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Wil je een videoclip bekijken en stoort het X-files-deuntje jou daarbij. Schakel het  deuntje gewoon uit door in deze kolon, helemaal beneden op de 2 witte balkjes in het blauwe cirkeltje te klikken, tot een pijltje verschijnt. Veel kijk- en luisterplezier en bedankt voor jouw bezoek.

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    The purpose of  this blog is the creation of an open, international, independent and  free forum, where every UFO-researcher can publish the results of his/her research. The languagues, used for this blog, are Dutch, English and French.You can find the articles of a collegue by selecting his category.
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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandelijks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Worf, Some Were [Frightened Or Disturbed]… Most, Overwhelmingly, Were Not!

    The Halloween myth of the War of the Worlds panic
    29 October 2011 Last updated at 23:36 GMT By Professor W Joseph Campbell American University, Washington DC
    Orson Welles, talking to reporters on 31 October 1938 about his radio dramatization. Orson Welles would later go on to direct Citizen Kane

    Mass panic and hysteria swept the United States on the eve of Halloween in 1938, when an all-too-realistic radio dramatisation of The War of the Worlds sent untold thousands of people into the streets or heading for the hills.

    The radio show was so terrifying in its accounts of invading Martians wielding deadly heat-rays that it is remembered like no other radio programme.

    Or, more accurately, it is misremembered like no other radio programme.

    Radio unreality

    The panic and terror so routinely associated with The War of the Worlds dramatisation did not come close to a nationwide dimension that night 73 years ago.

    Sure, some Americans were frightened or disturbed by what they heard. But most listeners, overwhelmingly, were not. They recognised it for what it was - a clever and entertaining radio play.

    The War of the Worlds dramatisation was the inspiration of Orson Welles, director and star of the Mercury Theatre on the Air, an hour-long programme that aired on Sunday evenings on CBS Radio.

    Welles was 23 years old, a prodigy destined for lasting fame as director and star of the 1941 motion picture, Citizen Kane.

    His adaptation of The War of the Worlds, a science fiction thriller written by HG Wells and published in 1898, was little short of brilliant.

    A radio broadcast of 'The War Of The Worlds' in 1952 Further radio dramatisations of War of the Worlds spread, including this British production in 1952

    What made the show so compelling was the use of simulated on-the-scene radio reports telling of the first landing of Martian invaders near Princeton, New Jersey, and their swift and deadly advance to New York City.

    American audiences had become accustomed to news reports interrupting radio programmes. They had heard them often during the war scare in Europe in late summer and early autumn of 1938.

    Welles played on this familiarity to stunning effect. In doing so, he created a delicious and tenacious media myth.

    Newspaper headlines across America told of the terror that Welles' show supposedly created.

    "Radio Listeners in Panic, Taking War Drama as Fact," declared the New York Times. "Radio Fake Scares Nation," cried the Chicago Herald and Examiner. "US Terrorized By Radio's 'Men From Mars,'" said the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Exaggerated effect

    Yet we know from several sources that the reports of thousands of panic-stricken Americans were wildly exaggerated.

    Hadley Cantril, a Princeton University psychologist, estimated that six million people listened to The War of the Worlds dramatisation. Of that number, perhaps 1.2 million listeners were "frightened" or "disturbed" by what they heard, Mr Cantril figured.

    "Frightened" and "disturbed," of course, are hardly synonymous with "panic-stricken." Overall, Mr Cantril's data signal that most listeners, by far, were not upset by the show.

    Close reading of contemporaneous newspaper reports also reveals the fright that night was highly exaggerated.

    Newspapers presented sweeping claims about thousands or even millions of panic-stricken Americans, but offered little supporting documentation.

    Most newspapers printed dispatches sent by wire services such as the Associated Press, which extrapolated widespread fear from small numbers of scattered, anecdotal accounts.

    Newspapers, moreover, reported no deaths or serious injuries related to The War of the Worlds broadcast: had panic and hysteria seized America that night, the mayhem surely would have caused many deaths and injuries.

    For newspapers, the so-called "panic broadcast" brought newspapers an exceptional opportunity to censure radio, a still-new medium that was becoming a serious competitor in providing news and advertising.

    Newspaper leader columns in the days immediately after the broadcast helped deepen the impression that Welles' programme had sown hysteria.

    "Radio is new but it has adult responsibilities," chided the New York Times. "It has not mastered itself or the material it uses."

    Despite its wobbly basis, the myth of mass panic remains steadfastly attached to The War of the Worlds programme. It is part of the lore of Orson Welles, the bad-boy genius who did his best work before he turned 30.

    And it's a tale just too delectable not to be true.

    W Joseph Campbell is a professor at American University in Washington, DC. He wrote about the myth of The War of the Worlds programme in his latest book, Getting It Wrong. He often writes about media myths at his blog, Media Myth Alert.

    31-10-2011 om 16:57 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Worf, Have U Looked In The Mirror Lately?
    Hi all:

    This is a documentary about the anti ET psychosocial (babble) interpretations for ufos. What is wrong with this thesis? Please your informed opinions!
    Kind regards.
    Where Are All the UFO's? - Full

    30-10-2011 om 12:20 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Looking Beyond The Next Horizon!!!
    Edgar Mitchell on UFOs and Consciousness
    Edgar Mitchel's opening address to the FIONS conference on UFOs and Consciousness produced by Alan Steinfeld and

    29-10-2011 om 18:23 geschreven door peter

    0 1 2 3 4 5 - Gemiddelde waardering: 0/5 - (0 Stemmen)
    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer's Files #44 2011 - China Bullish on Moon, Comet Elenin Zips By

    Filer's Files # 44 - 2011

    UFO over New York City on October 6, 2011

    George A. Filer III.

    MUFON Eastern Region Director

    October 26, 2011

    Filer's Files are now being emailed to 8750 each week.

    If you wish to no longer receive emails from us please visit your profile

    Get your own weekly updates! Subscribe to Filer's Files here

    What to read past issues? View Filer's Files Archives

    In special reports, this week's files cover: Lord Dowding says, "UFOs Are Extraterrestrial, Alien Photographed in Brazil, Our Sun is Active, China Plans to Own the Moon, Rays May Indicate Someone Else is Mining the Moon, and Comet Elenin Zips by Earth in Pieces.

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Washington.

    Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Canada, Chili, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, India, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Sweden, and England in the United Kingdom.

    The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

    Involved with 99 Occupy?

    This is a beta site, so feedback is encouraged at

    Special Reports

    1954, Lord Dowding says, "UFOs Are Extraterrestrial"

    Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Air Force Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain,

    "More than 10,000 sightings have been reported, the majority of which cannot be accounted for by any "scientific explanation... I am convinced that these objects do exist and that they are not manufactured by any nation on Earth. I can therefore see no alternative to accepting the theory that they come from some extraterrestrial source.

    Printed in Sunday Dispatch, London, July 11, 1954.

    Alien Photographed in Brazil

    A still from a video apparently taken by British tourists in Mamas region of the Amazon showing an alien-like creature standing in the Brazilian jungle..

    The Brazilian-alien rainforest: is this creature exclusively pictured in the Amazon Jungle's Rainforest from outer space?! What is the mysterious-looking "light orb" trailing the alien being ... his energy or weapons pack?! / has the rainforest replaced area 51 as the aliens' new home base on earth on earth?! -- By Simon Tomlinson, the Mail Online.

    Our Sun is Active

    Solar activity is now unusually active with risks of M-class flares from a series of sunspot regions close to the west limb of the Sun. An M1 flare occurred on October 22, 2011 most likely from region 1314 or 1319, peaking around 11:10 UT. The sun's flares were followed by eruptions on Mount Etna volcano on the island of Sicily, southern Italy. Ash from the eruption has caused a closure at the airport in nearby Catania, Sicily's second-largest city.

    Etna was shooting lava 300 feet (100 meters) into the air.

    A powerful 7.2 earthquake hit Eastern Turkey on October 23, 2011, apparently causing the deaths of hundreds.

    China Plans to Own the Moon

    RobertBegilow.jpgForget simply putting a man on the moon. China's ambition of placing an operational lunar base on the moon's surface could be the first step in a move to gain territorial and mineral rights by right of presence and development.

    Robert Bigelow, hotel magnate and aerospace entrepreneur, has a dire warning for the world, "Not only is China now the dominant manufacturing entity on the planet, it might soon say the same thing off Earth as well. In fact, the Asian nation could very well own the moon before long. With plans to establish a manned lunar facility in a few years, China has plans to be the first nation to establish a base of operations on the moon. Bigelow believes that it will be just the first step in a lunar land grab by the Chinese, one complete with territorial dominance and mineral rights. China's population explosion can be used to colonize the Moon.

    In what Bigelow refers to as "Solar System Monopoly," it appears as if China will be the first to "Pass Go, Collect $200" and begin to acquire real estate off-planet. With plenty of money, a national direction, and the personnel and technology to do it, it has been reported that China could have a moon base up and functioning in the mid-2020. But according to Discovery News, by the time U.S. astronauts return to the moon they may need permission to touch down -- from China, which is laying the groundwork for a lunar land grab, says long-time space advocate and entrepreneur Robert Bigelow.

    Owning the moon is the first step in a game Bigelow, founder of Nevada-based Bigelow Aerospace, calls "Solar System Monopoly."

    "This will characterize the 21st and 22nd centuries and beyond. If we ignore this, it will be at our extreme peril," Bigelow said at the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight under way this week in Las Cruces, N.M. "This would endure for a very long time," he said. "It's priceless. ... Nothing else that China could possibly do in the next 15 years could produce as great a benefit."

    China is aiming to establish a Moon base by 2020. With the newly discovered mineral richness of Earth's nearest neighbor, China could set up mining operations, establishing de facto monopolies over titanium and Helium-3, that are rare on Earth but found with regularity on the moon. H elium-3 will someday be used as fuel for nuclear fusion without the threat of radiation. The moon's raw materials could also be turned into the water, oxygen, building materials and rocket fuel needed for human exploration. But Bigelow said the biggest payoff would come in the form of international prestige, just as it did for the United States after the moon landings.

    Bigelow, who founded Bigelow Aerospace and has developed inflatable space modules (in an enterprise designed for a "hotel in space" experience that he hopes to have operational by 2016), believes that the U. S. needs to rekindle its commitment to space exploration and the fear of a Chinese presence on the moon might just do that.

    "Hopefully this will produce the fear factor necessary to motivate Americans," he said.

    Even without the fear, the U. S. is ill-suited to do anything in the way of competition for the Chinese. With the retirement of the shuttle program in July, NASA manned missions are in suspension for an indeterminate time. Astronaut missions at the International Space Station (ISS) will be accomplished with the help of the Russians, who will ferry Americans to the ISS for the next decade or so.

    So who will contest the Chinese? Apparently, no country is in the economic position to compete with China for the moon. The US may have to reveal its military space capabilities or partner with private space exploration companies such as his own and Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.

    In short, China could build a lunar base and begin mining, claiming both territory and mineral rights for its own. From a central position, it could then manufacture outposts, other mining operations, extending its territory. Japan has plans to build a lunar base as well, but not until 2030. By then, they might need permission to land -- or be relegated to areas of the moon less optimal for establishing a base, less mineral rich, perhaps even dependent upon the Chinese for a water supply. Water was discovered on the moon by a NASA probe in 2010, thereby fostering ideas of self-sustaining long-term lunar facilities.

    Mark Sirangelo of Sierra Nevada Corp., one of several firms working to develop commercial passenger spaceships for NASA and other potential users, In the last two years, the Obama administration has killed both the Constellation program (designed as America's next man-on-the-moon project) and placed a spending freeze on NASA's budget, suspending it at roughly the same as the 2010 fiscal budget for the following five years.

    China Satellite Parked in Space After Visiting Moon

    China's second moon probe called Chang'e 2 , is parked at a stable spot in deep space, called a Lagrangian point, as part of a new mission to study the sun, Earth's magnetic field and alien spacecraft movement.

    The multi-tasking spacecraft completed its moon mapping mission in June and is now conducting reconnaissance of space at a stable point in space on the side of the Earth opposite the sun. Its new mission may be a signal of China's expanding prowess in space. At L2, Chang'e 2 is about 932,056 miles (1.5 million kilometers) from Earth. Most Marvelous Moon Missions ]

    Rays May Indicate Someone Else is Mining the Moon

    With binoculars anyone can view various craters on the Moon with bright rays expanding out from the craters. Rays are the most mysterious and most extraordinary features on the Moon. Astronomers believe the rays are composed of fine particles explosively ejected when a meteorite hits the lunar surface. The rays are likely pulverized rock of the kind that Those who ascribe to theories of rays being formed by finely pulverized ejecta that radiate from meteorite craters must explain why less than half the craters have rays. The rays of Tycho 85 mile diameter crater extend for over a thousand miles radiating from the outer walls even to the limit of the visible hemisphere.

    A simple lunar impact crater. This small, well-preserved crater (Moltke: D = 7 km) shows features typical of simple impact craters: a circular outline, a bowl-like shape, an uplifted rim, and hummocky deposits of ejecta around the rim. covers the lunar surface A crater is formed when ejecta is ejected generally in a circular pattern around the crater for a few miles. However, strange white trails called rays are visible on the lunar surface that go on for hundreds of miles. It seems unlikely that any meteoritic impact would create rays that form single lines for these long distances. When the astronauts reached the Moon they complained about the white dust they picked up on their feet and clothing and carried inside their craft. The UFOs frequently seen on the Moon could logically spread the white dust.

    We now know minerals and water exists on the Moon along with evidence of mining. Let's assume that mining is a reality on the Moon and that spaceships would pick up the white dust as they land and are loaded. When the ships take off the dust would tend to fall off leaving a trial or path across the lunar surface. This Apollo photos shows an elliptical crater 1 km long with an unusual, wing like pattern of rays in Mare Tranquillity near where Apollo 11 landed. AS15-9254P . I suggest this pattern would more likely be formed by mining activities than a meteoritic impact.

    Orbital view of the unusual Moon craters Messier and Messier A from Apollo 15 . From images like this, lunar scientists have concluded that these lunar craters were produced by high velocity projectiles following shallow trajectories traveling from east (upper right) to west (lower left).

    This unique crater, situated in Mare Fecunditatis has a form deviating remarkably from the usual circular one and has two bright and conspicuous rays. Messier is about 1,250 meters deep and of an elongated form, measuring about 11 km in length and 8 km in width. Its longitude is 48 deg East and its latitude at 2 deg South.

    Messier A lies about 20 km west of Messier, at a longitude of 47.6 deg East, latitude 1.9d South. It is a double crater, measuring 11 x 13 km. The smaller, older crater was superimposed by a newer, a bit larger crater. The bright double ray, reaching out from these two craters to the West for 120 km resembles a comet with a tail. Scientists claim the craters and the rays were probably created by a very narrow-angle grazing impact.

    I suggest that mining dust carried by spacecraft could explain the unusual patterns.

    There is no atmosphere on the Moon to cause erosion and cause the rays to disappear from most of the craters. The rays do not extend uniformly in all directions, but suggest a route traveled by spaceships carrying minerals.

    Kathy from Australia sent this lunar landscape that may indicate open pit mining on the moon.

    085H3...Mare Serenitatis.........25E - 25 N

    Copyright 2009 JFS

    Moon Express Passes Test

    Moon Express, a Google Lunar X PRIZE contender, announced that it has successfully demonstrated a critical component of its lunar landing technology to NASA under its Innovative Lunar Demonstration Data (ILDD) Program contract. The Moon Express Mini-Radar System promises to radically reduce the cost and mass of the company's commercial lunar landing system. NASA has reviewed and accepted the Moon Express Mini-Radar data package under the company's commercial lunar data contract.

    Radar provides autonomous landing spacecraft with crucial ranging information to the surface and has been one of the most challenging and high risk elements of all Lander systems.

    These included multiple dynamic tests on the Lunar Lander Test Vehicle, developed in partnership with NASA, and long range tests on the Zeppelin Eureka', owned and operated by Airship Ventures, which took the Mini-Radar on flight tests. Jain's company plans to piggyback on private shuttle flights, using them to carry his lunar Landers and mining platforms to the moon.

    Naveen Jain's company plans to piggyback on private shuttle flights, using them to carry his lunar Landers and mining platforms to the moon.

    Our nearest neighbor in the sky holds a ransom in precious minerals, Jain explained, "Twenty times more titanium and platinum than anywhere on earth, not to mention helium 3, a rare isotope of helium that many feel could be the future of energy on Earth and in space. China, Japan, India and the European Space Agency all have plans to send spaceships to the moon and conduct mining operations. By Alan Boyle Foxnews

    Doomsday' Comet Elenin Zips by Earth in Pieces

    Amateur astronomer Michael Mattiazzo of Castlemaine, Australia caught these two images of comet Elenin on Aug. 19 (left) and Sept. 6, 2011. The images show a rapid dimming in the comet, possibly hinting at its disintegration.

    Mike Wall writes, Amateur astronomer Michael Mattiazzo of Castlemaine, Australia caught these two images of comet Elenin on Aug. 19 (left) and Sept. 6, 2011. The images show a rapid dimming of the comet, hinting at its disintegration.

    CREDIT: Michael Mattiazzo. We can all breathe a sigh of relief: The so-called "doomsday comet" Elenin made its closest flyby of Earth Sunday (Oct. 16), and no cataclysms ensued. Some sky watching soothsayers had predicted that Elenin's approach Sunday would trigger catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis. Others had sounded even more dire alarms, suggesting that Elenin was not a comet at all but a rogue planet called Nibiru whose Earth encounter could usher in the apocalypse.

    But none of that came to pass, as Elenin zipped by our planet at the safe remove of 22 million miles (35.4 million kilometers) and sped off into deep space. Or crumbs of the comet did, anyway. [ Gallery: Comet Elenin in Pictures]

    The comet began breaking up after getting hammered by a powerful solar storm in August, and a close pass by the sun on Sept. 10 apparently finished Elenin off, scientists say. So what cruised by Earth over the weekend was likely a stream of debris, not an intact comet.

    "Now it's just a cloud of particles that will follow along in the comet's path and exit the solar system, and we won't see any of the particles for at least another 12 millenia," said astronomer Don Yeomans, of the Near-Earth Object Program Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.

    A small, unremarkable comet

    Comet Elenin was discovered in December 2010 by Russian amateur astronomer Leonid Elenin. The comet's core likely measured 2 to 3 miles (3 to 5 km) across before it broke up, scientists say.

    The apocalyptic rumor mill generated by Elenin's arrival on the sky watching scene was completely unwarranted, Yeomans said. The comet was far too small to influence Earth gravitationally, and it never posed a danger of hitting our planet.

    The school bus-size space rock passed with 212,000 miles (341,000 km) of Earth — just inside the orbit of the moon. Like Elenin, 2009 TM8 never posed a danger of striking us, astronomers said. The prophecies about Elenin failed to come true. Thanks to senior writer Mike Wall.

    Sightings in the United States

    Arkansas Oblong

    Blevins -- We saw an unknown oblong shaped object moving east fast on September 22, 2011, at 7:04 PM. There was a jet following not far behind that looked to be white or silver in color.

    There was no sound nor could we make out any wings or lights on it. We used a Droid X phone to take pictures so they are not the best of quality. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

    CAcoalingsDisc 2006.jpgCalifornia Disc Photo and Triangle

    CoalingS -- My girlfriend is a wildfire photographer and after we became close friends so I wouldn't laugh, she showed me her UFO photo taken in 2006.

    While photographing a grass fire east of Coalings, CA, she set her camera to auto at one frame per second. In one frame, a disc shaped object with a dark circular dot on the underside appears. It does not show in time stamped frames one second before or after. Under magnification, the object appears to eclipse a power line behind it!

    A fire official asked for a copy. No aircraft were dispatched on this fire and no other aircraft were observed in the area, Thanks to MUFON CMS

    VALLEY VILLAGE -- I was driving home on Route 101 at 11:23 pm on October 14, 2011, when I saw four very bright lights in the air. They looked like bright car headlights illuminating the foggy cloud cover around them. I thought it was a jet taking off from Burbank Airport, but the light coming down from the craft illuminated a patch of highway. It was only a 100 feet high as it passed over my car flying about 35 mph with four bright white lights. I saw a silver-colored triangular object with steady red light at the point, two green lights midway down each side, and with lights at the rear corners. Thanks to MUFON CMS .and Ken Pfeifer UFO

    Connecticut Disc

    MYSTIC -- Began our trip home to Hartford after dinner and opened the moon roof to feel the clear night air on October 9, 2011 traveling at 60 mph. I saw a blinking object off in the distance. At 7:25 pm near exit 73 all cars on Route I-95 came to a complete stop because of an accident. We were sitting on the highway with a long line of red taillights in a vast parking lot. I looked up through the moon roof and hovering above us was a large flat rounded disk with five reticulating lights. It was 500 feet above us and 200 feet from the road. Then fifty feet below the first, lights came on and off a second disc. These two objects were within 100 feet of each other and looked identical except for different operation of the lights.

    I was in shock, as I have never seen a disc before let alone two at one time. Later, as we drove away I could still see one stationary object in the rear view mirror with its lights blinking on and off? These objects were disk shaped with perhaps fifteen to twenty lights around the entire circumference of the craft. The objects were two half's of an inverted bowl. Each silver craft was about 80 feet long with a height of its length. I contacted the police but they did not respond. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Delaware Lights

    HARRINGTON -- I was driving to my farm on October 7, 2011, and while adjusting my sun visor two shiny silver crafts caught my eye. I saw one, then another about a mile behind it 10,000 feet up. I tried to take pictures but they did not show up on camera. They were cigar shaped with no wings with a black band in the middle.

    Two days later, about a mile away I saw the same craft. The above image is a rendering. Thanks to KEN PFEIFER WWW.WORLD UFO PHOTOS.COM and MUFON CMS system.

    Florida Lights

    St. Petersburg --These three photos were taken from my cell phone on October 15, 2011 at 7:10 PM, in a Winn Dixie Parking lot. People were pointing at the lights and I shot images. This third one is so amazing you can see such clear detail when you zoom in. I am going down to the spot tonight and see if I can capture more. My cell phone seems quick enough to capture great details.

    Note: The photos show mid to high cloudiness. Ironically the local weather observations do not indicate any cloudiness. Sunset was at 7:10 PM EDT (about 10 minutes before the photos were taken).

    Comments -- On October 15, 2011 at 11:30 PM I saw the same triangular lights in Sarasota that were reported earlier that evening in St. Petersburg. They traveled slowly east and faded away. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

    Illinois Disc

    Country Club Hills -- It was 7:40 PM, on a cloudy night two friends and myself saw a bright silver saucer in the sky that moved slowly then almost stopped on October 18, 2011. It returned to its normal speed as a red light circled around it. During this ten minute event four planes passed over. After the event the sky got brighter.

    (NUFORC Note: Our Center has received reports that there was a commercial blimp cruising over Illinois, but has not been confirmed.) Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Indiana 1890 UFO

    LOGANSPORT -- This is a strange story I thought I should share to see if anybody could do anything with it. I have a video tape of my great grandma and her sisters talking about old stories when they were kids. One sister started talking about a story her father made her promise to never talk about, but since she was over 90 years old she didn't think it mattered anymore. Apparently, the event took place in the Logansport, Indiana area about 1890. My Great Aunt would take a horse and cart bringing lunch out to where her father and grandfather were working. She heard them yelling at her to get inside the woods nearby and hide.

    She complied and they told her that they had been watching some sort of flying machine that didn't make any sort of noise flying around the field. They watched little people get out of the craft and take pieces of corn and soil, and then they flew away. The men had been hiding in the woods for some time afraid to leave. All the people in the video have now passed on, but my Grandma who is now in her mid 80's, gave me this tape because she was curious if I could find any other reports from that time frame of anybody reporting the same sort of thing. I have the tape of the story, and that's about it. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

    Michigan Mothership

    LAKE MICHIGAN -- My son and I were outside in are front yard on October 22, 2011 at 9:30 PM, when we saw several objects, let's call them craft flying directly above us. The best way to describe it is looked like a fleet of triangular ships that were different sizes. Six small ones were heading in a straight line east to west, four medium and one massive triangle, a mothership was at the end of the convoy. The smaller craft were flying like geese heading south at first, but then they broke off in different directions and formed a tight triangle. They did this a couple times always heading due west. The medium triangles followed the BIG one. I lost sight of them when they reached Lake Michigan shoreline. We saw them clearly. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Minnesota Light

    Mankota -- I saw this orange light in the sky moving very fast. I heard no sound at all October 15, 2011 at 9 PM. I thought that you could post it.

    Note: Increasing the brightness reveals a building which reveals that the movement of the light is real and not due to camera movement. Many sightings of orange orbs have been reported throughout the U.S. and Canada in the past few months. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

    New York City Triangle

    NEW YORK CITY -- My wife and I were out on the balcony of our high rise overlooking the Hudson River on October 6, 2011, and we first noticed it close to the George Washington Bridge. The light was huge but did not move and lights were circling underneath the object. It changed shapes for over an hour. We have a great view in all directions and see numerous aircraft, but we have not seen anything like this. I used a Nikon Coolpix L110, 12.1 Megapixel, 15X wide optical zoom VR. I was really taken back by what I saw. Special thanks to the photographer Ibrahim Varol of New York City and Ken Pfeifer ufo

    South Carolina Blue Triangular Glow

    Bluffton -- We were walking home at 10:50 PM, when we noticed a light that was too bright in the night sky moving horizontally and then vertically at a very fast rate on October 1, 2011. We stopped to look and saw that the light was triangular glow from the craft-looked blue in color. The craft was very high up further away than some planes. We continued to watch the craft for another 15 minutes as it moved up and down, side to side very quickly. I know it's not either a plane or helicopter, because neither can move that quickly from vertical to horizontal.
    I am a female, 59 years old who lives in Texas where my husband sighted a UFO on our ranch in College Station about seven years ago. We own an oilfield service company. My companion at the sighting was my 61 years old psychologist sister-in-law and 60 year old teacher friend. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Tennessee Triangles

    COLUMBIA -- On October 9, 2011, at 9 PM, as I traveled home from a house 1.5 miles away from mine, I began to notice a new light installed on the Baptist Church, but soon came to realize it was a triangular shaped craft with three bottom bright lights. The lights on the craft were so bright they illuminated the ground below the craft and temporarily blinded me. It was moving slowly only thirty feet above ground causing me to swerve as the craft rotated, much like how a helicopter lowers its nose so that the pilot could look towards the ground ahead of the craft. I tried to take a picture. I felt cold and light headed as this craft obviously searching for something. After "looking at me" for a few seconds the craft moved above my vehicle, and in fear I sped off towards my house. It was headed northwest and flying very low and suddenly disappeared.

    Are they are returning to attempt to find the civilizations they left long ago? What sort of intentions do they have? Thanks to Ken Pfeifer, and MUFON CMS

    Memphis -- These solid black triangles were hovering at 2 pm last week and witnessed by a veteran police officer. This is a computer-generated sketch he made of exactly what he saw. He determined with the Weather Bureau that the altitude of the cloud cover at the time was 4000 feet, and these craft were right under it. His sighting lasted for only ten seconds; and when he turned to tell two other officers to take a look, but when they did, the two mysterious craft had just disappeared. If anybody can possibly identify these things as secret military craft of some kind, please contact me Eddie Middleton, Tennessee State MUFON Director at Eddie Middleton / Night Search Host,

    Texas Triangle

    San Benito -- On October 1, 2011, a v' shaped silent object was spotted traveling southeast with dim white lights in South Texas. The silent low V' shaped flying object was traveling southeast at 60 mph with dim fluorescent color of lights. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Washington Report

    OCEAN SHORES -- Northwest Cable News reports on an investigation into a reported UFO sighting.Around 8:15 PM, Tuesday night several people reported seeing a glowing glob of red light that traveled north along the beach. It paused, and then went westbound over the ocean at a high rate of speed before it disappeared. Two Ocean Shores policeofficers and a couple of civilian witnesses reported seeing the object. This isn't the first time someone's reported seeing a UFO there. Police are investigating the possibility that the lights came from a radio controlled airplane; we're thinking more along the lines of a message from Vega. Thanks to Northwest focus and Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. -- Kimberly A.C. Wilson --

    Worldwide Sightings

    Canada Orange Lights

    Thunder Bay -- I was explaining to a friend about the night sky, when I had this sense something was there at 12:53 AM, on October 1, 2011. I saw dim orange lights on a silent object. When I looked back up in the sky, I saw a "T" like figure with only one side of the "T" visible. There were nine very dim lights from a possible craft that was translucent, silent and using the stars as a camouflage. It was only visible for a few seconds but when I looked up it was gone. The craft started to turn 90 degrees in all directions, left to right, and spun from side to side. It was only 200-250 feet in the air hovering above me when I looked up. It was 1 1/2 times bigger than the moon. The object looked like an: 0 000 00000. I felt like it was watching me. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Chile UFO Video

    SANTIAGO -- Billy Booth writes, "There were power blackouts in Chile on the 24th of September in Santiago and surrounding areas. During this time, a number of UFO sightings were reported, and several individuals were able to record video of UFOs. Some blamed the blackouts on the UFOs, but Energy Minister Rodrigo Alvarez stated that the cause was not known, that might be computer problems.

    The blackout occurred at 8:30 PM, and power was partially restored in two hours.

    Check out the video at UFOs over Santiago, Chile,

    Denmark Photo

    Bretleben -- My daughter (10) who was standing at the window pointed at something in the sky on October 14, 2011, at 18:30 GMT. I asked her if it was an airplane, helicopter or balloon, she said, "No, something else. I agreed and called my wife who came and saw the same object. We looked through a telescope and took photos. The object looks like a probe and rotates slowly and has sometimes a butterfly look. It doesn't look like it was made on earth. We lost it after five minutes. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Dominican Republic Boomerang Shaped Lights

    Barahona -- Lights shaped like boomerang on October 2, 2011, at 9:50 PM. The object was seen for 15 seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    France Boomerang

    PARIS -- On June 26, 2011, about 1 AM, I made an observation of a UFO about a dark and silent boomerang above Paris buildings. I was lying down in the grass and watching the sky starting around 11 PM and spent about an hour in that way. Approaching midnight I was astonished to two stars moving together in the same direction. I realized that those lights were surrounded by another light what gave the object a boomerang shape. The object had four lights on one side and two on the other moving to the southwest.

    The object was dark and looked transparent because the color was the same as the sky. It was close and much bigger than the other aircraft I could observe. I could see in the sides of the boomerang wings plus six airplanes flying in the same direction. After ten minutes of observation when trying to take photos the object disappeared. I called the police to leave a report. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    India Loud UFO

    NEW DELHI -- I saw UFO and an aircraft come from the same direction. The UFO was emitting tilting light and was hovering in place for more than an hour. It was creating a huge sound and sometimes a humming sound. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Puerto Rico Circle

    Mayaguez -- Object was emitting a bright orange light moving rapidly in a southern direction and rapidly changing course and altitude every couple of seconds it disappeared after taking a rapid west turn on October 2, /2011, at 7:27 pm.

    The sighting occurred at an altitude of approximately of 3000 feet above sea level in mid valley. The sighting lasted for two minutes. ((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    South Africa Circles of Light

    Gordon's Bay -- A October 22,201, report states, "Tonight six of us saw the weirdest blue, green, red, and yellow distinct circles of light hovering and moving around up in the sky. We were up on the hill overlooking the bay and saw lights above the beachfront. Our friend Roger went outside to smoke and a saw them and called us so they could have been there longer. We watched from 10.15 pm to about 10.45 PM, until they suddenly just went out. A big angular butterfly' shape with squarish wings' continued to "float and be visible until the clouds covered it for about five minutes. We could see it through the binoculars. The circles were definitely distinct dots of lights that kept changing. green, blue, red yellow, They looked like the Olympic circles continuously turning around each other and flashing,

    The object would move across the sky and then hover in place changing to a white light and then the Olympic circle' type lights would start flashing again. My sister and I have footage that is a bit cloudy. Thanks to Nina Schidt at

    Sweden UFO Disc

    Svedalen -- Tracey Parece reports, "On Wednesday, October 19, 2011, a UFO was spotted in the skies over Svedalen, Sweden. The UFO was reportedly seen flying to close to a mountain by a man who has been recording UFO videos and sharing them online since September 2010 under the name CosmicStarTraveler.

    The observer was cooking food when he spotted the UFO out the window of his home. Fortunately, he was able to grab his video camera and record the large glowing disc.

    The UFO seemed to change shape and become brighter. The amazing close-up photograph of this UFO shows a flat glowing disc illuminated by an orange light. The video shows that the object had multiple blinking lights and was definitely not an airplane. See YouTube.

    UK Disc

    skelmersdale and lathom --I have been photographing craft since may 2008 and have seen four large spherical objects, but they would not appear on the camera viewfinder. I know these beings are here and this area must be a window area of some type? See attached photos all taken since may 2008 up to October 2011. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    UFO Conferences

    • 8th Annual Mysteries of the Space and Sky Conference in Hanover, Maryland on Saturday, October 29 from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

      The conference will be held at the Ramada Inn, 7253 Parkway Drive, Hanover, Maryland, 21076, near BWI airport.

      UFO / ET Congress

      Bordentown, New Jersey November 11th, 12th & 13th, 2011 at Ramada Inn 1083 US Highway 206, Bordentown, NJ 08505. Near US Highway 206 and the New Jersey Turnpike Exit 7 The Ramada Inn -- 1-609-298-3200 For more information on speakers and their talks check the Speakers page. For information on registration see the Registration page

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    I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I could get people interested in getting my work of the last thirteen years. I have put together a DVD of Filer's Files with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings.

    Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter's exciting abduction story by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell has also included much of his excellent dialog for a donation of only $50.

    We also include a year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Wait A Minute! Carl? M[enzel] J[unior]? Really?
    Carl Sagan Joins MJ-12 in 1966 (Dark Skies)

    There are two sequences in this video. The first is an interview that a 32-year-old Carl Sagan gave to CBS News back in 1966 for a UFO documentary. The next sequence are clips from the NBC sci-fi series "Dark Skies" where Sagan is recruited into Majestic (MJ-12) in 1966 and develops early SETI in 1967.

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    I Know What I Saw 2011

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Let's Rate "Them" Higher Than The H-Bomb [Or Anything In History]!!!
    UFOs the Secret History - HD Movie Feature

    "Scrupulously accurate, intelligently conceived, UFOs: The Secret History is the thinking viewer's guide to the puzzles and paradoxes of an extraordinary phenomenon that continues to haunt our times and trouble our dreams. It is also gorgeously filmed - a feast to eye and mind, a thrilling experience on every level." - Jerome Clark, author of the award-winning, multi-volume UFO Encyclopedia.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Weirdest But Dirtiest Hoax In UFO History [One Day After My June 20 Birthday]?
    UFO Hunters - The UFO Before Roswell 1_1
    Six unidentified objects were seen near Maury Island, Washington; two Air Force officers later came to the site, investigated, and collected evidence. Their plane crashed near Kelso, Washington. The crew analyzes the crash site and looks at evidence.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NEW HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLE ON UFOs
    Please read and distribute this widely:
    Robert Hastings
    Holloman Ufo
    This UFO was photographed by a government employee over the Holloman Air Development Center in New Mexico in 1964. Conspiracy theorists have claimed the photo is proof that the U.S. government has been in contact with aliens.

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    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer's Files #43 2011 - Flying Triangles Report, Life on Jupiter's Moon Europa

    Filer's Files # 43 - 2011

    On October 1, 2011, a cylinder-shaped UFO appeared in over Brazil.

    George A. Filer III.

    MUFON Eastern Region Director

    October 19, 2011

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    In special reports, this week's files cover: Jupiter's Moon Europa may have life? And Do Flying Triangles Have Underwater Bases?

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.

    Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Greece, Puerto Rico, and England in the United Kingdom.

    The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

    Special Reports

    Jupiter's Moon Europa May Have Life

    That bright "star" in the east? It's the planet Jupiter, now at its brightest for the year may have life. The prestigious EFE news agency reports on the controversial statements made by Russian astrophysicist Boris Rodionov to Moscow's Komsomolskaya Pravda. He claims to have proof of the existence of "a highly developed extraterrestrial civilization on Europa one of the satellites of the planet Jupiter".

    The astrophysicist also claims that the enigmatic "UFO" phenomenon which has stimulated popular imagination worldwide could well be "outriders for this civilization."

    Wielding a vast amount of scientific data and photographs transmitted by NASA's "Galileo" probe, Rodionov, a tenured professor of Microphysics and Cosmophysics of the State Institute of Physical Engineering, stated that Europa, smallest of Jupiter's four main satellites, "was inhabited by an ancient and technologically advanced civilization." Through the use of a high-powered computer and sophisticated photographic analysis technology, the scientist managed to obtain a close-up with a record-breaking resolution of nine kilometers from the satellite's surface, enabling him to make out the contours of what he calls pipes, tunnels and spherical domes. The photo clearly shows--according to Rodionov--that the lines formerly considered as mere fissures by the scientific community actually cross over each other like a knot of expressways.

    According to Rodionov, the variety of "pipelines" and "tunnels", having a diameter similar to the "Chunnel" that crosses the English Channel, is surprising. Chunnel has a total length of 50.5 kilometers with 38 kilometers beneath the sea going 75 meters deep. There are two under water tunnel tunnels side by side with each a diameter of 8.17 meters.

    "There are 100 kilometer Europa segments, as well as other pipelines having immense junctures or orifices between them."

    Anyone may join the controversy, since the image in which Rodionov claims to see the aforementioned pipelines and tunnels is available to anyone having Internet access. This photo, which is available from the NASA/JPL net server that provides images for the "Galileo" mission, in fact portrays a number of lines or fissures, which cross each other at different elevations, as the scientist has claimed. Having a width of 20 to 40 kilometers and thousands of kilometers in length, it is believed that the fissures are attributable to a period of global expansion on Europa, caused by volcanic eruptions or geysers under its frosty surface, creating a series of fractures on the ice crust.

    JPL claims,

    The image shows a region of Europa's crust made up of blocks which are thought to have broken apart and "rafted" into new positions. These features are the best geologic evidence to date that Europa may have had a subsurface ocean at some time in its past. Combined with the geologic data, the presence of a magnetic field leads scientists to believe an ocean is most likely present at Europa today. In this false color image, reddish-brown areas represent non-ice material resulting from geologic activity. White areas are rays of material ejected during the formation of the 25-km diameter impact crater Pwyll.

    Icy plains are shown in blue tones to distinguish possibly coarse-grained ice (dark blue) from fine-grained ice (light blue). Long, dark lines are ridges and fractures in the crust, some of which are more than 3,000 kilometers (1,850 miles) long. These images were obtained by NASA's Galileo spacecraft during September 7, 1996, at a distance of 677,000 kilometers (417,489 miles).

    Editors Note: Similar tubes are visible on Mars (shown here) and thought to be part of a transportation system. Although some are visible on the surface many tubes go underground like subways.

    Do Flying Triangles Have Underwater Bases?

    Omar Fowler writes, "The arrival of a Flying Triangle UFO craft in Missouri and Kansas in 1980, caused concern and wonderment, as hundreds of witnesses, including policemen, watched a huge craft displaying a triangular pattern of lights, move slowly over the countryside for a period of four hours. It was seen over 22 towns and at one stage the enormous craft "as big as a football field." appeared to be dropping what a local truck driver described as satellites, which appeared to be round and emitted a bluish glow. The whole event was tracked on radar during the four hour period. Within a decade, Flying Triangular craft were to be reported worldwide.

    During January 1981, a huge boomerang shaped craft was seen over Arizona, with one witness proclaiming the object "was bigger than several football fields!" The V shaped craft was later reported over New York State and Connecticut in March 1983. Once again the craft was described as being "as big as two football fields" and this time, the craft flashed its lights on and off as though trying to attract attention. The next major event was the Belgian Flap, when huge triangular craft (shown above) visited this small country during 1989/90.

    The SOBEPS Group (Societe Belge d Etudes des Phenomenes Spatiaux), was inundated with hundreds of reports during this period. Such was the efficiency of their organization that the Belgian Air Force asked for their co-operation and assistance! With SOBEPS members being widespread throughout the country, they were able to identify Flying Triangles in their locality and report their position to the Belgian Air Force. In this manner, the SOBEPS members acted as trained observers for the Belgian Air Force. At one stage, two F-16 interceptor fighters were placed at their disposal, to be directed to various parts of the country where the Triangles were reported! This co-operation resulted in the F-16s intercepting a number of the Flying Triangles, although the F-16s were completely unable to match the speed and maneuverability of the craft, as subsequent cockpit radar film footage showed.

    On September 26, 1993, a huge Flying Triangle craft arrived over Bakewell in Derbyshire, England. Many residents of this small town were to share in the experience of watching a huge black craft, slowly and silently flying over their town. With a bright white light on each corner of its triangular shape and numerous smaller lights running along the edges of the craft, the UFOs flew low and at an estimated speed of only 30 mph. A witness driving his vehicle at 40 mph overtook it!

    On January 6, 1995, that a British Airways Boeing 737 aircraft was buzzed by a glowing triangular craft as it approached Manchester Airport! This was the forerunner of a Flying Triangle invasion, as they began to arrive in force.

    Triangle.jpgThere were 52 Flying Triangle incidents recorded in and around the city of Derby from December 1994 to May 1995. These included hovering illuminated craft and in one instance, a huge triangular craft was observed hovering over one of the main traffic islands (Spider Bridge) on the A5111 circular road. Numerous witnesses were able to sketch and describe the craft in detail. The reports include triangle craft hovering and shining down white beams of light "ending in mid air, like a fluorescent tube." The Flying Triangles (FT) appear to be coming in over the East coast of England and flying slowly across the countryside to various destinations including a number of Nuclear Power Stations, before returning back out to sea a few hours later.

    Statistics from the Project FT database, under Victor J. Kean regularly reported in Filer's Files have shown the following:

    • 1995 - Total FT reports - 1797 of which 476 were observed over Nuclear Power Stations.
    • 1996 - Total FT reports 1437 of which 988 were observed over Nuclear Power Stations.
    • 1997 - Total FT reports - 1339 of which 1242 were observed over Nuclear Power Stations.

    The Essex UFO Research Group under the able leadership of Ron West, (sadly no longer with us) states that since 1995, there have been reports of FT craft being seen entering and leaving the sea off the East coast near Lowestoft. There have also been 25 reports of lights seen moving under the surface of the sea in the same area. Could FTs have an undersea base somewhere along this coastline? Certainly, similar underwater activity has been reported from various parts of the world.

    One startling coincidence has recently come to light and that is the number of references made to the subject of underwater bases by Larry Warren and Peter Robbins book "Left at East Gate. The book deals primarily with the UFO incident in Rendlesham Forest, England which took place in late December 1980, but then Larry Warren then goes on to reveal a further event. It appears that after the incident, he got himself into trouble with the authorities by telephoning his mother about the UFO landing. He was subsequently ordered to go to a certain parking lot on the base where he would be met by a dark blue sedan car. When Larry arrived at the parking lot, he saw the car. As he entered into the vehicle, he remembered a greenish glow and then by all account, lost consciousness. He later recovered to find himself in an underground complex under the Woodbridge base, where he learnt from a black uniformed guard that it was part of a tunnel complex that led to the North Sea (p61). Larry Warren was then taken into a strange darkened glass room, where he was contacted by a telepathic alien figure, partly hidden by a glowing screen.

    Larry then learnt that he was in an underground complex that had been built in the 1940s. The complex contained many aliens, with their support personnel; Larry went on to state, "The crafts they traveled and entered and exited via an extensive tunnel system. One exit was a mile off Lowestoft, Suffolk another, near Orford Key." If Larry's encounter with the alien is true and not a hallucination, could it mean that the aliens are controlling the Flying Triangle craft that have been reported disappearing into the sea off Lowestoft? If there is an underground facility at the Woodbridge Air Force Base, does it have tunnels leading to the North Sea? Larry Warren claims that it does *. His co-writer Peter Robbins states, "It is quite an amazing aspect of Left At East Gate and one I am convinced is real though what REAL means has yet to be established".

    The latest information received indicates that there is intense UFO activity along the East Coast, particularly near Lowestoft and strange things are still happening in the vicinity of Rendlesham Forest! Two independent sources have recently confirmed that not only does a tunnel system exist below Woodbridge, but it is joined to the nearby Bentwaters RAF Base and is part of an extensive tunnel system throughout England. We believe that a tunnel complex was built along this coast in the 1940s and we can only speculate that it was probably extended in total secrecy during the recent Cold War period. Thanks to Omar Fowler

    Editor's Note: Flying Triangles are frequently observed near bodies of water, power stations and electrical power lines. Indications are that the craft hide under bodies of water and capture electrical power.

    October 22 - 23, 2011

    Westmoreland Community College 145 Pavilion Lane Youngwood PA 15697 Phone: 724-925-4000

    Two Days - 3 Great Events

    Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011


    William Konkolesky

    John Ventre

    Stanton Friedman

    Stan Gordon

    David Twitchell

    Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011

    Dinner with the UFO
    & Bigfoot Speakers $26

    Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011

    Reserved $21.00

    General Admission $16.00

    Eric Altman
    Dave Dragosin
    Steve Kulls
    Stan Gordon

    Dr. Jeff Meldrum

    Billy Willard

    Click here for more about the Pittsburgh Conference and to order tickets

    8th Annual Mysteries of the Space and Sky Conference in Hanover, Maryland on Saturday, October 29 from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

    The conference will be held at the Ramada Inn, 7253 Parkway Drive, Hanover, Maryland, 21076, near BWI airport.

    Sightings in the United States

    Arizona China Shape

    ChinaDiamondSeptember 9, 11 Hebei ProvinceLuannan Nuclear Power P.jpgAhwatukee -- "That UFO depicted in the China nuclear plant photo in Filer's File # 42 is exactly the kind of shape that that I saw here at night here in Ahwatukee, Arizona a few weeks ago!

    What a weird coincidence. Thanks for all your great work. Sincerely, John Wolanin

    Arkansas UFO Shadows Planes

    LITTLE ROCK -- I was driving to my classes and passed the Chicot Road Exit sign, at about 6:40 am, on October 5, 2011, and noticed a plane headed towards a saucer shaped craft in the sky. The craft had two bright lights that weren't blinking like the ones on the plane near it. The plane seemed to be turning away from the object after a moment and was joined by another plane that I didn't see earlier as it was behind the tree line. The planes looked like they were descending beneath where the craft was. It turned itself from a horizontal hovering position to a vertical position, and it flew backwards and got smaller and disappeared. NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Thanks to MUFON and Ken Pfeifer ufo

    California Underwater Base?

    Santa Barbara -- I am forwarding this letter that I received which involves a UFO sighting near Santa Barbara. There may be a connection here to many other sightings from the same time period, and the suspected underwater UFO base off the coastal waters of Southern California, (a letter sent to R. David Anderson, founder of

    I was very interested in the section on your site about the Southern California underwater base because of a sighting I had in Santa Barbara around 1988. My experience was not unusual compared to sightings of other cases I've read about. I thought I might send it to you because your site inspired me to. I lived in the hills above Santa Barbara in Montecito on East Mountain Drive. The object caught my attention because of the quality of the light, changing intensity and colors. It got bright and then dims and changed colors. It was very pure light with non blinking white, blue and red lights. It was probably 30 miles away and at an altitude of about 200 feet.

    The object moved back and forth traveling fairly fast. It would not slow before making a complete stop and going back the previous span, then stop on a mark and go back. It flew a 10-20 mile pattern near Santa Cruz Island in five seconds. I watched this object as it went back and forth and changed colors and light intensity. After an hour and a half the object departed climbing at about a 45 degree angle, and accelerated on a SSE heading and disappeared flying faster than a commercial jet. I haven't seen anything behave like those lights and Google Earth was quite useful for making distance and location estimates. Thanks to Andrew and MUFON CMS

    Connecticut Disc

    Hartford -- I was the passenger in the vehicle while my girlfriend was driving headed south on 1-91. She saw this object as well. At exactly 6:11 PM, it was reflecting the setting sun off the top of the disc, and banded around the middle in a horizontal row were five white lights. The object was hovering.
    I saw a plane take off from Bradley Airport headed west confirming to me what I saw was NOT a plane. It looked totally different. We went under an underpass and the object was gone. It just seemed to have disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Florida Orbs

    27.6648274n -81.5157535w -- From 8 to 9 pm, my fianc and I were videotaping and photographing the sky on October 15, 2011. I took multiple photos in which after observed showed many bright objects in the east direction and the west direction.

    We are often outside taking videos and observing the night's sky. We were not very surprised to see these photos, as we have had multiple sightings. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Miami -- I went to the backyard that is close to the Everglades and saw a lot of lights with different shapes at midnight on October 3, 2011. My dog was very barking when the light came near us and hid between my legs. When I was trying to calm my dog I saw a rod like cylinder in formation making a microwave oven sound. This object was flying in vertical position with very rare propulsion like amoeboid locomotion. The light changed color to green phosphorescent. The object was about two feet in size and was 3 to 4 meters in front me. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

    Illinois Lights

    CHICAGO -- Around 6:30 pm on October 14, 2011, I was on my way to work Purple Line Train heading towards the CTA Howard Station I saw over by Lake Michigan. I tried to capture it on my camera phone, but got only blurs. Buildings were blocking my view. Note** I talked to Sam Maranto, the Illinois State Director about this report. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Georgia Craft

    Hinesville -- On October 15, 2011, my friend and I were standing outside looking at the North Star, which I thought was REALLY bright, brighter than I've ever seen anything in the night sky. It also looked MUCH closer than any of the other stars. It started bobbing a little bit and I had to ask if I was crazy. He pulled out his phone and began filming. This first light was exploding and reforming, all the while it was spinning. The light looked like it was pulling itself apart like a cell dividing. There were also at least six other flying crafts that were NOT planes and they were too low and completely silent. They flew back and forth taking turns until six were visible and then began hovering. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Michigan Orb Photo

    DeWitt -- My wife and I were by our backyard campfire taking pictures of clouds and bats on October 7, 2011, at 7:15 PM. I saw and captured this image in the camera that has both of us baffled since neither of us saw any aircraft. The second photo shows just a small glimpse of the object.

    Note: The shutter speed of the camera was only 1/60 of a second so the apparent distortion in the object is real and not due to camera "time exposure." There is a disc behind the light. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

    Missouri Mass UFO sightings

    Kansas City -- Rob Roberts writes, "Reports of unidentified flying objects over Lee's Summit have been flooding MUFFIN and several of them can't be explained, said Margie Kay, assistant state director for Missouri MUFON. "Right now, we have over 60 sightings in the Lee's Summit area from last week alone. Kay states, "We have some reports that were due to a group of pilots flying in formation out of Lee's Summit, and Whiteman Air Force Base. The B-2s are on yellow alert right now and running training missions throughout Missouri this month.

    "But we have at least 40 sightings that cannot be explained, some with close encounters and large craft hovering. Notice: there were mass ufo sightings in Kansas City October 3 & 4, and some on the 5th. We have identified some of the sightings as aircraft out of the Lee's Summit Airport on October 4; however, there still remain a number of unexplained reports. The MUFON Star Team has been activated and is working on these cases. The reported objects yet to be explained were "orange balls of fire seen hovering over Lee's Summit, and then leaving in an easterly direction. Kay said. "The fiery orbs ranged from three to 50 feet in diameter, were seen on October 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, she said.

    October 3 and 4 as UFO flap in K.C. continues 17 independent witnesses reported a large unidentified object flying at low altitude over several locations in Kansas City, Lee's Summit, and Raytown, Missouri between 8 and 9 pm on October 4, 2011.

    On October 5, 2011, the witnesses described a similar object that was extremely large with multiple lights in a triangular shape on the bottom side. The lights were facing down. Some people reported that the object tilted 90 degrees on its side, and then took off at a high rate of speed.

    Raytown -- One person said that the object hovered just 30 feet over the water tower near 63rd Street. The object then rose up 15 feet, flipped on its side 90 degrees, and took off at "light speed" and out of sight. There was no noise and there was a black contrail behind it. He said the size was massive. The witness said that some people came out of Wendy's restaurant to view the object, and that others were stopped on the road looking at the object. On October 3, five witnesses reported a massive UFO over I-70 and other areas in Kansas City at approximately 3:30 pm. There was a traffic jam on the highway due to an accident and people were watching and filming the object from their cars.

    Some people described the craft come to a complete hover. Airplanes can't hover and they don't have the lights being described. Pilot Lamb chuckled at the reports.

    "At night, you don't have the depth perception you think you do, he said. "And there's no point of reference in the sky to tell you how fast something's moving or whether it's moving at all. The all-aluminum single-engine planes his team uses for wedding, stadium and other types of flyovers are capable of quickly slowing and reaccelerating, Lamb said. "And their strobing white, red and green lights can appear to be different colors in different types of weather, he added.

    These recent reports follow 62 UFO sightings in the Kansas City area in the past 90 days, making 84 reports total during that time period. Contact Margie Kay at 816-833-1602 or if you have photos or video of the objects

    Witnesses should report sightings to MUFON at Then I will be contacting them to investigate the sighting, Kay said. Thanks to Margie Kay and .

    New Jersey Seven Ships

    HOPATCONG -- I was driving west on Route I-80 and I observed seven ships in formation around Lake Hopatcong on October 7, 2011. They remained stationary in a formation (obviously in communication with each other). Two helicopters approached them from the east and then turned and went back on their course and disappeared. I observed this formation for approximately 35 minutes as I approached the lake from the east and watched them in a formation around the lake. Two of the ships, which just looked like stars but way too close to the horizon soundless followed west right in front of my car.

    They traveled in front of us maintaining the same distance all along as if they were following my car although I sensed no foreboding vibrations. They then seemed to disappear from view but just faded out of phase in a shimmering kind of way. Two cars next to me were also watching it and pointing and looking and actually looked at me because I opened my sunroof and slowed down so I could watch them. I saw no markings the helicopters and could clearly tell the difference between the objects and the helicopters because the ships hovered/remained fixed in a "geosynchronous" position whereas the helicopters were moving across the sky as well as making noise. NOTE: The above image is a rendering. This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer MUFON New Jersey.

    New York Triangle

    Riverbank State Park --This sighting occurred back in August 7, 1999, in a Saturday mid-afternoon. A friend and I decided to take a walk down to on 145th Manhattan, looking over to New Jersey and George Washington Bridge, and up the Hudson River valley.

    I looked up and noticed four objects just hovering motionless. My friend said, "It's weird we're not supposed to see stars that bright during the day". At 5 PM, we were walking north beside the river and saw a "Black" dot in the blue sky. This object was hovering motionless near the Manhattan side of the G.W. Bridge precisely on top or near three tall buildings used by Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. We looked through sight-seeing binoculars to see a gun metal black tetrahedron pyramid object sitting motionless on an angle right on top of one of the buildings.

    There were plasma-like circular lights on each bottom corner that emanated heat. It was like the sun in each corner. I invited him to use the binoculars and told him where to look but he couldn't find it. The black dot vanished as quickly as it appeared. This sighting is just one of many sightings I have had. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    North Carolina Light

    I saw a silent bright white light travelling all the way from the SSW to the EEN disappearing behind the mountain on October 17, 2011. It was about the size of an aspirin held at arm's length. It was also witnessed by son (20 - Chemist major) and daughter (17 - senior in high school). Tried to video tape it with my Kodak Easy Share C433 camera in video mode, but the quality is BAD. Sighting lasted ten minutes. I'm ex-USAF (341st Wing Headquarters, Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, Mt), and have been in R & D for over 20 years. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Ohio Lights

    I'm a photographer and was taking some time lapse photography of stars on October 15, 2011, and set the camera on automatic and went back in the house. After an hour I retrieved the camera and reviewed the photos and discovered several super bright, glowing cigar shaped objects flying over my house. They appeared to be very large and were very high in the sky as they were passing behind the trees. They traveled from west to east and south to north.

    There were four objects and two could have been the same object passing in front of the camera at different times. This one was brilliant red. One was white with colored lights in the middle and the other was multicolored. I brought them in to Photoshop to have a closer look and there is some kind of structure there. The objects move so fast they look like shooting stars. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Pennsylvania Rainbow

    Bensalem -- On September 16, 2011, at 6:12 PM, my wife and I were inside due to a passing shower and noticed an incredible brilliant Rainbow in the eastern sky. I called my wife to come out on our balcony and see the amazing site never seen before in 58 years. There were four rainbows I have never seen three of them before but when the forth appeared we were ecstatic. We started taking pictures of the brilliant rainbow with our phone and digital camera. I pulled the camera out a few days ago and looked at the photos and was shocked to see two orbs in the photo. I spent ten years as a Navy Crash Rescue Captain in the Fire Department and I know military aircraft visually and audibly and none were like these. we are just north of Philadelphia Airport and orbs showed in just a couple photos taken seconds of each other. No Orbs, then two Orbs, and under a zoom looks like a White trail under the Orb and headed straight up. A four banded rainbow and two Orbs'. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Tennessee Lights

    On October 17, 2011, I saw the object hovering for over an hour flashing random red and white light. It was witnessed by seven people who watched the objects for over two hours and took video and photos. The lights were not any aircraft, blimp, or helicopter. I run the website Cosmic Conspiracies and I am used to seeing craft of all types. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    ATOKA -- saw the object hovering for over an hour flashing random red white lights form a totally silent object witnessed by seven people. We watched the object for over two hours on October 14, 2011. I have photos as well as video footage the lights weren't any aircraft, blimp, or helicopter. I run the website Cosmic Conspiracies and am used to seeing craft of all types here is the link to the video.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Texas Discs

    I was looking at satellite photography that come from the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality website in my viewer and noticed a really strange photo dated September 29, 2011. I've looked at ten years of satellite photography and have never come across one with white blips on it. Upon closer inspection, it appears that some of the blips are traveling in formation. Others appear to have equal spacing between them. I've never considered myself a UFO researcher nor have I ever seen a UFO but they came to mind after looking at the satellite image. Thanks to Joe and MUFON CMS

    Paducah -- Texas Rod

    Picture of Rod running left to right over the feeder was taken by a game camera on September 7, 2011.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Worldwide Sightings

    Australia Diamonds in the Sky

    Sydney -- A friend and I were out for a smoke on September 26, 2011, at 11:40 PM, at 'Watsons Bay'r view of the city 50km'behind us and the Pacific Ocean in front of us.
    We noticed these two lights that flew across the sky and hid behind a cloud. Not to be seen for a minute or so. They sped across the sky and stopped. My friend and I got really excited as this was the first time we witnessed a UFO.

    They were drifting closer and lower. We did get scared a little but we didn't budge. And just then, more lights came up on the objects. It was like a pattern, first the red, then the orange and finally the green. It felt like they were copying the pattern of a traffic signal. Just then, the second craft flew away from the first craft and hovered around for a bit and then it whizzed past the first and then disappeared. The first craft was still there and after the second it also followed the same path that the second craft took and it disappeared as well. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Brazil Cylinder.

    On October 1, 2011, a cigar-shaped UFO appeared in broad daylight over Brazil. The cylinder was caught on camera, and Anastasios a 42-year-old man posted the video on the web. The video shows an unusual dark tubular object and smooth in texture. The UFO was slowly descending and turned end over end in midair, and rotated it occasionally reflected the sun off its surface. A protrusion was on one end. Thanks to

    Canada Disc

    Halifax, Nova Scotia -- Our ship the Carnival Glory was on its way back to New York, City on October 10, 2011, and went to our cabin balcony for a smoke and it was pretty stormy. I could only see the sea and the misty dark sky. All of a sudden a well defined pill shaped object with a dull glow went in a perfectly straight line from the front of the ship and curved around the back of the ship. This only took about 10 seconds from start to finish. I couldn't believe what I saw and stayed out on the balcony for about twenty more minutes but it never returned. I told my wife but did not report it to the ship's crew. It didn't look metallic and was closer to being some kind of dull light or energy but shaped like a pill with crisp edges. I am a web designer and self trained graphic artist and have done my best to recreate what I saw (shown above). Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Finland Oval

    I was walking with my dog at 9 PM on September 17, 2011, watching a dark sky. There was only one white cloud in the southern sky. The cloud was in the same place after walking one kilometer and suddenly it started to move forward and backward a couple times and made a half circle. Then it moved forward, stopped, and moved again and finally disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Germany White Light Hovering Overhead

    Mannheim -- I just went outside and as I looked up there was a bright light (brighter than any star/planet) in the sky on September 4, 2011 at 5AM. I just started watching it. This light began coming closer, towards my direction. I thought that it may have been an aircraft of some sort, but then I realized that it did not have any blinking lights that airplanes normally do. As I continues watching this; I moved in the other direction and this light moved in that direction as well. There is nothing but a light. I watched this for 30 minutes before needing to come into my work to check on if anything happened since I had been outside. I came in quick and grabbed my iPhone, but it just shows a small pinpoint light. There were also two airplanes flying near Frankfurt. I know the difference. I will go outside again to see if this is still outside, still hovering overhead. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Greece Disk

    Athens -- A bright round shaped disc with a lot of lights blinking on September 18, 2011, at 11:30. We saw a saucer disc flying above the sea in the Varkiza Beach, while we were fishing. Suddenly one of us said out loud: - "Oh! Look at this. (In Greek) and we all looked at the dark and dim sky as it was obvious! We saw a big bright disc coming from the western side of where we were. Guys! I swear it was extraterrestrial! Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    Puerto Rico A bright moving "STAR"

    Luquillo -- On September 30, 2011 I was on my bed when my husband asked me to look out the window to this beautiful "star". We kept observing the star because I mentioned it is so beautiful it looked like a diamond in the sky, because it would reflect some red, blue, green, white light. The "star" would dim and shine bright and dim again. This "star" would move left and right and down and up, only that to notice one had to stay looking at it. I came very close to the beach. I had come across sighting very similar to my experience and they were close to the ocean as well. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

    UK England Sightings

    Botley, SOUTHAMPTON -- Captured at around 3 PM on April 10, 2011, using a modified Sony DCR TRV140E camcorder with a 1.7x tele-converter, recorded in infrared/visible light. The solid object that appears to be made up of two sections looks white in color and also may only be reflecting IR light as no shadows or other colors can be observed. No eye contact with the object was made as I knew it must have been so high in altitude and didn't want to risk losing it from sight. I estimate the object was at 25,000 feet altitude as it disappears into the chemtrail of the passing plane. I saw it for seven minutes before it headed north and disappeared. See: and Thanks to MUFON CMS

    LONDON -- 55.378051 N -3.435973 E -- On September 30, 2011, I was at our local park playing with my son and his friends around 6:30 pm. I took lots of photos of them and of some airplanes close to London Heathrow Airport. I looked at the photos on the 10th of October after uploading them on my computer. I was surprised to see that two of the photos had some strange looking objects in them. I do not have any information on them because I didn't notice them that evening. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    UFO Conferences

    • Last weekend I spoke at the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MUFON Conference that was outstanding. I want to thank Jeffery Strauss, Jennifer Stein, and State Director John Ventre for having a highly professional conference that drew 390 for the weekend plus 180 at the dinner. Anyone near Pittsburg should try to make next week's conference. The speaker David Twitchell should not be missed.

      October 22 - 23, 2011
      Westmoreland Community College 145 Pavilion Lane Youngwood PA 15697 Phone: 724-925-4000

      Two Days -- 3 Great Events

      Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011


      William Konkolesky

      John Ventre

      Stanton Friedman

      Stan Gordon

      David Twitchell

      Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011

      Dinner with the UFO & Bigfoot Speakers $26

      Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011

      Reserved $21.00

      General Admission $16.00

      Eric Altman
      Dave Dragosin
      Steve Kulls
      Stan Gordon

      Dr. Jeff Meldrum

      Billy Willard

      Click here for more about the Pittsburgh Conference and to order tickets

      8th Annual Mysteries of the Space and Sky Conference in Hanover, Maryland on Saturday, October 29 from 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

      The conference will be held at the Ramada Inn, 7253 Parkway Drive, Hanover, Maryland, 21076, near BWI airport.

    Support Earth Changing Research

    I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I could get people interested in getting my work of the last thirteen years. I have put together a DVD of Filer's Files with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings.

    Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter's exciting abduction story by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell has also included much of his excellent dialog for a donation of only $50.

    We also include a year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

    Book Picture.jpg

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Intervention Theory eBook is available now!
    It's been a heck of a grind to get it done on time.....

    .....but "INTERVENTION THEORY ESSENTIALS" is now available. I honestly think it's the best work I've ever produced, which is saying quite a bit. It covers more ground in a tighter space than I ever imagined would be possible when I started it. If you read it, you will see how powerfully it makes its many points that combine to make Intervention Theory a much more logical and sensible explanation of origins than anything mainstream science or religion can offer.

    Download a free sample PDF:



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    As I said in the last Byte, two of the highlights that everyone will enjoy deal with the Minnesota Iceman, a bigfoot or alma killed and put in a freezer for display back in 1967; and Zana, an almas type hominoid who lived in a village in Russia from 1850 to 1890 and produced 8 hybrid children with men of the village, 4 of whom lived to adulthood and have produced their own families.

    Also, the genetic evidence for humans being literally, physically CREATED is extremely strong, as anyone who reads it will see for themselves. I don't need to say any more about it. Those who are interested in finding out the TRUTH about our origins will be compelled to read it. Those who have other interests or concerns will give it a pass. But those who do read it will be in for an experience they will never forget. It will change your worldview forever.

    Visit for more information.

    Your donations allow us to continue providing free public information about the Starchild Skull, maintain the website, and fund ongoing work with the Skull. Thank you for your support!


    Books From Lloyd Pye
    Everything You Know Is Wrong:
    Mismatch (hi-tech spy thriller):
    A Darker Shade Of Red (football novel):

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.A Spaceman Came Travelling!

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.He Read Donald [Keyhoe] & Frank [Scully]… & Met A Dollar-A-Year-Man [By The Name Of] Robert [Sarbacher]!
    Wilbert B Smith - 1958 Ottawa Address Video

    Wilbert Brockhouse Smith is not a name which normally comes to mind for most people when they are discussing the evidence pertaining to UFO’s and extra-terrestrial intelligence. Indeed, most people tend to confuse Wilbert Smith with Wilbur Smith - the author of numerous historical fiction novels. Wilbert Brockhouse Smith was himself a writer, though his main work “A New Science” was never finished nor widely published.

    Wilbert Smith was a rare individual indeed – naturally inquisitive, kind-hearted, methodical, analytical, thorough, resourceful - yet open-minded. Some of his writings read like those of a spiritual leader, whilst remaining grounded, straightforward and accessible. Unusually, for someone like Smith, through the 1940’s and 1950’s, he rose to a high position in the Canadian Government and eventually became the Superintendent of Radio Regulations. In 1950, his interest in “flying saucers” (as they were called then) was triggered by a magazine article and he began to investigate “saucer” cases himself, developing questionnaires for witnesses and contactees. He was a contemporary of people such as Major Donald Keyhoe, George Adamski and the legendary Frank Edwards, who all played a significant role in developing our knowledge of “The Boys Topside”, as Wilbert Smith came to call them.

    Smith took his research very seriously and he realised and expressed the implications of what he discovered. He made repeated and strenuous efforts to obtain the support of the Canadian Government in specific research projects that he and a small team of associates undertook. These projects were not without success, although in later years, government officials disavowed their involvement with them and withdrew support.

    In 10 years of research, Smith’s understanding developed and he began to see “the bigger picture”. He realised the key role that awareness and consciousness played in the phenomena that he was investigating.

    When I first came across Wilbert Smith, I strongly identified with his writings and conclusions – partly because we have both worked in engineering disciplines – which are all about solving problems.

    This presentation is made possible by the work – spanning a quarter of a century – of Canadian Researcher Grant Cameron ( Other researchers have also collected and preserved Smith materials and prevented their untimely removal by government employees. However, it was Grant Cameron that collated (and placed in the public domain) thousands of pages of WB Smith-related documents, including the famous “Top Secret Memo” written to the Canadian Dept. of Transport in 1950. In that document, Smith discloses the secrecy classification on the study of the “saucer” phenomenon. Cameron and others have also preserved several hours of compelling audio recordings of Smith and his associates. These recordings, even today, jolt our grey matter in surprising directions.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.An Estimate Of The Media Situation!
    ET Disclosure - News Media - Attitudes and Coverage Complete - YouTube
    Essay dealing with Extraterrestrials and the News Media.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.A Brief CE III With Jacques!
    Jacques Vallee thoughts about the nature of the UFO phenomenon

    Jacques Vallee thoughts about the nature of the UFO phenomenon in the early 90s.

    Jacques Fabrice Vallée (born September 24, 1939, Pontoise, Val-d'Oise ) is a French-born venture capitalist, computer scientist, author, ufologist and former astronomer.

    In mainstream science, Vallée is notable for co-developing the first computerized mapping of Mars for NASA and for his work at SRI International in creating ARPANET, a precursor to the modern Internet. Vallée is also an important figure in the study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), first noted for a defense of the scientific legitimacy of the extraterrestrial hypothesis and later for promoting the Interdimensional hypothesis.

    Along with his mentor, astronomer J. Allen Hynek, Vallée carefully studied the phenomenon of UFOs for many years and served as the real-life model for the character portrayed by François Truffaut in Steven Spielberg's film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

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    It is now possible to download the journals published over the last few decades by several significant UFO groups (including NICAP, MUFON and APRO) and do REALLY fast searches of them.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Please Prove Him Wrong… He'll Gladly Thank U!!!
    Hi all:

    Please take your time to listen to this amazing researcher. I really love hearing him talk because of his intellectual and honest insights into a very complex and extremely controversial topic. It's also the way he brings his message across, in a well-considered and understandable way! He admits he can be wrong, what's more he really hopes he is wrong about his conclusions based on more than four decades of in-depth research!

    Kind regards.

    Dr. David M. Jacobs: Abductions - The Alien Hybridization and Integration Program

    The TRUTH about the aliens:

    All the evidence about the UFOs and aliens seems to suggest that integration into human society is the aliens' ultimate goal. And all their efforts and activities appear to be geared toward complete control of the humans on Earth. Indeed, the abductees are already living with the burden of alien visitation and manipulation. It is now possible to discern at least four specific programs that the aliens have put into effect to achieve their goal:

    1. The Abduction Program. The aliens initially selected human victims around the world and instituted procedures to take these humans and their progeny from their environments without detection.

    2. The Breeding Program. The aliens collect human sperm and eggs, genetically alter the fertilized embryo, incubate fetuses in human hosts, and make humans mentally and physically interact with the offspring for proper hybrid development.

    3. The Hybridization Program. The aliens refine the hybrids by continual alteration and breeding with humans over the generations to become more human while retaining crucial alien characteristics. Perhaps humans are also altered over time and acquire alien characteristics.

    4. The Integration Program. The aliens prepare the abductees for future events. Eventually, the hybrids or the aliens themselves integrate into human society and assume control.

    The aliens have suggested that the time is not far off when their programs will end and they will have achieved their goal. Many abductees feel that "something is going to happen" soon and that the aliens have their goal within sight.

    14-10-2011 om 18:10 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen. Filer's Files #42 2011 - Penn. Mufon Conf Oct 15-16th, Einstein: "don't shoot at UFOs"...

    Filer's Files # 42 - 2011

    George A. Filer III.
    MUFON Eastern Region Director
    New Jersey State Director

    October 12, 2011

    Photo taken on Hebei Province, China above the Luannan Nuclear Power Plant. September 9, 2011.

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    In special reports, this week's files cover: Albert Einstein Believed in UFOs, Cutting-Edge Science Reveals New Explanation for Rapid-Fire Collapse of the 9/11 Twin Towers, Map of Moon Reveals Titanium Treasure Troves, Canary Island Earthquake Swarm Continues, Mars Water Tracing the Canals of Mars, Latest X-47 B Drones from Northrop-Grumman, and Real Unemployment Rate Is Probably at 21 Percent Plus

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and Washington.

    Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Namibia, and England in the United Kingdom.

    The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

    Special Reports

    Albert Einstein Believed In UFOs

    Einstein.jpgIf the US Government had sufficient concern about UFOs during the phenomenon's early years, they most certainly would have quietly heard out the "Great Minds of the time for their views on the subject.

    A little-known tape of a famed broadcaster's lecture that was delivered over sixty years ago suggests that is precisely what had happened. It also suggests that Albert Einstein was one of those brilliant scientists. In the tape, which can be heard below, we learn that Einstein and other science notables had expressed to President Truman their concern about the UFOs, including those seen flying above our nation's Capitol. According to Frank Edwards a radio broadcaster Albert Einstein and other prominent scientists had delivered an urgent message to then President Harry Truman, "not to attempt to shoot down the UFOs. Einstein maintained a long-standing and close relationship with a physicist who was a key member of a CIA UFO study group.

    In the St. Louis Post Dispatch, 7/30/52 reported that Einstein wrote evangelist Louis Gardner in reply to Gardner's query about UFOs: "These people have seen something. What it is I do not know and I am not curious to know? It sounds more like Einstein simply does not wish to engage someone outside of his circle on this obviously sensitive matter. Einstein feared our potential for a war-like reaction to the continued flyovers of craft that were piloted by beings that were not from here and that were unknown to science. Thanks to Bragalia Blogspot and Ken Pfeifer ufo

    Editor's Note: Einstein was likely aware of the heavy losses of military aircraft in engagements with the UFOs. Timothy Good writes, "The destruction or disappearance of military aircraft during interceptions of UFOs continued apace." As General Benjamin Chidlaw, former commanding general of the Air Defense Command told Robert C. Gardener (ex USAF) in 1953: "We have stack of reports of flying saucers. We take them seriously, when you consider we have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them."

    Air Force was losing about a plane a day to the UFOs

    Leonard Stringfield, a former Air Force intelligence officer was told by a reliable source in the 1950s that the "Air Force was losing about a plane a day to the UFOs. According to US Defense Department figures, from 1952 until the end of October 1956, there were 18,662 major accidents of military aircraft, broken down as follows:

    Year - Air Force - Navy - Total Accidents

    1952 2,274 2,086 = 4360

    1953 2,075 2,325 = 4400

    1954 1,873 1,911 = 3784

    1955 1,664 1,566 = 3230

    1956 1,530 1,358 = 2888

    Of this astonishing four year total of 14,302 US aircraft losses, many involved jets scrambled to intercept UFO, of which 56.2 per cent were found to be caused by pilot error; 8.1 per cent by ground-crew failure; 23.4 per cent by failure of equipment in the aircraft; and 9.5 per cent (1,773) were due to unknown factors'. Thanks to Timothy Good's book, " Need to Know " P.172

    Cutting-Edge Science Reveals New Explanation for Rapid-Fire Collapse of the 9/11 Twin Towers

    NEW YORK -- The Daily Galaxy reports, "Twin Towers giant sprinkler system + 60 tons of quickly melting aluminum from the airplane hulls accounted for the reported "explosions" heard by many as the towers fell floor-by-floor. "The aluminum industry had reported more than 250 ALUMINUM-WATER EXPLOSIONS since 1980," said, Christian Simensen, a scientist at SINTEF, an independent technology research institute based in Norway. He claims, "If my theory is correct, TONS OF ALUMINUM ran down through the towers, where the smelt came into contact with a few hundred liters of water." "From other disasters and experiments carried out by the aluminum industry, we know that reactions of this sort lead to VIOLENT EXPLOSIONS. The SHEER WEIGHT of the top floors would be enough to crush the lower part of the building," he said. A mix of sprinkling system water and melted aluminum from aircraft hulls likely triggered the EXPLOSIONS that felled New York's Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, a materials expert told a technology conference.

    The ALUMINUM-WATER SCENARIO would account for explosions from within the buildings just prior to their collapse that have fueled CONSPIRACY THEORIES suggesting that the STRUCTURES had been BOOBY-TRAPPED! The official report on the causes of the collapse blames over-heating and failure of structural steel beams in the center of the buildings. "The aluminum industry had reported more than 250 ALUMINUM-WATER EXPLOSIONS since 1980," he said. In a controlled experiment carried out by Alcoa Aluminum, 20 kilos (44 pounds) of molten aluminum was allowed to react with 20 liters of water, along with a small quantity of rust. "The explosion destroyed the entire laboratory and left a crater 30 meters (100 feet) in diameter," Simensen said. By comparison, the aircraft carried 30 tons of aluminum into each of the towers, according to his calculations. Copyright 2011 / The Daily Galaxy via AFP

    Map of Moon Reveals Titanium Treasure Troves

    lroc_picture2_small.jpgA map of the Moon combining observations in visible and ultraviolet wavelengths shows a treasure trove of areas rich in Titanium ores. Not only is Titanium a valuable mineral, it is key to helping scientists unravel the mysteries of the Moon's interior. Mark Robinson and Brett Denevi will be presenting the results from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission today at the joint meeting of the European Planetary Science Congress and the American Astronomical Society's Division for Planetary Sciences.

    "Looking up at the Moon, its surface appears painted with shades of grey -- at least to the human eye. But with the right instruments, the Moon can appear colorful, said Robinson, of Arizona State University. "The Maria appears reddish in some places and blue in others. Although subtle, these color variations tell us important things about the chemistry and evolution of the lunar surface. They indicate the titanium and iron abundance, as well as the maturity of a lunar soil.

    The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) Wide Angle Camera (WAC) is imaging the surface in seven different wavelengths at a resolution of between 100 and 400 meters per pixel. Thanks to Mark Robinson Arizona State University,

    Note: Frequently UFOs and indications of alien mining are reported on the moon. Titanium is a desired ore.

    Mars Water Tracing the Canals of Mars

    (Left) This 1894 map of Mars was prepared by Eugene Antoniadi and redrawn by Lowell Hess. (Right) A Hubble Space Telescope photo of Mars shows the modern view of our neighboring planet. This 1894 map of Mars was prepared by Eugene Antoniadi. (Right) A Hubble Telescope photo of Mars shows the modern view. NASA

    In a remarkable discovery, images taken over the past five years by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter seem to indicate the presence of liquid water there. This past August scientists found dozens of slopes across the southern hemisphere of Mars where previously undetected dark streaks come and go with the seasons. When the planet heats up, the streaks appear and expand downhill; they disappear when it gets cold. Scientists think it may be evidence of melted, salty water running down slopes during the Martian summer.

    Five image sequences from the Newton crater and one from the Horowitz crater show the black lines appearing near the tops of slopes and then growing into scores of streaks that remain for months until the cold weather returns and they disappear. At Newton Crater, photos indicate as many as 1,000 of these possible streams flowing down the slopes and into a basin. If confirmed, the discovery would fundamentally change our understanding of Mars, lending support to the theory that the planet was once far more wet and warm, and would renew hope that it may be able to support life.

    About 120 years ago, prominent astronomers were convinced that Mars was home to an advanced civilization. Martians, the theory went, had built an extensive network of canals to draw water down from the icecaps at the poles to irrigate a world that was drying out. Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli, who in 1877 reported the appearance of certain long, thin lines he called canali, meaning channels in Italian. The man who 'discovered civilization' on Mars These immense illusory earthworks (Marsworks?) had been studied in detail by one of the greatest astronomers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century's, the wealthy and socially prominent Percival Lowell. His widely read books included "Mars" (1895), "Mars and Its Canals" (1906), and "Mars as the Abode of Life" (1908). Richard Milner Astrobiology Magazine,

    If you tell the people that Cities on Mars are being covered up by the government and other interests and open the door to the discussion of the people beyond Earth and the associated technologies, our planet will have far more access and accountability to that knowledge which will aid in the restoration of the balance of power.

    Our governments will need to be accountable for funds currently being spent to exploit the extraterrestrial resources instead of keeping those badly needed resources for the few.

    Kind regards, Norman Bryden

    Latest X-47 B Drones from Northrop-Grumman

    The U.S. Navy said it made a breakthrough in drone technology with the first flight of the Northrop Grumman X-47B, a bat-winged unmanned jet designed to take off and land from an aircraft carrier, one of the most complex and difficult feats in aviation. These could be confused for a UFO. Thanks to Ron Regehr

    Contrail Pulse Wave Detonation Engine (PDE) ie..jpgSouth Dakota Pulsed Contrails

    Earl Benezet writes, "In Filer Files #41 2011, under South Dakota that is not a pulsed contrail at is the chemicals coming out of it as it flies. They get wider and wider because of the chemical coming out of it...People want to think they have witnessed some high performance jet they haven't been told about...but that is not the case at all...We see these kind of Chemtrails everyday in Lexington, KY and all over the world...there would have to be hundreds of thousands of high performance special jets and there are NOT..

    Thanks to Earl Benezet

    Canary Island Earthquake Swarm Continues

    There have now been seventeen magnitude earthquakes measuring 3.5 to 3.8 in the Canary Islands and thousands of smaller earthquakes. One earthquake was above 4.3 magnitude quake and an underwater volcanic eruption has prompted the authorities to evacuate 500 people from El Hierro Island on Tuesday. The shape of the events show a magma chamber underneath and magma may be filling the magma chamber below the volcano as a cause for the thousands of earthquakes.

    One flank of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma is unstable and could plunge into the ocean during an earthquake or during the volcano's next eruption. If the volcano collapsed in one block of rock weighing 500 billion tons would fall into the Atlantic Ocean and create a dome of water about a mile high that would form and then collapse. A Mega Tsunami will fan out in every direction; traveling at speeds of up to 500 mph. Waves several hundred feet high would hit Africa and Europe. A wall of water would race across the entire Atlantic Ocean six hours to devastate the East Coast of the United States, the Caribbean and South America. Tsunamis each about 30 meters (98 feet) to 60 meters (197 feet) high sweeping away everything in its path up to 20 miles inland. Millions could be killed in coastal cities.

    Real Unemployment Rate Is Probably at Plus 21 Percent

    According to Donald Trump the official unemployment rate released by the Department of Labor for September was 9.1 percent. At the height of the Great Depression of the 1930s the number stood at about 25 percent.

    "The sad thing is unemployment is really probably at 21 percent if you go by the real numbers, Trump said. "When you say 9.1 that number is not a real number, the real number is 21 percent and it could even be higher than that. Those who do not receive unemployment checks are not counted.

    "So it's a bad time and we wrote the Midas Touch," Trump continued. "We had great success in our first book -- it went to the number one book on just about every list, and it was really a terrific book, but we think this is better. And we wrote this for these times. We feel there are better opportunities today than there were five years ago.

    Read more on Trump, Kiyosaki: Real Unemployment Near Depression Era Levels

    **Two Great Conferences Sponsored by Pennsylvania Mufon**

    Sightings in the United States

    California Red Glowing Round Object

    Ridgecrest -- About 9 PM, on October 9, 2011, we were sitting on the front porch and to the west a red glowing round object appeared. It appeared to be shaped like a derby hat. My boyfriend was observing as well and both of us confirmed that it was NOT a meteor. We watched it for about two minutes as it slowly headed west silently and just disappeared. A couple minutes later a second red glowing round object appeared as the second was breaking up into three or four objects until it disappeared in the same direction. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Colorado Diamond

    DENVER -- My girlfriend and I were going to her sister's house heading north on Tennyson when we witnessed a bar of lights which looked like a big jet liner heading towards us right above the tree line. We both remarked that it looked like it may be crashing since it was so big and so low and none of its lights were blinking like a normal aircraft. It had a bunch of strange lights as we came up to the top of the hill at 32nd Avenue and we saw it in full. It was about 70 feet above us flying silently and slowly just above the tree line. It consisted of a white set of lights forming a triangle facing forward, and a red set of lights making a triangle facing backwards. The craft had four main points and was no ordinary aircraft giving the craft a diamond shape

    The craft blacked out stars and was just a black shadow. The lights did not blink and the tail red light shifted with an upward mechanical motion as it flew. We followed it for six blocks when it disappeared. I hung half my body out of the car window and saw a second much smaller craft that consisted of strobing bluish lights that also disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Florida Lights

    Miami airport -- A lot of light with different shapes was seen but the most common was a cylindrical object observed around 12 midnight on October 3, 2011. the sound was like a microwave oven and I observed electrostatic charges in the air no more than 30-40 centimeters, or about 1 or 2 feet. There was a cloud that opened like a star gate.

    There were lots of lights that started to exist through my neighborhood and went towards the everglades. I didn't see any helicopters or airplanes in the area but north you could see a commercial plane going to Miami Airport.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Orlando International Airport -- On June 10, 2011 a video was taken of an airliner taking off from the airport on 1:15 to 1:20 PM. The videographer was capturing footage of his Mother on a Midwest aircraft and posted the video on YouTube a few days later. The video immediately generated much interest because it showed a strange quick moving object exiting a cloud near the airliner which was just taking off.

    It turns out he actually videotaped TRS Airtrans Flight 15, a 737 enroute to Puerto Rico.

    The aircraft later turned south and headed for Puerto Rico tracked on radar. The object could have been inserted in the video, but the apparent fragmentation of the cloud where the object exited would be difficult to stage. Voice tapes were also obtained but did not indicate that the pilot saw the craft. The analyzed radar data shows a lone return was detected near the time of takeoff at the position where the witness took the video.

    It is understandable that the radar would probably only pick up one return given the speed of movement of the object. This is not concrete proof of a radar-visual, but it certainly bears mentioning that we could have radar confirmation of the object. Video posted by the witness can be viewed on YouTube at:

    Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

    Tampa -- We took these photos at Tampa Terrace Park on October 5, 2011, in the early afternoon between Noon and 3 PM.

    Note: The anomaly in the photo is due to a "lens flare" effect as the result of taking the photo into the Sun.

    Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

    Georgia Rectangle

    Dallas -- We were driving home at 7:38 pm, on September 28, 2011 on GA Highway 278 just crossing 120 when I finally took the picture with my cell phone. I originally noticed the strange cloud formation as we crossed Highway 92. A few miles later I noticed two glowing objects. One was rectangular with not as sharp geometry more in the cloud and the other was smaller but its horizontal and vertical lines were perfect. I began to watch the stationary objects but they flew out of sight.

    After looking closer at the image on my computer there is also a sphere in the cloud formation. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Idaho Disc

    Nampa -- My wife and I saw a huge disc shaped object hover about 20 feet in the air at 3 am behind the Archer Mall two blocks away. It was about half the size of a football field and a dull silver metal color. I observed the craft for about 45 minutes or longer. There were no visible rivets or seams in the craft. Its lights reminded me of different colored socks tumbling in a dryer. The red one looked to be 10 feet long by 4 feet wide. The blue one tumbling randomly with the red was 8 feet long by 6 feet wide. The yellow light 12 feet long by 3 feet wide. The green light was 6 feet long by 4 feet wide. There was no sound from the craft and there was no sound from the frogs or crickets that struck me as odd. The bottom of the craft was a very bright white light that did not reflect onto the blacktop. The dome of the craft was transparent just like the center line of the craft.

    It was hiding behind oak trees and an old outdoor theater which only covered a third of the craft for five minutes and then it shot strait up out of our atmosphere. This happened in 1977, and I have suspected for a long time that this is in fact our technology. The Nephilim may make an entrance on December 21, 2012. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    IdahoBoseOct11.jpgBoise -- About ten miles south of Boise there was no actual sighting. We were out in the desert taking pictures 3 PM on October 1, 2011. We saw nothing and heard nothing the whole time that we were there. We later looked back at the pictures and there was this UFO above our heads

    Note: Analysis shows that this photo has been edited. This case is likely a hoax. The original photo has been requested from the witness, but no response has been received. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

    Michigan Lights

    Wixom -- My wife and I were driving home from dinner on October 1, 2011, and 9:20 PM, and I noticed an orange fireball rising up from the horizon. It was traveling almost perfectly from north to south. All you could really see was the V-shaped plume of fire behind it. If you extended your arm fully out in front of you, the plume appeared the size of your pinky fingernail. It was traveling straight at a steady pace. What was really odd was that after it traversed the sky and went out of site, about 20 seconds later, another one appeared from the same origin, traveling the exact same path. This occurred four times and I have separate videos of each.

    Commerce Township -- On October 4, 2011, at 8:05 PM, I saw a large orange sphere about the 1/8 size of the moon traveling from southeast to northwest. My sighting lasted 5 to 10 seconds with a trailer of fire. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

    Missouri Multiple Sightings

    LEES SUMMIT -- My granddaughter and I saw a straight long line of lights just hovering about 7:55 pm on October 4, 2011. I stopped just before the intersection of 3rd and Ward and it was right above me making no sound. My sunroof hesitated each time I tried to open it, and I barely got it open. My granddaughter kept asking me "What is it Granny? All I could say is, "I don't know."

    It was above me and I could see lights that outlined the shape of a triangle. It began to move forward so I parked at Papa Murphy's Pizza lot as it slowly flew over. Other people saw it. We got back in the car and drove west on Ward and followed. My granddaughter and I were totally freaked out. We called the police but they told me they had not received any calls. I had sightings 30 years ago and 15 years ago. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    37.9642529 N 91.8318334W -- My husband, children and I were driving home at 8 pm, on October 3, 2011, when we saw an object that had shape of stealth bomber with green and white lights hovering over the highway. As we got closer it was doing weird maneuvers and eventually shot off like a rocket. Another object flew over with a very bright light. I then called my father TriangleDrawing.jpg(retired navy) to ask him if stealth bombers hover? He said, "No, but it might be a Harrier. It didn't look like that either. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Independence -- On October 4, 2011, about 7:30 PM, I was driving home and hovering above the clubhouse was a big mass of lights. As I got closer, I could see was a triangle shaped craft as big as three huge houses hovering at 500 feet. It was black and looked like it was made of mercury. The whole underside had pulsating yellow-orange lights at each corner and blue and white lights just inside the perimeter. They cast a bright light on everything below without glare like our normal lights do. Just as I got in front of the clubhouse, it rotated and took off toward my house so I drove home. There was a group of people running and a guy yelled, "Did you see that freaking' space ship!"

    It went just past my house and waited for me! I pulled in the driveway honking for my daughter to come outside and ran to get my camera as it spun around and took off almost straight up. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Fenton -- On October 8, 2011, my girlfriend and I were about 28 miles out of St. Louis on I 44 when we noticed some strange lights in the sky and I asked her to start filming. We noticed that there were about a dozen craft hovering near I-270, coming over the trees from the south. There were three white/yellow/red color lights in the front that formed a triangle and seemed to pause in the sky. Another light caught up and merged with the triangle and all the lights then flew north.

    The next three to follow were in a straight line yet the closer we got to being directly below them they were in a slight triangle. We were able to capture some of the phenomenon on film yet it was shaky. During this sighting we were cussing trying to figure out what these lights possibly could be. This gave us the chills. Thanks to MUFON

    Raytown -- I was driving home on October 11, 2011 and stopped at a light when I saw an object hovering in the sky so I took this photo to let you folks take a look. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    New York Triangle

    Westchester -- My three friends and I were outside at night talking when I noticed a formation of bright white lights in the formation of a triangle hovering over the Tappan Zee Bridge. We watched the object hover and the lights seemed to get brighter. After about ten minutes the object either flew away or gained too much ascension and distance from us to see the lights any longer. My boyfriend and I have seen similar objects in the area earlier this year. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Oregon Lights

    Boiler Bay -- My husband and I were vacationing in Lincoln City on September 27, 2011, about 1:15 PM. We couldn't walk the beach so we decided to enjoy the waves at different vantage points along the coast. Driving north, we decided to revisit Boiler Bay as it was so spectacular that day with the high tide. I had already taken lots of shots and noticed an interesting cloud to our north. I took two shots of the cloud and didn't see anything until I downloaded the photos to my hard drive.

    Note: The bright spots in the above photo are likely not real objects and are probably due to "lens flare" effects.

    Comments: I disagree about the lights that the gal captured with her camera is lens flare. I'm a pro photographer and know what lens abnormalities look like. This looks like points of light coming from an object in the sky. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

    Pennsylvania Triangle Lights

    Connellsville -- Every day I drive my 13 year old son to his bus stop and we sit and watch the stars every morning. On October 7, 2011 he asked, "Mom, what star is that, and why is it moving, how could it move that fast? I saw ten more of the same lights flying within a millisecond of each other, and they kept repeating at ten second intervals. At this time, a commercial airplane was flying right past these. It almost appeared as though the lights were moving in the shape of a triangle. We got out of the car and everywhere we looked in the sky, we could see them. These were not stars. My son's bus came and I drove down the road to my house and saw in the sky a much larger light that was actually moving along a path. It was blinking at intervals and move from one place to a completely different place in a second. I ran in the house for my sister yelling, "Come see the ufo's! She came outside and witnessed the last light as it disappeared. I have never witnessed so many lights at one time. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    South Carolina Lights

    YORK -- I was watching the sky looking at a star like object moving when I noticed one moving much slower heading west. I noticed a bluish white light that started fading to red, back to blue and kept this up. The object stops moving and hovers for a couple seconds before the object jumps north and immediately back to where it was hovering. It then does this same movement to the south and then again to the east. Returning to where it was hovering. A feeling of fear came over me and I could not stay there any longer to watch it because it was almost overhead and I didn't want them to see me. I returned 15 minutes later and the object was gone. I have seen objects in the sky before but none of them every made me feel this way before. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Tennessee Black Objects

    Knoxville -- On October 8, 2011, at 3:30 PM, I saw four silver hovering UFOs above my house. I went inside to find my camera, and when I came back out three of the objects were gone. The last one started moving very slow and when I tried to look at it with binoculars it was gone. I do not know if anyone else around me saw the same thing. I tried to take a picture with my phone, but they look like dots in the sky.

    Note: At my request the witness sent the photo. Enhancements show a few bright pixels towards the bottom of the photo. Inverting the photo indicated that the pixels represent a real object. The contrast and brightness were adjusted to add clarity to the object. The photo by itself is not very revealing, but combined with the witness report it adds some corroboration to the sighting. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

    MEMPHIS -- I was on break outside my work on October 7, 2011, and noticed a white looking spot that was hanging around a cloud. I asked the others about it and six of us saw it. It was ascending coming toward us and suddenly stopped. It stayed in place for about 15 seconds, and started going away from us. We saw two of them at the same time. After break I got my camera and saw towards the Memphis Airport and saw two black dots. I automatically thought maybe they are having a show this weekend. The two dots were flying zigzagging in and out with each other and going around each other. They were too close to be planes and they don't do that. I was able to take pictures of them after becoming one. I caught two UFO's that AINT NO AIRCRAFT. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    MEMPHIS -- I was riding in a truck leaving downtown Memphis on I40 at 2 PM, on October 10, 2011, get I noticed two very dark objects in the sky right below the 4,000 feet clouds. I watched them for ten seconds and decided to say something to the other two people in the truck. As I got half way through telling them to look at what I was seeing the two objects were just gone. The thing is that the planes in Memphis don't depart over the downtown area. These two objects were solid black and hovering almost like when you see military planes flying in formation. The front was a big triangle with a skinny strip going from it to the rear smaller triangle. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Texas Orb


    Austin -- Again, here is another video taken on October 6, 2011, where I thought I saw something and I got my camera out and began taping and the camera caught something when I thought I didn't get anything.

    This is the beginning section of the video taken. I see these reflections in the sky quite often. Now that I have a good video camera I'll try to capture them and send you a copy.

    Thanks to Michael May

    Washington Light

    Ellensburg -- I was sitting in my backyard sky watching on October 1, 2011, at
    9:30 PM, when I saw a star looking thing. I looked at it with my binoculars and saw blue and green lights so I took my camera and took some pictures. What I saw will blow your mind.

    Note: An examination of the photo showed that the camera aperture was open for 16 seconds. Therefore the above photo represents the movement of the light over a 16 second time frame. Analysis also indicates that the photo was edited by the witness. (This does not mean that the photo is a fabrication and only means that it was edited by the witness.) The original photo has been requested. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

    Worldwide Sightings

    Canada Flashing Fire

    Kitchener, Ontario -- I was driving down Traynor Avenue when I spotted a randomly pulsating and flashing fire in the sky. I pulled into the church parking lot to park and get out for a better view. Three people were looking at the object that I thought might be a plane on fire that disappeared for a split second and reappeared in a different spot a little higher. It was a beautiful evening 20 c, with no noise as the object disappeared.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    China Pyramid UFO video

    Michael Cohen writes, "A new and astonishingly clear video of a pyramid UFO was filmed in China on September 9, 2011, in Hebei Province above the Luannan Nuclear Power Plant. The video was uploaded about a month ago on to the Internet in China where it became a sensation and resulted in heated debates between UFO enthusiasts and skeptics. Some observers suggested the UFO shown in the video was merely a computer generated image. Chinese UFO enthusiasts countered that numerous witnesses have filmed and attested to seeing these pyramid UFOs at various locales throughout the nation. Pyramid UFOs have also been seen the UK, Spain, Colombia and Russia.

    It is believed they are the craft of a benevolent race of aliens of Andromedan origin and are able to easily achieve faster-than-light travel. Chinese whistle-blowers have alleged that the Chinese government is secretly engaging with this extraterrestrial race.

    Germany Disc

    Camping in the woods on October 2, 2011, had a feeling of not being alone or being watched, shot once full flash randomly into the darkness, look and see.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Ireland V' Lights

    DUBLIN -- On October 10, 2011, I was standing looking over the bay on the east coast of Ireland and saw lights in a V' around 9 PM. We often see airplanes and sea rescue operations. But last night's event was something else. The humming noise was loud, as I was talking to my sister on the phone. Talk about being surprised, as who'd believe in these things. Thanks to Mark F Gillan

    Italy Orange Orb

    Vicenza -- The event took place during a football game at Caserma Ederle, about 8:30 PM, on October 7, 2011. I saw a very bright orange-red orb in the sky that moved slowly with a flashing red light that was not characteristic of a plane because the flashing light was not apart from the bright orb. Thirty minutes later more orbs were seen one behind the other low on the horizon moving north towards us. They moved slow but steady approaching us, then rose straight up and slowly arched towards the west following each other silently. As they rose each one then dimmed to a pinpoint and disappeared. I noticed a dim object a 1/4 mile away drifting west in a straight line and a steady speed. It was saucer shaped emitting or reflecting light quickly disappearing over the horizon at tree level. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Mexico Red Lights

    Mexico City -- My girlfriend and I were aboard a boat in Cuemanco, Xochimilco watching a play about 10:15 PM, on October 8, 2011. I noticed a bright red amber glowing orb flying in the distance. It was color too red to be from a commercial airplane. It slowly went overhead close to where we were flying parallel to the canal we were on. I mentioned the lights to my girlfriend and another couple on our boat. The boat rowers were also pointing at the two lights that eventually flew over the horizon. Then a final light appeared and got much closer and with a glowing solid light flying silently just above the treetops that disappeared into the horizon. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Namibia Discs

    Windhoek -- I took the photo of Windhoek skyline from the African hotel through window. I saw the artifact when I downloaded the photo from my camera. It could be an artifact on the window or a UFO?

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    UK/England Orb

    SWANSEE -- On October 6, 2010, my two year old daughter was looking out the window and said, "Bright light in sky! I looked and watched an egg shaped bright orange object for ten minutes. It looked like a mini sun and got my wife, and saw the object shoot down and land on the salt marshes less than a mile away. I had a clear view of the craft below us, and a helicopter came up the estuary towards the landed object. I could only see a red and white light and hear the noise of a helicopter that shone a beam at the landed object. When it reached it the light went off and the helicopter went back in the same direction it had come from. This happened quite a few times.

    The landed object kept sending huge pulsating blindly bright lights towards my house, a different color every five seconds. Another object was in the sky directly opposite the landed object and kept getting brighter then dimmer and intercepted the helicopter each time it went towards the landed object as if to warn it off. After the first 20 minutes of watching I got my camera and binoculars and took 35 pictures. I contacted the police, the coast guard, local RAF bases to ask if it was there helicopter it was not. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    UFO Conferences

    Support Earth Changing Research

    I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I could get people interested in getting my work of the last thirteen years. I have put together a DVD of Filer's Files with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings.

    Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter's exciting abduction story by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell has also included much of his excellent dialog for a donation of only $50.

    We also include a year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

    Book Picture.jpg

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.John Doe(s), Welcome To The "Holy Nowhere" Land!
    Area 51: Beyond Top Secret [Full]

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    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Paul [Hill] Had An Idea! Bob [Lazar] Reportedly Worked On One! Or Ask "The Builders" If You Can Catch Them!
    Physics Of The Impossible - "How To Build A Flying Saucer"

    Explore the world of the seemingly impossible with the all-new series SCI FI SCIENCE. Hosted by internationally-renowned physicist and co-founder of string field theory, Dr. Michio Kaku, this series poses the idea that science fiction may not be so far from science fact. Examine topics that currently seem so far out of the realm of possibility, such as invisibility cloaks, teleportation, time travel and more.

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    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Karl, Donald Disagrees!
    Do You Believe in Majic?

    A documentary look at the infamous Majestic-12 documents, which proponents claim as proof of a crashed alien spacecraft at Roswell and subsequent government cover-up; detractors assert that the documents are a hoax. Featuring Stanton Friedman, Nick Redfern, Karl Pflock, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Richard Dolan, John Greenewald, and Rob Swiatek.

    "Since it is virtually certain that these craft do not originate in any country on earth, considerable speculation has centered around what their point of origin might be and how they get here. Mars was and remains a possibility, although some scientists, most notably Dr. Menzel, consider it more likely that we are dealing with beings from another solar system entirely."
    (Eisenhower Briefing Document, November 18, 1952)

    American astronomer Donald H Menzel demonstrates an experiment of illusion of UFO in a laboratory in the United States.

    08-10-2011 om 18:00 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Did Karl Really???
    Karl Pflock explains the Aztec UFO Hoax

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    Categorie:André's Snelkoppelingen (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen. Filer's Files #41 2011 - Mayan Civilization Had Alien Contact, Canary Islands Quake Danger

    Filer's Files # 41 - 2011

    George A. Filer III.

    MUFON Eastern Region Director

    October 5. 2011

    Photo taken near Boyd County, Kentucky on September 11, 2011.

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    In Special Reports, this week's files cover: Sightings Increase, Ford Was Worried About UFO Sightings, Flying Saucers Exist According to Astronomer Priest in Argentina, Mars' Atmosphere Supersaturated With Water Vapor, Earthquakes in the Canary Islands Could Cause Catastrophe, Asteroid Danger, Florida Bees Dying in Brevard County, Attack Alien Fastwalkers, and Mayan Civilization Had Alien Contact.

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, and Washington.

    Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Spain, and England in the United Kingdom

    The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers. "For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6

    Special Reports

    Ford Was Worried About UFO Sightings

    House Minority Leader Gerald Ford on March 25, 1966, proposed to Congress that they investigate the rash of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects in Michigan and other parts of the country.

    Ford said, "I believe a congressional inquiry would be worthwhile because the American people are becoming alarmed by the UFO stories.

    It didn't hurt his political chances to become President and helped make his name a household word.

    Flying Saucers Exist According to Astronomer Priest in Argentina

    Buenos Aires -- Reverend Segundo Reyna the former Director of the Adhara Observatory and internationally respected astronomer and Jesuit Priest asserts, "UFOs are real and visiting us from other planets. He claims he has seen dozens of UFOs in his powerful telescope. He has photographed them above his observatory and against the moon and has established the dimensions of the craft. From a theological religious point of view the existence of intelligent life from other planets is not only just possible, it is probable and likely. It does not conflict with his religious beliefs. Reyna states, "I believe that God created rational beings on other planets in the universe -- beings who have developed advanced civilizations, explored space, and will eventually communicate with us.

    In our galaxy alone there are more than one million planets that could have developed fabulous civilizations, all nearby in the terms of the vastness of space. He has had many sightings of saucers over Buenos Aires. Thanks to Inquirer Jose Ramirez.

    Mars' Atmosphere Supersaturated With Water Vapor

    Mars' atmosphere supersaturated with water vapourThe upper atmosphere of Mars contains up to a hundred times more water vapor than anyone had ever imagined, according to a new study. Previous models have greatly underestimated the quantities of water vapor at heights of 20"50 km. This surprising discovery has major implications for understanding the Martian water cycle and the historical evolution of the atmosphere. Using data from the European Space Agency's Mars Express probe and NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, astronomers determined that water in the upper Martian atmosphere undergoes a process known as super- saturation — something astronomers thought could not occur on the dry planet.

    Any water vapor in excess of the "dew point will normally condense to form droplets or icy crystals. However, super saturation may occur when some of the water vapor remains in the atmosphere, instead of condensing or freezing. When condensation nuclei (assumed to be dust aerosols on Mars) are too rare, condensation is impeded, leaving substantial amounts of excess vapor. Until now, it was generally assumed that such super-saturation cannot exist in the cold Martian atmosphere. However, the SPICAM data have revealed that super saturation occurs frequently in the middle atmosphere -- at altitudes of up to 50 km above the surface -- during the aphelion season, the period when Mars is near its farthest point from the Sun.

    Earthquakes in the Canary Islands Could Cause Catastrophe

    The Canary Islands, off the coast of North Africa, is being hit by thousands of earthquakes. One flank of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma, in the Canaries, is unstable and could plunge into the ocean during an earthquake or the volcano's next eruption. If the volcano collapsed in one block of rock weighing 500 billion tons would fall into water almost four miles deep and create an undersea wave 2000 feet tall.

    Within five minutes of the landslide, a dome of water about a mile high would form and then collapse, before the Mega Tsunami fanned out in every direction, traveling at speeds of up to 500 mph. A 330 foot wave would strike the Western Sahara in less than an hour and huge waves several hundred feet high would hit Africa and Europe. A wall of water would race across the entire Atlantic Ocean at 500 MPH to devastate the east coast of the United States, the Caribbean and South America. The tsunami would cross the Atlantic Ocean in six hours and would have subsided into a succession of smaller Tsunamis each about 30 meters (98 feet) to 60 meters (197 feet) high sweeping away everything in its path up to 20 miles inland. The Height of the Statue of Liberty from her heel to the top of her head is 111 feet, 6 inches. Millions would be killed in Boston, New York, Atlantic City, Norfolk, Charleston and Miami.

    Asteroid Danger

    NASA's WISE mission has tracked down 93 percent of the one kilometer diameter or larger asteroids whose size could devastate our planet.

    The project's asteroid census has revised the total number of near earth orbits (NEO's) down from 36,000 to 20,500. There are also 60,000 asteroids a hundred meters or larger that could hit the Earth and cause serious damage. Thanks to and NASA.

    Florida Bees Dying in Brevard County

    BeesDead.jpgMICCO -- (CBS Tampa/AP) -- Florida officials are abuzz as to how millions of honey bees were killed in Brevard County. Several beekeepers in the county have reported lost colonies this week. Charles Smith of Smith Family Honey Company told Stuart News Thursday he lost 400 beehives. He says the bees appeared to have been poisoned. "I'll never get completely compensated for this unless someone handed me 400 beehives, Smith told Florida Today that he lost $150,000 from the incident. State officials are testing the bees to determine what type of chemicals contributed to their deaths.

    Experts say pesticides might be behind the lost beehives.

    "The fact that it was so widespread and so rapid, I think you can pretty much rule out disease, Bill Kern, an entomologist with the University of Florida's Research and Education Center, told Florida Today. "It happened essentially almost in one day. Usually diseases affect adults or the brood; you don't have something that kills them both.

    The case in Micco, 18 miles south of Melbourne, is being investigated by state agriculture officials and the sheriff's office, Thanks to CBS Radio Getty Images

    Mayan Civilization Had Alien Contact

    A new documentary about Mayan civilization will provide evidence of extraterrestrial contact with the ancient culture, according to a Mexican government official and the film's producer. "Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond," currently in production, will claim the Mayans had contact with extraterrestrials, producer RAUL JULIA-LEVY. "Mexico will release codices, artifacts and significant documents with evidence of Mayan and extraterrestrial contact, and all of their information will be corroborated by archaeologists," said JULIA-LEVY, son of actor Raul Julia.

    Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado, the minister of tourism for the Mexican state of Campeche said, "His country was simply offering the filmmakers' access to previously unexplored sections of the Mayan site at Calakmul. (shown above). He said, "New evidence has emerged of contact between the Mayans and extraterrestrials, supported by translations of certain codices, which the government has kept secure in underground vaults for some time!

    He also spoke, in a phone conversation, of "landing pads in the jungle that are 3,000 years old." Raul-Julia claims there is proof that the Mayans had intended to lead the planet for thousands of years, but were forced to escape after an invasion by "men of dark intentions," leaving behind evidence of an advanced race. He said,"The Mexican government is not making this statement on their own -- everything we say, we're going to back it up," And yes, they expect people to take this seriously, because the messages he plans to impart are crucial to human survival, Julia-Levy insisted.

    While the Guatemalan government is not offering information about aliens, it has joined Mexico in supporting the project. Guatemala's minister of tourism, Guillermo Novielli Quezada, stated, "Guatemala, like Mexico, home to the ancient yet advanced Mayan civilization has also kept certain provocative archeological discoveries classified, and now believes that it is time to bring forth this information in the new documentary."

    He said the country was working with filmmakers "for the good of mankind." Raul-Julia claims that the order to cooperate came directly from the country's president, Alvaro Colom Caballero. Guatemala is the site of a large number of Mayan settlements in the Mirador Basin, including the extensive city of El Mirador shown above that includes large pyramids. While doomsday scenarios focus on the calendar ending on December 21, 2012, many scholars point out that it simply resets for another 5,126-year cycle.

    Copyright 2011 / Reuters News

    Also see:

    Sightings in the United States

    Alaska Lights

    ENAI -- I went out to my front porch last night, September 27, 2011, about 10:30 pm, I was admiring the stars when I noticed one very bright in the northwestern sky that was 'twinkling' with all colors of the rainbow. I got my camera and took over 40 pictures of it. I could see it clearly but most of the pictures came out like a colored scribble. It was so far away and I didn't have a tripod. I watched and took pictures for about 15 minutes, then it got lighter and smaller and was gone. Once I thought it was going to disappear, but then got brighter again and stayed a bit longer. On September 28, 2011, I tried again to see it a about 9:30 PM, it was further south. I tried again to take some video but not sure that turned out, but the pictures are awesome! I went back out to see if it was still there at about 10:30 PM, but it was completely gone. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer

    Arizona Orb and Triangle of Lights

    Glendale -- Over time Saturn got closer and it got more vibrant on September 26, 2011, at 9 PM. That is when I started seeing weird white lights which I thought belonged to an airplane, but then I saw three more lights that began to spread out. One was sitting in the same spot for two minutes and three got really close together. To be safe I used the planet finder application along with ghetto star finder application and nothing showed. Then the dogs in the neighborhood started barking. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    Tucson -- I was driving east on Tangerine when I looked to the left and saw three glowing green lights above Tortolita Mountain on September 27, 2011. At first I thought they were planes, but they were glowing too brightly. They were moving slowly to the north and then disappeared from view behind the mountain. The glow from the green lights was about twice as bright as a star.

    I have never seen a star that looks this kind of whitish green before. I pulled over to check it out and managed to get a picture of it before it disappeared. There were a couple of sighting of UFOs a week or so before in the Tucson area. It moved in a very straight, slow, and steady formation and just seemed to disappear. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Arkansas Lights

    I went out to my front porch last night on September 27, 2011, about 10:30 PM, and was admiring the stars when I noticed one very bright light in the northwestern sky. The more I looked at it I realized it was 'twinkling' but with all colors of the rainbow. I got my camera and took over 40 pictures of it. I could see it clearly when my camera would focus, but most of the pictures came out like a colored scribble. It was so far away and I didn't have a tripod. I tried to take video, but my camera wouldn't focus on it. I watched and took pictures for about 15 minutes then it got lighter and smaller and was gone. Once I thought it was going to disappear, but then got brighter again and stayed a bit longer.

    On September 28, 2011, I tried to see it again and about 9:30 PM, it was there but further south and about the same height in the sky. I made a make-shift tripod and got much better pictures! I tried again to take some video. Not sure that turned out, but the pictures are awesome! I went back out to see if it was still there at about 10:30, but it was completely gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    California Beings

    Big Sur -- My girlfriend and I were jade hunting at Sand Dollar Beach and we stayed until after sunset on August 8, 2011, so it was dark when we headed up the stairs looking out at the ocean and noticed a strange hovering bright white light. My girlfriend thought it was oncoming car lights from the highway up above us. I informed her the highway is behind us and the light t darted away. It reappeared and got brighter and blinked from white to blue, to red. I was reluctant to leave, but we had a two hour drive ahead of us back to Monterey Bay. Once the staircase ended we continued up to the dark dirt trail. We were really scared and I was holding her by the back of her shirt. Then we see a flashlight shining through the trees and someone jogging down the trail towards us with a spotlight shining randomly. As it got closer it looked like a miner's hat with a bright white spotlight. We both then realized it wasn't human and it wanted to communicate. I spoke to it and said, "I don't understand what you are trying to say to us, because you're not human and don't speak our language!"

    Then it got closer and it turned into a boomerang/triangle with a bright white spotlight. It started to touch down with white tentacle strings hanging from it started to take human form. That's when the three points of the triangle materialized into three BEINGS and three lights! The white light turned into an animal, the blue light turned into a lady with long black hair wearing a blue dress, and the red light turned into a man in a red outfit. We asked them if they were friendly? When they completely took form and hit the ground, they immediately RUSHED us and ran full-force towards us!! That was not friendly!!!! And we started praying the Lord's Prayer. I called upon GOD to cover us with Jesus' precious blood and upon my guardian angels to wrap their beautiful wings around us and keep us safe!! Within an instant they disappeared! Not sure if they are Aliens or Spirits? My pictures have numerous orbs in them. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Florida Orbs and Boomerang

    Altamonte Springs -- On September 28, 2011, I looked up because I saw a flash of lightening and noticed a really bright white light that had blinking lights like an aircraft at 8 pm. It hovered but didn't make any noise during the duration of my first cigarette. I saw the blinking lights change from green, to red, to blue, and to yellow. I was watching it when I saw a bright red light appear from the center that lasted for three seconds and then dimmed as the white light resumed. I called my wife to come out and confirm what I was seeing and she saw the light as well. Then the light moved northward then stopped. I lost sight of it 8:45 pm, because it flew behind some trees. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    St Petersburg -- I was with my girl friend's house walking the dog about 12:15 AM, on September 29, 2011, and saw a dark boomerang shaped object flying for about ten seconds. I tried to show her but she missed it. We both saw a couple very bright shooting stars a few seconds later. We kept looking and looking and about 1:35 AM, I saw it again and pointed at it, and we both saw the object. It was a boomerang shape but a little more rounded with a dark color that was lighter than the sky. It seemed to be a camouflage as it flew a bit slower than an airplane like it was scanning the area. It had no lights but seems to have a line pattern that was lighter than the body.

    We saw it for about 30 seconds until it was very hard to spot it because of the street lights. My friend said, "Before it disappeared, the object did a round circular move. Ten seconds later we saw another very bright shooting star. We went inside the house to draw the object, and came up with similar drawings. Thanks to Hector

    Indiana Disc

    Greencastle -- I am an auto claims adjuster for an Auto Insurance Company who drives a couple hundred miles every day. I was driving south on State Road 231 south, and saw a bright, silver disc hovering in the sky on October 3, 2011. I would guess that the object was pretty close to the Indianapolis International Airport at the time of my sighting. I am prior Air Force Special Ops, and prior commercial air line jet mechanic. It had no noticeable wings of any type, and was very bright. The more I looked, the more I realized that I have never seen an object like this, no markings, just a bright perfect disc shaped object that left no vapor trail that just sat there in the sky. As I continued to watch it suddenly just disappeared. I know I saw a freaking UFO. The first thing I did was call my wife. I explained it to her, and she then confessed that she had seen the exact same thing some time ago. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Kentucky Inverted Stealth Bomber

    Boyd County -- I am a local photographer on September 11, 2011, I was taking individual football pictures of some boys at Boyd County High School. I was shooting back towards the east. I did not notice anything in the picture while I was taking them. However after I got home and was reviewing the shots, I saw a small light in the distance in one of the pictures. I zoomed in to see what it was, and it appeared to be an inverted stealth bomber. It was dark on top and lighter on the bottom. The next day our newspaper ran an article about UFO sightings in Boyd Co. I was also informed that about 50 people who saw the same object in Seattle, Washington. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Massachusetts Disc

    BOSTON -- I was driving my van on September 29, 2011, looking in the sky at some weird object and colors. I saw a silver reflective surface (the bottom only) and it had green lights all around the bottom of the UFO and a red light blinking in the middle. I actually saw one about seven years ago in the same place too. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Michigan Triangle

    Ypsilanti -- About 1:15 AM, on September 26, 2011, I was on my porch having a cigarette, and was looking up and saw a triangle with three red lights on the corners. It was moving from south to north, as though it was invisible and appeared and then disappeared. I watched it move silently across the sky for about 30 seconds and then it disappeared. It was skipping fast across the sky. Due to the craft's lights gave the appearance of it skipping, but I knew it was moving on a straight path. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    New York Numerous Sightings

    SYRACUSE -- I was at my girl friend's house and noticed a very peculiar looking star, very low to the ground, blinking, flashing, and pulsating different colors on August 20 2011. So I start flashing S.O.S. on my keychain flashlight. Right before it goes out of view it starts to wobble and pulsate red, blue, and white. I called my girl friend over and she confirmed it was moving but is frightened and goes back inside. Shortly after the star is no longer visible, a big flash of light comes from the trees around the area where I first noticed it. The light starts moving through the trees slowly and towards the backyard, so I run to the back fence. It was your average bumper sticker UFO, and it had three large lights in the center of it, slowly rotating. It flew east at a constant slow, eerie pace until I no longer had sight of the object.

    Syracuse and its neighboring cities have strange objects in the skies almost every night. Since my first sighting I've observed UFO's and orange spheres in Nedrow, Fayetteville, and the Indian Reservation by Nedrow. As soon as it gets dark, the party starts. Even those who genuinely believe me don't seem to care too much. They are out there almost EVERY night. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    North Carolina Cigar

    Bolivia -- I was on my back patio watching sheet lightning in the western sky on September 29, 2011. As I was looking up I clearly saw a solid cigar shaped, illuminated object traveling somewhat faster than a commercial aircraft. It was so clear that I immediately saw that it lacked any fixed wing, rotor, tail or navigation lights. This object was even clearer each time lightning struck, though it was very clear even without it. I watched it travel along a straight course for about 1 1/2 minutes at which time it abruptly turned on a dime to the east. I waited for it to pass some sparse pine tree limbs but the object vanished. I have watched the skies for the better part of my adult life (I'm 62) and have never seen one before this. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Oregon Flying Creature

    Newberg -- My kids and I had an experience with a large black or dark brown creature. It had huge wings to get so high in our deciduous tree and we could see only parts of it as it moved around up there. The creature was making noise branches and limbs were shaking and falling. A few moments after we had run out to see the creature under the tree a new Mustang convertible careened around the corner curve and we had clear view as it flipped five times across the field. Both people were killed and a beautiful young redhead died in front of me. A young Mexican guy was airlifted to the hospital but died later.

    We were painting on the house and would not have seen the accident unless the creature brought us out so we could see it. After going over to see if we could help the couple we went back to the tree and the creature was gone. There were only large branches on the ground. It was just like Mothman stuff...kind of like it knew in advance was going to happen and wanted witnesses. Not that the creature caused the accident...the driver had taken the sharp corner too fast and probably had been drinking. But that this thing knew that it would happen before it actually occurred. It flew straight up in a single leap...just like the accounts of Mothman. Thanks to Jennifer Brown-Jacobs

    South Dakota Pulse Contrail

    Contrail Pulse Wave Detonation Engine (PDE) ie..jpg

    Lead -- On September 29, 2011, a law enforcement officer took photographs of a contrail left by what seems to be a Pulse Wave Detonation Engine. The aircraft emitting the contrail was almost to the western horizon by the time I noticed the contrail almost overhead. I only saw a glint of the aircraft in the very bright sunlight, (my angle of view was almost directly into the sun). It appeared to be traveling at a very high rate of speed in a straight line from the southeastern horizon to the western horizon. I heard no sound at the time of the sighting, nor after. This could be consistent with other reports of top-secret military aircraft such as the "Aurora", or the "X-33". Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Texas Dogfight

    PARIS -- I walked outside at about 2 AM, on September 9, 2011, to make sure my car was locked and saw this weird blue glowing orb shoot across the sky towards a stationary white orb and a weird reddish glowing orb. Then the blue orb shot off a beam at the red orb. Then the red orb kind of shot off for about 30 seconds and the white orb turned a reddish color all about the same time.

    The blue and red objects started shooting lights at each other. After about a minute of this battle, I watched the sky kind of flash like thunder for about five seconds and these objects were moving in weird directions stopping and then changing direction. After the flashing the red orb was gone, a second red orb appeared that I assume was the first red orb that disappeared. And they both shot off toward the northeast after a five minute dogfight.

    Note: This apparent fighting of two types of craft may indicate the Dead Sea Scrolls description of War between the Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness continues.

    Washington Pink Lights

    Vancouver -- On September 30, 2011, at 10:50 PM, my wife and I saw many (about 7) moving pink lights in the eastern night sky. We heard no sounds. They were moving south and they blinked out one by one. I took some pictures with my cell phone; I tried to lighten the pictures to see if they showed up better. You can see the corner of my roof at lower left. They are not helicopters! South is to the right of the picture. Thanks to William Puckett Director UFOs Northwest

    Worldwide UFO Sightings


    This photo shows a suspected landing area of a UFO.

    Australia Films

    MELBOURNE -- The photographer took a series of images taken over various dates going back to May 2010. He writes, "For video and more photos, email me.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Eagle Vale NSW -- The bright object made no sound travelling from Picton Narrelan to across Eagle Vale NSW headed towards Hoxton Park at 5:45 pm, on September 21, 2011. The object was flying relatively slow compared to other planes flying overhead. Some footage was taped using an older style camcorder that will need some hardware to convert the beta tapes to digital so it can be uploaded.

    Broadbeach, Queensland -- I was driving southbound on the Gold Coast Highway late in the evening and above and in front of me, I saw an object that looked about the size of the moon, but the moon wasn't out on June 19, 2011. It was moving in a circle and had a tail that as spiraling. I remember thinking it looked pretty remarkable. The object was hovering smoothly over the ocean. I kept trying to look at it while still driving but then I lost sight of it. I later saw film from Sydney of the exactly same object I saw. Thanks to

    Canada Sphere

    Scarborough, Ontario -- I stepped outside for a quick smoke at 4:49 PM, on September 16, 2011, and noticed two dark black things moving across the sky. I grabbed my camera and took six pictures as they slowly moved across the sky westward. At that moment they were way, way up there and I really wondered what they were by altitude and movement. They did seem to have a slight distortion to them in movement. These two dark things moved close together in unison directly south towards Lake Ontario and I lost sight of them. The sighting had lasted about two minutes.

    Note: The photos were taken with a Canon PowerShot SD890 IS digital camera. This camera has a maximum resolution of 10 million pixels and has a 5X optical zoom. It is difficult to say what these two dark objects are. Zooming does not reveal much detail. The witness thought they appeared unusual. Thanks to William Puckett, Director

    St. Johns -- About 11 PM, on September 17, 2011, my friend and I were driving down Columbus Drive and saw a gigantic orange glowing sphere hovering about 300 feet above the highway. I slammed on the brakes and said, "What is that? She said, "You mean those things!" I was looking at the large object directly in front of us and she had spotted three other smaller objects on the west side of this large sphere. The spheres hover there for about and minute and start to move slowly east for about three seconds. The smaller objects followed the large sphere in a formation pattern very close to each other. Then they excelled, I've never seen a plane, or any other aircraft, climb so fast. They must have flown from 300 feet off the ground to about 20,000 or 30,000 feet in an instant and then they vanished. The large sphere was too big to be a helicopter, weather balloon or airplane. We've never seen anything like this. Have you ever heard of large spheres like this in the sky? Thanks to Ernie Jahn

    British Colombia -- On September 31, 2001, I was on the 9:30 ferry from Port Mcneil to Sointula looking east when eight lights in a line came from the Nimpkish River area and then spread out and climbed up. One of them went to the right and down to the waterfront where it hovered for quite a while and then took off, seemingly pacing the ferry and then dimmed away like the other lights. The hovering light was close enough so that we could see it veer to the right and accelerate quickly. Even the ferry workers were stunned by this. Here are the last minutes are best as you can see the light with Port McNeil in the background.

    France Rotating Object

    Tenerife -- On September 20, 2011, about 15:00 hours I was flying from France to Stanted, UK, while looking at cotton clouds through the aircraft's window, I saw a very dark gray object with a black line in the middle. I saw it move and rotate slowly like ship in the sea. I awoke the sleeping Lithuanian guy who was closest to the plane`s window, and said,"Look that thing, what is that?" He didn't know."

    It was between solid and dense smoke and rotated about 180 degrees, the object or twister or whatever it was stayed hovering in same position. It disappeared from window, because plane obviously was moving away. I felt embarrassed because people started to watch me.
    The UFO was dark gray-black color with very bright like metal in the middle and three to five commercial planes long. It was hovering about a kilometer away for two minutes. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Mexico Red and Flashing Light

    Juchitan Oaxaca -- I was lying in my backyard on September 9, 2011, and saw a red light in the distance that suddenly changed direction towards the southeast. That convinced me it was not a plane or satellite. I got to see a blue flash that changed to white. This object was shining and progressed a great distance. It seemed as if the red object escaped the second blue object which appeared to be larger because the light emitted was bigger than the other object.

    Throughout the month of September I had five different sightings. The object began to whirl about me and then proceed very close at about 900 meters away. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Cancun -- We were at a Mexico resort hotel pool side on watching the stars at 9:30 PM, on September 15, 2011, when I saw a shooting star cross the sky from south to north at a high rate of speed. Three minutes later a second "light" appeared at the same speed and direction, both disappeared behind clouds. Five minutes later a third "light" appeared going at same speed and direction, however this one made a right hand U turn without slowing down and returned in the same direction that it had come. A fourth "light" appeared three minutes later going east. If this "light" had not made the U turn, we would have thought we had seen shooting stars.

    They were the same color and size traveling at the same rate of speed. The "lights" took only a few seconds to cross the sky. I have never seen anything make a high speed turn without slowing down as this object did. CMS

    Mexico D.f. -- I was in college parking lot, taking a break between classes on September 22, 2011, when I noticed high in the sky very large objects. At first I thought they were balloons flying three times higher than a plane that was passing well below the object. The object kept moving through the clouds and I tried to zoom in and eventually lost it in the sky. I study robotics and I cannot believe in these phenomena, but I don't what was there.

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

    New Zealand's one of the Top Places for UFO sightings

    New Zealand claims to be one of the top places in the world for UFO sightings with more than 2,000 eyewitness accounts of UFOs. Locals say, "There's more UFO lights in the sky at night than kiwi's in the fields. While New Zealand's popular newspaper "The Dominion Post has claimed it will scan and print each and every major document from the country's recent top secret hoard of UFO files -- including the legendary UFO sightings at Kaikoura. There are details about "alien gangs roaming New Zealand's remote regions -- and something dubbed an "alien temporal doorway -- to attract thousands of UFO fans to this country that's currently marketing the filming locations of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    New Zealand's alien temporal doorway is linked in government reports to similar UFO reports in the United Kingdom. The Dominion Post claims witnesses report the same type of "UFO trails in the forests in both countries. Clearings in the woods and trails appear like trucks or dozens of steamrollers have pressed down all the vegetation. The flattening of the vegetation is tied to UFO sightings, speculating the craft are landing in the woods. There appears to be a linkage to the

    "Rendlesham Forest Incident (shown here) where a UFO trail was formed throughout the forest by something o what's been developing down in New Zealand "in mass during 2011.

    In turn, the regions of New Zealand where the "UFO trails are spotted and now investigated points to what Nasburg a UFO investigator writes "are locations for temporal doorways where the aliens who've landed can come and go, with speculation that where they go is a parallel universe or realm. Thanks to the Dominion Post

    Spain Disc

    37.2042761N 4.1930918 W -- I went to the mountains to take photographs as a hobby, reviewing photos, on March 21, 2010, I noticed a stain on the photo. Checking with a Photoshop filter applied textured, and I feel it was a solid object photographs as a hobby, reviewing photos. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    UK/ England

    Allington, Lincolnshire -- I wanted to let someone know that my husband is sure he spotted a UFO on October 1, 2011 at around 2.30 PM. He spotted it over our home in Allington. It was going too fast for anything else and had no really shape to it.

    Thanks to Jennie Bailey and

    UFO Conferences

    • I speak Sunday at 10:30 AM

    Support Earth Changing Research

    I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I could get people interested in getting my work of the last thirteen years. I have put together a DVD of Filer's Files with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings.

    Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter's exciting abduction story by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell has also included much of his excellent dialog for a donation of only $50.

    We also include a year's subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.

    Book Picture.jpg

    06-10-2011 om 14:00 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Yoda, Take Shelter [Under The North Pole]!
    Dedicated to revelations of the mayans 2012 and beyond
    "If extraterrestrials influenced human history, can evidence of their existence be found in hidden tunnels and caverns around the world? Could a cave in Ecuador contain metallic books inscribed with secrets of alien technology? Was an ancient underground city in Turkey built with alien help... or as a refuge from an alien attack? Rumors of the U.S. military working alongside aliens in a secret base inside a mesa in New Mexico continue to swirl, Native American legends mention strange inner-Earth beings, and recent archaeological discoveries in the Yucatan may point to an extraterrestrial reality behind."

    "The possibility of ancient space visitations was explored by Dr. Carl Sagan (1934–1996) as early as the 1966 convention of the American Astronautical Society. "Our tiny corner of the universe may have been visited thousands of times in the past few billions of years," Sagan stated in Intelligent Life in the Universe (1966), coauthored with I. S. Shklovski. "At least one of these visits may have occurred in historical times." Sagan, both an exobiologist and an astronomer, theorized that Earth may have been visited by various galactic civilizations many times during prehistoric times and that it is not out of the question that artifacts of such extraterrestrial visits might still exist, or even that some kind of alien base is maintained within our solar system to provide continuity for successive expeditions."

    05-10-2011 om 19:54 geschreven door peter

    0 1 2 3 4 5 - Gemiddelde waardering: 0/5 - (0 Stemmen)
    Categorie:André's Hoekje (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.My latest UFO article has been posted
    Onderwerp: My latest UFO article has been posted
    Datum: 4 Oct 2011 00:29:18 GMT+02:00
    My latest, one-page article has just been posted at:
    Hovering UFO Directs Beam of Light
    Down Onto Nuclear Missile Silo
    at Ellsworth AFB
    Retired ICBM Launch Officer Says Incident
    Only One of Many Sightings at the Base

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    Categorie:Diversen (Eng, NL en Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Monthly Statistical MUFON Report - for September 2011 - deel 1

    Monthly Statistical MUFON Report - for September 2011: deel 1

    CMS continues to amass sighting reports from around the globe. In September 2011 there were 785 sightings reported to MUFON through CMS from the following countries;

    Country Number of Reports
    CANADA 17
    SPAIN 5
    FRANCE 2
    GREECE 2
    BRAZIL 2
    CHINA 2
    MALTA 2
    BELIZE 1
    MEXICO 1
    OMAN 1
    VIET NAM 1
    CHILE 1
    LATVIA 1
    TOTAL: 782

    Within the United States the distribution by State was as follows;

    State Number of Reports
    California 86
    Texas 58
    Michigan 40
    Arizona 39
    New York 34
    Florida 33
    Pennsylvania 32
    Missouri 27
    Colorado 26
    Indiana 25
    Illinois 21
    Ohio 18
    North Carolina 14
    Georgia 14
    New Jersey 14
    Tennessee 12
    Kansas 12
    Wisconsin 12
    Oregon 11
    Virginia 11
    Washington 11
    Minnesota 10
    New Mexico 10
    Utah 9
    Arkansas 9
    South Carolina 9
    Idaho 8
    Nevada 8
    Kentucky 7
    Massachusetts 7
    Maryland 6
    Oklahoma 6
    Iowa 6
    Alabama 5
    Louisiana 5
    Nebraska 5
    Wyoming 4
    Montana 4
    North Dakota 4
    Connecticut 4
    New Hampshire 3
    Mississippi 3
    South Dakota 3
    Hawaii 2
    Maine 2
    Vermont 2
    West Virginia 2
    Delaware 2
    Alaska 1

    If you are getting more sighting reports than listed here, please be sure to enter them manually into CMS. To make this happen automatically, make sure your local MUFON Website is pointing to the CMS Reporting form on and direct all calls you get to the MUFON website so that witnesses can enter their own report directly into CMS.

    ALL sighting reports received by CMS are already filled in by the witness, saving you and your investigators time. Each report is automatically sent to YOU, the State Director and Assistant State Director, for you to assign someone to follow-up and complete the report.

    If a UFO sighting comes in over the phone, or by e-mail, and you want to enter it yourself, simply go to CMS at (once logged in) and click on "ADD CASE" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This gives you a blank sighting reporting form that you can fill out while the witness is on the phone. Once the report is filled out be sure to click "SAVE" and you will have easily added your NEW report to CMS.

    01-10-2011 om 17:09 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:ARTICLES of MUFON ( ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Monthly Statistical MUFON Report - for September 2011 -deel 2
    Monthly Statistical MUFON Report - for September 2011: deel 2

    Other interesting data points in CMS during September 2011 are the shape of the UFOs reported which were as follows;

    Shape of Object Number of Reports
    Sphere 204
    Star-like 148
    Circle 132
    Other 95
    Disc 93
    Unknown 82
    Triangle 79
    Fireball 79
    Oval 78
    Cylinder 34
    Boomerang 30
    Square/Rectagular 29
    Flash 29
    Cigar 27
    Diamond 19
    Teardrop 19
    Egg 17
    Bullet/Missile 12
    Blimp 11
    Saturn-like 11
    Chevron 10
    Cone 5
    Cross 5

    as well as the distance from the observer;

    Distance from Witness Number of Reports
    < 100 ft 101
    101-500 ft 105
    501 ft - 1 Mile 159
    Over 1 Mile 207
    Unknown 254
    NO VALUE 19

    Most impressively there were 24 Landings, Hovering, or Takeoffs reported and 2 Entities observed.

    To review the CMS data yourself go to and click on "UFO Case Files" to 1.) Easily look at the Last 20 Sightings, or 2.) Do a customized search of the CMS database by date and/or location, or 3.) Logon to CMS for even more detailed UFO sighting information about your State and the World.

    I hope you are enjoying our new internet based Sighting and Reporting System. For questions regarding its use please refer to the User Guide available on your CMS main menu screen. Please send your questions and/or suggestions to Jan Harzan at

    Thank you!

    01-10-2011 om 17:07 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:ARTICLES of MUFON ( ENG)

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