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Wil je een videoclip bekijken en stoort het X-files-deuntje jou daarbij. Schakel het  deuntje gewoon uit door in deze kolon, helemaal beneden op de 2 witte balkjes in het blauwe cirkeltje te klikken, tot een pijltje verschijnt. Veel kijk- en luisterplezier en bedankt voor jouw bezoek.

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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandelijks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.SECRET BASE INSIDE VOLCANO? 'TR-3B UFO' flares into warp speed after 'leaving magma mount'

    SECRET BASE INSIDE VOLCANO? 'TR-3B UFO' flares into warp speed after 'leaving magma mount'

    ALIEN chasers claim a new video appearing to show a "UFO" burst into a ball of light after "leaving a volcano" boosts their theory extra terrestrials have hidden bases under the ground.

    The strange event was caught by a camera of, which has a series of livestreams continuously monitoring magma mountains across the central American country.

    The footage was taken at around 6.46pm local time on January 24, according to YouTube channel Streetcap 1, which broadcast it in a video entitled "Awesome Weird Light leaves Mexican Volcano".

    Alien chasers think it could be evidence of an secret base inside the Popocatépetl Volcano in the Puebla region of Mexico.

    Others think it could be a secret military base and the UFO was actually an alleged top-secret triangular spy plane known as a TR-3B which can allegedly hit "warp speed" in a ball of light.



    A still from the video and (inset) a CGI image of an alleged TR-3B.

    The footage shows a small bright light appear from behind the volcano in the background of the shot, which then moves closer to the camera.

    The image suddenly increases in size and intensity of light before going out of shot.

    Some alien chasers claim there is much UFO activity around volcanoes, because there are secret alien bases inside.

    There appears to be no actual evidence for this madcap theory, and sceptics say the UFOs are just magma, or ash being ejected from the volcano, or even out of focus birds.

    But the latest ball of light in this video has set tongues wagging, with claims it was a TR-3B.

    Conspiracy theorists, who also believe world leaders capture flying saucers and reverse engineer them before creating their own hi-tech space craft, claim a mysterious US Air Force TR-3B has been developed.



    The TR-3B, pictured here in a CGI impression, is a legend among UFO seekers.

    The TR-3B is alleged to be a secret "black project" spy craft of the US Government that can be flown into space.

    Allegations include the crafts are created at top-secret military bases like Area 51 in Nevada, by reverse engineering alien technology.

    Others claim they are actual UFOs flown by aliens.

    The theory claims they are triangular in shape with lights at the corners and a large circular one in the middle that can blast it into warp speed.

    Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, said: "This UFO was caught by Streetcap1 over Mexico coming from a volcano. It starts out far away and quickly grows in size. 

    "That's one powerfully bright UFO. As you can see from looking at the time, the UFO passes the volcano and then moves behind the camera all in just a few minutes. The moon could not do that."

    That's one powerfully bright UFO. As you can see from looking at the time, the UFO passes the volcano and then moves behind the camera all in just a few minutes.

    Scott C Waring

    Viewers of the video were amazed, with many posting on YouTube: "OMG and WTF.”

    One posted: "WTF is that?!! OMG, I'm so scared it’s huge!!!"

    Another said: "TR3B 100 per cent. I have done a lot of research, which is freely available.

    "I was fortunate to see a similar light above my house, I was gobsmacked, all my research made sense

    "It's a plasma ball of light in the craft's middle, you will normally see this on black triangle crafts.

    "The plasma light extends to cover all the craft and then will normally disappear cloaking the craft. 

    "These are facts - God knows how long this technology has been available."

    Another commented on the speed, saying: "The video is being played at one frame per second, meaning whatever that thing is it's going at very high speeds."

    And, Leandro Murta added: "Just wonder how fast it is from volcano to camera in about 50 seconds, very interesting."

    Another poster went back to the alien theory, suggesting: "What if extraterrestrials live in volcanoes because they've got tech that can withstand tremendous heat? It would make a good hiding place, you know."

    Scott Brando is a sceptical UFO investigator who claims there has never been any inexplicable UFO video or picture taken yet.

    He runs the hoax-busting website

    The expert was not phased by the seemingly extraordinary footage and concluded that the bright light effect was caused by the camera having a long exposure, because it was filming at night.

    He said it was likely just a standard plane or helicopter.

    He told "Webcams are often set to take images at night with a long exposure, to capture every small source of light. That object is most likely a plane (or a helicopter) with its navigation/landing lights." }

    30-01-2017 om 23:55 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:News from the FRIENDS of facebook ( ENG )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What REALLY happened? MoD’s 'secret investigation' into mass UFO sightings

    What REALLY happened? MoD’s 'secret investigation' into mass UFO sightings

    MINISTRY of Defence (MoD) chiefs launched a top-secret probe into one of Britain's most notorious mass UFO sighting cases 40 years ago at the height if the Cold War, it has been claimed.



    The MoD carried out a secret investigation into UFO sightings, it is claimed.

    The 1977 Broad Haven Triangle sightings are being remembered with a special 40th anniversary event.

    An explosive novel revealed details of a declassified MoD document which suggests top-ranking officials carried out a covert inquiry into the 1977 sightings in Wales.

    The area was gripped by UFO and paranormal fever after several people saw lights and objects hovering in the sky, a being in a metallic space suit, while poltergeists allegedly plagued one family, animals were seen cowering and ghostly figures reportedly peered into farmhouse windows.

    Among the witnesses were 14 children who all drew similar pictures of a craft said to have landed near their school.

    The book - The Watchers by Neil Spring - is said to be based on "true events" and claims to reveal the truth about what really happened at remote Broad Haven along a strip of rugged coastline in Pembrokeshire National Park near an RAF base.

    Mr Spring, who is a key speaker at the event on Saturday, researched the case through documents sent to the National Archives 30 years after the bizarre happenings and after a new witness came forward.



    Neil Spring, author of The Watchers.

    At the time, MoD officials expressed no interest in the sightings, saying there was no threat to national security.

    However, among the documents was a letter from the head of the MoD's S4 wing to the Provost & Security Service, the RAF's internal police force.

    The S4 chief wrote "I have not even told the Minister I am consulting you" and called for a "discreet enquiry" after expressing bewilderment at the number of apparently "level-headed" witnesses to the strange activity. 

    Mr Spring said: "(The new witness’) testimony rocked the very foundations of the British Government. 

    "I visited Broad Haven a sceptic, and came away convinced that some of the locals knew far more about the mysterious occurrences of 1977 than they are willing to reveal."

    I visited Broad Haven a sceptic, and came away convinced that some of the locals knew far more about the mysterious occurrences of 1977 than they are willing to reveal.

    Neil Spring

    The disclosures prompted Tory peer Lord Black of Brentwood to call for a full explanation from the MoD of what it uncovered.

    The Tory peer has been long involved in getting official government files of UFO sightings and inquiries made public.

    Lord Black said: "A number of recently released MoD files leave little doubt that a small number of sightings of aerial phenomena - particularly by military personnel, pilots and air traffic controllers - remain unexplained and unidentified.

    "There needs to be further examination of these issues in the hope of learning something new."

    Three years ago a former US Navy sailor came forward to say that the cause of the silver-suited being was in fact a US military personal wearing their standard fireproof uniform and the UFOs were new harrier gets being flown. 

    Since disbanding a unit set up to investigate alleged UFO sightings in 2009, the MoD will no longer comment on the subject.

    The Swansea UFO Network is holding a Welsh Triangle 40th Anniversary Conference in Broad Haven from 10am to 5pm.

    Dubbed the “West Wales flap” of 1977, the incident was second only to the “Warminster Thing” in British UFO history.

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    Categorie:News from the FRIENDS of facebook ( ENG )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Monday morning fireball sighting in the Mid-South

    Monday morning fireball sighting in the Mid-South

    By Spencer Denton, Meteorologist

    (WMC) - If you saw a bright flash in the sky around 6:16 a.m., it wasn’t lightning. It was a short trail, exploding fireball that lasted around three seconds.

    Check out this still image captured by near Greenbrier, Arkansas. They caught a big flash on their camera in the lower part of the sky between 20 and 30 degrees above the horizon.

    There were several sightings in Collierville and scattered reports from Louisville, KY to Austin, TX. Check out the map to see all the sightings as of 9:30 a.m.

    Did you see it? Go to my Facebook or Twitter page and let me know.

    Copyright 2017 WMC Action News 5. All rights reserved. }

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    Categorie:News from the FRIENDS of facebook ( ENG )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Signs of Alien Air Herald a New Era of Exoplanet Discoveries

    Signs of Alien Air Herald a New Era of Exoplanet Discoveries

    New efforts hint that nearby world GJ 1132 b may have an Earth-like atmosphere with water and methane

    By Mara Johnson-Groh 

    This artist's rendition shows the Earth-mass planet GJ 1132b circling its parent star. New observations suggest the planet's thick atmosphere may harbor water or methane. 
    Credit: Dana Berry / Skyworks Digital / CfA

    For astronomers seeking Earth twins around other stars, the exoplanet GJ 1132 b probably isn’t an identical sibling—but it may be the closest cousin yet found. It weighs in at just over one Earth mass, but circles its star in a warm orbit that could make it more like Venus than our own world. Moreover, its diameter is nearly 50 percent larger than that of Earth, suggesting it possesses a thick atmosphere. Now, after taking the closest-ever look at GJ 1132 b, a European collaboration has confirmed the presence of its atmosphere and found hints it might contain water and methane. The results are currently under review for publication in The Astrophysical Journal.

    As mere discoveries of exoplanets become routine, efforts to learn more about them—their compositions, climates and histories—are moving to the fore, with studies of their atmospheres occupying center stage. Although astronomers detected the first exoplanet atmosphere more than 15 years ago, they have only managed to observe a handful ever since, mostly for very hot worlds as big as Jupiter or even larger. With their first glimpse of GJ 1132 b’s alien air, astronomers are now entering a new frontier as they examine the atmospheres of smaller, more Earth-like worlds.

    “We have shown that an Earth-mass planet is capable of sustaining a thick atmosphere,” says John Southworth, lecturer in astrophysics at Keele University in England and lead author on the discovery paper. “This is one step towards investigating whether a planet could host life.”

    Finding the tenuous atmospheres around other worlds strains the limits of current technology. Luckily, GJ 1132 b has the advantage of being relatively easy to study, because it is only 39 light-years away—just a hop, skip and a jump across our cosmic neighborhood. It also orbits an M-dwarf, the smallest and coolest type of star, which allows astronomers to more readily probe the planet’s atmosphere.

    “Detecting the atmosphere of Earth-sized planets around M-dwarfs is an essential step in the search for habitable exoplanets,” says astronomer Julien de Wit, postdoctoral researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology unaffiliated with the study. “The concern, however, is that they may not always be able to sustain an atmosphere because of the potential history of strong activity of their star. Finding one with an atmosphere would provide us with hope.”

    The team studied GJ 1132 b’s atmosphere using a variation on the “transit” planet-detection method, in which a world traverses the face of its star as seen from Earth. As the planet crosses its star, it blocks a small portion of the star’s total light and casts a planetary shadow toward our solar system. A planet’s atmosphere will absorb a tiny fraction of starlight around the shadow’s edges, filtering out certain wavelengths in accordance with its composition. Gathering enough light to discern this minuscule effect usually requires observing multiple transits using some of the world’s most powerful telescopes.

    Using the MPG/ESO 2.2 meter telescope at the European Southern Observatory in Chile, the team monitored nine transits of GJ 1132 b across a wide range of wavelengths, from optical to near-infrared. The measurements allowed them to line up a simple spectrum, which shows the amount of light at each wavelength. Their results showed extra absorption at certain wavelengths—indicating the possibility of water and/or methane in GJ 1132 b’s atmosphere in approximately equal proportions as is found in Earth’s air.

    Because astronomers have good measures for both the mass and the size of GJ 1132 b, they can estimate the planet’s density—and thus its possible composition. Given that the atmosphere may contain water vapor, one model suggests the planet could be a steamy space oasis with a substantial envelope of water surrounding a rocky core. Other models with rockier compositions are also possible, however, and the mass measurements are not detailed enough to wholly confirm the exact interior makeup. “Our own observations have shown that it has an atmosphere, but we have not been able to put many constraints on what the atmosphere is actually made of,” Southworth says. “The next step is to take observations with bigger telescopes, and space telescopes, covering a bigger wavelength range at a much better resolution.”

    Given the limitations of current instruments, it will fall to the next generation of telescopes such as the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) to glean more information about the nature of Earth-size exoplanet atmospheres. “The James Webb Space Telescope will be able to measure the spectra of exoplanets in great detail, and perhaps GJ 1132 b will be one of the more interesting exoplanets to be observed extensively” with the JWST, says Renyu Hu, a planetary scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “We will continue to see astronomers pushing the limits, towards better spectra of smaller and perhaps more temperate exoplanets.”

    Boasting a mirror some six times the size of the Hubble Space Telescope’s, JWST will be able to efficiently seek out signs of carbon dioxide and oxygen as well as water vapor and methane in some exoplanet atmospheres. Eager planet hunters, however, should not hold their breath for these breakthrough capabilities—JWST will not launch until October 2018, and the telescope has a full docket of other science objectives that will limit any time-consuming observations of exoplanets.

    “This is a great start, but we need higher signal-to-noise data and spectral resolution,” Sara Seager, a professor of astrophysics at MIT, says of the results. “We need to await the JWST to make any real progress on small-planet atmospheres.”

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Website tracks 2016's reported UFO sightings in region

    ufo sightings

    Website tracks 2016's reported UFO sightings in region

    Maps: All of last year's reported sightings in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware

    PhillyVoice Staff

    Many of us have stories. One night as a kid in the car with my dad in Northampton, Pennsylvania, I remember looking out the window as a beam of light flashed down from the sky, seemingly dissipating as it hit the ground. Unsure if my eyes were deceiving me, I stayed silent for a few moments before my dad looked over from the driver's seat and asked with a hint of anxiety in his voice, "Did you see that?" 

    For all of our stories of unidentified flying objects, there's one place to put them all together. The National UFO Reporting Center, based in Washington state, has been tracking reported sightings since its founding in 1974.


    Before you start conjuring up images of tin-foil hats, it's important to know that NUFORC doesn't just post every submitted sighting of bright lights or floating objects on its website. 

    Peter Davenport, director of NUFORC, said in an email that for each submission, there is a  "somewhat careful reading of each report, and we then compare it to other reports that have come in from the same area, and/or for the same time period."

    "I believe that someone who is experienced in reading UFO reports is able to detect out-and-out hoaxes," Davenport said, noting that many completely explainable phenomenas are often reported as UFOs. 

    NUFORC filters hundreds of reports each year. For 2016, there were nearly 200 reported sightings in Pennsylvania alone, Patch notes

    Using NUFORC's reports, PhillyVoice's managing editor Jon Tuleya mapped out all of the reported 2016 sightings in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. 

    In the below maps, you can click on the location of each reported sighting to get a date and description, which may sometimes includes notes from NUFORC that point out possible hoaxes or potential explanations.


    Unlock & discard unsaved changes



    { }

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    Categorie:News from the FRIENDS of facebook ( ENG )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Truth Is in the UFO Shapes

    The Truth Is in the UFO Shapes

    30-01-2017 om 22:51 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:News from the FRIENDS of facebook ( ENG )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.National leader ‘went to UN with proof of UFOs,’ according to Wikileaks cable

    National leader ‘went to UN with proof of UFOs,’ according to Wikileaks cable

    National leader ‘went to UN with proof of UFOs,’ according to Wikileaks cable
    (Picture: Getty; Shutterstock; Wikileaks)

    Wikileaks has revealed a leaked diplomatic cable with evidence of a remarkable chapter in UN history – when Grenada’s PM ‘showed evidence of UFOs’.

    UFO believers think that there’s a huge international cover-up of extraterrestrial visits – so naturally, they love this 1978 hearing.

    Grenadian PM Sir Eric Gairy said that he had come before the UN because of a ‘deep personal conviction’ that UFOs were of ‘worldwide importance and significance.’

    He said that the UN needed to ‘come alive to its responsibilities and take a serious look at the UFO phenomenon to which planet Earth has been conspicuously exposed’.

    The leaked cable said, ‘As anticipated, Grenadian PM Sir Eric Gairy addressed the special political committee on Agenda Item 126, and introduced a resolution (datafaxed), which would establish an expert group to set guidelines for a UN study of UFOS.

    Picture: WikiLeaks
    Picture: WikiLeaks

    ‘He was followed by Dr Friday (Minister for Education) and four other speakers, all of whom argued in favour of a ‘UN clearing house’ for the exchange of data and and coordination of research on UFOs.

    ‘The speakers were supplemented by a short film which consisted of still and motion pictures spliced together to depict actual sightings of UFOs.

    Picture: Open Minds Production/YouTube
    Picture: Open Minds Production/YouTube

    Up to 77% of Americans believe that there is evidence aliens have visited Earth, according to a 2014 Harris poll.

    Conspiracy theorists believe that the American government has contacted aliens – but has concealed the fact for decades.

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, called for the release of UFO files last year, saying, ‘The American people can handle the truth.’

    During her campaign, Clinton said, ‘He has made me personally pledge we are going to get the information out. One way or another. Maybe we could have a task force go to Area 51.’ }

    30-01-2017 om 22:31 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:News from the FRIENDS of facebook ( ENG )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Witness spots UFO while waiting for rocket launch

    Witness spots UFO while waiting for rocket launch

    A Florida witness at Titusville reported watching an oval-shaped object crossing the sky “shrouded in the bright, meteor-like light” while waiting for an Atlas V rocket launch, according to testimony in Case 81674 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

    Witness illustration. (Credit: MUFON)

    Witness illustration.

    (Credit: MUFON)

    The events occurred about 8:15 p.m. on January 19, 2017.

    “My husband and I were in the viewing bleachers for the launch of the Atlas V rocket carrying a missile detecting satellite,” the witness stated. “We were in a launch delay. I was standing in the bleachers and others were sitting.”

    The witness says she was staring at the sky as she had heard that UFOs sometimes frequent launches.

    “I was looking towards the east and suddenly I saw an extremely bright, yellow/green light and it was wide, and it was close. It was horizontal to the ground and it streaked by us. I yelled, ‘Look’ and people in the stands caught a glimpse. It was so fast that many missed it, but some didn’t. The woman behind me who was sitting down and just caught a glimpse said it was a meteor. I said, no, there was something in it.”

    The witness saw a light streak by with something metallic in it. (Credit: Google)

    The witness saw a light streak by with something metallic in it.

    (Credit: Google)

    The witness described what she saw.

    “Just before the yellow/green steak of light vanished, for a fleeting bit of a second, I saw part of something metallic. It had a seam and a shape that was rounded. But the yellow/green light obscured all but a small part of the object. I know what I saw and there was definitely something in that light.”

    The launch was scrubbed due to a wayward aircraft in the flight path of the rocket.

    “We all got on the buses and left. But I was still filled with excitement as I believe that was a UFO. I checked the web and cannot find any record of a meteor on that night.”

    The witness said the light obscured all but a small part of the object. Pictured: Titusville, FL. (Credit: Google)

    The witness said the light obscured all but a small part of the object. Pictured: Titusville, FL.

    (Credit: Google)

    Florida MUFON Field Investigator Scott Christopher Schaller is investigating. The witness provided one illustration with the report, which was filed on January 22, 2017. Please remember that most UFO sightings can be explained as something natural or man-made. The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please report UFO activity to

    Editor’s note: The “wayward aircraft” was identified as a Homeland Security plane. That is not to say this is what the witness saw. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NASA accidentally films the BEST UFO sighting yet

    NASA accidentally films the BEST UFO sighting yet

    Another unidentified flying object was captured on video by NASA’s space cameras. In the video footage, a mysterious object –with a peculiar disk-shaped design—appears to be traveling out of Earth’s atmosphere causing a massive debate on social networks. What was it? Alien vehicle? Space Debris? Optical Illusion, or just Swamp Gas? Some are convinced it is the ultimate evidence Earth is visited by Alien beings while others remain skeptical and still, unconvinced.

    Ever since the footage was uploaded to YouTube, it generated great controversy both among those who support the idea that it might be an extraterrestrial object, as among those who are completely skeptical of the subject, and as a joke suggest that “UFO’s that are planning on entering our air space should be registered and pay taxes.”

    The truth is that on many occasions only fragments of videos in which these mystery objects are visible are released.

    However, the fact that NASA interrupts its live feed transmissions is what arouses more suspicion among those who are eager to find new evidence of the existence of alien life, UFO’s and how we are all part of a massive conspiracy.

    One user wrote on YouTube:

    “The question isn’t “is this an alien spacecraft?”, but actually “Why NASA didn’t cut or blur this video as they always do with other strange sights?”

    According to many people, in today’s era, it isn’t a question anymore whether or not UFO’s are real.

    In fact, if we look back into the past we will see numerous fascinating statements made by former astronauts, military officials and scientists about Alien life and the existence of UFOs.

    Here are only a few:

    Intelligent beings from other star systems have been and are visiting our planet Earth. They are variously referred to as Visitors, Others, Star People, Et’s, etc…They are visiting Earth now; this is not a matter of conjecture or wistful thinking.”  – Theodor C. Loder III, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences, University of New Hampshire.

    We cannot address the UFO phenomena without mentioning Dr. Edgar Mitchel, one of the best-known Apollo astronauts and the sixth man to walk on the moon; a retired Captain in the US Navy, aeronautical engineer and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) who had much to say about Alien life:

    I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real…Yes, there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. We are not alone in the universe; they have been coming here for a long time.

    Franklin Story Musgrave, an American Physician, retired NASA astronaut who worked on the design and development of the Skylab Program and the only astronaut to have flown missions on all five Space Shuttles had very interesting things to say about life elsewhere in the cosmos:

    Statistically it’s a certainty there are hugely advanced civilizations, intelligence, life forms out there. I believe they’re so advanced that they’re even doing interstellar travel. I believe it’s possible that they even came here. It’s logical to presume the universe must have other life in it and by virtue of association that we could be visited at some point. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen."Holy Grail" Metallic Hydrogen Is Going to Change Everything
    Rendering of metallic hydrogen pressurized between diamonds.

    "Holy Grail" Metallic Hydrogen Is Going to Change Everything

    The substance has the potential to revolutionize everything from space travel to the energy grid.

    Kastalia Medrano

    Two Harvard scientists have succeeded in creating an entirely new substance long believed to be the “holy grail” of physics — metallic hydrogen, a material of unparalleled power that could one day propel humans into deep space. The research was published Thursday in the journal Science.

    Scientists created the metallic hydrogen by pressurizing a hydrogen sample to more pounds per square inch than exists at the center of the Earth. This broke the molecule down from its solid state and allowed the particles to dissociate into atomic hydrogen.

    The best rocket fuel we currently have is liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, burned for propellant. The efficacy of such substances is characterized by “specific impulse,” the measure of impulse fuel can give a rocket to propel it forward.

    “People at NASA or the Air Force have told me that if they could get an increase from 450 seconds [of specific impulse] to 500 seconds, that would have a huge impact on rocketry,” Isaac Silvera, the Thomas D. Cabot Professor of the Natural Sciences at Harvard University, told Inverse by phone. “If you can trigger metallic hydrogen to recover to the molecular phase, [the energy release] calculated for that is 1700 seconds.”

    Metallic hydrogen could potentially enable rockets to get into orbit in a single stage, even allowing humans to explore the outer planets. Metallic hydrogen is predicted to be “metastable” — meaning if you make it at a very high pressure then release it, it’ll stay at that pressure. A diamond, for example, is a metastable form of graphite. If you take graphite, pressurize it, then heat it, it becomes a diamond; if you take the pressure off, it’s still a diamond. But if you heat it again, it will revert back to graphite.

    Scientists first theorized atomic metallic hydrogen a century ago. Silvera, who created the substance along with post-doctoral fellow Ranga Dias, has been chasing it since 1982 and working as a professor of physics at the University of Amsterdam.

    Metallic hydrogen has also been predicted to be a high- or possibly room-temperature superconductor. There are no other known room-temperature superconductors in existence, meaning the applications are immense — particularly for the electric grid, which suffers for energy lost through heat dissipation. It could also facilitate magnetic levitation for futuristic high-speed trains; substantially improve performance of electric cars; and revolutionize the way energy is produced and stored.

    But that’s all still likely a couple of decades off. The next step in terms of practical application is to determine if metallic hydrogen is indeed metastable. Right now Silvera has a very small quantity. If the substance does turn out to be metastable, it might be used to create room-temperature crystal and — by spraying atomic hydrogen onto the surface —use it like a seed to grow more, the way synthetic diamonds are made.

    Photos via Nature }

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    Categorie:SF-snufjes ( E, F en NL )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ancient Egypt and Aliens - Forbidden Archaeology!

    Ancient Egypt and Aliens - Forbidden Archaeology!

    Published on Jan 30, 2017

    Egyptian Archaeologist Admits That Pyramids Contain UFO Technology
    Actually ancient Egyptian writings very often talk of beings from the sky, the sky opening and bright lights coming down to teach them technology and give them wisdom. Many pictures and symbols resemble UFOs and aliens. POSSIBLY aliens built the Great Pyramid. And these solid long lasting construction techniques were adopted by the Egyptians.
    Ancient Egyptian legends tell of Tep Zepi, or the “first time”. This is described as an age when “sky gods” came down to Earth and raised the land from mud and water.
    They supposedly flew through the air in flying “boats” and brought laws and wisdom to man through a royal line of Pharaohs. }

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    Categorie:Diversen (Eng, NL en Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.5 wereldrampen die alle leven op aarde zouden vernietigen -

    5 wereldrampen die alle leven op aarde zouden vernietigen -

    Bron:; The Independent

    © cc.

    De aarde heeft al heel wat natuurrampen moeten doorstaan, van een meteorietenregen die het einde betekende voor de dinosaurussen tot tsunami's die bijna kernrampen ontketenden. Toch blijft de kleine blauwe bol ondanks al die tegenslag intact tot op heden. En hopelijk blijft dat zo. Maar mocht een van deze vijf rampen de aarde treffen, dan is het waarschijnlijk gedaan met het leven op aarde.

    Astronoom Daniel Brown van de Nottingham Trent University legt aan nieuwssite The Conversation uit hoe het leven op aarde in één klap kan worden weggevaagd. Hij haalt vijf rampen aan die elk fataal zouden kunnen zijn.

    Lees ook

    1. Asteroïde-inslag

    Asteroïden betekenden het einde van de dinosaurussen, dus zouden ze ook het einde kunnen inluiden van de mensheid. Technologieën om toekomstige inslagen te vermijden, staan momenteel nog in de kinderschoenen, dus zijn we tegen grote asteroïden kansloos. Hoewel ze niet noodzakelijk de aarde zouden vernietigen, zouden ze wel verwoestende natuurrampen als tsunami's, aardbevingen en branden ontketenen.

    © cc.

    2. Groeiende zon

    © NASA.

    We weten zeker dat de zon over 7,72 miljard jaar sowieso een einde zal maken aan het leven op aarde, als we dan al niet zijn uitgeroeid door een andere ramp. Over 7,72 miljard jaar zal de zon haar buitenste atmosfeer afscheiden om een planetaire nevel te vormen. Dat fenomeen zou het leven op aarde uitroeien, maar zover zal het nooit komen omdat de mensheid dan al van de aarde verdwenen zal zijn. 

    Naarmate de zon ouder wordt, zal ze afkoelen en groeien. Uiteindelijk zal ze zo groot zijn geworden dat ze Mercurius en Venus volledig zal inpalmen. De aarde blijft dan wel voorlopig buiten schot, maar de supersterke zonnevlammen zullen de aarde vertragen. Over 7,59 miljard jaar zal de aarde ergens rond een gigantische zon draaien en zal er geen leven meer mogelijk zijn.

    3. Gammastralen

    Een uitbarsting van gammastralen, die energie bundelt in een dunne straal,  is zo krachtig dat ze de ozonlaag onherroepelijk zou beschadigen. Mocht de ozonlaag worden getroffen door een dergelijke energie-uitbarsting, dan zouden we worden blootgesteld aan UV-straling. 

    Een uitbarsting van gammastralen kan worden veroorzaakt door twee sterren die rond eenzelfde punt draaien of door ontploffende sterren, beter bekend als supernova's. Astronomen hebben een sterrenstelsel (WR 104) ontdekt dat een gevaarlijke uitbarsting zou kunnen veroorzaken. WR 104 is tussen 5.200 en 7.500 lichtjaren verwijderd van de aarde, wat onvoldoende is om geen risico te vormen.

    Het is een raadsel wannneer het sterrenstelsel een uitbarsting zal veroorzaken, maar het is ook perfect mogelijk dat de fatale straal de aarde volledig mist.

    © NASA.

    4. Supernova

    © NASA.

    Wanneer een ster haar levenseinde heeft bereikt, gaat dat gepaard met een explosie. Dat fenomeen wordt een supernova genoemd. Elke eeuw vinden één of twee supernova's plaats in onze melkweg en gelukkig komen ze vooral voor nabij het compacte centrum van de melkweg. Omdat de aarde ongeveer twee derden van het centrum verwijderd is, lijkt de kan gering dat een supernova ons ooit zal vernietigen. 

    De ster Betelgeuze vormt nog het grootste gevaar voor de aarde. De ster is aan het einde van haar leven en kan dus nu een supernova veroorzaken. Maar voor hetzelfde geld blijft de ster nog een miljoen jaar intact. Betelgeuze bevindt zich in de Orion-constellatie, 'slechts' 450 à 650 lichtjaren van hier. Omdat een supernova pas gevaarlijk kan zijn vanop 50 lichtjaren, hoeven we ons om Betelgeuze geen zorgen te maken.

    5. Bewegende sterren

    De oortwolk rond ons zonnestelsel © cc.

    Een bewegende ster die zich door de melkweg begeeft, kan zo dicht bij onze zon komen dat ze in contact komt met de zogenaamde 'Oortwolk' aan de rand van ons zonnestelsel. De Oortwolk is de bron van onze kometen, dus zorgt een verstoring er mogelijk voor dat een monsterkomeet op de aarde afstevent.

    De zon, ook een ster, begeeft zich ook door de melkweg en neemt zo de aarde mee. Momenteel bevinden we ons in een minder compacte bubbel die werd gecreëerd door een supernova, dus we hoeven niet al te veel problemen te verwachten. Wanneer we deze veilige regio verlaten over 20.000 à 50.000 jaar, zal de aarde gevoeliger worden voor veranderingen. Mogelijk zal het klimaat dan zodanig opwarmen dat het voor de mensheid moeilijk, zo niet onmogelijk, wordt om te overleven.

    Deze vijf rampen betekenen ooit misschien het einde van het leven op aarde, maar het ziet er niet meteen naar uit dat we snel met een van deze rampen te maken zullen krijgen. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO VLOOT NABIJ AMERIKAANSE GRENS ( VIDEO )


    Als je geïnteresseerd bent in het UFO fenomeen en buitenaardse zaken, dan is waarschijnlijk Mexico het beste land om te wonen. 

    Ook nu is er weer druk verkeer bij de vulkanen, waar net zoals in 2012 een object de Popocatépetl vulkaan in duikt en waar UFO’s nieuwsgierig zijn naar de muur van Donald Trump. 

    Eind oktober 2012 staat de hele wereld verbaasd te kijken naar een programma van de Mexicaanse televisie, waarin te zien is hoe een sigaarvormige UFO met grote snelheid de bekende Popocatépetl vulkaan in Mexico in schiet. 

    Tot op de dag van vandaag heeft nog nooit iemand hier een “logische verklaring” voor kunnen bedenken. 

    Het ging om de volgende opname. 


    Enkele weken geleden, op 21 december 2016, wordt er weer iets dergelijks door een webcam geregistreerd. 

    Wederom een sigaarvormig object dat linea recta de vulkaan lijkt in te duiken.


    Omdat de webcam waarmee deze opname is gemaakt, maar een beperkt aantal beelden per minuut maakt, is het hele traject van dit object niet goed te volgen. Van de beelden die er wel zijn, lijkt het heel veel op het object dat in 2012 dezelfde vulkaan binnen schoot. 


    Dan komt er een hele bijzondere opname tevoorschijn van een vulkaan in Mexico, eveneens afkomstig van de webcams en vastgelegd door de inmiddels bekende Streetcap1. 

    Wat er niet bij staat is om welke Mexicaanse vulkaan het gaat, maar de opname is er niet minder mooi door. 

    Je ziet in de verte eerst een klein licht vertrekken van de top van de vulkaan dat allengs dichterbij komt omdat het in de richting van de camera vliegt. Dan opeens wordt het een stuk groter en feller totdat het boven in uit beeld verdwijnt.


    Hierna volgt de video-opname en daarbij zie je rechtsboven de datum en tijd. De klok houdt de uren, minuten en seconden bij. Als je ziet in wat voor korte tijd dit licht de afstand aflegt van de vulkaan totdat het boven de camera uit beeld verdwijnt, dan weet je dat het niet een planeet of iets dergelijks kan zijn, omdat die nooit die afstand in zo’n korte tijd kunnen overbruggen. Ook vertoont het geen enkele overeenkomst met een vliegtuig, helikopter of drone. 


    Mexico, het land waar je over de weg kunt rijden om ineens boven je hoofd een bizarre wolk te ontdekken. 

    Een speling van de natuur of toch iets anders…. Zeker in Mexico kun je van alles verwachten op het gebied van buitengewone waarnemingen die allemaal wijzen naar buitenaardsen die meerdere bases hebben in dit land. 


    Dan, enkele dagen geleden bij de inmiddels beroemde grensovergang naar Amerika, aan de Mexicaanse kant bij Tijuana. 

    Iets dat wordt omschreven als een vloot UFO’s die door talloze mensen wordt waargenomen, inclusief de grenswachten die allen met hun mobiele telefoon proberen opnames te maken. 

    Een Mexicaanse dame plaatste de beelden op Instagram, waar ze na enkele uren worden verwijderd. Gelukkig heeft Secureteam de beelden bewaard en zijn ze te zien in de volgende video. 

    Zomaar een paar gewone dagen in Mexico. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Photographs at Kozakai-Cho, Japan, June 22, 1977, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    UFO Photographs at Kozakai-Cho, Japan, June 22, 1977, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of sighting: June 22, 1977
    Location of sighting: Kozakai-Cho, Japan

    Open Minds recently released a video about a sighting back in 1977 from Japan. The photos are magnificent and the description detailed. Not only did he see the object hovering over the building, but he parked his car so he could take pictures. A sight to see.

    Scott C. Waring

    Report states: 

    Around 11:30am, on June 22, 1977, thirty-nine-year-old Yukio Ishida was driving along the bank of the Toyokawa Canal in Kozakai-Cho, Aichi Prefecture, when he noticed a strange object flying above a building alongside the canal. He stopped his car and proceeded to capture a sequence of six shots using a Canon F-1 camera with a 55mm lens. According to a report published by editor Hachiro Kubota in the Japanese periodical UFOs and Space “the circular craft was silvery metallic in the center with a greenish metallic flange around it and the center on top was raised into a dome.” After the UFO left the scene. Mr. Ishida sat in his car for a few minutes before continuing his drive. Shortly thereafter he noticed the object again, this time over some power lines and shot the remaining four photos. It was also reported that many witnesses observed a flying disc over nearby Aichi High School. }

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    Categorie:LATEST UFO-NEWS ( ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.10 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Time Travel Exists, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    10 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Time Travel Exists, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    Video by Lutch Green of Youtube.

    Since aliens exist and UFOs are seen hundreds of times daily around the world, and the closest Earth like planet is Proxima b at 4 light years away, then time travel must be real. You see, aliens wont spend 4 years traveling at light speed to get here. Instead they will spend several minutes to travel here. So if they travel faster than light speed, they are also traveling through time. So UFOs not only travel through space, but also time. They can be used as time machines to travel to selected moments in history of any planet anywhere in the universe. Watch the video, and see what you think.

    Scott C. Waring }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Over London Near Passenger Jet, Nov 9, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

    UFO Over London Near Passenger Jet, Nov 9, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of sighting: November 9, 2016
    Location of sighting: London, England
    News source: MUFON #81809
    This just came in MUFON a few hours ago. A passenger jet and a UFO came very close to each other. Something very noteworthy is that the planes left no chem trails at the beginning, but after the UFO shot away, the temperature may have changed and the chem trails became more visible. 
    Scott C. Waring

    Eyewitness states:

    I had just gone out to take photos for desktop wallpaper, using a Fujifilm X-T1 and XF16-55mm f2.8 zoom lens. I noticed the object within 30 metres of leaving home and resorted quickly to manual focus and aperture at 55mm (longest focal length) between f5.6 and f8, trying to zone focus. The wind was about 3 kts gusting 7 kts from around 190 degrees; the object moved almost orthogonally to the wind, heading arround 300 to 330 degrees and varying in altitude. It had a very smooth motion. Towards the end of this sighting the object appeared to occult, although it was quite far away and increasingly difficult to see. While I was changing lenses to a 55-200mm, it rose in the distance and disappeared. Oddly, every high-altitude aircraft in that vicinity started to leave persistent contrails thereafter, as if there had been an ambient temperature change. Two "best shots" are attached, both heavy crops. The A/C in photo 2 is on the "S" curve to the Heathrow flightpath and at that point is at 4000 - 5000 feet up. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO exits volcano in Mexico 24-Jan-2017

    UFO exits volcano in Mexico 24-Jan-2017


    Here’s one new footage of a huge bright unidentified flying object leaving a volcano in Mexico. This was filmed on 24th January 2017.

    What do you think about this footage? Please leave your comment below! }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO caught on tape over Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK – December 2016

    UFO caught on tape over Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK – December 2016

    This UFO video was filmed on 20th December 2016 over  Salisbury in Wiltshire, UK.

    Witness report: 

    Pulsing light in sky there for 5-6 hrs. I was standing at my back doors and ofton look at sky it was around 2.30 in afternoon, i saw a bright star looking shape in the sky first of all i thoightit was a plane i walked back inside then an hour later i went for a cog and the light caught my eye again it seemed to be pulsating but seemed so far away it moved very slowley around the sky but not in a triangle shape i made a video on my phone and uploaded as it got darker a strange red cloud cover started to appear and the object as getting bigger disapperared but not big enough to see 

    Author (source: MUFON) }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO Sighting Video – Donut-Like Spinning UFO Hovers Above New Zealand

    UFO Sighting Video – Donut-Like Spinning UFO Hovers Above New Zealand


    A teenager may have captured an unknown airborne object on camera after recording a video of a strange spinning disc in the night sky.

    An amazing video of the UFO sighting seems to show the object in question floating in a night sky while spinning in the same spot.

    The 16-year-old Josh Marshall recorded the video using his phone on Wednesday night.

    He claimed that the strange incident just took place while he was at a house of his friend in New Zealand. The amateur videographer can be heard in the background telling someone on the video that the UFO seems to have a hole in the middle.

    Josh believes that it is not a plane, not a satellite, and not a star, but he can’t tell exactly what the thing is. He reportedly observed the UFO had hovered for at least 40 minutes in the sky before it vanished behind clouds.

    Adding to the mystery, Josh said that stars looked to move around the UFO. He recorded the mysterious aerial thing on video in northwest part of his friend’s house in Blenheim, New Zealand’s South Island. He estimated it to be above the suburb of Springlands.

    John Homes, a member of Wellington Astrological Society, said he would have identified it as Venus if not for the dark hole in the middle. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Bright Orb UFO Breaks Apart and Assembles Into One Again

    Bright Orb UFO Breaks Apart and Assembles Into One Again


    A man in Lake County, Illinois spotted a strange UFO that looked like a bright light hovering in the night sky. Adding to the mystery, the UFO reportedly broke apart into five different orbs before forming into a large craft again. Some alien hunters believe the unidentified flying object is not an ordinary star or light.

    The witness reported the sighting to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). According to the report, the witness saw a bright glowing light, which he initially thought to be a bright planet. However, the UFO started moving to the right side of the witness, who believed this time that it was too huge to be a satellite. The witness included a video in his report of the apparent UFO from a distance.

    The witness zoomed in his camera and observed the object from it. Moments later, the object mysteriously broke apart into five orbs and reassembled again into one large sphere. The witness then noticed an orb detached itself, went left of the giant ball and disappeared. The witness claimed that the object was in his sight for approximately 2 hours before it slowly disappeared behind the tree line.

    MUFON investigator James Wolford said that the UFO sighting was an incredible event. He stated that the behavior and complex structure of the UFO could rule out natural phenomena. He further speculated that the technology being used in the orb might be more advanced than any human-made constructions. }

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  • crop cirkels (herman)
  • Een zonnige vrijdag middag en avond (Patricia)
        op MUFON UFO Symposium with Greg Meholic: Advanced Propulsion For Interstellar Travel
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    Druk op onderstaande knop om je bestand , jouw artikel naar mij te verzenden. INDIEN HET DE MOEITE WAARD IS, PLAATS IK HET OP DE BLOG ONDER DIVERSEN MET JOUW NAAM...

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    Druk op onderstaande knop om een berichtje achter te laten in mijn gastenboek Alvast bedankt voor al jouw bezoekjes en jouw reacties. Nog een prettige dag verder!!!

    Over mijzelf
    Ik ben Pieter, en gebruik soms ook wel de schuilnaam Peter2011.
    Ik ben een man en woon in Linter (België) en mijn beroep is Ik ben op rust..
    Ik ben geboren op 18/10/1950 en ben nu dus 68 jaar jong.
    Mijn hobby's zijn: Ufologie en andere esoterische onderwerpen.
    Op deze blog vind je onder artikels, werk van mezelf. Mijn dank gaat ook naar André, Ingrid, Oliver, Paul, Vincent, Georges Filer en MUFON voor de bijdragen voor de verschillende categorieën... Veel leesplezier en geef je mening over deze blog.
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