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Wil je een videoclip bekijken en stoort het X-files-deuntje jou daarbij. Schakel het  deuntje gewoon uit door in deze kolon, helemaal beneden op de 2 witte balkjes in het blauwe cirkeltje te klikken, tot een pijltje verschijnt. Veel kijk- en luisterplezier en bedankt voor jouw bezoek.

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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandelijks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Ancient Cell Phone Discovered In Austria On Dec 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    Ancient Cell Phone Discovered In Austria On Dec 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of discovery: December 2015
    Location of discovery: Austria
    News source:

    It is evident from this cell phone like device that someone with an advanced knowledge of the future created it. The language is said to go back tens of thousands of years, but I remember a drawing of it that looked similar to the writing here. I can no longer find the drawings of it, but they said it was millions of years old and found in a coal mine, but was destroyed by the tunneling later. Very cool discovery. 
    Scott C. Waring

    News states:
    Archaeologists digging in Austria found an ancient clay tablet that looks like a cell or cordless phone with keys etched with cuneiform characters that would imply it originally came from Mesopotamia. What is it? Is it evidence of an advanced civilization or time travel? The tablet was reportedly found earlier this year by archaeologists digging in Fuschl am See, a city in the Austrian state of Salzburg. There’s not much information on what the researchers were digging for in this region but it probably wasn’t cuneiform tablets. Yet that’s what they found. Even more shocking, the tablet strongly resembles the cell phones they were most likely using to take pictures of it. The tablet was dated to around the 13th century BCE. By that time, the Sumerian writing style known as cuneiform had already been around for a few thousand years. Cuneiform tablets aren’t unusual – an estimated 2 million have been excavated. The language was a mystery until the 19th century when its code was deciphered. (more at source.) }

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    Categorie:LATEST UFO-NEWS ( ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Californian Man Videotapes Low Flying UFO at Rancho Cordova

    Californian Man Videotapes Low Flying UFO at Rancho Cordova


    A man at Rancho Cordova in Sacramento County, California claimed to have watched and videotaped a low flying, triangle UFO that flew toward his vehicle and passed just 50 feet above at around 5:43 p.m. on 13 December 2015.

    According to the testimony filed in Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) reporting database under Case 73133, the witness and his family were travelling on a freeway when they first saw a triangular-shaped craft in the distance.

    The witness stated in the report that in a few seconds, as they got on the highway, the UFO had completely changed directions and headed in their path. All of a sudden, the object was approximately 50 feet above their car, and it went off in the distance toward the west. Then it sped up to incredible speeds and gone.

    Included in the report filed on December 14, 2015, is a piece of video as evidence of the sighting.

    29-12-2015 om 16:37 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:LATEST UFO-NEWS ( ENG)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.What Will Aliens Look Like Really??

    What Will Aliens Look Like Really??

    When we think of aliens what generally comes to mind is an image presented to us by Hollywood, for the simple fact that the brain has difficulty identifying with something that could potentially be outside the limits of its given knowledge and imagination, as well as our overall current level of comprehension.

    We all know about the popular image that is the alien greys or green alien looking men, or the very scary famous alien monster creature from the “Alien” movie saga. There is also “the Predator”, or the more friendly E.T. from Steven Spielberg’s famous 1982 movie, among countless others, but how many of them are even remotely accurate?

    Our comprehension is limited by the Earth’s perceivable atmosphere, and more so by our human sensory limitations. In fact, according to experts, all the stars, planets and galaxies, etc. that can actually be seen today account for just 4 percent of the Universe. The other 96 percent is made of stuff astronomers and scientists can’t even see or even detect.

    To put this into deeper perspective, scientists estimate that in our galaxy alone, there are hundreds of billions of earth like planets and, on a larger scale, in the known Universe, there are said to be at least one HUNDRED BILLION galaxies.

    This is far FAR beyond the current level of human comprehension available. Not to mention that the belief that there isn’t alien life out there somewhere is incredibly naive. Even the belief that they have not been here, or are not here already, would be a very primitive belief to hold.

    There is simply no way of truly knowing what aliens would look like. When we think of the complexity that already already exists on this planet alone, in terms of life, the possibilities are endless. Just look at the octopus, for example. Scientists have stated before that they believe it could potentially be an alien. However, the most alien like creature on this planet, actually seems to be humans, a theory that has been presented by numerous researchers and professionals, including Dr. Ellis Silver,  ProfessorSteven Benner, and Zecharia Sitchin, among others.

    To answer the question of what alien life would look like, Popular Mechanics actually asked several “experts” what we could expect which can be read about HERE

    Another scientist, Professor Simon Conway Morris, believes humans are not aliens, but aliens will look like us. According to the Independent, Professor Morris believes that “extra-terrestrials that resemble human beings should have evolved on at least some of the many Earth-like planets that have been discovered by astronomers.”

    As you can see, there are many different theories but none of which are absolute. The possibility that we are the most evolved species in the Universe, let alone this planet, is highly unlikely. We are currently destroying the very planet we depend on for our livelihood. Not so intelligent.

    So what do you think? What will aliens look like? What other life could potentially be out there? }

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    Categorie:Diversen (Eng, NL en Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.DNA test results: Paracas skulls are not human

    DNA test results: Paracas skulls are not human

    The desert peninsula of Paracas is located on the southern coast of one of South America’s most enigmatic countries: Peru. It is there, in this barren landscape where Peruvian archeologist Julio Tello made one of the most mysterious discoveries in 1928. During excavations, Tello uncovered a complex and sophisticated graveyard under the harsh soil of the Paracas desert.

    In the enigmatic tombs, Tello discovered a set of controversial human remains that would forever change how we look at our ancestor and our origins. The bodies in the tombs had some of the largest elongated skulls ever discovered on the planet, called the Paracas skulls. The Peruvian archeologist discovered over 300 mysterious skulls which are believed to be at least around 3000 years old.

    As if the shape of the skulls wasn’t mysterious enough, a recent DNA analysis performed on some of the skulls presented some of the most enigmatic and incredible results that challenge everything we know about the origin and human evolutionary tree.

    Skull Deformation: An Ancient religious practice

    While several cultures around the globe practices skull deformation (elongation), the techniques used were different, meaning the results were also not the same. There are certain South American tribes that used to ‘bind infants skulls’ in order to change their shape, resulting into a drastically elongated cranial shape that resembled anything but ordinary humans. By applying constant pressure over a long period of time with the use of pieces of mood, the ancient tribes would achieve a cranial deformation which can also be found in ancient cultures from Africa. However, while this type of cranial deformation changed the shape of the skull, it did not alter the size, weight or cranial volume, all of which are characteristic traits of regular human skulls.

    This is where the details about the Paracas skulls gets interesting. The Paracas skulls are anything but ordinary. The cranium of the Paracas skulls is are least 25 % larger and up to 60% heavier than the skulls of regular human beings. Researchers firmly believe that these traits could not have been achieved through head bindings as some scientists suggest. Not only are they different in weight, the Paracas skulls are also structurally different and only have one parietal plate while ordinary humans have two.


    These strange characteristics have further deepened the decade-old mystery surrounding the Paracas skulls and researchers still have no idea what they were in the past.

    Further Testing

    The director of the Paracas Museum of History sent five samples of the Paracas skulls to undergo genetic testing, and the results were mesmerizing. The samples which consisted of hair, skin teeth and some fragments of cranial bones gave incredible details that have fueled the mystery surrounding these anomalous skulls. The genetic laboratory to where the samples were sent was not informed of the origin of the skulls in order to avoid ‘influenced results’.

    Interestingly, the mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited from the mother, showed mutations that were unknown to any man, primate or animal found on planet Earth. The mutations present in the samples of the Paracas skulls suggest that researchers were dealing with a completely new ‘human-like being’, very different from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals or Denisovans.

    Brien Foerster reported the following on the geneticist’s findings:

    It had mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far. But a few fragments I was able to sequence from this sample indicate that if these mutations will hold we are dealing with a new human-like creature, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals, and Denisovans.

    According to reports, the individuals from the Paracas skulls were so biologically different that it would have been impossible from humans and them to ‘interbreed’.  “I am not sure it will even fit into the known evolutionary tree,” the geneticist wrote.

    Who were these mysterious beings? Did they evolve separately on Earth? What caused them to have such drastic differences from ordinary humans? And is it possible that these beings are actually not from Earth? All of these possibilities are theories that cannot be overruled given the current testing. The only thing that we know so far is that there are many things out there that go far beyond the understanding of researchers, historians, and scientists. It is possible that after all, the question to whether we are alone in the universe can be answered thanks to the Paracas skulls. }

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    Categorie:Diversen (Eng, NL en Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Archaeologists Discover 10,000 Year Old Cave Paintings of UFOs and Alien Beings in India

    Archaeologists Discover 10,000 Year Old Cave Paintings of UFOs and Alien Beings in India

    Using the latest dating technology, researchers were able to determine the age of a bizarre discovery from India. Paintings of several peculiar beings along with a disc-shaped object were found in a cave system in India.
    The paintings appear to have been made no more than 10,000 years ago by the local dwellers who possibly met or witnessed these otherworldly beings. The Department of Archaeology of the Indian state of Chhattisgarh asked the US and Indian aerospace agencies for assistance in order to find out more about the curious designs found in the tribal Bastar area.
    Western analysts were intrigued after investigating the paintings because of the many features they had in common with the present UFO phenomenon. According to them, the paintings were made by the aboriginals who appear to have had a clear knowledge of these fantastic beings, as if they were watching some kind of science fiction movie.
    Is it possible that 10,000 years ago, humans of this area witnessed or even met with these fantastic beings who they later drawn on the cave wall as a reminder of their greatness? Considering that paintings such as these are found across several other different cultures, the hypothesis of ancient aliens who visited Earth thousands of years ago doesn’t seem too far-off from reality.
    According to archaeologist JR Bhagat who is investigating into this matter, there are a few things that tend to add to the overall mystery, such as the remaining villagers who appear to worship the peculiar drawings even now. He believes that people of old witnessed the arrival of otherworldly beings in their spaceships, but until a detailed investigation, the above remains only a speculation.
    There are several beliefs among locals in these villages. While few worship the paintings, others narrate stories they have heard from ancestors about “rohela people”, or “the small-sized ones” who used to land from the sky in a round shaped flying object and take away one or two persons in the village who never returned.
    The paintings are done in natural colours that have hardly faded despite the years. The strangely carved figures are seen holding weapon-like objects and do not have clear features. Especially the nose and mouth are missing. In few pictures, they are even shown wearing space suits. We can’t refute possibility of imagination by prehistoric men, but humans usually fancy such things.
    If we are to consider the “caveman” possibility, how come the faces of the beings are so different than those of humans? And how come these beings are depicted wearing strange helms and holding peculiar sword-like objects in a time considered by the modern science as primitive and rudimental?
    Apart from this, many peculiar artefacts were discovered in India, a country veiled in mystery, with a complex past involving subterranean temples, strange deities, strong cultural and spiritual background, and of course the Vimanas – the ancient flying machines.
    So could this be the work of a caveman, or is it rather the work of humans who were surprised by otherworldly visitors?

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    Categorie:Diversen (Eng, NL en Fr)
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Dancing UFOs Hula Over Honolulu

    Dancing UFOs Hula Over Honolulu

    Were these drones? Creative (if not lazy) editing? Or the real thing? Our expert weighs in.


    Almost every day, new UFO images and videos are posted all over the Internet for everyone to see. Here's one that, at first glance, may have you believing a fleet of otherworldly orbs were captured on video, maneuvering in wild patterns somewhere near Honolulu, Hawaii.

    At least that's what it looks like in the following video, posted on Oct. 21, 2015, by YouTube channel Earth & Space News. The UFOs -- for lack of a better word at the moment -- are seen hovering, moving rapidly, darting back and forth, merging with each other, blinking in and out in unison. That's more than you normally get in a UFO video.

    While this may appear to be incredible footage of strange lights in the sky, there are some credibility questions here.

    First, the identity of the alleged videographer or the exact date and time of the video are not revealed. No information is offered that could help any research effort to learn more about this incident. But the video itself is riddled with visual problems.

    "I would say this is definitely CGI [computer-generated imagery]," according to Ben Hansen, the former lead investigator of Syfy Channel's "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files."

    Hansen points out several segments of the video that have reliability issues.

    "At :26 in, the orb on the far left takes a short jog back and forth that didn't look like it was intended. This happens throughout the video. It looks like evidence of poor anchoring of the object to a fixed reference point," Hansen told HuffPost in an email.

    "They do an OK job with tracking the animation layer over the background, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the video was also filmed off a projected screen of some sort to give the impression of zooming in and out with a handheld camera."

    And what about all those moments when the alleged UFOs appear to suddenly blink out and then come right back, sometimes doing it simultaneously?

    "The fact that the blinking lights usually all go out at the same time might indicate a laziness in editing," Hansen, an ex-FBI special agent, suggests. "It's much easier to turn off a whole animation layer than it is to take the time to individually adjust each light to fade in and out."

    And there were weird interactions between the "orbs" and some clouds.

    "They had some problems with clouds and rotoscoping (telling the software what objects to treat as separate layers). At 4:50, an orb is traveling upward through the cloud. It disappears through the edge of it as if it was behind the cloud. Yet, it then travels straight down, and now it's on top of the cloud. They either forgot it was supposed to travel behind it, or they just got lazy and didn't think it would be noticed."

    Another visual problem occurs with the clouds. If you watch closely, you'll notice how (around the 6:20 mark), as the horizon sometimes bounces up and down, from camera movement, the clouds above it stay in the same place. Shouldn't they bounce as well?

    One final issue should at least be mentioned. The following double image shows an identical moment from the video, with one interesting difference: The image on the left was posted by Earth & Space News on Oct. 21 of this year. The right side picture comes from another YouTube channel, FindingUFO, which posted a shortened version of the entire video on March 14, 2013.


    While the YouTube channels offered the same video more than two-and-a-half years apart, they both neglected to provide any extra identifying information about its origin.

    Don't believe every UFO image or video you see. }

    29-12-2015 om 00:00 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:News from the FRIENDS of facebook ( ENG )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Did The Nazis Build A Secret Antarctic Base?

    Did The Nazis Build A Secret Antarctic Base?

    In the 1930's, Nazis exploring the southern extremities of the globe set up a base (called base-211) in Antarctica. You may have heard of Operation Highjump and how Admiral Byrd had an altercation with entrenched German forces that overpowered them with amazing flying craft. A map from the Third Reich (obtained by Russian forces during WW2) has recently surfaced detailing not only the direct passageway used by German U-boats to access this subterranean domain, but also a complete map of both hemispheres of the inner realm of Agartha!

    After the Soviet collapse in 1991, the KGB released previously classified files that cast light on the mysterious US led Naval expedition to Antarctica in 1947.

    The intelligence report, gathered from Soviet KGB spies embedded in the US, revealed that the US Navy had sent the military expedition led by Admiral Byrd to find and destroy a hidden Nazi base.
    On the way, they encountered and were defeated by a German saucer force that destroyed several ships and planes, forcing the US to retreat and implement a media cover-up lasting up until today.
    Officially called “The United States Navy Antarctic Development Program,” the naval component of Operation Highjump was comprised of 4700 military personnel, an aircraft carrier (the USS Philippine Sea among the largest of all carriers of the time), and a number of naval support ships and aircraft.
    The Naval expedition was headed by famed polar explore Admiral Richard Byrd, who had been ordered to:
    “to consolidate and extend American sovereignty over the largest practical area of the Antarctic continent. To establish Little America”
    Byrd’s expedition ended after only 8 weeks with “many fatalities” according to initial news reports based on interviews with crew members who spoke to the press while passing through Chilean ports.
    Rather than deny the heavy casualty reports, Admiral Byrd revealed in an interview that they had encountered a new enemy that “could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.”
    Admiral Byrd’s statements were published in the Chilean Press but never publicly confirmed by US authorities. Indeed Byrd did not speak again to the Press about Operation Highjump, leaving it for researchers to speculate for decades over what really happened, and why Byrd was silenced.
    If the fortress was in Antarctica, was it built by the Nazis, or discovered there? After the defeat of Nazi Germany, according various sources, elite Nazi scientists and leaders escaped to this impregnable fortress by Uboats, two of which experienced difficulties and surrendered in Argentina.

    Share this amazing story with your friends. }

    28-12-2015 om 23:07 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:News from the FRIENDS of facebook ( ENG )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Trailer: ‘UFO Canyon’ reveals secrets of off-grid backcountry Canadian contact

    Trailer: ‘UFO Canyon’ reveals secrets of off-grid backcountry Canadian contact

    UPDATE: Exclusive new evidence for a previously unreported Columbia River Basin UFO crash and recovery incident is presented for the first time.

    By Jon Kelly

    Vancouver, BC – An exclusive new video published to YouTube on October 8, 2015, offers viewers a first look at a mini-documentary about high-tech starlight imaging of anomalous objects and unconscious testimony of the UFO witnesses encrypted backwards within their spoken words. Highlights from a five-year independent research study include 3CCD color infrared and high-sensitivity digital night vision evidence from the front lines of public-led initiatives with implications in human performance and consciousness studies. Guided byCanadian UFO videographer Les Murzsa,’s Jon Kelly explored the British Columbia “UFO Canyon” to capture a stunning rare essence of contact through sound and images.

    UPDATE As of December 27, 2015: “UFO Canyon” is now streaming on NewsInsideOut Plus as the final mini-documentary in the 2015 series.

    NewsInsideOut Plus subscribers are streaming new productions included each month with their subscriptions. Find out more about journalist and videographer Jon Kelly’s adventure of a lifetime exploring UFO and mystery lights phenomena of the Columbia River Gorge and Canada’s Sonoran Desert. VIP subscribers receive behind the scenes access to “Journey to Inner Space 2015” as presented in Vancouver this July.

    Want more “Inside-Out” news? Become a NewsInsideOut VIP with NewsIO Plus! NewsIO Plus is for readers who support our journalism and want to deepen their connection with “Inside-Out” reporting. For $7 per month or $70 per year, a richer NewsInsideOut experience awaits. Receive exclusive access to mini-documentaries like “Marfa Reflections” and “UFO Canyon,” behind-the-scenes interviews like “UFOs and Spirituality” plus more. With your subscription you will be able to unlock the latest NewsIO Plus content. Subscribe early to ensure you don’t miss any of the excitement.

    Click here to subscribe to NewsIO Plus and receive new exclusive mini-documentaries each month.

    Recommended Reading

    Trailer: Vancouver UFO Contact Skywatch Summer Workshop in ‘Journey to Inner Space 2015’

    Spring UFO contact road trip tested camera operator nerves, reinforced time-tested methods

    Precognitive UFO dreams and ET psi near Vancouver City Hall

    Edward Snowden’s UFOs Part 2: Psychic human ETs revealed

    Edward Snowden’s UFOs Part 3: Whistleblower’s link to UFOs confirmed }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Top 10 Human Origins Discoveries in 2015

    Top 10 Human Origins Discoveries in 2015

    In 2015, DNA analysis provided deeper insight into the lives of our ancient ancestors. Studies of their appearance, diet, living conditions, and the human family tree, were all hot topics. Research suggesting new species and the concept of human de-evolution also made waves. Each of the following investigations into human origins demonstrate that human evolution is not as simple as many people think, and that technology is a tool that is of great advantage in advancing our knowledge of the past.

    10. Neanderthals Had Hot Water and Bedrooms

    Neanderthals Had Hot Water and Bedrooms

    The living quarters of Neanderthals also made the news this year. Archaeologists in Spain made a number of discoveries inside an ancient cave in Abric Romaní, Catalonia which suggest that Neanderthals had hot water and separate living quarters around 60,000 years ago. The finding adds to the mounting evidence that Neanderthals were a lot more sophisticated than previously thought and were at least as advanced, if not more so, than early Homo sapiens.

    More than 10,000 fossil remains and artifacts were retrieved from the cave, enabling scientists to confirm long-term occupation of the site by Neanderthals. Among the more significant discoveries was a concave hole, which was found enclosed by a large number of hearths with evidence of fire use. Archaeologists believe the Neanderthals used the hole to heat water by placing heated stones from the hearth. Archaeologists also determined that Neanderthals used different parts of the cave for different activities, including making tools, butchering meat and preparing food, throwing out rubbish, and sleeping.

    9. Jawbone Found in Ethiopia Set to Rewrite History

    Jawbone Found in Ethiopia Set to Rewrite History

    A fossilized lower jaw, with five small teeth, began to connect the dots between primitive ancestors and modern humans. The specimen, discovered in Ethiopia, is the bone of one of the very first humans and comes from a time when humans split from the more ape-like ancestors, Australopithecus. The find is more than 400,000 years older than the oldest fossils belonging to the early humans who eventually gave rise to Homo sapiens, our modern species.

    Field work is being done in the Ledi-Geraru site to see if more fossils can be recovered. More information could help determine if the jaw belongs to a known early species of Homo, or an entirely new species, and researchers are putting off definitively naming it for the time being.

    8. Waves of Invaders Came to Britain but Left Few Genes

    Waves of Invaders Came to Britain but Left Few Genes

    People who came from prehistoric Germany, Belgium and France beginning about 11,000 years ago seem to have contributed the most genetic material to modern Caucasian Britons, according to a new study. People may have gone to the islands from those areas long ago via a land bridge. Also, some came from what is now France by boat.

    The genetic study analyzed genes of 2,039 white people from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The results show their dominant ancestry pre-dates the most recent invaders – the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans and Romans. But of those four, the group that contributed the most genes was the Anglo-Saxons, who invaded in the fifth century AD.

    As for the distribution of genes: The Orkney Islands are the only area where the people have significant Viking ancestry, with about 25 percent of the Orkney people’s genes being Viking. The modern people of Wales most closely hew genetically to Stone Age peoples. A bit less than half of modern Britons have Anglo-Saxon ancestry, most of whom are in England proper.

    7. 50,000-year-old Skull May Show Human-Neanderthal Hybrids Originated in Levant, not Europe

    50,000-year-old Skull May Show Human-Neanderthal Hybrids Originated in Levant, not Europe

    In a third study on Neanderthals, a 55,000-year-old skull found at Manot Cave in northern Israel may be the earliest evidence of modern man meeting and mating with Neanderthals found to date. The partial skull “provides evidence that both modern humans and Neanderthals inhabited the southern Levant during the late Pleistocene, close in time to the likely interbreeding event between modern humans and Neanderthals.” This challenges the theory that two species connected 10,000 years later in Europe.

    6. White Skin Developed in Europe Only as Recently as 8,000 Years Ago

    White Skin Developed in Europe Only as Recently as 8,000 Years Ago

    A recent analysis by anthropologists suggests that the light skin color and the tallness associated with European genetics are relatively recent traits to the continent. The evidence suggests modern Europeans do not appear as their ancient ancestors did. Their study was based on 83 human samples from Holocene Europe and shows that for the majority of the time that humans have lived in Europe, the people had dark skin, and the genes signifying light skin only appear within the past 8,000 years. This recent and relatively quick process of natural selection suggests to researchers that the traits which spread rapidly were advantageous within that environment – especially those necessary for Vitamin D absorption. People in less sunny climates required different skin pigmentations in order to absorb and synthesize Vitamin D. Thus, pale skin was advantageous in the region.

    5. Teeth Found in China May Point to Mysterious New Human Species

    Teeth Found in China May Point to Mysterious New Human Species

    A study of skull fragments and teeth discovered in 1976 in a cave in Xujiayoa, China suggests that there may well have been multiple species of primitive humans between 60,000 and 120,000 years ago – including a mysterious people who do not fall under the categories of either Neanderthals, Denisovans, or modern humans.

    Dental remains were recovered from the fragments that identify to four individuals. These were examined for size, shape and surface of the teeth, as well as other defining characteristics. When the teeth were compared to a database of over 5,000 teeth of known species, they did not match any of the accepted hominids. The question is now whether the teeth represent a hybrid of Denisovans and modern humans, or whether scientists have an entirely new human species on their hands.

    4. 10,000-year-old Human Remains Found in Underwater Cave in Mexico

    10,000-year-old Human Remains Found in Underwater Cave in Mexico

    In May last year, archaeologists made the exciting announcement that a complete Ice Age skeleton had been found in an underwater cave in Tulum, Mexico. Since then, more than eight well-preserved skeletons, ranging in age from 9,000 to 13,000 years have been retrieved from cenotes in Mexico and now scientists have begun to unravel the secrets that they may hold about early migration in the Americas.

    The differences in skull shapes between the current indigenous people of Mexico and the Ice Age samples led some experts to argue that Native Americans arrived in a later migration to the earliest inhabitants, who came from elsewhere.  According to this theory, the first wave of people was an Asian group that arrived more than 15,000 years ago via the Bering Strait, at the easternmost tip of Siberia and Alaska (the Paleoamericans), while a second migration wave occurred around 8,000 – 9,000 years ago and are the ancestors of today’s Native Americans. However, until further evidence emerges, it cannot yet be determined whether the differences in skull features between Paleoamericans and later Native Americans is accounted for by evolution or by two distinct migrations.

    3. Neanderthals Twice as Old as Thought

    Neanderthals Twice as Old as Thought

    DNA from fossils from the Sima de los Huesos (“pit of bones”) cave in Spain show that Neanderthals are almost twice as old as previously thought, having emerged up to 765,000 years ago.

    The scientists sequenced DNA from a prehistoric tooth and a leg bone, dating them to between 300,000 and 400,000 years old. They also identified one million to two million base pairs of ancient nuclear DNA, which is the oldest partial genome ever sequenced.

    The findings “could lead to a dramatic shake up of the current shape of the human family tree,” as it was previously believed that Homo sapiens (modern humans) only emerged in Africa 200,000 years ago before they spread across the world. Neanderthals were believed to have evolved in Eurasia from a common ancestor. The new genome results create an earlier timeline for both species, and thus an earlier split in the evolutionary tree.

    2. Ancestors Had More DNA Than We Do Now: Have we Devolved?

    Ancestors Had More DNA Than We Do Now: Have we Devolved?

    A study published in August asserts that modern humans lost DNA as we evolved after our split from apes. Our ancient ancestors, early humans, possessed substantially more amounts of genetic data than we do now. This surprising discovery raises many questions, the most obvious one being: why did we lose all that genetic information? Also, what difference has the loss made? The short answer is: we don’t know yet. This is the first time scientists have documented the loss (and gain) of large chunks of DNA in ancient populations.

    The geneticists sequenced the genomes of 236 individuals from 125 distinct populations. They found that Homo sapiens have shed approximately 40.7 million base pairs of DNA after breaking from our closest living relatives, chimpanzees, around 13 million years ago. Furthermore, at least 27.96 million of the base pairs lost were unique.

    1. Fossilized Pre-Human Creature Lived 3.67 Million Years Ago

    Fossilized Pre-Human Creature Lived 3.67 Million Years Ago

    Scientists also announced an earlier time frame than previously estimated for the lifetime of an early proto-human dubbed Little Foot – as much as 3.67 million years ago. The nearly complete fossilized skeleton of the small Australopithecus creature was found in Sterkfontein Cave in South Africa in the 1990s.

    Age estimates of the fossil have varied greatly over the years, but new dating methods have allowed a more precise estimate. ‘It was impossible to fit Little Foot into the human family tree with any certainty because “ever since its discovery, the age of Little Foot has been debated,” said lead study author Darryl Granger, a geochronologist at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. ‘If researchers can figure out when Little Foot arose, they might be able to better pinpoint which Australopithecus species and which part of Africa ultimately gave rise to Homo.’

    By: Ancient-Origins

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.‘I have proved aliens exist,’ claims doc who snapped ‘best UFO pic of the YEAR’

    ‘I have proved aliens exist,’ claims doc who snapped ‘best UFO pic of the YEAR’

    Dr Richard O’Connor, 60, has snapped almost 280,000 pictures using two motion detector cameras which are locked on the sky at his home in Helena, Montana, USA.But he believes the latest few include the long-sought evidence of alien-flown UFOs (unidentified flying objects).

    The semi-retired anesthesiologist at St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena, claims there are no other logical explanations for the sequence of five pictures showing an object flying through the skies.
    He said: “In my opinion, even a hardened sceptic would say ‘Wow, that is what I expect a UFO would look like.’
    “It appears to be a light source.
    “These photographs are proof positive that UFOs are real.”
    After he posted them online, a fury of debate erupted among the UFO community, with some suggestions they were fake or not conclusive proof.Now Dr O’Connor is enlisting more photo experts to examine his captures.Some have claimed Dr O’Connor has not come into the research impartially, as he has been a long supporter of the crop circles being caused by aliens myth and heads the Crop Circles Research Foundation.He is also a believer of the 1947 Roswell “UFO crash” incident in New Mexico through his friendship with Jesse Marcel Jr, whose father Major Jesse Marcel is said to have shown him, when aged just 10, pieces of wreckage from the alleged UFO crash at the time. 
    Dr O’Connor put up two Reconyx Hyperfire PC 900 Trail cameras 30 feet high on the southeast corner of his house, hoping to catch some evidence of UFOs if they set off the motion detector.
    When triggered by motion, the cameras, which are about 30 feet off the ground, shoot 20 photos at approximately 1-second intervals.
    The cameras shoot 20 photos at one second intervals if activated and this has seen him snap several birds, squirrels and wind-blow treetops.But he finally snapped what he says he has been looking for – proof of UFOs – this winter.He said: “Basically what you see it a very symmetrical, smooth and reflective surface that appears to have his own light source.”He says he has no knowledge how to manipulate images and has sent the stills to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) which investigates and keeps a database of UFO sightings.
    Peter Davenport, head of NUFORC, sent them to a photo-analyst for further investigation.
    The unnamed analyst said: “Bottom line, I think the images are real, but remain a mystery.
    “I suspect the lights in the first and last photos are sun reflections off of something rather than any propulsion system.
    “Thus, I conclude it is a puzzle to solve rather than a fake.”
    However, a separate analyst, who looked at them, suggested they were “100 % fake, ” angering Dr O’Connor who swore to take a lie detector test over them.
    Dr O’Connor added “What you see there is what came off that camera.“They deserve to be studied in a “well-funded, unbiased scientific study to determine if we are being visited.”A third analyst gave him more hope, reporting: “This photo is an interesting one. The colours of the object resembles the surrounding blue sky and clouds.“This would naturally occur with highly reflective silver objects.
    “The fact it was 1/20 second frame rules out balloons or other man-made objects.
    “It also indicates the objects decelerated and accelerated and held position for just one frame, as there’s no elongated motion line that would have occurred if the velocity was constant.”
    Dr O’Connor added: “I am interested in the truth.
    “If I am subject to criticism to get to the bottom of this, then I guess it’s part of the deal.”
    Scott C waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, said: ‘This has to be the most clear UFO photo we have seen all year long.
    “It was shot during the day, in a part of Montana that has a very low population.”
    An online poster said: I don’t know what they are, but it does not prove UFOs and aliens just yet.”

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NASA’s Curisoty rover makes another unprecedented discovery on Mars

    NASA’s Curisoty rover makes another unprecedented discovery on Mars

    NASA’s Curiosity rover has made yet another incredible discovery on Mars as the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument finds biologically useful nitrogen on Mars

    Using the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument onboard the Curiosity rover, a team of scientists has detected, for the first time ever, nitrogen on the surface of Mars which is believed to come from release during heating of Martian sediments.

    Researchers detected the nitrogen in the form of nitric oxide and is believed to have been released from the breakdown of nitrates during heating on Mars. Interestingly, nitrates are a class of molecules that have nitrogen in a form that can be used by living organism. This discovery is of great significance to the team of scientists at NASA since it adds further evidence to the theories that ancient Mars was habitable for life as we know it. The Curiosity rover has sure been of great help for researchers on Earth.

    NASA's Curiosity rover taking a 'selfie' on the surface of the Red Planet

    NASA’s Curiosity rover taking a ‘selfie’ on the surface of the Red Planet

    We know that Nitrogen is essential for all known forms of life on Earth. This is because it is used in the building blocks of lager molecules like DAN and RNA, which encode the genetic instructions for life.

    While there is still ‘no’ evidence that suggests nitrogen molecules found by the NASA scientists indicate there is life on Mars, increasing spikes of Methane on Mars seem to indicate scientists could have underestimated Mars’ ability to sustain life. Researchers firmly maintain that Mars is inhospitable for known forms of life. This, however, means that forms of life that are unknown to us could survive on harsh environments such as those found on the surface of Mars. Just because we haven’t found it, doesn’t mean it does not exist.

    The team of researchers believes that the nitrates Curiosity picked up on Mars are in face ancient, and likely to have come from non-biological processes like meteorite impacts, even though they cannot completely rule out the possibility of some sort of life existing on Mars.

    Remember that not long ago, it was believed that Mars was a completely dead planet. Now we know it isn’t and it sure wasn’t in the distant past. Scientists have found out that there is liquid water flowing on Mars today. They have also discovered that in the distant past, the red planet had an atmosphere eerily similar to that of Earth and that the surface of Mars was covered by vast oceans, lakes, and rivers. This is why ruling out a connection between life (or, at least, primitive life) on Mars and methane spikes and biologically useful Nitrogen on Mars could prove to be a mistake.

    “Finding a biochemically accessible form of nitrogen is more support for the ancient Martian environment at Gale Crater being habitable,” said Jennifer Stern of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

    According to writings on NASA.GOV: “Features resembling dry riverbeds and the discovery of minerals that only form in the presence of liquid water suggest that Mars was more hospitable in the remote past. The Curiosity team has found evidence that other ingredients needed for life, such as liquid water and organic matter, were present on Mars at the Curiosity site in Gale Crater billions of years ago.”

    This means that the team behind NASA’s very own Alien robot on Mars has found several pieces of evidence that firmly suggest that many much-needed ingredients for life as we know it have been present on Mars in the distant past.

    “Previously the rover team described the evidence for an ancient, habitable environment there: fresh water, key chemical elements required by life, such as carbon, and potential energy sources to drive metabolism in simple organisms.” (source)

    This discovery marks yet another incredible finding on the surface of Mars, and while scientists still firmly reject the notion that there is a possibility that at least primitive life can exist on Mars, their numerous findings seem to indicate otherwise. Of course, we cannot be certain either way until humans finally touch down on the surface of the red planet. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen."UFOs over Poland" Xtras: The Huta Incident (1987)

    "UFOs over Poland" Xtras: The Huta Incident (1987)

    Artist impression by Daniel del Toro
    It was approaching us, flying just over the ground. We could clearly see that it had a ‘black cloak’ around its body. The silence was terrifying while we were observing the creature’s eerie yellow – colored eyes. Then the whole creature radiated with a yellow glow. I felt pins and needles in my chest as if someone was sucking out all of my energy - said Mrs. Malgorzata - witness to a high-strangeness incident in the Huta area of Poland. 

    by Piotr Cielebiaś
    My book "UFOs OVER POLAND" of which the subtitle is "The Land of High Strangeness" is a cross section of the Polish history of UFO sightings with many incidents sounding stranger than ordinary UFO stories. Moreover, for many years along with my friend and researchers from Poland, Arek Miazga, Damian Trela and Przemek Więcławski, we began to search for cases that transgress the borders between UFO events and paranormal experiences of various kinds. 
    This involves amongst other incidents what I call "living folklore" or "Magonia in action". It’s the kind of cases that ufologists often hesitate do disclose, fearing ridicule not only from skeptics but from nuts-and-bolts flying-saucer buffs as well. I refer to encounters with strange beings that can be interpreted both as alien and/or magical/folklore beings. Mr. Marian B.’s case from 1969 mentioned in "UFOs OVER POLAND" is the best example. The man related to me that along with several friends he came across a tall being with a gray head surrounded by a halo with a blue body that radiated light. He then took it for an alien of some sort but was sure that for religious people the entity would have been viewed as an angel rather than an alien. 
    The case I’m going to introduce you to now is from the other end of the scale. It comes from the archive of Damian Trela - one of the most respected researchers in today’s Poland and involves the meeting with a strange demonic entity in Huta village (dolnoslaskie, powiat klodzki) - located in south-western Poland, near Walbrzych, famous now from the hunt of the Nazi’s "Gold Train".

    While in Mr. Marian’s case the boys were chasing the entity, in Huta it was just the opposite. The main witness, Mrs. Malgorzata contacted Damian in Summer 2015 (so I was unable to mention the story in the book). She is a journalist still having vivid memories about an experience that took place in her teenage years. Malgorzata even wrote a short story about her encounter that took place in early July 1987. Huta village itself is lost in the Bystrzyckie Mountains and it is a popular tourist destination. 
    Below is an excerpt from Damian Trela’s report on the Huta case containing the main witness descriptions. The full version can be read in Polish on Damian’s blog "Czas Tajemnic" (click to read English tranlation via Google). 
    Here’ is the main witnesses’ description of the event: 
    On the evening in question myself and a group of my friends we were watching movies on a brand new video set at our friend’s house. At some point (to our surprise) the video went off. It was strange but we simply decided to go and visit our friend Pawel living in a house nearby which stands on its own looking rather lonely in the clearing in the woods. Some of us went on motorbikes, others went on foot. My brother was amongst the bike riders while I was one of the group that went on foot. The road we took passed through forests and clearings used by local residents. After a hot day, clouds appeared in the sky and the air was hot and stifling - she reported adding that all of them know the area well and had grown up there. 
    They left Pawel’s house about midnight and each decided to return home. 
    We were walking close to each other but Piotr (one of our friends) was lagging behind. While walking across one of the clearings, he quickly approached us saying in low tone that someone was following us. I said to him that it must be a wild animal of some kind but when the road took us to the forest, anxious Piotr repeated the warning. I could not see anything and tried to comfort him but others in our group began to worry. Holding hands, we marched ahead. We soon saw a huge clearing with adjacent forest that surrounded my house. And it was exactly at that moment when we were confronted by 'the entity'. 
    At first I couldn’t distinguish the contours of its body in the dark but the most frightening thing was the creature’s yellowish eyes. It wasn’t an animal - she said adding that soon it turned out that the entity was around 5 ft tall and is dressed in a black ‘cloak’ with a pointed hood. 
    All the details of its bodily appearance were obscured by the cloak. It seemed to me that it was hovering over the ground and when it approached we could see that it was indeed hovering. What is even more interesting is that in my mind I could feel that the darkness and 'coolness' of the being was unnatural. Added to this everything around us went totally silent. There was no noise at all. 
    The creature was approaching us, flying just over the ground. We could clearly see the black cloak around its body. The silence was terrifying while we were observing its yellow eyes. It stopped about 90 ft away. (…) At that moment the whole being radiated with a yellow glow. I felt pins and needles in my chest as if someone was draining all the energy from me. The yellowish eyes turned orange. I’m not able to say how we broke away from the entity’s paralyzing influence but we did and ran like mad to my house. I grasped the doorknob but it was locked. At exactly the same moment we looked behind us noticing that the being was thankfully gone!
    But it’s not enough for the "Land of High Strangeness". Soon Malgorzata noticed that her noisy dog with its fierce reputation was seen cowering in its kennel. The dog was definitely frightened. Then yet another chapter of this bizarre story began. 
    I saw something white in the clearing in front of my house. It was fog-like but unnatural and of strange shape. It covered a small area and soon I noticed that it was coming in our direction. When it was just a few steps away, the being appeared out of it. Again it tried to approach. My friend grasped hold of me and as again I felt weak. Again it was the same as before - the entity started to glow and its slanted eyes turned from orange to yellow.
    This frightening scene was interrupted by Malgorzata’s brother who returned home with his motorcycle. He didn’t believe in the story and opened the door that wasn’t locked at all although the girl and her friends had not able to open them. Fortunately, the being was gone and did not return but the witness still remembers the incident that left an imprint in her mind forever. 
    There was yet another strange element – that of "missing time". Malgorzata said that to her the encounter with the strange being lasted a very long time although they only had a 1 km walk. Moreover - as Damian reported - one of Malgorzata’s friends (not involved in the described event) related that on the same night he saw a "light" shooting out of the forest. It just rocketed into sky and was gone- he said. Malgorzata added that a circular mark on the ground was found in the area where the UFO was allegedly seen but no photos are available and as a result it is hard to put a great deal of value on this kind of information.

    UFO entity, paranormal apparition, religious event or living folklore? You decide. 
    Quotations Source:
    Trela Damian, Spotkanie z demoniczną istotą koło Huty, "Czas tajemnic", 29/07/15.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Scientists believe they have finally found what causes the mysterious lights on dwarf planet Ceres

    Scientists believe they have finally found what causes the mysterious lights on dwarf planet Ceres

    Scientists are finally sure they have found out what causes the mysterious bright lights on the surface of Dwarf Planet Ceres. The anomalous lights have caused great confusion in the astronomic community ever since their discovery. But finally, two scientific studies could finally explain one of the greatest ‘new’ mysterious in our solar system.
    The mysterious features are found in the Occator crater, which has a sharp rim, walls, and abundant terraces and landslide deposits. Occator is considered as one of the youngest features on Ceres, as scientists estimate its age to be around 78 million years.
    While NASA astronomers already had several hypotheses, an international team of scientists claims to have discovered the nature of the reflective material that shines from the planet Ceres, also known as the Death Star.
    Andreas Nathues, lead author of one study, from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Germany, announced that the material that causes the mysterious bright lights is consistent with a type of magnesium sulfate called hexahydrite. A different type of magnesium sulfate is familiar on Earth as Epsom salt.
    “The global nature of the bright spots of Ceres indicates that the planet has a layer containing brackish underground water ice,” said Nathues, which further reinforces the theory that Ceres holds beneath its surface a huge amount of frozen water.
    The surface of Ceres, whose average diameter is 584 miles (940 kilometers), is generally dark — similar in brightness to fresh asphalt — study authors wrote. The inner portion of a crater called Occator contains the brightest material on Ceres.
    In the second study presented in the Journal Nature, members of the Dawn science team worked on examining the composition of Ceres and discovered evidence of Ammonia-rich clays.
    “The presence of ammonia-bearing species suggests that Ceres is composed of material accreted in an environment where ammonia and nitrogen were abundant. Consequently, we think that this material originated in the outer cold solar system,” said Maria Cristina De Sanctis, lead author of the study, based at the National Institute of Astrophysics, Rome.
    The presence of the ammoniated compounds suggests a revolutionary theory. It is possible that Ceres did not originate in the main asteroid belt, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, where it resides today, but could have formed outside of our solar system in the distant past.
    Ufologists however, have a very different opinion.
    According to them, he Occator crater is filled with ‘anomalous’ structures that are anything but natural formations. Several Ufologists who have taken a look at the newest images from dwarf planet Ceres suggest that several ‘buildings’ are seen next to the bright spots. Researchers have not been able to explain the mysterious shapes and bright spots that have caused quite a debate on social networks.
    Ceres’ bright spots aren’t the only thing anomalous that NASA has found. Recently, experts have identified hat appears to be a giant pyramidal structure on the surface of the planet. NASA has surprised us all with the images that will surely provide a lot to talk about among ufologists and researchers. Ceres is a dwarf planet where almost everything is flat and deserted, but thanks to the newest images of the Dawn spacecraft, experts have found, in the middle of nowhere, pyramidal structures standing tall and “proud”.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Hundreds of people View UFO from California to Nevada… (Video included)

    Hundreds of people View UFO from California to Nevada… (Video included)

    Hundreds of people have seen a major UFO sighting of a “blazing UFO” from California all the way to Nevada.
    Authorities have since claimed it was a “Russian SL4” which itself is actually quite disturbing.
    This is not the first of its kind though, which has been chalked up as being a rocket or military exercise of some sort. Just one month ago there was major speculation about a possible UFO which was seen by hundreds of people once again.
    The authorities, likewise, explained it was a rocket, which, again, is actually just as interesting when compared to the prospect of a UFO.
    Many, however, believe both of these incidents are just the usual conventional explanations to prevent the masses from questioning the existence of UFOs.
    According to a report from ABC in relation to the sighting a month ago, “Vandenberg Air Force Base did not launch any rockets Saturday evening, according to a representative.”
    This only fuels the fire of what this may have been, since sightings took place overnight from Saturday  to Sunday.
    According to the Sunday Express, reporting last month on this story, “California has been UFO hotspot in recent weeks, with a bizarre ‘alien corpse’ found outside someone’s home, the day after another mass ‘blue UFO’ sighting, which was later explained by the authorities as a Trident missile test.”
    A well known Pastor named Paul Begley was one of the witnesses and videoed the incident. He believes it was most likely a missile, in the form of a warning shot, being fired due to tensions between the US and Russia, which itself is extremely disturbing.
    “I know it was not a meteor, it was way too slow. It was a rocket of some sort, I don’t know if it was from the US, Russia or China, but there is a lot of tension.”
    Now we have a similar situation and this time it is claimed to be a Russian rocket. The obvious question here, is what is going on? Is there a covert game of chicken being played between Russia and the United States? Is this possibly of alien origin? Or is it something else?
    A few months ago in September, an incredible sighting took place in Miami which was claimed to be a rocket launch, but people are once again very suspicious and after you watch the video you will understand why.
    This is the latest video below along with some commentary, check it out for yourself and draw your own conclusions; }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Declassified Paranormal FBI Files

    Declassified Paranormal FBI Files

    For those that don't know, a few years ago, I began a quest to see if all of the alleged members of the Majestic-12 group (MJ-12) had FBI Files. As many of us know, MJ-12 was a rumored Top Secret group of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft. 

    Nearly each and every alleged member had a file, most of which, were fairly large. However, to my surprise, many members also had their files (or portions thereof) DESTROYED. This is true for the newest file in the collection on Dr. Eric A. Walker. Although hundreds of pages were released, there were multiple files on Walker that were destroyed in the late 1970s and 1980s. 

    To check out the entire collection of files (including Walker's), head to:

    Animal Mutilations Animal Mutilations – [ File #1 | File #2 | File #3 | File #4 | File #5 ] – Animal/Cattle Mutilation In the mid-1970s, reports of scattered animal mutilations in western and mid-western states concerned many people. The FBI was asked to investigate, but was unable to do so because of a lack of jurisdiction (except when such mutilations were found on Indian lands). These files consist mainly of press clippings and correspondence concerning the issues between 1974 and 1978.
    Sylvia Browne Browne. Sylvia – [ 52 Pages, 32MB ] This FBI File consists of the investigation into Browne for embezzlement and bank fraud. It was determined that Brown falsified financial records to obtain more than $1,000,000 in loans, and according to the FBI, lived an “extravagent lifestyle.”

    Boyd Bushman

     Bushman, Boyd – (FOIA Response Letter) [ 37 Pages, 19.9MB ] In 2014, a video surfaced with Boyd Bushman, a retired Lockheed Martin Senior Scientist, with alleged photos of aliens. The video had a description that stated, “Shortly before Boyd Bushman passed away on August 7, 2014, he was video recorded candidly speaking about his personal experiences with Area 51, UFOs, aliens and anti-gravity ideas. Boyd was a retired Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin. His career spanned over forty years, was awarded many patents, and included work with defense contractors Hughes Aircraft, General Dynamics, Texas Instruments, and Lockheed Martin.”

    Although the video is highly disputed, and the “alien” appears to be an exact prop that can be purchased at Walmart, I went after the FBI file of Mr. Bushman. This is what I found.

    Edward Condon  Condon, Edward Uhler [ File #1 (312MB) | File #2 (0.1MB) | File #3 (0.1MB) | File #4 (177MB) ]- [ 1,777 Pages ] – Edward Uhler Condon (March 2, 1902 – March 26, 1974) was a distinguished American nuclear physicist, a pioneer in quantum mechanics, and a participant in the development of radar and nuclear weapons during World War II as part of the Manhattan Project. The Franck–Condon principle and the Slater–Condon rules are named after him.  Condon became widely known in 1968 as principal author of the Condon Report, an official review funded by the United States Air Force that concluded that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have prosaic explanations. The lunar crater Condon is named for him.  Please note: The FBI stated there MAY be additional records pertaining to Condon. I requested the remaining material, and if any exists, will post it when available. Press the “subscribe” button for this page to be notified when it’s updated.
    ESP Extra-Sensory Perception – [ File #1 ] – ESP is considered a perception of information about events beyond what may be discerned through the five physical senses or deduced from past experience or knowledge. This release consists of cross references to ESP found in FBI files from 1957 to 1960. Several of the documents concern William Foos, a proponent of ESP. Others concern claims that ESP could be used in espionage investigations. The FBI found no scientific support for this or other claims and did not pursue the matters raised in these references.
    Heaven's Gate Cult Heaven’s Gate Cult – [ 382 Pages, 283MB ] Heaven’s Gate was an American UFO religious Millenarian group based in San Diego, California, founded in the early 1970s and led by Marshall Applewhite (1931–1997) and Bonnie Nettles (1927–1985). On March 26, 1997, police discovered the bodies of 39 members of the group who had committed mass suicide in order to reach what they believed was an alien space craft following Comet Hale–Bopp.
    Guy Hottel Hottel, Guy – [ File #1 ] Guy Hottel was a special agent in charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office. The information concerning Mr. Hottel is in regard to a March 22, 1950 memo he sent to the FBI Director concerning flying saucers.  This has been one of the FBI’s most downloaded document from their website, once they finally added it to the archive.
    J. Allen Hynek Hynek, J. Allen – [ 24 Pages, 1.42MB ] Dr. Josef Allen Hynek (May 1, 1910 – April 27, 1986) was a United States astronomer, professor, and ufologist. He is perhaps best remembered for his UFO research. Hynek acted as scientific adviser to UFO studies undertaken by the U.S. Air Force under three consecutive names: Projects Sign, Grudge and Blue Book. For decades afterwards, he conducted his own independent UFO research, developing the Close Encounter classification system, and is widely considered the father of the concept of scientific analysis of both reports and, especially, trace evidence purportedly left by UFOs.
    Phil Klass Klass, Phil (FBI Release) – [187 Pages, 99.7MB]
     Klass, Phil (FBI Release #2 October, 2015) – [10 Pages, 0.9MB]
     Klass, Phil (NCIS Release) – [14 Pages, 1MB]
     Klass, Phil (AFOSI Release) – [14 Pages, 1MB]
     Klass, Phil (CIA Release by way of FBI) – [5 Pages, 0.8MB]
    Philip Julian Klass (November 8, 1919 – August 9, 2005) was an American engineer, journalist, and UFO researcher, known for his skepticism regarding UFOs. In the ufological and skeptical communities, Klass tends to inspire strongly polarized appraisals. He has been called the “Sherlock Holmes of UFOlogy”. Klass demonstrated “the crusader’s zeal for what seems ‘right,’ regardless of whether it brings popular acclaim,” a trait he claimed his father instilled in him. “I’ve found,” said Klass, “that roughly 97, 98 percent of the people who report seeing UFOs are fundamentally intelligent, honest people who have seen something – usually at night, in darkness – that is unfamiliar, that they cannot explain.” The rest, he said, were frauds.With his work as Editor of Aviation Week magazine, Klass found himself in the middle of an investigation for publishing classified information. As chronicled in Wikipedia:

    For ten years, Klass worked for General Electric as an engineer in aviation electronics. Dissatisfied with his job, in 1952 he moved to Washington, DC, and joined Aviation Week, which later became Aviation Week & Space Technology.[7] He was a senior editor of Aviation Week & Space Technology for thirty-four years. Always striving to stay on the cutting edge, Klass published an “Exclusive Report on Counter Measures” in the November 18th and 25th, 1957, editions of Aviation Week. This report was referred to the FBI for the “unauthorized disclosure of information classified ‘Secret'”. An investigation into the disclosure was dropped when the US Air Force told the FBI that the disclosed information could not be declassified for purposes of prosecution.

    Dr. Lincoln LaPaz LaPaz, Dr. Lincoln – [ File #1 | File #2 ] [ NSA Request Response for Records ] [ 9 Pages, 3.5MB ] – Lincoln LaPaz was an American astronomer from the University of New Mexico and a pioneer in the study of meteors.  In ufology, LaPaz’s name is often associated with UFO investigations on behalf of the military during the late 1940s and early 1950s. These include the so-called Roswell UFO incident of 1947, the N.M. green fireballs, that began in late 1948 and continued through the 1950s, and the search for near-Earth orbiting satellites in 1954 along with fellow N.M. astronomer Clyde Tombaugh. However, only LaPaz’s association with the green fireball investigations for the Air Force is thoroughly documented and an undeniable historical fact.

    (Note: Additional pages of material on Dr. Lincoln LaPaz were released by the FBI, and a DESTROYED file number was referenced that may have contained additional pages on the man – but no one will ever know what those pages contained.)

    James E. McDonald McDonald, Dr. James E. – [ 113 Pages, 64.81 MB ] – James Edward McDonald (May 7, 1920 – June 13, 1971) was an American physicist. He is best known for his research regarding UFOs. McDonald was senior physicist at the Institute for Atmospheric Physics and professor in the Department of Meteorology, University of Arizona, Tucson. McDonald campaigned in support of expanding UFO studies during the mid and late 1960s, arguing that UFOs represented an important unsolved mystery which had not been adequately studied by science. He was one of the more prominent figures of his time who argued in favor of the extraterrestrial hypothesis as a plausible, but not completely proved, model of UFO phenomena. McDonald interviewed over 500 UFO witnesses, uncovered many important government UFO documents, and gave important presentations of UFO evidence. He testified before Congress during the UFO hearings of 1968. McDonald also gave a famous talk called “Science in Default” to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). It was a summary of the current UFO evidence and a critique of the 1969 Condon Report UFO study.
    NICAP National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena – [ File #1 | File #2 | File #3 ] The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, NICAP, was founded in the 1950s to research reports of UFO phenomenon. Between 1957 and 1969, NICAP and its members periodically communicated with the FBI. This release consists of this correspondence.
    Silas Newton Newton, Silas – [ File #1 ] Silas Newton (1887-1972) was a wealthy oil producer and con-man who claimed that he had a gadget that could detect minerals and oil. He was cited as an authority in Frank Scully’s book Behind the Flying Saucers, a work that claimed to report on several UFO crashes in the area of New Mexico. In 1950, Newton said that a flying saucer crashed on land he leased in the Mojave Desert; however, he revised his claim in 1952, saying he never saw a flying saucer but had only repeated comments he heard from others. These files detail the FBI’s investigations into Newton’s fraudulent activities between 1951 and 1970.
    Project Blue Book Project Blue Book – [ File #1 ] – Project Blue Book Originally Project Blue Book was the Air Force name for a project that investigated UFO reports between 1947 and 1969. In 1989, an organization calling itself “The New Project Blue Book” contacted the FBI. This file consists of correspondence concerning this organization.
    Roswell Roswell – On July 8, 1947, the FBI Dallas Field Office sent a teletype regarding a “flying disc” that resembled a high altitude weather balloon found near Roswell, New Mexico.
    Spontaneous Human Combustion Spontaneous Human Combustion – [ 114 Pages, 66.3MB ] Spontaneous human combustion (SHC) is a term encompassing reported cases of the combustion of a living (or very recently deceased) human body without an apparent external source of ignition. In addition to reported cases, examples of SHC appear in literature, and both types have been observed to share common characteristics regarding circumstances and remains of the victim.
    FBI Files UFO Document FBI Collection [1,600 Pages] – [ Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03 | Part 04 | Part 05 |Part 06 |Part 07 | Part 08 | Part 09 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 ] – Unexplained Flying Objects (UFOs) In 1947, a rash of sightings of unexplained flying objects (UFOs) swept America. Although the newly formed U.S. Air Force was the primary investigator of these sightings, the FBI received many reports and worked for a time with the Air Force to investigate these matters. This release details the FBI’s role in investigating such reports between 1947 and 1954.

    Majestic-12 / MJ-12

    The following FBI files were requested, which are the alleged members of MJ-12 and even the FBI’s file on MJ-12 itself.

    Although some of these files may have nothing to do with UFOs or MJ-12, these are the alleged members and are archived here.

    Majestic 12 Majestic 12 –  In 1988, two FBI offices received similar versions of a memo titled “Operation Majestic-12…” claiming to be highly classified government document. The memo appeared to be a briefing for newly-elected President Eisenhower on a secret committee created to exploit a recovery of an extra-terrestrial aircraft and cover-up this work from public examination. An Air Force investigation determined the document to be a fake.

    Lloyd Berkner Berkner, Lloyd – [ 135 Pages, 10.43 MB ] – Lloyd Viel Berkner (February 1, 1905, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – June 4, 1967, in Washington, D.C.) was an American physicist and engineer. He was one of the inventors of the measuring device that since has become standard at ionospheric stations because it measures the height and electron density of the ionosphere. The data obtained in the worldwide net of such instruments  were important for the developing theory of short wave radio propagation to which Berkner himself gave important contributions.

    Additional information was found at the FBI, that originated at the CIA.  The FBI forwarded these records to the CIA for review, and declassification, and the CIA information me that all material on Berkner is classified.  Berkner, Lloyd CIA Documents Denial Letter – [ 2 Pages, 0.5 MB ]

    Detlev Bronk Bronk, Detlev – [ 248 Pages, 7.18 MB ] – Detlev Wulf Bronk (August 13, 1897 – November 17, 1975) was a prominent American scientist, educator, and administrator. He is credited with establishing biophysics as a recognized discipline. Bronk served as President of Johns Hopkins University from 1949 to 1953 and as President of the The Rockefeller University from 1953 to 1968. Bronk also held the presidency of the National Academy of Sciences between 1950 and 1962. Please note: According to the FBI, more pages exist on Bronk and are being sent to another government agency for release. Will post when available.
    Vannevar Bush Bush, Vannevar – [ 241 Pages, 78.1 MB ] – Vannevar Bush (March 11, 1890 – June 28, 1974) was an American engineer, inventor and science administrator, whose most important contribution was as head of the U.S. Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD) during World War II, through which almost all wartime military R&D was carried out, including initiation and early administration of the Manhattan Project. He is also known in engineering for his work on analog computers, for founding Raytheon, and for the memex, an adjustable microfilm viewer with a structure analogous to that of the World Wide Web.  Bush was also an alleged member of the Majestic-12 (MJ-12) group.  Please note: As admitted by the FBI, an entire file on Bush was destroyed. According to the FBI: “One record (161-BS-1452) which may be responsive to your FOIA request was destroyed in April of 1998.”
    James Forrestal Forrestal, James – [ 290 Pages, 32.66MB ] – James Vincent Forrestal (February 15, 1892 – May 22, 1949) was the last Cabinet-level United States Secretary of the Navy and the first United States Secretary of Defense. Forrestal was a supporter of naval battle groups centered on aircraft carriers. In 1954, the world’s first supercarrier was named USS Forrestal in his honor, as is the headquarters of the United States Department of Energy. He is also the namesake of the Forrestal Lecture Series at the United States Naval Academy, which brings prominent military and civilian leaders to speak to the Brigade of Midshipmen, and of the James Forrestal Campus of Princeton University in Plainsboro Township, New Jersey.
    Adm Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter Hillenkoetter, Adm Roscoe Henry – [ 32 Pages, 20.70MB ] – Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter (May 8, 1897 – June 18, 1982) was the third director of the post-World War II United States Central Intelligence Group (CIG), the third Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), and the first director of the Central Intelligence Agency created by the National Security Act of 1947. He served as DCI and director of the CIG and the CIA from May 1, 1947 to October 7, 1950 and after his retirement from the United States Navy was a member of the board of governors of National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) from 1957 to 1962.
    Jerome Hunsaker Hunsaker, Jerome – [ 3 Pages, 0.9MB ] – Jerome Clarke Hunsaker (August 26, 1886 – September 10, 1984) was an American airman born in Creston, Iowa, and educated at the Naval Academy and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.According to the FBI, Hunsaker’s file was destroyed September 24, 2004
    Donald Menzel Menzel, Donald – [ 209 Pages, 24.10MB ] – Donald Howard Menzel (April 11, 1901 – December 14, 1976) was one of the first theoretical astronomers and astrophysicists in the US. He discovered the physical properties of the solar chromosphere, the chemistry of stars, the atmosphere of Mars, and the nature of gaseous nebulae.
    Robert Montague Montague, Robert M. – [ 2 Pages, 0.3MB ] – Robert Miller Montague (August 7, 1899 – February 20, 1958) was a Lieutenant General in the United States Army. He achieved prominence as the deputy commander of Fort Bliss, Texas and commander of the Sandia Missile Base in New Mexico during the start of modern ufology and head of the U.S. Caribbean Command.  The FBI claims that they could not find a file on Montague.
    Sidney Souers Souers, Sidney Adm. – [ 691 Pages, 47.53MB ] – Sidney William Souers (March 30, 1892 – January 14, 1973) was an American admiral and intelligence expert. ear Admiral Souers was appointed as the first Director of Central Intelligence on January 23, 1946 by President Harry S. Truman. Prior to this, as Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence, Souers had been one of the architects of the system that came into being with the President’s directive. He had written the intelligence chapter of the Eberstadt Report, which advocated a unified intelligence system. Toward the end of 1945, when the competing plans for a national intelligence system were deadlocked, Souers’ views had come to the attention of the President, and he seems to have played a role in breaking the impasse.
    General Nathan Twining Twining, General Nathan – [ 23 Pages, 15.43MB ] – Nathan Farragut Twining, (October 11, 1897 – March 29, 1982) was a United States Air Force General, born in Monroe, Wisconsin. He was Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force from 1953 until 1957. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1957 to 1960 he was the first member of the Air Force to serve in that role.
    Hoyt Vandenberg Vandenberg, Hoyt – [ 98 Pages, 6.12MB ] – Hoyt Sanford Vandenberg (January 24, 1899 – April 2, 1954) was a U.S. Air Force general, its second Chief of Staff, and second Director of Central Intelligence. During World War II, Vandenberg was the commanding general of the Ninth Air Force, a tactical air force in England and in France, supporting the Army, from August 1944 until V-E Day. Vandenberg Air Force Base on the central coast of California is named for General Vandenberg. In 1946, he was briefly the U.S. Chief of Military Intelligence. He was the nephew of Arthur H. Vandenberg, a former U.S. Senator from Michigan.

    Other Alleged MJ-12 Members

    Karl Compton Compton, Karl – [2 Pages, 0.7MB] – Karl Taylor Compton (September 14, 1887 – June 22, 1954) was a prominent American physicist and president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from 1930 to 1948.

    According to the FBI, Compton’s file was destroyed August 30, 2006.

    eric walker Walker, Dr. Eric A. – [383 Pages, 32.9MB] –  Eric Arthur Walker (April 29, 1910 – February 17, 1995) was president of the Pennsylvania State University from 1956 to 1970 and a founding member of the National Academy of Engineering. Born in Long Eaton, England, Dr. Walker earned a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University in Electrical Engineering, a Masters Degree in business administration, and doctorate in general science and engineering from Harvard. During World War II, Walker was associate director of the Underwater Sound Laboratory, initially located at Harvard, but relocated to the campus of Penn State University. Dr. Walker remained at Penn State, becoming head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, then Dean of the College of Engineering and Architecture in 1951. Next Dr. Walker became vice president for research at Penn State in 1956, and President of the University, also in 1956.

    He was allegedly identified by scientist Dr. Robert Sarbacher as one of the members of a team invited in 1950 to Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) to be briefed on the details of a UFO crash recovery and retrieval.

    According to the FBI, there may have been additional records on Walker, but they were destroyed on 5/29/1979 and on 1/10/1988

    { }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.NASA toont video van meteoor die naar aarde suist -

    NASA toont video van meteoor die naar aarde suist -


    VIDEO In een video die op 17 december vrijgegeven werd door ruimteorganistie NASA is te zien hoe een meteoor aan een snelheid van 46.670 kilometer per uur op de aarde afstevent.

    NASA kreeg verschillende meldingen binnen van een brandende vuurbal boven de staat Georgia. Met het vrijgeven van de video bevestigt NASA dat het om een meteoor ging die in de atmosfeer terechtkwam.

    Het exemplaar moet minstens 65 kilo gewogen hebben en is wellicht opgebrand. "Het is mogelijk dat deeltjes van het object ingeslaan zijn op de aarde als meteorieten", zei Bill Cooke vande NASA Meteoroid Environments Office.

    Lees ook }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Deze grafiek toont de enorme groei van ruimteafval rond de aarde sinds 1957 -

    Deze grafiek toont de enorme groei van ruimteafval rond de aarde sinds 1957 -


    WETENSCHAP Heel wat ruimteafval beweegt zich in een baan om de aarde. In een video van het Royal Institution of Great Britain wordt getoond hoe het aantal objecten dat rond onze planeet cirkelt elk jaar toeneemt.

    • Wetenschappers volgen de stukjes ruimteafval om ervoor te zorgen dat ze niet botsen met satellieten die nog in gebruik zijn. Ruimteafval is een groot probleem voor ruimtevaartagentschappen en overheden overal ter wereld

    Op dit moment volgt de NASA ongeveer 20.000 stukjes van raketonderdelen, kapotte satellieten en ander puin groter dan een tennisbal die rond de planeet razen aan een snelheid van meer dan 27.000 km per uur. Er zijn ook 500.000 voorwerpen ter grootte van een knikker die rond de aarde bewegen. Verder zijn er nog miljoenen andere stukjes die te klein zijn om op te sporen. Dat meldt de website Mashable op basis van bronnen bij de NASA. 

    In een video, gemaakt door wetenschapper Stuart Grey en gelanceerd door het Royal Institution of Great Britain, worden die gigantische aantallen gevisualiseerd. De animatie toont hoe de hoeveelheid ruimteafval elk jaar is toegenomen sinds de eerste satelliet, Sputnik, in een baan om de aarde werd gestuurd in 1957. 

    Wetenschappers volgen de stukjes ruimteafval om ervoor te zorgen dat ze niet botsen met satellieten die nog in gebruik zijn. Ruimteafval is een groot probleem voor ruimtevaartagentschappen en overheden overal ter wereld. Ook de miljoenen kleine stukjes puin die op dit moment niet worden gevolgd, kunnen mogelijk schade aanrichten als ze botsen met communicatiesatellieten en andere ruimtetuigen die zich in een baan om de aarde bewegen. 

    Soms moet zelfs het International Space Station (ISS) uit de weg gaan voor ruimteafval dat mogelijk gevaarlijk is voor het ruimtelaboratorium en de mensen die erin leven en werken. In juli bijvoorbeeld moest het ruimtestation zijn baan lichtjes aanpassen om een stuk puin te ontwijken. 

    Soms gaat het ook mis. De Canadese astronaut Chris Hadfield merkte in 2013 een gat op in een van de zonnepanelen van het station. De schade was niet ernstig, maar het toont wel aan hoe druk het is in de ruimte.

    Hoe is het zo ver gekomen?

    Nadat een raket haar lading heeft afgezet, drijft ze af in de baan waar ze zich op dat moment toevallig bevindt. Ze kan zo honderden jaren boven de planeet blijven zweven. Satellieten die met elkaar in botsing komen, creëren duizenden stukjes puin. 

    In 2007 zorgde een Chinese rakettest alleen voor 2.000 extra stukjes afval. 

    Wetenschappers zijn op zoek naar nieuwe manieren om het puin op te ruimen en zo plaats te maken voor satellieten, zodat ze veilig rond de aarde kunnen cirkelen. Mogelijk worden herbruikbare raketten een realiteit voor bedrijven als SpaceX, waardoor het aantal raketonderdelen in de ruimte zou worden teruggedrongen. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Amerikaanse dokter: “Ik heb bewijs dat UFO’s echt zijn”
    Amerikaanse dokter: "Ik heb bewijs dat UFO's echt zijn"

    Amerikaanse dokter: “Ik heb bewijs dat UFO’s echt zijn”

    Een dokter uit de Amerikaanse staat Montana zegt bewijs te hebben voor buitenaards leven. Hij heeft twee UFO’s vastgelegd op camera, meldt de New York Daily News.

    De foto’s van de twee ongeïdentificeerde vliegende objecten werden op 4 november gemaakt door dr. Richard O’Connor. Hij houdt dag en nacht twee camera’s op de lucht gericht.

    Op de foto’s zijn twee cilindervormige objecten te zien die met hoge snelheid door de lucht bewegen. “Je ziet een symmetrisch, glimmend oppervlak dat een eigen lichtbron lijkt te hebben,” vertelde O’Connor aan Detroit Free Press.


    Hij schat dat zijn camera’s inmiddels zo’n 280.000 foto’s hebben gemaakt. Als ze worden geactiveerd door beweging, maken ze 20 foto’s met tussenpozen van één seconde. Sceptici zeggen dat de foto’s nep zijn. O’Connor, die jarenlang werkzaam was als anestesist, zegt echter niets te weten over digitale fotobewerking.

    O’Connor (60) heeft de foto’s opgestuurd naar het National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). Directeur van NUFORC Peter Davenport zei dat de foto’s zijn geanalyseerd door een analist, die concludeerde dat ‘ze echt zijn, maar een mysterie blijven’.


    Eén analist vermoedde dat de lichten op de foto’s worden veroorzaakt door de reflectie van zonlicht, terwijl een andere analist zei dat de foto’s ‘100 procent nep zijn’. O’Connor reageerde: “Wat je ziet is wat ik van mijn camera heb gehaald.”

    Hij wil mensen laten zien dat UFO’s echt zijn. “Deze foto’s zijn het bewijs dat UFO’s echt zijn,” zei hij. “Ik wil de waarheid achterhalen. Als ik tijdens mijn zoektocht word bekritiseerd dan moet ik dat maar voor lief nemen.”

    O’Connor was meer dan 25 jaar bevriend met Jesse Marcel junior, die claimde dat zijn vader hem wrakstukken had laten zien die afkomstig waren van de plek van de Roswell-crash in juli 1947.

    [ExpressNew York Daily News]

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Cigar UFO Over Mt Democrate, Colorado On Sept 12, 2015, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

    Cigar UFO Over Mt Democrate, Colorado On Sept 12, 2015, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

    Date of sighting: Sept 12, 2015
    Location of sighting: Leadville, Colorado, USA
    Source: MUFON #73375

    This rod UFO is much more clear in the HD raw photo the guy has, but we only have access to the reduced quality photo here. Rods travel extremely fast, often to fast for the human eye to notice. This rod looks about 100 meters long and 5 meters wide. Amazingly large one. 

    Scott C. Waring

    Eyewitness states:

    I was photographing old mines and Fall foliage between Leadville and Mt. Democrat on a clear afternoon (9-12-15). The object appeared in one in a short series of photos taken at the site of an abandoned mine dump and mill. It was between 5 and 10 mile from me and from the perspective of the photo, I would estimate its length at several football fields. The object may have been cloaked to the human eye. It the actual image it is barely visible. The camera was a Nikon D7200, the newest model in the series, which, because it eliminates the high-pass filter, may pick up more of the infra-red spectrum. Looking at the photo, and object, it almost appears cloaked. When the object is subjected to the Photoshop "Emboss" filter, its shape is readily apparent as a cylinder or cigar with four uniform rounded appendages...two near each end. The embossed image gives strong detail in terms of shape and configuration. I didn't "feel" anything at the time, although, with other sightings I have had, I felt calm and reassured by their presence...never threatened. There are photos taken within 15-20 seconds of this photo which show nothing in the area. The original photo is a RAW (NEF) image 20.5 X 13" @ 300DPI. Enclosed is a far smaller JPEG.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Pilot Photographs a UFO Over Luxembourg

    Pilot Photographs a UFO Over Luxembourg


    A pilot over Luxembourg took a photo of what he believed an Airbus A380, but UFO researchers found it confusing as the pilot’s plane was too close to the object in question that he would have been told by the control tower to keep an eye on that flying object. No radar or control information ever came, making UFO enthusiasts to conclude that it was a UFO, plain and simple, but pilots chose not to tell the truth because of fear to lose their jobs.

    A Luxembourg company pilot took a photograph of the unusual object in the sky. The strange craft activity left him with the impression of having spotted an alien spaceship.

    Dutch pilot and amateur photographer, Christiaan van Heijst, has been scanning the sky on behalf of the company Cargolux. Recently, he saw something flying strange in the sky, so he took out his camera to take a snapshot. The photo offers an impression that it is a UFO.

    But the pilot insists the unusual object in the picture may not be a UFO, but an Airbus A380. The large flying object was 300 meters above the plane of Christiaan van Heijst, somewhere above Africa.

    The pilot’s Facebook page says, “I could almost distinguish the color of hostesses Nail Polish.” He explains that this could be an optical effect of the speed and lighting of the camera that offers an impression of dealing with a spaceship. Interestingly, the pilot also remarks that it may be a real UFO. }

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