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Wil je een videoclip bekijken en stoort het X-files-deuntje jou daarbij. Schakel het  deuntje gewoon uit door in deze kolon, helemaal beneden op de 2 witte balkjes in het blauwe cirkeltje te klikken, tot een pijltje verschijnt. Veel kijk- en luisterplezier en bedankt voor jouw bezoek.

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  • Could We Levitate Humans With the World’s Most Powerful Acoustic Tractor Beam?
  • The universe may be filled with ALIEN VIRUSES - and they could be the first signs of life scientists find on other planets
  • Flight passengers stunned as 'mystery lights' seen near UFO hot spot Area 51
  • 'IT CAME FROM THE SKY' Smoking crater mystery by motorway sparks theories of 'UFO crash'
  • AI Is Better at Compromise Than Humans, Finds New Study
  • Scientists levitate largest object yet with an acoustic tractor beam, might one day work for humans
  • 'Unusual Circumstances' Delay Pentagon UFO Program FOIAs
  • Voorlaatste deel van mysterieuze Dode Zeerollen ontcijferd -
  • Our Universe Could Be Littered With Alien Viruses—and We Should Be Looking for Them
  • Water: A Basic Building Block Of Life
  • Brain implant boosts memory for first time ever
  • What Will Happen When Aliens Arrive
  • Un OVNI et ses occupants photographiés en Floride, USA
  • Bizarre: Former CIA Pilot Claims The Moon Has More Than 250 Million Citizens
  • Will Betelgeuse explode someday?
  • UFOs over Hessdalen, Norway 20-Jan-2018
  • Here’s where the Super Blue Blood-Moon on January 31 will be best observed from
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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandeliiks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Could We Levitate Humans With the World’s Most Powerful Acoustic Tractor Beam?

    Could We Levitate Humans With the World’s Most Powerful Acoustic Tractor Beam?

    by Chelsea Gohd

     Levitation, Man, Cosmonaut, Free Steaming, Girl, Beauty

    Creative Commons

    Beam Me Up

    In a sci-fi feeling first, engineers at the University of Bristol used the world’s most powerful acoustic tractor beam to demonstrate that it’s possible to stably contain objects larger than the wavelength of sound. In other words, they were able to levitate objects notably larger than what’s ever been possible before; a feat that theoretically opens up the potential of one day levitating humans.

    Acoustic tractor beams use sound, or more specifically soundwaves, to hold particles in mid-air. While magnetic levitation also exists, acoustic levitation tends to work better for handling liquids and solids. It was previously believed that acoustic tractor beams were limited to levitating relatively small objects; only those approximately the same size as a wavelength of the sound. In fact, it was believed to be fundamentally impossible to levitate larger objects without losing stability, causing them to spin uncontrollably.

    The concept of an acoustic tractor beam levitating a spherical object. Image Credit: University of Bristol

    The concept of an acoustic tractor beam levitating a spherical object.
    Image Credit: University of Bristol

    The study, to be published this week in Physical Review Letters, describes the new technique, which creates a tornado-like structure that is extremely loud but has a silent core. The researchers found that when they changed the direction of the rapidly fluctuating acoustic vortices that make up this structure, they could control the rate of rotation and stabilize the tractor beam. Once the beam was stabilized, the team could increase the size of the silent core at the center of this “sound tornado”, which allowed it to hold larger objects.

    Dr. Asier Marzo, the lead author on the paper from Bristol’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, said that “Acoustic researchers had been frustrated by the size limit for years, so its satisfying to find a way to overcome it.”

    Levitating Humans

    In the demonstration detailed in the study, the engineers used ultrasonic waves at a pitch of 40kHz to make up the acoustic vortices. The structure’s silent core was able to hold a two-centimeter sphere made out of a synthetic polymer. The sphere is more than two times the size of the acoustic wavelengths, making it the largest object that’s been stably held in a tractor beam thus far.

    Marzo concurred, “I think it opens the door to many new applications.” Some of which might include creating medical devices, like drug capsules or micro-surgical implements.

    For those who are wondering about the possibility of levitating something — or perhaps, someone — a great deal larger than a two-centimeter sphere, Dr. Mihai Caleap, a Senior Research Associate who developed the simulations, added that “In the future, with more acoustic power, it will be possible to hold even larger objects. This was only thought to be possible using lower pitches making the experiment audible and dangerous for humans.”

    Of course, Dr. Caleap isn’t saying that the simulations are proof humans could be levitated with the existing technology. What the study does show is that high pitches (far above what humans can hear) can successfully be used in acoustic tractor beamsand objects larger than a sound wavelength can be stably levitated. Working with higher pitches, larger objects, and more stability, the only way for the research to go from here is up.

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    Categorie:Diversen (Eng, NL en Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The universe may be filled with ALIEN VIRUSES - and they could be the first signs of life scientists find on other planets

    The universe may be filled with ALIEN VIRUSES - and they could be the first signs of life scientists find on other planets

    • As viruses are abundant on Earth, scientists say we should look for them in space
    • On Earth, there are about 10-100 times more viruses than all other organisms 
    • Viruses could be in liquid on Enceladus or Europa, or in Mars sediment, they say 

    Viruses can be found just about everywhere on Earth; they’re the most common biological entities on the planet, and are thought to have played an important role in the emergence of life.

    And, scientists now say they may be the key to finding life elsewhere in the universe, too.

    In a new study, researchers argue that space-faring efforts should consider the possibility that viruses may be thriving in places beyond Earth, from the hidden oceans of Europa and Enceladus to ancient deposits on Mars.

    Viruses can be found just about everywhere on Earth; they¿re the most common biological entities on the planet, and are thought to have played an important role in the emergence of life. And, scientists now say they may be the key to finding life elsewhere in the universe, too

    Viruses can be found just about everywhere on Earth; they’re the most common biological entities on the planet, and are thought to have played an important role in the emergence of life. And, scientists now say they may be the key to finding life elsewhere in the universe, too

    ‘More than a century has passed since the discovery of the first viruses,’ says Portland State University biology professor, Ken Stedman.

    ‘Entering the second century of virology, we can finally start focusing beyond our own planet.’

    In the new paper, the researchers detail the case for ‘astrovirology,’ which would combine virus research with astrobiology to detect biosignatures and understand how viruses may spread in space.

    As the search for alien life continues, it’s tiny organisms that are often the point of focus.

    And on Earth, there are 10-100 times more viruses than any other cellular organism.

    Given their abundance and their possible role in evolution, the experts say viruses may be an important sign of life on other planets and moons as well.

    ‘Viruses arguably have coexisted with cellular life-forms since the earliest stages of life, may have been directly involved therein, and have profoundly influenced cellular evolution,’ the authors explain.

    In a new study, researchers argue that space-faring efforts should consider the possibility that viruses may be thriving in places beyond Earth, from the hidden oceans of Europa and Enceladus to ancient deposits on Mars. Stock image of influenza viruses 

    In a new study, researchers argue that space-faring efforts should consider the possibility that viruses may be thriving in places beyond Earth, from the hidden oceans of Europa and Enceladus to ancient deposits on Mars. Stock image of influenza viruses 

    ‘Viruses are the only entities on modern Earth to use either RNA or DNA in both single- and double-stranded forms for their genetic material and thus may provide a model for the putative RNA-protein world.’

    The researchers urge NASA and other space agencies to look for viruses as they move forward with their investigations of alien worlds.

    Certain locations, including liquid on Saturn and Jupiter’s moons or sediment deposits on Mars, may be among the best places to find them.


    Scientists believe that bacteria such as E. coli may experience stress in microgravity.

    This stress triggers defense systems in the bacteria, making it harder for antibiotics to work against them. 

    Scientists on the International Space Station have been studying how bacteria and viruses behave in space. Stock image 

    Scientists on the International Space Station have been studying how bacteria and viruses behave in space. Stock image 

    Bacteria on Earth do something similar by developing a natural resistance to traditional antibiotic treatments. 

    In recent research on the International Space Station, scientists compared two of E. coli: one with a naturally occurring gene that helps it resist antibiotics, the other without.

    In the recent past, the space agency has also studied various forms of herpes, including:

    Epstein Barr virus: Also known as human herpesvirus 4, is a member of the herpes virus family and is spread bodily fluids, mainly saliva.

    Varicella zoster: Known to infect humans and vertebrates. It only affects humans, and commonly causes chickenpox in children, teens and young adults

    Cytomegalovirus: It spreads from person to person through body fluids, such as blood, saliva, urine, semen and breast milk.

    Herpes simplex viruses: Can cause genital herpes, but most cases of genital herpes are caused by herpes type 2. In HSV-2, the infected person may have sores around the genitals or rectum. 

    As yet, there remains much to be learned about the possibility of viruses in space.

    ‘With this paper, we hope to inspire integration of virus research into astrobiology and also point out pressing unanswered questions in astrovirology, particularly regarding the detection of virus biosignatures and whether viruses could be spread extraterrestrially,’ Stedman said.

    While the thought of alien viruses might sound alarming, the researcher insists it likely would not be the nightmarish scenario it seems.

    ‘Viruses have a bad rap,’ Stedman told Gizmodo.

    ‘If we find viruses on other planets it is an indication of life, not something to be scared of.’ }

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    Categorie:ALIEN LIFE ( FR. , NL; E )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Flight passengers stunned as 'mystery lights' seen near UFO hot spot Area 51

    Flight passengers stunned as 'mystery lights' seen near UFO hot spot Area 51

    PASSENGERS flying over the Area 51 military base in Nevada were left stunned after seeing flashing lights piercing through the clouds in mysterious footage of the alien conspiracy hotspot posted on YouTube.

    Beaming lights appear to be from two separate objects and they flash their lights before disappearing on the video filmed by a passenger.

    The woman, who uploaded the video, even suspected the pilot changed course after the strange sighting.

    The footage was captured during the closing stages of a journey from Wisconsin to Los Angeles.

    The popular flight route passes close to the notorious Homey Airport, commonly referred to as Area 51.

    Area 51 has been used by American aviation authorities since 1955 and is closed off to those without top-level security clearance.



    Mystery lights: Plane passengers were reportedly shocked by these lights near Area 51.

    Saw this 30 minutes before we landed. My guess was we were near Area 51.

    UFO witness

    Many conspiracy theorists believe it is where the Government hides away evidence of alien visitations.

    Many more sceptical people believe Area 51 is so top-secret, because it is where the USAF designed and tests experimental new spy planes and air craft.

    However, the US Government did not even admit the base existed until 2013, in a series of documents released as part of a Freedom of Information request, and it is heavily protected by armed guards.

    The woman said in the video: “Saw this 30 minutes before we landed. My guess was we were near Area 51.

    “The lights grabbed the attention of everyone onboard. It was fairly cloudy and these lights would pierce the clouds even when we were in them deeply.

    “The blinking was synchronised and penetrating.

    “Shortly after we became parallel to the lights, which appeared to be below us or near the ground, the pilot turned away to put distance between us.

    “He then re-altered course after a while. To me it seemed like a correction to resume but we were 30 minutes from landing so I'm not sure.

    “The video you see is towards the end of the sighting as the plane moves away after the course correction.”

    The case has been sent to the US-based Mutual UFO Network for investigation by experts.

    However, the woman's gut instinct may have been correct.

    Former Area 51 Worker Says He Piloted UFO

    She also said in the video: "I figured a reflection from solar panels at first."

    There is a solar panel plant near Area 51, and reflections from the panel snapped from the sky, have previously triggered reports of UFOs.

    The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project is a 110 megawatt (MW) net solar thermal power project located near Tonopah, about 190 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

    Scott Brando is a UFO debunker who runs website

    He tweeted: "Strange lights #UFO spotted above #Area51? There's a possible explanation: a solar farm with reflections from individual panels."  

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    Categorie:Diversen (Eng, NL en Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.'IT CAME FROM THE SKY' Smoking crater mystery by motorway sparks theories of 'UFO crash'

    'IT CAME FROM THE SKY' Smoking crater mystery by motorway sparks theories of 'UFO crash'

    VIDEO showing a smoking crater next to a motorway has lead to speculation it could be a UFO crash site.

    The huge 26 feet across burning pit was filmed by shocked onlookers as a thick mist rose into the air by the Torreón to Saltillo highway in the state of Coahuila in north east Mexico. 

    It was said to be as deep as it was wide and, according to reports, no evidence has been found as to what caused it.

    Online theories have ranged from a crashed spaceship or a meteor falling to Earth.

    It happened on January 17 and the video was uploaded to YouTube the next day, before racking up tens of thousands of views, reports. 

    One YouTube poster said: "Looks like a UFO landed and took off before anyone could see, leaving a crater.”

    Another viewer said: “It’s a burning hole. Does not look like an impact to the earth as there is no debris.”

    It is not the first mystery burning hole to have been found in Mexico.



    SMOKE HOLE: Onlookers were baffled by the mystery burning crater.

    Looks like a UFO landed and took off before anyone could see, leaving a crater.

    YouTube poster

    Some burning holes in Mexico have been used by criminal gangs in the past to torch weapons, drugs, or even bodies.

    Others remain unexplained.

    These holes can also be used by gangs to burn bodies, weapons and drugs.

    Others believed the crater could be linked to the increased sightings of meteors recently.

    A third viewer stated: “Could be related to the meteor incidents we have seen in Michigan.”

    However, officials have said that no meteorite fragments have been found nearby.

    Meteors regularly bombard the Earth, but most break up in the atmosphere or land in the sea rather than leaving an impact crater.

    Those that do break up will sometimes leave fragments on the ground, which people are keen to collect.

    Last Tuesday, a bright meteor briefly swept across the sky over parts of the US Midwest and Canada which caused a powerful explosion rattling homes and astonishing onlookers.

    The official explanation from experts such as NASA was that a meteor had entered Earth’s atmosphere and burnt up upon arrival.

    Bizarre Unseen Footage of Meteor in China Skies..(2017)

    Berlin Meteor ( FICTIVE )

    Just after Christmas in the Urals region of Russia, night was briefly turned to day after a meteor is believed to have exploded in the atmosphere.

    Russia has seen one of the worst meteor incidents in recent years.

    In February 2013, an unknown 19-metre meteor came from nowhere to explode in the sky above Chelyabinsk, Russia, with the force of 500,000 tonnes of TNT.

    And the energy released shattered glass on hundreds of buildings and more than 1,000 people were injured as a result.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.AI Is Better at Compromise Than Humans, Finds New Study
    AI can be more trustworthy than us, finds Brigham Young University study.

    Let’s face it. Ever since artificial intelligence was first dreamed up, humans have been afraid of the day that our AI overlords take over. But some researchers have been testing the ability of artificial intelligence to not just compete with humanity, but also to collaborate.

    In a study published on Thursday in Nature Communications a team of BYU computer science professors, Jacob Crandall and Michael Goodrich, along with colleagues at MIT and other universities, created an algorithm to teach machines cooperation and compromise.

    The researchers programmed the machines with an algorithm called S# and ran them through a number of games with different partners — machine-machine, human-machine, and human-human — to test which pairing would result in the most compromises. Machines (or at least the ones programmed with S#), it turns out, are much better at compromise than humans.

    But this might say more about “human failings”, lead researcher Jacob Crandall tells Inverse. “Our human participants had a tendency to be disloyal — they would defect in the midst of a cooperative relationship— and dishonest — about half of our participants chose to not follow through on their proposals — at some point in the interaction.”

    teaching AI to compromise

    I look like I'm trustworthy, don't I? 

    Machines that had been programmed to value honesty, on the other, were honest. “This particular algorithm is learning that moral characteristics are good. It’s programmed to not lie, and it also learns to maintain cooperation once it emerges,” says Crandall.

    Additionally, the research found that certain cooperation strategies were more effective than others. One of these was “cheap talk”, simple verbal signals that respond to a given situation, like “Sweet. We are getting rich!” or “I accept your last proposal.” or, to express displeasure, “Curse you!” “You will pay for that!” or even “In your face!”

    Regardless of what type of game was being played or who was playing, cheap talk doubled the amount of cooperation. It also humanized the machines, with human players often unable to tell if they were interacting with a machine or human.

    Because the focus of this research was on the testing the S# algorithm, one shortcoming of the research is that it does not take into account cultural differences among humans that might affect how different human populations might use or interpret strategies like cheap talk, or how much human players might engage in deception or disloyalty.

    Presciently, in the final short story of Isaac Asimov’s famous book 1950 book I, Robot — “The Evitable Conflict” — AI overlords do in fact, take over the planet. But, because they’re so reasonable, and programmed with some unbreakable ethical rules, it’s a good thing for the human race. And, as this study shows, because human interactions are messy and complicated, maybe, we can trust machines. Assuming of course, if they have been programmed for honesty.


    Since Alan Turing envisioned artificial intelligence, technical progress has often been measured by the ability to defeat humans in zero-sum encounters (e.g., Chess, Poker, or Go). Less attention has been given to scenarios in which human–machine cooperation is beneficial but non-trivial, such as scenarios in which human and machine preferences are neither fully aligned nor fully in conflict. Cooperation does not require sheer computational power, but instead is facilitated by intuition, cultural norms, emotions, signals, and pre-evolved dispositions. Here, we develop an algorithm that combines a state-of-the-art reinforcement-learning algorithm with mechanisms for signaling. We show that this algorithm can cooperate with people and other algorithms at levels that rival human cooperation in a variety of two-player repeated stochastic games. These results indicate that general human–machine cooperation is achievable using a non-trivial, but ultimately simple, set of algorithmic mechanisms. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Scientists levitate largest object yet with an acoustic tractor beam, might one day work for humans

    Scientists levitate largest object yet with an acoustic tractor beam, might one day work for humans


    Tractor beams, not too long ago a staple of science fiction, have made the jump into reality. Previously, scientists used acoustic waves to make objects magically levitate — but only if these were very small. Now, a new breakthrough reported by British researchers opens the door for levitating much bigger objects, perhaps even humans one day.

    Researchers create a sonic tractor beam with loudspeakers

    Fooling gravity

    There are a couple of ways to trap objects mid-air, essentially making them levitate. Maglev trains, for instance, literally float on train tracks thanks to powerful electromagnets. There also optic methods (lasers) and even thermal levitation that exploits a temperature difference to lift particles. However, scientists have found that using acoustic waves is more appealing since you can grab non-metals, be they liquid or solid — and the result can be quite breathtaking.

    Acoustic Levitation

    Credit: Youtube / Smarter Every Day.

    The way acoustic levitation works is by blasting ultrasound waves from a transducer, which bounce off a reflector. The interaction between the bounced-off compressions creates a standing wave which shifts back and forth or vibrates in segments rather than traveling from place to place. Essentially, the standing wave cancels gravity and the object between the transducer and reflector appears to float.

    Credit: Sonic Levitation.

    Credit: Sonic Levitation.

    The problem with acoustic levitation is that previous research had always found that the size of the object was limited to the size of the wavelength of sound used. But now University of Bristol researchers may have a way to overcome this limitation.

    Acoustic researchers had been frustrated by the size limit for years, so it’s satisfying to find a way to overcome it. I think it opens the door to many new applications,Asier Marzo from Bristol’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, said in a statement.

    Previously, when scientists tried to acoustically levitate larger objects, these became unstable and spun uncontrollably, instead of floating, until they ultimately were ejected like debris in a tornado. By lowering the frequency of the acoustic wave to audible ranges (below 20kHz), it’s possible to levitate larger objects since the wavelength increases. However, this can also become dangerous for humans whose ears would now be exposed to the lower pitches.

    Writing in the Physical Review Lettersthe researchers showed how rapidly fluctuating acoustic vortices – or ‘tornados of sound’ – can be controlled by changing the twisting direction of the vortices, thus stabilizing the tractor beam. Using this approach, the team fired ultrasonic waves at a pitch of 40kHz, allowing the tractor beam to suspend a 2cm polystyrene sphere in mid-air. That might not sound like a lot, but this is now the largest object ever levitated.

    Besides being incredibly cool, applications include touchless control of drug capsules or micro-surgical implements inside the human body. Touchless control is particularly exciting since it means that now fragile objects can be assembled without touching them. What’s more, the researchers say they can use this method to levitate even larger objects, perhaps even humans.

    In the future, with more acoustic power it will be possible to hold even larger objects,said senior research associate Mihai Caleap.

    Ultrasonic Levitation

    Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.'Unusual Circumstances' Delay Pentagon UFO Program FOIAs

    'Unusual Circumstances' Delay Pentagon UFO Program FOIAs

    'Unusual Circumstances' Delay Pentagon UFO Program FOIAs

    The Defense Intelligence Agency has begun responding to FOIA requests regarding the explosive Pentagon UFO revelations from this past December.

    As one can imagine, the bombshell New York Times article and subsequent media fallout spawned incredible interest from the UFO community.

    Almost as soon as the news hit, a number of diligent researchers quickly went to work filing FOIA requests to find out more about this newly-revealed and tantalizing twist in the tale of UFOs.

    Among them was Jack Brewer of the blog UFO Trail, who published his recently-received response from the DIA over the weekend.

    In what appears to be a form letter, the department tells Brewer that they cannot produce the information he requested within the required 20 days due to, in their words, "unusual circumstances."

    Among the possible issues which may warrant that designation, they explain, are that the files could be housed at a geographically distant location or the amount of material may be too massive to produce immediately.

    The third reason cited by the agency and perhaps the most worrisome is that the request might require them to consult with "one or more other agencies" that would likely have a say in what gets released.

    Their response closes by telling Brewer that his submission will be processed in the order it was received and that their current workload is "in excess of 1,139 requests."

    While it bears noting that this voluminous number of FOIA cases are for the DIA, in general, and not specifically pertaining to the AATIPS, it seems reasonable to conclude that the agency has received quite a few requests about the program since the news broke last month.

    And, considering the glacial pace with which such requests are handled, it stands to reason that it will be at least a year, if not more, before Brewer's paperwork winds up on the desk of someone who can do something about it.

    Source: The UFO Trail

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Voorlaatste deel van mysterieuze Dode Zeerollen ontcijferd -

    Voorlaatste deel van mysterieuze Dode Zeerollen ontcijferd -

    Bron: BBC, Haaretz, IBT

     Getty Images
     Israëlische onderzoekers zijn erin geslaagd om een van de laatste fragmenten van de Dode Zeerollen te ontcijferen. Het voorbije jaar puzzelden de wetenschappers zestig kleine fragmentjes bij elkaar en konden ze de naam van een festival identificeren dat de kering van de seizoenen aanduidt.

    De 900 rollen werden tussen 1947 en 1956 ontdekt in grotten in Qumran, de ruïnes van een dorpje op de Westelijke Jordaanoever binnen de Palestijnse Gebieden. Een jonge bedoeïenenherder die op zoek was naar verloren schapen zou de eerste ontdekking gedaan hebben.

    De rollen, die vermoedelijk tussen 335 voor Christus en 82 na Christus werden opgesteld, worden beschouwd als de oudst gekende versie van de Bijbel. Wie de auteurs van de oude schriften zijn, is niet met zekerheid geweten, al wijzen verscheidene wetenschappers in de richting van de Essenen, een dissidente ascetische woestijnsekte die zich terugtrok in Qumran en de omliggende omgeving om te ontsnappen aan vervolging door de overheid.


    Dr. Eshbal Ratson en professor Jonathan Ben-Dov van de universiteit van Haifa puzzelden de verschillende fragmentjes van de rol bij elkaar. Eerder onderzoek had uitgewezen dat deze fragmenten deel uitmaakten van zes verschillende rollen, waardoor het moeilijk werd om ze in de juiste volgorde samen te stellen.

    Ze waren geschreven in een codetaal en sommige stukjes perkament waren kleiner dan één vierkante centimeter. De codetaal had echter niet tot doel om informatie te verbergen. “Het was de gewoonte om te tonen dat de auteur de code kende, terwijl anderen dat niet deden,” aldus de onderzoekers.

    De historische documenten handelen over feestdagen die gevierd werden door de oude joodse sekte, die volgens een unieke kalender van 364 dagen volgde. De vermelde feestdagen zijn ‘Nieuwe Tarwe’, ‘Nieuwe Wijn’ en ‘Nieuwe Olie’, die verband houden met het joodse festival Shavuot.

    De onderzoekers ontdekten ook dat de sekte het woord ‘Tekufah’, wat in het moderne Hebreeuws “periode” betekent, gebruikte om vier keer per jaar de overgang tussen de seizoenen aan te duiden.


    Tijdens het bestuderen van de rollen ontdekten de onderzoekers dat er notities gemaakt waren in de marges die weglatingen van de oorspronkelijke auteur verbeterden. “Wat fijn is aan deze commentaren is dat het hints waren die me hielpen om de puzzel te leggen. Ze toonden me hoe de rol moest samengesteld worden,” vertelde dr. Ratzon aan de krant Haaretz.

    Momenteel is er nog één Dode Zeerol die ontcijferd dient te worden.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.OP VERSCHILLENDE PLAATSEN DACHT MEN DAT EEN BUITENAARDSE INVASIE WAS BEGONNEN ( VIDEO )


    Met alle vreemde verschijnselen die zich de afgelopen weken voordeden in ons luchtruim is het niet zo vreemd dat men gaat denken aan een buitenaardse invasie. 

    Dit was met name het geval op het eiland Kreta en Thailand, waar bewoners vol verbazing naar de lucht keken. 

    Dat er iets bijzonders gaande is aan ons firmament, daar lijkt weinig twijfel over te bestaan. De meest voorkomende theorie is dat er zich een soort ruimteoorlog aan het ontwikkelen is, waarbij ook de aarde is betrokken.

    Op 11 januari 2018 werden onderstaande foto's gemaakt in de plaats Rethimmon op het eiland Kreta. Uiteraard is de officiële lezing altijd dat het een bijzondere wolk is, maar inwoners die deze UFO wolk zagen dachten daar wel anders over.

    In de loop der jaren hebben we talloze voorbeelden gezien hoe grote moederschepen zich vermommen in dit soort wolken en dat dit dan soms duidelijk wordt doordat er kleiner UFO's uit verschijnen. Wij mensen zijn vaak gewend niet verder te kijken dan onze neus lang is en wanneer wij een wolk zien, dan geloven wij dat dat precies is wat het lijkt. En van dat feit schijnen buitenaardsen graag gebruik te maken om hun grote moederschepen voor ons verborgen te houden.



    Hoe dit werkt in de praktijk zie je bijvoorbeeld op de volgende foto die is genomen in België in augustus 2016 waarop je de kleinere UFO's kunt zien die het moederschip in de wolk hebben verlaten.


    Op 14 januari 2018 werden de volgende foto's gemaakt in Thailand, waar ook uiteraard de verklaring voor kwam dat het een volkomen natuurlijk fenomeen zou zijn. 

    De wolken in Thailand zagen er als volgt uit:





    Om aan te tonen dat het wel degelijk mogelijk is dat dit soort wolken moederschepen verbergen, een deel uit een eerder artikel:

    Het antwoord lijkt te zien in de volgende video die is gemaakt in de Atacama woestijn in de buurt van de Chileense stad Calama. 

    Twee mijnarbeiders rijden in een auto en zien vreemde wolkformaties in de lucht. Eén van hen pakt zijn mobiele telefoon en begint te filmen.

    chil 1

    Dan plotseling komt er uit deze wolk of wellicht moederschip een bij ons welbekende oranje-achtige bol tevoorschijn.

    chil 2

    In de onderstaande video kun je duidelijk zien hoe deze bol tevoorschijn komt uit de wolk en vervolgens wegvliegt. 

    Hebben we hier te maken met een zogenaamd cloaked moederschip dat zich verborgen houdt in deze kunstmatig aandoende wolken en die de bollen als een soort verkenners op pad stuurt? 

    Het heeft er alle schijn van en daarmee is deze opname misschien wel het eerste stukje bewijs dat we in handen hebben wat laat zien waar deze oranje bollen vandaan komen. 

    Uiteraard ontstaan er dan altijd weer discussies of deze opname wel of niet echt is. Tot nu is er, voor zover ons bekend, geen informatie over dat de opname niet echt zou zijn. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Our Universe Could Be Littered With Alien Viruses—and We Should Be Looking for Them

    Our Universe Could Be Littered With Alien Viruses—and We Should Be Looking for Them

    Astrobiologists from the United States and Japan admitted that viruses should exist on other planets of the solar system and exoplanets, writes Gizmodo. The article is published in the journal Astrobiology.

    It’s generally agreed that some kind of microbe will be the first form of life we discover on another planet, moon, or other space rock. But hardly anyone thinks we’ll find an alien virus, which is weird, given how prolific and successful these biological entities are on Earth. A new study seeks to correct this oversight, calling for an entirely new discipline known as “astrovirology.”

    Viruses exist in massive numbers on Earth, and they date back to the very beginnings of life. More viruses exist on our planet than any other cellular organism—upwards of about 10 to 100 times more—so it’s a reasonable bet that viruses exist on other worlds. Yet scientists know surprisingly little about these “bags of genes” and how they work, with even less attention paid to the possibility of viruses existing elsewhere in the solar system and beyond. Problematically, NASA’s 2015 Astrobiology Strategy makes scarce mention of viruses, focusing primarily on the search for fully cellular alien microorganisms.

    Artist’s depiction of the surface of TRAPPIST-1f, a recently discovered Earth-like planet in the TRAPPIST-1 system.

    (Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

    new paper, now published in the science journal Astrobiology and led by Portland State University scientist Kenneth Stedman, argues that this is a missed opportunity, and that astrobiologists should explore the possibility that viruses exist en masse throughout the universe. To that end, Stedman proposes the field of “astrovirology,” and asks that scientists start developing strategies and tools required to detect viruses off-planet. He said his proposal isn’t about subdividing the field of astrobiology even further, but more of an attempt to integrate viruses into “mainstream” astrobiology.

    Many of you are probably wondering how viruses are distinguished from other forms of microbial life, and why there’s even a need to distinguish between the two. Scientists struggle with this very question.

    “Virus definitions are somewhat problematic,” Stedman told Gizmodo. “My favorite is the one we cited in the manuscript: ‘Viruses are entities whose genomes are elements of nucleic acid that replicate inside living cells using the cellular synthetic machinery and causing the synthesis of specialized elements that can transfer the viral genome to other cells.’”

    Stedman admits this isn’t a very “reader friendly” definition, offering this simpler translation: “Viruses can get their genetic information inside cells and reprogram the cells to make more virus.” He calls them “information-transfer agents” capable of carrying the instructions to make more of themselves when in the right conditions. He said it’s true that all viruses need hosts, “but I like to think about ‘hosts’ as a particular environment—like soil and water for a seed— that a virus needs to replicate.”

    Stedman should know a thing or two about viruses and the kinds of conditions they need to replicate. Back in 2012, he discovered a completely new group of viruses capable of living in acidic hot lakes (basically boiling acid)—a discovery that demonstrated the extreme conditions under which viruses can evolve, live, and even thrive. In this case, the new viral genome emerged after the combination of DNA and RNA from two apparently unrelated virus groups. So in addition to living in the harshest of environments, viruses can also find ways to continually adapt. Consequently, Stedman thinks they’re likely involved in some major evolutionary transitions on Earth.

    “There is also considerable indirect evidence that viruses are incredibly ancient,” said Stedman, “but no direct evidence, so we have been working on virus fossilization/preservation in the fossil record.”

    Our Universe Could Be Littered With Alien Viruses—and We Should Be Looking for Them

    So the idea that viruses are strewn across the cosmos isn’t a completely outlandish idea. Sure, they’re likely to be different than the ones found on Earth, but they’d be viruses nonetheless. To further the case for astrovirology, Stedman is asking NASA and other space agencies to look for viruses in liquid samples taken from planets and moons in our Solar System (good bets include Enceladus and Europa), develop tools to find viruses in ancient deposits on Earth and Mars, and to figure out if viruses could survive in space.

    “We need to further develop current tools, either put [an electron microscope] on a spacecraft or develop other microscopic technologies that can detect molecules, not just atoms at nanometer resolution,” he said.

    Should we discover viruses living elsewhere in the Solar System, Stedman said there’s no reason to panic, and that viruses will likely be the first sign of life that NASA will likely find on other planets and moons.

    “Viruses have a bad rap. If we find viruses on other planets it is an indication of life, not something to be scared of,” he said. “Viruses rock!”


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.THE MOST SHOCKING EVIDENCE THAT EARTH WAS VISITED BY ANCIENT ALIENS


    ancient aliens space helmet

    The very words give me the chills: ancient aliens. In the early 1970s, when Erich von Däniken first released Chariots of the Gods, he called them “ancient astronauts”—a name that’s equally creepy. The Apollo missions were still going on, and the image of astronauts was fresh in everyone’s minds. Could ancient alien beings have arrived on Earth in the distant past? Would they have worn spacesuits, like our own astronauts?

    If they truly visited our planet in millennia past: why were they here? What did the aliens do while they were on Earth?

    ancient alien in spaceship

    Researchers have spent a lot of time looking into the question of whether we were visited so many millennia ago. The popular television show Ancient Aliens, although well-intentioned, has muddied the water in their search of show material—did we really need an episode asking whether aliens interfered with the American Civil War? (C’mon, guys. You’re off the reservation.)

    Although we may not be ever know for sure that we had extraterrestrial visitors thousands of years in the past, perhaps if they did come, they might have left us modern people some clues. Let’s take a look at some of the most clear—and startling—evidence for the existence of ancient aliens on Earth.


    African Tribe Possessed Knowledge Science Had Yet to Discover

    The Dogon tribe and the Sirius Mystery are amazing enough that we’ve covered them elsewhere.

    This African tribe (whose name is pronounced “DOE-gone”) has known all sorts of specifics about the star Sirius for thousands of years, passed down from holy man to holy man. We’re talking details here, like how Sirius has a companion star (“Sirius B”), and that it circles the main star (“Sirius A”) every 50 years. Here’s the thing: it is absolutely true—but modern scientists didn’t know these things about Sirius until the middle of the 19th century. The Dogon knew a thousand years ago. Heck, the Dogon also knew that Sirius has a second companion star, and scientists didn’t discover it (“Sirius C”) until the 1990s.

    How did the Dogon get this scientific information about Sirius B? If you ask them, they’ll tell you that the tribe was visited by the Nommos, an amphibian-like race that came from the Sirius star system in a noisy “ark” that spun and whipped up wind while it landed. It was the Nommos, a race of ancient aliens, who told the Dogon about their homeworld and its star cluster.

    Knee-jerk skeptics like to invent reasons why all this can’t be true. Westerners must have stopped by and told them about Sirius, one denier said. There’s no way, though: the Dogon have artifacts that are thousands of years old, depicting Sirius and its companions. No one should have known this stuff that long ago, but the Dogon did.

    This short video does a good job explaining the ancient Dogon knowledge. (I have no idea why the narrator pronounces Sirius as “SIGH-ree-us”, but we can give him a pass on that.)


    Holy Scriptures Contain Account of Alien Contact?

    Ask Erich von Däniken, the guy who pioneered the search for ancient aliens, and he’ll tell you his favorite evidence is in the Old Testament. It’s the story of Ezekiel and his bizarre encounter with UFOs.

    Ezekiel was a prophet living in exile with the rest of the Hebrews in the land they called Babylon. Being a prophet was a highfalutin job back then, but Ezekiel’s life got even stranger—stranger than just being a guy who received special messages from the creator of the universe.

    Ezekiel encounters ancient aliens

    The prophet Ezekiel encounters a UFO and aliens 2,500 years ago

    I looked, and I saw a windstorm coming out of the north—an immense cloud with flashing lightning and surrounded by brilliant light. The center of the fire looked like glowing metal, and in the fire was what looked like four living creatures. In appearance their form was human, but each of them had four faces and four wings.

    Ezekiel 1:1-6

    Some people read this and think: the dude was taking drugs. Others (knee-jerk skeptics) say: oh, it’s just more Biblical mumbo-jumbo. Devout people may say that Ezekiel saw angels.


    What if this was Ezekiel actually saw something, and he didn’t know what it was, or how to explain it? If he actually encountered ancient aliens, how would he describe them? We think he’d probably describe them just like he did.

    Next Ezekiel describes the machine that the being had arrived in, the machine that landed in a rush of wind.

    Ezekiel confronts the great wheels of the ancient aliens

    Ezekiel confronts the great wheels within wheels. Did he meet ancient aliens?

    I saw a wheel on the ground beside each creature with its four faces. This was the appearance and structure of the wheels: They sparkled like topaz … each appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel. As they moved, they would go in any one of the four directions the creatures faced; the wheels did not change direction as the creatures went.

    Ezekiel 1:15-19

    Doesn’t that sound like a spacecraft to you? Why would a man living 500 years B.C. write a description that sounds so much like the landing and maneuvering of an alien ship? Surely this was not just random. Remember: Ezekiel was devoutly religious, and he would interpret amazing events as signs from God. If beings appeared, he would assume they were angels. But perhaps they were ancient aliens.

    What about their technology? Ezekiel’s description was of an alien craft with advanced maneuverability.

    This story of the machine that had wheels-within-wheels impressed NASA engineer Joe Blumrich a lot. A wheel that could move in any direction without having to turn—that sounded like something a planetary exploration vehicle could use. He went on to invent a wheel based on Ezekiel’s description, and called it the “omni wheel.” Joe received a US patent for it in 1972. Today, omni wheels are routinely used in robot vehicles. Blumrich also wrote a popular book, The Spaceships of Ezekiel, in which he explained that after starting out intending to disprove the idea, he’d become convinced that Ezekiel truly had been writing about an encounter with ancient aliens.


    World’s Oldest Civilization Leaves Record of Alien Contact

    The ancient Sumerians lived 5,000 years ago in what’s now the country of Iraq. They left behind humankind’s first writings, books older than the Bible and the Hindu Vedas.

    The Sumerians wrote a lot about the Anunnaki, whose name means “those who came from the skies to Earth”. Modern scholars have assumed that the stories of the Annunaki were just myths about Sumerian gods—but the stories themselves sound more like tales of ancient aliens.

    In the writings, the Annunaki came to Earth from a lost planet in our solar system—one with such a wide orbit that it rarely approaches us. They called the planet Nibiru.

    The leaders of the ancient aliens were named Enki and Enlil. They were here for gold, a mineral they needed but did not have enough of. Mines were set up there in Sumer, but also in Africa as well. Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, a Zulu elder and author of Zulu Shaman: Dreams, Prophecies, and Mysteries, says that ancient tribal traditions speak of “visitors from the stars” who mined for gold.

    After mining for some time, the Anunnaki realized that the local humanoids—Homo Erectus, our ancestors—might make useful slaves if they could make them smarter. After improving the proto-humans, presumably with DNA modification, they managed to create a hybrid race: part Anunnaki, part early human. These new beings, called the Adamu, were the first real humans. They were also the new slaves who would work in the gold mines.

    ancient aliens?

    Ancient Sumerian cylindrical seal shows an accurate map of our solar system

    Our hybrid ancestors didn’t stand for this situation for long, though, probably because these newly created beings were far too smart. Who wants to be a slave? They eventually rose up and rebelled, and eventually, a new Adamu society formed, one which maintained an uneasy truce with the Anunnaki.

    The Sumerians recorded this history after first inventing writing. They also made engravings and art of the Anunnaki along with knowledge they had received from them—for instance, an ancient Sumerian seal depicts the Sumerian “gods” along with an accurate representation of our solar system, with 11 planets. The planets have correct proportions (Jupiter is the largest, then Saturn, and so on), and the depiction also includes the asteroid belt. Remember that modern science only discovered Uranus and Neptune in the past 150 years, and that scientists are only now saying that there is gravitational evidence for a “lost” planet with a weird, oblong orbit. Are there truly 11 planets? It may be so.

    Sumerian artwork always depicts members of the Anunnaki as having wings. Did they actually have wings? It seems unlikely—many researchers believe the wings are meant to show that the Anunnaki had the ability to fly, as in ships. Other strange and telling things appear in the artwork: the goddess Ishtar’s symbol, which stood for the concept of “life”, bears a striking resemblance to the entwined double helix of DNA. Could that be more than a coincidence?

    We’ve been kind of critical of the show Ancient Aliens, but this segment from an early episode explains all this pretty well (below). We also very much like this documentary about the Anunnaki and the planet Nibiru.


    Hindu Holy Books Called The Vedas Describe Alien Encounters

    There is strong evidence that ancient aliens visited other places around the Earth. In India, for example, the ancient holy books known as The Vedas tell of a space war between ships and fought in the skies. The descriptions of the ships are remarkable—translated, it is difficult to imagine that they were describing anything except spacecraft.

    The Vedas state that “strong and durable must the body of the Vimana be made, like a great flying bird of light material. Inside one must put the mercury engine with its iron heating apparatus underneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky. The movements of the Vimana are such that it can vertically ascend, vertically descend, move slanting forwards and backwards. With the help of the machines human beings can fly in the air and heavenly beings can come down to earth.”

    Spacecraft as described in the ancient Hindu holy books called The Vedas

    No, that’s not a spacecraft they’re describing. No way.

    “Fifty years of researching this ancient works convinces me that there are living beings on other planets and that they visited Earth as far back as 4,000 BC. There is just a mass of fascinating information about flying machines, even fantastic science fiction weapons that can be found in translations of The Vedas, Indian epics and other ancient Sanskrit text.” That’s Dr. Vijaya Raghavan, speaking; he was head of the Sanskrit department of the University of Madras in India (now retired). His job, if it’s not obvious, was to study The Vedas; his conclusion was that they described real events in which aliens came to Earth.

    In other parts of The Vedas, we get a description of something that can only be a nuclear explosion.

    “Gurkha flying in his swift and powerful Vimana hurled against the three cities of the Vrishis and Andhakas a single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe. An incandescent column of smoke and fire, as brilliant as ten thousands suns, rose in all its splendor. It was the unknown weapon, the Iron Thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and Andhakas.”

    So what do we make of that? Just ancient imagination that happens to sound exactly like nuclear devastation? Sure, you deniers and skeptics, sure. You’re probably right. It’s ancient nonsense. Right?

    Hungry for more?

    Check out Google searches about the Nazca lines, and the Mayan king Pakal at the pyramid of Palenque. We could go on; there’s a lot of strange evidence on our Earth that is dismissed far too easily by mainstream science. Because the universe is mundane, and it has to be mundane—that is, if you’re a knee-jerk skeptic addicted to the idea that the universe is mundane.

    Now, if you want to see the original film that inspired all this hysteria, it’s below: Chariots of the Gods, from the early 1970s. Yes, sure, it’s cheesy—it’s from the ’70s! But it’s still pretty cool, we think. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Water: A Basic Building Block Of Life

    Water: A Basic Building Block Of Life

    It surrounds us through comprising extra than 2/3 of the Earth’s surface place. 70% of our frame weight is from the water. The simplicity of its effortlessly diagnosed symbol H2O, signifying its composition of two hydrogens and one oxygen atom, understates its essential importance to all existence on our planet. Yet it is believed that lots of Earth’s water had extraterrestrial origins; having traveled here via manner of comets and other celestial bodies. Regardless of its source, our planet would be barren without it. Being a primary building block of lifestyles, water is second most effective to our air in sustaining all living things, each animal, and vegetable


    The portability of water has made it a common partner to walkers, joggers and thirsty human beings anywhere. We have grown to be conversant in carrying individual water bottles anywhere in recent times, to the factor wherein they have got almost changed the once ubiquitous water fountain or cooler; previously the gathering location for spreading workplace scuttlebutt. They are consumed on the price of 1500 according to 2nd in the U.S. In a try and quench our seemingly insatiable thirst. The reason for this is clean; our bodies crave it.

    Water facts

    You have probably been advised to drink a mean of eight 8 ounce glasses each and regular. This serves as a guideline and consumption should range in step with your degree of bodily interest and different elements. Of path no longer all our water is ate up in its purified shape, the average American drinks greater than six hundred bottled and canned beverages (frequently carbonated and sweetened tender liquids) every yr. While they will be nice in moderation, they may be no longer a great alternative for the real issue, sorry Coke.

    So why is it so vital to us? Well, we could not continue to exist without it for a range of days. When we do not get enough we suffer from dehydration. But that doesn’t give an explanation for why it’s so crucial to the proper functioning of our bodies.

    Well, water has numerous specific characteristics. Its capability to dissolve many substances has made it referred to as the normal solvent. In addition to other houses, this helps to cleanse the frame. Osmosis, a method accountable a plant’s roots ability to take in water from the soil, is defined as the movement of a solvent via a semi-permeable membrane. The cellular walls of the human frame are just such a membrane. Osmosis is regulated by using mechanisms within the body to keep the awareness of materials within the mobile at a balanced degree; do away with the water and the cell will soon die.

    Water is contained in the lymphatic device which presents our immunity to the invasions of our bodies with the aid of toxins and overseas bodies. When we excrete water it removes a number of those overseas substances and pollutants, helping to keep the general health of the body. Just like the elimination of garbage maintains our environmental health, the frame has its very own device to eliminate its refuse. Water is a big part of that technique.

    Other exciting traits of water are brotherly love and adhesion. Cohesion is created with the aid of the attraction of the water molecules because of the hydrogen bonds. When combined with adhesion the resulting capillary movement permits a plant to defy gravity and draw water up during its entire stem, accordingly nourishing each mobile of the plant shape.

    Electromagnetic houses additionally play a function inside the features water plays in this captivating procedure. Substances called electrolytes serve to regulate the body’s many inner systems. Among those are sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate. The amount of water in our bodies is regulated by sodium, which is also vital for the technology of electrical indicators which are the method of communique for our mind and apprehensive system. Potassium regulates heartbeat and muscle function.

    More exact facts can be discovered on numerous internet websites so as to offer the reader with a more appreciation for the brilliant structure that is the human body. MedicineNet.Com and eMedicineHealth.Com have supplied a number of the real statistics for this article and will serve as a place to begin your studies.


    Our body also makes use of water to cool itself. When we perspire the sweat glands underneath our pores and skin excrete water bringing it to the floor. As the water evaporates it draws warmth from the frame. Without this device of cooling we’d be not able keep a secure frame temperature. Normal frame temperature varies within a narrow variety at some stage in the day, with the common body temperature being about ninety eight.6 stages.

    One of the notable things about consuming water is not having to worry about calories; there aren’t any. This might not consist of a number of the new water merchandise being marketed in recent times, you would better take a look at the label. Some of those new merchandise even tout health benefits, claiming to incorporate nutrients and different essential nutrients. Be skeptical and seek advice from your health practitioner or different healthcare professional before allotting the more money for those merchandise. You’ll discover that maximum of the claims made, even though inside Federal recommendations, may be completely meaningless.

    Maintaining the deliver of secure easy water is important to the continuing life of all living things. Though we’ve enjoyed a reasonably excessive general of water excellent inside the U.S. There are locations where sources have become too polluted for human consumption. Since 1948 Congress has declared it in the “country wide interest” to guarantee the high first-class of water all through the United States. Through The Clean Water Act of 1972, which remains one of the most debatable laws ever enacted, Congress created and empowered the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to alter the release of pollution into U.S. Waterways.

    We have to all continue to be vigilant in protecting our water supply by way of getting to know how and in which to remove contaminants. And file any suspicious dumping of substances into lakes and streams. The task is just too important to depart as much as a central authority forms. And the next time you are feeling thirsty, attain for a tall, cool glass of the satisfactory liquid refreshment on this planet. Water: It’s what your frame wants!

    Richard Quindry writes fiction and non-fiction on his internet site. He can be contacted through e-mail at the e-mail address shown below. He accepts unfastened lance assignments and enjoys learning topics of every sort. He is an avid reader of many other Blogs and loves to share thoughts with other writers.

    It won’t be new news that what you can’t see for your ingesting water can harm you. But are you aware of the volume of the risks? Depending on where you live, different contaminants have an effect on the water excellent that during turn impacts your family’s health. Water quality requirements are sadly no longer assured by way of federal or kingdom organizations which are charged with overseeing them.

    Drinking water filters, as well as whole residence water filtration, is no doubt your great guess for a preserving a healthy family. Bottled water isn’t an awesome alternative because of the rate as well as the pollution troubles resulting from the bottles. And you don’t have any concept where that water got here from. Often it comes right out of municipal water structures…Much like your faucet water!

    If you live in a rural area with a properly, the dangers posed by way of agricultural runoff include micro organism from animal manure, heavy metals and chemical substances contained in fertilizers and insecticides. Even in suburban areas, many nicely proprietors face these same issues because of garden care and other gardening products that run off whilst it rains.


    For people who stay in urban regions, commercial pollutants has lengthy been set up as a health problem. A high percent of the contaminants from industries which get into the water deliver are not even regulated. Chemicals and heavy metals frequently end up in your ingesting glass after which into your body. These contaminants are popping out of smoke stacks and being dumped as waste into streams and lakes.

    A more recently disclosed threat of urban consuming water comes from pills which have been dumped down toilets and drains and found their manner into your kitchen sink. Even greater alarming, in step with an Associated Press investigation, principal drug makers in the U.S. Have legally launched as a minimum 271 million prescription drugs into waterways that provide consuming water to residents.

    A huge range of medication encompass mood stabilizers (often containing lithium), antibiotics, intercourse hormones and anti-convulsants. Even even though this drug dumping poses a splendid danger, even extra of the contamination comes from the humans who eat them. The frame will excrete pills that are not absorbed, and unused pills get flushed. Opened boxes cannot be used in hospitals and nursing houses, and the last unused drugs also get flushed and emerge as within the water supply.

    Consider the huge ranging cleansing merchandise that contain antibiotics. Hand soap, counter cleaner, lavatory cleaner and the list is going on and on. In addition to posing danger to ingesting water, we can be growing greater “tremendous insects” or bacteria that speedy adapt a resistance to the antibiotics, and motive life-threatening infections which can be from time to time not possible to triumph over.

    Because authorities agencies are not stepping up in a well-timed way to cope with the concerns posed with the aid of environmental infection, it’s far as much as you to preserve your family safe. Fortunately this is feasible and requires distinctly little fee in assessment to the blessings you will gain. Water best checking out is the vital first step. Home water filtration systems are the second one step.

    Based on what your water checking out effects display approximately the contaminants popping out of your faucets, you can find a wide variety of water clear out structures to easy your water supply. It might be a sort of charcoal filter out or even an entire house osmosis gadget that fits your needs. Whichever type you choose, you can be confident that your fitness is guarded from invisible chemical substances and bacteria that may be for your water.

    Olivia Thoroughgood writes about the most critical investment of your lifestyles, your private home. She invites you to find out extra about the connection of clean water and your health. You can benefit from smooth water research and environmentally sound practices that help you, your family and the earth too. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Brain implant boosts memory for first time ever

    Brain implant boosts memory for first time ever

    New memory prosthesis could be a game-changer for dementia care.

    by Kristin Houser, Futurism

    Image: Brain activity
    SCIEPRO / Getty Images

    In brief:

    A professor built a brain implant that can reportedly improve short-term memory by 15 percent and working memory by 25 percent. The device could prove life-changing for the growing segment of the population impacted by Alzheimer's and dementia.


    With everyone from Elon Musk to MIT to the U.S. Department of Defense researching brain implants, it seems only a matter of time before such devices are ready to help humans extend their natural capabilities. Now, a professor from the University of Southern California (USC) has demonstrated the use of a brain implant to improve the human memory, and the device could have major implications for the treatment of one of the U.S.’s deadliest diseases.

    Dong Song is a research associate professor of biomedical engineering at USC, and he recently presented his findings on a “memory prosthesis” during a meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington D.C. According to a New Scientist report, the device is the first to effectively improve the human memory.

    To test his device, Song’s team enlisted the help of 20 volunteers who were having brain electrodes implanted for the treatment of epilepsy.

    Once implanted in the volunteers, Song’s device could collect data on their brain activity during tests designed to stimulate either short-term memory or working memory. The researchers then determined the pattern associated with optimal memory performance and used the device’s electrodes to stimulate the brain following that pattern during later tests.


    Based on their research, such stimulation improved short-term memory by roughly 15 percent and working memory by about 25 percent. When the researchers stimulated the brain randomly, performance worsened.

    As Song told New Scientist, “We are writing the neural code to enhance memory function. This has never been done before.”


    While a better memory could be useful for students cramming for tests or those of us with trouble remembering names, it could be absolutely life-changing for people affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s.

    As Bill Gates noted when announcing plans to invest $100 million of his own money into dementia and Alzheimer’s research, the disease is a multi-level problem that’s positioned to get even worse.

    Age is the greatest risk factor for Alzheimer’s, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, with the vast majority of sufferers over the age of 65. With advances in medicine and healthcare continuously increasing how long we live, that segment of the population is growing dramatically, and by 2030, 20 percent of U.S. citizens are expected to be older than 65.

    This increase in the number of potential dementia sufferers can be costly in both a financial and emotional sense. In 2016, the total cost of healthcare and long-term care for those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease was an estimated $236 billion, and according to the Alzheimer’s Association, the more severe a person’s cognitive impairment, the higher the rates of depression in their familial caregivers.

    Of course, further testing is required before Song’s device could be approved as a treatment for dementia or Alzheimer’s, but if it is able to help those patients regain even part of their lost memory function, the impact would be felt not only by the patients themselves, but their families and even the economy at large.

    A Robotics Set That Lets Kids Bring Their Lego Creations to Life }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What Will Happen When Aliens Arrive

    What Will Happen When Aliens Arrive 

    If aliens invaded Earth, would it go down like in the movies?. The first thing we must consider in trying to evaluate how mankind might respond to an alien invasion is to imagine what their capabilities might be. An alien invasion of Earth has the potential to bring mankind together like nothing before. While the world’s military is busy polishing its guns and making sure its warheads are all in tip-top condition, what will the rest of Earth be doing as we wait for the aliens to arrive?The way individual humans react to the alien threat depends on how we perceive they’ll treat us should they win; which they almost certainly will.Stephen Hawking has been quoted as saying that it is perfectly rational to assume intelligent life exists somewhere in the universe.But while the discovery of life on another world may sound exciting, Hawking also believes that if a race of beings were sufficiently advanced enough to reach us, they would pose a huge threat to everyone and everything here on Earth.

    How will our first interactions with a visiting alien civilization take place? Observation would likely be followed by covert visitation by the aliens in order to judge our abilities and technological level even further. If man were to meet an alien race tomorrow, could our existing infrastructure cope? We have to assume that a sufficiently advanced civilization is aware of the dangers of disease to both parties, so hopefully, they’ll have brought protection along for this intergalactic booty call. Whether or not an alien race shares our concepts of good and evil is hard to say, but that’s probably how we’ll judge them, so how can we be so sure they’ll come to us with good intentions?.

    THE world could be woefully unprepared for an alien invasion and because extraterrestrial technology would be far superior.

    Governments around the globe remain tight-lipped on counter-invasion strategies, with the US claiming nothing is in place and it would have to react to what exactly is in front of them.

    But what is clear is there would be no point in humans trying to fight them.

    Any extra-terrestrial which can make its way across the universe would have technology that would make it look like our arsenal is a pile of rocks. 

    Jill Tarter, a member of Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life (SETI) Institute and part of the management board for the Allen Telescope Array in California, said: “If they showed up on our doorstep, that means they have technologies that are considerably advanced with respect to ours.

    “And because of that, they’re going to be the ones that set the rules.”

    While there is no official plan, it is believed that the United Nations would take charge.

    They group would be responsible for every country’s atomic weaponry and air strikes, as well as distributing, and probably rationing, food across the planet.

    If ET has bad intentions for Earth, conscription may take place with many healthy men and women of fighting age being forced into battle – although it probably will not make much of a difference.Far more likely than aliens arriving on our doorstep would be they send a signal or a message to Earth.SETI is an agency which has been scanning the skies in search of alien activity since 1984.

    The Rio Scale The ET hunters have laid out a set of guidelines and recommendations to follow if, or when, we make contact

    Firstly, the people who detect the signal would have to make sure it is genuine, then once it is confirmed they would have to inform the the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams would be informed, who would inform professional observers across the globe and the United Nations Secretary General.There are then a few factors to take into consideration as to whether the public should be informed which is judged on the Rio Scale.According to Seth Shostak, senior astronomer for SETI: “A SETI detection could have important consequences for society.

    The Rio Scale would help experts determine how much of a threat it is

    “The Rio Scale runs from 0 (forget it) to 10 (this is definitely IT!). It’s composed of two multiplicative factors: a term Q that measures the importance of the discovery (for example, if a signal comes from within the solar system, it’s adjudged to be more important than one coming from the other side of the Galaxy), and a term δ that estimates the credibility of the claim (is there hard data, or only an anecdotal report?) The Rio index is imply Q times δ.”After that, a response would have to be calculated.

    Stephen Hawking says we should ignore alien calls

    Although it has always been denied, Director of UN Office for Outer Space Affairs would probably lead contact.Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Offman, who served from 2010 to 2014, was strongly tipped top be the person to go to if aliens come out with the classic “take us to your leader”, but she refuted this during her time in charge, saying “It sounds really cool but I have to deny it.”Simonetta Di Pippo took over Offman’s post and so she could be the point of contact.

    Another likely candidate is Paul Davies – chairman of SETI’s post detection task force.

    As any alien’s grasp of English, or any human language, will probably be non-existent, experts have devised other ways to show that we are intelligent, with the mathematical formula for Pie as good as anything to send back to show that we are not completely primitive.

    However, others think, including Stephen Hawking, that we should not respond at all.

    Professor Hawking said that it would be best to keep schtum as, judging by what has happened when humans have met other humans who they deem inferior, it could spell the end of us.

    The theoretical physicist said: “One day we might receive a signal from a planet like Gliese 832c, but we should be wary of answering back.”

    “Meeting an advanced civilisation could be like Native Americans encountering Columbus. 

    “That didn’t turn out so well.”

    Source }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Un OVNI et ses occupants photographiés en Floride, USA

    Un OVNI et ses occupants photographiés en Floride, USA

    Le 12 janvier 2017, une soucoupe volante a été photographiée en Floride. Cet OVNI possédait un grand hublot de forme rectangulaire à travers lequel deux occupants étaient visibles.

    Cette photo extraordinaire a été prise par un homme uniquement connu sous le nom de JP. Il raconte qu'il a mystérieusement été contacté par télépathie alors qu'il se trouvait dans une résidence située à environ 10 km d'Orlando. Cette voix lui demandait de sortir dehors et de regarder en direction du ciel.

    C'est à ce moment-là, qu'il a vu cet OVNI où, à l'intérieur, se trouvait deux extraterrestres de type nordique « à l'aspect humain ».

    Il raconte :

    « Aujourd'hui, à 6 heures, j'ai eu un contact incroyable ... J'ai reçu des messages télépathiques alors que j'étais à l'intérieur de la maison.

    Elle me demandait si je voulais les voir. J'ai alors négocié avec eux et leur ai demandé si je pouvais prendre une photo. Je leur ai dit que c'était vraiment important pour que cette histoire soit crédible aux yeux de tous.

    La voix dans ma tête que j'ai entendu était des Nordiques [une race d'extraterrestre, NDLR] que j'avais déjà rencontré au Brésil. [En 2008, JP a raconté avoir rencontré des extraterrestres au Brésil.]

    Ils [les aliens, NDLR] travaillent avec l'armée de l'air des États-Unis. Ils font des missions autour de l'Antarctique depuis l'espace. Ils ont aussi fourni une technologie surpuissante à l'armée de l'air.

    Cette technologie permet de manipuler n'importe quel point dans l'air et ouvrir un trou de ver menant vers d'autres planètes en donnant simplement des coordonnées. Elle fonctionne à l'aide de flashs. Elle émet des éclairs mais ne fait pas de bruit.

    Alors quand je suis sorti, j'ai entendu la voix qui m'a dit de lever les yeux. Je les ai vu. Je prenais des photos mais ça ne fonctionnait pas. J'ai tout de même réussi à prendre des photos et à les enregistrer sur mon téléphone. »

    JP a fourni un croquis des deux extraterrestres présumés qu'il a vu dans le vaisseau spatial.

    Le 14 septembre 2017, JP a fourni des photos d'un engin en forme de cigare volant prises près de la base aérienne de MacDill. Il dit que ce vaisseau appartenait à des extraterrestres travaillant avec l'US Air Force. JP a également publié des photos de vaisseaux triangulaires et antigravitationnelles rectangulaires volant depuis la base aérienne de MacDill. Il affirme même avoir été amené à bord de certains de ces engins.

    Le 23 octobre 2017, il a reconnu les insignes militaires des occupants à l'intérieur d'un engin de forme rectangulaire appartenant aux opérations spéciales de l'USAF.

    JP a récemment déménagé de Tampa à Orlando, en Floride. Il raconte que l'US Air Force souhaite le recruter en raison des relations qu'il entretient avec des extraterrestres de type nordique. Ces derniers lui auraient même fourni des informations sur des technologies de pointe.

    Quelques heures seulement après que JP ait rendu public les photos de cet OVNI et de ses occupants, sa fille a commencé à avoir des convulsions, elle est devenue bleue et a dû être transportée à l'hôpital avec une température de 103 degrés F (39 °C).



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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Bizarre: Former CIA Pilot Claims The Moon Has More Than 250 Million Citizens

    Bizarre: Former CIA Pilot Claims The Moon Has More Than 250 Million Citizens

    What a totally absurd statement right? I mean who in their right mind can say that the moon—Earth’s desolate natural satellite—is inhabited by no less than 250 million citizens?

    Come to think about it, a lot of weird things have been said about the moon, and all statements come from people with a solid background, being employed either by the military, government agencies or private corporations.

    Now, despite the fact that the claims made by Former CIA pilot John Lear may be wrong, but we cannot overlook the sheer amount of information that has been leaked about the moon, where we can clearly see surface features that raise more questions than answers.

    Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance


    Are there really alien bases on the surface of Earth’s moon?

    Do I believe there are 250 million inhabitants on the moon? , o I don’t. However, if you do the research independently of what you read here, you’ll notice that the moon has attracted all sorts of strange comments in the last couple of decades.

    We can’t forget what Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov of the Soviet Academy of Sciences wrote about the moon in the 1970’s.

    In July of 1970, two Russian scientists, Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, published an article in the Soviet Journal Sputnik called “Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence?”

    The theory proposed by the two experts offers arguments that would explain the countless enigmas surrounding the moon and its creation.

    After they published the controversial article, they raised numerous question in the scientific community, which today—nearly half a decade after publishment—seem more reasonable than ever before.

    The Russian scientific duo proposed a theory how our natural satellite is, in fact, a planetoid that was literally hollowed out eons ago in the far reaches of the universe by super advanced intelligent beings possessing a technology far superior to ours, even today.

    In their article, Vasin and Shcherbakov write:

    Abandoning the traditional paths of ‘common sense,’ we have plunged into what may, at first sight, seem to be unbridled and irresponsible fantasy. But the more minutely we go into all the knowledge gathered by man about the Moon, the more we are convinced that there is not a single fact to rule out our hypothesis. Not only that, but many things so far considered to be lunar enigmas are explainable in the light of this new theory.”

    Since the 1970’s we’ve made a number of odd discoveries on the Moon.

    For example, Dr. John Brandenburg, the Deputy Manager of the Clementine Mission to the Moon, which discovered water at the Moon’s poles said:

    “The Clementine Mission was a photo reconnaissance mission basically to check out if someone was building bases on the moon that we didn’t know about. Were they expanding they expanding them? Of all the pictures I’ve seen from the moon that show possible structures, the most impressive is a picture of a miles-wide recto-linear structure. This looked unmistakably artificial, and it shouldn’t be there. As somebody in the space defense community, I look on any such structure on the moon with great concern because it isn’t ours, there’s no way we could have built such a thing. It means someone else is up there.”

    We’ve successfully identified a number of oddities on the Moon.

    On the lunar surface, scientists have found PROCESSED METALSsuch as Brass, the elements of Uranium 236 and Neptunium 237. These elements have NEVER been found to occur naturally. Uranium 236 for example, is a radioactive nuclear waste which is found in spent nuclear and reprocessed Uranium.

    Isaac Asimov wrote about the moon raising numerous questions as well:

    “It’s simply too large to have been captured by the Earth. The chances of such a capture having been effected and the Moon then having taken up nearly circular orbit around our Earth are too small to make such an eventuality credible.”

    Earth’s moon has more than 250 million citizens

    John Lear who is an experienced pilot, who holds 17 world speed records, and a man who piloted a number of missions for the CIA and other government agencies.

    Lear became very interested in the UFO phenomenon after having spoken to United States Air Force Personnel who had witnessed the UFO landing at Bentwaters AFB, England.

    In the video you are about to see below, Lear offers ‘evidence’ of anomalous structures on the lunar surface and goes on to describe technologies and city structures which were not made by humans.

    In line with what other scientists and ever former Astronauts have said, Lear’s statements raise numerous questions about the true nature of our moon.

    What do you think about the moon, the statements made by Lear and other scientists, military personnel, and former astronauts?

    Featured image credit: Shutterstock }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Will Betelgeuse explode someday?

    Will Betelgeuse explode someday?

    Yes, it will. Someday the star Betelgeuse will run out of fuel, collapse under its own weight, and then rebound in a spectacular supernova explosion. Someday … but probably not soon.

    Red Betelgeuse, also known as Alpha Orionis, is the ninth-brightest star in the night sky and second-brightest in the constellation of Orion. Photo taken February 18, 2014 by Thomas Wildoner.

    Red Betelgeuse, also known as Alpha Orionis, is the ninth-brightest star in the night sky and second-brightest in the constellation of Orion.

    Photo taken February 18, 2014 by Thomas Wildoner.

    As the year turns, or on some January or February evening, come to know the red star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion. It’s not only one of Orion’s brightest stars. It’s also a star that astronomers know will one day explode as a supernova. And by one estimate, it’s only 430 light-years away! Follow the links below to learn more about Betelgeuse and its explosive destiny.


    Betelgeuse will explode someday.

    Will Betelgeuse become a second sun?

    Will the explosion of Betelgeuse destroy earthly life?

    What will happen when Betelgeuse goes supernova?

    How to see the star Betelgeuse in the night sky.

    Betelgeuse in pop culture, history and mythology.

    Betelgeuse imaged in ultraviolet light by the Hubble Space Telescope and subsequently enhanced by NASA. The bright white spot is likely one of this star’s poles.

    Image via NASA/ESA.

    View larger. | Thomas Wildoner captured these before-and-after images of M82. Again, the supernova is on the right. Thank you, Thomas! PHOTO DETAILS: 90 second exposures using a Canon T4i and Canon EF400mm f/5.6L USM lens at ISO 800. The camera was mounted on a ZEQ25GT mount from iOptron.

    View larger. | Thomas Wildoner captured these before-and-after images of the supernova that erupted in January 2014 in the galaxy M82. See the supernova? Astronomers sometimes say that a supernova can outshine the galaxy in which it resides. This photo makes me believe it! Read more about the supernova in M82.

    Betelgeuse will explode someday 

    Betelgeuse lies some 430 light-years from Earth. (Note: determining distances, especially to red supergiant stars, is a vexing problem in Astronomy. Estimates vary and are often revised, with some as high as 650 light-years.) Yet it’s already one of the brightest stars in Earth’s sky. The reason is that Betelgeuse is a supergiant star. It is intrinsically very brilliant.

    Such brilliance comes at a price, however. Betelgeuse is one of the most famous stars in the sky because it’s due to explode someday. Betelgeuse’s enormous energy requires that the fuel be expended quickly (relatively speaking), and in fact Betelgeuse is now near the end of its lifetime. Someday soon (astronomically speaking), it will run out of fuel, collapse under its own weight, and then rebound in a spectacular supernova explosion. When this happens, Betelgeuse will brighten enormously for a few weeks or months, perhaps as bright as the full moon and visible in broad daylight.

    When will it happen? Probably not in our lifetimes. But, in fact, no one really knows. It could be tomorrow or a million years in the future.

    Images of closest supernova in years, in galaxy M82

    Cool image, but we won’t see this from Earth when Betelgeuse goes supernova sometime in the next thousand – or million – years. 

    Image via Geekosystem

    Will Betelgeuse become a second sun? 

    Short answer: no. That rumor was flying around in 2012. Remember 2012? The year the world was supposed to end? Anyway, when it does go supernova, Betelgeuse won’t be bright enough to appear as a second sun in our sky.

    Instead, anyone alive on Earth when it happens will be treated to an amazingly beautiful sight in the night sky – a very, very, very bright star.

    Will the explosion of Betelgeuse destroy earthly life? 

    When Betelgeuse does blow up, our planet Earth is too far away for this explosion to harm, much less destroy, life on Earth. Astrophysicists say we’d have to be within 50 light-years of a supernova for it to harm us. Betelgeuse is nearly 10 times this distance.

    So we’re safe from Betelgeuse. And, in fact, if there are any astronomers around when it does blow, they will be extremely thrilled to have a relatively nearby supernova to study.

    Artist’s concept showing star Betelgeuse (center), with a series of arcs immediately to the left of the star. The arcs are thought to be material ejected from Betelgeuse as it evolved into a red supergiant. Notice the faint linear bar of dust on the left side of the image. It represents a dusty filament connected to our galaxy’s magnetic field, or the edge of an interstellar cloud. If this filament, or wall, exists – as some astronomers believe – the arcs ejected from Betelgeuse will hit the wall 5,000 years from now. Betelgeuse itself will collide with the wall 12,500 years later.

    Image via ESA/Herschel/PACS/L. Decin et al. 

    Read more about this image here.

    What will happen when Betelgeuse goes supernova?

     Fortunately for us, it appears that there will be few, if any, adverse affects to Earth when Betelgeuse goes supernova.

    If Betelgeuse were side by side with our sun, you’d find it 10,000 times brighter than the sun in visible light. It might be surprising then to learn that the surface temperature of Betelgeuse is only about 6,000 degrees F (3,600K) in contrast to the sun’s 10,000 degrees F.

    In terms of mass, Betelgeuse is thought to be about 15 times the mass of the sun, but 600 times wider and more than 200 million times its volume! When you consider its size, as well as the infrared and other radiations it pumps out, Betelgeuse probably outshines our sun by at least 50,000 times.

    Betelgeuse is one of two very bright stars in the constellation Orion. The other bright star is Rigel. Notice Betelgeuse and Rigel on either side of the short, straight row of three medium-bright stars. That row of stars represents Orion's Belt. Betelgeuse represents Orion's Shoulder.

    Betelgeuse is one of two very bright stars in the constellation Orion the Hunter. The other bright star is Rigel. Notice Betelgeuse and Rigel on either side of the short, straight row of three medium-bright stars. That row of stars represents Orion’s Belt. Betelgeuse is said to represent the right shoulder of the Hunter.

    How to see the star Betelgeuse in the night sky. 

    At mid-northern latitudes, around the first of every year, Betelgeuse rises around sunset. The star is very well placed for viewing on January and February evenings.

    By the beginning of March, this star is due south in early evening. By mid-May, it can be glimpsed briefly in the west after sunset. Betelgeuse is traveling behind the sun in early summer, but it returns to the east before dawn by about mid-July.

    Betelgeuse – in the famous constellation Orion – is easy to spot. See our sky chart to learn the pattern of the constellation Orion the Hunter. Orion itself is noticeable for the short, straight row of three medium-bright stars in its mid-section. Betelgeuse is in the upper left corner of the large rectangle forming Orion.

    The star Betelgeuse has a distinctive color: somber orange-red. It’s ideal for convincing non-believers that stars do, in fact, come in colors.

    Stars designated as Alpha are typically brightest in their constellations. But Betelgeuse is Alpha Orionis, despite the fact that it’s fainter than Orion’s other bright star, Rigel. Betelgeuse is the 10th brightest star in the sky overall, and it’s the 7th brightest star visible from most of the U.S., Canada, Europe and the majority of the northern hemisphere.

    Betelgeuse is often said to represent the right shoulder of the Orion the Hunter. Diagram via

    Betelgeuse is often said to represent the right shoulder of the Orion the Hunter. µ

    Diagram via

    Betelgeuse in pop culture, history and mythology. 

    Remember the movie Beetlejuice? This star’s name is similar.

    The proper names of many bright stars are Arabic in origin. This fact reflects the dominance of Arabic astronomers and astrologers during Europe’s Dark Ages. The name Betelgeuse apparently is derived from an Arabic phrase that is usually translated as The Armpit of the Giant. Of course the Giant refers to Orion, but – rather than an armpit – some authors see Betelgeuse as representing a hand or sometimes a shoulder. While it is not entirely clear what the name means, in any event, Betelgeuse marks the right shoulder of Orion in many old star maps.

    In the ancient myths, Orion is most often associated with a giant, a warrior, a hunter, a god or some other anthropomorphic or animal figure, so it is not surprising that most depictions of Betelgeuse have an anatomical connection. The Sanskrit name signified an arm, too, for example, although it likely was really the leg of a stag. In parts of Brazil Betelgeuse was seen as the hind leg of a cayman (crocodilian) or the foreleg of a turtle. On the other hand, in ancient Japan, Betelgeuse was considered to be part of the rim of a ceremonial drum. In Peru, it was one of four vultures about to devour a criminal.

    Jim Livingston wrote in October, 2016:

    Jim Livingston wrote in October, 2016: “I love the golden colors of Betelgeuse against the velvety black night sky.”

    Bottom line: The star Betelgeuse is destined to explode someday as a supernova. But don’t worry. The chances of it exploding in our lifetimes are … well, astronomically small. Even if it did explode, it would not destroy or even harm earthly life. It would not add a second sun to Earth’s sky. It would most likely simply be a wonderful natural event. If, when it happens, people are still watching the skies, then they’ll have something awesome to tell their grandchildren.

    The position of Betelgeuse is RA 05h 55m 10.3053s, dec +07° 24′ 25.4″. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NASA SHOWS EINSTEIN WAS RIGHT: OUR SUN IS LOSING MASS—AND ITS GRIP ON OUR SOLAR SYSTEM


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFOs over Hessdalen, Norway 20-Jan-2018

    UFOs over Hessdalen, Norway 20-Jan-2018


    I have just received this video. A person, who reported this, added: I’m no Speilberg, I tried to film with my Phone, sg3, 16 megPs,  and record from my Ipad, instead of screen shots, look to the right upper corner.

    This was taken over UFO hotspot Hessdalen in Norway.

    Other videos: }

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    Categorie:LATEST UFO-NEWS ( ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Here’s where the Super Blue Blood-Moon on January 31 will be best observed from

    Here’s where the Super Blue Blood-Moon on January 31 will be best observed from

    Prepare to look up at the night sky at the end of the month, as you might be able to witness an event that has not happened for 150 years. On January 31, millions of people around the globe will have the chance to witness a lunar eclipse, blue moon, and supermoon at the same time, or in other words, a Super Blue Blood-Moon.

    The event is believed to have been last observed 152 years ago, to be exact in 1866.

    So, if you are an astronomy lover, make sure to be in the right place to view this amazing and somewhat magical event.

    The combination of events will make the moon appear much larger, brighter and with a different and unusual color in the sky,

    In fact, the next full moon on January 31, will show off Earth’s natural satellite in such special conditions that they have not coincided in more than a century and a half.

    It is the third in a series of ‘supermoons’ when the Moon is closest to Earth in its orbit, known as perigee, and Earth’s natural satellite will appear 14 percent brighter than usual, according to NASA.

    Three ‘magical’ events are set to occur on January 31st, 2018.
    Image Credit: Shutterstock

    In fact, NASA scientists are calling it a magical event.

    It’s a magical event and Dr. Noah Petro, a planetary geologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center calls it a “collision of multiple lunar events. A lot of things are happening at once,” Petro said. “It’s a cool event.”

    It also happens to coincide with the second full moon of the month, commonly known as “blue moon”.

    In addition, the blue supermoon will pass through the shadow of the Earth to give viewers—located in the right place—a total lunar eclipse.

    While the Moon is in the shadow of the Earth, it will take on a reddish hue, known as the “blood moon.”

    However, once you break down everything that will occur on January 31 you’ll see we will be witnessing a Super Blue Blood Moon.

    And despite the fact that the name of the event may sound somewhat catchy, the “blue” portion of the name of this event has more to do with the idea that there are two full moons in the same month and not much, or at all to do with the moon turning blue.

    This map shows the areas of visibility for the upcoming “super blue blood moon” eclipse of Jan. 31, 2018.

    Credit: NASA

    For observers in North America, Alaska or Hawaii, the eclipse will be visible before dawn on January 31.

    For those in the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Russia, Australia and New Zealand, the “supermoon of blue blood” can be seen during the moonrise on the morning of the 31st.

    In Western Europe and most of Africa and South America, the phenomenon will be partial since these will be areas not affected by the eclipse.

    Now that you know where the events will be best observed from, hope for good weather and clear skies.

    Featured image credit: Shutterstock }

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    foto van Belgian UFO Network.


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