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Wil je een videoclip bekijken en stoort het X-files-deuntje jou daarbij. Schakel het  deuntje gewoon uit door in deze kolon, helemaal beneden op de 2 witte balkjes in het blauwe cirkeltje te klikken, tot een pijltje verschijnt. Veel kijk- en luisterplezier en bedankt voor jouw bezoek.

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    Each author stays resposable for the continue of his articles. As blogmaster I have the right to refuse an addition or an article, when it attacks other collegues or UFO-groupes.
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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandelijks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Great Barrier Reef Was Just Hit by a Flood of Polluted Water Visible From Space

    main article image


    The Great Barrier Reef Was Just Hit by a Flood of Polluted Water Visible From Space


    The Great Barrier Reef just can't catch a break. Year after year, this global treasure has been battered by cyclones and beaten by bleaching events. Now, with little time to recover, a part of the reef is being kicked while its down.

    An exceptional year of rainfall in Queensland, Australia has caused a huge flood of polluted runoff to rush out to sea, straight towards the reef.

    Satellite images show the muddy waters stretching from the swollen rivers of the Whitsundays to Cape Tribulation.



    For the nearest reefs, some 60 kilometres away from shore, the floodwater has already arrived, possibly shielding the sun and smothering the life below.

    The biggest fear, according to the ABC, is that the muddy waters contain common farming chemicals, like nitrogen or phosphorous, because these could kill off the nearby coral and seagrass.

    The longer the murky cloud sits there, the more damage it could do, and without strong winds, the plume of polluted water may take a while to move on.

    View image on Twitter
    View image on Twitter

    AFP news agency @AFP

    Smothering life: Runoff from recent floods in Australia is flowing onto parts of the Great Barrier Reef starving coral of light 

    📷 Matt Curnock / TropWATERJCU

    • 61 people are talking about this

    Right now, it's not clear if or how the runoff has impacted the reef, but there's not a lot more we can afford to lose.

    Back in 2016, 93 percent of the reef was reported to be bleached due to unseasonably warm weather, with 50 percent listed as dead or dying, and some think it can no longer be saved.

    Screen Shot 2019 02 15 at 5.33.00 pm


    But there may be an upside to all of this. If the rivers transport cold water out to sea and if the clouds continue to block out the sun, this might be enough to cool down some underwater heatwaves headed for the region in the coming weeks.

    "If you want to have a flipside to the story that would be one, yes," marine scientists Frederieke Kroon told the ABC, "but it's still a huge disturbance to the reef [after] the bleaching and the cyclones that we've had over the last couple of years."

    Learn More }

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    Categorie:Diversen (Eng, NL en Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.High Speed UFO makes 90 degrees turn without slowing down filmed over Doi Ang Khang, Thailand

    High Speed UFO makes 90 degrees turn without slowing down filmed over Doi Ang Khang, Thailand

    When selecting video material for their wedding video, the couple discovered a UFO in the video flying at an incredible speed over Doi Ang Khang, Thailand.

    The most fascinating aspect of this UFO fastwalker is the fact that it abruptly makes a 90-degree turn without slowing down.

    Again the question, what are these flying objects that manifest themselves in our atmosphere and in space?

    Is it possible that these fastwalkers are advanced transport vehicles under intelligent control carrying highly confidence messages or codes from and to certain locations?

    The video was made in 2013 but recently uploaded on February 17, 2019. You have to slow the speed of the video (video-settings-speed) to see the amazing movements of the UFO.

    28-02-2019 om 22:57 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:LATEST UFO-NEWS ( ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Caught on TV Zooming Over Cleveland, and You Won't Believe NASA's Response

    UFO Caught on TV Zooming Over Cleveland, and You Won't Believe NASA's Response

    The unidentified streak of light was accidentally picked up by cameras belonging to a local television channel in the early morning hours of 21 February, with journalists failing to even notice the blip until it was uploaded to YouTube by UFO hunters.

    The footage, published by UFOmania, has garnered close to 50,000 views, and sparked an online debate about whether it was an alien craft, a missile, a firework, swamp gas, a weather balloon, or something else.

    Amid the hype, NBC affiliate WKYC, whose cameras picked up the footage, reexaminedthe video for themselves in HD, and contacted a NASA expert, who told them that the streak was just a bird. 

    Thomas Wertman, a local UFO watcher, similarly downplayed the clip's significance, saying that the 'unidentified flying object' was "most likely a gull," and not really anything out of this world.

    "I can actually see the wings going up and down and this is not uncommon. I've had some other videos submitted over the past that have turned out to be insects, when you get a very high quality resolution, you can even see the wings going up and down as it goes across the screen," he said.

    "So we can move this from the category of unidentified flying object to identified flying object," WKYC concluded.

    But WKYC's viewers weren't so sure. On the channel's Facebook page, users insisted that the footage was real, or offered alternative explanations as to what caused the mysterious streak. 

    "I don't know what it is but the article says that 'experts' at NASA who examined the video said it was a bird. The experts at NASA who stated this must have a bird brain because of all things it could be it's certainly not a bird," a user named Jim angrily noted. 

    "Definitely a UFO," a user named Larry added, saying that at the time in question, he had just parked his car at work in the area "when a light shot across the sky behind the clouds…way too fast for a jet."

    Others had alternative ideas, suggesting the blip was a "potato and cheese pierogi," a search light, lightning, a meteor, a blimp, Nancy Pelosi flying on a broomstick, or even God.

    "Always someone recording it with a camera that looks like it was HD back in the 70s…can you donate some higher quality cameras to WKYC?" user Keith joked. }

    28-02-2019 om 22:48 geschreven door peter

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The incredible stories of 3 people who claim to have seen a UFO in Leicestershire

    The incredible stories of 3 people who claim to have seen a UFO in Leicestershire

    'It was immediately obvious to me that this was not an earthly object'

    CGI images of the UFO commissioned by Colin

    It was 20 years ago, but Colin Saunders can recall every detail of the experience as if it was yesterday.

    The 60-year-old, from Barwell, saw something that he will never forget.

    He spoke to Leicestershire Live about his experience after we published a video of a bright UFO moving about in the sky over the city and part of the county.

    Here is his story, and those of two other people who believe they have seen something extraterrestrial.

    "It was the 31st of March, 1999," said Colin.

    "We had been out for a bar meal in Warwickshire to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday.

    "At approximately 9.30pm, myself, my ex-wife, daughter and mother-in-law headed home.

    "We turned onto the Fosse Way, near the village of Monks Kirby, and immediately noticed some bright lights ahead of us.

    "The lights were half a mile away and just off the road to the left. The lights appeared deep red, with a bit of white mingled in.

    "We drove down, parallel to the lights. We had slowed right down at this point.

    "I stared at the four lights, which were in a row, but not level with the ground.

    "It was at this moment that I noticed a fifth, smaller, spurious light off to the left hand side.

    'It tilted slowly upwards like an airship'

    "I stared into the end light, and could see a criss cross of lines, a bit like a traffic light lens. It seemed to pulse very rapidly.

    "As I was looking at this light and the lights in general, a shape started to appear around them. The edges looked like the sky was rippling, but they, and the body, I believe, were transparent at that time.

    "I could see the shape of a diamond around the lights.

    "As soon as I had realised there was an object there, it tilted slowly upwards like an airship or a submarine. The object was now solid and fully materialised in a triangular shape.

    "The tilt was not from the centre of the craft but from the rear. It was so low that if it had pivoted from the centre of the craft it would have struck the ground.

    "I noticed the surface looked to be alive, it was like a lake of dark grey liquid similar to mercury. The liquid, although tilted quite steeply, looked as though it had waves running up and down the surface, like ripples on a lake in a breeze.

    "On top of this 'lake' were silver lines running up and down the surface. They were like raised box sections, which interlocked like an old fashioned maze.

    "I could see how the craft's top and bottom surfaces joined to a lighter central core, like a sandwich. No nuts and bolts, rivets or welding seams visible. 

    "It was immediately obvious to me that this was not an earthly object."

    CGI images of the UFO commissioned by Colin 

    At this point, said Colin, who is a former aircraft designer, having been employed by Saab Aerospace in the military in Sweden, and Chevron Petroleum in New Zealand, the driver of the car pulled forward so she could reverse into a gateway off the main road.

    As she pulled forward, a large hedge momentarily blocked the view of the craft. When they could once more see the spot where it the UFO had been, it had disappeared.

    "We got out of the car and it was gone."

    Of the object they had seen, Colin said: "We could see a large craft in the distance with strange red lights at the rear. It seemed enormous to me with a huge wingspan.

    "At the end of each wing was a steady white light shining up along the top surface.

    "It was very, very quiet as we stood there, no smells of any fuel having been burnt.

    "During the incident we didn't hear a single noise from the craft, which was the size of a house, hovering by the car."

    Since his experience, which Colin described "like meeting God" and "life changing", he has devoted much of his time researching what he saw.

    Colin was 40 when it happened. He immediately went home and starting building a model of the craft he believes he saw, which he completed in 2000. He has also had a 3D printed model made of the craft, and commissioned computer-generated imagery to enable him to show at his presentations.

    Colin's hand built model 

    Colin, now aged 60, said: "The years since the encounter have been very interesting for me.

    "I have given several presentations to different groups, as well as appearing on television a couple of times with my model.

    "The result of this is that many people have come forward to tell me of their own experiences."

    Although his story will sound hard to believe to many of us, Colin is not alone.

    'I understand this sounds very weird'

    In 2014, a man who lives in Earl Shilton had a similar experience in his back garden.

    "I was out in the back garden having a cigarette - when I smoked - in the summer of 2014.

    "It was late as it was dark. I don't remember exactly the time and date as I had put it to the back of my mind. 

    "I usually look up to the stars during clear nights as it's a very nice sight. When I did, I saw a 'fluid' looking triangular craft coming from the west over Earl Shilton.

    "I understand this sounds very weird hence I've not talked about it before.

    "I don't think I would have noticed it if it had been at a different angle as it was 'cloaked'. I could see stars as if I was looking straight through it, but I could clearly see the triangular shape of the craft and I still remember thinking to myself that it wasn't a very good cloaking device.

    "It was moving very slowly and very low with no sound and no lights whatsoever, but it was huge - the size of a football pitch.

    "As it got closer visibility got worse - I'm guessing it's all about the angle of view - then I could no longer see it at all.  I managed to see what I assume would be the front right side as it was approaching, then the underneath.

    "It was all smooth or fluid with no sharp edges with no markings that I could see."

    CGI images of the UFO commissioned by Colin 

    Another person, who did not want to be named, said: "I have also seen triangular objects moving silently across the sky very low.

    "On February 3, 2016, at 17.37, I was travelling from Stoney Stanton towards Earl Shilton. The lights seemed to be heading from Desford way, and following the Earl Shilton bypass across to Barwell.

    "I wound down my window as it crossed overhead.

    "The lights were very bright. I quite often stargaze and these lights stood out immediately. There didn't appear to be any other lights on it, just the three white lights in a triangle shape.

    "They did not flash. The lights were around the size of helicopter’s search lights.

    "I would say the height of it when it passed overhead was around 300-400 metres high. I couldn't make out the size of the craft as the street lights made it difficult.

    "However, with the distance between the two rear lights and the front light, I would say it was the size of an articulated lorry and more of an isosceles triangle rather than equilateral. There was no sound as it passed over at approx 30mph."

    Have you seen anything unusual in the skies that couldn't be explained? Send your pictures and videos to }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO spotted leaving Alps Mountain in Switzerland; conspiracy theorists in frenzy

    UFO spotted leaving Alps Mountain in Switzerland; conspiracy theorists in frenzy

    Scott C Waring argued that the UFO above Alps could be either entering or leaving a secret alien base located on the mountain.

    UFO Alps
    UFO Sightings Daily

    Scott C Waring, a popular extraterrestrial researcher who posts UFO-related stories, recently uploaded pictures of an alleged unidentified flying object sighting apparently shot from the Alps mountain Lesyn in Switzerland.

    In his post, Waring revealed that the pictures were actually taken on last year, but the alleged UFO came to notice only after closer analysis a few days back. Even though no video of the sighting is available as of now, the photos of the incident have already gone viral on online spaces. 

    UFO Sightings Daily

    After closely studying the image, Waring argued that this UFO might be actually entering or exiting a hidden alien base in the Alps mountain. The alien researcher also added that the alleged extraterrestrial craft might be using artificial gravity technology which is helping the occupants to stay intact even when the flying object is tilting.

    "The UFO is tilted, but for the aliens inside, there is no tilting. The craft would have artificial gravity that keeps the pilots and occupants totally comfortable. The UFO would only be tilted if it was entering or exiting a mountain alien base," wrote Scott C Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

    In the website post, Waring assured that extraterrestrial aliens are living in the Alps, and this photograph is an irrefutable piece of evidence that substantiates this fact.

    "This is a very rare moment not often seen, let alone photographed. Amazing evidence that an alien base exists below the mountains of Lesyn," added Waring.

    However, experts have already ruled out the alien possibility by stating that this anomaly in the photo could be the result of a technical glitch.

    The report of this UFO sighting came just a few days after popular conspiracy theory channel 'UFOmania' released footage that shows another flying object spotted during the live feed of Channel 3 NBC. Scott C Waring also checked this clip, and he claimed that aliens are visiting the earth to monitor human activities. Several viewers who watched the eerie footage also argued that extraterrestrials from deep space are gearing up for an invasion.

    UFO Cleveland

    UFO Sightings Daily

    28-02-2019 om 22:12 geschreven door peter

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Close encounters of the Sparkhill kind! Photographer claims to have snapped UFOs

    Close encounters of the Sparkhill kind! Photographer claims to have snapped UFOs

    Marie Kayali has taken hundreds of photos of strange shapes in the sky over her Sparkhill home

    By Mike Lockley

    A BIRMINGHAM woman claims she is being plagued by UFOs – and says she has the pictures to prove it.

    Amateur photographer Marie Kayali has taken hundreds of photographs of strange shapes in the sky over her Sparkhill home.

    She has no doubt that each image is evidence of a Close Encounter.

    The pictures taken by Marie on her Nikon DS 200 are certainly intriguing.

    She claims to have witnessed strange shapes, both by day and night, since childhood.

    “I can zoom in on a plane and get all the detail, but something blocks detail when I try to zoom in on the craft,” Marie says.

    Spotted in the skies

    The 60-year-old alleges that she has been stalked by bright orbs, the most common being orange in colour.

    She has also spotted triangular and cigar-shaped UFOs in the sky.

    “Every single time I decide to take photos, they seem to just appear,” she adds.

    “I don’t always see them beforehand.

    “In a lot of the videos, they appear after I point the camera somewhere, like they want to be seen."

    Picture taken on a summer's day

    She added: “They seem to have a barrier, like they are blocking a certain percentage of the picture.

    “I’ve also noticed that there will be rainbow colours around the sky and spirals before the UFOs appear.

    “Sometimes these craft are as low as planes.”

    She adds: “Someone or something is controlling these craft that isn’t human or of this world. I think that scares a lot of people.”

    A silver grey craft?

    Marie’s most baffling series of stills and videos show a nugget-shaped silver object that appears to mutate.

    “The sky was so clear that day, not even a dot of a cloud, but something made me take some photos,” she recalls.

    “I’ve never seen anything like  these before.

    “I use a 300mm lens, the pictures are high-res and when zooming in they are very clear.

    “The object can’t be ice because it was a very hot day in June."

    Picture of a UFO?

    Marie admits many have poured scorn on her extraterrestrial scrapbook.

    But she insists seeing is believing. }

    28-02-2019 om 21:54 geschreven door peter

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.3 explanations for ‘Oumuamua that aren’t alien spaceships

    3 explanations for ‘Oumuamua that aren’t alien spaceships

    Possibilities for the interstellar object include a fluffy fractal and a comet skeleton

    28-02-2019 om 21:18 geschreven door peter

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.An Exploding Asteroid Blasted Across Mars' Surface in the Last 10 Years

    An Exploding Asteroid Blasted Across Mars' Surface in the Last 10 Years

    This zoomed-in image shows the impact site.
    This zoomed-in image shows the impact site.
    (Image: © NASA/JPL/University of Arizona)

    Sometime in the last decade, something heavy slammed into the Martian atmosphere and shattered into a hard rain of superheated material. Those pieces fell to the Red Planet's surface, dotting the Martian dirt with a pattern of pockmarks.

    The impact craters, astronomer Phil Plait wrote on his Bad Astronomy blog, suggest that the asteroid hit Mars while in an already weakened state. Most solid rock or metal asteroids are strong enough to survive the journey through the planet's atmosphere to the world's surface. But many asteroids, he explained, have already suffered collisions during eons spent tumbling through the solar system. Those collisions can leave the space rocks weakened and covered in fissures, which split open under the intense heat and pressure of atmospheric entry.

    "It's essentially an explosion, the force of the sudden and furious release of energy when it splits," Plait wrote. [5 Mars Myths and Misconceptions]

    You know this happened recently on Mars because images of the same region from 2009 don't show the craters, as explained in a statement from the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.

    Here's the site in 2009:

    (Image: © NASA/JPL/University of Arizona)

    Here it is in 2016:

    (Image: © NASA/JPL/University of Arizona)

    The new features are exciting because Mars barely changes, or changes very slowly. University of Arizona researchers counted 21 separate craters in this image taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, with some of the features up to 23 feet (7 meters) across. They span an area just over 1,000 feet (305 m) across.

    "This is a not-so-gentle reminder that although we may think of Mars as not being a terribly active world, especially when compared to Earth, there's still stuff going on there … even if it means importing the action from space," Plait wrote.

    And as Live Science has previously reported, "action" like this isn't terribly uncommon in our solar system. In fact, Earth and the moon seem to be going through a bit of a spike in impacts compared to billions of years in the past.

    Originally published on Live Science.

    { }

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    Planet Nine Likely to Be Found Within a Decade

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Chinese satellite snaps rare photo of moon's far side with Earth in the background
    Eye-popping image evokes other iconic space photos, including the famous "Earthrise" portrait taken during the Apollo 8 mission.
    Image: China's LongJiang 2 satellite captured this rare view of the moon's farside, with Earth appearing tiny in the background.
    China's LongJiang-2 satellite captured this rare view of the moon's far side, with Earth appearing tiny in the background.CAMRAS/MingChuan Wei (HIT), CAMRAS, DK5LA
    By Denise Chow

    Ready to feel small? A striking new photograph taken by China’s Longjiang-2 satellite affords a rare view of the lunar far side — the side that’s impossible to see from the surface of our planet — with Earth visible in the background as a tiny blue marble.

    "Few pictures have been taken that show the entire far side of the moon, so we're pretty proud to have helped take this picture," Cees Bassa, an astronomer at ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, told NBC News MACH in an email. Bassa is a volunteer astronomer at the Dwingeloo Radio Observatory in the Netherlands, where the photo was processed.

    The eye-popping portrait was taken Feb. 3 and beamed back to Earth the next day. Because the satellite’s camera lacks an infrared filter, the colors were distorted in the original photo (below). But the astronomers who processed the image created the color-corrected version seen above.

    Image: China's LongJiang 2 satellite captured this rare view of the moon's farside, with Earth appearing tiny in the background.

    The colors in this photo are distorted because the camera aboard China's LongJiang-2 satellite lacks an infrared filter.
    CAMRAS/MingChuan Wei (HIT), CAMRAS, DK5LA

    “We edited it to balance the colors, and make the moon greyscale,” Tammo Jan Dijkema, a software engineer at ASTRON who also volunteers at the Dwingeloo Radio Observatory, wrote in a blog post.

    The photo evokes other iconic photos of Earth taken by astronauts and space probes, including the so-called Earthrise photo snapped by Apollo 8 astronauts in 1968 and a photo of a distant Earth appearing as a mere speck in the vastness of space that was taken by the Voyager 1 space probe in 1990 from 4 billion miles away.

    Longjiang-2, which has been circling the moon since last June, is a key part of China’s Chang’e 4 mission, which successfully placed a lunar lander and rover on the moon’s far side for the first time ever Jan. 3. In concert with Queqiao, a radio-relaying probe in orbit around Earth, Longjiang-2 has been providing the radio link between the Chang’e 4 lander and mission controllers in Beijing.

    The Chang’e 4 mission is studying a part of the moon that previously had been explored only from afar. It has taken a series of dramatic photos of the surface and successfully sprouted a series of seeds that became the first plants ever grown on the moon.

    Longjiang-2, which measures 20 inches across, is expected to operate until August. Dijkema said he expects to have even more photos of the moon from the Chinese satellite in the coming months.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NASA might spot alien life within the subsequent Mars mission, says Jim Bridenstine

    NASA might spot alien life within the subsequent Mars mission, says Jim Bridenstine

    NASA, the United States space agency has been searching for alien life outside the earth for many years, but until now, no probes have successfully found traces of life in the space. However, Jim Bridenstine, the reigning NASA administrator believes that the milestone alien discovery will happen soon, and he recently revealed that the upcoming Mars missions will find an answer to the billion-dollar question regarding extraterrestrial life.

    Mars 2020 Rover illustrated on the Red Planet
    An artist's illustration of NASA's life-hunting Mars 2020 rover on the Red Planet's surface.
    (Image: © Curiosity Didn't Find Life on Mars — But These 2 Future Rovers Might)

    As per a report published in The Independent, Jim Bridenstine is quite eager to equip upcoming NASA missions to search for alien life. Bridenstine revealed that future Mars missions by NASA will try to collect samples from the surface of the Red Planet, and will be later taken back to the earth for further research. The NASA administrator also added that studying these samples will help to identify biosignatures that aliens might have left behind.

    “We’re going to be able to look at samples and determine if there’s a biosignature in there. The goal is to discover life on another world; that’s what we’re trying to achieve. And because of so many great people in this room, friends, we are well on our way to doing that,” said Bridenstine, reports.

    Bridenstine also talked about the previous findings which indicate that Mars is one planet in the solar system where alien life can be found. Earlier, several reses arch reports have found that organic molecules are there in the Red Planet, and experts also believe that there might be water sources below the Martian surface.

    A few days back, Scott C Waring, a popular conspiracy theorist had argued that Mars was once home to an advanced alien civilization. Waring made this conclusion after spotting various anomalies on Mars photos taken by NASA. In a recent post on his website UFO Sightings Daily, Waring also argued that the male-oriented society which once existed on Mars was the reason behind the extinction of life on the Red Planet.

    As per Waring, in his research, he has spotted very less female face-like structures on the red planet, and most of the apparent face-like structures he found were males with beards and mustaches. Waring added that the intelligence of female Martian species was ignored by men, and thus the species increased the odds of destroying themselves.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Pilot reports being hit by laser just moments before UFO encounters

    Pilot reports being hit by laser just moments before UFO encounters

    By Jamie Brassington | Dudley | News 

    An aeroplane pilot reported being hit by a 'laser' just moments before he encountered unidentified flying objects.

    Halfpenny Green Airport, also known as Wolverhampton airport, in Bobbington

    The flying instructor, from Wolverhampton airport, was travelling over Gloucestershire when his small aircraft was brightly illuminated.

    Moments after the incident, the pilot and his student encountered UFOs, which reportedly consisted of unusual lights.

    A spokesman for Air Midwest, which employs the pilot, said: "We are unsure if this event (the laser) is involved with the main event (UFO sighting).

    "The pilot believes he may have been under a laser attack from the ground.

    "A bright laser-like light illuminated the cockpit. Immediately after this the main lights (UFO) were observed."

    Air Midwest, a flying school based at Wolverhampton airport in Bobbington, has been unable to identify the source of the light. Staff members are now wondering if this event was related to the UFO sightings. They are also unsure if the light source was actually a laser, or if it was caused by something else.

    The Express & Star reported last week how two Air Midwest flying instructors, and their two students, reported seeing UFOs on the night of February 19. After the flight, one made a report saying he witnessed two UFOs which were 'large, orange and square'.

    They were undertaking night navigation training over Gloucestershire when the sightings occurred, after taking off from Wolverhampton airport.

    Both events - the UFOs and so-called laser-light - have left staff members at the flying school baffled.

    In the 'laser incident', which took place before the UFO sightings, the affected pilot radioed air traffic control after his student raised concerns.

    In the conversation to air traffic control, the pilot said: “Apparently there is someone shining lasers at the aircraft from the bottom of the base-downwind leg."

    A while later into the flight, the two Air Midwest flying instructors, who were in separate aircraft, spoke about witnessing the UFOs.

    One pilot said to the other: "Behind you at your six O'clock, there is something that looks stationery but has got some peculiar lights on it."

    As part of Air Midwest's own investigations, staff members trawled logs from Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), which listed airborne events in the area.

    Tim Brannon, director of the flying school, told the Express & Star: "There was no airborne activity that remotely the objects we saw.

    The flight school published the pilot's report on its Facebook page. Note, the photograph is not what the pilots saw, but gives an illustration of their encounter

    "This is a massive surprise to us as we expected to find an activity that explained the event.

    "So as it stands my guys did see still unexplained objects that one would generally refer to as UFOs."

    The incident has drawn interest from around the world and it remains a mystery.

    The Air Midwest spokesman added: "We at Air Midwest are still expecting a normal explanation at some point but as yet after investigating, we still cannot find an explanation for what four of our pilots saw that evening." }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO sighting: 'AMAZING' video footage captures BLACK UFO over Britain
    • UFO sighting: 'AMAZING' video footage captures BLACK UFO over Britain

    UFO footage purporting to show a mysterious rectangular alien space ship flying over East Sussex has resurfaced this week.

    They say “seeing is believing” when examining evidence for Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). And the latest proof of an alien spaceship visiting Earth has landed this week, according to wild online reports. The eye-opening footage is said to show a rectangular-shaped UFO flying at high speeds over English skies.

    Self-proclaimed UFO researcher Scott C. Waring uploaded the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it footage this week.

    It is mind-blowing that something could fly that fast

    UFO researcher Scott C. Waring

    “The UFO is a rectangle shape from the side, but a diamond shape from a tilted position.

    “Also the fact that unusual tunnel clouds appear in the background make me believe this is a UFO and it may be responsible for making that cloud tunnel.

    UFO YouTube video

    UFO sighting: Contentious footage purportedly shows a rectangular-shaped UFO flying over the UK 
    (Image: YouTube)

    UFO spotted

    UFO sighting: Unidentified flying objects have been sighted for several decades 
    (Image: Getty)

    “The cloud tunnels are used for moving from one base to another on Earth.

    “They allow the UFOs to travel from the locations they want when they want and still keep them unseen by human eyes.

    “However this cloud maker was caught.“

    And the controversial footage, which quickly garnered thousands of YouTube, was soon attracting scores of comments.

    YouTube viewer Melissa Smidt appeared convinced, writing: “Clearly, not a plane or bird. Plus, it traverses the entire bridge ‘cloud’ in just 2 frames.”

    And viewer UpNorthOfThe49th agrees, adding: “26 sec mark there in a few frames but at the 46 sec mark it is like it is in two places at once. You can catch two then one then two then one again like skipping.”

    However, not all the viewers of the bizarre and grainy footage are completely certain about the video’s veracity.

    YouTube viewer YouSaltyD0g commented: “Looks like a bug to me.”

    UFO spotted in Britain

    UFO sighting: There has a spike in the number of UFO sightings 
    (Image: Getty)

    UFO video

    UFO sighting: Almost every single UFO sighting has a more rational explanation 
    (Image: Getty)

    The date of the supposed UFO sighting is given as July 27, 2018, but it listed as surfacing only for the first time this week.

    And Scott C. Waring also notes how the footage was shot by schoolchildren.

    The UFO researcher wrote: “Kids at school spotted this strange cloud formation this afternoon in East Sussex. No idea how this thing formed.”

    The highly-contentious UFO footage has resurfaced over a supposed recent jump in the number of sightings of UFOs in the skies over the UK.

    And this has reportedly sparked a panic among online conspiracy theory communities. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ceres had meltwater reservoirs for millions of years

    Ceres had meltwater reservoirs for millions of years

    Life on Ceres, largest body in the asteroid belt? Maybe, at one time. New research points to ancient subsurface reservoirs of salty meltwater that might have lasted millions of years and let life’s chemistry begin.

    Roundish rocky ball with a very bright white spot near the middle.

    False-color view of Ceres from the Dawn spacecraft showing differences in surface materials. The bright spots are salt deposits left over from when salty water (cryomagma) reached the surface and evaporated. New research shows that subsurface reservoirs of salty meltwater existed on Ceres for millions of years.

    Image via NASA/JPL-CalTech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA.

    What astronomers now characterize as dwarf planets might seem to be little more than large asteroids. But, as planetary scientists have been discovering, dwarf planets can share characteristics with full-sized planets; they are indeed actual worlds. That’s certainly true of distant Pluto, with its blue skies, high mountains, and red snows, not to mention its system of moons. Another example is the dwarf planet Ceres, which resides in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Despite being a lot smaller than the primary rocky planets like Earth or even Mercury, and a lot farther from the sun, we now know Ceres has its own unique and active geological history, too.

    One of the most intriguing discoveries about Ceres has been evidence for ancient cryovolcanoes – an icy type of volcano that releases water, ammonia or methane instead of hot molten rock. Now, a new research study – a joint project between the University of Texas at Austin and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) – suggests that shallow meltwater reservoirs of salty meltwater were able to stay liquid for millions of years, thanks to an insulating crust. The findings are related to the numerous bright spots seen on Ceres, in particular the largest ones in Occator Crater, which are sodium carbonate salt deposits thought to be the remnants of cryomagma – salty meltwater – that vaporized after reaching Ceres’ virtually airless surface.

    Bright white spots on rocky surface, brighter in the middle and fuzzy around the edges.

    High-resolution view of the brightest spots on Ceres, in Occator Crater.

    Image via NASA/JPL-CalTech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA.

    White ice-like surface of an irregular raised rocky area.

    An even closer view of one of the bright spots in Occator Crater, on the southwest part of Cerealia Facula. The spots are now thought to be salt deposits on Ceres’ surface. They reached the surface through cracks.

    Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA/Jason Major.

    The new peer-reviewed research was published online on February 8, 2019, in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. From the summary:

    We are testing the hypothesis that the bright spots in the center of Occator crater on Ceres are salts extruded from a large brine reservoir in the crust that melted during the asteroid impact that formed Occator Crater. The age difference between the crater and the salt deposits is approximately 16 million years and it is not clear if the brine can remain molten for such a long time. Our simulations show that an isolated impact-induced cryomagma chamber will cool in less than 12 million years. However, our simulations show that the crustal brine reservoir might communicate with a deeper brine reservoir in Ceres’ mantle. Such recharge could extend the longevity of the impact-induced cryomagma chamber beneath Occator Crater.

    Cryovolcanism could help mix chemicals that produce the more complex molecules needed for life, such as on Jupiter’s moon Europa. Scientists are interested in studying how similar processes work on Ceres and whether they could could also create the molecules needed for life to begin. According to lead author Marc Hesse, an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin Jackson School of Geosciences:

    Cryovolcanism looks to be a really important system as we look for life. So we’re trying to understand these ice shells and how they behave.

    Diagram of interior also with Texas-sized circle on map of U.S. showing Ceres' size.

    Illustration of the history of the interior of Ceres. Scientists now think that salty meltwater reservoirs (cryomagma) in the crust lasted for millions of years.

    Image via Neveu/Desch/Arizona State University.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean that life itself ever started on Ceres, but the initial chemical interactions needed certainly could have, at least. A subsurface supply of salty water below the surface would have been an ideal environment for that to occur.

    The new study focused on the bright salt deposits in Occator Crater. While the crater is about 20 million years old, the deposits are as young as 4 million years old. The cryomagma is thought to have been produced by the impact that created Occator, and was originally estimated to have only been able to remain liquid for about 400,000 years after the impact. But if the deposits are only about 4 million years old, how did the meltwater reservoirs remain liquid so long? To answer that question, Hesse and Julie Castillo-Rogez, a planetary scientist at JPL, looked closer at Ceres’ crustal chemistry and physics. As Castillo-Rogez explained:

    It’s difficult to maintain liquid so close to the surface. But our new model includes materials inside the crust that tend to act as insulators consistent with the results from the Dawn observations.

    Large cone-shaped feature on cratered rocky surface.

    The large cryovolcano Ahuna Mons (“Lonely Mountain”) on Ceres, which sits in isolation on the surface with no other volcanoes nearby.

    Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA.

    According to their calculations, the melt reservoir of cryomagma could have lasted for 10 million years. As Hess added:

    Now that we’re accounting for all these negative feedbacks on cooling – the fact that you release latent heat, the fact that as you warm up the crust it becomes less conductive – you can begin to argue that if the ages are just off by a few million years you might get it.

    The bright spots, including those in Occator, tend to be located in the or near the center of impact craters, which suggests that the impacts created the reservoirs of cryomagma, which then came to the surface through cracks. The salty water evaporated, leaving the salt deposits behind.

    The new findings will help scientists better understand how Ceres evolved, according to Jennifer Scully, a planetary geologist at JPL:

    They used more up-to-date data to create their model. This will help in the future to see if all of the material involved in the observed deposits can be explained by the impact, or does this require a connection to a deeper source of material. It’s a great step in the right direction of answering that question.

    Low, wide raised area with elongated hole in the middle.

    An ancient cryovolcano called Wright Mons on Pluto, as seen by the New Horizons spacecraft in 2015.

    Image via NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI.

    Cryovolcanism is rather common in the outer solar system – it is known to exist, and suspected to exist, on many icy worlds including Ceres, Titan, Pluto, Europa, Enceladus, Triton and others. This icy form of volcanism mimics the “hot” volcanism of planets and moons like Earth, Venus and Io, and shows that even small, cold bodies in the solar system can be surprisingly geologically active – Ceres itself is only 592 miles (952 km) in diameter.

    Bottom line: The dwarf planet Ceres had subsurface meltwater reservoirs of salty water (cryomagma) for millions of years, the new research suggests. Whether any kind of primitive life could have ever evolved is unknown, but the environment could at least have allowed the chemistry to begin that would lead to the creation of the kinds of organic molecules that are the building blocks of life. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFOs and Odd “Vibraniums”: A Look at the CIA’s Weird Tweeting Habit Micah HanksFebruary 28, 2019

    UFOs and Odd “VibraniUFOs and Odd “Vibraniums”: A Look at the CIA’s Weird Tweeting Habit

    Micah Hanks

    On Sunday night, as Americans were settling in for the beginning of the week ahead, many televisions were dialed-in to the 91st Academy Awards, held this year at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

    Notably, this year’s Oscars ceremony was the first since 1989 to be held in the absence of a host, after repeated failed attempts to secure prospectives that included Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as well as comedian Kevin Hart (who stepped aside after a series of Tweets rose from his past and stirred controversy; it’s a social media trap that has become all-too-familiar to us these days).

    However, these weren’t the only notable and controversial things happening with relation to this year’s Oscars on Twitter. As the awards were being given, many people following the proceedings on social media were surprised to see the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency chiming in.

    “In #BlackPanther,” the CIA’s Tweet read, “a unique metal called #vibranium helped the fictional African nation of #Wakanda become the most technologically advanced country on the planet.” It was accompanied by a poll asking whether viewers thought  “vibranium” was “A real metal,” “Based upon real materials,” “Possible future tech,” or simply “Total fiction”, with the latter option winning at 

    The Tweet was linked to a page about the CIA’s “Reel vs. Real,” described at its website as follows:

    Merging the overt world of Hollywood with the covert mission of the CIA, the Agency’s “Reel vs. Real” event seeks to demystify the CIA’s mission by comparing what’s seen on TV to what happens in reality. Former CIA officers join the acclaimed creator and actors from FX’s “The Americans” on-stage at UCLA for a lively discussion about the facts vs. fiction of espionage, CIA tradecraft, and living under cover.

    Although Hollywood and entertainment reporting isn’t something we focus on all that often here at MU, the occasional humor that appears on the CIA’s Twitter feed isn’t lost on us. Back in January 2018, Paul Seaburn also reported here on one of the agency’s occasional UFO-related Tweets, which featured a famous UFO photograph in conjunction with a post commemorating World UFO Day.

    This wasn’t the first time the CIA used its Twitter account to make references to UFOs. Back in early 2015, as the agency Tweeted about its most-read articles from the previous year, it featured what was likely the first of its Tweets about the subject when it shared the following:

    The Tweet linked to an article titled “The CIA and the U-2 Program, 1954-1974,” featured as a PDF document which discussed the agency’s high-altitude tests involving the U-2 spyplane in the 1950s.

    “[T]esting of the U-2 soon led to an unexpected side effect — a tremendous increase in reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs),” the report states. Two years earlier, the agency had already released historical documents pertaining to the U-2 Program, which gave the position of the famous Area 51 base near Groom Lake Nevada. There was no Tweet that accompanied this release, however, since the CIA’s Twitter account did not appear online until the following year.

    In fact, the CIA’s penchant for the provocative and humorous in its Tweeting habits goes all the way back to its very first Tweet, issued on June 26, 2014, which simply stated, “We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.”

    Obviously, whoever handles the CIA’s Twitter account enjoys poking a little fun at the tropes associated with their work, and even putting their own spin on a few common internet memes. The agency may have even resorted to posting cat pictures on at least one occasion; but as you might have guessed, we’re not in a position to confirm, nor deny whether such an incident ever occurred… you be the judge. }

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    UFO seen over Cleveland.

    UFO Seen Live On Cleveland’s Channel 3 News

    It’s 6:30 am.  The coffee’s still brewing, the sun is about to peek over the horizon, and you turn on the local news because you’re a responsible and informed citizen. Or a masochist. The camera pans across Lake Erie and shows Cleveland, Ohio getting ready to meet the day. And then you see it. A glowing white shape comes out of the clouds and wobbles across the sky.  A UFO. You’ve always known this day would come, but never thought it would be live on WKYC. The anchors don’t notice, it was too fast. As Mr. Coffee gives his last gurgle, you don’t know what you’ve just seen and realize it’s going to be one of those days.

    Last Thursday, someone in Cleveland had that exact morning.  During their early morning broadcast a strange object briefly appeared on a WKYC camera. It went unnoticed by the anchors, but was soon uploaded to YouTube where it began gaining traction—You can see the video for yourself here. According to WKYC, it was MUFON investigator Thomas Wertman who brought the existence of the clip to their attention. Which shows how dedicated MUFON investigators are. They know what’s on your camera before you do.

    The video looks pretty strange. A shape seems to appear out of nowhere over the bay and disappears just as quickly as it arrives. It’s not necessarily how I’d prefer to start my day, and you can see why someone would immediately upload it to YouTube.

    Morning is no time for UFOs.

    No one needs alien nonsense at 6:30 in the morning. Start normal, end weird. That’s my motto.

    You’ve got to hand it to WKYC. They actually followed up with MUFON’s Thomas Wertman and invited him into the studio to go over the footage. The benefits of it being unintentionally filmed by a news station means they can prove it’s not doctored, they can slow it down, they can see what’s actually going on here.

    And this is where the disappointment comes in. According to Wertman, after seeing the video in full resolution, he believes the the UFO is  just a bird:

    I can actually see the wings going up and down and this is not uncommon. I’ve had some other videos submitted over the past that have turned out to be insects, when you get a very high quality resolution, you can even see the wings going up and down as it goes across the screen.

    Asked if it was safe to say the object in the video had been identified, he said:

    “I’m sure we can, because I’ve also gone and scrubbed up any aircraft in the region. I had one helicopter flying around in that region, but no other aircraft in that area that I could pick up on the transponder. So, I’m sure we’re seeing wildlife down along there, most likely a gull.”


    Seagulls ruin everything.

    Like I said, dedicated. In the slowed down video, you can see what appears to be wings flapping. Although, there has been some winged weirdness in that part of the country recently. Was it mothman? Sorry, I didn’t need to bring him into it. UFOs are one thing, but no one deserves mothman before coffee. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Strange Encounters with Flying Jellyfish, Walking Squids, and Octopod Monstrosities


    Strange Encounters with Flying Jellyfish, Walking Squids, and Octopod Monstrosities

    Brent Swancer

    I often like to look into reports that truly skirt around the periphery of the paranormal and cryptozoology, the cases that stand out as being particularly odd and baffling. Such cases truly tax the imagination and leave us scrambling to try and explain just what in the world could be going on, and challenge our notions of what we think we know. Here I have collected together an eclectic mix of very weird encounters with everything from jellyfish floating through the sky, to squid-like beasts and octopod monsters roaming the wilderness, so sit back, buckle up, and enjoy this journey to the other side of the bizarre.

    One of the stranger things one could see soaring through the skies is a jellyfish, but there are actually numerous reports throughout the world of just that. These incredibly bizarre entities are often reported as looking very similar to a typical jellyfish one would find bobbing about in the sea, only in this case soaring through the air, and in some accounts they are described as being able to change density, color, or size, and to be able to go almost completely transparent, and there have even been cases of some sort of bioluminescence present. They are variously reported as moving about on their own through some unknown form of propulsion or merely at the whim of the air currents, and they are always just about as otherworldly as can be.

    There have been particularly strange accounts of encounters with flying jellyfish going back decades. In the 1950s a police man in England claimed to have had a run in with a low flying sky jellyfish as he was riding his bicycle on patrol. He claimed that it drifted right down in front of him and that he actually bumped up against it, describing the sensation as similar to brushing up against a soft blanket, and that it had a slightly unpleasant smell of mildew. In 1958 there was also report from Florida, where a policeman named Faustin Galegos found a translucent purple blob about the size of a soccer ball outside of his house. He claimed that when he had approached it seemed to be some sort of dying creature, and when he picked it up the thing just sort of evaporated in his hands.

    A more recent account was given on the site Phantoms and Monsters, and comes from a witness in Perth, Australia, who is referred to merely as “BD.” The witness claims that in 2012 he was out in front of his house one evening having a cigarette when his attention was drawn to the curious sight of the light patterns of the stars being disrupted by something passing over them. At first he thought it might be a plane, but it soon became apparent that this was no aircraft. The witness explains:

    As it got closer, the way it moved resembled the way a jellyfish would swim if it was horizontal. It was hard to describe, but it looked to be expanding at the front like a balloon, then using that air to propel itself along. It was roughly 100 meters above me and I watched it for 10 minutes. After that it was out of sight. This was during a clear night sky in Australia. I am very familiar with aircraft as I live relatively close to Jandakot airport and we see/hear them all the time. It was certainly not a machine of any kind.

    I yelled out to my Mother-in-Law who was staying at the time to come out and look. She also saw it. I filmed it on my smartphone, but being 8pm at night it was pitch black and you couldn’t see anything. If I had to guess, I would say the feeling I was left with is that it was some kind of creature. It moved gracefully and gradually in large deliberate movements. Like a large bird would do with a large flap of its wings, then gliding for a bit, although this was unlike anything I could describe. It appeared to be translucent in parts and remained at the same altitude and speed but just completely silent.

    Amazingly, there was a follow up report from a different witness, who claims that he and a friend saw what appears to be the same or a similar creature around Perth at around the same time as this sighting. The witness says of the creature:

    I would like to confirm the story of the flying jellyfish like creature as described on your forum by “BD,” There were two of us actually not just myself. We were in Perth CBD actually having a glass of wine on a quite loud jazz music playing balcony about 10 meters from the ground. I am so thrilled to find out there is another person who has seen this. The creature was behaving exactly as described by “BD” so basically like jellyfish but without any long tentacles – about a size of a balloon.

    It was kind of changing according to the different colored lighting attached to the balcony and it was flying upwards so effortlessly. It is really precious I have finally found this. I have been searching for so long. I have to be honest I don’t recall the exact day but it must have been the same night as “BD” mentioned. We had seen it around 9-10pm either friday or saturday. The creature wasn’t too shy either meaning it didn’t fly in a hurry. Would gladly put my hand on my heart on this one and now may actually try to find it again, but who knows how often do they appear.

    A very odd claim was posted on the site Norcalblogs, from a commenter calling himself Pie Guevara, who claims that his uncle, an Oscar Guevera, had taken part in a scientific survey of these sorts of creatures in the 1950s and 60s. The remote areas north of San Fransisco had apparently experienced a spate of sightings for over a decade of what were usually referred to as “Space Jellies,” which would congregate in the upper atmosphere along the coast, after which they would soar up into the upper atmosphere out of sight. Pie provides a letter that he allegedly received from his uncle, which outlines the phenomenon and his study of it, and reads:

    This coalescence of “space jellies”, as we called them, was assumed to be part of a seasonal migration pattern in and about the western Pacific. With a small joint grant fund from several philanthropic scientific organizations (which shall remain unnamed), I developed a small, high altitude, long distance ultralight aircraft (the first of its kind) assisted by an in-flight deployable and detachable ovoid helium balloon. This platform was developed as it had become evident through observation and experimentation that the behavior of these creatures was disturbed by the approach of larger aircraft. It was not by coincidence that the craft bore a distinct resemblance to the large, presumably mature form, of “space jelly” creatures themselves.

    Working within a shoe-string budget, I deployed a modified aqualung attached to a motorcycle helmet and a small forge bellows that was fashioned into a crude but effective and light weight re-breathing system for high altitudes. For warmth I wore a gorilla suit (procured from a costumer’s auction in Emeryville) and had it fitted with a lining of goose down. From below the aircraft was lowered a fair sized grappling hook with several large mackerels tied to it with bailing wire. Inside of six weeks in the fall of 1973 I had snagged most of these diaphanous jelly fish like buggers. None of the captured survived the experience and within minutes dissolved into an odd steamy smoke. On my final expedition, as per standard operating procedure, I reached the specified location at an altitude of 9500 feet, deployed the balloon, and floated up into the remaining few of these creatures which, apparently, died of fright on the spot, dissolving into threadlike wisps before me.

    Besides the regrettable loss of the subjects under study there was one more unfortunate circumstance. On the last mission, after jettisoning the balloon, I was flying in from the Pacific over the Farallons at about 5000 feet towards my hidden base of operations in a remote area of [redacted]. I was spotted by a US Navy crew on a practice and shakedown cruise flying a restored antique Consolidated Vultee PB2Y Coronado that was to be displayed in a few days at a Fleet Week exposition near Fisherman’s wharf. They veered off course, followed me, and executed a close and slow pass-by over San Francisco Bay. So close I could see the faces of the pilot and crew. The flying boat then abruptly dropped altitude and beached near the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in what, for all intents and purposes, appeared to be an emergency landing.

    Weeks later I learned, through some Navy sources in Vallejo who hung out Fridays at the [redacted] Bar and Grill, that the pilot and crew recovered from the plane had babbled incoherently and for days all they could get out of them was, “Flying fish bear … flying fish bear …” Needless to say this story has never been declassified and likely never will be. The only reason I relate it now is lay to rest any fears that may still exist about these creatures and confident in the knowledge that no one in their right mind would ever actually believe it.

    This is truly a far-out and spectacular account, and one can’t help but wonder how much veracity any of it holds. A guy in a gorilla suit collecting flying jellyfish from the upper atmosphere? Flying Fish Bears? It is all quite beyond bizarre. You can’t make this stuff up, folks. In December of 1999 there was a rather unusual sighting of something like this at Vitebsk, in the Republic of Belarus. The two witnesses described the object as being somewhat tubular or cigar-shaped, with a front part that was rounded and asymmetric, and a rear part that seemed blurred. It was apparently a blue and red color, and exhibited a somewhat transparent quality, as well as what looked to be some sort of flickering bioluminescence. Whatever it was moved with a sort of undulating movement and made no noise during the sighting, and after a while it was reported as just vanishing into thin air. The witnesses would claim that it was not an aircraft, and that they had had the distinct impression that it was a living creature, saying it somewhat resembled an animal known as the glass squid (Cranchiidae).

    Glass squid

    What could such creatures be? One idea is that they are a type of theoretical organism known as an “atmospheric beast.” Atmospheric beasts, or atmospheric life-forms, as they are often called, are said to be organisms that live their entire lives floating high in the atmosphere, undetected by humans. These creatures are most often described as having bodies that are semi-solid, or almost insubstantial, with some reports even claiming that they are able to adjust their density from almost immaterial and invisible to more solid, depending on as yet unknown factors. Numerous theories have been posited as to how such seemingly fantastical organisms could manage to stay adrift in the air, such as air bladders or very low body densities.

    The appearance of these atmospheric beasts varies wildly. Accounts have variously described them as amorphous and cloud-like behemoths, finned squid-like creatures, floating jellyfish, translucent, vaporous blobs, flitting rods, amoeba-like organisms, gelatinous oddities, and even dragons. The sizes of atmospheric beasts likewise run the gamut from tiny and bird-like, to gargantuan monsters hundreds of feet long. Although these enigmatic creatures are said to typically lurk too high in the atmosphere or to be too insubstantial to see with the naked eye, there are instances when one might become observable for some reason. Indeed, there has been a substantial amount of sightings reports over the years from all over the world describing unusual flying monsters that do not fit into the typical mold of thunderbirds or other flying cryptids. These atmospheric life forms have even allegedly been photographed, and there have been reports of the gelatinous remains of dead ones on occasion. Are such sightings evidence of this type of lifeform?

    While flying jellyfish are weird enough, let’s move on to something just about as strange. One thing that one would not typically expect to find out walking around on land is an octopod beast, but there have been some downright surreal reports of these as well. One earlier and very weird case comes from the battlefields of World War II, in particular the Battle of Okinawa, in Japan. Lasting from April until June of 1945, the 82-day-long battle was envisioned as the first step in a planned eventual invasion of the Japanese Okinawa Islands and on to the mainland. It was the largest amphibious assault of the Pacific Theater, and saw some of the fiercest, most intense, and bloodiest fighting of the entire war. From here among the many scattered dead bodies strewn about in the aftermath of the fighting come some odd tales of encounters some Japanese troops allegedly had with something very bizarre indeed.

    Fighting at the Battle of Okinawa

    There are some scattered stories of Japanese troops surveying the smoking battlefields and telling of seeing what appeared to be very large octopuses picking through the corpses. These creatures were said to be around 4 feet in height, and rather than slither about like one would expect a normal octopus to do, they were said to walk about on their tentacles with their heads held above the ground. When one of the beasts was startled or on alert, it would apparently stretch its tentacles up to hold its head higher, like a camera mounted upon a tripod. Making it all more sinister is that the soldiers who saw these creatures claimed that they seemed to be actually coming to feed upon the corpses of the fallen. It is hard to know what to make of these reports, and one wonders if it just wasn’t a spooky forgotten wartime legend of the battlefield.

    Then we have what has come to be known as the “Octosquatch.” In the summer of 1961, a 29-year-old truck driver named Arquimedes Sanchez was driving along a precipitous mountain road through the Basque mountains in Spain at around 11PM, along with an unnamed companion, on their way to the town of Puerto de Barazar. As they rounded a bend, their headlights hit a bizarre and rather monstrous being standing upon an embankment nearby, which prompted the pair to stop their vehicle.

    When they peered through the murk ahead of them they claim that they saw a “hairy octopus,” which stood around 4 feet tall, with glowing eyes and “tentacle-like” arms. The witnesses and the thing apparently sat there completely frozen and immobile for several minutes, both parties probably just as startled and scared as the other, before Sanchez snapped out of it and slammed the accelerator, which caused the weird apparition to scurry backwards away from the threat, after which Sanchez backed up and tried again, apparently intent on running it over. Interestingly, the otherworldly intruder refused to take off into the night, instead always just managing to avoid being run over, as if it were all a game. Finally the two men, neither who were willing to step out of the vehicle to investigate, drove off to leave the being behind, never to be seen again.

    In more recent years, in December of 2014 there was a very odd report taken by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), concerning an outlandish bipedal creature that was sighted and almost hit by a car in the vicinity of the sleepy town of Carmel, in Highland County, Ohio. The witnesses, a former Marine and his wife, had just moved to the area, and one evening they were driving along the rural road through a wooded area towards their home when a 7-foot-tall creature with muscular, very bendable, tentacle-like legs, and a tubular body without any arms or head ran in front of their car and into the woods on the other side of the road, narrowly avoiding being hit by the vehicle in the process.

    It would later be described as being a dull, sickly grey in color and looking sort of like a “walking squid,” and after the report was featured in the local paper there was a lot of speculation as to what it might be. One of the most popular ideas is that this was merely a misidentified deer that had just happened to be witnessed in a strange, bipedal pose. This sort of makes sense, as white-tailed deer are known to rear up on their hind legs and even take a few steps in that position, but it seems odd that one would walk so far, and it doesn’t really seem to totally match the witnesses’ description. Interestingly, the witnesses also claimed that there was a large sphere of grass near their house that is always greener than the surroundings and where snow does not gather, so make of that what you will. Whatever it is, the “Walking Squid” Of Carmel, Ohio, is a truly bizarre case that can’t easily be explained away.

    Here we have looked at an array of utterly bizarre tales of jellyfish, squid, and octopus-like creatures popping up in the oddest of places. These obviously could not be considered normal examples of these types of animals, so what were they? Some sort of undiscovered species? Aliens? Interdimensional interlopers? Are they just tall tales or hallucinations? No matter what the answer may be, these are certainly highly odd cases that go beyond the strange, and elude any easy classification. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Jim Marrs Presents Remote Viewing Aliens and UFOs

    Jim Marrs Presents Remote Viewing Aliens and UFOs


    Jim Marrs – Remote Viewing Aliens and UFOs – Lecture from the 2011 International UFO Congress. Jim Marrs has written about government projects to establish remote viewing groups. An interesting side note to this psychic spying project is that many remote viewers have made discoveries regarding UFOs and extraterrestrials. Marrs will show us some of the amazing findings that top remote viewers have recovered. Jim Marrs is a former journalist and a bestselling author. He primarily focuses on government cover-ups and conspiracies. His book Crossfire, an investigation into the death of John F. Kennedy, was turned into the movie JFK by Oliver stone. While researching the power elite, he also discovered the reality of the UFO cover up and has written extensively on his findings on this matter. Jim Marrs unfortunately left us early. He passed on August 2, 2017. Fortunately, we can still enjoy the fruits of his efforts. Enjoy. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Dr. John Alexander – UFO Research and the U.S. Government

    Dr. John Alexander – UFO Research and the U.S. Government

    John Alexander is a retired Army Colonel who has been a critical figure in the field of non-lethal weapons and also played a role in U.S. Army Intelligence research in the paranormal. In the 1980s John put together a group of intelligence officials, members of all branches of the military and the defense aerospace industry to investigate UFO secrecy. His group was called the Advanced Theoretical Physics (ATP) project. In this episode, we discuss the similarities between John’s ATP and the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Due to the attention the disclosure of the existence of AATIP has garnered, there is a resurgence of interest in the UFO topic in Washington D.C. Relying on John’s insider knowledge on how the government works, we also discuss the difficulties a UFO research program would have functioning inside the government, the concerns the military or other credible organizations may have hosting a UFO program, and whether a government UFO program is the best option for resorcin into the UFO Phenomenon. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Navy UFO Events Took Place Off the Coast of Florida AND VIRGINIA

    Navy UFO Events Took Place Off the Coast of Florida AND VIRGINIA

    Since the “Gimbal” video was released in December 2017 and the “Go Fast” video was released in March 2018, many people have been trying to figure out where they took place.

    Lue Elizondo spoke about a fleet of craft, referring to The Gimbal:

    “What makes it even more interesting is when you hear the audio, the individuals say, ‘there’s an entire fleet of them.’ I can not go into detail why that’s important. I hope at some point the details of that will come out, but it will not come out from me. It isn’t just one and if you know the backstory behind that incident, you’re just looking at a very short video, maybe thirty or thirty-five seconds worth, but there’s an entire story, weeks and weeks and weeks worth, that go behind that video and that is what’s so compelling and if those details should come out, I think that’s going to be the ‘A-ha’ moment, the epiphany, so to speak, where people are going to look and say, ‘Holy smokes! That really is an important video. That’s not just some blurry thing on the screen.”

    TTSA’s Chris Mellon made the comment about fifteen encounters off the east coast since 2015, as well as the fleet, in his Washington Post article. There have been rumors circulating behind the scenes of at least five videos filmed during the encounter. They were referenced openly by Keith Basterfield on Coast to Coast AM. Pilot Dave Fravor and investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbellhave given us some of the best hints and information about what occured.  Creator of The Nimitz Encounters, Dave Beaty, has also been on the forefront of citizen investigators who are looking into this occurrence.  There are claims that more witnesses from The Gimbal Events will come forward and speak in March at a conference. If more Gimbal Event videos and data is released soon, the witnesses will tie into this perfectly.

    Like always, some of the most powerful comments and corroboration have been stated by George Knapp. Hours ago, on Coast To Coast AM, while interviewing defense and aviation writer and expert, Tyler Rogoway, George Knapp said this:

    “In 2015 The Gimbal shows up, and not just once. We were told more than fifteen times, maybe a couple dozen times, both off the coast of Florida and subsequently off the coast of Virginia. Again involving naval craft and multiple sensors…” }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Project Blue Book Episode 7 Review: The Scoutmaster

    Project Blue Book Episode 7 Review: The Scoutmaster

    On this week's Project Blue Book, swamp gas attacks scoutmaster as Quinn forks Russian spy.

    Project Blue Book Episode 6 Review

    Project Blue Book Episode 7

    Project Blue Book continues to be much more exciting than real-life events, even though the real story is about the Air Force investigating potential alien spacecraft. This week, Hynek invokes the swamp gas theory for a UFO sighting, later revealing the case to be a hoax, while Captain Quinn discovers he is the victim of deception as well.

    Captain Quinn is on special assignment for General Harding. Someone stole something important from the Air Force base Hynek and Quinn visited in the last episode, and Harding tells Quinn he thinks it was Edward Rizzuto. Rizzuto is the Russian spy Quinn caught. Harding is sending Quinn to question Rizzuto. Quinn’s form of questioning is brutal. First, he roughs up Rizzuto, and then he makes him breakfast with a gun on the table. At one point Rizzuot pisses off Quinn, so Quinn sticks a fork in his hand. Ouch!

    Quinn eventually leaves Rizzuto’s apartment, and Harding comes in. It turns out Rizzuto and Harding were setting Quinn up. Harding suspects Quinn was the thief. Quinn overhears Harding and Rizzuto and confronts Harding. Harding said he had to test him because they found the object missing after Quinn and Hynek had left. He also explains how he turned Rizzuto into a double agent.

    When told all of this, Quinn’s expression revealed he knows who might have the mysterious important object. Although we as the audience can tell from his mannerisms, Quinn knows something. Fortunately, Harding doesn’t notice. I am being sarcastic of course. I find it funny when characters play to the audience, and the other characters miss their obvious reactions.

    Meanwhile, Hynek has gone to Bowling Green, Ohio to investigate the Bowling Green Massacre. It turns out there was a massacre, and it was an alien who was gunned down mercilessly. A scoutmaster was camping with his troop when they all witnessed lights in the forest. The scoutmaster told the kids to stay put while he investigates. There is then yelling and gunshots. The kids find a charred and burning forest, but their scoutmaster is gone.

    further reading: 9 Facts About Project Blue Book

    Hynek comes on the scene and joins a town hall meeting on the matter. He explains to the townsfolk it could be a case of swamp gas. Swamp gas, also known as marsh gas, is a condition in which rotting vegetation can produce flammable gasses. It is rare, but these gasses can then ignite in the right circumstances. The townsfolk do not like his explanation.

    As Hynek is explaining this trying to convince the townspeople, the scoutmaster wonders into the room, battered and singed. So much for swamp gas, Dr. Hyenk. The scoutmaster explains that he saw an object above him in the forest that night. Then a creature came out of the object. Naturally, the scoutmaster shot at it, and it appeared he go it. 

    Hynek takes the scoutmaster back to the scene of the encounter, and they find an alien looking skull in the ground. Hynek takes the skull to a local Choctaw who is visibly upset. It turns out this skull was stolen. It is a skull that looks alien because the head has been elongated by head binding. Some cultures place binding around the skull of a child beginning at birth to cause the skull to change shape. The Choctaw man explains this was first done in honor of the “Star People.”

    In the end, Quinn confronts Hynek who denies having stolen anything.

    This episode is undoubtedly full of twists and turns, and it keeps the audience on their toes. As far as aliens go, the UFO case in this episode turned out to be a hoax, but there is still a matter of the mysterious alien-looking object. At the end of the episode, Hynek puts it in the backseat of his car and his tail lights get bright and crack.

    The Project Blue Book Files

    In this episode, Hynek is a little annoying with his debunking. He is getting a bit like Quinn insisting on prosaic answers. Perhaps it is because Hynek is fighting the alien answer externally while inside he is becoming more accepting of the possibility. He does seem to be mystified by the mysterious object, and he admitted that the green fireballs in the previous episode appear to be too advanced to be human technology.

    Some people got annoyed by the real Hynek's debunking as well. Perhaps the most notable is Gerald Ford. Before he was president, Gerald Ford was a congressman from Michigan. In 1966 there were many mysterious UFO sightings in Michigan. Some of those sightings made headlines. During a press conference, Hynek infamously suggested the lights could be swamp gas. Like in the show, this explanation did not sit well with locals. Ford’s office responded in a press release that stated, “Ford is not satisfied with the Air Force explanation of the recent sightings in Michigan and describes the ‘swamp gas’ version given by astrophysicist J. Allen Hynek as flippant.”

    Ford even suggested, “Congress investigate the rash of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects in Southern Michigan and other parts of the country.”

    Congressional investigations never happened, and when Ford became president, he did not pursue UFO investigations. But he and the state of Michigan were not impressed with Hynek. To this day the term “swamp gas” is used as a joke by UFO enthusiasts to explain away UFO sightings mockingly.

    The primary case in the episode was the sighting by the scoutmaster. This was based on a real incident that occurred in West Palm Beach in August 1952. Scoutmaster D.S. DesVergers claims that he was driving with several of his scouts when they saw a light in the forest. He told the boys to stay in the car while he investigates. He claimed to see a large disc-shaped object in the sky that opened up and emitted a red orb. The orb moved towards DesVergers and grew into a haze that engulfed him. He then claims to have lost consciousness.

    The next thing he remembers is waking up leaning against a tree. He could barely see, but he made his way back to the highway and found the boys. Local authorities had also arrived.

    Project Blue Book Chief Captain Edward J. Ruppelt personally investigated the case. Ruppelt says one of the deputies on the scene who had witnessed DesVergers come out of the forest told him, “In all my 19 years of law-enforcement work, I’ve never seen anyone as terrified as he was.”

    At first, Ruppelt seems to believe DesVergers. There was even some physical evidence at the scene in the form of singed grass. However, in the end, Ruppelt concluded the case was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by DesVergers and his scouts. His conclusion was likely influenced by the discovery that DesVergers had a criminal record. Of course many argue Ruppelt’s conclusion was unfounded.

    Images of the singed grass and the area where the alleged UFO encounter took place can be found in the Project Blue Book files. In an article on the case on the History Channel’s website, more images can be seen, but I could not find more of the original Blue Book files on this case.

    Whether or not aliens are to be blamed for the alleged attack on scoutmaster DesVergers will continue to be debated. As for the show, whether or not aliens have anything to do with UFOs is also still unclear. We are learning a lot about Russian espionage, mind control, and men in black related to Project Blue Book, which is all fictional, but what about the aliens?

    History has renewed the series for a second season, so audiences must be liking the show. It could be that viewers like exploring alternate conspiracy theories to the idea that UFOs are aliens. I appreciate that line of thinking because it seems like I have to continually remind people the U in UFO does not stand for aliens, it stands for Unidentified. Meaning, we do not know what the hell is going on.

    Alejandro Rojas writes and blogs about science, entertainment, and the paranormal. Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating anomalous phenomena up close and personal. You can find him on Twitter here. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Alien technology in the hands of army! Testor model kits for Roswell UFO, and U.S. top secret aircraft.Videos.

    Alien technology in the hands of army! Testor model kits for Roswell UFO, and U.S. top secret aircraft.Videos.

    By Tom Keller, an aerospace engineer who has worked as a computer systems analyst for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. he said:

    “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity

    Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.”

    “We now have the technology to take ET home. No, it won’t take someone’s lifetime to do it. There is an error in the equations. We know what it is. We now have the capability to travel to the stars.

    First, you have to understand that we will not get to the stars using chemical propulsion. Second, we have to devise a new propulsion technology. What we have to do is find out where Einstein went wrong.”

    When Rich was asked how UFO propulsion worked, he said, “Let me ask you. How does ESP work?” The questioner responded with, “All points in time and space are connected?” Rich then said, “That’s how it works!

    Ben Rich Lockheed Former Director knew of extraterrestrial UFO visitors

    Lockheed „Skunk Works“ former director knew the Roswell extraterrestrial UFO influenced designs of Testor model kits for Roswell UFO models, and U.S. top secret aircraft. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Life on Mars: my 15 amazing years with Oppy, NASA’s record-breaking rover

    Life on Mars: my 15 amazing years with Oppy, NASA’s record-breaking rover


    Credit: NASA.

    “It’s getting dark, my batteries are running low.” With this final poignant message, the most successful mission to Mars – originally planned to last 90 days – ended after 15 years, in a dust storm in June 2018.

    Despite efforts to re-establish contact with its solar-powered rover “Oppy”, NASA declared the mission over on February 13 2019. The little robotic geologist had transmitted thousands of images from the surface of the planet, transforming our understanding of Mars and paving the way for future exploration.

    In 2003, NASA launched its daring new mission with twin exploration rovers Spirit and Opportunity, heralding a new era of discovery on the Red Planet. While not the first rovers on Mars – that was Sojourner on 1997’s Mars Pathfinder mission – they were the first to look beyond the horizon of any stationary landing platform.

    With a planned lifetime of 90 days and a range of just one kilometre, Spirit and Opportunity exceeded our wildest expectations. Spirit covered more than seven kilometres and stopped communication in 2010, six years after it landed on Mars in 2004. Oppy continued exploring until mid-2018, setting the record for off-Earth driving distance at 45km.

    Chance of a lifetime

    Opportunity knocked for me too. Nineteen years ago, searching for a dissertation topic in the final year of a physics degree at the University of Mainz, I happened to come across an ad on a notice board that read: “Let’s go to Mars!” Incredibly, I was the only respondent and soon found myself working with a group developing a miniaturised Mössbauer spectrometer for Mars exploration. This device identifies iron-bearing minerals – important on Mars, also known as the Red Planet because of the iron oxides (rust) on its surface.

    The NASA Mars Surveyor lander, originally due to launch in 2001, had been cancelled because of a landing platform failure. But our spectrometer was selected for an ambitious new Mars rover project. I graduated in 2001 but was hooked and wanted to see this thing through to launch, so I managed to secure a PhD position to carry on working with the development group in Mainz.

    Meridiani Planum on Mars where exploration rover Opportunity landed.
    NASA/JPL-Caltech/Arizona State University

    Against all odds, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the outskirts of Los Angeles had managed to build two rovers from scratch in just three years to launch in 2003. Our instruments had overcome various challenges to function properly once integrated into the two new rovers and were on board. After celebrating a successful launch, the fickle nature of space flight and the Martian curse, which had rendered about half of all Mars missions a failure, hit home at the end of the year.

    The UK-led Beagle 2 lander, which also had one of our Mössbauer spectrometers on board, landed at Christmas time but failed to respond. Our instruments on board the Mars rover were not working properly either when checked during flight. It looked like all our work had been in vain.

    Opportunity’s twin, Spirit, was next. It landed successfully to the immense relief of the engineering team. A lot was riding on the rovers’ success for NASA after two failed missions. Now it was time to jump into action. The rover rolled off the platform to investigate the composition of the planet’s surface. Miraculously, our spectrometer worked flawlessly – the first ever extraterrestrial application of Mössbauer spectroscopy on the surface of Mars.

    Life of Opportunity

    Opportunity landed three weeks later. We only had 90 days to accomplish the mission goals, working at JPL on Mars time (a day on Mars – a “sol” – is about 40 minutes longer than an Earth day), ignoring Earthly day and night cycles to make it happen.
    What’s more, Spirit and Opportunity had landed on opposite sides of Mars. With the day’s shift on one rover ending, how could we go to bed without knowing what was going on on the other side of the planet?

    The rovers had to drive a minimum distance of 600m and use their instruments to find evidence for the past existence of water, and assess past environmental conditions for their suitability for life. The rocks at Spirit’s landing site in Gusev crater were revealed to have a volcanic composition. Which meant if there had ever been any lake sediments inside the crater, they had been covered by a lava flow. Hills visible at the horizon offered some hope of discovery of evidence for past water. But would Spirit be able to get there given that the distance and timescale needed exceeded what the rover had been designed for?

    Opportunity had more luck. The crater it landed in revealed sedimentary bedrock that provided evidence for water. Not only had water soaked the rocks, it had also episodically pooled at the surface. Though it was acidic it would have provided a habitable environment for various known microorganisms. Mission accomplished! But what now?

    The new Mars 2020 rover builds on lessons learned from Opportunity.

    New chapter of exploration

    Of course we know the end of this story. Both rovers continued to function many years beyond their original lifetime, making new discoveries that greatly enhanced our understanding of Mars. They established that there was plenty of liquid water on Mars’ surface in the past, and that this wet environment would have been capable of supporting life. The rovers and the thousands of images they beamed back to Earth have made Mars a familiar place. I moved to the University of Stirling in 2013, where I continued my work, and can say I’ve been going to work on Mars for almost 15 years.

    Though Opportunty’s mission is over, Mars exploration will enter a new phase with the NASA Mars 2020 rover and the European Space Agency’s ExoMars rover, Rosalind Franklin, scheduled for next year. This rover will open up a new dimension by excavating material from two metres below the surface. Mars 2020 will kick off the long awaited effort to return rock and soil samples from Mars back to Earth. Both will owe a huge debt to the experience and knowledge gained from Spirit and Opportunity.The Conversation

    Christian Schroeder, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science and Planetary Exploration, University of Stirling }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.RH Negative: Aliens Genetically Created Us: Overwhelming Evidence (Video)

    RH Negative: Aliens Genetically Created Us: Overwhelming Evidence (Video)

    If you want to rouse passionate opinions – just discuss the origin of the human race. Fervent believers argue the literal, biblical perspective… that we were created in an instant by a Creator … while scientists claim we are the result of pure evolution – and there are many theories inside that. As it turns out, more and more evidence is showing the likelihood that both theories actually hold some truth, …that the human race is, by all means, an evolving species, but also, that there are a multitude of reasons to believe that a more intelligent life form played a role in developing our DNA.

    As we unravel more mysteries from our past, more and more physicists, historians, geneticists, and anthropologists are pushing the boundaries of accepted theories by mentioning the “A” word – yes – the dreaded “alien” – and the overwhelming evidence that something played a role in our evolution. So if you’re among those people still laughing off this possibility – because you’ve never seen one – we’d like to bring you up to speed with some of the remarkable discoveries being discussed in the scientific community, ones that prove our genetic makeup has to be more than just a random hand of cards.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.'Aliens ABDUCTED me – and told me the universe's secrets' Shock claims

    'Aliens ABDUCTED me – and told me the universe's secrets' Shock claims

    A PERSON claiming to have been kidnapped by aliens has come forward to reveal bizarre details of their “abduction”.

    By Rachel O'Donoghue 

    Person claims to have been abducted by aliens


    TAKEN: The unnamed person claims to have been abducted by aliens

    The unnamed man wrote a post on a popular conspiracy forum about his “experience” in the company of extraterrestrials and what they told him.

    Among his supposed revelations are that the universe did not come about as a result of the “Big Bang” and that aliens are able to communicate with each other via telepathy.

    The bloke writes that his first contact with beings from outer-space happened when he was young when one got in touch with him through his brainwaves.

    He the says that since then, he has been constantly conversing with them.

    Alien abduction claims


    CLAIMS: The person says aliens have been communicating with him for years

    I woke up and realized immediately what happened. I was freezing. And soaking wet.

    Alien abductee

    He goes on: “For the last 17 years it’s been an on and off again thing. I’d just gone 5 years without any contact or communication incidents, but in Aug 2016, things got very serious, very fast.

    “I went to bed one Saturday night just like any other night. But Sunday morning was not anything like any Sunday I’d been through before.

    "I woke up and realized immediately what happened. I was freezing. And soaking wet. And I felt like I was in a dream. Have you ever been under anaesthetic? Same feeling when waking up.”

    He claims that during this encounter, he was told that the universe was created by something called “The One” – something that is neither alive nor dead, male nor female, but responsible for everything in existence.

    He then makes a series of outlandish claims about the history of the Earth from the Garden of Eden to today.

    “You likely won’t believe me yet, but that voice in your head, your conscience, is actually what’s left of the telepathic connection to our counterpart on Eden.

    “Of course today we are raised to believe thinking anything other than ‘it’s your own voice’ will get you locked up in a psych ward,” he adds.

    So-called “truths” are continually making far-fetched claims about the existence of extraterrestrials.

    Just a week ago, UFO-hunters claimed they found an “alien hand” in a cave in Peru. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Rh-Negative Blood: An Exotic Bloodline or Random Mutation?

    Silhouettes (Public Domain) in front of blood cells (Public Domain) and a gene.

    Rh-Negative Blood: An Exotic Bloodline or Random Mutation?

    Most people who have the Rh blood type are Rh-positive. There are also instances, however, where people are Rh-Negative. Health problems may occur for the unborn child of a mother with Rh-Negative blood when the baby is Rh-Positive. This has led some to suggest that Rh-Negative blood must be of a non-human origin. Theories range from supernatural ones such as being of divine descent or membership in a divinely chosen people-group, to more scientific or pseudoscientific explanations such as interbreeding with extraterrestrials. The majority of scientists who have studied the blood type have concluded that it is most likely just a random mutation. This explanation seems to be the one most consistent with available evidence and the one that is most able to withstand Occam’s Razor.

    What is unusual about Rh-Negative blood is that the gene for it is surprisingly common despite being potentially harmful. When a woman who is Rh-Negative is pregnant with a child that is Rh-Positive, the mother’s immune system creates protective anti-bodies to the Rh-Positive blood, and her blood essentially becomes toxic to the child. To some people, this looks like the mother’s body is rejecting the baby - which has led them to suggest that perhaps the reason for the rejection is incompatibility based on the mother and child being of different species. Others suggest that lineages with the gene for Rh-Negative blood are merely special in some way and were not meant to be mixed with lineages which are predominantly Rh-Positive.

    Blood type testing.

    Blood type testing.

    (ec-jpr/ CC BY NC ND 2.0 )

    Rh-Negative Blood Lineages

    One population which contains an unusually high frequency of the gene for the Rh-Negative blood type are the Basques from northeastern Spain. The Basques have the highest incidence of the gene out of any population in the world. The Basques also speak a non-Indo-European language and have genetic markers that pre-date the rise of agriculture. This has led to speculation that Rh-Negative blood is related to Cro-Magnon ancestry going back to the upper Paleolithic period in Europe.

    Among the more exotic theories is the idea that the Rh-Negative gene represents a separate branch of humanity that intermarried with the branch that came out of Africa. One blogger has gone as far as to say that those with Rh-Negative blood are descendants of the Hyperborean race, which they believe to be the original human race. Followers of this idea believe that this race was blonde-haired and blue-eyed and included most major spiritual teachers in history, including Jesus.

    An artistic representation of Hyperborean women.

    An artistic representation of Hyperborean women. 

    Youtube Screenshot )

    Some people who are not satisfied with the idea that those with RH- blood are another form of humanity have suggested that the trait originates from extraterrestrials either interbreeding with humans or creating humans through genetic engineering.

    The Role of Genetics in Rh-Negative Blood

    This unusual trait can, however, also be explained in terms of relatively mundane human genetics and natural selection. One possibility is that the gene for Rh-Negative blood has some sort of selective advantage that outweighed the negative consequences of having Rh-Negative blood.

    A well-known example of this phenomenon would be the case of sickle cell anemia and malaria. A large percentage of the population in west Africa where malaria is common consists of carriers of the gene for sickle-cell anemia, although they don’t have the disease themselves. The reason is that just carrying the gene for sickle cell anemia gives the person carrying it immunity to Malaria. Although sickle-cell anemia is harmful, even deadly, carrying the gene gives a selective advantage and therefore it is much more common than would be expected.

    Sickle-cell disease is inherited in the autosomal recessive pattern.

    Sickle-cell disease is inherited in the autosomal recessive pattern. 

    CC BY SA 3.0 )

    Scientists studying the effects of Rh-Negative blood have found that individuals carrying the gene for Rh-Negative blood are more resistant to certain parasites such as toxoplasma, which can threaten unborn children. It has also been found that there are more carriers of the gene in areas where toxoplasma is more common. This suggests that carriers of the gene for Rh-Negative blood might be more common than expected because there is a positive selective advantage, greater resistance to parasites, that outweighs the negative, possibly having a pregnancy where the mother’s blood endangers the unborn child.

    Dividing Toxoplasma gondii, an obligate intracellular human parasite.

    (Ke Hu and John M. Murray/ CC BY 4.0 )

    As a result, it could be that some populations contain a higher occurrence rate of the gene not because of a unique lineage but because they are adapted to a region with a high prevalence of certain parasites such as toxoplasma. This would explain why the gene occurs in high frequency in populations that are not really connected other than the fact that they are  Homo Sapiens,  such as Basques and certain Jewish populations.

    The Basques have an ancestry that, with other European groups, goes back to the European Upper Paleolithic. Yet the Jews ultimately descend from relatively recent Middle Eastern populations. This would make sense if the reason for the prevalence of the gene was because both the ancestral Basque and Jewish populations originated in an environment with similar selective factors rather than being of a common lineage.

    Basque women in Bayonne (1852).

    Basque women in Bayonne (1852).

    Public Domain )

    Although it could still be that there is a common, unique ancestral lineage connecting populations with high prevalence of Rh-Negative blood, the fact that the populations where the gene occurs in high prevalence appear otherwise unrelated to each other makes it less likely and in need of more evidence.

    Could Rh-Negative Blood Come from Extraterrestrials?

    The extraterrestrial explanation is even more problematic because the Rh-Negative gene is clearly a variation of an otherwise completely human gene. Unless it was specifically engineered by extraterrestrials from a pre-existing human gene, it is unlikely that it comes from anything other than  Homo Sapiens .

    The other problem with the Rh-Negative blood type being the result of hybridization with extraterrestrials is that extraterrestrials are likely to have a completely different biology and genome than human beings. Their genome might not even be based on DNA - but something else such as RNA, or some exotic form of genetic storage that never evolved on Earth. This would make any viable hybrids very improbable if not impossible. As the astronomer Carl Sagan would have put it, it would be easier to make a human-tulip hybrid, than a human-extraterrestrial hybrid.

    An artist’s representation of an extraterrestrial.

    An artist’s representation of an extraterrestrial.

    Public Domain )

    The unlikelihood and uncertainty of the other options make the explanation that the Rh-Negative blood type is just a mutation that became common in some populations due to a selective advantage the most likely option. It is also the one that most easily survives the application of Occam’s Razor. If this blood type was because of another human species, let alone extraterrestrials, many more unnecessary assumptions that are difficult to verify have to be made. As a result, the evidence currently points toward little more than an ordinary mutation as the cause of the Rh-Negative blood phenotype.

    By Caleb Strom }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Why? Massive Blasts Hitting Earth Continually

    Why? Massive Blasts Hitting Earth Continually

    Researcher Dani Arnold-McKenny rejoins the program to discuss the massive geomagnetic blasts that have been routinely hitting the Earth since the beginning of January. These blasts are at levels not seen by scientists in the field who have been watching and observing Earth’s magnetic forces for years. We discuss the unusual events and what this could mean.



    1. The magnetism of the earth.
    2. The study of the earth’s magnetism.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Meanwhile In Canada…This Happens (Video)

    Meanwhile In Canada…This Happens (Video)

    Meanwhile In Canada…This Happens (Video)


    Published by JayWill7497

    Video cameras typically have LED illuminators sited close to the lens, and these can capture floating particles of dust, moisture droplets and tiny insects in a similar way to the flash of a still camera.
    The primary difference is, needless to say, movement. Researchers use infra-red DV cameras in there investigations, and these have multiple IR LEDs situated in a circle with the lens at its centre.
    We frequently record floating orbs using this setup, usually triggered by dust stirred up by passing humans, which shows up as orbs up to several minutes afterwards, or completely randomly.
    Occasionally the orbs have a flight path that makes them seem to follow folks; however, as with still-photo orbs, they are actually much closer to the camera than they appear.
    The noticeable size of the orbs, and their flight paths, is an illusion attributable to the compression of 3D visual space down to 2D.
    Typically there’s nothing paranormal involved, but that does not suggest we take things for granted and don’t bother to check it out?

    With that being said, many thanks to youtube’s UFOmania – The truth is out there for this video.

    ​Some people believe seeing orbs of light is visible evidence of spirits while others say orbs show signs of intelligence.


    FULL CREDIT to ​Robo Guerreiro:

    Read here:… }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Richard Branson dook naar de bodem van het grootste zinkgat ter wereld en maakte er adembenemende beelden van -

    Richard Branson dook naar de bodem van het grootste zinkgat ter wereld en maakte er adembenemende beelden van -

    Bron: Aquatica Submarines, Discovery


     De Britse miljardair Richard Branson dook met een team van wetenschappers naar de bodem van het ‘Great Blue Hole’, het grootste zinkgat ter wereld. Het team kon prachtige beelden vastleggen vanop de bodem, 124 meter onder het zeeniveau. En dankzij een sonarscan krijgen we binnenkort een uiterst gedetailleerd beeld van de omvang van het zinkgat.

    Het ‘Great Blue Hole’ ligt voor de kust van Belize in de Caribische Zee en is 124 meter diep en 318 meter breed. Het zinkgat spreekt al jaren tot de verbeelding van wetenschappers, maar mede dankzij miljardair en Virgin-baas Richard Branson weten we nu hoe het zinkgat er vanbinnen uitziet. Branson daalde in december, samen met een team diepzeespecialisten van Aquatica Submarines, af naar de bodem met een speciaal uitgeruste duikboot.

    Nooit eerder ontdekte stalactieten

    Een van de meest opmerkelijke ontdekkingen in het zinkgat waren stalactieten die er nog nooit eerder werden waargenomen. Volgens wetenschappers was het zinkgat zo’n 100.000 jaar geleden een gigantische bovengrondse grot en ontstonden de stalactieten toen de grot nog niet was overspoeld. Toen het zeeniveau steeg, verdween de grot diep in het water en zakte het dak van de grot in. Maar vanbinnen heeft de tijd wel 100.000 jaar stilgestaan.

    Richard Branson en het team van Aquatica Submarines botste in het 'Great Blue Hole' op nooit eerder ontdekte stalactieten.

     Aquatica Submarines Richard Branson en het team van Aquatica Submarines botste in het 'Great Blue Hole' op nooit eerder ontdekte stalactieten.

    Naast de stalactieten vond het team ook mysterieuze sporen op de bodem van het zinkgat. “We weten niet waar die sporen vandaan komen”, zegt diepzeepilote Erika Bergman, die ook de leiding van de expeditie nam.


    Branson en zijn team konden met sonarscan een 3D-kaart maken van het zinkgat. Die kaart wordt binnenkort vrijgegeven, maar Aquatica Submarines licht nu al een tipje van de sluier met videobeelden.

    Aquatica Submarines kon met sonar een 3D-kaart samenstellen van het zinkgat. Die kaart wordt binnenkort gepubliceerd.

     Aquatica Submarines Aquatica Submarines kon met sonar een 3D-kaart samenstellen van het zinkgat. Die kaart wordt binnenkort gepubliceerd.

    Binnenkort wordt ook een documentaire uitgezonden over de expeditie naar het Great Blue Hole. Die documentaire wordt ergens in de lente verwacht.

    Richard Branson en het team van Aquatica Submarines

    Aquatica Submarines Richard Branson en het team van Aquatica Submarines

    Richard Branson zakte met een duikboot af naar de bodem van het 'Great Blue Hole'.

    Aquatica Submarines Richard Branson zakte met een duikboot af naar de bodem van het 'Great Blue Hole'.


    Aquatica Submarines . }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Who You See Before You Die: Hospice Documenting Patients’ Mysterious Dream Experiences


    Follow KDKA-TVFacebook | Twitter

    PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Death is one of the mysteries of life. But the dreams of patients at Hospice Buffalo in New York State are revealing something incredible about the process of dying.

    Dr. Christopher Kerr and his team have been documenting dreams or visions of dying patients for years.

    They’ve found that the dreams are often comforting and make death less scary.

    It turns out, when we have little time left, many of us may see the people we miss the most.

    They’ve recorded many of the interviews.

    A man named Horace explained one of his dreams: “My wife all of a sudden appeared.”

    A woman named Jeanne describes how vivid they are: “I remember seeing every piece of their face. I mean, I know that was my mom and dad and uncle and my brother-in-law.” She continued: “I felt good. I felt good to see some people.”

    A patient named Maggie dreamt about her sister, who had passed away before her.

    “So I said, Beth, you’ve got to stay with me,” Maggie said. “I’m alone, stay with me. She says, ‘I can’t. Not now.”

    But then, her sister gives her a message: “And then she says, ‘Soon we’ll be back. We’ll be back together.”

    Dr. Kerr didn’t start out believing. He’s now the Chief Medical Officer at Hospice Buffalo, and when he was first starting out, something happened that opened his mind. He thought a certain patient could live a little longer with IV fluids.

    “I walked in and the nurse didn’t even look up,” said Dr. Kerr. “And she said, “No, no, he’s dying,’ and I said, ‘Why are you saying that?’ And she said, ‘Well, he’s seeing his deceased mother,’ and I was like [laughing noise] ‘Yeah, right.'”

    He was skeptical, but he explained that he was proven wrong over and over.

    “Everybody but me was able to prognosticate death in part based on what people were seeing or experiencing,” he said.

    He says doctors aren’t trained to deal with these dreams, but he began studying them and realized that they’re therapeutic.

    “Instead of having this fear of death,” said Dr. Kerr. “It almost transcends the fear of death to something bigger.”

    In 10 years, he and his team have documented 14,000 cases. Eighty percent of his patients report dreams or visions.

    “What’s clear is people are universally saying this feels more real and different than any dream I’ve ever had before,” he said.

    Dr. Kerr with Gregg Liebler

    (Photo Credit: KDKA)

    KDKA met one of those patients during our visit, a man named Gregg Liebler.

    Liebler: “My grandmother and grandfather are both passed.”
    Dr. Kerr: “Have you had any dreams of them?”
    Liebler: “Yes. I see them often.”

    Liebler’s sister, Karen Paciorkowski, is a nurse at Hospice Buffalo.

    “He was really close with my mom’s parents,” she said.

    “The people who loved him and nurtured him, he says the most, were his grandparents and that’s who returns to him,” Dr. Kerr said.

    He sees himself as a child, talking to them again.

    Dr. Kerr: “But it feels good?”
    Liebler: “It sure does.”

    Liebler passed away less than three weeks after our interview.

    “You’re physically declining, but inside, you’re very vibrant and alive,” said Dr. Kerr.

    He says the dreams happen more often as death gets closer, and there are common themes, like upcoming travel.

    A patient named Paul shared one of his dreams, “She wanted me to pack up some things for her, so I had this crazy dream, I’m packing goods.”

    Sometimes the dreams allow people to address unresolved issues.

    A patient named Patricia felt relief after delivering a message to her deceased husband: “I told him, ‘You should have taken care of this, and I want you to know that I’m really angry that you didn’t,’ and he smiled.”

    When children are dying, they often don’t know any people who have passed, so they dream of deceased pets.

    A girl named Jessica explains her dreams: “I dream about my old dog Shadow, that has passed away.”

    “They’ll come of these experiences and say they want to go back,” said Dr. Kerr.

    So what causes the dreams? Is there a religious, spiritual or scientific explanation?

    “I don’t have one,” said Dr. Kerr.

    He says his goal is just to record what’s happening and he’s not sure there need to be an explanation.

    “When they wake up crying because they’ve been so deeply moved by something,” said Dr. Kerr. “That just should be respected. Period.”

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Wie je ziet voordat je sterft: patiënten vertellen over hun mysterieuze droomervaringen
    Wie je ziet voordat je sterft: patiënten vertellen over hun mysterieuze droomervaringen

    Wie je ziet voordat je sterft: patiënten vertellen over hun mysterieuze droomervaringen

    Dr. Christopher Kerr van een verzorgingstehuis in Buffalo en zijn team doen al jaren onderzoek naar de dromen en visioenen van stervende patiënten.

    Een man genaamd Horace zei vlak voor zijn dood dat ‘zijn vrouw plotseling voor hem verscheen in een droom’.

    Een vrouw, Jeanne, zei over haar levendige droom: “Ik herinner me ieder deel van hun gezicht. Ik weet dat het mijn moeder, vader, oom en zwager waren. Ik voelde me goed.”


    Een patiënt genaamd Maggie droomde over haar zus, die voor haar was overleden.

    “Ik zei: ‘Beth, je moet bij me blijven’,” zei Maggie. “Ze zei dat dat nu niet kon.”

    Haar zus voegde toe: “Spoedig zijn we weer samen.”

    Een zuster zei op een dag tegen dr. Kerr dat één van de patiënten zijn overleden moeder had gezien. Hij geloofde er niks van en moest lachen.


    Hij was in eerste instantie sceptisch, maar hoe meer verhalen hij hoorde, hoe meer hij zelf begon te geloven.

    Hij merkte op dat artsen niet worden getraind om dergelijke dromen te analyseren.

    Na hun ervaringen zijn patiënten minder bang voor de dood.

    Dichter bij de werkelijkheid

    In de afgelopen 10 jaar heeft dr. Kerr 14.000 gevallen gedocumenteerd. Tachtig procent van zijn patiënten heeft dit soort dromen of visioenen.

    Mensen zeggen allemaal dat de ervaringen dichter bij de werkelijkheid komen dan de realiteit om ons heen en anders zijn dan gewone dromen, aldus Kerr.

    Bekijk ook onderstaand filmpje:

    [CBS Local]
    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Strange new island or mere mirage? Border patrol tweets phenomenal PHOTO

    Strange new island or mere mirage? Border patrol tweets phenomenal PHOTO

     Strange new island or mere mirage? Border patrol tweets phenomenal PHOTO
    A Finnish border guard was, quite literally, stopped in their tracks Sunday after a ‘new island’ appeared in the middle of the frozen Lake Inari without warning.

    This ‘aerial’ photo of frozen lakes is not what it seems

    Finland’s Lapland Border Patrol tweeted images of the strange, apparently geological, phenomenon; an impressive feat considering temperatures in the region had plummeted as low as -25 degrees Celsius and there was no sight nor sound of any volcanic activity in the area that might explain the sudden appearance of new rock formations, seemingly out of nowhere.

    It was merely an optical illusion, however, as one commenter pointed out on Twitter. Light behaves differently when passing through atmospheric layers, which can lead to mirage-like effects along the horizon, reflecting and refracting distant landscapes in mind-bending ways.

    Mirages aren’t exclusive to sandy deserts, it would seem. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.‘Spookeiland’ verschijnt op Fins meer. Grenswachter maakt fenomenale foto
    'Spookeiland' verschijnt op Fins meer. Grenswachter maakt fenomenale foto
    Foto: Twitter/Lapin rajavartiosto

    ‘Spookeiland’ verschijnt op Fins meer. Grenswachter maakt fenomenale foto

    Een Finse grenswachter keek afgelopen zondag vreemd op toen hij midden op het Inarimeer uit het niets een ‘nieuw eiland’ zag ontstaan.

    De grenswacht van Lapland zette een foto van het raadselachtige fenomeen op Twitter.

    Het was er op dat moment -25 graden Celsius en er was geen vulkanische activiteit in het gebied.

    Optische illusie

    Het bleek hier te gaan om een optische illusie. Licht kan terwijl het de atmosfeer passeert luchtspiegelingen veroorzaken aan de horizon, waarbij landschappen in de verte op verbijsterende manieren vervormd worden.

    Het tafereel doet denken aan legendarische verhalen over verloren werelden die ogenschijnlijk uit het niets verschijnen en weer verdwijnen.

    Bekijk de beelden hieronder:

    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Richard Branson Reveals What’s at the Bottom of the Mysterious Great Blue Hole

    Richard Branson Reveals What’s at the Bottom of the Mysterious Great Blue Hole

    There are billionaires – not many but the number is growing. Some inherited their wealth. Others created their wealth but their life stories have become more annoying than inspiring (we’re looking at you – Jeff and Elon). Then there’s Sir Richard Branson. The owner of the Virgin Group of over 400 assorted companies, he’s always been an adventurer who’s now in the process of preparing for his first space flight. However, Sir Richard also travels in the opposite direction and in December 2018 he joined up with Fabien Cousteau to dive to the bottom of the mysterious Great Blue Hole in the Belize Barrier Reef. The submarine dive was broadcast live on the Discovery Channel and vessels remained at the hole for a few more weeks collecting data. Much of that data was made available this week and what Branson observed on the bottom of the Great Blue Hole sheds new light on the deepest, darkest sinkhole on the planet. What did he see?

    “One of the top five scuba diving sites in the world.”

    Jacques-Yves Cousteau

    While the Great Blue Hole in the Caribbean off the coast of Belize has long been known about by local fishermen, it was exposed to the world in 1971 by Calypso Captain Jacques Cousteau on his famous television show. (You can watch the episode here.)

    While divers agree with Cousteau’s description, at 410 feet (125 meters), the sinkhole is too deep for scuba divers to see the bottom. In December 2018, Richard Branson joined Cousteau’s grandson Fabien and a team of scientists in two submarines and descended to the bottom of the hole with cameras, sonar and 3D mapping equipment. Erika Bergman was the chief pilot, oceanographer and operations manager. (See pictures from the expedition here.)

    The Blue Hole is largely unexplored.

    The Blue Hole is largely unexplored.

    While that descent was broadcast on the Discovery Channel, it has taken until now to create the map, which Bergman revealed to CNN Travel.

    “We did our complete 360 sonar map and that map is now almost complete. It looks really cool, it’s this mesh-layered, sonar scan of the entire thousand-foot diameter hole.”

    Bergman gave new details on the expedition. The team encountered never-before-seen stalactites at 407 feet near the bottom – which makes sense because it’s believed the Great Blue Hole was once a great big cave on dry land before the area became the Caribbean. Passing through the hydrogen sulfide layer at 300 feet, all surface light is gone, along with any oxygen that could support fish or other life forms. However, they found remains of dead sea creatures on the bottom. Unfortunately, they also found evidence of humans.

    “There were basically two or three little pieces of plastic — and other than that, it was really, really clear.”

    And something else. On the bottom of the Great Blue Hole, Bergman reveals that the team found some tracks. Of what?

    “(That remains) open to interpretation.”

    Tracks! That alone should generate enough interest to fund another expedition, right?

    “It’s neat that there are spaces on our planet — and most of them in the oceans — that are exactly the way they were thousands of years ago and will remain exactly the way they are thousands of years in the future.”

    Richard Branson

    It sounds like Sir Richard has already moved on in the opposite direction to infinity and beyond while Captain Bergman says she’s already planning for a similar expedition to the depths around the Virgin Islands. That leaves Fabien Cousteau to go back and look at the tracks.

    What would Grandpa Jacques do, Fabien? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Unexplained Mystery Boom Phenomenon Continues Worldwide

    The Unexplained Mystery Boom Phenomenon Continues Worldwide

    The mystery boom phenomenon continues worldwide without any official explanation. While these incidents are spread out around the globe, the similarities among all of these unexplained ground-shaking booms are too striking to ignore. Even more striking is the deafening silence of law enforcement and governmental agencies. Are these all merely unconnected natural events? Why the sudden and sharp increase in frequency, then?

    February has seen (heard?) cities all throughout North America rattled by powerful and mysterious explosion-like sounds. The phenomenon continued this week as cities in South Carolina, Arkansas, Kentucky, and England were rattled by unknown booms. It all began on February 18 when residents of the Charleston, South Carolina area felt the ground shake and heard a powerful boom. Geologists with the College of Charleston said that while they’re investigating the reports, it appears the noise was likely a sonic boom. The area is home to Joint Base Charleston, a military complex which houses units from every branch of the military.

    U.S. Air Force units stationed at Joint Base Charleston routinely conduct exercises around Charleston.

    The next day, residents of Nottingham, England reported a late night “explosion” heard for miles. Concerned residents described the sound as “like a bomb going off,” and have suspected either a meteorite or explosive device. Louise Hunt of St. Ann’s said the noise was too powerful to have been terrestrial in origin and believes its perpetrator originated from space:

    It was like a big explosion, I put a status on Facebook and a few of my friends replied all saying they heard it too. It was really strange as we heard no sirens afterwards my partner then suggested it could if been a meteorite that exploded in mid-air somewhere.

    When asked for comment from Nottinghamshire Live, Nottinghamshire Police merely shrugged, said they’ve “received no reports,” and presumably went back to their crosswords.

    Nottingham, England.

    Nottingham, England.

    Back in the US, another terrifyingly loud set of booms rattled Fort Knox, Kentucky on February 22 – although these seem to have an explanation. The U.S. Army’s Marine Detachment has been conducting live fire tank training this week, creating booms loud enough to be heard 30 miles away. While residents of Fort Knox are used to the loud noises generated by military exercises, residents in surrounding areas say the noises usually don’t travel so far. Why the sudden change?

    The month in mystery booms ended in the cities of Ward and Beebe, Arkansas, where residents heard a loud, unexplained explosion on February 24. Local police forces acknowledged the booms but asked residents not to call them in unless there was a “real” emergency.

    Every week I write a round-up of the week’s mystery booms, and every week I’m left to wonder what’s behind the phenomenon. There are far too many identical incidents occurring each week for this to be merely a coincidence. Someone out there knows something the public doesn’t. 

    social media

    “Shhh. The Masked Singer is on. Keep shopping. OBEY.”

    Or maybe not. Maybe these are merely unconnected and insignificant natural phenomena. Is my obsession with these booms all a case of the Baader-Meinhof effect in which individuals first notice a phenomenon or occurrence only to then see the same phenomenon everywhere? If it were only me hearing these noises I might think so, but the fact that they’re receiving the attention of at least local news outlets shows that the phenomenon has been heard and felt by thousands if not tens of thousands of individuals around the world. What is causing these mystery booms? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.When the Real Men in Black Tried to Hijack Hollywood’s Most Subversive UFO Show

    When the Real Men in Black Tried to Hijack Hollywood’s Most Subversive UFO Show

    No TV show has so effectively blurred the boundaries between UFO fact and fantasy as NBC’s Dark Skies, which ran from September 1996 to May 1997. Created by Bryce Zabel and Brent Friedman, the series presented an alternate history of 20th Century America. Its tagline read: “History as we know it is a lie.” In this case, it was a lie sprung from and built around a covert extraterrestrial presence on Earth and the US government’s quiet efforts to understand and control the alien threat.

    J.T. Walsh as Agent Frank Bach in ‘Dark Skies.’

    The narrative begins with the Roswell Incident (here a deliberate military downing of an alien craft) and the establishment of the top secret working group, Majestic, which, as in the UFO literature, is tasked with overseeing the rapidly escalating flying saucer problem in the United States.

    We then jump forward to 1961 when the show’s protagonists, John Loengard (Eric Close) and Kim Sayers (Megan Ward), a young couple with political aspirations, find themselves drawn into the shadowy world of Majestic 12, headed by the imposing Frank Bach (J.T. Walsh). Whereas in The X-Files’ Fox Mulder was forever on the outside of the cover-up attempting to look in, in Dark Skies, John Loengard was on the inside looking out.

    Each episode saw John and Kim attempting to understand and combat not only the Gray aliens, known in the series as “The Hive,” but Majestic themselves, whose motives and actions are morally dubious at best. All of this plays out against the backdrop of real historical events of the 20th Century, including the Cuban missile crisis, the assassination of JFK, the death of Marilyn Monroe, the Watts riots of 1965, and the north-east black out of that same year. Numerous cultural icons show up throughout the series, including The Beatles, Jim Morrison, Ed Sullivan, and Timothy Leary, as well as real-life figures from politics, science, and UFOlogy, such as Harry Truman, Allen Dulles, Nelson Rockefeller, J. Edgar Hoover, J. Allen Hynek, and Carl Sagan.

    So, how did such an ambitious UFO show come to be? While researching my book, Silver Screen SaucersDark Skies co-creator Bryce Zabel shared with me the intriguing and, at times, creepy production history of his show.

    Zabel and Friedman pitched their series to networks in the form of a faux “Top Secret” briefing file, modeled on the MJ-12 documents. The thick, ring-bound file, which they referred to as the “Dark Skies Bible,” contained enough rich UFO lore intertwined with official history to comfortably fuel five full series of the prospective show, which had been the original plan. The file was fronted by a one-page letter “written by” the show’s fictional hero, John Loengard. It was dated 2 January 1995 and was addressed to his real-world creators. It read:

    Bryce and Brent,

    The truth must be told. You have been chosen as instruments to achieve this objective.

    The truth, however, must not be represented as truth. Too many people who are needed in the struggle will die.

    The cover of fiction must be used to present this truth. Those who fear the light will not want to bring attention to you by allowing your death.

    This is the only way.

    Do not be afraid.

    The fight for humanity demands your courage.


    John Loengard.

    The Dark Skies Bible, and the Loengard letter in particular, exemplified the now complete inseparability and symbiosis of UFOlogical “fact” and Hollywood fantasy. Loengard’s statement to his creators that they had been chosen as instruments to tell the truth about UFOs under the cover of fiction, would later ring disturbingly true for Zabel and Friedman, as we shall see.

    Official Denial

    Before we delve into the weirdness that went on behind the scenes of Dark Skies, we first need to mention Brcye’s previous production. A made-for-TV movie, Official Denial was an ambitious exploration of modern UFO mythology, featuring MJ-12, UFO crash-retrievals, and aliens in the custody of the US government. It even anticipated reports to follow of military abductions of UFO experiencers (known in UFOlogy as “MILABs”). Indeed, it seems fair to say that Official Denial was perhaps the most explicitly UFOlogical movie ever produced at that point. Unfortunately, its ambitions greatly exceeded its limited budget, and its special effects were severely dated even at the time of its broadcast. It was not widely seen and has yet to receive a DVD release.

    Official Denial was a passion project for Bryce, and so its less-than-perfect onscreen realization disappointed him greatly:

    The sadness of my life is that I didn’t sell the script to a large film studio who would have spent 30 or 40 million dollars making the perfect version of it. Instead it got sold to a small company, which sold it to the Sci-Fi Channel [now The SyFy Channel], which made it for around $2 million. The result was that I couldn’t even watch the finished product. The alien was a twelve-year-old ballerina in a plastic costume, and the effects were bad, and the acting was bad. It just wasn’t on film what it was in my mind.

    It was the partial failure of Official Denial that prompted Bryce to embark on his next UFO-themed project. “I just felt I needed to sell something to somebody who had more money so that we can do these aliens right,” he recalled. The development of Dark Skies began in late-1994 while Bryce was working at Universal as a writer on M.A.N.T.I.S, Sam Raimi’s short-lived TV show about an African-American super hero. “My assistant on that show introduced me to her husband, who was Brent Friedman. Brent and I started talking UFOs and it turned out he had been told certain things by a government insider.”

    ‘Dark Skies’ co-creator, Brent Friedman.

    Friedman has described this incident as follows:

    A good family friend of ours when I was just getting out of high school was working at a very high level in the Reagan administration. One night he took me aside and told me some of the things he was doing in the government, and he ended up telling me some pretty shattering stories. He knew that I’d always been into science-fiction, fantasy, and comic books, and he very casually just threw out there that ‘aliens are real, they’re here, and I’ve seen them.’ At the time I was just absolutely shocked. This was a person that I grew up with and absolutely trusted, and it just rocked my world.

    With their mutual interest established, Bryce and Brent set about developing what would become their Dark Skies Bible. “Our show was really about blending the UFO phenomenon into documented, accepted world history,” Bryce told me. “Everything I had read in UFO literature ended up in Dark Skies, from Betty and Barney Hill to Majestic-12, you name it. I tried to weave it all in there.”

    Here come the Men in Black

    The inclusion of such intricate UFOlogical detail in Dark Skies apparently attracted the attention of real government UFO spooks. The series pilot premiered on NBC on 21 September 1996. That same night, Bryce threw a wrap party at his Los Angeles home for his cast and crew—some 200 people in total. They would watch the pilot live together. It was a private party, invitation only. All invited guests were issued in advance with a faux Majestic-12 ID badge (loosely modeled on Bob Lazar’s Area 51 ID badge) which they were required to wear throughout the evening. One man at the party that evening wore no ID badge.

    “A guy showed up here,” Bryce recalled. “Nicely dressed, young. Nobody recognized him. He approached Brent and myself and he told us, “We’ve seen your pilot.” This was strange, because at that point in evening the pilot had yet to air. “Nobody else had seen it, other than a few people in Hollywood,” said Bryce. The man stated again, “We’ve seen your pilot and we think you get a lot right, but we want to help you with the rest.”

    The mystery man suggested to the producers that their show could benefit from inside information on UFOs, and that he could provide them with this information. Here, then, was John Loengard sprung to life from Bryce and Brent’s fictional letter, choosing them as conduits to share the truth disguised as fiction. The producers initially suspected a prank, but their Dark Skies pitch had been private. No one had seen their Loengard letter but for a handful of network executives in Hollywood. What’s more, based on his detailed knowledge of its plot, the mystery man seemed to have really seen the unaired Dark Skies pilot, as he claimed. He even knew details about episodes that hadn’t been filmed yet.

    “Who are you?” the producers asked. “That’s really not important right now,” came the reply. “But I work with people who have an interest in what you’re doing and what you’re putting out.” The mystery man then proceeded to grab a napkin and scrawl something on it. “It was a bunch of symbols and stuff,” said Bryce. The man handed the napkin to Brent, who naturally inquired as to its meaning. “The secrets of the universe,” said the man, enigmatically. “Sound, light, and frequency.” I asked Bryce where the napkin is now. “I haven’t seen it in years,” he told me. “Brent has it locked in a safe some place.”

    The man and his napkin were undeniably intriguing, but this was bad timing. Bryce was playing host to 200 people: “I didn’t really have time to stand around talking to this guy. But Brent invited him to our office at NBC to come and talk to us some more at a later date.”

    That meeting happened a few days later, and it would prove both confusing and unsettling.

    Bryce described the meeting to me:

    The guy from the party shows up with two other people, older men, who he said were his bosses in Naval Intelligence. They sat around a table with us and they spoke for around two hours. They certainly had a well-constructed alternate world. They had lots of details, and they weren’t shy. Actually they were a little condescending to us, saying things like, “You guys think you’re such hotshots because you’re in Hollywood, but the truth is that you don’t even know what you’re playing with. Yes, you’ve stumbled into getting most of it right, but there are some things that you haven’t got right.”

    Cemetery at midnight

    Things were about to get even stranger: “At one point the guy puts a little vile on the table and says ‘you don’t have this in your show.’ And we’re looking at it and we say ‘what is this?’, and he says ‘this is what this is all about.’ It was a vile of gold, or fool’s gold, I’m not sure which.” Were Bryce and Brent meant to infer that aliens were after our gold, like the Anunnaki of Ancient Astronaut lore? Or were they supposed to think the vile contained some alien element, perhaps used to fuel a flying saucer? It is impossible to know, but certainly the mystery men were intent on confusing and provoking the producers. “Their whole tone was like, ‘You fucking idiots! This is what it’s about! You don’t even have the truth!’ It was just weird.”

    Bryce asked again precisely who these men were. “So one of them said, ‘look. we’re with Naval Intelligence and if you really want us to read you in you’re going to have to meet the big guy. There’s a ship down in Long Beach right now and we can arrange for you to meet him. But you can’t meet him on the ship.”

    One of the men then provided Bryce and Brent with the location of a cemetery in Long Beach, where they could meet the big guy at midnight on a given date. Bryce was now thoroughly perturbed. He’d heard enough. “That’s when I pushed back from the table and said “Okay, I’m done. I have a show to run, and I have three children, and I am not meeting you or anyone else in a cemetery at midnight. Good day.’” That was the last Bryce heard from them.

    What can we make of these events? Certainly they would appear to be neatly in line with disinformative strategies employed previously against UFO researchers and through entertainment media. Did intelligence operatives get wind of a new X-Files-style TV show utilizing factual UFOlogical detail and see it as great new opportunity to sow its content with self-serving UFO conspiracy mythology, or even simply to manage and guide the show’s existing mythology? “It was very intricate,” said Bryce of the whole affair. “It felt like it was staged for us. Like it was all built around us. It seems to be that we had been targeted for some elaborate disinformation job.”

    I asked Bryce if he felt the men were the real deal, and if there is any chance it was all just a prank by some amateur tricksters:

    Do I think they were really going to read us into a secret UFO program? No. But it did seem like they really were part of some official organization. One of the guys said he was a SEAL, and, I have to say, all of these guys looked like veryhardcore military guys. They didn’t look like soft fanboys pulling a prank on us. They didn’t look like guys you’d see at Comic Con. They looked and spoke like military guys.

    I asked Bryce if he believed in UFOs at the time of Dark Skies’development and if his intention with the show was to educate and inform the public about the subject. He replied:

    Did I intend to inform? No. I intended to entertain. But did I believe in UFOs and alien visitation? Yes. I believed strongly at the time of Dark Skies that Roswell was a real event and that it was probably unearthly in nature. I still believe that today. Whether or not I believed the Majestic 12 documents were real or faked was irrelevant. I just used the name because it was on people’s minds. But I did feel that if MJ-12 didn’t exist, then another group like it by another name probably did. Somebody had to be working on the UFO problem.

    Dark Skies arrived on TV in 1996, and comparisons to a certain other UFO conspiracy show were inevitable.  Bryce said:

    People accused us at the time of ripping off The X-Files. But actually we didn’t like what The X-Files was doing, which was teasing everybody. We wanted to do the opposite. We wanted to say ‘we’re not going to tease you about the cover-up. We’re going to take you inside the cover-up and let our character be your tour guide through these events of history.’ It was more direct than The X-Files.

    A 1996 issue of ‘Starlog’ magazine.

    Dark Skies was cancelled before the end of its first season due to low ratings, which may have been a result of its inopportune weekly scheduling. The show was dark in name, dark in themes, and dark in visual content, with violent and intense scenes in most episodes. Despite this, Dark Skies was broadcast at 8pm on Saturday evenings—peak viewing time for families (for whom the show was not entirely suitable), and peak going-out time for teens and young adults. Today Dark Skies retains a cult fanbase, and Bryce is proud of what he and Brent achieved with the show. “It’s about 90 percent faithful to what I set out to do back in 1994, and it certainly succeeds in twisting UFOlogy and history and tying them into this knot. It’s one of the most subversive TV shows ever produced.”

    If you’re a fan of science fiction, and of UFO conspiracy shows in particular, you owe it to yourself to check out Dark Skies… the real Men in Black did. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Astronomers Baffled by Another Mysterious and Slow Fireball

    Astronomers Baffled by Another Mysterious and Slow Fireball

    Earlier this month, a massive and mysterious fireball was seen above West Cornwall in the United Kingdom. Some witnesses described the fireball as green, while others say it was red, but all described it as moving unusually slow and leaving a trail of flame in its wake. While a meteor was suspected, many eyewitnesses said the fireball did not look anything like other shooting stars or meteors they’ve seen in the past.

    Now, another strangely slow-moving fireball has been spotted, this time over Canada. Bruce and Melody Hamilton, amateur astronomers based in Nova Scotia spotted the fireball on February 23rd while skygazing from their home. The similarities in the descriptions of this fireball and the one seen in England are striking. The Hamiltons described this Canadian fireball as orange with fiery debris trailing behind it, and like the Cornwall fireball, this one appeared to move incredibly slowly across the sky.


    “I saw a light travelling west to east, quite a bright ball cutting a trail,” Melody told the CBC. “But it wasn’t as fast as any meteor that we’ve ever seen. We’ve seen some fairly slow ones, but this was slower. But it wasn’t as slow as an airplane. It was this unusual speed … it looked like it was on fire.”

    The fireball was spotted by other witnesses who likewise said the light was different from other shooting stars. “It was quite amazing, actually,” said Jonathan Pettigrew of New Brunswick. “It seemed so close. You could even see it looked like sparks on the tail of it. It was getting brighter. It was quite interesting.”

    Charles White of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada told the CBC that without further evidence, it is difficult if not impossible to determine exactly what eyewitnesses saw. White suspects the object was either a ferrous meteorite or a piece of space debris. Given the slow speed and the unusual fiery trail the fireball left behind, I’m more inclined to suspect it was the latter. With all of the talk of satellite warfare going on lately, there’s no telling what may soon be falling out of the skies. For now, these two satellites remain a mystery. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.480-Million-Year-Old Mysterious Creature Finally Identified

    De bronafbeelding bekijken

    480-Million-Year-Old Mysterious Creature Finally Identified

    After much debate over the last 150 years, paleontologists have finally identified the mysterious creature that lived hundreds of millions of years ago. The oddly shaped creature, which is flat-looking with a long arm coming out of its side, is known as a stylophoran which is an ancient relative of starfish, sea urchins, sea lilies, brittle stars, sea cucumbers, and feather stars.

    Sea Urchins

    The fossils – which included around 450 specimens of the stylophoran – were discovered during a 2014 excavation at the Fezouata Formation which is along the edge of the Sahara Desert in the southern part of Morocco. These fossils date back approximately 478 million years.

    Researchers were able to find out exactly what type of creature it was because their fossils had “unequivocal evidence for exceptionally preserved soft parts, both in the appendage and in the body of stylophorans,” explained Bertrand Lefebvre, who is a researcher at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) at the Laboratory of Geology of Lyon which is located in France.

    After analyzing the fossils using a binocular microscope, they noticed that there were also soft parts. Since soft tissues hardly ever fossilize, the stylophorans were only recognized for their hard skeletal parts and not for their soft insides. According to Lefebvre, “Their internal anatomy was not only entirely unknown, but also – and mostly – highly controversial.”

    Stylophoran fossils have been discovered around the world since the 1850s which led researchers to confirm that they lived from the middle Cambrian to the late Carboniferous periods, which date back from around 510 million to 310 million years ago.

    These creatures had two main parts: a core body and an appendage that were both around 1.2 inches long. From the 1850s to the 1950s, it was believed that stylophorans were “normal” echinoderms with its appendage being compared to the stem of sea lilies. However, in the early 1960s, Georges Ubaghs, who was a Belgian paleontologist, discovered that the creature’s appendage was quite a bit different than a stem and more like an arm for feeding – similar to a starfish.


    A few years later, in the late 1960s, Richard Jefferies, who was a British paleontologist, suggested that the main body of the stylophoran was instead a head containing a brain and a pharynx, while its appendage consisted of muscles and a notochord which is a type of primitive backbone. He also believed that stylophorans were the missing link between echinoderms (invertebrates) and chordates (vertebrates).

    Much later, in the 2000s, another British paleontologist named Andrew Smith gave his own interpretation of the creature. He believed that stylophorans were not the missing link between echinoderms and chordates and instead they were primitive deuterostomes which put them right in the middle of the gap between acorn worms and echinoderms.

    With this new discovery, researchers can perform testing on the creature’s soft tissue and find out which of the theories best explains the creature. Ubaghs’ theory, however, does seem to be the most plausible. The creature’s flat body consisted of intestines and its appendage was more like an arm since it had a water vascular system which would have aided the creature to eat and move the same way that the arms of starfish do.

    With their new study (which can be read here), we finally know the origins of the mysterious creature that has baffled scientists for over a hundred years. Lefebvre explained it best when he said, “This discovery is of particular importance, because it brings to an end a 150-year-old debate about the position of these bizarre-looking fossils in the tree of life.”

    A photo of a Thoralicystis fossil from Morocco.

    Credit: Emmanuel Robert

    An illustration of the stylophoran genus Thoralicystis.

    Credit: Copyright Rich Mooi/California Academy of Science }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.12-Year-Old Boy Builds Working Nuclear Fusion Reactor With Parts From eBay

    De bronafbeelding bekijken

    12-Year-Old Boy Builds Working Nuclear Fusion Reactor With Parts From eBay

    Ready to feel a bit useless? A boy from Memphis, Tennessee has apparently become the youngest person to ever build a fusion reactor after successfully building one in the spare room in his home using parts sourced from eBay. Jackson Oswalt, now 14, began construction on the machine when he was 12 and completed his working fusion reactor just before his 13th birthday.

    Jackson Oswalt says that after reading a story of another boy, Taylor Wilson, who grabbed headlines when he built a working reactor at age 14, he wanted to beat his record. So he did. With his parents’ financial backing and a self-taught course in nuclear engineering, Jackson Oswalt built a small, working, fusion reactor that has apparently been verified by nuclear engineers. The machine works by running 50,000 volts of electricity through deuterium gas to force the deuterium atoms together, similar to the process that powers the sun.

    Despite their admittedly limited understanding of what their son was working on,  his parents provided financial support to the tune of $8,000-$10,000 dollars for parts that Jackson bought off of eBay. According to Jackson, finding the components was fairly straight-forward:

    “The start of the process was just learning about what other people had done with their fusion reactors. After that, I assembled a list of parts I needed. [I] got those parts off eBay primarily and then often times the parts that I managed to scrounge off of eBay weren’t exactly what I needed. So, I’d have to modify them to be able to do what I needed to do for my project.”

    Oswalt's fusion reactor.

    Jackson Oswalt’s nuclear fusion reactor.

    Credit: (CC BY-SA 4.0) James Smith39

    The process of building the reactor was, unsurprisingly, a bit more complicated. There isn’t a “Nuclear Fusion For Young Engineers” guidebook just yet, so according to Jackson, the process involved a lot of trial and error and consulting the Open Source Fusor Research Consortium, a forum for amateur amateur physicists and budding mad scientists trying to construct reactors of their own. Jackson Oswalt says that once he began tinkering, the pieces began to fall into place:

    After a while, it became pretty simple to realize how it all worked together, but at the start it was definitely figuring out one aspect of it, memorizing what that actually meant and then moving on to a different aspect of it. Eventually all those pieces of the puzzle came together to make a good project.


    His father, Chris Oswalt,  says that although he doesn’t know anything about how a fusion reactor works, he knew it was likely a pretty dangerous project and made sure his son consulted with experts to avoid electrocution, radiation poisoning, or any other the other potential hazards involved in nuclear reactors.

    Jackson Oswalt’s resulted were verified by Richard Hull, a retired engineer and administrator of the Open Source Fusor Research Consortium, who says his machine works and that Jackson Oswalt is the youngest person in America, and likely the youngest person in the world to build a working fusion reactor. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Orb approaches huge ball of light filmed over Canada

    Orb approaches huge ball of light filmed over Canada

    Some people believe seeing orbs of light is visible evidence of spirits while others say orbs show signs of intelligence.

    Why are we seeing these orbs or spheres only on occasion? They are beings from another dimension or they are coming from a parallel universe?

    A fact is that these orbs sometimes appear in our world.

    Now, last month a driver has filmed such a bright ball of light over Canada. Then suddenly a second smaller orb appears out of nowhere and follows the huge orb.

    Most remarkable, at some point the bigger orb lights up, on which the smaller orb approaches and disappears into the ball of light suggesting that these orbs are under intelligent control.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Humpback Whale Found In The Forest Of The Amazon, Video, Feb 2019, UFO Sighting News.

    Humpback Whale Found In The Forest Of The Amazon, Video, Feb 2019, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of discovery: February 2019
    Location of discovery: Island of Marajo, Araruna Beach, Amazon River, Brazil

    This baby humpback whale was found laying among some trees and shrubs far from the beach. Whales are often taken by UFOs...analyzed...and then returned. But sometimes animals are returned to a location that is not hospitable to them. Apparently the alien who took this whale had no idea that they only live in the water. LOL, it looks like aliens make a lot more mistakes than I thought. 

    Scott C. Waring

    News states: 

    The humpback whale was discovered last Friday in the middle of the undergrowth on the island of Marajo off the Araruna Beach, at the mouth of the Amazon River. Scientists believe the creature died at sea and may have landed in the wooded area after rough seas and high tides threw it inland, far from the ocean. A team from Semma went to the region to inspect the remains, believed to be a 12-month old calf, and to gather information which could help to explain how the aquatic creature crash landed in the jungle. In a Facebook post by the NGO, Bicho D’agua Institute which is based on Marajo Island, biologists suspect that the calf become entangled in the mangroves after being thrown ashore by high waves. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NASA scientists create basic building blocks of life in a ‘primordial ocean’

    NASA scientists create basic building blocks of life in a ‘primordial ocean’


    Example of hydrothermal vent. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

    Example of a hydrothermal vent.

    Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

    The origin of life is one of the most important questions in science. For NASA, answering this question is especially important because it enables scientists to narrow down their search for alien life, in the solar system or beyond. In a new study, a research team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, reported how it managed to create amino acids — the basic building blocks of life that, like pieces of LEGO, assemble into proteins — in an environment that simulates what the ocean floor was like four billion years ago.

    Life in a jar

    Researchers made miniature seafloors by filling beakers with a solution that mimics Earth’s primordial ocean, including a hydrothermal vent — cracks in the seafloor where hot fluid escapes from the crust. These porous geological structures are produced by chemical reactions between solid rock and water, as alkaline fluids from the Earth’s crust flow up the vent towards the more acidic ocean water. This interaction leads to natural proton concentration differences remarkably similar to those powering all living cells.

    Like an underwater chimney, hydrothermal vents produce a warm environment that is constantly in flux, which is why biologists have identified them as a probable hotspot for the formation of life.

    Understanding how far you can go with just organics and minerals before you have an actual cell is really important for understanding what types of environments life could emerge from,” Laurie Barge, and astrobiologist and the first author on the new study, said in a statement. “Also, investigating how things like the atmosphere, the ocean and the minerals in the vents all impact this can help you understand how likely this is to have occurred on another planet.”

    Barge and colleagues combined water and minerals, along with pyruvate and ammonia, which are precursor molecules to amino acids. The solution was heated to around 158ºF (70ºC), the average temperature of a hydrothermal vent, and researchers adjusted the pH in order to mimic an alkaline environment. Oxygen was carefully removed until it reached a low concentration, similar to that of early Earth when cyanobacteria had yet to transformthe planet’s suffocating atmosphere. Finally, the researchers also added iron hydroxide, also known as “green rust”, which was abundant billion of years ago.

    A time-lapse video of a miniature hydrothermal chimney forming in the lab. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

    A time-lapse video of a miniature hydrothermal chimney forming in the lab.

    Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

    The researchers found that the green rust reacted with the oxygen from the solution, producing the amino acid alanine and the alpha hydroxy acid lactate. The latter is important because alpha hydroxy acids are the byproducts of amino acid reactions, and are therefore considered to be essential components of the complex organic molecules that might form life.

    We’ve shown that in geological conditions similar to early Earth, and maybe to other planets, we can form amino acids and alpha hydroxy acids from a simple reaction under mild conditions that would have existed on the seafloor,” said Barge.

    Jupiter’s moon, Europa, is believed to hide a deep ocean of salty liquid water beneath its icy shell. Now, a new Nasa study has revealed that this ocean may have an Earth-like chemical balance that could sustain life.

    Credit: NASA.

    Previously, researchers had investigated whether the right ingredients for life could be found in hydrothermal vents or if they could supply enough power to drive important chemical reactions. However, this was the first time that scientists produced the precursors to life in a hydrothermal-vent-like environment.

    Such environments are believed to exist elsewhere in the solar system, beneath the thick ice that covers Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moon Enceladus. In the future, NASA would like to send robotic exploration missions to these worlds that might drill through the ice and gather evidence of amino acids and other biological signatures.

    We don’t have concrete evidence of life elsewhere yet,” said Barge. “But understanding the conditions that are required for life’s origin can help narrow down the places that we think  could exist.

    The findings appeared in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Scientists Are 99.9999 Percent Sure Humans Caused Climate Change


    Scientists Are 99.9999 Percent Sure Humans Caused Climate Change

    "The narrative out there that scientists don’t know the cause of climate change is wrong. We do."

    No, We’re Sure

    New analysis of 40 years’ worth of satellite data shows that it’s a near-certainty that humanity is actively causing global climate change.

    Climate deniers often claim, in the face of overwhelming evidence, that the planet is heating up and natural disasters are becoming more intense and common just because that’s the way it is — incorrectly insisting that humanity’s love affair with fossil fuels has nothing to do with it. Now, scientists say the chances that that’s true are just one in a million.

    De bronafbeelding bekijken

    Yep, Pretty Sure

    According to the research by scientists at California’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, that’s because climate data has now reached a so-called “gold standard” of scientific evidence — there’s only a one in a million chance that ongoing climate change could have been caused by anything other than humanity, reports Reuters.

    “The narrative out there that scientists don’t know the cause of climate change is wrong,” Benjamin Santer, the scientist who led the research, told Reuters. “We do.”

    No Uncertainty

    The scientific research process almost never eradicates uncertainty: researchers test their hypotheses to get a better understanding of the world, but there’s almost always some other factor out there that could have impacted their findings. In other words, a gold standard is not something that’s taken lightly.

    The new analysis looked at the three largest satellite data sets used by climate scientists. It shows that two of those data sets reached the gold standard of certainty that humanity causes climate change back in 2005, and the third did in 2016.

    That level of certainty, highly uncommon in scientific research, makes humanity’s impact on the planet very clear. And now we have to figure out what to do about it.

    “Humanity cannot afford to ignore such clear signals,” reads the analysis. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Grootste radiotelescoop ter wereld van 1 vierkante km kan terugblikken tot net na oerknal -

    Grootste radiotelescoop ter wereld van 1 vierkante km kan terugblikken tot net na oerknal -

    Bron: zdnet, computerworld

     Het ontwerp voor de grootste radiotelescoop ter wereld is klaar. Bedoeling is om volgend jaar in de outback van West-Australië te beginnen met de bouw van de SKA, ofte de ‘Square Kilometre Array’, een verwijzing naar de totale netto schoteloppervlakte van 1 km².

    Het volledige gebied dat radiosignalen vanuit de ruimte moet opvangen beslaat inderdaad meer dan 1 miljoen vierkante meter. In Zuid-Afrika komt de tweede hoofdcomponent van de megatelescoop met een doorsnede tot 5.000 km. In 2028 zou hij operatief moeten zijn. SKA zou in de ruimte moeten kunnen kijken tot net na de big bang.

    Lange tijd was er een strijd tussen Zuid-Afrika en Australië om de allergrootste radiotelescoop ooit te mogen bouwen. Het project van ongeveer 1,5 miljard euro werd uiteindelijk aan beide landen toegekend. Nog een tiental andere landen zijn betrokken. Nederland kocht zich in voor 30 miljoen euro en ook Canada, China, Frankrijk, India, Italië, Nieuw-Zealand, Spanje, Zweden en het Verenigd Koninkrijk doen mee.

    De melkweg boven 6 van de 36 antennes van de Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) in de West-Australische outback, al een voorbereiding op SKA.

    De melkweg boven 6 van de 36 antennes van de Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) in de West-Australische outback, al een voorbereiding op SKA.

    De SKA zal bestaan uit duizenden antennes die gespreid worden over de wereld. Er zijn twee centra: Zuid-Afrika en West-Australië, respectievelijk SKA-midden en SKA-laag, verwijzend naar midden- en laagfrequentie. Al die antennes moeten met elkaar in verbinding staan om een zo nauwkeurig mogelijk beeld te krijgen van de ruimte. Zo zijn er in Australië 65.000 optische glasvezelkabels nodig om de enorme hoeveelheid aan data van de 132.000 laagfrequentie-antennes te kunnen transporteren.

    De centrale supercomputer die alles moet verwerken heeft een rekencapaciteit van maar liefst 100 miljoen pc’s. De SKA zal het universum dan ook gedetailleerder dan ooit kunnen vatten. De radiotelescoop zal zo gevoelig zijn dat hij een luchthavenradar kan waarnemen op een planeet tientallen lichtjaren van hier.

    Artistieke impressie van wat SKA moet worden in West-Australië.

    Organisation Artistieke impressie van wat SKA moet worden in West-Australië.

    Dat zou tot wetenschappelijke revoluties kunnen leiden over het universum en het ontstaan ervan. Er wordt zelfs al luidop gedroomd van een verklaring voor het mysterie van ‘donkere energie’. We zullen ook meer te weten komen over de magnetische velden die het universum doorkruisen, en over hoe die gegenereerd worden.

    “Astronomen hopen verder dat de SKA iets zal vinden waar ze al decennialang naar zoeken: een pulsar die in een baan rond een zwart gat cirkelt”, klinkt het. “Zo’n ontdekking zou hen in staat stellen de meest veeleisende test tot nu toe van Einsteins theorie van de zwaartekracht te maken.”

    Last but not least: het is ook niet uitgesloten dat het gigantische meetinstrument signalen zou opvangen van buitenaardse beschavingen. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Restanten van oude Sovjet-ruimtesonde landen dit jaar waarschijnlijk terug op aarde -

    Restanten van oude Sovjet-ruimtesonde landen dit jaar waarschijnlijk terug op aarde -


    De Venera 8 die in 1972 door de Sovjet-Unie gelanceerd werd.

    De Venera 8 die in 1972 door de Sovjet-Unie gelanceerd werd.
     De restanten van de Cosmos 482 - een mislukte ruimtemissie van de Sovjet-Unie – die in 1972 gelanceerd werd, zullen waarschijnlijk dit jaar terug naar de aarde keren. Dat voorspellen astronauten die het ruimteafval in de gaten houden.

    Een tripje naar het verleden: op 31 maart 1972 lanceerde de toenmalige Sovjet-Unie de Cosmos 482, een ruimtesonde met een satelliet aan boord om de planeet Venus te bestuderen. De Koude Oorlog was volop aan de gang en de Sovjet-Unie wedijverde niet alleen op aarde met de Verenigde Staten.

    De ruimtewedloop van de twee naties liep synchroon met de wapenwedloop. Daarbij leverden zowel de VS als de Sovjet-Unie inspanningen om zoveel mogelijk satellieten te lanceren om de ruimte te verkennen. De Spoetnik 1 (1957) was de eerste succesvolle satelliet die door de Sovjet-Unie in een baan rondom de aarde werd gestuurd. Daarop volgde vier maanden later het antwoord van de VS: de Explorer 1. En zo snelden in nog geen half jaar tijd plots twee satellieten doorheen de ruimte. 

    De Sovjets stuurden de eerste hond naar de ruimte, maar Neil Armstrong was de eerste man die een (Amerikaanse) stap op de maan zette. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, zijn de legendarische woorden die in alle geschiedenisboeken geschreven werden. Daarmee leken de successen van de Sovjets al snel vergeten, al waren het er eigenlijk meer dan de Amerikaanse successen. 

    Trial and error

    Zo was de Sovjet-Unie de eerste om Venus te verkennen. Dat gebeurde voor het eerst in 1971 met de Venera 7. Hetzelfde moest een jaar later gebeuren met de Venera 8, onderdeel van de ruimtemissie Cosmos 482. Maar daar liep het even mis. Door een probleem met de rakettrap, brak de ruimtesonde in verschillende brokstukken. Sommige brokstukken kwamen enkele dagen later al neer in Nieuw-Zeeland. Andere restanten bleven als ruimteafval rondom de aarde wentelen.


    Bijna exact 47 jaar later dreigen die restanten terug te keren naar de aarde. Bovendien geloven astronauten dat 40 tot 50 procent van het ruimtevaarttuig nog in één geheel rondom de aarde cirkelt. En omdat de ruimtesonde voorzien was van een afdalingsmodule die zo’n 500 kilogram woog, is de kans groot dat de onderdelen hun terugkeer naar de aarde overleven.

    Bekijk ook: }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Wat zagen de Apollo-astronauten op de maan? Bekijk deze video
    Wat zagen de Apollo-astronauten op de maan? Bekijk deze video

    Wat zagen de Apollo-astronauten op de maan? Bekijk deze video

    Veel mensen zijn ervan overtuigd dat de maanlanding is opgenomen in een Hollywood-studio. Er zijn ook mensen die zeggen dat we wel zijn geland op de maan, maar dat daar onverklaarbare gebeurtenissen hebben plaatsgevonden.

    Na de maanlanding in 1969 viel er een radiostilte die twee minuten duurde, merkte auteur Michael Salla op in het tv-programma Ancient Aliens.

    Er heerst veel controverse over wat er gedurende die twee minuten is gebeurd, aldus Salla.

    Geheime boodschappen

    Volgens NASA-onderzoeker Otto Bender hebben diverse zendamateurs geheime boodschappen onderschept die nooit openbaar zijn gemaakt.

    “De astronauten spraken naar verluidt over het zien van buitenaardse objecten op de maan, waaronder vliegende schotels die aan de rand van een krater waren geparkeerd,” zei auteur David Childress.

    Radiopresentator David Whitehead wees op de gezichtsuitdrukking van de astronauten bij terugkeer op aarde.


    Je zou verwachten dat ze dolblij waren omdat ze op de maan waren geweest, maar in plaats daarvan zagen ze er heel depressief uit, alsof ze op het punt stonden om over te geven, stelde Whitehead.

    Na Apollo 11 stuurde de NASA nog zes bemande missies naar de maan.

    Schrijver Alan Butler vroeg zich af waarom we nooit meer terug zijn gegaan en waarom de Sovjet-Unie nooit mensen naar de maan heeft gestuurd, terwijl het land daar wel toe in staat was.

    Bekijk de video hieronder:

    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mystery surrounds humpback whale found dead in depths of Brazil’s Amazon jungle

    Mystery surrounds humpback whale found dead in depths of Brazil’s Amazon jungle

    Wildlife experts only found huge mammal after following birds of prey scavenging on carcass

    Tim Wyatt @tswyatt

    Brazilian wildlife experts have been left baffled after discovering a dead humpback whale in the Amazon rainforest.

    The 10-ton mammal was found in the jungle undergrowth on the island of Marajo, which sits at the mouth of the Amazon River.

    Although scientists presume the enormous creature was hurled onshore during a storm, they do not understand how it came so far inland or why it was swimming off the coast in the first place.

    Marine specialists from the Bicho D’agua Institute, a conservation group based on Marajo, are part of the team examining the whale, which is thought to have died several days before it was found.

    A dead sperm whale lies on Hunstanton beach in Norfolk on February 5 2016

    Renata Emin, the institute’s project leader, said: “We’re still not sure how it landed here, but we’re guessing that the creature was floating close to the shore and the tide, which has been pretty considerable over the past few days, picked it up and threw it inland, into the mangrove.

    “Along with this astonishing feat, we are baffled as to what a humpback whale is doing on the north coast of Brazil during February because this is a very unusual occurrence.”

    Humpback whales are commonly seen further south on the Bahia coast of Brazil between August and November, but very rarely travel the thousands of kilometres north to the mouth of the Amazon.

    Ms Emin said the whale is believed to be a calf which got separated from its mother while migrating back south.

    Researchers said there were no clear reasons why the animal died but were starting to take samples from the carcass for further study.

    Marine biologists are now taking samples from the enormous creature to find out how it died
    (SEMMA/FocusOn News)

    “Depending on the state of decomposition, some information may already have been lost.

    “We are collecting as much information as we can get and identifying marks and wounds on its body to see if it was caught in a net or hit by a boat,” Ms Emin said.

    Dirlene Silva, from the state environment department, told local television that the body of the whale would be left where it crash-landed into the jungle.

    “It’s very difficult to get there and there’s no way we can send a bulldozer because it would not get through. There is no way to remove it. To get there, we need to cross the swamp.”

    The skeleton of the humpback will, however, be dismantled, preserved, and then sent to a natural history museum in the city of Belem for future study. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.11 meter lange walvis ontdekt middenin Braziliaanse jungle. Biologen staan voor een raadsel: hoe kan dit?
    11 meter lange walvis ontdekt middenin Braziliaanse jungle. Biologen staan voor een raadsel: hoe kan dit?
    Foto: Facebook/Bicho D'água

    11 meter lange walvis ontdekt middenin Braziliaanse jungle. Biologen staan voor een raadsel: hoe kan dit?

    Brazilië is in de ban van een 11 meter lange bultrug die middenin de jungle is gevonden. De walvis werd vrijdag op tientallen meters van de zee ontdekt op het eilandje Marajo in de monding van de Amazone.

    Biologen staan voor een raadsel. Hoe het dier zo ver van het water in de jungle terecht is gekomen, weet niemand.

    Bultruggen komen maar zelden in de buurt van de noordkust van Brazilië en al helemaal niet in februari.


    Normaal gesproken verblijven bultruggen tussen augustus en november aan de noordoostkust en trekken ze daarna richting Antarctica.

    De walvis werd bij toeval ontdekt, omdat het dier grote zwermen aasgieren aantrok.

    Wetenschappers onderzoeken nu hoe en waarom het dier op de vreemde plaats terecht is gekomen.

    Geen verwondingen

    Op het eerste gezicht lijkt de walvis geen verwondingen te hebben.

    Vermoed wordt dat het dier, dat ongeveer een jaar oud was, tijdens de tocht naar het zuiden zijn moeder is kwijtgeraakt.

    Omdat het gebied moerassig is, kan het karkas niet worden verplaatst.

    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Staggering discovery reveals moon lies INSIDE Earth’s atmosphere

    Staggering discovery reveals moon lies INSIDE Earth’s atmosphere

    Staggering discovery reveals moon lies INSIDE Earth’s atmosphere
    The Earth’s atmosphere is much bigger than previously thought, extending far beyond the Moon, a team of scientists have revealed. The amazing discovery was made thanks to data that has been sitting unexamined for over 20 years.

    We now know that the atmosphere surrounding our planet stretches 630,000km (391,464 miles) away and is 50 times the diameter of Earth, thanks to the discovery and analysis of decades-old data by scientists at Russia’s Space Research Institute.

    • Should we be worried? ‘Big Ben-sized’ asteroid to make ‘close approach’ of Earth at 30,000mph today

    ALSO ON RT.COMShould we be worried? ‘Big Ben-sized’ asteroid to make ‘close approach’ of Earth at 30,000mph today

    It means that the Moon is part of our atmosphere and not outside of it. In fact, it’s actually located right in the middle of our atmosphere, at an average distance of 384,400 kilometres (238,855 miles) from Earth.

    The Moon flies through Earth’s atmosphere,”explained study author physicist Igor Baliukin of Russia’s Space Research Institute.

    The jaw-dropping data was collected by the NASA/European Space Agency Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) between 1996 and 1998 and had been gathering dust in an archive since then.

    SOHO unwittingly gathered the groundbreaking information when it was mapping the geocorona, the layer of hydrogen atoms located where the atmosphere merges with outer space. The thin layer glows in far-ultraviolet light which can only be seen from space and is difficult to measure.

    • Russia’s super-heavy rocket to deliver landing/launch module to Moon in 2029 – report

    ALSO ON RT.COMRussia’s super-heavy rocket to deliver landing/launch module to Moon in 2029 – report

    Because of this, it was, until now, thought to be about 200,000 kilometres (124,000 miles) from Earth, as that is the point at which solar radiation pressure would override Earth’s gravity.

    SOHO’s SWAN instrument has the ability to measure far-ultraviolet emissions from hydrogen atoms, allowing it to make its amazing observation of the geocorona.

    • “Data archived many years ago can often be exploited for new science,” SOHO project scientist Bernhard Fleck of the European Space Agency said“This discovery highlights the value of data collected over 20 years ago and the exceptional performance of SOHO.” }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Waarom de mens de atmosfeer van de aarde nog nooit heeft verlaten. Onderzoekers doen verbazingwekkende ontdekking Waarom de mens de atmosfeer van de aarde nog nooit heeft verlaten. Onderzoekers doen verbazingwekkende ontdekking in Universum 26 februari 20
    Waarom de mens de atmosfeer van de aarde nog nooit heeft verlaten. Onderzoekers doen verbazingwekkende ontdekking

    Waarom de mens de atmosfeer van de aarde nog nooit heeft verlaten. Onderzoekers doen verbazingwekkende ontdekking

    De atmosfeer van de aarde is veel groter dan gedacht en strekt zich uit tot voorbij de maan, zo hebben wetenschappers onthuld.

    Ze hebben gegevens geanalyseerd waar al meer dan 20 jaar niks mee gedaan was.

    Uit waarnemingen van het zonneobservatorium SOHO blijkt dat de aardatmosfeer zich uitstrekt tot een afstand van 630.000 kilometer.


    Dat betekent dat de maan onderdeel van onze atmosfeer is. Sterker nog: de maan bevindt zich middenin de aardatmosfeer.

    De zogeheten geocorona, bestaande uit een wolk van waterstofatomen, vormt de grens tussen de atmosfeer en de ruimte. SOHO heeft deze wolk vast weten te leggen.

    De waterstofatomen zenden in de atmosfeer ultraviolet licht uit, dat alleen vanuit de ruimte waarneembaar is.

    Niets mee gedaan

    “De maan vliegt door de aardatmosfeer,” zei natuurkundige Igor Baljoekin van het Russische instituut voor ruimteonderzoek.

    De gegevens zijn tussen 1996 en 1998 verzameld door SOHO, maar er werd vervolgens niets mee gedaan.

    Eerder werd aangenomen dat de atmosfeer zich uitstrekt tot een afstand van pakweg 200.000 kilometer.


    “Gegevens die vele jaren geleden zijn verzameld, kunnen vaak worden gebruikt voor nieuwe wetenschap,” zei SOHO-wetenschapper Bernhard Fleck.

    “Deze ontdekking laat zien hoe waardevol 20 jaar oude gegevens zijn en hoe uitzonderlijk goed SOHO presteert,” voegde hij toe.

    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Unexplained Humpback Whale Carcass Found in Amazon Rainforest

    Unexplained Humpback Whale Carcass Found in Amazon Rainforest

    Biologists in Brazil are baffled this week after one of the world’s largest mammals has been found in an anomalous location. Wildlife experts were alerted this week to the presence of a humpback whale carcass on the island of Marajo, which sits at the mouth of the Amazon River. Locals discovered the out-of-place whale after first noticing carrion birds circling above a remote part of the island’s dense mangrove swamp. In fact, the area is so remote that wildlife officials struggled to even reach the carcass in the first place. The whale measures around 11 meters (36 feet) in length and is estimated to weigh around 10 tons (9,100 kg).

    Scientists are baffled by the find. It is speculated that the whale was already dead before being washed upon the island by a massive storm surge, but that much so far remains merely an educated hunch. Even more mysterious is the fact that a humpback whale was off the coast of Brazil in the first place.

    humpback whale

    Out of place animals are a classic Fortean phenomenon.

    Renata Emin, leader of Brazilian conservation project Bicho D’agua Institute, told The Independent the discovery of the whale carcass is a rare and somewhat unexplained anomaly. “We’re still not sure how it landed here, but we’re guessing that the creature was floating close to the shore and the tide, which has been pretty considerable over the past few days, picked it up and threw it inland, into the mangrove. Along with this astonishing feat, we are baffled as to what a humpback whale is doing on the north coast of Brazil during February because this is a very unusual occurrence.”

    Humpback whales are known to migrate close to the southern coasts of Brazil in warmer months, but discovering one so far north and at this time of year is quite unusual. Interestingly, marine biologists in Hawaii have been baffled by a mysterious drop in the number of whales visiting the islands in recent years, and “researchers aren’t sure if there has been a reduction in the overall humpback population or if the mammals are simply going somewhere else.” Are these whale populations in the midst of a massive and mysterious migration, or might something more catastrophic be afoot?

    humpback whale

    Whales are believed to be among the most intelligent animals on Earth.

    As we continue to discover anomalous animal deaths, one thing is clear: the natural world is under stress like never before. Is humanity destined for a future alone on the Earth as so many science fiction tales have foretold? Will we be able to develop the technological means needed to live on an Earth devoid of plants and animals before it’s too late? Is such a thing even possible?

    Mourn for the whales. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Attack of the Flying Space Dwarves!

    Attack of the Flying Space Dwarves!

    There’s probably no bigger stereotype in the modern Sci-Fi genre than the concept of the ‘alien invasion’. Since Hollywood found it to be such a gold mine (something my friend and colleague Robbie Graham has explored at length) popular culture has flooded our heads with visions of ginormous vessels blackening the skies of New York, London or other major metropoles, and ill-intentioned intruders from outer space so highly advanced and powerful they are almost unstoppable  –‘almost’ being always the operative word, since a story in which the aliens couldn’t be defeated by some unexpected weakness by indomitable Earthlings would make for a pretty depressing blockbuster… Or at least, boring AF.

    But what if aliens turned out to be not that highly advanced and unstoppable, as we would like to imagine them? What if the only thing needed to stop them was not a secret weapon or a computer virus coded by Jeff Goldblum, but just a bit of bravery –and a good whack in the head?

    The bizarre tale I’m about to share with you, dear Coppertops, has its roots during the crazy years of the UMMO affair we revisited on my last article, yet it concluded decades later under very serendipitous circumstances. Its high-strangeness nature is a perfect example of how the UFO phenomenon –whatever its origin and true nature it may be– always seems to confound our preconceived expectations.

    It all started around the time when a group of people in Spain began to receive the first of those long, typewritten letters allegedly sent by extraterrestrials from planet UMMO. The landing of a disk-shaped object in the neighborhood of Aluche had already been published by the press –for more info about that, please go to my previous post– and a small group of flying saucer enthusiasts were having regular gatherings at the basement of the Café Lion in Madrid, which was known around bohemian and literary groups of the Spaniard capital as “La Ballena Alegre” (The Happy Whale) due to the whimsical murals adorning its walls.

    “La Ballena Alegra” at the basement of Café Lion (which is now an Irish pub)

    It was in one of those UFOlogical salons, on the night of May 30th, 1967 and with around 30 people present, when the lecture of a new UMMO letter took place. The document announced the coming of three of their scout ships to planet Earth, which would take place in the coming days. The specified coordinates for the arrival of the Ummite vessels were:

    “BOLIVIA (Oruro Zone): The descent will be verified on a point located within a circular area which, having the city of Oruro at its center, has a radius of 208 kilometers with a margin of error of ± 4 kilometers.

    SPAIN (Madrid Zone): The descent is foreseen within a circular area which has the following coordinates at its center: Longitude (3° 45′ 20,6″ W). Latitude (40° 28′ 2,2″ N)

    BRAZIL (Río Grande Do Sul Zone): Proximity of Santo Angelo. The elevated margin of error prevents further specification.”

    The whole assembly signed on the document as witnesses of what they had heard. If the announcement came true it would prove the extraterrestrial origin of the letter –or so they thought. Nobody seemed to find it funny that the only precise coordinates provided by the extraterrestrials were the ones from their own country, Spain (why couldn’t these space visitors be more accurate with the Bolivia and Brazil landings?). José Luis Jordán Peña, the man who decades later would claim the authorship of the UMMO deception, even had the gall to put his own signature on the paper.

    On June the 2nd the newspaper Informaciones published the UFO photographs taken near San José de Valderas, that would end up to be known worldwide thanks to Antonio Ribera and Rafael Farriols’s book “Un Caso Perfecto” (A Perfect Case), which didn’t turn out to be so ‘perfect’ after all (as I already explained on my previous article) but such controversy was still years in the horizon, and the nitid images of the white disk with the black H-like emblem was all the true believers needed to deem the UMMO information worthy of credit.

    But what about the two other landing sites? On June 5th Enrique Villagrasa –one of the earliest recipients of UMMO letters– took the initiative of writing to the biggest newspapers in the Bolivian city of Oruro and the Brazilian city of Santo Angelo, to inquire whether any UFO-related news had been reported between the dates of the reading of the UMMO letter at La Ballena Alegre, and the Valderas sighting. Although he never got a reply back from Brazil, two weeks later Villagrasa obtained a written response from the director of the Bolivian newspaper La Patria, telling him that something strange actually did take place around that time, which had been reported by one of the newspaper’s correspondents who had traveled to the town of Uyunu (approximately 300 kilometers south of Oruro) to cover a story pertaining to a robbery of dynamite –remember that at the time, the Bolivian army was fighting guerrilla insurgents and in that same year (1967) Ernesto “Che” Guevara was captured and executed.

    “Che” Guevara, about to be executed by Bolivian forces (1967)

    According to Enrique Miralles, director of La Patria, the story the correspondent had brought back from that remote location was so fantastic, “I refused to print it until I could count with convincing proof [of its authenticity] –adequate identification of the persons and authorities that intervened in the event, evidence and photographs, etc. It was in such circumstances that your letter arrived to my hands.

    What was this ‘fantastic’ story obtained by the La Patria reporter? Why and how were the authorities involved? The director’s letter didn’t offer any details, and it was the last time Villagrasa would ever hear from Miralles. And thus for almost 30 years the cryptic words from the South American journalist sat as an unassuming thread in the larger yarn of the UMMO affair, until UFO investigator Juan José Benítez decided to do what no one else thought of: travel to South America to try and discover what –if anything– had taken place on that small corner of the Bolivian Altiplano on June of 1967.

    As Benítez’s explains in his book “El Hombre que Susurraba a los Ummitas” (The Man who Whispered to the Ummites) the quest took 5 years, several trips to Bolivia, a lot of tenacity (Benítez’s wife, who accompanied him, would probably say “stubbornness”) and more than a few synchronicities, but he eventually managed to track down most of the participants involved in what certainly constitutes one of the strangest cases in the annals of UFOlogy. The first one was the by-then retired newspaper director Enrique Miralles in 1996, who confirmed to him that one of their correspondents –an Argentinian by the name of Lucho Amarayo– was the one who brought back a report concerning a remote village in the Uyuni region where “little men” were said to have slaughtered the sheep of the native farmers, and then fled the scene riding some ‘flying chairs'(!). The peasants had complained to the nearest local authorities who –despite the fantastic narrative– decided to deploy a small regiment of soldiers to investigate anyway, for fear it could be the work of rebel forces; but Miralles never learned what came of that, and as explained in the letter he wrote to Villagrasa in 1967, he never bothered to print the story for lack of evidence.

    Benítez tried to obtain more information by looking at the old records of the La Patria newspaper during his stay at Oruro, but the only thing he found was the date when the robbery of the explosives took place (June 11, 1967) –which didn’t coincide with the UMMO announcement received by the Madrilenian contactees, but by now the story of the ‘little flying men’ was enough to pique his curiosity. His next clue of the case came rather unexpectedly, when he was forced to stop the investigation and travel to the Bolivian capital (La Paz) to attend a book fair. There, while signing books, he managed to meet two fans of his who turned out to be related to colonel Rogelio Ayala, the officer in charge of the regiment that had been sent to investigate the what had upset the indigenous villagers. Such incredible coincidences have become a regular feature in Benítez’s adventures and have further convinced him that, when it comes to UFOs, nothing happens by chance.

    Through the testimony of colonel Ayala, Benítez’s managed to gather more pieces of the puzzle, and interviewed other members of the regiment who accompanied the Bolivian officer to the remote native village  –Pablo Ayala (the colonel’s son and the youngest in the group), lieutenants Caso and Ampuero, and doctor Jesús Pereyra, who joined the soldiers in the expedition to respond to the plea of the three men sent by the village, who had made the long trek to the military station at Uyuni to denounce the loss of their precious animals.

    We left at dawn and the trip felt endless to me, Pablo told Benítez. “The site was just composed by 2 or 3 adobe huts in the middle of nowhere and far away from the nearest town. Close to the houses were the stone corrals where they keep their sheep, and on the ground they had placed all the dead animals. We counted more than 30. We were perplexed: the carcasses showed numerous mutilations, with a series of near-perfect circular orifices. The death of the beasts didn’t make any sense –it was the only source of sustenance for these people.

    Bolivian stone corral. In a similar enclosure, Valentina found the ‘dwarf’ butchering her sheep

    Aside from the surgical incisions in the bodies, the members of the regiment also noticed that several organs (the eyes, ears, tongues, kidneys and livers) were missing. If this had been the work of guerrilla forces, they thought, it was most peculiar –if the rebels were looking for food, why take only the entrails and leave all the meat behind? The soldiers also observed another peculiar thing: most of the animals appeared to be completely exsanguinated (devoid of blood), a typical hallmark in anomalous mutilation cases.

    The manner by which those poor sheep had been slaughtered was told to the military men by one of the village’s women, who had been the main witness of the incredible event. Through all sorts of inquiries and synchronicities that involved further trips to Bolivia, Benítez was miraculously able to track down that same native woman in 2001 –an illiterate peasant that only spoke in quechua by the name of Valentina Flores, who was around 60 years old when Benítez interviewed her, yet still clearly remembered that ominous encounter with “los hombrecitos” (the little men), which had brought an irreparable calamity to her family:

    “That day I was alone, with only my youngest daughter beside me; I was carrying her on my back with a blanket. My husband was a commissioner and –like the rest of the other men– he was at the pampa, working. It was around four in the afternoon when it happened. I secured the sheep and lambs at some place, and then went out to look for a llama and its calf which had gone missing.”

    Valentina explained to Benítez the search for the missing llama had taken her about 90 minutes, but by the time she returned the sheep were gone.

    I followed the tracks of the herd and arrived to the corrals at the nearby hill. Inside the pen was a small man on his knees, with a sheep between his legs. The top of the corral  –an open, circular enclosure with stone walls around 5′ high– was covered with something that looked like a net. I got scared. That man had killed all my animals.

    Drawing of the ‘flying humanoids’ by Pablo Ayala, part of the regiment sent to investigate

    “What did he look like?” asked Benítez.

    He was like a child, this high (raising her hand to a height of about 4 feet). He wore a strange one-piece suit, like a scuba diver, dark in color from the feet to his neck. His boots were brown. On the head he was wearing something that reminded me of a helmet, leaving his face uncovered. His skin was very white; he had blond hair, blue eyes, and a red and bushy mustache. Valentina also added that the short being looked young and ‘plump’, and was carrying a strange apparatus on his back that looked like a ‘chair with legs’, as well as other gadgets on the sides held together with suspenders. Not too far away from the enclosure Valentina observed a second individual similar to the one that was busy butchering her herd–who apparently hadn’t noticed her presence yet, because he had his back turned toward the entrance. Next to this pale-faced ‘dwarf’ was another weird contraption, which seemed to control the net covering the pen.

    “I took up a rock from the ground and threw it at the one inside the corral, who got frightened when he saw me and got up. I kept throwing stones at him. He then touched the machine next to him and the net ‘disappeared'” –Benítez interpreted Valentina’s words as meaning that the net had contracted inside the radio-like contraption, after the small humanoid had touched one of its buttons.

    Native Bolivian woman, herding sheep.

    Valentina, who despite their strange appearance still thought she was facing two common thieves, kept coming closer and stoning the mysterious murdering midget. But by then the second intruder had taken flight and fled the scene! According to the crude description provided by the indigenous woman, on top of their helmet the beings had some sort of ‘propeller’, which combined with two long ‘tubes’ that dangled from the sides of their bodies allowed them to float in the air. Meanwhile the being inside the corral had hastily gathered all his things –including a bag full of the sheep’s freshly removed entrails– and ran out of the enclosure.

    He talked to me, but I couldn’t understand his words, which weren’t Quechua nor Spanish. He looked as upset as I was. Dear God, he had killed all my herd! I went crazy, grabbed a stick and went after him. When I was some 6 feet away from him I struck him with all my strength. The stick, which had iron on the tip, hit him straight in the face and he started to bleed.”The little man kept yelling at Valentina with that unintelligible language, and then he proceeded to attack her with some sort of “knife” that had a small hook on its end, the same weapon he had used to kill and butcher the sheep. It had a chain on the other end,” Valentina explained, “and it always came back to his hand every time he threw it. No disintegrator gun or phaser set to stun for this alien invader, as Hollywould would demand, but instead something more suitable for a cheesy kung-fu movie.

    Bolivian woman carrying her child with a ‘rebozo’

    The ‘boomerang knife’ made several deep cuts in the chest and arms of Valentina, but the thick knot of the blanket with which she was carrying her child protected her neck and probably saved her life, according to the brave woman, who kept on beating on her attacker with the stick until she managed to break his arm and wrist. Then, very nervously and manipulating his devices with the left hand, he ran to the top of a little hill nearby and took flight like the other one,” she said, leaving only a trail of blood –red, just like ours, according to Valentina– as the fleeting testament of the amazing battle. According to the military men’s testimony to Benítez, although some samples of the blood were taken, they never bothered to sent it for analysis to one of the few labs operating in Bolivia at the time.

    The other remnants of the encounter –the 63 sheep and lambs killed and mutilated by the flying little fiends– were later inspected by the regiment of soldiers who came to the village a few days later, as was already explained in the previous paragraphs. They took Valentina’s testimony, but since it was clear the slaughtering had not been the work of rebel forces it was no longer a matter for their official concern, so they returned to their station to give their report, and no reparation of the damage was ever given to the native farmers. Unlike Jacob, who had been blessed by the angel he had wrestled with, Valentina’s encounter with the flying humanoids was a curse: Financially ruined, the Flores family had no choice but to leave their home and seek work in the mines of Oruro. From there they migrated to the south of the country, never to set foot in their old village again.

    After so many years, miles traversed and thousands of dollars spent, Benítez had finally closed the book on this UFOlogical case. Although satisfied, he now had more questions than when he began his personal quest: why would ‘superior beings from another world’ –supposedly more evolved than us, both technically and morally– have the necessity to rob indigenous peasants (the poorest of the poor in this world) of their livelihood by butchering the herd of livestock they depended on to survive? What could possibly be the connection between the Bolivian humanoids and the bigger UMMO affair? Valentina never observed the famous )+( emblem in the clothes of the aerial assailants, and yet it’s clear that the chain of events that led the Spanish investigator to this close encounter was triggered by the infamous letter received by the Madrilenian contactees in 1967. I already explained on my previous article why the UMMO case is filled with hoaxes and deception and how the letters were forged by José Luis Jordán Peña; yet without the letters, this case –like so many others– would have fallen through the cracks of history and be lost forever.

    Or would it? Although I was forced to skip many details for the sake of brevity, the manner by which Juan José Benítez managed to be face to face with Valentina Flores is almost as incredible as the story itself. It’s almost as if some UFO cases take place not for the sake of the original witnesses, but instead are intended to be discovered and studied by someone else, years or even decades later. If that’s the case, it would not only be further proof of the ‘theatrical’ nature of the phenomenon, but also that *you*, dear Coppertop, were meant to read this post on Mysterious Universe, just as much as *I* was meant to write it…

    As for me, one of the reasons I love this case so much is not only the fact that it’s level of absurdity makes me suspect it actually did take place, but also that it kind of goes counter to some of the more recent ideas proposed in the field of UFOlogy. Take my friend and mentor Greg Bishop, who coined the term ‘co-creation’ to depict how paranormal events are somehow influenced by the witness’s expectations and cultural circumstances; although I find Greg’s ideas provocative and going on the right track, Valentina Flores’s encounter with levitating leprechauns showing gear straight out of a Jetsons cartoon would make more sense if it had happened in 19th-century Ireland or to someone of Celtic ascendancy, instead of a South American indigenous woman deep in the heart of the Bolivian Altiplano –BTW, isn’t it interesting how her weapon against the intruder had IRON, which is known to be a substance fairy folk are notoriously averse to?

    And yet encounters with pale-skinned dwarves are not that uncommon in South America, as stated by Jacques Vallee in his book The Invisible College, where he narrates the case of a Brazilian soldier who in 1969, while fishing on a boat at a lagoon North of Belo Horizonte, was abducted by two 4-feet-tall beings who took him inside a machine that looked like an upright cylinder. The poor man was dragged blindfolded until he was sat inside a large, windowless stone chamber in front of an assembly of robust dwarves with long reddish hair and bushy beards. The leader of the dwarves forced him to drink from a cubical glass made of stone, then proceeded to communicate through sign language and drawings their intentions of making the soldier their ‘envoy’ with the people of Earth. The man refused and started to frantically pray the rosary until the irritated dwarves took him out of the room and transported him back two hundred miles –and four days later– from the lake where he was kidnapped.

    The Brazilian soldier recounted that in one of the walls of the stone chamber was a low shelf with the corpses of four human beings. Had they been killed by his diminutive captors? That was the soldier’s assumption. Maybe the whole event was some sort of ‘conditioning treatment” using a similar level of absurdity, shock and theatricality than in the Bolivia case of 1967, elaborately conducted for purposes that escape our reasoning. Or maybe there really are beings out there who –like the stereotypical alien invaders of Hollywood blockbusters– make no distinctions between the butchering of livestock and the slaughtering of people. In which case the name of Valentina Flores needs to be remembered and praised for all posterity, for giving ZERO FUCKS during a mano-a-mano with a being from another world, and showing advanced anti-gravity technology is not match against a feisty woman defending her property.

    Move over, Will Smith!  Here’s the *real* defender of planet Earth. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.A Fortean Festival: Fish Rain in Malta, Green Snow in Siberia and Locust Plague in Egypt

    A Fortean Festival: Fish Rain in Malta, Green Snow in Siberia and Locust Plague in Egypt

    Charles Fort – wherever you are – this one is for you. The past week gave us a festival of classic Fortean phenomena: fish rained from the sky in Malta, green snow covered the ground in Siberia, and a biblical plague of locusts is heading to Egypt. What’s happening? Is the apocalypse now?

    Let’s start in Malta, where one of the best pictures of the event was taken from inside a car and shows a plate-sized fish on the windshield. (See it and other pictures and video of the fish rain here.) Another has a man reaching up to catch another fish with his bare hand before it reaches the ground – a feat worthy of a tryout with the Yankees. Most of the media reports from Xemxija, a Maltese suburb on the western coast of St. Paul’s Bay on the Mediterranean island show the cause of the flying soon-to-be-frying fish – huge waves and gale-force winds blowing at a record-breaking 101 kph (63 mph or almost Force 11) that punished the area with falling trees and flooded streets and then asked for forgiveness with a gift of free fish dinners. Weather is typically the cause of fish rains but the sheer size of those falling on Xemxija made it a Fortean event.

    There are many places around the world where locals will say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it will change”. But colors? Welcome to Siberia, where just last week a deadly black snow fell on three cities (coal generator accidents and pollution were blamed). This week, a prettier but equally mysterious and toxic green snow (pictures here) covered parts of the Russian city of Pervouralsk on the Chusovaya River in the Ural Mountains. When there’s non-white snow, a first inclination is to see if it tastes like fruit – lime in this case – but that’s usually a mistake as kids at a pre-school in Pervouralsk found out when instead of a mouthful of candy they ended up with “a cough and their skin turned red, with rashes on their faces” according to one eyewitness report. A better idea is to look for a nearby manufacturing facility and sure enough, the snow gets greener as you get closer to the JSC “Russian Chrome 1915” plant. Plant officials deny any responsibility, saying there’s been no recent accidents, but it was deemed responsible for a similar green stream event in 2016 which was caused by waste in a storage well that dated back at least 30 years to the Soviet era. It’s happened often enough that Pervouralsk kids don’t need a copy of Fort’s “The Book of the Damned” or a Zappa song to remind them not to eat the green snow.

    Onward to Egypt, where any strange event is first checked against the biblical story of Moses before becoming Fortean. In Egypt, the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is warning that massive swarms of desert locusts – “the world’s most dangerous migratory pest” – have finished their decimative dining in Sudan and Eritrea and are moving up the Red Sea to Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Heavy fall rains in those areas have allowed the locusts to breed twice and two generations of them are looking to be fed before taking time off for summer breeding. Eat, sex, repeat. Sound like any other bothersome creatures you know? The desert locusts are worse.

    “But following a large rainfall they can quickly multiply, eventually forming hopper bands or swarms of adults, composed of billions of individual locusts. A desert locust adult can consume its own weight (roughly 2 grams) in food in a day. The added difficulty is they’re normally in the desert, so they’re eating the vegetation there. Once they get into rain-fed crops on the edge of the desert, grown by poor farmers, they’re eating an entire livelihood, and then they move into the country and affect national food supplies.”

    It’s effectively a total annihilation of crops, says the UN’s locust expert, Keith Cressman. Would that constitute a biblical plague or a Fortean event? While there are many who would look at this as godly punishment for evil governments and religious oppression, even Charles Fort would agree that the real cause is the damned climate change. You can spend billions to kill the locusts and poison the environment, but that won’t stop the real plague.

    Fish rain … green snow … locust plague. Tired of the Armageddon? Wait a minute … it’ll change. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.“A Stranger Attired All In Black”

    “A Stranger Attired All In Black”

    The late Brad Steiger had a specific interest in the issue of alchemy. He wrote the following“Helvetius, the grandfather of the celebrated philosopher of the same name, was an alchemist who labored ceaselessly to fathom the mystery of the ‘philosopher’s stone,’ the legendary catalyst that would transmute base metals into gold. One day in 1666 when he was working in his laboratory at the Hague, a stranger attired all in black, as befitted a respectable burgher of North Holland, appeared and informed him that he would remove all the alchemist’s doubts about the existence of the philosopher’s stone, for he himself possessed such an object.”

    In 1852, Charles Mackay said of this that the mysterious man “…asked Helvetius if he thought he should know that rare gem if he saw it. To which Helvetius replied, that he certainly should not. The burgher immediately drew from his pocket a small ivory box, containing three pieces of metal, of the color of brimstone, and extremely heavy; and assured Helvetius, that of them he could make as much as twenty tons of gold. Helvetius informs us, that he examined them very attentively; and seeing that they were very brittle, he took the opportunity to scrape off a small portion with his thumb-nail. He then returned to the stranger, with an entreaty that he would perform the process of transmutation before him. The stranger replied, that he was not allowed to do so, and went away.”

    Mackay continued that several weeks later the mysterious character was back. Helvetius implored the man to share with him the secrets of alchemy, which, apparently, he did: “Helvetius repeated the experiment alone, and converted six ounces of lead into very pure gold.” Such was the fame that surrounded this event, said Mackay, “all of the notable persons of the town flocked to the study of Helvetius to convince themselves of the fact. Helvetius performed the experiment again, in the presence of the Prince of Orange, and several times afterwards, until he exhausted the whole of the powder he had received from the stranger, from whom it is necessary to state, he never received another visit; nor did he ever discover his name or condition.”

    In 1677, Leopold I, the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Austria, suffered something terrible: his precious supply of gold finally became exhausted. This was utterly disastrous, as it was gold, specifically, that Leopold relied upon to pay his troops, as they sought to keep at bay the marauding attacks of the Turks. Help, however, was soon at hand, and in a decidedly curious fashion. Late one night, in November 1672, Leopold was visited by a monk of the Order of St. Augustine, one Johann Wenzel Seiler. Interestingly, it has been suggested that “Johann Wenzel Seiler” was actually a pseudonym that the dark-garbed, cloaked, and hooded character had adopted. Whatever the truth, Seiler confidently said he could banish all of the king’s problems in an instant. The king, who already had an interest in all things alchemical, listened carefully to what Seiler had to say.

    The monk motioned Leopold to follow him to the steps of the palace, which he did. It was on the steps that Seiler did something remarkable. He took a silver medallion, placed into a cauldron of magical liquid, and then extracted it. Lo and behold, it had been transformed into gold. The king was delighted, Austria’s gold problem (or, rather, the sudden lack of it) was solved. In 1880, Dr. Franz Hartmann, who carefully and deeply studied the controversy surrounding alchemy, said: “…it is stated that this medal, consisting originally of silver, has been partly transformed into gold, by alchemical means, by the same Wenzel Seiler who was afterwards made a knight by the Emperor Leopold I. and given the title Wenzeslaus Ritter von Reinburg.”

    Interestingly, Hartmann pointed out that many came to believe Seiler was not who he claimed to be, and was soon “regarded as an impostor.” Specifically, this was with regard to claims that Seiler had merely coated the medallion with a gold-colored substance, rather than having literally transformed it into gold. Nevertheless, and despite exiling Seiler shortly afterwards, Leopold – seemingly entranced by Seiler – continued to eagerly employ the skills of this mysterious character, time and again.

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Recently Discovered “FarFarOut” Is Now Our Solar System’s Most Distant Object
    It has been dubbed 'FarFarOut' by its discoverers who admit to knowing very little about the object. The discovery breaks the record for the most distant object in the solar system of 120 AU (11 billion miles) - which was named Farout (artist's impression pictured)

    It has been dubbed 'FarFarOut' by its discoverers who admit to knowing very little about the object. The discovery breaks the record for the most distant object in the solar system of 120 AU (11 billion miles) - which was named Farout (artist's impression pictured)

    Recently Discovered “FarFarOut” Is Now Our Solar System’s Most Distant Object

    An astronomer was enjoying a snow day when he made a huge discovery in our solar system. After the city was shut down because of a snow storm last week, Scott Sheppard, who is an astronomer at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C., decided to look through some telescopic views of the solar system that his team took last month while they were searching for a presumed – but not yet confirmed – ninth giant planet named “Planet X”.

    And that’s when he noticed a very faint object at a distance of 3.5 times more further than Pluto and 140 times farther than the Earth is to the sun. If this object is confirmed, it would be the most distant object ever observed in our solar system, beating out their previous discovery in December of 2018 when they announced that they had located a dwarf planet named “Farout” which is 120 times further from the sun than the Earth is. This new discovery has been comically nicknamed “FarFarOut”.

    For nearly a decade, Mr. Sheppard, along with Chad Trujillo from the Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and Dave Tholen from the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, have been using some of the most powerful and wide-angled telescopes to observe the night sky and their research has paid off as they have netted four-fifths of the objects found that are over 9 billion kilometers past the sun.

    FarFarOut’s orbit, just like Farout’s, is currently unknown which means that it’s unclear whether it will stay far enough away from the gravitation tug of our solar system’s giant planets. If both of them do manage to stay far enough away, they could potentially join “The Goblin” which is another one of Mr. Sheppard’s recent discoveries. These findings could also provide more information regarding the possible existence of Planet X and if it has anything to do with these three bodies’ orbits.

    An artist’s interpretation of the hypothetical Planet X

    Astronomers who have been studying the Kuiper Belt observed that small icy objects as well as some dwarf planets appear to follow orbits that are clustered together. The pattern in which they orbit indicate that there could potentially be a large planet there. Therefore, the gravity from this possible planet (the hypothetical Planet X) could explain why the Kuiper objects orbit in such an unusual way.

    Although it may take years to figure out the orbits of Farout and FarFarOut, Mr. Sheppard will continue his research of the solar system using his favorite telescopes, the Blanco 4-meter located in Chile, and the Subaru 8-meter that’s in Hawaii. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Alien Invasion: Could it Really Happen and How Would it Play Out?



    Are we prepared for an alien invasion?

    Alien Invasion: Could it Really Happen and How Would it Play Out?

    A very common trope of science fiction literature and film is that of the alien invasion. In books and on screen we have spanning epics in which human beings bravely do battle against these mysterious intruders with their wits and whatever weapons they have at hand. In the end, they send the alien invaders back to from whence they came or destroy them outright. Go humans, right? This is all good fun and very entertaining, but have you ever thought of whether aliens might actually invade for real, or what would happen to us if they did? Here we will delve into the possibility of a real alien invasion, why they would come, what they would do, and what it would mean for us all.

    The first thing to consider is why aliens would even want to attack or invade us in the first place, and this can be a bit tricky, with numerous theories on why they would even bother, and different possible outcomes to an invasion based on what they are after. One idea that has been thrown around is that they would be after our water or other resources, and that seems to make sense on the surface, but looking into this possibility more deeply brings about some problems. First of all is that it is believed that there are vast amounts of water frozen and locked away within asteroids, comets, and uninhabited planets, moons, and planetoids, so it seems a bit odd that they would want to use so many resources to travel all of that way just to pry the water from our cold, dead hands. Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to just mine nearby systems for all of that unused water floating about in space without any objection? And say they really do need us for our water, even if they did, there are numerous logistical problems involved with stealing it from us, and the same can be said of other resources as well. This is very well explained by astronomer Phil Plait, host of the Discovery Channel’s science show Phil Plait’s Bad Universe, who says of all of this:

    In movie after movie, aliens come here for our precious resources, usually water. At first glance that makes sense; after all, 70 percent of Earth is covered in water. But on second glance that logic falls apart. For one thing, water is pretty inconvenient for packaging and shipping. It doesn’t compress, it’s heavy, and it’s hard to pump quickly from one place to another.

    Worse, it’s sitting way down deep in our gravity well! Plunging into the inner solar system to Earth is hard enough, but then landing, grabbing all that water, and then taking off again? That’s a huge amount of energy wasted just to wet your whistle (or whatever mouth parts aliens have). And it’s worse when you look at the solar system as a whole. Orbiting the sun out past Neptune are gigantic repositories of water, essentially comets hundreds of kilometers across, in the convenient form of solid ice. Why would aliens blow right past all that prepackaged water to get to us way down here? The same is true for a lot of other natural resources; asteroids have minerals and metals that can be used for all manner of things, and you can mine them to your circulatory organ’s delight, again with no pesky humans to rise up and kill you.

    OK, well then maybe they want something else? Another idea is that they might want to use us as a food source or as slaves, which also doesn’t make sense considering that even evolving on the same planet we are actually pretty limited with what is edible for us or available for us to eat. With aliens with totally different evolutionary histories and physiologies it seems highly unlikely that they would find us edible are all that good-tasting, especially not enough to come all of that way, and we could actually even be poisonous for them. There is also the same problem with water and other resources. How would they ship and store us all, then drag us back to their home world? Is prime grade A human steak really worth all of that effort? The same thing goes for if they came here to use us as slave labor, and why would they need slave labor anyway? With all of that technology at their disposal couldn’t they just make machines to do the work for them? They came here from light years away in order to get cheap manual labor? Really? It just seems like it would be way more trouble than its worth.

    There is also the idea that these aliens might want to colonize this planet because it is similar to their home world and they have exploited their own to the point where it has become uninhabitable. This might make a bit of sense, but the odds of this planet being similar or compatible enough for their particular physiologies in this universe of billions of planets seems infinitesimally small. It would likely require some sort of terraforming, and if they can do that then why Earth?

    Getting into more sinister territory is that they just might want to wipe us out. That’s it. End of story. This could be for a variety of reasons. Maybe they were passing by and do it for kicks, just as a kid might check out a weird bug before squashing it. Maybe they have been monitoring us and our violent past, watching our rampant destruction of our environment and either want to put us out of our misery or see us as an actual threat in some capacity, a scourge to be ended. Whatever the reason is, in this scenario they don’t need anything from us and don’t even need our world in any capacity, they just want to destroy us. This is quite an ominous concept to ponder, but it is a distinct possibility, and would likely be the easiest option for them.

    For argument’s sake, let’s assume that the aliens really are coming, and have decided to invade our world, for whatever reasons. If they merely wanted to destroy us, as in that last option, then let’s face it there is very little we would realistically be likely be able to do against them. Indeed, if they really do want to just wipe us all out they would not even have to come down to us, they could just sit up in their spaceships and pull down asteroids to crash into our planet, causing tsunamis and mass destruction on a scale never before seen, or use some other type of weapon of mass destruction from orbit. Why would they have to come down and fight in the streets or even see us if they have all of that technology and their only desire is to obliterate us?

    Well, maybe they do need something from our planet. If we assume that there is some resource they need or that they really do want to move in and evict us, then they would be more likely to need our planet at least somewhat intact. Maybe they do need to engage us in a military way, and let’s just put aside the fact that they could probably easily engineer a virus that would just kill all humans and assume that a fight is going to go down. But would it really be a fight in any appreciable sense? With their mind-boggling technology beyond the likes of anything we’ve ever seen, would it be a war between humans and aliens any more than a sadistic child with a magnifying glass burning anthills is a war between kids and ants? One very interesting comment left on the site Quora pretty well explains what would probably go down:

    The late, great Iain M. Banks gave us the term in his book Excession. An Outside Context Problem works like this: You’re the king of the most powerful tribe in the history of your land, which, as far as you know, is the most important place in the world. Your people have a better standard of living than any before, your palaces and temples are bedecked in gold and precious gems, and your armies of warriors have destroyed any who stood up to you. You are worshiped as the physical incarnation of God on Earth, and it is well known that your people cannot be defeated.

    Until a small group of large, completely unknown sea vessels appear on the horizon. They have what look like sheets suspended by tree trunks, and are so large that they can’t land on the beach but have to send small boats to the shore. The people on these boats are clad in drab metal chestplates and strange helmets, and speak a language unlike any ever encountered. They carry strange metal tubes and some of them are waving around a book with a cross on it that they seem to think is very important. Worst of all, they don’t seem to recognise your godhead.

    A small scuffle ensues, and some of your warriors are killed as if by magic. You decide that you should make an example of these impertinent, outlandish savages, and you muster your army to crush them utterly. But it all goes wrong. Their dull metal clothing is impenetrable to even the finest obsidian blades, they carry tubes that contain the very fire and thunder of the gods, and, worst of all, from out of nowhere spring these half-man, half-beast creatures, that race through your lines, slashing with metal blades and blasting with smaller magic tubes.

    This small group of heathens goes on to rout your army, capture you as king and plunder your cities. With the diseases that now ravage the land, they are unstoppable and your eternal kingdom is reduced to rubble and your people slaughtered or enslaved. This, more or less, is what happened when the Aztec Empire encountered Hernan Cortés and his relatively small group of conquistadores. It’s pretty much the textbook example of an Outside Context Problem.

    The Aztecs simply had no conception of the Spanish, no idea how to deal with their massive technological advantage, no context with which to even consider these invaders. And they lost. Really, really badly. That’s what would happen, realistically, if Earth were invaded by hostile aliens. We wouldn’t stand a chance.

    The simple fact is, if aliens don’t want us alive, the overwhelming possibility is that we won’t be. These would be beings far beyond us in terms of technology and intellect to have been able to come here in the first place, and if they came here for a fight, they’d be ready and would likely know far more about us than we do about them. The technology difference would be substantial, and would be akin to throwing rocks versus nuclear weapons. Nick Pope, who used to run the Ministry of Defense’s UFO project in the United Kingdom, has said of this:

    In a universe nearly 14 billion years old, the chances of invading aliens happening to be only a hundred years or so more advanced than us is vanishingly small. The likelihood is that we’d be dealing with a civilization thousands or millions of years ahead of us, and as sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke once said: ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ If they are hostile, it would be like Bambi meeting Godzilla if we ever had to fight them…we would present no military challenge to such an advanced civilization…We would be a pushover for them. Forget all the Hollywood movies.

    If we were to have any chance at all, we’d have to hope that the attack was not completely obliterating, with them wanting to keep us mostly alive for some reason. This would allow Earth governments to try to put aside their differences, gather intelligence, and assess the threat, find a weakness, and hopefully reverse engineer alien technology, although this would be akin to a medieval scientist trying to reverse engineer an iPad, probably impossible. We could try nukes, but this is a sloppy, poor strategy, and would cause almost as much damage to our own planet as anything the aliens would dish out.

    With all of this talk of alien invasions, you might be thinking right about now that the government must have thought about this at some point. I mean, surely they have some sort of plan in effect if it ever comes down to this. Right? Guys? Well, yes and no. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has a plan in effect for what to do when alien signals are received, although these are more guidelines than anything else, and NASA has protocols in place for preventing the contamination of other worlds by us, but as to actual government contingency plans, especially against hostiles, not really. There have been sort of mental exercises and thought experiments drawn up for everything from alien invasions to zombie outbreaks drawn up by the government, but nothing really official or taken very seriously. Other countries are no different, as the The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and their Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (CUPUOS) is apparently not geared for such possibilities, with UNOOSA director Simonetta Di Pippo saying:

    UNOOSA and COPUOS Member States consider a range of space science and space exploration topics, fields in which the topic of astrobiology sits. However, the Office for Outer Space Affairs has been given no mandate by Member States to consider the question of potential advanced or intelligent extraterrestrial life. For this reason there is no protocol or process for any contact by extraterrestrial life.

    Even the set SETI guidelines for assessing and dealing with possible alien communications are flimsy at best, and not particularly official. As astronomer Seth Shostak has said:

    There are some protocols, but I think that’s an unfortunate name, and it makes them sound more important than they are. They say, ‘If you pick up a signal, check it out … tell everybody … and don’t broadcast any replies without international consultation,’ whatever that means. But that’s all that the protocols say, and they have no force of law. The United Nations took a copy of the early protocols and put them in a file drawer somewhere, and that’s as official as they ever got. Some people asked me at a conference last week, ‘What plan does the military have to deal with aliens should they land?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know … but to the best of my knowledge, they don’t have a plan.’

    So there seem to be very few official concrete plans in effect for meeting alien life, period, let alone if they come roaring down out of the sky with guns blazing and malicious intent. We’d probably be left in a state of complete chaos, on top of our woefully inadequate technological weaponry, although many are convinced that there actually are secret contingency plans kept by world governments that we simply don’t know about. As the founder of UFO and paranormal hunters Strange Phenomena Investigations, Malcolm Robinson, says:

    They won’t publicly admit it but I believe that they have a program up their sleeves for the lukewarm possibility of an alien invasion – and I completely believe they have something planned for the event.

    Does that make you feel any better about our chances in the event of an alien invasion? Yeah, me neither. The main problem is that it is a lot of money and effort to spend on something that the vast majority of people sees as a very faint possibility at best. Part of the problem also lies in the fact that we have no way at all to know what to even expect if aliens came, no way to know at all what context to perceive them within, and thus virtually limitless possibilities that can’t all possibly be planned for, and their capabilities would be far beyond what we can comprehend anyway, making it an impossible venture. As Shostek explains, “It would be like the Neanderthals having a plan in case the U.S. Air Force showed up.”

    In the end, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that there are few rational reasons for why aliens would expend the resources necessary to come here en masse for the purpose of wiping us out, and if they are here already, as many suspect, then they probably would have done it by now. The bad news is that if they do come, and want us to be dead, then our chances don’t look too good at all, and there isn’t even any plan in effect for it if they do. It’s basically see what happens and hope for the best. So while an alien invasion scenario on par with anything in the movies probably has a slim chance of happening, if it does it also will likely not play out like the films in that we won’t have any chance at all. Let’s hope that if they are out there, or are already here, then they are benevolent or indifferent. Sleep tight. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Sky-watcher recorded the ISS passing in front of the Moon

    Sky-watcher recorded the ISS passing in front of the Moon

    An interesting and rare view of the ISS passing in front of the Moon. On Feb. 10th,2019.

    Szabolcs Nagy of London, England, recorded the ISS skimming the edge: "I used the ISS Detector app to find out when the ISS would pass close to the edge of lunar disk," says Nagy. "This way I could record a video where the space station wasn't only in front of the lunar disk, but instead a bit of both.

    "It happened in the blink of an eye," he continues. "I took a high frame rate video (around 120fps), then slowed it down to make it easier to see" Szabolcs Nagy said to spaceweather. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Exiting Alien Base Over Swiss Alps Caught In Photo By Accident, UFO Sighting News.

    UFO Exiting Alien Base Over Swiss Alps Caught In Photo By Accident, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of sighting: 8-7-2017 but reported today.
    Location of sighting: Lesyn, Switzerland 
    Source: MUFON #98765
    This eyewitness was going through old photos and found one from 2017 that had a UFO over the Swiss Alps. Lesyn is a city of about 3,500 in Switzerland. 
    The UFO is tilted, but for the aliens inside, there is no tilting. The craft would have artificial gravity that keeps the pilots and occupants totally comfortable. The UFO would only be tilted if it was entering or exiting a mountain alien base. 
    From the forensic evidence...the photo close up, you can see that the top of the craft is in focus, but the bottom is fuzzy and out of focus. That means the focused part is the front, the other is the back, meaning it was leaving the mountain base at the time of the photo. This is a very rare moment not often seen, let alone photographed. Amazing evidence that an alien base exists below the mountains of Lesyn. 
    Scott C. Waring
    Eyewitness states: 
    Treating our old Pictures we discovered this strange object, on the pictures before or after we did see nothing similar. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Two Orange UFOs Over Sechi, Czech Republic On Feb 25, 2019, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

    Two Orange UFOs Over Sechi, Czech Republic On Feb 25, 2019, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of sighting: February 25, 2019
    Location of sighting: Sechi, Czech Republic
    An eyewitness recorded two UFOs in the sky during a sunset in the Czech Republic yesterday. The UFOs both have extraordinary detail. They appear to be oval shaped disks with a thin cloud coating hiding them. The sunset really brings out the color well, notice that all the other clouds in the background are a different color and do not match the color of the UFOs. Sunset is the most easest time to catch sight of a UFO. The setting sun and the angel of the eyewitness in conjunction with the UFO...makes a triangle formation that causes the UFOs to be revealed for a few minutes. 
    Scott C. Waring
    Eyewitness states: 
    UFOs playing tag this evening. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Roswell Aliens

    The Roswell Aliens

    Drawing of Alien Cockpit From Roswell Crash

    Artist drawing of alien cockpit from Roswell Crash
    (©1997 William L. McDonald)

    Roswell Alien Crash                                       Roswell Main Crash Site 

    Roswell Photos                                              Roswell Debris Field

    How Many Fingers? Four? Five? Or Six?     

    Keep in mind that there are many different kinds of beings visiting our planet. Different reports from crashes describe beings with different numbers of fingers. Some of the beings are more human-looking, with smaller eyes than the classic little gray aliens depicted in the movies. There is no way at this time to sort this out completely, but you should be aware that different alien beings have been reported with four fingers, five fingers, and six fingers. Whether this includes a thumb I don' t know, but different eyewitnesses report different numbers of fingers on alien beings.

    Civilians Find Dead Alien bodies at the Crash

    Civilians find dead alien bodies at Roswell alien crash sitebefore the military arrives. (©1997 William L. McDonald)

    What They Found: The Main Crash Site

    Very early on the morning of July 5 some civilians came upon a crash site. They found three alien bodies lying outside of the craft and they thought they could see at least one more through a large hole ripped in the side of the craft. All the occupants were dead, although rumors persist that at least one being was still alive. These civilians were at the crash site before the military arrived and secured the area. This site was the closer of the two sites to the town of Roswell, located only about thirty-five miles outside of town.

    The craft they found was not actually disk-shaped. It was shaped more like a strange airplane without wings, and it had a large crescent-shaped section near the front. News reports later referred to it as a "disk;" however that could be because flying disks had been seen in the area for several days just prior to the crash or because part of an actual disk-shaped craft was blown off leaving the remaining crescent. This site is the one I will refer to as the "main crash site." This is where the main body of the craft was found, along with the alien bodies.

    Reproduction of alien panel

    Reproduction of alien control panels found at the crash site based on eyewitness descriptions.

    The Debris Field

    The second crash site is what I will refer to as the "debris field." This is the site most people think of when someone says "Roswell." The debris found at this site was unlike anything ever seen before. There were very thin pieces of metal very much like tin foil. Some of these pieces could be crumpled easily. However, after a few seconds and if left alone, the piece would completely uncrumple like liquid and flatten out perfectly smooth, all by itself. Other pieces of the foil-like material could not be cut, dented with a sledgehammer, or burned with a blowtorch. Several pieces looked like small I-beams and had strange symbols on them resembling hieroglyphics. There were no bodies found at this site.

    Alien Debris Has Hieroglyphic-like symbols

    Eyewitness drawing hieroglyphic-like symbols appearing on some of the alien crash debris.

    The Bodies

    The occupants were small, approximately three to four-feet tall, with four fingers and no thumbs on their hands. They had finely featured faces and did not resemble the big-eyed gray aliens depicted in stories and commercials on TV. Official autopsy reports are classified, and for all practical purposes, non-existent. However, several written statements are available describing the bodies and autopsies in detail, written by physicians a few years later in the early 1950s.

    This raises a question for those who believe this event involved a weather balloon. Why are documents still classified regarding the activities at Roswell Army Air Base during the first week in July, 1947? National security for a weather balloon after fifty years?

    Roswell Alien Next to Grey Alien

    A comparison of the often reported 'Grey Alien' on the left, and the type alien beings found at the Roswell crash on the  right. 
    (©1997 William L. McDonald) 

    Why So Many Crashes?

    Assuming there may have been more than one crash, why were there so many? Well, no one knows for sure because the military isn' t talking. However, here are some things to think about. First, there were a lot of saucers flying around in the American southwest during the summer of 1947. Roswell was the only nuclear air base in the world at the time; White Sands Proving grounds were where all the top-secret missile testing was taking place. These locations, along with Los Alamos and Alamogordo Labs where the atomic bomb was developed, were all within a 150-mile radius of one another. It' s pretty clear our alien visitors were having a good look at humanity' s "progress."

    Second, it appears the U.S. Military had some capability (whether intentional or unintentional) for throwing off the guidance systems of the saucers through the use of radar or other newly developed electronic devices. A case has been made for the idea that the U.S. military intentionally sought to down and recover some of these craft.

    The Kingman, Arizona Landing

    Credence for that concept comes from an event that happened several years later in 1953 at Kingman, Arizona. At Kingman the aliens simply landed a craft and left it there intact, for the military, ostensibly to give the military what it so actively sought and thus lessen the efforts to shoot a saucer down.

    Eyewitness Bill Uhouse has gone on record to state that a "disk" was left at Kingman with the hatch open. The first soldiers to enter it became disoriented and nauseous. The disk was transported to what is now known as area 51. It made loud humming noises the whole time. The military didn't know what to do. They weren't sure if it was going to explode or what, so they left it sitting out in the open, on the tarmac, for nine months! Uhouse joins several other people who have come forward and said they worked alongside "gray" aliens at U.S. military bases for years. }

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    Robots Invade the Mars-Like Moroccan Desert in the Name of Research

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Failed 1970s Venus Probe Could Crash to Earth This Year

    Failed 1970s Venus Probe Could Crash to Earth This Year

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.In Magnificent Desolation

    In Magnificent Desolation

    The Chang'e 4 lander and rover seen on the lunar surface from orbit 


     In Magnificent Desolation

    Credit: NASA, GSFC, Arizona State University

    Since 2009 NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has been scooting around the Moon once every 2 hours. Among the various onboard instruments is a cluster of imaging cameras: two narrow-angle and one wide-field, with multi-band capabilities on the narrow-angle devices, using a clever 'push-broom' approach as the spacecraft motion sweeps the sensitive sensor arrays over the surface below. Altogether these are referred to as the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, or LROC.

    LROC offers a way to peer down on the lunar farside, and to try to catch a glimpse of the CNSA's most recent mission: Chang'e 4, that made it onto the Moon's surface on January the 3rd, 2019. 

    On February 1st 2019 LRO passed almost directly over the landing site at an altitude of 82 kilometers - where LROC's resolution is about 0.85 meters per pixel. Here's the full image as released:

    Credit: NASA, GSFC, Arizona State University

    The larger vertically pointing arrow indicates the location of the main lander itself. The smaller arrow to the left is where the Chang'e 'Yutu-2' rover was at the time the image was made - about 29 meters from the lander.

    It's a pretty amazing image, even if the lander and rover barely fill a couple of pixels. But it's not until you zoom out a little that you really begin to appreciate the context. This next image shows the square of the previous picture on the mare basalt plain (a comparatively small feature on the lunar farside). Suddenly the remoteness, and starkness of the environment becomes more apparent. 

    Credit: NASA, GSFC, Arizona State University

    And one more zoom out for good measure (look for the square indicating the original patch in the center):

    Credit: NASA, GSFC, Arizona State University

    The lander and rover are miniscule specks on a very large, very remote, very alien landscape. As much as we are able to map a place like the Moon with the wonderful capabilities of LROC, and to place our robotic avatars on its surface, this is a vivid reminder of just how microscopically small our exploration footprint remains.

    As this is a part of Earth's great, high wilderness - forged from common proto-planetary ancestors - it's pretty astonishing that we've not spent a lot more time here. Perhaps that will change in the future. }

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    Ancient Mysteries That Archeologists Can’t Explain

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The China Airport Sighting – Just One In China’s Long UFO History

    The China Airport Sighting – Just One In China’s Long UFO History

    FWritten by: Marcus Lowth  Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes

    In July 2010 a UFO sighting over Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport in China proved to be so intense that it forced the facility to temporarily close down. While the incident received a lot of online exposure, it is just one of many UFO sightings dating back as far as recorded Chinese history. We have written before, for example, of the mysteries of the Yellow Emperor, Huang-Di. The entire history of this enigmatic culture, however, is littered with strange appearances from above.

    China Airport UFO

    Before we look at the more recent sightings, in particularly over China’s airports, an encounter in the Himalayas in 1927 is perhaps worth looking at. If only to demonstrate the longevity and consistency of such crafts over this part of the world. According to the travel diaries of explorer, Nicholas Roerich, on 5th August, while camping in the Kukunor district, at a little after 9 am, several of the team noticed a “huge black eagle” soaring above them in the morning sky. As they marveled at the wondrous sight, one of the explorers exclaimed, “There is something far above the bird”. As the other members of the unit focused where he pointed, they all could see a huge oval, shining from reflecting the sun as it moved at “great speed”.

    While one explanation that it was a weather balloon was considered, no records of such a launch were ever produced to back up the claim. Furthermore, had another team been in the area, Roerich’s unit would have been aware of them. Further still, the speed with which the shining, distinctly oval shape moved would suggest something more in line with modern aviation as opposed to the still limited early planes of the 1920s.

    Permission To Land Denied!

    Shortly after 8:40 pm on 7th July 2010, the flight crew of a commercial airliner went through their procedures and requested permission to land. However, traffic controllers at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport would deny their request. No outbound traffic would leave the airport, and any incoming flights would be diverted to nearby airports in Wuxi or Ningbo. According to their reports, they were so concerned with a “UFO buzzing the airport” that they feared a collision and effectively put the airport into lockdown.

    In total, eighteen planes were forced to change their landing destination. Although the interruption would last only an hour, Chinese media, and in turn, the wider online community, entered into rampant speculation as to what the strange craft was? And why its presence caused such an extreme, albeit sensible reaction.

    While many Internet users claimed the craft to be of extraterrestrial origin, others would speculate that it was actually a “US bomber” or even a “US missile”. Some people reasoned it was a Russian satellite. Many other people theorized the strange craft was a top-secret Chinese military vehicle.

    The incident took an intriguing twist, however, when residents of Hangzhou uploaded multiple pictures of a strange “hovering object bathed in golden light”. Most of these pictures were taken in the late afternoon, several hours before the airport closure. It is a safe bet that this golden craft is the same that forced the airport closure several hours later. Many others, although they didn’t have pictures, claimed they had witnessed a strange flying object “emitting red and white rays of light” only hours previously. One resident, Ma Shijun, would describe a “bright white light flying across the sky” and feeling “a beam of light over my head”.

    Military Tests?

    The Chinese Aviation Authorities would treat the incident seriously and sent a team to investigate. A small team of five researchers also arrived in Hangzhou shortly after the encounter from the Beijing UFO Research Society. Most UFO researchers still consider the sighting unexplained, despite the apparent admission of it being a “military test”.

    A similar incident occurred on 6th October later that same year in Inner Mongolia. Once again, the airport would lockdown all its aircraft and divert any incoming traffic. And once again, this was due to a “military exercise”. While it is not beyond the realm of possibility that these sightings were exactly what the authorities said they were, there was something about the admission that doesn’t sit well with many researchers. You can view a short news segment of the 2010 sighting below.

    Five years later, on 29th August 2015, another airport closure due to a UFO occurred. Furthermore, what starts as a round spherical object appears to morph into a distinct cigar-shaped craft. There is a military presence throughout the sighting, although there is no purposeful action or response visible. Some who were skeptical of the footage claimed it was nothing more than a balloon.

    The short video below features a news piece on the incident.

    More And More Sightings In The 2000s

    There have been several intriguing UFO sightings over China in the 2000s. On 31st May 2004, for example, in Guangzhou city in Guangdong Province, at 11 pm, five separate people witnessed a strange white-yellow object overhead. The group was leaving a restaurant and immediately saw the strange object as they stepped outside on to the street. Two of the group were amateur astronomers and quickly confirmed this was certainly something out of the ordinary.

    They all noticed how the object had a “blurred” quality to it. Despite it hovering “right above” their heads, it appeared to purposely take itself out of focus. The more the group of friends stared at the light, they could see it had a distinct round shape to it. They could also make out a “dark axis” running through the craft. It remained overhead for around thirty minutes before it vanished into suddenly appearing cloud.

    Several years later on 18th June 2007, reports of a “jellyfish-shaped” UFO came from Shanghai. Several different witnesses came forward. The sighting happened a little after 8 pm and was visible for some time before fading away into the sky. Perhaps what was seen was similar to the video footage captured in late-2010. The exact location is uncertain, but it certainly has a wormhole appearance to it, which many people believe it was.

    You can check out the short video of the 2010 sighting below.

    Ring-Like Objects Increasingly Appearing In The Skies

    On 2nd November 2017 in the small village of Shaoyang in the Jiangxi Province of China, footage emerged online of a circular orange cloud-like UFO hovering in the sky. A very definite outer edge is visible in the footage, which took place in the middle of a sunny afternoon. Visibility, in general, was very good and the sighting instantly sparked debate as to what it was.

    The sighting was witnessed by multiple people and was visible for around ten minutes before it quickly disappeared. What’s more, it isn’t the first time that such cloud-like rings have appeared in the Chinese skies.

    On 12th August 2017, with hundreds of sunbathers on Jinshitan Beach in Dalian in the Liaoning Province, a dark, black “smoke-ring” appeared overhead. It remained visible for several minutes before disappearing. Interestingly or not, these smoke-rings have been appearing in various places all over the world. There are sightings on record in England, America, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Argentina. Many believe these are the remains of mysterious portals. Gateways that allow unknown entities, and their crafts, access to our domain.

    Whether the orange circular ring shares a connection to these black rings is up for debate. It most definitely appears to be a phenomenon that requires further investigation, however. You can view the November 2017 footage below.

    The Zhangpo Open-Air Cinema Sighting

    On 7th July 1977, during a screening of ‘Alert On The Danube Delta” at an open-air cinema, several members of the audience noticed two “oblate orange objects” passing overhead. It was shortly after 8:30 pm. Although it was a relatively warm evening, intense heat could be felt by the cinema-goers below. A low humming sound also filled the air. However, that is when things turned severe.

    The thousands of people in attendance suddenly panicked. Some would throw themselves to the ground as if expecting an imminent attack. Others would run towards the exits around the sides of the area. While this was happening, and unbeknown to most below, the UFOs ascended and vanished. They were visible for only seconds. When the scene had calmed, though, over 200 people were injured. Even more tragic, two children would lose their lives in the crush.

    Despite the multiple witnesses, and the horrific response the sighting evoked, Chinese authorities initially suspected some kind of “optical stunt” by the cinema. They would insist on studying the film and the building. They examined all aspects of the footage and failed to find any evidence to back up their claims. The sighting remains unexplained.

    A similar, although less-deadly, incident occurred on 23rd October 1978 at Lintiao Air Base in the Gansu Province. During an open-air film-showing attended by several-hundred Chinese soldiers and personnel, a “huge peculiar object” came into view overhead. As it moved, two “searchlights” searched the immediate vicinity to its front and rear. Although the object wasn’t particularly fast, by the time two fighter jets had been dispatched to intercept the mysterious craft, it was no longer in sight. The many witnesses, all trained in aviation, would state the craft was something “other-worldly” and not a military vehicle.

    The Tai Yu County Incident

    Perhaps one of the strangest cases of UFOs involving the Chinese military occurred in late-1977 in the Fujian Province. One evening, a huge UFO entered Chinese airspace from the direction of Taiwan. It would proceed to land on a hill in the Tai Yu County. Several farmers and local workers witnessed the fantastic event. As did the military, who had 300 soldiers on the scene within minutes. They would surround the hill and await orders to close in.

    Believing the object to be a “secret weapon that the US is providing (to) Taiwan”, the unit would attempt to capture it. Covering all the radius around the strange craft, the soldiers began to move in closer. A “look-out” who had gone ahead would report that the object was beginning to glow brighter. The closer the unit came to the object, the brighter it glowed. In fact, it became so bright, that some soldiers would shield their eyes, or look away altogether. Others began to feel extremely dizzy and nauseous.

    Just as the leader of the unit was about to issue a command to open fire and then retreat, a sound like “howling wind” split the night air. A metallic rattling also began, like a huge industrial engine. All the while, the brightness continued to increase. So much so that no soldier maintained their stare for even a second. Because of this, it is not clear if the object vanished into thin air or rose and disappeared into the night sky.

    Although the sighting was relatively well-known inside China at the time, the Chinese authorities would take painstaking measures to ensure the incident didn’t become known to the western world. Something they succeeded with for many years.

    Beijing UFO

    Beijing skyline

    Encounters Sent To UFO Researcher, Brian Vike

    A sighting from sometime in the 1990s over the Fujing Provence would have no less than forty-three people witness it. The incident was sent to Canadian UFO researcher, Brian Vike, several years later. A group of athletic students, along with their coach, witnessed what they at first thought was a satellite. It had a dark color and a shape like a tin can. However, it made no noise whatsoever, and as it moved closer, all realized it was something a little more exceptional than a satellite. It continued overhead silently, before vanishing out of sight. All agreed it was a craft of some kind unknown to them.

    The main witness who supplied the report to Vike also told of an encounter she had when she was only 6-years-old, in 1989. While staying with her Grandma, both would see a “human-like creature”, smaller than an adult, inside their room. Although it would leave the room after only several seconds, the witnesses’ grandmother was so frightened that she daren’t switch on the light until morning lit up the room.

    The encountering of strange, other-worldly creatures in China isn’t limited to this sighting in the late-eighties. Another earlier sighting stands out more than others. And although there are no claims of abduction, the following case has many of the signs of such an incident.

    Disappearing Disc? Or Abduction Incident?

    This even more disturbing encounter took place a decade earlier on 18th December 1979 in Lan Xi Chekiang Province. As a truck driver continued on his route at 4 am in the early hours of the morning, he suddenly hit the breaks due to a car sitting right in the middle of the road. The 25-year-old jumped out of the truck to see if the occupants of the car had injuries. Instead, the driver of the parked car would state he had seen “something strange” on the road ahead.

    The truck driver stepped back into his truck and proceeded cautiously down the road, which sloped upwards to the top of a small hill. Once there a blue glow bathed his truck cabin, emitting from a silver disc hovering close to the road’s surface slightly ahead. Next to the craft were two humanoid figures. Each stood approximately five-feet tall, and each adorned “silvery clothing”. On their heads, they appeared to have a light which glowed brightly, like a miner’s helmet.

    He quickly searched in the truck’s cabin for a defensive weapon. However, when he turned back to the sight, the humanoids and the craft were gone. It is not clear whether there was any “missing time” during the encounter. It may well be that the visitors didn’t merely vanish. Although it is purely speculation, it may be that the witness simply doesn’t recall what happened following his reaching into the truck’s cabin. Given that it would likely be impossible to identify the person nearly four decades on, the sighting will likely remain a mystery.

    China Temple UFO

    More Sightings From China’s Distant Past

    Sightings of strange aerial craft have happened in China for thousands of years. At some time during the 1070s, for example, while on his way to take a government post, Su Shi (also named Su Dongpo) would witness a strange craft emerging from the Yangtze River while touring the Jinshan Temple in Zhenijang City. He would record the incident in a poem, writing how “The middle of the river appears as if engulfed in flames”. So intense was this light that it “shines upon the mountains, startling birds at rest”. He writes how he can’t think what the cause of this strange light is. He does state, though, that it is “not ghost (and) not human”.

    During the Ming Dynasty, on the evening of 3rd December 1577, a flying object that “spun like a wheel” was seen in the skies over the Guangdong Province. The strange craft lit up everything around it for a considerable distance. It remained overhead for close to two hours before moving off into the distance.

    Perhaps one of the most intriguing of China’s UFO sightings occurred in 1523 in the small village of Yugioh. A teacher, Lu Yu, stood outside his home while a heavy rainfall lashed all around. Suddenly, he noticed what appeared to be two “ships” coming out of the clouds above him. On these ships stood several tall humanoids, each wearing multicolored clothing.

    The teacher would call out to the “ten well-read men” who were inside the small home. They immediately came outside and also witnessed the bizarre events as they unfolded. The two ships then proceeded to land nearby. The humanoids “then passed their hands over the mounts of the well-read scribes who could not speak anymore”. When the ships left, the ten men regained their power to speak.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Massive black triangle UFO over New Lambton Heights in 1999

    Massive black triangle UFO over New Lambton Heights in 1999

    Damon Cronshaw

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Cigar-shaped UFO and airplane in Sun halo

    Cigar-shaped UFO and airplane in Sun halo

    Cigar-shaped UFO and airplane in a Sun halo are one of my best UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) photos. It was captured while shooting some pictures of a Sun halo above Denmark on October 9, 2009. It was at 01.37 pm local time Odense city. I did not see this craft during the photography! But unknowingly, I got my very first photo of cigar-shaped UFO.

    Cigar-shaped UFO and airplane in Sun halo

    The popular term for this type is normally cigar-shaped UFO. But after some heavy image processing in Adobe Photoshop, the shape of this craft seems to be more straight-lined, like a cylinder! It looks like it has a little bend on top to the left. It has nice rounding´s in both ends. It is actually more in the shape of a large pressure tank. You will see that further down this article.

    The picture above is a cropped version of the original photo processed with Auto Tone in Adobe Photoshop to sharpen it.

    Massive Sun Halo in the sky

    It all happened on a day the sky was covered with a thin veil of high altitude clouds, cluttered with remnants of aviation contrails from air traffic. Around 1.30 pm, I looked out my window in a westerly direction. Up to my left in a southern direction, I saw this massive halo around the Sun. The picture below shows the halo in grayscale.

    Sun halo

    Since it was the first time I had the opportunity to shoot some photos of a Sun halo with my new DSLR camera, I hurtled down to our backyard, attached the camera on a tripod and took 8 pictures with short intervals. I was quickly blinded by the Sun and my photo session was quickly settled. I did see the plane but not the cigar-shaped UFO during the photography.

    Cigar-shaped UFO fly-by photos

    When my eye vision was normalized again, I checked the Sun Halo photos. On one photo out of eight, a cigar-shaped visitor reveals itself together with a commercial airliner in a marvelous sight with the Sun halo as background. I saw the aircraft and zoomed in to shoot some photos of that particularly, and it was in one of those photos I got the cigar-shaped UFO.

    Cigar-shaped UFO (grayscale / magnification)

    Despite the fact that it passed in front of the camera while shooting one of the photos, a faintly luminous object that easily fell in with the background, had in any case been difficult to discern visually. When you look at the Sun, you are immediately blinded. So to see this whitish craft fly-by just above the Sun, would any day be against all odds.

    Before I take a photo I usually always use the viewfinder to see what I am photographing. I looked through the viewfinder while shooting the pictures of the aircraft. But I do not remember that I saw any cigar-shaped object. It must have been a fast mover since I didn´t see anything?

    It is obvious in the photo that this is not a high altitude vessel. Instead, it seems to be relatively close to the ground way below the aircraft above. I sense that this vehicle is in the size of a large submarine, but it´s only a guess.

    Dark streak behind the cigar-shaped UFO?

    Have you noticed the dark streak to the right of the cigar-shaped UFO? If this is caused by the visitor itself I do not know? I have seen those dark streaks (or shadows) in other pictures and videos. I believe those must be real and maybe engine-related. Perhaps we here see an indication of a propulsion agent that leaves a shadow behind the object? This could maybe be caused by the interaction with the air around the cigar-shaped craft, radiating a hidden force?

    Unfortunately, I have no indications of flight direction since I only have one photo. I assume it flies either left or right but that is of course based on the aerodynamic principle. Difficult to imagine this craft flying away or towards the camera.

    From cigar-shaped to pressure tank UFO?

    I can easily imagine a cigar-shaped object when I see this visitor in the distance. But when you zoom in, a bit different shape than a cigar appears. Cigars comes in many different shapes and the vessel in my pictures does not fit any of those!

    Cigar-shaped or pressure tank UFO

    After some heavy image processing in Photoshop to clarify the object as clear as possible, I got the gray-scale result you see above. The cigar-shaped UFO seems more to resemble a pressure tank shape but with a little indentation on top on the left side. Based on the nature and the size of this craft it could be an alien mothership passing by. See this example of a pressure tank made in steel and this drawing of a tank with spherical ends.

    Own source of light or field?

    There is a concentration of light in a line along this vessel from end to end despite the sunshine from behind and below. I assume a commercial aircraft would be dark on the side pointing away from the sunshine. The cigar-shaped UFO should also be relatively dark on the side pointing away from the sunshine. At least it should not have indications of higher light intensity where it should be darkest. But the unidentified flying object here seems to have its own source of light (or field) even when bathed in sunlight.

    Cigar-shaped UFO disappears in less than 8 seconds

    The fifth photo in the series I take at 13:37:12 pm shows the passing cigar-shaped UFO with the upper part of the Sun halo visible. The next photo I take at ‏‎13:37:20 pm 8 seconds later shows the halo in full view, but here the unidentified flying object is nowhere to be seen. Below left, you have a preview of the original photo with the unknown visitor. Below right you have the halo in full view.

    DSC04333-gallery 1400 cigar shaped object
    DSC04334-gallery 1400 cigar shaped object gone after 8 seconds...

    So, in less than 8 seconds, this cigar-shaped UFO manages to move completely out of my cameras field of view. A jet fighter in full speed could pass the area in the same altitude as the unknown object in less than 4 seconds. The 8 seconds is still very fast, too fast for an airship. Under any circumstances, it would have been visible on the sixth photo in the series 8 seconds later.

    Balloon or airship?

    A balloon or airship would have been on most of the 8 photos. My photo session was ended after only a few minutes and I would have seen a balloon in the sky if there was one. I was blinded by the Sun, yes, but not totally blind, and was able to see both the halo and the aircraft while photographing. There were absolutely no balloons in the sky that day.

    Cloud manifestation or lens flare?

    A cloud cannot condensate and manifest to what we see here and disappear again in such a short time frame (16 seconds). Unbelievable things can form in the sky based on condensation (thickening) in meteorological sense, but not so fast.

    Contrail solar lens flare

    A lens flare caused by the Sun is typically transparent (if not too close to the Sun in the photo). The vessel in this article is not transparent in any way. I found a good example to compare with, in the above picture. It is a solar lens flare that actually looks a bit like the cigar-shaped UFO. This flare is transparent and you can see the contrail through it.

    Based on the fact that I had the camera on a tripod pointing towards the same spot with only a minor change to the angle, it cannot be an optical reflection or lens flare. They would have been visible in all the photos probably.

    Cigar-shaped/pressure tank vessel with extraterrestrial origin?

    The fact that it was not in DSC04332.JPG but 8 seconds later clearly visible in DSC04333.JPG and 8 seconds later in DSC04334.JPG its gone again make me go hmm? The apparent fly-by is so fast that the airship theory is gone too.

    And the strange higher light intensity where it should be darkest?

    An alien vessel with extraterrestrial origin indeed becomes a reasonable explanation. The extraterrestrial presence is not new to me and my website here is proof for that. If you ask me, I would say this is probably an alien vessel with extraterrestrial origin.

    Other cigar-shaped UFOs

    I think I first learned the terminology cigar-shaped UFO through the reading of some George Adamski books in the 80´s. Later I went on the internet searching after videos and found a film from 1967 that shows a so-called cigar-shaped UFO hovering?

    I also found the video from Salida in Colorado. It was a piece of footage recorded on August 27, 1995, with a so-called cigar-shaped UFO hovering high in the sky.

    I was lucky again to capture a similar cigar-shaped elongated craft on still photography in both 2012 and 2017. Read about the alien mothership with flying saucers and scout fleet from 2012, which by the way probably re-appeared in 2017 in the UAP gallery

    This event was also mentioned here Show me a picture of a UFO

    Basic observation data

    High resolution photos }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Want to Know More About Ufo Sightings?

    Want to Know More About Ufo Sightings?

    There isn’t a great deal of in between when it has to do with UFOs. The UFO looks like it’s been seen by lots of individuals. UFOs are spotted each day. Throughout that time period, there were two triangle UFOs sighted in the exact place. On weekdays it appears that UFO sightings are driven by men and women that are routinely outside daily, rain or shine. It’s easy to comprehend why there are a lot of UFO sightings. The most frequently known UFO sighting in the USA is called the Roswell UFO sighting of 1947.

    ufo sightings

    For a few of you, you can observe Lenticular clouds on a normal basis but a lot people may never be so lucky to see one. The electron clouds which make up the shapes of every atom, for instance has to be in the type of three-dimensional patterns. Sky watching has some quite serious hobbyists! In fairyland the sun doesn’t shine and there are not any moon or stars. Light is a type of energy and it’s deemed to exist as a wave. 1 light appearing defines a standard baseline.

    Ufo Sightings Explained

    For aliens to create a round trip they would need to live for at least 6,000 decades. The alien said he was visiting earth to discover more about the atomic explosions that his race managed to observe from Venus. In terms of Bigfoot sightings, ape-like creatures are seen all over the united states and Canada. Giant skeletons are found all around the world, not just in America. The deer carcasses leave exactly the same evidence.

    If you opt to take a visit to the Hudson Valley to attempt to see the strange UFO for yourself, you might want to remain at one of the fantastic community bed and breakfast Inns. So space travel is much more complex than achieving a lot of thrust. The distances involved with interstellar travel are huge, Lynch stated. Area 51 is a sizable military airfield which is usually employed for development of weapons and aircraft. Moreover, the radiation levels measured at UFO sightings consistently demonstrate a much greater count than that which is normally found in the surroundings. It’s simply absurd to feel our small pin drop in the sky is the sole life-giving plant that grows intelligent life.

    Such phenomena can readily be taken advantage of to exploit an individual’s perception. There are lots of theories,” Kay stated. There are not many great explanations for the majority of the Hudson Valley sightings. Among the arguments that scientists use to debunk UFO sightings is that our planet has existed for over four billion decades, therefore the odds are incredibly small that the aliens would just chance to arrive here during the few decades that we’ve got technology. The question as to their existence is growing more and more valid. So, there’s no need to be concerned about the 156,353 UFO sightings and warnings. Attending a UFO conference offers an ample chance to do that, and to connect with like-minded men and women.

    Source: }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.As Yellowstone Awakens, Dr. Michio Kaku Warns It Could Literally Tear The Guts Out Of The USA

    As Yellowstone Awakens, Dr. Michio Kaku Warns It Could Literally Tear The Guts Out Of The USA

    Scientists assure us that one day the absolutely massive Yellowstone supervolcano will once again experience a Category 8 eruption, and if it happened today it would “literally tear the guts out of the United States of America”.  That is why what has been happening at Yellowstone in recent months is so alarming.
    We know that the ground has been rising and that “a 465-mile-long piece of molten rock” is moving upwards directly under Yellowstone.

    Learn More: 

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    Nwo Report
    Facebook: }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ufo en cirkels in Heukeloms gras bij Oisterwijk

    Ufo en cirkels in Heukeloms gras bij Oisterwijk

    Buurtschap Heukelom bij Oisterwijk wordt getroffen door een serie eigenaardige gebeurtenissen. ‘Een vreemd, groen licht in de duisternis en een met zwarte cirkels bekleed weiland zorgen voor beroering onder de inwoners,’ zo vermeld weekblad De Schakel. Wat is er aan de hand!?

    Een vreemd licht in de lucht

    Het eerste incident deed zich een week of vier geleden voor, op dinsdagavond 8 januari, toen de Heukelomse Lobke van Rijsewijk en haar bandleden zich verzamelden voor hun wekelijkse repetitie. Buiten op de parkeerplaats aan Hoog Heukelom viel hun oog op een voor hen onbekend groen licht, schijnend boven de weilanden in de donkere hemel. ‘Het was niet zomaar een lichtje, zoals dat van een vliegtuig of lampion’, vertelt Lobke de Schakel. ‘Het waren de plotselinge en snelle bewegingen die we niet konden thuisbrengen.’

    Unidentified Flying Object 
    Wat doe je vandaag de dag als een brainstormsessie van vier knappe koppen onvoldoende antwoorden biedt? Dan benut je de wisdom of the crowd. De volgende ochtend nog plaatste Lobke daarom een berichtje op Facebook, vergezeld door een filmpje van de onverklaarbare gebeurtenis. Daarop kreeg de Heukelomse een berg aan reacties. ‘Of het misschien een drone was geweest? Dat lijkt me onwaarschijnlijk: een drone maakt geluid en verplaatst zich bovendien niet op zo’n schichtige manier.’ Daarbij kwam dat zelfs de Heukelomse boerderijdieren waren getroffen; zijn koeien gedroegen zich die avond opvallend onrustig, zo liet een koeienboer weten. Maar een verklaring voor het Unidentified Flying Object kwam er niet.

    Zwart gras

    Cirkels in het gras

    Bijna twee weken na het incident werd Heukelom opnieuw geconfronteerd met een geheimzinnig verschijnsel. Inwoonster Anneke Vugs vertelt: ‘Ik was net wakker en keek uit mijn badkamerraam. Daar ontdekte ik tot mijn verbazing twee grote, zwarte kringen in het midden van onze wei.’ Met het voorval van het groene licht nog vers in haar geheugen besloot ook Anneke haar Facebook-contacten in te schakelen. ‘Een van mijn vrienden opperde dat het gras door iemand kon zijn aangestoken, als kwajongensstreek. Meteen ben ik gaan kijken, maar nee, verbrand waren de kringen niet. Het gras leek uit zichzelf donker te zijn geworden.’ ‘Iets voor Hart van Nederland?’, reageerde een ander.

    Sabine Doevendans van Weekblad De Schakel noteerde bovenstaande bijzonderheden, en is met haar redactie op zoek naar informatie. Haar verzoek is vooral uw oren en ogen open te houden, en wie weet, lossen we zo samen het mysterie van Heukelom op! }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Een UFO en cirkels in het gras bij Oisterwijk. Wat is hier aan de hand?
    Een UFO en cirkels in het gras bij Oisterwijk. Wat is hier aan de hand?

    Een UFO en cirkels in het gras bij Oisterwijk. Wat is hier aan de hand?

    In Heukelom nabij Oisterwijk hebben zich een aantal vreemde gebeurtenissen voorgedaan. Zo werd ’s avonds een vreemd, groen licht gespot en verschenen er zwarte cirkels in een weiland.

    Op 8 januari zag Lobke van Rijsewijk uit Heukelom een onbekend groen licht boven de weilanden.

    “Het was niet zomaar een lichtje, zoals dat van een vliegtuig of lampion,” zei Lobke. “Het waren de plotselinge en snelle bewegingen die we niet konden thuisbrengen.”


    De volgende ochtend plaatste Lobke een bericht op Facebook met daarbij een filmpje van de onverklaarbare gebeurtenis.

    Sommigen dachten dat het een drone was. “Dat lijkt me onwaarschijnlijk: een drone maakt geluid en verplaatst zich bovendien niet op zo’n schichtige manier.”

    Daarnaast liet een boer weten dat zijn koeien zich op de avond van de waarneming opvallend onrustig gedroegen.

    Zwarte kringen

    Een verklaring voor de UFO kwam er niet.

    Bijna twee weken later gebeurde er in Heukelom opnieuw iets vreemds. Inwoonster Anneke Vugs zag twee grote, zwarte kringen in het midden van haar wei.

    De kringen waren niet verbrand en het gras leek uit zichzelf donker te zijn geworden. Er wordt inmiddels al gesproken van ‘het mysterie van Heukelom’.

    [Oisterwijk Nieuws]
    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NASA Happily Reports The Earth Is Greener, With More Trees Than 20 Years Ago Thanks To China & India

    NASA Happily Reports The Earth Is Greener, With More Trees Than 20 Years Ago Thanks To China & India


    • The Facts:

      Thanks to China and India, human-induced 'greening' has increased by 5% across the earth!

    • Reflect On:

      Why are we only getting the 'bad news' stories about the climate all the time? Is it politically convenient? Does it fit narratives? Is it always true? Are we only being told one side? Are we meant to remain in fear?

    Amidst the climate alarmism that is sometimes misplaced, there are stories that paint a different picture.

    Like the study published in the American Meteorological Society’s Journal of Climate showing that climate models exaggerate global warming from CO2 emissions by as much as 45%.

    Or the study in the journal Nature Geoscience that found that climate models were faulty. As one of the authors put it, “We haven’t seen that rapid acceleration in warming after 2000 that we see in the models.”

    How about the findings from the University of Alabama-Huntsville showing that the Earth’s atmosphere appears to be less sensitive to changing CO2 levels than previously assumed?

    Or the fact that Polar Bear populations are increasing?

    According to data collected by the federal government, polar bears along the entire west coast of Baffin Island are ‘stable.’ On the southeastern side of the island (around the Nunavut capital of Iqaluit) polar bears have even experienced a ‘likely increase.’ It’s only on the island’s northeastern corner — in a management area that meets Greenland — that polar bears are suspected to be in decline.”

    And here, the topic of this article, our world is literally a greener place than it was 20 years ago according to data from NASA satellites.  The cause of the greenery? Human-induced activity in China and India.

    My point in all I wrote above is what we hear in the media is typically only one side of the picture, and it does not give us an accurate representation of what’s going on. For years now, we have been reporting on environmental issues from a grounded perspective here at CE. Looking at data, looking beyond the politics and simply at what’s happening. This approach shows you things are troubling in certain areas like pollution, air quality, EMF exposure and so forth, but the number one climate story we always hear about, C02 warming the atmosphere, simply does not hold water from the perspectives of many scientists and it hasn’t for the 10 years we have been reporting on it.

    I recall a conversation I had with Gregg Braden where we were discussing research about the climate and what the data is TRULY showing. Amidst all the C02 alarmism I asked “Gregg… it appears to me that it’s more likely we’re headed into a global cooling period than a warming period.” He responded with “that’s precisely what the data shows, and it appears humanity is suffering from amnesia when it comes to the cycles of climate.”

    The bottom line is, the majority don’t know the truth and the news is actually a lot better than what we’re being told. The challenge is, it’s more beneficial for power structures and business to keep us in fear.

    Study – The Greening Is Human Induced

    NASA’s study will come as a surprise to many as we have not been told a balanced perspective on what’s going on with our climate for some time. To reiterate, yes, there are challenges we need to address, mainly pollution of water, land, air and the issues of animal agriculture.

    The countries with the world’s biggest populations, China and India, are leading the improvement of ‘greening’ Earth’s land. In 2017 alone, India broke its own world record for the most trees planted after volunteers gathered together to plant 66 million saplings in just 12 hours! This is how fast change can happen!

    In the mid 1990s, satellite data began to paint a greener picture, leading to the question as to whether or not human activity was actually helping to green the planet.

    After 20 years of data collection from a NASA instrument orbiting the Earth on two satellites called the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), we know that Earth’s green coverage has increased by 5% over the last two decades. This works out to an extra two million square miles.

    China and India account for one-third of the greening, but contain only 9% of the planet’s land area covered in vegetation – a surprising finding, considering the general notion of land degradation in populous countries from overexploitation,” said Chi Chen of the Department of Earth and Environment at Boston University and lead author of the study.

    MODIS has captured as many as four shots of every place on Earth, every day for the last 20 years.

    This long-term data lets us dig deeper,” said Rama Nemani, a research scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center and a co-author of the new work. “When the greening of the Earth was first observed, we thought it was due to a warmer, wetter climate and fertilization from the added carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, leading to more leaf growth in northern forests, for instance. Now, with the MODIS data that lets us understand the phenomenon at really small scales, we see that humans are also contributing.

    Although all of the planting in China and India does not entirely make up for the damage we’re seeing through the clear cutting in Brazil and Indonesia, a good message still emerges here. When we recognize there is an issue, we tend to do something about it.

    Once people realize there’s a problem, they tend to fix it,” he said. “In the 70s and 80s in India and China, the situation around vegetation loss wasn’t good; in the 90s, people realized it; and today things have improved. Humans are incredibly resilient. That’s what we see in the satellite data.

     The Takeaway

    Yes, we are still clear-cutting in ways we should be reflecting on, but this is happening due to a state of global consciousness that puts profits first. From this state of consciousness, we also give power to the government, put responsibility on others, blindly trust government and don’t see ourselves as part of a global community.

    When the reference above points to ‘not being totally out of the weeds yet’ this is in reference to the belief that C02 is having a detrimental warming effect, which as we discussed, remains unfounded.

    Remaining in a balanced heart centred state of being, we are better equipped to navigate information from a non-emotional state. When we get caught up in alarmism and panic, we tend not to see things clearly. The CE Protocol, that we have been sharing for a while now, was designed to help people not only navigate information but shift their perspective and consciousness such that we can change our world and take action from a NEW state of consciousness instead of the old.

    ghly recommend checking it out here. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NASA bevestigt dat de aarde een stuk groener is geworden. Deze twee onverwachte landen leiden de opmars
    NASA bevestigt dat de aarde een stuk groener is geworden. Deze twee onverwachte landen leiden de opmars

    NASA bevestigt dat de aarde een stuk groener is geworden. Deze twee onverwachte landen leiden de opmars

    De aarde is in vergelijking met 20 jaar geleden een stuk groener geworden, vooral dankzij twee onverwachte landen: India en China. Dat blijkt na bijna twee decennia uit gegevens die zijn verzameld door de NASA.

    Vooral in China en India is meer groen waargenomen. De landen zijn verantwoordelijk voor een derde van de vergroening, terwijl ze maar negen procent van het groen op aarde bezitten.

    China is bezig met ambitieuze programma’s om bossen te behouden en verder uit te breiden.


    In India werden in 2017 door vrijwilligers 66 miljoen bomen geplant in 12 uur tijd: een wereldrecord.

    De bebossing in China is met meer dan 10 procent toegenomen en in India met meer dan zes procent. Het wereldwijde gemiddelde bedroeg 2,3 procent.

    De NASA is al bijna 20 jaar bezig om het groen op aarde te monitoren. Twee satellieten maken iedere dag vier foto’s van elk gebied op aarde.

    De mens

    Sinds 2000 is de planeet vijf procent groener geworden, wat gelijk staat aan alle bomen en planten in de Amazone.

    Daar verdwijnt nog altijd veel bos, maar de cijfers uit China en India laten zien dat de ontbossing wel teruggedraaid kan worden.

    De NASA dacht in eerste instantie dat de vergroening het gevolg was van klimaatverandering, maar nu is duidelijk geworden dat de mens verantwoordelijk is voor deze trend.

    [CELonely Planet]
    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Al sinds 1998 geen sprake meer van global warming. Professor getuigt voor Amerikaans Congres
    Al sinds 1998 geen sprake meer van global warming. Professor getuigt voor Amerikaans Congres

    Al sinds 1998 geen sprake meer van global warming. Professor getuigt voor Amerikaans Congres

    Professor Don Easterbrook van de Western Washington University getuigde enkele jaren geleden voor het Amerikaanse Congres dat klimaatverandering cyclisch van aard is.

    Easterbrook heeft meer dan 50 jaar onderzoek gedaan en spreekt zich al sinds 1998 uit tegen theorieën over de door de mens gedreven klimaatverandering.

    Hij stelde dat er in de afgelopen eeuw twee warmere en twee koudere periodes zijn geweest en dat die precies overeenkomen met het langetermijnpatroon.


    Tussen 1880 en 1915 was het kouder dan gemiddeld en tussen 1915 tot 1945 was er sprake van een warmere periode.

    Tussen 1945 en 1977 was het weer kouder dan gemiddeld en tussen 1977 en 1998 warmer. Sinds 1998 koelt de aarde weer af.

    Deze periodes kunnen in verband worden gebracht met de zonnevariatie sinds de Kleine IJstijd 400 jaar geleden, aldus Easterbrook.

    Global cooling

    Er is genoeg bewijs dat we hier te maken hebben met een natuurlijk fenomeen. Politici die zich zorgen maken over global warming, zijn vooral uit op het geld van de belastingbetaler.

    De vraag is volgens Easterbrook niet hoe we de concentratie CO2 in de atmosfeer het beste kunnen terugdringen om global warming een halt toe te roepen, maar hoe we ons het beste kunnen voorbereiden op 30 jaar global cooling.

    [Armstrong Economics]
    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Neptune’s Most Recently Discovered Moon Has Been Named “Hippocamp”

    An artist's illustration of Neptune's smallest moon Hippocamp in orbit around the gas giant. It's just 20 miles across.

    An artist's illustration of Neptune's smallest moon Hippocamp in orbit around the gas giant. It's just 20 miles across.
    (Image: © NASA, ESA, and J. Olmsted (STScI))

    Neptune’s Most Recently Discovered Moon Has Been Named “Hippocamp”

    Neptune’s smallest moon no longer has to go by its previous names of “Neptune XIV” and “S/2004 N1” as it’s now officially known as “Hippocamp”. A team that was led by Mark Showalter of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute in Mountain View, California, confirmed the existence of the small moon back in 2013 after studying photographs that were captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope from 2004 to 2009.

    Studies showed that the moon is located approximately 65,400 miles from Neptune and it takes around 23 hours to complete one full orbit. To better understand the proximity of Hippocamp to Neptune, our own moon orbits Earth at a distance averaging 239,000 miles.

    Neptune’s size compared to Earth

    Out of Neptune’s 14 known moons, Hippocamp is the smallest, as it was thought to have a diameter of no more than 12 miles. However, a new study suggests that it may be slightly larger with a diameter of around 21 miles. That would make it around the same size as the distant object, Ultima Thule. It’s hard to imagine a moon that tiny, as our own moon measures 2,160 miles wide.

    As for its name, Hippocamp is a fish-tailed, horse-headed creature in Greek mythology, adding to the Greco-Roman mythology and the sea for the names of the Neptune system. In addition, the name Neptune means the Roman God of the sea which is comparable to the Greek Poseidon.

    It’s incredible how the researchers found the small moon in the first place. They took eight five-minute Hubble exposures in sequence of the Neptune system and then they readjusted the pixels in order to stack the photographs on top of each other and that’s how they discovered the tiny moon. “We came really close to missing it entirely,” Showalter said, “It’s too faint to see in a single Hubble [exposure].” The team also used transformation-stacking to locate another one of Neptune’s moons called Naiad which hadn’t been seen since 1989.

    Hippocamp is located in the same area as the six moons that were discovered by NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1989 and it’s only 7,450 miles interior to Proteus which is the outermost and biggest of the six moons, measuring at 260 miles wide.

    Simulated diagram of Neptune and Proteus

    It is thought that Hippocamp was more than likely located next to Proteus around 4 billion years ago. In fact, Showalter and his colleagues believe that Hippocamp is younger than Proteus and that perhaps it was created from pieces that were sent into space after the larger moon collided with a comet. It could even be connected to the Pharos Crater that’s located on Proteus from a once huge impact. “This is the first really great example of a moon that got created as a result of an impact,” Showalter suggested.

    Click here to see diagrams of Neptune’s moons including Hippocamp.

    This is the earliest image of the Neptune moon Hippocamp, obtained by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in 2004. Hippocamp is shown inside the red box, and an enlarged version is inset at upper right.

    (Image: © Mark R. Showalter, SETI Institute)

    This is the image in which the tiny Neptune moon Hippocamp was discovered. Hippocamp is visible inside the red box; an enlarged version is inset at upper right.

    (Image: © Mark R. Showalter, SETI Institute)

    The seven inner moons of Neptune are shown at a consistent set of sizes, along with the planet’s bluish limb at right

    (Image: © Mark R. Showalter, SETI Institute)

    This diagram shows the positions of Neptune's inner moons, as well as their diameters (which range from 20 to 260 miles across). 

    (Image: © NASA, ESA, and J. Olmsted (STScI)) }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Crystal Clear V-Shaped Alien Craft Photographed over Failsworth, GB

    Crystal Clear V-Shaped Alien Craft Photographed over Failsworth, GB

    A crystal clear image of a V-shaped alien craft has been photographed over Failsworth, GB. on October 22, 2018.

    The photographer couldn’t believe what he saw, he looked down, rubbed his eyes and looked back up and it was still there, it slowly glided past him over his house.

    According to photographer more people must have seen the UFO which started to materialize in the sky from being cloaked.

    The photographer has long doubted whether he would make the remarkable photo public or not, on which he decided to send the photo to the Mutual UFO Network, last week.

    Since the photo has been taken outdoors we can exclude that the object is a reflection in a window and though V-shaped UFOs have been previously photographed the clear image of this craft is truly amazing showing many details of the alien craft.

    We may wonder whether these type of UFOs are responsible for the mystery booms and sounds heard around the world. Could it be that the mysterious booms and sounds are caused by air displacement when these kinds of UFOs arrive in our atmosphere? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ancient Sphinx Found On Mars Is 30 Meters Across, 100% Proof Of Intelligent Alien Species, Feb 2019, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

    Ancient Sphinx Found On Mars Is 30 Meters Across, 100% Proof Of Intelligent Alien Species, Feb 2019, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of discovery: Feb 25, 2019
    Location of discovery: Mars
    Source photo: 
    I found an ancient sphinx on Mars in a gigapan photo today. Its so different and unlike what our human culture would make that I believe most people would actually deny this being real. Its a hard thing to accept that art could be anything other than what we want it to be. However even on earth, the art world is a little crazy and strange, leaving many onlookers wondering if its really art or something pulled off the ground and hung on the wall? Thats what we have here. An ancient monument created by a culture that never had our art schools, our books our TV shows or our Internet. This is truly a great example of how different alien cultures are to our own. I wonder, are humans really ready to mingle with a species so different?
    This sphinx is about 30-35 meters across and 8-9 meters high. It has a back area I colored yellow, a horned helm area I colored green, and a facial area I colored pink. You can easily make out the eye, huge thick long nose, open mouth, strong chin and cheeks. Yes, it seems primitive in design, and yet it appears to stand the test of time...still standing after hundreds of thousands of years. 
    Scott C. Waring-Taiwan }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Australian Police Reveal a Video Showing a UFO In The Night Sky

    Australian Police Reveal a Video Showing a UFO In The Night Sky

    Police in a remote part of Australia have shared out of this world video of a mysterious bright light hovering in the sky.

    Taken during a thunderstorm, the footage quickly created speculation on aliens including from the Broome Police themselves, who suggested the video might have shown a UFO.

    The bright light shining in the sky looks like a flying saucer. The police’s official Twitter feed interestingly followed by a string of UFO emoji. The police say that it appears we are not alone after reviewing the CCTV at town beach catching the night’s storm.

    The video shows an odd object in the sky after a flash of bright lightning. The apparent UFO stays there as each flash in the sky seems to lit it. It then moves away and comes back again.