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    Deze blog is opgedragen aan mijn overleden echtgenote Lucienne.

    In 2012 verloor ze haar moedige strijd tegen kanker!

    In 2011 startte ik deze blog, omdat ik niet mocht stoppen met mijn UFO-onderzoek.


    UFO's in België en de rest van de wereld
    In België heb je vooral BUFON of het Belgisch UFO-Netwerk, dat zich met UFO's bezighoudt. BEZOEK DUS ZEKER VOOR ALLE OBJECTIEVE INFORMATIE Verder heb je ook het Belgisch-Ufo-meldpunt en Caelestia, die prachtig, doch ZEER kritisch werk leveren, ja soms zelfs héél sceptisch... Voor Nederland kan je de mooie site bezoeken van Paul Harmans. Een mooie site met veel informatie en artikels. MUFON of het Mutual UFO Network Inc is een Amerikaanse UFO-vereniging met afdelingen in alle USA-staten en diverse landen. MUFON's mission is the analytical and scientific investigation of the UFO- Phenomenon for the benefit of humanity... Je kan ook hun site bekijken onder Ze geven een maandelijks tijdschrift uit, namelijk The MUFON UFO-Journal. Since 02/01/2013 is Pieter not only president (=voorzitter) of BUFON, but also National Director MUFON / Flanders and the Netherlands. We work together with the French MUFON Reseau MUFON/EUROP.
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Here Are 17 Things You Should Know About Teotihuacan: “Place Where Gods Were Born”

    Here Are 17 Things You Should Know About Teotihuacan: “Place Where Gods Were Born”

    Established around 100 B.C., and lasting until its fall between the seventh and eighth centuries, Teotihuacan was one of the largest ancient cities in the world, it is one of the most incredible constructions in America, at Teotihuacan we find evidence that the builders had incredible knowledge in Mathematics, Geology, Astronomy, and Engineering. Check out some of the most interesting facts about this marvel of ancient construction.

    Teotihuacan was one of the largest cities in the ancient world, with over 150,000 inhabitants at its peak.

    At Teotihuacan, we can find some of the largest buildings ever erected in the New World.

    Teotihuacan‘s city layout strangely resembles a computer circuit board with two large processor chips– the Sun Pyramid and the Moon Pyramid.

    The Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza and the Sun Pyramid at Teotihuacan apparently have the same base almost 750 feet square.

    The Pyramid of the Sun is exactly half as tall as the Pyramid of Giza and the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Moon, and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl are in the same layout as Orion’s Belt.

    Archaeologists have found large quantities of Mica at Teotihuacan, yet this mineral is found 3,000 miles away in Brazil, Mica is present almost in every single building at Teotihuacan.

    Mica was known to ancient Indian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman and Chinese civilizations, as well as the Aztec civilization of the New World.

    View of The Pyramid Of the sun in 1832.

    An image of the Pyramid of the sun in 1832

    Mica is stable when exposed to electricity, light, moisture, and extreme temperatures. It has superior electrical properties as an insulator and as a dielectric and can support an electrostatic field while dissipating minimal energy in the form of heat and is thermally stable to 500 °C

    Archaeologists have discovered hundreds of mysterious, once-metallic spheres buried deep beneath an ancient pyramid in Mexico City. And we have absolutely no idea what they’re for.

    Teotihuacan was mysteriously abandoned in 700 A.D.

    Many authors suggest that Teotihuacan means City of the Gods, however, many others suggest the name can also be interpreted as “the place where men become gods” or more popularly, “place where Gods were born.”

    Along the ”Avenue of the Dead” The pyramids there align in perfect distance of each of the orbit’s of our planets in our solar system and perhaps significant is the fact that the large Pyramid of the Sun is positioned at the center of the other structures reflecting the fact that the Sun is at the center of our solar system and that the planets revolve around it.

    No depiction of a ruler, or the tomb of a monarch, has ever been found.

    A Robot named Tlaloc II discovered three ancient rooms located under the Mesoamerican city’s pyramid, letting archeologists know that many secrets remain hidden in Teotihuacan.

    The Pyramid of the sun at Teotihuacan is 75m high with a base width of 225m, making it the second largest pyramid built in the new world.

    Only priests were allowed to climb the steps of the pyramids for rituals and ceremonies.

    Mayas and Zapotecs immigrants lived in Teotihuacan, and both Maya and Zapotec texts have been found there. }

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    Categorie:ARCHEOLOGIE ( E, Nl, Fr )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Mystery Objects Spotted Near Black Hole at Center of Milky Way

    Mystery Objects Spotted Near Black Hole at Center of Milky Way

    Supermassive black holes are can be found at the centers of nearly all the galaxies known to astronomers. It’s still not known why these black holes are found in the hearts of galaxies, but it’s theorized that they may be created after the explosions of massive stars which ‘seed’ new galaxies with various types of matter and star stuff. According to NASA, the center of our own Milky Way Galaxy contains thousands of black holes weighing up to 30 times more than the mass of our own Sun, all of which are found just a few light years from the largest and most central of the Milky Way’s black holes, Sagittarius A*.

    Sagittarius A* , sometimes abbreviated as Sgr A*

    Astronomers at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii were analyzing 12 years of data gathered on these black holes when they came across what have been described as “several bizarre objects at the Galactic center” which are “concealing their true identity behind a smoke screen of dust.” They display an unusual level of what astronomers call “puffiness,” meaning whatever they are, they’re cloaked in dense layers of gases and dusts. If they are stars, these clouds are so thick that they prevent them from being observed directly. What exactly might these anomalous objects be?

    For now, that remains a mystery. Astronomers say these objects resemble clouds of gasses, but behave more like stars. UCLA postdoctoral scholar Anna Ciurlo led the study and says that these objects still perplex her team despite more than a decade of research:

    These compact dusty stellar objects move extremely fast and close to our Galaxy’s supermassive black hole. It is fascinating to watch them move from year to year. How did they get there? And what will they become? They must have an interesting story to tell.

    One theory is that these objects might be the remnants of binary star systems which crashed into one another due to the gravitational influence of nearby black holes. Further study will take decades, however, due to their slow rate of evolution.

    This discovery comes on the heels of several other recent astronomical breakthroughs which show there might be entire classes of strange phenomena and wondrous objects found in the far reaches of space the likes of which we have never seen. It truly is a mysterious universe. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Do These Ancient Paintings Feature The Ultimate Ancient Astronaut Evidence?

    Do These Ancient Paintings Feature The Ultimate Ancient Astronaut Evidence?

    History has proven to be a great teacher for the human race, we have seen that our ancestors were extremely intelligent, with amazing knowledge on subjects such as astronomy, geometry, mathematics and other important sciences but they were amazing artists as well. From the construction of the great Pyramids of Giza to paintings in the Renaissance Era and further on, incredible stories have been told that have been difficult to explain.

    In this article, we focus on some of the most interesting paintings of that period in History as we look at “The Baptism of Christ” by Aert De Gelder, “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino“, “The Annunciation” and other very interesting pieces of art that tell incredible stories.

    The interpretation given to each painting can vary from person to person but all of these paintings have something in common, they seem to tell the same story, incredible “flying machines” appear to be incorporated in the “scenery”. But who could have possessed the ability to fly at that time in history?

    Were these flying machines misinterpreted? Are they “clouds” or “angels” or is there something more to them? Are these different authors sending a message in their art? If there is one thing that these paintings are not, that is ordinary.

    One of the paintings that we find very interesting is the “The Baptism of Christ” by Aert De Gelder.

    Looking at this painting the first thing that you notice are these strange rays of light that are coming down from a disk-shaped object in the sky. It is one of the most interesting paintings and according to the Ancient Alien theory, this painting is a piece of strong evidence which illustrates a Disk Shaped flying object.


    The author of the image painted a circular object, it cannot be confused as a cloud, it appears to have some sort of light at the center and the rays of light are coming out of this object, you cannot confuse it for thunder or anything else really. We believe that the author painted what he saw at a certain point in his life. If he wanted to paint a cloud or the sun he would have painted them in a much more effective way. We believe that this painting illustrates a disk-shaped UFO, much like the disk-shaped objects that are reported even today.

    The Miracle of the Snow” by Masolino Da Panicale is another incredible image that we cannot pass by without taking a closer look.  This painting was previously known as Dedicatio Sanctæ Mariæ ad Nives (Dedication of the Church of Our Lady of the Snows). This painting is very interesting because it illustrates a large number of disk-shaped objects flying in the sky.


    The first thing that you can think of to explain these objects are clouds but are they really clouds? Did this author paint all of the clouds at that time giving them a “disk” or saucer shape? One of the objects in this painting that drew particular interest is the object to the right just above the building. When you look at it, it shows incredible similarity to some of the modern-day depictions of Unidentified flying objects.

    This object in our opinion does not look in any way like a cloud.

    We have observed several paintings from the Renaissance Era and compared artists techniques when it comes to illustrating clouds and the work done by Masolino Da Panicale is just impressive and we ask why would this artist pick this “Disk” shape? Can we say that in this painting we have several UFO’s or are these just… clouds?…

    Disk-shaped clouds?

    At the Visoki Dečani monastery located in Kosovo, we find another very interesting piece of art. The Crucifixion of Christ.

    UFO's and Ancient Art - Crucifixion of Christ

    UFO’s and Ancient Art – Crucifixion of Christ

    This painting is a very detailed piece of art, we see several different objects that are illustrated around Christ, but after looking at the painting, there are two objects which seem to stand out from the rest of the items on the painting. Located to the left and the right of the painting they seem to depict two humans that are inside some sort of spaceship. According to modern day explanations, these “objects” are placed in the painting to depict the sun and the moon as in other paintings. But why place “pilots” or a human inside them?

    Was the artist really trying to illustrate our Sun and the Moon?

    Or was the artist trying to depict something otherworldly?

    By observing the left object in the painting, we see that the “pilot” inside this particular object appears to be manipulating something in front of him, his arms are painted stretched out and reaching for something in front of him. The object to the right shows the figure turning his head to see whats behind him.

    Are these two objects depictions of UFO’s and their crew?

    Or are they simply the artist’s way to illustrate the sun and the moon?

    Another painting that we find extremely interesting is “The Annunciation” painted by Carlo Crivelli.

    This artist favored verdant landscape backgrounds, and his works can be identified by his characteristic use of fruits and flowers as decorative motifs. His works were clear and definite in contour, with astounding attention to detail. In his painting “The Annunciation” there are several objects that stand out from the rest of this extremely detailed piece of art.


    First of all, we have a circularly shaped cloud. Inside the cloud, we can see several “angels” looking outside of the cloud, but what makes this interesting is the ray of light that shines on a “pigeon” and on Mary’s head.

    Now what we find puzzling is that in this painting  Carlo Crivelli painted several other clouds, in fact, the sky is filled with clouds, but he decides to paint this specific “disk-shaped” cloud with “angels” and a beam of light?

    Why paint one specific cloud so different in comparison to the other clouds present in the painting and with a beam of light?

    From what we have seen in similar paintings, the artists usually paint beams of light descending directly from angels or from the sun, but this is not the case in Carlo Crivelli’s painting in which he paid extreme attention to the details and made sure the public could tell the difference when analyzing this masterpiece.

    We can also see a person that Carlo Crivelli decided to incorporate in the middle of the painting which is looking at the sky– at this disk-shaped cloud just below the gate.

    The Madonna with Saint Giovannino painted in the 15th century. Another painting that can be added to the list of ancient paintings that depict an unidentified flying object.


    Above Mary’s left shoulder we observe a disk-shaped object that appears to be glowing – a UFO?. It is an object which the artist depicted in great detail making sure it would stand out in the painting. To the right of the painting, we see a man that is holding his right arm above his eyes with which the artist made sure to send a message that this object was very bright. To the left of the image in the upper corner, we can see an object that looks like the sun.

    This means that the artist painted this disk-shaped object, giving it a shiny detail and he made sure to illustrate it to the right of the sun so we know this bright object cannot be confused for the sun, this disk shaped object does not look like your ordinary cloud, so if it is not the sun nor a cloud what could it possibly be?

    Is The Madonna with Saint Giovannino painting an illustration of an otherworldly visitation? The artist considered this object extremely important, otherwise, he would not have placed it nor painted it with such detail as we see here.

    We strive for accuracy and fairness. But if you see something that doesn’t look right please contact us.

    Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons. }

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    Categorie:ARCHEOLOGIE ( E, Nl, Fr )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Puma Punku, A Never-Ending Ancient Mystery

    Puma Punku, A Never-Ending Ancient Mystery

    Puma Punku is truly a wonderful Place, not only is it an incredible temple complex filled with mysteries that baffle one’s mind, it is a place where one loses the notion of space and time.

    This temple complex located near Tiwanaku, Bolivia is one of the most incredible ancient ruins you will find in South America.

    At Puma Punku or “The Door of the Puma” as the Aymara people call it, we find incredible evidence of precision cuts, precise engineering, and evidence of high level of geometry and mathematics. It is a treasure for anyone who has knowledge of Mathematics, geology, engineering, and astronomy.

    Surveys done using ground-penetrating radar, magnetometry, induced electrical conductivity, and magnetic susceptibility reveal the presence of numerous man-made structures such as wall foundations of buildings and compounds, water conduits, pool-like features, revetments, terraces, residential compounds, and widespread gravel pavements all of which now lie buried and hidden beneath the modern ground’s surface and all that within a kilometer between Pumapunku and Kalasasaya — another incredible archaeological structure.

    Perhaps the biggest mystery involving Puma Punku is, how did ancient mankind manage to transport these huge blocks of stone from quarries within 10 to 100 km. How did they manage to achieve this type of precision cuts and how did they place the blocks in such a perfect manner. Engineers and constructors around the world today cannot answer nor replicate these achievements done by ancient mankind thousands of years ago.

    Archaeologists cannot come to a conclusion and answer how were these amazing blocks of stone transported. Some of them believe that it was accomplished by the large labor force of ancient Tiwanaku. Several theories have been proposed as to how this labor force transported the stones from the quarries to Puma Punku but these theories remain speculative.

    It is believed that the builders of Puma Punku used llama skin ropes and ramps and inclined planes to move these incredible blocks to the site. But this explanation is not accepted widely, at least in our opinion it takes more than llama skin rope and ramps to move stones of blocks that weigh over 100 metric tons through distances of 10 – 100 kilometers.

    Among the largest stone blocks found at Puma Punku we can find one with the following characteristics: 7.81 meters long, 5.17 meters wide, averages 1.07 meters thick and is estimated to weigh about 131 metric tons. Incredible right? And this was done with ropes and ramps? OK, right. The second largest stone block found within the Puma Punku is 7.90 meters long, 2.50 meters wide, and averages 1.86 meters thick. Its weight has been estimated to be 85.21 metric tons.

    Researches believe that these two blocks of stone were quarried near Lake Titicaca approx. 10 km from Puma Punku.

    Other stone blocks found at Puma Punku have been quarried near the Copacabana Peninsula about 90 km away from and across Lake Titicaca. So perhaps this is one of the biggest mysteries at Puma Punku.

    How did Ancient man do this?

    Another puzzling mystery at Puma Punku is the assembly of the walls.

    Each stone was finely cut to interlock with the surrounding stones and the blocks fit together like a puzzle, forming load-bearing joints without the use of mortar. The precision challenges today’s engineering abilities.

    A common engineering technique is to cut the top of the lower stone at a certain angle and placing another stone on top of it which was cut at the same angle. What baffles scientists, engineers and archaeologists is the precision with which this was achieved.

    The precision with which these angles have been utilized to create flush joints is indicative of a highly sophisticated knowledge of stone-cutting and a thorough understanding of descriptive geometry. Some of the joins we find at Puma Punku are so well placed, and so precisely locked into place that you wouldn’t be able to fit a paper in between them.

    The level of masonry we find at Puma Punku is just amazing. These stones look like as if they were cut with a “laser”. They are so precise and so smooth that you cannot come up with a logical explanation on how ancient man could have achieved this without the use of modern-day equipment.

    It is a mystery.

    Ancient Engineers at Puma Punku and Tiwanaku should be considered masterminds. Their knowledge of mathematics, geometry, and geology is something that most of today’s engineers lack.

    These Ancient Engineers were truly great, they developed complex civic infrastructure, they invented waterproof sewage lines, hydraulic mechanisms, and functional irrigation systems. }

    14-06-2018 om 15:34 geschreven door peter

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    Categorie:ARCHEOLOGIE ( E, Nl, Fr )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Twitter dons its tin foil hats to unearth the mystery of the UFO near Modi residence

    Twitter dons its tin foil hats to unearth the mystery of the UFO near Modi residence

    Reports of a UFO sighting near PM Modi's house had sent security agencies into a tizzy. 
    (Photo: Reuters)

    Threats to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's life seem to be coming from all quarters, even from outer space! After a letter hinting at an assassination plot aimed at the PM was found, the latest seems to be an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) that was seen hovering around the PM's official residence in Delhi on June 7.

    The PM house at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg is a no-fly zone.

    The sighting had sent security forces into an overdrive, trying to find the source of the object but an investigation has found nothing suspicious.

    The findings have however not deterred Twitter users, who are using the news as an opportunity for jokes and theories of their own.

    14-06-2018 om 15:28 geschreven door peter

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.How 'UFO' sighting over PM Modi’s residence sent security personnel into a tizzy

    How 'UFO' sighting over PM Modi’s residence sent security personnel into a tizzy

    PM Modi file

     PM Modi file

    Amid reports of Maoists’ plans of assassinating the prime minister, a ‘UFO’ sighting over Narendra Modi’s Lok Kalyan Marg residence in New Delhi gave some anxious moments to the security personnel.

    According to a report in The Hindustan Times, the security agencies came to know about the incident on June 7, when such a claim was made.

    UFO Spotted Near PM Modi's Residence on June 7 Sets Alarm Bells Ringing | CNN News18

    However, after a detailed combing operation, the agencies didn’t find anything substantial.

    ‘The sighting was reported but nothing threatening was found. More details cannot be shared keeping security reasons in mind,’ Delhi Police chief spokesperson Dependra Pathak was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times.

    The report also mentions earlier incidents in September last year when the security agencies were informed about drone-like device hovering over the Prime Minister’s residence. 

    With the assassination plot coming out in public, the security agencies are leaving no stone unturned in PM Modi’s security. 

    The police in Pune  had told a court earlier this month that they had seized a "letter" from the Delhi residence of one of the five people arrested for having alleged "links" with the banned CPI (Maoist).

    The purported letter allegedly mentioned of a plan to "assassinate" Prime Minister Narendra Modi in "another Rajiv Gandhi-type incident", the police told the court. 

    On political front, Opposition parties are saying that the assassination plot is just BJP’s ploy to gain sympathy. 

    On June 10, Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar launched a scathing attack against ruling BJP over the threat to the Prime minister and chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and claimed that BJP's is coming down, hence it has come up with threat letter conspiracy. 

    Speaking on the issue of recent statements reports that PM Modi and CM Fadnavis have received threats allegedly by maoists, Pawar said, "After these reports of threat letters, a retired police official told me that when such letters comes, it does not go to media but it goes to the security agencies and additional security measures are taken." }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Nasa reveals pic of Mars meteorite impact crater which looks a lot like a crashed UFO

    Nasa reveals pic of Mars meteorite impact crater which looks a lot like a crashed UFO

    Jasper Hamill

    Nasa reveals pic of Mars meteorite impact crater which looks a lot like a crashed UFO

    Impact crater resembles the remains of a spaceship, but there’s a logical explanation for its origins

    (Picture: Nasa)

    Nasa has spotted something strange on Mars which looks a bit like a crashed UFO but was actually caused by a meteor strike.

    The stunning images were captured by Nasa’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and show an impact crater which formed at some point in the last decade.

    This hole is about five metres wide and formed when a meteorite hit the surface and exploded.

    The trail you can see in the image wasn’t actually made during the impact, but is the result of an avalanche which caused a ‘slope streak’.

    Nasa reveals pic of Mars meteorite impact crater which looks a lot like a crashed UFO

    This close-up image looks like a weird minimalist Russian painting

    (Picture: Nasa)

    Nasa wrote: ‘When the meteoroid hit the surface and exploded to make the crater, it also destabilized the slope and initiated this avalanche.

    ‘The crater itself is only 5 metres across, but the streak it started is 1 kilometre long.

    ‘Slope streaks are created when dry dust avalanches leave behind dark swaths on dusty Martian hills.

    ‘The faded scar of an old avalanche is also visible to the side of the new dark streak.’

    So what would happen to a spaceship if it crashed into Mars?

    Well, that depends on where it lands.

    Nasa is just about to announce whether one of its plucky robots has survived an encounter with a super-powerful dust storm as big as North America.

    The Opportunity Rover was as only designed to survive for 90 days on the surface of Mars but has kept on trundling for 15 years.

    Nasa reveals pic of Mars meteorite impact crater which looks a lot like a crashed UFO

    Opportunity, Nasa’s Red Planet exploration Rover, survived tough conditions on Mars 

    Now the Mars-exploration machine is facing its toughest challenge yet after it was caught in a terrible storm spanning more than 7 million square miles.

    And earlier this year, Nasa finally revealed the sad fate of a lonely spaceship which died during the freezing Mars winter almost a decade ago.

    The Phoenix probe spent three months on the Red Planet, before perishing in ‘dark and cold’ conditions it was never built to withstand.

    MORE: }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Official NASA Gemini mission image shows ‘undeniable proof’ of UFO’s orbiting Earth

    Official NASA Gemini mission image shows ‘undeniable proof’ of UFO’s orbiting Earth

    The Gemini Program was the second manned space program of the United States, developed in the early 1960s during the space race with the Soviet Union.

    The project began in 1965 after the US space agency finalized its first space flight program: the groundbreaking Mercury project, which had successfully put the first US astronauts into orbit.

    The Gemini program, unlike its predecessor and its subsequent continuation with the Apollo Program, did not produce as much euphoria in the public opinion although the developments reached in the project would be of vital importance for the development of the future Apollo missions and the goal landing mankind on the surface of the moon.

    The main purpose of the Gemini program was to demonstrate the possibilities of space flight and coupling that would be used later during the Apollo missions when the lunar module separated from the command module in orbit around the Moon and later meet with the spaceship again after that the astronauts had left the lunar surface.

    Another goal of the Gemini missions was to extend the astronauts’ stay in space for up to two weeks.

    This was even more than what was required for the Apollo missions.

    As you can see, the Gemini project was of great importance as it helped mankind reach the moon, land on its surface and return safely back home.

    The Gemini 10 Alien encounter

    One of the most curious images snapped during the Gemini project was taken in 1966, during the Gemini X mission.

    Gemini 10 was a manned space mission of the Gemini program made in 1966. It was the eighth manned flight of the Gemini program and the sixteenth of the American space program.

    The mission lasted for 2 days, 22 hours, 46 minutes, 39 seconds.

    During Gemini X, astronauts on board snapped a series of images that would later be tucked away in NASA’s archives.

    One of the images shows a mysterious light to the right of the spacecraft, and planet Earth, unlike anything other in its vicinity.

    The image can be seen by visiting the following link:

    UFO hunters are convinced that what popped up in the image snapped by Gemini mission astronauts was in fact an Alien spaceship, clearly distinguishable by three ‘large’ lights.

    Upon zooming in, we clearly see what appear to be three bright lights which UFO hunters say are the propulsion system of the alleged alien spacecraft.

    Curiously, Major Gordon Cooper, astronaut and member of the Gemini Project, testifying under oath to the United Nations said: “I believe that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets… Most astronauts were reluctant to discuss UFOs.”

    He also said: “I’ve been asked about UFOs and I’ve said publicly I thought they were somebody else, some other civilization.”

    What do you think it is?

    In 1965, Cooper commanded the Gemini 5. This mission was intended to verify that astronauts could survive in space for 8 days, the time needed to reach the Moon.

    So there you have it, another extremely interesting image from space showing what many claim to be an otherworldly spacecraft, piloted by advanced beings, not from Earth. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.These Are The Incredible Lost Megaliths Of Oceania

    These Are The Incredible Lost Megaliths Of Oceania

    The distinct culture of Polynesians has created some of the most interesting monuments in the world. A true wonder of the world is the Moai sculptures on Easter Island but not less intriguing are the mysterious Tikis statues of Hiva Oa.

    The temple of Taputapuatea Marae is an ancient pyramid built on the Leeward Islands, French Polynesia. It is considered one of the most important sacred complexes in Polynesia. Established around 1000 AD, the marae was a place of learning where priests and navigators from all over the Pacific would gather to offer sacrifices to the gods and share their knowledge of the genealogical origins of the universe, and of deep-ocean navigation.

    An Illustration of the various Megaliths of Oceania

    Image Credit: Simon E. Davies

    During the 15th century CE, the Maori of New Zealand constructed a hill fort known as Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill) in Auckland. It is the largest Maori fort ever built. These Earth workers literally carved a fortified complex out of the hill, considered to be the most impressive systems in the world. Many of the Maori can also trace their ancestry back to this hill, which is said to have the spirits of their elders.

    One Tree Hill, Auckland, New Zealand

    The island of Hiva Oa is home to a ceremonial site with houses some of the largest prehistoric statues in French Polynesia, up to 2.6 m high. They are positioned on an ancient monument known as the me’ae, a sacred site arranged for ceremonies and gatherings. The old stone figures were based on gods and legendary figures from the islander’s history.

    One of the most interesting fortifications of Polynesia can be found on the small island of Rapa Iti. These pyramid-shaped towers were built along the highest peaks of the island, a realm where the island gods were said to live. It is believed that the depletion of natural resources on the island resulted in warfare, and the inhabitants lived alongside these fortified settlements for protection.

    One of the most significant petroglyph sites in the world can be found in Rapa Nui (with more than 1,20 valuable carvings). The ‘Orongo’ glyphs were based on the birdman cult, which hosted an annual race to bring the first bird egg from the islet of Motu Nui to ‘Orongo’. The site has many petroglyphs, mainly of the birdmen, carved out of large volcanic blocks.

    Stonehenge of the Pacific - Haʻamonga Trilithon of Tonga

    One of the most unusual megalithic monuments in the Pacific is the Ha’amonga ‘a Maui in Tonga. Each stone weighs some 20 tons and is some 6 m high. This massive trilithon was composed of three giant stones – two upright and a lintel uniting them. It was built-in the beginning of 13th century, possibly as a royal gateway. Nearby is large upright stone slab – Maka Fa’akinanga – a legendary throne of the king. The local legends of Tonga suggest that this monument was made by a god because no mortals would be able to handle such giant slabs of stone.

    Hale O Pi’ilani Heiau is an ancient temple complex built on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. This huge shrine was used to treat the sick, make offerings to the gods, start rain, stop rain, increase the population, ensure the health of the nation, achieve success in distant voyaging, reach peace, and achieve success in war.

    • This Article was written by Simon E. Davies, contributor to }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.These Are Some Of The Most Prominent Pyramids On Earth

    These Are Some Of The Most Prominent Pyramids On Earth

    A pyramid is a structure whose outer surfaces are triangular and converge to a single point at the top, making the shape roughly a pyramid in the geometric sense. For thousands of years, civilizations across the globe have used this architectural design for tombs, fortresses, and temples.

    Compelling studies suggest that many of these pyramids were aligned with astronomical events, such as solstices, eclipses, and even the Earths own hemispheres.

    The Mesopotamians built the earliest pyramid structures known as ziggurats (e.g. Tepe Sialk and the Ziggurat of Ur). In ancient times they were painted in gold & bronze, endowing them with a luminous quality. The ziggurats were believed to be dwelling places for the gods, and each city had its own patron deity which ruled over the sea, sky, earth etc.

    In Egypt, the pyramids were huge structures built of brick or stone. The sun god Ra, considered the father of all pharaohs, was said to have created himself from a pyramid-shaped mound known as a ‘Benben’ before creating all other gods. They were often coated with white limestone in order to give them a shining appearance (as a reference to the rays of the sun god).

    The Nubian pyramids from Sudan served as tombs for the kings and queens of Jebel Barkal and Meroë. These Nubian Pyramids have different characteristics to their Egyptian counterparts, constructed at much steeper angles. These great tombs were still being built in Sudan as late as 300 CE.

    An Illustration of different Pyramids around the globe

    Illustration by Simon E. Davies.

    Far to the East, there were many flat-topped like pyramids built in China & Korea between 188 BCE and 675 CE. These huge mausoleums were built for the early emperors of China and their relatives. The ancient Chinese believed that when an emperor died, their soul entered the afterlife, so the mausoleums were constructed as heavenly palaces for their life hereafter.

    All of the daily comforts of their past life such as servants, attendants, possessions, pets, wives, guardians, concubines, food and drink were to be provided for them in the after life. This was accomplished by burying all of these things with the deceased when they died. It was not uncommon to kill people in order to be buried with their master, but as dynasties evolved clay replicas replaced the real thing.

    The Indonesia culture also featured pyramid structures such as Borobudur temple and Prang temple. These step pyramids were based on the native beliefs that mountains and high places are the abode for the spirit of the ancestors.

    Across the Pacific Ocean, a number of Mesoamerican cultures also built pyramid-shaped structures. They were typically stepped, with temples on top (similar to the ziggurats of Mesopotamia). These temples were often used as places of human sacrifice. The ‘Pyramid of the Sun’ in Teotihuacán means “the place where men become Gods.” They claim that their pyramids were instruments for transforming the soul after death, just as the Egyptians did.

    A recent series of pyramid-like structures were built by the Polynesians known as Pā (sacred hill forts). These stepped structures were carved from hill tops, forming a pyramid-like shape, and were often used as defensive settlements. The Polynesians believed these earth works were endowed with ‘mana’, a spiritual energy that granted them power and authority.

    The common theme which links all these pyramid structures is death, authority, and immortality. These temples literally seemed to deify their occupants, who went on to rule from the heavens, their legacy secured and memorialized by the wondrous monuments of the ancients.

    • This article was written by Simon E. Davies. Contributor at }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Beginning of Religion: This is The Evolutionary Tree Of All Religions On Earth

    The Beginning of Religion: This is The Evolutionary Tree Of All Religions On Earth

    Since the dawn of mankind, humans have tried to make sense of their world, especially when faced with unknown phenomena such as ‘what causes storms’, ‘what happens to us after we die’, and ‘how was the world formed’? It is plausible that from such questions, our first primitive religions were formed.

    The earliest evidence of a religious practice can be traced back to 100,000 years ago when we began to bury our dead. Although we cannot define this as the origin of faith, it does suggest that at the dawn of humanity, we had begun to consider some kind of afterlife.

    Over time, this religious practice gave rise to a new ideology which spread across the continents, known today as ‘Animism’. This emerging faith was the root belief system that would evolve and branch out into numerous other ideologies all over the world. The journey of these evolving religions can be broken down into three classic periods.

    It should be noted that these periods are not indicative of a new ideology improving upon previous faith systems. Religions change over time, they go extinct, and they split into distinct traditions.

    The Evolutionary Tree Of Religion

    Graph created by Simon E. Davies.

    They adapt to their environment, they construct their environment in part, all just like organic evolution does.

    Period 1: Animism (100,000 BCE – Present)

    Humans began to believe that natural constructs (e.g. plants, animals, rocks and wind) possessed a spiritual essence. These spirit entities were believed to have powers and temperaments that influenced our everyday world. By worshiping these divine beings, it was believed we could maintain harmony with this spirit world and gain favors from them.

    Period 2: Polytheism (15,000 BCE – Present)

    The roots of Polytheism may lie in the Epipaleolithic era. Linguists and historians have defined a hypothetical language family called Nostratic, which seems to have influenced all the African and Eurasian dialects. Many of the words that can be reconstructed involve nature gods (such as mother earth and father sky). This suggests that the nature spirits of animism had evolved into a new generation of Gods (giving abstract beings of thunder and water a more human form). During the Neolithic revolution, civilizations began to emerge requiring new areas of expertise (e.g. lawmaking, metallurgy, agriculture, and commerce). It was the descendants of the Nostratic Gods (e.g. the Indo-Europeans and Sumerians) who took on the role of guide and leader to the civilized world.

    Typically these divine beings were divided into several classes, overseeing the heavens, the mortal realm, and the underworld. Each deity possessed their own powers, religious practice, and domain (e.g. trading, diplomacy, Warcraft etc). Man could either worship one or all of these beings, gaining favor from them via offerings, prayer and even sacrifice.

    Period 3: Monotheism (1348 BCE – Present)

    In the Bronze Age, a new movement took shape that prioritized one God over all other deities. This system is known as Monotheism – a belief in one Supreme Being. In 1348 BCE, the pharaoh Akhenaten, raised a lesser known God called ‘Aten’ to supreme status, downplaying the role of all other Egyptian deities. A little later in Iran, Zoroaster (a Persian priest) claimed ‘Ahura Mazda’ to be the one supreme deity. This newly emerging system posited that one creator god had formed the known universe, and was totally self-sufficient, capable of ruling over all other domains. This idea became prominent in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism.

    Most monotheistic systems tend to be exclusive in nature, which meant the gods of the Old World had to be purged from man’s consciousness. As a consequence, monotheistic religions displayed less religious tolerance than polytheistic religions, resulting in many wars and political disputes.

    • This article was written by Simon E. Davies. Contributor at }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Helicopters? UFOs? Both?

    Helicopters? UFOs? Both?

    For decades, and across much of the United States, people have reported sightings of what have become known as “Black Helicopters” and “Phantom Helicopters.” They are often seen in the direct vicinity of animal mutilation events and UFO encounters. On many occasions they have been seen flying perilously close to the homes of alien abductees. Most of the reports come from the public. In the latter part of 1975, however, a substantial number of sightings came from the U.S. military. It was a wave of activity that still provokes questions to this date.

    Such was the concern about the sightings, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Air Force Intelligence, and NORAD (the North American Air Defense Command) got involved. Consider this extract from the military titled “Unknown Air Activity. In part, it states: “Since 28 Oct 75 numerous reports of suspicious objects have been received at the NORAD CC. Reliable military personnel at Loring AFB Maine, Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan, Malmstrom AFB, MT, Minot AFB, ND, and Canadian forces station Falconbridge, Ontario Canada have visually sighted suspicious objects. Objects at Loring and Wurtsmith were characterized to be helicopters. Missile site personnel, security alert teams and air defense personnel at Malmstrom, Montana report an object which sounded like a jet. FAA advised there were no jet aircraft in the vicinity. Malmstrom search and height finder radars carried the object between 9500 ft. and 15,000 ft. at a speed of seven knots.”

    NORAD Command Center

    That was far from the end of the matter: “…personnel reported the object as low as 200 ft. and said that as the interceptors approached the lights went out, after the interceptors had passed the lights came on again…Minot AFB on 10 Nov reported that the site was buzzed by a bright object the size of a car at an altitude of 1,000 to 2,000 ft. There was no noise emitted by the vehicle.”

    Concerns about the U.S. media learning about, and investigating, the affair was expressed by the military: “Be assured that this command is doing everything possible to identify and provide solid factual information on these sightings. I have also expressed my concern to SAFOI that we come up soonest with a proposed answer to queries from the press to prevent over reaction by the public to reports by the media that may be blown out of proportion. To date efforts by Air Guard helicopters, SAC helicopters and NORAD F106s have failed to produce positive ID.”

    Another document, titled “Defense Against Helicopter Assault,” reveals the following: “The past two evenings at one of our northern tier bases, an unidentified helicopter has been observed hovering over and in the near vicinity of the weapons storage area. Attempts to identify this aircraft have so far met with negative results.” In other words, something intruded upon the most secure part of the base and no-one was able to determine what was afoot or even why.

    One of the most fascinating of all the series of incidents was captioned “Unidentified Helicopter Sighted at Low Level Over Loring AFB.” Extracts follow: “On 28 Oct 75, Lewis…advised that the a/c [aircraft] was first observed by Clifton W. Blakeslee, Sgt. [deleted] and William J. Long, SSgt., both assigned to the 42 SPS, who were on duty at the storage area. The initial sighting took place at approximately 1345. The a/c was observed approximately 1,000 meters north of LAFB. The a/c was subsequently observed by Lewis and others intermittently for the next hour and a half. Subsequent to the sighting by Long and Blakeslee, the a/c did not come nearer to the northern perimeter of LAFB than approximately 3 miles. Lewis observed a flashing white strobe light and red navigation lights on the a/c. The operator of the a/c either turned the lights off periodically or the a/c flew below a point from which the lights could be observed. The a/c disappeared from view and did not reappear. A search of the vicinity of the northern perimeter of LAFB by 42 SPS personnel met with negative results.”

    And there was more to come, as the documentation makes abundantly clear: “On 28 Oct 75, Commander, 42 8W, advised that he responded to the area from which the unidentified a/c was observed. He arrived at approximately 1955. The a/c bore a white flashing light and an amber or orange light. The speed and movement in the air suggested that the a/c was a helicopter. From 1345-2020, the a/c was under constant observation. Subsequent to that time the a/c would appear and disappear from view. The a/c definitely penetrated the LAFB northern perimeter and on one occasion was within 300 yards of the munitions storage area perimeter. Efforts to identify the a/c through Maine State Police and local police departments were not successful.”

    On November 7, staff from Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana, recorded this: “Received a call from the 341st Strategic Air Command Post, saying that the following missile locations reported seeing a large red to orange to yellow object: M-1, L-3, LIMA and L-6. The general object location would be 10 miles south of Moore, Montana and 20 miles east of Buffalo, Montana.”

    Just a few hours later, there was the following, also from Malmstrom: “SAC advised K-1 says very bright object to their east is now southeast of them and they are looking at it with 10 x 50 binoculars. Object seems to have lights (several) on it, but no distinct pattern. The orange/gold object overhead also has small lights on it. SAC also advises female civilian reports having seen an object bearing south from her position six miles west of Lewsitown.”

    As for NORAD’s files, I’ll share with you one of the most intriguing of all: “This morning, 11 Nov 75, CFS Falconbridge reported search and height finder radar paints on an object up to 30 nautical miles south of the site ranging in altitude from 26,000 to 72,000 feet. The site commander and other personnel say the object appeared as a bright star but much closer. With binoculars the object appeared as a 100 ft. diameter sphere and appeared to have craters around the outside.”

    Phantom/Black Helicopters or UFOs: the matter still remains unexplained, as the encounters came to a halt as mysteriously as they had begun. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Security Camera May Have Detected Something "Supernatural"

    Security Camera May Have Detected Something "Supernatural"

    On June 13, 2018 a strange "light" appears in a security camera that has the homeowner kind of 'freaked out'!

    There is a lot of discussion about what the light might have been, some people suggest that it was a laser point or flash light or a car passed by but the homeowner would know if a car passed by or other common occurrence.

    One commenter states: “While the "odd light" does brighten up the umbrella a bit and also cause some shadowing on the umbrella, I'd say it was a reflection as there is no similar brightening or shadow affect on the chair at the table under the umbrella.”

    “The regular porch light to the right is brighter than the anomaly. Maybe a bug/bird could be so close to the camera lens that the blur of the light (infrared?) hitting the body causes a minor warping effect on the view of the umbrella and other things in the distance to viewer's right but I do think the shadow on the brief umbrella is important."

    MRMB333 analyzes the strange “light” in the following video. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Details On UFO Sighting Revealed In A Military Report

    Details On UFO Sighting Revealed In A Military Report

    ufo radars

    There are dozens of UFO sightings these days, and they have been for a while. In December, however, the New York Times released investigation results on US military’s monitoring of UFO claims that came up something entirely wild. It was a Pentagon video showing US Navy pilots tracking the activity of an unexplainable aircraft. Now, a Las Vegas news team has received a military reports offering even more details on the sighting. The story is somewhat becoming even stranger than before.

    The report explains every detail how a US Navy aircraft carrier is strangely playing hide and seek with multiple Anomalous Aerial Vehicles (AAVs), which demonstrate advanced flight characteristics that should be impossible to do.

    The sightings started on November 20, 2004, and went on for several days. The object would appear on radar systems of the carrier for short periods, seeming to hover, and then fly off at high speeds.

    The crew started to investigate this phenomenon because of the confusion on what was happening. When the object re-appeared a few days later, a pair of F/A-18Fs was sent out to investigate the mysterious signals. The result is the now the popular video that shows the “Tic Tac-shaped” UFO moving along at incredibly high speeds and demonstrating fast changes in altitude.

    According to the new report, the object is described as without edges, smooth, solid white and being uniformly coloured without wings, pylons, or nacelles. It says the object was around 46 feet long. As a comparison, the F/A fighters trailing it measure approximately 56 feet long. It is speculated that the strange object could hold one or more human-sized individuals.

    The pilot said that they never felt a threat on the object, but the report notes that it seemingly reacted to the presence of the jets, showing an incredible acceleration, aerodynamic and propulsion capability.

    The Navy says it may have a cloaking ability or can disappear to the human eye after several days of seeing it come and go. The officials also think it could operate underwater because of its quick descent from 60,000 feet to just 50 feet before vanishing, possibly moving from the air to the sea at will effortlessly. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.UFO news: Was UFO sighting on American west coast a rogue missile?

    UFO news: Was UFO sighting on American west coast a rogue missile?

    A STRANGE missile-shaped object blasted over the skies of western US, but military officials say that it was not a weapon, prompting confusion over what the UFO actually was.

    On Sunday, June 10, a weather camera in Washington State snapped footage of what looked like a missile streaking across the sky.

    According to SkunkBay Weather, a weather monitor in Washington State on its official Facebook page: “My night camera picked up what clearly looks like a very large missile launch from Whidbey Island.”

    Professor Cliff Mass, an atmospheric sciences faculty member at the University of Washington, said the object did indeed look like a missile.

    He continued: “It really looks like an ascending missile. I would be interested if someone had some insights into this sighting.



    Was UFO sighting on American west coast a rogue missile?



    “My night camera picked up what clearly looks like a very large missile launch from Whidbey Island.”

    “This feature does not look like a meteor, nor are there any meteor reports for the area that I could find online.

    “The lightning networks did not show a strike in that area.

    “I have never heard of rocket launches from Whidbey Island Air station in Oak Harbor.

    “And checking online, I can not find any discussion of this feature.”

    rocket launch


    “There's a lot speculation around here but it's definitely not a missile launch.”

    However, military officials have denied that they had anything to do with a suspected rocket launch.

    A spokesman for the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island told “There's a lot speculation around here but it's definitely not a missile launch.”

    The spokesman added that the NAS Whidbey Island does not have any missile launching capabilities.

    But Dr Grant Allen at Manchester University's Centre for Atmospheric Science believes he may cracked the mystery.

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.We Talked to a Woman Who Helps People Deal with Being Abducted By Aliens

    We Talked to a Woman Who Helps People Deal with Being Abducted By Aliens

    Kathleen Marden is the director of experiencer research at the Mutual UFO Network, where she works on behalf of people who have had extraterrestrial experiences.

    Simon Davis

    Photo courtesy of Kathleen Marden

    Last week, NASA issued a clarification that a bright light in an image tweeted by one of its astronauts was, in fact, from the International Space Station, and not from a UFO. Even though there's never been any scientific evidence that UFOs exist, it's not exactly surprising: A higher percentage of Americans believe that UFOs exist than those who believe in climate change, evolution, or that the earth is 4.5 billion years old.

    One of the best-known organizations claiming to scientifically study UFO's is the "Mutual UFO Network," or MUFON. Much of their work involves consulting with "experiencers"—people who claim to have been abducted or otherwise come in contact with extraterrestrial beings. It's a little bit hard to accept that the process has any scientific validity, given that the "experiencer questionnaire" reads a bit like an oncologist diagnosing a hypochondriac by asking them if they have cancer. Even still, they are the go-to for those who believe to have had alien encounters.

    MUFON's director of experiencer research is Kathleen Marden—the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, two of the most well-known alleged UFO abductees from the 1960s. I talked to Marden about her methodology, the support services she provides for "experiencers," and whether media portrayals of aliens do more harm than good.

    VICE: Tell me a little about what you do with MUFON. 

    Kathleen Marden: I'm MUFON's director of experiencer research. What we ask experiencers to do before they file a report with MUFON is to go to our website and take the experiencer questionnaire. It's a commonalities questionnaire to determine what they have in common with experiencers who participated in the Martin Stoner Commonalities Research Project in 2012. Once they do that, their score will go to me, along with their questionnaire, and I will assign a member of the team to get in touch with them.

    Then what happens? 

    We talk to individuals to help them determine what they want to do: Do they want a formal investigation of their case with someone from MUFON? Do they have evidence? Are they not sure what's going on? Do they want some pointers on what to look for and how to collect the evidence? Do they have unpleasant memories about what has happened to them? Are they looking for a support group? We will attempt to find a support group for them—there are so few that it's really difficult, but there are some online support groups. Or are they looking for a therapist or a hypnotist? Then we will tell them where to look for a list where they might be able to get some information about those things. Professionals who specialize in this stuff are not very prevalent so it's difficult, but we do the best we can to help experiencers define what they want.

    Have you encountered people who've tried to deceive you about their alien encounters? 

    Absolutely. A very small percentage of experiencers who request an investigation and file a report have done so in order to attempt to pull off a deception. I have caught a couple of them in cases that I have investigated. These people tend to either have a mental illness or they tend to be on the margins of society and believe that by pulling off a deception, they're going to bring publicity to themselves and possibly money. That's not going to happen because most experiencers, if they bring publicity to themselves, it's of a negative type. They're criticized by the public and by skeptics, and nobody makes a lot of money doing this.

    Do you worry that somebody might not share those commonalities but still be worthy of investigation? Are there other benefits to filling out the questionnaire?

    That happens. My team is non-prejudicial. There are individuals who have had recent experiences for the first time, and they won't have all of the characteristics that long-term experiencers have. So it's kind of open-ended. What it does is it can start a conversation, and the goal is to help people because these events can be traumatic and people don't know where to turn.

    Watch: UFO Sightings in Colorado

    I'm looking at the questionnaire and the first question is, "Have you had a close encounter with a UFO?" That seems kind of like a leading question.

    Well, people, I believe, are pretty generally honest about it. We want to know, have they had a close encounter? If they have, the chances of an abduction are much greater. I'm not trying to trick people here. This is kind of straightforward.

    Do you know of any cases where a prominent individual suffered for claiming to be an experiencer? I think Dennis Kucinich took a beating in his 2008 presidential campaign after he was questioned about his alleged sighting

    Yes. Jimmy Carter, for example, had a UFO sighting and actually filed a formal investigation report about his sighting—and it was a multiple witness sighting. There are many individuals from prominent positions, whether it be astronomers or politicians—who have spoken publicly. [Editor's note: Carter filed a report with an unofficial investigations group four years after the sighting in 1973. There was never any official follow-up by him, and he has repeatedly said he does not believe the sighting was extraterrestrial.]

    You're the niece of Betty and Barney Hill. What happened to them, and how has that influenced your career? 

    Betty and Barney Hill were credible individuals. They were taking a brief vacation in 1961 and they had this very unusual event that occurred that changed their lives. They had no prior interest in [UFOs]; they had never read a book on this topic before that. They had conscious and continuous recall of observing an unconventional craft that came down very low—it hovered only a hundred feet overhead. My uncle got out of the car. He had conscious continuous recall of observing entities on that craft that he said were "somehow not human." He became very fearful that he was going to be captured. He ran back to the car, telling Betty that they had to get out of there right away. As he was speeding down the highway, he and Betty heard a series of buzzing sounds striking the trunk of the vehicle. The next day, they discovered that there was a magnetic field around that trunk when they placed a compass needle over the spots and the compass needle would spin and spin but drop down when it was placed on an other area of the car.

    This must have been very upsetting. 

    He was traumatized by this event, so much so that he ended up developing ulcers and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. He was seen by medical doctors, and then was referred to the psychiatrist because traditional medical treatment did not cause his symptoms to recede. Betty had a series of nightmare-like dreams: She only had five, they occurred early in the morning just before she woke up, and she wrote them down and formed them into a storyline. Barney wasn't very interested in it. He did overhear a little bit of them, but not all of them

    My understanding is that much of their telling of the alleged incident occurred during hypnosis sessions a few years later, right? 

    I did a comparative analysis of their separate statements under hypnosis. [The doctor] hypnotized them separately and he reinstated amnesia at the end of each session so they didn't know what the other one stated. I have those tapes of their separate hypnosis sessions—I transcribed them and lined up their separate statements. What I discovered is that Betty and Barney describe where these ETs were standing, how they moved, what they did. That information was not in Betty's dreams—and it was also in conflict with some of the information in Betty's dreams—which lead me to believe this was a real event, and not just Betty reliving dreams under hypnosis and Barney knowing a little bit about her dreams and building on his own story based upon that. All of their testimony is in agreement; there is no conflict in their separate testimony.

    Some people have suggested that those who claim to have had contact with extraterrestrials are actually experiencing vivid dreams, or sleep paralysis. How do you respond to those sorts of explanations? 

    All of those things are something that could occur, and that is something that we always look at. We always attempt to explain these away with prosaic explanations first. But we, as unbiased investigators, must also look for evidence. We have to look for individual testimony, eyewitness testimony, circumstantial evidence, physical evidence such as fluorescence in certain patterns on the bodies of experiencers, certain markings that we find on the bodies of experiencers—even to the point of installing surveillance cameras, motion-activated infrared in the homes of experiencers and outside those homes, and looking at the evidence.

    What we find is that the outside camera might pick up a bright light outside the home. If this is a bedroom abduction, you might see the husband and wife sitting up in bed, and the next thing you know, the camera shuts down for two hours, and then you see the individuals again—but they're in bed in a different position. It's that sort of thing: the cameras always shut down.

    A camera shutting down for two hours sounds more like an absence of evidence. 

    No. It's not an absence of evidence. It's evidence that something unusual has occurred. It's evidence of an anomaly. And when you get evidence of that anomaly over and over again, then it is significant. And what we need in all of this is not one smoking gun, one piece of evidence that is going to be irrefutable, but the preponderance of evidence, the weight of the different types of evidence that is around this constellation of evidence that we require in cases of alien abduction, for example.

    Do you think that portrayals of extraterrestrials in popular media are conducive or harmful to people coming forward? 

    It depends on what you see. For example, MUFON's Hangar 1: The UFO Files show on the History Channel has caused many people to come forward. We've received far more reports than we did before Hangar 1 was on. But then, there are some science fiction shows that are just very, very frightening and, oh boy, it is not good for this field—and I don't think that it's good for the general population either. That kind of portrayal, in my opinion, makes people more frightened, and that's certainly something that shouldn't be happening. We should be looking at this more scientifically, more as investigators, and I am not in favor of any of the science fiction that comes out on this.

    • Follow Simon Davis on Twitter.
    • This article originally appeared on VICE.
    • This article originally appeared on VICE ID. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Pentagon says UFO spotted over US was NOT connected to military activity

    Pentagon says UFO spotted over US was NOT connected to military activity

    US military chiefs have confirmed a bizarre red light that was seen flying over Washington state was not connected to any army-based activity.

    By Anders Anglesey

    There’s a lot of speculation around here

    NAS spokesman

    The strange object was seen racing through the sky at about 3.56am on Sunday. 

    Enquiries were made shortly afterwards to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island about whether it had carried out any missile launches around the same time. 

    But, a spokesman for NAS Whidbey Island quickly dismissed any suggested a military drill had been done over the weekend. 

    The bizarre object was spotted over Washington state


    UFO: The bizarre object was spotted over Washington state

    He added: “There’s a lot of speculation around here. 

    “It’s definitely not a missile launch though.” 

    Professor Cliff Mass, an atmospheric sciences faculty member at the University of Washington, said however the object did indeed look like a missile. 

    He continued: “It really looks like an ascending missile. I would be interested if someone had some insights into this sighting.” 

    UFO sightings are relatively common in the US, with thousands of people claiming to have seen the strange objects. 

    The bizarre sightings have even led people to believe that aliens are monitoring Earthly behaviours from space. 

    Footage of a clip near the International Space Station sparked rumours that extraterrestrials were spying on humanity. 

    The clip showed a UFO travelling away from Earth


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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Hovering UFO Directs Beam of Light Down Onto Nuclear Missile Silo at Ellsworth AFB:

    Image result for youtube Hovering UFO Directs Beam of Light Down Onto Nuclear Missile Silo at Ellsworth AFB:

    Hovering UFO Directs Beam of Light Down Onto Nuclear Missile Silo at Ellsworth AFB:

    Although most people are completely unaware of its existence, the UFO-Nukes Connection is now remarkably well-documented. U.S. Air Force, FBI, and CIA files declassified via the Freedom of Information Act establish a convincing, ongoing pattern of UFO activity at American nuclear weapons sites extending back to December 1948.
    Moreover, these mysterious incursions are not ancient history, so to speak, occurring only during the Cold War era. Indeed, evidence suggests that multiple, ongoing incidents have taken place near ICBM sites operated by Malmstrom AFB, Montana, as recently as October 2012.
    For nearly 40 years, noted researcher Robert Hastings has sought out and interviewed former and retired U.S. Air Force personnel regarding their direct or indirect involvement in nuclear weapons-related UFO incidents. These individuals—ranging from retired colonels to former airmen—report extraordinary encounters which have obvious national security implications. In fact, taken to their logical conclusion, these cases have planetary implications, given the horrific consequences that would result from a full-scale, global nuclear war.
    Significantly, the UFO activity occasionally transcends mere surveillance and involves direct and unambiguous interference with our strategic weapons systems. Numerous cases include reports of mysterious malfunctions of large numbers of nuclear missiles just as one or more UFOs hovered nearby. (Declassified Soviet Ministry of Defense documents confirm that such incidents also occurred in the former USSR.)
    To date, Hastings has interviewed more than 130 military veterans who were involved in various UFO-related incidents at U.S. missile sites, weapons storage facilities, and nuclear bomb test ranges. The events described by these individuals leave little doubt that the U.S. nuclear weapons program is an ongoing source of interest to someone possessing vastly superior technology.
    On September 27, 2010 Hastings hosted the UFO-Nukes Connection press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., during which seven U.S. Air Force veterans discussed UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites during the Cold War era.
    CNN streamed that event live; the full-length video is below:


    The incidents described by Gaylan King are only a small part of the still-ongoing UFO-Nukes Connection, as described in my 600-page book, UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites.

    The witnesses said that they felt compelled to speak out about the reality of UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites and urged the U.S. government to finally reveal the facts to the American people and the rest of the world.

    Since 1981, Hastings has presented his research findings at more than 500 colleges and universities nationwide, and possesses hundreds of highly favorable letters of recommendation from sponsors. “I am not condemning any government agency for its policy of secrecy regarding UFOs”, says Hastings, “but I believe that the public should be given the facts.”

    Hastings believes that UFOs are piloted by visitors from elsewhere in the universe who, for whatever reason, have taken an interest in our long-term survival. He contends that these beings are occasionally disrupting our nukes to send a message to the American and Soviet/Russian governments that their possession and potential large-scale use of nuclear weapons threatens the future of humanity and the environmental integrity of the planet. In short, Washington and Moscow are being warned that they are “playing with fire.”

    To suggest that this scenario is the only explanation for widespread UFO sightings during the modern era would be presumptuous, simplistic, and undoubtedly inaccurate. Nevertheless, Hastings believes that the now well-documented nuclear weapons-related incidents are integral to an understanding of the mystery that confronts us.

    Sometimes reality is indeed stranger than fiction. }

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    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.Fire of the Gods, Mythological Weapons Of The Ancient Past

    Fire of the Gods, Mythological Weapons Of The Ancient Past

    Mythological weapons

    One of the most well-known stories in Greek Mythology is the legend of Prometheus. This powerful Titan ruled over the realm of fire, and in a defiant act passed his sacred knowledge onto humanity (despite Zeus’s orders to keep this knowledge forbidden). This combustible tool allowed our ancestors to survive the cold, bake clay vessels, and clear forests for planting. It literally helped humanity ascend from the stone age to a world of culture and technology.

    But according to Hindu Mythology, this blazing gift went way beyond the primitive use of smelting metal and cooking meat. In the hands of the gods, fire was a profound and deadly tool, capable of incinerating enemies and leveling entire civilizations.


    Agneyastra was one such weapon, created by the fire god Agni. It was described as a flaming arrow which required great knowledge and skill to work. Legend says the Agneyastra was used by the hero Sagara to set his enemies ablaze.

    Another weapon, created by the God Vishnu, was the Narayanastra which fired a tirade of missiles upon its enemies. It was said the intensity of the fire increased the more an enemy resisted, and lessened when they showed their submission. In order to maintain a balance, this weapon could only be used once. If anyone tried to use it twice, it would devour the user and their supporting army.

    The Brahmastra (forged by Lord Brahma) was one of the deadliest weapons in mythology. It required days of intense meditation to activate, and when fired, almost nothing could stop it. Upon impact, it created a powerful inferno capable of annihilating an entire nation. The weapon also created severe environmental damage (not dissimilar to radioactive fallout). Wherever the Brahmastra was dropped, the surrounding land would become barren of all life.

    Finally, there was the deadliest weapon of all, the Pashupatastra. Both Shiva and Kali were said to have possessed this device, which was discharged by the power of thought. It was forbidden to be used against lesser enemies. This catastrophic weapon was said to be capable of destroying creation and vanquishing all life. The Hindu hero, Arjuna, obtained this weapon from Lord Shiva but did not use it as he was afraid he would destroy the world.

    All of these powerful weapons sound uncannily familiar to the tools of mass destruction we have today. Perhaps the gods had a message for us. It is of no coincidence that Oppenheimer, creator of the atomic bomb used this quote from Hindu mythology “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”. We live in an age where the fire of the Gods is now at our own disposal. Is it possible that there was a reason that Zeus forbade Prometheus from sharing this sacred knowledge? Can we truly be entrusted with the fire of the Gods?

    This article was written by Simon E. Davies. Contributor at }

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    Categorie:ARCHEOLOGIE ( E, Nl, Fr )
    Klik hier om een link te hebben waarmee u dit artikel later terug kunt lezen.The Nebra Sky Disc: One Of The Oldest Cosmic Maps Ever Discovered

    The Nebra Sky Disc: One Of The Oldest Cosmic Maps Ever Discovered

    The Nebra sky disk, first thought to be a forgery, is now considered as one of the most important archaeological findings in the 20th century. This object is a bronze disk of around 30 cm diameter and a weight of 2.2 kg, with a blue-green patina and inlaid with gold symbols. The images on the disc are interpreted generally as a sun or full moon, a lunar crescent, and stars, specifically the  Pleiades.

    But what makes this disk very unique is the fact that this disk is unlike any known artistic style from the period. The Nebra Sky Disc features the oldest concrete depiction of the cosmos worldwide. in June 2013 the Nebra sky disk was included in the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register.

    The disk is attributed to a site near Nebra, Saxony-Anhalt in Germany, and associatively dated to c. 1600 BC. According to researchers, it is at least two hundred years older than the oldest images found in Egypt. The Nebra sky disk was discovered by two “convicted” treasure hunters using a metal detector at a prehistoric enclosure encircling the Mittelberg hill, near the town of Nebra The disk was recovered shortly after by police authorities.

    It was a group of German researchers that uncovered evidence that this disk was a complex astronomical clock for the harmonization of solar and lunar calendars, it is considered as the first ever portable navigating system.

    But that does not answer any questions regarding the disk that have surfaced since its discovery in 1999. One of the most important markings found on the disk is the representation of the Pleiades;  an open star cluster containing middle-aged hot B-type stars located in the constellation of Taurus.

    It is among the nearest star clusters to Earth and is the cluster most obvious to the naked eye in the night sky. The celestial entity has several meanings in different cultures and traditions and it is one of the most famous celestial objects (together with the Orion Nebula) in ancient times.

    The Bronze Age astronomers would hold the Nebra clock against the sky and observe the position of the celestial objects.

    The intercalary month was inserted when what they saw in the sky corresponded to the map on the disc they were holding in their hands. This happened every two to three years. “This is a clear expansion of what we knew about the meaning and function of the sky disc,” said archaeologist Harald Meller.

    This is an image from the astronomy program Stellarium (free at Sourceforge) on the night of March 20, 2010 when the moon occulted the Pleiades. Notice that it strongly resembles the little dipper. This image is as you would see from earth. We have rotated the image 90 degrees left, and if you compare it to the Sky Disk you will notice that the it is the same representation as seen on the Nebra Sky Disk.

    This is an image from the astronomy program Stellarium (free at Sourceforge) on the night of March 20, 2010, when the moon occulted the Pleiades. Notice that it strongly resembles the little dipper. This image is as you would see from earth. We have rotated the image 90 degrees left, and if you compare it to the Sky Disk you will notice that it is the same representation as seen on the Nebra Sky Disk (upper left).

    “The sensation lies in the fact that the Bronze Age people managed to harmonize the solar and lunar years. We never thought they would have managed that,…The functioning of this clock was probably known to a very small group of people,” 

    The Bronze Age astronomers would hold the Nebra clock against the sky and observe the position of the celestial objects. The intercalary month was inserted when what they saw in the sky corresponded to the map on the disc they were holding in their hands. This happened every two to three years.

    According to astronomer Wolfhard Schlosser of the Rurh University at Bochum, the Bronze Age sky gazers already knew what the Babylonians would describe only a thousand years later.

    “Whether this was a local discovery, or whether the knowledge came from afar, is still not clear,” Schlosser said.

    Ever since the disc was discovered, archaeologists and astronomers have been puzzled by the shape of the moon as it appears on the disc. According to the ancient Babylonian rule, a thirteenth month should only be added to the lunar calendar only when one sees the constellation of the moon and the Pleiades exactly as they appear on the Nebra sky disc. — Article: 2002. (

    Source: }

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