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Wil je een videoclip bekijken en stoort het X-files-deuntje jou daarbij. Schakel het  deuntje gewoon uit door in deze kolon, helemaal beneden op de 2 witte balkjes in het blauwe cirkeltje te klikken, tot een pijltje verschijnt. Veel kijk- en luisterplezier en bedankt voor jouw bezoek.

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  • Des chercheurs ont résolu le mystère du signal "étrange" venu de l'espace
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    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandeliiks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO HUNTERS CLAIM SATURN'S MOON IAPETUS IS AN ‘ALIEN DEATH STAR’!


    One of the most notorious science fiction films of all time appeared in the 70s with a plot not like any other.

    The movie 'Star Wars' was a hit back in the day, and still is considered an important film franchise spawing several sequels and prequels, TV shows, video games and countless merchandise. In the movie we witness a terrifying war against the Empire who have the upper hand in the galactic dominance with their incredible and over powered space fleet. But the most terrifying weapon they hold is the moon sized space station called 'The Death Star'.

    Now imagine if this existed in real life!  

    Well, conspiracy theorists claim it does. Saturn's moon 'Iapetus' is said to be an extraterrestrial artificial mega structure and that movie makers tried to warn us that it was there, long before we had actual pictures of it.

    It closely resembles the 'Death Star' from Star Wars and scientists don't know how this moon was formed as it stands out among the other Saturn's moons. Another peculiar thing about Iapetus is the ridge that stretches along it's center, making UFO hunters claim that it was weilded together.

    Watch the following video to know more!  

    Originally published by:


    16-07-2017 om 19:41 geschreven door peter

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Video: The NT News’ favourite UFO clips

    Video: The NT News’ favourite UFO clips

    ALONG with croc stories, the NT News loves a good UFO yarn. Whether you’re a believer in little green men or not, there’s been no shortage of strange sights in our skies.

    The NT News has dug through its digital archives for a look back on our favourite UFO videos from the Territory and around the world.

    Possible UFO sighting in Darwin
    UFO spotted over Darwin



    UFO sightings in Campbelltown
    Is this a UFO over Canberra?
    UFO caught on camera in Southern California



    Japanese UFO
    New Zealand UFO
    Chilean Navy releases video of mysterious flying object }

    13-07-2017 om 01:49 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:News from the FRIENDS of facebook ( ENG )
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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Roswell: A Nuclear Incident?

    Roswell: A Nuclear Incident?

    Author: johnkeelingmedia

    Part 1: Project Blue Book Head Thought Roswell ‘Saucer crash’ a Nuclear Accident

    Whilst researching a potential TV documentary series, The Secret History of Flying Saucers, I was fortunate to speak and correspond with a number of the key surviving figures of that troubled and controversial history.

    They offered some fascinating insights.

    Major Robert Friend (Ret.) was head of USAF’s Project Blue Book – the public face of UFO investigations, between 1958 and 1962 – a particularly challenging time following the panic and paranoia sparked by Sputnik. With limited resources Friend strove to maintain objectivity in investigations, earning the respect of Blue Book scientific consultant J. Allen Hynek and his colleague Jacques Vallee. Major Friend had also been prepared to at least consider the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) even though he thought the evidence did not support it.

    When he wrote to me in 1997[i] he thanked Vallee and Hynek “for their views of my effort on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Program.”

    Most interestingly he continued:

    I do have personal views of some of the cases that differ from the official explanations.

    Notably I believe that an unarmed nuclear device was inadvertently released at Roswell and that initially someone felt that a story regarding a UFO landing would cover the recovery operations. There is evidence that points in this direction.

    If you are interested I will provide you more detail regarding what leads me to this conclusion.


    There is a precedent for this. In 1945, whilst practising bombing runs from Utah for the atomic attack on Japan, a massive dummy warhead containing an explosive trigger was accidentally dropped from an aircraft, embedding itself several feet in the ground close to the Californian desert town of Caliapatra.[ii] A massive security operation hastily retrieved the device and bulldozed the crater in what must be the first ever ‘Broken Arrow’ incident – one that resonates as a precursor to the many ‘something strange crashed in the desert’ tales that would later form a colourful ‘crashed disc’ folklore.

    Of course Friend may have evidence to refute the leading conventional hypothesis: that a Top Secret Project Mogul balloon train and acoustic package to detect evidence of Soviet atomic bomb testing from the atmosphere had come to ground. But there is certainly no evidence for an extraterrestrial origin.

    ‘Lacombe’ says ‘non’

    The afore-mentioned Jacques Vallee, a long-time proponent of scientific research into UFO phenomena (and role model for the French scientist Lacombe in Close Encounters of the Third Kind) graciously declined my request to participate in the proposed documentary:

    Given the current level of the debate about UFOs, I am very sceptical that anything I would say would be heard in the context of the Alien Autposy fraud or the Roswell controversy. Accordingly I believe I can make a better contribution by pursuing my research behind the scenes.


    Even in the context of your careful approach, the timing is such (with the Roswell anniversary coming up, etc.) that anything I might say would likely be lost in the noise.

    Surely a damning indictment of an event that has come to symbolise the worst excesses of UFO commercialism; hucksterism packaged in a gaudy carnival for the benefit of a town more than 70 miles away from where a sheep ranch foreman found some tin foil, sticks and deflated balloons in scrubland at Corona, NM, and waited for three weeks or more before he bothered to tell anyone about it.

    Richard Hall NICAP

    Richard Hall, former colleague of Major Donald Keyhoe at NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) – the civilian investigation group that most aggressively pursued the ETH, and volubly criticised the USAF investigations – thought my proposed documentary ‘an extremely interesting one’ but wanted to know:

    Will your ‘history’ be confined to what might be described as the rational record (facts, science, views of reputable and responsible people) or will it, as is all too often true here, feel obliged to report the utterances of kooks, con-men, and New Age airheads as well?

    Having spent a good part of my life trying to show that UFOs are a serious, scientific question, there are a few people whose views and attitudes I find so onerous that I generally refuse to appear in the same venue with them. I am referring to people whom I consider either intellectually dishonest, con-men, or raving lunatics. (There are others with whom I strongly disagree about particulars, but honest and scientific disagreement is okay.)

    I would like to know who else, among UFO researchers (‘ufologists’) will be interviewed for the series. Although it is not an exhaustive list, some of the most offensive and unacceptable are Philip Klass, William Milton Cooper, Robert Dean, Bob Lazar, Steven Greer, and Bob Oeschler. Not to mention Ray Santilli.

    Hall concluded with asking if I could send him an outline of the series, adding he would be “glad to recommend good people to interview” and that if I really wanted the ‘secret history’ he could ‘steer’ me ‘to important witnesses and unreported information.’

    Students of UFO history will recognise all the hallmarks of NICAP’s approach in this letter, especially the need to control the myth, its presentation, and to be the arbiter of what represents ‘good’ research or not.

    I was struck by the reference to Ray Santilli, a UK media producer who allegedly obtained the ‘Alien Autopsy’ footage from a former U.S. military cameraman (despite the fact that it was faked by film-maker Spyros Melaris) – clearly even hardened champions of the ETH thought the Alien Autposy film scam beneath them.

    Flying Saucer brochure
    PolyGram Television International sales brochure for The Secret History of Flying Saucers

    Richard Hall’s reference to Philip Klass did not surprise me. Klass was an aviation writer whose scepticism about UFO phenomena and outright rejection of the unsupported ETH marked him as the bogeyman for all ‘true believers’. His pithy response to my request to made me smile:

    Classic Klass

    I am indeeded [sic] flattered by your invitation and delighted to accept – subject to the following condition:

    That the producer of the TV documentary agree to pay me the sum of $10,000,000 for my interview, or agree to provide me with a video tape of the documentary in U.S. (NTSC) format after it is shown on TV or otherwise made public – I leave the choice up to your associate.

    I expect to be at home in Washington for at least the first several months of 1997 – unless abducted by a UFO.

    NASA, who resolutely avoided having to conduct any UFO investigations – despite the fact that investigators such as Maj Robert Friend at Blue Book (among others) thought their involvement would be completely legitimate – responded with a standard 3-page letter that effectively dodged the issue of making any representative available for interview. However, contacted privately, former Administrator Robert A. Frosch wrote he ‘would be willing to be interviewed about the NASA 1977 decision re UFO questions.’

    Dewey Fournet

    Not all those involved in the USAF UFO investigations had completely discounted the ETH.

    I received a charming letter from former Major Dewey Fournet, a pilot and engineer who had been intimately involved in the earliest Saucer investigations as intelligence liaison between the Air Force investigations and the Pentagon:

    Your proposal confronted me with a dilemma. Except for agreeing to be portrayed in the Greene-Rouse movie, “UFO” (because I was convinced that it was a serious attempt to document the UFO subject up to the mid-1950s)… I have consistently avoided public appearances and pronouncements relating to UFOs. I rejected out-of-hand numerous attempts in past years to involve me publicly in the subject. However, I found that I couldn’t summarily dismiss your proposal because of your obvious sincerity, apparent knowledge of the subject and factual approach – over the phone and in your letter.

    Fournet kindly agreed in principle to participate should production go ahead, subject to issues such as the health of his wife and where filming would occur.

    An interesting caveat was:

    After 40+ years my memory has dimmed on many things, for example, I can recall nothing about the BMI Project Stork

    Project Stork was ostensibly a statistical analysis of UFO sightings by ‘think tank’ the Battelle Memorial Institute. Controversially the project would suggest withholding some data from the CIA’s Robertson panel in 1953, and suggested faking UFO incidents in areas where large numbers of sightings had occurred.

    But most importantly, for an intelligence officer who early Blue Book head Edward Ruppelt had characterised as ‘probably the most thoroughly convinced believer that UFOs were interplanetary spaceships that I knew’[iii] and who had prepared a technical study arguing that reported flight characteristics of UFO were consistent with the possibility of extraterrestrial vehicles, Fournet was emphatic on one issue:

    It must be clearly understood that I will offer no personal opinion about the nature of UFOs.

    And he concluded:

    Incidentally, I am no longer entitled to be addressed as “Major”. I resigned my reserve commission when I was released from active duty with the Air Force in early 1953; I wasn’t eligible to retire. And this action by me had nothing whatsoever to do with my involvement with the UFO program.”

    There is more to share about the research for The Secret History of Flying Saucers in a later post.

    I would like to thank Philip Mantle, who was a research consultant for me on the project, David Rozalla, who championed the project at PolyGram, and sincere appreciation to the many fascinating individuals who so graciously gave their time and effort to assist, especially the memories of Dewey Fournet, Philip Klass and Richard Hall, who have all since passed away.


    [i] By a quirk of fate, Friend’s letter was dated 24th June, 1997, exactly 50 years to the day since Kenneth Arnold’s sighting gave birth to the Flying Saucer myth.

    [ii] Ruin From The Air – Gordon Thomas, Max Morgan Witts

    [iii] }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.An Investigative Journalist on the Issue of UFOs

    An Investigative Journalist on the Issue of UFOs

    Proving UFOs exist is impossible–even fringe, paranoid, silly–or so goes the prevailing attitude in this country. But investigative reporter Leslie Kean’s research on the topic is pretty thorough–and astonishing. A veteran independent reporter for various national and international publications, including The Boston GlobeThe Sydney Morning Herald, and The Nation, Kean has been featured on NPR, CNN, and The Colbert Report, among others. She has dedicated more than a decade to dissecting the controversial topic, interviewing high-level officials and aviation experts. Her book, UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record, is a fascinating compendium of their first-hand accounts of sightings.

    According to Kean, 5-10 percent of sightings are, in fact, unidentified; a vast majority of aerial phenomena, 90-95 percent in Kean’s estimation, can be explained to be one of the following: “weather balloons, flares, sky lanterns, secret military aircraft, birds reflecting the sun, planes reflecting the sun, blimps, helicopters, planes in formation, the planets Venus or Mars, meteors or meteorites, space junk, satellites, swamp gas, spinning eddies, sundogs, ball lightning, ice crystals, reflected light off clouds, lights on the ground or lights reflected on a cockpit window.” Her book focuses on the former, the events in history that cannot be attributed to any of the latter.

    Whether or not you’re a believer, there’s no denying that Kean’s findings are remarkable, and she delivers the facts that support the existence of UFOs without feeding conspiracies as to why, how–or even what might be piloting them. We asked Kean about the evidence she’s collected, along with why the concept of UFOs isn’t more widely accepted, why there’s still isn’t more physical proof, and ultimately if there are steps we can take to understand the issues (including self-protection) more fully.

    A Q&A with Leslie Kean

    Q: Your book presents incredible evidence—first-hand accounts of sightings and experiences from generals, pilots, NASA-employees from across the globe. Why is the concept of UFOs not generally accepted?

    A:The proof is only for some kind of unexplained, physical phenomena that appear to demonstrate technology we don’t have here on earth. But there isn’t proof that these are alien spacecraft–although this is a valid hypothesis. In fact, we don’t know what UFOs are, where they’re from, or why they are here. The issue of non-acceptance by the status quo is a complicated one. We need more data to satisfy the scientific community—and such data is very hard to come by without the participation of these scientists.

    Some may feel that if these crafts have an extraterrestrial origin, they are way more advanced than us, that they could have complete power over us if they wanted to, and that we have no control over them or what they do.

    The topic is taboo: Ridicule has been generated towards this topic since the 1950’s in order to make it go away, and the “giggle factor” has become ingrained in our culture. Some may feel that if these crafts have an extraterrestrial origin, they are way more advanced than us, that they could have complete power over us if they wanted to, and that we have no control over them or what they do. This is frightening, so the reaction is to avoid dealing with UFOs altogether. And, our government’s attitude does not help either.

    Q: Of all the accounts you’ve covered, which is your favorite?

    A: This is very hard to say. I find all the cases featured to be exceptional. One of the most spectacular was the Belgium Wave of 1989-91, in which sightings of remarkable triangular objects kept repeating themselves over time. These bizarre machines hovered, usually silently, glided, and lit up fields with their brilliant spotlights. Sometimes they accelerated to an incredible speed in a split second. Air Force Major General Wilfried De Brouwer (a colonel at the time) was put in charge of dealing with the “invasion” in restricted Belgian airspace of an unknown flying craft, which was not following aviation rules or communicating, as he describes it. In contrast to how the US government handles such events, the Belgian government became openly involved and worked with a group of outside scientists who collected data on the sightings. They accumulated twenty-five large notebooks of reports, drawings, and other data, and many audiocassette tapes of police officers and others who reported sightings, all of which I studied when I was in Belgium. The Belgian Air Force sent up F-16s to try to get close to the objects, after setting up special radar gear. De Brouwer went to the highest levels of other NATO countries to find out if these were some sort of secret technology test flights by Russia or the United States, and he was told that they absolutely were not. In fact, documents show that United States officials wanted to find out more about these incidents from him. As De Brouwer points out, we still don’t have the technology today that would allow a vehicle to do what these did.

    Belgium Colonel Wilfried De Brouwer explaining radar data taken near one of the UFO sightings. Photo courtesy of the author.

    Q: Where do you think this resistance to even consider the potential of UFOs comes from?

    A:Two pivotal events occurred after WWII that were instrumental in establishing and lending momentum to this resistance. In the early 1950’s, the Air Force established Project Sign, later known as Project Blue Book, to gather information on UFOs and to assess whether they were a threat to national security. Project Sign staff wrote a report concluding that UFOs, already documented as real by the Air Force, were most likely interplanetary. Air Force Chief of Staff General Hoyt Vandenberg rejected the report for lack of proof—and thereafter, the required political position became that UFOs must always have conventional explanations.

    Secondly, in 1953, Cold War fears and the persistence of UFO reports led the CIA to convene a hand-picked scientific advisory group (known as the Robertson Panel) to again assess the UFO question. But participants were shown selected, narrow, and incomplete evidence; the panel’s resulting recommendations, classified at the time, stated that everything from documentary films to advertising to Disney cartoons, should be used to debunk the phenomenon in the eyes of the public. It also recommended infiltrating civilian UFO groups in order to dampen enthusiasm. These recommendations set the stage for the public ridicule of the UFO issue from that point forward.

    Q: The accounts you detail are amazing, particularly the waves of sightings over prolonged periods of time with hundreds of witnesses—why isn’t there more video and photographic proof?

    A:That’s a good question, which is asked frequently. Imagining beforehand what we would do if we saw something unexplainable turns out to be quite different from what we do in reality. The thought “Oh, I should run indoors and fetch my camera” isn’t how most people respond in the moment. Instead, they report being overcome with intense curiosity, awe, wonder, sometimes fear. The witnesses typically stand immobilized and stare at the object, knowing that it will not be there for long; sometimes they call out for someone nearby to look also. They don’t want to take their eyes off the UFO for one second, so most have not tried to find a camera under those circumstances. For many of the most famous incidents, cell phone cameras did not yet exist, and people didn’t carry cameras around with them. Now that everyone has a cell phone, photos crop up all the time, but so far, most cell phone images of distant objects or lights have been poor quality, not conveying enough information for a proper analysis to be conducted. That said, we do have a number of outstanding, official photos that have been properly vetted–some of these are in my book.

    Q: Your work is focused on aircraft and UFOs, but you don’t get into the idea of aliens—do you believe the crafts are piloted?

    A:I don’t know if they are piloted. That is a possibility, but we don’t have enough evidence to make a determination. Sometimes the objects do behave as if under intelligent control­–that much we know. But first and foremost, we must focus on the objects themselves, for which we have much data. Convincing the scientific community and policy makers of that fact is hard enough—it’s been met with many obstacles.

    First and foremost, we must focus on the objects themselves, for which we have much data. Convincing the scientific community and policy makers of that fact is hard enough—it’s been met with many obstacles.

    Establishing that the objects exist must be the first step; questions about possible pilots have to come later. Members of the “UFO community” aren’t helping when they claim that extraterrestrials are here on earth, communicating with humans; their unfounded claims only make the people we are trying to reach even more resistant. You can’t jump ahead—if we can convince the powers-that-be of the reality of the objects themselves (which has worked in reaching some officials, and has led to UFO government agencies in other countries) by providing concrete data, then we have a chance.

    Q:Many skeptics believe UFOs are simply prototypes of aircraft, drones, or top-secret military operations—is there a counter to that?

    A:In the very best cases, for which we have adequate data to rule out conventional explanations, this option has already been exhaustively explored by experts. Particularly in the earlier cases, the objects demonstrate fantastic capabilities beyond even today’s technology.

    Of course, many sightings can be explained by such prototypes and/or secret operations, but the cases I’m referencing cannot be explained in this way. Examples would be the brilliant diamond-shaped object seen by General Parviz Jafari and others over Tehran in 1976, the objects over Belgium, and the two-mile-long stationary objects seen by Captain Ray Bowyer, his passengers, and another pilot in a different location, and picked up on radar, in 2007 over the English Channel. There are many others, with the earlier cases being the most compelling. However, we can never state with 100 percent certainty that something secret is not at play—we have no way of knowing. But for many of our strongest cases, this does not seem feasible.


     UFO photographed in 1971 by mapping aircraft of the Costa Rican government. Photo courtesy of CEFAA.

    Q:You say that 5 percent of UFO sightings are legitimate, in that they are truly unidentified. What does this mean?

    A:This means that these cases (and they could be closer to 10 percent) involve adequate data to make the determination that there are true unknowns. Without enough data about the sighting, you have to allow for the possibility that it could be explained by conventional, “normal” phenomena, because you don’t have enough data to rule out all other possibilities. But when all conventional explanations can be ruled out by qualified investigators with access to all the necessary information for a proper and complete analysis, then the sighting becomes one of the truly baffling, well-documented cases. The outstanding cases of this type involve military personnel, government officials, pilots and crews, and police officers. The cases in my book fit these criteria.

    Q:From a safety perspective, why is it so important that we take the consideration that there could be UFOs seriously?

    A:UFOs have already affected aircraft in various, sometimes alarming ways: They have pulled them off course, disabled communications, and rendered equipment temporarily inoperable. Pilots have had to make sudden maneuvers to avoid collisions with UFOs, and a few times, passengers were injured as a result. These cases are rare, but there is always the possibility of accidents caused by the activity of a UFO near an aircraft. Perhaps pilots and aircrews need to be better informed in case they do encounter a UFO, so it’s not a shock or disorients them in some way. Former FAA head of accidents and investigations John Callahan suggests in my book that we need to adjust our air radar systems, which aren’t configured to pick up UFO activity if the objects are moving too fast, are too large, or if they hover in one place. Pilots need to have reporting forms so that the aviation authorities know when unusual objects appear in the skies.

    In addition, UFOs appear to have disabled nuclear weapons, which represents a national security problem. In 1967, at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, all ten nuclear missiles were rendered inoperable within ten seconds of each other when a glowing red, oval-shaped object hovered over a control center at the base. A week earlier, another facility thirty-five miles away had been visited by UFOs, losing all its missiles as well. In total, twenty nuclear missiles went down. The missiles were sixty feet underground, and Boeing engineers checked every possible cause for the failures but were unable to explain them. In 1970, when closing Project Blue Book, the US Air Force released a statement stating that “no UFO reported, investigated, and evaluated by the Air Force has ever given any indication of threat to our national security.” These events occurred during the Cold War; the US Air Force was clearly not telling us the truth. For more information on aviation safety issues, check out the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena.

    Q:Your book came out in 2010—has anything of note happened in the intervening years in terms of UFO sightings or research?

    A:I have since joined the board of a new, all-volunteer scientific organization called UFODATA which is on the cutting edge of new research. Our goal is to build a large network of automated surveillance stations with sophisticated sensors to monitor the skies 24/7, looking for aerial anomalies. We have spent several years developing our ideas, making plans, and testing relevant technologies with a team of outstanding scientists and engineers from around the world. Our initial prototype station will have a core optical unit with cameras capable of detecting and recording both an image and spectra (visible and invisible waves of electromagnetic radiation), a magnetic sensing unit, instrumentation to detect microwave and other radiation, and other sensors to record atmospheric and local environmental data. Alarm triggers will initiate recording, permitting capture of a broad range of physical data that can then be analyzed. We need high quality, publishable data to take this issue into the scientific world and break that barrier.

    Q:Where do you believe UFOs come from? Do you have any theories?

    A:Like the government agencies in Chile and France that have documented the UFO phenomena, I am hesitant to speculate about what the origin of UFOs might be. We can’t possibly know where they’re from, specifically. But if we could get some of the best scientific minds on the planet together on this issue, devise a sophisticated methodology for studying the UFO problem—just as with the massive telescopes and particle accelerators to study black holes or minuscule particles—we’d have a chance at finding out. Our best minds are not informed about the issue; it is considered taboo. If the US government changes its attitude on the topic—even slightly—that would invite the scientific community to take it more seriously. I hope that basic curiosity and a desire to solve one of our biggest mysteries will eventually motivate our scientists to take this on.

    Leslie Kean is the New York Times bestselling author of UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record. An independent investigative journalist, she has been published widely in dozens of newspapers and magazines here and abroad, such as the Boston Globe, The Nation, the Globe and Mail, and the International Herald Tribune. Kean is also the author of Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife. She lives in New York. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What is this mysterious array of light in front of an aircraft flying over Slovakia

    What is this mysterious array of light in front of an aircraft flying over Slovakia

    Something very strange is going on in the atmosphere of our planet. People all around the world witness and take images of strange sky phenomena.

    What to think about the strange array of light in the sky filmed by Martin Mikuaš from Slovakia on June 12, 2017 whereby an aircraft clearly follows the trajectory of the beam.

    Is this plane, whether it is a chemplane or not, involved in a technology of controlling the phase of light waves (PAO) transmitted or reflected from an unknown location?

    Is this footage proof that they, besides already controlling the weather, now also can create, shape and manipulate visible light or this array of light is something what cannot be explained?


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO shot down by Military before they were attacked and killed by the surviving aliens!!

    UFO shot down by Military before they were attacked and killed by the surviving aliens!!

    USAF shot down a UFO before they were attacked and killed by the surviving aliens, it is sensationally claimed in a declassified CIA report.The report suggested that a low flying flying saucer had appeared over a military unit in training in Siberia, before one of the soldiers fired a surface to air missile, bringing it down.

    The shocking report, which includes claims that 23 soldiers were turned into stone by the aliens in the UFO after they transformed into a ball of light, was buried among thousands of declassified files published online by the US intelligence agency.

    The report in question, created on March 27 1993, is a translation by the CIA of a report from the Ukrainian newspaper Ternopil vechirniy.

    The newspaper report said that after Mikhail Gorbachev lost power in 1991, many KGB files made their way to the CIA, including an alleged 250-page dossier on the bizarre UFO attack, which included pictures and witness testimonies.

    The report suggested that a low flying flying saucer had appeared over a military unit in training in Siberia, before one of the soldiers fired a surface to air missile, bringing it down.

    It said: "Five short humanoids with large heads and large black eyes got out.”

    Two soldiers are said to have survived, who described how, after emerging from the debris, the five beings merged into a brilliant white spherical ball of light that buzzed and hissed.

    It then exploded, and as it did 23 soldiers who stood watching were turned into stone, the report claimed.

    The two survivors had been in a shaded area, it said. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Have alien-hunters discovered an ancient pyramid on Mars? Anomalies spotted on red planet

    Have alien-hunters discovered an ancient pyramid on Mars? Anomalies spotted on red planet

    A YouTube user known as ArtAlienTV posted a video online showing what he called "anomalies" on NASA satellite images of the surface of the planet.


    Alien-hunters claim they have found what appears to be a pyramid and bizarre dome structure on Mars.

    YouTube user known as ArtAlienTV posted a video online showing what he called "anomalies" on NASA satellite images of the surface of the planet.

    Explaining the dome, the conspiracist claims they look "artificial" and says he has not enhanced the images in an way.

    "We have a clear 50 foot dome or sphere in a Mars Crater with large pipes coming out of it on the left. Also, a triangular pyramid shaped structure about 500 feet away from it that is 120 ft wide," he wrote.

    An alien-hunter spotted the bizarre 'structures' on the surface of Mars 
    It appears to be a dome-like structure on Mars 

    According to ArtAlienTV, the find was made by fellow alien-hunter William Benton.

    He added: "These features look artificial in nature and are clearly visible on Google Mars with no enhancements.

    "The structures are between the Mawrth Vallis region and Oyama Crater in an area that was short listed for a Mars Rover to explore for possible signs of life before Gale Crater was eventually chosen.

    "It is not hard to find."

    Alien-hunters regularly study NASA images of the Red Planet 

    But claims by so-called "truth-seekers" searching for evidence of extraterrestrials on Mars is nothing new.

    In March, netizens scouring pictures from NASA's Curiosity rover uncovered what they claimed were "alien bones".

    The rover is currently exploring the rocky surface of the distant planet and makes all its images free to view in the public domain.

    A pair of shots caught the interest of the alien-hunting community after appearing to show decaying bones lying in Mars' red dust.

    Although NASA has growing ambitions to visit the red planet in the near future, it is certain there is no longer any intelligent life left on the planet. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.On World UFO Day, we look back on Phoenix Lights, other UFO sightings

    On World UFO Day, we look back on Phoenix Lights, other UFO sightings

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Wereld Ufo Dag: de 10 bekendste ufo-meldingen

    Wereld Ufo Dag: de 10 bekendste ufo-meldingen

    Wereld Ufo Dag: de 10 bekendste ufo-meldingen

    © iStock

    Op Wereld Ufo Dag op 2 juli wordt het bestaan van Ongeïdentificeerde Vliegende Objecten of ufo's gevierd. De Wereld Ufo Dag Organisatie wil op deze dag de bewustwording over het bestaan van ufo's verhogen. Volgens haar bestaan ufo's ongetwijfeld. De organisatie moedigt regeringen op deze dag ook aan om hun kennis over ufo-waarnemingen bekend te maken. 

    Er worden tijdens Wereld Ufo Dag talrijke ufo-activiteiten georganiseerd. Zo kijken mensen op op die samen naar de hemel om ufo's te spotten. Er wordt ook gekeken naar films over ufo's zoals E.T. en Men in Black. Maar hoe zit dat nu eigenlijk met die ufo-meldingen? 

    Hoewel de meningen over het wel of niet bestaan van UFO’s verdeeld zijn, houdt het ‘unidentified flying object’ – zoals de Engelse benaming luidt – de gemoederen wel bezig. In de periode 1947 tot 1989 is een groot aantal UFO’s waargenomen. Niet zo lang geleden is er nog een UFO gesignaleerd boven het Engelse Bracknell. Een top 10 van de UFO waarnemingen die het meeste indruk hebben gemaakt:

    1. Roswellincident - 1947 
     De bekendste ufo-melding gebeurde in juli 1947 in de Verenigde Staten in Roswell in de staat New Mexico. Op een boerderij dichtbij Roswell zou er een vliegende schotel, een ufo, neergestort zijn. Talrijke getuigen beweerden dat het om een buitenaards ruimtevaartuig met buitenaardse lijken ging. De gebeurtenis werd heel snel wereldnieuws. 

    Volgens de Amerikaanse luchtmacht ging het echter om een neergestorte weerballon. Later kwamen er evenwel nieuwe verklaringen van de luchtmacht. De nieuwe verklaringen en de gewijzigde uitleg van de overheid heeft de geruchten over een werkelijke neerstorting van een ufo alleen maar gevoed.

    2. De Belgische ufo-golf - 1989/1991

    Foto genomen op 15 juni 1990

    Foto genomen op 15 juni 1990 © Wikipedia

    Tussen eind 1989 en begin 1991 waren er in België een reeks waarnemingen van driehoekige ufo's. Deze waarnemingen staan bekend als de Belgische ufo-golf. Op een bepaald moment werden onbekende voorwerpen waargenomen door naar schatting 13.500 mensen op de grond. 

    Mensen namen ook foto's van de vermeende buitenaardse ruimtevaartuigen. De bekendste foto werd genomen in de Luikse gemeente Petit-Rechain. De wereldberoemde foto van een driehoekige ufo met verlichte hoeken bleek in 2011 een vervalsing te zijn. De fotograaf gaf toe aan de Franstalige televisiezender RTL-TVI dat het in werkelijkheid een maquette in piepschuim was. 

    3. De waarneming in Westall - 1966


     In april 1966 zagen ruim 200 studenten – en hun leraren – van twee scholen in het Australische Melbourne een vliegende schotel in de lucht. Tot hun verbazing daalde de UFO neer in een nabijgelegen stuk gras. Even later steeg het object weer op en verdween in het luchtruim. Ondanks het feit dat de UFO zich – volgens hun zeggen – even in hun midden bevond, is geen van de getuigen erin geslaagd om een foto of video van deze waarneming te maken. Het object was ongeveer 20 minuten in beeld. Je kunt je voorstellen dat het ontbreken van enig beeld van deze waarneming door sceptici werd gebruikt om te benadrukken dat UFO’s – als ook buitenaards leven – niet bestaan. Hiermee samenhangend is beweerd dat het zou gaan om een experiment van de Australische luchtmacht. Overigens heeft de luchtmacht zich hierover nooit uitgesproken.
    Met enige regelmaat komen de studenten en leraren samen om hun UFO waarneming te herdenken.

    4. De Kenneth Arnold case -  1947

    Kenneth Arnold

    In 1947 werd voor de eerste keer de aanduiding ‘vliegende schotel’ gebruikt. Deze woorden kwamen overeen met de verklaring van de Amerikaanse piloot Kenneth Arnold. Tijdens een vlucht – op 24 juni 1947 – werd Arnold’s toestel ingehaald door negen UFO’s. Arnold schatte in dat de objecten zich voortbewogen met een snelheid van circa 2.000 kilometer per uur. De UFO’s vlogen over de Mount Rainier. Bijzonder aan zijn UFO waarneming is dat Kenneth Arnold alle mogelijke verklaringen – die hij hoog in de lucht heeft bedacht – tot in detail met het publiek heeft gedeeld. Toen hij de lichten voor de eerste keer zag, dacht hij dat zijn vliegtuig een ander vliegtuig te dicht was genaderd. De radar maakte duidelijk dat zich in de verste verte geen ander toestel bevond. Daarna checkte Arnold of het niet een reflectie betrof van de vleugels van zijn toestel. De volgende gedachte – die bij hem opkwam – was dat het om een zwerm ganzen moest gaan. Deze beesten konden onmogelijk zo snel vliegen! Toen wist Kenneth Arnold het zeker; hij had een aantal UFO’s waargenomen. 

     5. Ufo's in Bracknell - 2013 

    Ufo's in Bracknell

    Ufo's in Bracknell

    Sceptici vonden het een goede grap; hoog in de lucht boven een pub in het Engelse Bracknell zou een UFO hebben gevlogen! Toch is getuige Steve Lambert – die met zijn mobiele telefoon een foto heeft gemaakt – ervan overtuigd dat hij een UFO heeft gezien. Zittende op het terras van de pub viel zijn oog op een vliegtuig – voorzien van twee lichten – dat zich bovengemiddeld snel door het luchtruim bewoog. Jammer genoeg was Lambert de enige, die het verschijnsel heeft opgemerkt. Begin van 2013 heeft zich in deze stad een vergelijkbaar voorval voorgedaan; toen nam een man – die anoniem wenst te blijven – een oranje/rood gekleurd object waar, dat zich pijlsnel verplaatste door de lucht. Vormt Bracknell misschien een soort knooppunt op de UFO routekaart? 

    6. Ronald Reagan zag UFO’s – 1974

    Net als een aantal van zijn voorgangers, heeft ook president Ronald Reagan verklaard UFO’s te hebben gezien. Twee keer zelfs! In die periode (1967-1975) was Reagan aangesteld als gouverneur in de staat California. Tijdens de landing van het toestel – waarin hij zat – merkte de gouverneur een vreemd licht achter het vliegtuig op. Het zou gaan om een helder wit licht. Reagan gaf opdracht om achter het licht aan te gaan. Zo vloog het toestel een aantal minuten achter het lichtverschijnsel aan. Plotseling boog het licht af; het verdween met grote snelheid in de hemel. Alle aanwezigen – waaronder de crew – waren getuige van dit opmerkelijke verschijnsel. Geen van allen heeft zich er formeel over uitgesproken; men wilde niet het risico lopen om te worden uitgemaakt voor een onbenul. In latere interviews is Reagan er nog wel eens om gevraagd. Toen heeft hij het verhaal verteld, zoals hierboven is omschreven.

    7. Levelland incident - 1957

    Levelland CaseOok het zogenaamde incident bij Levelland (1957) kenmerkte zich door relatief veel getuigen. Zo hebben 15 verschillende mensen melding gemaakt van een eivormig, lichtgevend, vliegend voorwerp in de lucht boven de stad Levelland. Deze waarnemingen zijn gedaan in tijdsbestek van drie uur. De optelsom van deze feiten – het aantal getuigen in combinatie met het korte tijdsbestek waarin de verschijnselen zijn waargenomen – maakte dat UFO-deskundigen op het puntje van hun stoel gingen zitten!
    De Amerikaanse luchtmacht heeft verklaard dat het zou gaan om een bol bliksem. Dit verschijnsel staat ook wel bekend als ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’. De verklaring is gebaseerd op het onderzoek van een naar Levelland afgevaardigde sergeant. Op de dag na de waarnemingen heeft hij diverse mensen – waaronder drie ooggetuigen – gesproken. Hun kleurwaarnemingen in combinatie met de grillige weersomstandigheden brachten hem ertoe om te concluderen dat het om een uitzonderlijke vorm van bliksem zou gaan.

    8. De lichten boven Phoenix - 1997

    phoenix lights

    Op 13 maart 1997 zagen honderden mensen in de Amerikaanse staat Arizona verschillende lichtflitsen. Ook in Sonora (Mexico) zijn deze lichten waargenomen. Meer gedetailleerde verklaringen maken duidelijk dat het zou gaan om een driehoekige formatie van lichten – een UFO – omgeven door een aantal stilstaande lichten. Deze lichtverschijnselen staan ook wel bekend als de ‘Phoenix Lights’. Gezien de omvang van het gebied – en de vele ooggetuigen – kun jij je wel voorstellen dat hier honderden foto’s en video’s van gemaakt zijn! Het kon niet uitblijven of een woordvoerder van de Amerikaanse luchtmacht bracht de volgende verklaring naar buiten: de stilstaande lichten waren afkomstig van de vuurpijlen van een A-10 Thunderbolt II. Deze verklaring komt niet overeen met de bevindingen van de ooggetuigen. Immers, zij hebben geluidloze objecten gezien die geen rookspoor achterlieten. Ook is er beweerd dat het zou gaan om de vlucht van een geheim toestel. Ook deze bewering wordt in twijfel getrokken; de luchtmacht zou nooit een dergelijk toestel boven een stad met de omvang van Arizona laten vliegen.

    9. Ufo's in São Paulo - 1986

    In 1986 nam men via de radar in de Braziliaanse staat Sao Paulo welgeteld 20 UFO’s waar. Vanaf vliegvelden verspreid over het hele land stuurde de ‘Brazilian Air Force’ er een aantal militaire toestellen – waaronder twee F-5E en drie Mirage jet gevechtstoestellen – op af. Op het moment dat deze toestellen naderden, verdwenen de UFO’s als sneeuw voor de zon! Hoewel er nooit een spoor van de UFO’s is teruggevonden, heeft de woordvoerder van het ministerie van Luchtvaart verklaard dat er wel degelijk objecten in het luchtruim boven Brazilië zijn waargenomen. De radarbeelden maken onmiskenbaar duidelijk dat er sprake geweest moet zijn van bewegende, solide, metalen constructies.

    10. Teheran incident - 1976


     In 1976 – om precies te zijn in de nacht van 18 op 19 september – vond er een opmerkelijk ‘UFO incident’ plaats hoog boven Teheran. Het gesignaleerde object bewoog zich door het verboden luchtruim. Om die reden is er een bijzonder gedetailleerd rapport opgesteld. Na een aantal telefonische meldingen verplaatste Hossain Perouzi – het hoofd van de nachtdienst – zich naar het terras van de controletoren. Met behulp van een verrekijker nam hij een cilindervormig object van ongeveer twee meter breed en zeven meter lang waar. De uiteinden van het object kleurden witblauw; rondom het middengedeelte van de UFO was een rood licht. Perouzi aarzelde geen moment en gaf zijn waarneming door aan de luchtmacht. De toenmalige bevelhebber stuurde twee F-4 Phantom straaljagers het luchtruim in. Beide piloten waren niet in staat om het object van dichtbij te benaderen; alle instrumenten en communicatie vielen uit! In dezelfde nacht ondervond ook een burgertoestel een communicatiestoring.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mars Opportunity rover has image of unidentified metallic object, puts internet in a frenzy

    Mars Opportunity rover has image of unidentified metallic object, puts internet in a frenzy

    It's shiny. It’s sharp. It’s on Mars. It must be aliens! What appears to be a chunk of metal photographed by the Opportunity Rover has UFO buffs in a spin.

    The high contrast infra-red image, published by the Mars Exploratino Rover Mission (Opportunity: Panoramic Camera: Sol 348) was uploaded by the Opportunity Rover on March 17.

    It shows an unusually shiny, and jagged, object sitting neatly on top of the grainy surface of Mars’ Meridiani Planum.

    It has internet chat forum Reddit in rapture.

    “Uh NASA? UFO Caught on Mars Rover Mission? Is this real?” posted Prosaic Origin.

    If it looks odd, of course it must be aliens!

    But at least in this case the resolution is reasonably crisp. Not a blurry morass like most UFO ‘evidence’.

    “Looks like light glimmering off of a genuine spaceship on an alien planet in outer space,” one commentator noted.

    But, for that to be true, there’s the small matter of scale. At that distance from the Opportunity Rover, any inhabitants would probably have to be no larger than ants.

    A more down to Earth (though admittedly this is Mars we’re talking about here) suggestion was that it could be a piece of debris from the rover itself, or a heat shield from the craft that delivered it.

    Earthly trash is increasingly common on the Red Planet, especially after a string of mission failures in recent decades. Satellites have gone awry. Landers have crashed.

    But even successful projects litter the landscape with debris as they plough through the thin atmosphere.

    And Opportunity has been travelling back along the line of its lander’s approach. It has photographed discarded bits and pieces before.

    This photo is just the latest in a long list of odd objects that have caused excited viewers to fall foul of the phenomenon of pareidolia.

    MORE MYSTERY: The world’s oldest known stone monument has a morbid secret

    Essentially, they’re seeing what they want to see because of the way the human mind always tries to find familiar patterns among odd shapes.

    Such as rabbits in clouds.

    Or secret Nazi moon bases.

    Or faces on Mars.

    Or Martian hieroglyphs.

    Or itsy, bitsy, incy wincy tiny alien spacecraft. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Project Blue Book Origins — Part 2 of 3

    Project Blue Book Origins — Part 2 of 3

    Columnist Cheryl Costa continues her three-part series of articles on Project Blue Book.

    A little after 11 a.m. on Sept. 10, 1951, a U.S. Army radar station at Fort Monmouth detected an unknown, low-altitude target. The signal corps operator and an Army officer in the radar clocked the target with an approximate speed of about 700 miles per hour. The tracking station lost contact with the high-speed target as it neared New York City.

    The radar tracking event resulted in a great deal of interest, as well as somber military trepidations. For in that era, military jets didn’t fly anywhere near 700 miles per hour. While there were test aircrafts that had brief periods of that sort of speed performance, nothing the military had could fly and maintain that speed.

    This incident resulted in the Air Force being severely criticized by the other branches of the military. At issue was the Air Force’s dismal handling of investigations related to a potential threat to national security, namely UFOs.

    In a knee-jerk reaction to the threat to national security criticism, the Air Force appointed intelligence officer Captain Edward Ruppelt to assume command of the UFO investigation project. The effort was renamed “Project Blue Book.”

    Captain Ruppelt took his new task seriously and put great effort into reorganizing and streamlining the internal reporting processes. In the spring of 1952, under Captain Ruppelt’s guiding hand, intelligence officers at all U.S. airbases were given clearance to file UFO reports to Project Blue Book via normal military communication channels.

    This improved reporting system turned out to be fortuitous in the July 1952, when the “Great Washington, D.C. UFO Flap” occurred. From July 12-29, Washington, D.C. was inundated with UFO sightings. They flew individually and in formations right over the Capitol.

    Air traffic radar controllers at the Washington National Airport tracked distinctive blips on their radar screens over several consecutive weekends.

    The nearest Air Force facility was Andrews Air Force Base, but its runways were under repair. The nearest airbase that could respond was a base in New Castle, Delaware. F-94 jets were scrambled to intercept the lights in the sky and the blips on radar.

    When the fighters got into D.C. air space, the bright UFO lights had “winked out,” and the pilots reported they didn’t see anything. Of course, after they left the D.C. air space, the UFOs came back and again appeared on National Airport’s radar screens.

    On another UFO sighting occasion, scrambled fighter jets chased the elusive lights. Air Force pilot William Patterson told investigators during a debriefing, “I was at my maximum speed, but ... I ceased chasing them because I saw no chance of overtaking them.”

    Naturally the press had a field day with the news. The Washington Post headline read: ‘Saucer’ Outran Jet, Pilot Says; Air Force Puts Lid on Inquiry.

    Another newspaper in D.C. at that time, the Washington Daily News, commented on the Air Force’s lame explanations for the UFO sightings: “Recent attempts to explain ‘saucers’ as optical illusions have been shaken by recent radar sightings. Illusions don’t show up on a radar screen.” 

    If you are interested in joining a monthly UFO discussion group in the Onondaga County area, drop Cheryl an email at If you have a UFO sighting to report, you can use either one of the two national database services: or Both services respect confidentiality. Follow me on Twitter @American_Skies.

    Attention, Central New York residents: Join a monthly MUFON-sponsored speakers presentation and discussion group in Syracuse. Regularly held the last Saturday of the month, it runs from April 29 through October 28, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m, May Memorial, 3800 E. Genesee St. Plenty of off-street parking is available.

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.BIZARRE DISNEY FILM PULLED QUICKLY FROM PUBLIC VIEW IN 1995


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Files exclusive: Cold War spyplane incident

    UFO Files exclusive: Cold War spyplane incident

    The release by Britain’s Ministry of Defence of 15 of its last remaining UFO files at the UK’s National Archives has revealed details of a stunning Cold War close encounter witnessed by the entire crew of a US Air Force spy-plane.

    A RC-135 Rivet spyplane of the type operated by the USAF during the Cold War (credit: Wikipedia/USAF)

    Formerly secret RAF files opened at The National Archives include a detailed account of an incident on 19 October 1982 when a USAF RC-135 plane, monitoring Soviet military activity, was buzzed by ‘a big object’ over the Eastern Mediterranean.

    According to the files, British personnel at RAF Troodos, a remote base on the island of Cyprus listened in amazement to the radio calls of the American crew as the encounter unfolded at 35,000 feet above the sea.

    The UFO – – described as covered in ‘a multitude of flashing lights 20 at a time’ – was picked up on the spylane’s radar as it approached from the south.

    It then circled around the plane, call-sign Beano 73 – and closed in as the navigator appealed for help from the ground.

    Two US Navy F-14 fighters were scrambled from an aircraft carrier and a RAF Phantom was diverted from a night flying exercise to intercept the UFO, south of the island of Cyprus.

    As the three interceptors approached the USAF crew saw the UFO depart towards the African coast. Nothing was seen by the fighter pilots.

    The files reveal how RAF personnel at the Troodos radar station monitored the entire incident for a period of 90 minutes, beginning shortly after 4pm local time.

    Radome at 280 Signals Unit base, RAF Troodos, Mt Olympus, Cyprus – one of the most important overseas British installations

    (credit: Wikipedia/Ed Weissman)

    But nothing was seen by British air defence stations – ‘nor was it seen on any ground or seaborne radar, including at 280 SU [280 Signals Unit – RAF Troodos]’.

    Following the encounter a secret investigation was launched by the British authorities. The results were sent to the US Department of Defense in November 1982.

    Neither the British or US government have ever released information about this incident before the files were opened this week.

    Officially the US Air Force’s UFO Project, Blue Book, was closed in 1969. The British Ministry of Defence closed its own UFO desk in 2009 and its secret space intelligence unit, DI55, said it was no longer interested in ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ (UAP) in 2000.

    But the newly-released RAF file reveals that officials ordered a transcript to be made of the tape recording that captured radio transmissions made between the spyplane crew and ground controllers.

    Copies of the report were circulated to Assistant Chief Scientist (RAF), DD Ops (GE) RAF, DI55 and DSTI.

    Film provided by the RAF Troodos radar station was carefully studied by photographic experts in London and large prints, taken from the radar picture,  were prepared for scrutiny by intelligence officers.

    The file does not reveal what happened to this evidence. The results of the joint UK/US investigation do not appear in the file.

    An extract from the RAF file on the incident

    [David Clarke/The National Archives]

    But a tentative explanation is offered by a senior RAF official, who wrote: ‘We have a strong suspicion that the “UFO” was a mirage effect from lights on the coast of Israel or Lebanon’.

    A signal reporting the sighting sent from RAF Troodos to MoD UK on 20 October describes the UFO as ‘larger than [a] RC-135’.

    Boeing RC-135 aircraft are used by the USAF and RAF to support intelligence gathering. They have been used in every armed conflict including Cold War operations around the borders of the former Soviet Union. The aircraft are 136ft (41m) in length with a wingspan of 130ft (nearly 40m).

    The RAF signal reporting the encounter says the ‘object’ was first spotted: “…initially about two miles from wing of RC-135…moved position around aircraft and closed…object tailed Beano 73 for 90 mins on its northeast/southwest race track….”.

    The signal says the UFO was seen by the ‘whole crew’.

    Three RC-135s were purchased by the RAF in 2017 to serve with 51 Squadron based at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire. The crew includes two pilots, a navigator and up to 25 mission staff.

    Elsewhere in the file a RAF Group Captain collated information on UFO reports received by his air defence staff for a thirty year period ending in 1996, in response to a Parliamentary Question from the Labour MP for Don Valley, Martin Redmond.

    He asked all radar stations including the Ballistic Missile Early Warning Station at RAF Fylingdales on the North York Moors to submit UFO data to HQ No 11 Group.

    His report says he could find no reports or mention [was] found of UFOs detected by ADGE [Air Defence Ground Environment] units or 11/18 Group aircraft using radar equipment.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Project Blue Book Origins — Part 1 of 3

    Project Blue Book Origins — Part 1 of 3

    Columnist Cheryl Costa begins a three-part series of articles on Project Blue Book.

    Back on May 25 of this year, a news item in Variety magazine announced that famed director Robert Zemeckis had teamed up with A&E to produce a 10-episode drama series about Project Blue Book for the History Channel. For those unfamiliar with Blue Book, it was an Air Force’s effort from 1952 to 1969, charged with the responsibility to investigate reports of Unidentified Flying Objects. Let’s take brief a look at the convoluted origins of Project Blue Book.


    During World War II numerous bomber crews reported seeing luminous balls and discs in their air space while flying missions. These unknown high performance flying objects became known as “foo fighters.” The Army Air Force’s investigative effort into foo fighters was very first by intelligence officers into the mysterious topic of UFOs.

    In 1947, the Air Force separated from the Army and became a branch onto itself. That same year, Air Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson Air Field received orders to direct the Technical Intelligence Division to conduct a classified inquiry into UFOs. The principle reason was that the Air Force had taken a keen interest in UFOs because they had been frequently observed near various sensitive military facilities in the Southwest. In addition, during June and July of that year, UFO reports came in from over 38 states and were widely reported in the press.

    Under pressure to come up with answers, Major General L. C. Craigie, director of Research and Development for the Air Force, directed the establishment of a research group code named Project Sign.

    After eight months of interviewing highly credible witnesses, conducting investigations and analyzing the data, it was time to report some findings. The Technical Intelligence Division at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in concert with personnel from Project Sign, decided to author the Estimate of the Situation document.

    By all accounts the top secret document allegedly concluded that some of the UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin. These conclusions did not sit well with Air Force Chief of Staff General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, who was reported to have rejected the Estimate of the Situation findings. It is alleged that all copies of the report were subsequently destroyed.


    It’s been my observation that military generals who aren’t happy about the performance of a unit or perhaps the results of a project frequently clean house of at least key command personnel, and sometimes there’s a clean sweep within the ranks.

    General Vandenberg, being less than happy or confident with the results of Project Sign, ordered a massive change in personnel. The replacement staff had a new set of operating principles; simply that all these UFO reports could be explained in realistic and conventional terms. The new unit was renamed in February of 1949 with a new code name: Project Grudge.

    It was the Project Grudge team that established the cultural perspective that UFOs were:

    1. Misinterpretations of various conventional objects.
    2. A mild form of mass-hysteria and war nerves.
    3. Individuals who fabricate such reports to perpetuate a hoax or to seek publicity.
    4. Psychopathological persons.

    The Project Grudge team also put forth the concern that an enemy could release strange aerial objects, augmented with psychological propaganda. The effect of an enemy action like this, they proposed, could be used to generate mass hysteria. The Pentagon’s Office of Psychological Warfare confirmed this notion of psychological warfare to induce war nerves and mass fear among the civilian population.

    As a secret UFO investigation military entity, Project Grudge didn’t do much better than Project Sign in getting to the bottom of the UFO phenomena. The unit only lasted about eight months. In the final report of their UFO investigations, it listed UFO sighting reports totaling 273. Despite Project Grudge’s policy that UFOs are just misidentified conventional objects, hysteria, war nerves, hoaxes and deranged persons, their final report listed 23 percent, or 63 cases, as “unidentified.”

    If you are interested in joining a monthly UFO discussion group in the Onondaga County area, drop Cheryl an email at If you have a UFO sighting to report, you can use either one of the two national database services: or Both services respect confidentiality. Follow me on Twitter @American_Skies.

    Attention, Central New York residents: Join a monthly MUFON-sponsored speakers presentation and discussion group in Syracuse. Regularly held the last Saturday of the month, it runs from April 29 through October 28, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m, May Memorial, 3800 E. Genesee St. Plenty of off-street parking is available. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.‘Flying saucers’ became a thing 70 years ago Saturday with sighting near Mount Rainier

    ‘Flying saucers’ became a thing 70 years ago Saturday with sighting near Mount Rainier

    Kenneth Arnold, shown in 1966 with a drawing of a flying saucer, reportedly spent “many long hours of fruitless flying with a camera, trying and failing to find anything like his saucers again.” (AP)
    This image from a 1952 issue of Coronet Magazine shows an illustration depicting Kenneth Arnold’s sighting.  (Coronet Magazine)
    This image from a 1952 issue of Coronet Magazine shows an illustration depicting Kenneth Arnold’s sighting.
    (Coronet Magazine)

    Seventy years ago, Idaho pilot Kenneth Arnold saw something near Mount Rainier that brought the term “flying saucers” into the lexicon. It was the viral story of its day. What he saw remains a mystery.

    Before June 24, 1947, terms such as UFOs and flying saucers had not entered popular vocabulary. Then, on that afternoon 70 years ago, it all changed because of Kenneth Arnold:

    “Supersonic Flying Saucers Sighted by Idaho Pilot.”

    Arnold reported seeing near Mount Rainier nine “circular-type” objects flying in formation at more than twice the speed of sound.

    His was the first widely reported UFO sighting in this country, and it set off a wave of other reported sightings.

    Arnold would pay the price for describing something so fantastic.

    In a now-declassified document, the Air Force Materiel Command wrote it off: “The report cannot bear even superficial examination, therefore, must be disregarded.”

    Another Air Force document concluded, “It is the Air Force conclusion that the objects of this sighting were due to a mirage.”

    For Arnold, it stung.

    He didn’t consider himself some kind of kook. He had over 4,000 hours of mountain high-altitude pilot time; he was in the Idaho search and rescue.

    “I have been subjected to ridicule, much loss of time and money, newspaper notoriety, magazine stories, reflections on my honesty, my character, my business dealings,” Arnold wrote in his 1952 book, “Coming of the Saucers.”

    A long time ago, in 1977, I interviewed Arnold after reaching him by phone.

    He died in 1984 at age 68, and in all those years, and with me, he never wavered in his descriptions.

    “I made my report because I thought it was my duty. It was the only proper and American thing to do. I saw what I saw,” he said.

    You can draw a direct line between what Arnold repeatedly recounted in detail to FBI and military investigators and our collective fascination with the possibility that aliens have visited us.

    That direct connection goes from Area 51 allegedly hiding an alien craft, to the Roswell UFO Incident; and from movies such as “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” to the TV series “The X-Files.”

    It’s become so much a part of our culture that even the CIA website has a section titled “Take a Peek Into Our “X-Files” that is chock-full of declassified files.

    The CIA helpfully lists “Top 5 CIA Documents Mulder Would Love To Get His Hands On,” and “Top 5 CIA Documents Scully Would Love To Get Her Hands On.”

    Interested in a 1952 drawing of “flying saucers over Belgian Congo uranium mines?” It’s in the CIA files.

    Unassuming salesman

    Arnold was an unlikely candidate to become embroiled in such a controversy.

    He lived in Meridian, Idaho, and sold fire-extinguishing equipment. About as unusual as his life got was that he piloted a small airplane to get to his clients around the Northwest.

    A month after Arnold was in the news, a now-declassified report made in July 1947 by Army Air Force Counter-Intelligence Corps Officer Frank M. Brown said, “Mr. Arnold is a man of 32 years of age, being married and the father of two children … It is the personal opinion of the interviewer that Mr. Arnold actually saw what he saw … To go further, if Mr. Arnold can write a report of the character that he did while not having seen the objects that he claimed he saw, it is the opinion of the interviewer that Mr. Arnold is in the wrong business, that he should be writing Buck Rogers fiction.”

    That was one of the few sympathetic portrayals in government documents of Arnold’s sighting.

    In another declassified intelligence report in July 1947, First Lt. Hal L. Eustace of the Army Air Corps put Arnold’s report as part of “silly-season episodes.”

    The lieutenant wrote that Arnold “seems to be reasonably well balanced, although excitable, and has no apparent ulterior motive … other than to prove he is not ‘nuts.’ ”

    The lieutenant wrote that Arnold revealed “an antagonistic attitude toward the Army” by stating, “Well, if the Army doesn’t know what they are, it sure ought to be trying to find out!”

    Bright flash lit the sky

    Arnold’s sighting of the craft was the 1947 version of a story going viral.

    “It was a beautiful day. Just as clear as a bell,” Arnold said. He was flying from Chehalis to Yakima and decided to spend an hour or so searching for a downed C-46 Marine transport that had crashed into the southwest side of Mount Rainier.

    There was a $5,000 reward for finding it.

    It was at 3 p.m., he remembered, “when a very bright flash lit up the plane and the sky around me.”

    At first, Arnold thought it was the sun reflecting off another plane.

    “But the flash happened again, and that’s when I saw where it was coming from. It came spasmodically from a chain of nine circular-type aircraft way up from the vicinity of Mount Rainier,” said Arnold.

    “… I could not find any tails on these things. They didn’t leave a jet trail behind them. I judged their size to be at least 100 feet in widespan. I thought it was a new type of missile.”

    His plane had a big sweep 24-hour clock on the instrument panel. Arnold measured that the craft covered the distance between Mount Rainier and Mount Adams in 1 minute 42 seconds.

    “That figured out to something like 1,760 miles an hour, which I could hardly believe. I knew that figure couldn’t be entirely accurate, but I’d say it was within a couple of hundred miles accurate,” he said.

    From Yakima, Arnold then flew to an air show in Pendleton, Oregon. The next day, on June 25, he stopped by the local newspaper, the East Oregonian. He wanted to know if the military had been testing secret warplanes in the area.

    He ended up talking to reporter Bill Bequette, who, in subsequent years, remembered that Arnold “came off as honest, level headed and credible,” said a story in the East Oregonian.

    So Bequette wrote a brief story about what Arnold said he witnessed.

    But the brief also went out to The Associated Press, got picked up by numerous newspapers, and the furor began. For the first time, a mass-media story and subsequent headlines used the term, “flying saucers.”

    There were no reported riches for Arnold because of his notoriety. Instead, he complained to Frank Brown, the Air Force investigator, “that his business had suffered greatly … at every stop in his business routes, large groups of people were waiting to question him …”

    Brown concluded his report, “Mr. Arnold stated further that if he, at any time in the future, saw anything in the sky, to quote Mr. Arnold … ‘If I ever saw a ten story building flying through the air I would never say a word about it,’ due to the fact that he has been ridiculed by the press to such an extent that he is practically a moron in the eye of the majority of the population of the United States.”

    A mystery to this day

    Despite that statement to Brown, in the coming years Arnold was driven to prove he was right.

    There were “many long hours of fruitless flying with a camera, trying and failing to find anything like his saucers again,” says Martin Shough, a well-regarded researcher of the UFO phenomena who has written a detailed analysis of Arnold’s account.

    In an email, Shough, who lives in the Highlands of Scotland, says, “I am resigned to never knowing what Arnold saw.”

    He concludes, “Seventy years on, when so much of the flying saucer mythology that Kenneth Arnold triggered has been explained away, it is somewhat embarrassing that Arnold’s own sighting remains obstinately resistant.

    “But there it is.” }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Berwyn Mountains UFO Crash: 43 years on, it's still a mystery

    Berwyn Mountains UFO Crash: 43 years on, it's still a mystery

    January 23 marks the 43th anniversary of the night many claim a UFO crashed into a hillside in North Wales. We look back at the 'Welsh Roswell'


    A UFO allegedly crashed into Berwyn Mountains in January, 1974A

    UFO allegedly crashed into Berwyn Mountains in January, 1974

    On January 23, 1974, people reported hearing a huge bang, felt earth tremors and saw a brilliant light in the sky above the Berwyn Mountains. Families in the villages of Llandderfel and Llandrillo were settling down to watch TV when an explosion was heard and the ground shook. It measured 3.5 on the Richter scale. As people ran from their homes fearing another tremor, they saw a blaze of light on the mountainside.

    A nurse who believed an aircraft had crashed drove to the site and saw a pulsating orange and red glow on the hillside and other lights.

     Police converged on the area and emergency services were put on standby. Although searches were undertaken, officially nothing was found – leading to claims of a cover-up.

     In the four decades since there has been a huge debate as to what exactly happened that night, with TV documentaries made and books written on the subject.

     Some researchers have claimed a UFO crashed, with further claims “bodies” were retrieved and taken away by soldiers. Other theories suggest it was a meteor shower combined with an earthquake – the epicentre of which was at Bala Lake – and the misperception of poachers on the hillside carrying lamps.

     Over the years more information has surfaced which has added to the enigma. In 2008 the Daily Post acquired official documents showing how Gwynedd Police were bombarded with calls and eye witness accounts of the strange event, with some convinced they had seen a UFO. They gave a fascinating insight into what was going on that night.

    Did aliens crash into Berwyn Mountains?
    Did aliens crash into Berwyn Mountains?

    Gwynedd Police Constabulary Major Incident Log – explosion – 21.10pm PC receiving 999 calls of UFO.

    A witness who saw an object on the hillside said in a statement: “Saw bright red light, like coal fire red. Large perfect circle. Like a big bonfire. Could see lights above and to the right and white lights moving to bottom. Light changed colour to yellowish white and back again.”

    A message in a police log said: “There’s been a large explosion in the area and there is a large fire in the mountainside. I can see the fire where I am.”

    Telex message to chief constable Gwynedd constabulary. 22.00pm approx 23/1/74: Saw bright green lights, object with tail – travelling west. Saw about Bangor direction – dropped down.

    At approx 10pm on 23/1/74: Saw a circular light in the sky at an estimated height of 1,500 feet. This object exploded and pieces fell to the ground. Mr ...... estimates the pieces would have fallen into the sea between Rhyl and Liverpool.

     In 2010 key witness, retired nurse Pat Evans, insisted she saw something strange on the mountainside. At the time she said: “It (the object) couldn’t have got there any other way apart from being flown there, so it had to be a UFO of some sort. I’m talking about something that could only have got there by flying and landing.”

     Ms Evans, who was living in Llandderfel, near Bala, added: “We just saw this huge ball glowing and pulsating on the mountain. Some lights seemed to be scattered around it and I just wish we’d stayed to see what the end result was – whether it would just disappear or fly away.

     “We didn’t see anybody on the road even though there were various reports that we were told to go away by armed police and military etc, which was all totally untrue.

     “We’d heard an almighty bang and we live at the foot of the mountain. I thought it might have been a plane crash. Me being a nurse and my girls being in St John (Ambulance), I thought we could help.”

     She told how the object glowed orange, red and yellow and was “moon like, but without windows or doors”. Mrs Evans added: “I’ve never seen anything like it before or since. I have no idea what it was.”

     A document from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency revealed a military operation, codenamed Photoflash, was scheduled for that evening. It involved about 10 military aircraft and a series of powerful flashes across the North Wales coast and Liverpool Bay.

     The MCA letter said: “During the late afternoon and early evening of 23rd January 1974 there was an exercise from Jerby Range on the Isle of Man. The exercise was called ‘Photoflash’ and coastguards were advised to expect at least 10 aircraft taking part and at least 80 flashes around the Liverpool Bay area and the North Wales coastline.”

     There was no more information from official sources on that specific exercise and if it was connected to Berwyn. A spokesman at the RAF Museum Research Department suggested photoflash operations were used for training exercises to illuminate the ground below.

    UFO researcher Russ Kellett
    UFO researcher Russ Kellett

     But the mystery still remains. Researcher Russ Kellett still believes the answer is out there: “I have been researching this for years and I am convinced there was more than one UFO involved that night,” he said. “All the evidence that we have uncovered over the years has consistently pointed that way.”

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Zimbabwe UFO Child Conactee Speaks Publicly For The 1st Time

    Zimbabwe UFO Child Conactee Speaks Publicly For The 1st Time

    Emily was only a few feet away from the beings and believes she was given messages.

    One of the most outstanding UFO experiences involving a group of children took place on September 16, 1994. Approximately 60 children between 5 and 12 years old were playing outside their school on the outskirts of the capital of Zimbabwe when they saw a large spaceship and several smaller craft gliding over the scrubland.

    The spacecraft landed beside their playground. The children claim that they were approached by beings from the ships and that the whole encounter lasted about 15 minutes.

    Emily Trim was one of those children. As a young student at the Ariel primary school near the town of Ruwa in Zimbabwe,  the incident was made famous when it was covered by the BBC, who interviewed the children soon after the incident. Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack traveled to the school to interview the children and recorded their extraordinary accounts.

    To this day, she says, the incident still affects her. Standing only a few feet away from the beings she believes that she was given messages.

    She has been painting and drawing mysterious and beautiful images she feels are a manifestation of the messages she received.

    In this video, Emily Trim speaks publicly of the first time at the Alien Cosmic Expo 2015. Her emotional testimony conveys the depth of her personally moving experience as a child who was face to face with an extraterrestrial being.

    EMN apologizes for the sound issues. Best heard through headphones or earbuds. Transcription is below.

    Here below is the original 1994 BBC video interview by Dr. John Mack of those young children at the Ariel primary school near the town of Ruwa in Zimbabwe.

    Copyright Earth Mystery News 2015

    “I was a witness from the Ruwa, Zimbabwe event. I was just over 8 years old when this happened. I was born in Canada. I’m from a family of five. I have a brother and a sister. My brother was also at the school during the time of the event. My parents are missionaries for the Salvation Army. That’s why we were down in Ruwa Zimbabwe. We were in Zaire before that, then went to Zim, and we all attended Ariel, which was a lovely school. I’m really thankful for that experience, putting aside the UFO phenomenon. It was a beautiful place to live and to be.

    So, on that day … I can only speak about my perspective and where I was. Every child was in a different area of the playground. But it was recess and broad daylight … and we were just doing our normal thing … playing games. There were boundary lines along the property and one of the games my friend and I used to play was hopping on the boundary lines.

    Then we heard a high pitch frequency sound, and — out side perspective — we saw a flash and a craft.

    And it’s really hard to describe time at this point, so I don’t know how long this all happened. All I can tell you is that two beings were hopping along beside Lisa and I. And … they were curious. They weren’t touching the ground [inaudible] … they were almost like mimicking us.

    All of a sudden they were in front of us. I describe them as being about arm’s reach. And we were frozen. Telepathic images started going across my face … communication through the eyes … that’s all I can really describe it as. It was just image after image after image.

    One of the other girls standing beside me, she got more communication about the environment, and, for me, mine was more technology uses and [inaudible] uses of technology.

    [Moderator speaks clearly, no need for transcription.]

    I’ll just … I’ll never forget that day.

    Question from the audience: Have you had any other experiences with the same being?

    Emily: I don’t know if it’s the exact same being, but what I can say … Yes.

    [Emily describing one of her paintings:] So when we were talking about the time (of the event, which) I depicted here. I don’t know when I’m going to realize what I’m drawing. It just comes out. For me, it’s like an energy that’s all around us that’s causing time to stop at that point. [inaudible, including description of the feeling of being frozen.]

    Question from the audience: Could you explain what the other beings that have been coming to her, as far as you know, look like.

    Emily: You mean when I’m having experiences? [Yes.] I’ll just say that they can alter perception so they can change to make you almost feel a bit more comfortable with what you’ve seen. The last encounter there were grays. A face went back and forth between a being and lion.

    [Moderator speaks.]”

    *Special thanks to NonDuality Talk for the transcription!


    «Je fus témoin de l’événement Ruwa, au Zimbabwe. J’étais un peu plus de 8 ans, quand cela est arrivé. Je suis née au Canada. Je suis d’une famille de cinq personnes. J’ai un frère et une soeur. Mon frère a également été à l’école pendant le temps de l’événement. Mes parents sont missionnaires pour l’Armée du Salut. Voilà pourquoi nous étions à Ruwa Zimbabwe. Nous étions au Zaïre avant cela, puis nous sommes allés à Zim, et nous avons tous assisté à Ariel, qui était une belle école. Je suis vraiment reconnaissant pour cette expérience, en mettant de côté le phénomène OVNI. Ce fut un bel endroit pour vivre et d’être.
    Donc, ce jour-là … Je ne peux que parler de mon point de vue et où je me trouvais. Chaque enfant se trouvait dans une autre zone de l’aire de jeux. Mais il était évidement et plein jour … et nous étions juste en train de faire notre truc normal … jouer à des jeux. Il y avait des lignes de démarcation le long de la propriété et l’un des jeux mon ami et moi l’habitude de jouer a été sautillant sur les lignes de démarcation.
    Ensuite, nous avons entendu une fréquence sonore élevé, et – perspective sur côté – nous avons vu un flash et un métier.
    Et il est vraiment difficile de décrire le temps à ce moment, donc je ne sais pas combien de temps tout cela est arrivé. Tout ce que je peux vous dire est que deux êtres sautillaient le long côté Lisa et I. Et … ils étaient curieux. Ils ne touchent pas le sol [inaudible] … ils étaient presque comme nous imiter.
    Tout d’un coup, ils étaient en face de nous. Je les décris comme étant sur la portée de la main. Et nous avons été gelés. images télépathiques commencé à aller sur mon visage … la communication à travers les yeux … qui est tout ce que je peux vraiment le décrire comme. Il était juste image après image après image.
    L’une des autres filles, debout à côté de moi, elle a obtenu plus de communication sur l’environnement, et, pour moi, le mien était plus d’utilisations de la technologie et [inaudible] utilisations de la technologie.
    [Modérateur parle clairement, pas besoin de transcription.]
    Je vais juste … Je ne l’oublierai jamais ce jour-là.
    Question du public: Avez-vous eu d’autres expériences avec le même être?
    Emily: Je ne sais pas si c’est le même être exact, mais ce que je peux dire … Oui.
    [Emily décrivant une de ses peintures:] Ainsi, lorsque nous parlions du temps (de l’événement, qui) je peignais ici. Je ne sais pas quand je vais réaliser ce que je dessine. Il sort juste. Pour moi, il est comme une énergie qui est tout autour de nous qui est la cause de temps pour arrêter à ce moment-là. [Inaudible, y compris la description du sentiment d’être gelé.]
    Question du public: Pourriez-vous expliquer ce que les autres êtres qui viennent à elle, aussi loin que vous le savez, ressemblent.
    Emily: Tu veux dire quand je vais avoir des expériences? [Oui.] Je vais juste dire qu’ils peuvent changer la perception afin qu’ils puissent changer pour vous faire presque sentir un peu plus à l’aise avec ce que vous avez vu. La dernière rencontre, il y avait des gris. Un visage allait et venait entre un être et le lion.
    [Modérateur parle.] “ }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Author says new book based on UFO sighting over Wellington

    Author says new book based on UFO sighting over Wellington

    Author Steve Alten, photographed at his home in Wellington Monday, June 19, 2017. His book “Undisclosed” was inspired by what he describes as a UFO sighting in Wellington. “It looked like a saucer-shaped object with amber light on the bottom,” he said. “I saw a dozen coming over in staggered pairs. That was a big inspiration for the novel.”
    (Bruce R. Bennett / The Palm Beach Post)

    Three days before he was supposed to meet with a leading UFO researcher, New York Times bestselling author Steve Alten claims he saw something whirling in the sky above Wellington.

    When he examined the odd lights more closely, he says he saw about a dozen saucer-shaped objects with amber lights on the bottoms flying from south to north along State Road 7. They were going in staggered pairs moving “whisper quiet” about 1,000 feet in the air.

    Alten is convinced he saw a series of UFOs that night in 2013 and has been researching it ever since, culminating in a recently released fiction book called “Undisclosed.” His research on aliens and UFOs has cemented his the idea that extraterrestrials exist.

    “Seeing these things for myself takes the belief to a different level because now there is no question about it,” he said at his home in Stonehaven Estates, across the street from Wellington.

    Alten is known for a series of books centered around the fictitious survival of the megalodon, a giant prehistoric shark, inspiring a movie in the works called Meg. He calls his latest novel “faction” instead of “fiction” because it’s based on what he believes are facts. The cover has flying saucers above a farm with the tagline “we’ve been lied to…”

    Allen describes what he saw that night:

    “There were eight to 12 of them flying in staggered pairs, approaching from the south less than a thousand feet above State Road 7. They were far too silent and smooth to be helicopters and they were definitely not planes. As they came closer and passed almost directly overhead we could see the outline of a… well, their saucer-shaped vessels. By this time I had parked the car (my wife) and I just stood and watched them, the two of us incredulous as they moved north through a cloudless night sky… until, pair by pair, they simply faded into the ether.”

    Alten met with Steven Green, a former medical doctor and current “UFOlogist,” who has been working to bring to light what he thinks is a government conspiracy to coverup UFOs and extraterrestrial visits. Alten helped Greer with a recent book called “Unacknowledged” that claims to expose the secrets about aliens.

    Alten said he thinks more than a dozen UFOs crashed or landed starting with one of the more famous incidents in Roswell, N.M., 1947. After decades of speculation, the U.S. military claims the incident was a nuclear test surveillance balloon that crashed on a ranch near the town. Many, however, remain skeptical of that report.

    Alten said he believes government officials and the fossil fuel industry are covering up details.

    “The truth is out there, but first it’s going to really piss you off,” he said.

    There have been hundreds of “UFO sightings” over the years including a famous image of a “flying saucer” over the 2012 London Olympic games, which turned out to be a Goodyear blimp.

    More recently, allegations that NASA cut a live video feed when UFOs appeared, causing the organization to release a statement saying it wasn’t true.

    “It’s very common for things like the moon, space debris, reflection from station windows, the spacecraft structure itself or light from Earth to appear as artifacts in photos and videos from the orbiting laboratory,” the statement reads.

    Alten is still unflinching in his beliefs, but he is moving onto other projects.

    The popular author has lived in the Wellington area for more than 15 years. He wrote his first book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror in 1997, which is set in an alternate world where a giant prehistoric shark, the megalodon, survives. A science fiction horror film called Meg, based on his novel, will be released by Warner Bros. in 2018.

    His books start with an idea followed by character development, months to years of research and then finally writing. He has written more than a dozen books, including eight from the Meg series.

    “Writing is like a muscle,” he said. “The more you use it, the better you get.” }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Mysterious Disappearance of Australian Pilot Frederick Valentich in 1978 - FindingUFO

    The Mysterious Disappearance of Australian Pilot Frederick Valentich in 1978 - FindingUFO

    Published on Apr 4, 2017

    The Disappearance of Australian Pilot Frederick Valentich in 1978.


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    Australia's greatest aviation mystery. Frederick Valentich was a 20 year old pilot who vanished along with his light airplane, somewhere over Bass Strait one Tuesday evening in 1978. 

    No trace has ever been recovered of pilot or aircraft. But what deepens the mystery is what Valentich reported seeing from his plane, in communications with Melbourne air traffic control just minutes before he disappeared forever. 


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    Categorie:News from the FRIENDS of facebook ( ENG )
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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NASA About To Confirm They Have Discovered Alien Life? Or Just More Lies And Waffle?

    NASA About To Confirm They Have Discovered Alien Life? Or Just More Lies And Waffle?

    NASA is apparently primed to reveal its latest set of major discoveries on Monday after scanning planets outside our solar system for life. But many do believe that this could also be yet just more ‘drip feeding’ of disclosure and no real confirmation of anything – Are NASA playing games with us and the TRUTH?

    Many people worldwide are now on the edge of their seats amid hopes the new find could shed light on the search for aliens. Although we are used to disappointment from NASA and being given information which does not really confirm anything.

    NASA has been questing to find the first traces of life to prove man is not alone in the universe.  Just recently we reported on NASA’s latest find of a solar system similar to ours, where there could be the potential for life – please check out our article below:

    The discoveries will come from the team at the Kepler space telescope which looks for habitable worlds outside the Solar System.

    The telescope searches for Earth-sized planets in the “habitable zones” of nearby stars – and has found thousands of planets which could harbour life.  Speculation is mounting about the announcement by NASA – which is set for 3pm on Monday, June 19.

    Infested with life out there – And does NASA know about it?

     As mentioned in our previous article above, last year, NASA announced the incredible find of nine planets orbiting the star TRAPPIST-1.  Three of the planets were believed to be in the star’s habitable zone and capable of harbouring life.

    Scientists are launching a new satellite – the James Webb Telescopes – to study seven of the new worlds! But yet again NASA has not mentioned anything about Alien Beings potentially living on any of these planets and gave excuses as to why that may not be possible (as always!).

    A spokesman for NASA said:

    “The latest Kepler catalog of planet candidates was created using the most sophisticated analyses yet, yielding the most complete and reliable accounting of distant worlds to date.

    “This survey will enable new lines of research in exoplanet study, which looks at planets outside our solar system.”


    This is not the first and definitely not the last NASA announcement about their search for habitable planets, but one thing is for sure, these announcements appear to be happening more frequently – The drip feeding of disclosure is intensifying it appears?!

    NASA know very well that we are NOT alone in the universe and are also aware that we are being visited by numerous different ET races.  Why do they not just tell us this then if that’s that case, I hear you shout?! Well, it appears that the Elite are scared of people like you and I knowing that there are advanced beings visiting us, as they know the kind of opportunities that will arise once the human race has accepted their existence – the Elites false borders and war mongering will be obliterated very very quickly!

    The chances of NASA announcing on Monday is incredibly slim, but please ensure that you listen to their every word, as some where in-between the lines is the TRUTH about what they really know!!!

    Please check out below a couple of our recent articles on why the Elite do not want us to know the truth about the ET’s and also an article on ‘Tabbys star’ which is thought to have a huge Alien megastructure around it.

    Interesting times people.

    MWV }

    19-06-2017 om 15:56 geschreven door peter

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