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Wil je een videoclip bekijken en stoort het X-files-deuntje jou daarbij. Schakel het  deuntje gewoon uit door in deze kolon, helemaal beneden op de 2 witte balkjes in het blauwe cirkeltje te klikken, tot een pijltje verschijnt. Veel kijk- en luisterplezier en bedankt voor jouw bezoek.

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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandelijks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Martian 'Ghost Dunes' Could Preserve Signs of Ancient Life

    Martian 'Ghost Dunes' Could Preserve Signs of Ancient Life

    11-10-2018 om 00:13 geschreven door peter

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Alien-Hunting Agents Seek the Truth About UFOs in 'Project Blue Book'

    Alien-Hunting Agents Seek the Truth About UFOs in 'Project Blue Book'

    Dr. J. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) encounters an alien subject in History's "Project Blue Book."
    Credit: Ed Araquel/History

    NEW YORK — During the 1950s and 1960s, were extraterrestrials visiting the United States? At the time, a spate of panicky sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs)  thought to be "alien" in origin were reported across the country, prompting the U.S. Air Force to create a top-secret program dedicated to the investigation of unexplained phenomenon related to UFOs.

    Under the code name "Project Blue Book," the Air Force documented and scrutinized 12,000 UFO sightings from 1952 to 1969, led by J. Allen Hynek, a former astronomy professor at The Ohio State University. The project's efforts — set against a suspenseful undercurrent of political intrigue — come to life in a new dramatic television series, which shares some of the long-buried secrets of this mysterious initiative.

    At a New York Comic Con (NYCC) panel on Oct. 6, actors and creators of the History channel's "Project Blue Book" introduced the audience to the story of federal agents hunting UFOs and the manipulation of the truth happening behind the scenes. Based on declassified files in the federal archive — including 700 cases of UFO-related incidents that remain unsolved — the series confronts a question that still fascinates humans decades after the project's end: Are we alone in the universe? [9 Strange, Scientific Excuses for Why Humans Haven't Found Aliens Yet]

    Each of the perplexing and unsettling UFO sightings that appears in the series is based on an actual event described in the recently declassified government records, executive producer and writer Sean Jablonski told the panel audience.

    "Every case you see — that really happened," Jablonski said.

    One standout incident took place in Washington, D.C., in July 1952. The repeated appearance of mysterious radar blips prompted the Air Force to launch a group of fighter jets to intercept what they thought were unidentified aircraft, according to Jablonski.

    But the blips vanished every time the jet fighters drew close, only to reappear when the jets pulled away from the blips' presumed location, one of the pilots reported in an oral history recorded in 1999.

    "Project Blue Book" stars Aidan Gillen (Littlefinger in HBO's "Game of Thrones") as Hynek, the scientist recruited by the Air Force to investigate UFO sightings and related phenomena. Though Hynek was a UFO skepticwhen he began working for the Air Force, much of what he saw and heard over his years with the project defied easy explanation. Eventually, the experience transformed him into a passionate believer in UFO encounters representing possible contact with alien life, Gillen told the panel audience.

    In fact, Hynek went on to become what is now known as a "ufologist" (UFO expert). He authored several books about UFOs, founded the Center for UFO Studies — a private organization for scientific UFO investigation — and served as a technical advisor for one of the most iconic films about UFOs, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (1977).

    The series also reveals that working on Project Blue Book brought unexpected conflicts for Hynek. Even when his investigations of baffling UFO-related incidents raised more questions than they answered, Air Force agents pushed for debunking and quick closure, frustrating his efforts to uncover the facts about what people saw, according to Gillen.

    "He just wanted to find the truth," Gillen said.

    But was the U.S. government after the truth? In the show, Hynek soon learns that his Air Force colleagues aren't really interested in getting to the bottom of events that seem impossible to understand. Instead, they seek tidy, reassuring explanations that tell the public there is nothing to be alarmed about. The government's deliberate deviation from witnesses' accounts and evidence — essentially creating "the original 'fake news'" — was an integral part of the "Project Blue Book" narrative, executive producer and writer David O'Leary told the panel audience.

    "On the subject of UFOs, part of the story is the cover-up, the lying, the misinformation campaign to control public perception," O'Leary said.

    "Project Blue Book" premieres on the History channel on Jan. 8, 2019, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, 9 p.m. CT. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Open Minds UFO Radio: David Marler – The Battle of LA UFO Incident

    Open Minds UFO Radio: David Marler – The Battle of LA UFO Incident

    David Marler – The Battle of LA UFO Incident – October 9, 2018

    Open Minds UFO Radio: In March 1942 the military opened fire on an object that flew over Los Angeles. The incident is referred to as the Battle of Los Angels and is best-known by the icon image of searchlights converging on an object while explosions from anti-aircraft fire erupt nearby. Researcher David Marler has researched this case, and when he puts together all of the facts, media stories from the time and government documents on the incident, it is more mysterious than ever. In this episode of David shares with us what he found and why this case remains unsolved.

    David is a UFO researcher and author. He’s had a lifelong interest in the subject of UFOs and joined the Mutual UFO Network  (MUFON) as a field investigator trainee in 1990. Since then he held several positions within MUFON before becoming an independent researcher. Since then he has written a highly regarded book on triangle shaped UFOs, Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation, and has been featured on several television programs. David has one of the most extensive personal libraries of UFO books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and case files from around the world that covers the last 65 years.

    Visit David’s website:

    Watch David present his research on the Battle of LA incident at the International UFO Congress.

    Get David’s book, Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation

    Visit me on Patreon:

    { }

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    Categorie:ARTICLES of MUFON ( ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Government Worker Leaks UFO Footage Recorded In Jacksonville

    Government Worker Leaks UFO Footage Recorded In Jacksonville

    Comparison videos shown first to eliminate doubt. I have never seen anything stay motionless in the sky for 10-15 minutes, only to disappear.

    The witness claims to work for the government and said:

    "I have never seen anything stay motionless in the sky for 10-15 minutes, only to disappear. We did try to ping it with a laser rangefinder to get a distance on it. It didn't work at all, and they are usually good up to 20-30 km. I work for the government as a defense contractor. I have access to these expensive machines due to my occupation; I'm a depot level FLIR technician."

    10-10-2018 om 23:23 geschreven door peter

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.RUSSIA PLANS TO CLONE EXTINCT ANIMALS AND BUILD A REAL LIFE JURASSIC PARK


    Russian scientists have begun their quest to clone prehistoric animals, including but not limited to a woolly mammoth, hoping that Siberian permafrost will give them a competitive advantage and a good possibility of finding undamaged DNA samples to resurrect the ancient species.

    The new laboratory at the Mammoth Museum of the Institute of Applied Ecology at the North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk has begun searching through its vast library of samples that were found nearly perfectly preserved in the extreme cold conditions of the Arctic, according to Ogonek magazine.

    Scientists hope to extract live DNA by carefully scanning through more than 2,000 rare exhibits contained in the lab, which is especially equipped to preserve tissue samples in freezers of -87 degrees Celsius. The new lab will also be used to swiftly analyze any newly found samples, without the risk of damaging them while transferring them to a distant laboratory.

    The researchers’ overarching aim is to create a real-life “Jurassic Park” (or scientifically speaking a “Pleistocene Park”) full of extinct animals living in a specially designed nature reserve located on the Kolyma River in Yakutia. The project is currently aiming to recreate the pre-ice age environmental conditions, including the grasslands, by the time the extinct animals are resurrected.

    Besides mammoths, scientists will focus their efforts in searching for the DNA of a woolly rhinoceros, early ancestors of bison and bulls, cave bears and cave lions.

    After all, the lab’s collection includes a perfectly-preserved mummified puppy, found sealed in the Siberian permafrost after more than 12,400 years, a sample of a pre-historic 4,500 year-old horse, in addition to ancient bison species some 8,000-years-old. One of the world-s best-preserved woolly mammoths, 39,000-year-old Yuka, is also at scientists’ disposal.

    Current efforts to clone ancient animals are being conducted by scientists worldwide, including at Harvard and the University of Chicago. So far they have been held back by the quality of their mammoth DNA.

    Russian experts hope that they could find live DNA in its samples but anticipation remains bleak as the thawing process can destroy nuclear genetic information. On the other hand, the vast majority of all ancient animals’ soft tissues ever discovered had been found in Siberia.

    Scientists hope that once extracted, the DNA would be crisscrossed with an Asian or Indian elephant to give birth to its historic predecessor. The Russian researchers are working with a Korean biotech firm Sooam and the Beijing Genomics Institute in China, utilizing their experience to ensure the success of the project. }

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    Categorie:Diversen (Eng, NL en Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.2018 Crop Circles - Crop Circles photographed in 2018

    2018 Crop Circles - Crop Circles photographed in 2018

    The 2018 Image Gallery 

    Please see our archives for all previous years crop circles…

    Please note all the crop circles featured on this page have now been harvested. We will be updating entires below to reflect this shortly.

    Click on the images below for more information. You be able to see all of the circles we record this year below. In order to present our images in a organised and detailed way we have created a page for each of the circles we have photographed. On this page (below) you will find a single image of each formation we have recorded this year in date order (with the latest image at the top) and by clicking on any of the images below you will be taken to a detailed page where you will find multiple images of that circle, with location, date, crop, geometry gallery, written information and links etc. Our website is completely free to view including all our image archives – we hope you enjoy it!

    Click here for Copyright Information about the reproduction of images on this website.

    Please Help to keep us Flying into the Future: If you have enjoyed looking at our pictures and information please consider making a small donation to keep us flying. There are so few of us left regularly recording the circles it’s really important that we continue. And while some now use drones to record the circles, it is important that there are still images taken from aircraft where the best quality camera equipment can be used and images that include the broad vista of the landscape can be taken. This kind of photography is expensive and it gets harder with each passing year to raise the funds we need to continue our work, but if everyone who regularly looked at this website made a small donation we would meet the funds we need. You can make a donation here.

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    Categorie:Diversen (Eng, NL en Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Belgen ontrafelen geheimen van heiligste berg van Japan -

    Belgen ontrafelen geheimen van heiligste berg van Japan -

    Bron: Belga

     Een Belgisch team van wetenschappers van de UGent, de Belgische Geologische Dienst (onderdeel van het Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen in Brussel) en de universiteit van Luik heeft samen met Japanse collega's als allereerste mogen boren in de heilige meren rond Mount Fuji in Japan.

    Een Belgisch team van wetenschappers van de UGent, de Belgische Geologische Dienst (onderdeel van het Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen in Brussel) en de universiteit van Luik heeft samen met Japanse collega's als allereerste mogen boren in de heilige meren rond Mount Fuji in Japan.
     Een Belgisch team van wetenschappers heeft samen met enkele Japanse collega’s als allereerste mogen boren in de heilige meren rond vulkaan Mount Fuji in Japan. Zelfs de Japanners zelf hadden nooit toestemming gekregen om er te boren.

    Mount Fuji (Unesco-werelderfgoed) is één van de belangrijkste toeristische trekpleisters van Japan, met honderdduizenden bezoekers die de berg jaarlijks beklimmen. Volgens de overlevering moet elke Japanner ooit één keer de berg opstappen. 

    Maar wat als de vulkaan uitbarst? En wat met aardbevingen? Daar komen de Belgen in het verhaal. Hun boringen moesten de uitbarstingsgeschiedenis van de heiligste berg van Japan in kaart brengen en kaderden in een breder onderzoek naar natuurlijke risico’s zoals aardbevingen. 

    “Op voorhand schatten we onze kansen om er effectief boringen te mogen doen op ongeveer 0 procent”, lacht professor Marc De Batist van de UGent. “Maar met het juiste team, het juiste voorstel en de juiste timing is het ons toch toegestaan.” In Japan zijn ze ongetwijfeld blij dat ze het Belgische team toelieten. Want het onderzoek bracht enkele opvallende onthullingen.

    Een vulkaanuitbarsting zou voor een ramp kunnen zorgen, zeker in de zomermaanden als de wandelpaden naar de top open zijn.

    Een vulkaanuitbarsting zou voor een ramp kunnen zorgen, zeker in de zomermaanden als de wandelpaden naar de top open zijn.

    Niet drie maar vijf keer uitgebarsten

    In Lake Motusu, één van de vijf meren die de vulkaan omzomen, werd een boorkern uit het sediment gehaald van vier meter. “De aslagen van de meerbodem zijn hier beter bewaard waardoor we de lagen beter konden dateren”, zegt Vanessa Heyvaert van het Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen. “Gelijkaardig onderzoek van de Japanners op de flanken van de vulkaan wordt bemoeilijkt door bodemvorming. Hun dateringen zijn daarom minder accuraat.”

    Bij nader onderzoek van de sedimentatie in het meer bleek dat Mount Fuji niet drie maar vijf keer is uitgebarsten in de loop van de voorbije achtduizend jaar. Twee uitbarstingen, respectievelijk 2.458 en 2.438 jaar geleden, waren tussen de plooien van de geschiedenis verdwenen. 

    Gevaar nog groter dan gedacht

    De laatste uitbarsting van Mount Fuji is inmiddels al ongeveer 2.300 jaar geleden. Toch is het onderzoek nu heel relevant voor de veiligheid van de bevolking in de omgeving van de Japanse reus. “Mount Fuji wordt beschouwd als een actieve vulkaan”, zegt De Batist. “Het is een berg die zeer goed gemonitord wordt. De voorbije jaren wordt weer wat meer activiteit vastgesteld. Na de zware aardbeving van 2011 was er zelfs even paniek, omdat men lichte trillingen waarnam onder de vulkaan en men vreesde dat er door de beving een uitbarsting getriggerd kon worden.”

    Uit ons onderzoek blijkt dat het gebied rond de vulkaan dat risico loopt veel groter is dan eerst gedacht en dat vulkanische as zich over een veel groter oppervlak kan verspreiden

    Een vulkaanuitbarsting zou ook echt voor een logistieke ramp kunnen zorgen, zeker in de zomermaanden als de wandelpaden naar de top open zijn. ”Uit ons onderzoek is immers ook gebleken dat het gebied rond de vulkaan dat risico loopt tijdens een uitbarsting veel groter is dan eerst gedacht en dat vulkanische as zich over een veel groter oppervlak kan verspreiden”, aldus De Batist. 

    “De Japanners nemen ons onderzoek daarom mee in de aanpassingen die ze momenteel aan het doen zijn van hun hazard maps, met risico-analyses voor aardbevingen en andere natuurrampen.”

     REUTERS }

    10-10-2018 om 22:44 geschreven door peter

    0 1 2 3 4 5 - Gemiddelde waardering: 0/5 - (0 Stemmen) - Het Laatste Nieuws ( NL)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.BIJZONDERE UFO VAKER GEZIEN BOVEN NEDERLAND


    De bijzondere UFO die onlangs door verschillende mensen boven de Amerikaanse staat Minnesota is gesignaleerd, blijft de gemoederen bezighouden. 

    Onlangs publiceerden wij het verhaal van een lezer die een identiek object boven Nederland had waargenomen en hij was niet de enige….

    Wat het ook is dat die mensen hebben gezien, gefotografeerd en gefilmd boven de Amerikaanse staat Minnesota enkele weken geleden, het lijkt een bijzonder object te zijn dat ook door andere mensen is gezien in ons land.

    Een klein stukje voor degenen die het originele artikel niet hebben gelezen:

    Het gaat om drie onafhankelijke waarnemingen in de Amerikaanse staat Minnesota van een behoorlijk groot cirkelvormig object dat er als volgt uit zag:


    Naar aanleiding van ons artikel, ontvingen wij de volgende mail (dank!): 

    This evening while looking at your site I saw “Ruimteschip hangt vier minuten boven weg Update” 

    This gave me the goosebumps! This is exacly what my X wife and myself saw in 1996 From Oeffelt To Our House In Boekel, I didn’t have a camera with me so I didn’t take a picture but now I see it and thank you for that. 

    Back then I shared my experience with a few sites here is the article. 

    Op die website staat inderdaad het hele verhaal wat er die zomeravond in juni 1996 gebeurde tijdens een autorit van Oeffelt naar Boekel, een afstand van zo’n 26 kilometer. 

    De man in kwestie was samen met zijn toenmalige vriendin op bezoek geweest bij vrienden die in een vrij afgelegen boerderij in de buurt van Oeffelt woonden

    Hij kan zich die avond van 22 juni 1996 nog goed herinneren, want dat was de avond dat Nederland tegen Frankrijk speelde voor de wereldkampioenschappen. 

    Rond middernacht vertrekt het stel omdat de volgende dag een werkdag was en ze een beetje op tijd in bed moesten liggen. Het eerste wat de man ziet is een rond object met vele lichten dat rondcirkelt boven de boerderij waar ze op bezoek waren. Het was identiek aan die die nu wordt waargenomen in Minnesota. 

    Nu komt er wederom een verhaal van een lezer die eveneens een soortgelijke ervaring heeft gehad en ook niet zo gek ver van bovenstaande waarneming. Het bovenstaande verhaal speelt zich af rond Oeffelt en het hiernavolgende in de buurt van Posterholt, zo’n 80 kilometer verder naar het zuiden.


    Het verhaal van auteur Peter Diepstraten die dit meemaakte vindt plaats enkele jaren na het bovenstaande: 

    Naar aanleiding van het artikel over de UFO uit Minnesota ook in Nederland gesignaleerd van de datum 04 oktober j.l. het volgende. Het betrof hier een ervaring van een man die met zijn vriendin een bijzondere ervaring had tijdens een autorit naar huis in Boekel. U vroeg onderaan het artikel of er meer mensen zouden zijn die iets dergelijks zich zouden kunnen herinneren dan wel of die iets soortgelijks hebben ervaren. Aangezien het jaartal juni 1996 toch al beduidend lang is geleden is mijn soortgelijke ervaring van iets recentere datum. Dit betreft de zondag 19 december 1999. 

    Mijn ervaring heb ik in een uitgegeven eigen boek opgenomen. Ik zal u de letterlijke tekst uit mijn boek weergeven. Deze ervaring cq. manifestatie is frappant identiek aan datgene wat in uw artikel werd omschreven. 

    "Het was op 19 december 1999 in de vroege ochtenduren dat moet geweest zijn tussen 05.45 uur en 06.00 uur, op de weg tussen St. Odiëlenberg en Posterholt, op de provinciale weg de N293. Ik had die nacht dienst gehad en was richting huiswaarts naar Koningsbosch. In die tijd hadden wij nog onze vaste post de dependance in het Bedrijvencentrum te Roermond. Ik had deze weg al talloze malen gereden dus ik ken deze weg op mijn duimpje. Ik weet nog goed dat het die ochtend, een week voor kerstmis trouwens dat het een druilige regenachtige ochtend was. Verder kan ik me nog herinneren dat toen ik de bebouwde kom verliet van Sint Odiëlenberg, ik voorbij hectometerpaaltje 6.0 reed en de lange weg voor mij zag opdoemen. 

    Op een gegeven moment had ik het idee gekregen dat de combinatie van de koplampen geprojecteerd op de wegdekstrepen alsook de regen alsook het mistige weersbeeld, want het was behoorlijk mistig die ochtend met een beperkt gezichtsveld, mij wat in verwarring bracht. De rustige cadans alsook de statische situatie alsook het monotone rijden was ineens voor mij erg opmerkelijk. Nochthans had ik het idee dat deze factoren gezamenlijk mij het idee gaven dat het effect hiervan mij parten speelde want ik meende hierdoor lichtschijnsels waar te nemen. Ik dacht ook sterk dat de vermoeidheid hierin ook een rol speelde. 

    Maar toen ik dan ter hoogte van hectometerpaaltje 7.0 van de provinciale weg reed werd ik geattendeerd op een vreemdsoortig lichtverschijnsel. De snelheid die ik had was niet al te hard ik reed rustig, er was die ochtend geen verkeer toen, het was trouwens ook nog op een zondagochtend. Ik bracht de snelheid aanzienlijk terug tot zelfs bijna stapvoets. Vervolgens naderde ik het industriegebied van Posterholt en kwam ter hoogte van [het bedrijf] Cuypers kozijnen en Geelen beton. Daar dacht ik te concluderen dat het vreemdsoortige lichtschijnsel te hebben kunen situeren of plaatsen in de vorm van een mogelijke draaiende bouwlamp of een mogelijke ventilator die voor een lamp aan het draaien was. Dat was aanvankelijk mijn eerste veronderstelling want ik nam waardat het verschijnsel afkomstig was van het terrein van Geelen beton. Door de mist kon ik het terrein niet goed onderscheiden maar ik kon wel vaag de grote mobiele [hijs] kraan waarnemen. 

    Plotseling zag ik naarmate ik dichterbij kwam dat er een gevaarte [object] boven de mobiele kraan hing [aanwezig was] wat een draaiende [roterende] beweging had. Ik was toen ter hoogte van hectometerpaaltje 7.8. In de verte recht voor mij zag ik uit de weg links een auto stilstaan net of deze voor mij stopte maar dat was totaal niet nodig want ik was daar nog veel te ver voor uit de buurt. Pas later realiseerde ik mij dat dit voertuig daar is blijven [stil] staan om ook naar het vreemde verschijnsel te kijken. Ik stond toen bijna stil en heb mijn hoofd uit het [portier]raam gestoken om goed te kunnen observeren naar wat het zou kunnen zijn wat ik daar zag. Ik had totaal geen idee maar om het te beschrijven is de volgende omschrijving de meest voor de hand liggende. Het zag eruit als een soort tolvormig voorwerp van ettelijke meters hoog, breed uitlopend naar boven en naar beneden toe in een puntvorming. Althans ik kwam tot die analyse omdat er gekleurde, ik noem het maar verlichte ramen of schijnwerpers van verschillende kleuren waren gepositioneerd. Ik schat zo'n 6 lagen onder elkaar met de kleuren geel, groenachtig en paars-roodachtig. De vorm van een driehoekachtige positie, ik kom toch op de term tol, was een soort van obeliskachtige manifestatie van enkele meters hoog. En ik schat de diameter op het breedste punt ook ettelijke meters. Maar dat was absoluut niet te taxeren. Ik blijf erbij dat dit voorwerp enkele meters boven de mobiele [hijs] kraan van Geelen Beton hing en draaide. Ofschoon het ook erg mistig was kon ik toch voldoende het aanschouwen hetgeen toch zeer en zeer afwijkend was en dat het eigenlijk op het griezelige af was. 

    Maar nu komt het. Ik was inmiddels al zachtjes doorgereden want ik had ook in de gaten dat de auto links er nog steeds stond. Ik hoopte deze automobilist[e] te kunnen aanspreken over het vreemde schouwspel waar hij [zij] ook naar heeft staan kijken. Maar plotseling reed deze auto voor mij weg. We waren inmiddels al verder op de provinciale weg N 293 gevorderd op het gedeelte Karkenerweg, met ook inmiddels links de Vlodropperweg en rechts de Boomstraat van Posterholt. De auto voor mij ging rechtdoor naar Karken richting Duitsland maar ik moest rechtsaf de N 274 op richting Koningsbosch. Nu doet het vreemde zich voor. Nadat ik dacht het verschijnsel achter me te hebben gelaten zag ik ineens op de kruising Vlodropperweg links en rechts de Boomstraat Posterholt, het voorwerp rechts van mij meevliegen. Toen had ik het niet meer dat kan ik je verzekeren. Het voorwerp (manifestatie) had dezelfde snelheid als wat ik reed. Een kleine honderd meter zou ik dan vervolgens rechtsaf de N274 opdraaien in de veronderstelling dat het dan of zou verdwijnen of wellicht rechtdoor zou gaan. Opeens zag ik het voorwerp links van mij meegaan, ik schat zo'n 50 meter hoog alsook zo'n 50 meter bij me vandaan. Ik passeerde hectometerpaaltje 21.3 op de N274 op het gedeelte Brunssummerweg. Deze gaat op een gegeven moment over in de Echterboschbaan. Pas toen ik bij hectometerpaaltje ik meen 18.9 was toen heb ik het voorwerp niet meer waargenomen. Maar al die tijd heeft het links van me meebewogen. Toen ik daar tijdens mijn volgende dienst met collega's over sprak zei men dat ik maar eens met een psycholoog moest gaan praten. Ik had het waarschijnlijk "tussen de oren" niet goed zitten, zo oordeelde men over mijn ervaring." 

    Tot zover even mijn relaas zoals o.a. opgetekend in mijn boek alwaar ik als beveiliger een reeks van ervaringen heb laten opnemen. Mijn naam is Peter Diepstraten. Inmiddels gepensioneerd. 

    Tot zover het bijzondere verhaal. 

    Peter Diepstraten is auteur en dus gewend om zaken goed te observeren en te kunnen beschrijven, waardoor dit een heel waardevolle waarneming is (dank!). 

    In de volgende video vertelt hij wat meer over het boek dat hij heeft geschreven. 

    En om het verhaal compleet te maken, vinden wij een 12 seconden durende opname van dezelfde soort UFO, hangende naast/boven auto’s, wederom in de Amerikaanse staat Minnesota, maar dit keer gemaakt op 19 januari 2017. Een video die nog door bijna niemand is bekeken op een kanaal waar alleen deze video op staat. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Strange Humming Sound Returns to Sweden

    Strange Humming Sound Returns to Sweden

    While “Swedish hum” sounds like what you do when you don’t know the words to an ABBA song (how is THAT possible?), it’s actually a mysterious and somewhat seasonal noise heard often in Sweden in multiple locations and generally in the winter (yes, Sweden does have other seasons that last longer than a week). What’s causing these strange sounds and will they be in the next Mama Mia! movie?

    “It was a constant sound, it was as if the sound gave vibrations in the air. It was for about 45 minutes and then it was very slow as if the sound moved somewhere else.”

    That’s from the YouTube site of Rene Krupinksi, which seems to be fast becoming a repository of Swedish hums and other strange Scandinavian sounds. Krupinksi was describing a sound he heard and recorded (hear it here) in December 2017 – a sound that went on for 45 minutes and felt to him as if it was surrounding him rather than coming from any definitive direction. The recording has been making the rounds again recently, indicating it still hasn’t been resolved.

    “Early morning in Gothenburg in Sweden i heard this strange trumpet sound. People was looking up when the sound came.”

    That trumpet sound (hear it here) was recorded on August 10, 2018.

    “I have heard this sound many times, i the middle of the night at at day time. I was reading in the news, the same sound was too in US and England at same time, and it was raported and many people have taking contact to the police to ask. No one knows what it was, but it also was in northern Germany and Denmark.”

    To compete the strange sound triple-play of hum, trumpet and boom, Krupinksi uploaded a recording of a boom in Germanyhe claims to have also heard himself. How is it that one person has personally experienced so many strange sounds? Looking at the rest of his YouTube page, Krupinksi appears to be a fan of (and possibly a producer of) electronic music. Perhaps he just has a sensitive ear and recording equipment ready at a moment’s notice to capture the sounds.

    “Strange trumpet sound in the sky!!! (trying to film the aurora in the sky). At 2.34 in this vid, the sound is very close. I was experimenting with my camera this evening to film northern lights.”

    Or perhaps he lives in the right place. In his comment on an April 2018 recording (hear it here), Krupinksi reveals he was watching the Northern Lights when he heard a trumpet sound. Researchers admit that so-called ‘aurora sounds’ frequently occur during northern lights activities. However, they’re generally short sounds ranging from crackles to machine gun bursts to claps and booms. Because the intensity of these solar magnetic disturbances varies, the sounds are different as well.

    That ‘sounds’ reasonable … except to the millions of people in the north who hear the sounds in the Northern Lights off-season, or in the south where there’s no aurora borealis at all. There’s obviously more to these mysterious hums, trumpets and booms than meets the ear. Help solve the mystery by following the example of Rene Krupinksi and spending time outside with audio and video recording devices.

    You may want to warn your neighbors first. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Hikers Witness a ‘Miracle’ on Arizona’s Dreamy Draw Mountain

    Hikers Witness a ‘Miracle’ on Arizona’s Dreamy Draw Mountain

    Three college students in Phoenix have reported having a supernatural experience during a recent hike on Arizona’s Dreamy Draw Mountain. According to the students, a strangely familiar robed, long-haired figure appeared on top of the mountain, only to vanish as the girls appeared. Even stranger, the apparition left them the best gift three college students could hope to receive: an envelope full of cash.

    Just think of all the pumpkin spice lattes that could buy!

    It all began as Allisa Miller, Jen Vickman, and Kassi Sanchez were having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day in the way that only privileged college students can have. “It was one of those days where as soon as you wake up, nothing really goes as planned,” Miller told “We slept through our alarms so we were really late to get here,” said Vickman. “It was already hot, like we didn’t want to hike,” said Sanchez. “Like something we had to do almost, forced fun,” laughed Miller. Poor girls. First world problems sure are the worst.

    The girls overcame the unbearable adversity of waking up late and being hot and made it to the mountain where they began their hike. That’s when things got mysterious. The girls saw a curiously Jesus-like figure standing atop the mountain, but when they reached the spot where he stood, he had vanished.

    Probably had a pancake to appear on somewhere.

    “We just see a silhouette of this man, it looks like he has long hair and he’s in a robe,” said Miller. “He was like right there on the top of the mountain. We were all just kinda shocked, we just kinda sat there.” While just kinda sitting there, the girls spied an envelope stashed between a few rocks. Opening the envelope, the girls discovered a note with a curious, somewhat rambling inscription quoting the Bible and contemporary Christian rock music and signed only with the letter J. Even better, the envelope contained three $100 bills – one for each hiker.

    Of course, the girls believe the experience was a miracle and have found religious meaning in it. As such, they say they won’t spend the money but will save it for the right opportunity to help someone in need.

    Experiencing miracles is great and all, but something about this one just feels a bit too coincidental: three girls, three $100 bills, a robed, long-haired man and a noted signed “J.” Was this a miracle on Dreamy Draw Mountain, or merely a good Samaritan hoping to lure a few young people into organized religion? Why go through the effort of wearing a robe up to the top of a mountain? Then again, if the girls plan to merely pay the cash forward, why report it to the news? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.‘Massive UFO’ Filmed Over South Carolina Beach During Lightning Storm

    ‘Massive UFO’ Filmed Over South Carolina Beach During Lightning Storm

    ‘Massive UFO’ Filmed Over South Carolina Beach During Lightning Storm

    Footage uploaded on website Mutual UFO Network shows mysterious lights hovering above popular US beach resort

    The coastline of the Carolinas has become a hotspot for mysteries lately. Just this week, a large unidentified object washed ashore not far from Charleston, South Carolina before being quickly whisked away by unnamed officials. A few months ago, a similarly large and unknown object was discovered a few hours to the north in North Carolina’s Outer Banks and has likewise yet to be identified.

    To add to these maritime mysteries, a curious video filmed in South Carolina’s popular tourist haven of Myrtle Beach has Carolinians wondering what exactly is going on in the skies over the coastline. MUFON and UFO Stalker both posted the video which seems to depict either a formation of small lights or one massive object flanked with multiple lights, somewhat similar to the Phoenix Lights. The video was reportedly filmed on August 5th but was reported to MUFON on October 4th.

    The Phoenix Lights remain among the most widespread mass sightings in UFO history.

    The Phoenix Lights remain among the most widespread mass sightings in UFO history.

    The unnamed individual who filmed the time lapse video was photographing a lightning storm over the Myrtle Beach oceanfront strip of hotels and resorts and reportedly didn’t notice the lights until processing the video later. “I was taking the pictures off the edge of a long pier after dark, so there were no reflective surfaces around,” the videographer toldMUFON. “I did not notice the objects until i returned home and checked the photograph and video.” 

    Like most photographic or videographic evidence, it’s difficult to tell exactly what we’re seeing and reflections or other artifacts certainly are plausible and probable explanations – especially given the amount of bright lights along this stretch of the Myrtle Beach strip. Of course, the comments sections on both Myrtle Beach local news sites and UFO Stalker are full of skeptics and believers alike. On, the prevailing consensus seems to be that the lights are merely reflections or lens flares. Some commenters have pointed out that the formation of lights is somewhat similar to the arrangement of buildings below.

    South Carolina is home to both Joint Base Charleston Air Force North and Shaw Air Force Base, both known to conduct drills and exercises along the coast.

    Then again, with so many strange things washing ashore along the Carolinas’ coastlines, who knows what the video might depict? Reflections, a military drill, or something stranger? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Saturn’s Rings Are Full of Organic Compounds

    Saturn’s Rings Are Full of Organic Compounds

    Saturn’s Rings Are Full of Organic Compounds

    Saturn has to be both the coolest and weirdest planet in the solar system. It’s so strange that it’s inspired countless conspiracy theories including the, admittedly awesome, idea Saturn is where demons live. No other planet is cool enough to justify that level of insanity. In 2017, the spacecraft Cassini engaged its final suicide mission, hurling itself with all haste into the gas giant and topping off the slew of astounding images it already sent back Earth-side with a detailed analysis of the chemical composition of Saturn’s atmosphere and its signature rings. And wouldn’t you know it, Saturn got even weirder.

    According to a new study published in Science, the chemical composition of Saturn’s rings is a far cry from what scientists initially expected. It was long assumed that the rings of Saturn were composed of almost entirely water, but the data from Cassini shows that amidst all that water are other complex chemicals—including a large amount of organic matter such as methane.

    Now, the word organic is a pretty loaded term. We’re not talking organic farming here, and they didn’t find the demons. Organic, in the chemical sense, means chemicals that include carbon in their molecular structure. While they are certainly not saying that they found life in Saturn’s rings, organic compounds do form the basis of all life.

    Cassini and Saturn

    Artist’s depiction of the Cassini spacecraft

    According to Thomas Cravens, professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Kansas and co-author of the paper:

    “What was a surprise was the mass spectrometer saw methane — no one expected that. Also, it saw some carbon dioxide, which was unexpected. The rings were thought to be entirely water. But the innermost rings are fairly contaminated, as it turns out, with organic material caught up in ice.”

    The researchers also found that the rings are expelling these chemical compounds into Saturn’s atmosphere, and may be gradually changing the chemical makeup of the planet. According to Cravens:

    The material is coming into Saturn at high speeds because the rings are moving faster than the atmosphere quite a bit. It doesn’t just drop in gently. It comes flying in there like a satellite re-entering our own planet. These dust grains moving at satellite speed, depositing energy that can dissociate the atmosphere.

    Saturn and its rings.

    How can you not love this huge, weird, and creepy thing?

    According to the scientists, this new understanding of Saturn’s rings and atmosphere can help us better understand the underlying processes of the solar system at large, including how planetary rings are formed in the first place, and how long they last. Unfortunately for old Saturn, the data seems to suggest that the rings are slowly being depleted. They’re expelling matter faster than they’re being refilled. As Cravens put it, there’s “a hole in the bucket.” This may also suggest that Jupiter’s now nearly invisible ring was once as impressive as Saturn’s.

    It seems that the more we learn, the more unanswered questions are revealed. With our technology progressing faster and faster, giving us more detailed windows into our mysterious neighbors there’s no telling what we could find. It’s probably demons, though. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Amazing UFO Near Trees At Sterling City, Texas On Oct 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    Amazing UFO Near Trees At Sterling City, Texas On Oct 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of sighting: October 2018
    Location of sighting: Sterling City, Texas, USA

    Now I passed this by for a second, dismissing it as a fake...but then decided to take a second look and carefully look at the photos. I took the screenshot and added light, which revealed the ground and the trees nearby. I then realised its 100% legit...and that was exciting. Its not often a UFO of this size and focus is captured. 

    The UFO was captured by a UFO researcher channel called Sterling City Texas. Click that name to subscribe to their channel or miss out. 

    I put the screenshots into a gif so you can see me adding light and see the full picture. The first photo in the gif is the original, unaltered. Wow, this reminds me of the legendary Billy Meier UFO photos, which also had UFOs of this detail near trees. So awesome. This made my week.

    Scott C. Waring

    Eyewitness states: 

    I awoke at 130 am to shut the window, and this large UFO was sitting close to the trees about 60 meters away. I grabbed my camera put it on a stand and was able to get 2 raw photos with a 2 second exposure. it lit the object up. fantastic clear shot. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Descends From Space and Then Splits Into Two Over Ohio, Oct 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    UFO Descends From Space and Then Splits Into Two Over Ohio, Oct 2018, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of sighting: Oct 2018
    Location of sighting: Ohio, USA
    Source: MUFON #95464

    When an object falls from space with a trail this should in world news...yet nothing about this object exists except this one video by an eyewitness. The object is moving too slow to be a meteor or space junk. The speed is slow and controlled...and I don't want to say its aliens...but it's aliens. 

    Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

    Eyewitness states: 

    "Thought maybe a plane was crashing saw a light descending then a black piece came off...My daughter and I were driving to the store. We both noticed a light in the sky ahead of us and it looked like it was descending. I said is that a plane crashing ? We couldn’t figure out what the orange like light was. I pulled over and we saw a black piece come off. I thought maybe an explosion was next and we stopped the car to look.
    Then the light moved and a trail seemed to follow. But then it hovered. We watched as it began to move again stop and then a trail. It was very slow. We were bewildered. Never saw anything like it. We decided to drive the direction but then lost it in the trees. We were both very confused for quite a while we kept looking for another half an hour. Not sure what it was, seemed to slow for a meteor or fireball. The black piece that came off was also very confusing" }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mysterious Humming Sound in the Sky recorded in Sweden

    Mysterious Humming Sound in the Sky recorded in Sweden

    According to the witness, he noticed the odd sound while in northern Sweden at what looks to be a snow-covered mountaintop. He says that the humming noise was constant and seemed to almost vibrate the air.

    Although he expressed certainty that the hum was coming from the sky, the witness conceded that he couldn't quite determine from which direction it was emanating as it appeared to be coming from every direction.

    He also noted that he has visited the location before and that it is "usually a very quiet place," what made the odd hum all the more mystifying. Eventually, after nearly an hour, he says, the noise dissipated as if it had "moved somewhere else."

    The sound heard by the witness in Sweden may be connected to the larger mystery hum phenomenon which has been reported in various parts of the world in recent years.

    According to coasttocoastam, theories for what may be causing these sounds range from the conspiratorial, such as clandestine military weaponry, air displacement caused by slow-moving huge UFOs to prosaic possibilities involving natural events surrounding the magnetic field of the Earth.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Daytime UFO over Ohio

    Daytime UFO over Ohio


    New video of a bright UFO flying across the sky above Sandusky, Ohio on 7th October 2018.

    Witness report: 

    Video of it, a ball of bright light like a star almost moving ok and it gained speed and then disappeared

    Source: MUFON }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO caught on tape over Fresno

    UFO caught on tape over Fresno


    UFO sighting above Fresno. This was just submitted to us by our reader. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Historian Claims a Tiny Atlantic Rock is Actually the Tip of Atlantis

    Historian Claims a Tiny Atlantic Rock is Actually the Tip of Atlantis

    Atlantis is the Holy Grail of mythical islands and nations. First mentioned by Plato, his writings led those searching for it to the Atlantic Ocean, hoping to find the actual island or one that could have inspired the myth. While it has never officially been found, there’s no lack of ancient maps showing its location in the Atlantic. Many frustrated with finding it there have gravitated to other bodies of water where the lighting is better and the islands are easier to find — suspecting those making the original reports were confused, using it allegorically or perpetrating a hoax. That tendency exists even today, as a historian now claims a small rock island near Ireland is actually Atlantis peeking out from the ocean depths. Is it big enough for a hotel and a cruise ship dock?

    “Part of it is still above water.”


    Matt Sibson, creator of the Ancient Architects YouTube channel, claims in an interview with The Daily Star that he believes the tiny granite island of Rockall in the North Atlantic is the highest point of the sunken Atlantis. Located about 300 km (187 miles) west of Scotland, 420 km (263.0 miles) northwest of Ireland and 700 km (440 miles) south of Iceland, Rockall belongs to the UK as a part of Scotland, although Ireland seems to want this place, which is classified by the United Nations as one of those “rocks which cannot sustain human habitation or economic life of their own.” (Sounds like some places in the U.S. too.) That could change with all of the tourism business generated when Sibson convinces the world it’s Atlantis. If only he had an old map.

    The Zeno map showing Frisland (bottom left)

    Actually, he does, but on it (and some others, including the infamous Zeno map which is a proven hoax) the spot currently occupied by Rockall is called Frisland or Friesland (which is also the name of an unrelated province of the Netherlands).

    “Friesland has never been officially identified but featured in many maps between the 1500s and 1600s, before disappearing completely. Why would they make up an island completely in the middle of the ocean? I think there was something huge there, and there is still something there now to prove it – the last remaining part of Friesland.”

    Sibson also has a modern, not mythological, reason for the disappearance of Frisland multiple times dating back to 13,000 years ago when Plato’s Atlantis allegedly was still above water … climate change.

    “This was when Earth was coming out of the Ice Age and everything was getting warmer but, all of a sudden, about 12,900 years ago, it went freezing cold again. Then about 1000 years later it warmed again and it has been getting warmer to this day.”

    Sibson also works in a comet hit, which is a theoretical but still unproven occurrence about the same time that may have created earthquakes, tsunamis and other stresses to the Earth’s crust, causing … you guessed it … the island of Frisland/Atlantis to sink into the Atlantic. Subsequent environmental changes could explain its alleged reappearance and subsequent disappearance on maps from 1500s/1600s and the existence of all that’s left … Rockall.

    1623 map of the Arctic by Gerardus Mercator showing Frisland

    That’s a lot of extrapolation (which Sibson admits) between the three remote dots of Plato’s writings, old and potentially unreliable maps of a disappearing island, and a tiny disputed rock islet. Some searches of Rockall and especially the area around it would probably resolve this. Actually, they’ve already taken place. In 2013, surveys by Marine Scotland didn’t find evidence of Frisland or Atlantis but did discover four new species – a sea snail, two clams and a marine worm – living around a cold seep, which is a crack in the ocean floor where hot hydrocarbons leak out.

    You don’t suppose that crack could be related to the disappearance of Frisland, do you? }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.RESEARCHERS IDENTIFY THE “MISSING LINK” IN THE CHEMISTRY OF SATURN’S LARGEST MOON


    Team Titan

    Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is weird. Really weird. Its atmosphere is unlike that of any other moon in our entire solar system — in fact, it’s a lot like what scientists believe Earth’s was like during its first billion years.

    Titan’s atmosphere also includes organic compounds called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), precursors to the molecules that gave rise to life on Earth. Previously, we thought they could only form under high-temperature conditions. But the average surface temperature on Titan is a frigid -179 degrees Celsius (-290 degrees Fahrenheit).

    Now, researchers think they’ve found the “missing link” that explains how Titan’s atmosphere could include these compounds. The knowledge could better our understanding of our own planet’s infancy and provide new clues in the search for extraterrestrial life.

    Early Earth

    In a study published Monday in the journal Nature Astronomy, U.S. and Russian researchers show how gases already known to exist on Titan could have combined to produce PAHs. They did this using a combination of computer simulations and practical experiments.

    The finding isn’t remarkable simply because it teaches us something new about Titan — it could also help us better understand Earth’s history.

    “The gas make up of Titan is similar to prebiotic Earth — hydrocarbons and nitrogen and the absence of oxygen — hence, scientists are keen to see how chemistry is evolving or has evolved on Titan to provide clues to Earth’s atmospheric content,” Berkeley researcher and study author Musahid Ahmed told Futurism.

    The better we can understand the conditions that led to the formation of the Earth as we know it, the better equipped we’ll be to figure out exactly what conditions are necessary for the formation of life — and where we might want to look for it elsewhere in the universe. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer’s Files #40 2018 : General Twining UFOs Are Real - PART I
    Bloomington, Minnesota  circle of lights on September 30, 2018
    Bloomington, Minnesota  circle of lights on September 30, 2018

    Filer’s Files #40 2018 : General Twining UFOs Are Real - PART I

    In special reports, this week’s files cover: General Twining UFOs Are Real. More Data on UFO Crash at San Augustin, New Mexico, Russian Navy UFO Record Say Aliens Love Oceans, UFO Contact from Undersea, Site Image from NASA Is Alien Tower, and Moon Space Station.

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over California, Minnesota, New Jersey, , Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington.

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Eire, Slovenia, and England in the United Kingdom.

    The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers. Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.

    George A. Filer III

    New Jersey State Director

    MUFON Eastern Region Director Now receiving 3 million hits a month

    Special Projects

    General Twining UFOs Are Real

    On 8 July 1947, General Eisenhower ordered, Lt. General Nathan Twining the commander of the Air Materiel Command (AMC), to go to White Sands to make an appraisal of the reported unidentified objects being kept there. With a team of experts, technicians, and scientists Twining was directed to not only appraise the unidentified flying object, but also to deal with the military, political, and psychological situation surrounding its existence. General Twining flight logs of 1947 have been recently released, so his location between July 7 and July 9th 1947 has been confirmed. This trip to New Mexico was Twining’s only trip during the summer of 1947 to inspect a crashed UFO   IPU Summary Page 4 states the following: – 7th July 1947 – Twinning went to Alamogordo AAF for a secret meeting with Army Air Force Chief Of Staff General Spaatz and to view recovered remains of craft from crash landing site 20 miles northwest of Socorro.

    8th July 1947 – Twinning went to Kirtland AAF to inspect parts recovered from power plant.

    9th July 1947 – Twining went to White Sands Proving Ground to inspect craft being stored there.

    10th July 1947 – Twining made inspection of R&D facilities at Alamogordo and then returned to Wright Field.

    General Nathan Twining was the commander of the Air Materiel Command that was deeply emerged into research: aircraft design, guided missiles, propulsion, electronics, meteorology and climatology, aviation medicine, armament, winterization and atomic energy. Scientists and engineers of AMC investigated the effects of high speed, high altitude flight upon the human body and aircraft.

     Air Materiel Command was the place where much of the new technology for the Air Force would be developed such as the entire guided missile program, and it became the responsibility of the United States Air Force in 1947. This Secret document was downgraded under the Freedom of Information Act.

    Air Material Commands Opinion Concerning “Flying Discs” Lt. General Nathan Twining

    TO:  Commanding General Army Air Forces

    Washington 25, D.C.

    1.   As requested by AC/AS-2 (General George Schulgen) there is presented below the considered opinion of this command concerning the so-called “Flying Discs.”  This opinion is based on interrogation report data furnished by AC/AS-2 and preliminary studied by personnel of T-2 and Aircraft Laboratory, Engineering Division T-3.  This opinion was arrived at in a conference between personnel from the Air Institute of Technology, Intelligence T-2, Office, Chief of Engineering Division, and the Aircraft, Power Plant and Propeller Laboratories of Engineering Division T-3.
    2. It is the opinion that:
    3. The phenomenon reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious.
    4. There are objects probably approximately the shape of a disc, of such appreciable size as to appear to be as large as man-made aircraft.
    5. There is the possibility that some of the incidents may be caused by natural phenomena, such as meteors.
    6. The reported operating characteristics such as extreme rates of climb, maneuverability (particularly in roll), and action which must be considered evasive when sighted or contacted by friendly aircraft and radar, lend belief to the possibility that some of the objects are controlled manually, automatically, or remotely.
    7. The apparent common description of the objects is as follows:

    (1)  Metallic or light reflecting surface.

    (2)  Absence of trail, except in a few instances when the object apparently was operating under high performance conditions.

    (3)  Circular or elliptical in shape, flat on bottom and domed on top.

    (4)  Several reports of well kept formation flights varying from three to nine objects.

    (5)  Normally no associated sound, except in three instances a substantial rumbling roar was noted.

    (6)  Level flight speeds normally about 300 knots are estimated.

    Editor’s Note: While I was giving a speech at the Roswell Museum a young man introduced himself and told me his father had flown alien bodies and debris of the Roswell disc to Wright Field in 1947. He was the co-pilot on Captain Pappy Oliver Henderson’s C-54 crew and was convinced the debris was not from this world.  General Twining became the first Air Force Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest-ranking military position. .

    More Data on UFO Crash at San Augustin, New Mexico

     From 1980 to 1999, John Andrews sat on the knowledge of the configuration of the crashed discs to resemble the “Wave rider-stingray-cetacean-form” .  He died on Good Friday, 1999 of a cancer similar to Ben Rich’s.

    Bill McDonald obtained detailed information about the Roswell alien craft from Army counter intelligence personnel he called Rick and Frank who carefully described, sketched and overdrew on my sketches until the lateral profile of the craft was exactingly close to the profile of a harbor porpoise a species of cetacean known as Dall’s Porpoise. The stingray-skate-like diamond triangular wing form profiles were subtly different–But close enough to satisfy a detective’s standards regarding multiple witness composites.

    The hexagonal power cell belly tiles were identically described by both men, to include being subducted under a thin rim layer of approximately eighteen inches.  There were big hexagons near the nose, shrinking in size towards the tail and trailing wing edges.

    John Andrews independently confirmed that Kelly and Ben also described a complex “Power grid” on the ships belly. Likewise for the cockpit canopy/forward sensor array shield–Only
    subtle variances in shape and placing.  Frank thought it was a cockpit canopy.  Rick stated it was a cover for a multi-tiered instrument array. The craft carried seven aliens.

    Witness “Dutch” Bischoff in Anaheim (Who claimed to be a CIC auxiliary pilot) stated it was a “Half nose cone.”– May 1993—Long before my interviews with Rick and Frank.

    My friend Len (Stringfield) stated very surprising things over the phone in December ’94. Len was VERY specific about the skin of the flight crew:  He stated that macroscopically, the skin resembled the tiny, granulated smooth beaded scales of the tiny albino Geckos inhabiting the islands of the South Pacific.

    He stated that his physicians reported that the skin was NOT the semipermiable layers that hold in moisture and fluids and hold out dangerous rot bacilli. He stated that it was like synthetic screen mesh under a microscope.

    He stated that the flight crew members would have leaked like sieves if they were walking around outside the landed craft and not encased in some artificial cellophane-like substance.  Infection would have occurred in seconds. They apparently worked together navigating and operating the craft. Rick July 1995 interviews stated that when he crawled through the wreckage he noticed something very odd about the texturing of the floor of the flight deck of the interior crew cabin.  He stated that it was the oddest form of “Antiskid” imaginable. He stated that examining experts had compared the deck flooring to rings and swirls like “Fingerprint” and “Coral growth” patterns.  Rick stated that in later years, he had occasion to examine a kidney dialysis bag and that when cut open, the microtubule packing was similar to the crystalline layers of microtubes in the floor layers. He also described vented louvers in the flooring edges on either side of the crew compartment which when he drew them reminded me of the gill slits of sharks and rays.

    I put the skin and the flooring descriptions together and came up with the fluid life support system / flight ballast inertial dampening buffer. Oxygenated fluorocarbons approximate the weight of water but evaporate fast after a hull breech.  Sterile fluids would not only sustain life but would also cushion the flight crew from high “G” aerial maneuvers and death from rapid onset of infections and rapid catastrophic dehydration.

    All witnesses told me that the craft was unusually light for its size. Without some form of heavy ballast, it would have fluttered like a kite without a tail in atmospheric flight mode. Trim was critical for a craft of its size and weight. Every seat needed to be filled.  Only a fluid fulfills all ballast and    all delicate trim requirements for atmospheric flight–Magneto-aero electric propulsion in the air. Certain species of frogs breathe and receive nutrients directly through their skin tissue membranes.  They die fast out of the water.  Their lungs are partially atrophied from lack of use. Their digestive systems are reduced.  Normal defecation is almost never seen.  Sound familiar? Thanks to Bill McDonald 

    UFO Crash on Plains of St Augustin

    Art Campbell has done an incredible job of researching the July 2, 1947 crash of a small, extraterrestrial craft in the Plains of St Augustin, New Mexico not far from the Roswell crash. There is speculation that the two UFOs collided or were affected by radars.

    Art Campbell writes, “In May of 2012 a group of 15 people found a great deal of important material near the San Augustin, NM crash site that is thought to have happened at the same time as the Roswell crash. By far the most important finding was this I-beam. It is 2 inches across at the flanges and 13 1/4 inch long. Rather crude flanged holes at each end indicate it may have been a repair. Bottom skin, honeycomb, and I-beam might have been scraped off a craft on the first skip down. Below the I-beam is another piece of 38’oneycomb. This one had some skin attached, believed to be just inside the interior. Some excitement occurred when a faint triangle, circle and other markings were found near the right end of beam. The beam is probably the most significant find at the crash site and wants to make sure everybody knows about it. The beam looks more like an H-beam used to distribute horizontal loads. Crude flanged holes are a mystery. It is possible it was used more than once in a repair of some sort.

    Alien beam found at crash site

    Art Campbell and his research team found a beam with a metallurgical composition primarily aluminum with high silicon, manganese, copper, and iron. The UFO had the general shape of a Sting Ray and many of the parts seemed to be similar to underwater plants and coral. The team found several pieces of beams that likely were part of a grid of beams that covered the entire bottom of the UFO (probably crisscrossing the bottom of the craft in 10-12″‘ squares) supporting the honeycomb sandwich. The craft when it skipped down lost allot of its bottom and this beam was probably ripped out. Also light weight honey comb material was found at the San Augustin crash site and also at one in Japan.

    Honeycombs nearly identical were found 6000 miles apart and 41 years later, Honeycomb on left are from San Augustin, Magdalena Plains, New Mexico crash debris.  The Shikoku Island, Japan debris were found in 1971, on the right by Mr. Shioto who saw the UFO explode and found the debris.

    All of the samples were tested with a volt-ohmmeter, and were found to conduct electricity.  Fifty-six (56) elements were detected in at least one sample. The aluminum contained alloys not available in aluminum in 1947. The coatings on all metals were blended with metal and rich in silica, titania, magnesia, sulfate, phosphate, and chloride, were almost certainly not available in 1947. The coatings are similar to those removed from people claiming alien contact. The samples still emit magnetic and electrical energy indicating these samples include nanotechnological smart metals of probable alien origin. Analysis of some of the metal indicated it was not from Earth.

    Campbell found many items which are as follows:++++The major component of the metallic portions of all of the samples proved to be aluminum (Al). All of the samples appeared to be composed of aluminum alloys, with varying amounts of alloying elements. Other elements detected included beryllium (Be), carbon (C), oxygen (O), sodium (Na), magnesium (Mg), silicon (Si), phosphorus (P), sulfur (S), chlorine (Cl), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), titanium (Ti), iron (Fe), and palladium (Pd). The coating layers of the coated samples were much different in composition from the metallic portions of the samples. Aluminum was still a major component of the coatings, but was present to a lesser degree than in the metallic portions of the samples. The amount of oxygen in the coatings was much greater than in the metallic phase of the samples, indicating that the aluminum was probably present as an oxide layer, rather than as free metal. The proportions of carbon, silicon, and chlorine in the coatings were also higher than in the metal, indicating.

        Skin of San. Augustin UFO

    An artificial 3-layered container about the size of a human fist, believed to be some kind of an artificial body organ.* Seven kinds of unusual foil containing high levels of silicon, iron and manganese (unknown to the foil industry.)* Some strange wax material which may have been some kind of an insulation coating inside the UFO* Also found of a similar material was the remains of a small structural member (possibly a tiny I-beam)/* Possible alien sole shoes were found of different sizes of an extremely narrow width. Art’s book goes into great detail with photographs and analyses of these shoe soles.

    The fluid would also allow for near but not quite neutral buoyancy in seawater.  Her shape suggests that she could most likely dive into the ocean and fly out again with slightly positive buoyancy easily offset by her magneto-hydrodynamic propulsion modes underwater. The material and buoyancy suggests underwater bases and possible manufacture by aliens who live underwater. Our oceans are obviously an alien world where other forms of human like creatures may have developed.

    The UFOs may use holograms to produce misty effects, shape shifting, and other means to camouflage their appearance. They appear to light up that may be part of an electronic shield or the propulsion system. Some UFOs leave radioactive effects and some leave burns on humans. This may come from particle beams used for radioactive control.. They also have the ability to appear and disappear which may be accomplished by time travel. Within the UFO they appear to have an inner space separated from the force of gravity and universal space that allows extra ordinary maneuvers and may overcome time as we know it.

    This grid material may form a force field separating the craft from the universal gravitation force field allowing them to maneuver like there is no gravity and reverse time. It is likely a strong electron current flows around and thru the craft. High electron speeds may create a time change. Many reports claim the aliens are able to manipulate time arriving at a destination in minutes or returning to a previous position instantly. Lt Col. Corso explained that in some ways the craft were also time machines. I know this sounds impossible by our standards but they are thousands of years ahead of us. The humming sound often reported indicates that are using alternating current control components causing the surface of the craft to vibrate rather than having large internal machinery. One alternating current component may be the 7.5 Hertz signal sometimes recorded from these craft.

    An alternating current component could be a higher frequency component that could cause the outside surface of the craft to emit a light. The energy for the light could come from the neutrinos causing the electrons to move up and down in energy levels as required to produce light.  Many of what appears as stars are actually UFOs hovering above. It may be they wish to attract attention.  Thanks to Art Campbell Go to for his excellent book and more details.

    Russian Navy UFO Record Say Aliens Love Oceans

      The Russian navy has declassified its records of encounters with unidentified objects technologically surpassing anything humanity ever built, reports Svobodnaya Press news website. The records dating back to Soviet times were compiled by a special navy group collecting reports of unexplained incidents delivered by submarines and military ships. The group was headed by deputy Navy commander Admiral Nikolay Smirnov, and the documents reveal numerous cases of possible UFO encounters, the website says. Vladimir Azhazha, former navy officer and a famous Russian UFO researcher, says the materials are of great value.

    Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. Fifteen more – with lakes. So UFOs tend to stick to the water,” he said. On one occasion a nuclear submarine, which was on a combat mission in the Pacific Ocean, detected six unknown objects. After the crew failed to leave behind their pursuers by maneuvering, the captain ordered to surface. The objects followed suit, took to the air, and flew away. Many mysterious events happened in the region of Bermuda Triangle, recalls retired submarine commander Rear Admiral Yury Beketov. Instruments malfunctioned with no apparent reason or detected strong interference and numerous planes have been lost. The former navy officer says this could be deliberate disruption by UFOs.

    On several occasions the instruments gave reading of material objects moving at incredible speed. Calculations showed speeds of about 230 knots, or 400 kph. Speeding so fast is a challenge even on the surface. But water resistance is much higher. It was like the objects defied the laws of physics. There’s only one explanation: the creatures who built them far surpass us in development,” Beketov said.

    Navy intelligence veteran, Captain 1st rank Igor Barklay comments: Ocean UFOs often show up wherever our or NATO’s fleets concentrate such as near the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. They are most often seen in the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle, and also in the Caribbean Sea.

    Another place where people often report UFO encounters is Russia’s Lake Baikal, the deepest fresh water body in the world. Fishermen tell of powerful lights coming from the deep and objects flying up from the water. In one case in 1982, a group of military divers training at Baikal spotted a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery suits. The encounter happened at a depth of 50 meters, and the divers tried to catch the strangers. Three of the seven men died, while four others were severely injured. “I think about underwater bases and say: why not? Nothing should be discarded,” says Vladimir Azhazha. “Skepticism is the easiest way: believe nothing, do nothing. People rarely visit great depths. So it’s very important to analyze what they encounter there.

    Deep water Airport

     The Deepwater Air/Spaceport discovery is located in the Pacific and is at 6,400 ft. depth. The structure measures 80 miles across.

    The individual runways are approx 5 miles wide and have spans (shadows) that appear to imply that they are raised above the seabed.
    Please have a look and give me some feedback in Texas. 

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

     UFO Contact from Undersea

    In the book “UFO contact from Undersea” by Dr. Virgilio Ocejo and Col. Wendelle Stevens the abductee was taken to an undersea base for examination. Filiberto Cardenas the abductee talked to the aliens. “They told me that they have bases under the ocean near the coast of Florida, also at the North Pole, South Pole, and off the coast of Argentina, all below the sea. They said they would someday show themselves..

    Author Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens first learned of the reality of UFOs while in the military.

    Unidentified Submerged Objects USOs — have been observed descending into bodies of water all over the World. The abduction experience of Filiberto Cardenas a former Cuban Sergeant who came to Florida and owned a gas station is in a class by itself! When the events originally transpired, Cardenas s story was the lead item on the nightly news on every Hispanic TV station imaginable coming at the height of an unparalleled UFO wave. To a stunned audience of millions, Cardenas told how he was lifted up onboard a craft in front of multiple witnesses. Investigators later backed up his account upon determining that there were anomalies with the engine block of the car that he was driving at the time and which had stalled for no apparent reason.

    The expanded version of the book called “UFO Abduction from Undersea,” is Filiberto Cardenas full story as told by Dr Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo and Lt Col. Wendelle Stevens (Ret.). The incident involved two abductions onto the alien spacecraft, elevated aboard in a beam of light, and physical examination by alien beings. He was taken aboard a USO and several varieties of flying vehicles were used. A Submarine base was visited by the witness that included a tour of the alien s facilities. High-technology transceiver was implanted in the witnesses head. He had no problem with underwater pressure or breathing.. Photos of flying discs from under sea, as well as maps of pertinent locations. This is essentially a well documented case that has gained credibility over the years. New evidence is being added all the time that the visitors can come and go in our oceans and lakes at will. We don’t have the foggiest idea of what goes on the bottom of most of the world’s oceans that cover 71 percent of the Earth’s surface and contain 97 percent of the Earth’s water. Various forms of life developed millions of years in the oceans before animals developed on land and a humanoid form may have developed in the oceans that is far ahead of us in technology. 

    Site Image from NASA Is Alien Tower

    Ronald Nussbeck writes, “The first images taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) were published on the July 2, 2009, aimed at the region in the lunar highlands south of Mare Nubium (Sea of Clouds). On July 17, 2009 some images of the Apollo landing sites were released by NASA but a scientist was not so sure NASA had found the Lander? Looking at the image the first thing Scientist Ron Stewart noticed was the size and shape of the shadow produced by the object that NASA points to as the Lander, it is nearly twice the size of the crater in front of it. Using the most scientifically advanced imaging equipment APEP-ADVANCED PHOTOGRAPHIC EXTRACTION PROCESS Mr. Stewart decided to look very closely at the object to determine if this was in fact the Lander. Some Astronauts have openly said there were Aliens on the Moon and that their space craft was followed to the Moon by Aliens.

    The photo shows the shadow of the Tower very clearly, it is estimated that the Tower is over two miles high. The Tower is also thought to be made of a metal not seen on Earth with manufacturing processes not know to humans. The fact that the Tower is over two miles high and was placed on the lunar surface means it is beyond human capacity to build it? The shadow length and size is incredible when compared to the landscape, the scientist also believes the object next to the Tower and horizontal to the crater has been air brushed to hide its features. If you look closely at the object next to the crater the air brushing is visible?  Scientist Ron Stewart invites any Optical Scientist to contact him at  Credit: NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and thanks to Ronald Nussbeck

    Moon Space Station

    NASA plans to start building a moon-orbiting space station called the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway in 2022. This outpost will be a waypoint for future missions to the lunar surface and more-distant destinations, such as Mars, agency officials say.

    Credit: NASA

    The moon has not superseded Mars as a human-spaceflight target, despite NASA’s current focus on getting astronauts to Earth’s nearest neighbor, agency officials stressed. The Red Planet remains the ultimate destination, and the moon will serve as a stepping stone along the way, Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator. “The moon is the proving ground, and Mars is the goal,” Bridenstine said during testimony before the Subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness, part of the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. 

    “The glory of the moon is that it’s only a three-day journey home,” Bridenstine added. “So, we can prove all of the technologies, we can reduce all of the risks, and work on another world. And we can do it all at the moon, where, if there is a problem, if there is an emergency, we know that we can get people home.”

    Far from delaying a crewed Mars mission, which NASA aims to execute in the 2030s, the current and near-future moon work should “accelerate our path to get to Mars,” Bridenstine said.

    This reassurance is in keeping with the language of Space Policy Directive 1 (SPD 1), which has spurred much of the moon work. SPD 1, which President Donald Trump signed in December of 2017, instructs NASA to return astronauts to the moon as part of a sustainable exploration program that will eventually bring more-distant destinations, such as Mars, within reach. Thanks to’

    Christine Blasey Ford’s ex-boyfriend says she coached friend on how to take a polygraph:

    Christine Blasey Ford claimed that Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh sexually groped her 36 years ago when he was 17. (Associated Press/File) more >

    By Alex Swoyer – The Washington Times – October 3, 2018, reports, Christine Blasey Ford’s ex-boyfriend has sent a letter to the Judiciary Committee contradicting her claims last week that she never coached anyone about how to take a polygraph test, Fox News reported..

    The ex-boyfriend, whose name was redacted from the letter Fox posted, said he dated Ms. Blasey Ford for roughly six years and she never mentioned a sexual assault in her past, nor did she seem afraid of flying or of enclosed spaces. Ms Ford last week testified that she was assaulted by Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh when they were in high school — and said it left her afraid of tight spaces without escape routes.

    She also testified that she had been reluctant to come to Washington to testify because she was afraid of flying. The ex-boyfriend also said he recalled Ms. Blasey Ford, a psychologist by training, coaching a friend, Monica McLeam, on how to take a polygraph test in preparation for a Fbi job interview.

     “Dr. Ford explained in detail what to expect, how polygraphs worked and helped Monica McLean become familiar and less nervous about the exam. Dr. Ford was able to help because of her background in psychology,” the man said in the letter.

    During the hearing last week Ms. Blasey Ford told Rachel Mitchell, the sex-crimes prosecutor and Senate the GOP hired to question her, that she “never” coached anyone or gave tips about how to take a polygraph.

    MITCHELL: Have you ever taken any other polygraphs in your life?

    FORD: Never….

    MITCHELL: Have you ever had discussions with anyone, besides your attorneys, on how to take a polygraph?

    FORD: Never.

    MITCHELL: And I don’t just mean countermeasures, but I mean just any sort of tips, or anything like that.

    FORD: No. I was scared of the test itself, but was comfortable that I could tell the information, and the test would reveal whatever it was going to reveal. I didn’t expect it to be as long as it was going to be, so it was a little bit stressful.

    MITCHELL: Have you ever given tips or advice to somebody who was looking to take a polygraph test?

    FORD: Never.

    Ms. McLean put out a statement, following Fox News’ report, denying she ever had help from Ms. Blasey Ford.

    “I have NEVER had Christine Blasey Ford, or anybody else, prepare me, or provide any other type of assistance whatsoever in connection with any polygraph exam I have taken at anytime,” she said.

    According to the New York Post, Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley contacted Ms. Blasey Ford’s lawyers once he receive the letter, saying it “raises specific concerns about the reliability of Ford’s polygraph-examination results.”

    The committee retweeted the Fox News story Tuesday.

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, criticized Republicans for releasing the letter, which also contained details of the relationship between Ms. Blasey Ford and the unnamed man.

    “Now, in the midst of an FBI investigation, Republicans are interviewing former boyfriends of both Dr. Fordand Deborah Ramirez in a transparent attempt to discredit them,” she said in a statement. Ford provided the Post with the polygraph results as well as session notes from her couples therapist written in 2012.

    The therapist’s notes do not name Kavanaugh but record Ford’s claim of being attacked by students “from an elitist boys’ school” who went on to become “highly respected and high-ranking members of society in Washington”. The therapist’s notes also say four boys were involved, which Ford attributed to an error by the therapist.

    No reports of the Senate Judiciary Committee interacting with a former boyfriend of Ms. Ramirez, who was the second woman to accuse Judge Kavanaugh, have been made public.

      Ms. Feinstein said. “The terrible treatment of Dr. Ford and Ms. Ramirez tells every woman in this country to keep sexual assault to themselves.“

    Leland Keyser, the “best friend” of Christine Blasey Ford who was allegedly present at the party, told FBI investigators that Ford associate Monica McLean a retired FBI agent had pressured her to change her denial of the alleged assault, which had hurt Ford’s credibility. Christine Blasey-Ford friend in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware was career FBI Agent and they were together during the construction of the accusation letter sent to Senator Feinstein on July 1, 2018 

    Ford is a registered Democrat who has made small contributions to political organizations.[10] In 2017, she participated in a local Women’s March protesting President Trump[12


    Monica McLean  

        Judge Kavanaugh confirmed by Senate 50 to 48  on October 6, 2018}

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    WELCOME TO THIS BLOG! I hope that you enjoy the lecture of all issues. If you did see a UFO, you can always mail it to us. Best wishes.
    Beste bezoeker,
    Heb je zelf al ooit een vreemde waarneming gedaan, laat dit dan even weten via email aan
    oliver.d.julian| of aan Deze onderzoekers behandelen jouw melding in volledige anonimiteit en met alle respect voor jouw privacy. Ze zijn kritisch, objectief  maar open minded aangelegd en zullen jou steeds een verklaring geven voor jouw waarneming!

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  • crop cirkels (herman)
  • crop cirkels (herman)
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        op MUFON UFO Symposium with Greg Meholic: Advanced Propulsion For Interstellar Travel
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    Druk op onderstaande knop om je bestand , jouw artikel naar mij te verzenden. INDIEN HET DE MOEITE WAARD IS, PLAATS IK HET OP DE BLOG ONDER DIVERSEN MET JOUW NAAM...

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    Druk op onderstaande knop om een berichtje achter te laten in mijn gastenboek Alvast bedankt voor al jouw bezoekjes en jouw reacties. Nog een prettige dag verder!!!

    Over mijzelf
    Ik ben Pieter, en gebruik soms ook wel de schuilnaam Peter2011.
    Ik ben een man en woon in Linter (België) en mijn beroep is Ik ben op rust..
    Ik ben geboren op 18/10/1950 en ben nu dus 68 jaar jong.
    Mijn hobby's zijn: Ufologie en andere esoterische onderwerpen.
    Op deze blog vind je onder artikels, werk van mezelf. Mijn dank gaat ook naar André, Ingrid, Oliver, Paul, Vincent, Georges Filer en MUFON voor de bijdragen voor de verschillende categorieën... Veel leesplezier en geef je mening over deze blog.
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