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  • UFO sightings recorded closer to Dublin as Ireland becomes hotbed of alien activity
  • NASA-wetenschapper waarschuwt voor recordlage temperaturen. Hier heeft het mee te maken
  • Filer’s Files #45 – 2018 UFO Sightings Increasing - PART I
  • Filer’s Files #45 – 2018 UFO Sightings Increasing - PART II
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  • This Discovery In A 4,500-Year-Old Quarry Solves The Mystery Of Egypt’s Great Pyramid
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  • Here are 6 reasons to study asteroids and comets
  • Army Of Miniaturized Terracotta Warriors Discovered Guarding 2,100-Year-Old Chinese Prince’s Tomb
  • Alien Abductee's Strange Ecounters With Beings Not of This Planet (Video)
  • Ancient Mysteries of Our Time Biggest Secrets Answered via Graham Hancock (Video)
  • Ancient Mysteries of Our Time Biggest Secrets Answered via Graham Hancock (Video)
  • Egypt SHOCK claim: 'Evidence is in front of our eyes' that pyramids were 'built by aliens'
  • Bewijs dat piramides zijn ‘gebouwd door aliens’ bevindt zich recht onder onze neus. Netflix-documentaire doet stof opwaaien
  • Dark Matter Hurricane Heading Towards Earth
  • NASA Signs Agreement With Billionaire Yuri Milner To Hunt For Life on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus
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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandelijks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO sightings recorded closer to Dublin as Ireland becomes hotbed of alien activity

    UFO sightings recorded closer to Dublin as Ireland becomes hotbed of alien activity



    The sightings of UFOs over the coast by three sets of airline pilots has led to Ireland being seen as a hotbed of alien activity.

    It has emerged the crews who reported an unidentified object streaking through the skies over Co Kerry are not alone.

    Dublin Live has been inundated with reports of similar sightings around the country in recent weeks.

    The Irish Aviation Authority has begun an investigation into the appearance of the mysterious objects which were first spotted by a British Airways pilot early last Friday.

    But at around 4.30pm the next day Donal Brady reported another strange sighting while looking towards Cork city from Bishopstown.

    He said: “I don’t know what it was. I was at my friend’s house and I’d just dropped off my daughter and stepped out to have a cigarette and just noticed this thing in the sky.

    “It was extremely bright, a beautiful day. At first I thought it was a high-altitude airliner reflecting in the sun.

    “I observed it for a minute or two and I noticed it was stopping, hovering and moving side to side.

    “It wasn’t going in a straight line and it wasn’t going away from and wasn’t coming towards me.

    “Then along came this plane and it wasn’t reflecting anything and I thought that was unusual.

    “That’s when I started to video it. If it was an airliner you’d expect contrails and some lights, which there weren’t.”

    Mr Brady thought no more about it until it was reported pilots from British Airways, Virgin and Norwegian Air saw an unidentified object over Co Kerry just before 7am last Friday.

    UFOs spotted by Laura Byrne above Wicklow Town

    He added: “I watched the video again and thought it was something that might be related to that. I’m not pushing it in any shape or form, it is what it is.”

    Another Irish Mirror reader sent in a video of what appears to be a UFO in Co Carlow.

    Gerard Pollard said: “On the 2nd November at 8.32am I saw two lights in the sky coming from the south west, over Mount Leinster.

    “I thought at first it was an airplane heading to Dublin Airport.

    “Then I noticed it was going too fast for a plane. They seemed very high in the sky.µ

    “I took my phone from my belt and took a photo. I enhanced the photo to my iPad and you can just see two small light dots in the sky.

    “I can say these two craft were travelling at great speed, but there as no sound from them.”

    Meanwhile, Laura Byrne shared pictures of three dots she spotted over Wicklow town. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NASA-wetenschapper waarschuwt voor recordlage temperaturen. Hier heeft het mee te maken
    NASA-wetenschapper waarschuwt voor recordlage temperaturen. Hier heeft het mee te maken

    NASA-wetenschapper waarschuwt voor recordlage temperaturen. Hier heeft het mee te maken

    Vanwege een gebrek aan zonnevlekken kunnen we recordlage temperaturen verwachten in de bovenlagen van de aardatmosfeer, zo heeft een NASA-wetenschapper gewaarschuwd.

    Het kwik in de thermosfeer zou als gevolg van de afgenomen zonneactiviteit weleens kunnen gaan kelderen.

    Zonnevlekken worden nog niet volledig begrepen. Wel is bekend dat ze ontstaan in gebieden waar intense magnetische activiteit wordt waargenomen.


    Deze zonnevlekken produceren ultraviolette straling die in botsing komt met deeltjes in de atmosfeer van de aarde, waardoor ze opwarmen.

    Op het zonneoppervlak zijn dit jaar vrijwel geen zonnevlekken waargenomen, waardoor de bovenste lagen van de aardatmosfeer zijn afgekoeld.

    “Hoog boven het aardoppervlak raakt onze atmosfeer warmte kwijt,” zei dr. Martin Mlynczak van NASA’s Langley Research Center.

    “Als de huidige trend doorzet, wordt het temperatuurrecord in het hedendaagse ruimtetijdperk mogelijk spoedig verbroken,” voegde hij toe.


    En dat betekent dat het hier beneden ook kouder zal worden.

    Mlynczak baseert zich op gegevens die zijn verzameld door de TIMED-satelliet van de NASA, die veranderingen in de atmosfeer van de aarde registreert.

    De satelliet heeft ontdekt dat de thermosfeer op dit moment afkoelt en krimpt.

    Met behulp van de satelliet wordt vastgesteld hoeveel warmtevasthoudende moleculen zoals koolstofdioxide (CO2) en stikstofmonoxide (NO) in de ruimte belanden.

    Eén van de zwakste ooit gemeten

    “We meten momenteel 33 miljard watt aan infrarode straling afkomstig van NO,” zei dr. Mlynczak.

    “In vergelijking met meer actieve fasen van de zonnecyclus is dat 10 keer zo weinig,” vervolgde hij. “Mogelijk wordt het record binnen enkele maanden verbroken.”

    De zonneactiviteit doorloopt een cyclus die ongeveer 11 jaar duurt. Momenteel is de zon relatief inactief, zoals blijkt uit het gebrek aan zonnevlekken.

    NASA-adviseur Ron Turner zei verder dat de huidige zonnecyclus ‘één van de zwakste ooit gemeten’ is.

    © Copyright (c)

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    Categorie:NineForNews. nl ( new ipv (NL)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer’s Files #45 – 2018 UFO Sightings Increasing - PART I
    Daipur Rajasthan, India at 07:30 pm, on November 8, 2018
    Daipur Rajasthan, India at 07:30 pm, on November 8, 2018

    Filer’s Files #45 – 2018 UFO Sightings Increasing - PART I

    In special reports, this week’s files cover: Increased UFO Sightings, Moon Mining, NASA’s Photos from Mars, Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Is Able to Host Life, Great Pyramid Star Map 9200 BC, Hieroglyphics and the Ancient Alien Gods, Underwater Alien Base, The Olmec Heads, and Bizarre Truth of WHY People Disappear in National Parks

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Wyoming.

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Brazil, Canada, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Puerto Rico, and England in the United Kingdom.

    The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

    George A. Filer III

    New Jersey State Director

    MUFON Eastern Region Director Now receiving 3 million hits a month

    Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.

    Special Projects

    Increased UFO Sightings

    The UK Sun News reports Strange footage has emerged of a mysterious UFO moving and changing shape in the sky over Sweden. The intriguing footage was captured by baffled motorists inside the city of Gothenburg which sparked rumors of whether the footage is conclusive proof of extra-terrestrial life.

    The footage, captured by onlookers travelling in their car, shows an unidentified flying object move through the sky and appear to change shape. Huge UFO in the sky above Gothenburg, Sweden, appears to hover before moving and changing shape

    The number of UFO sightings is currently flying at an all-time high, according to data cruncher and blogger Sam Monfort. The alien expert reckons there have been more than 100,000 recorded UFO sightings in the past 100-plus years. And Sam is far from the only believer on our planet. Eye witnesses claim they saw UFOs in Roswell in 1947, and in Rendlesham Forest in 1980

    What happened at Rendlesham Forest?

     Dubbed the “British Roswell”, a similar incident happened in Rendlesham Forest in 1980.

    On December 26, military personnel from RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge, in Suffolk, saw strange lights in a nearby forest – and three of them were sent out to investigate. Two of them encountered a small, triangular shaped craft – which they later drew images of. One man, Jim Penniston, got close enough to touch the side of the object receiving a message. Two nights later, Deputy Base Commander Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt and his team also encountered the UFO – and were left baffled by the entire experience.

    In January 2018, unseen footage revealed former base commander Charles Halt made explosive claims that airmen involved in the case “aliens”. In UFO documentary Unacknowledged it is claimed that Marilyn made the threats after having affairs with both President JFK and Bobby Kennedy, and was seeking revenge as they both simultaneously ended things with her.

     Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer have spent years travelling across the US investigating hundreds of UFO sightings and other paranormal occurrences. The pair believe that the 37th latitude line is a kind of UFO or paranormal “highway” along which extra terrestrial craft enter and exit the earth. Their theory is now the subject of a book called the 37th Parallel, written by Ben Mezrich.

    Chuck told Sun Online: “Back in 2006 I was looking at my cattle mutilation investigations – there were huge similarities between them all – most of them were laying on their right side, they’re laying east to west and then I noticed that lots of them were on the 37 degree latitude.

    “I called my sister at midnight and I said, ‘”Didn’t you have cattle mutilations on the 37 degree latitude in Missouri?’ “And she said, ‘Yes and we started looking more into it. We soon realized it wasn’t just cattle mutilations – there were all kind of events. “We’re up until 2.30 in the morning going through all these cases and started seeing these amazing patterns.”The 37th latitude line runs from California through Nevada, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and across to Virginia.

    In April 2018, it was reported that Buzz Aldrin, along with three other astronauts, had passed lie detector tests over claims they had experienced alien encounters.

    Allegedly, Aldrin, Al Worden, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper all took part in the study which took place at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany, Ohio, the Daily Star reported. Aldrin, now 88, claimed he saw a spaceship on his way to the moon, adding: “There was something out there that was close enough to be observed… sort of L-shaped.”

     Moon Mining

     Ingo Swan the remote viewer used to stay over at my house for the weekend with a dozen other researchers remote viewing the moon. Swann helped develop the process of remote viewing at the Stanford Research Institute in experiments that caught the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency and developed intelligence collection techniques for the government. He is commonly credited with proposing the idea of controlled remote viewing, a process in which viewers would view a location given nothing but its geographical coordinates, which was developed and tested with CIA funding with 90% accuracy, Ingo attempted to teach us the concept of remote viewing various places on earth and the moon. Bob Durant a commercial pilot and Ingo were excellent and could view the moon and told us they could see mining going on the moon by aliens with large space ships. They were mining a dark mineral that looked something like coal, but they didn’t think it was coal. Much of the mining was underground in craters. They gave us a detailed description of the mining with heavy machinery and alien looking humanoids. The aliens apparently became aware of our attempts at remote viewing. Personally, I viewed a ship leaving a crater and some of the dust came attached to the ship and as it flew away the dust blew off and left markings on the ground as the ship gained altitude. Ingo Swan said, “The aliens know we are viewing them and he quickly told us to stop, since they were getting angry.

     We did some research and found that Titanium on the moon is primarily found in the mineral ilmenite, a compound that contains iron, titanium and oxygen. This and other minerals is likely what the aliens were mining.

    If humans one day mine on the moon, they could break down ilmenite to separate these elements. Mercury, Uranium. gold and silver are also known to be on the moon according to a more detailed analysis of the chilled lunar soil near the moon’s South Pole,

    The main minerals on the Moon are “plagioclase” minerals (aluminum silicates of which anorthite — calcium aluminum silicate — is the most common plagioclasemineral), “olivine” (predominantly magnesium and iron silicates — Mg2SiO4 and Fe2SiO4), and ilmenite shown.

    A sample of soil from the rim of Camelot crater was brought back to Earth by the crew of Apollo 17. Little did we know at the time, on December 13, 1972, that sample 75501, along with samples from Apollo 11 and other missions, would provide the best reason to return to the moon in the 21st century. That realization would come 13 years later. In 1985, young engineers at the University of Wisconsin discovered that lunar soil contained significant quantities of a remarkable form of helium. Known as helium-3, it is a lightweight isotope of the familiar gas that fills birthday balloons.

    Small quantities of helium-3 previously discovered on Earth intrigued the scientific community. The unique atomic structure of helium-3 promised to make it possible to use it as fuel for nuclear fusion, the process that powers the sun, to generate vast amounts of electrical power without creating the troublesome radioactive byproducts produced in conventional nuclear reactors. Extracting helium-3 from the moon and returning it to Earth would, of course, be difficult, but the potential rewards would be staggering for those who embarked upon this venture. Helium-3 could help free the United States–and the world–from dependence on fossil fuels.

    Helium 3 Mining

    On January 14, 2004, when President George W. Bush challenged NASA to “explore space and extend a human presence across our solar system.” It was an electrifying call to action for those of us who share the vision of Americans leading humankind into deep space, continuing the ultimate migration that began 42 years ago when President John F. Kennedy first challenged NASA to land on the moon. We can do so again. If Bush’s initiative is sustained by Congress and future presidents, American leadership can take us back to the moon, then to Mars and, ultimately, beyond. We need to hurry as the Chinese also plan to conduct mining on the moon.

    Although the president’s announcement did not mention it explicitly, his message implied an important role for the private sector in leading human expansion into deep space. In the past, this type of public-private cooperation produced enormous dividends. Recognizing the distinctly American entrepreneurial spirit that drives pioneers, the President’s Commission on Implementation of U.S. Space Exploration Policy subsequently recommended that NASA encourage private space-related initiatives.

    I believe that if government efforts lag, private enterprise should take the lead in settling space. We need look only to our past to see how well this could work. In 1862, the federal government supported the building of the transcontinental railroad with land grants. By the end of the 19th century, the private sector came to dominate the infrastructure, introducing improvements in rail transport that laid the foundation for industrial development in the 20th century. In a similar fashion, a cooperative effort in learning how to mine the moon for helium-3 will create the technological infrastructure for our inevitable journeys to Mars and beyond.

    The Basics of Limitless Power: Albert Einstein’s famous E=MC2 equation reflects the enormous energy that can be released by fusing atoms. Hydrogen atoms fusing together to create helium powers the sun.

    1. FIRST GENERATION: Scientists have duplicated solar fusion on Earth by using two “heavy” hydrogen atoms–deuterium and tritium–which fuse at lower temperatures than ordinary hydrogen. A first-generation deuterium-tritium fusion reactor operated experimentally for 15 years at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in New Jersey.
    2. SECOND GENERATION: While useful for studying fusion, reactors operating with deuterium-tritium fuel are impractical for commercial use. Among other things, the reaction produces large amounts of radiation in the form of neutrons. Substituting helium-3 for tritium significantly reduces neutron production, making it safe to locate fusion plants nearer to where power is needed the most, large cities. This summer, researchers at the University of Wisconsin Fusion Technology Institute in Madison reported having successfully initiated and maintained a fusion reaction using deuterium and helium-3 fuel.
    3. THIRD GENERATION: First-generation fusion reactors were never intended to produce power. And, even if they are perfected, they would still produce electricity in much the same way as it is created today. That is, the reactors would function as heat sources. Steam would then be used to spin a massive generator, just as in a coal- or oil-fired plant. Perhaps the most promising idea is to fuel a third-generation reactor solely with helium-3, which can directly yield an electric current–no generator required. As much as 70 percent of the energy in the fuels could be captured and put directly to work An aggressive program to mine helium-3 from the surface of the moon would not only represent an economically practical justification for permanent human settlements; it could yield enormous benefits back on Earth.

    I believe that helium-3 could be the resource that makes the settlement of our moon both feasible and desirable.

    Researchers have tried several approaches to harnessing the awesome power of hydrogen fusion to generate electricity. The stumbling block is finding a way to achieve the temperatures required to maintain a fusion reaction. All materials known to exist melt at these surface-of-the-sun temperatures. For this reason, the reaction can take place only within a magnetic containment field, a sort of electromagnetic Thermos bottle.

    Substituting helium-3 for tritium allows the use of electrostatic confinement, rather than needing magnets, and greatly reduces the complexity of fusion reactors as well as eliminates the production of high-level radioactive waste. These differences will make fusion a practical energy option for the first time.

    It is not a lack of engineering skill that prevents us from using helium-3 to meet our energy needs,  but a lack of the isotope itself. Vast quantities of helium originate in the sun fortunately, the conditions that make helium-3 rare on Earth are absent on the moon, where it has accumulated on the surface and been mixed with the debris layer of dust waiting for the taking.

    Harrison H. Schmitt became the first and only fully trained geologist to explore the moon with a doctorate from Harvard University. He was already on the staff of the U.S. Geological Survey’s astrogeology branch in Flagstaff, Ariz. His job included training astronauts during simulated lunar field trips. On Dec. 11, 1972, he and Eugene Cernan landed in the moon’s Taurus-Littrow Valley. On the first of three moonwalks, Schmitt’s scientific knowledge became evident. So did his enthusiasm. Four years after returning with 244 pounds of moon rocks, Schmitt was elected U.S. senator from New Mexico. Now chairman of Albuquerque-based Interlune-Intermars Initiative, he is a leading advocate for commercializing the moon.–

         Lunar Mining for Helium 3 on top 9 feet

    Samples collected in 1969 by Neil Armstrong during the first lunar landing showed that helium-3 concentrations in lunar soil are at least 13 parts per billion (ppb) by weight. Levels may range from 20 to 30 ppb in undisturbed soils. Quantities as small as 20 ppb may seem too trivial to consider. But at a projected value of $40,000 per ounce, 220 pounds of helium-3 would be worth about $141 million.

    Because the concentration of helium-3 is extremely low, it would be necessary to process large amounts of rock and soil to isolate the material. Digging a patch of lunar surface roughly three-quarters of a square mile to a depth of about 9 feet should yield about 220 pounds of helium-3–enough to power a city the size of Dallas or Detroit for a year.

    Although considerable lunar soil would have to be processed, the mining costs would not be high by terrestrial standards. Automated machines might perform the work. Extracting the isotope would not be particularly difficult. Heating and agitation release gases trapped in the soil. As the vapors are cooled to absolute zero, the various gases present sequentially separate out of the mix. In the final step, special membranes would separate helium-3 from ordinary helium.

    The total estimated cost for fusion development, rocket development and starting lunar operations would be about $15 billion. Thanks to Stefano Coledan

    NASA’s Photos from Mars

    Frank Jacobs has found some astounding images of Mars that indicate precision cuts on stone of ancient archeological ruins.

    This image appears to show some type of truck or vehicle carrier. If it represents stone it is obvious the stone has been cut in the past similar to that found on Earth in the building of the pyramids at Giza, Egypt. Speculation suggests Martians left Mars and came to Earth.

    Mars image found by Frank Jacobs shows Mars from space taken by the Hubble telescope. It appears to show clouds or at least strong winds blowing up dust. The pictures indicate some kind of atmosphere.

    Not usually known is that temperatures around the Mars equator in the summer months reach 90 degrees.

    Life apparently existed on Mars and the archeological remains are available for all to see who wish to take the time to investigate the images.

    See the trailer Packing for Mars. Thanks to NASA images.

    Angelic Being Seen On Mars Near NASA Rover In Three Photos! Nov 2018, UFO Sighting News.

    Strange Bright Light on Mars

    Date of discovery: Nov 2018 Location of discovery: Mars, Sol 362 NASA photo of angelic being or energy source.

    NASA photo 1:
    NASA photo 2:
    NASA photo 3:

    While scanning over photos from Mars, I found an unusually bright object that appears to have its own light source. This photo is zoomed in on the bright object. The NASA photos show the object at considerable distance. I thought maybe this was a reflection…but how? It’s an overcast sky, yes, Mars has clouds…a lot on this day. Then I thought it might be gamma radiation hitting the surface of the planet…but three times in a few hours? That like the same guy winning the mega lottery in the same day…the odds are way out there. So…this object had to have come into the photo, had its own light source and lingered for a while changing shape…as the photos attest too. Its alive!

    So why didn’t NASA go to investigate? Fear…of what its close proximity to the rover might do…shut it down, cause glitches, take control…act.

    Date of discovery: Nov 9, 2018

    Location of discovery: Mars

    Source photo

    Scott C. Waring found a lot of ancient structures in a Mars photo today. These structures are long and almost resemble walls, but are buildings in long lines. I also discovered a face carved into a hill top, but is so ancient, it may be hard for some to see its details. This is 100% proof that ancient civilizations once flourished on the surface of Mars, and that NASA doesn’t want you to know about it. Thanks to Scott C. Waring UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY

     Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Is Able to Host Life’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights reports.

    Ever since studies started suggesting that chemical reactions between water and rock on Saturn’s

    moon Enceladus could provide enough energy in the water to feed microbial life, scientists have been searching for proof that the right sort of reactions really do occur.

    And during its last dive through the icy plumes that Enceladus erupts into space in October 2015, the Cassini spacecraft has finally managed to find it – in the form of molecular hydrogen. The finding, published in Science, means the moon can now be considered highly likely to be suitable to host microbial life. In fact, the results should undermine the last strong objection from those who argue it could not. Water 200 degrees fare height bursts up from the ocean.

    Great Pyramid Star Map 9200 BC

    The etching of a star map centered exactly above Gantenbrink’s Door, in the “airshaft’ running up and away south from the Queen’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid, depicts some amazing surprises for us all, if we would only do the research.

     No hieroglyphs here at all; just celestial markings. These markings were NOT purposeless graffiti; because if you track the positions of the stars it dates to 9200 BC some 6000 years before Egyptologists claim it was built. Similar age is found on the Sphinx if you consider the deep erosion from rain water.

     Hieroglyphics and The Ancient Alien Gods

    Egyptian hieroglyphics

    It is possible that hieroglyphics might have come from the same source? The aliens could have brought it here in the distant past. Many ancient nations claim to have been taught by alien visitors. A plausible explanation would be that a civilization not of this earth has brought them here. But this is not enough evidence to arrive at such a conclusion. Occam’s Razor theory states that the simplest explanation is usually the most likely to be correct.

    These Egyptian hieroglyphics often depict flying, gods and the like. Humans could have been brought here from other planets. Our eyes and skin are unusually sensitive to the bright sun indicating we may be from a planet with a darker sun. Unlike most animals most humans have back problems indicating our original planet had much less gravity.

    Mars fits this scenario and disaster on Mars may have made them decide to come here. There is evidence that Mars once had an advanced civilization that could had  flown here.

    Martian statues are often depicted with large heads as are Egyptian pharoses and leaders of their society. Does the object in the sky depict the sun or a spaceship?

    Underwater Alien Base

    Scott C. Waring believes this alien base is connected to all the UFO sightings coming out of Mexico and the entire Central America. This base is huge and it’s no wonder why we hear about so many UFO sightings over Mexico,” he writes. “This base is just 45 miles away from the Mexican coast. The chances of this being an intelligently-made structure… I put that at 100 percent.

    It’s interesting to note the similarity between the structure’s arrangement and that of an airport’s landing strips when viewed from above. However, the sheer size of the tubular structures that make up the underwater network means they must have served a different purpose. It is unfortunate that we might never know what that purpose was, but unless the scientific community decides to investigate the matter in a thorough, transparent way, we’ll remain clueless. Coordinates for the underwater base here. UFO Sightings Daily’s

    The Olmec Heads

    The giant stone heads of the Olmecs found in La Venta, Tres Zpotes and other sites in Mexico can be classed as artifacts of a similar type. These colossal heads carved of black basalt are from 1.5 to 3 meters high (5-10 feet), weighing from 5 to 40 tons. They are placed on stone stands like similar large globes also found in the area. The globes would be easier to role to various locations and later carved into heads.

    The nearest basalt quarries are 50 to 100 kilometers (31-62 miles) away. How could a people without a wheeled vehicle or pack animal bring the masses of rock across swamps and jungles to the erection sites?

    These immense faces of La Venta and San Lorenzo have been dated to 1200 BC – another surprise for the historians of science. (CC by SA 3.0)

    Olmec head. Parque-Museo La Venta, Villahermosa, Tabasco (Steve Bridger)

    Bizarre Truth of WHY People Disappear in National Parks

     David Paulides, an ex-cop from San Jose, California, is the founder of the North America Bigfoot Search. His obsession shifted from Sasquatch to missing persons when, he says, he was visited at his motel near an unnamed national park by two out-of-­uniform rangers who claimed that something strange was going on with the number of people missing in America’s national parks. (He wouldn’t tell me the place or even the year, “for fear the Park Service will try to put the pieces together and ID them.” So in 2011, Paulides launched the CanAm Missing Project, which catalogs cases of people who disappear—or are found—on wild lands across North America under what he calls mysterious circumstances. He has self-published six volumes in his popular Missing 411 series, most recently Missing 411 Hunters: Unexplained Disappearances. Paulides expects Missing 411: The Movie, a ­documentary codirected by his son, Ben, and featuring Survivorman Les Stroud, to be released this year.

    The gym-fit Paulides, who moved from California to Colorado in part for the skiing, is right out of central casting for a detective film.

    David Paulides—founder of the CanAm Missing Project and author of Missing 411 Hunters: Unexplained Disappearances—is committed to finding missing persons. (Courtesy of David Paulides)

    “I don’t put any theories in the books—I just connect facts,” he told me. Under “unique factors of disappearances,” he lists such ­recurring characteristics as dogs unable to track scents, the time (late afternoon is a popular window to vanish), and that many victims are found with clothing and footwear removed. Bodies are also discovered in previously searched areas with odd frequency, ­sometimes right along the trail. Children—and remains—are occasionally found improbable ­distances from the point last seen, in improbable ­terrain. Many of the disappearances indicate a flying object picking up the hunters similar to abductions by aliens or the use of helicopters.

    It’s tempting to dismiss Paulides as a crypto-kook—and some search and rescue professionals do—but his books are extensively researched. On a large map of North America on his office wall, Paulides has identified 59 clusters of people missing on federal wild lands in the U.S. and southern Canada. To qualify as a cluster, there must be at least four cases; according to his pins, you want to watch your step in Yosemite, Crater Lake, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Rocky Mountain National Parks. But then, it would seem you want to watch your step everywhere in the wild. The map resembles a game of pin the tail on the donkey at an amphetamine-fueled birthday party. Thanks to Patty Blackwell}

    14-11-2018 om 23:34 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Filer’s Files #45 – 2018 UFO Sightings Increasing - PART II

    Filer’s Files #45 – 2018 UFO Sightings Increasing - PART II

    UFO Sightings in the United States

    Arizona Light

    Phoenix — My wife and I were on holiday and visited the 2018 Arizona State Fair where we took some pictures on an Apple IPhone.
    Later, I transferred the photographs to my PC I noticed 3 lights in the sky in two of the photos.
    From what I can see in the two pictures, 3 orbs or sources of light seem to move from right to left.
    I don’t believe the light sources in the two pictures are reflective light, because of their position in both photos. The images are original and have not been altered or enhanced in any way. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    California Object

    Capitola  — I started this video at 9:17 am, and it lasted  over 8 minutes. at 2155 Wharf Road facing east. It was only upon review of the video that I became aware of that it included a tremendous amount of UFO activity It is my intuition that these events (the chemtrails and UFOs) were not a coincidence. I saw white lights behind a treetop that would grow long and then short. It was there for over ten seconds in the video. A descending UFO appears to change forms during its flight. There might be two rows of multiple orbs around a dark center, but then very complex changes occur. To begin with, there were three flights moving toward the south over Wharf road. That already is unusual. Flights 2 and 3 crossed over each other, creating a huge X, and flight 2 crossed over a the top portion of an impressive segment trail from flight 1 Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Colorado Light

    Monument Park — We were flying to Raton, NM for a mountain flying trip. I wanted to get some photos. We departed KEWK at about 0830 landed in KLBL at about 1230. after I got back I found odd images on my photos that I did take. I would just like to know what I have. I have about 90 photos that I took on the trip if you guys would like them I would be glad to give you a copy of the entire trip. Photos taken on October 27, 2018. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Connecticut Light

     Freetown — I was taking a smoke break at work and chatting with my girlfriend on the phone at the time on November 8, 2018. All of a sudden a light in the distance caught my eye. At first I figured it was an airplane in the distance and that the sun was reflecting off of it. However, I realized it wasn’t getting closer and the glow was increasing. I kept my eye on it a few moments longer and then saw it start to slowly move north stop intermitted.

    It continued like this until it was behind the tree line. I work security, so I hopped in the patrol vehicle and drove to where I had access to our security cameras. It took me less than 2 minutes. By the time I got the cameras locked on to that position in the sky, the object was gone. I drove back to the spot I had observed it from at the beginning, and it was gone from the sky all together. I felt a combination of creeeped out and the adrenaline rush of a hunter. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Florida Object

    I noticed a white cloud turning and moving fast, turning, rising, and then slowly moving down. A military helicopter fly’s by very quiet and then it disappears.’

    Photo was taken on November 3, 2018. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Illinois Lights

    Evanston — Myself and 3 others were driving down Clark Street on November 3, 2018. There were three objects hovering and descending slowly. One or two intermittently gave off large trails of sparks. Lights were far too slow to be meteors and a plane would not have sparked in this way. They were moving around each other in a somewhat irregular patterns blinking on and off irregularly. They were giving off a trail of sparks intermittently and could be meteors, as some had been reported the night before, but they never disintegrated and continued to hover and intermittently move downward slowly. We lost sight of them behind buildings. Soon thereafter, a helicopter appeared to be circling around the area. The whole event lasted 2.5 minutes. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Kentucky Lights

    Grayson — I was sitting in the living room when my step dad called me to come there to look outside. He said there was a light in the hill adjacent to our house; he thought it was coon hunters.  I step outside and there’s a UFO and not a plane.

    It just hovered, then it started moving slowly with two enormous lights to the side with another one beneath it. The sound was faint and buzzing. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Louisiana Cylinder

    Lafayette — I get to work and I see the moon is full and it has a rainbow shining on top of it so I take two pictures and I go inside and I show my friend the pictures on September 29, 2018and he says what is that green thing I said where and then I see it one picture shows that it moves a little then we look at the next one and it moves way to the right within 3 minutes I it was in front of the moon I should have video it thanks. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    New Hampshire Light

    Kingston — I was driving through New Hampshire at 10 pm on Route 107 and notice extremely bright lights in the sky. The lights seemed to be too bright to be a plane.. I slowed down my car and as it got closer and could see the lights were shaped differently than on planes. The craft was shaped basically like a”V” and on each wing there were two very big bright lights positioned close to each other. There were also two bright white lights in the front of the craft but those were much smaller than the ones on the wings. The craft flew right over my head and it was extremely big and silent and much bigger than a passenger airplane.. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Oregon Clinger

     Port Orford — At a beach just south of Port Orford taking photos, I did not see or hear anything at the time, I was talking to a lady just before and after and she did not mention anything about this. I saw this the next day while going through my photos.

    I shot this in Jpeg and CR2 RAW. The object is almost centered in photo above the flat roc.  Photo was taken on September 24, 2018. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    South Carolina ‘Objects

     Hilton Head Island  — On the beach around 3:30 pm, on October 29, 2018, I saw boats on horizon and then looked up and saw two strange shaped clouds that looked like an upside down mushrooms with a circle in the mushroom head.  It seemed unnatural for a cloud. Then both small clouds changed shape at the same time. Shape changed to a more natural small cloud shape. No clouds anywhere in the sky except these two. Took photo and didn’t think anymore about it until I got home and looked at the photo and zoomed in. Saw black dots over both clouds and some around the cloud. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Texas Light

     San Antonio — I am in leadership seminar for my client looked up and saw a large Chevron/inverted V shaped ‘airplane’ with a white flashing light at the V point flying low and slow, no sound. I couldn’t believe my eyes – it was so low and over the highway 1604 going SW along the road, right next to a large shopping center area with a lot of lights and cars. I grabbed my iPhone to try and video and photograph it. My video didn’t record but I did get ONE ‘live’ iPhone photo which shows the object (changed shape/color!) as a yellow-orange disc that appears to be a fluid energy source? There was movement from left to right. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Virginia object

    Monroe Institute  — This is the same photo, (IMG_5082A1), that I sent you a little while ago, however, it is slightly bigger. I was in error. It was taken on November 6, 2018, one day after I took my photo (DSC06516A), which was taken on 11-5-18. They are very similar except maybe they were taken from different angles. Love and Light, Dan Johnson

    Wyoming Triangles

    Buckhorn — Photo was taken October 15, 2018, of a herd of Black Angus cattle on Highway 85 some 5 miles from crossing into South Dakota. There were about 200 head of cattle and cowboys on horseback, the calves were scared and bellowing, Took me 20 minutes to drive through the wandering and upset cattle and took photos.

    Later on after checking into the Elk Ridge Resort cabin in Spearfish, North Dakota, I took a look at the attached photo….that’s when I saw the 4 white triangles that look like spacecraft. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Worldwide UFO Sightings

    Australia Object

     I was sitting in car around 6:30 am on my phone on August 29, 2018. it was dusk, just becoming light. I couldn’t get off the phone quick enough as I saw this light traveling across the sky, which appeared to have come from the west coast, the ocean is a few kilometer’s away from where I live near the west coast of western Australia. I quickly started my Samsung galaxy s5 phone camera and filmed it for a few minutes, It traveled in easterly direction, making no noise at all. there is an airport just out of town and I hear them flying most days very clearly, however this light object made no noise at all. it disappeared into smallish cloud and came out other side, then I followed it as it moved into more cloud cover and never came out  Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Canada Cigar

    Vaughan — Was taking a picture of the cool clouds outside the house.

    When I looked at the pictures I noticed in the second picture what appeared to be a black cylinder hovering in front of the clouds.

    Photo was taken on November 3, 2018. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Guatemala Light

     Antigua –This photo was taken  in December 2011 and was taken above the Volcano “El Agua” with a little light above the clouds. It was the fifth picture of a sequence of 12 pictures I took in the same direction, in just a few minutes. No one of the other photos showed the light. The light that appears above the clouds did not appear in the other photos.

    I noticed it later when I checked the photo a few minutes later. Although the clouds were well focused, the strange light was blurred suggesting high speed Thanks to MUFON CMS

     Hungary Lights

     Budapest l — I was watching a live webcam feed on Earth Cam at around 6 pm UK time on November 7, 2018. I noticed strange lights in the sky. I was watching on my iPad. As you can see I fumbled around with my phone then turned out the light to show the footage better. This is live and in real time. I was amazed and fascinated. The actual display lasted at least an hour before the webcam changed angles. The craft were almost playing with each other. Their movements are so fluid like a dance and they are leaving light trails behind themselves. They are moving in all directions at great speed. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    India Disc

    DAIPUR – RAJASTHAN  — Yes, it was 07:30 pm, on November 8, 2018, and my sister and I were standing on our balcony. We saw an orange and white colored thing in the sky, which was coming towards us I asked, “What’s that?” It was totally different in color from a helicopter and suddenly it stopped there and stayed for 5 seconds, so we waved towards that thing,
    and it went back a little. We realized that we had seen something we were not supposed to see. That made us bring out our phone and record that incident, and when i was recording it just disappeared in thin air. we were so excited that we were shouting and shocked. Thanks to MUFON CMS

    Puerto Rico Object

     – I found cigar shape object after reviewing sequences of photos on left of photo.

    The event took place during sun, 26 August 2018 at 08:51 am in saguaro, Puerto Rico.

    I was taking a ride through the rainforest.  Thanks to MUFON CMS

    UK/England Orb

     Cardiff — I was on the beach with my partner and two children at around 19:08 on September 29, 2018.  I started to film the sea because it was so calm/ My partner mentioned seeing the moon because of how bright the light was. After I watched the film back I showed my partner the light but it was no longer there. The sky was very clear?

    Thanks to MUFON CMS

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    Categorie:FILER FILES - overzicht met foto's met dank aan Georges Filer en (ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Mothman of Point Pleasant: An Extraterrestrial?

    The Mothman of Point Pleasant: An Extraterrestrial?

    Certainly, that’s a very controversial question to ask. It was put to me last week, while doing radio. For many researchers, the Mothman is perceived as being a creature of purely cryptozoological proportions. Others take the view that the Mothman was (and, perhaps, still is) something of a definitively supernatural nature. But, to get back to the matter of that question put to me, let’s see what the evidence, testimony and data provides. But, first a bit of background on the weird winged-thing is required. There can be few people reading this who have not at least heard of the legendary Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, who so terrorized the town and the surrounding area between November 1966 and December 1967, and whose diabolical exploits were chronicled in the 2002 hit Hollywood movie starring Richard Gere: The Mothman Prophecies, so named after the book of the same title written by Mothman authority John Keel.

    A winged monster with red eyes, Mothman came out of nowhere. Some say its presence culminated in high tragedy and death. But what was the Mothman of Point Pleasant? And how did the legend begin?  To answer those questions we have to go back to the dark night of November 12, 1966, when five grave-diggers working in a cemetery in the nearby town of Clendenin were shocked to see what they described as a “brown human shape with wings” rise out of the thick, surrounding trees and soar off into the distance. Three days later, the unearthly beast surfaced once again. It was at the highly appropriate time of the witching-hour when Roger and Linda Scarberry and Steve and Mary Mallette – two young, married couples from Point Pleasant – were passing the time away by cruising around town in the Scarberrys’ car.

    As they drove around the old factory, the four were puzzled to see in the shadows what looked like two red lights pointing in their direction. These were no normal lights, however. Rather, all four were shocked and horrified to discover that, in reality, the “lights” were the glowing, self-illuminating red eyes of a huge animal that, as Roger Scarberry would later recall, was “…shaped like a Mothman, but bigger, maybe six and a half or seven feet tall, with big wings folded against its back.” Not surprisingly, they fled the area at high speed. Unfortunately for the Scarberry’s and the Mallette’s, however, the beast seemingly decided to follow them: as they sped off for the safety of Point Pleasant, the winged monster took to the skies and shadowed their vehicle’s every movement until it reached the city limits.

    Water River Point Pleasant Bridge West Virginia

    The four raced to the sheriff’s office and told their astounding story to Deputy Millard Halstead, who later stated that: “I’ve known these kids all their lives. They’d never been in any trouble and they were really scared that night. I took them seriously.” And even though a search of the area by Halstead did not result in an answer to the mystery, the Mothman would soon return. Again and again. And again. As far as the question concerning Mothman being an extraterrestrial is concerned, I would be inclined to completely dismiss this “E.T.” theory were it not for one thing. Namely, that there was indeed a great deal of UFO- and alleged alien-themed activity going on at that time – and in relatively close proximity to Point Pleasant. In other words, where UFOs were seen, so were strange lights in the sky. Moving on…

    Susan Sheppard is a friend of mine, who has expert knowledge of the strange tale of a man named Woodrow Derenberger and a creepy character named Indrid Cold. I’ll now turn you over to Susan: “…strangeness that enveloped West Virginia and Ohio Valley did not begin with the Scarberry encounter along route 2 north of Point Pleasant. There had been another puzzling event that occurred in Parkersburg 12 days before. This happened on November 2, 1966 one mile south of the city limits of Parkersburg. It involved a sewing machine salesman whose life was about to be disrupted in such a way that he would never entirely recover. His name was Woodrow Derenberger, but everyone called him ‘Woody.’ It was shortly after 6 p.m. in the evening, when Woody Derenberger was driving home from his job as a sewing machine salesman at J.C. Penny’s in Marietta, Ohio to his farmhouse in Mineral Wells, West Virginia. The ride home was overcast and dreary. It was misting a light rain.

    “As Derenberger came up on the Intersection of I-77 and Route 47, he thought that a tractor trailer truck was tailgating him without its lights on, which was unnerving, so he swerved to the side of the road and much to his surprise, the truck appeared to take flight and seemed to roll across his panel truck. To his astonishment, what Derenberger thought was a truck was a charcoal colored UFO without any lights on. It touched down and then hovered about 10 inches above the berm of the road. Much to Derenberger’s surprise a hatch opened and a man stepped out looking like “any ordinary man you would see on the street – there was nothing unusual about his appearance.

    “Except the man [Indrid Cold] was dressed in dark clothing and had a ‘beaming smile.’ As the man proceeded to walk toward Derenberger’s panel truck the ‘craft’ jetted up to about 40 feet in the air where it floated above the highway. What happened next was unsettling, because as the darkly-dressed man came up toward the vehicle Woody Derenberger heard the words, ‘Do not be afraid, I mean you no harm, I only want to ask you a few questions.’ Derenberger did become afraid because as the man spoke to Woodrow his lips did not move. The man then moved to the opposite of the truck and told Derenberger to roll down his window so they could talk better, which he did. Next what formed in Derenberger’s mind were the words, ‘Now you can speak, or you can think… it makes no difference, I can understand you either way,’ … this is what the dark man said. Later, when Derenberger was questioned on local live television he was scrutinized over what seemed a contradiction because if the dark man communicated through a type of mental telepathy why would Derenberger need to roll down his window to talk? Wouldn’t it be easier just to talk mentally?

    “Woodrow Derenberger explained it was because Indrid Cold wanted to look directly at him as they spoke and he felt that, really, Cold wasn’t so interested in what was said but more interested in keeping up a communication with him. To Derenberger, that seemed the entire point of it all. Derenberger also noted that when Cold stared into his eyes, it was as if he knew everything about Woodrow Derenberger, and also, if he could only let go of his fear and do the same, he felt he would also know and understand all about Cold. In any event, Cold spoke through the passenger side window the entire time. The physical description of Cold was commonplace. Derenberger described him as about 35 years of age, having a trim build, was about six feet tall, 185 pounds with dark eyes and dark hair slicked straight back. Cold wore a long dark coat and beneath the coat Woodrow Derenberger was able to glimpse the fabric of his “uniform” that glistened beneath the coat. He also described Cold as having a ‘tanned complexion.’ Throughout the conversation Cold kept a frozen smile and curiously hid his hands beneath his armpits most of the time.

    “Cold did, however, point at the city lights above the distant hills of Parkersburg and asked Mr. Derenberger, ‘What do you call that over there?’ Derenberger said, ‘Why, that’s Parkersburg and we call that a city.’ Cold responded, ‘Where I come from we call it a gathering.’  Cold later added the curious statement that “’I come from a place less powerful than yours.’ As the men talked cars passed under the craft which drifted above the road. The occupants were seemingly unaware of the spaceship being there. After all, there were no lights that could be seen. Cold then asked about Parkersburg, ‘Do people live there or do they work there?’ Woody Derenberger answered, ‘Why, yes, people live and work there.’ Cold interjected ‘Do you work, Mr. Derenberger?’ (Woodrow told Cold his name as the conversation began)   Derenberger answered, ‘I am a salesman. That’s what I do. Do you have a job?’ Cold answered, ‘Yes. I am a searcher.’

    “After that the conversation became mundane. Cold seemed to notice Woodrow Derenberger was scared and commented on it. Mr. Derenberger claimed Cold asked him, ‘Why are you so frightened? Do not be afraid. We mean you no harm. You will see that we eat and bleed the same as you do,’ and then added an emotive note, ‘We only wish you happiness’ which Cold said to the frightened man more than once. While Mr. Derenberger was being interviewed on live television on WTAP-TV, he attributed this puzzling statement to Indrid Cold, “At the proper time, the authorities will be notified about our meeting and this will be confirmed.” The entire conversation took between five and ten minutes and then Indrid Cold looked inside Woody’s car with his ever-present smile, and said, ‘Mr. Derenberger, I thank you for talking to me. We will see you again.’

    There ends an extract from an excellent paper that Susan very generously prepared for me.

    Moving on, there’s the matter of the Men in Black. In his classic book, The Mothman Prophecies, John Keel said of one such case: “On a rainy night in April a man from Ohio had been driving along Route 2 near the Chief Cornstalk Hunting Grounds when a large black form rose from the woods and flew over his car. ‘It was at least ten feet wide,’ he claimed. ‘I stepped on the gas and it kept right up with me. We were doing over seventy. It scared the hell out of me. Then I saw it move ahead of me and turn toward the river.’” Keel continued: “Months later, late in October, he returned home from work and found a prowler in his apartment. ‘When I opened the door I saw this man standing in my living room,’ he reported. ‘I think he was dressed all in black. I couldn’t see his face, but he was about five feet nine. I started to fumble for the light switch when he took my picture. There was a big flash of light, so bright I couldn’t see a thing. While I was rubbing my eyes the burglar darted past me and went out the open door. I guess I arrived just in time because nothing was missing.’”

    Mary Hyre was a woman who played an integral role in the series of 1960s-era events that led John Keel to write The Mothman Prophecies. In January 1967, Hyre was visited by a creepy, bowl-haired MIB of around 5-feet in height and who had oddly hypnotic eyes. Throughout the encounter, the black-clad “man” kept staring at Hyre’s ballpoint pen. To the point where Hyre told him he could keep it. He took it, laughed loud in a strange fashion, and vanished as mysteriously as he first arrived. As The Demoniacal notes: “Mary Hyre was the Point Pleasant, WV, correspondent for the Athens, OH, newspaper titled, The Messenger. Hyre documented strange occurrences happening in Point Pleasant in 1966-1967 and was well loved by locals due to her professional and open-minded take on the subjects. In one weekend alone, Hyre received 500 reports of UFO sightings from locals. Hyre’s fascination with flying saucers stemmed from her own sighting of a UFO which she claimed flew over her backyard.”

    All of which brings us back to the matter of the Mothman. As we have seen, at the same time the Mothman was soaring around the skies of Point Pleasant, Mary Hyre had a close encounter with a weird Man in Black. The MIB are, of course, inextricably linked to the UFO phenomenon. Not only that, Hyre was the recipient of hundreds of UFO reports and someone who became one of Keel’s closest friends. Add to that the saga of Indrid Cold and what we have is an area that was dominated by not just the famous, flying monster, but by a number of UFO-related issues too. I consider it highly unlikely that the Cold controversy, the experiences of Mary Hyre, and the Mothman and MIB presences were completely unconnected. So, that’s why I am at least open to the idea that the Mothman just may have been an extraterrestrial – and not a creature of Cryptozoology or even of something of paranormal origins. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO – A Myth or a Fact – Real Life UFO Sightings

    UFO - A Myth or a Fact

    UFO – A Myth or a Fact – Real Life UFO Sightings

    Though people have reported about seeing strange objects in the sky since ancient times, UFO is a rather new-age phenomenon. Basically, UFO is an acronym for Unidentified Flying Object. This particular term appeared for the first time in the 1950s. Until then the strange flying objects were referred to as Flying Saucers.

    Does it ring any bell?

    Yeah, that’s the term that we’re more accustomed to.

    The weird flying machines were called flying saucers because of their disc- like shape. The term flying saucers for the UFOs became a trend after a US pilot Kenneth Arnold reported about seeing a saucer-like object. He was flying over the Mount Rainier when he saw it. Until the late 1940s, the flying saucer was the term that defined UFOs.

    Originally, the term UFO was used for almost any strange object seen floating or flying in the sky. Whenever a pilot saw an experimental plane that couldn’t identify, he believed it to be a UFO.

    Gradually, the definition and specification of UFOs got more refined. After the 1940s, the aircraft sightings believed to be from another planet were labeled as UFOs. In fact, the idea became deeply embedded that UFOs were flown by aliens. People believed that UFOs were outer-worldly vehicles.

    There were many reports of people being abducted by the aliens and taken along to an unknown destination. A majority of the UFO sightings have come from pilots. In many incidents, the pilot claims to have seen a strange flying object unlike any aircraft he’s seen before.

    Unidentified Flying Object or UFO as a term for flying saucers was firstly recorded in 1953. It was firstly used in a book authored by Donald Keyhoe, a famous writer and US aviator. In 1956, the term UFO formally replaced flying saucer and the credit goes to Edward Rupplet, a USAF officer.

    Rupplet was responsible for investigating the strange flying objects. He believed that flying saucer wasn’t a suitable term. UFOs offered a broader description of these objects, in his opinion. Thus, this is how the world was formally introduced to the UFO phenomenon.

    Pretty soon there were reports of potential UFO sightings from around the globe. So extensive was the impact that investigations were launched to study the phenomenon. The study of UFOs was officially named as Ufology in 1959 and the field experts were categorized as Ufologists in 1963.

    Flying Saucers- A Brief History:

    It all started from June 24, 1947. A civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying over the Pacific Northwest in his private aircraft. There came a point when he realized that there was something else flying alongside his plane. As his plane closed in to the Mount Rainier, Washington, he spotted some objects. In his own words, there were “nine objects, glowing bright bluish-white.”

    These 9 objects were flying quite close to his aircraft. Eight objects, claimed Arnold, were disc-shaped. The ninth one was much bigger than the rest and was shaped like a crescent. He also noted that all the objects were flying in a customary V-shaped formation at roughly 1,200miles an hour. He suspected it to be a military exercise. However, he was sure that the objects were saucer-like in shape. He hadn’t yet seen such a weirdly designed aircraft. Moreover, at the time no aircraft could fly in this formation.

    While he was giving interviews to the press and at the radio station, his comment saucer was highlighted a lot. Physical description of the strange objects was, thus, associated with the term saucer since then on.

    Immediately, rumor mills got activated and all sorts of theories emerged. The most popular one was that the objects were from outer space. This was regarded as a ground-breaking discovery as it indicated there was life on other planets.

    However, by that time aliens weren’t specifically associated with the visitors in the strange objects. It was in the 1970s that people started speculating about the presence of aliens on UFOs. It was an era when environmental concerns were rising and the threat of a nuclear war was looming. Hence, conspiracy theorists came up with the idea of alien species visiting the earth.

    By the 1990s, though, this narrative reached a new height of extremity. Not hundreds but thousands of reports about people being abducted by aliens emerged. It was believed that aliens are kidnapping humans to perform medical experiments. Even the thought of being abducted by the aliens is eerie. Isn’t it?

    Alien - Sky People

    Who are the Sky People AKA Aliens?

    Theories of aliens and ancient astronauts have remained the center of human imagination for centuries. There are many legends and artifacts from thousands of years ago that describe sightings of unidentified flying objects. Their shape, size, and characteristics do vary though. Back then, aliens were referred to as the Sky People. It was believed that the sky people come from a highly advanced civilization.

    Legend has it that the first ever contact with the sky people occurred soon after the cataclysm. Theorists proclaim that this contact has occurred several times in the history of the planet. This information has been substantiated by archaeological, geological, anthropological, and paleontological data as well. Evidence suggests that there have been several cataclysms on the planet. Every time there was a change at the global level such as climate change or mass extinction, this contact occurred.

    One of the legends claims that after the catastrophe, human civilization was reduced to the Stone Age. Then the sky people descended on the Earth from their spacecraft and rebuilt the civilization. Could they be aliens or just an illusion?

    It is evident from many historical accounts that there are various kinds of sky people who are part of legends. These could be gods, aliens or planetary bodies like the sun, moon, stars, etc. Investigators in the TV show Ancient Aliens attempted to know the reality behind ancient gods. Their conclusion was that they were aliens.

    However, this judgment lacks substance. For instance, the Greek sun god Apollo is just that- a sun god. It cannot be an alien flying through the sky in a saucer-like spaceship. Moreover, the spacecraft that many legends refer to as vimanas and flying machines, could very well be from previous civilizations on earth.

    Many legends state that the spacecraft transported some of the humans to another planet during the catastrophe. This planet could be the Moon, Mars or Venus. It may also be somewhere under the sea or the earth.

    There isn’t any clear indication of the reality of the sky people. So, if the accounts are true and not mere myths, then sky people might be humans who somehow built flying machines.

    Real life UFO Sighting

    Most Famous UFO Sightings:

    We may disregard the concept of a UFO as a mere myth or product of crazy fiction. But, the unexplainable sightings in such a large number do hint that UFOs could be for real. Some of the famous sightings are listed below.

    The 1940s-50s:

    Nearly 12,618 sightings were reported only between 1947 and 1969. These sightings were reported to Project Blue Book. It was the name of an ongoing UFO research project headquartered at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Out of these, about 701 still remain unidentified.

    The first and probably most talked about sighting involved Kenneth Arnold who identified 9 strange flying objects in 1947. We have already discussed this incident at length earlier in the article.

    The same year, on July 8 New Mexico’s public information office reported about recovering a crashed flying disc. It was recovered nearby a ranch in Roswell. The military later explained that it was the debris from an experimental observation balloon. However, critics weren’t buying this explanation. They even criticized the government for hiding the truth. It was firmly believed that an extraterrestrial aircraft was found near Roswell. They were also certain that not just the spacecraft but its occupants were also captured from the location.

    In 1948, a 25-year old Kentucky Air National Guard pilot Captain Thomas Mantell died while chasing a UFO. He was an expert airman and had actively participated in the WWII as a pilot. So, it came as a surprise to many that he died in a plane crash. The two co-pilots who were flying with Mantell that fateful day couldn’t clearly explain the object they were pursuing.

    In November 1953, First Lieutenant Felix E. Moncla Jr. received strange orders while he was flying. He was tasked to intercept an unidentified object. The object was tracked by the radars installed at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. As Moncla Jr. got closer to the object, his plane simply vanished from the radar. It was never found again.

    The Mariana UFO Incident from 1951 is another popular case of UFO sighting. Great Falls’ pro baseball team’s manager managed to capture images of two UFOs. The spaceships were flying over Great Falls. The footages were analyzed quite extensively by the USAF and independent researchers too but they couldn’t explain it.

    In 1959, a Pan American flight was traveling to San Francisco from Honolulu. The crew suddenly encountered a UFO while flying at 21,000feet over the Pacific. Pilots from two other airlines also confirmed the sighting. Reporters were later told by Captain George Wilson that there was a very bright light surrounded by smaller lights. The UFO was traveling at lightning speed.

    “I’m a believer now” concluded Wilson.


    In Belgium, between 1989 and 1990 a large object containing huge lights was identified by not one or two but hundreds of individuals. Those who saw the object included air traffic controllers, cops, and Air Force officials. However, their claims about seeing a UFO were rejected and the object was termed as a polystyrene fake. This was a rather hilarious logic offered to explain something witnessed by hundreds.

    On July 11, 1991, Mexico City was observing an eclipse when many people saw and even recorded glimpses of a UFO.

    A similar incident occurred in Belgium in 1997. It became famous as the Phoenix Lights. This particular incident was also witnessed by a multitude of people including politicians and air traffic officials. This story was featured on the National Geographic documentary titled “Secret History of UFOs” too.

    The ex-governor of Arizona Fife Symington stated that he himself had witnessed the Phoenix lights.

    “I suspect that, unless the Defense Department proves it otherwise, it was some form of an alien spacecraft,” said Symington.

    Key Abductions:

    Apart from UFO sightings, there have been countless reports about people being abducted by aliens. Travis Walton is one such abductee.

    In NatGeoTV’s show Chasing UFOs the story of Walton was reported in which he claimed to have been kidnapped by aliens. He also identified witnesses who observed strange UFO activity soon after his alleged abduction.

    Investigators although disagree with Walton but it’s a fact that his story remained consistent throughout the investigation, which continued for decades. This story made a sensational debut in the movie Fire in the Sky as well.

    Another famous incident of abduction by aliens is that of Betty and Barney Hill. The couple was traveling to a road nearby Portsmouth, in 1961, when they believe aliens abducted them. While narrating the events, they said that a spaceship landed and they were taken inside the craft. There, they had to undergo thorough body inspection. They claim that aliens performed the inspection. This incident attracted worldwide attention and was also explored in the movie The UFO Incident.

    Astronauts and UFO Sightings:

    If you think that only common people have seen UFOs so far then you are mistaken. The fact is that a majority of the UFO sightings have been reported by astronauts. In 1977, Stanford University’s space science and astrophysics professor, Peter Sturrock, decided to find out the same thing. He mailed over 2,500 questionnaires to the American Astronomical Society members.

    The purpose was to find out more about their experiences of UFO sightings if any. Surprisingly, out of the 1,356 responses, 62 astronomers reported about witnessing unexplainable aerial occurrences. The rate of UFO sightings witnessed by astronauts turned out to be 4.6%. This is similar to 5% of the total UFO sightings that are still unexplained. Further investigation revealed that most of the UFO observations reported by astronomers occurred at nighttime.

    The article titled “Apollo Astronaut Chats About UFO, Alien Belief” published in Discovery magazine explained more about the discovery at Roswell. In the article, Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell surprisingly admitted that the crash at Roswell involved aliens and a spacecraft. He also claimed that the Phoenix Lights was also an out-worldly event.

    “Three humongous craft flew over Phoenix, very slowly in the middle of the night that clearly were not local stuff, home-grown stuff” confirmed Mitchell.

    However, the government quickly came out in its defense. NASA released this statement:

    “NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe.”

    What Do the Experts Say?

    For decades, researchers have been trying to explain the phenomenon of UFOs. However, the biggest challenge that they face in studying it closely is that these spaceships appear suddenly. For science to explain something, it is important to verify conclusions using testable evidence. UFO sightings cannot be controlled or repeated. This is why Ufology is such a challenging study.

    The general public has also been fascinated by the UFOs to such an extent that any explanation from experts is quickly dismissed. Most of the explanations provided by scientists and the governments declare them as weather phenomenon or human acts. There is no substantial evidence that could justify the sightings to involve aliens, extraterrestrial, spaceships, and flying saucers.

    Experts believe that there has never been any extraterrestrial visit on the planet. There are no aliens and certainly no flying saucers. But, there is so little evidence that their theories can never be backed by solid arguments.  The most they do is regard the topic as off-limits.

    In 2010, Dr. Michio Kaku, a well-known scientist, settled all the confusion once and for all by admitting that the UFOs are real. In his statement, he clearly said that at least 5% of the sightings are unidentified objects. These objects, added Dr. Kaku, behaved oddly and scarily.

    However, a majority of scientists believe that UFOs are simply planes and clouds. These could also be celestial events like meteors or planets that sometimes appear unusually bright.

    Despite investigations, some of the cases of sightings remain unexplainable to date. Scientists argue that the sightings could be of common objects that appear different in the skies. Some say that it could just be a normal balloon that appears unidentifiable high up in the air.

    Final Thoughts:

    It is simply not possible to dismiss thousands of UFO sightings as that of a balloon or the planet Venus. Still, a majority of the sightings are unexplainable while only a few could be regarded as manmade objects. In the past few decades, approximately millions of people have witnessed strange objects. There are pictures and videos available as well. So, can we disregard all of them and start believing that instead of a flying object, it could be a balloon?

    What about the abductions? Are such incidents merely hallucinations?

    Okay, hallucination can be the case once or twice but not always!

    It’s been exactly 71 years since Kenneth Arnold first reported about a UFO. Science is nowhere near the truth as yet. Whether it is a secret spying project by the intelligence agencies or aliens visiting our planet, there is no clarity.

    When there is doubt and mysteriousness surrounding an event, people will create theories. Despite that there isn’t any solid evidence of extraterrestrial involvement but can we completely rule it out? That’s not possible either.

    So, let’s believe in the unbelievable until science gives us a credible explanation of the UFO phenomenon. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Un enquête ouverte sur la possible présence d'OVNI au large de la côte irlandaise

    Un enquête ouverte sur la possible présence d'OVNI au large de la côte irlandaise

    Le Pentagone reconnaît l'existence d'un programme d'étude des ovnis

    Le Pentagone reconnaît l'existence d'un programme d'étude des ovnis - © Belga


    L'Autorité de l'aviation irlandaise enquête sur des informations faisant état de lumières et d'OVNI au large de la côte sud-ouest de l'Irlande, selon la BBC.

    Tout a commencé à 9 h 47, heure locale, le vendredi 9 novembre, lorsqu'un pilote de British Airways contacte le contrôle du trafic aérien de Shannon. Il voulait savoir s'il y avait des exercices militaires dans la région parce qu'il y avait quelque chose "qui bouge très vite".

    Mais aucun exercice n'était en cours. Le pilote, qui volait de Montréal à Heathrow, a déclaré qu'il y avait une "lumière très brillante" et que l'objet était monté le long du côté gauche de l'avion avant qu'il ne "vire rapidement au nord".

    Un autre pilote d'un avion Virgin a suggéré qu'il puisse s'agir d'un météore ou d'un autre objet pénétrant dans l'atmosphère terrestre. Il a déclaré qu'il y avait "plusieurs objets qui suivaient le même type de trajectoire" et qu'ils étaient très brillants. Le pilote a déclaré avoir vu "deux lumières brillantes" vers la droite qui s'éloignaient rapidement.

    Un pilote a déclaré que la vitesse était "astronomique, c'était comme Mach 2", ce qui correspond à deux fois la vitesse du son. "Suite à des informations sur une activité aérienne inhabituelle annoncées vendredi par un petit nombre d'aéronefs, l'IAA a déposé un rapport", a déclaré l'Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). "Ce rapport fera l'objet d'une enquête dans le cadre du processus d'enquête normal sur un événement confidentiel."

    Un porte-parole de l'aéroport de Shannon a déclaré qu'il ne serait pas approprié que l'aéroport fasse des commentaires pendant que l'enquête de l'IAA est en cours. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Is UFO a sign of alien life?

    Is UFO a sign of alien life?


    Viewed from afar, the Milky Way might appear similar to the galaxy known as NGC 7331.
    Picture: R. Jay GaBany/NASA
    RELIGIOUS leaders in Durban are mixed in their views about alien life.

    This follows a suggestion from scientists at Harvard University in the US that a cigar-shaped object that tumbled through our solar system in October last year, was a probe sent by an intelligent alien life form to spy on us.

    The object was called “Oumuamua” which means “a messenger that reaches out from the distant past” in Hawaiian. It was picked up by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii.

    Since its discovery, scientists have been at odds as they tried to explain its unusual features and origins.

    Researchers first called it a comet, then an asteroid. When the object failed to satisfy the criteria of either, they labelled it a first of its kind: a new class of “interstellar objects”.

    Given its high speed and its unusual trajectory, the reddish, stadium-sized whatever-it-is clearly came from outside our solar system.

    But its flattened, elongated shape and the way it accelerated through the solar system set it apart from conventional asteroids and comets.

    In a paper, researchers at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics raised the possibility that the elongated dark-red object, which is 10 times as long as it is wide and travelled at speeds of more than 300000km/* , could be of “artificial origin”.

    “Oumuamua may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilisation,” they wrote in the paper, which has been submitted to the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

    The theory is based on the object’s “excess acceleration”, or its unexpected boost in speed as it travelled through and ultimately out of our solar system in January.

    Religious leaders also expressed mixed views on the possibility of other life forms.

    According to Bishop Rubin Phillip, head of the Anglican Church in KwaZulu-Natal, God created all life in the universe, not just on Earth.

    As a result, it was his belief that Christianity could include the possibility of life beyond our planet.

    “The Bible talks about God creating every living creature. God created all life and not just life on Earth alone, but in the whole universe.

    “If life is discovered in the universe, this is not a contradiction of our beliefs, because God created life and we believe that there is life all over,” said Bishop Phillip.

    Dr Faisal Suliman of the SA Muslim Network said there was nothing in the Qur’an that negated the possibility of other creations in the universe.

    “Yes, we believe that we may not be the only creations in the universe.

    “The Qur’an does not say that we are the only creation,” said Suliman.

    However, Ashwin Trikamjee, president of the SA Hindu Maha Sabha, rejected the notion of alien life.

    “Hinduism believes in Karma and that if you have been doing good, you come back again.

    “The soul finds itself another body to live in.

    “Therefore there is no space for any other life,” he said.

    Shembe (Ebuhleni) spokesperson Thokozani Mncwabe also dismissed the idea that there could be life on other planets.

    “I do not wish to stretch much on the matter, however, we strongly believe that all living creatures are on Earth and anything else is a fable,” said Mncwabe.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Glowing golden disc appears in the sky of Welches, Oregon

    Glowing golden disc appears in the sky of Welches, Oregon

    On November 11, 2018 a bright anomaly has been photographed in the sky of Welches, Oregon.

    The photographer was on vacation taking photos of the scenery with his cell phone.

    When he reviewed the photos, he found an anomalous light that looks like a glowing golden disc seen from its side.

    He did not see the anomaly while taking the photos.

    At first he thought that it may be some sort of camera glitch, but he took a couple of photos of the same spot from the same vantage point all at the same time and the golden disc appears only in one photo.

    The photographer has submitted the images to Mufon for further investigation of the unknown object. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.This Discovery In A 4,500-Year-Old Quarry Solves The Mystery Of Egypt’s Great Pyramid

    This Discovery In A 4,500-Year-Old Quarry Solves The Mystery Of Egypt’s Great Pyramid

    This Discovery In A 4,500-Year-Old Quarry Solves The Mystery Of Egypt’s Great Pyramid

    A new archaeological dig has led to an important discovery about how the Egyptians built the Great Pyramids.

    It seems that the Egyptians could have used a system of ramps and pulleys to make work easier for builders of the Pyramids. The picture below indicates a ramp structure that could be used to pull blocks up with ropes. This 4,500-year-old ramp was unearthed in an ancient quarry in the Eastern Desert. Ancient Egyptian architects probably realized that an incline plane can decrease the amount of force required to pull up these blocks. Each block can weigh around 2.3 tons, which is equivalent to 4,600 pounds!

    Great Pyramid Of Giza Egyptian Pyramids

    The Great Pyramids are one of the last surviving Wonders of the World today, built during the reign of Khufu, and we still do not know exactly how they were built. This graphic could lead to more discoveries into the building of the Pyramids.

    The workers would have used wooden poles which they pulled ropes around to hold the blocks. These poles acted as pulleys showing that the Egyptians understood more than one way to decrease workload.

    Dr. Roland Enmarch of the University of Liverpool says:

    'The arrangement allows people to be spaced up and down the ramp, and all the force to be exerted in the same direction'

    • Mount the block onto a sled
    • Tie ropes around sled and drag ropes around wooden poles
    • Have workers above and below the sled pulling on ropes to move the block
    Cartoon Egyptian Pyramids Pyramid

    The reason it has taken so long to discover these ramps is that they would have been removed immediately after construction. Now that we see the Egyptians did indeed use ramps, we can make more conjectures about exactly how these 481-ft Great Pyramid were built. The workers probably mounted a block onto a sled which was tied with ropes wrapped around the wooden poles. The ramp was probably at a gradient of 20 percent relieving as much work as possible to allow the blocks to slide easily up the ramp into place.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Sky Turns Purple In The US And Nobody Knows Why

    The Sky Turns Purple In The US And Nobody Knows Why

    The Sky Turns Purple In The US And Nobody Knows Why

    An odd and out of the ordinary purple glow has been reported on multiple occasions illuminating the sky over various places across the United States. The reasoning for this weird occurrence in the sky is yet to be determined.

    Many videos have surfaced over the internet revealing the purple sky found in the United States. One video reveals a purple sky found over a large tree and house in a residential area. The purple sky seems to be hovering in the sky above the house. The sky around it is of a typical shade.

    The video above was recorded on October 13th, 2018. Another video on that same day in Cleveland shows another purple sky as a person is driving down the street and approaching the purple sky. Once again, the sky appears to be in a small area of the sky, as most of the surrounding sky is of a regular formation.

    Many people who are posting the videos are describing the purple sky as above the clouds, as opposed to below it. The purple sky is also being described as motionless. Two more videos showing the purple sky can be viewed at the following links;

    Many of the videos show the purple sky with a location in Ohio. People are posting many videos from Cleveland, River Kuyahoga, and Dayton. The weird sky has not been limited to Ohio however, as reports are coming in from Wisconsin, Washington, and other areas across the country. All of the videos clearly show a purple sky and express uncertainty concerning the purple sky and why it is there and what it represents.


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Here are 6 reasons to study asteroids and comets

    Here are 6 reasons to study asteroids and comets

    This video clip was compiled from images taken by NASA’s EPOXI mission spacecraft during its flyby of comet Hartley 2 on November 4, 2010.

    Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD.

    Funding for small object studies – asteroids and comets – has increased over the past several decades, mainly since astronomers realized that space rocks sometimes do strike the Earth. Now – thanks to adequate funding over decades – scientists believe they have a good handle on the paths through space of the major asteroids, the ones that would literally rock our world if they collided with us. And, fortunately, no major asteroid is known for certain to be on a collision course with Earth at the present time. But small asteroids do pass us all the time, too, in a mass range capable of causing local damage. Some close-passing asteroids are discovered only after they’ve passed closest. What’s more, scientists have come to recognize, in the most profound way, that asteroids can serve as resources for humanity, especially as we venture out into space. Thus NASA is still all-in for studying asteroids, and on November 7, 2018, it released these six reasons why. Note that we’ve changed the order of these six items, from NASA’s original article.

    This is Ceres, the 1st asteroid ever to be discovered, in the year 1801. In recent years, the Dawn spacecraft has orbited it and obtained stunning close-up images. What you’re seeing here is Occator Crater (in false color), home to Ceres’ most famous bright spots, which are apparently salt deposits.

    Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA.

    1. Asteroids can serve as pit stops – and provide resources – for future space exploration.

    Decades ago, visionaries began in earnest speaking of asteroids and comets as places to mine for resources needed by space-faring humans. NASA pointed out:

    There are no gas stations in space yet, but scientists and engineers are already starting to think about how asteroids could one day serve as refueling stations for spacecraft on the way to farther-flung destinations. These small worlds might also help astronauts restock their supplies. For example, asteroid Bennu [target of the ongoing OSIRIS-REx mission] likely has water bound in clay minerals, which could perhaps one day be harvested for hydrating thirsty space travelers.

    Scientists also suggest asteroids might be mined, and the materials in space used in space for further exploration.

    This “super-resolution” view of asteroid Bennu was created using 8 images obtained by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft on October 29, 2018, from a distance of about 205 miles (330 km).

    Image via NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona.

    2. Some asteroids or comets may be hazards to Earth.

    When speaking of hazardous asteroids, NASA specifically mentioned asteroid Bennu again. As it happens, this asteroid is one of the most potentially hazardous asteroids to Earth currently known, even though the odds of its colliding with Earth are relatively small. NASA said:

    … scientists estimate Bennu has a 1-in-2,700 chance of impacting our planet during one of its close approaches to Earth in the late 22nd century. Right now, scientists can predict Bennu’s path quite precisely through the year 2135, when the asteroid will make one of its close passes by Earth. Close observations by OSIRIS-REx will get an even tighter handle on Bennu’s journey, and help scientists working on safeguarding our planet against hazardous asteroids to better understand what it would take to deflect one on an impact trajectory.

    This animation shows how NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) would target and strike the smaller (left) element of the binary asteroid Didymos to demonstrate how a kinetic impact could potentially redirect an asteroid as part of the agency’s planetary defense program.

    Another upcoming mission that will test a technique for defending the planet from naturally occurring impact hazards is NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission, which will attempt to change a small asteroid’s motion by colliding with it, in a precise way.

    DART’s target is Didymos, a binary asteroid composed of two objects orbiting each other. The larger body is about half a mile (800 meters) across, with a small moonlet that is less than one-tenth of a mile (150 meters) wide. An asteroid this size could result in widespread regional damage if one were to impact Earth.

    DART will deliberately crash itself into the moonlet to slightly change the small object’s orbital speed. Telescopes on Earth will then measure this change in speed by observing the new period of time it takes the moonlet to complete an orbit around the main body, which is expected to be a change of less than a fraction of one percent. But even that small a change could be enough to make a predicted impactor miss Earth in some future impact scenario. The spacecraft, being built by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, is scheduled for launch in spring-summer 2021.

    Didymos and Bennu are just two of the almost 19,000 known near-Earth asteroids. There are over 8,300 known near-Earth asteroids the size of the moonlet of Didymos and larger, but scientists estimate that about 25,000 asteroids in that size range exist in near-Earth space.

    Artist’s concept shows the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, spacecraft, in its orbit around Earth. In its NEOWISE mission it finds and characterizes asteroids.

    Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech.

    A space telescope is currently helping scientists discover and understand these near-Earth objects, including potential hazards. It’s called NEOWISE, and Amy Mainzer is its principal investigator. She said:

    For most asteroids, we know little about them except for their orbit and how bright they look. With NEOWISE, we can use the heat emitted from the objects to give us a better assessment of their sizes. That’s important because asteroid impacts can pack quite a punch, and the amount of energy depends strongly on the size of the object.

    But asteroids and comets – even those in near-Earth space – weren’t always considered hazards to our world. In fact …

    3. Asteroids and comets may have delivered the elements of life to Earth.

    Consider asteroid Bennu again, target of the OSIRIS-REx mission. Bennu may be loaded with molecules of carbon and water, both of which are necessary for life as we know it. Scientists believe that – as Earth formed, and afterward – objects like Bennu rained down and delivered these materials to our planet. These objects did not have oceans themselves, but rather water molecules bound up in minerals. A substantial percentage of Earth’s water is thought to have come from small bodies like Bennu (the rest of Earth’s water likely came from an even more primeval source, the solar nebula). NASA said:

    By studying Bennu, we can better understand the kinds of objects that allowed a barren young Earth to blossom with life.

    Bennu likely originated in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and it’s thought to have survived a catastrophic collision that happened between 800 million and 2 billion years ago. Scientists think a big, carbon-rich asteroid shattered into thousands of pieces, and Bennu is one of the remnants. Rather than a solid object, Bennu is thought to be a “rubble pile” asteroid – a loose collection of rocks stuck together through gravity and another force scientists call cohesion. OSIRIS-REx, which will arrive at Bennu in early December 2018 after a 1.2-billion-mile (2-billion-km) journey, will bring back a sample of this intriguing object to Earth in a sample-return capsule in 2023.

    The Japanese Hayabusa 2 mission is also looking at an asteroid from the same family of bodies that are thought to have delivered ingredients for life to Earth. Currently in orbit at asteroid Ryugu, with small hopping rovers on the surface (see images from the rovers here), the mission will collect samples and return them in a capsule to Earth for analysis by the end of 2020.

    But there’s more. Small bodies in space didn’t just supply the ingredients for life. They also supplied the ingredients for the planets themselves, Earth included.

    Artist’s concept of NASA’s Lucy mission, due to launch in October 2021. The mission will investigate the swarms of asteroids known as Trojans – which orbit in Jupiter’s orbit – for the 1st time. It’ll thoroughly investigate 6 Trojans (3 asteroids in each of 2 Trojan swarms).

    Image via NASA/SwRI

    4. Essentially, asteroids were the building blocks of planets.

    Our solar system as we know it today formed from grains of dust – tiny particles of rock, metal and ice – swirling in a disk around our infant sun. Most of the material from this disk fell into the newborn star, but some bits avoided that fate and stuck together, growing into asteroids, comets and even planets. Lots of leftovers from that process have survived to this day. The growth of planets from smaller objects is one piece of our history that asteroids and comets can help us investigate. NASA said:

    Two ancient fossils providing clues to this story are Vesta and Ceres, the largest bodies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, which recently ended its mission, orbited both of them … While many asteroids are loose collections of rubble, the interiors of Vesta and Ceres are layered, with the densest material at their cores … This indicates both of these bodies were on their way to becoming planets, but their growth was stunted. They never had enough material to get as big as the major planets.

    5. Asteroids and comets help astronomers trace solar system evolution.

    NASA said:

    Most of the material that formed our solar system, including Earth, didn’t live to tell the tale. It fell into the sun or was ejected beyond the reaches of our most powerful telescopes; only a small fraction formed the planets. But there are some renegade remnants of the early days when the stuff of planets swirled with an uncertain fate around the sun.

    A particularly catastrophic time for the solar system was between 50 and 500 million years after the sun formed. Jupiter and Saturn, our system’s most massive giants, reorganized the objects around them as their gravity interacted with smaller worlds such as asteroids. Uranus and Neptune may have originated closer to the sun and been kicked outward as Jupiter and Saturn moved around. Saturn, in fact, may have prevented Jupiter from “eating” some of the terrestrial planets, including Earth, as its gravity counteracted Jupiter’s further movement toward the sun.

    Farther afield, the New Horizons spacecraft is currently on its way to a distant object called 2014 MU69, nicknamed “Ultima Thule” by the mission. One billion miles farther from the sun than Pluto, MU69 is a resident of the Kuiper Belt, a region of ice-rich objects beyond the orbit of Neptune. Objects like MU69 may represent the most primitive, or unaltered, material that remains in the solar system. While the planets orbit in ellipses around the sun, MU69 and many other Kuiper Belt objects have very circular orbits, suggesting they have not moved from their original paths in 4.5 billion years. These objects may represent the building blocks of Pluto and other distant icy worlds like it. New Horizons will make its closest approach to MU69 on January 1, 2019 – the farthest planetary flyby in history.

    Artist’s concept of NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft encountering 2014 MU69, a Kuiper Belt object that orbits the sun 1 billion miles (1.6 billion kilometers) beyond Pluto, on January 1, 2019.

    Image via NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI.

    6. Asteroids and comets help astronomers understand processes in an evolving solar system

    Have you ever seen the zodiacal light? At this time of year, from the Northern Hemisphere, it’s easiest to see before dawn and is sometimes called the false dawn. This mysterious light is really scattered sunlight, from dust in the region of the sky where the planets orbit. This dust is left over from the collisions of small bodies such as comets and asteroids. The zodiacal light is an indication that our solar system is still active, NASA said, adding:

    Zodiacal dust around other stars indicates that they, too, may harbor active planetary systems.

    Dust from small bodies has had an important role in our planet in particular. About 100 tons of meteoritic material and dust material fall on Earth every day. Some of it comes from comets, whose activity has direct implications for Earth’s evolution. As comets approach the sun and experience its heat, gases inside the comet bubble up and carry away dusty material from the comet – including ingredients for life. NASA’s Stardustspacecraft flew by comet 81P/Wild in 2004 and found that cometary dust contains amino acids, which are building blocks of life.

    Occasional outbursts of gas and dust observed in comets indicate activity on or near their surfaces, such as landslides. The European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission, which completed its exploration of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2016, delivered unprecedented insights about cometary activity. Among the changes in the comet, the spacecraft observed a massive cliff collapse, a large crack getting bigger and a boulder moving. Ramy El-Maarry, a member of the U.S. Rosetta science team from the University of Colorado, Boulder, said in 2017:

    We discovered that boulders the size of a large truck could be moved across the comet’s surface a distance as long as 1 1/2 football fields.

    Comets also influence planetary motion today. As Jupiter continues to fling comets outward, it moves inward ever so slightly because of the gravitational dance with the icy bodies. Neptune, meanwhile, throws comets inward and in turn gets a tiny outward push. Uranus and Saturn are also moving outward very slowly in this process.

    Thus the small bodies in space – the asteroids and comets – have established themselves as vital objects of study in astronomy. NASA has more to say on this subject, which you can read here.

    This view shows Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko as seen by the OSIRIS wide-angle camera on ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft on September 29, 2016, when Rosetta was at an altitude of 14 miles (23 km).


    An animation portrays a comet as it approaches the inner solar system. Light from the sun warms the comet’s core, or nucleus, an object so small it cannot be seen at this scale. Click here to view animation.

    Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech.

    Bottom line: Six reasons to study asteroids, comets and other space rocks.

    Read more from NASA }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Army Of Miniaturized Terracotta Warriors Discovered Guarding 2,100-Year-Old Chinese Prince’s Tomb

    A 2,100-year-old pit containing a mini "Terracotta Army" has been discovered in China.

    Army Of Miniaturized Terracotta Warriors Discovered Guarding 2,100-Year-Old Chinese Prince’s Tomb

    A 2,100-year-old pit discovered in China was found to contain not only chariots and miniature statues of cavalry, horses, watchtowers, infantry, civil officials and musicians, but at its center was a scaled down version of the famous “Terracotta Army.”

    “The pit, along with several other archaeological sites, was discovered in the winter of 2007 during construction work” and was excavated by the Cultural Relics Agency of Linzi District of Zibo city. According to an article in Live Science archaeologists from this agency teamed up with researchers from the Shandong Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology and they published a report journal Wenwu, recently translated into English and published in the journal Chinese Cultural Relics .

    A Miniature Force for the Afterlife

    The southern part of the pit was found to have been filled with:

    “formations of cavalry and chariots with models of watchtowers that stand 55 inches (140 centimeters) high and at the pit's center… 300 infantrymen stand alert in a square formation, while the northern part of the pit has a model of a theatrical pavilion holding small sculptures of musicians.”

    The archaeologists noted that the newly discovered soldiers are smaller than those in the Terracotta Army and that the infantry sculptures are between 9 and 12 inches (22 and 31 cm) tall, much shorter that the famous life-size soldiers buried near the tomb of the First Emperor.

    The miniatures include cavalry, horses and watchtowers. (Chinese Cultural Relics)

    The miniatures include cavalry, horses and watchtowers.

    Chinese Cultural Relics )

    Fit for a Prince?

    Based on “the date, size and location of the pit,” archaeologists believe it might been built for Liu Hong, a prince of Qi (a part of China), who was the son of Emperor Wu (reign 141–87 BC).” Based in Linzi, near the pit, Hong  died in 110 BC without any heir, archaeologists wrote in their journal article. The scientists also wrote that “the vehicles, cavalry and infantry, laid out in a square formation, were reserved for burials of the monarchs or meritorious officials or princes” and they suspect Hong’s royal burial might lie undisturbed nearby.

    Substantiating their suspicions, older residents in the area reported descriptions of “a prominent earthen mound, some 13 feet (4 meters) high, near the pit,” reports which are corroborated by an aerial photograph taken in 1938 by the Japanese Air Force. However, the study says that “Sometime in the 1960s or 1970s, workers removed the earth and flattened the area in order to widen the Jiaonan-Jinan Railway” and while “There are possibly architectural remains or a path leading from the pit… There is no way to explore the main burial chamber” believing that “the tomb itself may have been destroyed.”

    There are around 300 infantry in a square formation at the center of the pit. (Chinese Cultural Relics)

    There are around 300 infantry in a square formation at the center of the pit. 

    (Chinese Cultural Relics )

    What Was The Function of Chinese Terracotta Armies?

    This particular form of ritualized funerary art began with the burial of the First Emperor in 210 to 209 BC which is arguably one of the most famous archaeological sites anywhere in the world, discovered by villagers in 1974. According to a Daily Mail article about the latest terracotta findings “The figures vary in height according to their roles, with the tallest being the generals. Current estimates [of the full sized terracotta army at X’ian] are that there were over 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses, the majority of which are still buried.”

    Part of the terracotta army of First Emperor Qin Shi Huang at Xi’an, China. (Adobe Stock)

    Part of the terracotta army of First Emperor Qin Shi Huang at Xi’an, China.

    Adobe Stock )

    Archaeologists know that the specific purpose of the warriors was to ‘protect’ emperors in their journeys into the corridors of the afterlife and they are thought of as of “crucial importance to our understanding of his attempts to control the world even in death.” Second in importance to being protected after death, Chinese emperors, it would seem, also required to be ‘entertained’, a claim which is made evident in the discovery of terracotta “acrobats, bureaucrats, musicians and bronze birds” at the First Emperor’s grave and the “model of a theatrical pavilion holding small sculptures of musicians” found at the new pit.

    Terracotta Warrior Wrangle

    Over the last decade the terracotta grave warriors have travelled from China and have been displayed in museums and universities in several countries, but these new statues won’t be coming to North America any time soon. And this has nothing to do with current trade wars or political wrangling, but because of the open wound in American - Chinese cause in 21st December 2017 when a 24-year-old American man was arrested by the FBI for breaking off and then stealing part of a $4.5 million Terracotta Warrior.

    According to a report on Ancient Origins the Chinese government was pressing for a heavy jail sentence and as of yet the case is not closed, and until such times that it is, no more Chinese artifacts will find their way to American shores.

    Top image: A 2,100-year-old pit containing a mini "Terracotta Army" has been discovered in China.

    Source: Courtesy of Chinese Cultural Relics

    By Ashley Cowie

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Alien Abductee's Strange Ecounters With Beings Not of This Planet (Video)

    Alien Abductee's Strange Ecounters With Beings Not of This Planet (Video)

    Thousands of people have reported the observation of structured craft that maneuver beyond our technological capability or that of any other nation. They appear to have overcome inertia and have their own gravitational field. Non-human figures have been observed both in the craft and on the ground. Sometimes they appear to be collecting samples of our flora and fauna.
    They take samples of our wildlife and leave them with highly unusual properties, to the ground. They have been observed entering our oceans and rising from them into the air, departing vertically toward space. Thousands contend they have been kidnapped by non-humans in association with these craft and returned to their natural environment. Others claim that they’ve had a lifetime of friendly contact. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ancient Mysteries of Our Time Biggest Secrets Answered via Graham Hancock (Video)

    Ancient Mysteries of Our Time Biggest Secrets Answered via Graham Hancock (Video)

    Graham Hancock as you’ve never seen before, answering a multitude of questions on ancient origins. Graham traveled to Ethiopia and then to Israel, to uncover the lost secrets of the Ark of the Covenant.
    The Sign and the Seal took him to Egypt and opened his eyes to the incredible enigma of the Great Pyramid of Giza, while the “technological” aspects of the Ark had alerted Hancock to the existence of out of place technologies in antiquity.
    The stage was now set for his next project – a worldwide investigation into the possibility of a lost, prehistoric civilisation that resulted, in 1995, in the publication of Fingerprints of the Gods, undoubtedly his best known book.
    Graham will answer questions of these subjects and many more in this previously unseen lecture. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ancient Mysteries of Our Time Biggest Secrets Answered via Graham Hancock (Video)

    Ancient Mysteries of Our Time Biggest Secrets Answered via Graham Hancock (Video)

    Graham Hancock as you’ve never seen before, answering a multitude of questions on ancient origins. Graham traveled to Ethiopia and then to Israel, to uncover the lost secrets of the Ark of the Covenant.
    The Sign and the Seal took him to Egypt and opened his eyes to the incredible enigma of the Great Pyramid of Giza, while the “technological” aspects of the Ark had alerted Hancock to the existence of out of place technologies in antiquity.
    The stage was now set for his next project – a worldwide investigation into the possibility of a lost, prehistoric civilisation that resulted, in 1995, in the publication of Fingerprints of the Gods, undoubtedly his best known book.
    Graham will answer questions of these subjects and many more in this previously unseen lecture. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Egypt SHOCK claim: 'Evidence is in front of our eyes' that pyramids were 'built by aliens'

    Egypt SHOCK claim: 'Evidence is in front of our eyes' that pyramids were 'built by aliens'

    EGYPT'S Great Pyramid of Giza was built using "advanced high technology" and the evidence is there for all to see, according to a bizarre documentary.

    Egyptian monuments rival the grandeur of our most modern buildings today and have wowed mankind for centuries. The landmarks have been connected to deities and gods since ancient times and the Great Pyramid of Giza is widely seen as one of mankind's most incredible achievements. These constructions were erected by a civilisation that had no knowledge of the wheel and were technologically limited, compared to modern standards. In Netflix documentary “The Pyramid Code”, researchers and conspiracy theorists question the possibility that the Egyptian pyramids were "built with high technology".

    However, the show explains that we are taught to believe that we are the ones with knowledge of high technology, something the ancient Egyptians could not have possibly had.

    Dr. Carmen Boulter, PHD, claims: “As long as we think that the ancients weren’t able to use high technology, then we're not looking for it.

    "And yet, the evidence is right in front of our eyes.”

    The Great Pyramid of Giza is estimated to have around 2,300,000 stone blocks that weigh from 2 to 30 tons each and there are even some blocks that weigh over 50 tons.


    (Image: Getty)

    The pyramid was composed of 144,000 casing stones and it is believed that all of them were highly polished and flat to an accuracy of 1/100th of an inch, about 100 inches thick and weighing approximately 15 tons each.

    Evidence of advanced knowledge can be found in the Pyramid of Giza as the centres of the four sides are indented with an extraordinary degree of precision, forming the only eight-sided pyramid.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Bewijs dat piramides zijn ‘gebouwd door aliens’ bevindt zich recht onder onze neus. Netflix-documentaire doet stof opwaaien
    Bewijs bevindt zich recht onder onze neus dat piramides zijn 'gebouwd door aliens'. Netflix-documentaire doet stof opwaaien

    Bewijs dat piramides zijn ‘gebouwd door aliens’ bevindt zich recht onder onze neus. Netflix-documentaire doet stof opwaaien

    The Pyramid Code is een vijfdelige documentaire waarin onderzoek wordt gedaan naar oude piramides en tempels in Egypte.

    De gepensioneerde professor Carmen Boulter van de Universiteit van Calgary heeft gedurende haar reizen naar Egypte en andere landen uitgebreid onderzoek gedaan.

    Wie waren de oude Egyptenaren en wat wisten ze? Zou het kunnen dat de piramides vele malen ouder zijn dan traditionele egyptologen ons willen doen geloven? Kan het zijn dat de oude Egyptenaren veel hoger ontwikkeld waren dan wij? Waarom begrijpen we zo weinig van de oude Egyptenaren?

    Zeer geavanceerde technologie

    En zijn wij werkelijk de hoogst ontwikkelde beschaving die ooit op aarde heeft geleefd?

    Deze bouwwerken zijn neergezet door een beschaving die niet de beschikking had over het wiel en die in vergelijking met moderne standaarden technologisch beperkt was.

    In de Netflix-documentaire vragen onderzoekers zich af of de Egyptische piramides wellicht gebouwd zijn met behulp van zeer geavanceerde technologie.

    Recht onder onze neus

    We leren op school dat wij degenen zijn met kennis van geavanceerde technologie, iets waar de oude Egyptenaren niet over konden beschikken.

    “Zolang we denken dat zij niet in staat waren om deze technologie te gebruiken, zullen we er niet naar zoeken,” zei dr. Boulter. “En toch bevindt het bewijs zich recht onder onze neus.”

    © Copyright (c)

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Dark Matter Hurricane Heading Towards Earth

    Dark Matter Hurricane Heading Towards Earth

    “I was born in a dark matter hurricane.”

    The Rolling Stones song “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” was recorded 50 years ago this year, but If Keith Richards was born today, or at least during the current week, his signature opening line about a crossfire hurricane (which referred to a World War II German air raid on London) might have been updated to the dark matter hurricane slamming into the solar system and planet Earth as we speak. A what?

    “The cosmic weather forecast calls for strong dark matter winds in our region of the Galaxy. The prediction is based on a new study of a nearby collection of stars that are all moving in the same direction.”

    In the study “Dark matter hurricane: Measuring the S1 stream with dark matter detectors” published this past week in the journal Physical Review D and summarized in Physics, researchers from the University of Zaragoza in Spain reveal – a little too late – that Earth is presently in the midst of a ‘stellar stream’ that may contain a large amount of dark matter. Let’s break that down and see if we should look up at the sky or bend over and kiss our butts goodbye.

    A stellar stream is the remains of a dwarf galaxy that was destroyed by a larger one. In this case, a stream called S1 by the researchers who discovered it last year using the European Space Agency’s Gaia satellite is the remnants of dwarf galaxy eaten by the Milky Way billions of years ago. It appears to contain remnants of about 30,000 stars and is traveling through the galaxy at a speed of about 500 kilometers (310 miles) per second. How do they know this? Because it’s blowing past and around the sun and our planet right now.

    That in and of itself doesn’t put us in any danger, according to the study. However, what happened on its journey here might. While passing through the rest of the galaxy, S1 has been picking up dark matter and is now bombarding us with it at such a high speed that study co-author Ciaran O’Hare named it a “dark matter hurricane.” (A new song would have to credit O’Hara to avoid the controversy Keith had with Stones bass player Bill Wyman over his uncredited contribution to the opening guitar riff of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.”)

    Inferred distribution of dark matter (blue) through the effect of gravitational lensing

    Since we’re already theoretically surrounded by dark matter, the hurricane itself isn’t hurting us. In fact, it’s helping astronomers and physicists potentially identify what dark matter really is. One theory is that it’s a form of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs). O’Hara’s team believes current detectors won’t be able to pick them up but future WIMP detectors might. They’re more excited about identifying axion dark matter (theoretical particles 500 million times lighter than electrons) which “should exhibit a broad bump with an additional narrow peak if the S1 hurricane is truly buffeting our shores.”

    So, we’re not going to get hit by any of the big pieces in S1 and we’re theoretically in no danger of the load of theoretical dark matter it’s dumping on us. The S1 dark matter hurricane is one of those things that will only give wet dreams to astronomers, physicists … and possibly future songwriters and heavy metal bands.

    “Here I am … rock you like a dark matter hurricane.” }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NASA Signs Agreement With Billionaire Yuri Milner To Hunt For Life on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus


    NASA Signs Agreement With Billionaire Yuri Milner To Hunt For Life on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

    It’s an inevitability that when we find extraterrestrial life, despite the funding and civic pride and hope the nations of the world have put into their space programs, it’s going to be a rich dude that finds it. When you’ve got more money than you can count in a lifetime, the reasonable thing to do is hunt for aliens. What else is there to do? Yachts get boring after number 7 or 8, and you’re guaranteed an immortal legacy if you’re responsible for first contact with extraterrestrial life. Russian billionaire Yuri Milner is trying to be that rich dude, and he recently signed an agreement with NASA for their help with his planned mission to hunt for alien life on Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus.

    According to New Scientist, NASA is providing concepts, plans, and consulting work for Milner’s mission, which would be the first ever privately funded mission to deep space. From their report:

    Agreements signed by NASA and Milner’s non-profit Breakthrough Starshot Foundation in September show that the organisations are working on scientific, technical and financial plans for the ambitious mission. NASA has committed over $70,000 to help produce a concept study for a flyby mission. The funds won’t be paid to Breakthrough but represent the agency’s own staffing costs on the project.

    Non-profit is a funny word. Some things are worth more than money and discovering alien life represents an incalculable profit.

    The Breakthrough Initiatives were founded in 2015 by Milner and his wife Julia, their board of directors includes Yuri Milner and Mark Zuckerberg. The late physicist Stephen Hawking was on the board of directors, but we live in a world where the Facebook guy is going to discover aliens instead of Stephen Hawking. Let that sink in. Not too deep though, it’s incredibly depressing.

    Saturn's moon enceladus


    Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

    Breakthrough Starshot is just one of the initiatives that the foundation is undertaking. Others include designing tech like solar sails and there are initiatives to fund both the listening for extraterrestrial civilizations and the sending of our own messages that someone might listen to. Which we can all agree is a terrible idea.

    As to why they’re choosing Enceladus, the ice moon represents one of our best chances for finding life outside the cozy blanket of Earth’s atmosphere. Enceladus is cold. Its surface temperature never reaches above −324 °F (−198 °C). Despite its surface temperature, the Cassini spacecraft found evidence of a large ocean of liquid water beneath the ice surface in 2014. Cassini also observed geysers of ice and other compounds shooting into space, shows internal geothermal activity. Enceladus is locked in orbital resonance with another moon, Dione, and the resulting tidal activity in Enceladus’ subsurface ocean seems to be driving that activity. There’s something else too: on June 27, 2018, NASA revealed that Cassini had detected complex organic matter in the ice jets coming out of Enceladus.

    Enceladus interior

    Cross section of what Enceladus’ interior probably looks like.

    Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

    So we’ve got a water ocean, geothermal activity, and complex organic matter being shot into space from that ocean. Yeah, that seems life a fair place to look for life.

    We’ll see. The beginning states of the Breakthrough Starshot Initiative will begin next year, as the team begins working through the concepts and planning phases. For all the problems with ultra-wealthy individuals making themselves the standard-bearers of humanity, there is an undeniable truth that money makes things happen. If enough money is thrown at these projects then it’s a sure bet that something will get done. What it is and what we’ll find is anyone’s guess at this point, but it will probably be pretty neat. }

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