-reviewed journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

    Let’s be clear. We are no more in danger of being hit by a space rock from the newly discovered stream of Taurids than we were before scientists discovered it. So there is no imminent danger here. It simply means that scientists will be searching the newly identified streams of meteoroids, with the goal of detecting any medium-sized or even moderately large asteroids with orbits that might bring them near Earth.

    What are meteoroids? They’re typically bits of debris in space, often left behind by comets as they orbit the sun. The Taurid meteor shower, for example, is produced by debris of Comet 2P/Encke. When debris from a comet enters our atmosphere, meteoroids vaporize due to friction with the air, leaving streaks of light in our night sky that we call meteors. Sometimes, a random meteor (usually not associated with one of the annual meteor showers) hits the ground, and then its name changes again to meteorite.

    There are many comets orbiting the sun, leaving debris behind. As Earth orbits the sun, as our planet encounters these small particles left by comets, we see meteor showers. Some meteoroid streams produce only a few visible meteors, but sometimes Earth passes by a denser swarm of particles, thus causing a more impressive or active meteor shower.

    These particles are usually very small, maybe as tiny as sand, or grains of rice, although the sizes do vary. New research suggests some recent Taurid fireballs – or exceptionally bright meteors – were produced by much-larger particles. At least one meteor observed in 2015 had an estimated size of about a meter (3.28 feet). Another very bright meteor – observed in 2015 and recently studied – might have been caused by a space rock 10 times more massive.

    The 2015 Taurid shower produced many fireballs, or exceptionally bright meteors. Here’s another one, captured in 2015 by Jeff Dai in Tibet.

    The Taurid meteor shower occurs every year, beginning in late October and extending through November. It usually offers only a few bright meteors. However, 2015 was an exceptional year for the Taurids. In November 2015, a network of meteor cameras located in Europe detected about 200 fireballs. Of those, 24 were very bright, and 10 were as bright or even brighter than the full moon.

    Bright Taurid meteors were also recorded in Puerto Rico and Thailand, and elsewhere. EarthSky received many photos and videos of the Taurids in 2015.

    Since then, astronomers have made an extensive analysis of some of the incoming 2015 Taurids and found that most of the meteors showed a trajectory or orbit that points to the same new branch of meteoroid material. And hence a new meteoroid stream has been found.

    Then something else got astronomers’ attention. They realized that some large space rocks, including asteroids 2015 TX24 and 2005 UR, share the same orbits as the newly found swarm of Taurid meteoroids. These asteroids are now assumed to be members of the newly detected meteoroid stream. Asteroid 2015 TX24 – discovered on October 8, 2015 – was closest to Earth 20 days later, on October 28, a date very close to the Taurid meteor shower’s enhanced activity in 2015.

    These asteroids are between 200 and 300 meters (656 and 984 feet) in diameter.

    And so it appears likely that the newly discovered meteoroid streams contains other still-undiscovered, but relatively large, space rocks.

    Remember, some Taurid meteors encounter Earth’s atmosphere each year. Is it possible that larger objects in the newly found Taurid meteor stream might also encounter Earth? For this reason, astronomers speak of these objects as potentially hazardous. They say the objects would be large enough to cause some regional damage if they were indeed to strike Earth, but – as yet – no asteroid has been identified as threatening or having a collision course with Earth.

    Clearly, further research and observations are needed.

    Some bright meteors were seen during the enhanced Taurid meteor shower of November 2015, including this impressive meteor seen in Thailand:

    Another bright Taurid meteor was captured from the Caribbean by the Sociedad de Astronomia del Caribe:

    Bottom line: A new stream of meteoroidal material has been discovered for the Taurids. Some relatively large asteroids are known to be in this same orbit. Could there be potentially hazardous asteroids in the stream as well? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Six Commercial Aircrafts Simultaneously Reported UFO Sightings In Chile

    Six Commercial Aircrafts Simultaneously Reported UFO Sightings In Chile

    Six Commercial Aircrafts Simultaneously Reported UFO Sightings In Chile

    While in flight, 6 commercial airplanes simultaneously sighted 3 moving lights that until now appear to be unidentified objects.

    The mysterious story happened last May last, but it was talked about again a few days ago, because the conversations of the pilots on board were released.

    At 3:00 am, a Lan flight reported the presence of some lights that were close to the checkpoint, called Livor.

    A short time later, a pilot of the Copa airline confirmed it with a photograph:

    Atmosphere Astronomy Astronomical Object

    3 unknown bright objects were captured. In total, 5 flights of Lan Chile and 1 of Copa indicated, almost simultaneously, the 3 sightings that both for the pilots and for those who were in the control post located 380 km east of Antofagasta were something out of the ordinary.

    The 'Centro de Investigación de Fenómenos Anómalos de Chile' (Ceifac) published a video with the recordings of the aviators. Due to the movement of the objects, one of the flights had to deviate 20 miles from its route, to guarantee the safety of the passengers.

    This is the link too the video with the recordings of the aviators!

    Transcription of the pilots' voices:

    Cup 174: We have the lights on the left and apparently one is disappearing. Affirmative, it seems to be at the same altitude as us.

    Lan 639: Santiago, Lan Chile 639, can you give us the identification of the traffic that precedes us?

    ATC (Air Traffic Controller): The transit that precedes them is the Lan Per 2473.

    Lan 639: 2473 ... eeeh, observe (...)

    Lan 2473: Forward for 2473.

    Lan 639: Position, down. Apparently over the sea. Could you also identify another light?

    Lan 2473: Let us be attentive. We have a light in sight, approximately at 4 o'clock in our position. Where 2 was, now there is only one.

    Lan 79: Affirmative, now I see clearly, a little further south from (...), at sea level, a very small light appears and disappears.

    Lan 2473: exactly

    Cup 174: Cup 174, to Livor, 340 and now we have 3 lights. We are on the right of Livor 340 and the lights are on the left, approximately 10 o'clock in our position.

    The lights are moving and they increase the intensity and decrease it too.

    In fact, we are going to turn right because it looks like they are approaching.

    After these first events, the Control Tower decided to communicate with the Oceanic Air Traffic Controller, in charge of verifying the traffic of those ships that move over the sea, beyond what the radars can cover from land.

    ATC: Very good day

    ATC Oceánico: Good day

    ATC: You have a note there with Ufos, at Livor's block

    Ocean ATC: Yes, it's full of UFOs there.

    ATC: Really?

    ATC Oceánico: Of course! That's why the Cup and the Lan 639 and 2473 were also seen.

    ATC: Haha! How good!

    Minutes later, more flights witnessed the same 3 unique lights.

    Cup 174: What a strange phenomenon. Now we have 3 lights in the shape of a triangle.

    Lan 501: Lan Chile 501 and there it is, the third light appeared.

    Lan 577: Yes, about 60 miles from Livor and we also confirmed (...) Yes, between 2 and 3 o'clock.

    It could be about 2 thousand feet below and distance about 20 or 30 miles.

    Lan 501: Affirmative, we have them at this moment almost at 3. one more intense than the other and, they are 2 lights.

    The control tower opted to inform another aeronautical authority of the facts.

    ATC: Good morning, sir, from here at the Oceanic Control Center in Santiago.

    COA: Good morning

    ATC: Good morning, what happens is that there is a very strange situation in the Livor sector. In the airway, Live For Lima, 780, there are about 5.6 aircraft that have reported light movement. 2, 4 to 4 lights in that sector, to the East. To the east of the Livor sector, at or below their level.

    And still that situation is maintained, 3 aircraft passed that notified that. In fact, one aircraft was diverted 20 miles to avoid.

    At a height of 32 thousand approximately

    Now, there are 2 traffics that come by the same area from the United States and they are flying over the sector and they also have them in sight at 2 or at 3 o'clock; over the sea. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.This Is How The Pentagon Tried To Close The Roswell UFO Investigation... And Failed

    This Is How The Pentagon Tried To Close The Roswell UFO Investigation... And Failed

    This is the official Pentagon Roswell UFO crash press conference from 1997. With this event, the Pentagon tried to end all remaining speculations around the Roswell UFO crash. Stupidly, they showed only recordings of experiments that were done years or decades after the UFO crash.

    If these government and scientific experiments happened during the Roswell incident time period (around 1947) I would definitely consider it but there are literally years between them. Jim Marrs does an excellent debunk right after the press conference live on national television. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Cometlike objects could be spreading life from star to star throughout the Milky Way

    An artist’s representation of ‘Oumuamua


    Cometlike objects could be spreading life from star to star throughout the Milky Way

    When the U.S. football field–size, cigar-shaped object ‘Oumuamua entered our solar system last year, it didn’t just give us our first glimpse of an interstellar piece of rock. It also bolstered the plausibility of space rocks spreading life among the stars by ferrying microbes between distant star systems, according to a new study. “Life could potentially be exchanged over thousands of light-years,” says author Idan Ginsburg, a postdoc at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    The idea, known as panspermia, has been around for centuries. Some astronomers have even speculated that life on Earth was seeded by microbes that hitched a ride on debris ejected from another life-harboring world in the solar system, perhaps on meteorites from Mars. But it seemed improbable that life could have come from interstellar space.

    Take computer simulations in 2003 by planetary scientist H. Jay Melosh, now at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana. The analysis revealed that about a third of the meteorites shot off Earth were eventually thrown out of the solar system by Jupiter or Saturn, but that the process took millions or tens of millions of years—a long stretch for even the toughest bugs or spores to be exposed to the vacuum and radiation of space. And vanishingly few rocks would ever be captured by some distant system, Melosh found.

    The outlook improves if the receiving system is a binary star, which has a more complex gravitational field than the solar system. Yet any system that’s good at capturing is also good at ejecting, meaning refugees from another system are far more likely to be tossed back out in a game of interstellar hot potato than to settle on a hospitable world.

    ‘Oumuamua is providing fresh hope for the idea of galactic panspermia. For the telescopic survey that found it, the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System, to have detected such an object in the region it had scanned, our Galaxy needs to have 1 trillion of them per cubic light-year, according to study published earlier this year. To fill space like this, every star in the Milky Way would have to eject 10 quadrillion such objects, and a few should be passing through our solar system at any given moment.

    In the new study, Ginsburg, along with astrophysicists Manasvi Lingam and Abraham Loeb, also of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, calculated the chances of such objects delivering life to an alien world. A binary star such as Alpha Centauri would ensnare a few thousand rocks of ‘Oumuamua’s size every year, and our solar system might snag one a century, the team estimates in a preprint posted last week on arXiv and in a forthcoming paper in The Astronomical Journal.

    The researchers then multiplied this capture rate by the number of stars an interstellar object will encounter before whatever bugs it carries all die. If the objects move, like ‘Oumuamua, at a velocity of 26 kilometers per second through interstellar space, 10 million of them will be captured somewhere in the Milky Way in a million years. “If you look at the galaxy as a whole, you expect this to happen fairly often,” Ginsburg says.

    Astronomer Jason Wright of Pennsylvania State University in State College says the analysis has merit: “For reasonable numbers, this suggests that planets and asteroids are commonly exchanged between stars.”

    But astronomer Ed Turner of Princeton University says the authors may be reading too much into the single example of ‘Oumuamua. “There’s no rigorous mathematical argument you can write about one event evaluated a posteriori,” he says.

    And even if our galaxy is thick with ‘Oumuamuas, they are unlikely vectors of panspermia, Melosh says. ‘Oumuamua is way too big to have been ejected from an inhabited planet, he says.

    Still, Loeb says more data could settle where galactic panspermia is plausible. Additional discoveries of interstellar interlopers would clarify their prevalence, and Loeb says the detection of life on other worlds would show whether it tends to cluster, as it would if it arose in one place and spread elsewhere by panspermia. If so, he says, our entire galaxy might be considered biologically interconnected, its vast distances offset by vast spans of time and the vast number of objects that set out to cross the void.

    • *Correction, 16 October, 10:55 a.m.: This story has been updated to note that the new study will appear in The Astronomical Journal. A link to the study has been added. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Record Breaker: 4 Huge Alien Planets Spotted Around Baby Star

    Record Breaker: 4 Huge Alien Planets Spotted Around Baby Star

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Jupiter’s moon Ganymede shows signs of “strike-slip” tectonic activity

    Jupiter’s moon Ganymede shows signs of “strike-slip” tectonic activity


    Ganymede, the largest moon in the solar system, appears to have undergone periods of intense geological activity.

    Ganymede. Image credits: NASA / JPL.

    Among the many things that make the Earth so special, plate tectonics have a special role. We don’t give it much credit, but without it, life on Earth would perhaps not have been able to exist — or at the very least, would have been dramatically different from what we see today.

    The Earth’s crust is split into several rigid plates, which move relative to each other at a speed of a few cm/year. It’s not much, but if you multiply that on the scale of millions of years, it becomes quite significant. Plates can move towards each other convergently (as seen in most high mountain ranges such as the Himalayas), away from each other divergently (as seen on rifts, such as the East African Rift), or simply slide by each other in a motion called “strike-slip”. The most famous example of strike-slip movement is the San Andreas fault in California. Now, astronomers have found signs of this type of movement on another celestial body: Ganymede.

    The heavily fractured surface of Ganymede displays many distinctive regions of inferred strike-slip faulting that may be important to the structural development of its surface,” said Marissa E. Cameron, lead author of this study who completed the work as a doctoral candidate in SOEST’s Department of Earth Sciences.

    Ganymede is Jupiter’s and the solar system’s largest moon. Like Europa, it is believed to be an ocean world. Although its surface is frozen, researchers believe that beneath its frozen shell there lies an ocean of liquid water heated up by friction stress caused by Jupiter’s tidal forces.

    Europa is widely considered the most likely place in the solar system to hold life outside of Earth, but Ganymede is also an interesting candidate. The liquid water would provide the necessary environment for life to develop, while the ice shell would protect the water from radiation.

    Several studies have shown that Europa is still tectonically active, whereas Ganymede isn’t — but it used to be. Studying this process along with its causes and effects could teach us a great deal not only about Ganymede’s past and present but also about Europa’s future.

    Astronomers were intrigued to see just how much evidence of strike-slip they found.

    “The unexpected finding was how commonplace strike-slip faulting was. Indicators of strike-slip were observed at all nine sites, representing various geographic locations on Ganymede,” said Cameron. “Additionally, the similarities between the sites may be indicative of a past, larger scale process. Incorporating our observations with previous studies provides an improved representation of Ganymede’s tectonic history and allows us to learn more about its neighbor, Europa.”

    Journal Reference: Marissa E. Cameron, Bridget R. Smith-Konter, Liliane Burkhard, Geoffrey C. Collins, Fiona Seifert, Robert T. Pappalardo. Morphological mapping of Ganymede: Investigating the role of strike-slip tectonics in the evolution of terrain types. Icarus, 2018; 315: 92 DOI: 10.1016/j.icarus.2018.06.024 }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.You Have No Idea What Artificial Intelligence Really Does

    You Have No Idea What Artificial Intelligence Really Does

    The world of AI is full of hype and deception.

    WHEN SOPHIA THE ROBOT first switched on, the world couldn’t get enough. It had a cheery personality, it joked with late-night hosts, it had facial expressions that echoed our own. Here it was, finally — a robot plucked straight out of science fiction, the closest thing to true artificial intelligence that we had ever seen.

    There’s no doubt that Sophia is an impressive piece of engineering. Parents-slash-collaborating-tech-companies Hanson Robotics and SingularityNET equipped Sophia with sophisticated neural networks that give Sophia the ability to learn from people and to detect and mirror emotional responses, which makes it seem like the robot has a personality. It didn’t take much to convince people of Sophia’s apparent humanity — many of Futurism’s own articles refer to the robot as “her.” Piers Morgan even decided to try his luck for a date and/or sexually harass the robot, depending on how you want to look at it.

    “Oh yeah, she is basically alive,” Hanson Robotics CEO David Hanson said of Sophia during a 2017 appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. And while Hanson Robotics never officially claimed that Sophia contained artificial general intelligence — the comprehensive, life-like AI that we see in science fiction — the adoring and uncritical press that followed all those public appearances only helped the company grow.

    But as Sophia became more popular and people took a closer look, cracks emerged. It became harder to believe that Sophia was the all-encompassing artificial intelligence that we all wanted it to be. Over time, articles that might have once oohed and ahhed about Sophia’s conversational skills became more focused on the fact that they were partially scripted in advance.

    Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET and Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics, isn’t under any illusions about what Sophia is capable of. “Sophia and the other Hanson robots are not really ‘pure’ as computer science research systems, because they combine so many different pieces and aspects in complex ways. They are not pure learning systems, but they do involve learning on various levels (learning in their neural net visual systems, learning in their OpenCog dialogue systems, etc.),” he told Futurism.

    But he’s interested to find that Sophia inspires a lot of different reactions from the public. “Public perception of Sophia in her various aspects — her intelligence, her appearance, her lovability — seems to be all over the map, and I find this quite fascinating,” Goertzel said.

    Hanson finds it unfortunate when people think Sophia is capable of more or less than she really is, but also said that he doesn’t mind the benefits of the added hype. Hype which, again, has been bolstered by the two companies’ repeated publicity stunts.

    “Sophia and the other Hanson robots are not really ‘pure’ as computer science research systems…”

    Highly-publicized projects like Sophia convince us that true AI — human-like and perhaps even conscious — is right around the corner. But in reality, we’re not even close.

    The true state of AI research has fallen far behind the technological fairy tales we’ve been led to believe. And if we don’t treat AI with a healthier dose of realism and skepticism, the field may be stuck in this rut forever.

    NAILING DOWN A TRUE definition of artificial intelligence is tricky. The field of AI, constantly reshaped by new developments and changing goalposts, is sometimes best described by explaining what it is not.

    “People think AI is a smart robot that can do things a very smart person would — a robot that knows everything and can answer any question,” Emad Mousavi, a data scientist who founded a platform called QuiGig that connects freelancers, told Futurism. But this is not what experts really mean when they talk about AI. “In general, AI refers to computer programs that can complete various analyses and use some predefined criteria to make decisions.”

    Among the ever-distant goalposts for human-level artificial intelligence (HLAI) are the ability to communicate effectively — chatbots and machine learning-based language processors struggle to infer meaning or to understand nuance — and the ability to continue learning over time. Currently, the AI systems with which we interact, including those being developed for self-driving cars, do all their learning before they are deployed and then stop forever.

    “They are problems that are easy to describe but are unsolvable for the current state of machine learning techniques,” Tomas Mikolov, a research scientist at Facebook AI, told Futurism.

    Right now, AI doesn’t have free will and certainly isn’t conscious — two assumptions people tend to make when faced with advanced or over-hyped technologies, Mousavi said. The most advanced AI systems out there are merely products that follow processes defined by smart people. They can’t make decisions on their own.

    In machine learning, which includes deep learning and neural networks, an algorithm is presented with boatloads of training data — examples of whatever it is that the algorithm is learning to do, labeled by people — until it can complete the task on its own. For facial recognition software, this means feeding thousands of photos or videos of faces into the system until it can reliably detect a face from an unlabeled sample.

    Our best machine learning algorithms are generally just memorizing and running statistical models. To call it “learning” is to anthropomorphize machines that operate on a very different wavelength from our brains. Artificial intelligence is now such a big catch-all term that practically any computer program that automatically does something is referred to as AI.

    Artificial intelligence is now such a big catch-all term that practically any computer program that automatically does something is referred to as AI.

    If you train an algorithm to add two numbers, it will just look up or copy the correct answer from a table, Mikolov, the Facebook AI scientist, explained. But it can’t generalize a better understanding of mathematical operations from its training. After learning that five plus two equals seven, you as a person might be able to figure out that seven minus two equals five. But if you ask your algorithm to subtract two numbers after teaching it to add, it won’t be able to. The artificial intelligence, as it were, was trained to add, not to understand what it means to add. If you want it to subtract, you’ll need to train it all over again — a process that notoriously wipes out whatever the AI system had previously learned.

    “It’s actually often the case that it’s easier to start learning from scratch than trying to retrain the previous model,” Mikolov said.

    These flaws are no secret to members of the AI community. Yet, all the same, these machine learning systems are often touted as the cutting edge of artificial intelligence. In truth, they’re actually quite dumb.

    Take, for example, an image captioning algorithm. A few years back, one of these got some wide-eyed coverage because of the sophisticated language it seemed to generate.

    “Everyone was very impressed by the ability of the system, and soon it was found that 90 percent of these captions were actually found in the training data,” Mikolov told Futurism. “So they were not actually produced by the machine; the machine just copied what it did see that the human annotators provided for a similar image so it seemed to have a lot of interesting complexity.” What people mistook for a robotic sense of humor, Mikolov added, was just a dumb computer hitting copy and paste.

    “It’s not some machine intelligence that you’re communicating with. It can be a useful system on its own, but it’s not AI,” said Mikolov. He said that it took a while for people to realize the problems with the algorithm. At first, they were nothing but impressed.

    Image Credit: Victor Tangermann

    WHERE DID WE GO so off course? The problem is when our present-day systems, which are so limited, are marketed and hyped up to the point that the public believes we have technology that we have no goddamn clue how to build.

    “I am frequently entertained to see the way my research takes on exaggerated proportions as it progresses through the media,” Nancy Fulda, a computer scientist working on broader AI systems at Brigham Young University, told Futurism. The reporters who interview her are usually pretty knowledgeable, she said. “But there are also websites that pick up those primary stories and report on the technology without a solid understanding of how it works. The whole thing is a bit like a game of ‘telephone’ — the technical details of the project get lost and the system begins to seem self-willed and almost magical. At some point, I almost don’t recognize my own research anymore.”

    “At some point, I almost don’t recognize my own research anymore.”

    Some researchers themselves are guilty of fanning this flame. And then the reporters who don’t have much technical expertise and don’t look behind the curtain are complicit. Even worse, some journalists are happy to play along and add hype to their coverage.

    Other problem actors: people who make an AI algorithm present the back-end work they did as that algorithm’s own creative output. Mikolov calls this a dishonest practice akin to sleight of hand. “I think it’s quite misleading that some researchers who are very well aware of these limitations are trying to convince the public that their work is AI,” Mikolov said.

    That’s important because the way people think AI research is going will depend on whether they want money allocated to it. This unwarranted hype could be preventing the field from making real, useful progress. Financial investments in artificial intelligence are inexorably linked to the level of interest (read: hype) in the field. That interest level — and corresponding investments — fluctuate wildly whenever Sophia has a stilted conversation or some new machine learning algorithm accomplishes something mildly interesting. That makes it hard to establish a steady, baseline flow of capital that researchers can depend on, Mikolov suggested.

    Mikolov hopes to one day create a genuinely intelligent AI assistant — a goal that he told Futurism is still a distant pipedream. A few years ago, Mikolov, along with his colleagues at Facebook AI, published a paper outlining how this might be possible and the steps it might take to get there. But when we spoke at the Joint Multi-Conference on Human-Level Artificial Intelligence held in August by Prague-based AI startup GoodAI, Mikolov mentioned that many of the avenues people are exploring to create something like this are likely dead ends.

    One of these likely dead ends, unfortunately, is reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning systems, which teach themselves to complete a task through trial and error-based experimentation instead of using training data (think of a dog fetching a stick for treats), are often oversold, according to John Langford, Principal Researcher for Microsoft AI. Almost anytime someone brags about a reinforcement-learning AI system, Langford said, they actually gave the algorithm some shortcuts or limited the scope of the problem it was supposed to solve in the first place.

    The hype that comes from these sorts of algorithms helps the researcher sell their work and secure grants. Press people and journalists use it to draw audiences to their platforms. But the public suffers — this vicious cycle leaves everyone else unaware as to what AI can really do.

    There are telltale signs, Mikolov says, that can help you see through the misdirection. The biggest red flag is whether or not you as a layperson (and potential customer) are allowed to demo the technology for yourself.

    “A magician will ask someone from the public to test that the setup is correct, but the person specifically selected by the magician is working with him. So if somebody shows you the system, then there’s a good likelihood you are just being fooled,” Mikolov said. “If you are knowledgeable about the usual tricks, it’s easy to break all these so-called intelligent systems. If you are at least a little bit critical, you will see that what [supposedly AI-driven chatbots] are saying is very easy to distinguish from humans.”

    Mikolov suggests that you should question the intelligence of anyone trying to sell you the idea that they’ve beaten the Turing Test and created a chatbot that can hold a real conversation. Again, think of Sophia’s prepared dialogue for a given event.

    “Maybe I should not be so critical here, but I just can’t help myself when you have these things like the Sophia thing and so on, where they’re trying to make impressions that they are communicating with the robot at so on,” Mikolov told Futurism.”Unfortunately, it’s quite easy for people to fall for these magician tricks and fall for the illusion, unless you’re a machine learning researcher who knows these tricks and knows what’s behind them.”

    Unfortunately, so much attention to these misleading projects can stand in the way of progress by people with truly original, revolutionary ideas. It’s hard to get funding to build something brand new, something that might lead to AI that can do what people already expect it to be able to do, when venture capitalists just want to fund the next machine learning solution.

    If we want those projects to flourish, if we ever want to take tangible steps towards artificial general intelligence, the field will need to be a lot more transparent about what it does and how much it matters.

    “I am hopeful that there will be some super smart people who come with some new ideas and will not just copy what is being done,” said Mikolov. “Nowadays it’s some small, incremental improvement. But there will be smart people coming with new ideas that will bring the field forward.” }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.WATCH THE BOSTON DYNAMICS ROBODOG TWERK AND MOONWALK TO “UPTOWN FUNK”



    The last time we saw Boston Dynamics’s dog-like robot SpotMini, it was on the job, prancing around a construction site to demonstrate its surveying skills.

    But all work and no play makes SpotMini a dull bot. Sometimes, a robodog just wants to dance.

    Just Watch

    On Tuesday, Boston Dynamics release a video of SpotMini dancing to Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk.”

    In the clip, the bot demonstrates a bevy of surprising slick moves. It twerks. It moonwalks. It suggestively gyrates its robot hips while seemingly staring directly into your soul.

    Clearly, if things don’t work out in the construction industry, SpotMini could always pursue a career as a backup dancer. And that’s great because even a robodog needs to have options. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ik bestudeerde buitenaardse schepen in Area 51. Insider verbreekt na 30 jaar stilte over grootste UFO-verhaal aller tijden
    Ik bestudeerde buitenaardse schepen in Area 51. Insider verbreekt na 30 jaar stilte over grootste UFO-verhaal aller tijden

    Ik bestudeerde buitenaardse schepen in Area 51. Insider verbreekt na 30 jaar stilte over grootste UFO-verhaal aller tijden

    Lazar vertelde onder meer dat hij werkte in S-4, een onderdeel van de geheimzinnige basis. Na het interview bleef het bijna 30 jaar stil.

    Daar zal spoedig verandering in komen, want de afgelopen jaren liet Lazar filmmaker Jeremy Corbell toe in zijn leven. Binnenkort verschijnt er een documentaire over hem.

    Enorme gevolgen

    “Dit is het grootste UFO-verhaal aller tijden,” vertelde Corbell aan Daily Star Online. “Het zal de eerste keer zijn dat hij zijn hele verhaal doet.”

    “Hij trok aan de bel, verbaasde de hele wereld en toen bleef het stil,” vervolgde hij. “In deze film spreekt Bob openlijk over zijn leven. Hij heeft nog nooit eerder zoiets gedaan.”

    De filmmaker zei dat de documentaire voor de nodige ophef kan zorgen in Washington. “Als Bob Lazar de waarheid vertelt, dan heeft dat enorme gevolgen.”

    Buitenaardse ruimteschepen

    “Hij vertelt dat hij een buitenaards aandrijfsysteem bestudeerde in opdracht van het Amerikaanse leger – buitenaardse ruimteschepen,” zei Corbell.

    “En dat de overheid dit voor ons geheim heeft gehouden,” vervolgde hij.

    Zijn documentaire, Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers, komt uit op 8 december.

    Bekijk hieronder alvast een trailer:

    [Daily Star]
    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Strange Lights Reported in the Skies Over France and China

    De bronafbeelding bekijken

    Strange Lights Reported in the Skies Over France and China

    Are you tired of videos and photos of triangles, orbs, triangles made with orbs and other common UFO sighting? Then the past week was a good one for you. In China, thousands of people witnessed what could have been a rocket launch if any rockets had been launched that night. Meanwhile, in France, an outdoor security camera picked up a large green ring in the sky that stayed stationary while clouds seemed to move around it. Have aliens finally updated their equipment?

    Let’s start with the luminous green ring since it was so unusual. It was allegedly taken in Saint-Pol-de-Léon, a villa on the northwestern coast of France. From the sole video (see it here) of what was reported to be an all-night phenomena, the glowing circle doesn’t seem to move, not does it reflect on the water below. There are some reports that the orb appeared again the following night on the same camera. With no other videos, no other reports, the orb never moving and disappearing as the sky becomes light, this one seems to be firmly in the camera anomaly zone.

    The two-minute light over China (see a video here and photos here) has more substance, at least in numbers of sightings. It was seen the night of October 11 over Beijing, Shanxi province and Inner Mongolia and other areas, with videos and photos popping up on social media almost immediately. This was the same day as the aborted Soyuz launch, but that event occurred three hours before and all debris had fallen from the sky by the time this thing showed up.

    After seeing more nighttime launches by both governments and private space companies, most people are getting better at recognizing their glows in the sky and avoid making embarrassing “UFO” or meteor reports. However, this one had movements different than a rocket’s straight-line trajectory that suggest something else. The Chinese government media hinted as such, saying the two-minute flight was made by an undefined high-altitude aircraft, not a rocket.

    In the U.S. and Europe, a mysterious high-altitude craft is usually assumed to be the mysterious and unconfirmed TR-3 Black Manta triangular surveillance plane. In China, it’s assumed to be a mysterious hypersonic glide vehicle known as DF-ZF, which will eventually be able to a nuclear payload at Mach 10. Mach 10! It’s not known if it has reached that speed yet but China’s Ministry of National Defense at least confirms its existence and that it has been tested at least 7 – and now possibly 8 – times. The plane is said to be based at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre in Shanxi province, so the location of the recent sighting matches up.


    The orb in France is not, as some speculated, a portal opened by the folks at CERN. While that would be worrisome, it doesn’t exist. The DZ-ZF does. Was its flight on October 11 deliberately scheduled immediately after the Soyuz launch failure so China could show its space capabilities? Was it a threat or a job audition?

    Keep watching the skies and have your cellphone ready. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.High-speed Fastwalker caught by Drone

    High-speed Fastwalker caught by Drone

    The drone owner was filming with his GoPro Karma Drone at his former home in Clymer, New York, approx. 25 miles East of Lake Erie when he recorded a UFO (Fastwalker).

    The UFO is flying toward the drone with an enormous speed.

    The drone owner had to slow down the speed to 10% otherwise you cannot see the UFO due to its speed.

    It is another proof that these mysterious objects flying through our skies without we seeing them.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.High-speed Fastwalker caught by Drone

    High-speed Fastwalker caught by Drone

    The drone owner was filming with his GoPro Karma Drone at his former home in Clymer, New York, approx. 25 miles East of Lake Erie when he recorded a UFO (Fastwalker).

    The UFO is flying toward the drone with an enormous speed.

    The drone owner had to slow down the speed to 10% otherwise you cannot see the UFO due to its speed.

    It is another proof that these mysterious objects flying through our skies without we seeing them.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Earth Size UFO Returns To Sun Today, NASA/SOHO link, Oct 16, 2018, UFO Sighting News.

    Earth Size UFO Returns To Sun Today, NASA/SOHO link, Oct 16, 2018, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of sighting: Oct 15, 2018
    Location of sighting: Earths Sun
    Source: NASA
    Original source download SOHO program:
    Then input data EIT 284 Oct 15, 2018 10:06 

    I found an earth size UFO near our sun you ask? BECAUSE ITS EARTH SIZE!!! Needles to say, its big. If you use the SOHO earth icon to compare, then its actually a bit bigger than earth, but I want to downsize the fear...and say its earth size. Feel better yet? Gooooooooooood.

    This UFO is seen on the official NASA-SOHO site using their program. Follow my instructions in the video and you too will see it with your own eyes on their site. 

    How do aliens make something that big? Easy, aliens live forever. They tell a robot to create the spacecraft, tell it the size and requirements. Time is not important in its construction. One robot builds 10 more robots. Those 11 robots build more robots and so on until there is an army of thousand of robots working on getting materials, making tech and putting together this giant ship. Which could take millions of years to finish. But since you don't die, millions of years will pass by while you are enjoying your life, those little robots of yours are creating a space ship the size of earth. There you have it! 

    Scott C. Waring

    Two Weeks Ago We Also Saw The Same UFO Leaving The Sun! }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mysterious UFOs in shape of white orbs of light 'speed across sky' at South America's highest monument

    Mysterious UFOs in shape of white orbs of light 'speed across sky' at South America's highest monument

    It appears to show a white ball of light in mid-air flying high over the city in northern Chile

    By Kelly-Ann Mills

    Eerie footage of a white orb of light flying through the sky has been filmed close to South America's highest monument.

    An eyewitness captured the dramatic footage on his phone from the observation windows of the 272-foot Cruz del Tercer Milenio - Third Millennium Cross, in northern Chile.

    It appears to show a white ball of light in mid-air flying high over the city which at one point appears to shoot at speed towards the camera in broad daylight.

    The clip was later posted on social media and video-sharing platforms where it sparked a lively debate and made national headlines.

    The UFO was said to have been spotted in Chile 

    The sighting has sparked a nationwide debate 

    Some people were virtually convinced that Chile had been visited by extra-terrestrials while others were equally positive it was just a reflection on the glass of the monument's windows.

    One viewer said: "Amazing recording of mysterious light, UFO ", while another added: "Now all the channels are talking about the UFO."

    But another said: "It's obviously the flash of the mobile phone," and others agreed: "How ridiculous, it's clearly the mobile phone flash, the man goes closer to the window and the UFO does too."

    It was seen from the observation window at the Cruz del Tercer Milenio - Third Millennium Cross - in northern Chile 

    Chilean ufologist Marco Antonio Gomez, of the Marcc UFO group, called for caution.

    He said: "We cannot say that everything we see is a spaceship.

    "We see lot of strange things but 99 percent have an explanation - satellites, meteorological phenomenons or human stuff.

    "If you see a UFO, stay calm and film it right until the end.

    "A lot of videos cut off too soon and that can mean the cause remains unknown." }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mysterious moving white trail over China sparks UFO fear of TOP-SECRET military experiment

    Mysterious moving white trail over China sparks UFO fear of TOP-SECRET military experiment

    A MYSTERIOUS white light trail has been spotted in four different regions across China, prompting many onlookers to speculate about alien activity or a top-secret military test.

    mysterious UFO has been captured on camera across a huge region of China on Thursday evening, prompting wide-ranging conspiracy theories.

    The unusual sight in the night sky was seen by residents of the Chinese capital Beijing, as well as people in the Chongqing reguion, the Shanxi province and Inner Mongolia.

    Onlookers posted videos of the bizarre sightings on popular Chinese social media network Weibo.

    Footage shows a bright light swirling above several cities, leaving behind a capitivating spiral effect. 

    The two-minute phenomenon was described by witnesses as a "massive tail" or "artificial light" slowly moving across the sky. 

    Many argued that it was the result of trails left by a high-altitude aircraft activity.

    However, others suggested that the bright light cloud in the sky was confirmation of alien visitation.

    One baffled user posted: "Aliens are coming!"

    A mysterious UFO

    A mysterious UFO has been captured on camera across a huge region of China (Image: IG)

    Aliens are coming!

    User on Weibo

    Another witness referenced last week's Golden Week holiday when posting: "Is the UFO leaving China after celebrating its national holiday?"

    More serious speculation was posted by a respected military magazine editor whose user name was  Weaponmagazine-Xiaoning.

    He suggested the footage was evidence of China's military testing a  top secret hypersonic aircraft, DF-ZF - known to US officials as WU-14.

    Leading UFO expert Nigel Watson claimed the footage looked like the trail of a rocket motor, similar to the phenomenon seen following a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch on Sunday night.

    He said: "In both cases they are night launches where the rocket exhaust gases look very spectacular and can easily make people think this is a UFO."

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Area 51 EXPOSED: 'Base insider' breaks silence on 'biggest UFO story of all time'

    Area 51 EXPOSED: 'Base insider' breaks silence on 'biggest UFO story of all time'

    A MAN who claims to have worked on reverse engineering alien spacecraft at Area 51 has broken his silence after more than 30 years. 

    By Callum Hoare 

    Bob Lazar sparked an alien life frenzy in 1989, when, with the help of journalist George Knapp, he released his story to the world.

    The scientific equipment supplier is responsible for bringing the secret test site Area 51 to the attention of the world. 

    Bob explained how he worked at a site known as S-4 – which, he claims, is an  auxiliary facility at the secretive site.

    But following his bombshell story, Bob went silent – until now.

    “This is the biggest UFO story of all time”

    Bob Lazar

    For the past few years, he has let investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell into his home and life, to tell the full story in a documentary.

    And Jeremy, who runs the website Extraordinary Beliefs, told Daily Star Online exclusively: "This is the biggest UFO story of all time.

    "This will be the first time he has given his full story. 

    "He blew the whistle, shocked the world, then went relatively silent, until now

    "Over the years,  George Knapp would get him to talk for a couple of minutes to remind people of his story. But that’s hard to do. Bob has never liked to be in the public eye.

    "In this film Bob has fully opened his life. He’s talking candidly. He has never done anything like this before."

    Bob Lazar


    EXPOSED: Bob Lazar gave his story

    And The 41-year-old filmmaker admitted the documentary could rustle some feathers in the US government.

    He added: "If Bob Lazar is telling the truth, the implications are huge. 

    "He is telling us that he studied an alien propulsion system for the US military - extraterrestrial spacecrafts. And that the government has been keeping that secret from us."

    Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers comes out on December 3 on iTunes and Vimeo. 

    And Jeremy revealed he is excited to see how people react.

    Bob Lazar


    BOB LAZAR: The man claims to have worked at Area 51

    Bob Lazar


    RESEARCH: Bob Lazar claims to have worked on alien propulsion for the US Military

    He detailed: "30 years has passed since Bob Lazar came forward to the world. 

    “It’s amazing what can be learned through the lens of time.

    "You will have more footage of Bob Lazar and his testimony overnight than from the last three decades combined. 

    "Bob Lazar is the Elvis of ufology – people go crazy for him. Yet - he is a reluctant UFO messiah. He doesn’t like the attention.

    "Ultimately it's up to individuals if they believe him but the movie will give you so much information to make that choice."

    Area 51


    AREA 51: The military base is top secret

    Area 51


    BANNED: The public are not allowed inside Area 51

    Bob has previously received criticism over his case, after holes appeared in his story. 

    He claims to hold degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the California Institute of Technology.

    But investigations into his background could not find any records of him ever having attended either institution.

    But Jeremy refuses to rule out the possibility of his story being the truth. 

    Bob Lazar poster


    FILM: Bob Lazar will be released on December 3

    He explained: "My film will give you an understanding of the real Bob Lazar, which will make it harder to throw away his claims.

    "And not everything makes the movie, some witnesses are not willing to go on camera.

    “The more you get to know Bob Lazar, the more you have to face the uncomfortable possibility that he's telling you the truth. 

    You look at the evidence, you watch my film and you decide for yourself." }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Everything You Need to Know About NASA’s Cooling Systems That Will Keep Parker Solar Probe from Melting in the Sun

    Everything You Need to Know About NASA’s Cooling Systems That Will Keep Parker Solar Probe from Melting in the Sun

    Keeping the star exploring Parker Solar Probe from melting in the Sun's atmosphere is a daunting challenge. But NASA has a plan...

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.'Humans are ALIEN hybrids' Shock claim ancient astronauts 'engineered mankind'

    'Humans are ALIEN hybrids' Shock claim ancient astronauts 'engineered mankind'

    HUMANS were genetically engineered by advanced aliens, according to a wild theory in a new book.

    By Paul Harper

    Hybrid humans aliens


    HYBRID HUMANS: Author Daniella Fenton claims ancient ETs engineered human race

    Ancient astronauts travelled through a "wormhole" in the Pleiades star cluster but couldn't survive on Earth, it's claimed.

    Extraterrestrials decided instead to "alter the genetic make up" of early human ancestors so they became more intelligent.

    The proof is in the fusion of Chromosome-2 around 780,000 years ago based on the book Hybrid Humans written by Daniella Fenton.

    Chromosone-2 is found in all large-brained humans, including Neanderthals and Denisovans, but no other primate species.

    "The three species went on to become advanced humans with art, culture and increasingly complex technologies," said Mrs Fenton.

    "The fusions site in on an active gene which expresses itself in brain structure, immunity and reproductive functions - important systems for upgrading to a new human species.

    "Instead of a small number of humans having the fusion and a large group not having it, instead there was a rapid total replacement with all humans on Earth having 46 rather than 48 chromosomes, this tells us it gave enormous benefits to become so dominant.

    "Approximately 800,000 years ago human brain size went into a sudden rapid increase in size and complexity which has long been a mystery to archaeologists."

    Daniella Fenton


    THEORY: Author Daniella Fenton said the DNA of humans changed dramatically due to alien science

    She went on: "This was not the only change at this time and two very extraordinary changes are the sudden appearance of miR-941, which played a crucial role in human brain development.

    "The gene is highly active in controlling decision-making and enabling language abilities and appeared suddenly formed out of junk DNA."

    What Mrs Fenton claims are the "signature of aliens" is dramatic changes to a neocortex gene called ARHGAP11B – associated with sight and hearing in mammals.

    The official explanation for Chromosome-2, the second largest in humans, does not involve aliens.

    Researcher JW IJdo concluded Chromosome-2 "marks the point at which two ancestral ape chromosomes fused to give rise to human Chromosome-2."

    Hybrid humans book


    HYBRID HUMANS: The book claims aliens engineered mankind 780,000 years ago

    Approximately 800,000 years ago human brain size went into a sudden rapid increase in size and complexity which has long been a mystery to archaeologists.

    Daniella Fenton

    The Australian author, who studied equine genetic and is a spirtualist and certified shaman, claims to have physical evidence to support the ancient alien theory.

    Her husband Bruce is also a writer who worked on the research.

    They researched a book called Alcheringa which promotes the theory an alien spaceship exploded in our atmosphere hundreds of thousands of years ago and the survivors, who couldn't survive without the mother ship, engineered Homo sapiens.

    Mrs Fenton claims the melted wreckage of the crashed craft explains the mysterious Australites tektite buttons, unexplained dark glass objects thought to be ejected in meteorite impacts.

    She claimed that geologists have dated the remains of a 1km sized melted object to around 780,000 years ago.

    She added: "According to a NASA study the resulting liquid glass (containing around 80% silica from melted quartz crystal) formed spheres in space which then instantly froze and began to fall into our atmosphere.

    "As they entered they heated and melted to form unique button shapes before landing right across Australasia.

    "These Australite tektite buttons are unique in the 4.5 billion year history of our planet and remain a total mystery to science because they can’t understand how they formed."

    The Hybrid Human theory also believes the alien astronauts arrived from the Pleiades star cluster, thought to contain several thousand stars.

    It is among the nearest star cluster to Earth and the one which is most visible to the naked eye.

    It is believed one planet could exist around the star HD 23514 due to the exceptional number of hot dust particles surrounding it.

    Mrs Fenton points to how Pleiades has been referenced repeatedly by various cultures.

    She said: "All around the world ancient cultures talk about ancestral beings from the Pleiades and portals that connect those stars with this planet, this includes mythology in Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, American Indians, ancient Egypt, Sumeria and Aboriginal Australia."

    Amazing cave paintings by Apache Indians which date back thousands of years appear to show aliens and UFOs.

    Wilfred Buck, a science educator of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation in Manitoba, Canada, said that Pleiades is our planet's connection to the cosmos.

    "We originate from the stars, we are star people," Buck said.

    "Once we finish doing what we come here to do, we go back up to those stars."

    Another hugely controversial conspiracy theory, by a Dr Ellis Silver, has resurfaced online claiming the human race originated on another planet. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Back hole

    Back hole

    Back hole "all seeing eye" opens up over France

    This "thing" has formed in the sky over France live on the Saint-Pol de Léon webcam, yesterday:


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Are Aliens in their UFOs paraphysical extradimensional entities?

    Are Aliens in their UFOs paraphysical extradimensional entities?

    Are Aliens in their UFOs paraphysical extradimensional entities?  

    – by Norio Hayakawa,

    Personally I believe this to be the case, even though it seems impossible to prove this by science as we understand it.

    Therefore this is simply in the realm of personal belief.

    I happen to believe in the existence of what I describe as paraphysical extradimensional sentient entities who are capable of temporarily materializing and dematerializing at will to a pre-selected observer or a group of observers  (i.e, the “experiencers”)  for reasons yet unknown, simply presenting to them as a physical extraterrestrial phenomenon and visitation.

    Some people describe them as “interdimensional”, i.e., denoting their ability to interact between their dimension and ours.   I like to use the term “extradimensional”, i.e., simply denoting their origin as from outside our physical dimension.

    Some researchers point out that these entities with their “UFOs” seem to be able to affect our physical parameters (such as radar, etc.).

    However, I personally believe that their intrusion into our physical realm is limited to a very brief period of time  (such as a few seconds or a few minutes at a time).

    In other words, I am talking about their inability to survive in our physical dimension, except for a very brief period of time.

    What are their intentions?

    Are some of them benevolent by nature?

    Are some of them malevolent?

    I have proposed all of the above because, as much as we like to believe, the UFO phenomenon does not seem to represent any conclusive evidence whatsoever of actual physical ET visitations.

    So far, there is not a single, physical, tangible, solid as well as credible documentary evidence whatsoever that we have ever been visited by physical extraterrestrial biological entities in any physical extraterrestrial spacecraft of any kind.

    The big question is “Are we the only sentient, intelligent physical biological entities in this entire universe?”

    Unfortunately, we just do not know yet – – and this is the best answer we can give for right now.

    The bottom line is that, so far, we have not come up with any concrete evidence whatsoever that there are intelligent, sentient, physical extraterrestrial biological entities commonly known as “Aliens” anywhere.

    But is “life” limited to just physical, sentient, intelligent biological existence in this humongous universe?

    Maybe there could be countless number of sentient, paraphysical entities of extradimensional origin in this huge cosmos – – that could include both the benevolent and the malevolent kinds.



    E-mail =

    Facebook = }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Scientists Have Created Shape Shifting Liquid Metal That Can Be Programmed

    Scientists Have Created Shape Shifting Liquid Metal That Can Be Programmed

    This metal can be applied to many operations in the future, including soft robotics and even flexible computer displays.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.An Amateur Astronomer Accidentally Caught The First-Ever Photo of an Exploding Star

    main article image

    (C. Kilpatrick, UC Santa Cruz, and Carnegie Institution for Science, Las Campanas Observatory, Chile)

    An Amateur Astronomer Accidentally Caught The First-Ever Photo of an Exploding Star

    "It's like winning the cosmic lottery."


    Even with all the photos that have been taken of space, there are still new things to be seen.

    And you don't always need to be a scientist to find them.

    The first blooming light of a star that went supernova has been photographed for the first time - by an amateur astronomer testing a new camera.

    Victor Buso from Rosario, Argentina has become the first person to ever capture the optical (or visible) light before and after the "shock breakout" of an exploding star.

    This is the point right when the star explodes - when the supersonic shockwave from the star's core breaks out of the surface of the star, causing the gas there to heat and brighten very quickly.

    In other words, that's the very, very first burst of light from a supernova.

    They're super-difficult to capture, because the exact timing of a supernova is impossible to predict, and the shock breakout lasts such a short duration of time.

    Astronomers have been chasing the phenomenon for years.

    "It's like winning the cosmic lottery," said Alex Filippenko of UC Berkeley, who led a team following up observations of the supernova in the months that followed.

    Indeed, obtaining the photographs involved a concatenation of lucky circumstances for Buso.

    He was testing his camera on 20 September 2016, mounted on a 40-centimetre (16-inch) telescope.

    To do this, he picked spiral galaxy NGC 613, located at a distance of about 80 million light-years away in the southern constellation Sculptor - a nice target because it was directly overhead.

    Over the course of about one and a half hours, he took pictures of the galaxy at 20 seconds of exposure time, to avoid saturation by nearby city lights. During the first 20 minutes, the photos all appeared the same.

    But then Buso noticed something - a single brightening point of light at the end of one of the spiral galaxy's arms.

    It wasn't long before astronomers learned of the find, and realised that Buso had captured something extraordinary.

    supernova negative

    Negatives of Buso's photographs showing the supernova brightening over time.

    (Víctor Buso images; Melina Bersten data)

    According to the researchers, the chances of such a discovery are one in 10 million - maybe even one in 100 million.

    "Buso's data are exceptional," Filippenko said. "This is an outstanding example of a partnership between amateur and professional astronomers."

    The research team used the Lick and Keck observatories to monitor the supernova, since named SN 2016gkg, for two months following Buso's discovery.

    Spectral data revealed it to be a Type IIb supernova - a massive star that has already lost most of its mass prior to exploding.

    The team calculated that SN 2016gkg started at around 20 times the mass of our Sun and lost three quarters of its mass, possibly to a companion star.

    By the time it went supernova, it had shrunk down to around 5 solar masses.

    The long-sought visual data will help astronomers find out more information about a star's structure just before it explodes, as well as information about the explosion itself.

    "Professional astronomers have long been searching for such an event," Filippenko said.

    "Observations of stars in the first moments they begin exploding provide information that cannot be directly obtained in any other way."

    The research has been published in Nature, with Buso as one of the co-authors. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.This Week's Top Space Stories!

    This Week's Top Space Stories!

    4. Ceres' surface may have shifted

    Researchers now say that the largest body in the asteroid belt — a dwarf planet named Ceres — experienced "true polar wander." In this phenomenon, the surface of a celestial body drifts over what lies beneath it, because the outer and inner parts of the dwarf planet spin at different rates.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Here's What the Failed Soyuz Rocket Launch Looked Like to an Astronaut in Space

    Here's What the Failed Soyuz Rocket Launch Looked Like to an Astronaut in Space

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Some moons have moons of their own — moonmoons

    Some moons have moons of their own — moonmoons


    You’ll never guess what scientists call the moons of moons — well, you probably would. It’s submoons, but NewScientist’s Leah Carey has a better ideamoonmoons.

    Saturn’s moon Iapetus might, in theory, have its own submoon.


    We know that moons orbit planets, planets orbit stars, stars orbit the center of the galaxy, and even galaxies sometimes orbit each other. But are moons also orbited by something, and if yes, then what do you call these objects?

    In a new analysis published in arXiv, Juna Kollmeier at Carnegie Observatories in Pasadena, California, and Sean Raymond at the University of Bordeaux,

    “Each of the giant planets within the Solar System has large moons but none of these moons have their own moons (which we call submoons).”

    The problem with (ahem) ‘submoons’ is that we’ve never seen one. There doesn’t seem to be one in the solar system, or at least we haven’t seen it yet.

    “In all known planetary systems, natural satellites occur in a restricted dynamical phase space: planets orbit stars and moons orbit planets. It is natural to ask, can submoons orbit moons? If so, why don’t any of the known moons of the Solar System have their own submoons?”

    But this, Kollmeier and Raymond argue, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

    Could Earth's moon have its own moon? Science says: in theory.
    Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

    Goldilocks moons

    The biggest problem with such objects would be the moon’s planet. Moons are much smaller than their host planets, and therefore they have a much much smaller gravitational pull. If the moon would be too close to the planet, it would risk losing its submoon to the planet’s tidal force; if it would be too far, it might simply not be able to hold its submoon, which could shoot off in space.

    So the conditions have to be just right, but they are possible, according to the researchers’ calculations. In theory, the Earth’s moon could have its own submoon, as could Saturn’s moons Titan and Iapetus and Jupiter’s moon Callisto. Except they don’t. So we might have to wait a bit before we can validate the theory.

    But if we do identify submoons, it would do much more than just fulfill a stellar curiosity — it could help us learn more about how these systems, and the host planets, form in the first place.

    “[..] the absence of submoons around known moons and exomoons where submoons can survive provides important clues to the formation mechanisms and histories of these systems. Further studies of the potential formation mechanisms, long-term dynamical survival, and detectability of submoons is encouraged.”

    Regarding the name for these hypothesized objects, researchers would like to stick to ‘submoons’ — but that doesn’t mean they don’t like the alternatives. Taking to Twitter, Kollmeier says she’s also happy with some alternatives, including moonmoon. So as far as I’m concerned, moonmoons are now a thing.

    Juna A. Kollmeier@thejunaverse

    If you ask me, they are "Submoons" (hence the title of our article!!!) But the internet has brought forth a wide variety of names and associated joy and for this, I'm delighted: Moonlet, Moonmoon, Moonito, Moonette, Moonlet, Grandmoon, Metamoon...

    I guess the only question now is can moonmoons have moonmoonmoons?

    The paper is published in arXiv. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Search for alien life needs to be integral to NASA missions in the future, new report says

    Search for alien life needs to be integral to NASA missions in the future, new report says


    An artist conception of what the system around Kepler-186f could look like. Credit: NASA AMES/SETI INSTITUTE/JPL-CALTECH.

    An artist conception of what the system around Kepler-186f could look like.


    Although we’ve yet to find life outside planet Earth, astrobiology has certainly come a long way in the past decade alone. Our once crude assumptions are now more finessed and, thanks to the Kepler Space Telescope, we now know of thousands of exoplanets, some potentially habitable and only a couple light-years away. Bearing recent developments in mind, a new congressionally mandated report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine outlines some of the key steps NASA needs to take in order to bring alien hunting to the next level.

    A plan to hunt alien life

    The 196-page report starts by making a point of the fact that recent scientific advances have provided opportunities to strengthen the role of astrobiology in NASA. For instance, NASA’s Curiosity rover and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) have found evidence of organic molecules, atmospheric methanebriny surface water, and even an underground Martian lake filled with liquid water. Elsewhere, on Saturn’s moons Enceladus and Europa, scientists found evidence of plumes that shoot up hundreds of miles and which contain water and other organic compounds. In fact, it’s Europa — and not Mars — that is the most promising place where scientists think we’ll find life outside our planet.

    It was also recently that biologists found strange Earth lifeforms which live deep underwater or underground, with no direct contact with the sun’s energy input. This means that life may be less capricious than once thought.

    The committee that authored the new report, which is chaired by the University of Toronto’s Barbara Sherwood Lollar, claims that we need to expand our search for biosignatures. To this aim, they propose compiling a more “sophisticated catalog and framework will be important to enhance our ability to detect both life that might be similar to terrestrial life, and potential life that differs from life as we know it.”

    In particular, the authors of the report call for NASA to focus on exploring the possibility of finding life below the surface of a planet or moon. They also recommend that NASA seeks to deploy better technologies, such as powerful telescopes and starlight-blocking instruments capable of more complex probing of alien planets.

    But accurately finding and interpreting biosignatures will be a challenge. For instance, many biosignatures can be produced by abiotic chemical reactions. Methane is often touted as an important byproduct of biological activity, but it could very well be produced by non-biological processes.

    The James Webb Space Telescope (artist's concept above) will be one of the primary instruments scientists use to continue the search for planets outside our solar system.
    Credits: NASA

    The report is also careful to mention how such an ambitious mission is actually a planetary goal. NASA needs to build or strengthen collaborations with other institutions and private organizations, the authors note.

    Along with a similar survey of exoplanets released last month, the new report will be included into two decadal surveys covering astronomy, astrophysics, and planetary sciences. These decadal surveys ought to form the backbone of NASA’s decision-making process about which missions to pursue or prioritize. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Stephen Hawking left us bold predictions on AI, superhumans, and aliens

    Stephen Hawking left us bold predictions on AI, superhumans, and aliens

    Hawking warned AI is dangerous
    Stephen Hawking warned superhumans would use gene editing to take over.

    The late physicist Stephen Hawking’s last writings predict that a breed of superhumans will take over, having used genetic engineering to surpass their fellow beings.

    In Brief Answers to the Big Questions, to be published on Oct. 16 and excerpted today in the UK’s Sunday Times (paywall), Hawking pulls no punches on subjects like machines taking over, the biggest threat to Earth, and the possibilities of intelligent life in space.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Hawking delivers a grave warning on the importance of regulating AI, noting that “in the future AI could develop a will of its own, a will that is in conflict with ours.” A possible arms race over autonomous-weapons should be stopped before it can start, he writes, asking what would happen if a crash similar to the 2010 stock market Flash Crash happened with weapons. He continues:

    In short, the advent of super-intelligent AI would be either the best or the worst thing ever to happen to humanity. The real risk with AI isn’t malice, but competence. A super-intelligent AI will be extremely good at accomplishing its goals, and if those goals aren’t aligned with ours we’re in trouble. You’re probably not an evil ant-hater who steps on ants out of malice, but if you’re in charge of a hydroelectric green-energy project and there’s an anthill in the region to be flooded, too bad for the ants. Let’s not place humanity in the position of those ants.

    Earth’s bleak future, gene editing, and superhumans

    The bad news: At some point in the next 1,000 years, nuclear war or environmental calamity will “cripple Earth.” However, by then, “our ingenious race will have found a way to slip the surly bonds of Earth and will therefore survive the disaster.” The Earth’s other species probably won’t make it, though.

    The humans who do escape Earth will probably be new “superhumans” who have used gene editing technology like CRISPR to outpace others. They’ll do so by defying laws against genetic engineering, improving their memories, disease resistance, and life expectancy, he says

    Hawking seems curiously enthusiastic about this final point, writing, “There is no time to wait for Darwinian evolution to make us more intelligent and better natured.”

    Once such superhumans appear, there are going to be significant political problems with the unimproved humans, who won’t be able to compete. Presumably, they will die out, or become unimportant. Instead, there will be a race of self-designing beings who are improving themselves at an ever-increasing rate. If the human race manages to redesign itself, it will probably spread out and colonise other planets and stars.

    Intelligent life in space

    Hawking acknowledges there are various explanations for why intelligent life hasn’t been found or has not visited Earth. His predictions here aren’t so bold, but his preferred explanation is that humans have “overlooked” forms of intelligent life that are out there.

    Does God exist?

    No, Hawking says.

    The question is, is the way the universe began chosen by God for reasons we can’t understand, or was it determined by a law of science? I believe the second. If you like, you can call the laws of science “God”, but it wouldn’t be a personal God that you would meet and put questions to.

    The biggest threats to Earth

    Threat number one one is an asteroid collision, like the one that killed the dinosaurs. However, “we have no defense” against that, Hawking writes. More immediately: climate change. “A rise in ocean temperature would melt the ice caps and cause the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide,” Hawking writes. “Both effects could make our climate like that of Venus with a temperature of 250C.”

    The best idea humanity could implement

    Nuclear fusion power. That would give us clean energy with no pollution or global warming.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.RUSSISCHE LANCERING VAN DE SOYUZ RAKET GESABOTEERD?


    Afgelopen donderdag ging het mis met de lancering van een Soyuz raket richting ISS ruimtestation. 

    Dat is opvallend, want er zijn sinds 1983 geen ongelukken meer geweest met de meest betrouwbare raket ter wereld. 

    Enkele dagen geleden zagen we de lancering van een Russische Soyuz raket richting ISS ruimtestation die misging waardoor de astronauten een noodlanding op aarde moesten maken. 

    We schreven over dat voorval in het kader van een ijkpunt dat door remote viewer Ed Dames is genoemd in de aanloop naar de Killshot c.q. komst Nibiru. 

    Echter, er zit misschien nog een heel ander aspect aan deze zaak. Op de laatste dag van augustus schreven wij onder andere het volgende:

    Het internationale ruimtestation ISS is geraakt door een kleine meteoriet, die de nodige schade heeft veroorzaakt. Volgens NASA werd er door een lek lucht weggezogen en de instantie is druk bezig om dit euvel te herstellen. Er zou geen onmiddellijk gevaar zijn.

    Het probleem is ontstaan niet door het ISS zelf, maar door het daaraan gekoppelde Soyuz ruimteschip dat verse astronauten naar het ISS heeft gebracht. 

    Hoe zoiets er in de praktijk uit ziet is te zien op de volgende afbeelding, waarop zichtbaar is dat op een bepaald moment alle vijf parkeerplaatsen bij het ISS bezet waren. 


    Het is de aan het ISS gekoppelde Soyuz module waar de problemen door zijn ontstaan. Volgens de Russische techneuten is er een scheurtje in het schip ontstaan van ongeveer 1,5 mm door de inslag van wat men noemt een micro meteoriet. 

    Hierdoor wordt lucht en zuurstof vanuit de ISS gezogen, iets dat natuurlijk niet te lang moet duren. Op dit moment bevinden zich zes astronauten aan boord van het ISS en is men druk bezig met het uitwerken van plannen om het probleem op te lossen. 

    Enkele dagen later kwamen de Russen met de mededeling dat het er veel op leek dat het gaatje in de capsule van de Soyuz niet was veroorzaakt door een meteoriet, maar dat het een geboord gat zou zijn. 

    We zijn nu bijna zes weken verder en enkele dagen geleden kwamen de Russen inderdaad tot de conclusie dat het geen meteoriet was, geen fabricagefout, maar wel degelijk een met opzet geboord gat.


    Dmitry Rogozin, hoofd van de Russische NASA, Roskosmos, vertelde dat een onderzoekscommissie tot die conclusie was gekomen. Dit was de eerste stap van het onderzoek en er zal nu een tweede commissie worden benoemd om uit te zoeken wie dat gat heeft geboord. Eerdere suggesties waren dat dit door één van de bemanningsleden zou zijn gedaan om een zieke collega op die manier terug te krijgen naar de aarde. De bemanning ontkent dit en noemt het verhaal beschamend. 

    In ieder geval, gaten hebben niet de gewoonte om zichzelf te boren en dus zal ergens iemand dit hebben gedaan. 

    Dan hebben we enkele dagen geleden de lancering van een Soyuz raket die hopeloos fout gaat. En dat is vreemd, want deze Soyuz raket is de meest betrouwbare raket op aarde en al sinds 1967. Er zijn in totaal 139 lanceringen geweest, waarbij het twee keer is fout gegaan bij lanceringen. Eén keer in 1975 en één keer in 1983. Daarnaast zijn er twee dodelijke ongelukken geweest tijdens terugkeer in de dampkring en die vonden plaats in 1969 en 1971. Sinds 1983 is er niets meer misgegaan met een Soyuz raket tot afgelopen week en dit vlak nadat Rosmoscos heeft vastgesteld dat er met opzet een gat is geboord in de Soyuz capsule van een vorige missie. 

    Toeval? Of is er iets of iemand in de weer om de Russische ruimtevaart te boycotten? 

    Rond dezelfde tijd dat er een gat verschijnt in de Soyuz module, verschijn er toevallig dit bericht: 

    Rusland zal vanaf 2019 geen Amerikaanse astronauten meer meenemen naar het International Space Station (ISS). Dat heeft de vicepremier van Rusland Yury Borisov laten weten. 

    Uiteraard weten wij ook niet wie erachter zit en met welke motieven, maar het lijken teveel toevalligheden op een rij. 

    Mochten er lezers zijn met slimme ideeën, laat het ons weten. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Is president Kennedy het zwijgen opgelegd? Wat hij wist over aliens en het mysterieuze Majestic 12
    Is president Kennedy het zwijgen opgelegd? Wat hij wist over aliens en het mysterieuze Majestic 12

    Is president Kennedy het zwijgen opgelegd? Wat hij wist over aliens en het mysterieuze Majestic 12

    Werd John F. Kennedy vermoord vanwege zijn interesse in buitenaards leven? Een geheime memo van de Amerikaanse CIA maakt duidelijk dat de president 10 dagen voor zijn dood om inzage vroeg in UFO-documenten.

    In een brief geadresseerd aan de CIA-baas vroeg Kennedy om vertrouwelijke documenten over UFO’s en het bestaan van aliens.

    De memo is één van de twee brieven aan de Amerikaanse spionagedienst waarin Kennedy om opheldering vraagt.

    Veel meer

    De interesse van de president in UFO’s en aliens, zo kort voor zijn dood, strookt met complottheorieën over de moord.

    Verhalen dat Kennedy omgelegd zou zijn uit angst dat hij achter de waarheid zou komen over het bestaan van aliens, werden bevestigd na het uitlekken van de geheime stukken.

    Schrijver William Lester kreeg de documenten voor een boek dat hij heeft geschreven over Kennedy’s interesse in UFO’s.

    De brieven voeden de theorieën dat de CIA veel meer over het bestaan van UFO’s weet dan zij ons wil doen geloven.

    Duizenden stukjes

    Kennedy had bovendien gezegd dat hij ‘de CIA in duizenden stukjes wilde versplinteren en deze door de wind laten wegblazen’.

    James Forrestal was een belangrijke mentor van president Kennedy. In 1947 werd Forrestal de eerste Amerikaanse minister van Defensie.

    Hij was van mening dat de Amerikanen op de hoogte moesten worden gebracht van het bestaan van buitenaards leven en aanverwante technologieën.

    Forrestal moest onder president Truman zijn ontslag indienen omdat hij zijn informatie had gedeeld met verschillende hooggeplaatste functionarissen, waaronder toenmalig congreslid Kennedy.

    Direct gevaar

    Nadat hij in 1960 de presidentsverkiezingen won, hoorde Kennedy van Eisenhower dat het geheimzinnige agentschap Majestic 12 zijn eigen weg was ingeslagen.

    Eisenhower waarschuwde Kennedy dat Majestic 12 een direct gevaar vormde voor de Amerikaanse vrijheden en de democratie.

    Dezelfde krachten die de dood van Forrestal orkestreerden, dwarsboomden Kennedy waar ze maar konden.

    Kennedy wilde de CIA dwingen geheime informatie over UFO’s te delen met andere overheden, maar dat zou hij nooit voor elkaar krijgen.

    Bekijk het filmpje hieronder:

    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NASA SCHAKELT RUIMTETELESCOPEN UIT ( VIDEO )


    Er is iets gaande in de ruimte en wat het ook is, wij mogen het niet weten. 

    Na de sluiting van zonne-observatorium kortgeleden en het uitschakelen van de webcams bij anders observatoria, worden nu belangrijke ruimtetelescopen in een slaapstand gezet. 

    Er is de laatste tijd iets bijzonders gaande in de ruimte, want er zijn zoveel “toevallige” gebeurtenissen dat het absoluut geen toeval meer kan zijn. Waar het alle kenmerken van heeft is dat er iets heel bijzonders gaande is in de ruimte en dat er alles aan wordt gedaan om dingen aldaar verborgen te houden. 

    We hebben enige tijd geleden de onverwachte sluiting meegemaakt van het Sunspot zonne-observatorium in Amerika. Van de ene op de andere dag werd dit gesloten na een inval van de FBI met veel bombarie. 

    Daarnaast werden ook ongeveer gelijktijdig een fiks aantal webcams van andere observatoria wereldwijd afgesloten, zonder opgaaf van redenen. 

    Tot op de dag van vandaag is er geen bevredigende verklaring gekomen voor het sluiten van het Sunspot observatorium en de sluiting van al die webcams. 

    Er zijn ook nog een aantal merkwaardige voorvallen geweest met een paar van de NASA ruimtelescopen. 

    Zoals met de Hubble ruimtetelescoop die opeens moest worden afgesloten. 

    De ruimtetelescoop Hubble (Hubble Space Telescope, HST) bestaat uit een aantal precisie-instrumenten voor astronomische waarnemingen. Hij is genoemd naar de Amerikaanse astronoom Edwin Hubble en draait sinds de lancering door NASA op 24 april 1990 als een kunstmaan rond de aarde. De Hubble wordt gebruikt voor optische waarnemingen. De telescoop bezit ook een infraroodcamera. Voor observaties in het röntgengolflengtegebied wordt gebruikgemaakt van het Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

    Op 8 oktober kwam het bericht van NASA dat er problemen zouden zijn met de Hubble telescoop en dat deze in een soort slaapstand ging waardoor er geen beelden meer beschikbaar kwamen. De reden dat de telescoop niet meer functioneerde zou worden veroorzaakt door een kapotte gyroscoop. 

    Het tweede bovengenoemde telescoop platform, Chandra X-Ray Observatory, heeft eveneens problemen en moest ook plotsklaps worden afgesloten. Dit werd afgelopen vrijdag medegedeeld door NASA, alhoewel dit systeem sinds woensdag al niet meer werkt. Hier komen ze helemaal met een vage reden, namelijk een “system complication”. 

    Dan wordt door sommigen ook nog de crash met de Soyuz erbij gehaald en het feit dat er problemen zijn met de communicatie van de NASA rovers op Mars, maar het feit dat belangrijke telescopen uit de lucht worden gehaald is eigenlijk veel meer sinister. 

    Dit zijn de ogen waarmee in de ruimte wordt gekeken, net zoals het observatorium dat door de FBI werd gesloten en de webcams van de andere observatoria die plotseling niet meer werken. 

    Wat bevindt zich daar in de ruimte waardoor opeens al deze paniekmaatregelen worden genomen. 


    Alles wat met de ruimte te maken heeft en waarmee dingen gezien kunnen worden, worden in grote haast geblokkeerd. In dat kader zijn de volgende foto's die vanmorgen vroeg door een lezer in Kaatsheuvel zijn genomen, heel interessant (dank!).


    xxx }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.EEN WOLK IN EEN WOLKENLOZE LUCHT VALT OP ( VIDEO )


    µWanneer buitenaardsen de aarde bezoeken weten ze dat de mens niet erg oplettend is/een beperkt waarnemingsspectrum heeft en daar maken ze handig gebruik van. 

    Als er dan zomaar talloze nieuwe wolkensoorten worden bedacht dan vindt de mens dat helemaal niet vreemd. 

    Voor buitenaardsen is de meeste geschikte manier om een beetje anoniem over de aarde te surfen om zich voor te doen als een wolk. De meeste mensen lopen tenslotte met hun neus richting grond of met hun ogen vastgeplakt aan het scherm van hun mobiele apparaten waardoor ze toch weinig of niets opmerken van wat er zich boven hun hoofden afspeelt. 

    Wanneer men wél naar de lucht zou kijken, dan bestaat de kans dat ze dingen ziet zoals het volgende.

    Een volkomen wolkeloze hemel met daarin toch één wolk. Een wolk die de vorm heeft van een UFO, die daar op dat moment niet thuishoort. 

    Andere keren vermommen ze zich niet als een wolk, maar verstoppen ze zich achter bestaande wolken en gaat het soms mis zoals te zien is op de volgende opname die enkele dagen geleden is gemaakt op het eiland Martinique. 

    Een enorm ruimteschip dat even zichtbaar wordt achter de wolken. 


    Dan krijgen we het volgende bericht van een lezer (dank!): 

    Dit is een foto die we gemaakt hebben op 6 oktober 2018 om 10:20 uur in de buurt van Leer; Duitsland. 

    Dit lijken toch wel verdacht veel op ufo's vermomd als wolk.


    En inderdaad, als je goed kijkt, dan zie je drie UFO’s die eruit zien als een wolk en wederom in een lucht waarin die wolken niet thuishoren.


    Daarnaast hebben de wolken voor buitenaardse bezoekers nog een functie en wel die van een soort dimensieportaal van waar ze aankomen of vertrekken. 

    Nog steeds een prachtig voorbeeld daarvan werd gefilmd in 2014 toen enkele mensen ’s avonds hun camera hadden opgesteld in Mexico om daar opnames te maken van een komende maansverduistering. 

    Dit voorval vond plaats afgelopen 7 oktober en een dag later gebeurt het volgende in Mexico. 

    Enkele weken geleden, op 8 oktober, is er een maansverduistering in Mexico. Een aantal mensen staat klaar met een mobiele telefoon om hier opnames van te maken, totdat ze een vreemde wolk waarnemen. Dat is vreemd want verder is de lucht onbewolkt. 

    mex 1

    Het is ook geen gewone wolk, het is klaarblijkelijk een onweerswolk want de bliksemflitsen schieten er doorheen en uit. 

    mex 2

    Dan, ineens, zie je rechts een sigaarvormige UFO in beeld komen die met een fenomenale snelheid op de wolk afschiet. 

    mex 3

    Minder dan een seconde later is hij in de wolk verdwenen en komt tegen alle natuurwetten in niet aan de andere kant tevoorschijn. 

    Volgens de op onze aarde bekende en geldende natuurwetten kan dit niet. Een object wat met een dergelijke hoge snelheid komt aanvliegen kan niet binnen zo'n relatief kleine wolk tot stilstand worden gebracht. En toch gebeurt het; kijk en val niet van je stoel.

    Daarom, ruk je ogen los van het smart-scherm en kijk naar boven, je weet nooit wat voor onverwachte dingen zich daar voor kunnen doen. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Activity Over The American Midwest

    UFO Activity Over The American Midwest

     Written by Marcus Lowth  Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes

    The American Midwest, or “Middle America”, is perhaps not the first place we would think of when thinking of UFO sightings and strange aerial activity. There is an abundance of sightings in sunny California, for example, and just as many in and around the famous states of New York and Florida. However, UFO sightings in such states as Nebraska, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Kansas, and Missouri are just as high, if not more so. And what’s more, in some cases, these sightings date back to before the start of the twentieth century. They don’t, however, always get the widespread attention they deserve.

    Midwest UFO

    We have, for example, previously examined another of those midwestern states, Illinois, and the plethora of sightings and activity that has and still does occur there each year. While such locations as Chicago often receive top-billing when such sightings take place, this aerial activity is replicated across all the midwestern states of America.

    We will start, though, with an incident perhaps on par with the alleged Roswell crash. Except this occurred in 1884, near the little-known town of Max just outside of Dundy County, Nebraska.

    The 1884 Nebraska Crash

    On the 6th June 1884, John W. Ellis, along with several hired hands (cowboys) were rounding up cattle on the open plains near Dundy County, Nebraska. It was coming to the end of the day, with the last of the light about to be swallowed by the oncoming night. Suddenly, an object, glowing brightly, flashed across the skies above them. With it came a “terrific whirring” sound. Each of the men stopped what they were doing and followed the object, watching it crash to the ground somewhere in the distance.

    According to a subsequent report in ‘The Daily Nebraskan’, the men would approach this crippled craft. This would result in one of them, Alf Williamson, suffering severe burns for which he was taken to Ellis’ house to receive medical attention.

    ‘The Nebraska State Journal’ would also report on the incident three years later in 1887. They would state that when the men did manage to examine the object more closely, it very much had the appearance of some kind of “nuts-and-bolts” craft. It would report the presence of what “looked like the blade of a propeller screw” made from “metal of an appearance like brass”. The report would also tell how the piece of recovered craft weighed “no more than five pounds but appeared as strong and compact as any known metal”. Another recovered section of the object had the same “remarkable lightness”.

    Despite the newspaper recordings of the account, some skeptics, including many Nebraskans insist the incident was “a hoax” of some sort. According to further records, on 10th June, following a huge and unusual rainstorm, the remains of the craft simply “melted”. Some UFO researchers have suggested that this “unusual storm” was perhaps a cover of sorts to retrieve their crippled vehicle.

    Midwest Flying Saucer

    Landing On The River Bank, Iowa, 1920

    Although we will come back to Nebraska and some of its more contemporary sightings shortly, another pre-Roswell sighting took place in nearby Iowa, on the morning of 3rd June 1920. It was a little after 10 am when Clark Linch was at his father’s farm, around six miles out of Mount Pleasant.

    According to Linch, he was fishing at the time when a strange egg-shaped object appeared out of nowhere from above and silently landed on the river bank. The object was around fifteen-feet away from him and simply remained motionless.

    Linch would recall it was around fifteen minutes later when he began to think about walking over to the craft. Just as he did so, however, it burst into life. Although still completely silent, it quickly rose into the air, eventually disappearing out of sight. When Linch did walk over to the spot where the strange, oval object had landed, there was a clear impression left on the grass. There were, however, no burn or scorch marks.

    Although Linch wouldn’t speak of the encounter for another three-and-a-half decades, when he did the details were intriguing. He would claim that the object had a “blue and translucent” color to it. So much so that it “would have been camouflaged in the sky”. This is an interesting observation and certainly makes one wonder at how often such objects might be moving around the skies above us today. He would also estimate that although it moved with precision, its speed was only around five miles per hour. Ultimately, he would conclude “that it wasn’t anything from Earth”.

    The Diamond Island Sighting, Illinois, 1888

    Over thirty years previously, in September 1888 in the Illinois River at a destination with much mystery to its name, Diamond Island, another apparently cosmic encounter unfolded. Rumors had swirled for years of an apparently ghostly presence on the island. This particular evening a group of local residents, intrigued and intent and getting to the bottom of this mysterious apparition, sailed towards the island in their small rowing boat. The most persistent rumors were of a strange “ball of fire” that would appear at the foot of the island. Usually late at night, around midnight.

    They brought their small vessel to a stop on the island shortly after setting off. After securing it at the coast, they set foot on Diamond Island and began to position themselves in various discreet locations on the shore. Then, they waited. Their wait, though, would not be a long one.

    All of a sudden, a bright red object cast its considerable light over the entire island from above. It had risen out of the previously quiet waters and then hovered at a height of around forty yards. All of the men were in awe as they then watched the red object fade and disappear. They headed to their boat looking to board and set off for home. However, it was no longer there. It was, in fact, drifting out on the water at a considerable distance. It appeared the red object was inside the boat. Then, the men witnessed the red object “take the form of a man”. They could even see the movement of the figure rowing. Then, the figure turned once again to a red orb, before rising upwards and eventually disappearing.

    A woken fisherman would rescue the small group. Sightings of the mysterious red “spook” continue today.

    Red Orb River

    More Occupant Sightings!

    Over half a century later Illinois was host to another bizarre UFO encounter. This time in Prospect Heights in May 1952 at just before 11 pm, Ann Sohn just happened to look out of her window. In front of her was a “luminous disc-shaped object”. It simply hovered over a vacant patch of land. Ann could see there was a “row of square windows” while on the objects upper half was a “transparent dome”. The main exterior of the craft was of a “white luminous” material. Emerging from the underside was a mist of “green glowing vapor”.

    As she moved her focus back to the windows she noticed all of them were black. Except, that is, for three consecutive ones. To her amazement, in each of these illuminated windows was “a man”. Two of them were facing towards Ann, while the other was sideways on. They appeared to don “parka-like coveralls” and some type of headpiece. The two sides watched each other for about five minutes. Then Ann saw the occupants manipulate what looked to be levers. In response, the craft suddenly took on a deep red glow. Then, it vanished at a breakneck speed.

    Several months later in the early hours of 25th August 1952 in Pittsburg, Kansas, came a similar encounter. KOAM Radio staff member, William Squyres witnessed a low-hovering object near a wooded area of Kansas, at around 5:30 am while driving from his home to work. The more he looked at this hovering disc-like object, he could make out “windows” along the edge of it. They had a blue glow to them. However, they appeared somewhat shaded. Squyres could see “figures behind it”.  After several moments, a “throbbing” sound was physically palpable in the air. Then, the strange craft rose quickly and vanished.

    Circles Of “Solid Light

    Another strange incident occurred sometime in 1954 in Osceola, Iowa, a young boy, Michael Kelly, would tell of a strange memory of waking up in a field surrounded by “boy scouts”. He couldn’t recall why he was there, or how he had arrived there. He recognized the area, however, and realized he was near home. Michael noticed that the scouts had some kind of uniform on, although none wore their trademark hats. When he asked out loud where their hats were, one of them replied simply that “they didn’t wear hats”.

    Suddenly, he found himself in a “circle of beaming light” that had a “solid” feel to it. This is a particularly interesting description which often comes up in other accounts. When he turned his attention upwards he could see a large round object above them with multiple lights of differing colors around its edge. Once again, he asked out loud, what the object was. The reply was that it was a “helicopter”. Michael would respond that he didn’t believe them. That it didn’t look like a helicopter. Then his mind went blank. He has no other memory of the incident, nor exactly when it took place.

    Another encounter involving an apparent beaming of light took place in Merom, Indiana on the evening of 6th November 1957. That evening, Rene Gilham would notice a strange light in the sky from his farm-home. When he went outside to investigate he could see the light was a “brightly luminous object”, approximately forty feet across and at a distance of around 1,000 feet from the ground. As he watched this strange and mysterious glowing object, he noticed something “beam out” from underneath that “bathed his farm with an eerie, penetrating light”.

    UFO Beam Of Light

    What Happened To Rene Gilham?

    Gilham remained motionless watching the object for ten minutes. At one point, a smaller craft appeared and hovered alongside the much larger object. Then, the larger object suddenly “went straight up and headed west”. At the same time, the light increased in intensity. And a “whirring noise like a high-speed electric motor gaining revolutions” was audible. The sighting was also witnessed, in part, by Gilham’s wife, children, and his father-in-law.

    The following day, however, the farm owner began to experience intense itching of his face. It also became increasingly red, as if he was severely sunburnt. The pain would eventually become so intense that he would seek medical attention. Investigation would suggest that the rash was not a response to something such as poison ivy or an allergic reaction. According to Dr. Joseph Drake, the reddening was “similar to burns that are inflicted on the face and eyes when working near an arc welder without a face mask”.

    The condition would continue to worsen, and he was eventually admitted to Mary Sherman Hospital. By this time, rumors were circulating with alacrity. And reporters would loiter at the reception of the hospital, eager to speak with staff or family members about Gilham’s condition.

    Perhaps strangely, the case would suddenly disappear from public view. As would Gilham himself. Nothing much is on record following the declaration on the 11th November that his condition had improved. And that he was to be released from hospital the following day. Where he went, or if he even left the facility, is strangely still open to debate.

    Sightings Remain Consistent

    Heading back to Nebraska, and in more contemporary times, UFO activity has always remained consistent. For example, on the evening that (then) Governor of California, Ronald Reagan was giving his acceptance speech as the nominee for the Republican party for the 1980 US election, 17th July 1980 in North Platte, two unnamed witnesses saw “several rock-shaped objects” flying purposely across the sky. The two witnesses were at an ice-rink party when they happened to look upwards a little after 10 pm. After ten seconds or so they “vanished into a puffy white cloud”. Interestingly, the following year on 19th October 1981, in the same location, three objects were tracked by radar moving across the sky. Multi-colored discs were also reported by five separate witnesses.

    In Sutherland on 15th November 1983, while approaching a group of youths who were obviously trying to stash away the beer they were drinking, a police officer, and the group themselves, witnessed a “dark metallic craft” moving across the sky at an altitude of around 2,000 feet. The witnesses would report that the strange craft had what appeared to be rows of windows along the middle of it. As the group watched events unfold in awe, three circles suddenly “flashed a bright white light” and the mysterious object sped away into the night sky.

    Even more recently on 22nd July 2000 in Ogallala, three friends witnessed a huge craft with equally large panels making up its exterior. These panels flashed both colors and shapes “unlike anything they had ever see”. On 29th June 2007, an anonymous truck driver would report three bright lights, in a triangular formation. They moved across the sky as he walked to his truck shortly before midnight. After several minutes it vanished vertically in a flash.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Super-Fast Stars in the Milky Way May Be Visitors from Beyond

    Super-Fast Stars in the Milky Way May Be Visitors from Beyond

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.These Spheres Are Tiny Homes And Take Just A Day To Install

    These Spheres Are Tiny Homes And Take Just A Day To Install

    These Spheres Are Tiny Homes And Take Just A Day To Install

    An engineer who used to work at Rolls-Royce has designed stunning Conker style living pods that cost only $24,000 to build and which can be installed in only one day. The UK engineer believes that the pods might be a solution to one of the biggest issues in the United Kingdom, housing availability.

    Conker Living Pods Might be the Solution to Affordable Housing

    More and more young people are struggling to find affordable housing, while those who have managed to obtain a mortgage struggle to meet the monthly repayments each month. University students are often the people who are hit the most with regards to finding affordable housing. Jag Virdie came up with one solution, living pod homes.

    Design Tiny House Movement

    Living pods are not something news, we have heard about them before, but typically they are very small and cubicle like. However, the living pods do not have this issue, and they are aesthetically pleasing. Virdie used a quote from Henry Royce when he said, “Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.”

    The Living Pod is 3.9 Meters in Diameter

    This is just what Virdie did with the Conker style living pods. He designed a living pod that takes on the appearance of a Conker or football. The living pod is constructed from material made in Britain and it is 3.9 meters in diameter along with being 10 square meters in area. The pods offer waterproofing against the inclement weather along with having a heat-retention system that is efficient. The living pods can be customized to the needs of the buyer plus they are fast and easy to install, taking just one day.

    Housing House

    Virdie said:

    "Our mission is to change the way buildings are designed today, by disrupting the norm, challenging construction practices at their core."

    Living Pods Can Link Together to Make Bigger Homes

    The living pods can also be linked together so people can make them as large as they need to include additional bathrooms, kitchens or studies. The idea for the design came from an idea that Virdie had when building a tree house for his own children. With him having extensive experience in designing cars for Rolls-Royce this put him in good stead for designing a pod house.

    Conker Pod Living Limited Design

    Purchasing the living pod house is very simple, first register interest, check the location, then go onto customizing the Conker home you require. In the future, this may well be the solution for governments to use to do away with homelessness.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Missing Link: Scientists Discover Fish With 'Feet'

    The Missing Link: Scientists Discover Fish With 'Feet'

    The Missing Link: Scientists Discover Fish With 'Feet'

    The oceans are so vast that many parts have yet to be explored. Deep down there are creatures and fish that have not yet been discovered or which are rarely captured on film. This applies to the Mona Canyon located just off the coast of Puerto Rico when the NOAA Okeanos exploration came across a fish with legs that was walking on the ocean floor.

    Species of Angler Fish

    The researchers found a deep sea fish with the name of the Pink Frogmouth, which is rarely seen, also given the name of the Sea Toad. This is an anglerfish using fins that have been modified and turned into fins allowing the fish to walk around the seafloor. Scientists believe that the fish has been living on the bottom of the sea for so long that the front along with the back fins have adapted into feet so that the fish could get around on the bottom of the sea floor more easily.

    Chaunax Ocean Pink Frogmouth

    The Pink Frogmouth Can Also Swim in the Ocean

    A video was captured showing the Pink Frogmouth fish walking along the bottom of the ocean floor and it one of the strangest things to witness. As fish generally swim about in the ocean this fish with its downturned mouth looks almost alien as it shuffles along on the ocean floor. The fish walks using two smallish fins at the back and front. However, it does enjoy the best of both worlds as it also has larger fins situated in the middle of its body allowing it to swim just as any other fish swims around the ocean.

    Deep Sea Fish With Feet Pink Frogmouth Ocean

    The Pink Frogmouth fish usually lives in a depth range of between 200 and 978 meters. The fish has been spotted living in the Atlantic along with the Mediterranean Oceans where it dines on shrimp. The Pink Frogmouth fish looks like something straight out of a horror movie. It now only needs to develop further to allow it to breathe on land and it could walk right up out of the ocean.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What Is the U.S. Space Force?

    What Is the U.S. Space Force?

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Planet Earth: Facts About Its Orbit, Atmosphere & Size

    Planet Earth: Facts About Its Orbit, Atmosphere & Size

    Credit: NASA

    Earth, our home, is the third planet from the sun. It's the only planet known to have an atmosphere containing free oxygen, oceans of water on its surface and, of course, life.

    Earth is the fifth largest of the planets in the solar system. It's smaller than the four gas giants —JupiterSaturnUranus and Neptune — but larger than the three other rocky planets, MercuryMars and Venus.

    Earth has a diameter of roughly 8,000 miles (13,000 kilometers) and is round because gravity pulls matter into a ball. But, it's not perfectly round. Earth is really an "oblate spheroid," because its spin causes it to be squashed at its poles and swollen at the equator.

    Water covers roughly 71 percent of Earth's surface, and most of that is in the oceans. About a fifth of Earth's atmosphere consists of oxygen, produced by plants. While scientists have been studying our planet for centuries, much has been learned in recent decades by studying pictures of Earth from space.

    While Earth orbits the sun, the planet is simultaneously spinning on an imaginary line called an axis that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole. It takes Earth 23.934 hours to complete a rotation on its axis and 365.26 days to complete an orbit around the sun.

    Earth's axis of rotation is tilted in relation to the ecliptic plane, an imaginary surface through the planet's orbit around the sun. This means the Northern and Southern hemispheres will sometimes point toward or away from the sun depending on the time of year, and this changes the amount of light the hemispheres receive, resulting in the seasons.

    Earth's orbit is not a perfect circle, but rather an oval-shaped ellipse, similar to the orbits of all the other planets. Our planet is a bit closer to the sun in early January and farther away in July, although this variation has a much smaller effect than the heating and cooling caused by the tilt of Earth's axis. Earth happens to lie within the so-called "Goldilocks zone" around the sun, where temperatures are just right to maintain liquid water on our planet's surface.

    Statistics about Earth's orbit, according to NASA:

    • Average distance from the sun: 92,956,050 miles (149,598,262 km)
    • Perihelion (closest approach to the sun): 91,402,640 miles (147,098,291 km)
    • Aphelion (farthest distance from the sun): 94,509,460 miles (152,098,233 km)
    • Length of solar day (single rotation on its axis): 23.934 hours
    • Length of year (single revolution around the sun): 365.26 days
    • Equatorial inclination to orbit: 23.4393 degrees

    Scientists think Earth was formed at roughly the same time as the sun and other planets some 4.6 billion years ago, when the solar system coalesced from a giant, rotating cloud of gas and dust known as the solar nebula. As the nebula collapsed because of its gravity, it spun faster and flattened into a disk. Most of the material was pulled toward the center to form the sun.

    Other particles within the disk collided and stuck together to form ever-larger bodies, including Earth. Scientists think Earth started off as a waterless mass of rock.

    "It was thought that because of these asteroids and comets flying around colliding with Earth, conditions on early Earth may have been hellish," Simone Marchi, a planetary scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, previously told But in recent years, new analyses of minerals trapped within ancient microscopic crystals suggests that there was liquid water already present on Earth during its first 500 million years, Marchi said.

    Radioactive materials in the rock and increasing pressure deep within the Earth generated enough heat to melt the planet's interior, causing some chemicals to rise to the surface and form water, while others became the gases of the atmosphere. Recent evidence suggests that Earth's crust and oceans may have formed within about 200 million years after the planet took shape.

    Earth's core is about 4,400 miles (7,100 km) wide, slightly larger than half the Earth's diameter and about the same size as Mars' diameter. The outermost 1,400 miles (2,250 km) of the core are liquid, while the inner core is solid; it's about four-fifths as big as Earth's moon, at some 1,600 miles (2,600 km) in diameter. The core is responsible for the planet's magnetic field, which helps to deflect harmful charged particles shot from the sun.

    Above the core is Earth's mantle, which is about 1,800 miles (2,900 km) thick. The mantle is not completely stiff but can flow slowly. Earth's crust floats on the mantle much as a piece of wood floats on water. The slow motion of rock in the mantle shuffles continents around and causes earthquakes, volcanoes and the formation of mountain ranges.

    Above the mantle, Earth has two kinds of crust. The dry land of the continents consists mostly of granite and other light silicate minerals, while the ocean floors are made up mostly of a dark, dense volcanic rock called basalt. Continental crust averages some 25 miles (40 km) thick, although it can be thinner or thicker in some areas. Oceanic crust is usually only about 5 miles (8 km) thick. Water fills in low areas of the basalt crust to form the world's oceans.

    Earth gets warmer toward its core. At the bottom of the continental crust, temperatures reach about 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit (1,000 degrees Celsius), increasing about 3 degrees F per mile (1 degree C per km) below the crust. Geologists think the temperature of Earth's outer core is about 6,700 to 7,800 degrees F (3,700 to 4,300 degrees C) and that the inner core may reach 12,600 degrees F (7,000 degrees C) — hotter than the surface of the sun.

    Earth's magnetic field is generated by currents flowing in Earth's outer core. The magnetic poles are always on the move, with the magnetic North Poleaccelerating its northward motion to 24 miles (40 km) annually since tracking began in the 1830s. It will likely exit North America and reach Siberia in a matter of decades.

    Earth's magnetic field is changing in other ways, too. Globally, the magnetic field has weakened 10 percent since the 19th century, according to NASA. These changes are mild compared to what Earth's magnetic field has done in the past. A few times every million years or so, the field completely flips, with the North and the South poles swapping places. The magnetic field can take anywhere from 100 to 3,000 years to complete the flip.

    The strength of Earth's magnetic field decreased by about 90 percent when a field reversal occurred in ancient past, according to Andrew Roberts, a professor at the Australian National University. The drop makes the planet more vulnerable to solar storms and radiation, which can could significantly damage satellites and communication and electrical infrastructure.

    "Hopefully, such an event is a long way in the future and we can develop future technologies to avoid huge damage," Roberts said in a statement.

    When charged particles from the sun get trapped in Earth's magnetic field, they smash into air molecules above the magnetic poles, causing them to glow. This phenomenon is known as the aurorae, the northern and southern lights.

    Earth's atmosphere is roughly 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen, with trace amounts of water, argon, carbon dioxide and other gases. Nowhere else in the solar system is there an atmosphere loaded with free oxygen, which is vital to one of the other unique features of Earth: life.

    Air surrounds Earth and becomes thinner farther from the surface. Roughly 100 miles (160 km) above Earth, the air is so thin that satellites can zip through the atmosphere with little resistance. Still, traces of atmosphere can be found as high as 370 miles (600 km) above the planet's surface.

    The lowest layer of the atmosphere is known as the troposphere, which is constantly in motion and why we have weather. Sunlight heats the planet's surface, causing warm air to rise into the troposphere. This air expands and cools as air pressure decreases, and because this cool air is denser than its surroundings, it then sinks and gets warmed by the Earth again.

    Above the troposphere, some 30 miles (48 km) above the Earth's surface, is the stratosphere. The still air of the stratosphere contains the ozone layer, which was created when ultraviolet light caused trios of oxygen atoms to bind together into ozone molecules. Ozone prevents most of the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching Earth's surface, where it can damage and mutate life.

    Water vapor, carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere trap heat from the sun, warming Earth. Without this so-called "greenhouse effect," Earth would probably be too cold for life to exist, although a runaway greenhouse effect led to the hellish conditions now seen on Venus.

    Earth-orbiting satellites have shown that the upper atmosphere actually expands during the day and contracts at night due to heating and cooling.

    Oxygen is the most abundant element in rocks in Earth's crust, composing roughly 47 percent of the weight of all rock. The second most abundant element is silicon, at 27 percent, followed by aluminum, at 8 percent; iron, at 5 percent; calcium, at 4 percent; and sodiumpotassium and magnesium, at about 2 percent each.

    Earth's core consists mostly of iron and nickel and potentially smaller amounts of lighter elements, such as sulfur and oxygen. The mantle is made of iron and magnesium-rich silicate rocks. (The combination of silicon and oxygen is known as silica, and minerals that contain silica are known as silicate minerals.)

    Earth's moon is 2,159 miles (3,474 km) wide, about one-fourth of Earth's diameter. Our planet has one moon, while Mercury and Venus have none and all the other planets in our solar system have two or more.

    The leading explanation for how Earth's moon formed is that a giant impact knocked the raw ingredients for the moon off the primitive, molten Earth and into orbit. Scientists have suggested that the object that hit the planet had roughly 10 percent the mass of Earth, about the size of Mars.

    Earth is the only planet in the universe known to possess life. The planet boasts several million species of life, living in habitats ranging from the bottom of the deepest ocean to a few miles into the atmosphere. And scientists think far more species remain to be discovered.

    Researchers suspect that other candidates for hosting life in our solar system — such as Saturn's moon Titan or Jupiter's moon Europa — could house primitive living creatures. Scientists have yet to precisely nail down exactly how our primitive ancestors first showed up on Earth. One solution suggests that life first evolved on the nearby planet Mars, once a habitable planet, then traveled to Earth on meteorites hurled from the Red Planet by impacts from other space rocks.

    "It's lucky that we ended up here, nevertheless, as certainly Earth has been the better of the two planets for sustaining life," biochemist Steven Benner, of the Westheimer Institute for Science and Technology in Florida, told "If our hypothetical Martian ancestors had remained on Mars, there might not have been a story to tell."

    Further reading:

    This story was updated on Oct. 10, 2018 by Contributor, Nola Taylor Redd. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mysterious moon swirls have finally been explained

    Mysterious moon swirls have finally been explained

    "This was the final piece in the puzzle of understanding the magnetism that underlies these lunar swirls."
    by Chelsea Gohd, 

    Light and dark markings swirl over the moon, looking like cream swirled into coffee or clouds against a slate gray sky. These lunar swirls may result from ancient, magnetic lava just below the moon's surface, according to one new study.

    A joint study between researchers at Rutgers University and the University of California, Berkeley, pointed to the moon's internally generated magnetic field and past volcanic activity to explain the lunar swirls.

    Image: An image of the Reiner Gamma lunar swirl from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

    An image of the Reiner Gamma lunar swirl from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.
    NASA LRO WAC science team

    Researchers have known for some time that lunar swirls share space with localized magnetic fields and that when those fields deflect particles from solar wind, parts of the moon's surface weather more slowly than other parts. "But the cause of those magnetic fields, and thus of the swirls themselves, had long been a mystery," Sonia Tikoo, co-author of the study and a researcher at Rutgers University-New Brunswick's Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, said in a statement. "To solve it, we had to find out what kind of geological feature could produce these magnetic fields — and why their magnetism is so powerful."

    [How the Moon Evolved: A Photo Timeline]

    The researchers developed mathematical models for these localized fields, or "geological magnets" as they're described in the statement. These models showed that each lunar swirl must exist above a narrow, magnetic object located just below the lunar surface.

    Even stranger, researchers think that these subsurface magnetic objects are ancient, long, narrow lava tubes formed by flowing lava or lava dikes, which are vertical sheets of magma in the crust of a moon or planet. Past experiments have shown that, when heated above 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit (600 degrees Celsius) in a zero-oxygen environment, certain minerals in moon rocks break down and release metallic iron, making the rocks extremely magnetic.

    So, when the moon was erupting lava over 3 billion years ago, these magnetic lava tubes or lava dikes were likely created and became highly magnetic as they cooled down, according to the statement.

    "No one had thought about this reaction in terms of explaining these unusually strong magnetic features on the moon," Tikoo said in the statement, referring to the lava becoming magnetic moon rock under the surface and causing lunar swirls. "This was the final piece in the puzzle of understanding the magnetism that underlies these lunar swirls."

    This study was published July 26 in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.'Definitely Not Aliens': These Photos of SpaceX's Night Rocket Launch and Landing Are Amazing!

    'Definitely Not Aliens': These Photos of SpaceX's Night Rocket Launch and Landing Are Amazing!

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Why Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Are A National Security Risk And Also An Opportunity For Progress

    Why Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Are A National Security Risk And Also An Opportunity For Progress

    A career’s worth of intelligence work for the U.S. Government has taught me one key lesson: national security is a lot like playing a game of chess. You have to anticipate your opponent’s every move in order to remain one step ahead.

    Disclosing your strategy will be used against you. But if you recognize certain opportunities, you can win the match.

    When I headed the government’s highly sensitive Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), I worked with a team to assess whether a particular chess piece — in this case in the form of an unfamiliar aerial technology — was a threat to our side of the chess board.

    If it was, we had to know how to counter it.

    Since the Government views Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) as a potential national security issue, they’re secretive by necessity. They don’t want to reveal any information to a potential enemy.

    But there are risks to keeping that information classified.

    Say the person who first learned how to harness fire never shared it with the next generation, or the person who invented the telescope threw it away when he was done using it. What if the creator of the wheel decided it was too labor intensive for others to build and decided, “Forget it”?

    As a species, we’re meant to evolve. And we needed those advancements to get to where we are today. Reports of strange crafts with seemingly inexplicable properties have been circulating within the U.S. Government for at least 70 years, which suggests it isn’t going away. There is “something out there.”

    Declassifying certain information about UAP and sharing it with the public could lead to new technological discoveries, new forms of medical research, and a broader view of how humanity understands reality.

    Here’s why:

    A government must assume anything is a threat until it has been proven otherwise.

    When determining whether an unknown entity is friend or foe, the U.S. Government looks at factors including capabilities, intentions, vulnerabilities, and exploitability. A close look at these factors reveals just how little UAPs are understood.

    Advancements in our understanding of physics at the quantum level have helped shed faint light on the potential science behind UAPs. But these advancements have also shown us that UAPs have superior technical knowledge as well. If these capabilities fell into the hands of a foreign adversary, it would be a decisive game-changer.

    Likewise, the intentions of UAPs haven’t been made clear to us at this point. There could be a number of reasons for their presence, ranging from peaceful curiosity to a probe for battlespace preparation. The possibilities are numerous.

    UAP vulnerabilities, however, remain a complete mystery. Some have hypothesized that there’s a correlation between UAPs and our nuclear capabilities, while others have suggested that nuclear-generated electromagnetic pulses are a potential weakness.

    Regardless, we still don’t really know what vulnerabilities UAPs might have short of speculation. Right now, it’s anyone’s guess.

    From a national security perspective, exploitation is the holy grail of endeavors. It’s critical to determine whether UAP technology could be reverse-engineered and used to our benefit, but we can’t exploit such technology unless we first understand it.

    When it comes to UAPs, the U.S. knows less than it should, and perhaps much less than our adversaries.

    The potential rewards outweigh the risks.

    There is always a risk involved when it comes to communicating national security issues to the public. But it’s subjective. The significance of that risk depends on who you ask.

    If you ask a military leader, for example, they would say government secrecy about advanced aerospace phenomena is crucial because you want to avoid broadcasting your capabilities and intentions to your potential enemy.

    A politician would view UAPs completely differently. They may ask, “Is this something potential voters need to know, or will concealing it cause my constituents to lose faith in me? How does this discussion affect the voters and my ability to represent them?”

    A religious figure, on the other hand, would likely be more concerned with the religious and philosophical implications UAPs might have on his or her faith.

    There are countless examples throughout history of individuals challenging the prevailing systems of power with radical scientific ideas.

    When Galileo told the church hundreds of years ago that Earth was not the center of the solar system, for example, they nearly killed him for it.

    As someone without a political or religious agenda, I’m free to say the rewards outweigh the risks in this situation. For example, in December 2017 our team at To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science helped release U.S. military footage of UAPs. No government imploded, no religion dissolved.

    Like Galileo, our mission is simple. Collect and disseminate the truth about the unknown. As long as the risks don’t compromise national security, the rewards can benefit all.

    Scientific truths help push society forward.

    At this point, there’s no question about whether UAPs are out there — they are. People can choose to either continue to live with their heads buried in the sand, or they can take a proactive approach to the phenomenon.

    Centuries ago, when mankind first stood on the shores of a beach and contemplated sailing across the horizon, the chorus shouted, “You’re crazy! You’re going to fall off the Earth! There are sea monsters!”

    But now, in the 21st century, people travel across oceans every day. What our ancestors thought were sea monsters are great white sharks, blue whales, and giant squid. It turns out that they’re just another part of our natural environment.

    Once people committed to discovering the truth for themselves, it was no longer mystical, it was just nature.

    But because government processes demand secrecy when it comes to classified information, false knowledge about UAPs spreads rapidly. Secrecy empowers people selling their snake oil and YouTubers profit from peddling their ill-informed narratives about UFOs. Soon people start believing Elvis lives on the mothership — just as they once believed you could fall off the edge of the Earth.

    The more knowledge people have, the better they will be able to master their own destinies, and not be held hostage to the monsters of their imaginations.

    Attribution: Luis Elizondo - Medium: Director of Special Programs at To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, FMR AATIP Director for USG Department of Defense.

    Related posts:

    1. X Files Opened: The National Security Agency’s UFO Investigations Unearthed
    2. Instructions: What Not to Do if you Have a Near Encounter with an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon
    3. Media coverage of UFO phenomena found lacking by Columbia resident
    4. 80 Million Americans Are Certain UFOs Exist : National Geographic Channel
    5. Video: Can meditation reduce your risk of having a heart attack or stroke?
    6. UFO ‘Secrets’ To Be Revealed In September, Says National Atomic Testing Museum
    7. National Archives UFO Files }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What If We Are The First Civilization?

    What If We Are The First Civilization?

    What if we actually do inhabit a Universe where life, at least complex life is unbelievably rare. So rare that in the immense dark fathoms of deep time, with near infinite real estate, intelligent life arose exactly once. Us. There is no pantheon of intergalactic minds. “We’re first” is one of the three classes of answers to the Fermi Paradox, the other two being “we’re rare” and “we’re fucked.”

    Few scientists I’ve spoken to take “we’re first” answers seriously. It seems statistically unlikely; the Galaxy is filled with planets very much like ours orbiting stars very much like ours, and this planet is actually about two billion years younger than average in our galaxy, giving plenty of other places a considerable head start on developing life.

    I tend to agree with that understanding but what if? What if it is not true.

    What if we are the first? The first (and so oldest) aliens, the first in the time stream who will time travel or the first in the universe who will discover interstellar travel. This would explain why there have not been visitors from the future because we are the very first to invent the time machine and do that. I love author Larry Niven’s thoughts on this: If time travel is possible, the universe will keep being changed (by time-travellers) until a state is reached where time travel is never invented. That universe will not change. And we’re living in it.

    It would also explain why we haven’t seen aliens, maybe it’s because WE are the first “aliens” to travel interstellar and colonize the galaxy, only to discover other species who are just a couple million or a couple of thousand years behind us.

    I think people (scientists are just people who know science) tend to dismiss the “we’re first” position too easily because it seems born out of hubris, wishful thinking, dreams of exceptionalism, or religious nonsense.

    I can see a more plausible scenario, goes like this:

    • Resources needed to sustain a growing population are always limited to the planet the species is on. Space exploration is great, but it will not produce the additional water, air, carbon dioxide or space needed to grow.
    • Technology consumes resources, as does population growth.
    • Societies like ours that are dedicated to growth and consumption eventually deplete their resources and vanish. That kind of conscious, then, might well be deemed an aberration, cosmically speaking.
    • That tendency is clearly due to a particular kind of “consciousness” that humans have evolved. But rather than being an unequivocally good thing, that kind of consciousness may ultimately be self-defeating.
    • Societies that thrive are those that learn to live in a mildly-adjusted “harmony” with nature–or homeostasis, really–where they are not taking more from the environment than they are giving back.
    • A population that is living in that manner (whether consciously, as we know of consciousness), or in a more automatic way, like other species on this planet) do not (or unable to) do much in the way of space exploration or technology development–and in any case they are liable to be limited to a relatively small area, given the size of the universe.
    • So there are likely to be a relatively large number of planets containing life that have never ventured out looking for others.
    • Of those that have ventured out, their “visitation possibilities” are extremely limited.
    • Any such visitation would probably be limited to say, a probe containing automated-interaction systems of some kind. The best design would probably limit the probe’s life to 1,000 years, at most. (Even were it totally self-sustaining, jungle overgrowth, earthquakes, and other natural disasters would inevitably overtake it, in time.) Or it might touch down, stay a few years, and then move on. Either way, any such contact would be fleeting and ephemeral, recorded only in myth and legend.
    • Any records of such contact would be irretrievably lost by a species such as ours, with the kind of consciousness that goes around burning each other’s libraries on the theory that if what they say is in our religious texts, they’re redundant, and if not, they’re heretical.

    But let’s consider the alternatives. If intelligence is common in the Universe, we would have seen signs. Even with interstellar distances what they are, some narcissistic and evangelical civilization would have sent, at the very least, unmanned probes to other stars to bring knowledge of their existence and/or spread their knowledge and principles. There’s no reasonable counter-argument; even if most civilizations destroy themselves before they reach that stage, it is hugely unlikely that all would. Even if most civilizations prefer navel-gazing, it is hugely unlikely that all would.

    So intelligence is not common (the only other possibility is that we are under some sort of pointless quarantine). It is really not hard to believe this rarity. It took more than a billion years since life evolved for intelligence to arise. Our Galaxy has roughly 100,000,000,000 stars. If only 1 in 1,000 has planets with conditions to make life possible, and life only starts in 1 out of 1,000 potential incubators, and intelligence only arises in 1 out of 1,000 cases where life starts, well, that makes 100 intelligent civilizations arising in the Galaxy at some point. Say the propensity to self-destruct or navel-gaze accounts for 95% of them (not that unlikely)–now it’s not that hard to begin that of the remaining handful we may be either the first or far enough away for expanding probes of the others to not have reached us.

    What about the other 100,000,000,000 galaxies? Here, distances are so immense that almost certainly nobody would attempt to travel or communicate. We can’t know if we’re first. We know we’re rare. So if we self-destruct, it will be a real pity…

    Bottom line: The probability that is life out there is enormous. That probability that it evolved technology (and still exists) is very much smaller. The probability that they are within hailing distance is smaller yet. The probability that any such “hailing” would be recognized, and then remembered, is smaller still.

    [/responsivevoice] }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFOs and strange creatures?

    UFOs and strange creatures?

    How many times a day do you see a man walking his dog or a friend posting pictures of their cat?
    why would this be any different for extraterrestrials?
    There are other types of alien creature that may have been brought to or accompanied aliens on their visits to our planet. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.When white dwarf meets brown dwarf, pow!

    When white dwarf meets brown dwarf, pow!

    In 1670, skywatchers saw a nova, a star that appeared where none had been before. Today’s astronomers have learned it was a collision between an aging white dwarf star, and less massive brown dwarf.

    Astronomers now think this hourglass-shaped image of the object known as CK Vulpeculae is the result of a collision of a brown dwarf and a white dwarf.

    Image via ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/S. P. S. Eyres

    In the 1600s, western astronomers were just emerging from centuries of medieval thought, when the heavens were thought to be unchanging. You can imagine their astonishment when – in July of 1670, in what had been a blank, dark sky – some observers witnessed a bright pinprick of light that appeared, faded, reappeared, and then disappeared entirely from view. At that time, astronomers called such an event a nova or new star. This one was located in front of the constellation Cygnus the Swan and so received the name Nova sub Capite Cygni (a New Star below the Head of the Swan). Modern astronomers have learned it wasn’t a new star. It wasn’t even a spectacular collision of two main-sequence stars, as announced in 2015. Instead, using data from the ALMA telescope in Chile, astronomers now believe the event was a collision between an aging white dwarf star and a brown dwarf (star with too little mass to ignite thermonuclear fusion and thereby shine as most stars do).

    The object in question is now called CK Vulpeculae.

    The new work is based on observations with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in northern Chile. The astronomers studied the debris from this explosion, which takes the form of dual rings of dust and gas resembling an hourglass with a compact central object (see image at top). Sumner Starrfield of Arizona State University is a co-author on a paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. He said in a statement:

    It now seems what was observed centuries ago was not what we would today describe as a classic ‘nova.’ Instead, it was the merger of two stellar objects, a white dwarf and a brown dwarf. When these two objects collided, they spilled out a cocktail of molecules and unusual isotopes, which gave us new insights into the nature of this object.

    How did they conclude that the collision was between a white dwarf and a brown dwarf, and not two main-sequence stars, as had been reported earlier? They did it by studying the light from two more-distant stars, shining behind the the dusty remains of the merger. These studies let the astronomers detect the telltale signature of the element lithium, which is easily destroyed in the interior of a main sequence star, but not inside a brown dwarf. Astronomer Stewart Eyres of the University of South Wales (@astrostewey on Twitter) and lead author on the paper explained:

    The presence of lithium, together with unusual isotopic ratios of the elements carbon, nitrogen and oxygen point to material from a brown dwarf star being dumped on the surface of a white dwarf. The thermonuclear ‘burning’ and an eruption of this material resulted in the hourglass we see today.

    According to the researchers, the white dwarf would have been about 10 times more massive than the brown dwarf, though much smaller in size. As the brown dwarf spiraled inward, intense tidal forces exerted by the white dwarf would have ripped it apart. Starrfield remarked:

    This is the first time such an event has been conclusively identified.

    The constellation Cygnus the Swan, with Vulpecula. 

    Image via

    Bottom line: In 1670, skywatchers saw a nova, a star that appeared where none had been before. Today’s astronomers have learned it was a collision between an aging white dwarf star, and less massive brown dwarf.

    Source: ALMA reveals the aftermath of a white dwarf–brown dwarf merger in CK Vulpeculae

    Via NRAO }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Alien Human Hybrids are Amongst Us (Richard Dolan Live)

    Alien Human Hybrids are Amongst Us (Richard Dolan Live)

    Ok this is Richard Dolan speaking live on his youtube channel - he is a well respected UFO researcher

    My thoughts - he is right, aliens hybrids are now living amongst us, he speaks at one point about a train carriage filled with mind reading alien human hybrids, the freaky bit for me is this took place just a few miles from where I live. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Witness filmed UFOs being shot by Helicopters

    Witness filmed UFOs being shot by Helicopters

    UFOs attacked by Helicopters (Raw Footage), Witness filmed UFOs being shot by Helicopters
    Date: 2018-10-12 
    Location: Albuquerque, NM, US
    Source: MUFON }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Why Does No One Know Where The Aliens Come From?


    Why Does No One Know Where The Aliens Come From?

    As I scour the virtual world for new information on UFOlogy I usually find much of the same. Same stories retold in ever increasing lunacy. So many people claim to know so many things in which they can not know. I see that more often than not people’s imagination gets the better of them. “Gets the better of them” is a polite way to say that their imagination beats them like they owe it money. So many people, in so many places, believe some strongly delusional stuff.  Yes… I am looking at you, Stephen Bassett. I fart in your general direction Dr Steven Greer.

    If even only 1/10th of one percent of accounts in UFOlogy have some merit beyond delusion and self-interest, there would still be a myriad of alleged craft with varying occupants zipping around our atmosphere. I am a UFO experiencer myself (see my previous writings). I know that something very real and quantifiable is happening to a vast many people. But I do not have the foggiest clue as to who, where, why, and what I and my family saw that fateful afternoon. I would really like to know, as would a billion people would I am sure.

    But the big dirty truth is that no one knows who they are. I can say that with a reasonably high sense of certainty.

    Spend any amount of time in the waters of mainstream UFOlogy and you will contract the digital equivalent of Malaria. You will have been infected with parasites, heavy nausea, cold chills, and explosive disrupted bowel movements. At least your mind will feel like that. So much nonsense, so many clicks, so little thought. I have seen claims of dozens of different aliens visiting our pale blue dot. Grays, Nordics, Reptilians, and Blue avians for an example short list. There are hundreds of other less popular ones as well. All English language understanding bipedal humanoid aliens. One alien that looks like us is beating insurmountable odds. Parallel evolution is so unlikely to ever occur. It may in a cosmic blue moon occur but for it to happen dozens of times in our little corner of infinity is impossible. Not improbable but outright impossible. Not everything is possible, the Universe has laws that itself follows most of the time.

    How can all these aliens be coming to Earth on such a regular timetable and that we do not have any credible evidence to support it? The easy answer is that they are not.  All these volumes of alleged aliens mingling on Earth are just fantasy. Not even a good fantasy. This could change in the light of credible verifiable evidence. Anything, a single cell or material scraping from extraterrestrial materials biological or otherwise would be nice. No real evidence has ever come forward that could withstand even the most tertiary scientific examination. There have been many hoaxes in bygone days, and even more ongoing today.  Without any evidence, there is no reason to believe any of it.

    Several governments have opened up their versions of Area 51 and have released their UFO files. Thousands and thousands of reports of sightings have been released to a fevered UFOlogy community. Many very good descriptions of encounters but not a single word on the origins of these silent thieves in the night. Not one word! There is only one way to interpret that. They do not know. If they knew they would tell us. Why wouldn’t they? It would mean absolutely nothing to most people. Knowing that they come from a star system 89658 light years away, tells us nothing useful. Not even something like that has ever been uttered.

    The only time you hear of any explanation of sourcing is from the lunatic fringe. Nothing has ever been uttered by a reputable source… Ever! Not surprising when you really think about it.  No one that could possibly know anything has ever uttered one syllable of useful data to help us suss out the source of the UFO enigma.

    I am fascinated by the quality of good reports that the gifted UFO researchers such as Paul Dean have deduced and compiled. Some very interesting government documents exist that shed light on the cover-up of information they have waged on us for nearly 60 years.

    All those documents are great but they do not hold my interest very long. I already know they are real and exist in our skies. No need to convince me of that. I have the luxury of knowing. None of the big questions is being answered. I believe they can not possibly be answered. At least not yet in our intellectual evolution.

    There would be no way for the extraterrestrials to tell us anything of any substance. When two different life forms meet and have no common genetic heritage don’t expect much informative information exchange. A true alien is not going to understand us and we certainly will not understand them. We would have zero things in common.  We could sit across a table from them for a year and never get past “My name is Trevor… what is yours?”. A real-life encounter with aliens will be stranger and more baffling than we can imagine. Humans can not even have a meaning conversation with any other creatures besides fellow homo sapiens. We can’t have a good conversation with anything on earth except with ourselves. All those life forms have a common genetic evolutionary heritage with us. We evolved on the same planet, with the same sun, and same moon. We have a lot of things in common with all life forms on Earth and that provides zero help.  We would never understand a truly alien intelligence. End of story. Without a galactic “Rosetta Stone” we are hopelessly lost in translation.

    Even if we squeezed into a parallel Universe where we could understand each other. How can they reference infinity in a form we can fathom.  When we sent Voyager 1 probe out of Earth orbit and shot it into deep space we attached a gold plaque. It contained a graphic representation of pulsars in our vicinity. They provided a pulsar map that has directions to find Earth in the vast blackness.  A pulsar map is nice but won’t work if you are too far away. This kind of map is only at best good within our own galaxy.  Only works in our backyard.

    How could an alien tell us or give us coordinates we could understand without any common language or mutual understanding on how distances and time work.  If they are any substantial distance from Earth we will not see anything in common. We may not be able to gather the data due to it being further away then we can usably use in any definition.  It possibly is going to be impossible to get any meaningful location information ever. The Universe is a big place and our map is woefully incomplete.

    I propose that the source of these visitors does not ultimately matter. It is more important to try to assess intention and purpose. Those two are also more than likely beyond our understanding for the same reasons.

    I would not worry about them too much. They are not blasting aeroplanes out of the sky or melting the Presidents face like in Mars Attacks (Unless they are waiting for Trump to win…then I say go for it). I would hypothesize that they are here just for observation and fact gathering. We could be one hell of a strange sociological experiment for some intelligence somewhere. They have been here a long time and we are still here. To our Earthbound brains, we will see gross indifference with the same eyes as we see hostility.  Is grave indifference what we are experiencing in UFOlogy? Almost like a scientific detachment… Hmmm. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.10 plekken in de Verenigde Staten die mysterieuzer zijn dan Area 51. Hier moet je geweest zijn
    10 plekken in de Verenigde Staten die mysterieuzer zijn dan Area 51. Hier moet je geweest zijn

    10 plekken in de Verenigde Staten die mysterieuzer zijn dan Area 51. Hier moet je geweest zijn

    In de Verenigde Staten bevinden zich talloze vreemde plekken. Zo zijn er stenen die uit zichzelf bewegen in de woestijn en is er een eiland waar de bevolking plotsklaps is verdwenen.

    Er bevinden zich dingen op Amerikaanse bodem die zelfs de meest hoogopgeleide wetenschappers niet kunnen verklaren.

    Dit zijn 10 plaatsen in de VS die mysterieuzer zijn dan Area 51.

    1. Onderwater-Stonehenge, Michiganmeer

    Je bent vast bekend met Stonehenge, een prehistorisch monument in Engeland. Een professor zei in 2007 dat hij een soortgelijk monument in het Michiganmeer had ontdekt.

    Volgens WhereTraveler is het monument cirkelvormig en bevat één van de stenen een rotstekening van een mastodont.

    De enige verklaring die wetenschappers tot dusver hebben is dat de stenen er zijn geplaatst toen het meer droog stond, tijdens de laatste ijstijd.

    2. Skinwalker Ranch, Utah

    De inheemse Ute-stam blijft ver uit de buurt van de UFO Ranch, beter bekend als Skinwalker Ranch, nabij Ballard in de staat Utah.

    Volgens de Utes zijn Skinwalkers wraaklustige wezens die rondwaren op en rond de ranch.

    In de jaren negentig werd de Skinwalker Ranch bewoond door een familie die de mythes rond de ranch wilde ontkrachten.

    Al na twee jaar ontvluchtte de familie de ranch vanwege onverklaarbare gevallen van veeverminking, graancirkels en zwevende objecten, schrijft Thought Catalog.

    3. Horseshoe Canyon, Utah

    In de Horshoe Canyon zijn 2000 jaar oude rotstekeningen te vinden. Anasazi-indianen hebben er tekeningen achtergelaten die silhouetten van vreemde wezens laten zien.

    Volgens sommigen zijn het tekeningen van aliens, demonen of goden uit de onderwereld, aldus het Natural History Museum in Utah.

    4. Coral Castle, Florida

    Edward Leedskalnin uit Litouwen zou in de jaren twintig op 26-jarige leeftijd naar Florida zijn verkast. Het enige probleem was dat hij geen huis, geen geld en geen hulp had.

    Door de jaren heen bouwde hij in zijn eentje een gigantisch landgoed, zonder gereedschap. Sommige stenen waar Coral Castle (foto) uit bestaat wegen tot wel 27 ton.

    De stenen passen perfect in elkaar en bevatten geen cement. Hoe heeft Edward dit voor elkaar gespeeld?

    5. Medicijnwiel Bighorn, Wyoming

    In Lovell in Wyoming hebben indianen een steencirkel gemaakt die werd gebruikt om astronomische gebeurtenissen te voorspellen, schrijft Atlas Obscura.

    De 24 meter grote steencirkel lijkt op een wiel en bevindt zich bovenop Medicine Mountain, die het grootste deel van het jaar bedekt is met sneeuw.

    Het bouwwerk wordt tot op de dag van vandaag gebruikt door de indianen en anderen om de zomerzonnewende te voorspellen.

    6. Oregon Vortex, Oregon

    De Oregon Vortex trekt veel toeristen omdat het daar lijkt alsof je in enkele seconden tijd groter en kleiner kunt worden.

    Wetenschappers denken dat deze hotspot een soort draaikolk is bestaande uit magnetische energie, die ervoor zorgt dat het lijkt alsof je groter wordt als je richting het noorden loopt en kleiner als je naar het zuiden loopt, aldus Oregon Live.

    7. Georgia Guidestones, Georgia

    In Elberton County in Georgia staan de enorme Georgia Guidestones, die ook doen denken aan Stonehenge.

    Het zijn enorme granieten zuilen die fungeren als een astronomische kalender.

    Het mysterieuze stenen monument, dat gebouwd is in 1979, bevat 10 richtlijnen om de aarde en samenleving opnieuw in te richten in het geval van een apocalyps.

    8. Roswell, New Mexico

    In juli 1947 zou bij het plaatsje Roswell in New Mexico een UFO zijn gecrasht. Die zomer schreef de Roswell Daily Record dat er een vliegende schotel was geborgen en werd bewaard op een ranch.

    Ook de Roswell Army Air Field sprak in een persverklaring van een ‘vliegende schijf’, schreef The Week.

    Later werd het verhaal aangepast en beweerde men dat er een weerballon was gecrasht. Volgens complottheoretici is dit één van de voorbeelden dat de Amerikaanse overheid buitenaardse activiteit in de doofpot stopt.

    9. Mystery Hill, New Hampshire

    Er is een plek in Amerika die ook wel ‘Amerika’s Stonehenge’ wordt genoemd. Op Mystery Hill in New Hampshire staan stenen muren die 4000 jaar oud zouden zijn.

    Sommigen claimen dat ze gebouwd zijn door de indianen, terwijl anderen zeggen dat ze zijn achtergelaten door een groep Ierse monniken.

    Niemand weet hoe de stenen daar zijn gekomen.

    10. Sedona-vortexen, Arizona

    In Sedona zouden zich plekken bevinden waar de elektromagnetische energieën van de aarde elkaar kruisen. Deze plekken worden ook wel vortexen of leylijnen genoemd.

    Er zijn verschillende plekken aangewezen als hotspots, waarvan Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock en Boynton Canyon de populairste zijn.

    Gedacht wordt dat het plekken zijn waar intense energie de aarde binnenkomt en verlaat, bericht Visit Sedona.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Latest Unexplained Megacryometeor Narrowly Misses Illinois Man

    Latest Unexplained Megacryometeor Narrowly Misses Illinois Man

    Over the last few years there have been a spate of reports of unexplained balls of ice falling from cloudless skies, several of which have impacted dangerously close to homes and unsuspecting individuals on the ground. While the prevailing theory seems to be that these mysterious icy meteorites form on the exterior of aircraft overhead, cases have been reported in areas well outside of flight paths – not to mention the fact that reports of these icy deathtraps pre-date the advent of aviation.

    A Spanish megacryometeor from 2007.

    A Spanish megacryometeor from 2007.

    In the meteorological world, these unexplained balls of ice are known as megacryometeors and have been documented by only a few scientific studies. However, due their rarity, unpredictability, and ephemeral nature, evidence is scant. This week, another incident of a falling megacryometeor adds to the mystery surrounding this icy apparitions and nearly killed an Illinois man. What is causing these fearsome frozen phenomena to fall?

    The latest incident occurred in Liberty Township, a small town in rural western Illinois. Dennis Nover was walking his dogs around 6:00 p.m. under clear skies when he heard a “whooshing” sound disturb the air nearby. Immediately after, Nover heard and felt a thud so powerful it reportedly shook his neighbor’s house. “It sounded like a whoosh. I just thought it was the wind in the trees. If that thing had hit me, it would have taken my head off,” Nover told the Chesterton Tribune, adding that his dogs started barking at the object after impact.

    Some stones are better left unturned.

    Dogs know high strangeness when they see it.

    Nover inspected the debris and found a basketball-sized chunk of clear ice lodged in a two-feet-deep crater in his yard. Nover took a sample of the meteor to the Department of Meteorology at nearby Valparaiso University, but researchers there have yet to find any conclusive indicators of where the ice came from. Had it been from an aircraft’s wastewater system, it would have been polluted and or blue from disinfectant; this sample is perfectly clear.

    This case adds to the growing body of evidence surrounding these mysterious megacryometeors. While some sort of unknown meteorological phenomenon might be to blame, there aren’t any currently known processes by which atmospheric ice could accumulate in such large masses. The best guess is that these icy projectiles are falling from the exterior of aircraft, but that doesn’t account for the incidents recorded before commercial aviation nor can it explain the recent spike in these mysterious occurrences.

    Yeah, that would have hurt.

    A similar close call was caught on CCTV in London earlier this year.

    That is, unless there are more planes flying at high altitude overhead that we don’t know about. With so much unexplained activity going on in the skies or in space lately, there’s no telling what could be causing these megacryometeors. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What’s going on? NASA’s Chandra and Hubble Space Telescopes went into Safe Mode

    What’s going on? NASA’s Chandra and Hubble Space Telescopes went into Safe Mode

    Remember: At first Sunspot Solar Observatory went down, followed up with the temporarily shut down of the live cams of 6 more observatories.

    The Soyuz mission launch failure this week, next the Hubble Telescope goes offline and now the Candra x-ray telescope goes offline.

    Besides NASA already has lost contact with the Opportunity Mars Rover and they have a big issue with a data transmission with the Curiosity Mars Rover mainly due to a massive sandstorm on the planet Mars.

    According to a news report NASA said that the Hubble Space Telescope has entered safe mode after a gyroscope failure, the agency's Chandra X-ray Observatory has now gone into a similar protective state.

    NASA announced the issue Friday, though it happened on Wednesday. When Chandra enters safe mode, it swaps over to hardware backup units, orients its solar panels to gather maximum sunlight and points its mirrors away from the sun.

    Instruments go into safe mode to protect themselves during hardware or software failures or glitches, leaving only essential survival systems operating. The space agency is now investigating the cause of the safe-mode transition.

    Chandra is designed to make X-ray observations of distant space features, including quasars, supernovas and black holes. It's part of NASA's Great Observatories program, which includes Hubble and the Spitzer Space Telescope.

    It is highly unusual that both NASA’s craft are going into safe mode within days and with so many incidents happened the past month it can no longer be a coincidence.

    There is something serious going on in space and it seems they do not want us to see. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Former Blink-182 Vocalist Tom DeLonge On A Mission To Prove UFOs Are Real

    Former Blink-182 Vocalist Tom DeLonge On A Mission To Prove UFOs Are Real

    One year ago this month, To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science launched. The public benefit corporation was founded by Tom DeLonge, the former co-lead vocalist of blink-182 and the current lead guitarist and vocalist of Angels & Airwaves. The corporation is divided into three divisions: aerospace, entertainment, and science. Delonge originally became interested in all things otherworldly while doing research for a series of graphic novels. During a four-hour discussion with several former government officials at the launch of the corporation, he confirmed that UFOs are real.

    No, that does not mean that aliens will suddenly invade our ears and switch bodies. An “unidentified flying object” is a vague term; it could mean any number of things, not all of them alien. Given the technology we have, from heat-sensing to enhanced images to metal detection, it’s amazing that anything is unidentifiable anymore.

    It Doesn’t Get Much More Official Than This Guy

    Luis Elizondo worked for the Department of Defense. He is the former director of programs to investigate unidentified aerial threats and headed the Advanced Aerospace Threats Program. The AATP formed in 2007 with a $22 million budget. The budget may sound big, but in context, it was small enough to go unnoticed by the public and unacknowledged by the government.

    The AATP only lasted for five years when funding ran out. Elements of the program remain classified and many speculate that the program may still exist in some capacity. This is basically the plot to Men in Black and we’re obsessed.

    “We may not be alone,” Elizondo said publicly this time last year.

    Photo: Chris Clor (Getty Images)

    Who Killed UFO Sightings?

    The number of UFO sightings drastically rose, then declined, over the past 28 years. The National UFO Reporting Center reported only 315 UFO sightings in 1990, but by 1998, the number spiked to 2,000 UFO sightings. The number went up to 4,000 for 2006 and peaked at 8,670 in 2014. It has since gone down drastically, to only 1,329 at the end of June 2018.

    There’s a lot to unpack here. What made the UFO sightings go up in the ’90s? Popular films like E.T. and the Alien franchise? Aging Baby Boomers? (Those who report UFOs are more likely to be elderly.) What’s behind the decline? Millennials killing everything?

    Phone Home

    Perhaps the advent of cell phones can explain the decline in UFO sightings. According to the Pew Research Center, 90 percent of American adults owned cell phones in 2014.  Only 55 percent owned smartphones. Compare that to 2018, when 95 percent of Americans own cellphones and over 75 percent own smartphones. Are we too engrossed with our screens to look up at the sky? Or are UFOs impossible to see due to poor air quality?


    So UFOs Are Real…Now What?

    Now that Tom DeLonge is helping legitimize UFOs, perhaps more research will follow. To The Stars Academy has already released some videos of UFOs. They claim it’s only the beginning. Who knows how much is already known, or how much out there will be forever unknown. These efforts will continue to seek out the truth, whatever it is, but also to discover new technologies, materials, and energy sources.

    The universe is huge. This is comforting and also terrifying. Even if no further information is found, the fact that UFOs have been documented is major news. Up until now, the U.S. government has denied all accounts. Going forward, we’re prepared for a number of scenarios: Independence DayTo Serve ManMars Attacks!, or even Star Trek. Whatever happens, keep looking up.  You don’t want to miss it because your nose is buried in your phone. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFOs appeared in the sky of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia,Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi and more, Oct 2018 UFO Sighting News. Date of sighting: Oct 11, 2018 Location of sighting: Mongolia Source: MUFON This UFO made a remarkable appearance over Mongolia thi

    UFOs appeared in the sky of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia,Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi and more, Oct 2018 UFO Sighting News.

    Date of sighting: Oct 11, 2018
    Location of sighting: Mongolia
    Source: MUFON

    This UFO made a remarkable appearance over Mongolia this week.  The governments of the region will probably claim its a rocket or fireworks or swamp gas, but we its a UFO. Watch the video and see how this amazing craft deliberately makes a trail that glows so that the humans below will see it. This is how alien are doing disclosure, little by little till we are no longer surprised or scared. 

    Scott C. Waring

    Eyewitness states: 

    At around 19:00 on October 11th, UFOs appeared in the sky of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Many onlookers took out their mobile phones and called them "ufo." It is reported that the object appeared in the sky in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi and other places during the same period, and it has appeared for the second time.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.TOTAL SHUTDOWN Of Space... What Are They Hiding? By Secureteam10 Oct 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    TOTAL SHUTDOWN Of Space... What Are They Hiding? By Secureteam10 Oct 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of video: Oct 2018
    Source: Secureteam10 of Youtube

    This is Tylor of Securet team ten talking about a serious subject that often goes overlooked...NASA trying to stop humans from seeing whats in space. This is true...NASA Johnson Space Center has a photoprocessing room that has one edit out alien objects from the photo. Telescopes and satellites are going off line this week and I Scott Waring have been monitoring the Curiosity Mars rover...which has gone off line too! NASA is putting up a wall between the public and space to stop us from learning whats really out there. Its time for them to fess up and tell us why!

    Scott C. Waring

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