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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandelijks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Bob Lazar: 30-Year Anniversary of Interview on Area 5

    Bob Lazar: 30-Year Anniversary of Interview on Area 51

    A new report from George Knapp and KLAS-TV’s I-Team looks back at the 30th anniversary of their original Bob Lazar interview. Interestingly, what Lazar described back in 1989 bears some resemblance to properties of UFOs in the Pentagon videos released in 2017 and the possible use of mysterious “meta-materials.” Source.

    Robert Scott Lazar claims to have worked on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4, near the Area 51 test facility, and that the UFOs use gravity wave propulsion. This is powered by the element 115.Wikipedia }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Friend, Foe, Or Unknown Force Flying Overhead?

    Friend, Foe, Or Unknown Force Flying Overhead?

    “Friend, Foe, Or Unknown Force Flying Overhead?”
    by Christopher Mellon
    “Since 2015, dozens of Navy F-18 fighter jets have encountered Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAPs) – once commonly referred to as UFOs – off the East Coast of the United States, some not far from the nation’s capital. Encounters have been reported by other military aircraft and civilian airliners elsewhere in the U.S. and abroad, too, including videos shot by airline passengers.
    What these UAPs were and who was flying them – whether friends, foes or unknown forces – remains a mystery. Yet careful examination of the data inevitably leads to one possible, disturbing conclusion: A potential adversary of the United States has mastered technologies we do not yet understand, to achieve capabilities we cannot yet match. It is long past time for Congress to discover the answers to those questions, and to share at least some of its conclusions with the public.
    The U.S. government came a large step closer to confirming the reality of UAPs when the U.S. Navy acknowledged in late April that: “There have been a number of reports of unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled ranges and designated airspace in recent years.“ But first, members of Congress and the public need to become familiar with the facts.
    Unfortunately, it is impossible to gauge the overall level of UAP activity, since military personnel rarely report their encounters for fear of damage to their careers. Even when reports are filed, the information generally is ignored because nobody “owns” the UAP issue, and the various commands and agencies involved have not shared information on UAPs.
    It remains to be seen whether the Navy’s new UAP reporting process will be emulated throughout our massive, almost feudal security apparatus in which the barons sometimes spend more time protecting bureaucratic turf from rivals than protecting U.S. territory from adversaries. Thus, any genuine solution to the UAP issue must address the issue of interagency coordination and collaboration.
    The good news is that America already possesses vast sensor networks, ranging from the depths of the oceans to the harsh bleakness of space, capable of collecting the requisite information. All that Congress need do at this juncture is to require the Secretary of Defense and the Director of National Intelligence to review the UAP issue and deliver a report providing a comprehensive assessment. This report should include not only an estimate of the situation but a description of the structure and processes required to ensure effective collection and analysis going forward.  
    The Trump administration should be free to provide the report at whatever level of classification it deems appropriate. One entity with which I am involved – To the Stars Academy (TTSA), an organization of former U.S. intelligence and national security experts analyzing the UAP phenomenon – has placed notional legislative language on its website to facilitate this discussion. While some modest manpower costs might be incurred, the TTSA proposal does not require new Defense Department funding. It also averts the spectacle of public hearings and the attendant risk of injecting partisanship or grandstanding into the process.
    Why should Congress act? In the first instance because it is Congress’s job to raise, organize and fund the military. It can hardly do so without being fully aware of the threats we face. Indeed, that is why we have a law requiring written notice to Congress of serious intelligence failures. Most Americans would no doubt agree that our inability to identify scores of mysterious aircraft repeatedly violating restricted U.S. military airspace in recent years is a shocking failure. But there is no need to wrangle over compliance with intelligence oversight laws. The Navy’s recent admissions regarding UAP intrusions provide more than adequate grounds for requiring a written report to Congress.  
    Perhaps we’ll learn that Russian President Vladimir Putin was not idly boasting when he bragged, more than a decade ago, that Russia’s “newest technical systems will be capable of destroying targets at an intercontinental distance with hypersonic speed and extreme maneuverability.” While it seems unlikely that Russia – or China – has pulled that far ahead of the U.S., there is no reason to leave this to chance. And while the Navy’s announcement seems to eliminate the prospect that these vehicles are secret U.S. military aircraft, perhaps we’ll find that Elon Musk has some amazing new toys.
    It is not just that the UAPs which military pilots are encountering are strange – no paint, rivets, wings, antenna, safety lights, transponders or exhaust – they sometimes are so fast and maneuverable that they defy our understanding of physics. For example, some of these vehicles appear to withstand forces of acceleration far greater than maximum design limits of any man-made aircraft. No wonder some military witnesses – often, pilots who are scientists or engineers themselves – actually lean towards the hypothesis that they are not from this world. Like all good scientists, these pilots recognize that our theories must adjust to facts and new information, however daunting, not the other way around.
    If our best minds were brought to bear to study the technology confronting us, much as the Japanese did in the 1850s when confronted by Admiral Perry’s fleet, then unprecedented technological breakthroughs could occur in short order. For example, the fact that these craft do not seem to produce exhaust, yet fly vast distances at immense speeds, could provide technical solutions to our energy crisis.
    Some of America’s finest aviators and air defense personnel are trying to get our attention. They are not panicked – but they are right to be concerned. It seems clear the facts demand further action. In light of the facts, a mere report requirement seems a very modest response to potentially disturbing new national security information.
    If UAPs turn out to be toys of Elon Musk’s making, we’ll all breathe a sigh of relief. If they are Russian, we’ll be glad we took action now rather than kicking the can down the road. If we learn that someone else’s more advanced version of our Voyager spacecraft has reached Earth, then this humble measure will forever transform our understanding of the universe and man’s place within it. By any measure, the effort required to prepare a report for Congress seems to be a bargain.”

    Source: }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Irem: A Lost City of Giants, Djinn or Nephilim?

    Irem: A Lost City of Giants, Djinn or Nephilim?

    Is there evidence of a lost city of ancient giants hidden beneath The Empty Quarter bordering Saudi Arabia and Oman. And could this city be linked to the ‘Works of the Old Men’, mysterious geoglyphs found in Jordan? This is part two of our look at Lovecraftian connections to Middle Eastern folklore.

    The tribe of iram was a subset of nation of Aad and it is to this tribe that Hud (AS) was specifically sent to, i believe because they were the cause of all evil in the land at that time. They were the ancestors to the nation of Thamood, which was also a nation of giants, to which Saleh (AS) was sent.Both these nations were given the powers of strength, knowledge and financial acumen and they were a proud people.
    Both the nations were destroyed because they were idolators and indulged in self worship, meaning the rich in their society were worshiped by the poor. In Ahadees this entire land was regarded as cursed and was prohibited from being visited in general. The people of iram were the first people to indulge in idol worshiping and all sorts of evils after the destruction of the people of Nuh (AS) and the great flood, which is the main reason Hud (AS) was sent to them. Bilal S. }

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    Categorie:MYSTERIES ( Fr, Nl, E)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Skeptical Sightings: Texas Chupacabra, California Flying Humanoid and British Witches

    Skeptical Sightings: Texas Chupacabra, California Flying Humanoid and British Witches

    There are paranormal sightings that make you want to know more in the hopes that they’re truly real. Then there are paranormal sightings that make you go “Really?” These three recent, well-publicized sightings are varying degrees of “Really?” and are presented to show just how hard it’s becoming to prove the existence of cryptids, aliens and otherworldly things while the mass media has discovered the attraction of publicizing highly skeptical events in the name of paranormal reality.

    Case One is the alleged Chupacabra sighting in Houston reported by multiple local media outlets. This one was the typical Texas-style Chupacabra – a mangy-looking canine-ish creature staggering through the brush on the west side of this heavily populated and increasingly urbanized city in a manner that suggests a sick animal looking for comfort or a secluded place to suffer in peace – not a blood-sucking, vicious cryptid looking for fresh goats, livestock or pets. (See the picture and coverage here.) This is the same city where a starving pet tigerwas found recently in a home living in a filthy cage.

    Possible 'chupacabra' caught on camera in Houston, if it were really real

    The photo of this animal was taken on Richmond near Highway 6, behind the Shell facility, according to the viewer who spotted it. 

    So it’s not inconceivable this “Chupacabra” was a mistreated pet. Houston is also the home of numerous recent chemical spills and explosions, so it’s also possible this was a coyote or loose dog suffering from toxic exposure … a possible cause of the Texas version of what Puerto Ricans see as more of a two-legged reptilian creature. Sorry, Houston … the needle is buried in the Highly Skeptical area on our meter.

    Better-fed dogs and no chemical spills = less Chupacabras?

    “Is that Jesus Christ? Please, oh, Father God.”

    Case Two is the alleged “flying humanoid” reported and recorded over Burbank, California, by Pablo Morales, whose inclusion of religious exclamations in the audio surely attracted even more attention to this typical “flying humanoid” sighting on what appeared to be a stormy day – always good for adding to the mood. (Watch the video here.) As usual, the most common of the logical comments on the video was an escaped string of balloons (aren’t we supposed to be suffering from a helium shortage?). With so many Marvel movies out, it seems various fictional superhero characters came in second, while angels of some sort benefited from Pablo’s religious exclamation and finished third. On this dark and stormy nightmare of a balloonish floating ‘something’, the meter is pointing to Very Skeptical.

    Finally, we have Case Three – an animal mutilation report from Cornwall that in the U.S. might be blamed on aliens but in England it’s instead linked to witches and pagans. Cornwall Live interviewed Brian Lemin, an animal control official who was contacted by a farmer in the Middle Taphouse area of Dobwalls and arrived there to find two lambs which had their heads cut cleanly from their bodies – heads which were nowhere to be found. (Gross pictures here.) Lemin ruled out any sort of local predator like a fox or dog because the bodies showed no gnaw marks and still had all of their organs. He could have also ruled out Chupacabras or other cryptids because the bodies were still full of blood. Aliens? Cornwall Live says locals would rather blame witches or people who have different religious beliefs that they do – i.e. “pagans.” Richard Blackett, a media officer for the Pagan Federation (pagans have a media department?), responded quickly and angrily.

    “This has no part in any practice by Pagan groups. I would say it smacks of antisocial behaviour, cruelty to animals. What has been done to these lambs is gruesome and unpleasant and it is not something those in the Pagan community would ever condone.”

    Amen … or whatever Wicca, witchcraft, Druidism and other “land-based religions” say to agree. This actually sounds more like what Jennifer Hobson told Cornwall Live:

    “It’s probably nasty little a***holes. Or older nasty a***holes who want to sell the skulls on eBay.”

    Nasty a***holes. (Why three asterisks? It’s ‘arse’ in England.) For some reason, that seems to increasingly be the real cause behind many of these alleged paranormal events. While the clean cuts and missing heads in this case warrant further investigation, the needle on this one is still firmly on the skeptical side of the meter.

    All together now … Really? }

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    Categorie:MYSTERIES ( Fr, Nl, E)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.From Noah’s Ark to the CIA: Conspiracy or Bureaucracy?

    From Noah’s Ark to the CIA: Conspiracy or Bureaucracy?

    Over the years (decades, in fact) rumors have circulated suggesting that the CIA has a deep interest in nothing less than the final resting place of Noah’s Ark. There are tales of clandestine treks up Mount Ararat, Turkey to find ancient remains. There are also stories of pieces of the Ark having secretly been taken to the Smithsonian for study and storage. The big question, of course, is this: how much of all this can be vindicated? Can any of it be vindicated? Certainlythe CIA has a “file” on the Ark, but having a dossier does not mean that its staff have found the Ark, or have uncovered something amazing about it. Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, the CIA has declassified a number of interesting papers on the Ark, mostly from the 1970s and the 1980s. Let’s take a look at the content. The following words are taken directly from the CIA’s files. The first document of any significance reads as follows: “Noah’s Ark 1974 – 1982. On 13 May 1974, DCI [Director of Central Intelligence] Colby sent a letter to the DS&T, Sayre Stevens, asking if the Agency had any evidence of Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat. Mr. Colby said that Lieutenant Colonel Walter Brown of the US Air Force Academy had asked ‘whether it would be appropriate or possible to exploit satellite photography to examine the glacier systems there to see whether any evidence of the Ark could be found.’ On 21 May, the Center responded that no evidence of the Ark could be discerned on U-2 photography acquired on 10 September 1957 or on any satellite imagery available at the Center.”

    Moving on to August 6, 1974, the CIA recorded the following: “Congressman Bob Wilson asked the Agency whether any aerial photos of Mt. Ararat could be released to a friend of his, Dr. John Morris, son of Dr. Henry M. Morris, the head of the Institution of Creation Research of San Diego, California. Mr. Hicks stated in a letter to the Agency legislative liaison staff that several dated 1957 were available but were still classified ‘Confidential.’ The younger Dr. Morris wrote to the Agency later requesting the photos. His request was denied by Angus Theurmer, the Agency’s press spokesman who stated ‘We have looked into this matter in some detail and we regret that we are unable to provide any information.’ In September/October 1974, Admiral Showers of the Intelligence Community Staff, in response to a query from Lieutenant Commander Lonnie McClung, asked about the availability of intelligence information concerning the location of Noah’s Ark. He was told that a search had been made of aerial photography with negative results.”

    One year later, 1975, there was this from the CIA: “On 30 January 1975, Dr. John Morris again wrote Congressman Bob Wilson noting that aerial photos “were taken in August 1974, as a result of my request. They were not to be classified, but have been classified since and are not available.” Congressman Wilson again contacted the Agency with the request. On 27 February 1975, Mr. Hicks again denied the request. On 11 March 1975, Dr. Morris was notified that the photography of Mt. Ararat was classified and, therefore, could not be provided. An additional request made through Dr. Charles Willis of Fresno, California to Mr. Arthur C. Lundahl, retired Director NPIC on 5 March 1975 was also denied on 31 March 1975.” For those who may not know, “NPIC” means “National Photographic Interpretation Center.”

    The CIA continued: “On 3 April 1975, NPIC Section Chief [deleted] sent a memo to the Chief, IEG, detailing the efforts of Messrs. [Deleted] and [deleted] who had searched unsuccessfully all available U-2 and satellite imagery for possible evidence of Noah’s Ark. This search had been prompted by the visit to the Center, on 14 March 1975, of Captain Howard Schue of the IC Staff with a ground photo “showing a long range view of the purported Ark.” The [deleted] Division of NPIC was tasked to determine if the Ark’s features in the photo had been altered; tests failed to identify any manipulation. Attempts to compare the ground photo with satellite imagery for identification and location purposes also proved negative. From 27 March to 5 April 1975, a French archeological explorer, Fernand Navarra was at Iverson Mall in Washington, D.C. publicizing his book Noah’s Ark: I Touched It. As part of the sales pitch for the book, there was a display which included a supposed wood fragment of the Ark. Several NPIC analysts concerned with the Ark problem visited the display but found nothing that would help their search efforts.”

    And, there was even more from 1975, as the CIA recorded: “On 10 April 1975, Colonel Paul Tanota and Captain Howard Schue, of the IC Staff visited NPIC to discuss Mt. Ararat and to see the August 1974 aerial photography of the mountain. At the request of Captain Schue, a print of Mt. Ararat showing the 13,000 and 14,000 foot elevations was provided. On 5 July, 1975 a book entitled The Ark of Ararat by Thomas Nelson was released. Mr. Nelson maintained that the CIA had photos of Ararat and that they had been analyzed in the search for the Ark. On 12 October 1975, Tom Crotser from a group known as The Holy Ground Mission of Frankston; Texas showed a ground photo supposedly of the Ark taken during their 1974 expedition to Mt. Ararat. Sometime in 1977, Bill Chaney Speed of Search Foundation, Inc. requested the aerial photos of Mt. Ararat. His request also was denied.”

    Senator Barry Goldwater wrote DCI Turner on September 1, 1978, “You may think this is a screwball request and it may be, but I would like to know if you can do anything about it.” The letter went on to ask if satellite photography could be searched “to determine whether or not something in the way of an archeological find might be located near or on top of the Mount.” Goldwater explained that a letter he had received had come “from a man in whom I have great confidence, who certainly is no nut, who knows Turkey rather well but who feels that there is reason to believe the Ark may be resting at or near the top of the mount. I assure that I will keep this at any classification you want it kept and if you desire me to go to the devil, I know the way.” DCI Turner replied “we have been requested on several occasions if we could determine whether there was remains of the Ark on Mt. Ararat. We have, as a result, carefully reviewed the photography of the area but have not found any evidence of the Ark.”

    Moving onto the 1980s, the CIA added this to the Noah File: “On 27 May 1981, [deleted] of the Center received a telephone call from Air Force Talent Control Officer, Major Ray Abel, requesting information on Noah’s Ark. Major Abel said he had received a request from General Lew Allen, Air Force Chief of Stall, who, in turn, was answering a, requirement from Congressman Bill Archer of Texas. Congressman Archer had indicated that some of his constituents from Houston, Texas were going on an expedition to Mt. Ararat and would like to have as much information as possible. [Deleted] told Major Abel that NPIC had conducted a study of Mt. Ararat in the 1970s and had found no evidence of the Ark. In February 1982, former Astronaut James B. Irwin of the High Flight Foundation, a Christian group in Colorado Springs, Colorado, called former NPIC official Dino A. Brugioni, at his home and asked about the aerial photos of Mount Ararat. Irwin was informed that no evidence of the Ark had ever been seen on aerial photography.”

    A fair amount of material has surfaced from the CIA from the latter part of the 1980s and the early 1990s (the 2000s, too), but it’s almost completely comprised of photocopies of magazine articles and newspaper features on Noah’s Ark. So, what does all of this tell us? Well, that very much depends on how we interpret the data. It’s pretty clear that the CIA was notsitting on some deep and dark secret concerning the Ark. In other words, there’s no evidence that the CIA has portions of the Ark locked away in some kind of “Hangar 18” vault and akin to the final moments of the 1981 Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark. But, the fact is that the CIA does refer in its own files to “the Ark problem.” And, as the files also show, back in 1975, “… Several NPIC analysts concerned with the Ark problem visited the display but found nothing that would help their search efforts.”

    Was the “problem” somehow connected to something amazing? Some might very well say “Yes.” On the other hand, though, maybe the problem was actually something else entirely. Namely, a case of the CIA becoming more and more sick and tired of being asked about the Ark and the conspiracy-tinged issues surrounding it. When you’re trying to chase down Russian spies and Chinese espionage agents, being asked repeated questions about a rotted old boat may not be high on your list of priorities. But, it might very well be a pain in the neck. A problem, in other words. As for those 1975 “search efforts,” that does kind of sound like someone in the NPIC wasactively looking for the Ark. Unless, that is, the “search efforts” the CIA referred to were not to find the Ark, but to help find the alleged photos that astronaut James B. Irwin and Congressman Bob Wilson asked for. The latter scenario is far less exciting than the former, but it may very well be the correct scenario. So, at the end of the day, what can we say about this saga of Noah’s Ark? Let’s see.

    It’s clear that, on this ancient issue, most of the CIA’s time was spent explaining that they didn’t have much – if anything – in the form of evidence when it came to the Ark. But, a file wascreated, and not all of it is in the public domain. Maybe, one day, we’ll learn that the CIA does hold some extraordinary data on the Ark. But, right now we are a long, long – very long – way away from that. In fact, there’s no solid evidence of it at all in the slightest. While the CIA’s papers don’t provide us with anykind of smoking guns, I still find the whole thing very interesting. Maybe one day, someone will write a book on the whole “Noah’s Ark Conspiracy Theory.” It definitely won’t be me, but I would certainly look forward to reading it, whatever the conclusions might be. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Hum Sound Is Now Being Heard Worldwide, What's Going On?

    The Hum Sound Is Now Being Heard Worldwide, What's Going On?

    COAST TO COAST AM. Dr. Glen MacPherson has spent many years documenting the strange phenomenon known as “the Hum.”

    MacPherson said the sound was first reported in England in 1970, and spread to the U.S. in about 1990. He reports the sound plagues about two to four percent of the population, who can hear it almost all of the time, although it sometimes gets worse at night.

    To most people, the sound is like hearing a truck idling outside, but MacPherson added that it “may not be a sound in the traditional sense of the word.” The Hum can cause loss of sleep. He has personally experienced the noise as well. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Reverse UFO Technology Could Destroy Humanity - Why it's Time to Wake-up! - Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Video

    Reverse UFO Technology Could Destroy Humanity - Why it's Time to Wake-up! - Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Video

    The Surprising Truth About What Causes Out Of Body Experiences

    BERTRAND DAILY REPORT The War For Your Mind & Soul Continues

    By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

    Since the 1940′s advancement in technology and flight has progressed exponentially. One technology that really came to the forefront is fiber optics discovered in down UFO’s and was reversed engineered for our use today. If you can send data, calls, or video via light through a tube, why not a human?

    What we have seen in other technologies only scratches the surface of what is hidden underground in secret Military / Industrial Complex bases scattered throughout the western states of America. For many….it’s hard to relate and/or accept the advancement of how scientists and aero engineers reversed engineered UFO technology and how extremely capable (we) are with that technology.

    Who is in-charge of all that technology ??

    “Beam me up Scotty” is no longer fiction and the History Channel video below details how sound waves on a particular frequency can dematerialize your body and transport your body a distance away, but what is also unusual, is that your brain waves reach maximum potential, basically causing amnesia of the event…..a common occurrence with ‘alien abductions.’

    The same thing happens when we die, we leave our body (in form) and end-up in another dimension. Those that have experienced ‘astral projection,’ leaving the body (in form) and seeing our body in limbo, is often a common (accidental) event that many humans have experienced. Only the most experienced ‘out-of-body’ travelers have perfected the technique, but technology discovered by reverse engineering can “make it happen number one !”

    This technology opens the door to ‘time travel’ since time is irrelevant (off-of-earth) and because the theory suggests, if you travel the cosmos at the speed of light or greater and gone only an year, you return to earth and everyone has grown old and are gone, while the astronaut has only aged a year. Which lends to the theory that visiting extraterrestrials are us from the future in some cases, based-on technology WE are now [playing] with.

    This technology (also) suggests the ’20 and Back’ Mars program is very real and ties-in with what has been proven to be perfected, which is Quantum Mechanics.

    WE are nothing but pure energy in a water based meat covered shield for earth and can be manipulated by technology. It is our mind and soul that is unique….but controlled by a nervous system equivalent to a collar shocker a dog wears. If THEY can destroy your body with cancer, pain or drugs, THEY ultimately control your mind.

    Experiments that have been used on humanity continues today by the ‘good, bad and the ugly’ and protecting ourselves from being manipulated… it 5G technology, cell phone cancer, or sound waves we cannot hear, to visual brainwashing techniques…..our existence and our extinction is less than a generation away.

    WE are on the brink of extraordinary knowledge…….

    Sophisticated toys in the hands of the very bad is a secret the Deep State / Illuminati do NOT want us to know about, because THEY profit from reversed engineered technology, THEY experiment on humans, THEY use that technology to control the population into (often) acts of extreme violence, and THEY can use that technology to overthrow governments.

    That is why Ufologists and others want FULL DISCLOSURE…..

    —Dave Bertrand

    History CH: UFO Hunters: FULL EPISODE – Reverse Engineering (Season 1, Episode 7) | History – Video

    From the Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Your Comments Are Welcomed and Can Be Published Unless You Specify Otherwise.

    Retired Int’l Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727), Former (State) Law Enforcement, U.S. Customs (UC) Sector 5, Vietnam era Veteran (Korea), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University & University of Alaska (Undergraduate), Interests include Border Security, 9/11 Conspiracy, Government Corruption, New World Order, Freedom vs Communism, Secret Space Programs & UFO Encounters, Aviation, and Enjoy Living Off-The-Grid.

    Read Past Bertrand Daily Reports: }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Jim Marrs: Texas UFO Crash of 1897, Pilot Not of the World

    Jim Marrs: Texas UFO Crash of 1897, Pilot Not of the World

    COAST TO COAST AM. Author and journalist Jim Marrs discussed the Aurora, Texas UFO crash of 1897, which he considers to be the “smoking gun” of the UFO issue.

    It’s early date belies the explanation that it could have been a misidentified aircraft, as it was six years before the Wright Brothers first flew their planes, he noted.

    The date fits into the context of the ‘Great Airship Mystery’ of 1896-7, in which a large cigar-shaped object was seen in the skies of numerous American states.

    The Dallas Morning News reported that the airship hit a windmill on a judge’s property and crashed, and that the pilot who died was “not of this world.” }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Fossil teeth push the human-Neandertal split back to about 1 million years ago

    Fossil teeth push the human-Neandertal split back to about 1 million years ago

    A new study estimates the age of these hominids’ last common ancestor


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Twentieth Century Patented Tech The Result Of The Roswell Crash?

    Twentieth Century Patented Tech The Result Of The Roswell Crash?

     Written by: Marcus Lowth  Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes 

    We have examined previously the apparent secret space programs in depth in our case study article. One of the main thrusts of those conspiracies is that alien technology, reverse engineered in secret by the United States’ military and, in turn, controlled by a persistent behind-the-scenes shadow government would result in a whole host of ultra-secret programs, some of which would unfold on other worlds, no less. While many of these claims are dismissed as fantasy by most, the events at Roswell continue to stretch into our modern world. And according to a New Jersey CEO of the American Computer Company, Jack Shulman, the reasons for this are as bizarre and interesting as those of the apparent space fleets circling Earth.

    Roswell Technology

    According to claims made by Shulman in the late-1990s, he had proof of the reverse engineering of “non-terrestrial” technology (a term most – including Shulman – assume is alien) recovered at the crash site of Roswell, New Mexico. This technology was gifted to certain companies across the United States. They would, in turn, develop and “patent” new technologies, which would then help develop our modern world. Of course, what type of patents and developing of technology away from the public record that might have gone ahead is anyone’s guess. It is certainly a big accusation with huge implications. Aside from the falsehood and the collections of vast fortunes of monies by these companies, if such technology was not the work of a company or an individual, this technology should be freely available to the population at large.

    This is something that Shulman would begin to do by publishing their work online. As well as many of the files from which they first began to unfold what could be one of the biggest cover-ups of the twentieth century.

    The “Lab Shopkeepers Notebook”

    In December 1997, Jack Shulman, as president and CEO of the American Computer Company in Cranford, New Jersey, would claim to have in their possession proof that technology recovered from the crash site of Roswell was reverse engineeredand then patented as great American scientific breakthroughs in technology. Shulman would particularly focus on the patenting of the transistor by the Bell Labs company. And asked a vaguely disguised question as “what if” they hadn’t actually invented their technology? But merely reverse-engineered it?

    Although he wouldn’t divulge from which anonymous source, he had obtained it, Shulman would claim that ACC had in their possession a “notebook” – referred to as the Lab Shopkeepers Notebook. This detailed, according to Shulman, in extremely intricate detail, the aftermath of the Roswell crash, and more importantly, what became of the technology obtained from the ruins.

    According to these documents, the transistor developed at Bell Labs, most notably credited to Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley, was, in fact, “provided” to the company. What’s more, when some researchers have investigated the history of the transistor prior to Bell’s groundbreaking technological marvel, there is no obvious developing point between all that came before and Bell Lab’s version.

    It is perhaps worth remembering the content of the book by Philip Corso, ‘The Day After Roswell’. In it. Corso, a retired Army Colonel, would claim to have direct involvement in the early-1960s with the task of “untraceably transferring” alien technology from the Roswell crash to such companies as Bell Labs, IBM, and Monsanto. Much like the proof Shulman claimed to possess, Corso would state the orders were that such companies would sign official secrets acts and then develop the technology as their own groundbreaking research.

    Jack Shulman

    Jack Shulman (ACC)

    A Tirade Of Real And Virtual Attacks!

    ACC’s main bulk of income comes from making PCs and hosting web servers. This would come under very real attack from various angles. And not just the verbal attacks denouncing them as just a “one-room office in a busy complex”. Or that the company didn’t even exist and those involved were likely confidence tricksters and con-artists. They would also suffer literal break-ins at their headquarters. And even the planting of classified documents in an attempt to bring legal proceedings. Furthermore, it would appear “operatives” would purchase machines and then not pay for them. Essentially stealing equipment and leaving the company out of pocket. To say somebody, somewhere, was not happy with the claims of Shulman and ACC would be an understatement.

    We have to ask, if Shulman was merely a “madman” ranting nonsense, why would such companies attempt to quieten him? And why with such zeal? There is no outright proof to directly connect such media giants to these acts of intimidation. Their timing, however, is more than suspicious. As were the sudden “personalities” who would engage in “Internet rants” and spread false information about ACC and Shulman himself. These are perhaps particularly ominous. Especially if we look at how political votes over the United States and right across Europe are under apparent attack. And they remain open to attack from “Internet trolls”, whose aim is far from mischievous. And more in line with changing political outcomes via this new form of a digital propaganda war.

    In short, this action failed to make Shulman come across as a charlatan looking for attention and money. Instead, he increasingly appears to be a person making legitimate claims. Claims regarding huge portions of our recent collective history.

    More Than Monetary Gain, We Could Revolutionize Our World!

    While it may seem a safe assumption that, leaving aside the claims or probable extraterrestrial technology for a moment, that a company being favored and awarded a contract is simply the free market. As is them benefitting immensely both in name and financial fortune from that contract. However, perhaps we should consider the source of the technology. And more specifically, what it could mean to humanity as a whole in terms of completely revolutionizing how we live. As well as a much “greener” approach to the planet in general. Then, it does take on a more unsettling tone.

    For example, what if the claims of anti-gravity propulsion and “free energy” as a result of alien technologies are true? Then in all likeliness, one of these private companies already has the technological knowhow. And no legal requirement to share it with the rest of the world. We have examined before, for example, about a world that wasn’t reliant on “fuel” and could instead generate and harness free energy. Even mainstream scientists admit this energy exists in “empty space”. And, more to the point here, the only “downside” would be for those who currently make unthinkable fortunes from the oil industries. And the industries that, in turn, connect to them.

    As idealistic a notion as it might be, a world with “free energy” would bring drastic change. As would the whole host of other “non-terrestrial” technologies surely available. We would likely see the whole concept of “money” and its use become drastically different. As indeed, would our planet. And even how we as a collective, view life and the Universe as a whole. That’s how important it just might prove to be!

    The video below features Philip Corso speaking a little more about his claims. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The 1976 Cannon Air Force Base UFO Encounters

    The 1976 Cannon Air Force Base UFO Encounters

     Written by: Marcus Lowth  Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes

    Over a two night period in January 1976, a student journalist, “Bruce”, alone on the first night and with multiple witnesses on the second, would witness several mysterious objects over Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico, as well as a “cat and mouse” chase courtesy of military jets scrambled to pursue these strange and seemingly “trespassing” crafts.

    What’s more, after finally publicly disclosing these incidents, Bruce would receive very concerning warnings, both from ominous strangers on the phone, and concerned neighbors who witnessed strange events around his home when he wasn’t there.

    It is a case, like several others that have come back to the forefront of UFO research thanks to the medium of the Internet. And one that just might prove to be another important piece of the puzzle that we all seek to see complete. Just what happened on those January evenings in 1976? And why did the events remain of such concern to the United States government for decades after?

    “Lightbulbs On A String” Hanging Over Clovis, New Mexico

    Late on the evening of 21st January 1976, Bruce sat in his truck on the outskirts of Clovis, New Mexico, near to the transmitter of the KMTY FM 99.1 radio station, for whom he worked part-time to help fund his way through college in order to pursue a career in journalism.

    He wasn’t supposed to work this evening and was called in last minute as the station wished to perform tests on the transmitter. They required someone to be at the location, and needing the money as always, Bruce agreed to the extra work. Needless to say, it was a night he would not forget.

    As a journalist, he was surely thankful for the fact he was placed in exactly the right location to witness the upcoming events.

    It was as he was sitting in his truck looking out on the odd patches of light dotted around below, including those of Cannon Air Force Base, when he noticed three strange lights in the sky. The way they appeared would lead him to later describe them as “like lightbulbs on a string”.

    Then, two of the lights dropped quickly to the ground, seemingly stopping before collision and hovering. The third light remained stationary above.

    Due to his duty as a “storm spotter”, Bruce always carried around his storm spotters kit, which included a pair of binoculars. As he sat watching these strange hovering lights, he reached for them and placed them to his eyes to observe the two lower objects.

    An Incident With “Classic Saucer Shaped” Crafts

    Amazed at what he was seeing, Bruce took in as much detail as possible. Once magnified, these lights had a “classic saucer shape” to them. Each had a “bluish glow” around them, although the underside sent a “red radiant glow” downwards. Also clear, was the distinct “dome shape” on the top of each craft.

    He kept the binoculars trained on the two craft. After several minutes they began to move off, slowing and in perfect parallel unison to each other. He would follow them for around fifteen minutes in total as they moved calmly over the largely unsuspecting citizens below.

    Perhaps one of the most bizarre details he would later offer is of witnessing the lights of the buildings and streets below “dimming significantly” as the crafts traveled over them. This would fit in with many other reports of apparent surges of electrical energy in relation to UFO activity.

    Furthermore, after calling his employers back at the station to report exactly what he had witnessed he would learn that many residents had also witnessed the strange crafts that evening. Further still, several of those witnesses were active serving state police officers.

    While Bruce was there that evening as an employee of the radio station – and hence hadn’t brought his camera with him – the following evening he would return. And what’s more, he would bring several members of the newsroom where he was gaining work experience with him.

    Return Sighting From The Rooftops

    Using various contacts on the college campus on which he lived, Bruce would manage to obtain keys to the roof of one of the college dorms. From there, he and several other journalists and photographers would sit and wait in hopes of a repeat performance. They wouldn’t be disappointed.

    At fifteen minutes before 1 am, the strange glowing objects again appeared in the night sky over Clovis. This time, four of them. Bruce, not wanting to let the moment escape him again, managed to capture a clear picture of the objects.

    On this evening, though, rather than merely hover, they were “darting around”. It was as the small group on the dormitory roof watched these dancing lights in awe that they heard the roar and then saw the form of several F-111 military jets launched from Cannon Air Force Base.

    It was clear their mission was to intercept, and they would head straight for the four glowing crafts. However, each time one of the jets would get in the immediate vicinity of the crafts, they would shoot to another part of the sky at breakneck speeding. The jets were, by comparison, clunky and lumbering. And were seemingly no match for these apparently advanced objects.

    As the objects made these sharp and extremely precise turns, a strange “plasma-type glow” was briefly visible in the sky. From the tallest building on campus, the small group would watch the desperate attempts of the F-111 jets with an almost unrestricted view.

    Everyone Was “Freaking Out” At Cannon Air Force Base

    It was around 45 minutes later at around 1:30 am when events ended. The objects, after leading the jets all around the night sky, suddenly “shot up and were gone in a second”. The jets returned to base, their pilots undoubtedly awash with a mixture of bewilderment and frustration.

    One of the witnesses, using his powerful telescope, had a clear view of the base, and specifically, the flight line of the runway. He would report that when he followed the objects as they swooped down to the runway, all of the lights would go out, much like Bruce recalled the lights of the town dimming the previous evening as the strange crafts passed over them.

    Interestingly, using his many contacts based at Cannon Air Force Base (he would regularly take requests for music on air at the radio station when working as a disc jockey), Bruce would discover that the entire base suffered a complete power outage during part of the incident.

    Furthermore, according to Bruce’s contacts, everyone at the base – including superior officers – were “freaking out” due to the sudden appearance of these strange objects. This, as well as the scrambling of the jets would suggest that whoever, or whatever, was behind these crafts, the United States military – at least those at Cannon Air Force Base – were not privy to their plans or reasons.

    The contact would also reveal more to Bruce – on the condition that he not reveal where the information came from. He would claim a new, bright lighting system was immediately being put in place (it appeared within days of the incident), and even more intriguing, the base had quietly recorded radar confirmation of activity from both night in question.

    A Most Ominous Turn Decades Later!

    Although the US military would make no admission of any such radar recordings, or indeed of anything untoward taking place, Freedom of Information Acts would eventually reveal that F-111 jets were indeed scrambled from the base on the evening of 22nd January (early hours 23rd) 1976. The reason for this scrambling, however, remains elusive.

    It is, however, perhaps the incidents that would unfold almost 30 years later when Bruce would finally make the decision to go public with his account. He would do so on the Jeff Rense Radio Show on 16th July 2004, during which he would also reveal to the public of the photograph in his possession that he took on the second night’s sighting. Four days later, at 1:30 am, he would receive a telephone call from an unknown person.

    What made the call from this mystery person all the more concerning, even before he had said a word, was that it came on his private cell phone. One that is not listed and that only a limited number of people have the number to.

    In fact, when he first went to pick up the phone, which had awoken he and his wife from sleep, his first thought was that it was from one of their grown-up children and that something was wrong. However, after picking up the receiver, the voice at the other end asking for confirmation that this was he, was not a familiar one.

    The mystery man claimed he wished to meet with him “about a matter of utmost urgency” regarding the photographs he claimed to have in his possession of the Cannon Air Force incident.

    “For The Sake Of Your Family…”

    It was then that Bruce believed the call to be some kind of joke. To this, the mystery man advised:

    …It would be in your best interest to discontinue this line of discussion and do away with those photographs. Destroy them!

    When Bruce went to look at the caller display to see who exactly was calling, it simply announced “Number Not Available”. Before he could speak, the mystery man issued another warning:

    This is no joke! We feel that this would be in your best interest, and for the sake of your family, that all of this go away!

    Attempting to remain calm and in control of the conversation, Bruce again asked for the man’s identity. In response to this, the caller would begin speaking of the careers and daily routines of the couple’s children, as well of those of his wife. He would even claim he could “fax him his entire history in a few seconds”.

    It was at this point that Bruce slammed the phone down.

    For several weeks, things remained quiet. So much so, that Bruce almost began to put the incident to the back of his mind. However, one afternoon a neighbor would inform him of strange activity around his property when he and his wife and left for the day.

    Strange cars would pull up immediately outside their home and simply sit there. Sometimes, equally strange men would get out of these cars and proceed to snoop around the property.

    Incidentally, the neighbor would warn Bruce that these mysterious vehicles all possessed US government plates.

    Renewed Interest And Further Witnesses

    In the summer of 2006 stories began to surface regarding UFO researcher Brian Vike, who had investigated Bruce’s reports above and had spoken to Bruce at length, claimed to have the aforementioned photograph in his possession. What’s more he planned to publish it, along with others in the region, on his website.

    Incidentally, it would appear these photographs are simply not available online, either at Vike’s website or on others that have carried interviews with him. By all accounts, although grainy, he did manage to capture one of them clearly on film.

    Brian Vike

    Was there really an effort to suppress these pictures? Vike himself would withdraw from public life somewhat due to ill-health in shortly after the reports of the pictures being in his possession.

    More in-depth information would enter the public arena as a result of his investigations, however. For example, a journalist with the Clovis News Journal claims to have witnessed “23 UFOs sliding in and out of complex formations” the night after the second sighting.

    Further still, a discovery of a bizarre circle “burned into the ground” on a New Mexico ranch would surface in the days that followed. Even more intriguing, a “cylindrical object of unknown origin” was also recovered from the grounds of the ranch.

    Another report around six months following the incident over Cannon Air Force Base would also come to light around the same time.

    Another Multi-Night Incident In July 1976?

    While there is no way to establish its authenticity, an anonymous witness would also report to Vike that, while working as a member of the Security Police at Cannon Air Force Base in July 1976, he witnessed very similar hovering lights one evening while on patrol.

    They would bring the car to a stop on the base roadside and watch the object more closely. They would later describe these crafts as having a blue glow on top which changed to white in the middle. On the underside, came a green light.

    They would check with the control tower to see if there was any of the base’s aircraft in the area. There wasn’t. When Clovis Police contacted the base, though, to report a sighting of the same objects and to enquire of possible aircraft activity, the two security guards knew what they were seeing was very real.

    Two further patrol cars arrived with one of them attempting to get closer to the hovering craft. When it did so, however, the object vanished. The witness would state:

    It did not fly away! It just disappeared!

    This is an interesting detail. Many UFO reports speak of the object (or light) vanishing as if someone “switched off a lightbulb”. Such witnesses usually go to great pains to stress that the craft didn’t fly into the distance.

    It would, though, return the following evening amid events that would prove even stranger.

    A “Perfect Circle” Of Lights Over The Base

    It was around 2 am when the witness awoke the following night amid “a commotion” taking over the barracks. After quickly dressing he ran outside to witness 12 glowing crafts in the sky above. Furthermore, these objects were in a “perfect circle” directly over the base. He would stress in his report to Vike:

    Each one was the exact same distance from the other, so I knew that this could not be by accident!

    Once more, with almost the entire base witnessing the events, the lights would go off as if “someone had turned off the power to them” one after the other in turn.

    The following evening, he was unable to sleep after two nights of witnessing such mind-bending incidents. The witness, instead, would walk around the barracks. As he did so, he noticed one of the strange lights appear overhead. Then another. And another. In only moments, the 12 lights in their circular formation were back over the base.

    He turned and ran to inform a superior. However, before he could do so, he witnessed the squads in the courtyards. Some watched the skies attentively, while others were setting up cameras and filming equipment. Once more the lights “switched off” one by one.

    They would not appear again after that. And the film’s location, if indeed it does exist, remains a mystery. It’s certainly an account to keep at the back of our minds when researching the events from six months previously. Or indeed, any other similar incidents.

    The video below is a documentary looking at the UFO phenomena. It is from 1976, a little after the sightings in question. And so perhaps helps us understand the mindset of citizens and their attitudes to UFO sightings at the time. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Brian Scott Abduction Files – A Case Study

    The Brian Scott Abduction Files – A Case Study

     Written by: Marcus Lowth   Estimated Reading Time: 16 minutes 

    The apparent alien abductions of Brian Scott are as intriguing as they are bizarre. And while they perhaps should be taken with a pinch of salt at the ready, there are many witnesses who have gone on the record as witnessing strange and even miraculous events in Scott’s presence.

    This last part is perhaps important. As we will examine a little later, there are many instances throughout history where people have received “special powers” from forces unknown in order to promote great social change.

    Indeed, in many esoteric circles, what we refer to as alien abduction is to them a visitation from entities from the spirit world. It may yet prove to be the case that these two different takes on these strange events are indeed one and the same.

    The case was subject to investigation by respected UFO researcher, Timothy Green Beckley who, incidentally, has broached such subjects as an ever-present connectivity between other paranormal events across many fields, including ancient religions and esoteric writings, and UFO encounters across the ages.

    He would speak with Scott extensively in several interviews beginning in February 1976, only months after his last experience. It is from these initial interviews that Scott’s encounters would enter the public arena.

    Might Brian Scott’s encounters be but a tiny piece of the big, and apparently cosmic picture of the human experience, stretching across both time and location, and into every facet of our collective existence?

    “Some Sort Of Communication” While Returning Home, October 1959

    While Brian Scott’s first apparent abduction occurred in 1971, he would later reveal his belief that his first experience with these strange entities was over a decade earlier, on his sixteenth birthday on 12th October 1959.

    On that evening, on his way back home from celebrating his birthday, his dog walking along with him, he would suddenly notice a bizarre orange ball of light, less than a foot in diameter, seemingly hovering over the top of his canine friend. The more he stared at it, the more it appeared to be semisolid in makeup, with the middle of the orb appearing significantly sturdier than the outer edges.

    As he continued to watch these most bizarre events unfold, the glowing orb approached him, settling and hovering once more, this time right in front of his face. Then, with no warning whatsoever, it shot straight upwards and vanished out of sight in a matter of seconds.

    As he stood there trying to make some kind of sense and reason out of the mystifying incident, he got the distinct impression that “some sort of communication” had taken place. Strange “thoughts and pictures” had appeared in his mind. Thoughts that weren’t his own. And what’s more, it was with equal conviction that he believed the orange ball was responsible for this otherworldly telepathic communication.

    Scott wouldn’t experience any further strange or bizarre episodes. That was, until 12 years later in early-1971.

    Double Abduction From The Deserts Of The Superstition Mountains 1971

    On the evening of 14th March 1971, Scott, along with his friend, Nick Corbin, would drive to the open desert near the Superstition Mountains just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. What was particularly strange to Scott – both then and now – was he had no idea why he was driving out to this part of the desert, other than he felt they would find an ideal place for target shooting.

    In a similar frame of mind, he would suddenly pull over his vehicle, with both men exiting it and standing at the side of the road. They both scanned the area, with Scott looking up at the sky. As he did, a “strange craft” moved overhead and into his field of vision.

    He would later describe the craft as “oval and glowing” and much too large to be a conventional aircraft. It also had a “funny kind of glow to it”.

    Suddenly the craft would head toward Brian. His mind told him to turn, run, and take cover. However, before he could move, the craft was directly overhead. So large was the craft that when Scott looked up he could no longer see the sky.

    Then, a “pulsating, pulling feeling” took a hold of him.

    A Presence Hidden In Plain Sight For Thousands Of Years?

    The next thing he knew, he was moving directly upwards off the ground somehow trapped in a huge beam of light. His senses went into a confused overdrive. A combination of the warm Arizona air mixing with the apparently cold air leaking out of this huge and otherworldly craft, mixed with a beautiful but frightening view of the lights of downtown Phoenix all took hold at once.

    Within moments, though, he was inside the otherworldly vehicle. Scott moved his focus around the interior of the craft. He was more than amazed to find Nick already on board, seemingly waiting for him.

    Incidentally, we have examined previously how the entire Arizona region is awash with strange goings on and even claims of abduction by Reptilian creatures that inhabit the caves of the mountains. Given Scott’s descriptions, which we are about to examine, these claims are perhaps a little more interesting. And potentially corroborative.

    What’s more, stories of portals and star people, going back centuries to the Native American tribes who called the area home for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years before the “settling” of America in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, are in abundance. Is it just coincidence, then, that such a strange incident, if we accept it to be true, would unfold there also?

    “Horrifying Creatures” And Physical Examinations!

    Before their minds could process what was fully going on, Scott and his friend were moved into a small room. Rather ominously, at least to the two increasingly frightened men, this strange room contained a strange “mist of fog”. Then, the door would “explode open” revealing an even worse proposition. Waiting within this mist were several “very horrifying creatures”.

    These monstrous entities had crocodile or rhino-type gray skin and “thick patch of hide” over their front torso. Scott would later describe them as a “combination of Earth animals” that stood at least seven feet tall. Furthermore, while they did possess a thumb, each of their hands contained three, long claw-like fingers.

    The two men were stripped of their clothes and led away to different locations. Scott had the distinct feeling he was floating or was somehow carried to his destination. Once there he would undergo a physical examination during which he was “restraining” to the wall of the room as if by an invisible force.

    In the middle of this menacing room was a pole which ran from floor to ceiling (this is another detail that surfaces in other such reports). On this pole was a strange box that seemed to direct an “intense beam of light” towards him. One of the strange and menacing creatures stood near the box, seemingly manipulating it in some way.

    As he watched the creatures and the mist, he noticed how the foggy substance would soak into the creature’s skin.

    By this time, the box on the pole was placed on the floor, and consequently, the laser beam was aimed at his feet. He would recall that simultaneously he could feel a “sensation of warm and cold fluids” running over his lower limbs.

    Then the light moved to his eyes.

    “I Will Tell You And I Will Show You!”

    As the light reached into his mind, he felt a severe headache spread through his skull. At the same time there was a strange numbing location grip his mind. Then, the light went out and the creature manipulating left the room. Almost instantly, another creature would enter. And this one was significantly taller than the others. Scott would estimate it to be at least nine feet in height.

    This behemoth of an entity made its way directly over to where Brian stood pinned to the wall. It reached out and placed its hand on his head. Instantly, a rush of “thousands of thoughts” spilled into his mind all at once.

    Without thinking, Scott asked who the creatures were and what they wanted with him and his friend. The towering figure replied. However, the speech was slurred, and extremely quick, meaning Scott couldn’t understand it. Then, the creature replied again, this time much slower and seemingly purposely under control. More importantly, it was in perfect English.

    First of all, the creature would state “there will be no pain of this”. As the words were spoken, in a bizarre, almost prophetically religious way, any ounce of pain drained out of his body. Despite being aware of this miraculous transformation taking place throughout his body, he continued to demand to know who his captor was.

    Finally, the creature replied:

    I will tell you, and I will show you!

    Then, the walls of the craft melted away and holographic visions of “domed cities” from a world far away filled his sight. He would later describe the experience along the lines of mind transportation.

    A True Form Hidden Behind A “Projected Cloak Of Sorrow!”

    This, again, is an interesting notion. And one that several alien abductees have referred to in other accounts. Perhaps one of the strangest being the encounters of Maureen Puddy, who at one stage during her experiences, was seemingly “mentally abducted” while her physical self remained in the car with investigators.

    Furthermore, some of the other details of Puddy’s encounters mirrored those of Brian Scott. For example, she would also begin receiving telepathic messages following her first encounter in the summer of 1972. Further still, these messages would urge her to very specific “meeting points”.

    The creature would explain that he was looking at visions of their home world. There were great “domed cities” on a terrain that looked drastically different to Earth. According to the creature, the planet was the victim of an “airborne virus” that wiped out many of the population and caused “mutation” among the others.

    The creature then offered that the image that Scott saw was not their true form. They instead “projected a cloak of sorrow” to all who saw them in memory of their fallen population. This cloak also served as a “biological shield” against any further viruses.

    Suddenly the holographic images melted away and Scott found himself back on the ship. However, this time, whatever was restraining him had given up its grip and he was free to move around. He looked up and saw the creature was making its way out of the room. Once more, Scott asked who he was.

    The creature turned:

    I lift the veil of projection! I am Voltar!

    Scott looked on and saw the creature’s true form. It was very human looking, around seven feet tall with long red hair. Perhaps the most striking feature, though, was the “piercing blue eyes”.

    Back On The Ground With Quickly Fading Memories!

    After Voltar left the room several of the other creatures came and escorted him back to the point where he had first entered the craft. Nick was stood there also, next to what Scott realized was his clothes. He would dress quickly before being lifted into the air and floated back to the ground.

    He looked around, suddenly confused and disorientated. However, in spite of this delicate mental state his memory of what had just happened was clear and precise. As he walked around the desert floor at the side of the lonely road he located his torch that he dropped earlier when the purple light ensnared him.

    He picked up the torch and walked towards his car. When he turned on the radio, he discovered it was just after 11 pm, meaning he and Nick had been away for just over two hours. The drive home would take him at least an hour, even at this late hour.

    By the time Scott finally arrived home, his memories of the encounter had almost initially vanished. All he could truly recall was of first witnessing the strange craft in the sky. It would be some time before he managed to unlock those memories. However almost two years to the day on 22nd March 1973 he would find himself traveling back to the spot of the abduction.

    Upon arriving there he would claim to meet a humanoid entity – “The Host”. What was communicated to Scott from his mysterious figure is not known. However, according to his reports after contacting UFO researchers in October 1975, he was subject to abduction encounters on the evening of 25th October 1973.

    Furthermore, he would suffer further abduction events on 21st November 1975, and again on 22nd December of the same year.

    Hypnotic Regression And “Mechanical Voices”

    It was after his initial reports to investigators and researchers in October 1975 when Scott first underwent hypnotic regression. The session would take place at the Anaheim Memorial Hospital under the charge of Dr. McCall.

    During the sessions, Scott would recall the details of his first two abduction encounters. However, during this retelling, he would begin to speak in a bizarre and unnerving “mechanical voice”. What’s more, when this strange voice was examined it was found to produce an exact 1000 cycles per second on an oscillograph. Such sounds should not be able to be produced by the vocal chords of humans or animals.

    During these initial meetings and sessions many experts and representatives from various UFO organizations and other paranormal groups. And with the many people who came to interview and investigate Brian Scott’s encounter, came many different theories, claims, and points of view in order to attempt to explain his experiences.

    However, one of these investigators would prove to be of more influence than many of the others.

    Evidence Of Persistent “Paranormal” Activity!

    Two months following the December 1975 abduction incident, Tim Green Beckley became involved with the case. He would immediately begin by asking Scott about any paranormal or poltergeist type activity in the home. As we have examined before, many alien abduction encounters, particularly repeat abductees, often begin to announce themselves through repeat instances of paranormal happenings.

    The response, as intriguing as it was, was chilling in parts.

    Scott would speak of “white streaks of light” and “balls of light” that would make their way through his house of their own accord. Even stranger was the “pure flashes” as if someone had “placed a flash cube” immediately in front of his face.

    Perhaps the most bizarre, though, was the:

    …brown-shaped thing that has from time to time shown up. It dashes around the room in crazy directions. And every time that it does, it creates some damage to the home. All the electricity and all the circuits in the house have melted, frozen, and burned up!

    On another occasion, Scott’s wife, Marla would end up in such a confused state that she would end up in the hospital. She had returned home early from work after feeling suddenly unwell. However, with minutes she became confused and disorientated. And furthermore, she began uttering bizarre words and sentences that confused her further.

    Then, she would claim that while in the bathroom washing, she had suddenly “felt hands all over her body”. She was convinced that an invisible person had broken into the house. She would eventually calm down and describe what she had witnessed in more detail. Her descriptions matched the sudden memories of the alien entities from the March 1971 abduction. What unsettled him was he had not spoken to her in such detail about the encounter.

    An Unnerving Demonstration Of Power And Control

    After taking Marla to the hospital to make sure she was not in any immediate medical danger, the couple would return home. However, several hours later she would collapse and begin to hyperventilate.

    By the time paramedics had arrived at the property, she had become completely hysterical. It would ultimately take four paramedics to restrain her and bundle her in the waiting ambulance for further examination.

    However, when Scott returned to the house and made his way to the room where their one-year-old baby’s playpen was, he was shocked to find the baby was no longer there. Immediately on the edge of panic, he began rushing from room to room searching for their young child.

    Then, he noticed their pet dog barking excitedly at the back door of the property. He opened it and to his shock could see the young child sat at the corner of their patio. How it had managed to get out of a playpen – specifically designed as they are to keep babies in – and then managed to get out of locked door remains a mystery.

    As strange and unnerving as the experience undoubtedly was, however, one of the strangest aspects of Brian Scott’s experiences were the continued encounters with “The Host”.

    Suggestions Of Links To Ancient Gods Of Babylon

    According to Scott, The Host was a regular visitor to the house. It would communicate to him in a “computerized language”. More specifically, he would state:

    The voice seems to come out of me – an inner voice that is not mine. The entity says that I am one with it!

    Perhaps even more bizarre, however, was the evening where Scott suddenly began speaking in a “foreign language”. A language they would later find out was Greek. Not having ever spoken Greek in his life previously, the outburst was as surprising to Scott as it was to his wife who heard it. Furthermore, he would begin writing, with his left hand despite being right-handed, backward in Greek.

    Once more, during these experiences, a strange voice began talking to him. Scott and his wife would ask who was speaking to them. The ambiguous reply came back that it was “Ashtar”. Even more bizarre, Ashtar would speak directly to Marla. As if to prove its authenticity this mysterious voice would speak to her of moments from her past that only she could have known.

    Then, events would take another unsettling twist. One that would further forge the unlikely connection between events from the “other side” and events from elsewhere in the universe. Ashtar would begin to offer Marla, riches and “all the money in the world”. That was, it is, in exchange for her soul.

    As we mentioned previously, Beckley is one of the loudest voices in terms of such apparent connections. He would point out that “Ashtar” was remarkably similar to “Ishtar” – a goddess of Ancient Babylon.

    “Extreme Vibrations” Attracting Separate Entities

    What Beckley would also offer, was that as opposed to such ghostly visitors being the same as the apparent extraterrestrial abductors, they may very well be separate entities in their own right, but ones attracted to the location due to the “extreme vibrations” already caused by the Scotts’ ongoing cosmic encounters.

    It is certainly an interesting suggestion. And one that deserves continued, thorough, and widespread investigation. There is, after all, persistent evidence of an intertwining of such bizarre phenomena. And while such research will unlikely result in a definitive all-encompassing answer to the UFO and alien question, or indeed to such equivalent unanswered questions in the paranormal fields, it will certainly push the boundaries of our understanding immensely.

    Beckley would also speak with researchers who were local to the area, and already familiar with Scott’s case. In particular, some of the contacts that would claim to be entities from elsewhere. Many of these were recorded on tape. One particularly chilling one would claim to be “Beelzebub”, The Devil himself.

    Incidentally, many of these tapes were subject to examination for evidence of tampering or a hoax. Nothing at all would suggest such a manipulation had taken place. Furthermore, all of the voices that claimed to be a different entity, were also drastically different in terms of their analysis. In short, it would appear that they were different “people” who were speaking.

    Despite this, Beckley would comment how much of the information offered bordered on juvenile in content and delivery. He would further comment that despite the apparent quantity of the messages, there was very little of “substance” to them.

    A Temporary Elevation Of Consciousness And Awareness

    Ultimately, it was Beckley’s belief that Scott was “not making the voices of his own free will”. And the point was repeated that several of the voices were at a tone so low that it was not thought possible a human voice could willingly, or knowingly, speak at such a level.

    Furthermore, events would seemingly continue in the months that would follow. For example, the contact, Voltar, had claimed he would reappear in Tiahuanaco in Bolivia where he would transfer more messages and consciousness to Scott.

    Interestingly, upon returning, Scott was seemingly a completely different person. No longer did he chain smoke, for example. Nor was his perceptions and knowledge on a whole range of subjects limited. He could now seemingly speak comfortably about a whole range of issues and subjects. While this transformation would not be permanent (in several weeks he would return more to his normal self) it was very noticeable.

    What might the purpose of such a temporary change of mental ability and perception have been? What could Scott have achieved within those few weeks? And just how discreet was his “real” mission? If, of course, we accept his account to be true.

    Even stranger, the entity known as The Host would claim that it would reappear on the Spider at the Nazca Lines on 24th December 2011. According to the claims, at this stage instructions would be given to Scott and other contacts for further activities. Of course, Brian Scott has since passed away. Whether any other “contacts” have been put in place to continue such work is not known.

    “Of This He Asked Of I! A Sign! Given!”

    Perhaps one of the most bizarre encounters would take place in the presence of researcher, and an eventual close friend of Brian Scott, Jim Frazier in the early hours of 23rd August 1976. He was more than happy to write a book of Brian’s experiences. However, he first wished for some kind of demonstration of the genuineness of Scott’s apparent contact abilities.

    According to Frazier, at 2:10 am, Brian began to speak in the bizarre and clumsy way of The Host. The message in full would state:

    Of The Host. Open run 1. From the sky now comes a ball of fire for all mankind to see. Of this, 1,000 particles of this I am I am. Look to the west. Given in trust Lat 38 01’ North Long 119 50’ West. Of this, seek of I. Of this, he asked of I. A sign. Given!

    Frazier would further write that around 20 hours later, a “ball of fire” was witnessed in the western skies, apparently “sparkling like a thousand bright lights”. Furthermore, according to many of the reports on the newswires, this fireball would “eject particles from Canada to Mexico”. Even stranger, the largest of these “particles” would land within ten miles of the coordinates given by The Host.

    It was certainly enough to convince Frazier to the authenticity of Scott. And the situation, as outlandish as it undoubtedly was.

    A Plethora Of Bizarre And Strange Incidents

    Over the years there were many people who were witness to strange and bizarre incidents involving Brian Scott. These would include such strange cases as automatic writing, intricate drawings of advanced science and technologies that he otherwise knew nothing about, as well as detailed information about the history of humanity.

    Often these writings would be in ancient languages, much like the aforementioned incident where he would begin writing in Greek for no reason at all. Interestingly, and perhaps importantly, many of these ancient writings repeatedly point to an important link. A link between our contemporary world, and that of those from antiquity.

    Might it be, then, as Scott and many who have researched the case believed, that the encounters are proof of an “extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings”

    Even more outlandish are such incidents of spoon-bending or the ability to read people’s minds. In short, despite Brian Scott being a remarkably “ordinary” man, he managed to perform some amazing and otherworldly feats.

    Bizarre Links To The Esoteric Teachings Of Antiquity

    Let’s quickly turn our attention back to the orange ball of light that first appeared to Scott on his sixteenth birthday. Was this strange glowing orb some kind of reconnaissance device, sent to prepare Scott for a lifetime of intergalactic missions for the sake of humanity. As far-fetched as these kinds of theories sound, it almost puts Scott, and several others like him, in a category of modern-day preachers, wise men, and chosen ones.

    It is also perhaps worth mentioning that reports of these strange orbs have seemingly exploded in recent years around the United States. And of course, such strange orb lights have been reported in the Australian outback for decades.

    Might these also be such bizarre alien and interdimensional devices sent to seek out certain people chosen for special missions on Earth?

    We should perhaps once more turn our attention to the esoteric world for a moment. If we believe some of the information to have leaked out from the lodges that contain such secrets, history is, according to such hidden information, full of such mysterious entities from the spirit world whose sole purpose was to influence world events through specially chosen humans.

    According to such esoteric teachings, such great people from history, as well as lesser-known figures whose contributions were equally important, were influenced by such shadowy figures. If such teachings are true, we have to ask, for what ends and whose benefit are these interventions taking place?

    A Genuine Case Of Persistent Extraterrestrial Contact

    So, where should the claims and accounts of Brian Scott reside in the overall picture of UFO history? And are his encounters of an extraterrestrial nature? Or might they prove to be an incident involving a “chosen” individual? Or cosmic contact between humanity and intelligence and energy elsewhere in the impossible vastness of the universe.

    Are the experiences of Brian Scott like those of Billy Meier, for example? Meier is often seen as a contemporary version of George Adamski, who despite quite obviously manipulating and even manufacturing his later claims, is also seen as being a genuine contactee in the first instance.

    If so, what is the purpose of these contacts? What are the apparent missions, and do they take place in the background to world events? Or are they somehow foiled by forces unknown to us? Indeed, the questions and speculations we could go through are endless even at this point. There is no doubt that the deeper we collectively delve into such accounts and theories over the years to come, more and more questions will surface before we reach where we need to be.

    And one more point of contemplation, where would such accounts stand in the overall course of history? Might such accounts of contact and persistent communication with people such as Brian Scott in our contemporary era be the same as any number of figures from the ancient texts and religions writings who had apparent contact with “angels” and entities from the spirit world?

    There are certainly many different angles we could examine Brian Scott’s account from. And it might prove that we indeed have to step into other fields of interest and even different ages before we get a full understanding of the UFO and alien question.

    Check out the video below.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Huge double asteroid to pass safely May 25

    Huge double asteroid to pass safely May 25

    Professional and amateur astronomers will be observing asteroid 1999 KW4 – oddly shaped, about a mile wide, with a companion moon – around its closest approach on May 25, 2019. Charts here for amateur observers across the globe.

    A large double asteroid is now approaching Earth’s vicinity and will pass by Earth safely on May 25, 2019. Closest approach is at 23:05 UTC (7:05 p.m. EDT; translate UTC to your time) on May 25. Asteroid (66391) 1999 KW4 consists of a primary space rock just under a mile wide (about 1.5 km), with a 0.3-mile-wide (0.5-km-wide) companion asteroid – an asteroid moon – orbiting the main asteroid. The asteroid and its moon will provide a good opportunity for both professional and amateur astronomers to observe the huge space rock. Amateur astronomers will be able to observe it for a few days around May 25. See the charts provided at the bottom of this post.

    The video above – from a NASA Goldstone Radar planning document – shows the orbital motion of 1999 KW4 from December 2017 until July 2019, in a heliocentric or sun-centered reference frame. The asteroid makes two close flybys of Earth during this period.

    1999 KW4 is an Aten type – or Earth-crossing – space rock. Its orbit brings it between the orbits of Venus and Earth. It completes an orbit around the sun once every 6.18 months (188 days).

    During the approach of May 25, 2019, the asteroid will pass at the very safe distance of 3,219,955 miles from Earth (5,182,015 km), or about 13.5 times the Earth-moon distance.

    Professional astronomers plan to have a look at this asteroid, too. Radar observations of asteroid 1999 KW4 are scheduled from Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico from May 29 to June 7.  Astronomers will also study asteroid 1999 KW4 using NASA’s Goldstone Solar System Radar, located in the desert near Barstow, California, from May 26 to 31.

    An interesting facet of asteroid 1999 KW4 is its shape. It has an oblate shape with an equatorial ridge, similar to asteroids Bennu and Ryugu. Observations suggest the secondary asteroid, or asteroid moon, of 1999 KW4 orbits the main space rock every 16 hours at a distance of about 1.6 miles (2.6 km).

    Split panel showing a big round rocky body (the primary asteroid), with a tiny light near it (the asteroid moon).

    Two radar images of double asteroid 1999 KW4. It’s a large space rock just under a mile wide (about 1.5 km), with a smaller companion moon (the bright speck). The little moon can be seen to move from one side of the asteroid to the other, as it orbits.

    Images via Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico/NASA/NSF/S. J. Ostro, J. L. Margot, L. A. M. Benner, J. D. Giorgini, D. J. Scheeres, E. G. Fahnestock, S. B. Broschart, J. Bellerose, M. C. Nolan, C. Magri, P. Pravec, P. Scheirich, R. Rose, R. F. Jurgens, E. M. De Jong, S. Suzuki.

    1999 KW4 was discovered by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) astronomical survey in Socorro, New Mexico, in 1999. It has been classified as a Near-Earth object and a potentially hazardous object by the Minor Planet Center. However, the orbit of this huge space rock is well understood and known to pose no risk to Earth. During the closest of its approaches to Earth, its orbit brings it no closer than five Earth-moon distances.

    The next encounter with Earth, which will be even closer, occurs on May 25, 2036.

    An interesting fact: After asteroid 1999 KW4 passes by Earth on May 25, 2019, no known asteroid as big or larger than this space rock will approach our planet this close until year 2027.  On June 6, 2027, asteroid 4953 (1990 MU), a 4 km to 9 km (2.5 to 5.5 mi) space rock will safety pass by Earth at 12 lunar distances, and will return on 2058 at nine lunar distances.

    Take a look at the curious shape of asteroid 1999 KW4 and its moon in this video:

    Observing Asteroid 1999 KW4 with amateur telescopes:

    1999 KW4 is travelling at 48,123 miles per hour (77,446 km/h or 21.5 km/second), relative to Earth. Its fast speed, combined with the size of this asteroid, will allow amateur astronomers to observe it as it moves in front of the stars! The space rock will not be visible to the eye alone, but sky enthusiasts equipped with 8″ in diameter and bigger telescopes might be able to see this asteroid, which might reach a visual magnitude of around 12 during closest approach.

    One the best techniques for locating an asteroid is to point a computerized telescope to a star known to be in the space rock’s path, and wait for the asteroid to appear. It will look like a very slow moving “star.” At first, it may be a little tricky to detect since its motion appears very slow. If you are pointing at the correct time and location of the sky, take a good look at the visual field of the telescope.

    Or better yet, draw a sketch of the positions of the brightest stars and a few other stars you see at the eyepiece. Then compare the positions just 10 minutes later, and yes, you will find the asteroid!

    By updating your sketches showing the asteroid’s position with respect to the stars, you can also show the huge space rock to other people, so they can see the object that is making news with their own eyes.

    Although the location of asteroid 1999 KW4 during closest approach will be most favorable for observers in Earth’s Southern Hemisphere, the space rock will be drifting to other constellations, and observers in the Northern Hemisphere should be able to locate it from May 27, 2019.

    During closest approach (May 25), the asteroid will be located in the direction of Puppis, a constellation in the southern sky. On May 26, 2019, the space rock will be located in the constellation Antlia.

    The next two charts are for Southern Hemisphere observers, where the view is better on the day of closest approach:

    Star chart of asteroid location with constellation Puppis, stars Sirius, Canopus, and Procyon.

    During the asteroid’s closest approach, the space rock will be located in the constellation Puppis, visible with telescopes for observers in the Southern Hemisphere. The asteroid’s location forms an approximate triangle with bright stars Sirius and Canopus. This illustration shows the view facing west from Santiago, Chile, on May 25, 2019, at around 7:30 p.m. (23:30 UTC).

    Illustration by Eddie Irizarry using Stellarium.

    Star field chart with two asteroid locations and star HIP 40945 marked.

    Using computerized amateur telescopes, observers in the Southern Hemisphere can locate the asteroid on the night of its closest approach (May 25) by pointing their instruments to HIP 40945, a faint naked-eye star in the constellation Puppis. Note that the space rock changes its position in just a few minutes! As seen from the Southern Hemisphere on May 25, 2019, at around 23:35 UTC.

    Illustration by Eddie Irizarry using Stellarium.

    Observers in North America and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere will need to wait until a day or two after closest approach, for the asteroid to come over our southern horizons:

    Chart with constellations Leo, Hydra, Cancer, and Crater with asteroid location marked.

    Location of asteroid 1999 KW4 on May 27, 2019, at nightfall, as seen from the central U.S., facing southwest.

    Illustration by Eddie Irizarry using Stellarium.

    Asteroid location marked in chart with stars HIP 51283 and HIP 51053.

    On May 27, 2019, at around 9:45 p.m. CDT, observers in the U.S. using computerized or Go To telescopes can point their instruments to stars HIP 51053 or HIP 51283 to find asteroid 1999 KW4 slowly moving in front of the stars.

    Illustration by Eddie Irizarry using Stellarium.

    Asteroid location with constellations Leo, Hydra, Sextans and Crater.

    Location of asteroid 1999 KW4 on May 28, 2019, at around 11:00 p.m. – 11:30 p.m. CDT as seen from the central U.S., facing west-southwest.

    Illustration by Eddie Irizarry using Stellarium.

    Asteroid location marked in chart with HIP 54013 and 61 Leo.

    Have a computerized telescope? Point it to star HIP 53907 (61 Leo) on the night of May 28, 2019, at around 11 – 11:30 p.m. CDT to locate asteroid 1999 KW4.

    Illustration by Eddie Irizarry using Stellarium.

    Go to for more observing information on 1999 KW4

    • Bottom line: Professional and amateur astronomers are gearing up to observe asteroid 1999 KW4 – a mile-wide, oddly shaped asteroid with a companion moon – around its closest approach on May 25, 2019. Charts here for both Southern Hemisphere and U.S. amateur observers. }

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    Startup Hermeus Wants to Build a Hypersonic Jet That Flies at 5 Times the Speed of Sound

    An illustration of a hypersonic aircraft, published by Hermeus Corp.
    (Image: © Hermeus Corp.)

    A U.S. venture-capital firm recently led a round of seed investment for Hermeus Corp., a new startup looking to develop a hypersonic aircraft.

    Hermeus also announced its advisory board in a statement issued Monday (May 13, the board includes the former president of Blue Origin and former associate administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration. 

    The mission of this aerospace startup is to increase the speed of air transportation by developing vehicles that can fly ''in excess of Mach 5 — over 3,000 miles per hour [4,800 km/h]. At Mach 5, flight times from New York to London will be reduced from 7 hours to 90 minutes,'' Hermeus officials said in the statement. Mach 1 is approximately the speed of sound traveling through Earth's atmosphere. 

    The idea is to connect the world's cities ''significantly faster than ever before,'' which Hermeus CEO A.J. Piplica likened to the broadband era of data transmissions.

    The round of seed investment led by Khosla Ventures (with additional participation from private investors) will continue the development of Hermeus' hypersonic propulsion system, the statement said. 

    ''Hermeus is developing an aircraft that not only improves the aviation experience with very reduced flight times, but also has the potential to have great societal and economic impact," Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures, said in the statement. 

    Hermeus will join a burgeoning field in aerospace. A year ago, NASA gave the aerospace and defense contractor Lockheed Martin a $241.5 million contract to develop a quiet supersonic plane that could fly by mid-2022. In June 2018, Boeing unveiled its hypersonic plane concept at the Aviation and Aeronautics Forum in Atlanta. Two years ago, the startup Boom Technology partnered with Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson to create a carrier that could reach Mach 2.2. 

    Follow Doris Elin Salazar on Twitter @salazar_elin.

    Follow us on Twitter @Spacedotcom and on Facebook }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.A Star in the Big Dipper Is an Alien Invader

    A Star in the Big Dipper Is an Alien Invader

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Near-Sighted Kids of Martian Colonists Could Find Sex With Earth-Humans Deadly

    Near-Sighted Kids of Martian Colonists Could Find Sex With Earth-Humans Deadly

    Life on Mars will be an evolutionary roller coaster.

    looking up at stars

    It’s life, but not as we know it.”

    The famous Star Trek refrain — actually a common misattribution — aptly describes humanity’s future on Mars. And as more and more tech entrepreneurs outline visions for how to erect settlements on the Red Planet by the 2050s, Rice University professor Scott Solomon is already starting to worry about what’s going to happen to the first Martian settlers and, more interestingly, their babies.

    “What’s interesting to me as an evolutionary biologist is thinking about, what if we’re actually successful?” Solomon tells Inverse. “I don’t think there has been nearly as much discussion about what would become of the people that are living in these colonies generations later.”

    Solomon’s 2016 book, Future Humans: Inside the Science of Our Continuing Evolution, argues that evolution is still a force at play in modern humans. In an awe-inspiring TEDx talk in January 2018 — which inexplicably still has fewer than 1,000 views — Solomon outlined how humans would change — literally — after spending a generation or two living on Mars.

    Far from waiting thousands of years to witness minuscule changes, Solomon instead believes that humans going to Mars could be on the verge of an evolutionary rollercoaster. He expects, among other things, that their bones will be stronger, their sight shorter, and that they’ll, at some point, have to stop having sex with Earth-humans.

    “Evolution is faster or slower depending on how much of an advantage there is to having a certain mutation,” Solomon says. “If a mutation pops up for people living on Mars, and it gives them a 50-percent survival advantage, that’s a hugeadvantage, right? And that means that those individuals are going to be passing those genes on at a much higher rate than they otherwise would have.”

    Outside of Solomon’s field, discussion of this topic is relatively sparse. Elon Musk’s SpaceX team is holed up in Florida and Texas working on a stainless steel spaceship to send the first humans to Mars in the 2020s, establishing a city by 2050. Dubai has designed dramatic concepts for its own Martian city, and the Matt Damon sci-fi flick The Martian depicted how first trips to the Red Planet would take the form of research missions.

    These are all fascinating ideas, but they’re curiously short on how humans may change under the treacherous, radioactive conditions of the solar system’s fourth planet.


    Mars City: How Humans Could Change Over Time

    Solomon outlined a number of ways — many of them covered in his Ted Talk — about how humans could change.

    • Humans may develop denser bones to overcome the effects of Mars’ gravity, which is just a third of Earth’s. The reduced force could make bones more brittle, which could lead to complications like fractured pelvises during childbirth.
    • The inhabitants of smaller spaces may become more near-sighted, as they no longer need to see as far as they would on Earth. Solomon cites cavefish in deep trenches that have gone blind with no need for vision, and studies that show children who spend more time indoors are likely to become more near-sighted.
    • Mars inhabitants may develop a new skin tone to adjust to the higher levels of radiation. Humans use melanin to fight against ultraviolet rays, while other species use carotenoids. Mars residents may some day have to develop another pigment entirely to fight off radiation.
    • Residents may perhaps learn to use oxygen more efficiently. A similar change has been observed on the Tibetan plateau, where oxygen is 40 percent lower than it is at sea level. To adjust, Tibetans have denser beds of capillaries to more efficiently move blood, and have the ability to dilate their vessels to get more oxygen to the muscles.
    • One change that could occur relatively fast? Non-Earth dwelling humans may quickly lose their immune system. In a sterile environment with no microorganisms present, the residents may have no need for a body capable of fighting germs. But this may not be such a bad thing, Solomon suggests it could be an opportunity to eradicate diseases, treating the ship flying to Mars as a sort of quarantine zone and ensuring the new inhabitants can lead healthier lives.

    It’s this latter change that may force humans to eventually splinter irreversibly from their Earth-based counterparts. With no immune system, sex between Martian humans and Earthlings would be lethal. That could impose an artificial limit on how the two populations will be able to interact and co-mingle. The inability to form families or send offspring back and forth between the two planets could drive the two groups even further apart, assuming the whole issue of “who pays who taxes” hasn’t created an irreparable rift already.

    Sparks around a campfire

    Mars City: How This Human Takes Form

    Solomon argues these changes will happen relatively quickly. Radiation on Mars is extraordinarily high, he notes, without any sort of magnetosphere to protect the humans. Children are normally born with between 20 to 120 genetic mutations, but radiation could cause this figure to spike and accelerate changes in genes.

    Humans could also accelerate changes even more through gene editing. CRISPR/Cas9 is a tool that could enable humans to ready our bodies for Martian life more quickly, but with our current limited knowledge of the human genome, random changes could have unexpected consequences. Still, it could represent an avenue for alterations in the near future.

    “Why wait around for this mutation to occur if you can just go in and make them yourself?” Solomon says.

    Another is the founder effect, which is the theory that gene traits of the first inhabitants of a new area have a huge influence on the future trajectory of the species. That means if we send up the most physically capable humans to Mars, their offspring may be more genetically predisposed to physical strength than humans on Mars.

    It also means Musk and others will need to consider genetic diversity, to ensure a good mix throughout the population. Solomon argues for around 100,000 people migrating to Mars over the course of a few years, with the majority from Africa, as that is where humans see the greatest genetic diversity.

    “If I were designing a human colony on Mars, I would want a population that would be hundreds of thousands of people, with representatives of every human population here on Earth,” Solomon says.

    Hopefully the architects of these new worlds are listening. }

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    Mysterieus manuscript toch niet ontcijferd: universiteit trekt verklaring in -

    Bron: Guardian

    Het Voynich Manuscript is een bundel van 240 pagina’s, gevuld met een handgeschreven tekst, tekeningen van onbekende planten en ingewikkelde symbolen. De tekst is zo’n 500 jaar oud - dat staat vast - maar wat erin staat, weet niemand.

    Het Voynich Manuscript is een bundel van 240 pagina’s, gevuld met een handgeschreven tekst, tekeningen van onbekende planten en ingewikkelde symbolen. De tekst is zo’n 500 jaar oud - dat staat vast - maar wat erin staat, weet niemand.
     Zo’n twee weken geleden deelde de University of Bristol de veelbelovende boodschap dat het meest mysterieuze manuscript ter wereld eindelijk gekraakt zou zijn. Terwijl anderen er jaren over deden, zou een academicus aan de universiteit er op slechts twee weken tijd in geslaagd zijn de code te kraken. Maar die verklaring trekt de universiteit nu terug in.

    Het Voynich Manuscript – vernoemd naar de Poolse boekhandelaar die het in 1912 ontdekte – was jarenlang het onderwerp van discussie bij cryptologen, taalwetenschappers, zelfs bij astronomen. Niemand slaagde erin om het te ontcijferen, al beweerden tal van geleerden dat dat wel lukte. Dat laatste clubje vervoegt Gerard Cheshire nu, de academicus die beweerde dat hij het manuscript op twee weken tijd ontcijferde.

    Cheshire beweerde dat het om een proto-Romaanse taal ging, geschreven door de koningin van Aragon, Maria van Castilië. Bovendien zou het de laatst overlevende tekst van die taal zijn. Zijn vondst was “een van de belangrijkste ontwikkelingen binnen de Romaanse taalkunde”. Maar zijn vondst deed vooral wat wenkbrauwen fronsen.

    “Sorry maar dit is nonsens”, klonk het bij een andere academicus, gespecialiseerd in de middeleeuwen, via een Twitterbericht. “Zijn conclusie is bullshit”, klonk het bij iemand anders. 

    Na heel wat bedenkingen van experts, trekt de universiteit haar verklaring dan toch in. Hoewel Gerard Cheshire aanvankelijk nog als een “academicus aan de universiteit van Bristol” werd omschreven, distantieert de universiteit zichzelf nu volledig: “Het onderzoek van de auteur gebeurde onafhankelijk en is niet gelieerd aan de universiteit van Bristol, de kunstacademie noch het Centrum voor middeleeuwse Studies.”

    Vooral eigenaardig aan de hele zaak is dat het wetenschappelijk artikel in het vaktijdschrift Roman Studies verscheen. Dat betekent evenwel dat het eerst gecontroleerd werd door collega’s. Cheshire blijft er dan ook van overtuigd dat hij het bij het rechte eind heeft: “Na verloop van tijd zal mijn oplossing gebruikt worden door anderen bij hun onderzoek naar het manuscript. En uiteindelijk zal de weerstand afnemen.”

    Voynich Manuscript

    Het Voynich Manuscript is een bundel van 240 pagina’s, gevuld met een handgeschreven tekst, tekeningen van onbekende planten en ingewikkelde symbolen. De tekst is zo’n 500 jaar oud - dat staat vast - maar wat erin staat, weet niemand. Wilfred Voynich deed zelf een dappere poging nadat hij de tekst vond, maar faalde in zijn opzet.

    Voynich Manuscript

     Twitter Voynich Manuscript

    Een pagina uit het Voynich Manuscript

    Beinecke Manuscript Gallery Een pagina uit het Voynich Manuscript

     afp }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Alien Craft Lands In Ashland Wisconsin

    Alien Craft Lands In Ashland Wisconsin


    Although it is separated by a little over 100 miles, a UFO landing in Ashland Wisconsin, also in the north-west of the state, occurred only several months later on the evening of 13th March 1975. At around 1 am, 15-year-old Jane Baker went outside to put the family’s cats in the garage where they spent the night.

    She made her way to the outbuilding, a regular journey made each night. As she did she suddenly became aware of a “strange high-toned” noise. When she turned around to look in the direction of the sound, she witnessed a brightly lit object. Like a “silvery disc with a domed top” hovering above. Red and green lights flashed around the edge of it.

    She quickly placed the cats in the garage and then rushed back to the house to tell her father, Philip Baker, of the strange craft. She would state to him that there was something “on the hill up the road”.

    Bemused but intrigued, he put on his shoes and followed his daughter outside. Although the flashing lights had now disappeared, as had the strange noise, the craft itself was still very visible. And what’s more, it appeared to be descending.

    Suddenly, a sound like “metal-on-metal” rang out making each of them jump somewhat. They each watched the strange object for several moments longer before rushing back inside to contact authorities.

    As Philip spoke to the Undersheriff on the phone about what he and his daughter had witnessed, another large bang rang out almost making the house rumble. When Jane rushed to the window, she stated that the object had seemingly disappeared.

    A Second Sighting The Following Day!

    Before the disappearance of the craft, while Philip was dialing the authorities, his wife, and his three sons also rushed to the windows, witnessing the craft through the glass for several minutes. Although police would take the Baker’s report, there was no sign of the craft following the second large bang.

    The next morning, however, Jane would witness the object again while looking out over a swamp near the family home. The lights were no longer flashing. But the shape and size of the object were almost identical to the previous evening.

    She would go and put on a thicker coat to combat the early morning winter weather. She would then head out towards the location of the object. With her, she had one the family’s pet dog. She could clearly see it as she approached, hovering just above the treetops.

    Suddenly, though, the dog would stop in its tracks, whining and refusing to move forward any further. Despite attempting to pull it gently along with her, it would refuse to move. She would take it back in the house and then returned outside. However, by the time she got to the spot where the dog had stopped, the object was no longer there.

    A Connection To The Legends Of Forest-Dwelling Beasts Of Wisconsin?

    Jane would return to the location of the sighting later that afternoon. Along with two of her brothers, John, and Monty. They noticed that a slightly round impression was visible that “fluffed-up” the snow.

    There was also a tire track from a car that appeared to pass over the circle. This indicated, if the circle was due to the craft, that the car had passed over it at some point in the last few hours. Other than that, however, there was no other sign that anything out of the ordinary had taken place.

    • NOTE: The above image is CGI.






    Source: }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Expert Warns Yellowstone Eruption Could Kill Five Billion People

    Expert Warns Yellowstone Eruption Could Kill Five Billion People

    When does a disaster go from ‘natural’ to ‘the mother of all’ disasters’? When it’s the next eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. That’s according to a leading volcano expert from Poland who wants the United States to start thinking ‘when’ not ‘if’ and developing an evacuation plan for an eruption that he predicts could kill five billion people.

    The only thing you can do is evacuate people to another continent.

    In a recent interview with Poland’s WP Media, Dr. Jerzy Żaba,professor of geological sciences and head of the Department of General Geology at the University of Silesia in Katowice, explains why a Yellowstone “Superwulk” eruption would be far more destructive and deadly to life on Earth than most other experts are willing to consider. He starts by comparing it to a recent supervolcano event — the Toba supereruption about 75,000 years ago in Sumatra, Indonesia, which was one of the largest known eruptions.

    “As a result of the Toby eruption in Sumatra, according to various estimates, 70 to 90 percent died. the then human population on our planet. More optimistic researchers believe that the outbreak was survived by tens of thousands of people, moderately optimistic that they survived 15,000, and the least – from three to five thousand. The population of a small village survived all over the world!” (Google translation)

    Up to 90 percent of the Earth’s albeit small population at that time may have died. If you’re into odds, Żaba points out that there have been 42 similar supervolcano eruptions — on average once in less than a million years. So, as far as Yellowstone is concerned, we’re good for at least a few hundred-thousand years, right?

    “Yellowstone is a powerful superwulkan whose explosions took place, to our knowledge, three times. The first took place over two million years ago, the second million 300,000. years ago, and the third, about which we know the most, took place 640 thousand. years ago.”

    Żaba says volcanoes are erupting in different locations than in the past (Poland has one that was active 800,000 years ago) and geologists have learned that nearby volcanoes are often linked and can cascade into multiple eruption events. However, none have the destructive potential – both on the ground and in the air – of Yellowstone.

    “It would destroy most of the United States. Discarded materials would cover everything with a meter layer within a radius of 500 km. And due to the emission of a huge amount of dust, gases or sulfur oxide to the atmosphere, there would be a temporary cooling of the climate. Sulfur oxide would create a thin veil of sulfuric acid around the planet reflecting sunlight. He would persist for many years. It is estimated that due to climate change about five billion people would starve to death.”

    Żaba doesn’t think programs like NASA’s plan to drill a hole and cool Yellowstone’s magma will work due to the sheer size and volume of the magma tank. Besides, it’s not the lava that will kill us – it’s the dust and debris that will be thrown into the atmosphere. Żaba says the only way to escape falling chunks of rock and debris is to evacuate, but the space for holding the millions of people who need to move in a short period of time will require another continent and a monumental effort. And, once they get to their new home, they’ll have to deal with the death of all flora and fauna that will result in Żaba’s prediction that five billion people would starve to death.

    Is there any good news, Dr. Żaba?

    “There are forces over which people have no influence and have to observe with incredible humility.”

    Humility? We’re doomed! }

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    Categorie:Diversen (Eng, NL en Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Lunacy: how science fiction is powering the new moon rush

    Lunacy: how science fiction is powering the new moon rush

    Fifty years after the first moon landings, a new generation of space travellers, from Xi Jinping’s taikonauts to Jeff Bezos, are racing to colonise our nearest neighbour. Is reality catching up with sci-fi?

    ‘‘Magnificent desolation’ … the moon.

     ‘Magnificent desolation’ … the moon.

    Photograph: Chinese State Media/ZUMA Wire/REX/Shutterstock

    The moon is rising again above the horizon of the imagination, waxing into worldly relevance. Fifty years after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first stepped on to what Aldrin called the “magnificent desolation” of the Sea of Tranquility, the possibility of a human return to their dusty stamping ground is greater than it has been at any time since the Apollo programme reached its end just three years later.

    The robot vanguard has already set forth. Later this year India will attempt to become the fourth nation to land a probe on the moon; an Israeli attempt to get there failed in April, but its backers plan to try again. China has landed two robot rovers on the moon’s surface in the past five years. One visited the near side, the familiar pockmarked face seen from Earth; the other went to the overflown-but-never-before-visited far side. The Chinese space agency has talked of sending humans in their wake, perhaps in the early 2030s.

    They may be beaten to it. Last year Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese fashion entrepreneur and art collector, signed a contract with SpaceX, the rocket firm founded by Elon Musk, for a flight around the moon. He intends to take a crew of as-yet-unspecified artists with him. The chances of this happening in 2023, as notionally planned, are small; SpaceX has yet to fly any humans anywhere. The chances of it happening sometime, though, are at least middling; for the most part, SpaceX has eventually delivered on its promises. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos is spending some of the riches he has accrued as boss of Amazon on Blue Origin, a space company that aims to surpass SpaceX. Earlier this month he unveiled Blue Moon, a lander designed to place scientific equipment on to the lunar surface. After it has been upgraded, he says, it will be capable of landing people there, too.

    Elon Musk believes it is vital for humans to become a multiplanetary species.

     SpaceX founder Elon Musk believes it is vital for humans to become a multiplanetary species.
    Photograph: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

    On 26 March vice-president Mike Pence told an audience at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama: “The first woman and the next man on the moon will both be American astronauts, launched by American rockets, from American soil.” He challenged Nasa to make the first of these crewed missions by 2024. One of the clearest reasons he gave for this new commitment was that China had “revealed their ambition to seize the lunar strategic high ground”.

    Our imagined moon has long inspired fear, excitement, hubris and political ambition – fact and myth, science and science fiction have always intertwined. Some of the engineers who advised Fritz Lang on his 1929 film, Frau im Mond went on to develop the first rocket capable of reaching space, Germany’s V-2. When they later moved to Huntsville, they took with them not just their know‑how but also Lang’s anticipation-quickening innovation of counting down the seconds before the rocket’s launch.

    Science fiction is often seen as an anticipation – a fiction peculiarly expected to graduate into fact. But if technologies once found only in SF do sometimes become real they do not, in so doing, always cease to be science fictional. SF is not, after all, simply a literature about the future; it is a literature about the shock of new capacities and new perspectives, about transcendence, estrangement and resistance in the face of the inhuman. Its ideas shape and constrain the ways in which technological possibilities are seen, understood and experienced long after those possibilities are first tentatively realised. It illuminates the dreams of Musk, Bezos and all the other new moon-rushers.

    Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the Moon in 1969.

     Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the Moon in 1969.
    Photograph: Science & Society Picture Library/SSPL via Getty Images

    Take the origins of Pence’s reference to the “lunar strategic high ground”. In one of the first moon novels written after the second world war, Robert Heinlein’s Rocket Ship Galileo (1947), an atomic scientist and his teenage crew discover, on what they believe to be the first mission to the moon, a base from which the Third Reich’s rump intends to rain nuclear vengeance on to Earth. Heinlein, an aeronautical engineer who was one of the first American science fiction writers to gain a mainstream audience, had seen the V-2 and the Manhattan Project make real the rocket ships and superweaponry that had been his prewar stock in trade. Such authors were highly exercised by the strategic implications. In the same month that Heinlein’s book was published, John W Campbell, the preeminent American science fiction editor of the age, published an essay by his and Heinlein’s friend L Ron Hubbard on the strategic necessity of America being the first nation to build such a moonbase for its missiles. A year later Colliers, a mass market magazine, was warning of a “Rocket Blitz from the Moon”.

    The idea rode high for a decade. “He who controls the moon, controls the Earth,” General Homer A Boushey told the American press in 1958. The US air force investigated the possibility of demonstrating that control, and adding to the moon’s craters, by conducting a nuclear test on its surface, one that would be ominously and spectacularly visible to most of the world below (Carl Sagan, later to be prominent in the fight for nuclear disarmament, was one of those who worked on the project).

    It did not happen. Though the Apollo programme was a crucial piece of cold war strategy, its goal was not to occupy the moon or use it as a missile base. Rather, it was to show the world the remarkable resources the US was willing to invest in advancing its technological power; the means, not the end, were the message. But Hubbard’s megalomaniacal dreams of an Earth controlled from the moon still lurks in that idea of the “strategic high ground”.

    Rocket Ship Galileo used the moon not only as a way of thinking about the prospect of nuclear war, it also made it a way of understanding the aftermath. (“The moon people ... ruined themselves. They had one atomic war too many.”)

    These visions of existential dread led Arthur C Clarke to argue in Prelude to Space (1947), a novel about the preparations for a moon mission, that “atomic power makes interplanetary travel not just possible but imperative. As long as it was confined to Earth, humanity had too many eggs in one rather fragile basket.” That feeling informs dreams of space travel today. Musk, in particular, talks of war, pandemics, rebel AIs and asteroid Armageddons all making it vital for humans to become a multiplanetary species. A more junior Silicon Valley space mogul told me he wants to help build a moonbase for the same reason that, before cloud computing, he would back up his files to a second hard disk: something might happen. (Of course, such plutocratic panic feels dangerously close to the idea of a bolthole for the select.)

    As active proponents of the new space age, Clarke and Heinlein realised that linking the moon only with nuclear catastrophe would be a poor sales pitch. To get the public on board, a more fertile idea was the dream of building human settlements on the moon, which could somehow be portrayed as both wonderful and mundane. In Heinlein’s short story “Space Jockey”, the problem facing the astronaut protagonist is not Ming the Merciless or a swarm of comets but the amount of time he has to spend away from home; the resolution is his decision to take a desk job in comfortably domestic Luna City, built under the surface of the moon. A teenager whines that “nothing ever happens on the moon”. This dualism of the familiar and the fantastic is epitomised in the motif of Earth playing the same role in the moon’s sky as the moon does in Earth’s, lighting the landscape’s darkness.

    Earthrise … captured by Apollo 8 in 1968.

     Earthrise … captured by Apollo 8 in 1968.
    Photograph: Bill Anders/NASA/HANDOUT/EPA

    It is not a new insight; Galileo realised that nights on the nearside of the moon would be earthlit, just as earthly nights are moonlit. All early lunar fiction draws the reader’s attention to Earth waxing and waning in the alien sky as the clearest possible indication of the revolutionary Copernican insight. Twentieth-century heirs made a similar use of the image of worlds reversed. Earthlight (1955), Clarke’s first moon-set novel, opens with the accountant Bertram Sadler, new to the moon, looking out of his train window at the “cold glory of this ancient, empty land” illuminated by “a light tinged with blues and greens; an arctic radiance that gave no atom of heat. And that, thought Sadler, was surely a paradox, for it came from a world of light and warmth.”

    Clarke’s paradox was made plain to see in the famous image Earthrisecaptured by Apollo 8: a world of warmth and light rising above the cold glory of ancient emptiness. The contrast was strong enough – the blasted basalts below unworldly and unappealing enough – that the colonised, normalised moon which Clarke and Heinlein had imagined fell back into the realm of fancy, if not that of the absurd.

    So why does returning to the moon now seem plausible again? For one thing, China, or any other country, can put a man or woman on the moon with far less effort than it took the US in the 1960s: as a way to claim parity with a fading superpower, that relatively modest effort has obvious attractions. And as the effort involved has been reduced the resources in the hands of private individuals have increased: Bezos may choose, in the near-term, to yoke his dreams of expansion into space – unlocking untold wealth – to the more parochial ambitions of the US government. But that is convenience, not necessity. Being the richest person on the planet brings with it its own superempowerment.

    Science fiction, too, has cast space travel in economic, rather than political, terms. Once again it is hard to avoid Heinlein, this time his novella The Man Who Sold the Moon (1950). Its main character is DD Harriman, a tycoon who, having made his fortune from other technologies, persuades and cons investors of all sorts to provide the further resources he needs to realise his true dream, the founding of a moon colony. After the sheer Soviet Union-surpassing, 2.5%-of-GDP scale of the Apollo effort became manifest in the 1960s, the story seemed quaint. Moon missions were the work of nations, not cigar-puffing wheeler dealers. Now it seems oddly prescient.

    Apollo 12 Lunar Module Intrepid descends  to land on the Moon in 1969.
     Apollo 12 Lunar Module Intrepid descends to land on the Moon in 1969.
    Photograph: Science & Society Picture Library/SSPL via Getty Images

    If strategic rivalry, existential fear and plutocratic caprice were the only narratives science fiction had lent the moon, one might feel justified in taking a dim view of the whole affair. But there is more. A lifeless world may again provide new insights into a living one, as it did with Earthrise. It is in such changed perspectives on worlds and their peoples that the true promise of science fiction surely lives. Heinlein’s most successful lunar novel, The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (1967), is driven by a thrilling plot. But the reason it continues to be loved by many, especially in Silicon Valley, is the strange, contradictory, savage but cosy, polyamorous, Malthusian, libertarian, utopian and carceral society it conjures as its cyborg setting. Similarly, the most striking recent novel about the moon, John Kessel’s The Moon and the Other (2017) sets itself in the “Society of Cousins”, a matriarchy inspiring and troubling, idealistic, indulgent and somewhat stifling. It is, to borrow the subtitle of Ursula K Le Guin’s The Dispossessed (1974), an ambiguous utopia.

    Which is as much as you can hope for. The moon, as it becomes a target for politicians, billionaires and enthusiasts inspired by science fictions past, should remain ambiguous, longed for and desolate, always the same and yet shockingly new, a strangeness sitting in the sky for all to see.

    • Oliver Morton’s The Moon: A History for the Future is published by Economist. }

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