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    The purpose of  this blog is the creation of an open, international, independent and  free forum, where every UFO-researcher can publish the results of his/her research. The languagues, used for this blog, are Dutch, English and French.You can find the articles of a collegue by selecting his category.
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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandeliiks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The science of proving an object was created by an extraterrestrial civilization

    The science of proving an object was created by an extraterrestrial civilization

    1. Introduction

    In the recent world of fringe science, there has been an explosion of interest in so-called meta-materials allegedly “recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena.” Although this announcement has created a great deal of excitement, there has been very little context to these claims. The public, therefore, has no real baseline by which to critique or even understand the claims or methods being employed to confirm the potentially anomalous nature of the material. For example, how can a member of the public understand whether or not the testing methods suggested by a variety of individuals are sufficient? And how will the evidence such testing provides be understood and analyzed by the scientific community, and how best can that be expressed to the general public? In this report our group will give this context, helping the public to construct informed opinions on these testing methods, results, and the very nature of the tests performed.

    As a first pass on this analysis, we must understand what questions are being asked. In other words, let’s suppose we were given a piece of material that was believed to have come from another, potentially alien civilization. The challenge presented to our scientific team is to prove whether or not this material really did, or at least most likely must have, come from some non-Earth intelligence. How would we begin to develop a plan to test if the evidence supported this hypothesis? This question can be broken down into a number of significant portions. Firstly, we would want to identify if the material has come from outer space by comparing it to similar materials or samples we find on Earth. Does it show significant enough differences to cause us to believe it did not come from our planet? Second, is there evidence that the material has been engineered or designed in some way? Does it show properties or applications that we wouldn’t expect to occur naturally, or is it engineered or composed in a way to give it specific properties? And third, does it show advanced techniques or knowledge with which we are unfamiliar. Are there super-heavy elements which we have yet to discover here on Earth, does it show crystal structures or solid phases that have not yet been documented by the materials science community, does it show composition and engineering which is beyond the scope of science today?
    If these three questions are answered in the affirmative and supported by evidence this would be enough to support the hypothesis. This would show that this material is not only from outer space but from a civilization that had engineered it for a specific purpose. Each question answered in the affirmative would be a tremendous milestone for the person who found the material, but not enough to support the extraordinary claim of alien engineering on its own. For instance, if the material were found to be from outer space with evidence of unknown properties it may be a meteorite or other piece of space debris, but not necessarily from another civilization. At the same time, if the material showed evidence of engineering and was also found to have unknown properties it could be from an experimental aircraft or another device that is currently unknown to the public and scientific community. One possibility we cannot ignore here is that our current science may not be able to understand or determine the properties or applications for which a given material has been engineered. This may give a false negative to our question 3 above and lead us to unfairly characterize some samples as not passing the high threshold we have set. Ultimately if a material has been engineered, it is almost implied that there would be a reasoning behind this engineering, some application for which it would be used. Therefore, I would anticipate that although we may not currently understand its application that does not imply that an application was not in mind when the material was initially designed. This suggests that for cases where engineering is suspected as well as a non-Earth point of origin careful consideration must be given to pot
    ential applications we do not expect, as well as a variety of tests that may not be obvious to the engineer or scientist.

    Materials science is a broad field with applications across the breadth of scientific, engineering, and medical studies. It deals primarily with the analysis and study of solid materials, both in their bulk form (for example the properties of a gallon of sand) and at the level of individual particles (a single grain of sand). This science deals with both crystalline materials, those with repeating patterns of atomic arrangement into what are known as crystalline phases (one of the most well-known examples of a crystalline solid is diamond, although crystals do not need to be gem-like, for example, salt), and amorphous solids, those without repeating atomic arrangements (one of which is aluminosilicate glass materials such as those used for dishware or windows in homes). Other materials which are well known to the reader are metallic solids such as Iron (a bulk collection of iron atoms held together by shared electrons) and steel (an alloy of iron with other metals, creating a solid mixture of components into a roughly homogeneous material). These materials are all, more or less, simplistic in their composition and manufacturing processes. For the majority of our time as a civilization, we have either mined them from the Earth for our direct use, or performed slight modifications such as melting, remixing, and re-casting to make them more useful. It is potentially true that other civilizations, having obtained the ability to make their way to our distant corner of the universe, will have also had their bronze or iron ages far in the past, and come to roughly the same conclusions as our metallurgists, scientists, and engineers when it comes to how to shape and utilize these materials at the bulk scale (assuming of course that these beings are physical things at all, something that is out of the scope of this discussion).
    In recent years, materials engineering has focused on the creation of novel materials for directed applications. In particular, this has focused on the creation of materials with nanoscale properties, those which become apparent at the bulk scale but are due to properties of the material at the scale of 1 x 10-9 meters long. Of particular interest to the study of potentially engineered materials, the behavior of nanoengineered solids is such that they would not, in general, be possible in nature as far as we understand it. These may include the creation of composite materials (e.g. solid particles covered in polymer molecules, layers of unlike oxides and metallic compounds with polymer or soft matter layers, designed or engineering crystal or polymer phases, and others), the creation of non-standard geometries (asymmetrical crystal growth or properties, designed crystal defects at regular positions, pillaring or other mixed porosity structuring), or the creation of materials that are post-synthetically functional (in other words materials that can be reversibly altered through the application of heat, chemical impulse, electromagnetic field, or some other energy/force). Probing structures of this sort is a complicated process, but one which has a tremendous amount of literature background available for the interested scientist or engineer. The pathway is apparent to those with the wherewithal to follow it; however, the jargon and specifics may be confusing and difficult to the interested public. In general, however, there are a number of properties that would be of immediate interest to a material scientist faced with the three hypotheses we have posited above.
    2. Atomic and Isotopic Make-Up
    The first piece of useful information is what the material is composed of. This question in the first place helps to narrow down our later searches significantly, provides information to hint at the origin point of the material, and may even help us answer if the material has been engineered or not; as has been gone over consistently in the popular articles on this subject one of these tests would include something like EDS (Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy) or XRF (X-ray Fluorescence). In both of these tests, a material sample is bombarded with X-Rays in a test chamber, causing the atoms within the sample to become excited. These excited atoms eventually relax back to their initial ground state, by releasing photons which are then collected by a detector within the test chamber. The released photons are dependent on the atomic number of the elements within the sample, and in some testing methods, the oxidation state of the atoms within the material can be determined as well. These tests provide information on the elements within the sample, as well as a rough estimate of the chemical makeup of the bulk solid. In the unlikely case that the material contains an unknown element, it is these sorts of tests that would show the scientist that further testing should likely be performed. These tests may also suggest the presence of elements we don’t expect to find normally on the surface of the Earth, or even percentages of elements that are uncommonly found. For example, there are elements which are not naturally occurring but instead result from our nuclear weapons testing. Elements of this sort such as Strontium and Cesium would not be anticipated in high percentages in a normal sample of material, although again this would only suggest that the material is not from a standard source and not that it is extraterrestrial in origin.

    Another type of information which has been held up as the holy grail of material testing in pop science is isotopic testing and ratio analysis. Isotopes of a given element are defined by their atomic number (the number of protons in their nucleus, which gives the element it’s identity and placement on the periodic table) and their mass (the number of protons and neutrons, each defined as one atomic mass unit, within the nucleus). The relative abundance of an isotope of an element on the surface of the Earth is, very roughly, averaged to give the atomic mass listed on the periodic table for that element. Isotopes vary due to their stability (with radioactive isotopes decaying and therefore becoming less abundant with time), and therefore the relative ratio of isotopes within a given sample would normally be expected to fit within the range of other samples found on the Earth. However, the variation of isotopes across the Earth’s surface can vary significantly, with radioactive testing and other geological or historical factors potentially playing a part. Therefore, it is important to be nuanced and careful in the analysis of these tests, a fact that has not been fully appreciated to date by those claiming to have extraordinary samples. At best isotopic testing would tell us that material is outside of the range of terrestrial samples we usually find, warranting further study by other means. It may also tell us if the sample is from before or after the Earth or even our solar system formed, or what local chemical or geological make up may have looked like over the lifetime of the sample. However, isotopic testing alone is not sufficient to answer the question of whether or not a sample has been engineered or left behind by some advanced civilization.
    Isotopic testing is generally performed utilizing magnetic mass spectrometry techniques such as Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) or Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS). In these tests, the material sample is first atomized, either by grinding or very fast heating and dispersion in a carrier solution, which also causes them to take on a net positive or negative charge and thereby become ions. These ions are then carried with the carrier gas or plasma through a magnetic field towards an ion detector. The magnetic field is set up in such a way that ions will be separated from one another based on their mass to charge ratio, a value which is specific to ions of isotopes of a given element. Essentially, isotopes which are heavier will flow more slowly with the carrier gas, and those with higher charges will be more attracted to the magnetic field. This allows us to obtain a readout of the mass to charge ratio of the atoms within a sample, which when compared to a standard set of samples can then be used to determine the isotopes within the sample as well as their relative abundance based on the number of hits the detector reads. The results of these tests can be extremely accurate, down to parts per million of a sample if given the correct calibrations and analysis methods being employed.

    3. Crystallography and Surface Characterization

    If an advanced civilization has engineered a material for a specific purpose, one of the avenues to discover the trademarks of this engineering may be in the specifics of the solid components that make up the material. This includes the surface characteristics of the individual solid components (for example are they patterned or etched, do they show evidence of atomic deposition or other surface treatments for growth or sealing, are the surfaces polished or show a lack of imperfections), the porous structure of the support (is the surface area very high, are their complex porous channels that appear to have some separation or adsorption potential, are the pores engineered to include secondary chemical sites for chemisorption or catalysis of some sort), the crystal structure or phase of the components (is it a crystal structure that currently exists on Earth, is it a single crystal compound, does it show multiple materials combined together in a way which is unexpected), and the bulk properties of the solid (how does it respond to temperature, pressure, shear stresses, radiation, etc). The range of possible properties that can be probed in this case is vast; however, there are a few tests which I would consider to be absolutely necessary for a true analysis of any potentially engineered solid. These include X-Ray Diffraction, Pore/Surface analysis via adsorption isotherm, Raman or FTIR Spectroscopy, Electron Microscopy, and Thermogravimetric Analysis/Differential Scanning Calorimetry. These cover the broad gamut of materials characterization, giving a view of the materials properties as they currently exist, and would hint at potential other applications or methods of engineering should they exist.
    X-Ray Diffraction consists of the analysis of how an X-Ray beam is diffracted off of a materials crystal lattice. You can imagine a crystal structure like a regularly repeating pattern of atoms, each placed in a fixed position to one another in 3-dimensional space. During X-Ray diffraction, the crystal lattice is bombarded with photons, which are being shot as a beam at a given angle. Photons will interact and collide with atoms within the crystal lattice if they come into contact and be diffracted off of the solids lattice. In X-Ray Diffraction the photons that are diffracted are collected at each given angle and analyzed to determine information about the geometry of the crystal structure, how well defined the crystal is, and even in some cases how much stress or strain the material is under. For our analysis, the first important characterization is if the material is a crystal structure or not. If it is a crystal, is it a sort of crystal structure that we would find in the scientific literature, or is it something novel to materials science? From the hints that we have received so far by those in possession of these materials, we may expect that the solid is layered, or lamellar. These layered solids possess diffraction patterns at the lowest X-Ray angles, between 0.1 and 5 degrees 2 theta (2 thetas being the measured angle of the X-Ray beam). This corresponds to very large spaces between repeating planes, with most layered materials in the open literature showing d spacings of between 10 and 40 Angstroms. This would be a quick and easy test to run and would immediately tell us if the structure is layered in any way which would make it outside of the scope of naturally occurring lamellar structures such as clays or layered hydroxides.
    Spectroscopy occurs similarly, probing the structure with photons of a given energy and observing the excitation of the material surface to tell us something about the chemical bonds likely present on the material. Raman spectroscopy is generally utilized in this field for metallic structures, although the information obtained in this way is generally limited. The true use of these spectroscopic techniques from a materials science perspective is in the ability to see if there are secondary chemical functionalities present on the material’s surface. For example, we may expect that catalysis or separation applications on some other planet would require the same careful control of chemical binding sites as we use on Earth for our catalysis and separations applications. This would be clear by the presence of secondary chemical species not often found on the surface of solid materials. Sensors on a material surface, coatings for different applications, and other potential surface species adsorbed onto the material being studied (such as debris from entry into the upper atmosphere, chemical species from the atmosphere of where ever this material has been, and other surface alterations) would also potentially be observable from such an analysis. This in tandem with isotherm analysis for porosity and surface area information would also be extremely useful. Materials with very high surface areas may show potential as catalysts or adsorbents and would show at least that the material was likely created and not naturally occurring (surface areas as high as 3000 m2/g have been achieved on Earth, although only for synthetic materials).
    Electron Microscopy via Scanning Electron Microscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy would give information as to the solids bulk surface properties, although outside of that the information gleaned from such analysis is likely to be limited. Of particular interest would be whether the surface is patterned or altered in some way. For example, on Earth we are currently studying the effect of rough surface patterning on anti-bacterial or microbial properties of surfaces, as well as what effect surface etching or patterning can have on the ability to repel or absorb water. We may expect that other intelligences would also find these properties useful to tune and would utilize them to provide beneficial properties to their materials. There may also be other surface patterning alterations which provide additional benefits, for example, radar cloaking or resistance to heat or radiation. On top of that if the material has been fabricated at the micron or bulk scales, then these microscopic techniques would tell that story, providing direct evidence of engineering. Thermal analysis may also provide some benefit, although this would again be limited. TGA and DSC work by heating the material slowly over time and observing what changes are made to the temperature of the material or the weight of the material. This may provide information on organic content, the ability of the material to withstand increased temperatures or heat fluxes, and how the solid behaves under the extreme heat of entry into the atmosphere from space.

    4. Current State of Materials Study and Conclusion

    As far as can be gleaned from the information available to the general public, it appears that efforts to date concerning the analysis of solids potentially occurring from some unknown civilization have focused on the first class of studies, those concerning the elements making up the material and their isotopes. However, as has been suggested by this work that is only a small portion of the entire picture needed before any definitive conclusions can be made. There are other, more specific tests that would need to be run to determine the potential applications of any material, how it was potentially fabricated, and where it may have come from. However, as any first-year materials science student can tell you, these are the basic analytical techniques which would be utilized for a serious investigation. Of particular concern to the interested public should be any study that purports to give evidence without reporting clearly and in detail their methods, potential sources of error, the accuracy of their measurements, and other information required to replicate their results. Without these pieces of information, it is impossible to verify any claims regarding a material’s properties, let alone more extraordinary claims regarding potential engineering by a non-Earth civilization. It is the authors hope that this report has been informative to the general public, and it is our sincere hope that this work may be of some use to those interested in these subjects who are not sure what to make of extraordinary claims of materials with special properties or exotic origin points.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Argentina: Strange Ground Effects Caused by UFOs?

    Argentina: Strange Ground Effects Caused by UFOs?

    Source: and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía

    Argentina: Strange Ground Effects Caused by UFOs?

    On Saturday, a young man found two distinctive drawings in the snow, but found no human footprints.

    At around 20:00 hours on Saturday, a youth from Moquehue (Neuquén) went out on his motorcycle to ride through a seldom-transited area along Route 117 and found strange drawings in the snow.

    "Their size and perfection were striking," said Rodrigo in a conversation with LM Neuquén regarding the spots. "I'd never seen anything like them."

    The young man said that after seeing the drawings, he alerted his family and they returned to the site to take photographs and inspect the designs. "I was surprised that there were no footprints nearby. This in an area that is rarely visited," he added.

    The ground marks were found on Route 11 heading toward Norquinco in an area that remains closed in winter and only recently reopened in the spring. Patches of snow often remain and that is where the marks were seen.

    Other local residents said that drawings similar in their size and perfection were found a kilometer distant from the site. 

    "I believe UFOs exist. Perhaps it was them," Rodrigo concluded.

    Note: Luis Burgos from FAO has noticed a similarity between this phenomenon and drew comparisons with another classic case: "The famous and controversial Delphos Case in Kansas, USA, 1971. It snowed afterward and the UFO mark was highlighted."

    [Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO] }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Novel video shows what drone impacts can do to planes. Spoiler alert: it’s very, very bad

    Novel video shows what drone impacts can do to planes. Spoiler alert: it’s very, very bad


    Drones: they’re small, they’re kinda cute, and they’re really cool. But these little fliers can also be very dangerous, especially to air traffic.


    Image credits University of Dayton Research Institute.

    New research from the University of Dayton (UoD) Research Institute shows that these buzzing motes of technology pose a real threat to larger aircraft, with a direct impact able to cause severe structural damage to an aircraft’s frame.

    Winging it

    Given that planes are pretty big vehicles and civilian drones tend not to be that way, it’s easy to assume that the former would suffer only minor damage in the case of a collision. However, a new video released by researchers from the University of Dayton shows that this is far from the truth.

    The team traditionally studies a similar hazard: that of mid-flight bird-airplane collisions. While such events aren’t too dangerous for planes, they can cause significant difficulties for pilots and some damage to the vehicle. Some of the most dangerous outcomes of a bird-plane collision include broken windows (and subsequent injuries to the crew), and engine damage. The team’s results are forwarded to the aircraft design industry, which uses the data to bird-proof their planes.

    Given their background, the team wondered what the outcome of a drone-plane impact would be. In collaboration with researchers at the Sinclair College National UAS Training and Certification Center, they set up an experiment to find out. The test roughly followed the same layout as bird-impact tests: the team set up a target — the wing of a single-engine Mooney M20 — on a fixed mount, shot a drone at it at speeds similar to that of a flying aircraft, and filmed the whole thing. In effect, this simulates a plane hitting a drone during flight.
    RELATED  Power and Economy in a Sedan

    The footage shows that a drone can cause significant damage to an airplane, should they collide at full speed. Rather than breaking apart, bounding off, or glancing off (like birds tend to do), the drone acted like a cannonball — it tore through the vehicle’s fuselage, causing extensive internal damage. Most worryingly, it chewed right through the wing’s main spar, a key structural unit that carries the plane’s weight (i.e. it’s the part that keeps the wing from breaking off). Damage to the spar has a very high chance of making the plane incapable of flight.

    Drone collisions cause greater and more severe damage to planes than birds of comparative size due to their solid motors, batteries, and other parts, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported in a study last year. These parts are much stiffer than the flesh of birds (which is mostly water), so they don’t disintegrate, and most often penetrate a vehicle’s skin. That study also says the FAA gets more than 250 sightings a month of drones posing potential risks to planes, most often near airports.

    The UoD team says we need to do more extensive testing — using different sizes of drones and aircraft models — to fully understand the risks involved in such collisions. Furthermore, they point to a collision between a civilian quadcopter drone and a military helicopter that occurred last year, saying that it’s nearly certain we’ll see more such events in the future. The helicopter in that collision suffered severe damage to its rotor, but was able to make it back to base, crew unharmed.

    The FAA called on drone manufacturers to develop and incorporate technology to detect and avoid planes. Judging from the UoD video, that’s a good first step. Pilots definitely shouldn’t rely on sheer luck, or current planes, to save them in a drone impact — both are flimsy defenses. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Passing of UFO Investigator Robert Dean and Wistleblower Karl Wolfe

    The Passing of UFO Investigator Robert Dean and Wistleblower Karl Wolfe

    This past week, the field of ufology lost two of its well-known members – UFO investigator Robert Dean and whistleblower Karl Wolfe.

    De bronafbeelding bekijken

    Robert Dean is best known for revealing that, while a member of the U.S. military stationed at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in the 1960s, he was able to read a document entitled “UFO Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Threat” because his security clearance allowed him access to documents labeled “Cosmic Top Secret.” While Dean could not obtain a copy, he remembered the contents of the papers and revealed them to the public after retiring from a 28-year career in the Army. Those contents, according to Dean, included detailed information on UFO sightings, ET encounters and alien autopsies. Dean claimed the research was approved by NATO and exposed (at least internally) that Earth was inhabited by four alien species that looked like humans and were secretly interacting with us.

    Dean spoke often both within the ufology community and to the general public about what he saw in “The Assessment” and, while he was unable to offer proof, lived long enough to see the US government finally admit it has investigated UFOs and release videos of encounters. Robert Dean was 89.

    Former US Air Force Sergeant Karl Wolfe, 74, was cycling in Lansing, New York, when he was hit by a tractor trailer.

    Former US Air Force Sergeant Karl Wolfe, 74, was cycling in Lansing, New York, when he was hit by a tractor trailer.


    Karl Wolfe was another former military officer (Air Force sergeant) who also claimed to have a special security clearance in the 1960s while working in the Tactical Air Command at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. In 2001 at the now-famous Disclosure Project event held at the National Press Club in Washington DC and organized by ufologist Steven Greer, Wolfe revealed that, while working as a technician processing photographic surveillance from the war in Vietnam, he was sent to a building filled, to his surprise and suspicion, with non-English-speaking civilians and interpreters. In a darkroom used for processing photos from the first lunar orbiter mission in 1966, another technician allegedly showed him pictures of structures on the far side of the moon. He descried it in his testimony:

    “He pulled out one of these mosaics, and showed this base which had geometric shapes – there were towers, there were spherical buildings, there were very tall towers and things that looked somewhat like radar dishes, but they were very large structures.”

    While he had no evidence, Wolfe spoke about his experience at subsequent ufology events. He died this week in a tragic traffic accident that is still under investigation. Karl Wolfe was 74.

    As expected, some are trying to link the accident to Wolfe’s revelations about  }alleged secret moon base and others to the coincidental passing of two UFO whistleblowers with a week of each other. The circumstances of each man’s passing seem to suggest otherwise, but actual information about such a connection is as likely to be disclosed as is evidence of what both men claimed they saw and told to anyone who would listen.

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The US Government Just Admitted To Recovering Materials From UFOs – Here Are The Latest Updates

    The US Government Just Admitted To Recovering Materials From UFOs – Here Are The Latest Updates

    “Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help. But instead, we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after.”

    The quote above comes from Paul Hellyer, former Canadian defence minister. (source)

    First off, the fact that the official disclosure of Unidentified Flying Objects has happened is huge, and those who are avid researchers of the phenomenon saw this one coming. For years, we’ve experienced, as I’ve said many times before, an “official campaign of ridicule and secrecy” (Ex-CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter) of the phenomenon. The establishment, in many ways, was responsible for the foolish articles that would constantly appear in mainstream media publications, absolutely ridiculing a topic that was and is actually quite real.

    Today, we’ve seen a complete 180 degree switch. UFOs are no longer ridiculed by the mainstream, which should raise a serious eyebrows because very seldom does mainstream media share any sort of truth, especially when we’re talking about projects that rank among the most secretive in the world.

    You can read more about Black Budget programs, here.

    Unfortunately, most of our media is controlled by a very small group of people, and declassified documents alongside whistle-blower testimony has made this very clear. Intelligence agencies have close relationships with “every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation, this has helped us turn some ‘intelligence failure’ stories into ‘intelligence success’ stories.’ and has contributed to the accuracy of countless others.” This comes straight from a CIA document.  Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, Sharyl Attkisson, Amber Lyon and many others have also provided many examples of what it’s like to work inside a media organization that’s dominated by government/corporate/deep state interests. You can read more about them and what they had to say, here.

    This is exactly why mainstream UFO disclosure is questionable, and there appears to be multiple things happening here. One is the fact that the phenomenon was so obvious for anybody who looked into it, from a research perspective. There was and has been more than ample evidence to show that the UFOs were and are real, that there are “objects in our atmosphere which are technically miles in advance of anything we can deploy.” (Lord Admiral Hill Norton, Former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee)

    The statement below fromVictor Marchetti, former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, doesn’t seem to hold so true anymore, at least the last part.

    We have, indeed, been contacted — perhaps even visited — by extraterrestrial beings, and the US government, in collusion with the other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public.
    (Second Look, Volume 1, No 7, Washington, DC, May, 1979)

    If you want to get into the extraterrestrial hypothesis, you can read the article linked below:

    One of the biggest mouthpieces for “the establishment,”  The New York Times, admitted something that the establishment, or facets of it, have been concealing for years; UFOs are real.

    The Times broke the story about a secret Pentagon program, but any UFO researcher knows these programs are more in-depth, expensive, and expansive than anything that’s described here.

    According to the Times,

    “In the $600 billion annual Defense Department budgets, the $22 million spent on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was almost impossible to find.

    Which was how the Pentagon wanted it.

    For years, the program investigated reports of unidentified flying objects, according to Defense Department officials, interviews with program participants and records obtained by The New York Times. It was run by a military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo, on the fifth floor of the Pentagon’s C Ring, deep within the building’s maze.

    The Defense Department has never before acknowledged the existence of the program, which it says it shut down in 2012. But its backers say that, while the Pentagon ended funding for the effort at that time, the program remains in existence. For the past five years, they say, officials with the program have continued to investigate episodes brought to them by service members, while also carrying out their other Defense Department duties.” (source)


    Related CE Article:

    What’s Missing From Mainstream UFO Disclosure

    One interesting thing to note here, is the sharing of information and truth in order to lie. For example, the MK Ultra program, a CIA based mind-control program is a great example. This is because the evidence became so obvious that the U.S. government had no choice but to disclose the reality of it. Although they clearly did not share all, the public thought they did. The program had been declassified and thus, all of the questions and inquiries into the program stopped because apparently, the government released everything there is to know.

    This is what we could be seeing with the UFO program. Prior to this disclosure, dozens of other governments had already done so themselves, and the field is loaded with a ton of credible witness testimony as well as various documents released via The Freedom of Information Act.

    Now that the Pentagon has admitted to this program, does that mean the existence of UFOs has been disclosed, and that’s all there is to it?  Are we seeing a clever way of releasing information, in order to conceal more important information, or is this really a slow disclosure initiative by the U.S. government? And if it is, why are they doing it?

    Related CE Article:

    Why is the mainstream covering this story the way they are? I have been saying for years that the mainstream media, the establishment media, will never cover the UFO subject in a serious way, that is, until they would be absolutely pushed to the wall and then do something…So the question is, what is going on here?…If they’re the voice of the establishment (mainstream media), then why have the establishment elected to put this story out?

    The quote above comes from historian Richard Dolan, he’s one of the most prominent thinkers of our time. He’s also one of the world’s leading researchers on the topic of UFO’s.

    Richard goes on to explain, in the lecture linked below, that this is simply a tidbit of truth that’s been made to look like the complete truth. It brings up a number of key things that have been ignored by mainstream media regarding the recent UFO disclosure, which is being addressed through the To The Stars Academy.

    The best way to keep a secret is you pretend to share it, you give some information out, some genuine information, which they did, there were some significant revelations here, significant admissions, and much that was not followed up…

    – Dolan

    He then outlines what’s missing here.

    This is such an important point, that there has been no follow up regarding the alleged possession of the materials that have been recovered from this object.

    Yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. . . . We are not alone in the universe, they have been coming here for a long time. I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real.

    – Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell (sourcesourcesource)

    The head of this program was Luis Elizondo, a career intelligence officer, his experience includes working in the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, and the National Counterintelligence Executive, he also spent time as the Director of National Intelligence. Furthermore, he’s also managed the security for several sensitive projects for the U.S. government as the Director for the National Programs Special Management Staff.

    For the last 10 years of his career, Elizondo “ran a sensitive aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies.” Where he learned that the the phenomenon is indeed real.

    He is big on the fact that there is enough evidence to suggest that “we’re not alone,” and he’s also mentioned that materials from these objects have indeed been collected and studied. This is huge.

    This was mentioned in the New York Times article above, that materials have indeed been recovered from the craft, but Elizondo gave an exclusive interview to the organizers of the UFO Congress, the world’s biggest UFO conference, and took place in Phoenix, Arizona, which painted a different story….

    Alejandro Rojas, host of the UFO Congress said Mr. Elizondo had told him more about the metal during the exclusive interviews that were screened at the event. Mr Rojas said: “I can tell you it is not an alloy like the New York Times claims.”

    As Scientific American points out:

    One of the authors of the Times report, Ralph Blumenthal, had this to say on MSNBC about the alloys: “They have, as we reported in the paper, some material from these objects that is being studied so that scientists can find what accounts for their amazing properties, this technology of these objects, whatever they are.” When asked what the materials were, Blumenthal responded,They don’t know. They’re studying it, but it’s some kind of compound that they don’t recognize.””

    According to Rojas: I shared at our conference that Elizondo has told me it is a ‘meta-material’ with strange isotopic values indicating it is not from Earth.” 

    This is quite significant, we’ve been given the narrative that it’s not really known where these objects are, and figures like Neil deGrasse Tyson went on national television trying to ridicule the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

    I’m not aware of any effort within the established media to follow up on this (pieces of the UFOs) and to find out…where this comes from…I mean nothing…So, it’s five months later, and we’re clearly not dealing with a serious effort by the mainstream media, for that reason alone…I have had information now, from a very good source, that, what they’ve recovered aren’t metal alloys, that they’re being described as meta-materials…a very different thing….The individual that I spoke with, about where did that phrase metal alloy come, did it come Luis Elizondo I was told no it did not come from him.””
    – Richard Dolan

    The New York times article also mentions that these materials were shipped off to Bigelow aerospace for examination, which is interesting because in a recent interview with 60 minutes, Robert Bigelow, founder of the Bigelow Aerospace corporation, stated that he is aware of an intelligent extraterrestrial presence visiting the planet.

    You can watch that interview here.

    This means that it came from one of the authors of the New York Times Article, an editor, or an intelligence agency.

    Dolan refers to this aspect of the article as, “intentionally deceptive.”

    Another interesting thing is that Elizondo has mentioned multiple times that these encounters have occurred hundreds of times and there have been extremely phenomenal encounters that never really seemed to grab the attention of his higher ups, which is also odd. A lot of these encounters have been documented, well before this disclosure.

    There is a lot to discuss about this topic, and what’s going on here. The talk below is interesting to say the least and if you’ve made it this far, I recommend you give the whole thing a listen.

    This topic is very significant, especially from a consciousness perspective. It leaves no aspect of humanity untouched, and we just completed a very interesting podcast with Richard Lawrence, Secretary of The Aetherius Society in Europe, discussing these implications. You can listen to that HERE. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Declassified CIA Documents Show Agency’s Control Over Mainstream Media & Academia

    Declassified CIA Documents Show Agency’s Control Over Mainstream Media & Academia

    A declassified document from the CIA archives in the form of a letter from a CIA task force addressed to the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency details the close relationship that exists between the CIA and mainstream media and academia.

    The document states that the CIA task force “now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation,” and that “this has helped us turn some ‘intelligence failure’ stories into ‘intelligence success” stories,’ and has contributed to the accuracy of countless others.” Furthermore, it explains how the agency has “persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold, or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected national security interests or jeopardized sources and methods.”

    Although it is a document outlining their desire to become more open and transparent, the deception outlined by various whistleblowers (example) requires us to read between the lines and recognize that the relationships shared between intelligence agencies and our sources of information are not always warranted and pose inherent conflicts of interest.

    Herein lies the problem: What is “national security,” and who determines that definition? JFK bravely told the world that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweigh[] the dangers which are cited to justify it.” He also said that there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.” 

    “National security” is now an umbrella term used to justify concealing information, but who makes these decisions? You can read more about our world of secrecy and the Black Budget here.

    Not only are countless documents classified every single year in North America, but false information and “fake news” are routinely dispersed, mainly by mainstream media outlets — a reality that is clearly conveyed in this document and has been expressed by multiple mainstream media journalists themselves. And as with the NSA surveillance program that was exposed by Edward Snowden, it’s a global problem.

    Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, a prominent German journalist and editor for more than two decades, is one example. He blew the whistle on public television, stating that he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agencies under his own name and that noncompliance with these orders would result in him losing his job. (source)

    Sharyl Attkisson and Amber Lyon, both well-known mainstream media reporters and journalists, have also exposed funded movements by political, corporate, and other special interests, and have revealed that they are routinely paid by the U.S. government as well as foreign governments to selectively report and distort information on certain events. (source)(source)

    Let’s not forget about Operation Mockingbird, a CIA-based initiative to control mainstream media.

    The document not only outlines the CIA’s role in media, but also the entire entertainment industry in general, lending further weight to revelations offered by celebrities like Jim Carrey. He appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, saying that, “For years now, talk show hosts, people on television, people in sitcoms have been, hired by the government to throw you off the tracks, to distract you, to make you laugh and stuff like that, make you happy and docile so you don’t know what’s really going on.”

    While some question whether he was merely joking, the facts still remain. Another celebrity, who was clearly serious, is Roseanne Barr, who referenced the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control program — a previously classified research program through the CIA’s scientific intelligence division that tested behavioural modification and perception manipulation on human beings.

    What we seem to have here is an attempt to manipulate public perception of global events through mainstream media and news publications. But what’s perhaps most interesting is the fact that a lot of people are now waking up and seeing through many of these lies and manipulation tactics. Instead of just blindly believing what we hear on television, more people are starting to think critically, do independent research, and examine a wide array of sources and information.

    So many opportunities have emerged within the past few years allowing others to see this more clearly. One was the recent “fake news” epidemic, where evidence surfaced exposing information that threatened the global elite. Wikileaks is perhaps one of the greatest examples. For mainstream media to basically label everything else as “fake news” was quite ironic, given that it seems the majority of people consider mainstream media themselves to be the real  “fake news,” and this is now even more evident given the information presented above in this article.

    The documents also touch upon the fact that they are constantly in touch with the entertainment industry, giving advice on scenes and direction, as well as how things happened in certain situations. Personally, I feel the industry is largely used to push propaganda, like patriotism. Patriotism is pumped into the population to support a large military in the name of “national security.” We are being fooled, wars are not waged for defence, but for offence and to push forth political agendas.

    So you see, there are multiple reasons for these CIA connections to various industries.


    From a young age we’re taught that getting an education is the key to living a good life. Getting a decent job, making good money, even finding the right partner — all depend on following a certain path. Yet many concepts and topics are, as previously illustrated, kept from public viewing, and this includes plenty of important science.

    The U.S. intelligence community investigated parapsychology (ESP, remote viewing, telepathy, etc.) for more than two decades, for instance. Russell Targ, a physicist who has spent several decades working in a U.S. government program exploring these concepts, recently shared his experience doing so in a TED talk that is now approaching 1 million views.

    Another great example of Black Budget science comes from Ben Rich, the second director of Lockheed Skunkworks, who worked there from 1975-1991. He’s been called the Father of Stealth, having overseen the development of the first stealth fighter, the F-117 NighthawkBefore his death, Rich made several shocking open statements about the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials.

    “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do it.” 

    “We now have technology to take ET home. No it won’t take someone’s lifetime to do it. There is an error in the equations. We know what it is. We now have the capability to travel to the stars.” 

    “There are two types of UFOs — the ones we build and the ones ‘they’ build.” 

    To read more about those comments and examine the sources, you can refer to thisarticle that goes into more detail about it.

    Information like this, including testimony from hundreds of others, suggests that the “classified world” is much more advanced than our mainstream one.

    This particular document states that the agency exposes administrators of academic institutions to the agency on a regular basis.

    Obviously, as with any other job, the CIA would be looking for what they consider to be qualified individuals. But the document does outline its close relationship with academia in general.

    This is because certain developments and information that stem from academia could threaten national security and therefore must be kept out of the curriculum, and the public domain.

    Take, for example, documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that reveal how the U.S. government has been using a secret system to withhold the approval of some applications.

    This 50-page document was obtained by Kilpatrick Towsend & Stockton, LLP, who commonly represent major tech companies that include Apple, Google, and Twitter (to name a few). You can view that entire document here. (source)

    The program delaying patent applications is called the Sensitive Application Warning System (SWAS). Usually when an application is submitted for a patent approval, it requires a couple of examiners who work with the Patent Office to go through their process of approval. This process usually takes one to two years, but  applications that are filed in SAWS must be approved from several people, and can be delayed for a number of years.

    One great example (out of many) of delayed patent applications comes from Dr. Gerald F. Ross, who filed a patent application for a new invention he had devised to defeat the jamming of electromagnetic transmissions at specified frequencies. It was not until June 17, 2014 (almost 37 years later) that this patent was granted. (source)

    It’s important to note (as reported by the Federation of American Scientists — see annotated bibliography) that there were over 5,000 inventions that were under secrecy orders at the end of fiscal year 2014, which marked the highest number of secrecy orders in effect since 1994. (source)

    Steven Aftergood from the Federation of American Scientists reports:

    The 1971 list indicates that patents for solar photovoltaic generators were subject to review and possible restriction if the photovoltaics were more than 20% efficient.  Energy conversion systems were likewise subject to review and possible restriction if they offered conversion efficiencies “in excess of 70-80%.” (source)

    This is all thanks to an act many people are unaware of. It’s called the “Invention Secrecy Act,” and it was written in 1951. Under this act, patent applications on new inventions can be subject to secrecy orders, which can restrict their publication if government agencies believe that their disclosure would be harmful to national security. (source)(source)

    Final Thoughts

    So, as you see, science and academia in the mainstream world can only go so far. We continue to rely on government institutions to define truth and reality for us, to outline the limits of what is possible. In many instances, these places to which we go to “learn” are actually diminishing, not supporting, our creativity and critical thinking skills. That’s not to say that there aren’t good aspects of the experience, but overall, we are not accessing our full potential.

    When information is hidden from us as well as manipulated at the same time, it’s only going to spark more curiosity among the people. And that’s one aspect of the current shift in consciousness that’s happening on our planet. We’re beginning to see the human experience in a different light, and starting to recognize that the time for change is really here. What are we going to do about it?

    Related CE Article: The CIA & The Media: 50 Facts The World Should Know }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Stephen Hawking, God, and the Oncoming Genetic ‘Superhumans’

    Stephen Hawking, God, and the Oncoming Genetic ‘Superhumans’

    Stephen Hawking will no doubt be remembered alongside Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and other great minds who changed the course of modern science forever. Aside from his indelible contributions to astrophysics and cosmology, Hawking was also a believer in the “many worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics which posits that there are infinite realities and universes and that every possibility which did not come to be in our own universe has happened in at least one other universe.

    To warn us of potential disastrous possibilities in whatever hellish reality or universe we’ve found ourselves in, Hawking left a few prescient warnings in his posthumous last book being published this week, Brief Answers to the Big Questions. The book contains a collection of answers to some of humanity’s most burning questions as me move forward into an uncertain but certainly weird future.

    Among the many warnings Hawking leaves in the book is one against the creation of genetically modified superhumans. Hawking writes than in the very near future, techniques like CRISPR/Cas9 will enable us to “discover how to modify both intelligence and instincts such as aggression.” While Hawking notes that laws will initially be passed to ban such genetic tampering, it’s only a matter of time before a new race of Homo superior appears and all hell breaks loose for us normies:

    Once such superhumans appear, there are going to be significant political problems with the unimproved humans, who won’t be able to compete Presumably, they will die out, or become unimportant. Instead, there will be a race of self-designing beings who are improving themselves at an ever-increasing rate.

    Hawking says we’re entering a new phase of human history which he dubs “self-designed evolution,” one in which we’re able to change the course of our own genetic future. Of course, we have no idea what the outcome will be, but who cares? Let’s start cutting and pasting a few genes and see what happens, am I right?

    The off switch could prevent unwanted genetic alterations.

    You gotta break a few DNA eggs to make a superhuman omelette.

    Aside from cautioning us against superhumans, Hawking also lays out a comprehensive warning about the oncoming rise of artificial intelligence and states simply that while “we are each free to believe what we want, and it’s my view that the simplest explanation is that there is no God.”

    Hawking’s warnings aren’t exactly groundbreaking; these same fears have been mulled over for decades, after all. Given that he was one of the world’s brightest minds, though, should give us pause to consider if this truly is the direction in humanity should travel. Is a future filled with genetic superhumans and all-powerful AI inevitable? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mysterious UFOs in shape of white orbs of light 'speed across sky' at South America's highest monument

    Mysterious UFOs in shape of white orbs of light 'speed across sky' at South America's highest monument

    It appears to show a white ball of light in mid-air flying high over the city in northern Chile

    By Kelly-Ann Mills

    Eerie footage of a white orb of light flying through the sky has been filmed close to South America's highest monument.

    An eyewitness captured the dramatic footage on his phone from the observation windows of the 272-foot Cruz del Tercer Milenio - Third Millennium Cross, in northern Chile.

    It appears to show a white ball of light in mid-air flying high over the city which at one point appears to shoot at speed towards the camera in broad daylight.

    The clip was later posted on social media and video-sharing platforms where it sparked a lively debate and made national headlines.

    The UFO was said to have been spotted in Chile 

    The sighting has sparked a nationwide debate 

    Some people were virtually convinced that Chile had been visited by extra-terrestrials while others were equally positive it was just a reflection on the glass of the monument's windows.

    One viewer said: "Amazing recording of mysterious light, UFO ", while another added: "Now all the channels are talking about the UFO."

    But another said: "It's obviously the flash of the mobile phone," and others agreed: "How ridiculous, it's clearly the mobile phone flash, the man goes closer to the window and the UFO does too."

    It was seen from the observation window at the Cruz del Tercer Milenio - Third Millennium Cross - in northern Chile 

    Chilean ufologist Marco Antonio Gomez, of the Marcc UFO group, called for caution.

    He said: "We cannot say that everything we see is a spaceship.

    "We see lot of strange things but 99 percent have an explanation - satellites, meteorological phenomenons or human stuff.

    "If you see a UFO, stay calm and film it right until the end.

    "A lot of videos cut off too soon and that can mean the cause remains unknown." }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mysterious moving white trail over China sparks UFO fear of TOP-SECRET military experiment

    Mysterious moving white trail over China sparks UFO fear of TOP-SECRET military experiment

    A MYSTERIOUS white light trail has been spotted in four different regions across China, prompting many onlookers to speculate about alien activity or a top-secret military test.

    mysterious UFO has been captured on camera across a huge region of China on Thursday evening, prompting wide-ranging conspiracy theories.

    The unusual sight in the night sky was seen by residents of the Chinese capital Beijing, as well as people in the Chongqing reguion, the Shanxi province and Inner Mongolia.

    Onlookers posted videos of the bizarre sightings on popular Chinese social media network Weibo.

    Footage shows a bright light swirling above several cities, leaving behind a capitivating spiral effect. 

    The two-minute phenomenon was described by witnesses as a "massive tail" or "artificial light" slowly moving across the sky. 

    Many argued that it was the result of trails left by a high-altitude aircraft activity.

    However, others suggested that the bright light cloud in the sky was confirmation of alien visitation.

    One baffled user posted: "Aliens are coming!"

    A mysterious UFO

    A mysterious UFO has been captured on camera across a huge region of China (Image: IG)

    Aliens are coming!

    User on Weibo

    Another witness referenced last week's Golden Week holiday when posting: "Is the UFO leaving China after celebrating its national holiday?"

    More serious speculation was posted by a respected military magazine editor whose user name was  Weaponmagazine-Xiaoning.

    He suggested the footage was evidence of China's military testing a  top secret hypersonic aircraft, DF-ZF - known to US officials as WU-14.

    Leading UFO expert Nigel Watson claimed the footage looked like the trail of a rocket motor, similar to the phenomenon seen following a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch on Sunday night.

    He said: "In both cases they are night launches where the rocket exhaust gases look very spectacular and can easily make people think this is a UFO."

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Back hole

    Back hole

    Back hole "all seeing eye" opens up over France

    This "thing" has formed in the sky over France live on the Saint-Pol de Léon webcam, yesterday:


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Stephen Hawking left us bold predictions on AI, superhumans, and aliens

    Stephen Hawking left us bold predictions on AI, superhumans, and aliens

    Hawking warned AI is dangerous
    Stephen Hawking warned superhumans would use gene editing to take over.

    The late physicist Stephen Hawking’s last writings predict that a breed of superhumans will take over, having used genetic engineering to surpass their fellow beings.

    In Brief Answers to the Big Questions, to be published on Oct. 16 and excerpted today in the UK’s Sunday Times (paywall), Hawking pulls no punches on subjects like machines taking over, the biggest threat to Earth, and the possibilities of intelligent life in space.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Hawking delivers a grave warning on the importance of regulating AI, noting that “in the future AI could develop a will of its own, a will that is in conflict with ours.” A possible arms race over autonomous-weapons should be stopped before it can start, he writes, asking what would happen if a crash similar to the 2010 stock market Flash Crash happened with weapons. He continues:

    In short, the advent of super-intelligent AI would be either the best or the worst thing ever to happen to humanity. The real risk with AI isn’t malice, but competence. A super-intelligent AI will be extremely good at accomplishing its goals, and if those goals aren’t aligned with ours we’re in trouble. You’re probably not an evil ant-hater who steps on ants out of malice, but if you’re in charge of a hydroelectric green-energy project and there’s an anthill in the region to be flooded, too bad for the ants. Let’s not place humanity in the position of those ants.

    Earth’s bleak future, gene editing, and superhumans

    The bad news: At some point in the next 1,000 years, nuclear war or environmental calamity will “cripple Earth.” However, by then, “our ingenious race will have found a way to slip the surly bonds of Earth and will therefore survive the disaster.” The Earth’s other species probably won’t make it, though.

    The humans who do escape Earth will probably be new “superhumans” who have used gene editing technology like CRISPR to outpace others. They’ll do so by defying laws against genetic engineering, improving their memories, disease resistance, and life expectancy, he says

    Hawking seems curiously enthusiastic about this final point, writing, “There is no time to wait for Darwinian evolution to make us more intelligent and better natured.”

    Once such superhumans appear, there are going to be significant political problems with the unimproved humans, who won’t be able to compete. Presumably, they will die out, or become unimportant. Instead, there will be a race of self-designing beings who are improving themselves at an ever-increasing rate. If the human race manages to redesign itself, it will probably spread out and colonise other planets and stars.

    Intelligent life in space

    Hawking acknowledges there are various explanations for why intelligent life hasn’t been found or has not visited Earth. His predictions here aren’t so bold, but his preferred explanation is that humans have “overlooked” forms of intelligent life that are out there.

    Does God exist?

    No, Hawking says.

    The question is, is the way the universe began chosen by God for reasons we can’t understand, or was it determined by a law of science? I believe the second. If you like, you can call the laws of science “God”, but it wouldn’t be a personal God that you would meet and put questions to.

    The biggest threats to Earth

    Threat number one one is an asteroid collision, like the one that killed the dinosaurs. However, “we have no defense” against that, Hawking writes. More immediately: climate change. “A rise in ocean temperature would melt the ice caps and cause the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide,” Hawking writes. “Both effects could make our climate like that of Venus with a temperature of 250C.”

    The best idea humanity could implement

    Nuclear fusion power. That would give us clean energy with no pollution or global warming.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.These Spheres Are Tiny Homes And Take Just A Day To Install

    These Spheres Are Tiny Homes And Take Just A Day To Install

    These Spheres Are Tiny Homes And Take Just A Day To Install

    An engineer who used to work at Rolls-Royce has designed stunning Conker style living pods that cost only $24,000 to build and which can be installed in only one day. The UK engineer believes that the pods might be a solution to one of the biggest issues in the United Kingdom, housing availability.

    Conker Living Pods Might be the Solution to Affordable Housing

    More and more young people are struggling to find affordable housing, while those who have managed to obtain a mortgage struggle to meet the monthly repayments each month. University students are often the people who are hit the most with regards to finding affordable housing. Jag Virdie came up with one solution, living pod homes.

    Design Tiny House Movement

    Living pods are not something news, we have heard about them before, but typically they are very small and cubicle like. However, the living pods do not have this issue, and they are aesthetically pleasing. Virdie used a quote from Henry Royce when he said, “Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.”

    The Living Pod is 3.9 Meters in Diameter

    This is just what Virdie did with the Conker style living pods. He designed a living pod that takes on the appearance of a Conker or football. The living pod is constructed from material made in Britain and it is 3.9 meters in diameter along with being 10 square meters in area. The pods offer waterproofing against the inclement weather along with having a heat-retention system that is efficient. The living pods can be customized to the needs of the buyer plus they are fast and easy to install, taking just one day.

    Housing House

    Virdie said:

    "Our mission is to change the way buildings are designed today, by disrupting the norm, challenging construction practices at their core."

    Living Pods Can Link Together to Make Bigger Homes

    The living pods can also be linked together so people can make them as large as they need to include additional bathrooms, kitchens or studies. The idea for the design came from an idea that Virdie had when building a tree house for his own children. With him having extensive experience in designing cars for Rolls-Royce this put him in good stead for designing a pod house.

    Conker Pod Living Limited Design

    Purchasing the living pod house is very simple, first register interest, check the location, then go onto customizing the Conker home you require. In the future, this may well be the solution for governments to use to do away with homelessness.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Missing Link: Scientists Discover Fish With 'Feet'

    The Missing Link: Scientists Discover Fish With 'Feet'

    The Missing Link: Scientists Discover Fish With 'Feet'

    The oceans are so vast that many parts have yet to be explored. Deep down there are creatures and fish that have not yet been discovered or which are rarely captured on film. This applies to the Mona Canyon located just off the coast of Puerto Rico when the NOAA Okeanos exploration came across a fish with legs that was walking on the ocean floor.

    Species of Angler Fish

    The researchers found a deep sea fish with the name of the Pink Frogmouth, which is rarely seen, also given the name of the Sea Toad. This is an anglerfish using fins that have been modified and turned into fins allowing the fish to walk around the seafloor. Scientists believe that the fish has been living on the bottom of the sea for so long that the front along with the back fins have adapted into feet so that the fish could get around on the bottom of the sea floor more easily.

    Chaunax Ocean Pink Frogmouth

    The Pink Frogmouth Can Also Swim in the Ocean

    A video was captured showing the Pink Frogmouth fish walking along the bottom of the ocean floor and it one of the strangest things to witness. As fish generally swim about in the ocean this fish with its downturned mouth looks almost alien as it shuffles along on the ocean floor. The fish walks using two smallish fins at the back and front. However, it does enjoy the best of both worlds as it also has larger fins situated in the middle of its body allowing it to swim just as any other fish swims around the ocean.

    Deep Sea Fish With Feet Pink Frogmouth Ocean

    The Pink Frogmouth fish usually lives in a depth range of between 200 and 978 meters. The fish has been spotted living in the Atlantic along with the Mediterranean Oceans where it dines on shrimp. The Pink Frogmouth fish looks like something straight out of a horror movie. It now only needs to develop further to allow it to breathe on land and it could walk right up out of the ocean.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What If We Are The First Civilization?

    What If We Are The First Civilization?

    What if we actually do inhabit a Universe where life, at least complex life is unbelievably rare. So rare that in the immense dark fathoms of deep time, with near infinite real estate, intelligent life arose exactly once. Us. There is no pantheon of intergalactic minds. “We’re first” is one of the three classes of answers to the Fermi Paradox, the other two being “we’re rare” and “we’re fucked.”

    Few scientists I’ve spoken to take “we’re first” answers seriously. It seems statistically unlikely; the Galaxy is filled with planets very much like ours orbiting stars very much like ours, and this planet is actually about two billion years younger than average in our galaxy, giving plenty of other places a considerable head start on developing life.

    I tend to agree with that understanding but what if? What if it is not true.

    What if we are the first? The first (and so oldest) aliens, the first in the time stream who will time travel or the first in the universe who will discover interstellar travel. This would explain why there have not been visitors from the future because we are the very first to invent the time machine and do that. I love author Larry Niven’s thoughts on this: If time travel is possible, the universe will keep being changed (by time-travellers) until a state is reached where time travel is never invented. That universe will not change. And we’re living in it.

    It would also explain why we haven’t seen aliens, maybe it’s because WE are the first “aliens” to travel interstellar and colonize the galaxy, only to discover other species who are just a couple million or a couple of thousand years behind us.

    I think people (scientists are just people who know science) tend to dismiss the “we’re first” position too easily because it seems born out of hubris, wishful thinking, dreams of exceptionalism, or religious nonsense.

    I can see a more plausible scenario, goes like this:

    • Resources needed to sustain a growing population are always limited to the planet the species is on. Space exploration is great, but it will not produce the additional water, air, carbon dioxide or space needed to grow.
    • Technology consumes resources, as does population growth.
    • Societies like ours that are dedicated to growth and consumption eventually deplete their resources and vanish. That kind of conscious, then, might well be deemed an aberration, cosmically speaking.
    • That tendency is clearly due to a particular kind of “consciousness” that humans have evolved. But rather than being an unequivocally good thing, that kind of consciousness may ultimately be self-defeating.
    • Societies that thrive are those that learn to live in a mildly-adjusted “harmony” with nature–or homeostasis, really–where they are not taking more from the environment than they are giving back.
    • A population that is living in that manner (whether consciously, as we know of consciousness), or in a more automatic way, like other species on this planet) do not (or unable to) do much in the way of space exploration or technology development–and in any case they are liable to be limited to a relatively small area, given the size of the universe.
    • So there are likely to be a relatively large number of planets containing life that have never ventured out looking for others.
    • Of those that have ventured out, their “visitation possibilities” are extremely limited.
    • Any such visitation would probably be limited to say, a probe containing automated-interaction systems of some kind. The best design would probably limit the probe’s life to 1,000 years, at most. (Even were it totally self-sustaining, jungle overgrowth, earthquakes, and other natural disasters would inevitably overtake it, in time.) Or it might touch down, stay a few years, and then move on. Either way, any such contact would be fleeting and ephemeral, recorded only in myth and legend.
    • Any records of such contact would be irretrievably lost by a species such as ours, with the kind of consciousness that goes around burning each other’s libraries on the theory that if what they say is in our religious texts, they’re redundant, and if not, they’re heretical.

    But let’s consider the alternatives. If intelligence is common in the Universe, we would have seen signs. Even with interstellar distances what they are, some narcissistic and evangelical civilization would have sent, at the very least, unmanned probes to other stars to bring knowledge of their existence and/or spread their knowledge and principles. There’s no reasonable counter-argument; even if most civilizations destroy themselves before they reach that stage, it is hugely unlikely that all would. Even if most civilizations prefer navel-gazing, it is hugely unlikely that all would.

    So intelligence is not common (the only other possibility is that we are under some sort of pointless quarantine). It is really not hard to believe this rarity. It took more than a billion years since life evolved for intelligence to arise. Our Galaxy has roughly 100,000,000,000 stars. If only 1 in 1,000 has planets with conditions to make life possible, and life only starts in 1 out of 1,000 potential incubators, and intelligence only arises in 1 out of 1,000 cases where life starts, well, that makes 100 intelligent civilizations arising in the Galaxy at some point. Say the propensity to self-destruct or navel-gaze accounts for 95% of them (not that unlikely)–now it’s not that hard to begin that of the remaining handful we may be either the first or far enough away for expanding probes of the others to not have reached us.

    What about the other 100,000,000,000 galaxies? Here, distances are so immense that almost certainly nobody would attempt to travel or communicate. We can’t know if we’re first. We know we’re rare. So if we self-destruct, it will be a real pity…

    Bottom line: The probability that is life out there is enormous. That probability that it evolved technology (and still exists) is very much smaller. The probability that they are within hailing distance is smaller yet. The probability that any such “hailing” would be recognized, and then remembered, is smaller still.

    [/responsivevoice] }

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    Movie Review: ‘Aliens At The Pentagon’ }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.'What exactly is this?' Mysterious light is spotted in the night skies of China

    'What exactly is this?' Mysterious light is spotted in the night skies of China

    • An object was filmed lighting up the sky like a massive torch last night in China
    • Residents were baffled as they wondered if aliens were visiting the country 
    • An expert claimed the footage could be showing the trail of a rocket motor

    Witnesses shared pictures and videos of an identified object appearing to light up the night sky like a massive torch, seen above the regions of Beijing, Chongqing, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia at about 6:45pm local time. 

    A UFO expert claimed that the footage looked like the trail of a rocket motor.

    Witnesses shared pictures and videos of an object lighting up the night sky like a massive torch, seen above Beijing, Chongqing, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia at about 6:45pm
     While residents were convinced that extraterrestrial beings are paying Earth a visit, a leading UFO expert claimed that the footage looked like the trail of a rocket motor
    Witnesses shared pictures and videos of an object lighting up the night sky like a massive torch, seen above Beijing, Chongqing, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia at about 6:45pm
    A leading UFO expert claimed that the footage looked like the trail of a rocket motor 

    A leading UFO expert claimed that the footage looked like the trail of a rocket motor 

    They described the two-minute phenomenon as bright white rays shaped either like a 'massive tail' or an 'artificial light' beaming from the clouds and slowly moving across the sky.

    'Aliens are coming!' said one user on Weibo.  

    The perplexing videos were posted yesterday on Weibo as net users discussed what it could be

    The perplexing videos were posted yesterday on Weibo as net users discussed what it could be

    Net users described the two-minute phenomenon as bright white rays shaped either like a 'massive tail' or an 'artificial light' beaming from the clouds, sparking a UFO scare

    Net users described the two-minute phenomenon as bright white rays shaped either like a 'massive tail' or an 'artificial light' beaming from the clouds, sparking a UFO scare

    'Is the UFO leaving China after celebrating its national holiday?' another asked, referring to last week's Golden Week holiday. 

    A military magazine editor and blogger by the name of Weaponmagazine-Xiaoning said the footage could be of Chinese military testing a top secret hypersonic aircraft, DF-ZF. The hypersonic glide vehicle was previously known by the Pentagon as WU-14.

    However, officials in China have yet to confirm the latest round of testing.

    Residents in Beijing were also startled by a similar sighting on April 27, when a strange beam of light was spotted in the night sky, said to be caused by a rocket launch from Taiyuan's satellite launch centre.  

    Leading UFO expert Nigel Watson said the footage looked like the trail of a rocket motor

    Leading UFO expert Nigel Watson said the footage looked like the trail of a rocket motor

    A military magazine editor and blogger by the name of Weaponmagazine-Xiaoning said the footage could be of Chinese military testing a top secret hypersonic aircraft

    A military magazine editor and blogger by the name of Weaponmagazine-Xiaoning said the footage could be of Chinese military testing a top secret hypersonic aircraft

    Leading UFO expert Nigel Watson, author of UFOs of the First World War, told MailOnline that the footage looked like the trail of a rocket motor, similar to the phenomenon seen following a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch on Sunday night.

    'In both cases they are night launches where the rocket exhaust gases look very spectacular and can easily make people think this is a UFO,' Mr Watson pointed out. 

    'Fortunately, these are examples of terrestrially produced out-of-this-world spectaculars, not the work of the notorious big-eyed greys of UFO legend,' he added.  

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What is the Nature of Ghosts? Some Alternative Theories

    What is the Nature of Ghosts? Some Alternative Theories

    Throughout human history and across cultures there has been one aspect of the paranormal world that has seemingly always been with us, that of ghosts, wraiths, specters, whatever you want to call them. These apparitions have always roamed about the periphery of our understanding, lurking in the shadows and the spooky places of our world to incite wonder, speculation, and of course fear and terror. Yet for all of their pervasiveness throughout the world and their presence upon the landscape of the human psyche, there has always been a profound question lingering, and that is: just what exactly are ghosts? What is their nature and what place do they hold in reality as we know it? The question of just what ghosts are has been contemplated, discussed, and debated for a very long time, but what answers do we really have, and do you think you know the solution? Here are just some of the musings on what these mysterious entities might be.

    The most traditional idea, and the one most pervasive among most people, is the idea that ghosts are the spirits of the dead, that the soul has somehow transcended the death of the physical body to continue on to inhabit our realm for reasons unknown. In this view, ghosts are basically us, just living on into the afterlife while tethered to the world of the living for reasons we cannot comprehend. Maybe they are unwilling to “move on,” or maybe it is that some tragedy or unfulfilled goal has fueled some power to linger on the physical plane. When people think of ghosts, this is perhaps the most common vision that many will have, and how most people would probably define them, that they are our lost dead.

    One of the interesting conundrums about this particularly prevalent idea, other than the fact there is no proof at all that anything survives us after death, is that there are innumerable religions, faiths, each with ideas on the afterlife as varied as the cultures who believe them. In some there is a form of Heaven or some form of Hell, some new realm away from the we are in now, while in others we are reincarnated or even become one with the universe. There is often little mention, if any, of wandering spirits loitering about Earth and interacting with it, or details on what those spirits should be like. There is also the oddity that despite all of these different ideas on death and the afterlife, regardless of the differences ghostly phenomena are often remarkably similar across the spectrum in many ways, so what are we to make of this? Is there any chance that ghosts are not the spirits of the living at all, and if not what could they be?

    One alternative idea to the theory of ghosts as the spirits of the dead involves the concept that these are not independent entities at all, but rather a sort of echo of what once was. Commonly referred to as “residual hauntings,” the basic idea is that for some reason past events have been imprinted upon the building or the landscape and are merely playing back like images on camera film, or sounds on an audiotape, residual memories of a time lost. In this theory, what we see are not spirits in the traditional sense at all, but more like watching a video, with the film being the area around it.

    This theory is especially applied to those cases wherein the apparitions seem to mindlessly repeat the same series of actions over and over again, perhaps for all eternity, and do not seem to realize that they are being watched or that they are dead, no more than an image on film “knows” it is being looked at. Why and how these particular past events should have been transplanted onto the landscape, as well as how they are played back, are unknown, but there has been speculation. For instance, it has been postulated that death, pain, suffering, tragedy, and other events involving strong emotions might somehow stain the location, imprint upon it, and cause these incidents to be replayed, and this fits in with hauntings often occurring at places where something terrible has happened. There is also the idea that the composition of the surrounding soil or rocks itself may have some part to play in these residual hauntings. Are ghosts perhaps, at least in some cases, merely history playing back on an endless loop?

    Another intriguing theory is that ghosts do not come from the outside world atb all, but rather from within. In this line of reasoning, ghosts are not a product of supernatural energy or strange forces of nature, but are rather extensions of the mind reaching out through little understood psychic powers, creating seemingly real constructs projected onto the physical world solely through the power of the subconscious mind. These thought forms are often referred to as tulpas, and can even be generated by people who are not even aware that they are doing it, the forms often appearing to materialize or vanish at will, depending on the mental state of the individual or individuals projecting them.

    An interesting historical example of a ghost as a tulpa occurred in the 1960s, when a paranormal researcher by the name of Hanz Holzer was looking into a series of hauntings in the building at 12 Gay Street, in New York City, which involved an apparition most commonly described as a tall gentleman dressed in black formal clothing and with a top hat, black cape, and cane. This phantom was said to walk about the darkened premises and surrounding area at night startling people only to disappear, Holzer would go on to publish the case in his 1966 paranormal book Yankee Ghosts, and this is where things get rather bizarre indeed.

    According to an author named Walter B. Gibson, he had lived in that very same building not long before Holzer began his investigation. Gibson claimed that he had been living there in order to do research for an installment for his series of novels starring a Batman-like crime fighter called The Shadow. So absorbed was he in his writing and in envisioning The Shadow roaming about the streets and the premises that he would often even hallucinate his character, who just happened to wield a cane and wear formal evening clothes, a cape, and a top hat. The author likely would have attributed this to pure tiredness and obsession with his character if he had not happened to read Holzer’s book. He was immediately taken aback by the similarities between the ghost and his character, as well as the fact that the sightings were taking place in the exact same place he had lived while writing his novel at around the same time, and he became convinced that what had been seen was an actual projection of his character from his mind, which had somehow been transferred into reality.

    Related to the idea of these thought forms materializing into reality from the mind are mental powers running amok in other ways. For instance, it is believed even among many paranormal researchers that some poltergeist infestations could be caused by psychokinetic energy, that is, the mind reaching out to touch the physical world, unleashed to cause disturbances such as moving objects or anomalous noises. As with some cases of tulpas, these outbursts can strike out even without the knowledge of the person producing them, but they usually follow some general tendencies, for instance in most cases, psychokinetic poltergeist activity originates with younger individuals, and is most likely linked to some inner turmoil, stress, or emotional strife. This sort of ghostly activity is typically not confined to any one location, as it is tethered to a person or persons, and it could be a possible explanation of “hauntings” that follow a family from place to place.

    Even more outlandish than any of those theories is the idea that ghostly phenomena come from neither our physical or mental worlds, but rather a whole other realm beyond ours entirely. The idea has to do with the concept of multiple dimensions, parallel realities beyond our own that may bump up against ours and may even allow us to travel between them. This idea is dependent on the theory that rather than just one reality or physical universe as we know it, there is “multiverse” of many other, possibly even infinite other universes that all lie side by side with each other, but which are generally imperceptible to us. If this is so, then the reasoning is that inhabitants of these parallel dimension may bleed over into ours or even intentionally break through the mysterious veil that separates us from time to time.

    The researcher and author John Keel, as well as UFOlogist Jacques Vallée, were among the first in the paranormal world to suggest the link between multiple dimensions and paranormal phenomena when they theorized that UFOs and their occupants may not be from other faraway planets, but rather from parallel dimensions next to our own, beings that he termed “ultra-terrestrials.” This basic concept would later be expanded to include a possible explanation for all manner of paranormal phenomena, from strange entities, to ghosts, demons, and even cryptids or out of place animals. In this case, these phenomena are proposed as being caused by the denizens of these other universes bursting forth into our own, intentionally or otherwise.

    With ghostly phenomena this interdimensional angle could go down a few different ways. It could be that these entities are somehow becoming temporarily entangled with our reality, where they are sighted and even interact with our physical world before vanishing back to their own, which could very well be seen as ghosts or phantoms by witnesses. Or it could be that these are basically those ultra-terrestrials Keel spoke of, dimensional travelers coming to visit us for reasons unknown, but in this case rather than coming down in spaceships or UFOs they are appearing as ghosts, wraiths, and specters. It has even been theorized that aliens, ghosts, and other strange entities might all be basically the same thing, merely appearing differently to different individuals depending on witness expectations. So, if they think they are being abducted by aliens, that is what the entities appear as, whereas in a spooky old house they may appear as ghosts because that is what the witness is keyed up for.

    With apparitions of recognizable people or those who have died, this could also be indicative of other parallel dimensions that are nearly identical to ours, but a bit different. One of the theories of the multiverse is that there may very well be countless versions of our own dimension, with many of them almost the same but with some subtle or profound differences. For instance, there could be a reality where you wore a red shirt today instead of blue, where you made different choices, have a different job, or where you don’t even exist. Maybe in one reality a different team won the World Series, the Beatles never broke up, or one where dinosaurs never went extinct. Maybe a person who died in your own universe didn’t die in that one, but yet still inhabits the same place, where they go about life overlaid on this version of reality where they died. It this case, it is speculated, they might sort of overflow into our dimension from time to become visible for short durations or with a somewhat intangible or unearthly quality, only to fade away, making us think we’ve seen someone’s spirit rather than just a version of them from a different timeline.

    These have so far been ideas that are far from proven and remain mostly in the realm of conjecture and speculation, so what of other, more scientifically grounded explanations for ghosts? One popular theory in recent times has been that ghosts and similar entities could have their basis in naturally occurring phenomena rather than the supernatural, and that the main culprit could be what are known as ultra-low frequency soundwaves, or infrasound. These are sounds that register just below the threshold of human hearing, but which our bodies sense and are affected by all the same. Infrasound is known to create a wide range of physical and mental effects, including disorientation, dizziness, shortness of breath, faintness, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and nausea, as well as emotional and mental effects including fear, sorrow, panic, and anxiety, and also effects on perception, like both aural and visual hallucinations, and since the one being affected cannot actually hear what is causing the disturbances, it could very well seem like the work of supernatural beings. Infrasound is actually quite common in nature as well, created by all manner of physical forces such as earthquakes, volcanoes, waves crashing upon rocks, wind, rain, and thunder, so perhaps the ghosts are really all in our head, the result of natural forces that we can’t hear.

    There is also the idea that our minds can play tricks on our perceptions in other ways as well. One good example would be some studies that show that electrical stimulation of certain areas of the brain can create a profound sense of other entities nearby or of “shadow people” lurking about taunting us. There was once interesting case illustrating this in action that was published in the journal Nature, which was carried out by researchers from University Hospital in Geneva, Switzerland, and described the case of an epilepsy patient who witnessed a separate entity in the room with her when a region of the brain known as the temporoparietal junction was stimulated.

    The woman apparently perceived this shadow figure as a very real autonomous entity separate from herself, rather than just a hallucination, and she often complained that the entity would touch her or embrace her. In some experiments this shadow person was described as interfering with her tasks, such as trying to pull cards out of her hands or distracting her in other ways. This strange phenomenon likely has to do with a crossing of the wires in this part of the brain, which distinguishes oneself from others, and one researcher in the study would say of the patient and the study:

    Electrical stimulation repeatedly produced a feeling of the presence of another person in her extra-personal space, a shadow who did not speak or move, and whose position beneath her back was identical to her own. The strange sensation that somebody is nearby when no one is actually present has been described by psychiatric and neurological patients, as well as by healthy subjects. Our findings may be a step towards understanding the mechanisms behind psychiatric manifestations such as paranoia, persecution and alien control.

    Similarly, ghostly phenomena could be the result of a range of optical illusions or hallucinations that emerge for a myriad of reasons. Psychological circumstances, stress, sleep deprivation, sleep paralysis, hypnagogia, or when a person is in a dream-like state halfway between sleep and waking, schizophrenia, drugs, side effects of medication, these can all combine with trigger visual cues such as a spooky locale to perhaps produce the perception of paranormal phenomena. The phenomenon known as pareidolia, wherein the human brain tries to make sense of random patterns by giving them a recognizable identity, could also play a role, in that something half glimpsed in one’s peripheral vision could be misconstrued as something more supernatural in nature. Combined with an over active imagination, visual cues, and an expectation to see something strange, all of these things could possibly contribute to experiences of ghostly phenomena when in fact there is nothing really there at all. Is it possible that ghosts are just all in our head?

    In the end it is perhaps impossible to explain the full range of ghostly phenomena with any one of these factors. Ghosts seem to be an area of the paranormal that is a lot more varied, nuanced, and complicated than it may at first seem, to the extent that to call something a “ghost” might be considered akin to calling a “dog” a “vertebrate.” The permutations and possible descriptions are vast. There are many factors at play here, all equally strange and all intertwined to the point that they may never be unraveled. What we can be sure of is that people since time unremembered have experienced ghostly phenomena, beyond the scope of mere tall tales and hoaxes, and something truly odd is going on, whatever that may be. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Evidence That Grey Aliens Created Hurricane Michael Show Up On Weather Map, Oct 2018, UFO Sighting News.

    Evidence That Grey Aliens Created Hurricane Michael Show Up On Weather Map, Oct 2018, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of discovery: October 2018
    Location of discovery: Hurricane Michael, Florida, USA

    Often I say that storms, lightning, tornadoes and even earthquakes are sometimes caused by alien craft. Here we have proof that the hurricane was created by aliens too. Greys to be exact...were the species that did it. 

    It was a Tweet from Jim Dickey a Morning Meteorologist for ABC7 WZVN Ft. Myers, FL that first noticed the face. Then it spread from there. He caught this and and told the world about it getting loads of attention.

    Aliens control our planet and in more ways than I can say. They were here long before us, and they will be here long after us. 

    Scott C. Waring }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Clouds of Bacteria in the Sky May Be Changing the Weather

    Clouds of Bacteria in the Sky May Be Changing the Weather

    Planet Earth is weird. Some of us might like to think of ourselves as separate from or somehow apart from the Earth, but the fact is we are the Earth. All living things are intertwined in the massive, complex chemical reaction that is planet Earth. Photosynthesis, respiration, decay – all of the various natural processes and reactions all stem from the fact that our home is one big ball of elements being pulled together by their own gravity. As our scientific instruments and techniques continue to improve, we’re beginning to discover that all things living and nonliving are much more interconnected than we think.

    Case in point: a new paper published in the journal Current Opinion in Microbiology suggests that massive colonies of microorganisms floating high above us in the stratosphere might actually have a profound influence on the weather down here on the surface. Scientists have been uncovering evidence of this atmospheric bacteria for a few decades, but this study is the first to suggest that this ecosystem has an impact on weather.

    The process, known as bioprecipitation, is fairly simple: ice crystals and droplets of water more condense more easily around the membranes of tiny microorganisms; thus, the more microorganisms in the sky, the more precipitation and cloud coverage there is. Understanding this process is difficult, as collecting specimens or even reaching this upper layer of the atmosphere is expensive and doing so without contaminating samples with terrestrial microbes is near-impossible.

    Forget HAARP: these are the real weather manipulators.

    Even more worrisome, this study suggests that this microbial layer of our atmosphere has the potential to spread diseases around the world – although some scientists think that claim might be far-fetched without more data to support it. Still, as the Earth’s climate continues to change in unexpected ways, understanding and identifying the role of these atmospheric bacteria becomes increasingly important.

    This study adds to the growing body of research which suggests tiny microbes play much more important roles in nearly every biological or natural process than we realize. Human beings are basically all singing, all dancing colonies of microbes and our bacterial passengers have been found to exert a profound influence on all sorts of functions like metabolism, immune function, and even mental health. Might human beings merely be the giant exosuits of colonies of intelligent bacteria? It’s a neat thought. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.RUSSIA PLANS TO CLONE EXTINCT ANIMALS AND BUILD A REAL LIFE JURASSIC PARK


    Russian scientists have begun their quest to clone prehistoric animals, including but not limited to a woolly mammoth, hoping that Siberian permafrost will give them a competitive advantage and a good possibility of finding undamaged DNA samples to resurrect the ancient species.

    The new laboratory at the Mammoth Museum of the Institute of Applied Ecology at the North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk has begun searching through its vast library of samples that were found nearly perfectly preserved in the extreme cold conditions of the Arctic, according to Ogonek magazine.

    Scientists hope to extract live DNA by carefully scanning through more than 2,000 rare exhibits contained in the lab, which is especially equipped to preserve tissue samples in freezers of -87 degrees Celsius. The new lab will also be used to swiftly analyze any newly found samples, without the risk of damaging them while transferring them to a distant laboratory.

    The researchers’ overarching aim is to create a real-life “Jurassic Park” (or scientifically speaking a “Pleistocene Park”) full of extinct animals living in a specially designed nature reserve located on the Kolyma River in Yakutia. The project is currently aiming to recreate the pre-ice age environmental conditions, including the grasslands, by the time the extinct animals are resurrected.

    Besides mammoths, scientists will focus their efforts in searching for the DNA of a woolly rhinoceros, early ancestors of bison and bulls, cave bears and cave lions.

    After all, the lab’s collection includes a perfectly-preserved mummified puppy, found sealed in the Siberian permafrost after more than 12,400 years, a sample of a pre-historic 4,500 year-old horse, in addition to ancient bison species some 8,000-years-old. One of the world-s best-preserved woolly mammoths, 39,000-year-old Yuka, is also at scientists’ disposal.

    Current efforts to clone ancient animals are being conducted by scientists worldwide, including at Harvard and the University of Chicago. So far they have been held back by the quality of their mammoth DNA.

    Russian experts hope that they could find live DNA in its samples but anticipation remains bleak as the thawing process can destroy nuclear genetic information. On the other hand, the vast majority of all ancient animals’ soft tissues ever discovered had been found in Siberia.

    Scientists hope that once extracted, the DNA would be crisscrossed with an Asian or Indian elephant to give birth to its historic predecessor. The Russian researchers are working with a Korean biotech firm Sooam and the Beijing Genomics Institute in China, utilizing their experience to ensure the success of the project. }

    10-10-2018 om 23:16 geschreven door peter

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